8th KUMAIN Webinar DOST-FNRI Food Technologies

8th KUMAIN Webinar DOST-FNRI Food Technologies

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prayer. Followed by the singing of the Philippine National Anthem Secretariat. Please of all goodness and grace.

because of wisdom. the source of intelligence We welcome you all the way. through this auspicious gathering of your beloved who continuously give you thanks. for every opportunity to learn something new and become fruitful to the works of your creation. we humbly come to you. not because

we are worthy but because we find ourselves in need of you who is our strength and our hope to continue to fight the challenges we face. prosperity and our solidarity with one another. We pray that today's gathering made possible by the grace of advancements in technology and social media become successful in its endeavors. so we can offer it

back to you. as our humble offering to honor you glorify and love you through our connection with everyone. May we find bliss in today's session and become more productive children and co creators of the earth this. we ask and pray through Christ our lord. Amen. Good afternoon to our government partners, our micro and medium enterprises or MSMEs Cooperatives and to all those who are joining us via Zoom and Facebook, welcome to the Casa at the webinar series on Do My name is Erica from the office of the Cabinet Secretariat and I will serve as your host for this afternoon's Webinar session. So, this is the eighth run of the webinar series is that the office of the Cabinet Secretary is spearheading with the cabinet secretary being designated by the president as a chairperson of the Interagency Task Force on Zero Hunger. So, before we

further proceed, we have earlier flashed the house rules but for those who have just joined in, please allow us to quickly recreate the way. So, the first one is, can you change your accounting your username to this format? Turn your video on to verify your identity and turn your microphone off unless you speak for or turn your microphone on. if you want to speak, then, identify yourself and fifth, you may use the chalk box to raise your concerns or questions. So, thank you so much for your cooperation and understanding. So, I'll uh to

reiterate again, our event is currently being live streamed in the Facebook pages of the DOS TFR I Task Force Zero hunger and the Carly's page Facebook pages. Your Facebook page is STI Task Force on zero and the We are joined by no less than the chairperson of the Interagency Task Force on Hunger Cabinet Secretary Carlos will deliver to us his opening remarks. The screen is yours. Thank you. I'd like to greet uh the OST I uh Lama Kawai. ND. OSTFR led by

uh director Doc Imelda. Uh Nutrition the average retail price. pesos. and because of the uh is

a minimum of 200 square meters. beverages. for and 15% of your requirements for that's the beauty of it. saves us. So,

that and the investment was want to Okay. Uh well, for Manuel. uh uh the managing partner 2442 Food Company Limited Nass Amor to share their experience as well. Mi Amor, the skin is yours. Hello, good afternoon. Good afternoon, ma'am. Hi, good

afternoon. Um you have in your eye with the with the ATF along with other with RDA and all other government agencies. So, and we hope from here That is now ready. So, take it

away. Yes. an indicator that our attendees are very engaged and interested in our discussions this afternoon. So, please allow us to read through the questions and request our resource persons to respond. So, the first question is for is from the MRI Facebook page. So, this

is for miss Rose Marie mom. The first question is, is this iodine solution available in the market? and related question for this solution? grands. and to all our colleagues and guests on behalf of assistant secretary and executive director, as you and the for your time and active participation in our webinar series. Today marks a milestone as we forged a stronger partnership with the private sector particularly micro small and medium enterprises or MSMEs and cooperatives. We value this opportunity because the MSM Es and the Cooperatives play a very important role in developing the the Philippine economy and reduce by creating jobs for the country's growing labor force. This has come in the most opportune time with many We lost their jobs and are having difficulty.

and access to nutritious foods that can be utilized by the national and local government units for feeding programs such as the ongoing to supplementation program for pregnant women, and children six to 23 months. We at the NC recognize the value of developing food products such as complementary foods and enhanced Nutri we can easily distribute the vulnerable groups. interruptions and during emergencies like this COVID-19, pandemic through these technologies, we can provide nutritious foods that will help fill caloric and nutrient blocks of our beneficiaries which will then in turn, help prevent hunger and even contribute to reduction of stamping during the first 1000 days of life. malnutrition during this period, not only affects the health of a child by compromising the immune system but also affects brain development. Eventually, poor cognitive development may lead to poor performance. poor

productivity in adulthood can even affect capacity to earn If you have committed to adopt FRI Food Technologies. you can help ensure steady supply of nutritious food in relief, family food packs, or even make nutritious Food readily available in the local market for public consumption. We at the at the NC always emphasized the hunger and malnutrition cannot be solved by one agency or sector alone. It is a multifaceted problem that needs a multi sector approach and you are one of the key players or should I say one of the warriors in this fight against malnutrition without your initiatives and cooperation, The achievement of our targets for the Philippine plan of action for nutrition in eliminating hunger and achieving food and nutrition security by 2030 will not be possible This. We must continue

to collaborate and find points of convergence in a programs and initiatives especially those that can be implemented in areas where there is high prevalence of but it is the only way. I hope that the inputs from this as a pattern technology and to become AD OSTF. NFR. I Technology adapter. Let me end by saying no one can whistle a symphony.

It takes a whole orchestra to play it. So, let us come together and play our tools. produce a beautiful harmony and create a masterpiece that is a country free from hunger and malnutrition. Again, good afternoon everyone. Rita and I hope you can join us again uh in our next segment of in webinar series. So, everyone that wraps up the eighth run of the series of the KUMAIN Webinar. So, organizers

Alright. 321. Smile. And we're down to our last page of participants again. 321. Alright. Again, thank you so much and good afternoon. Be safe. Thank you so much for

being here. Thank you. God bless. Thank you for

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