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- Countdown! Attention! Launch! Press! * "Dmitriy Gromov production" presents * * intro * - Hey, Kotofey, how do you like Susanin as a driver? - It's just incredible! There wasn't anything like this, and here we have it again! Who could've think that this will happen? - Now both of you have a private driver! - Kotofey, have you slept well? Ate good? - Yes, of course. - I woke up at 6 am, and this was the second time this year when I woke up that early. First time was, when I needed to wake up at 6 to drive to Kharkiv and make tattoo. - Well, we can't allow yourself such a luxury yet, you know. - At what time does your working day start? - 8 am. - You need to be there at this time? - Of course. I wake at 6 am all the time.

- At 6:00 like soldier? - Of course. - You are like working proletarian? - Yes, proletariat! - So, guys, a long journey of 300 km is ahead of us. A special instructed person awaits us. We will be met with bread and salt and will be led to a sanctum sanctorum.

- Today doors are opened before us. They gave us a day and want to see as guests in the real military bunker! - Kotofey, are you yummy-yummy? - Yes, eating a bit. - You like to eat? - Of course! - Kotofey has opened a cat's maw! Sleep! Sleep, little! Sleep, kitten. Sleep, my honeypie. - Have some rest, little.

- Well, yes... - Friends, we almost got there! We are moving to the missile mines! It's the only nuclear bunker, which is still preserved! It's under the military control, but we had a deal and we will be allowed to have a walk there for a few hours! Kotofey, your opinion? - It's really interesting, we'll see and hear everything that we'll be told to. - There will be a soldier, he used to serve there during USSR times, and he'll tell us everything from the first person! As far as I know this is the only missile mine, which still exists in Ukraine. It was thought about to be left as a legacy. Other mines were destroyed. - Yes, yes, they were cultivated. - I hope we will be able to get into the shaft. How many floors deep is it?

- 12. - Or 9 or somthing like this. - It's like a glass out of concrete on springs. And even under the nuclear explosion it would just move around a bit and stand on it's place.

- Is there this nucelar button or something? - We'll see the red button. - The button to launch nuclear missile. - Friends, we are moving into the nuclear shaft! - Friends, we are on the spot, in the military base. We are waiting for men of arms to let us into the bunker. - Into the missile shaft. - Into the missile shaft.

- It's very interesting. Intriguing. We are waiting to explore everything. * Sign: STAY! GET BACK! HIGH VOLTAGE! * - Hello. - That's it, dear viewers! Hello, dear guests! Here, we are finally met by... - Yes...

Good day. My name is Filin Gennadiy Vladimirovich, I was serving here, was an officer. Now I'm retired. Well... Had many different postions here. - In which years were you serving? - In which..? 2002. I retired in 2002.

- How many years have you served here? - A quarter of century. - 25 years on the missile shaft? - Well, not in the shaft. It's 25 years of service. 5 of them in the academy and other years are actual service. - Could you tell us in a few words how is this object correctly called? - It's the central postion of battle missile regiment. - It means missile shaft? - No... Shaft is separately. This is the central position.

And there forward will be the sahft and command post. The central posiotion is a big object. Shaft is only a part of it. - You will show us all of it? - Of course. We will show you everything. - Wow, cool. - So, let's go.

- Let's roll. - We are moving down already? - Let's go. We are moving there already. There was a soldier. A soldier was staying there and didn't allow anyone to come in. Only officers had a right to come through here. - Only officers? (on the background) - Kotofey, are you an officer? - Hermetical door. x2 - Wooow! - Device for receiving code.

- Password? - Yes, password. Untill you'll write the passcode, this door won't open. Without it the lock won't open up. When it opens, you come in and close the door behind. - You were serving here when it was working? - Of course. - Really? - Yes.

- Wow! - This is the biggest tunnel. The length of it is 150 meters. So that manpower won't be destroyed, all of the movement was made underground. - They were lurking? Hiding? - Yes-yes. - This is just an underground corridor. Paterna. Here all of the movement was made. Combat forces were moving here, and through it was transmitted the countdown of missile launch. - Not to move outside and show the secrets... - Not to move outside, because all of the combat position was covered with chain P-100, which was under a high preasure.

- This is the entrance to the command office? - Yes. We are moving to command office. - Tell us, where there any attempts to get in here during your service? - No, there wasn't something like that. - Some kind of villagers getting in? - Well, it was different. There could be some lost villagers or something. - A cow getting on the electric fence. - It means that we will have some beef.

- Fried. - Yes. All of it was very seriously secured.

- Tell us in which year was this place launched? - Well... It was build here in 79th. You'll see, it's stated to be 1979. - In which year was it closed? - In October of 2000. - It was working for 30 years? - Well, yes. - What do you think, was it right to close it, or is it a shame that we lost such a legacy? - It's... Look, if you'll get hit by it, it'll be painful.

- It's okay, we got used to it. - Yes... Well... We are not allowed to say our personal opinion. - It's okay, don't worry. - Because, I'll say something, you'll publish the video, and I'll be to blame. - No, you just say what we shouldn't publish, and we won't. - No, but I'll tell you something else. Look, it was straight three years ago, on 24th of August. Sixty... But I should tell all of it afterwards.

Because I said once, they cutted the previous part and made it like that. - No, we don't do such things. - So... 24th of August in 1961... I mean 2018. On Independence day ICTV channel takes an interview from Kuchma. The second president. - Yup. - During the times of independence Ukraine made three big mistakes. First one - refused from nuclear weappon. Second - Uschenko. Third - Yanukovich. That's what he said.

- He wasn't a fool at all! - Why was? He still is. - He's still alive. - He's still in Verkhovna Rada. - Careful, behind! This cabel, you could get hit by it. - Yes, Kravchuk was kinda...

- Okay... What's that? - We were walking through big paterna and to the small one. Come here! - Paterna. What a word! - Yes, paterna. Officers were coming here, it didn't have any heating. They were leaving their hats here. Were taking clothes off. And they went to the small paterna. It's length is 83 meters. - How deep are we? - It's around three meters. 3 or 3,5.

- This depth could protect from any basic attacks from air? - Well, it could protect from normal weapoon. Not from nuclear. You can see, here are 15 heaters. They used to hold a comfortable temperature in the paterna, from 18°C to 22°C . You can see here goes air to the command office. Here goes the CO2. And here moves antifreeze and... - Coercive ventilation. - Of course. Air by itself won't be moving 40 meters deep.

- What are you saying? - The launching calculations are moving forward. As I already told, the length of it is 83 meters. - You mean that a few years ago there were real officers serving? - Well, not toys. Of course real. - It's just interesting to... - Look, it's also interesting. It's a cable in a lead cover. It was under a small preasure. Dry air, so nobody would be no oxidation and nobody would geyt here. If someone would do something, the pressure will come down and it'll be instantly reported. NSA. Not sanctioned activity. - That's what we know.

- Let's move on. - From where do you know it? - Well, I'm well versed into cabels. I have worked with them... - We move on.

- ...very close. - We will throw them into elevator. - Watch that nobody you would throw into elevator. - Nah, we are...

- How deep will we move? - Well, the whole mine is 45 meters. We will get 40 meters deep. - On the 10th floor? - 11th. - And together it's minus 12? - Minus 12. - It's very interesting and very fascinating. We are looking at it and it's very cool. This is a regime object, this is secret and strategicaly very important place. It was top secret of our Motherland! Nobody should've know about it! Nobody! Even those who were here shoud've forget everything instantly. - Damn, they were signing a paper about nondisclosure.

- Of course. - It was criminal liability for this.. - It was such a secret that after it you shoudln't even remember that you even were here. - You heard what he said, when he was going on duty, he said to his wife that he was going to fish. Even his wife didn't know where he was and what he did. - Yeah... - Guys, it's a very unique place. It's the only position, which is still present in Ukraine. It's very cool that we were allowed to get here today.

- That's true. - Now monkey will be doing this... Calculation. Combat calculation. Monkey does combat calculation. 28... divide up to 753... equals... - Tell us the story why wasn't this mine destroyed like many others. Why was it concluded to leave it? - It's pretty simple.

We officers were not allowed to leave the country. We weren't allow to leave the territory of Warsaw Treaty. We weren't even allowed to go there. And when the procces of disarong began a group from our officers went to USA on a work trip. And americans in Arizona have left their own minutemen. They decided not to destroy the territory and made a museum there. And our officers were carried there. Our commander Ilyas How, general Ilyashow, he went there and looked at all of it. When he came back he called to Mikhtyuk - the commander of ukrainian army. He said: "How's that? We are not worse, let's make something like this ourselves!" - Cool! - Yeah... Back in the days Mikhtyuk was a commander of 43rd army, Deputy of Defense Minister. He had a direct connection to president.

He contacted Kuchma. Said: "Leonid Danilovich, we are not worse, let's make somrthing like this!" Kuchma said: "I support this idea with all my heart, but you should deal with this problem between military yourself, so we didn't have any questions between politics." They made a group of officers from our and their officers. And there was stated what is should be left. Where and how. A special agrement... In the agreement of liquidation was a special field, where stated how and what should be left. When all documents were ready, and all of them were signed in the environment of military, it reaches the presidential level. When it has reached the presidential level russian president... (laughs) ...Boris Nikolayevich (Yeltsin) began to make a ruckus and say that he will never agree to leave such an object here!

Why? Because, I already said that this is a standart postion. And all over the Russia there many positions like this, top secret, of course. Well, and we were able to persuade... Maybe because Kuchma was president back then and he understood the importance of such a place. And he pursuade everyone that we should leave it... All combat calculations are comming here. These three doors are closed. When you push the button - the first door opens. This door is 950 kg and it was closing hermetically. Opens the first door, it's a gateway system. It closes behind you.

Untill this thing will work the next door won't open. You come in, the second door opens. The second one closes - the third opens and you go into elevator to the command office. - Elevator is comming for us. 12 floors. Does it stop on each one? - No. From 13 floors he stops 6 times.

- Has this elevator ever been stuck. - Each device is good because it breakes sometimes, right? - Right! Look, the elevator is perforating. Through it we are moving somewhere deeper. - We are moving to the 0-part. Move on.

- Wow, it smells like in submarine. Wow! That's the depth beneath us! It's possible to see the whole shaft! Now it's very-very interesting. - Let's go. Come on in. Come in, we will move in a circle. Why are you trying to wobble it? It's 250 tons! No, 125 tons. And you want to wobble it? You could've crawl here. Emergency exit.

- Emergency exit from the shaft? - Yes. - Sus, check it out. What's there? - Crawl in there! - Wow, look at this... - Stop! Stop! Don't crawl through here. - There are electronics by this side. - Here. Only through here.

- Yup. - Look at this hatch! - Additional exit. And where does it lead? - To outside. It leads to the outside, there is a telescopic tube.

- There's a metal tube inside? - Yes, there are special ladder cutted in this tube. - It's so beautiful, friends. We are like on a submarine. Everything's real! Cool! - And here you could... Just don't bend to much. - Wow, we can see the elevator shaft, look! We got through this hermetical door. Military guys went down and we are here. The shaft is now visible. How much it is? 40 meters? - 45 meters.

- Where are those constructions that allow this shaft not to... How does it called? - Depreciation system? - The depreciation system. - Can you see this grey thing? There. - This? - Yup.

- Wow! - See? Those gray things? - And in case of bombardment... - There's a vertical and... There are two levels of depreciation systems: lower and higher. All of those spots were on the aim of our possible enemy. For each of our missile launchers our possible enemy had three nuclear missiles. So if one of them would hit, the complex would feel an earthquake of 12th level by Richter scale. The depreciation system shoud've lower this crazy swing of the soil.

- It could withstand 12 level earthquake? - Yes... It could. - Wow! - And people with devices should stay intact to continue a combat mission. We are in one of the most protect engineered building that stays on earth. That exists on it. - Till nowadays? - Till present.

- In which year you got to this bunker for the first time? - Before I was on other missile silos and here I got in 1993. - Wow! - From 1993 till 2002. - Bunkers and missile silos...

- There are no bunkers. There is a unified command office. - No, we are just trying to simplify... - Bunker is in the village. On combine! Like this! - Have you ever been to presidential bunker? - No.

- Do you know something about it? - Nope. - Which one do you mean? - It said that in Kyiv there's a presidential bunker. The main one. - In Kyiv? I dunno, ask the president. I'm not him or even someone close to him. - Aha... And what of all underground constructions had the biggest impression on you?

- None of them. I'm tired of them... - Tired, huh? - Yes. You can go and make a few more photos. Right now we can't go out from here. - What's that? Tell us a bit, please, about this freezer. - Well, there are three blocks, cold accumultors. In peace times there were made 37 tons of ice.

These 37 tons of ice should've secure the life of people and work of devices for 45 days. Water, which was created during the time of melting the ice was used for diesel generators on first and second compartment and for technical needs of staff. - It's not working now? - It's not. No need for ice. It was the phone. Can you hear the noise? - No.

- Kuchma is calling... - Listen! - Yup. - Kuchma is calling. - It's from the 12th blocks calling to the elevator. It's a phone in elevator.

- Why. Everything's okay? - Can you hear? It's just in all compartments... - It's time to answer the call. - I'm listening closely. Yes.

- Here the part of cables is visible. - Yes-yes-yes. What did you want, Sasha? So, if it's on zero. It must be this... 14th there! Yes.

Bye. - Everything's good? - It's okay. It was policeman. - And what about? - Nah, it was about the job, he wanted...

First and second comartment. Two diesel generators, each of them is 50 kWh. - Has anybody fell there? - You wanna be the first one? - Nah, it's just that everything's happening. - I think that if anybody fell there, nobody would talk about it. - He's laying in one of those fridges.

- So, Mr. Kotofey, do you enjoy this communication? - Of course! It's not communication! An object for technical purposes! It's top secret! It's such a creation of engineering mind! To build something like that. Only to weld all of this it needs... ... Nightmare. - It's special welding. - Opa! - The elevator is moving. - Drops are falling? Huh, it's oil... - Yes, it's oil. Grease.

- Was it pink from the beginning? - Yup. - Do we need to close the hermetical door or what? - Careful! Old soviet elevator! - Wait! - We need to close hermadoor. Careful. - We'll do everything now. Come here.

Have you come? Opa! - Sealed. - That's it. Spread out to the angles. - Done.

- No, a bit here. See? - To spread the weight evenly. - Opa! - Spread out evenly. Staying still. We have a bit of overweight, so we need to stay calmly and not move.

- Kotofey, don't be nervous. - I'm not nervous at all. - How many officers could enter this elevator according to the rules.

- Two officers. - Two, yeah? - Two-three officers. - Only officers could use it? - Yup. - The watch was 24 hours a day? - Of curse.

- And you worked the same? - I did. - You could feel the whole paletra of emotions. - Pah, paletra. There are no feelings to this place left. - Why? Memories. - Nah, all of it is gone.

- Kotofey, why windows are sweaty? - Dunno... - Who drank yesterday? - Windows in the car were sweaty for the whole rode! Now here! - I'm thinking myself about the reason... - Opa! 11th! It's minus 11th? - Yes. - Hermetical door here as well? - Yes. How else? - Hermetic doors! Wow! Welcome! Wow! Look, firends. The difference between... This is capsule? Capsule made of metal? - Yes. Yes. I've already showed you...

- Look! Fullmetal capsule! We are entering it. - It is 125 tons. - 125 tons? It's all of the stocks ot just this? - All of them, all. It's a container. - Here it's chilly at first, and second it smells here like... I don't know, it's very present. Like on a submarine, the smell of bunker. - Okay. So, Susanin need to sit there.

Let's go. - What will be happening? - We'll see... Sit here. It's a command office of missile squad. The seat of the #1. #1 is an older officer. From major to colonel. The seat of the head of regiment. Сombat banner of the unit. It is always here in the most secure part, near the missile.

Here is "Barham" devices. Here's everything, which is connected to connection. Radio connction or wire connection. Technical and technological devices to control the life support. Combat remote controllers. They are the same for #1 and #2. This schematic. We are in the middle and around us 10 ballistic intercontinental missiles. They are very smart, control their status. The bulb is beaming, it gives a sound signal. And all of the status configures come to this screen. That's it. And now, you, seat here.

- Let's go, Kotofey. - Sit down. And now, let's go! Countdown! Attention! We have an order to launch! Prepeare for the launch! By this command tou need to put your hand here... The fake key is here. The real one here. Push only according to the order! - Uhu... - Here's the same... Not "uhu"! Yes, sir! He's nodding...

You need to put it here. - Harsher! harsher with them! - Countdown! Attention! Launch! Push the buttons! Now you can leave it. Full readiness! Watch here! Full readiness. Combat mode. Plan is ours. Scipher is our. Nine missile launchers had received the "launch" order. What's going on? What is going on during this time, we can see it with the help of our cameras.

Outside. We will see what is going on there. - Wow! Look! Wow! - Kotofey, you've launched them? - It's crazy... - Right on Kyiv! - What Kyiv? - Nah, it shoots on 15 000 km.

- 15 000 km?! - It could reach Chernhiv! - Where? - It could reach Chernhiv. - 15 000 km? - Yes. - It could reach America... - So Kyiv is safe.

- How many missiles did we launch right now? - Count them. - 12? - Count them. 8 of them. - Seriously? Two people could launch eight of them? - Yes. - Kotofey, what have you done?! - Haha! Kotofey! I congratulate you! Kotofey, I congratulate you! Enemy will be destroyed! We made it! Yeah! - So, stand. Time. We need to move.

Let's go. - Aha, down... And what's there? - 12th comartment. The living rooms. - Aha! Wow! Kotofey, careful! Watch your head! Opa! Guys, check this out, I'm filming the solid frame. The smell hear could not be descriibed with any words, it's like you are in an old soviet military conservation. The smell is crazy! Yes, Kotofey? - Yes. Well, I wouldn't want to leave in such conditions.

- It's better than none. It's not to live, to survive! - Aaahhh! Military tea! Cool! - Back him up. - Careful. - So, 12th compartment. Living compartment. during the peacefull times there were no people here. This compartment could be visited to visit the toilet here.

- Military toilet. Wow! Like in a train! There's no shower? - Nope. No shower. It was to visit toilet or make yourself a tea. Here you can see an electronic samovar. It's pluged here. Why is it so, just to pour the water and that's it. It's if in case of bombardment not to spill the water and get a short circuit. - Aha.

- There was a microwave. - Soviet? - Soviet. It stays there, have it in storage. 6 people could stay here in the full isolation mode for 45 days. - Wow! - They could stay here. For these purposes here was placed in these lockers... - What is this for word "charunka"? - In these boxes there was food for 6 people for a weak.

- Some kind of conservation? - Yes, dry rations. For other 40 days in 9th and 10th compartments. Here were special plates. And here are generators, this is special equipment from a submarine. Plates are to put in it. Plates are absorbing CO2 and make it into oxygen and people can breathe. - Wow! It's fully isolated from the outside world - Of course, it's like a submarine in the velds of Ukraine. We can say so.

- Cool. - So, it could withstand a direct nuclear blast? - No, direct not. But if it was in around 100 meters it could bare it. - It's pretty hard to deal a direct shot.

- Well, try to aim on the distance of 10 000 km to get into 6 meters. It's almost impossible. - It's two places to sleep? - Three. - One. Two. Three officers? - Yes. Here, it's like in a train. There's a seat here, we can take up a seat. - Wow, could you please show us the seat. - It's just like in a train! - Yes, three sits are taken out together with desk and three people could eat here.

- It's only when... - Only during the highest combat readiness. During the war. - You haven't slept here? - Well, during the teachings. - And here have you ever slept? - No, I had no opportunity to sleep here. - No, it's just very precious that you tell us about it, because you have worked here yourself.

- Was here. Worked. Served. Good. - And this door leads to what's behind..? This... - It's the same door, but the previous one led to the 11th floor, and this to 12th. - Can one open it? - No, it can't be opened now. - For you it's pretty ususal to work like this? - Of course. - I did it hundreds of times. Through this ladder.

- Let's sum it up. For how long did this object work the good of its motherland? - Well, in 1979 it was build and till the 2000. - 20 years, with a little.

- 21. - So, thanks to this object... - ... let's go to another one. - Let's go up! - Aha.

- So, we have visited with you the most secret place. The command office of missile regiment. Well, it was secret. From here one could launch nuclear missiles on our possible enemy. I thank you for your attention. Let's go up. - We go up, to be cuaght by police. - Giving up? - Give up. What else could we do?

- There was a call from police. - Yes, they know everything. Got noticed.

- Let's go here. The only thing... - Was it a sound signal? - No. We stuck. Got it. Let me check... - Someone twisted...

- Someone twisted the wheel. - Up there? - Yes. - We need to call up? - Yes, we need to call. - We can't get out. Someone has screwed the security cabel. - Sasha... Elevetor is out of order, somone has twisted the wheel. Send somebody. Sitting here and waiting.

- We got here and here we have some problems. I didn't see it. Look at this. Move a bit. Look, guys. The armcahir is on rails. Move it forward. It must be for the purpose, so when it would be a nuclear shake it wouldn't wobble.

- Look, man could be fixated like on a plain! - This chair is comming from the bomber airplain. - Real chair from a bomber? - Yes. - No, it would be fun to serve in the French Legion for a week. - For week, not longer. But they do no contracts for a week.

- Five years... Or not? - I don't know how many, but the fact is that after the servitude in the legion you are granted with french citizenship. And they get serious preferentials.

- How much time does it need to build such an object? Is it known? - 18 months. Missile silo was build in 18 months. - From zero? - Yes, from zero. - 1,5 year. - Full construction.

- 1,5 years, yes. - Full construction. Full construction renovation. - Very quick. - Veery quick! Yet, it was a missile shield of motherland. It wasn't allowed to take long. - And they can't end a bridge in the center of Kyiv.

- Quiet. He's getting a call. - That's it. Let's get in. - The problem is solved? - I think the problem is... We need to move here. - And here it calls.

- Here. - Yes, Sasha. Was it the wheel? Ah, okay. - Done? - The wheel? - That's it. Let's go. - That's it. We are working. - Turning in. Let's go.

- Let's go. - Opacha! - Quiet! No moves. Calm. Not to touch the wheel. - It's outside. You can't youch it. - Those are floors. Floors. - We were on 11th. We are passing near other and they are signed.

- For technical purposes. - There are different compartaments. And each of them had their purpose, - You were on each of them? - Was on all of them. - And which is the most interesting? - There's no intersting compartments. Each of them is interesting. Important. They answer for a particular part of this organism. - When have you gone to army? - After school. In 17. - Yes, and it goes straight and long? - Yes, very long.

- How many? You said it was 25 years? - Yes. - And till which year were you serving? - Till 2003. - And what rank have you now? - The one, which I had before. - Which one? - Ranked called "retired". Lieutenant colonel. I'm pretty old...

- Not old. Experienced. - One need to know how to open this door. - I could open it one more time for a second shot.

- Than you for freeing us! - It's good that I came out. - Someone has us... - It was something with walkie-talkie... - And who Sasha was looking for, this goes as...

- Thank you for saving us. - Good luck. - Let me turn off the lights. Wait up, guys. - Yup. - Igor, thank you.

- It's good that I came here. - That's it, guys, we made it from the bunker. Sheesh, it's heavy! That's it! Freedom! - So, they send me and said: "Go down, you'll be met." - Who? - Hello! - From freezer center they took. Oh, I mean from the command office they took devices for combat control and connection.

The life support system are still intact, what we can witness right now. - Wow! - We turned on the ventilation system of this building. - Here! This is our friend! *kisses him* He preserved this bunker in such a state. Leonid Danylovich, I want to say thank you. Let him stay. Don't touch him. - Hey, it's not allowed to make photos there. There are construction works.

Now we will go to the missile launchers. To the place where on duty was staying the missile. It could start from here and in 25 minutes it could be near our possible enemy. Lesion area of it could achieve 200 000 square km. - Possible enemy was America? - Of course. Believe me, Venezuela and Honduras... What else was there? Peru. They were of no interest for us. - Venezuela was of no interest for us.

- Here's a missile launch silo. This is a protection device with a weight of 21 tons. It consists of concrete, metal and paraffin. During combat action this hatch opened in 8 seconds under an angle of 86°. - It's a rocket inside? - What else? - Or what is it? - It's a missile, or what is it. - We left one for ourselves.

- Is it empty? No TNT? - How is no TNT? It's impossible? Why would it stay without TNT? Let it stay. Maybe we could have a use for it. - Let it stay, just in case. - Just in case. The times are hard now.

- This "Perimetr" antena. - It has a name "Dead hand". You should've read about it. Or else it has a name "Weapon of revenge". This is the antena. What is this? What is this system. The whole territory of USSR is covered with climatic sensors to see the sudden jumps in temperature. It's a sudden jump of pressure. Sudden jump of temperature. In case of nuclear blast it's also radiation. In case if sensors have spotted the usage of weapons of mass destruction we have all the time special controlled missiles. Controlled missiles are such missiles, which has on the end of it a very powerful radiosensor.

In an aptitude of frequencies. Any. They are flying automatic, the mass launch is already behind us. Many people are gone. So they fly out and during their flight they are giving radioorders. This eye looks direct on the polar star. It sees this order and without the participation of people launch themselve. That's why it is called "Dead hand" or "Weapon of revenge".

Here we end our excursion. Super Sus and Kotofey were with me. I thank you for your attention. - Thank you for preserving all of it. It was very interesting, we will surely come back to you! - Your welcome! - Thank you, friends, for watching it, because there is nothing like this. Where we have something like this? In Arizona? - In Arizona there are a bit other places. We have more intersting place.

- Okay, that's it. See you! - Dear friends, here has ended our walk through the great conserved bunker! We made it with military people! We were allowed to get there, made a deal! All roads were open for Super Sus! They opened the doors, and all of it thanks to whom? Thanks to Mr. Kotofey, friends! Mr. Kotofey! And I want to remind you that Mr. Kotofey has a channel! I mean, it was, yet, he held it in a secret! "Kotofey Sciencefilm"! We will leave a link! Kotofey makes really cool science videos! Damn rain, doesn't allow me to say something. Friends, support our dear Kotofey and go to the channel "Kotofey Sciencefilm"! - It'll be interesting! - It'll be interesting! And we go to yum-yum some sausage! With "Kotofey Sciencefilm"! - Yes! * outro *

2021-09-05 13:01

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