5 Ways To Grow Your Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency - Low Risk to High Risk

5 Ways To Grow Your Bitcoins & Cryptocurrency - Low Risk to High Risk

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Hello. Everyone and. Welcome. To this. Live stream I've. Been. Wanting to do this for a little while and. Keen. To. Keen. To yeah show you guys what. What. I got to show you so in this video I want to make I, want. To kind of give. Give, you guys five, different. Ways, that you can grow your bitcoins. Again. Just want to reiterate it's, not financial, advice or anything like that so you, know obviously consult a professional, before, you invest. Any. Money this, is just my opinion and, it's for my journal. That. I'm doing as part of my course and digital, currency traders you, can check that out I'll chuck everything in the description. The. Speaking. Of which the description. You're gonna you, see is kind of full of a, bunch of different links, it's, also got an, outline, of the. Five different ways that. That. You can grow a Bitcoin so if you don't want to stick around and, and. Watch. Them all watch. Everything just, jump into the into. The comments underneath to check that out but. First things first last. Last. Week I just started the video by looking at Bitcoin because it's good to kind of get, a gauge of where it's at. And, it's. Essentially. Mental, at the moment it's really rocketing. Upwards a, strong. Strong, correction. Upward some would say others. Would say it's definitely a bubble I'm, probably siding with the latter there it's definitely looking. Very bubblicious, but no one knows where, it's gonna end. Is. It going to be you, know getting up to 220, K u.s., is it gonna go beyond that. These. Things tend to go faster, and faster and faster until they collapse. Of. Course if, you're in it like I am, for, the long haul, this. Stuff, doesn't. Matter so much it, still hurts a little bit when there is a drop but, it doesn't hurt as much. It's, incredible, run-up has been supreme, I just wanted to show you guys something that I noticed here. If, you set your your, EMA, which. Is, exponential, moving average if you set that to a 20 and a 60 you, kind of get a little bit of a gauge of where the price tends to fall during, this run up so, if you are in the position where you're trying to buy, Bitcoin. At the moment if I were in that position right now I would, probably wait until the price gets close to this pink line which. Is the EMA 20 or. If I'm a bit more patient, I might even wait for the, EMA 60, which is the purple line underneath even. If you're even more patient, you can of course, set. That to even higher number like maybe 100 or more and wait. Till the price hits that. But. It seems to be kind. Of touching this 60, line every. So often and then, more and regularly touching this pink line so I, would. Be looking to buy at 12, 600, at, this point although. Like. Any indicator, it, can be a hundred percent wrong and the. Market can go in the exact opposite direction something to always keep in mind I did, come. Across another indicator, recently learnt about which is pretty interesting. Show. You guys real. Quick before, we get into the video. Stochastic. RSI. So. This is like an indicator for volatility. And it kind of shows, when. It's down here, underneath, this, pink. Band it's. Probably. Due. For a bit of a run-up and when. It's up here, it's, probably due for a little bit of a correction, and. Of. Course it doesn't sync up as I said before these indicators, therefore kind of information. And ultimately. The trading game is won by. By. How. Well you lose, how. Will you lose how quickly you can close a position when it's not proving you correct, so, if you can lose really well you're gonna win at trading but these, indicators, do give you some sort of indication. As. To where the price could possibly be going and the, stochastic RSI is pretty interesting. Seems. To measure these volatile. Emotions which, is cool. To look at and, you can see right now it's very much up and, my. Guess is it's probably drew, for a little bit of a correction down but. As you can see over here on. The. Stochastic RSI. At. This point here it certainly wasn't the case it went up and it just kept on going bull so. Yeah. Take it with a grain of salt like anything. So. Last. Video, a couple of. Days. Ago I, mentioned. That I'll be giving away a Klan coin to, a, lucky. Person, to, someone who comments, with their clam coin address underneath, the video so, I'm. Just going to use this random, comment. Picker to pick, one of the comments and, for. That person I'll be sending, them, a clamp. And. I'm, gonna be doing it every single video so if you're watching this now and you want to be in the draw then. Congrats. Gary, I'll be sending you your clam coin I can. See your address down there as well. Just. Make a note of that I'll do that after the video and send that off to you Gary Congrats, so, I'm gonna do it every video so if you're watching this you think and I missed out and then just pop a comment underneath this video and, the.

Next Video I do which will likely be on. Sunday, I'm going through my different. Coins my favorite coins. Ola. Yeah, draw, someone else out so 5. Ways. That, you can grow your bitcoins. I want. To structure this as. Least. Risky. To most risky, and. You. Should probably, not. Take my advice at all but, if, you're if, you are kind of following along and wanting, to maybe do a couple of these things obviously analyze, them yourself well and make, sure that they're the right thing, for you and you. Know that you're not throwing. Away your money so to speak but the first thing is something called faucets, and if you're not familiar with what a faucet, is it's basically, a website. Where. You can go and. Click. Prove. That you're not a robot and get a small, amount like, a very small amount of Bitcoin maybe a handful of Satoshi. And. I'm. Gonna show you how it's done but the first thing you want to do if you're gonna be clicking on a few faucets, and just gathering some some. Small acorns, so to speak of Satoshi, or there's a bunch of different coins I've checked a whole bunch in the description, if you, want to click on them and check them out the, first thing you want to do is you want to open up a coin pot, dotco. Account. That's. Coin pot CO and. If. You open up an account at coin Paco a lot of these different faucets actually, plug. Into that using your email and we'll send you the coins directly, and the, reason that they do that, is because if. They were sending, the. Transactions. On the actual blockchain, of Bitcoin it would start to get pretty expensive with fees and so, I think with coin pot they have a system where they basically just allocate. A certain amount to your account and then only when you actually withdraw, it do, do, you pay you know do you actually transfer it on the blockchain, so to speak but the small, amounts of Bitcoin that you're getting and. As you can see we're talking you know a couple hundred Satoshi, I've got seven. Dope coin, I've got some, light coins, I've. Got some - coins as well so. The, way that you do it I'll just show you guys one of the sites they'll use this one here, this. One's our moon bit, don't. Co. Dot. In or whatever and. This. One gives around probably, ten, to a hundred Satoshi. Depending, on kind of how long you're leaving your computer on for, before you do it and. All you do is you literally just sign in with the email address, I created a new email address for this because I didn't, want to get all the spam, and stuff like that but you can just probably use, yours and block them or turn, image of junk mail. Yeah. So you're already signed in it remembers where you are and then you can just click on claim, prove. That you're not a robot and.

Then. Submit, and. I had 802. And now I have eight hundred and twelve just giving me ten Satoshi for nothing and the, way I mean the the way these sites work is that they basically make money off of ads there's, a whole bunch of ads on there you can check them out if you like. But. What that also means is that your ad blocker is going to be preventing. You from being able to claim anything so make sure you pause. The ad blocker even if it's just for five minutes while, you're doing your claim. The. Good thing about these, faucets. Is. That. Not. Only can you kind of make. Small, amounts of money that you can try new trading strategies, with or maybe, you know give to family and friends. But. You can also claim. As mint, as much as you like some, of them have like limits, for every five minutes max some. Of them have like longer waiting periods but, a lot of them just allow you to claim as soon as there's a new Satoshi and that you can just claim, it and, it kind of accumulates, over the day I know, this one here gives out 1%. Daily loyalty, bonus so. You get if you come back every day you. Know you get you. Know a bit extra or whatever. The. Other thing is is that you. Know might not seem like much money. But. The way the bitcoins going, it. Could be worth something I know that way back when Bitcoin started, maybe five. Six seven years ago now. They. Were giving, away like. Between. One, to five Bitcoin. On actual faucets. Which. Is just crazy unheard. Of I, mean. That's sort of money now is worth heaps. And heaps like it's, crazy. So definitely. Definitely. Worthwhile checking out have a really, low risk option as well, this, one here moon bit it, gives, you, pretty. Like. Normal. Amount of Satoshi. There, are faucets, that give you a bit more if you kind of take up offers, or click on ads I don't, really like to do that because. You. Might end up getting spam. Emails. Or you might end up getting like, viruses. On your computer I'm, just not willing to risk that but, the other good thing is if you kind of tell your friends about it you can get like a referral. Bonus so. That's. The just that the, link that I've popped in the description, as well so. If you guys click on it means that I'll like get an extra Satoshi or two and you. Can tell your friends and they'll get that too. So. That's that's. Faucets. In a nutshell there's, a lot of different ones out there as I said, again. I'll show you the coin pot account, you. Can. Ya, claim like Doge, like, coin -, Bitcoin. Core I haven't found a Bitcoin cash faucet, but stay. Tuned if I find one I'll be, sure to let you guys know the. Other thing you can do is you can actually turn these into, whichever. One you want so if, I'm you, know particularly fond of dogecoin, I can. Go to my Bitcoin. Core, account. And. I can convert Bitcoin. Core. To. Dogecoin. And. I. Can. Put in let's say. How. Many zeros is that. 8. 1 2. That's. Five zeros right yeah that's a 1/2 so 812. Satoshi's actually equals around 40 doge which. Is kind, of fun you can use that to maybe go tip. People you, can tip people on reddit with dogecoin, you can tip. People on youtube, and twitter as well with, doge is a great there's, great little coin for kind of you, know just sharing, the love and seeing, how a are so. You, can change them to whatever coin you want which is cool so, let's move on to point, two here and point, two is, lending. On Palani, axe so, if you're not already familiar with the lending market that is available on Palani axe basically, you. Pick you put your coins into. Palani, axe lending account, people. Use, that, those. Coins they lend, them they, borrow them from you pay, you an interest, rate which is pretty decent what. Can be very decent, and. They're. Not allowed to like take the coins anywhere it all stays on Palani X but they actually use it for margin, trading and stuff so they. You. Know that they basically are loaning your coins to, trade, it on the market, but there's there's things. In place to make sure that your coins are never lost like there's the margin. Call so if if. They're borrowing let's say one Bitcoin from, you they're paying you an interest rate they'll. Use that Bitcoin to say buy some dough corn or whatever they're buying if dough coin goes up they. Pay, you your, Bitcoin back plus some interest, if dough poison goes down it can only go down to the point where your. Coins, are still safe and. You. Still get your interest what. A lot of people don't know about the lending market in Polonia X though is a. Lot of people just jump on here and be like. I'll. Just quickly transfer, some. Clam. I've. Got a handful, of clams yeah let's just like transfer, I'm gonna one, clam from, my exchange to my lending I, can't.

So We've got something to play with. Go. To clams. I can. Literally put in the rate of my, choice so, I can offer it only at. 0.01. Percent and I. Can offer my clam for. A maximum of two days but. If I put it at 0.01, percent right now I can see that there's a whole bunch of other offers in there that are beating my one, percent and people are all course going to take the, cheaper option if, it's available so. It. Gets a little bit hard to manage although. It is low risk you, can obviously set it to a very low interest, rate but then you're not really making. Any decent, money so. There's. This awesome, website. That, manages, it for you and basically, a bot, that goes in and. Utilizes. Your coins as, best. As possible while. Still getting, the best interest rate so, right now the, bot would place a clam, to, beat this. 0.003. Interest, rate that's right here but. As the interest rate goes up if clam starts to climb in value you tend to notice that the interest rate actually goes up, because. Lots of people are borrowing the clamp so they can short sell them. It's. The same with Doge or any other coin that's kind of going up and mooning. You. Notice that the interest, rate will go up and what coin lend actually, does I'll show you the sizes coin lend what. Coin lend actually does is, it, will. Give. You the best interest, rate all, the time so. Once your loan. Settles. Then. It. Puts it back into the market, at the, best, interest rate so, this is just a real quick snapshot, of a. Couple. Of Bitcoin, that I've got sitting in my, coin and, Palani. Axe. Getting. Lent out at the moment and you. Can see here, that it's making small. Amounts, of money for me it's, working for me two hundred thousand Satoshi that's. Pretty. Sane it's a pretty safe way of doing it and it's a lot more than you're getting through the faucets, faucets. Are kind of funding really gets started into Bitcoin and maybe start, you. Know sending, some coins to Palani X and then you can put, them in there too lend lend, them out and let it grow more for you. So. If you're holding on to coins for the long term and you think that it's worthwhile holding. Your coins on an exchange which of course carries, a little bit of risk with it then. I definitely recommend, putting. Them, using. Coin lend to, manage your actual coins you're, lending, so. That you get the most out of it and you, can see here if I go to my loans. You. Can see here that the interest, rate that I'm getting for some of these Bitcoin, is ridiculous, I'm getting two or three percent over. A relatively short period of time and. Some. Of the lower or less, utilized, coins maybe, like ripple. At the moment. That's. Actually still open so it's not getting, loaned out at the moment that's why the interest rates so poor but, you can see the rates significantly, less the good thing about coin lend is it's, getting you the best rate. To. Ensure that you're utilizing your coins a hundred percent in the market and, look, at this some, guy has. Borrowed, point, 1 1 - off me and is, paying me six and a half percent interest, rate. Per. I think that's per day so. That's awesome that's a real that's a, real nice way. Of earning money in relatively. Low-risk way. So. That's our landing on Polonia so that's. Number two number, three is. Investing. In. Just. Dice. So. As, you. Know I'm a fan of clam coin and if, you miss the start make sure you pop your clam and coin address, in. The comments, so, that I can soak. Know I can draw a winner next week to win a clam coin. Just. Dice is basically a website that, people go to to gamble, their clams and. You, can see here if we take a look at the bets people, are placing bets all the time sometimes. They win sometimes, they lose the, thing is is that more. Often than not they lose and that's. Because just dice has a 1 percent house edge which. Means that the house wins just that little bit more than. The. Average Joe wins or than the game winds in, the. Way that it works is you basically deposit, money in here into this, address, as an example it. Comes up in your balance and you can see my balance is currently zero because I don't gamble with the coins what you can do is you can click on the invest, tab here and, you can actually set.

To Invest, your coins in just, dice and what, it means is that gamblers. That have. A one percent house edge against. Them actually. Gamble, against, a pool of money that your clam coins are in and that, means that you actually get, a small, amount of the profits, now. You can see here you probably already looked ahead but. Over. The last only four or five months, I've made. About eighteen, clams in profit. Off of pretty. Small amount of clams I think I've put about sixty-five into this particular account at the time, this. Is one of my smaller accounts that I have but I have a larger one as well that makes me a little bit more so, it's. Yeah. It's a really good way of like a slow, growth the, the thing about just dice is that it is a little. Bit more risky than poorni X because, planning X lending you've got this giant, company that's based in the u.s. behind you and they're making sure that everything's, is everything, is secure as possible and. Just dice, it's run by a guy called Duke, and. I, think, his partner Deb, they run the site they're very honest people from what I know because they used to run. Just dice with Bitcoin, and when they shut it down actually returned everyone their money they, took the site offline for a few months and then, they decided to bring it back and it's, been going for many many years you can look up the history of just dice and see that it's been going for many many, years as well definitely. A really good option, for growing. Your. Bitcoins. In. A way that's moderately. Risky, so, obviously there's always the risk with Bitcoin, and cryptocurrency and. And everything else in general that, people are gonna run away with you money and this is why bitcoin, was made in the first place so you don't have to trust people but. If you want to have the opportunity, to grow your bitcoins and I. Probably wouldn't you know wouldn't. Myself, do it with my whole stack or you know my whole portfolio but with a smaller amount. You. Can use these strategies too try and grow them and make that money work for you. Another. Way you can do that is by, trading, and obviously. Trading, is something, that requires. A bit more skill, and something. That I'm actually in the process of learning myself but, it's hard and it takes a long time and that's why I'm doing it very with, with, small quantities of money as I begin and that's why I make these videos that. Every, Sunday to kind, of track my progress but. If you don't have time to do all that and you still want to benefit, from the growth of trading. It's. Actually a website called, one. Broker, dot IO. And. Links. In the description, and what. You can do on this. On. This particular. Site. Is, you, can instead, of trading. Bitcoins. Um this. Well first of all I should say this site is for trading commodities, like gold oil. Silver. Things. Like that it doesn't actually trade cryptocurrencies, but. The. Same principles, apply for, trading across a variety of course. Or commodities essentially currencies, forex, all that stuff. What. You can do is you can deposit and again I've put a small amount into this particular account. You. Can put some money into this account and rather than actually trade, it yourself, you. Can go to the social, tab. You. Can click on successful. Traders, I. Tend. To change this to successful. For the last 12 months to really see what people can do with the money and you. Can see that all of these different, people are trading. They're. Highly skilled because they're making consistent profits, and. The. Great thing is is you're able to copy them you're able to mimic their trades. Rather. Than kind of pay. For their advice or, like you. Know try. To do it yourself which is of course super risky you. Can actually just. Copy. One of these guys so let's have a look maybe.

Let's. Go back to the start here and get the top ones. So. Sabe, I had, him up before, because. I was checking him out he's, made like, some decent, money for. For, this year so far a lot of that has been in october/november. 100%, he's made in October, 600. Percent in November and that's all through the one broker platform, so it's not some type of Ponzi, scheme where they're, just taking everyone's money in there you know distributing, it slowly as they. Get more and more people on board it's not like that it's. Actually them trading, so I'm gonna copy this guy and maybe Chuck. 0.003. On. Max. Trades per day. And. I. Just simply click copy and now, every, time that salt Bay makes, a trade. This. System is automatically, gonna make, the exact same trade, with the amount of money that I specified which was 0.03. It's. Gonna make the exact same traits. I've, got a bunch of trades open some of them obviously do well some of them not, so well but, ultimately over time these. Traders make more money than. They lose and that's why they get these good results and you. Can copy them it's, great it's awesome, it's. A really great way again to make, your money work for you but this one is getting towards. The. High-risk, end, and. This. Next one I'm going to show you is, the super high risk one this. Is the fifth way to the. Bottom one broke is the fourth way to. To. Grow your bitcoins and the fifth way to grow your bitcoins is, a, site like chained up group and I was kind, of contemplating, not putting this in because it definitely is super risky and I, popped my referral, link down there as well so you can. Jump. On and check it out if you want to but. Basically. It's. A very high risk, investment. Strategy, where, they take. Your money they'll, deposit. It in. Into. You. Know a variety of different trading. Strategies. And they'll try, to come up with. You. Know more money than, you put in and it's very high-risk, because I do kind of think that maybe it's a. It's. A Ponzi, scheme or something like that but I checked a couple of hundred bucks in there thinking, you know what if. I lose it I lose it and I, didn't. Lose it I made my 300, back and so the, money that's in there now is just extra money but. That's. Also definitely. Worth checking out. So. That's. Pretty much the video. The all the five different, things in the different ways I'm gonna pop in the description so you can check it out as well and. Yeah. The keys make you make, your bitcoins, work for you I know they're growing right now when it comes to. US. Dollars. It's. Very much growing it's growing very, very well but, what if you kind of amplify, that growth but actually growing the amount of bitcoins you have as well and that's. Where you can make real money so. That's. It. Crypto. Trader fate is signing off make sure you pop a comment down there with your clam coin address and I'll, see you in the next vid.

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