90.10. MedBed Feedback (German) Levka

90.10. MedBed Feedback (German) Levka

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Hello dear ones. Today I would like to tell you how the 90.10. MedBed came to me and what I experienced with it the first night. I have some construction sites health-wise right now. I'll tell you about it in a minute. And have decided, so to speak, that some of these construction sites can cure contrary to the general opinions and procedures.

And have this desire so to speak or the ideas given into the universe and there it is about - you will understand this in a moment - i want new tissue to form and bridge a gap. And that is not so often You can somehow patch up a fracture or a torn tendon or something like that and then it will grow together. That's what you know.

But if you don't patch it up and there's a distance, the body can then overcome this distance. And that's sort of my research project. But from the beginning. This was my request to the universe, so to speak and then I had an idea how to do it and suddenly came another idea.

Namely, the idea that this bridging or this formation. of healthy tissue could also take place, not out of the muscles of the tendon, so to speak, but could form from the field. The way we work now with 90.10. MedBed with teleportation in principle, with telemanifestation or something. And I am sure that it works and I dealt with Lakowski and Tesla and Koserev and and and.

And I know that there are cases where something similar has happened and am now starting my own research project, so to speak. But from the beginning. Exactly, that was the curve I wanted to take. The next day, the information about the 90.10. MedBed came to me. And I was a bit skeptical at first and thought: "Someone wants some data again. No, I don't."

and then I looked at it more closely and was blown away, and knew exactly this is what I was looking for. Picture taken of the bed and so on. And then, of course, I had thought about it beforehand, what I would like to commission, where I would like to go and I have also sorted it a bit, which is more important to me and so categorized a bit and then made myself comfortable, called and activated the MedBed, then did the scan.

And when I activated it, I had a feeling of, I would say an extraordinary sense of security. So I didn't feel anything like a bubble around me or anything, but I just felt mega secure. Cozy is not right, but protected, secure. And I felt like I had all the time in the world now, although it was already quite late and I was actually very tired. And then I did the scan and I felt that way, really like such a tingle is almost too much to say, but a sensation.

In my case, the top-to-bottom went slowly. Has also stopped in certain places. I felt it more clearly in the torso area than in the feet, but it was noticeable and it repeated twice.

And then I just came to my orders, my plans or what I can do with the help of my mind would like to let arise or would like to change or would like to heal, the way I had it figured out and a completely different picture emerged. I had the physical complaints sorted by importance and what came first was a picture of two people, of me with a person I do not yet know and we leaned our heads against each other like this and that was like such an intimacy and connection and somehow this feeling of looking into the world together, to go through the world. Anyway. And this inner image somehow came: Okay, then that seems to be the most important wish, namely to meet the man, with whom I want to go through life the rest of the way, where precisely this "everyone is completely himself and herself but we walk a path together, that is good and where that intimacy and connection is there". And then I formulated that one and there was such a pause.

And how long those pauses were between my formulations, I don't know that at all. But it was like this sinks in like this and then so the next desire or theme rises. I had been thinking before, do I limit myself to one wish, or do I knock out everything I have on the note? And then decided, that I knock out everything I have on my plate, because I was already clear that I wanted to go into research anyway and there can experiment with individual things and combined and so on. So everything out, and so one after the other and after each wish arose so Or not desire. After each decision there was a pause.

Just such a peaceful pause that felt timeless. The first physical desire was, I have an injury to the tendon of the supraspinatus muscles. So this is on the shoulder here. And there is a muscle that comes from the neck and that is connected, via the head of the upper arm with the humerus.

And that's this rotator cuff, where basically all around is tendon formation. And part of it, which is about the width of the thumb, it has detached from the bone. So a rupture is what it's called. Partial rupture.

And it is painful. I could almost not lift my arm for some time. Meanwhile, I can do some things, but I don't have much strength in there.

So I can do everyday life like that, but I wouldn't lift boxes or anything right now. And it's already a bit of a feeling of like such an angel with a broken wing to flutter through the area and that is not a permanent solution for me. And that's just the point where I So surgery would be possible, sure. Has also been recommended to me, also by a very good orthopedist. I appreciate that one very much.

But that doesn't mean I do what he thinks is right. I have no desire for anesthesia. I'm not up for an antibiotic during surgery.

I have no desire for any kind of adhesions and I react to threads, with sutures like that, and I don't need that, certainly not in the shoulder joint. I have had this for three months now more or less balanced. Was able to make a good recovery with the Tesla device, I use the Tesla Cell Activator every day. And that has already become much, much better as a result, but it stagnates at a certain level. And this is the level where really the ends of the neck muscles, or the supraspinatus muscles must make the shift, only need to grow about a centimeter, a centimeter and a half, so to speak, have to stretch, although they are pulled towards there. By nature, the muscle goes like this.

And he would have to grow here to get to the bones, where it belongs. And in my opinion, it is possible. So I am convinced that it is possible.

I also know that things like this have happened. And once they happen, they can happen again. I'm stubborn about that.

And that is now my project for research now in sequence. That was then my idea or my order that I gave, or the decision I have made, that it can be done and that it should also be possible. I believe that it is formed from the field, that matter is formed from the quantum field.

And I think that's what it's all about, getting a time shift in place to a previous healthy state and manifest that and then maintain that, but we will see. Exactly. Construction site number one. Site number two is a lump in the breast, which has been in existence for one and a half years.

I don't count myself in the category that starts with the letter K. I also know by now what it is related to and I am convinced that it can be resolved, because I think it's just blocked energy, that expresses itself so simply and draws attention to something. I'm already quite a bit further along. Due to the work with the Tesla device, the has already started to loosen now.

It's gotten smaller, softer around the edges, starting to dissolve a bit. Is still something there, is like such a strand still, but it does something. And once there just a little bit, then there may be more to come.

I'm stubborn about that, too. I did a lot of other things as well. It's not like I just say, " It's going to be kind of fast." but I have on many, many levels, quite a lot made biological, cancer therapy up and down, all the stories, engaged me with it. I have completely lost the fear.

So I'm convinced that this will be resolved. Especially when the pain that's in there, when that gets released, I think, that this can also dissolve completely within a few days and that's where I'm at right now. In the course of this has developed erysipelas, that is, inflammation of the skin, the lower layers of the skin, so skin in any case, formed on the legs.

Very large, very uncomfortable. It started two weeks ago. Not as big as a palm, but as big as the hand with fingers. And on both sides of the legs.

Right and left above the knee, on the thighs, inside. Extremely painful. Itches like crazy.

So you need an incredible amount of self-control to endure that. Thank God I have a very good homeopath. And the story with the chest is related to that, because from the homeopathic point of view the conflicts heal from the inside out.

And this now in the course of the beginning dissolution of this hardening, this knot, a severe skin history shows up is a good sign for me, because it goes exactly in the right direction and with the healing of the skin also takes place overall healing. And the crazy thing is, so insanely I have now suffered the last two weeks under it, so much I also had the feeling that I was somehow but also stronger. I became calmer inside and that was impressive, I thought. So, that's the back story.

That was then of course also a concern to the quantum field via the 90.10. MedBed. And exactly, number two and three. So two the node, three the skin.

And then there were life issues, so the issue of balance between work, leisure, money, the desire that I should continue my professional activity So I am a midwife and alternative practitioner by training and this is shifting more and more towards alternative medicine. And I do a lot of things online. So I have built courses and am building more courses and do online coaching and a very special form of hypnosis also online, build my own websites and and and. I learned a lot in that area, in which midwives do not normally, or most do not, operate in this way.

Hebhammering is actually my I am a midwife in essence, very much so, but I will no longer work in this system. This has become so inhumane. I can't do this anymore. I really folded in the fall.

I just can't do it anymore. That is why I will go other ways and my midwife heart will find other ways, to pour out into the world. And there will also come a time, where someone like me can also work reasonably again. Exactly, those were the things.

At some point I fell asleep. I slept very, very deeply, then woke up sometime in the morning, still had an hour and a half, I used it again, to just imagine things again and so the feelings about it. Just diving into what the future will be like. And that was very nice. Woke up very refreshed and then I had the day ahead of me, where I had to do an extreme amount of tax stuff.

So things that are not fun at all, because in the end, when you draw a line under it, somehow comes a huge amount that you have to pay and can not pay at all. So not really enjoyable and where I have been for a very long time - and there is a lot to catch up on - also very long fight for it. And what I know about myself is that when I get emotional and I will when I see these numbers and the whole system behind it, I get even more emotional, or angry in that case, then I can't think very well. And once I'm in a negative loop like that, then I have a hard time getting out of it. That's really something where I can still learn a hell of a lot. And then I also find it difficult to be creative.

And the day after the MedBed, it was completely different. I worked focused, effectively and it was fun. And these numbers, which could be rather discouraging, if you let it, they didn't bother me. The thing that I usually do with all these existential questions, money questions, how do I survive with my daughter alone and all these stories, and I never get off the ground and midwives are a little bit Our focus is not kind of worrying about money and things like that, but we simply work, because it is necessary and because we love it.

And in the end you look down the tube and is faced with a broken pile of shards, is completely exhausted and wonders where the energy has gone. And so it goes for many, not all. And me too. And the associated negative feelings, they weren't there.

I just kind of saw it like from such a serene perspective. No solution, no idea, I do not know how to do it, but it will work out somehow, because it has to. Item. That was just clear. And the great thing was that I could go through these phases That's when I spent an hour or two doing the tax stuff and then I could be creative. Then I made a video, then I made a podcast, wrote a text, made something to eat, Drank tea, talked on the phone, a little communication and then I sat down again and did my So I could switch incredibly well, so there was much more clarity and serenity because this energy of fear was no longer there.

And that's what I saw as the first effect and clearest effect right on the day can say after the 90.10. MedBed, that my anxiety level has gone down tremendously, that I have serenity there was such a stable serenity at the bottom, which also continued over the next few days. That has died down a bit now, but I can tie into that a little bit. So I can remember and when I then get into a bit of an emotional loop, then I can again: "Okay, right now. Take a breath and calm down", and then it also goes better.

And I'm really excited to see how that develops, when I have the opportunity to work with it on a regular basis, because I believe there is much, much more to be done. So alone if only the mind, the clarity of mind, the ability, to master the emotions, alone if only that would take place, that would be super awesome, because everything else follows from that. That's right, I'm going to go into research. Absolutely, I'm quite sure of that.

And my research project will be, to heal the supraspinatus tendon partial rupture. Item. By means of formation of new tendon tissue, which please connect to the place where it belongs: On the bone. And I know that such things already existed and I know that the field can do that, that I can do that, that nature can do that.

That the big picture, whoever, Sun, sky, earth will support me there. And am sure that quantum energy will make a very, very enormous contribution to this. And just the starting point is that the lesion is present. It is diagnosed, the pain is within limits. So I can do a lot with it, but I have no real strength in my arms.

And you can already see that muscles are receding. And of course it is that the intact musculature, which still has connection to this rotator cuff and embraces and stabilizes this head of the upper arm, it's all around, that in some cases is also noticeably more tense, because it tries to compensate for this. All right, so there we have a project. I would say we'll go for it.

I can only advise you all to try it out, to deal with it. I have no idea what the result will be, but I am sure that this is a path worth taking. And I think that's an experience, that are really worth doing and getting involved in and there also prepare the way for others, to also consider things possible that were not previously considered possible. I'll leave it at that for today.

I will build the YouTube channel. This should not be a problem. And then we will hear from each other regularly.

If you feel like watching, What I do with my midwifery work and my alternative medicine work, then look at www.hebammenweisheit.de Very dear greetings. See you soon, your Levka.

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