7 Signs You Are Going to Be Successful

7 Signs You Are  Going to Be Successful

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Great. Coaches, great mentors, great seals if there's one thing they're very good at they're, very good adaptive certain intuition. Where, they know which player, talent. Or future. Leader to bet on there's something about them they get credit for choosing and putting. Their money on the right people right so think about it if there, was a technology, for you to be able to tell how big Arnold before Arnold became owner like a 14 years old what, if we could figure out a way to find out MJ. Before MJ MJ what, if there was a way to figure out, Alexander. Before Alexander, the Great became Alexander, Reza Shah Pahlavi, when there was a way to figure this I mean this guy became he. At 21, years old he's given Iran this, guy conquers, the world you. Know tooling a square miles of the world can, you really tell somebody, that's going to be successful I'm here to tell you there's seven signs there. You're going to be successful in life and I've. Seen this, from. People that I watched you were 18 years old thousand multimillionaires, at 28 years old I saw. This where the kid that was 14 years old 9 26, years old multi multi-millionaire, I saw, this with athletes, young now they're competitors, doing very well for themselves there. Are sides I'll share seven of them here with you let's start off with number one number. One is, they're. Absolutely. Super. Competitive, let me explain super competitive it doesn't. Matter what it is they have to do faster, better bigger they just have this one, desire. I'm gonna do it better than you and in. The world of capitalism it's. All, about competition the, whole, thing that makes capitalism work is competition, what makes sports works is competition. These political, people that think they're better for you and I to, vote for the one that goes to the top is typically the most competitive they. Want to figure out a way to do better so imagine we have a work environment we. Have a work environment and there's, a first place person in any office and any team in any basketball team even if the team sucks there's, somebody that's the best on that team then, you got a new cat that comes in town and it, comes into the work of work environment or goes into the basketball, team word up whatever it is this. Guy puts, this guy as a target, he, wants to beat him anything, he does he does diets. Work ethic time he comes in everything because he is super competitive and if he's out it'd, be super competitive, even, more it eventually passes, them up it's just simply how it is second. One. They. Like, to finish things let me explain, they. Can play a puzzle, right they. Can stop until they finish the puzzle they, play video games they have to finish the video game they, have to finish it they can't help themselves I got to finish the video game you, know they may be reading a book they got to finish the book there's a lot of people guys this is a sign when I see people that only read first.

Chapter To chapter and then they ask the question, how what do you think man I have like 30 books I've started I haven't finished well there's the sign you don't like to finish things you, like things to be given to easy the, people that finish things they always finish. Things they're going to figure out a way to finish things number three your. Circle, out earns you this is you this is your circle they're bigger than you in life in money in income in lifestyle, you're. Not you're the green one but if you if you have a circle, that out earns you're out succeeds. You you're. Eventually going to be there it's a formula this is not a accidental. Thing this is why you'll. Notice some of the people that don't achieve success they always want people smaller, than them around them because it makes them feel bigger, the. People that you need are super successful they, always put themselves on situations, where people are bigger than them because it's the next platform, next level, they're. Getting to. Next. One their mind never stops let me know what I mean by the mind never stops oh you know what what if what, if this happens and what if what, if I could have this life what if I talk to this person what if I go over here what, if we figure this out there in bed and they're still thinking you know what let me let me see we should do this one no, you know, earlier. We were talking about this thing three hours ago yes I was thinking about it I think we need to do this this this and what if we did this because this could happen that your. Mind just never stops like a beautiful, mind it never stops next. Credible. People see, you go in places, so. How credible, people credible, people view you let me explain let's. Just say I meet John and John. Has a principle a pastor. The, football, coach the, uncle, and a, total, different person that he worked for at a company, they, all say, this guy's going places he's going places, he's. Going places if those five gave, their answers, based on, authentic. Real answers. This cat is going places why because. These five people pastor, coach. Boss, teacher, principal, whatever these, five have. Spent endless hours with, this chap they know his flaws they, know his habit they, know if he likes to finish things they know if he out you, know he spends time with people that are ahead of them they know how competitive they know that so. If somebody says that there's credibility, they're so, credible, people believe. In you credible. People see you go in places next one your student it. Just. They will not stop learning, they can't stop learning they, can't help themselves they want to know this I want to get better I just I want to get better at this only get better at that there's, constant, desire to want to be a better student learn, more that's. Number six and last but not least. They're. Extremely, obsessive. They're extremely, obsessive. Like, I have, to have this let me explain if. You were really able. To dissect the mind of an. Obsessive, person, it would, concern a lot of people because, they would say there's, this person really think that way they, do they, really do think that way they really, want what, they want and they really end up getting what they want because, they have to have it they're, obsessed about it and any time they're obsessed about it they, start figuring out creative, ways to get what they want if it's a girl if it's a business if it's a position if it's a certain success if it's, accolades, if it's certain place they want to be if it's, a certain lifestyle, they want they're, going to figure out a way to get it because they're obsessive they have to have it they're just wired that way so, those are the seven signs where, you and I can. Tell if someone. Is going, to be successful. Or not see if you throw me that pillow right there. And. If you watch this video here if you're telling yourself man I got. Three out of the seven well go share this with other people see if they'll they'll validate. Where you're thinking with three out of the seven it's not anything you're. Working you got five people that are working with you and you wonder which one for you to lock onto you. Ask yourself, out of, these five people you work with which, one of them has the most you pretty much be able to tell which, one of the guys is the person that has a highest likelihood of one, day being successful, and by the way there is no hundred percent twenty, of this it's, just odds. No, one's ever going to be a hundred percent there's, a lot of smart people that you know drafted, to play then better becoming nothing and they flopped but, you want to be eighty percent you want to be seventy percent because if you do this right majority times eventually, you're going to put together most incredible, team in your, business to grow and go to different places now having said that we.

Want You to subscribe to this channel we, our goal is a million sub click on the sub button right here click, on the alerts right next to be one the first to be alerted every time we have a new video that's coming out you got any questions, any thoughts about what I just talked about here in this video please comment on the bottom thanks, for watching everybody take care bye bye.

2018-03-09 15:46

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reza shah pahlavi

Any one else get 7/7?

I do non stop thinking but all I think is crap

https://youtu.be/SnSCfEzjucs A excellent reason

I am obsessive

Congrats bro, u r unsuccessful

Excellent video! I"ll follow you from now on!

I have 6 of them , dam

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devid you got 1.8 gpa in college

3/7 but on the basketball court I'm 10/10

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I have all this about cricket

I am successful

succesfull people are confident and dont waste energy on convincing people to see things their way. if you believe what you see in your mind, you need not opinions.

Amazing dude....!!!!

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Great informations! Now we know what we need to do if we want to be successful!

You make me change. Thanks a lot.

6 out of 7 I will be Successful Ol’Boy Do Anything For $1,000,000 Real Life Spread The Word

1.8 gpa shirt?

जय जवान जय किसान:

I am a boy of 8 class ayush Prajapati I don't no what I want to do in future please tall me

Good video

Words of wisdom! I git 7 out of 7! Thank you!


It's very motivational video everyone must watch

Ar u successful ????

Thank you for the video. Great message. Maybe im going to be IT?? ;)

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7 out of 7

ya I am obsessive af ,competitive , people always say I will be successful and all ....I have like all of these but I don't finish anything! I just don't get the point in doing things after a point and that's really putting me down everywhere .

yeah u can have all these traits, but i think the more important trait is if you're willing to do it.

all really succesful people are wired differently, like they have traits of mental illness but its the key to there success, gift and a curse

I got 7/7....I think that smartness isn't even the thing...wisdom is...

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Even if donot fulfill these criterias , I am going to be successful. You only fail when you give up.

I’m definitely going to be successful

I would like to see a video about discipline, as in how to discipline your mind, when motivation runs out and discipline has to carry you through

The problem for me. Is wasting so much time playing games, watching movies and YouTube. Procrastinating when i need to do something and worst of all.. i spend more then i earn.

Thank you Pat, I love this.




Thanks sir


Your t shirt is killin me! I love it! Most be hide their GPA if it's lower than 3.0

Hey marlon, I liked your video and it cought my attention, I just started working with a company that does business loans, what would be some tips to be number one and succeed in that industry?

Crackheads and Saints pay respect to this video.

Wow! I'm a complete 7 out of 7. But one flaw I have is fear of heading to the elite level.

Great video. I am 6 out of 7 so that puts me @ 85.71 %

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Love it. Keep it up

Thanks for the tips!

In that same aspect can you outgrow that Circle that is pulling you down. Or just that Circle that you've been around for so long and now it's not enough.

Is a part of the of the circle. Or the sign of the circle that outgrows you. The same as a circle that can bring you in if you're not strong enough. Lend me ask this question better. Can you be pulled in into a circle that is not beneficial for you period when you're not strong enough


Sir, your voice is so powerful.....

It's totally me im extremely obsessed with gettin what I want and grindin

You described me !!! My family tells me that i am obsessed over my goals and they even payed me a physiologist.... i dont want to live like them in middle to poor class, i want a fucking porsche , a yacht m a fucking appt in the 100th floor or a nice house next to the beach away from everyone ! Those are my goals !

1.8 gpa?! Thas... thas me actually..

For everyone who sees this video. You can have all 7 qualities, but IF YOU DONT DO THE WORK YOU WONT HAVE ANYTHING! You have the potential - but need to act on it! If you don’t have the potential from this in-definitive video - you’re like 99% - means you gotta execute baby!

Where's the she?

carry on bro

I enjoy watching your videos. Very enthusiastic, helpful & informative.

Thank you so much. I do like all your signs, especially the last two signs which are the ones that fit me well. By the way, I do appreciate you mentioned Reza Shah Pahlavi. I am Persian from Iran.

nice sir



5 out of 7

I have 6 out of 7.I need to bridge the gap.

He is partially correct. There is more to great people than this These are definitely good qualities that would be enough to have anyone put your money on you You would make a great employee. On top of that many would falsely relate certain aspects of their life and give themselves a 7/7

Very inspiring - I listen to you every day - pumps me up!

I like this... so short and consise

and i have 2 out of 7 so i will be shit ? :/

PATRICK sell your shirts!!!!

Competitiveness is the best

Gotta love patrick

That's awesome, I loved the fact that I'm gonna be successful

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Fuck yeah!

Google A.I is great! I have years of experience.

#1 = ME! And whatever I begin I have to be The Best or at least,one of the best! I've prove it to so many people,so many times...Next Few Years,Become a Milionare. How? I Have created a plan on how to do that. And Why? So I Can Prove That I can Do That TOO!!!

Guys these are just sign, if u don’t have them that doesn’t mean u won’t be successful Just had to put that out there :)

if you r unsuccessful in your life ...than you r the only reason for thathttps://youtu.be/JF1XTCY1NOU

well i guess im set!

6 out of 7



I'm not just saying this, I have a decent amount of each of these...

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Super formula for your career Amen

One of the best stuff i've ever seen on Youtube, thanks !

THIS IS BULLSHIT hitler didn't have all those things but he was successful

thats me right there!!!




Joker yes

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His captions are perfect

Reza Shah was a puppet & installed by UK, & more


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Thanks Pat. I will be successful.

b>जिंदगी में कुछ करना है तो देश

Well, I guess I fill all those criteria at least in some way. Though I don't really see myself becoming too successful any time soon. I'm stuck getting useless education, with no real plans for the future, and a pretty strong feeling of just wasting my life.

Hey Pat. On which number you focus on in your business and life?

I'm sorry sounds like a complete psychopath always competitive and obsessive! Successful people move in silence

do u want to get shot ? SHUT DA FUCK UP PRICK

5/7 for me.

I miss this channel!

Thank you for this. It made me realize I need to finish things. I have all the others.

Yeah, I near to success

I got 4

Love your videos! Phenomenal attitude!

Mmm 6/7? Let me finish something today!

This is great information, but one observation: You talk almost always, if not always, about men as being the successful people. It would be really wonderful if you could use examples of successful women, and use more pronouns such as, "she" and "her." Thanks :) Overall, I do love your content!

thanks man you helped me

I’m 18 but I’m constantly finding new ways to make money and learning more and more about stocks everyday, all of the friends I have that earn less often think I’m nuts whenever they say lets go for a drink during the weekend and I’m like “nah, sorry 2 busy with this new idea”

You are a legend

I got 6 out of 7, thx bro!

awesome & great validating information

Don't tell me I'm going to be successful, tell me I can do better than I am

gonna watch this at least once per week. #brainwashingforsuccess

Sir how to develop these great quality you mentioned

How to be competitive with other people if I choose to compete only with myself? I believe on continuously improving myself by not looking on what others do but by reflecting on my own performance and what I could have done better.

Im the future john d rockefeller. Give me 11 years

Thanks for your video.But he was not reza shah pahlavi,he was mohammad reza shah....

on point

Basically Kobe

Thank you for wonderful tips.

hahahaha The Shah of Iran? what a fucking moron...

That shirt though

I wanna pet that cat. That cat's sound badass.

I swear this is so me

1.8 gpa lol

But all the competitive people I went to school with didn't become rich...

5 out of 7 I hope imma be successful

I got all seven, but I still need to fulfill the signs aka "Finish".


First sign, you realise that watching YouTube is of no fucking use and rather spend this time on continuing your hustle.

I have got this 7

১.৮ জিপিএ! এইটা কোন জিপিএ হইলো! ওরে Fuck!

i will be successful, i dont how yet, but i will, see you then.

I love that video :)

i have 6/7. need to start finishing things

What books would you recommend, what are the name of these books?

Your very good ... Better then tony i think

This is a lot like my story, im about to turn 30 and for about 3 and half year i have been studying ways to make money online, I have ADHD, Dyslexia, and Depression and sometimes its very hard to focus, on studying. A whole bunch of people on my Instagram give me credit for creative work I have made, photography mostly, I have 1700 followers and 30 to 90 likes per picture, @mattksupertramp, but im plowing it though the handycaps, and I wont stop until I get it !

I have all of it. :D

That shirt isn't on your website

Thank you so much sir ,so helpfull

Share a vedio how to get there,like inherit the qualities of the successful people.

I love your Energy Man...I gotta work hard on those skills..my questions is- How??

I frikin love your T-Shirt, man

Think and grow rich By Napoleon Hill , Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell , How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carnegie, The 4 hour workweek by Tim Ferris , Slight edge by Jeff Olson , Millionaire success Habits by Dean graziosi

I got 6 out of 7

His first example... 5:44 If it's a girl

I like you

Ok.. i have all these bubbles but i dont have money.. and all the 19 military advices .. i have it. Im still not rich

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Iam #one, two, four and 7 oh Allah guide me

I don't like to finish things but I have all those traits... I learn things I need for my success not dumb stuff that has no meaning for real world..

I guess I do t finish things that have no meaning to me Hahaha

Hello, i was wandering to tell you about what kind of book should i get for becomming more inteligent more smarter and how to attract more people around me???

5/7 ayyy

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Hi!! Pat can you please make us a fast video on "how to really seduce money as a rookie enterpreneur" because i think that's the problem am facing right now....


I 've got 7 out of 7 checked ..... + i can never stop thinking about my dreams, always competing with myself and I no more have a sense of jealousy or fear of loosing anything to someone. Always planning on my future projects; Ideas and solutions struck me anywhere anytime so I always have a pen and diary around me, taking challenges solving them, and I can't never change this schedule even if I want to I can't. I never doubt myself I'm so damn positive but the unfortunate thing with this is that , "I can't sleep more than three to four hours" .

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That shirt

*All of this abundanceeee begins to shine through a mind that is aware of it’s own infinite natureeee. There’s enough for everyoneeeee. See it. Believe it. it will show up for you. > **https://t.co/85dDJ4WIUr?dfg34sg22df54** >*

Your circle has to be bigger than you. This is why I am leaving my day job. A job I love that I've had for half my working life. But no one there wants to better themselves. I need a solid spere of influence and my current job is not it.

Credible people believe in you

I own you 1 million wait for it


My customers which are way more successful than me always tell me and my partner that we're gonna be really successful, and do finish things I finished the last book I read in 3 days, and im going places I know that but I need to start exercising and eating right

What’s the meaning of his shirt, 1.8 GPA?

How about signs you are going to be a loser !

I need that shirt

Love his shirt lol

I have 5, and even almost 6 of them. Interestingly I always thought that my mind is never stopping, or I am always learning stuff were my weak points, and I needed to change them. But it's good to hear they are part of a successful character.

It’s 4am, my mind never stops, I am always thinking about the next big idea, always learning, I have friends that are richer then me, I always have 2 sayings, 1, if you play with the best you become the best, 2nd I am like a Shark I got to keep moving or something or die, I bought my first home for cash, now trying to finish it, so that I can start my next project, and I am always trying to encourage others trough my channel everyday is a new upload, I do believe I have millionaire mind.

This is awesome

the mind never stopping is my favorite

This video justified my friend going to be successful, because he is super competitive, extremely obsessive, persistent,etc. He just went to a seminar about economics and got contacts of the speaker at only 15 years old. He's also in one of the best schools in my state. So, by listening by your signs, I think that he's a best friend for life

What's 1.8 Gpa? Did he get 1.8 gpa in university and later succeed in life?

Thank you!

Is the 1.8 GPA from high school???

I just have 2 signs

7/7 & homeless

Your videos are great! Thank you

I find myself in most of these signs, except i don't finish things and keep wasting time or money.. well i convinced myself that going to places and learning stuff will bring me to a better position, but the feeling of (thinking that i"m) being stuck is extremely frustrating


all seven but im still broke and unemployed lol

Excellent content!

Sign number 8: you like to eat meat Sign number 9: you hate wasting money Sign number 10: you fart at least 10 times a day

Based on this I’ll be successful.

i have none of these traits .. yayy

am confused if i have this 7 points or not ... lemme figure out that first

You get all the money and still die @70 leaving everything behind... fuck life, just chill!!

Well I found free $3145 per month money making system that is really working for me>>> http://helloworldbea.com/freefundadder/ Try once.

I failed at #2. Haha

If I surround myself with smart people does that count?

You are right PBD.

R.I.PersianKingdome MRSP #Pahlavi

Well.. I didn't understand the 5th one.. pls can any one explain that to me.. please!!

Most millionaires die broke and alone - look in the mirror and do what you like money is so meaningless

3:38 this is who my son is and his teacher said he's adhd, she just wants him to be a robot and take his Adderall and not think

OK I've got numbers: 1,2, definitely 4 you gotta thank my ADDs for that, a lot of people in 5, 7 dunno maybe.

Very inspirational. Love your videos!

YES!!! This is me!


i finished this vid lol

there are over 10 million millionaires living in the us, 500,000 of them make 7 figs per year, befriend one and they may teach you...

Rule #1 is BS, i am a very competitive person, but i also know that being successful doesn't have to be a zero-sum game.

thank you!

Wonderful love u man

Great presentation - thank you. I see that I am a go-getter and I will win no matter what!!

There are also people with ADHD who struggle to finish things because they're always jumping from one exciting thing to the next with the intention of finishing the other things they started but just can't figure out how to do it...

I am none of those.. and i am 21....lets see where i go

Oh yeah watch the full video

I have 5 .5 of them

1 out of 7, i guess i'm not gonna be successful


Clicking this video decreases your chances.

You,re tking about gifted persons.

I'm glad my gpa is on a t-shirt

7 outta 7 =D

I got a 7 / 7 , any ideas of what I should do in life.

very thankful i found this channel!

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One man opinion

I'm 6 of 7 but the one can be and will be disciplined. Thanks for the food Patrick.

i love it

I got 6 out of 7. I am not competitive.

woke me right up

Thanks very much for this man, good to point a mirror at myself. Very helpful, thank you and God bless.

I am 17 and I have most of theme but my inner circle is shit and I am not obsesive and I don't know credible people so I don't know what they think... I need to start something but I am afraid of not being able to finish it but if I start nothing I won't finish anything...

Great video. on my way to success... Fantastic analysis.

Honestly always thought I was kind of crazy on how obsessive I am. I have this thing where every three months I have to learn and attempt to master something. Everyone has always said I am stupid for not marketing my ideas and talents. Damn I made this list!

Whilst I love positive language and agree with a lot of what you said, I think some of your references at the beginning of the video are somewhat misguided as using them as an example of success. By that I mean referencing a war monger as a symbol of success I definitely disagree with. If someone has conquered countries, people have died, that's where I draw the line at self promotion. I do agree with a lot of what you say. Talent alone is not enough, application will always win, keep going is the key.

My life broken down

Dude? No offence but,You look like You can't handle the coke anymore

Great information. Thank you!!!


You missed a very important thing that successful people do. TAKE RISKS! TAKE RISKS - Jim Rohn | Motivational Video & Personal Development https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-weACN2lWE

super video.

I am successfull !

Yes I want to destroy humanity,kill as many humans as possible and. I believe in it and I will work hard for it..✌

Your Acting in Explaining on MIND NEVER STOP is so Awesome that this acting explains everything

Patrick,you make a great work !!!

very nicely explained in a brief time.

sorry failed at the first point

U know ITS legit cause there are no ads

7 Signs of Successful 1. Absolutely super competitive( I will do it better than you!) 2. Finish things, they cannot stop 3. The circle out-earns me(Need people that are bigger than me) t 4. The mind never stops( Opportunist) 5. Credible people see you going places 6. Always learning(Growth Mindset) 7. Extremely Obsessive

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I like second tip most 2 :Finish

+ All your video's are so amazing

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Have you made any videos related to how to become an entrepreneur, and how to start from scratch? How to find a particular business ? How to start from zero. The steps to take. Thank you very much.

Mahn, your body looks great

In todays world its more competitive then ever..how do u become successful?cause now u got facebook and the internet,amazon and so on

The title of this video is genius to get clicks

Please add subtitles pls pls pls

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Why this channel doesn't have like 10 million subs.?? People don't wanna be better or make money

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100% one of the millions that had seen that video will be a millioner

I have 3.89 gpa and still into business. People should stop bringing that weird stuff into this. It’s about being persistent and not procrastinating. I can be good at school and ALSO start a business.


ill finish this video after taking a nap...

That shirt is my college GPA lmao

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Editing way trash

First sign : Don't give a fuck about what others tell you you'll be successful or not later in your life.

7/7 and i didnt even need this video to tell me im going to be successful

great tutorial​ I like the finish one

linksbringluck.in thanks you

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What accent is that?

RED FLAG: you are watching this video

Tommorw multimillionaire

Always learning is the only trait that I have. What do I do now?

I have few of these qualities not all of them. I always strive to do the best and even slight defect piss me off, but I am not fast. I am in fact incredibly slow and most of the time I don't even finish. People often tell me that I'll be very successful. And I am always learning. I satisfy 2 and a half signs out of 7 signs.

8. Time management

wow its me

I still don't get it what u mean in no 5

So many people are commenting "I'm going to be successful because I'm 7/7" and think because they say it that it will happen. Even though they know it is a lie. Rather than trying to have some social clarification. Actually be practical and figure out which one of these things you struggle with. Everything can be learned. But if you lie to yourself about it you will never actually be 7/7. Don't hold yourself back.

All i can think about is Monica Geller, its all about her


your Ideas and counseling on success are incredible .. I watch your all videos.. thanks for this life changing videos.

New subscriber. Thank you for videos. Found you at the right time.

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Now i know im gonna be succesful

You're awesome thanks. Just subscribed

1. I hate competing with people, esp my coworkers 2 I hate school, but all my coworkers have degrees 3. I'm single and free But I save and invest a lot 4. I'm richer than those competing with me 5.I feel I'm just smarter than them 6. They became jealous when i landed my BMW 7series AM I SUCCESSFUL OR WHAT?

Amazing video


keep up and please dont say if it's a girl we are watching your videos too we want be successful

you find gold in ur shiit and dont remmber eating gold

congratulations it's you

Yes I finished like 50 games

I think this guy spying one me 7/7 you perv.

i finally finished the pokemon emerald that i had in my gameboy when i was in 3rd grade....

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You spelled successfull wrong on the board

7/7 (based off of youtube)

Successful has two s’s. Let me explain.

i got three, thanks a lot for this superb knowledge

The struggle is whether I need to finish it or not is this really priority? Great list Pat. It all ties in together.

peteric deep inside i have all but i have to prove my self i am obsesse the enterpreneruship

well i guess i have to change to get this 7 signs

Wow I’m 7/7, success here I come!!!

Love your channel, but the Shah of Iran was not a hero. He was a man who came to power after his father was forced to abdicate. He founded SAVAK, which committed multiple Human Rights Abuses including "electric shock, whipping, beating, inserting broken glass and pouring boiling water into the rectum, tying weights to the testicles, and the extraction of teeth and nails." He suppressed political opposition (as many as 2200 political prisoners by 1978) . Other issues are debatable and I do not know enough to start a debate about this topic. But I heard you mention the Shah a few times as if he is a folktale hero, and I wanted to voice my opinon. Thank you, O

where can i get this shirt tho ?

Thank you for your videos you really help me see that I'm going places because these 7 signs are in myself

He lost me at competition.

U r amaaaaaazing

ay bro yuo are great i subscribed

Mi mind works exactly like that ☺️

0 out of 7 i don't care what you say i will become succes

Their is A Intense Questioning Eye Gaze ,Almost Profound and hypnotic. You Could see it in Young Photos Example are Swarrzennger, Ali, Elton John , Carl Lewis, Michael Jackson,

I have a partial on one of these...learning...I have so much unfinished business and my competitiveness is alternate route rather than confront. This is the toughest video I have seen in the series.

Want that Topcat pin

Thank you for what you do to the entrepreneur !

The thing about these 7 signs is that the best criminal minds have them as well!

bbbbbig fan of you !!!! I am 100% sure I meet all these 7 criteria you make me believe in myself more !!

I agree with 6 out of 7... 1 is inevitable

I wish I had 15 min with you (with homemade Kombucha and my healthy seafood dish)

So the REAL QUESTION is So are we born succesfull or can we develop a succefull mindset ? Great video pat

I'm trouble 5out of 5 just need chance now

I'm 14 and I've got all right ...entrepreneurship is my life

If credible see that u are going somewhere they might be jealous you and might try to fight u down

Complete bullshit

I have 3 out of 7. Sometimes 4 or 5 but not always I'm kinda competitive, but normally i wouldn't, until some bitches make me prove them wrong I'm used to think all the time, until depression struck, now i try to think less

I was raised by an alcoholic father that beat me most of the time and told me I was stupid, worthless, and wasn't going to amount to a hill of sh*t. I don't know if I will be successful but I keep on trying.

2:54 Alot of my friends make more than I do. I didn't pick them on purpose, but it turned out like 80% of them do. And the best part is none of them know because I would negotiate prices for me to be able to go with them without them knowing Lol. It's super weird but kinda funny. (I guess t h a t I might be successful soon)

You are a phycopath!

Lol 7/7 what next...

your channel has helped me so much!

Love this T-shirt!!

I got all 7 and I’m just 15 years lol Thanks for sharing Pat! Love your videos, keep up!!

Im only 15 but I'mma make it soon!!!!!!!

Guys, the point is to try to work around those 7 characteristics, just because you got 7/7 doesn't mean that you gonna be successful and you can't rely in a youtube video, the fact that some of you I actually believe that amazes me

If i am falling dont understand thT i am a looser.becz i am those tides of ocean which move forward by falling and standing and ultimately reaches the bank .

I am zero but my dreams r infinite.

I got 6.5 out of seven I am a completionist/perfectionist. I will be competitive when challenged. my mind is like a particle accelerator pointed in a million directions and I do have an intuition to solve problems. I am obsessed with all sorts of things. I always love to learn new things and have an objective mindset with people. People do see me going places and I certainly have. The one grey area is people who out earn me. Ever since I'm in college i have no idea who earns what. But I am around people who have higher GPAs than me and I'm certainly want to do likewise and in some point I have.

In short of u dont hv these 7 signs u a fucked big time

I know i m shit now at 50 the moment he mentioned a certain 25yo multi multi millionaire..i m fucked..yeah thnx for the vid

I need to develop the habit to finish it

I'm a 14 year old kid and I'm learning a lot thank you so much!!

I have only 1 or 2 of them but I AM GO BE SUCCESSFUL

Positive it's like gym u fail and next set is reddy. Set iss done on ether variation is reddy transform life same way life

I have 7/7


Without wasting even a second....am gonna adopt all 7

you are doing good Patrick! keep it up and your videos always that sweetspot for me to reach my goals!

You can’t teach adults how to compete,you develop this trait in childhood!

My favourite channel

Let me explain.

Y'all better watch out

Thank you Patrick I like your motivation video

Make an episode about cigaretes,please!!!

I was going to disagree with you about the competitive point because I’m not really competitive then I stopped for a second and I realized that my argument favored yours. I consider myself passionate. And with the things I am passionate about I have an assassin mindset. “I’m going to study you and understand how you do things then I’ll get you!” This is really insightful. Thanks.

6 out of 7 and working on 7th right now :D

Dynamite. I've been watching your channel for a while now. Love what I see. I had heard some of these; but not *all* of them. I really like the obsessive and the credible people see you going places. I have to take a look at this more. I could be doing more along these lines - I think.

Success leaves clues

1 million subs coming by end of 2018

7/7 BOOM!

I don't like competing with others, just I know my limits, my potential So I compete with myself

I just wanted to say that I love that shirt, and I want one. My GPA was a 1.8 in highschool, but I was top of my class in college chemistry, and you know what I do for a living? I do ECommerce. I love these videos.

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