7 Tested Ways to Learn English

7 Tested Ways to Learn English

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Hey everyone. Welcome. To the monthly review the monthly show on language learning where, you discover, new learning strategies, motivational. Tips new. Study tools and discover. New resources, by. The way all the lessons and bonuses, I'm about to mention are available, for you right now on the website so. Click, the link in the description, to sign up for your free lifetime account and, start speaking in, minutes okay. Today's, topic, is, technology. Meets technique, the 7 tested, timeless, ways to learn a language, what's. The best way to learn a language when. You first started, learning the language you probably, thought about this there, are a ton of study, methods, but, do they all work and are, they worth your time in, today's episode you're. Going to learn number, 1 the, 7 tested, learning techniques, and number, 2 the technologies. That you can use for each one. But. First listen up here, are this month's new lessons, and resources, first. The, brand new must know bow cab and phrases, for food ebook if, you love eating and learning languages, and want, to talk about food fluently, then, you'll love this new PDF, ebook, download. It right now next. The how's the weather PDF, cheat sheet if you, can't yet talk about weather in your target language then, you're missing out download, this cheat sheet to start speaking more then. There's, the top 15, ways to improve your listening skills, discover. The language learning hacks and tricks that will improve your listening skills in, minutes and finally. Learn, how to express negative emotions, with, this one-minute lesson, you master, the top 21, words for negative emotions, to. Get these free lessons and resources, just click the link in the description, below. Let's. Jump into today's topic, technology. Meets techniques the 7 tested, timeless, ways to learn a language so. For each of the 7 you get a learning, technique, and the. Technology, this, technology will help you learn how to apply, the technique, these. Learning methods and tools will help you get fluent faster, guaranteed. Alright, the first learning technique here is having, talking. Points, and the, technology, for it vocabulary. Lists, so. One, big problem most, beginners, have is you, run out of things to say your, vocabulary is limited you can't, talk about your interests, and you can't last long in a conversation, and the, solution talking. Points or topics, to talk about like. Whether food, or hobbies just. Imagine, a conversation. You, start with greetings you, move on to what you did over the weekend weekend. That's one talking point you went to a restaurant that's. Another talking point you can explore if you, know all the words and phrases for, these points you can speak more of the language so. How. Do you build a list of talking points use. Our free vocab, lists, our, vocab, lists give you all of the relevant words and phrases for, specific, topics sports.

Travel, Food, hobbies. Holidays, daily, routines if you, want to talk about food pull up the relevant vocab, lists, and you'll quickly learn all the necessary words, phrases, and questions, now. You can use food as a talking point in a conversation, then, you can jump over to weather or sports, the, more talking points you have the more you'll be able to speak number. 2 shadowing. A powerful. Way to speak more of the language the, technology, here is the, line by line dialogue. Shadowing. Is simply repeating, what you hear you, can apply this technique, with any resource, that has audio but if, you're using our lessons, listen. To a lesson dialogue read, along and try to read out loud and, shadow the native speaker, this, is a proven, technique, that will seriously, improve, your speaking and the, line-by-line dialogue. Tool makes, it easy for you to listen and shadow, one line at a time this, way you're not overwhelmed, by a fast native, level conversation. Okay. Technique, number three building. Your own language, profile, the technology, you'll want for this is the word bank first. What's a language profile, a language. Profile, is your personal, list of words and phrases that are relevant to you what. Do I mean by that let's. Say you're 20 years old you'll, want to talk about school your life your goals your weekend plans you'll, want to learn slang and if, you're 40 you don't want to talk about school right you, may want to talk about your kids your work and vacations, so. A language learning profile, is a list of words and phrases relevant, to you your, age where, you're from your culture, your interests, and your passions, if you're. Passionate about baseball. Then your profile, would have a list of words and phrases about the sport so. How. Do you build a profile if you're. Using our site use the word bank this, is your personal collection, of words when. You come across new words or phrases in our lessons or vocab, lists you can save them to the word bank and the, result is you have a collection, of words and phrases that match your interests and lifestyle your language learning profile, number. Four spaced. Repetition learning. A great. Way to learn new words fast the, technology, that helps you apply this method, is flashcards. But, first what spaced repetition learning. Imagine. You're sitting in front of a teacher they're, quizzing, you on vocabulary. By showing you flashcards. With the word on the front and the answer on the back if you don't know a word you'll see it again today and tomorrow, and again and again until you get it right but. If you get it right you'll, see it maybe in four days then, seven days then in 14 days that's. How spaced repetition works, you, review, words over a spaced amount of time so you never forget them this, is a powerful, method for memorizing, new vocab, and phrases but, you don't have to sort words and force yourself to review at later dates that's. Where the technology comes in the flashcards, if, you're using our website just, head over to our space repetition of flashcards to take advantage, of this learning method, the. Fifth technique focus. On the high frequency, words or the most common words first, the, technology, the, mm core word lists a list, of the mm, must know words and phrases so. Why is this technique powerful, well, the fact is there, are tons of words out there that you don't need to know if you're, a beginner you need to learn hello and how. Are you and not, random, words like aardvark, and cement, and with, the mm core word list you get 2,000. Carefully, selected, words and phrases broken. Down by category and this, is more than enough for conversational. Fluency, you, can learn the top 100, words first then, the, top 200 300. And so on until, you know them all remember. You can use flashcards, or the word bank to study them number. Six learning, with timely, relevant and cultural, lessons the technology, the, free daily dose of language app for the iPhone iPad and. Android, let's. Say today is a holiday like, Valentine's, Day or something seasonal like the start of spring something. Everyone, knows and talks about can, you talk about it in your target language the. Truth is most learners can't, they're. Not getting timely relevant, lessons, from their textbooks, or apps but. With, a daily dose of language app you get timely lessons, holiday, lessons and cultural. Lessons to improve your language and if, you can talk to a native speaker about a holiday or a cultural, point you're, making some, serious, language progress, what, makes this tools so powerful, is that it also keeps, you on track with daily reminders, you can download our daily, dose of language app for free on the site or search.

For It on the App Store or Google Play, all right. The 7th technique, is getting feedback from a native the, technology. One-on-one. Learning with your Premium Plus teacher so. Without, a doubt getting, feedback and corrections. Is the best language practice, you can get if you, have a Premium, Plus plan, you, can send questions have, casual, exchanges, or just practice with your teacher, they'll, send corrections, and feedback, so that you're always improving, your. Teacher will also send you a assignments, and they'll hold you accountable you. Can also record, yourself, and your teacher will do a voice analysis, they'll, tell you just how close you are to a native speaker and how, to improve and that's it. I'll. Write everyone in the last monthly review, we asked you to submit a video or audio file, of yourself speaking the language introducing. Yourself in the language so, thank, you to all of you that sent in submissions, you've, all received a, premium plus subscription, as a reward, now, let's, take a look at some of the videos. Ok, so I, am about to check out the audio files that you have all sent to us for this month so I'm very excited, to have a listen let's begin. Hey. Alicia. How are you doing, misery, I am from India have. Been learning English since one year with, the help of your YouTube channel, English calm. I, am. Learning English, to. Advance my career to. Improve my communication skills and to. Get better, job opportunities. Learning, English is very easy and fun and, I. Learn. English through your YouTube channel, watching. Movies TV, series and etc. Reading, books and, they. Are helping, me to improve my English and. Thank. You teacher once, again for. Improve my English with your YouTube, challenges, cosmonaut 1.com. Cool. Thanks, very much for this message that sounds like a good idea using, lots of media to, help you with your studies I think that's good because you pick up lots of really natural, expressions. That way so thank you so much for sending this that's really cool and good luck with your continued, studies that's, awesome, okay I'm gonna go to the next one, lay. Hello. Others show. How. Are you doing I hope you're doing great my. Name is Rajan. I'm. From, Columbia Columbia I. Think, I've been studying English for almost. Two years and, I've been watching your. Video. Lessons, for. Five. Or six months months. Maybe yeah, something, like that and, I'm just reading this because I'm really into like we just you know I love language again I want to learn many. Languages. And. Also and. Because. I. Want. To start just. Letting. Translation. One, of my. Long-term. Goals is, like. To. Leave and. Study. In Canada so, I really. Like to improve my English right, I. Focus. A lot in pronunciation, and in comprehension, you know because I think it's really hard to, understand. A series, or a TV show or anything right I think, you stop I think so hard but, anyway I just, kept trying in China, and. Yeah. I want to thank you because your channel, is amazing yes. It's, actually amazing, I love, your lessons, you're really, you're. Always trying. To keep us motivated, and.

That's, Amazing, you always. Teach allies no strategies. To keep, going and going so thank you so much I hope. Everyone. Loved you listen, aside as I do and thank you so much awesome, buddy. That. Was super nice that's really interesting message, I think so far that's the first person who's mentioned wanting. To study translation, in, the future and just having, a general interest in learning languages, that's really, really cool and thanks so much for the feedback about, our videos and the, stuff that we make so I'm really happy to hear that it's motivating, and it's useful so, thank you so much for sending this audio file that was awesome okay I'm gonna go to the, next one now. Hello, Alicia hello, English class one one team, my name is aroma, from Indonesia I am, 22, years old and I am a programmer, I, really. Have to improve my grammar and, pronunciation, because. In September I'm, going, to build a web application and. There. Is some foreign people in the team so I hope we do a good communication, and there, is no misunderstanding, right. Thank, You Ali sure thank you in this class 101 TM good, bye, oh. That's. A really good point like working in an international team, so when you're using English, as the common language among like your team members, it can be really important, to make sure like you're communicating clearly. Like. I've been a part of an international team like, we have an international team here, and it's, really good to like check, in with each other a lot if you ever think there's a misunderstanding but, that's so cool but you're thinking like I really, want to improve my grammar and my pronunciation. To avoid like any problems, or miscommunications. So that's cool and good luck with that cool 22, and a programmer, that's amazing, awesome thank you so much for this okay, let's, go to the next one. Hi. Alicia I'm, Karthik, from India actually I don't know how, to start I do, love to speak in English but, actually, I can't, because. Of my. Low confidence and fear about my grammar. Mistakes, but. After, watched your YouTube. Channel I lost my fear I can easily speak, with my colleagues through English with, the help of your YouTube, videos and website so I give you a big thank you.

Books. And watching English, movies I know, it won't be possible without English but, I now, I watched, my favorite movies in English as, well as reading, my louder books, reading. Is one of my biggest hobby but English reading is possible, by you. Guys only thank. You everyone, and I'm still learning, cool, that's, awesome so, this person mentioned, he was like, kind of feeling low in the confidence in, the confidence area, about. His English speaking but, wanted, to, you know work on actually using it in his life and was able to do that like. Partially. Through like watching, our videos and checking things out with us so I'm so happy to hear that and I, think that's like really cool that you were able to do that too so I hope other people who are worried about you, know their pronunciation. Or making mistakes I hope other people try, to push past that fear and practice, too and this person said he really enjoyed books, reading books too so that's something I like as well so reading books in English, now too is possible, that's awesome, that was a really positive update, thank you so much for sending that very cool okay let's, go to the next one. Hello. My name is hi Izzy I'm from Brazil, hello, and I'm longing to see because we like it this language it. Is a global, language in, me sure that I get. A good, level, English I will have more opportunities. Of. Jobs. And, travels. And. I. Love, to make friends. Around, the world in. The use English, to try. To communicate with. Others, mm-hmm. So. This, is a reason, that I mean learn English. Cool. So she, mentioned yeah like wanting to make friends around the world and just having more opportunities. As well I think those are some really big common, themes but, yeah that was really cool so I hope that you continue with your studies that was easy to understand, and you, sounded very positive, as well nice thank you for sending this okay, on to, the next one. Hello. Alicia hi. I am how much room isn't I'm. 28. Years old. My. Dream is to speak English, fluently I. Am.

Studying, English, in order to get a better job. You know more about, American. Culture. So. I watch, you. All your videos, on YouTube thank. You can follow you on facebook. Nice. I want, to thank you for your efforts, that, you make to learn me the best way to, master. English. Wow. Cool. Thank you very much for watching our videos and for following our Facebook page that's great I hope. That you continue with, your learning and I hope that we can continue to make things that are useful for you and you, mentioned like your goal is to speak English, fluently too, so, I hope, that you can like you know make, really specific, goals as well that can help you in achieving your, goal of getting a fluent, in English someday, so, good luck with your continued, studies and thank you so much for sending this message that's, awesome, okay onward. Hi. Alicia Howard, I hope you're doing great, my, name is Vlad and I'm from Ukraine I've, been learning English, for a few years, I'm studying because I want, to live and to work in the USA I also, want to travel to the USA in the next year for a vacation to, improve my skills and have, a goal for the next year to become fluent in English so, help me God I have, an arrogant e-courses for learning English so, I think I'm making good progress thanks. For your videos bye. That's. Super cool so he wants to go to the, USA, to improve. His skills but, he says he's never taken like an official course, to study English he's been using our videos and I. Assume like using lots, of different media resources, on the Internet to practice that's great you sound very confident, and you have like this clear goal to go to the States and it's, a good luck with your improving. English goal, for the next year I hope you have lots of good, experiences. And you can use English in, your travels, a lot - that's awesome great so we had a lot of super positive, as always, super, positive and some very confident, sounding, people with some great goals for this year so good luck to everybody with your goals for the next year and thank you so so much for sending us some audio files to listen to you this month thank you. So. Which, entry did you like the best leave, a comment below or do. You think you can do better here's. The challenge for you yes, everyone, watching this record. A 30 second, to 1-minute video or audio clip, and tell, us why, are you learning the language you'll, win a one month premium plus subscription, to. Submit click on the link in the description, sign, up for your free lifetime account then. Fill, out the form attach. The audio or video file, and press, submit we. May feature you in next month's episode so, a lot of learners will see you and your progress and will hopefully get inspired to improve, and master, the language to. Submit a recording, click the link in the description, and follow the instructions, on the page so. Thank, you for watching this episode of monthly review next. Time we'll talk about how. To fight, language, learner failure, if, you, enjoyed these tips hit, the like button share it with anyone who's trying to learn a language and subscribe, to our channel we release new videos every, week and if.

You're Ready to finally learn language the fast fun, and easy way and start, speaking from your very first lesson get our complete, learning program sign, up for your free lifetime account right now click, the link in the description, see, you next time bye.

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