6 Snowball Gadgets put to the Test

6 Snowball Gadgets put to the Test

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What's. Up everybody welcome back to my laboratory where, safety is not, born priority. And for today's video I'm going to do snow. Gadgets, it's, snowing this year very early and it's very beautiful I got, this snowball. Gadgets and why, I'm excited, it's known because, now I can put them to the test, here. I got here a snowball, maker, let's see how it works. So. You got yourself snow, fuck, it up like this and close, it and see what happens let's, see if it actually going, to work you, see it closed right, the way now. If. I open it boom, wow look at that perfect, snowballs. Let's. See if it's hard to take it out. That's. Beautiful. Perfect. Snowballs. Look. Go. Get your snowball come check it out, this. Snowballs are so cool ah. Look. At that that's a perfect. You. Can, just take it out look, awesome. Isn't, it it's. So easy it comes apart you, can haha. Looks. Like she wants to fight. A snowball, fight it's. So easy just a bunch, of snow like this and just. Squish it together. Look. At that it squish it together so, well and then, when we open it boom look at that we have a perfect snowballs, how. Cool is that this, should be a thumbnail that's, so awesome, Hugo come on you're. Gonna catch your snowball. Get. It. Look. Look. I got snowball, for you, look. Look. Kitchen. You. Got it right away look, look I got another one kitchen. Awesome. It's so easy to make more snowballs, you, put it together like this and then, you just squish, it, boom. Take. Away the, extra snow and boom, look at them perfect, snowballs. Luke. Want a snowball kitchen, Luke. A lot of kitchen snow balls, say. You know what guys thumbs, up for me huge thumbs up for me for this gadget for. The next snowball gadget, we got here a stick like that and boom you stick your snow into here, and then you launch, it okay let's see how it works. You. Stick it in like this and. Boom. You have full, stick. Of snow, then. You just launch it like this, boom. And a flies.

You. Can watch, it fall oh. Wow. That's cool I like. The note the noise it makes. Luke. Went for it. Wow. Easily. 55th. Line let, me show you how far it will fly, let's, look, at you guys Jesus, oh, look. At that I almost get the garage and I'm on my knees. Fill. It up and shoot. It look. Wanna catch a ball come on. Go. Get your snowball, ready. No. No. There. You go. Whoa. This, one is far. Who. This one one a hi. Look. At that. They. Tied to catch him every time. You. Definitely will have to go. Few times like this to pug the snow in so that way when you do it it really is flying far but. Wow, this. Is cool let me show you closer. Look. At that full of snow should, it boom. Twice, all the way yeah. Pack. It in. Look. How far that went, right, here I got another snowball maker, you, grab it like this boom, you. Already have a snowball, how. Cool is that, so. You, can just go and make whole bunch. This. Is actually, awesome gold away and then. You can spit them out. So, now you have, lots of lots of snowball, in. One seconds. You can make a lot of perfect, perfect, snowballs, this. Is unbelievable. How beautiful. This snowball, sir. So. Who, wants to snowball. Fight with me look, how much em I have now this. Is like full out of snowball, and it. Was really easy to make it. Let. Me just show you how fast it is to make snowballs you. Got don't touch my snowballs, Luke, stop it go away. Look. At that they perfect. Perfect, perfect snowballs. How cool is that. And. Also, they don't park too much -. Too, hard so that's why they, easy to break off this is honest a very satisfying. To make snowballs like, this. Look. How much already half I'm, ready for the bottle. And. Looks like the bastard you just go like that and that way it's, gonna trim it up in. A, perfect snowball. Sometimes. You gotta take it out but this okay and, this is warm talking but when I do heat, something you see how easy the breakaway. But, at the same time they. Stay together. Definitely. A thumbs up for me it's so easy to make snowballs and it's, not just snowballs, perfect, snowballs, well. I should have mentioned you guys that, this is going to be not just no gadgets, but snowball, gadgets, so. Right here what you do is get. Bunch of snow right, and then, with this one. You. Pack it down I guess. Into. A snowball, boom. And. Then. You watch it I guess like this, or. Not let me try this again go. A bunch of snow bucket. And. Then. Let's see if it's going to launch it yeah. Kind of get, bunch of snow then, pocket. You. Want kind of a little bit wet snow because, when it's dry it, doesn't build, up together okay, now let's do it whoa. Perfect. Idea I'm toe it as fast because there's. Two people in a way so, I'm going to get bunch of wet snow on asphalt, that. Works better than, pocket, pocket. One more time, and. Let's see if we can watch it whoa. Look at that that now works perfect, so yeah works way better with, the wet, snow. So. Grab some from the Oswalt when it's starting to melt. Then. Fuck it and then lunch it, look. Up far with it to. Pocket. Don't. Watch, this. One fell apart. Ready. To lunch. You. Know what it's not bad. Look. Out for that one it's pretty cool I like it snowball. Make, a Ana launcher, at the same time thumbs, up for me for the next gadget we got here snowball. Slingshot. I guess. You. Stole your snowballs in here I mean make him in, here just put some snow in there and. Both of these things and then just close. Them. Perfect. Now, you ready to take out snow, bullet here put. It inside, here and, let's. Launch one. Man. The top snowball, snow. Both. Flew, away as well so. Put it right here. Build. Some, so. Don't, do the same mistake loaded. And then you wanna close this say, don't lose the other snowballs, but. Also. You can just take it off and use it as a snowball maker so. That way they. Don't break. Every time you launch one. Stir. This again. Hey. Load. It up. The. Snowball, kind of falls apart in there. It. Doesn't really fly that far. This. Is awesome. Gonna. Shoot, one. Fell. Apart, bet. Mo, let's start to do another one oh man. They keep breaking off. Really. Cool but kind of weak and for the last no ball gadget, boom we got here snowball, maker, and a launcher at the same time, scoop. Bunch of snow, close. It all. The way, then. You open it click. It all the way and then you can lunch it. Now. Bad let's. Tie this again, okay let's start to watch it, keep. Shooting, it down for, somebody gotta elicit right here. Load. It up and look, now let's seal this a bit here there you go nice flow a little bit higher okay. One, last time. Fuck. It down. And. Then. Let's lunch it, whoa.

This One went far okay. I'm learning how to launch it a lot better. Well. Guys that's pretty much it I'm gonna continue plane and snow because, it. Only happens around here once in a while but when it does it's a lot so. Hopefully you enjoyed this video please thumbs up if you liked it don't, forget to subscribe and I'll see you next time.

2017-12-14 07:49

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when you have no-one to fight with snowballs, just bombard your house lol

Boom ya dun now

He has snow while me in Illinois is chillin in 50 degree weather

When he said safety is #1 priority he stabbed himself in the eye. Great example!!!!


Read more

What wasthat bang??

I love this guy

Hi guys welcome to Russian hacker * pokes self in the eye with glasses on accident * where safety is numba wun pwiowity

This dud making a big az snowball in da back

Those are pretty much the same things

When are you going to do more life hacs


He said look how much am I have now

We now have a perfect snowballs Totally mares sense!!!

If you are to lazy to have fun... Sadness

Love your dogs

Why was i born in a snowless country...

Animal mistreeted

in wer you biy them

Quem é Br da like

I'm in Bulgaria and it's also snowing :P ❄❄❄❄❄

And Boom!

"Look how far it threw"


What does he say on his intro

in belgium we only had snow one day and i was in school and the whole school loved it and it was one big snowball fight

the dog,s are so funny :3 and cute


Hi crazy russian hacker im a big fan of you all of your life hacks and gadgets are awesome thumbs up to you

he gained weight


Taras’ girlfriend just casually making a huge snowman in the background

Holy heck your gf is tall

Merry Christmas to everyone

Wow dry snow

Taras were to yes?


How much water does the average person use at home per day? Estimates vary, but each person uses about 80-100 gallons of water per day. Are you surprised that the largest use of household water is to flush the toilet, and after that, to take showers and baths?Dec 2, 2016

Kondisi kd kd j j j n

Lol my name is Hugo

i wanna snowball fight with you oUo

I just heard a gunshot

''whats up everybody,welcome back to my laboratory'' tou sure about that? :P

I love how the dogs are in like every video

Was that a gun shot?

The third one is amazing

i have the 3rd gadget


Wow that is so much fun...I'm Malaysian people thats why i said like that because there is no Winter here

This is cool

A snowballs

I like the second gadget more then any other it's very usefull

Cool gadgets

Russians are giant kids

I wished it snowed here in LA :(

oh how nice is it

He laughs so hard

hello can you give me a puppy hill you please be very terrible if you make such a gift

Does this work with ice cream?

the thing he says the most is "boom"

He should do a winter camping video

he's like a Russian Billy Mays. he makes me want to buy everything he puts to the test and introduces. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

I hope it snows more here in Texas

in soviet russia snowball gadgets put you to the test

Best thing ever! Seeing to grown ups playing in the snow with puppy’s ❤️♥️

Woah crazzy russians girlfriend????

No fair that your place is snowing

1 seconds

i liked the fiirst launcher

Always when i cum inside my girlfriend i say boom

Beautiful dogs btw

and boom boom boom

Love how he says snowballs

I love your vids

These are good gadgets but only if they made them a lil bit bigger

As if he's getting angry at dogs for stepping on snowballs lol


Boom boom boom

Id laugh if he just put water into it and put it in the freezer then just considered it a snowball. Eetz a lyfe häck.

There's no snow in Indonesia :'(

Then emigrate from Indonesia.

I have a Husky to

so much snow

his dogs are so cute!!

"A perfect snowballs" -Taras Kul 2017


You have kids?

Lund choos na

Chutiye khana kya banata hai



Ak boom!

And boom

Hear that gunshot? Sorry I'm late

Do you know how depressing this is watching from Australia ahhhh

Spot the difference 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000000000000000000008000000000000000000000000000

Who is the person that came. Just asking.

Nice video

Im here in uk with no snow.

that -BOOM- count tho

The water was last 33 days

You are a great YouTube

“Hugo come catch a snowball!” *throws it* “wheeze-hehe” I love this guy bro

I wish it snowed like that here in Houston

I love this guy hahahaha the way he talks


I wish it snowed in California

Your dogs are beutiful

He almost hit LUKE with the fourth gaget XD LOL

I like your snowball maker where you buy it I'm jesse your biggest fan

Happy holidays everybody

Who was shooting a gun in the beginning

I need the first one

That spray pattern though

He looks so happy

BOOM !!!

Been watching him since the beginning and I'm glad he hasn't changed, still the same happy go lucky guy, God I love this man.

Dec.10 is early snow for you? Nov 10 is early for us here in Toronto.

And boom


Nice gajikz


Nu esti englez..

"Woah this one went far" "Woah this one went high" **snowball hits a tree** "...."

I make sandballs at parks...


Where can I buy all of these??????

Who else thinks that the dogs are pretty happy that there is snow.Because they are huskys

I love your doggos!!!

''boom'' yah the ting go scrrrra papakakaka.

Perfect Snowball: 9999999999 times

i like you

End bom end bom end bom hahahha


So cool

Tyson kreb

Your dogs are so beautiful!

How cool is that?

Lol I loooove how he says boom

Who thought the snowball makers were satisfying

Ojalá en mi país cayera nieve para usarlos...

I want all of those

Wait how is snow dry. Its made of water. "Dry snow Works best"-crazy russian hacker


I wish we were getting snow like that we have only gotten like an inch or 2 :(

What kind of dog is this ?

Who was that lady

Anyone heard that boom

If only it snowed over here

and BOOOOOOM perfect snowball and bOOOOOOM

He is such a nice person and loves what he does he makes me happy ... Like if u think so

Why does he always say boom


im russian to i speak it people say i have a weird russian accent

Bless him


Here in Slovenia

Looks like she wants to fight a snowball fight

Its 5 snowballs lol

Is it just me but that was a Rifle in the first Item

Did anyone else hear that gun shot they haven't even moved

Iphone unboxing and give away in mi chanel

I love his english accent haahah

Love it

There was a gun shot


Гавари на русском

I want that dog

I want to fight a snowball fight

If only I could enjoy life like you do

No Snow in my region.Why I'm watching this?

its so weird living with a youtuber.

It’s safe to say mustafa ate brunch

Love ur vids

“Luke stahlp it!”

Its sqeeze _ed thogether lol haha i liked too

Poor person in the background. She's having to make a snowman all by themselves

You’re really lucky to have snow because in Texas it’s really rare

Was it me or was there a gun shot in the background

Tbh I Was Watching The Woman Making A Snowman


You know just a grown man playing in the snow

5 and 6 other

I like the 3rd one

Merry Xmas guys

How often He says Boom??!!!

Let's learn the accent


Alondra Guerra súper fast snobolls

I have the 2ed one

boom asome

Boom big shaq..The ting goes skrrrrrraaaaa..pap pap pap kak kak..spidiki kak kak and the pruu prrru pum pummm

Is it hard to pull it a part when you have packed all the snow in the plastic mold? That was the first gadget that you tested.

Man I love the stuff

Makes a big deal over glasses in intro. 1st gadget, takes them off

I wish we got that much snow :(

Ha his labortory expanded or has he put in sunthetic snow?

Luke likes catching snow *-BALLZ-*

And boom you ghave it

‘’Boom” - CrazyRussianHacker 2017

I hope there's snow in Indonesia :(

His sentences are like one long word. Hard to understand.


Look and boom

It snowed in the start of october here in finland

Anyone else getting goose bumps


All you need is a BOOM in your life

The fact that hes an adult playing with snow and is enjoying himself makes me happy

*snowball falls* *THATS BOOTIFUL*


Throwing snowballs make's the p90 pattern on the wall hahahaah

that was so awesome i like that and i want that

He is so funny

I remember when he first started

he loves snowball makers

I absolutely love how he says boom after everything ❤️

Lime green tings

you are awesome

All of the noises

Anyone else wonder who that person in the background is?

Is that gun shot

I love his accent

いいね(* • ω • )b

I love his accent ❤️ who else??

Hi you dogs are really lovely and there awesome good gadgets aswell

Why did he ignore the black dog

Why does he only test useless things?

She’s just making a snowman in the background

Yay snow

Luke likes catching snowballs

"Boom! Wow look at that"

He keeps saying look at that. And he laughs weird hehehe

Make an igloo


this vid is so /comfy/

it would be cool if someone actually marketed a snowball machine gun

u took off ur safty glasses :(

watching this just in case it snows again here in texas

Boom you have full stick of snow.


Boom and it flies

I love ur vids ur my favorite youtuber

Who's watching this 2 days after Christmas

He should be BIG SHAQ BOOM

"Look how much snowballs am I have" he said!


who else was waiting for him to throw a snowball at her?

довольно и вонючий странный Комбо

I dare you to hit the window

Look come get your snowball

Your fiance reminds me of snoopy from Charlie Brown, he is always doing something constructive in the background lol. It looks beautiful covered in snow!

Where safety (pokes eye) is #1 priority

You put it together boom perfect snowball's thums up for me boom

your in russa

Safety is no.1 laboratory

aww love his girlfriend in the background, making a snowman and snowangel

'And then you can LUNCH it'

You have cute dogs

Huge thumbs up

Ali Gaming snowballs=arabian bombers

Ali Gaming Perfect snowballs = Russian Bullets

Wow the scenery is beautiful, I wished it snowed in LA

What's the difference Between snowman and snowwoman?? . . . . . . . .snowballs...

I want snow too



And Boom

What happened to the hammer and sickle in the logo?

Those gadgets is useless if the country doesent have winter seasson

boom tams ap for mi

Russian NFL football player

He’s lovin it

Maybe my life need snowballs

Did anyone see the dogs fight?

he is chutiya


What was the second gadget? Can someone give me the name

Wait I thought all snow was wet???

He kind of reminds me of the guy from the movie Frozen, the guy that sells stuff.

Can also be bath bomb molder

English pls

-hi lol-

Luke is so cute

Good video

too small, without ice and stone ,it has no lethal at all

Predictions before video: Cool! Gajecss thumbs up fro me boom waaw

Where did you get those what stoer did you buy it

are you in Russia

its cool that he likes his dogs


Green man

What is mala bala toy review

Ahmad Productions ????????

We got snow in Early December

That is cool

any indonesian here ? apa cuma aku yg terpukau liat indahnya putih salju, HEY can you help me to go there =)

We're do you get that

That is a lot of snow bulls

i Love your Dogs ☆☆☆☆

@CrazyRussianHacker , who is the prostitute in the video ?

What is he saying

Wish it snowed here in TN

DENIS. PoLovina

Do you know latvia?

Thumbs up for me

I'm jealous In my country there is no snow

I swear Russians are crazy



I'm from the south, what is all that white stuff?


Did enybody see the dogs fight in the background

Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom


It's a 5 snowball gadget

There's no snow in Phillippines

"Sno Bols"

And boom just like this

The 3rd gadget was the best


He is having so much fun with the snowball maker

How to make a snowman im curious

beautiful dogs I love the white husky I know you've probably had them forever but I've just seen the videos were you show good pranks for people and I've only seen a couple of those


I got the last one for Christmas

I have one of those

nice cannon boom boom boom

look how much am i have now haha you are the best

Where can i buy that

Snowballs throw humans in soviet russia

I love your dogs

Happy New Year 2018!! . . . . . Boom

She’s just making a snowman in the background lol

full auto snowball

In one sentence you can make perfect snowball

snowball maker blah blah blah.. BOOM you make snowball


I almost hit the garage and I’m on my knees

o woW thatS CoOL

full stick of snow

“GET IT *throws snowball at warp speed 10* hahahahahhahahahaha (boom)” -Crazy Russian Hacker 2017

grab bunch of snow like that and kegsjdbsdjdbdh boom, look at that

What’s up everybody welcom bac to myberaturabure and today I’m doing snow gadgets

*Luv ur vdo taras.*


Are you trying to hit the poor kid at the back cuz he looks frightened and threatened and looks like you are trying to hit him cuz he taking the spotlight lol

Does anyone know what state he lives in. If he even lives in the states.

ur pups are my absolute fav

"Safety is #1 Priority!" *Bullet goes off*

Nic3 Gadjiks btw... Boom now you can have a war with your gf.. but remember that in Russia snowballs launch you.

Was your wife building a snowman behind you

Why is everyone scared of Russians I love this guy so much

Cool dogs

This all seems like a lot of work. We used to just grab a hand full of snow ❄️ and throw it.

When the gun fired I was like hit the ground

I’m soooooo in love with your doggies ... they’re all so adorable‼️❤️ We also do snowball fighting here once a year. But this year, we have more rains than snow

you will instantly regret saying you wan't a snowball fight with him

welcome to my labarabatoy

“Lukeee” reminds me of Star Wars

Snouw gajiks by Taras Kul

اذا اكو عربي لايك

Whoa coooooool

its so easy, you just... close... it... uhm . CUT

The 2 best things in Russia is Vodka and snow!

Did you now if you blou in the dogs nous he or her is going to go awat

I men away

Manly Russian frolicking around making snowballs

I want snow❄❄⛄⛄⛄


Luke?! Wanna catch a snowball?

I like how his Wife is just busy making a snowman so cute

Most of those gadgets are just useless

I’m American but I still like your videos :D

Omfg I actually LOVE his dogs


I like the first one and the three

You can see the dogs wrestling in the last gadget.

Those are soo cool i want those now!


Very urrly

He deserves more subscribers

lol look at Katherine

We got No snow.



Is that nowa atwood

Pls do moooore

Russian spy

In Florida we do this with sand

You know you've hit rock bottom when you're watching a grown man play with snow at 5-6am

Do some giveaways

Do they work with sand?

It is a cute dog

I lik that snowball gadget 2 and 3

And now we can lunch it

Wet snow is better than dry snow - CrazyRussianHacker

There should be a remix of him saying BOOM!

Snowball fight with your wife!

That is sooo coool

No snow at Philippine but still proudly pilipino

“So Ez Comes Apart” *Falls* Ahaha hehe

If only there was a snowball cannon.. like a fully automatic turret where you put snowballs in the chamber and go rapid

So satisfying

I just love how she is in the background and just finally just lays the in snow

He should work with big shauq with the amount of times he says (BOOM)


Bro you have gadget on every thingg

Hugo, leave his Ballzzz!

And boom....

we got 7 to 8 inchs about december 1

At 3.44 luke was like let me take a selfie


i like his dogs

Some just builds a snowman in the background

This gadjekkdht is cool thumbs up for me

Look at them Ballzs

Do you Want TO MAKE A ⛄

Only if it snowed in houston


Wasn’t it a Thursday

How many times did he say boom?

"Full auto snowballs." -CRH 2017

Well i just seen a grown man play with snow

Those dogs are so beautiful O.O

He seems like he would be a nice person in real life


What's your wife doing in the bg? :)

Why does he remind me of the yeti from Monsters Inc?

I wish we had snow in Australia

You stick it in like this then boom


boom ;-)

علي الفتلاوي ok

leaked footage of the most deadliest weapons the siberian forces used against nazis

Awesome video!

Why are you vandalizing your house?

Do you want me to do subtitles?

Who all saw him trying to hit that person with the snow balls

That is dope

4 AM.....

He's very lucky its snowing At his


cool video boom

Cool. The dogs are super funny :-)

Ur visa are aswome

Contryes in winter Russia=snow Hungary=no snow

You are the best

Boom boom


The only ones having the most fun are his dogs, especially at the end.

Is that Noah romanatwoods son


I like the 3rd gadget


They look like a little kid.... Awwww

where can we buy these gadgets

This was the most fun video!

His laughs are so cuteee

boom - долбаеб

In America you make snowballs in Soviet Russia snowball make you


That is on heck of a snowball she has in the background

Snowball gadgeks

I want that dog

how cool is that

How is it showing there, In america it snows on land in soviute russia it it lands on snow

Beautiful house place

“This should be a tumnail” I love it.

Make a video on your dog equipment

You're so adorable

The ting goes boom boom boom

I have been watching your

I have that thing at my house

Is it normally hot or cold in Russia?

"Snow gadtics"

The sling shot one was probably the coolest


six noebaws gajicks


You suk

bruh did dis dude just say dry snow

Its so bootyfull outside

I want 3 red

My favourites are 1.,2.,3.

Safety is no 1 priority

North Korea bombing America

I want to play with snow but Im in a tropical country T^T


This is more like put to the play than put to the test


Russia is sooooo beautiful

The dislikes are my other accounts

I swear I heard a gunshot what was that

You feeding the dogs snow?

And see what happens

I love the snow chucker thingy, looks super satisfying.

For me the first one is the best

Why would you want to make perfect snowballs if your eventually gunna throw them anyways




Put 2x speed.

The dogs on the last one were playing and biting lol . BOOM !!!


Dude the only reason that you can do that is because The swoon you have is baller

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah aaaaaaaaaaahh



Kurdish are here ✌

i love youre london xD

MAN I LIKE YOUR ACCENT Edit:i wish it was snowing :(


Boom wow look at that!



get bunch of snow

he takes his snowballs seriouly

I was so suprised when i look at his subscriber count

It scheshes together so easily

was that his wife?

“Boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom” Me:

It snows in North Carolina a bunch and stays all winter I didn’t know that


your dogs are so cute and also i lve your vids!

Is there am I only one who think that he is very funny in his all videos

Was that a gun shot

My favorite was the red scoop one!

It only work for the first snow

what kind of dogs do you have ]

i love your videos keep doing what your doing

You would win a snowball fight

Oh, so you call that a laboratory huh

boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom boom booooooooooooooooooommmmmmmmm

“Definitely really ea- oop

You are the best you tuber in the world

what is **WET SNOW**

crash hello politician genius action swallow second half repeatedly somewhere.

Snowball=tazar bomba

*in soviet Russia, snowballs make you!!*

Dis should be a tumnail

I was just looking at the person in the back building a snow man

Hey, I shared your video!


Did someone fierd a sgot ?



You just do it like this, like that, and then "BOOM!" lol


Why so mean to luck And Hougo

1 like=1 boom

His dogs are so cute! Huskys are my favorite

In Russia eye Pokes you

Love this vid!

Did I hear a gun shot ?

Safety is #1 priority

I’m from the USA

Did anybody else hear that explosion in the background????


Seeing him play and laugh makes me happy, I’m pretty sure he’s just a kid inside a mans body.

Cool brah!

gun shoot. anyone hear it?

Everything that Tara's has got goes boom

Taras having fun makes me happy

Boom big shaq

I wish I knew this when I was a child

I like how he says BOOM

dogs are cute

Those dogs really are beautiful.

or we can make snowballs with oure hands !!!!

What was that bang

I have no snow here in Australia

I wish I had snow :C

what was that bang

The background

No need to wear glasses

Did I hear a gunshot


Good luck finding the snowball in the snow

Who is that person un the back


Aren't those Russian Meatballs. . . . . I'mma Jokin'

"Get et.. Hehe" cutest thing I've ever seen

Lol! The gadget can only make 5 snowballs

Are both of his dogs named Luke?

Where are you from ?

The 2 dogs is so cute




You have beatifful dogs

My brother watched this and put on paper he said this "SNOWBALLS =RUSSAN ROULETTE

this dude is like big shaq

I want to see snow in real life

you stick it in the snow and then BOOM!!


Did I just hear a gunshot? (Of course)

Snowball gagicks

Vladamire putin the prestidents friend

I got 4 inches of snow

BOOM perfect snowball

He is so lucky he has 2 husky’s

You're so childish i love it :)

Boom! How cool is that

Boom counter -12

who is that in the background?


Its so pretty!

everytime i see hes videos i cuestion my self where does he find all thin junk gadgets, altough no matter how shity the gadgets are the videos are pretty entertaining

I bet that's summer weather in Russia

pls i am ur biggest fan XD

Did u guys noticed that guy at the back ground? That was cool

I'm in Australia in the boiling heat

You know what the magic word is? Boom!

The only russian I like CrazyRussianHacker -Mrrallyracer11 2K16 - 2K18

Did your gf/wife give up on ze snowman?

Does he have kids??


I like dogs

Am I watching a grown man play with snow


Boom I got snow stick. Boom I now have stick. Boom I lost snow. Boom I wrecked my house. Boom I wrecked the planet. Boom I got more snow.

safety?! :|

Someone shoot in the background

Sno gajicks... i love him (nohomo)

who else eating tide pods while watching

Who thinks his dogs are adorable

The way he says snowballs lmao

I'm ready for the bottle

I wish it snowed in Florida

The dogs are so beautiful.

Mmm...look at them perfect snowballs

Does anyone notice the dogs fighting in the background

flash conflict tradition organization structural middle discipline touch equity CEO pursue model acid.

I almost get the garage and I'm on my knees -, Taras Kul 2018

you say bom bom bom bom bom hahah

How does he have 10milion subscribers

Was that boom a gunshot?!

What was that bang!!!

I have 2 of the 3rd thing

She was randomly trying to make a snowman at different points throughout the video and then just dies at the end XD

good video


Boi dry snow?? Snow is frozen water particles

Very nice

so cool

No his girlfriend took it

You say boom so much

man u get a fuckload of snow thatd be like the world record 4 my city lol


2000 years later...Katherine still rolling the snowball

Who waz in the background?

who is the kid in the background?



This dude has the perfect life.


In my country there is no snow very hot :-(

Sn owvember in buffalo few years ago

here we see is a rare footage of a Russian being so happy over snow

look how much I am have now XDDDD

There is a rn dom person at the back rolling a really big snowball


I was very distracted my his fiancé in the background I just think it was adorable her making a snowman and funny when she just laid in the snow

This man is so wholesome oh my god

I love the dogs

This is so cute I wanna punch a wall

The first one is usles

I love his broken English its so cute

Its funny how his fiance was making a snowman and snow angel

Wish I'd had one of these snowball makers (the red one or the blue one) when I was a kid. I might have beaten my older brother in a snowball fight LOL.

Nice dog

The kid in the background making a snow man lol cute

Sometimes i feel like his accent and his way of talkihg makes it look like he's being sarcastic

Love your dogs

I love your dogs they are so cute


I wish we had this much snow

You could also use the third one for ice-cream :D

The snow is perfect for your dogs broo

i have the red one the one after the yellow on

Now go help her with the snowman :)

Happy man and happy dogs

Legend has it says she is still rolling the snowball

I like snowballs

Do u wanna build a snow man

And boom

these gadgeks are so cool hehe

He has the biggest heart


Wow look perfect snowballs *THROWS AT DIMITRI*

my wish the snow coming on Philippines

Saftey is #1 Priority *Gets poked in the eye*

Where do you get them

I miss snow

That’s so cool

his accent makes his Chanel so much better

Luke looks like a polar bear

Boom boom boom boom boom it is kind of funny


Safety is our nr 1 priority Puts a rock inside of snowball and shoots someone in the head

He put on saftey glasses for making snowballs

He's testing the gadgets while she's makeing a snowman XD

I like his videos, they are so genuine and full of happiness.

Those dogs are beautiful creatures

I like how she is just casually rolling s huge snowball throughout the entire vid

Aww youy dog is so cute

He's so excited

1.07 a nuke just went off

1st one looks like a waffle machine kinda

Just use an æbleskivejern. Google it.

Just how lazy are people.... A snowball maker?!?!?!

I just literally found myself BRAINDEAD, because I'm watching your videos. 10mln subscribers. just WOW!

You could stick that stick and poss inside the tube THEN LAUNCH its multipurpose

Who was that young child in the background

perfect now with these weapons Russia is unstoppable

Who else loves Luke and Hugo!?


Well in my coutry...there is rarely any snow only at the mountains on winter lol and im form europe

You are the best

I love watching u having fun in the snow

7. 8

*Snohboll gajiks*

Can u do the kazotsky kick or what :3

Snow bawl

Acohol is russian vitamin water


Namba jaun pwiorities

Hugo is my dogs name

Famous words BOOM

muy divertido como explica jajajaj

and boom

Snowball slingshot = Crazy Russian Slingshot


Dry snow??



You squeeze it and boom

All you say is boom

Isnt luke a boys name?

This guy is so amazing. Boom.

Dat's Uh-may-zin.

Look how much am I have now

And safety is numer o... almost pokes himself in the eye lol

Your daughter or son was making a snow man

What other people hear:snowball What I hear: snoubowl

I want both 1st 2d

"Who wants to snowball fight with me, look how much I am have now. You do have a lot though. I'm scared

He is the type of guy to say he "likes the noise"


Is that your girlfriend or sister

What fun! Thank you!

Like your videos

It’s so satisfying

You can get 2 Spoons and do that

I wish I got snow a lot


A snowman’s just being made in the background


yeah, thumbs up for snow gadgets and thumbs up for snow! :-)


"Luke! Go cyach a snow boll"

Boom beautiful

Look how much am I have now. :)


“You f**k is up like this” hahahahahahahaha

I wish it could snow in the philipines

Great to see that you're still making the same content even after 10M. Huge thumbs up for me

Wow it’s snowing

I hat snow

The dogs are cute

Why did you change your intro????

"Look how much am i have now" -CrazyRussianHacker

Looks like Narnia the lion the witch and the wardrobe and especially that Lampost lol

Me to

That person make a big snow man isn't it??

I love the gagets


You have a kid ?


Who shot on first snowball gadget

Who’s that lady

Are thos huskys if they are they look so good

Im so sad cause it dosen't rain snow on our country (Philippines) and its too hot on our country

Wow what an amazing snow gadget cool

You can use ice cream scooper

I Love Your Dogs

It looks fun and cool

You all saw the fire to right

Poor dog


I love the first one

Your dogs are soooo cute

U can just go mek hol bunsch

Bom, you have full stik of sno

Where do i find that scrissor snowbal maker pls say

Thats the golden spoon in treasure hunt simulator in Roblox

Love your videos

I'm also a subscriber

I'm sorry to say this but

It is said Taras was taught sniping lessons by putin himself

if he was standing up on that last one it would go a lot further, it's like throwing a football or a baseball on your knees versus stepping into the throw and launching it deep


Awesome vid

*You Stick Your snow In This Gadget* ;)

I heard gunshot

in america, you throw snowball in soviet Russia, snowball throw you

Boom wow look at that

grown Russian man playing in snow, thumbs up!

thanks for your videos they always make me smile

I wish we have snow in our country

The second gadget he mentioned looked like a stick grenade


Shots fired

I have that red single snowball maker

while i watching in this vidoe i see you your like child

I would use the first gadget as I a ammo box and the second as my ammo maker in a snowball fight

Thanks now I can play in the snow

Luky you got packed snow

he said:she waana fight with snowball fight

I love how you wife builds a snowman in the backround xD

Luke is such a good doggo ❤️

Those are amazing my daughter will like these

Best youtuber



I like 2nd gandges

*S N O W D O G S*


Fill it u- OOPS (best moment)

Who's the other person with you.

I wonder were he gets all his gadgets from

"This snowballs are so cute!....Bang!"

should've launched snow at his girlfriend

Mother Russia

You always say BOOM haha so funny

Your dogs are cute

You have kid?

It’s so cool hope I can meet u one day

We really need to fix your expression or feelings saying some English words.

Wish texas got snow

My dogs love to chase snowballs


P.S. Luke is camo in snow

Did I hear a gunshot in the background?

I like it

Where was Luke I couldn’t see him Must be camouflage

You are awesome

you wanna get your snowball? get it.. hihi

Ops I ment to say thig

I have the same thig

Your dogs are soooooooooo cute

Oh boy more Gajicks

Snow bulls

Can you please eat snow

wish my city would have snow in winters. all i have is torrential rains.

The snowman making in the back

Snowball and then Walrus Punch.

The snow gadgets are good 1 2 his dogs stole his video and 3 he should work with big shaq boom

Those SnowBalls Were Awesome

Great Job

I wish Arkansas got that kind of snow

These gadgets are really cool!

"It's so easy!" *Struggles to put plastic machine back together for an hour*

But when I du she stung shin


Your huskies love to play sometimes

Sami Zayn

Boom boom boom boom alot of boom

Who’s that in the background making a huge snow ball

Did anyone here the gun shot??

Does It Come With A Happy Meal?

I found this video so satisfying...

Your english is incorrect

Привет из Италии, долго жить коммунизм, я югославский, надеюсь, вы живете хорошей жизнью для вас и вашей семьи

Who else loves that noise of snow compacting?

I love ❤️ his dog


Luke's camouflage is too advanced

Go catch a snowball

"Look how much am I have now"

Boom fly all the way over there


I wish I lived somewhere it was snowing

Grab a bunch of snow and fck it.

Am I the only one that gets bothered when he says boom?


Did ur wife finished what shes doing?

You are so cool.

Who else noticed the bang

She make that ⛄ though lol.

There was a gun shoot at the background


I love

u are a raper

Why you always say boom?!?!


The guy there has a really big snow


Which Breed is Hugo ?

This video was funny

Luke ate the snow lol


I like snow but im in philippines


b o o m

Bom bom bom bom bom bom bom

The first red one was my personal favorite!

I like the way you laughs

Luke is a good catcher he should be in a baseball team

Well hes definetly win some fights this year

A discovery of a disease the 'boomitis' symptoms you say boom a lot of times

The gadgets no. 1 and 2 rocks

Thumbs up for me

No one will replay by I think he should have a tv show and keep making good videos

I love the snow

In Russia, snow makes you!

He have a child in him

safety is ¨1# priority

I really want to eat a snowball

The dogs fighting

Who that behind make giant snowball and is that your son behind or your wife behind


The best Gadget was the dog.

In every video with his dogs he mainly talks to Luke I feel sorry for the other dog

Your the best guy and happy

What was that loud bang


Luke and Hugo made this video

Use the first Gadget to make snow cones just add the play flavoring syrup


wet snow dry snow lol

Cool i have the red snowball maker

Hes having so much fun


I would like to use all of them

Where does he even get this stuff?

Gun shot ?

Ice screan

Why do you need grasses on Snow man

This is by far the most innocent video i found on youtube

He has a buetiful home residence

hi love hou video

looks like she wants to fight, a snowball fight



" *in 1 seconds* , you can make perfect perfect snowballs" this dude is living the life the good way

I heard a gunshot


Daddy hqcker:What's you doing son? Son:Daddy look.Boom Bomm boom!!!!

Everytime he calls Luke it reminds me of princess Lea from star wars

I like the yellow stick one the best! I wish it snowed like that here!

They are so cool snowballs

in australia we have no snow....

Did nobody hear the gunshot when his girlfriend walked up to the snowballs

Definitely family friendly

Did anyone hear that gun shot or was that just me

Zaxor Von Skyler lol your pfp it’s miku!!!

Guys did everyone see the fire when he puts the snow in the slingshot

̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿'̿'\̵͇̿̿\з= ( ▀ ͜͞ʖ▀) =ε/̵͇̿̿/’̿’̿ ̿ ̿̿ ̿̿ ̿̿

*wet snow*

Has anybody counted how many times he said: "boom"?

I wish this dude was my friend


You are a nice youtuber and I like when you say boom always :D

Like sure likes snow

In Soviet Russia, snowballs are bullets, and they shoot you

I love how she was just making a snowman in the background

I gave a snowball to my dog and he eat it

# really cool

Nice video. Minus the camera hog trying to get attention in the background. Smh

I love your videos and you having so much fun made me really happy for no particular reason. Keep doing . What you’re doing man

Is it me or does his house kinda reminds you of Narnia?

I just realized that this was my in my birthday last year

Luke is camo at winter

Your so mean to your dogs

Use the snowball maker to make sushi balls



You can make a snow cone

Why you always say boom?

Awsome vid m8 You earn a like

The first snowball red color one probably was the best at making so use them in the other launcher.

Anyone notice she was making a( I think to be) a snowman


For the third one, I actually use to have that!!

Funny dogs and your gajiks

Boom 2018

does anyone see his girlfriend making like the biggest snowball

How many times do you say boom

i love his Laugh

10.5 million subscribers!!!!!!!!!!!!

“Look at them perfect snowballs”

Legend has it she’s still making that giant snowball

There is more boom here than Hiroshima

did I hear a gun shot

I want to make snowballs and have dogs eat them



and the 1st one to

i like the 3rd one tho

i just want to eat it

You are awesome Love you

damnit i wish my country had snow

Boom count : 19

The dogs though

Ummmm I just heard a gun shot

Do u have kids? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

The third one i had as a kid and loved them

Why so many dislikes?

Is there is the car in the ground for the snow ⛄️ ☃️❄️


Love u


-Luke! -Uncle Owen! -Luke! -Uncle Owen!

Taras kul VS big shaq BATTLE OF SAYING BOOM

U are the coolest

The snow maker is like a wallet

All of these products are perfect for snow fights

I wish it would snow in South Carolina like where Taras lives

Ur snows so soft its rock hard here in Australia


"grab bunch of snow" all of it immediately falls off

Did those dogs eat snow???

I love the dogs

Man someone was hunting deer cause i heard a gun shot

ahhhhh gusto ko ng snow sa pinas pota

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