Круги на полях - сообщение инопланетян? Часть 1. [№ R-]

Круги на полях - сообщение инопланетян? Часть 1. [№ R-]

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Hi guys. In this issue, Elmukon Studio presents to your attention a translation of the film, from the YouTube channel The Universe Within You, about crop circles. The film will be in two parts, as there are two videos on this topic on the original channel . Further, everything I say is an adapted

translation of the original text. So. Is there a God? What is the sense of life? Where do we go when we die? These questions have fascinated and confused people from generation to generation around the world. But there is one more question on this list that haunts researchers. Are we alone in the universe? To many people, it seems impossible for the Earth to be the only place in the Universe where there is intelligent life. Think how many planets there can be that are similar to Earth. Perhaps even more than grains of sand

on our entire planet. But, if we assume that there is another intelligent life, then how can they contact us ? And how can we understand each other? What languages or communication methods should we use? Of course, there is at least one universal language in the universe - the language of mathematics. Is it possible that aliens are using math to communicate with people on Earth? Let's try to figure it out. On the morning of January 19, 1966, an Australian banana farmer named George Pedley was driving his tractor through the Horseshoe Lagoon region of Australia as he did every morning . Suddenly a loud whistling sound pierced the air . Frightened, Pedley saw a strange gray object, about eight meters long, rise from the lagoon and fly into the sky. While exploring the area from which the

object emerged , Pedley discovered a circle of flattened reeds, which he described as a nest. Oddly enough, the reed was not just bent, it was physically ripped out, and somehow a circular island was created that floated on the surface of the water. The next day, Pedley brought the police to the scene to show them what he had found. Soon the local press drew attention to this story. Tourists and curious explorers began to flock to the area, and over time, they discovered several more similar nests scattered throughout the lagoon. The mystery was never explained. However, the Royal Australian Air Force noted that during the investigation, a number of local residents stated that the nests are quite common at the beginning of the rainy season. Interestingly

, this story was not the most bizarre in Australia. A few months later, more than two hundred employees and students at a high school in Melbourne witnessed a large disc, twice the size of a car, that looked like what Pedley had described. The disc flew across the sky near their school in the middle of the day. Before

flying away and disappearing beyond the horizon, the disk landed. When the students ran to the landing site, they found a large circle of flattened and twisted grass, which Pedley would describe as a nest. More bizarre, however, was what began to happen in the weeks following the incident. According to eyewitnesses, the place where the disk landed was immediately cordoned off by the military. Many students were

visited by men in black suits who warned them not to talk about what had happened. In fact, the headmaster was so scared and alarmed that he told the students that they would be severely punished and the staff that they would be fired if they told something about the incident. Even the local media materials that covered the story mysteriously disappeared from their archives. If it was a cover-up operation, then it worked. History faded from memory, and the world was pleasantly unaware of Australia's mysterious nests. This continued until the late 1970s, when a series of strange circular patterns began to appear in farm fields in rural England. They were similar to those

in Australia ten years earlier. These mysterious crop circles , as they came to be called, appeared overnight, often reaching many tens of meters in diameter. As shocking and inexplicable as they are, this is not the first time they have been seen on Earth. Back in the 1600s, artistic circles in the oat fields were attributed to a legend known as the "Devil's Harvest". And this name suggests an inexplicable origin from some other world. By the late 1800s, crop circles

were being discussed extensively in the respected magazine Nature. And, in the 1970s, crop circles became common in England, and only became more frequent in the 80s and 90s. To this day, crop circles appear regularly around the world. But what are they? Where are they from? And what can they mean? Could they have been made mysterious flying objects by alien visitors? At first, scientists tried to explain the formation of crop circles by an unusual wind. Some scientists have even suggested that this is the result of a particularly strong sexual activity of hedgehogs. Then, in 1991, the answer emerged. It was all a hoax.

Two men, Doug Bauer and Dave Chorley, colloquially known as Doug and Dave, revealed that they created crop circles. They explained that they did it with a board and rope, which is pretty simple. A rope tied at both ends to the board was used to hold the board. By placing their feet on the board and taking a step, they thus laid the crops in circles. It was immediately announced

that the secret had been solved, and the wizards revealed their trick. But, not everyone was satisfied. Soon, one scientist took the risk of actually examining the stems that were supposedly trampled.

His name was William Levengood, a respected biophysicist and author of over fifty peer-reviewed articles and six patents. In plants taken from crop circles, Levengood found a number of significant anomalies. These are strangely elongated plant nodes , seed cavities completely devoid of seeds, and open cavities in the nodes, as if blown up. Obviously, this kind of thing doesn't happen to plants when someone steps on them with a board. According to Levengood, "Affected plants have components that involve rapid air movement, ionization, electric fields, and transient high temperatures combined with an oxidizing atmosphere." Levengood's discoveries have led some to speculate that crop circles could have been created by humans using some kind of microwave emitter that overheated the plant's stem and caused it to sink. But then

another fact was added to the intrigue, which appeared thanks to the study of the soil on which crop circles appeared . Amazingly, research has shown that the clay minerals in the soil have somehow crystallized. This phenomenon was previously observed only in sedimentary rocks that have been subjected to tremendous geological pressure for hundreds or thousands of years. There was no scientific explanation as to why this

crystallization was found under the crop circles. Even if the necessary geological pressure were somehow created during the formation of the crop circles , it would simply destroy the plants. You can replace the pressure with heat, but then you need to influence a temperature of six hundred to eight hundred degrees Celsius for many hours. In this case, the crops would surely be burned. Perhaps it was something

else. Something to do with electric fields and transient high temperatures, as Levengood suggested . It is important to note that these characteristics, studied by Levengood, are not found in all crop circles . In other words, some crop circles are literally trampled by a man with a rope and a board. But,

the fact of the matter is that only a few. Even the most skeptical scientists acknowledge that there are a number of crop circles whose characteristics defy modern scientific understanding. In other words, while crop circles were proven to be a hoax in the early 90s , since then the scientific community has been saying, "Not so fast." And that goes far beyond plant structure or soil composition. In 1974, the famous American scientist Carl Sagan oversaw the transmission of the so-called Arecibo message into space . The goal is to connect with extraterrestrial

life using the most powerful radio telescope. The transmission included information about the location of the Earth, the appearance and DNA of people, as well as the basic principles of our mathematics and science. It was an ambitious, albeit outlandish project. After all, what was the chance of getting an answer? But, 27 years later, the image on the field appeared in Chilbolton, England. Next to the largest British observatory. It was an image of a face,

as in a mysterious photograph from Mars. It was interesting enough in itself, but after a few days something even more mind-blowing appeared. There, in the same field, an image appeared that was called an accurate reflection of Carl Sagan's message from 1974. The drawing was formatted in the same way and appeared to respond to information originally sent into space. There was a detailed description of the other solar

system, the appearance of the sender, and information about DNA of non-human origin. Some have accepted this simply as the definitive answer we hoped for. But wait, if Carl Sagan's message got a response, then who or what could have done it? Was it some kind of alien race? Some speculate that the answer to this question came from the appearance of another crop circle in Italy in 2011. There, in the

small town of Porrino, crop circles appeared, on which a seven-pointed star was depicted. In this design, the researchers saw a match that identifies its creator as a creature named Enki. Enki is the name of an ancient Sumerian god. More importantly, Enki was the leader of an ancient group of aliens called the Anunnaki who visited Earth long ago . Thinkers such as Zecharia Sitchin and Erich von Daniken have argued that these Anunnaki colonized the Earth about half a million years ago, and they genetically engineered humans as a slave race. Is it possible that the Anunnaki, contacting people through crop circles , announce the imminent return of Enki. According to

Zecharia Sitchin, the zodiacal cycle returns to the same place every 25,920 years. We are leaving the Age of Pisces and entering the Age of Aquarius. And Enki was the prototype of Aquarius. Does this mean that everything will happen again? And that Enki is returning? There are many signals and signs that point in this direction. And if human

beings were enslaved by the Anunnaki before, then why not happen again? However, this story has a different side and a different point of view on the legend of the Anunnaki. Many believe that this alien race, in the past, provided people with advanced technology and knowledge. This, in fact, explains impossible structures such as pyramids. With this in mind, take another look at the seven-pointed star that appeared on the field in Italy. As researcher Michael Lee Hill remarked, "In the world of geometry and frequency, the seven-pointed star is critical to the 432 hertz frequency." Consider a schematic diagram in which the frequency is exactly four octaves lower than 432 hertz. It looks like a

seven-pointed star, identical to the one found on a field in Italy. It is noteworthy that 432 Hz is known as the magic number, as the natural frequency of the universe. Because of this, it has been suggested that the appearance of the seven terminal stellar crop circles is a coded message. But what is the encoded message? A famous Native American elder named Bear Cloud mysteriously suggested: "When scientists learn that the seven-pointed star is moving forward and endlessly re-creating itself as one, humanity will make a huge leap forward." Meanwhile, Hill's study of crop circles in Italy yielded a more succinct message. “Someone is trying to tell us something. If

I decipher, then this must mean that 432 Hz is equal to energy! “And Italy was not the first and not the last time when it seemed to us that someone was trying to tell us something through the crop circles . In fact, some might say that over the years, crop circles have revealed many secrets. In the middle of the day, July 7, 1996, a commercial pilot flew his usual route over the Stonehenge monument in Wiltshire, England. This was not unusual; many companies offer air tours over Stonehenge to tourists. The pilot reached the destination and turned around, flying the same location approximately 45 minutes later. What he saw stunned him. In a field just across the street from Stonehenge, there was a huge geometric pattern that looked like a centipede. There were dozens of separate circles of

different sizes, which were not there when he flew here less than an hour ago. How could this have happened? Stonehenge guards were on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There were tourists everywhere. Anyone who walks out into the field with equipment in broad daylight will surely be noticed and stopped. Even more incredible, close examination by experts showed that the centipede-like pattern was not a random pattern. In fact, it was a mathematical pattern called Julia's Set. This went far

beyond the actions and abilities of the falsifiers in the street. Whoever it was, but whoever created these crop circles had a deep understanding of complex mathematics. But Julia's Set was just the tip of the iceberg. In the years that followed , crop circles appeared quite frequently, providing examples of advanced mathematics or complex physics. In 2010

, a circle appeared on the field in England, with a diameter of more than ninety meters. After deciphering, a mathematical formula called Euler's identity was discovered in it . It is known as the most beautiful and deepest mathematical equation in the world. Two years earlier, in the same area, an

encoded image had appeared representing the first ten digits of pi. In 2000, NASA scientist Alan Holt visited Wiltshire, England, to study the phenomenon of crop circles. As a joke, Holt expressed an idea, or rather a request, that he would like a pictogram to appear that could give an idea of ​​the direction in which he should move in his activities. Incredibly, two days later,

crop circles appeared in the field next to him, showing a detailed diagram of the magnetic field near the bar magnet. It turned out, ask - and you will receive. In fact, between 1997 and 2009, no fewer than five crop circle appearances showed complex swirling vortex diagrams representing the side and top view of the magnetic field. At the same time, others displayed mechanical routers or electric field lines of force. Then crop circles appeared, which revealed detailed drawings of magnetic motors. What does the

continued emergence of complex mathematical and electromagnetic diagrams in fields around the world mean ? For centuries, humans have wanted to find intelligent life in the universe through mathematics. Back in the 1800s, the famous German mathematician Karl Gauss proposed planting trees in Siberian forests to fit the Pythagorean theorem. And the Austrian astronomer Josef von Littrow suggested pouring kerosene into trenches with geometric shapes in the Sahara Desert. If humans came to the conclusion that mathematical geoglyphs should be used, it would be logical to assume that other forms of intelligent life would do the same. Or it is possible that they have already tried this method. Is it possible that

crop circles are actually a form of this extraterrestrial messaging, like a forest displaying the Pythagorean theorem? Back in 1991, a book written by Alik Bartholomew titled Crop Circles, Harbingers of World Change, discussed the idea that crop circles could be messages from non-human intelligence. Bartholomew asked, "If crop circles were messages, what were they trying to convey to us ?" British historian and famous psychic Isabelle Kingston replied that crop circles may contain "a blueprint for a new form of energy that will one day be revealed by scientists." It may have seemed far-fetched at the time, but after decades of increasingly complex mathematical models and electromagnetic diagrams appearing in the fields, many now believe that Bartholomew and Kingston might have learned and understood something. Some argue that crop circles are extraterrestrial messages to humanity. These are blueprints for new futuristic technologies designed to help people move to the next level of their existence. What is hidden in the diagrams of magnetic fields and motors are the secrets of a new form of unlimited energy. 2011 is a particularly striking example

. Then crop circles showed the design of a magnetic flywheel, invented by the American self-taught engineer Edward Leedskalnin at the beginning of the twentieth century. Leedskalnin and its flywheel would not have been noticed if he had not been the creator of Coral Castle in Florida, made from over 1,000 tons of coral. Little is known about how Lidskalnin built this monument. Apparently, he did it himself, secretly, at night. Когда его попросили объяснить, как ему это удалось, он сказал: "Я понимаю законы веса и рычага, и я знаю секреты людей, которые давным-давно построили пирамиды в Гизе".

После такого ответа возникло предположение, что Лидскалнин использовал какое-то устройство, использующее магнитную левитацию, для подъёма и перемещения камней. Предположения усилились, когда после смерти Лидскалнина, в помещении под Коралловым замком, были обнаружены странные остатки того, что было каким-то электромагнитным устройством. Там же были провода, намотанные вокруг бутылок, груды постоянных магнитов и железных цепей. Мог ли, Лидскалнин открыть секрет электромагнитной энергии, известные ранее тем, кто построил пирамиды? И если да, то возможно ли, что круги на полях выглядят как его магнитное колесо для того, чтобы привлечь внимание к этому факту? Аналогичные вопросы можно задать и в отношении многих других примеров, появившихся за последние несколько десятилетий, которые раскрывают магнитные двигатели и диаграммы.

А, что вы скажете на это. С 2008 года, итальянский изобретатель Умберто Баудо, использовал круги на полях в качестве чертежа для изобретения, которое, по его мнению, обеспечит неограниченную бесплатную энергию. Баудо утверждает, что «круги на полях - это максимально выраженное сообщение. Потому, что с помощью изображения вы можете без всяких сомнений передать гораздо больше информации, чем словами. Особенно, если сообщение адресовано тому, кто не говорит на вашем языке». И какие же послания передаются в этих кругах на полях? По словам Баудо, все очень просто: «С 2008 года я понял, что абсолютно возможно генерировать бесплатную энергию для всей планеты». Работа Баудо привела его

к экспериментам с магнитными двигателями и системами центробежной силы, выходящим на неизведанную территорию, и работающим против общепринятых представлений, не говоря уже о законах термодинамики. В 2012 году, на небольшой встрече в Модене, в Италии, Баудо сказал: "Круги на полях - это средства массовой информации, и наука с осторожностью относятся к этому явлению, но оно имеет большое значение для человечества. Только те, кто серьезно его изучают, могут понять, что это не шутка. После долгого и изнурительного исследования я могу продемонстрировать, что многие из этих кругов не созданы руками человека. С самого начала своего исследования я заметил, что это технические чертежи, которые показывают нам новые способы производства бесплатной энергии. Я долгое время пытался воспроизвести эти узоры на постоянных магнитах, но безрезультатно.

Затем я понял новый способ разработки этих механизмов, и я покажу вам, как они работают с помощью симулятора». Он показал сложные системы, основанные на диаграммах, полученных из кругов на полях, в которых использовалась центробежная сила. Баудо протестировал эти системы, используя компьютерное моделирование, которое позволило ему вращать эти фигуры с высокой скоростью. Так он смог изучить, что происходит с генерацией энергии, с такими переменными как гравитация, магниты, пружины и цепи, так и без них. Он утверждает, что создал модель, которая продолжает наращивать импульс даже после отключения двигателя. По его собственным

словам, главный ключ к пониманию всего этого принципиально один - это центробежная сила. По мере того, как мы приближаемся к третьему десятилетию 21-го века, далеко не только Умберто Баудо работает над чем-то подобным. Во всем мире ученые и изобретатели работают со сложными диаграммами, увиденными в кругах на полях. Они ищут бесплатную энергию, футуристический транспорт и многое другое.

Конечно, еще остается много вопросов. Почему с таким, казалось бы, невероятным потенциалом сообщения, содержащиеся в кругах на полях, по большей части игнорируются? А сами круги представляются массовой поп-культуре как тщательно продуманные розыгрыши. Ответ на это вопрос можно найти, изучив, кто больше всего потеряет от открытия источника неограниченной бесплатной энергии. Это нефтегазовые компании и промышленные гиганты, контролирующие мировую экономику. Но, если оставить в стороне экономику, следует задать вопрос: Если наука соглашается с тем, что некоторые круги на полях не могут быть объяснены никаким земным явлениями, тогда откуда они взялись? И если это какие-то внеземные послания, то, что они пытаются сказать? И чего мы можем достичь с помощью этих сообщений? Пишите, что вы думаете, в комментариях.

А в мире еще много загадок, но в один ролик они все не поместятся. До новых встреч. Спасибо за просмотр. Все ссылки на источники информации в описание под роликом. Так что пишите комментарии, жмите на пальцы, делитесь этим видео с друзьями, подписывайтесь на канал, ну а мы пока поищем что-нибудь интересное для следующего ролика. Монтаж, перевод, озвучка и анимация студий ELMUCON.

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