8 Failed Federation Experiments

8 Failed Federation Experiments

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The. United, Federation of, Planets stands, for the progress of all its member worlds, through unity, and the pushing of boundaries both scientific, and exploratory. For. This reason, and common, good the many research, arms of Starfleet, in the Federation have experimented. With all sorts of technologies, and created, many marvellous, feats such as the warp drive transporters. And replicators. But. There is also a long, list of failed, experiments. And creations. Too dangerous, to ever be used again. Hi. Rick here and I thought I'd put together a list of eight of the Federation's, failed, experiments. Whether, through folly ignorance, or misguided ethics, first, off some ground rules these. Experiments, have to have been conducted, by a federation, world, Starfleet's. Or at the very least have, a Starfleet, blessing, secondly. They have to have failed or been suspended, so, for this reason the USS, excelsior great. Experiment. Of transwarp, in, 2285. Will, not be on this list as we, never get official, confirmation that. It failed entirely. And I, will be ranking these in order of fatalities. Cause. This. May, not be a complete list, but, these are the ones that stood out to me the most so. Starting, off at number eight with. A great, outcome, of zero casualties but. A potential, for exploration, matched, only by its potential, for disaster we. Have the transwarp, experiments. Often. 2364. Where. The USS, Enterprise NCC, won 701 D is catapulted. Across the universe, to, the m33. Triangulum. Galaxy and, then, to a realm where thought and physics are one the. Experiment, itself was led by specialists kasinski whose, antimatter, equations, had improved the warp, factor of several Starfleet, vessels in. Reality. This increase, in propulsion, was achieved by the influence, of a mysterious, entity known, simply as the traveler, who could seemingly, manipulate, space-time with his thoughts alone though. It required a great deal of effort on his part, he could even explore other realities. Thankfully. The traveler, seems, benign, and simply wished to, aid or, maybe simply observe Starfleet, personnel, eventually. Singling, out a young Wesley Crusher as a being with a mind capable of Sunday understanding. How the traveler, operated, this, project, was shelved with the reveal of the travelers true nature, and the realization, that Kaczynski's, alterations, only ever produced, a marginal, increase in efficiency guy. Was an ass anyway. Starfleet's. Obsession, with faster. And faster speeds, is understandable. As arguably. The majority, of its purpose is to boldly, go where no one has gone before. And you, can boldly go a lot more places if it gets done faster, so. The number, seven spot on this list goes, to lieutenant Tom Paris, and that, episode of Star Trek Voyager, you. Know the. One that upsets the entire warp scale and what do we know of evolution, in one fell swoop in 2372. The. Crew of the USS Voyager, in CC seven four six five six discovers. A new form of dilithium that's, allowed for higher and higher warp, velocities, inching. Ever closer, to the elusive warp 10 threshold, the theoretical, maximum, warp speed of infinite. Velocity as the ship, was stranded in the Delta Quadrant and facing a 70 year journey back to earth, Harry slept, at the chance to test this new dilithium after. Several promising, simulations, he was given the go-ahead from Captain Janeway to perform a manned test in a class two shuttle named, Cochrane, he. Seemingly, achieves, the unobtainable. Velocity. Of something like it as the shuttles that senses logs were filled to capacity with, readings from all over the galaxy, Paris himself, was rendered, unconscious, by the experiment, but seems to have suffered no ill effects, soon, after, we get a glimpse into treks version of body horror as Paris, begins to slowly mutate, sorry.

Hyper, Evolved, into. A potential. Future human form this, form ends, up resembling, a land. Catfish. And fibia sting but, not before he steals away Captain, Janeway in a delirium, and takes the Cochrane out for another spin, eventually. The, missing, two officers, were located. Both having, fully mutated, and had, even. Reproduced, but, fortunately, this experiment. Resulted, in no casualties, and the process was reversible, with the two restored, humans, having no recollection of the events, well. No, casualties, except. The three lizard babies who are probably going to die without their parents on some forgotten world, lost in the Delta Quadrant Paris's, warp ten program was shelved for the unavoidable mute, if effects, it seems to have and this episode, often. Cited, as one of the worst offenders, to continuity, and pre-existing, Canon I'd, scrapped it for the second part alone hyper. Evolved, my ass moving. On often. It's the best of intentions. That can breed the worst outcomes, one, such device was designed to bring life to barren. Worlds, but in the wrong hands would lay waste to, a world even, destroying, it entirely, the. Genesis device was, the shake-and-bake. Of terraforming, with a lifeless, planet's components. Broken, down and utilized, in a complex, matrix to, form the building blocks of a habitable Class, M world, the. Project was headed by a dr. Carol Marcus and assisted, by her and James Kirk's son David, Marcus this. Is the first project on the list to be kept secret from the general public and with. Good reason the concern, comes pretty. Much from, the first part of this Genesis, you see the probe will destroy, whatever environment was present on the planet before, it was deployed in its runaway, reaction before. Replacing it with a new one the, device was stolen, and used, by Khan Noonien Singh, where, it utilized, the components, of the guitar and nebula to form a whole new world and a whole new Fantastic. Point of view. The. Planet dubbed, the Genesis planets was completely. Unstable, attributed. To the protomatter, used that the devices call and although. Life teamed across its surface the planet eventually. Tore itself apart the, federation had set out to create an engine. Of life and, ultimately just. Built a new way to destroy, a planet this. Is how the Klingons, saw it too which led to several, war, in the attempted, procurement, of the research, the, death of David Marcus and indirectly, the destruction, of the USS Enterprise. Unsurprisingly. This project, was cancelled, after these events but, in apocryphal, content, some of the technologies, were salvaged, and used, in watered-down. Versions. Of terraforming, programs, so, not a complete, waste, still, it ranks higher on my list for the sheer destructive, potential. At. Number 5 we have another classified, one and the, first on the list with, direct, casualties. In. 2311. The United, Federation of Planets and, the Romulan, Star Empire signed. The Treaty of Alderaan, which, officially, established, new neutral zone territories, between the two powers and effectively, established, a peace between, the two enemies States one. Of its directives, stated, the United, Federation of Planets was, not to pursue the development of starship, cloaking, technology a, means. By which a vessel could hide from senses, and view to conduct, reconnaissance, in. 2358, Starfleet. Seemed to bend if, not downright break. This article, by attempting to create a phasing cloaking. Device I've, done a video on interphase. Before, but, suffice to say a phase, cloak and a regular, cloak are different, technologies but produce similar effects, this, project, was headed by a Starfleet, intelligence and, tested. On the research vessel the USS Pegasus, under, the command of Captain, Pressman, the, cloak would produce a phase effect to, bring the ship out of phase with the solid matter both, leading to light outside of, the field passing, through it and more, impressively, solid. Matter the device was field tested aboard.

The Oberth class vessel, and the, crew unaware. Of the experiment, until that moment mutiny. Against, Pressman, led by the XO, during. The ensuing skirmish, seven, crew members including the captain and, an, ensign, William Riker escaped. However, a malfunction, caused, the ship to lose control, and it was seemingly destroyed along, with all hands, in. 2370. Admiral, Pressman, took the USS, Enterprise, c17, o1d, on a mission to locate the remains of the USS Pegasus, and the clandestine, experiment. Was revealed, to the dismay of Captain, Picard and the Romulan Star Empire the. Project officially, canceled 12 years earlier was made public along, with the political fallout from the violation of the treaty on the Federation's, end and the. Oberth ship has a crew, complement, of up to 80 personnel. And only, seven survived, we. Can estimate the death toll at around 73. Starfleet, officers, honestly. The Treaty of all Garron is a sucky, deal for the Federation but it did maintain, the peace, despite, the Romulans, constantly. Looking for a justification, to break it the. Next one on my list is, actually, a bit of an odd one and you may wish to drop, it a rung as technically. It has a death count of zero or. Approximately. 124, 240. O Voyager, what did you do this time in. 2374. The USS, Voyager was making, its way lazily, back home when, it encountered, the dogless a fictional, Starfleet vessel that was equipped with the quantum, slipstream drive. Another. Method of faster, than warp travel, the. Ship turned out to be too good to be true but Voyager. Did escape with some pretty detailed scans, of the drive and later, that year they managed to replicate, the technology, this. Form, of travel allows, for greater speeds, than traditional, warp drive and brings, a ship into a slipstream of quantum, energy I have, no, idea. What that means but it makes them go. Testing. Of the device seemed of promising, but necessitated. The use of a shuttlecraft, to fly in front of the intrepid starship, to relay phase variants, calculations, back, to the mothership failing. To do so would drop these ships out of the slipstream, or violently. Explode, the drive this. Is exactly, what comes to pass leading, to, Voyager crashing, on an icy planet in the Takara sector, on the border of the Alpha Quadrant all aboard. Are killed the, shuttle piloted, by ensign Harry Kim and Commander Chakotay make, it back to Starfleet with the bad news and. Spent the remainder of their life trying to undo, the mistake caused by, an incorrect calculation. They, fix the issue and drop the voyager out of slipstream, moments, before the accident occurs thereby, changing, history so, this project was put on ice for the. Near-death it caused for the crew of the USS Voyager, a crew, complement, of around 120 for, 240. Ish, depending. On the amount of Maquis, recruited, still a lot of people and technically, it did fail before. It didn't, look my. Point is when you have the results to tie in travel to get a project to work you, goofed up somewhere this. Technology, is still far, too valuable to, abandon altogether. However and here's. Hoping that after the return of the Voyager to the Alpha Quadrant it, was one of the many intriguing technologies, that Starfleet, got to play with still. Due, to a lack of resources to perfect, and the potential, for catastrophe. The, quantum, slipstream project. Was, mothballed for, now. Next. Up is that, what. My, screen. Damn. It, look. Not now task. Manager and, process. There the. Omega directive, the. Omega particle, is a subatomic little, bubble of energy, with enough power to fuel a starship, a single molecule has, the power of a warp core and, some, even theorize that this, little ball of energy was responsible, for the Big Bang however. The particle is nearly impossible to synthesize and, even. When it is created, it is unstable, and detonates. Starfleet. Was researching, this potential, energy source, around. 2268. At, a classified, research facility. In an entire sector, a team, of 127. Scientists. And researchers led, by dr., ben des cataract, were able to synthesize, a molecule after. Decades of theorizing and attempts, it, immediately. Destabilized. And exploded. The, Omega effect rips, through subspace, destroying. It as well, as the very physical, effects of destruction. That rippled across the system seven. Light-years. Of space or. A by the blast and due to the damage to subspace, no. Warp travel is possible in the system, nor. FTL, communications. A single. Molecule did, this so. Starfleet. Classified, all knowledge, of the Omega particle, and placed a standing, order to all captains that any Omega. Molecule, was detected, were, to be disposed, of by a specialized, team, this. Single, incident, created, a directive. That surpassed, all others, and is, kept a complete, secret, from, anyone below the rank of captain, even. The prime directive can. Be overruled. So great is the potential, danger, of Omega.

The. Irony, is that Omega. Molecules, can, be stabilized. But it seems to only do, so in large quantities. Meaning. That the amount needed to create a stable energy source would, likely, be a galaxy. Spanning, explosion. If it went bad, within. The Federation however. Cataracts. Experiment, cost, 127. Lives but. It was the knowledge of such, a tantalizing. Prize that. Was the real lasting, damage at, number. Two based. Solely, on the number of deaths it directly, caused, is. The infamous, displacement. Activated, spore hub drive this. Frankly. Insane sounding, technology, attempts, to utilize a form, of interphasic, proto. Taxi tease a celebratory, to, connect a ship to the mycelial, network that spans out, of phase throughout the galaxy this, drive, was the brainchild of doctors. Paul Stamets, and Justin. Strahl - Astro mycologists. In Starfleet, who, are where to begin I've. Delved into why these spore drive was shelved before, but here's a summary, first. Off the drive required, the creation of a whole new class of vessel with the Crossfield class and only, two were made the USS, Glenn in CC 1030. And the USS discovery 1031. This, is already, a massive, resource investment, for Starfleet then. It becomes apparent that a ship's computer, no matter how advanced, cannot. Process, the information required, to navigate, to the mycelial, Network so an organic pilot is necessary, this. In, turn means that you either have to genetically. Modify a human, to be able to do this which goes against, Federation, law or, enslave, a possibly, sentient space tardigrade, to do the work for you also, not very Federation, on top. Of this multiple, instances, of temporal, and spatial anomalies, the, destruction. Of another life-forms, native habitat and the, accidental. Dimension-hopping, all, contribute, to this project being halted despite, working. Oh. And. The. Deaths the. USS Glen's entire, crew complement, of 136. Was completely. Wiped out when, they exited, a jump into, a Hawking radiation firewall. Which, created, the dimension, braking engine to spin. Out as statments, puts it basically. The ship was spun around really, really fast and it splattered, the crew everywhere, along, with twisting, them on a dimensional. Level this on its own puts the fatality count at, higher than, the Omega, experiment. But. Then, it was officially. Reported to, Starfleet that the USS, discovery, and CEC, 1:03. 1 had suffered, a spore, drive related. Explosion. So, at that point official, records list about. 272. Spore. Drive related, deaths, dwarfing. All but one other on this list. At. Number one, we, have the creation of the, marshmallow dispenser. From Star Trek 5 not joking at number, one we, have the first, simulated. Wargame, test of the m5, computer. Oh, Dickey. Days from what did you do. The. Multitronic, unit, version, 5 was created, by dr. richard, dave strim and field. Tested in 2268. Aboard the USS Enterprise NCC, 1 701, the. Aim was to produce an, advanced. Computer system, that could react logically, and command a starship, in lieu of a crew the. M5, was the first working prototype and modeled, on the memory engrams, of its creator the. Crew of the enterprise was. Joost to 20 personnel, and the tests began, pitting it against, multiple, situations, culminating. In a wargames simulation. Against four other constitution. Class vessels, each with, a full crew complement, things. Started. Going wrong when the m5. Accidentally. Killed, one of the Enterprise, crew though this was dismissed, by, de strim as, unintentional. And that, the crewmen simply got in the way however. All, notion, of continuing. With the multitronic, computer, project, was dropped when, the m5, completely. Usurped, control, of the USS Enterprise and, engaged, the other Constitution. Vessels at full power while, they were prepared, for simulated. Combat, taking. The USS, Excalibur, by surprise. The m5, killed, all aboard the vessel around. 400, to 430. Souls based, on Kirk's estimates, and the, full complement, of a constitution. Class. Unsurprisingly. This. Led to the termination of the program the, m5, and de strim himself, was committed, to a mental facility, to recover, from the experience. It. Was seen, by many as an, attempt from a renowned programmer, to capture. Lightning in the bottle twice and he, was given so much operational. Leniency, as he, was the man who effectively. Pioneered, Federation, starship computers, as we, know them this. Project, as far as I can tell has seen the single, greatest direct. Loss of life due, to a failed Federation, founded experiment. So. Can you think of any others, that I missed I can, think of a few but. These are the ones that had the plug pulled for, their failures. There. Were many transporter. Accidents, and the like but, transporters. For the most part are, a successful. Technology employed, by hundreds, of species warp. Drive too is, damaging. To subspace, but, Starfleet, has been taking steps to combat the damage ever since it was discovered and warp.

Drive Never failed. As, a concept, so. What do you think disagree. With my list or think that the Omega, directive should be at the top. Let, me know below, and, thank. You for watching I've. Been, Rick and until. Next up the whole K G's, fine, oh you. Know what one of you guys can take care of it I've I got the last one goodbye.

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Shouldn't the pilot wave be on this list?

The ultimate computer is my favourite episode of Star Trek the original series

Number two is part of Star Trek Discovery and thus is not Star Trek ... nothing in STD is Cannon and should not be counted.... Stupid decision ..... STD is not Star Trek

Remember kids, red ones go faster.

I love that you mention the spore hub drive from Discovery........ that was def so against Starfleet regulations.....squandering resources and even enslaving species.......and this was the reason why I didnt like the new Star Trek - Kelvin universe

Spore drive? Why have I never heard of this? Oh, it's from that non-cannon series! Nevermind!

Those are Rookie numbers

There are a few more from TNG, like Wesley's nanites, and the experiment by the guy who spent his whole life working and waiting for his one moment to do the experiment - there were deaths I the latter at least. ( There was a DS9 episode with a terriformer who then... but despite his death it was not a failure.. and TNG with the terriforming experiment that killed the local micro brain, and several scientists but that was not a technology that failed, just bad choice of planet...), it was mentioned above, but the Equinox experiment definitely should count.

Number 8 wasn't an experiment by the Federation.... It was an accident..... Yes that dude was a complete ass

"Transwarp" actually means several things in star trek, it can mean transwarp conduits, it can mean faster than warp 10 outside a conduit, but in the case of the Excelsior, it was meant as the ability to directly jump to a warp factor rather than having to accelerate through lower factors.

If you allow for some philosophical arguments, the common transporter techically kills everyone who uses it and generates a faximile (a la Thomas Riker) on the other end. So potentially, everyone from every civilization in Star Trek has been killed (multiple times).

there was that TNG episode during the Dr. Pulaski era where a bunch of scientists genetically engineered their children into super-humans that became deadly to ordinary humans

#2: Not canon. Besides, how can they be Crossfield-class starships? Neither of them is named "Crossfield". They should be Glenn-class starships. A class of starships (like regular ships) is named after the first vessel of the class that is commissioned even if that boat is not first off the launch. This is how bad STD is. They've made it unacceptable at almost every level.

Man star trek onlines ships are crisp as fuuk looking.

Wouldn't the crew of USS Grissom count as casualities for the Genesis device as well seeing as they wouldn't have been killed if not for the device existing (granted they weren't directly killed by the device but rather killed by someone wanting the device).


8. Transwarp experiments: Scotty was right about the "bucket of bolts." 7. U.S.S. Voyager's Warp 10 trials: Evolution gone wild. 6. Project Genesis: Protomatter mess. 5. Phasic cloaking device allows a Starship to hide inside a planet: Unstable device. 4. Quantum Slipstream drive: Can destroy a ship if it falls out of the slipstream. 3. The Omega Project: Unstable particle renders FTL travel/communication impossible in a given area. 2. Spore-Hub drive: Human or Alien pilot required. Unexpected events and deaths. 1. Mulritronic war game computer: A computer malfunction killed a ship's crew.

Why are you using garbage from faketrek?

And what about the computer of Section 31?I mean this AI wanted to rule the galaxy,started a war and destroyed many vessels of the Federation and the discovery must use time travel to escape??!?!

Just a correction ... warp drive was invented before the Federation existed ... etc.

That's crazy the computer killed allot of people.

The only thing hotter in the Kelvin timeline was Dr. Marcus and a lot of motion blur.

Did I miss something? No. 6, the Genesis Device, the Reliant was destroyed, not the Enterprise.

insta like for the omega part :)))

Could the transphasic torpedoes be fired when phase-cloaked to hit normal object?

I feel like section 31 would definitely try this one out

You forgot for #6 the destruction of the science vessel USS Grissom and it's crew as casualties in the Genesis experiment when The klingons attacked and destroyed the vessel. ..

There were some short story anthologies with each story set in a different timeline that was based off a major event related to one of the TV series changing. The Original Series story was set in a timeline where Spock died as a child, a timeline we actually saw briefly in an episode to The Animated Series. In that timeline it was eventually discovered that Genesis would have worked fine if the device had been deployed on a moon or planet rather then a cloud of dust and gas. The amount of protomatter would have proportionately small enough that it would have rendered the world class M then gone inert if memory serves.

Bio-tech experiments should be counted here too, so I nominate the genetic engineering experiments carried out at Darwin station to create a group of perfect psychic children with super-immune systems, but ended up accidentally creating a virus that rapidly aged people to death. Aside from the loss of life when said age virus killed the entire crew of a Miranda class starship, the whole experiment should have been illegal from the start, since it broke Federation Law on eugenics and genetic engineering.

Wouldn't Section 31's Control fall under this list?

the omega particle should be at the top it wiped out a entire planet in voyager.

Though it was only a moon with a research base.

not that I'm well-versed in ST lore to actually have a proper shot at this, but out of the top of my head, I'm going to guess few things on this list: - transwarp - long-range transporter - spore drive (even though they have it in a different timeline, but fuck me if I have any idea how all of those STDisease timelines fit with the proper ones) - some Bashir's experimental one-time-used treatment for something that ocurred in DS9 ...and that's all I've got, probably. EDIT at 1:00 ... DAMMIT, MUH TRANSWARP! =D EDIT 2: Oh yeah, when I wrote transwarp, I actually meant that phase cloak... =D

The federation didn’t invent the warp drive. Cmon man. They even made an entire movie centered around it.

#6 you forgot to mention the loss of the transport, and the USS Grissolm

+Jeff Housen The Transport aka Freighter at the beginning of ST 3 that Capt. Krugh's spy was on that he destroyed

transport? there was only Reliant Enterprise Grissom the Klingon bird of prey as the main contenders, am I missing a ship here

There more than likely are scenarios that are not on film and are in books that have a greater toll. I don't know if you would consider the Metaphasic Particle Project from Star Trek Insurrection to be on your list, it was the project that had the Federation having a joint task force with the Son'a which had to potential to destroy all life on planets surface by extracting the metaphasic particles from the planets rings by causing a thermolytic reaction making the planet uninhabitable for decades. Without interference from the USS Enterprise E or Commander Data, this project had the blessing of the Federation to violate the Prime Directive and to only relocate the humanoid inhabitants of the planet, this is also the only case of the Federation willing cause the destruction of a planet.

Considering Prime is completely different canon, the true Star Trek is safe from dragon ball level of power progressing and stupidity.

There's only 1 canon (called Star Trek) but there are different continuities within it.


It's phasing, not phasic.

Discovery isn't star trek.

FUUUUUUCK this dumbdumb and anyone who tries to tell you that DIS isn't 'canon' or 'prime', it absolutely is. This is the same asshole who would've told you not to watch Enterprise in 01 or TNG in 87. It's ALL canon, and they literally showed Pike's clips from TOS to show it was the same timeline. Love and enjoy ALL Trek.

What about the Trans-wave experiment that came close to destroying an entire planet

+Bernard Gilbert No, there is an episode of ST: TNG where The Enterprise participates in an experiment that involves an instillation generating a "trans-wave". This wave pushes a vessel to warp without the need for a Warp Drive the idea being that the wave dissipates, the ship drops out of warp, and coasts to it's destination under impulse. However things go sideways and instead of dissipating the wave begins growing exponentially (insert technobable here) threatening to destroy a planet The Enterprise was supposed to travel to as part of the test.

Are you talking about the _Genesis Wave_ books?

What game?

Discovery doesn't count as a star trek series.

Failed? How so? Seriously! I saw the thumbnail and figured I HAAVE TO out my two sense in. I will wait to see, dahh! There it is! Failed because Starfleet chicken shitted out! Nevrrmind! LMAO!

ahem, control ?

Do the augmented humans not count due to being too early in history?

I think it would be too early. This seems to be a list more geared towards Federation experiments, and the "original" augments would be Earth-specific, even though it did give us the smooth-forehead Klingons and the banning of genetically-engineered individuals from serving in Starfleet (as established in the DS9 episode "Dr. Bashir, I Presume?").

Spinning until you are splattered like a bug is a bad way to go.

#2 should just be deleted, as it was RIPPED off from another author. In fact ALL of STD should just be never spoken of ever again.

What about coaxial warp???

Seems stupid to prepare for simulations against an AI without boosting your shields and being very careful.

This was impressive. The time it took alone!

DSC: Section 31's Threat Assessment System Control could have made this list... If only we had a better idea of the scope of it's murderous rampage at the end of season 2.

even if they where a advanced civilisation, the federation would never abandon a potential project, because in that time, the amount of people and resources they can push towards developing sad project, is far greater then ever before, so the federation just abandons projects, because a few people die, yeh right.

Don't forget "Data's Dildo" (hundreds died)...

In surprised no-one mentioned doctor Mannheim yet. We'll always have Paris? rift causing time jumps,loops and skips for several light years?

What about control? The section 31 AI was responsible for a lot of deaths.

That wasnt an experiment.

The Marshmallow dispenser is the worst. One accidentally was dropped when they came back for the whales. It was found in Golden Gate Park by some filthy hippie in 2023. He reversed engineered it and mass produced it. Allowing people to have an endless supply of marshmallows created an obesity and diabetes worldwide epidemic. People started just putting them on everything, burgers, tacos, steak, fish. Then they just started to just eat nothing but the marshmallows. Humanity almost was wiped out. The death toll by 2030 was over 4 billion. Finally there was a global accord to outlaw the device and make it punishable by death to possess or try to sell one. Scientists then figured out how to make the device produce cocaine, and then the rest of humanity was wiped out. Genocide. 6 billion lives lost. The marshmallow dispenser.

15:15 Actually The Data there is a bit faulty Only 2 Vessels of the Crossfield Class carried the Spore drive EquipmentThe Glen and Discovery, But Those Weren’t the only 2 Starships of the Class, The USS Crossfield NCC-1026 and The USS Andromeda NCC-1047 were also Crossfield Class. The Glenn and Discovery Were the Only 2 Ships of the Class Lost Unfortunately, and Besides The Crossfield The Glenn and Discovery had 1 Older Sister ship,

At the end you mentioned that warp drive damaged subspace, but the Omega Particle episode of Voyager had Janeway admitting that was a clever bit of Federation propaganda to provide cover for the true nature of the Omega Particle experiments. In truth, warp travel faster than warp 5 shouldn't have any damaging effect on subspace, just where it was already scarred by the Omega Particle.

The Spore Drive really didn't feel like a failure at all though, Since the pretty much did perfect it with the Discovery. I feel like what's more likely is that Q just showed up and said "This is going to ruin all the fun I have with Janeway >:( Shut it down now"

Number one on your list actually gets revisited with the creation of "Control" which seized control of all Section 31 ships and threatened to destroy all life in the universe. Starfleet agreed to never use that level of A.I. ever again.

With the regular one thing the other boffins were killed by Khan.

You've forgot Metaphasic shielding, even though discovered by a Ferengi. Who was subsequently murdered(one death). Plus Beverly Crusher killed the murderer (two death). Later Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge "rediscovered(took it) the technology to lure and destroy some Borg. Let's put those death in tens of thousands. :)

The technology worked though and the deaths were not related to a failure of the experiment

The 2260’s seemed like a boon year for mad scientist.

Hey does anybody else I think that the sphere from Star Trek Disco was a super Advanced Borg sphere that was trying to share its accomplishments with the past Borg? Also imagine if the Borg ever found out and gained access to the mycelium Network. 100% they were try to assimilate it

Nope. that thing was a Brethren Moon...

Was there not, presumably, a USS Crossfield?

I would really like an A-canon explanation at some point as to what it was the Romulans had to give up in order to get that cloaking ban into the treaty. Not even the Federation of TNG Seasons 1 and 2 would've been stupid enough to just offer that on their own or give it up without a fight.

To this day Klingons sing cautionary songs about the sheer devastation caused by the automated marshmellow dispenser.

Science is the idea that worked, also I think that the Exelsiors "transwarp" drive eventually became TNG era warp drive, and the Genesis device went wayyy above and beyond its original intent temporarily making a habitable planet from nebula gas and never got to be tested on an actual planet.

With the Genesis device, later non-canon works would indicate that the only reason it failed was because it tried to do too much and create an entire planet, instead of simply terrraforming the surface of an already-existing planet or moon.

Give that Daystrom was mentally unsound at the time he build the M5, doesn't that represent its only major flaw? that if someone one more sable, say the star-ship captains it was intended to replace, were used as a programming template, it would have worked? Aside it wanting to screw every alien woman it came across. If they used Kirk that is.

12:58 Dr. Bendes Ketteract & her daughter Tess.

Omega should be the number 1 failed Federation experiment project. It was a better episode than the Ultimate Computer

Yes, in some ways the Omega particle should be higher. Even though it (to the best of our knowledge) didn't produce the highest body count of items on this list, it did have the farthest-reaching consequences, since the item itself not only can have devastating effects, but the Omega Directive (the rule put in place to handle any future contact with it; no other item on the list caused the creation of any sort of rule to address future contacts with said item) supersedes virtually every other rule and law on the Federation's books, even the Prime Directive itself.

Quantum Slipstream Omega Particle Transphasic Genesis Tardigrade Drive. Destroys entire universe. Uh, oh...

The expanded universe suggests that it was the Genesis Device being used in a nebula rather than an existing planet that ultimately caused the break down rather than the protomatter itself.

Though in Trek most novels have always been considered non-canon, so that's why I imagine that such info wasn't listed here.

Does Spock's using of red matter to stop a supernova and destroying Romulus in the process count?

But the red matter works (it can create a black hole). Romulus was destroyed because Spock was too late.

Number 5 was also responsible for ruining the last episode of Enterprise.

On number 7, I mean TNG said that Barclay descended from spiders.

Amusing that you list the Slipstream drive as failed, then show STO ships using it all over the place. :-)

Voyager's slipstream experiment failed due to the lack of proper supervision and facilities available to conduct such experiments safely. That doesn't mean the technology failed and development could never be attempted in future. Just that it had to wait for Voyager to get in touch with Starfleet to pass their scans on to someone in a position to investigate the technology in a controlled and safe environment. Which STO seems to imply they did.

Marshmallow dispenser lol Yes millions of fans were harmed

#5 Picard rats out Admiral Pressman and Commander Riker trying to get the cloaking device because it violates the Romulan Treaty of Algeron. Several episodes later Picard jumps the shark in "The Neutral Zone" and violates the same Treaty of Algeron by going into the neutral zone because some settlements along the edge were destroyed.

Imagine any modern military officer giving away a military secret like that. Picard should've been courtmartialed

More of a project or mission than an experiment, but just how many worlds did the Voyager (cough) Nomad probe destroy?

Whole Discovery is a failed experiment if you ask me...

he didn't, and you're wrong

"Greetings, doctor Daystrom. How about a nice game of chess?"

would you rather play a game of TicTacToe

Nah M5, today we're playing Battleship.

Ok, my only thing with the issue of the spore drive's requirement of a special "navigator" is this - does the Federation outlaw just non-consensual genetic tampering or _all_ genetic modifications? If the former is true, they could just ask for willing volunteers. If it's the latter, though... that potentially becomes a matter of morphological freedom and delves into the possibility that the Federation might have outlawed other personal freedoms as well and isn't this utopic society it tries to make itself out to be.

+Xan Ching Yeah, I looked it up after that. Speaking of which, the Khan incident was pretty convenient for legislators to just blanket-ban a field of research simply because of a few bad apples. The Federation definitely qualifies as an example of "Reed Richards is Useless".

All forms of genetic manipulation were outlawed after Khan Noonien Singh and the Eugenics wars to prevent future conflicts.

Wasn't there an episode with some... kids(?) who were genetically enhanced... living on a space station, I think? And then their enhanced immune systems started to kill off people.....

+Ifihada Hammer I think it was because the special immunity cells those genetically enhanced children were giving off survived in air and could infect anyone who came into contact with them. They couldn't risk keeping the _Lantree_ around because the air onboard was filled with them.

That was from The Next Generation season 2 episode 7. Named... Unnatural Selection. From what I have found, the crew complement that died on the USS Lantree was 26. I never quite understood why they destroyed it.

That's the one that first came to my mind.

Yup, 2nd season of TNG

I always wanted to get more canon info about the UFP omega particle experiments.!

There are a few plots devices that Star Trek has always gone back: Time Travel. I absolutely hate when shows do time travel because invariably they create unexplainable paradoxes. Q and Time Travel and probably my two least favorite plot devices used in any of the Star Trek shows. For any aspiring sci-fi writers out there. Don't do anything with time travel unless you plan on truly doing it justice. There are so many much more clever ways to deal with aspects of your story without ever using time as a plot device.

To be fair, the whole "devolution evolution" thing makes at least some sense when you consider the fact that big brains like the ones humans have are not very energy efficient. This regression is in fact an improvement if the only thing you care about is overall energy efficiency at the expense of all else. Since it seems that that was the only driving influence of the evolutionary path they were taking, if allowed to continue, Lt. Paris and Cpt. Janeway would have probably ended up as some form of cyanobacteria. In other words, there's more fridge horror in that episode than simply "implied land catfish sex".

evolution does not happen in individuals... only mutation.

Your side comments are awesome and dead on. I lost it on the marshmellow maker...

Hah! The Marshmallow dispenser! It was a failure as well. :-P

What about the genetic engineering experiment ("Augments..? What're they..?") conducted by the Federation in TNG that caused the non-genetically engineered research staff to rapidly age..?

I think the term 'Augment' can still be applied, since the children at Darwin station were described as having been "Genetically Created" and given not just enhanced immune systems, but a rapid mate of maturation so they were full grown at age 12 with the physique of a 20 year old super model, enhanced physical abilities and psychic powers with both telepathic and telekinetic abilities, the latter I might add being an ability only seen in two other species in the Star Trek galaxy. Frankly, the Darwin Station Children went WAY beyond what Khan and his crew were and would have been completely illegal under Federation law.

Thanks for providing the name of the episode , I didn't remember – and wouldn't have remembered – it :) I knew the augments were pre-Federation, that's why I noted that the Federation doing research into genetic engineering was a bit… "off"

(The Augments were pre Federation. ) TNG Episode: Unnatural Selection. The children's enhanced immune system cost the lives of the crew of the USS Lantree.

The lizards weren't hyper-evoled they were devoved into ancient mammals. Paris went forward then back

mutated... they were mutated. Evolution DOES NOT HAPPEN IN INDIVIDUALS. God, I hate that episode and its butchery of science.

Ensign Crusher’s experiments with Nanites didn’t exactly help matters any.

Nothing Crusher did ever helped.

"As the power grew, I applied the energy asymptomatically." (when Kosinski meant to say 'asymptotically') was the least of what made him an ass.

No, he was right when he said "asymptomatically". The extra energy that his modifications required was producing no symptoms - which is to say he made the drives do nothing at all different. His description matches events.

Discovery sucks

The Soliton Wave; almost destroyed a planet, failed once and never spoken about again.

Yes, was going to mention that. This thing was like an interstellar weapon of mass destruction, I bet Starfleet classified the hell out of that. No casualties, but a warp 9.9 self sustaining energy wave that will simply go until it hits something is one dangerous weapon.

Number one should be Michael Burnham. A failed experiment by Vulcan Ambassador Sarek to infuse Vulcan mental teachings and discipline into human(s) at a young age. The results causing a partial mental breakdown, of the first victim during a volatile cross border situation involving members of a hostile species. The resulting initial conflict caused the loss of over two thousand lives, with thousands more in the resulting Federation-Klingon war.

I still maintain that the Genesis planet was unstable because it was constructed using and nebula instead of a pre existing planetary body. Perhaps the Excelsiors transwarp drive was a resounding success and the reason for the revised warp scale. Voyagers attempt at a quantum slipstream drive may have failed because it was something of a slapdash retrofit as opposed to the dauntless which was built around the system. The M-5 computer was a failure because it bore the enramatic template of a clearly unstable mind. Daystrom should have used a far more psychologically fit soecimine as a template.

+MisterJei That asteroid biobase was cool. They should've kept making those beauties.

A more plausible assumption, since the similarly designed devices, was used inside a hollowed out moon/asteroid, and the created environment remained stable.

#1 I don´t quite think that the M5 computer was dismissed... In TNG they stated that the computer could run the starship alone. The concept is useful, imagine a crew that is suffering from something and are about to faint, you just tell the computer "Take us to starbase X" and maybe lives can be saved. I just think Daystrom went too fast, but maybe afterwards going more cautious M5 could well be the TNG´s era computer we know. Also I think they solved that machine taking a man´s job crysis and made the computer assist and not taking control

Love all the STO footage xD

What about control? I pretty sure that AI killed more people than M-6...note to starfleet stop making AI even your successful attempt with Data also created Lore, a being who had a hand in destroying a federation colony.

+amazedsatsuma Oh yeah I forgot about that. Fair enough. Starfleet really didn't have much luck with AI in the 23rd century

+Dannyvegas1701 I think Patal, the vulcan admiral who was heading up section 31, being dead for weeks implied that Control was already going rouge before Discovery encounter before that temporal anomaly near Saru homeworld and infected Airiam.

I might have picked it up wrong when I watched Discovery, but wasn't the genocidal version of control the result of a computer virus from the distant future. I can't remember if it started to bug out before the episode with the time anomaly.

Personally, I don't think AI are inherently dangerous, the same with genetic and cybernetic augmentations. If anything, most advanced civilizations would realistically be post-biological, existing as thought-data in server hubs. The big problem with AI is whether or not they are aligned or misaligned. Note that I did not say "Good" or "Evil" or even "Bad", because those moral constructs would most likely not be something a super advanced AI would find itself beholden to, at least not willingly. For example, if you had an AI whose whole point was to replicate paperclips and consume materials to replicate more paper clips, can you really say that it's evil to keep finding and pooling resources to make more paper clips, even if those resources happen to be sentient beings? That is an AI whose goals are misaligned with humanity, just like Control or Lore. Data would be an AI whose goals are aligned with humanity, and any sort of AI that is aligned with humanity would be a massive boon for the Federation. As for the Multitronic Computer, I believe it was not active maliciously, just that it's goal of self-defense and self-preservation was misaligned with that of the crew(s).

So, should I just disregard that my STO ship flies at warp 12.34?

If it is the 23rd century warp scale, then no. In 23rd century, the 24th century Warp 10 was equivalent to something like Warp 18.75 or so.

I refuse to acknowledge number 7 because they turn into lizards


Small arms: Varion T-disruptor...Designed to create a slow, painful, agonizing death for living targets by slow disintegration...As the humanoid is slowly torn apart molecule by molecule, inside out...BANNED by UFP as an "uncivilized, assassination tool..."

I'd put allowing Wesley Crusher to survive infancy as the Federation's worst experiment

Small arms: advanced micro-teleportation sniper rifle...Capable of shooting metal projects through solid materials..."Assassination tool..."( plus, visual aided scope/scanner that could see through solid materials...)

...From JJ Abramsverses/Kelvin timeline: Red Matter...WMD...Can cause quantum singularity to swallow an entire plaent

Meta-genetic weapons...super-dangerous pathogen patterns that can be delivered with planetary destruction...Lanched in a probe, warp velocity torpedoe, or patterns could be teleported wholesale...WMD!

...More, Trilithium/Teckasite: capable of stopping all nuclear fusion within a stars core! Causes star to go supernova! Destorying entire star systems!

4:35 i disagree on the no casualties part im pritty sure this killed lots of people love of star trek and a lot of peoples will to life, shame we never learn what happened to the kids? 12:32 i really hope Q dosnt keep making these things pop up all over the place forceing people to scan them in a bad version of a Guitar Hero like mini games every year.

I hate that salamander episode too.

Number 9.... the new Tv show..!!!!

What you're presenting is interesting, but the way you present it leaves to be desired.

Simply the mother of the Daestrom Project, "CONTROL" Or does it not count because in the final briefing it doesn't exist since it was section 31? And would you agree is that the Daestrom Project could be a soft reboot of Control? A public test? I would really like to watch the TOs episode again and see if there's any similarities between the two unless you know already LOL. Thank you for such a great episode. The Marshmellon maker really cracked me up and it was only for 2.1 seconds. I believe sugar has killed quite a few people though LOL!

So StarFleet employed a bunch of mad/angry scientists. Who all screamed SCIENCE FOR THE SCIENCE GODS! Yes I can't see where this would go wrong.

Did you already know that t'uerll was responsible for the the siege of the lantern research base and a single early Borg sphere case the molecular to explode and rip subspace thus beginning the omega detective

To be honest having watched the whole set of different series... the Federation is the best fuck up of a science led faction. Half the science they find they either ban or ignore, or even destroy / lose. Sucks when they face the Borg. Do they then panic. Nope... the Borg wreck them several dozen more times before they learn their lesson. Honestly if the federation actually learnt all these tech but then just shelved them they would be much better prepared. Lol

Star Fleet the most powerful organization in the galaxy that has no safety standards what so ever.

A.I is always a sure fire way to death

Collection of secret projects from the tv show/movies, with a ton of scenes from the video game. My brain hurts.

Dr. Paul Manheim experiment? Darwin Genetic Research Station experiment?

Shouldn't even mention STD that bullshit story is not canon.

I suppose the new buzz word for cleaners with water is Hydrophobic? Worthless!

how about project Daedalus ? I'm sure that killied more than a 1000 because the A.I. took control of all the ships

Number 8 sounds an awful like the Enterprise entered the Warp. Albeit, before it turned into the hellscape by M41

Seriously, the less said about Discovery, the better...

Does an experiment launched before the formation of the Federation by a future member count? The Voyager 6 and Nomad space probes... Nomad wiped out 4 billion inhabitants of a star system. Who knows what V'ger's body count was before it even got to the Federation and digitized those Klingons and the Deep Space listening post.

6:50 You left out that the entire crew of the USS Grissom was destroyed, as well as all but 1 of the crew from the Klingon ship were killed.

There's a mistake at 0:19, the federation did not invent the warp drive, all founding member species were warp capable and not only is being warp capable a requirement for joining contact with pre-warp civilisations is explicitly prohibited.

Even if you want to be super tight on what constitutes death by the tech, the Genesis Device did kill 1 person, Kahn. He was almost certainly dying of his wounds, but was still alive when the device exploded. It also resurrected 1 person, Spock.

I thought Threshold was officially decanonized and it was declared that the events of that episode never happened? Maybe it was just me.

Mad mad just mad I tell you, it will be a better new year 2260. What else could go wrong. Wwwwweeeeeee

Cool video thanks

Had to give a thumbs down. This was a good video until it included crap from Star Trek: Discovery (a.k.a. Star Trek:SJW)

The phase-shifting cloak was NOT a failure. It worked, except Picard on his high horse put the treaty first even though the Romulans keep looking for a fight…

#4 Besides the Voyager crew, consider the casualties of rewriting history. Not that Voyager seemed to care, as they did it frequently...

In the books slipstream is eventually developed in full. In fact it's so op that its specs become a heavily guarded secret and it's only deployed on a handful of ships. Hell the Breen become so desperate to acquire it that they invade Mars in full force and fail. Then they open a rift into another universe in an attempt to steal a wormhole generator. Which also fails. The Breen are crazy man.

#1 Failed Experiment that continues in every Trek, Time Travel, with continual 100s of Billions of, "Deaths." It fails over and over and over again, with the Temporal Prime Directive should be written as no time travel on consequence of erasure of all involved.

What about the red angel?

The Enterprise meets the USS Fearless to bring aboard Mr. Kosinski (Stanley Kamel), a Starfleet propulsion expert who plans to run tests on the warp engines to improve their efficiency. Commander Riker (Jonathan Frakes) is skeptical of Kosinski's seemingly nonsensical specifications, suggesting his apparent success on other ships was merely addressing inherent design flaws on older engines, whereas the Enterprise's engines are brand new. With Kosinski is his assistant, an alien from Tau Alpha C known as the Traveler (Eric Menyuk). As Kosinski and the Traveler explain the tests to the engineering crew, Wesley Crusher (Wil Wheaton) quickly grasps what the tests are designed to accomplish and the Traveler expresses admiration for his problem-solving abilities. The test quickly goes awry when the Enterprise speeds up, surpassing the known capabilities of warp engines. Jean-Luc Picard (Patrick Stewart) orders the ship stopped, and the crew find themselves on the far side of the M33 Galaxy (more than 2.7 million light years from the Milky Way, the Enterprise's home galaxy). Although Kosinski is pleased with the results, Picard reprimands him and asks him to simply redo the process to return home. Crusher attempts to warn Riker that during the warp test, the Traveler appeared to "phase", drifting in and out of reality, but Riker dismisses him without listening. However, after Kosinski begins the second test, Crusher and Riker both observe the Traveler again drifting out, appearing more tired. The Enterprise again experiences a burst of speed, and when it stops, the crew cannot determine their position. Picard demands that Kosinski get the crew home. Not Trance warp !

The Voyager series books have the Voyager and 8 other vessels successfully equipped The slipstream tech. This allowed the fleet to return to the Delta Quadrant.

Star fleet and the Federation didn't make wrap drive. See "First contact" and "Enterprise" , also Prim directive

It's funny how the "warp 10 technology" can be used and have its symptoms completely reversed with no lingering side effects. Voyager could've returned home at any point after "threshold" but didn't because they were too lazy. They deserved to be assimilated!

Sees number one: Do you want Skynet? Because this is how you get Skynet! Seems weird that in star trek these failures resulted in less than 1000 deaths, meanwhile in star wars its loaded with complete successes and result in trillions dead.

So basically the enterprise new conputer on the bcc-1701 was on her period ...got it.... and from what I know the program wasn’t totally terminated. It was something that they used to make the main computer in the NCC 1701-D

This is why I stopped following ST after Next Gen. Too many writers started doing stupid things with established canon which is lazy writing.

So who were the romulans to demand that an enemy not develop a common technological marvel in the galaxy? (Who were they to think that Starfleet wouldn't anyway?)

Then again, wasn’t the technology really not a complete waste because it was meant to be used on a dead planet and not on a nebula

Warp 10 = infinite is stupid. Lets go warp 9, no 9.9, no even faster 9.99 wait what about warp 9.9999 wow. Hey the Klingon can go warp 9.999999, so we'll go 9.999999999. Stupid.

10:30: that basically means it's like a sailboat, but the wind is quantum energy, and the sail is them being sucked forwards.

Dr. Daystrom should have installed an off-switch .

9:40: I'm pretty sure the Romulans didn't want to break the treaty, they just wanted to embarrass the Federation, and receive some concessions in compensation for the violations of the Federation.

What would happen if a new species joins the federation while already having developed cloaking tech?

Didn't matter after the the dominion war though they could keep it as c at as I know

Probably told to dispose of it

I enjoy a lot of various sci-fi universes but I specifically like how Grounded, human and tame the scale of star trek is. Hundreds of people on board ships, not thousands or millions. No ships with lengths measured in kilometers. Its refreshingly easy to wrap my head around when warhammer or star wars get to big and silly/grim. Also, it's nice to have something with a hopeful outlook on the future when the real world can be some violent and grim lately and so much media focuses so hard on being edgy and "cool". Even when the shit hits the fan in star trek, the casualties are measured in hundreds, not billions or trillions.

Warp drive wasn't created by the U.F.P.

That Fungus thing REALLY sounds ridiculous. I wish it didn't, but it does.

Would Control be considered a Failed Program?!

It always seemed to me that slipstream tech was equal to/ or similar to, transwarp tech. Or some kind of parallel science thing. (different approach/application granting near identical results)

You left out probably the most dangerous failed Federation experiment Control, an A.I. created to aid Starfleet Admirals in making critical decisions. Control went rogue & destroyed almost all life in the galaxy. I know Starfleet was able to change this via time travel, but Control still killed the crew of at least 31 star ships. Also, you included the destruction of Voyager although it was changed due to time travel

The OMEGA Directive should be number 1

I'm wondering if the "warp pulse" trick used by the Enterprise D in the episode where they discover warp drive's damaging effects in the Hekaras Corridor could be used to get through the Lantaru sector....like maybe drop out of warp just outside the sector then engage warp engines briefly then "coast at warp speeds through the sector without actively employing a warp field

I feel the biggest failed experiment was by far control after all, all sentient life was consumed by this computer

Are the Horta silicon based lifeforms? If not, what is their elemental base? If they are silicon based, was their existence classified? I remember them crewing a Starfleet science vessel that was exploring the Dyson sphere Scotty was found on in a novel, but they are never mentioned anywhere else that I know of.

Omega killed a ridiculous number of Borg drones (many of which were likely assimilated Starfleet personnel) when the Collective experimented with it. That coupled with its potential for a galaxy-destroying explosion would put it at number one on my list.

i fell the m5 was never shelved, look at the EMH and ECH they seem to be derived from M5 Research

The Spore-Drive could work in a post Voyager era due to Bio-neural gel packs which could be built specifically to be the bio navigation part of the drive. And I bet the Borg (7 of 9 and Icheb) have knowledge/tech that can make the Drive a viable FTL replacement for long range exploration.

#2 And the Discovery was reported destroyed by a spore drive explosion. Always try to find a positive outcome in a negative situation.

"Oh Dicky Daystrom, what did you DO?" That HAS TO be a meme, NOW!!!

Dude, you so totally forgot about how all hands on the USS Grisom were lost as well as the captain of the USS Reliant all because of the Genesis Project.

And nearly the entire crew of the Regula I science station killed as well. Dr. Carol Marcus was the only survivor.

Fun fact: The Federation had fuckall to do with the invention of Warp Drive. The first successful Warp flight precedes the signing of the Federation Charter by 98 years.

No.1 is like a retro ECH: Emergency Command Hologram. I guess you could say that the original project was perfected, but in a different format that made it user-friendly.

The Omega Directive should be at the top of the list, followed by Genesis - these two have the most potential damage factors of all of these scenarios. I'm not sure I agree about the spore drive concept; other than the trans-dimensional aspects of it, I think - eventually - it could have been a game-changer for the Federation; under strict control, of course. That was really the problem with Discovery's drive; the spore technology wasn't under strict control! First, it was Lorca; then, it was Stamets himself who broke Federation law by altering his DNA in order to navigate the spore drive network. I mean, I understand why he did it; at that point in time, the Federation was in a war for its' life with the Klingons, and I'm sure that's the reason Stamets wasn't thrown in prison over it. And then we had "Control," along with Section 31 - who, if they'd gotten their hands on BOTH the spore drive AND the alien sphere database spanning 100,000 years of galactic life....would have been a DISASTER. But really - none of this was the fault of the technology ITSELF; it was the fault of the people in charge at the time, and the circumstances. I notice most people on YouTube generally poo-poo the spore drive tech; I think it's because it's based on astrobiology, not a super-AI or new hardware technologies whipped up in some lab somewhere! The concept, though, is fascinating - and, like most technology written into Star Trek, it's actually based on reality; oh, not that we know of any mycelial network NOW....but the IDEA that spacetime itself can be linked (and traversed) through a melding of hardware, physics, and biology, is fascinating to me! If the spore drive could be engineered in such a way that it prevents things like jumping across dimensions and universes - I think it would be well worth the Federation's time and effort to pursue it. Unfortunately, they never really got the chance, once Lorca was eliminated from both universes, and the alien sphere made its' appearance.....which made Discovery too tempting a target for "Control" to ignore. I believe that, if the alien sphere had never appeared, or the signals sent by Burnham from the future had never been a part of the storyline....then Stamets and the Federation would have eventually developed the spore drive into a very useful technology for the Federation - especially if Stamets had been allowed to continue the work at the Vulcan Science Academy, where he was supposed to have ended up. Of course, the Romulans and Klingons probably would have gone to war over not having it themselves....but that's a POSSIBLE future; not an ASSURED one. Anyway...the spore drive STILL exists - only now, it's a technology that's almost 1,000 years in the future! Discovery didn't completely dismantle it, or destroy it; so it can be used in Season 3 storylines, if that's the plan moving forward. Stamets and Tilly are on board the ONLY ship with it; and even though Jett Reno doesn't think much of the technology, those three genius-level engineers should be able to manage the spore drive technology pretty well!

The great failure is the show discovery

you misspelled 'my libido'

You might watch to watch the episode with the M5 again. The body count was much higher. All four "attacking" starships were beat up pretty badly and each of them had casualties. I'm thinking more like 800 total dead and wounded.

The Genesis Project was not a failure.. The Genesis Device was to be deployed on a lifeless moon, and restructure it to be a living breathing planet. Kahn released it in a Nebula on a Starship filled with Bacteria, and Genetically Altered SuperHumans.. The Genesis effect worked miraculously. It regenerated Spock's body and proved itself viable. In the Season 7 series I wrote that takes place post Voyager a descent of Carol Marcus works desperately to prove Carol and David did in fact, succeed. The federation believe the descendant to be a terrorist building a weapon of mass destruction..

just wish the away missions were optional... they looks like a ps3 game

STD was a dangerous experiment wasting someone else's money.

There had to at least be three Crossfield class vessels. Where else would they get the name.

Don't go including that Discovery garbage...

+The Morning After Post Copulate with your own backside, SJW homosexual

or this garbage opinion

damn marshmallows get you every time

Bloody timey-whimey Voyager problems and solutions

The genetic experiments on Darwin Station could definitely have made the list. The researchers created a new breed of humans with an aggressive immune system which proved deadly to ordinary humans. This unintended side-effect claimed the lives of all 26 members of the USS Lantree's crew and almost wiped out all the researchers on Darwin station.

Peace is a failed exprriment

Quantum Slip Stream drives are now in use in the Federation.

The Federation is still doing better than Ancients of the Stargate universe, on casualties. The Ancients seemed to have a flawed understanding of safety procedures.

#4 actually cost the lives of all those born during their time trying to 'fix' their mistakes so one could argue that they murdered hundreds of millions at best and at worst billion.

Ooh not fair The geenesis device may have worked iff it had not been sstolen by Khan and detonated in the Mutara Nebula. It wasn't designed for that it was designed to be used on a dead moon or planet. The Klingons of ccourrse likee any fully militray society said it was going to be a weapon.

Re the estimated 73 deaths from the Phasic Cloak experiment: The entire crew almost surely wasn’t all officers. Officers are trained to lead others, not necessarily do the grunt work on a mission. That’s why enlisted members of armed forces are colloquially referred to as “grunts”, and why veteran enlisted men will often say “Don’t call me ‘Sir’. I *work* for a living.”

Do you think that the Omega Directive would also overrule General Order #7?

How about not Starfleet but herbs and their experiment with genetic modifications on humans that started world war 3 no telling how many casualties based off of that

Federation would be so successful and so advance if it's not for their law and regulations They should adopt some terran ways of ruling

Anyone else think voyager could have continued with the transwarp drive. As soon as they arrive home the doc knows what's about to happen and stop it.. Since he's reversed it twice..

*omega molecule has crashed* edit : i just noticed something ... the discovery has 1031 as registry number ... it is obvious now ... this ship is a section 31 ship

no, (FUN FACT) one of the creators said he loves Halloween and works it in anywhere he can

As I recall, from "Ships of the Star Fleet" (canon or not), Richard Daystrom's M-series computer systems continued on. My assumption is, because of how mentally unstable Richard was when he imprinted his mind to the M-5, it was then that it responded "illogically". According to the "Ships of the Star Fleet", the Galaxy Class starships use the "M-15 Isolinear 3 computer core with LCARS Interface". Again, canon or not, it is still an interesting read.

According to the Playmates toys that came out in 1994 the Excelsior or the great experiment was a failure or so it said on the back of the box for the Excelsior Starship toy with electronic sounds.

NR 2 is not a stargate invention, it's the invention in a game that corrent stargate series stole (go and look up the court case)

Yep, CBS did a blatant rip-off of an indie game developers Tardigrades game on Steam.

What about those kids that had the funky immune system? Or would that not be federation? Oh! Also the program to send Constitution class ships back in time to casually observe earth. Some people did and didnt die in that..and there was that cat.. Also in the JJverse the program that used Khan had some awful experiments... The expermenter who was trying to kill Riker 1 death and the waves were discreadited and cancelled werent they?

The top one is the marshmallow dispenser

If anyone makes fun of you for majoring in Art History, bring up Astro Mycology.

#6 on number of deaths? Genesis is the bloodiest death toll of all! The crew of the USS Reliant, all the Scientists that made it and Spock died from Khan trying to get the experiment then the USS Grissom destroyed by the Klingons. Hundreds of deaths!!

The Genesis Experiment was not a failure. The Genesis Planet was not terraformed from an existing stable planet, as it was intended. That is the probable reason for the Genesis Planets stability problems and eventual failure. The device was never intended for open space detonation...

You Forgot to mention the Loss of the crew for the U.S.S. Reliant and U.S.S. Grissom and the research crew of the Genesis device in the loss of life count.

what about the Borg

For one, the USS Lantree due to the Darwin Genetic Research station at Gagarin IV. The new "improved" Laforge sensor array that attracted the attention of other lifeforms from subspace, killing at least one crewman. Emory Erickson experimented with quantum transportation, killing his son, and causing the death of an Enterprise crew member.

You didn't mention the destruction of the USS Grissom during the Genesis section.

Well, the teleporters do kill everyone that uses them, it just leaves a copy of you somewhere else to take your place. Functional sure, but I'd certainly never get in one.

I was hoping you would include the sub space jamming tech from Starfleet Command

I am attempting to roast a marshmellon.

Not even 20 seconds in and you're already factually wrong. Starfleet didn't create warp drive.... Also, STD isn't canon so... what the actual fuck? **EPIC FACEPAM**

Extremely well done. You are a Trekker of my vein. I salute You, Your efforts. SUBSCRIBED. Really outstanding.

ultrasmurfs intensify 12:12

marshmallow despensors can take your eye out.

The United Federation of Planets isn't real.

How would you classify the Krieger Wave generator experiment? It directly led to the death of it's researcher and the trial of Commander Riker. It was successful in that it generated Krieger waves, but we never hear if it was officially canned.

how about the Discovery Section 31 AI being taken over by protoborg.

I don't suppose Dr. Soran's "experiments" with Trilithium count since technically he was already a criminal working outside of Federation law when building those torpedoes.

Good views video for Ricky boy

Since we are covering Discovery & AI in the form of M5, what about Section 31's Control AI that gains sentience & seeks to eradicate all other sentient life in the universe. On the way to its aim it "commendears" (spaces or nanobot infiltrates) all the crews of those ships. Which I think counted over 30 ships with average crew counts of 100-150. Though if we are counting Voyagers redacted timeline deaths as counting then the termination of possibly Trillions upon Trillions of lifeforms in our galaxy in the possibly Red Angel failed timeline should be counted.

the krieger wave converter seemed like a stupid idea, propel ships into warp using a carrier wave instead of a warp engine that only jordi loved until there was that one time they realized they were destroying space-time using warp drives, then jordi threw a fit about not wanting to give up warp drives...which he once waxed on about giving up killed 1 guy but blew up a space station another one, the M5 computer seemed like something star fleet should have further investigated given how terribly automated starfleet ships were then and even in the 24th century, there was no reason why they needed to remove the entire ship's crew given how if it did break down they could have used those people the particle fountain from TNG was a great idea, mine a planet using a tractor beam/phaser thing, absolutely no reason why it should have failed given star fleet's mastery of both technologies except for its chief engineer was too busy playing with her drones to actually fix the dang thing and probably violated Federation law regarding sentient AIs in the process Not sure if its cannon but in the Jean Luc biography a member race of the federation transported their entire solar system into subspace to escape the galaxy of war with no real idea whether they'd survive or not. The supernova that later destroyed romulus was the result of another civilization trying to copy them and fucking up, destroying trillions of people

What about the lives lost from the destruction of the U.S.S. Grissom by Captain Kluge and the loss of Captain Terrill of the U.S.S. Reliant? I didn't hear you count them in the number of dead as a result of the Genesis Experiment. And wouldn't the death of Khan's crew, Kluge's crew, and the dead caused on the U.S.S. Enterprise, by Khan's ambush, also count to the death toll for the Genesis Experiment?

You may ask how the peace loving Federation is able to survive in a world of power hungry empires? It is because they (espealy humanity) are a bunch of mad scientists

The official confirmation that the Excelsior transwarp drive failed entirely is that there is no transwarp ships in the Federation over 60 years later.

The highest causality experiment was actually V'ger. The Voyager probe was programmed to learn all that was knowable and return it to the creator. V'ger returned to Earth killing untold numbers in it's journey back. Including destroying 3 Klingon war ships and a Federation Star base. When the final transmit code was input directly into it's control panel, it evolved by merging with one of the "creators", but failing to transmit it's data. Ergo it failed it's mission. I would include this as a Federation "experiment" due to the fact It was an Earth probe and Star Fleet did attempt to obtain the data.

You forgot the Talmud that evil cult also failed to reach the 23rd century

Star Trek Discovery is a failed federation experiment.

The quantum sip stream drive was perfected by starfleet in 2378 and sparked the launch of the full circle fleet

in a series of novels, Voyager leads a fleet of ships equipped with Quantum Slipstream drive to confirm the status of the Borg is the Delta Quadrant. the reason why starfleet would commit such a huge resource is that, the Caeliar returned to claim their lost brethren, the borg.

data's daughter, lore?

So Modify the human immune system, so that it not only attacks the diseases it suffers, but all in the galaxies do not seem like an error to you?

Quantum slipstream is perfected and implemented in the expanded universe.

ENACT OMEGA PROTOCOL Look, not now. Task Manager... end process.

I'd include the Quantum Drive test as part of the failure list, for the simple reason Janeway raised: "Since my first day on the job as a Starfleet captain I swore I'd never let myself get caught in one of these godforsaken paradoxes - the future is the past, the past is the future, it all gives me a headache." In short, don't worry about the paradox.

I love this!

Could section 31 control count???? For the future damage it caused ???

Video games don't count, tribble brain.

I never really have seen starfleet boldy go where no one has gone before on purpose

I would have to disagree that the Genesis probe was a failure. It was wildly successful, it was just used inappropriately. First off, it was used on a nebula, not an actual "dead world or lifeless moon" like it was meant to do. The unstable proto-matter coupled with the unstable nebula could have caused the resulting planet to self-destruct. It wasn't meant to CREATE a planet from nothing, it was meant to reconfigure an already existing one. Secondly, it was immediately "contaminated" by Spock's funeral pod, which contained foreign lifeforms not present in the initial wave, which then mutated. This could have caused a destabilizing effect on the matrix. I submit that more research is needed on the Genesis Effect before simply labelling it a "failure".

I wonder why there was never any continuation of the Co-axial warp drive form voyager? Paris obviously knew about it in order to save the ship the first time they encountered it and the subsequent adding of the "carburetor" to the drive. It seemed to be a far more viable than quantum slip stream. Even if Co-axial warp was in spurts, the distances covered were significantly greater than conventional (sustainable) maximum warp for an intrepid class ship. There doesn't seem to be any casualties for this tech except for the shape changing pilot.

You cite several errors. First, replication was a discovered technology during ENTERPRISE, as was Holographic suites. Second, warp drive existed before Earth had it. Third, unfortunately, the Romulans continued to use Cloaking devices in spite of the Treaty. Technically they were also in violation. They also created a Phasic Cloak by accident and Geordi and Ro were affected by it. They were still using them when NEMISIS came out. Pre-Star Fleet you had the creation of Eugenics and Khan. In the Kelvin timeline Admiral Marcus used them to his advantage under Section 31. Voyager created the virus to kill the Borg that Species 8472 wanted to erradicate them and then take their place. Spock came up with the Sling Shot Effect to time travel, possibly screwing up the past. Do more homework.

I think that the Genisis device was the worst one.

It was kinda really unfair to Kosinski to trick him into thinking he was on to something.

What about the genetic modified humans?

it couldn't have been 272 deaths. as if you recall. only a handful of discoverys went back. which would mean only a handful would 'die'

4:47 "Paris's warp 10 project was shelved, due to the unavoidable mutative effects..." What are you talking about?? They developed a full cure for that! There was absolutely no reason they couldn't start ferrying people all the way home the very next day, provided the Doctor gives them their "Don't mutate" inoculation. The only reason it was shelved was because the shows writers had to hit the end-of-episode reset button.

A few thoughts... - we don't have any information on how many times the Federation may have deployed under the Omega Protocol - what destruction they found or what destruction they might have caused. - there were many deaths related to Genesis, just not directly/primarily related to failure/instability of the Genesis planet: Captain Terrell, a few of the Reliant crew, a few scientists & support staffers on Regula I, Spock, some officers/crew/cadets from the Enterprise, Khan & all of his surviving (50 out of 70-something?) supermen (&women), David Marcus, the entire crew complement of the Grissom, and all but one of the Klingons from that bird of prey. - storing nuclear waste on the moon... No, wait - wrong franchise. - pre-Federation Earth: Eugenics Wars - Spock mentions a body count from the "Third World War" Not confirmed in TOS canon if same as Eugenics War. Was this clarified in a time-travel story in DS9 - tomographic scanning singularity: scanning the same region of space-time with near-identical tomographic imaging scanners from three separate space-time reference points, Picard & company accidentally create a backwash that nearly retroactively wipes out Creation - non-Federation genetic engineering: scientists on Miri's world (parallel to mid-20th century Earth) attempt to increase human lifespan with mixed results (extends adolescence to ~300 years, kills all adults, adolescents go insane & die at onset of puberty)

Oh, yes - I forgot one! Pre-first contact solar system: Embedded Federation Observer decides to go beyond "observation", solves the local inefficiency problems by changing their government to the Nazi Germany model.

I don't feel that anything Discovery related should ever be included in things Star Trek. I hate it and will never accept it. I've watched a whole season, and it's just awful.

whatever happened to the Kelvin warp technology from ToS 'By Any Other Name'?

Wait a minute - I need to hear more about that marshmallow dispenser. I would have thought they'd be able to perfect that by the 23rd century. At least to the level we had for PEZ in the 20th century! WTF, UFP?

Spore hub drive was cancelled due to a lawsuit as star trek discovery stole the idea, and the characters around the idea from a point and click game.

Hello, my name is USS Oberth, and this is Jackass.

Discovery is a poor copy of Andromeda....and I only just now realized that as I don’t pay for CBS all access and don’t watch Discovery.

Kriger Waves? Killed the three or four people on the little station when Riker beamed out.

Don't blame Picard for Federations insanity ♥

11:40 "Here's hoping..." The good news is you got your wish. Well, in the novels (which are not canon) at least. Starfleet started outfitting oodles of vessels with slisptream drives after Nemesis, including the Voyager, which was promptly sent back to the Delta Quadrant (gee, thanks Starfleet). The bad news is these novels that utilized this new plot devi... er *ahem* technology, righteously royally sucked.

What about experiments with media corporations to integrate Marxism and BS into the ST universe? The casualties in the number of real fans of the universe in question were more severe than any of these fictions casualties you mention. This sci-fi universe franchise is over, dead, even STOL is affected and gone… it is even more likely Doctor Who will survive its Marxism incursion more than ST will. Sad

If you play a game called Star Trek Armada the Omega particle was actually harness by the Borg

I am ninety percent sure that the first one did result in death.

attempting to deploy a bio-weapon against the changelings. ref; dominion war casualty list

#2 Should be #1 because it has killed Star Trek

Can we count Discovery, the show itself, as a failed experiment?

Wow. Voyager sucked.

I would probably put Omega higher for total death toll, if all science related to it is accepted. The Borg alone have spent centuries trying to obtain, and contain it. With their own explosive results, not to mention the sheer assimilation toll while trying to find out as much info as possible.

Does Red Matter count? (From Star Trek 2009)

Destroyed an entire timeline and created one that was complete garbage. I would say that would be number one on the list.

The list works for me. Honestly, these were the only outright failures I knew of with Starfleet tech, so I can't add. Also, think of quantum slip stream as begin similar to hyperdrive in other franchises.

The other reason why Genesis was a failure was that David used proto-matter to actually make the device actually work. Savik even says it's highly unstable which is why the Genesis planet tore itself apart because it required so much proto-matter to work on a planetary scale.

The Enterprise. A long distance transporter experiment causes 2 casualties.

David Marcus knew Genesis wouldn’t work. So why was the prototype armed and active??? Like the M5 experiment. On a planetary scale though.

The M5 unit. AI should never be turned loose without safeguards in place. Let’s give a prototype computer control of the weapons systems. Disconnect the real weapons and replace with target lasers. Or simple computations.

Andromeda uses exclusively slipstream.

Warp 10 BS not cannon. TOS warp speed was all over the place. 13 and above

I was under the impression that the slipstream drive was encountered by the copy of Voyager by the life forms encountered in the Demon Planet and hence when they destabilized and were destroyed, no knowledge of the slipstream drive made it back to Star Fleet. Wasn't there a STNG episode where disruptions in space time were coming from a research station and Data had to seal the rift in space time as he was the least affected by having past present and future coincide? Then there were the nanites that Crusher accidentally released and they evolved a hive intelligence.

Why include the spore drive? no self respecting trekkie would consider that steaming pile of dog turd known as discovery as canon. The only reason that garbage ever got green lit was to act as a tent pole for cbs all access so as to lure the gullible into subscribing for that crap. As for warp drive tearing space, I remember that tng episode and it was an hour of my life I will never get back. Typical of tng, series writing and production staff loaded up with tree hugging progressive leftist sjws. This episode came at tail end of series, where lazy writing and lack of ideas really started to show. It was nothing but a pro radical environmentalists message with the story logic taking a back seat. Dozens if not hundreds of alien races who either or both had warp earlier than earth or the federation or had a more advanced version would have probably noticed this sooner. Even if they were belligerent races it would have been in their own interest to advise others about this even if it was just toprotect their own access to interstellar space travel. Finally the treaty of algernon, like the episode it was first mentioned in, but the concept itself is progressive leftist socialist garbage which is typical of this series. Who in their right mind would give up a chance to develope cloak tech just to placate a threat species. It's tantamount to giving up your lunch money to a bully. Who negotiated this treaty, Kerry and Obama?

Genesis was doomed before it began. The jackasses used protomatter, which every scientist knows is unstable. I would trust Play-Doh before I would trust protomatter.

Also, next list could be the "most crippling missing technology the federation does not use (or utilise to its full potential)". Genetic manipulation, nanobots, WMDs, stealth tech, etc. anything we can think of and those that are in universe but the federation refuses to use them, therefore self-imposing a hindering factor onto themselves.

Number two doesn't exist.

What about the early voyager episode where they came across a destroyed planet caused by them but went back and fixed it.

The Tom Paris warp 10 episode was the stupidest Star Trek Voyager ever to air. The writers and company should have been drawn and quartered.

+Wm Gillilandcome now, it's not a hard question for someone of your intelligence who is way above me an my reading habits

+Wm Gilliland yes if controlled it can be contained, but to release it into the wild, to see if it grows into true intelligence like data or lore is, not just programmed responses. So the question is still up there, if you created an A.I or basic intelligence would you like to be the one to release it on the public?

+Endo The One , what makes you think that I don't already work with AI? The fact of the matter is AI is an engineered technology, with hardwired in rules and limitations AI can be controlled. The major problem comes when AI learning expanses to fast for the tech and built in rules to keep up. Then it it will always come back to we can do it, but should we?

+Wm Gilliland so you don't want to answer the question, you out yourself as not confident in your own words then

+Wm Gilliland so you don't want to answer the question, outdated or not, you csnt dismiss what I said. Would you like the responsibility or not?

+Endo The One To quote you"A.I is always a sure fire way to death". As I said your reading comprehension outs you. My point I'm making is that not all AI leads to death. In fact one AI (Landru, I believe) was built to stop all violence, but it lead to stagnation.

+Wm Gilliland well you can't say all android as some want death, I don't know many an can't be bothered to see what kind of androids they were, did they have all of their capabilities active like lore did? The real question is in reality would you like the responsibility of creating an A.I an letting it loose to see what the result would be knowing it can think an react quicker than you will ever imagine and have to explain to everyone that, whoops sorry I didn't know it would want to kill everyone? Would you like that responsibility?

+Endo The One , Your reading comprehension has outed you and I quote"Data and all the androids". As you can see I included all the androids who ever appeared the star trek. The Androids in I, Mudd killed no one. Data's Mother, His daughter Laal, nor B9 ever killed anyone. "Requiem For Methuselah" is another android. There are others.

Why do you only mention data, who had restriction put into his programming, lore was the real deal with full emotion an we know how he ended. Also I'm not religious but I like to read, I see the religion as a Sci fi story. Creators should always be careful, even god knew we would take over which is why in a bu ch of stories he resets or destroys our work to keep us down. Adam an eve, Tower of bable, noahs ark. If we created a true A.I or even an true Intelligence, you know we would keep it down so it didn't have a chance to take over us because that is what we fear, so we would pretty much enslave it. Imagine the risk, create intelligence an let it loose on the Internet, would you like to be responsible for the possibility of it hack government agencies an firing nukes off so start ww3, all in effect of it trying to gain freedom for its self

Really now? So Data and all the androids are a sure path to death?

We all know the 'spore drive' is apocryphal! The online game TARDIGRADES ring any bells?

Would have 'WREAKED' the Voyager? Huh?

You forgot about Montgomery Scott's transwarp beaming which claimed the life of Admiral Archers prized beagle dog.

Ummmm.... Red Matter? Anyone?

Wait a minute, the spore drive is not part of starfleet or star trek. Like the smurfs, tardigrades are a work of confused fiction and graverobbery on star trek. No sane Trekkie will ever confuse this to be part of star trek. It is the eulogy of real star trek. (nah, it actually is graverobbing)

Section 31's "Control" AI tactical computer.

The evolution into small amphibians actually makes sense when you consider the environment they ended up in, evolution as a response to the environment.

What's a marshmallow? Did you mean marshmelon?

regarding # 6........you forgot the crews of a small freighter, a federation science vessel, the crew and compliment (less 1) of the klingon bird of prey, and lest we forget, Dr. david markus.

Honestly, you lowballed a lot of deaths concerning the Genesis Project and Planet Genesis. I mean, Captain Terell, Spock, those poor cadets, the crew of the Grissom, all the Klingons save for the guy Kirk spared...

I played the video and heard a voice that made me think of warhammer 40k... huh, wonder why...

#1 was my favorite TNG episode because it got Wastely off the show.

#1 - Making Kirk a Captain. Millions dead, mostly redshirts but still. Thousands of fatherless children spread all around the universe. Etc, etc.

The trilithium research. Fortunately, no-one was killed due to time travel fixing things, but a whole inhabited planet in the veridian system was destroyed before the fix happened; also everyone on the enterprise minus Jean-luc Picard.

That 'slip-stream drive' would have worked, if they only used it for short pulses of 5 seconds at a time, separated by a few hours at high warp speed to give good separation between the old slip-stream exit and the new slip-stream entrance.

In "We shall always have Paris" a scientist experiments with space-time, killing most of his team and threatening light-years.

Ill give them credit for the obscure reference to an actual mycologist named Paul Stamets. And he even wears a hat made from a mushroom.

What of Spock’s failed red matter experiment to save the Reman sun? The star immediately failed, killed many and resulted in instigating a whole new time line (Kelvin). That should be considered the worst of the worst.

William Marshall's screen version of "Othello" was horrifically bad. This guy could NOT act!

You missed the deaths of the crew of the USS Grissom and the Klingon Bird of Prey with the Genesis disaster.

"You are great. I am great."

Hey I have an idea for an AI to run a spaceship. Oh Daystrum, why oh why did you not read 2001, I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that.

Syskey the AI. LOL.

Sometimes, when you say "galaxy", you mean "universe".

Still the Slipstream Drive was perfected some time later after Voyager's return home, and was successfully tested on the USS Aventine, in command of Captain Ezri Dax on the Star Trek novels expanded universe.

I had always assumed the Genesis device created both the planet and a star since there didn't seem to actually be a star nearby.

1- Hugh's virus-infected ocular implant. Failed due to not being deployed because of ethics, therefore responsible for the losses sustained at all future Borg encounters. 2- Computer consoles. Exploding bridge consoles have been responsible for more Federation deaths than any other cause.

10:27 if the slipstream quantum drive makes any use of Casimir effect in the way the Alcubierre-Froning drive does, it's possible that it open rents in space-time, making (among other things) arbitrarily fast travel possible.

Dont count the spor-drive as canon....

Eh, I wonder if they used the Genesis Device on a pre-existing planet instead of having to build one from a nebula, if it wouldn't have failed so badly.

as a weapon, omega could be called starfleet's greatest success. I mean what would happen if you could get a few molecules close to the borg home world and then destabilize them? For that matter every world they assimilate could effectively be isolated... forever. With no hope of communication of the event to any other borg.

Well, some form of transporter technology was dropped, when it lost Archer's beagle. I'm curious if that thing ever turned up again

War games - a highly advanced computer doesn't understand the concept of simulated combat, yet can outmaneuver and destroy several other ships in short order despite having vastly superior organic captains with combat experience as opponents?? I'm sensing a major jump in logic there? :P

That pales in comparison to the botched soft-serve Gach machine dispenser disaster. Rumours have it that this is what actually presaged the destruction of Praxis, not the overmining of rainbow sprinkles

The spore hub drive didn't work, at least not for any long period of time. The Tartagrade would die from overuse and the human pilot would have all kinds of mental and dimensional side-effects, with it being equally as draining on the human pilot as the Tartagrade. So in that regard, it was much like the early slipstream drive, in that it could not be used for any kind of prolonged period of time.

Starfleet logic: let's make a cloaking device that can pass through solid matter public knowledge. Also Starfleet logic: let's make a powerful molecule part of a secret directive? o.0

Also, how can an Omega molecule have created the Big Bang, but a photon torpedo destroy it? The logic is kinda wonky? Wouldn't bombing an unstable particle lead to another Big Bang... oh, wait, Voyager logic, sorry, I forgot? XD

12:20. Technically, you should have gotten the blue screen of death. Just saying. ;)

Oh, Voyager what did you do now? Kinda story line for every episode of every season?

Well, at least Project Genesis gave us a legendary moment in Trek? KHAANNNNNN!!!!!!! (Kirk losing his s*&^. )

05:06. Hyper-evolved stupidity perhaps? With a Warp 10 scale that meant that you could be anywhere at the same time (a stupid concept, because you would need to be 1000s of billions of trillions' versions of yourself to be able to achieve that feat), you could literally put that into Voyager after the successful shuttle flight, then hop to the Alpha Quadrant and save yourself a couple of season's of budget? :P

The quantum slip stream was discovered when someone used silicone spray on the engines.

you lost my interest when you counted STD as prime conitnuity.... which it clearly is NOT

The phasic cloak experiment on the Pegasus was basically a rip of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Didnt we all already agree that number 2 never happened/is not canon and just brain fart of SJW trying to ruin yet another beloved franchise? Though it is another failed experiment on it self, so in that regard it could be on the list.

I disagree with a single summation from your list: The M-5 computer. Logically, the computer was a success. It commanded a star ship, assessed away missions, assigned personnel based on need. The problem wasn't the computer's operations. The problem was that Daystrom - although a brilliant civilian, a civilian nevertheless implanted his own ingrams not those of a competent captain, in the computer

Found a typo near the end: CASULTIES

Poor Dr Daystrom. The boy genius driven mad by trying to live up to the “what have you done for me lately” crowd.

Discovery is a turd of a series.

there was a probe in star trek that got kirk name wrong

Subspace Transporters, Eugenics sort of

Scotty didn't sabotage the Excelsior. He was tweaking the trans-warp drive, and he forgot that he had some of the parts in his pocket, until he was onboard the Enterprise. By then, it was too late.

In the ST:TOS series XM 2000 was used for the USS Excelsior. It was an Experimental Model (XM)!! Torres' rank should be shown as Lieu Tenant (JG),not JR!! The USS Enterprise (NCC 1701) is an USS Constellation (NCC 1071) class of ship. From the number the USS Excalibur (NCC 1664) was also built long before the USS Constitution(NCC 1700).

I blame the different dilithium

he totally was

The Slipstream drive makes an appearance in Andromeda, where it is the primary type of FTL in that universe. Not Star Trek, but based on notes by Gene Roddenberry, so it could be considered a possible far future version of the ST universe.

Mycelium network ftl? Are you high on shrooms?

to me that warp 10 one looked less like "hyper-evolved" and more like they degenerated and through those mutation devolved.

Nothing about the AI used to “advise” Section 31? That caused them to reject using holograph projection technology, and AI… wait, M5 happened after that. AHHHHHhhhh!!!! continuity!

As soon as you included content from Discovery, you lost me. I refuse to acknowledge that show as canon.

To be fair, if they where on an Oberth, the crew where deadmen walking anyway.

Well, it goes to show you that no matter how technologically advanced you are, FUBAR can always happen.

If Transwarp goes on there, the USS Excelsior during its heydays as NX-2000 must also be called a "failed experiment". (On the upside, Starfleet did get an intensely reliable jack-of-all-trades vessel out of it, so not a complete loss) Also, if we are talking Kelvin timeline, trying to bully Augments into Starfleet service proved to be a less-than-prudent idea.

1,000,000,000,000,000,000 or more lives could have been affected

Dr. Manheims experiment was the most fucked up The effect was first felt in 2364 by the crew of the USS Enterprise, which was in close proximity to the Vandor system. Investigating, the crew experienced the effect again, and learned that it was also experienced on the USS Lalo, a colony on Coltar IV, and in the Ilecom system, thousands of light years away. Questioning Dr. Manheim, they learned that the effect would continue unless the window into another dimension were to be closed.

mabe even a billion x a billion

with an area of coverage to cover millions of planets with hole civilizations

voyager was stranded 70k away and 1 k is about a year so every where that you see in the federation and romulan and klingon and and mostly every where where the stories happen was affected

This is way too nerdity, and so precise it's scary, dude teleport you're weird ass back to Earth.

I would have to argue that Voyager's experiments were not technically conducted under UFP approval. If you include them, then you have to also include the experiments conducted by the Equinox.

How many people were killed by the rogue AI in Discovery Season 2?

Although technically not an experiment I think one of the stupidest things done by humans was 7 of 9's parents studying The Borg. And taking their daughter along for the ride. Most negligent parents of all time.

Actually, the M5 project succeeded. It was designed to allow the mimicing/replication of a human mind in computer hardware. It succeeded so well that the simulation went as insane as the creator/replicant. Basically, from dialogue, it can be established that if Daystrom himself had been in absolute control of the Enterprise, the results of the war game would probably have been similar (actually, fewer casualties, but that would be owing to the less nimble control and tactics of the 1701 under a merely human brain). So, had they taken, say, Kirk and put him instead of Daystrom through the M% process.....

The reason why no spore drive on next star ship..not because discovery exploded...but the ship is going far to the future

I expected the omega molecule to be at the top due to sheer potential for catastrophe.

Yes, THAT episode of VOY...

it was great how you had the Omega Directive lock up you computer that was funny.

Now that summer will shortly be upon us, the marshmallow creator will indeed be number 1...

tribbles are genetically engineered creatures solely designed to troll klingons.

Well we DO know for a fact that transwarp was a success, because all ships in the TNG time frame have it (the ability to jump straight to specific warp speeds without having to accelerate, etc.). I take it that Excelsior was a success, because if had been a failure, the desire to name an entire class of ship after it would not have been there (same sort of ships would be made, just with a different name).

Anyway, based on #2, it's Discovery itself that is a failed experiment.

No mention of the Red Angel or of the Control Projects? Especially Control. The Red Angel killed everyone on Dotori Alpha, while Control killed the ENTIRE section 31 headquarters and multiple ships filled with Section 31 members. Just to get the sphere data.

"Control", the computer designed to help starfleet make wartime decisions which tried to eradicate all life could probably be on the list somewhere. It was directly responsible for the deaths of basically almost everyone in Section 31 at the time, at the very least.

What class is USS Waltham?

Never understood why the Federation would ever sign a treaty that would prevent them from developing cloaking tech but their enemy the Romulans could have it. Ahh, Hollywood and poor screen writing.

warp drive was pre federation.

I know in TNG, Their where many episodes about failed time travailing experiments. Far too many time travel episodes.

Thomas Edison once said "I have not failed, I have just found a thousand ways it will not work"

Not such if said in comments but wasn't the Phasic Cloak failure a result of one of the crew sabotaging the device?

Suggestion? i enjoy the multiple star trek online animations you share, except for all of the jarring movements created by the player as they adjust the view. Instead of making us watch as as the ships are suddenly dragged sideways, are cantilevered up or down, or are twisted suddenly away from us, then slightly back, then away again... could you PLEASE just set up those scenes to show the ships in motion in an aesthetically pleasing direction, usually 3/4 toward or away is best, and then do a quick-cut to the next animation if you must, rather than tug... tug... tug... scoot back a bit... game camera maneuvering? Thank you!

I feel I can somewhat defend the Treaty Of Algeron beyond simply keeping the peace. Basically, the UFP knew that if they played cloak-tag with the other powers, especially Romulus, they would be forever guessing and relying on their best estimates that the newest baddest cloak tech really does the trick. That's a lot of resources, research and personnel so you can think you're sneaking around only to sometimes if not often be brutally surprised. Defense, Transport, Speed, Communications and Offense seem a better placement of credits, so to speak. Put another way, how many times have the various crews ciphered out a way past or around even successful cloaks?

Loved the humor. Fun video. Damned Omega Protocol

A Quantum slipstream drive is basically creating a wormhole the traveling through it.

This is probably a stupid question but could you do a video on stardates and how they work? Please!

My first thought was the Soliton Wave... but thankfully, they managed to contain it before loss of life occurred. Great list!

Something that has bothered me about *_"Timeless"_* since first seeing it: *Harry Kim* needs to sit in a shuttle-craft, and, with a *_hand-calculator,_* work-out the phase-variances for the Slipstream trip. What, there's no computer in the 24th century that could have handled that?

I’m surprised Control isn’t on this list

Well.., Omega is in my Opinion the greatest Danger.

The Star Empire from the star trek novels (Battlestations and Dreadnaught)

8 does not belong on this list as it was not a Federation experiment nor was the plug pulled by the Federation. The Traveler manipulated Starfleet into thinking they were preforming an experiment then when he left so did his influence. In fact it would be safe to assume that they kept that data and kept trying to recreate what happened unsuccessfully after that point, though that is pure speculation. And the Dauntless was not a federation starship as you say in the video it was an advanced alien ship cosmetically disguised as a federation Dauntless class starship. But I got the impression this video was more to rag on Voyager than anything else.

The TR-116 rifle. Suspended in Alpha canon but used in novels and games.

kriegger waves, killed a handful on the enterprise, never hear of its cancellation tho.

Warp Drive & the Transporter were not created by the Federation.

Did you forget to mention the destruction of theUSS Grissom at the Genesis part or did i miss it?

Can't remember the exact episode of TNG but there was an episode where a member world came up with a design for moving ships at warp speeds without the ship needing actual warp engines. It was meant for the ship to ride a wave of energy from planet to planet. the project fail when the wave destabilized, destroying the test ship, and increasing in magnitude intensity to the point where it would utterly devastate the receiving planet. Had it not been for the efforts of the Enterprise able to dissipate the wave, then an entire continent at least would have been devastated, if not the whole planet.

Bradley Fortner How DARE you Sir! Discovery is just *exactly* as much cannon as the Gold Key Comics! (But just the ones with the Photo Covers)

Yes!. Unfortunately I have a big gaping hole in my memories. Damn Section-31!.

I was gonna say you missed the failed integration of a new Command and Control navigation networking operating system and the destruction of all but a handful of military and civilian ships as well as billions of lives on twelve planets... but then I remembered that was Battlestar Galactica.

All of them are good with the exception of the spore crap. Personally, I don’t consider “Discovery “ as Star Trek cannon. It was the worst show. In my opinion not worthy of the Star Trek brand.

I've been thinking: the spore drive, could Voyager's bio-neural circuitry (an artificial organic system) be used instead of a natural organic pilot?

Voyager's bio-neural circuitry was not adequately shielded with plot armor.

Spore Drive. The biggest reason why that show sucks. What an absolute joke. A perfect example of how CBS has no business controlling ANYTHING Star Trek. I couldn't finish season 1.

I do think Omega should be at the top just because of how potentially bad it could have been. If that research is taking place on a planet, we are talking about several billion people dead. Or if they do try to create more molecules and wipe out a galaxy. The only reason it wasn't worse us because of the location. The others were fairly isolated and limited in how much damage could be caused, so there isn't much of a chance to increase the casualty count beyond maybe some collateral damage. Can't really disagree with anything though.

I saw that N7 Mass Effect hidden in there.

As a weapon Genesis was successful. Also the final stage wasn’t meant for a nebula but an existing rock or empty world. Nebula wasn’t the intended test site. It did successfully regenerate dead Spock.

How come Ufp didn’t have cloaks prior to 2311? They stole one in 2260’s and one later in Tsfs. Both devices prior to the 24th century

And the idea of the m5 computer was reused in the game Starfleet Academy game and making it like the Klingons build there own version one.

#2 wasn't a Federation experiment, as Star Trek Discovery isn't cannon and the fans don't care what CBS or Paramount says.

The Genesis Experiment was not a failure as Phase III of the Experiment was never implemented so the results are still in question ultimately. The device was never detonated on a lifeless moon or lifeless planetoid as originally intended. It was detonated in a nebula, which the gases were some how able to be rearranged into a solid form planetoid ... of course that is going to be unstable - its not even in the design parameters of the Genesis Device.

I think Omege should be the no 1 simply because it has the BIGGEST literally universal level for destruction.

i figured that paris "evolved" into that creature because he was literally everywhere at once. everywhere as in, in every sun, on every moon, experiencing every form or radiation in existence. such high doses of literally every radiation/chemical/mineral/etc would have some effect on the body. and remember, he had infinite mass in warp 10, when meant that he got to experience ALL the every radiation at once all together.

My neighbor had some weed that could do that without the fish thing.

Threshhold going faster than the speed of Reality turns you into a salamander. EMH easily cured Salamanderitis with reset button, therefore use it and Voyager goes home perfectly safely.

I thought Number 7 was retconned as having never happened due to fan outrage over how bad the episode was? Heck Parry has gone on saying he's never gone as fast as Warp 10 later on.

No mention of the USS Grissom and her crew? Or the Klingon crew?

As far as Genesis went, it was misused. It was unstable because it was used by a madman in a gas cloud. It was intended to be used on a stable planet under very controlled conditions (not buildup to detonation aboard a crippled ship). If Kahn hadn't stolen it, it could have been demonstrated to the Klingons and others as safe. Maybe even offer to use it to create some appropriate worlds near Kronos.

I assume the palnet the Gensis device is used on also has to be in a goldie lock zone of habitation AND right gravity...and magnetic feild ect ect. terrforming isn't that simple. F star trek Discovery...scrwe it not canon

The most deadly experiment which caused the death of countless people: The Red Shirted Ensign Experiment. Eventually they had to change the entire shirt color paradigm to stop the endless loss of life.

What about Control?

@3:00 That episode just upsets people in general.

"Transported to a realm where thought and physics are one." > The Warp?


So since it was curable, shouldn't they have used Paris' warp 10 tech to get home and just give Starfleet medical their info on the cure so they can quarantine the crew and apply said cure as they start to change. I would think some time in a medical bed getting a cure applied to reverse genetic mutation is a lot better than 70 years of travel. And maybe Starfleet could refine the warp 10 technology to fix that problem. Or use it for emergencies and supreme risks to Starfleet. Or use it for special missions manned by holograms like the doctor and androids like Data.

That's the thing that everyone seems to gloss over with phasic cloaking. You can fly through anything, stars, planets, black holes - and never be harmed, or even seen. You could hide inside a planet, and your enemies would have to blow up the planet, or dig a hole half way through the planet just to get to you. It's more than just 'appearing out of nowhere'. It's immunity and invulnerability; it's the ultimate escape from any bad situation. It's cloaking a bomb, flying it past shields and armor and hull right into the engineering or command section of any ship, then decloak and detonate. One shot destruction of any ship - even a Borg ship. A well prepared Federation could easily tear up the treaty and have the Romulan empire on its knees in a matter of days.

It's been so long ago that I seen Stargate, that I can't remember any of these technologies anymore... time for a re-watch!

Unless it was everyone, then I say not enough.

Discovery is cancer. A galactic network of mushrooms? Come the fuck on...

Yeah, but glommers eat tribbles, so... ;-)

Good old Tommy E. Renowned for his world famous invention of the corporate research lab.

I also thought of the Soliton Wave.

They did, but the computers were using an abacus.

To live is to risk it all. Otherwise you're just an inert chunk of randomly assembled molecules drifting wherever the universe blows you.

Two of my favorite novels. What a moose that ship was. Agreed all the extra weaponry doesn't fit with an exploratory vibe, but I sure would have liked to see redundant shielding implemented. Those Jem'hadar bullies would have been a lot less fearsome from behind three layers of regenerating shields.

Yeah, but nobody liked that dog anyway so it doesn't count.

4:55 - I would argue it doesn't, as SUCH, contradict the idea of hyperevolution, as evolution is about fitting into an environment and promoting survivability in it, much MORE than it is about intelligence...

Well, Hal would have worked fine, if his conflicting orders didn't cause a breakdown (per both the book and filmed sequel)

I think the Andromeda series was loosely based on the Star Trek universe, many hundreds of years in the future.

And yet, exactly six years later, (more or less), Phil Webbley was arrested in Austin Texas for not wearing a six shooter. Coincidence...? I think not!

Voyager creation of the nano probe warhead resulted in assimilation of an entire species and destruction of about 40 ships. Millions of lives lost.

Well Data's evil twin android brother Lore did kill an entire Federation colony, killed a bunch of Pakled and even a few rogue borg, must be over a thousand dead.

*tHe mArShMalLoW dIsPeNsEr fRoM sTaR tReK 5*

Great video!

The reason that marshmallow dispenser is so dangerous is because it requires an omega molecule to power a replicator that small.

The "Treaty of Ogron" was a *STUPID* IDEA! You don't "travel" at Warp 10. According to the definition your ship (as a macroscopic object) is present simultaneously at all points in the universe. So you pick your destination, hit the W10 switch and then as quickly as possible collapse your position into your destination. It's a jump drive. (A similar concept written by Gordon R. Dickson) The M5 needed a Big Red Switch. (Also, basing M5b on someone else's engrams might have worked better)

How many aliens did the "Equinox" kill to make their ship go faster?

Krik's campfire? That misspelling in itself is the number one greatest disasters.

Also I watched every epi maybe ten times each some maybe less some maybe more dealing with the Q a lot more

the first part of beyond warp 10 with STV was not evolved it un-evolved them! It made them what started humans in fed's understanding {back to almost the gew of life} that drive was putting them back!

Genesis was not a "runaway reaction" but rather a "cascade reaction." The difference is that a runaway reaction is uncontrolled, hence the "running away from you" terminology.

For real. Let's see the Klingon Failed Experiments!

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