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Go. Readings heroes I'm Hercules double-oh-seven, oh thank you so much for watching i truly appreciate it please make sure that you hit that thumbs up make sure you have that bell ring in on youtube e thank. You so much, youtube-dot-com. Forward-slash Hercules. Zero zero seven zero you could share that across social media Twitter. Instagram snapchat Facebook. I have, all of them my, name is Hercules double-oh-seven, oh so thank you guys so. Much for playing some fortnight today if. You've any questions posted. In the chat if you want any shoutouts don't put that in the chat personally. Message me on any social media I'll. Try to get to you as soon as possible alright, so let me turn on the chat so you guys with me everybody in my, game. Alright. Thank you hear you guys now, Azari. Emote, nuts. Yeah. Ready. Up guys I. Think. I'm just ready to die I think you just like. Says. I'm ready is grayed out and it says matchmaking, oh my goodness. There. Is gonna start over there, yeah let's try to get. Says. I'm. Gonna cool down the moment. What. You, are not ready again. Yeah. Jesus. Made. It be alright if I, pay. Correctly, state, that. Ready you know that trying. Center again. Nicole. Was. Very. Wiped off the map. And. Oh man. Squad covered its town as well that goes over on Facebook. So. Terrible she, go to you should come over to YouTube and subscribe watch, on YouTube. My. Stealing my shit a. Hell. Oh my. God really. Oh. God. I. Had. How. Are you doing. I'm. Still alive I don't know me Jesse I'm on the roof of the tomato house. Yeah. There's, a bunch of noobs. There. Try a. Trial. Over. Guys take their stuff. Switchover, God, the other was two of them that's why. Yeah. Oh whoa all right. Great. First game. Shit. Happens. Holly, the beginning. How. Many people are watching. And. Now. Let's. Go to an arcade. Where, are we going. You said if we get a win he'll buy me an Xbox Tour card this weekend. Yeah. I don't. Believe that yeah. I still would like a win. Hiya. Green that, I get a lot of people who say stuff like that. But. I mean. I've. Never had this thing. Yeah. Is. It like a rifle does a better different distance or something. He. Said I put it on God I do giveaway, so I'll. Do it I understand. That I I'm not saying you're not going to I'm just saying I get, a lot of people who. Who. Say that they're going to do. And. They, never really so. It's just it's just more. Likely for. Poor, people not to do that than do just and. My. Experience, of live-streaming. Enemy. Spotted need, one oh my god really. This. Whole house is full of fucking shotguns, anyone want a green pump. Steven. Oh that this it I don't. Even know. If you press right on the d-pad you, can actually, do. I. Buy. Ps4 and Xbox cards for giveaways call, me a bluff. Get, this, win and I'll buy it I'll. Change I'll change that, I'll be, the first well, I hope, I hope it is I already say about you peaceful, no, he, precise, sighs, ps4.

And Xbox cards, and does, giveaways. Good. And. I really would hope that you would be the first cuz it, would be really make me happy, especially. Since I paid for my Xbox Live monthly I. Will. Get this blue pump but, if. I know I'll get it even I prefer the assault if. Actually I'm gonna keep yourself, cause the pump is yours I've been. You, know. Fair. Wants the blue pump is that shit that I was came, from. I don't. Like pump Jokers. It's been pretty good. You. Said the most giving. Away is 50 bucks that's a good amount of money. Well, fuck Lazar. Circle. But. We don't really to worry about anthem because, freely. Closest is literally on the earth. There's. Already 42, people dead it was that one bad 42. What. Yeah, well, don't forget people and it tilted don't they in tilted. Terry is basically, death. So. I mean if you really want so basically want, to call you that they just go by your monthly, membership, I'd done it before for, my friends, when my when. Money was tight for them I mean, I don't it's, not that, I. I. Just I think I talk about like this way like if everyone donates five bucks this. Is if, everyone who watches on a regular basis, donated five bucks a month that'd. Be enough for me to have this as a full-time job. And. That's. Why I was really really excited when they added the sponsorship, option which was five dollars a month but, then they took it away because I don't have enough watch hours they changed the watch hours of requirement. I am the cause of deforestation. I am. Deforestation. Deforestation. Awesome. Alright I think I fixed the chat thing I was having a little bit of hiccup there. Donald. Trump is the cause of global warming. It's. My phone though don't be so greedy at. Least one thing. Oh shit. Behind. Us 17. Northeast. Remember. If you guys are watching on Facebook, please. Go over to my YouTube and subscribe. My. God. There's my enemies directly, East, Hill. That's, all you who ever come. Down it's. Not I already got the same shit that he has I'll. Take. We. Had a green AR I'll switch that out of, a gray, one I mean. It. What's. Up herckel long time no see me yo what's up man how's it going. Yeah. I've been streaming, on YouTube so, come over on you too bud I. Still. Got a gray assault, I prefer, the assault to any other feel gun because these so is my smile on someone's face yeah things done something, I feel, like that was. Shit. Oh shit. West west top, of the building. That. Wait, for my help to come back up. Jump. I'll. Throw, it's good man. Cross. My. Um. And, you want it you, got anything that I can see I. Know. I'm not good at long range. Up. In the air and they put a beat something don't they put, a jump fuck. Is this. Dude. How. Do you take so many shots. That. Was ridiculous. He, said he'll give us two more wins or two more games to win. Well. With me oh. Sure. Well. That. Lead you you, of all people should, know that the only two wins I've ever had was with you yeah. But. I mean you. Did it with me why can't you do it again with me. But, I've, played this a PC, controls every time I use different kind of controls I start, to forget how the controls, are. Used. To like it. Um. But. Greasy Grove oh. It's. Hercules double-oh-seven. Oh same. As my gamertag. If. He didn't fight Thank You bud. I'ma need. Watch. Hours you have now, before. He can have. Responses. And I love baking it. Because, I've got this I'm, like watching no stream as well so, you can. Yeah. I want three feet behind me. That's. The thing, I working. Stuff for all my other vacations so I just unsubscribe you, donate it's all twerking stuff. Have. You tried deep, rock lactic.

In The, game preview section no I haven't. I. Have. 3227. Watch hours. It's. Closed. You coming over bro oh. Shit. There's a guy right here not all the gun. You. Know I hope he sucks. I. Have. 3227. Watch ours it requires, four thousand for, me to get my. My. Ability to have sponsors, and super, chat back. I. Mean. Of course your name on a on. Facebook. Can be more recognizable than, YouTube. They. Say that's it. Enjoy. What money what, do you talk about Xavier. Wyatt why, you over on Facebook. Should. Be watching on YouTube. Yeah. But I need to watch ours over on over, on YouTube bro. Wait. Xavier. You keep putting that shit up I'm gonna end up turning off your stuff. Ozzie. I was putting up his mom's credit card information dude, that's so disrespectful. But, I may concern you can't type in the chat if you keep that up. Young. Karate be careful if you use that shit and she, calls. Fraud, on that shit you, get caught that's. Federal crime bro good, look be, in prison for a while even. If you're a minor they'll charge you as an adult for that kind of shit. Thanks. Easy I don't use people though I use a, check, it out myself because I usually, don't have too crazy of a chat and then, I have nightbot. I'll. Put it out there, no it's still fraud, you're. Still sealing it's not your card you, don't he he, did but his mother the person who owns the card didn't put it didn't, give permission for you to use it he'll, still get in trouble it doesn't matter bro. He's. Been pretty good. It. Was a joke bro I was kidding I mean humor haha. I'm. A I. Am. A oh you're. On my youtube right now what do you mean don't. Shout your shit out on my channel. Like. I guarantee, if your YouTube you don't like people doing that to you, you. Don't even have two thousand subs he said yeah. Xavier, your account bro. He. Said he doesn't have one sub. Kids. A clown. He. Said. I. Just. Had a dollar every time someone said that to me. Yeah. I know he's a piece of crap. Believe. Me he's not the first person to do that kind of shit. Well. At least we'll be leaving with a lot of wood no, guns but wood. We, better start writing to this thing because. Look what you see that yeah. I work, really hard like round yeah it's really frustrating that I don't have more. Fuck. We left to stop rook love to stop running to the circle is on the other side. Yeah. Matter there's a gamer that's gonna be coming out for tonight where. You can actually respawn. And. If he's the whole purpose. Yeah. It's. The whole damn purpose. And. They're bringing about 50 versus 50 as well for, a limited time as well. If. There's a shield. Kabat. I'm. Not gonna lie i watch lenny pal stuff. I. Got a pistol. But. Yeah what they put it stuff that's trending, so if it's already it's a kind of freshman they already put stuff that's popular on the top you, don't like Logan you like his brother what's. His brother's name again. You. Use, twitch, oh my, habits what you can go on. My good stream over. Here. You, can you, can dispense, 200. Wood for a shotgun Oh. Oh. Yeah. You. You do wait, you, do and that. Makes you more of a fighter than him I. Don't. Have any meds either. Well. If we die Elise we dominate running the, circle. Would. You prefer me to stream on French because I rather stir I like YouTube. Shots. You. Prefer you to target yeah. I like I like YouTube how they have their livestream set up and everything. Oh. You, can stream in all-pro folks I know I'm streaming on a YouTube. And Facebook right now. Yeah. I stream use my computer so I can string to any network, I want like, right now I'm doing YouTube, and Facebook and. I'm only streaming to Facebook to try to give you able to go to my YouTube from Facebook. God. Damn somebody mother died here. Anyone. Going minutes oh. There's. Something right here. Chess, behind it's. Like. Yeah. You okay, you can put it up there thank, you for asking. Oh shit. Well. This solo right now -. Oh. My. God, this fucking game is so it's trash huh nobody. Oh. My. Gosh. Shit. Happens. That. Guy it's having look there's no way you could have got me that easily. Well. We could try again. If. You want to come play with us just send, me a message on Xbox Live I'll respond. With an invite, when there's an opening I'll go to my messages and check it. Oh. Sorry. Guys holy fucking, shit I think was huge oh, my. All right fuck, it till two towers I'm, kidding. Article. Is late, I. Mean.

It's Flying right over and, so it could be like 30 different kids. There. We go. Where. We going. The. Unnamed one, however. This is. We'll. See a chess. Are, you bastard. They, said where all the diamonds. I did, fuck the page, materials. There's. Nothing you can't all mail from this area. I'm. Like the circle. Oh yeah. Let. Me. See. Fuckin. Blow myself up. I. Could, buy me some all right. Okay. I. Only. Take stone Wow I'll charge. Probably. Do that on purpose we, spend a lot of. Somewhere oh he's up on top oh. Shit. Where. Where's, it right. Above me crazy, boys. They're. On my body right now. Wrong. Pistol. Me in that side. Thanks. Lopez you, said my team is trash thank, you. Wow. I'll. Be back in a minute. 1. Mississippi 2 Mississippi. 3. Mississippi. 4. Mississippi. 5. Mississippi. I'm. Hungry. Are you playing on. No. I. Won't. Even bother answering that because he should know what serve you playing on judging by where you live you know I mean, ain't exactly rocket science. Yeah. What he said. Okay. Not enough. Someone, said they'll be right back did they come back I. Think. It. Was the guy who was ready to before me. It. Was either him whole. Yeah. How long are you gonna be I'm starving. Here. Somebody on the phone a. Girl. With her tits half out she has about like. People. Watching her obviously. I, mean. If I show you my tits will that help guys. I'll. Show you a picture okay. Wear, a speedo while you're playing I'll. Show you my tits. Give. Me more views. Holes. Like no. I. Love. How flex said you should let me play. That. Was a while ago. Basically. I'm not stopping, over I'm buying you just can't play with me right now. No. They're basically saying basically. Break another better I think. They just want to be on the live stream on the play with me cuz I'm awesome. Youtubing. Make. It sound like like, like. It's a sport I'm gonna start youtubing. III. YouTube. Dube down. The other, this the stream room. Nicole's. Like you should let me play you gotta wait your turn to, get. In line. So. Far there's only one person online. Its. Donor. Right. We. Shall go. Thirty. We're, got one Delta. Nice, there's another squad away, oh my. God obviously. Somewhere. Else, if. There's, no here. We'll. Stick together we'll be fine well. Providing. We don't go away in, two teams of two like. We did in the first game and. There's, nothing. No. No no no no no no. Fuck. You oh you best. Shit. Quick, it knocked both their asses. Yeah. That's. Mine it's, a good thing I stole that guy. Urban. Fuck. There's. More around here though because they were just knocked any, baby go straight down. And, beat double pistol. Congratulations. The. Course that she wants to cookie and. Give. Me one good reason to watch the news. Now, me being informed, can, I do anything about it can. I adjust anything, that has to do with that. Too. Late now I. Mean. So. Now I'm just watching the hair off the press to get upset and then know what the kind of crap that's going on the world no fuck that shit not.

Gonna I'm not gonna waste my time watching. Something that I can't change or have anything to do it fuck. That hey, che starts with you I think. Change starts with my dick in your mouth. I'll. Do that sir, no. Don't, deny the truth I. Sound. Like Trump. God. I'm. Not gonna lie I can't he's, really entertaining. And. I'm, really afraid of us because they know that they fuck with us he's just gonna nuke them. This. Is kind of like a fandom, oh I know. I like that feeling like all the countries like don't fuck with America now why. Those. Are just the testers, as the cheap ones have been sitting around for a long time or like we gotta fucking use them before they. Well. You can always just send a whole army of drones of their have missiles followed on the sky. Carry carrying. Flaming. Maybe. Who's like. You know what I want, to send some bombs somewhere where should I send I'm gonna like Syria okay cool I just want to see my blow-up. Over. Trees in. Soto. Gator house how people say that I'm. Not. Trying to be sexist, or anything but. When it comes to being president I don't think that it's a good thing for us to have a woman president because. The majority of the. Countries don't. Respect, a woman and. Once you get a woman president president, they're, not gonna want to like work with you in that reason shit cuz they don't want to be involved with that and it's, not like me saying that's my opinion I'm just saying that's the fact of the matter it's. A large large, portion. Of the countries don't have any respect for a woman so if they try to like work out a treaty with something or try to communicate something they're not gonna want to is, they don't have any respect for a woman or a woman. I'm. Getting shot at. Fuck. Two of them on me three, of them on me. Oh. My. God wrong behind, the wall right. Flank. Their eyes. The. Two feet brush, out of me. This. One. I. Don't, think even. Now. Cuz I'm not like fucking king over there that just walks by you while you're dying well. I mean he's trying to fuck. Shit. Was on the other he. Didn't see his, guys finish, on. The other side of the wall dude he, wasn't near me. Are. You gonna save my beer bitch. Oh fucker. Like, that I'm 16 bitch alright there's stuff here if you guys wanted. I'll. Need it. Fucking. Kamikaze, myself, not. Waiting. Dead I repeat. How. Do you dodge, until. Kelly I go shop I. Don't. Get a sleep I didn't look I mean she she, don't think any he was behind them and I was in front of him I. Don't. Get it like aah siren subscribe you in the last like two seconds he looked at us and then he too looked away sorry, because. He was getting shot over my. Blue. Pump he wants, it. Are. You I. Already. Have a blue uh assault. Are. You shooting at somebody you're just shooting.

Make. Sure my guns are loaded okay. Good. I. Guess. Towards, the circle I guess that. Anyone. Have any spare like band-aids or anything ah. There's. Actually some on that guy back there. I. Think. Surf. Might have some. Yeah. Alright I can't buy some if you want no no no I can't I'm broke okay, shit. She'll. This, isn't Peaks medal. I, don't. Have enough. The. Boogie bomb what is this exactly, what. Makes people dance until they get shot ah. Thank. You. It. Only lasts I think if they don't get shot I think only lasts like 30 seconds. That's. Perfect you just go in just run away all right so I left like doodoo shields here if you want it. We. Can't take any more Oh. Oh. Shit. That storms coming fast and, I don't think we looted that house I see shit it is. Drop. 15. North oh. Shit. That. Backpack in the store please. That scavenger. Backpack. I. Already got it I just don't have it on. Did. You pick up the shield right yeah. All. Right. And. We're good. Well. There's a job 45. Oh it's. At the port of work. On, awesome. You. Want to pick that up I. Mean. Andy. And. Was that what. You've. Hearing like swinging, oh it's, me Oh. Somebody. Behind me like hanging, on me like I'm. Just hitting why. Lol. Oh, and. Find, me I'll let you kill me. Are. We in the same game I. Swear. I see, guys. Oh. No. All. Up see you her cute. No. Shit I. Don't, have any fucking meds. I'm. Just gonna. Hang. Over the rocket he didn't die. Always. Replacing, him he keeps rebuilding, up. But. That guy behind them get him let that guy behind him get him. I. Don't. Have any heals. Fucking. Bitch man yeah. They. Probably on the same team. Yes. I'm happy now that you're on YouTube, I need those watch hours bro. Hey. Um. Give me a second. One. Second, later. I'll. Be right back I'm gonna grab chips and dip. All. Right back hopefully I didn't take too long. Well. Did. I say a second. Be. Back in a second. Remember. That sir. Can. You prove that sir. Can't. You prove that. Hey. Don't call me sir I would ruin it. Ma'am. I'm back. You. Guys ready. Waiting. For service. Yeah. When it comes to the emojis. You can only put three. Otherwise. Nybo has a bitch fit. Surf. Left by the way Hercules. Okay. Just. Don't want to get in we'll see if he. The. HG stoner man. You. Better be watching on fucking YouTube I. Mean. I had to you know dude. I. Got. A lunch for tonight now fuck I've been playing it more now haven't been playing up. G that much no man, Morgan's. Got me stuck on a little bit cuz my homie was playing it and. Fucked. Up on. Kind. Of ship seen. The. Tostitos. Scoops. I'm. Using - shit you got the scoop. Tostitos. Medium. Salsa. This. Shit's yeah ma'am that's right that's the puck that's the shit right there. Need. To come out with some more dip man. Playing. Around with the 40 dos boots man you can't eat the same shit all every, year for the same shit I mean never, never gets old but it's. Fucking great but, something. New it's 2018, we. Need some new scoops new flavors. I'm. Loading in right now. Is there a hype suit for YouTube I. Don't. Know I don't think so like 49 oh, man. Damn. Did. You ever fuck with mixer, yeah. I did for a month and I only got 200 fucking. Followers. I was, only getting like 10 views per video. Hey. The funny part is okay yeah. I. Got. Like 30. In. Like -. Yo. How do you fuck do you get that nightbot I can. Never figure out how to get BOTS you, well I use something I don't know you have to have a, computer. You have to be streaming through computer and not your xbox oh. Okay. Well, you. Saying you have to use the OBS. Um. You, can try you know you can go to night but it's night BOTS a website that you can create get it all through but. Okay. So it's the stuff I used to know yes. Also. My bus just an app huh I just go there he's a he's a it's a person that you put on there yeah I don't remember I don't think it's comm hold on. It's. Faded, on TV. I. Don't. Know if they have it on mixer. I'm. Not sure. There. It is Oh. What. The hell I, just. Didn't do. God. TV. There it is found it. Okay. Label your CV. Which. YouTube and that allows you, yeah. That's only for twitching YouTube talk. Can. Also be linked to this code. Don't. Have a discord, no, your next nickel he. Was in front of your next. Yeah. You snooze you lose. You. Just messaged me before she asked, she ain't gonna read yet. And. If she was snoozing, so, she lost. Sorry. My phone transforms, and the things my messenger.

The. Same. Well. I like how you bought the bottle pass and it's gonna be free. Mr.. Beatbox are anyway I. Didn't. Exactly. Yeah. It's. Like buying money for GTA it's fucking gene. Pretty. Bloods not, cheating it's just a shitty, way to play a game. Really. No, people, have time to, grind. You. Ready hurt you. And. Unready Meighan shin ready only. My, purse is the only guy. He. Can't do this. No. Cole said she really was smoothing, using. Up. See look I fucking I'm a genius look at that just, angry. I. Lost. It son of a bitch it was just here two seconds to fill my. Name is eggy. Well. How does a second ago. This. Has no loo, is. This. You guys height for the LMG. No, I think, it's still. Another. Thing is is gonna spawn on the map early gonna come in the care package now that's the fucking question. Yeah. I should have screamed off mixer while I'm doing this oh. Shit. Somebody. Shot a crossbow. Oh. They're, in the water. He. Has a. Chin. You know what I've noticed, report, a lot of people. Well. I do because. People that actually hit but, I take no damage user is a mystic. Fuck. Because. It. Depends on how. You. Support him on our. Affordance Microsoft, and. Then. Right. Killer wish I had one of those well, fuck with the tittle what. The fuck once until two dollars, I thought, we dropped that ugly. Still. In the party van. Fucking. Time in my. Yeah. Myself screaming on mixer so everybody, in in the game and the party um go, to the box. Check market it and see, it audio and included. Hello. Dear. Viewers. How's. It going guys. At. Least you care, I. Said. That too but. He. Doesn't care. Nah. I cared. Can't. Do that. Hey. Hercules since I'm watching on YouTube you should watch me on mixer. Sooner. Man, viewers. Welcome, to the live stream. He's. Back. Let. An alien. Alien. Friend. Of your mom's vagina and. Made you. I'm. Here today but, oh well and that's your question if you just jump off a cliff I mean you know let's. Be, on. Top of a hill I mean this is really boring watching you play just running around and, happy. I'm not. Killing nobody, oh the. Lag is really lagging. He. Says lagging, that. Forms. Different. You. Should let the other team kill them and you. Killed the other team, obviously. I. Made a circle, I'm. Flying, second, the. Pollution as I can, be. He's, already thinking about it oh here they come wait, for it. Oh. There, comes no. Turn. Where'd, all the loot is he just ticked it all up and. Got away. Oh. Shit. Thank. You. Yep. I, got, that squat, on top of the hills here, left the. Squad down below - yeah sure glad, my boy. Right. Pick. Up the purple shit is the one with the sniper. Right. There holy. Fuck there's three med kits right there. No, fuck. Well. This is a fucked up situation. Oh. Yeah. Use the jump pad and jump up there and then kill him hold on top jump pad that's not a jump that nice try Jeff all nothing. M, Oh. Ohio. Marshman. Oh. Oh. God. Oh he, just crossed telehealth though go push him yeah well shit load the hill Oh. Buddy. Grunts I owe ya. One sorry, oh. I'm, so lucky. Still. Up there. Hey. Hey. Oh he's still inside there's another one. Okay. Super bad for fuck it oh. My. God. Storms. Coming, this is a fast storm it's gonna eat you. Gonna. Get swallowed in three two. Very. Slowly one you got. This. Run not tip fucking. Said I kind of like it oh I'm. Gonna be trying to kill you bro to shoot him. I, think, a team knows where you are. This. Guy dude you just throwing bombs. At. Least I drop like I don't know how many would I drop some. I. Guess. You're. Not getting lumps. Damn. It those tips are good keep stuffing them stuff some work for me wish. I had fun. That's. What the moment I can't find the mild sauce where'd you find that in if. I don't warm air or something ah. No. Fucking idea what that is it's. A grocery story here. It's. Produce yeah. Got. Some good shit - yeah. Good. Finally, I. Like. Publish butter. Ever. Seen it. I've. Heard of it. It. Might be only yourself. Yeah. I think so. Why. Is anybody not ready Duff this - oh. You're. Not in here with this bro. What. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Let's. Go lucky lightning. Fuck. Yeah. It's. Unlucky. Let's. Play solo that's. Mine. We're. Gonna die I've, been talking about in my face it taste so good. Hey. Stop gonna make me want to slap you're. So. Funny. He, were eating chips so you couldn't laugh or you with at under stare I wasn't.

Ever. Never. Call. Dibs on this Chinese house I'm, already on it fuck out of here. I'll. Get some of that meow. That. Made me so funny to. The. Fucking door. Wow. You're. So badass. Thank. You I try to be. Why. You keep putting me on fucking squad. Oh. There. Goes I get it. -. I got a wannabe car 98 okay let's see. The. Car da for this shit man I. Mean. But there's a wannabe one in here oh yeah. The scene rifle it's still the shit though 100 right foot will touch the money a little fuck somebody up you hit somebody. You'll. Knock someone full health with that thing in a head shot. At. Car 21 fuckin fuckin, badass I have. A few clips of me dude alright anything I. Mean. Did you play the sniper mode when they out of it it was like yeah maybe. Not a couple minor Rocky good dinner. Yeah. That was the shit to the gold mode was hike - I, don't. Know what what's the glow is the gold everything was going. Like. It every building there'd be a golden weapon it'd be scars dirty, launchers, anything holding in the game. And. Everybody would have a fair fight cuz their buddy scars, and shit Thank You ninja but rocket-launching, room i. Send. Me a message box not there I want to be you want a chance I got a sniper okay, Oh. Drink. This. And I'm gonna change, that again you. Know pubsey suing fortnight. Yeah. Good. Kind. Of late me yeah. It, is good, they kind of ripped the game up really honestly if it was a building shit they definitely game. Better. And. This. All you see is. More. Of a strategy, game this is just more of a battle game yeah. More fucking just building shit and just hoping for the best basically. Hold. On a moment oh. It's. Your big old boy -, big ol dog, then. Put the dog down little dog that's. A. Big-ass dog yeah, I'm. Like a rock big that's. Like a oh, my. Gosh oh wow. What. I, hate. Shotguns, beam that pisses me off I just shoot out in with assault rifle and he just ate it, at. Least half a clue it's toilet, mode boys. Whoa. That. Mean you guys are dead I, mean. One of us are they okay the other one hasn't talked in a while I don't know if. He has a voice. Doc. I don't need that crap. The. Fucking, failed I. Don't. Know why is tell me why again, I almost caught myself from yelling ah we need a job guys.

Near. What. What. Problem, how's it I. Was. About to call out we needed jeep guys. There. Is no fucking jeeps here the. Man sir. Stop. It Charlie. Yeah. A jeep would be pretty. Yeah. If. There was a military 30 G's from the pub GMaps in that one Island this would definitely be a pub g-man oh this. Is smaller than a pub this, is smaller than pub G this. Is like the size of pussy bro well yeah but yeah, true, but like I'm like if they added a military base to a couple other things this would be pub G a, couple. Vehicle you rip off a. Long. Time ago. Guys. Are too much idiots they. Can't write because really. Yeah. Then they'll fucking actually get fucking sued. Shop. For now they'll actually have our queer like he's bastard fucking copying I thought the ass hey, what is this. Now. They put an LMG in the game really okay. Drops. Because first they don't have any fucking like drops and, now they put a mine. You. Got a nut mahadji's, the, fucking owners a sub G have a very fucking good valid point very. Well but the point. I. Still. You. Know just. And with my statement of G's we're better than this Oh every. Week I agree. I. Agree. Separate. Server issues, I mean up. G has a lot of server issues yeah, I, mean. Yeah but you can do with it though cuz it's not a fully released game yeah and you can't get out. Okay I'm gonna wait in this game but, it still just closed beta even, though it's not closed it's open. Yeah. If it's, already taking your money it's not messing. Game or if it's closed beta, yeah. Even. If it's not, a closed beta means that you can only play and kind of stuff like, that's. What closed beta me yeah with. Where. The fuck I am right now where it's, open and there's a full. Version. Exactly. So there's no fucking point. That's. Not closed though you don't need an invite you this buy it yeah. Yeah. I wouldn't. Be charging it was, closed. If. A game is no, longer a beta. It's. Like saying GTA is still in the beta form, yeah. Exactly, fucking. 200. All the rhythm my fucking money right there. Oh I, think oh my god I don't. Even want to think about. Today. I'd be pissed, cuz, you're so hot you in there I don't have money you wouldn't. People. Would study killing you you should die you. Don't. Have a home you don't have no cars like, there's. No point but if. You. Are no rink because there's heist missions, as people will hire, people. That, do, certain shit, but. I. Mean. If you were gonna switch plot damn dog just consoles. Make. An account get a modern adjust this. Amount of money. And. Then just fucking buy everything. We. Had a long how. Much pub she got from this shit that probably could do to finish their game. I call. This chance. Like. Hobbies. Wait funner than this honestly oh. Yeah. I'm. Already gone dude open it go because. It's. Like playing constant, for night when they get shot they quickly jump and try to build a wall in there like I can't build shit like yeah cuz, you help to fund you know how to fight back not just hide behind run, it just shot got people in the face you're.

Getting Cover. Communication. I'm, like here if you can see somebody in the distance, like this is all fucking cartoon on pop G they blend in you're like what the fuck is that I like somebody in a ghillie suit are actually a bush yeah. That's, true you're not actually a fucking, bush like come on out. Really. Seems kind of a bush. Yeah. But it's really. Really. Hard. Yeah. Like, this stupid bush thing I just got it like oh my god. Balls. Off most people don't even use it. Because. It's retarded, it's. A, pointless. Fool. A camp and sitting fucking places and be retarded, for. Knowing players. What's. Purple, oh god. Damn bro he's about to die. Hell. Yeah. Did. You borrow, you have to go oh. Yeah. Yeah. You're. The definition of fucked sir. Got. Lag is intense, I. Can't. Wait into the aliquat game like ARMA 3 to consoles, should, probably be a long-ass time but still I never played that'd be worth the wait, me. It's. Like, pub. G right, like, the whole tactical, element like realistic element, but literally all military. Percent. Military. Simulator basically, what it is. Luckily. Rand you're calling an airstrike you'll be like can I get an airstrike on like g7. And then. Somebody, in actually, somebody in in like an airplane or her fucking she's coming he's fucking people. There's. People building. I. Don't. Get fucking bit over now. I'm. Just building shit I don't know, they're. Right behind you asleep. They're. Behind you to your left or. Actually, a funny where you're running ray you're running up on that hill. There's. Like four squads always after that I. Swear. I feel like they're those faggots I just sit together can't, they can't put the fucking the, storm lines yeah. Can. I just look. This court I can. Is. Everybody dead now yeah. Yeah. All. Right you know my slob Jean oh. I'll. Be the only one who can hear you guys no one else and yours in the disk where. Are. You get in here. Yo. Gage. Yeah. Oh. Yeah. I, thought. I saw. Three hopefully don't kick me out of the fucking game is to him what's, what I'm saying oh yeah my turn, game using the party. Oh. My. God. Ebola. They. Messed up with everybody. When, it fuck's up it gives you like a whole time, you have to wait for it to recompress it again oh my. God. Waiting. For server. For. Our game of this biggish didn't have server problem I mean it should have some problems look I said that right exactly, they should be putting money you, were, the fuckin what nevermind. I. Don't. Know. Alright, more because all those youtubers, got they're playing in the only six zeroes wants to play it and be like them and wear the same skins yeah, I feel like oh yeah it's got more money that's true, well, they also play fuck you. Cuz. I'm pudgy, you have to earn them too. Our. Korean. All. Right I'm down. You. See are we going yeah. Gregg, Richards, said you're cool, thanks. Nicole. You are next. I. Invited. Him to this Court I did invited him to the game. That's. Okay. A. Brown. Would. Swear. You're robbing my chest. I'm. Still nerve. How. Many solo wins do I have I don't know like. How. Okay. I'm done, so a semi-auto, kills me I'm done with this game honestly oh. Where. Were you at, okay, he's like. Literally. Two. Yellows, right or left right. Where yellow is going right. There. Shootings. Right behind me. Somewhere. Over there bastards. Probably gone. As. He under the store, oh, my. God. Oh. My. God no way somebody, revived me I'm inside. Where'd. That come from initially, always. Coming in right now right there in front of us. Your. Husband fuck did he get a hit like that.

The. Bible to understand how the fucking. Face. Before evensong. Nice. Nice. No. He, you, shot him oh. Yeah. I don't really play solo, or anything. Warrior. I. Have. No solo solo no. Duos my. Forty two squads. 42. Squad wins oh yeah I. Got7. This. Game is easy. Yeah. Man console. Brilliant. Game. Yes. Put me on cooldown. After. Wait a moment. Basically. Now. I come in here before put me on cooldown so I, was on the cooldown I just changed my scheme. Oh. Thank. You good. His. Name's charlie. He's, a 100-pound. How. Okay. Let's go to. That's. Fine. Well. Thank you for. The. Far side of the. Map. Okay. For. You. Oh. Yeah. Hold. My cow this is not good, yeah. Okay, on. It. The opposite, of good I'll. Be surprised if there's going in here oh my god I'm surprised. Litter. Them surprise. Me. A little bit ham oh hi that. There's. Something right there come here boy. Wait. For it oh. No. Way, thank, you going I. Will. Find you. And. You will die when I find you. Please. Hear. I'm. Back sorry I had a phone call. Whose. Fans are popping. That's. Tight. Stoners. It's. Like a popping. And crackling and fizzing. It's. Weird. Hello. Hello. Hello. Doing the same shit, ready. Up again. That's. Not raking up. Looks. Yeah yes on my screen. Everybody. Made it. That's. Loading for me to the game. Okay. Thirsty. Depo. I'm, not dropped there in the wall. Didn't. Know I'd know one drops here because there's nothing here. My. Place is like the worst. Here's. A pistol yay. I'm. So excited be, grateful, oh won't. You get I, was. Grateful to get killed. That's. Nice. Okay. We. Go now. Okay. I'm down here not. To look like he dies. No. Maria, I'm gonna leap on the way there. Are. You bad on one of those impulse on false me so I can go this way. Foxy. Clear Lake's oh. It's. A mortem for you I have a porta for it how nice. So. Much great, oh. My. God Wow I switch lesson I was not. Oh. I. See the guy who looted it he's, by himself. Where. He's. Directly in front of me West. Least. I. Don't, think he sees me, ah sit. Are. You shooting at him why are you doing that dude he didn't see us why you're gonna let him know where we're at why, would you fucking do that Tommy, this is why we don't have any wins does that matter. Yeah. But now I'm gonna lose health I should have killed him without losing any health and I have no bullets now, thank you fucking. Genius bro. You're. A fucking genius. And. He's gonna come kill us now cuz you fucking shot. Cuz. You're a fucking moron. It's. Fucking ridiculous. Now. I can't hit him. Alright. That. Was a little article. You. Wouldn't have shot, I could have fuckin flanked, him and killed him before he could turn around.

Oh. I. Fucking missed it god damn it. This. Hasn't been Luton. Now. The one upstairs there's. One downstairs. Somebody, found it already I got it. It. Was getting tonight I. Don't. Even know why, he's, here the shots. Almost. Good this night that I. Don't. Think oh. My god there's. A blue sniper rifle here guys a bowl that. Bear. Have 300 middle, wood. Oh. There's. A llama, llama. There's. A llama, a lot, of loose gear boss the. Island has been looted yet. My. Llama. Oh. My. God I sleep potion so we need to push in. Eat, some slurp juice oh, okay. Everybody's. Okay oh man. You need some bro. That's. A nice please. This. Thing. Thank. You. Trap. And. Then get up there. There's. A green hunting rifle. I'll. Get the one from here. You. May. Hear you. Know grow. Dylan. What's up. Absolute. She's. Me bless you thank. You bless. You. Well, she had this somebody's North somebody. To the north. That's, might be a team. Guys. Come to the Northeast coming towards our big. 45 Lee I let the team yeah there's three of them. Yeah. Oh. They're. They're fighting. Two. Different teams yes. We different things one. Is 33, in that building and the other one is. All. Right I have one pin down inside, 31. To that little warehouse, yeah, I got pens 275. Oh my, god. He's. Only got a bold action. See. L know l have nothing, but. Motherfuckin. Materials. Fucker. She's, pretty. 12. No. But I know that pisses him off cuz he can't kill me. Long. As I don't get placed I should be fine. I. Look. Circle, okay. Yeah. Oh. Shit. Face my thighs are, so damaged, oh you know how. These. Cookies. When to do something quickly that's why I said be quiet. Did. I make it back in time. Don't. Make it back in time. Or. Can we. We. Stop. Right. Call her. She. I'm. Sorry about that. Thank. You. I'm. Currently being RPG, this is not good. What. Do you mean you're still in a game oh. No. I'm, in a different game. Already. Sorry, that. Wasn't my discord. Hado, field. You, want to go lucky. Lucky. We. Can hit fatal fields on the way out. There's. A skillet with more people where. They really, just squat well. Then go in Lucky's better ice cream man up instead battle. Nice, lip juice. Herk. Do you think any spots will open I'm sorry I'm. Not sure. Does. Anyone think that might be leaving soon. Well. You know um. You. Know you're not next in line oh. No. I'm Nicole. Asked, before you did, okay. Got. My honors rifle, I. Got. A UH what's. That called the. Porta, for the. Software, that I use just, crashed. Crashed. No, it was the software. You. Bastard. That, wasn't even it you piece of shit. Big, difference well thank you you gave me my gun back, take. That back now, you don't need you can either, come. Back. I. Think. You're going upstairs now.

What. Was the green yarn open up a green SMG. Today. What. Oh. I'm. Just gonna tour the place already. I'm. Like a bullet. I. Hate. To be the bearer of bad news but we've got to go for the sir oh. They. Won't go nice pen now they can give me. Spell. How much you ask fucking, no idea, he. What. Spit was would. Come. On forget it I'll. Spill a. Drop. If you would you asshole, watch it has be lucky. Let it Rob you. Got. Me of everything that was nice enough to trade, you weapons Robbie. I borrowed, you know right, huh. Huh and brought you back a shitty one so I mean technically, I didn't steal they just swapped it out he's too slow, I guess damned. Well, you're right it definitely was a ski. Right. Ii, know a little. Bit of yet. Don't. Just say no tell her what I said. Yeah. But you just said the word no tell her I will just not read the second. Roommates. Tammy. And family is the worst roommates of all. That's. Cool though. They. Not rate this place. Here. Comes the store boy. I. Just. Made. That. Shit. All. Stomach, it's a nice. Shot. Sir by the way. Direction. You. Look strong behind me further don't worry I knew it was stolen. And. I basically tease, them going here we go attacked by the school. And now I can eat gosh house that. Was not, mean. Knocking. Fucker. Okay. So we have wine. There use to. Use. That many I. Just. Took out that whole building then the guy was in. Yeah. There's. More. He's. Dead anyway, who's. Gonna attack from behind. Fucker. How. The chips so I am anyone have any extra little bullets I'll take Oh. Watch. Out. Okay. You're stealing everything again no. Yeah. It's telling. That's, hot was he's on the very top. No, way. All. Right you wanna go all, right let's. All the faster. About. The phone. Laughs. Alicia fuckin Syria oh my. God, I. Got. The elimination. Destroyed. That shit. Murphy. Sorry I wasn't a team there's my team it's, not over yet. Not. Over you. Oh. My. God. Well, you think about that dude shit me fucking. What. The fuck just happen to my screen hold on what the fuck was that. What. The fuck was that did you see my camera. What. The fuck was that right there at the end a little, jitter, fucking. Lag did I died fuck, was that shit. Fucking. I did that, was some bull. All. Right well I'm gonna get off so we can go get dinner and shit they're. All causing. Problems and stuff so, thank you guys so much coming to watch and truly appreciate it I might, come back in livestream tonight otherwise, I'll be streaming tomorrow so thank you so much coming to watch and please make sure you hit that Bell icon so you get notified every time I go alive go to Twitter Instagram snapchat, you.

Could Check me out over there and. Watch as much as my content as possible get me get help me get those watch hours back up so, even watching my my, recorded, stuff that was from other live streams that also helps me - thank, you so much guys and I'll see you guys later. You.

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