9 Things to Do Right Now to 10x Your Facebook Engagement

9 Things to Do Right Now to 10x Your Facebook Engagement

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Ah. There. We go it looks like I was frozen there for a second, okay, so, again, close over here and, again. To grab some a pen and a piece of paper take, some notes, I actually made, everybody, a cheat, sheet and. You can get that by going to Carlo silver comm, forward, slash, 10x. 10x. And, if, you're just meeting me for the first time my, name is Carla silver and I help, entrepreneurs build. And automate their businesses, so they can make more money and most, importantly spend more time with the people they love most so. Weird I'm broadcasting from, B live I just want to make sure you can hear me I'm getting some weird things. In the, in. The. In the in. The. Feed but, if, you would just say hello oh I think somebody says hello hello okay, good then I am here I don't know what happened there but, yeah. So, I gave my name is Carla silver and I'm super excited to be here with you today I have a lot to go over let. Me just tell you a couple of things before we go. And how I'm this Facebook. Live came about. You. Know I've been a lots of leaders. And gurus and. People. And, social media people, that are active on social media keeps. I keep hearing, and reading like do this or, do that or this, is what you should do or, share. This kind of post, and. All. This others all this stuff and of course the Facebook, algorithm has changed recently and there's. This big hullabaloo over. Privacy, and all that other good stuff which. Kind. Of information, they share with any other, company and so, about a month ago they shut down almost. All, all. Third party apps that, were interact, interacting. With shape of, Facebook, were, shut, down in, that they couldn't they were many. Of them the big ones like I'm on be live TV right now and that, is a big company, that is has a partnership, with Facebook, but, they were pretty much shut down you couldn't go live in your groups you could only go live on your personal, page there. Was all kinds, of, you. Guys know right there was all kinds, of, brouhaha. In the marketplace, it was all over the news and slowly. But, surely our. Bots have been re-enabled. Companies. Like be live TV, which I'm on right now has been we've been enabled. Again but. They still, cannot see your, your, comments, I can see your comments. But, I can't see who's, commenting, in. On. Be live TV so I have to look here, and. So this is just again, this is one of those things that happens, because. Of. Technology. And because we're all very very sensitive, about, who gets our information, and who doesn't, but, today, I am act absolutely. Going to deliver the goods so you're gonna want to take notes also. For those super, lazy people. Like. Me, unfortunately, I couldn't I had to take the notes for you and I put them all in a in, a document, here so.

That You can print this out and or just, look at it on your computer again, you can go to Carlos over comm forward slash 10x. And you'll be able to grab this here, today so. Facebook. Make, no doubt about it that Facebook, has some big plans for itself it's. Looking and I'll talk about this at the very end of our conversation, today but, it's looking to. Really. Be your. Entertainment. Education. And. Information. Platform they. Are not content, with just being, what. They are right now and I actually love that about anybody, right even Facebook, is what the number one visited, website in the world and, they, are not content. With staying. Where, they are they really want to be your source so they view Google. YouTube. Your. Television, set radio, Spotify. They, view. All of those platforms as, their, competitors and, I, again, I have to really, admire them for that so they're. Looking to get. Rid of all the spam all of the crap and they're going to reward you for, being you, your authentic, self and so I'm going to go through nine things today so let's, get started, again. These are nine ways and I'm gonna read some of this because I have so much to share with you I don't want to make sure that I'm, gonna refer to my notes I'm not gonna read I'm gonna refer to my notes I've, written all, over my notes so that I make sure that I get all the information to. You, today. So, it. Really starts, with. Three. Letters oh and by the way I really, have to thank, Mari. Smith, she's. Somebody that I follow she's considered, to be the Facebook Queen and another. Tremendous, person, called Sarah Louise I, dug. Deep into their training as well as read. Some of the T's and C's of Facebook has changed some other stuff recently and done, some pretty good research, to be able to bring this here to you today so I do have to credit, them this or this is not all my stuff. This. Is just the information that I gleaned, from, hours. Of. Hours. Of trying. To figure this out for myself so. Think. About it this way you want. To be visible, on Facebook, visibility. Leads, to likability. Which. Leads to respect. And being, noticed, which. Leads to trust, and then. You being that go-to person for information, so as you're building your business, you. Want to make sure that, you. Are visible, right. You're out there you're, you're putting yourself, out there whether you're putting your goofy self I like I just like to put my goofy self out there or you're opinionated, self out there or your educational. Self out there and then, of course people get started and buy stuff from people they know like and trust so being visible. Obviously. Helps your likeability. And once. People like, you and they see that, you're providing, value and. Education. And information, and entertainment. Even, they. Will begin to like you and then, trust. You and then, you become the go-to person for, whatever solution, they're looking for so you don't have to be this big fad leader, with all of this experience, you just have to start really looking at how, you're how. You're interacting and, building your business and, you, leveraging. This, is the best part about it, leveraging. This, platform. Called. Facebook, and many of the things I'm going to share with you today apply to all the other social media - they're, just good, common sense but I'm going to talk specifically, about the, things that are happening right, now with. Facebook. So here. We go so there, are three letters three, things that Facebook is, looking, for and they're creating, a picture Facebook, knows. Everything, that you do and, I'm. Really going to get into that today they. Know everything you do so. When, someone's, looking at you and when Facebook is looking at you and your actions, on Facebook if, they see a, lot of likes a lot, of interaction. They. Know to trust you more therefore they're going to, therefore. He or she or whatever it is Facebook. The thing that Facebook is is going, to share, your, information in, your posts, more. Widely in, the newsfeed so the three letters are I s, and. P I. S. And, P I stands. For inventory. Facebook. Is actually building, a picture of you with from everything that you do so they inventory, and have their algorithm. Looking. And they're not there's not one person, sitting. There going oh, that. Carla, clicked on Jodi today. And oh there's. Not a person it's their algorithm, so Facebook is building an inventory of, everything, that you do the things you like the things you don't like where you spent, your time where you haven't spent your time and if.

You're A lurker. They'll. Definitely penalize. You and I'll, get to that at the end the. S is. Stands. For signals, and that's, their, content. Ranking, they're going to Facebook. Ranks, your content, and, P. Is for. Predictions. So, the person's engagements. On post so I'm really going to focus today, on the S the. Nine signals, of, many that, are important, to you as you build your build. Your likes, know. Like and trust factor on Facebook, and this, is an ability of the things that I'm going to share with you today if you take them into your business, and you, take them into your interaction, on Facebook will definitely 10x, your reach and your engagement, and we'll do it tomorrow, because. Again, Facebook, has already assembled, an idea of who you are and if you want to improve that you have to make some constant, improvements, over time does, that guys that makes sense I'd love to hear from you give, me a yes/no. Whatever. You want to go in the in the comments, so let's. See do I have my agenda here, bump. It up it uh it. Went away okay. So. So. The, first thing that, Facebook. Looks for is the. Average time. Someone. Spends on your. Content, now if you, have a, Facebook. Actually knows. They. Know, every. Single time someone. Hovers. Over, and looks, at what you wrote on your content, they. Know if, they, click this this view, more or see more button, and then, they read down to the end of your content, they, know if, somebody's, stayed on your video, for two seconds, they didn't stay on your video they stayed on their video the entire time they. Know, they. Know and, they're. Assembling. A picture. Of you by, how much time not only you. Spend on your content, but. You. Spent on other people's content but, how long people spend, on, your. Content. They can see everything. So. One. Of the things that you want to make sure that, you do is, include. Pictures in. In. Your content, and a. Couple, things that I want to say about that I've. Done some research Sarah. Louise Mari, Smith others, have done some research and. Definitely. If you can't do a live include, a picture but, interestingly enough. Selfie. Pictures, no matter what, the. Content. No matter how great someone looks or how perfect, someone looks or how awful, some of selfies. Have, way more. Engagement. Than. Other, kinds. Of content selfies, or Facebook lives and, if. You, think about it your face is your. Brand right, your face is your brand and you want people as soon as they see. Your face or your smile or, you acting goofy or or something, like that they want they immediately, are going to associate, that, with, whatever. Your, brand stands, for right. So that makes, sure that people are going people, that you're putting your face, out there and if, you just hate, it make. A cartoon or, you, know what just get over yourself just. Get over yourself I've had to get over myself anybody. Else that's taking big leaps into, their, future. And into their business. Has, had to get over themselves so people. Remember who you are and your. Goal is to. Be, interesting, in your posts, be. Opinionated. In your. Post and provide. As much value. As possible. You, want to reinforce the fact that you, are likable. That, you are. Informational. Educational. And. Entertaining. You. Want to keep reinforcing that, over and over and over so be thoughtful, about your, content, and be mindful that Facebook, is measuring, how, much time, -, the infant.

Is Millisecond, every, single person that sees your post is, spending. Looking. At your, post, so just be mindful of that number. Two is, I, want you to think about sharing, your content. Intentionally. So. This. Is one was really interesting. To me Facebook. Loves, it when content. Is shared. It, tells Facebook, that that content, is valuable. Right. It says that people are liking it they like it enough to share. But. If. You. Share someone's, video or post to a profile, that actually, helps you and the algorithm, to. The best thing you can do with this I find this incredibly, interesting is that if you share somebody's, post. To. Messenger. That. Not only tells Facebook, that that post was important. But, that you are thoughtful enough to share it specifically. With, another, person, in messenger. And your, algorithm. Will, go way up, so. If. You're ever watching my facebook is out. There in the not in this group because it won't work here but, it. Definitely, hit share and then most importantly. Don't. Just share randomly. Don't. Just share oh I'll share that I'll share that I'll show that make. Sure again that you're sharing this content, intentionally. And so. Facebook. If you're just sharing like, right now there's a viral, there's a bunch of viral post going out and I see the same post everywhere, well, Facebook is actually going to demote, that. Because. If someone's, sharing, the same post over. And over and over again that. Is just. Duplicate. Content, and again think about that Facebook's, trying to get rid of all of the spammy. Stuff out, there all of the stuff that isn't serving people, and while, you might think well that doesn't really make sense this is content that everybody likes they're, looking, for unique and interesting content, that. People share so, the easiest, thing that you can do is if you're going to share someone's, content, just, make sure you either share, it and then go back and edit the post and write something, about. That content, and why somebody, should look at it or as.

You're Sharing, you can actually write that content, right then there so just don't randomly, share, something, do. Two things either share. It into messenger. Specifically. With somebody else that will boost your algorithm, and boost your engagement, of course boosting. Your algorithm. Tells. Facebook. That, you are valuable. And they will boost your. Exposure. In, the, feet right. And or, make sure you're sharing that content, as. Targeted. As possible, again. It's okay to share to your personal. Profile. Or two, groups. But the best way to do that is to target to, target, a specific person. Or people in. Messenger. Okay. Number three is us, I called it post replies. So. Obviously. Facebook. Is looking for, interaction. Right, it's. A social media network Facebook. Is a likes. Of people to be social, right of course so be social, now, when, people and, interact. On your post. Many. Of you know this but it's, super important. To go back and reply. To those individuals. And a really clever way to do that is if. You've said something I don't know if you've told a story or however. However, they've commented, in, your, post. Reply. To, their post, with. A comment. And then a question or. A reason, for them to comment. Back so. How. You would do that if somebody said oh Joanie. I really loved this post. You. Would comment, back that said thanks, Joanie and you would tag Joanie, or you would write at Joanie so she knows, that. You've replied, back on her post and ask, us some kind of question, back that, would prompt, Joanie to, come back and reply again right. So that is tells Facebook, ah this. Person is interesting, this person is helpful, it also shows your audience, that you're willing to interact and you're willing to give your time back. And forth to, to. Solving, problems. Most. Importantly, on, Facebook. Now, another thing is don't, just, go liking. In Facebook. Facebook. Actually that is the lead if Facebook Oh knows this right, they know that that is the the lazy man's, version, of of. Interacting, with content so, go back and love, Wow. Or laugh love. Well or laugh so. You are actually spending just a few seconds, more of your time waiting for the no, love and laugh of. Icons. To come and that's, again telling, Facebook that you're being intentional. And it builds your score, on, Facebook. And, Facebook's. Out of the Ricca rhythm, it builds. Up that engagement, the trust relationships. People, see that you're friendly and approachable and, it. Makes you appear, even if you may not feel like it is you. Appear, more. Approachable. And, encouraging. Helpful, and intensity, so, again. Guys I preach this and everything, that I do is. So important, to lead as much as possible with. Value, right, I'm here because I solve, this for myself and, I, want to share it with you guys so I'm not so great I'm just giving out value you, can learn something as well and give it out and value it your, tribe on Facebook. As as, well, okay. Number, four. Is. Facebook. Is looking. At overall. Engagements. On posts, so. What you really want to pay attention to is. And. I'll get to timing in a second, but. Your. Goal is to get immediate, interaction on, your posts, if you, get loves, Wells and, laughs, quickly. Your. Post, will, be boosted. In the, news we'd feed, again, Facebook's, gonna see almost, immediately that.

Oh This, post is interesting, to your tribe and they'll, boost, your, your. Your. Frequency. In the, newsfeed they, see everything. So the cool thing is the best thing about all of this is the Facebook, sees. What. You, do as well, so and that, boosts your your, general. It boosts, your algorithm, too so be super generous, right, if you like. Something put, a love and a comment, the, opposite, is true as well right, if you Facebook, doesn't. Can't. Read, your mind so. If you've got pitchers. Winer some owners, that, you're paying attention to in your, newsfeed at all and maybe, you're commenting on somebody's, negative, posts, or you're spending, time looking at it I know that I used to spend some time like oh I can't believe what that person just said all, right and. But they can't, tell Facebook, can't tell if, I'm, like oh that, person was that was the most awesome thing or, if. Right. So, think, about this if you're spending time either. Paying attention, to negative. Posts that you don't want to see anymore or, commenting. On negative, posts that you don't want to see anymore Facebook's. Just gonna show you more of that. Does. That does that make sense guys, they can't tell so, just make sure that you you know you're gonna get more it's kind of like our thoughts right, you're, gonna get more of what you think about you're gonna get more of what you pay attention to, on Facebook, so, make, sure that you're selective. Of the thoughts that you put in your head and you're, selective. Of the. Things that you look at and interact. With on Facebook. So. Number, five is. What, I said I was going to get to it's like pay attention because this will change a lot, of. Of. How. Your posts, and how, you how. Your posts perform, and, your algorithm. Score is really. When you post. Sometimes. I tend to post, when it's convenient for me I'll get an idea it might, be blab whatever time it is I'm like oh I really want to share this and it's really perfect for my ideal prospect, and will provide a lot of value but. It's in a super, inconvenient. Time for. My ideal prospect, right, that that's I gotta pay attention to, when that is so, let's. Say your ideal, prospect. Works. A job. You're, probably not going to want to post at 9 o'clock in the morning or at 10 o'clock in the morning maybe you post at lunchtime or you maybe post in the evening if your.

Ideal, Prospect. Is. Moms. You. Probably, aren't going to want to post during, the time so they're taking the kids to school and, I mean obviously we can't read the minds and we, can't see into our, perfect, prospects, day we don't have, provision, for that yet but, you. Want to make sure that, you're paying attention to the times you post, another. Example, is if your ideal. Prospect, lives, in Australia and, you live in New. York City. You. Don't want to post in the middle of the night Australia, time so I. Those. Things are kind of obvious but. Another. Thing that I would think that you should pay attention to, also. Is when. Are those times, when you have more interaction. On Facebook. So I've, noticed, personally. That on Thursday. Morning's Thursday, evenings, for some reason my, Facebook, feed is dead, right. My tribe, is busy, doing something, getting ready for the week I don't know but, those are not the best times for me and I've just been I haven't, been keeping a list or I haven't, made it all scientific, like right trying, to figure out everything because the. Second I do that it'll change I don't bother doing. That but just make sure that you're you're. Paying attention to when you post, okay. Number. Six. Post. Type. Post. Type so. Facebook's. Gonna look at whatever. Type. Whatever. Kind of post that you're posting and. Facebook. Live is, that an image it's an image quote, text. Live video what. Kind of thing is it and right, now and. This. Is a big one guys number, six is huge, right. Now Facebook. Is looking, for, stories. Now. I'm not talking about in messenger, when you have you put the your, stories, your pictures up during the day they. Want to tell you to tell your story so. That people connect, with your. Unique, content. Facebook. Again it's looking to get a rid of all the crap and everybody's, newsfeed, and they, want people connecting. With, you. So, they're gonna fever, took, a post that tell a story and. These are its you know this is kind of odd it's it's. Also been its pain in the butt, right because, you have to be more thoughtful and. You have to be more intense shanell with, your posts, but, the beautiful, thing is is that your tribe. Loves. The, stories, they. Love, the story because it builds your know like and trust factor you.

Can Tell stories around learning, something, you can tell stories around mistakes, you've made, you can tell stories about why you did something why you became. An untrue I mean there's a million, things, that. You can tell stories about and, it was just Facebook. Eats that all up because again again again they're. Looking to get rid of all of the crap, it really doesn't make, a. You. Don't have to tell a really long story it can be two sentences long or it, can be a really really long story I actually, love, reading. Both I love, when people tell a quick story and, two, sentences but, actually personally I love even more when people write these long posts, because it helps, me get, to know that individual, a lot better and, which. I can't do on Facebook, unless I talked to them in the first place so um here's, a tip that I wrote in the in. The, notes that I you, can get you can get these by going to Carlos over comm forward, slash, 10x. Um think. About this what, would your target, market, like, to know about you. What. Would they like to know about you friend forget about what your friends and family want to see what. Is your target market want, to know write your friends and family can talk to you any any time what, is your friends, what are your when does your target market market want to know what, makes you more relatable, and likeable, and, what kind of how vulnerable can, you be. Vulnerable. 'ti, pays guys, I'm, telling real, raw, stories, about. Yourself, on social media, on, not. Only pays off because you. Get to you. Get to get rid of that you. Get to tell the story it's. Not hiding, it anymore but, Facebook, loves it and your people love it so, again. I'm going to say this again number seven is loves, Wow's and laughs. Beat. Beat. Likes I use, this as part of the other another, number. But loves. Wiles, laughing beatz likes if you're. Going through the newsfeed just liking liking liking you're. Probably, negatively.

Affecting, Your algorithm, store so, stop liking and start loving wowing, and laughing. Again. Facebook, is is is, building, a picture of the content, that you prefer so, make sure you're not paying. Any attention to, the people that you don't want to pay attention to, and then, that'll change your newsfeed, right, so if you are, really. Want to follow somebody, in particular oh here's a tip so. There. Are differences, between followers. And. Friends. Right. So if you're friends, with somebody you. Can influence, how often, you see them in your facebook, profile just by simply interacting, with them but. If you're following somebody, which. Is a little bit different, you will never see, their, posts in your newsfeed, so. You're. Like well if I'm following them I went Facebook. Show me their post well they don't so. Here's what you need to go do, for anybody that you want to, see you have 20, slots. So to speak that facebook, gives you if you want, to see somebody in particular you want to see their posts you. Want to go to their profile, and click, friend, like you're gonna unfriend, them or unfollow, them and you, can add them I forget, what exactly, it's called I think it's called your top you have 20 slots like follow first I think is what it's called you, can add them to follow first and that, way anything, that they post will automatically, come up in your newsfeed so, I have quite a few people I don't have 20 people yet that I have said, hey I want to see every single thing that this person puts out because. For whole host of reasons it could be because I, want, to learn from this person it could be from maybe, I really. Want to follow this person and they have no friends there's no they have over 5,000, friends or maybe. I am, they're. Just hilarious, all right they tell a good story I mean there's a million reasons or, I want, to emulate them or I want to a copy. And. I mean that in the nicest way copies, some of the things they do because. They're having more success than I am right so. You can go to someone's, Facebook profile, and have, the follow, first. Followers. And followers, versus friends so. Number. Eight I'm, almost done is, engagements. On shared. Posts. So. Again. I want to just double, double, underscore. That, when, you share, somebody. Something you, want to make sure that. That. You put, add extra. This is different than sharing, into how to share into a group, or, how to share it into a messenger. Just make sure that when. You're sharing other people's content, that you're writing information, on over, the top of that the other thing that I'm going to recommend is. Have. You ever gone to someone's profile, and it's, all shared, content. Well. My. Fur I don't know about you but my first reaction is, this person isn't worth following because they don't have any new ideas, in their head or if, it's all quotes, or all. You, know anything. You know it's just not valuable. Content. Right it's not their own personality.

So If, it's. So you don't want to do that so. My, recommendation. Is that you only share, content. One. Or two times a week if you must, if. You find that if it you think it's going to be valuable to your tribe and most, importantly, valuable, to your ideal. Prospect, or it's going to allow them to get to know you or it's funny or something do, that once or twice a week at the most, your. Wall should, be all about, you baby this, is brand building, 101. Which. Is a whole nother course, but. Definitely. Your wall should be all about you. And, of, course this, goes without saying but I want to I want to say this. Don't. Share our content. It isn't representative. Of you, and your brand, and. I guess that you know right. Right. I've had stuff where I just think things are hilarious. And I, really want to share but maybe it a little blue. And, I'm like that. Doesn't really go with what, I stand for even though I think it's hilarious. I'm not going to share that you know it's just not it's not going to benefit, me, or. Extend. What I want my I want, to be known for right. So, so. Be just be cognizant. Again, your. Facebook, feed is all, you, baby this is how your prospects, check you out this, is again manipulating. Facebook's. Algorithm, so, that they when you do post meaningful. Meaningful, posts. They Facebook, rewards, you and helps. You build your brand without. You. Having to work at it you know a good rule of thumb guys, it's really just add ask yourself, every time you post is this going to be inspiring. Educational. Entertaining. Is, this. Going to be valuable. Or, useful, information, and. Don't. Put I don't want you to put a ton of pressure on yourself right just. Makes because you could you could make your you could analyze this forever, and never, post anything and, then, that wouldn't be good at either so make it fun just make be cognizant, of of, who, you are online, and, then. Lastly, I want to underscore the fact that Facebook wants. To become your primary information. Education, and, entertainment. Venue, make, no mistake about it like I said earlier at the very beginning Google. Your. Television, set radio. Podcasts. YouTube. That's. All their competition they. Want you to get all your news information. Education, all of it on Facebook. So. They're. They're looking to get rid of spam, duplicate. Content, clickbait. Stupid. Posts, they're. Penalizing, your, your score, if you're not contributing, information on. Education, value. Or entertainment. That's. It so. Just. Don't put don't. Post. Here's. The big don't I'm, always into dues but. Here's the big don't. From, our, time together here don't. Post. Junk. Don't. Spend your time on junk and don't. Post spammy. Pose promoting, your crap people don't want you to promote your crap on Facebook they just don't it's. A social, media platform and you. Don't go to a party and say buy my blahblah. You just don't, they're. Gonna reward you for information based, content, and don't. Make, posts. That. Say what, would you rather have a green house or a red house or what, color is this dress or. Tell. Me if you like blue. SH blue, over, a red or whatever right. Just don't do that it's not it's, not extending, your brand if it's funny that's something, else right and people, can laugh over. It but it's. Just those false. Engagement. Posts, do you like steak, or Lobster we've. All seen them, and. Frankly, they. Just I hate them so just, to ask yourself, I wrote this up my notes earlier, today so how can i train or inspire. Or, entertain. Or motivate. Or educate. How. Can I entertain, inspire train. Motivate, or educate, this every, time you do that Facebook. Will reward, you. Facebook. Will reward you okay. So there's a there's an order, to this that. What's. More important, so. Number. One let me go through the order of importance, on Facebook, here right. On the. Order of importance, here number one issue, number. One is, sharing content. Share. Share. To messenger for share share content, number. Two, is, having. Multiple replies. And, you were playing back, interaction. On your posts, is the, second most important. Number. Three, are, a. Content, post story posts, Facebook. Loves a good story and so do I number. Four, is. Loving. Wowing. Laughing. And commenting. On, other. People's posts. As well as having people do that on Orr's III. Don't even barely like anymore I'm just taking, this information. That I learned to. Heart and I'm implementing, so, all I'm doing is loving, loving. Laughing, or wooing. Share. Content. With a, personal. Personal. Remark is number, five and, number six, is. Post. Info. That. Is value, based, post, info, that, is value, based. So. The. Last thing I want to wrap up on oh and just a reminder I, put this all into, a document. You can get that by going to. Carla. Silver comm. Forward. Slash, 10x. Oh look. At that cool thing Carla, clover calm for, a slash 10x.

And, You can get this whole thing nine. Things to do right now to. 10x your Facebook, engagement I, just want to end with, this. Ask yourself. A question and I don't think any of my peeps. Are doing. This but you just never know thanks, for the heart of the love, the. Last thing I just wanted to say here, is. Ask. Yourself, are you a. Lurker. We. All know people that are on Facebook, and really, don't interact, they, scroll, but. They're not interacting or. Posting. Or doing. Anything. Please. Remember that Facebook. Knows, what you're doing, they. Do they, can see. What. You're doing, and what you're not doing they, can see what you're doing and you're not doing, so, if, you're a lurker, you. Are gonna get penalized. Big, time cuz, Facebook, once, you do, post and, you. Do decide. To become social they're. Not going to show your posts to anybody. Right. But if you are active. And, you're interacting. With people and, you, are coming, at this from a place of pure. Value. Right. I feel like okay I saw that post and I'm gonna comment on I'm gonna try to provide some value, back without. Having to break it bringing over it guys like that's not make this soak implicit in but. Just know that if you follow these nine logical, things that. That. EU will boost, your engagement, and if you're social, on a social media which social, media platform, which Facebook obviously is, you'll. Be rewarded, for it anybody, have any questions before I wrap up I'm, super, excited to bring these nine things, to you today I'll just I, would, recommend, that you guys take. Some notes, obviously. Or watch. This Facebook, live again and take some notes or you. Can I've taken the notes for you you can go to Carla so when I come for as much 10x, but. Here as a wrap up our number, one average. Time someone spends on your content, Facebook's, going to be looking at that analyzing. That and they know where, those people's eyeballs, are how long they spend on a piece of a picture, if they click to see more how, long they spent reading what you had so. Pay attention to, that share. Your content, number two share your content. Intentionally. Right, be be cognizant, of where and how you're sharing your content. Facebook. Is also looking number three they're looking at your post replies, and whether or not people are interacting, on your posts, number. Four paste, code and spell overall properly, the Facebook, is looking. At your overall engagement. So. Pump. Up your engagement, baby whether it's your engagement in other, people's posts or people's, posts and you people's, engagement in your posts it doesn't matter the more engaged you are the. More generous you are with your engagement, Facebook's. Gonna reward you, also, pay attention to when you post it that's super important, pay. Attention to what kind of posts you post right, you don't want to duplicate, content, right. Now Facebook. Stories. Not. Again, not Facebook stories at the top of your feet but it's, telling a story of. Educating. Is what, Facebook's going to reward you for all, so, don't bother laughs liking, anything, anymore right now it's loves, laughs and Wow's that, beats likes all day long number. Eight is. Engagement. On shared, posts. Right make, sure you're engaging and, then, just remember, Facebook's. Ultimate, goal is to be your primary information. Education. Platform, right, they're not messing around they. Are here, I'm. Wanting, to make. Sure that. That. People are spending as much time as possible on. Facebook. So Deborah. Thank you Dana nastier, just awesome. Awesome awesome look, at all these comments thank you thank you for the hearts I saw a couple hearts go by so. Guys if you have any questions, you can put them in the, comments. Underneath. I will definitely be here, on, and off for the rest of the day in the next few days if. You have any questions, or comments other. Than that it's been my honor and my pleasure to be here with you today thank. You great, wisdom great, educational, content, awesome thanks guys everybody, big, love from me to you, have yourself an awesome awesome. Day, you absolutely, deserve it bye everybody.

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