5 Dropshipping Products to Sell if You're New to Oberlo - with Ross Madden

5 Dropshipping Products to Sell if You're New to Oberlo - with Ross Madden

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Hey everyone I'm Jessica from over lo and, I'm Ross and I'm gonna show you the five best products, and I teamed to set it in 2019, and Ross, would know a thing or two because he started a drop shipping store that made two hundred and twenty thousand, dollars in one year so, stick around for Ross's tips on what to sell and how to sell it. Okay. Ross so before we get started tell. Me a little bit about that store that you created, okay. So started. Back in August, 2017. My, fifth or sixth, dropshipping store so I try to couple them most. Of them weren't really, working or it kind of just like trying to find that bright product this was your 6th, drop shipping store yeah so you don't give up easy no, because I knew I read so many articles on a bellow and so, many success stories I knew it could work I knew well I have, smart enough to get this work and so just trying maybe not everything is whatever, you know different, products have. Different audiences, so maybe I just wasn't clicking with the right one and, then in August one, of them said it working now, we're, going to talk about the product that you sold a little bit later in the video but. Today I, want to just pull all that expertise, out of your head and channel. It right to our viewers no, problem we try so, we asked you to pick five, products, that you would start drop shipping now in 2018. And then we have this laptop out so that as you talk to us about those products we can jump in the laptop and you can show exactly what, you would do to get, those products flying off the shelf yeah that's, what I'm here for whatever matters I use for that store hopefully apply them to these, products whatever and she worked I. Know guys the best way to learn is to keep watching stuff like this that's, how I learned reading blogs watching. Videos looking, at success stories and Basinger off that so, subscribing. So you, keep getting notified okay, so Ross I'm. Scratching. My head trying, to figure out what the first drop, shipping product you're recommending is, well, this might help that itch, of yours okay and. It is. Very. Cool. So. Basically. Simple. Map of the world and. You. Just scratch whatever countries you went to for, now enter whoever you're trying to impress, okay so now that we've folded up the scratch map and tell. Me in your own words why, you think this, would sell well. I think like travelling is such a big interest across. The world so, when. I'm picking products, I'm not, trying to get a niche and instead I want like something that getting tag it everyone because you want everyone to be your. Customer at the end of the day because, it's more like. Potential. Income okay. Then say I wanted to sell these maps would. I just target everyone, who loves travel, because that seems like a really broad audience, and all, the other dropshipping advice that we give is all about narrowing, the audience so, initially. I wouldn't, narrow. It straightaway because you know like you know everyone does like traveling my mother likes traveling same, as you, know my little brother likes traveling at such a wide but they're too busy different audiences, technically, so, what I would do is I would target. A wide. Audience and then I would select different demographics, wouldn't them but like you know I wouldn't just tie it at travel demographic, you know because people who like the gym for example like the travel people like their pets like to travel so I would actually do very broad. Targeted. Demographics. And then, mix and match so, I wouldn't spend too much money on my first year ads and then. You. Can kind of mix maps and see which ones I started working and then let the data take over and eventually, faces pixel so.

Smart Just picks up and then adds it. Like Tiger look like audiences, and do people similar to people who buy off yours but, saying that it's a very broad I wouldn't. Just target people who like travel okay you know I would target everyone could ever like travel so switching, from talking, about Facebook advertising, to, social, media I know you found a lot of your success on Instagram, so, what could we do with Instagram, to sell these travel, scratch maps like, insert was such a great platform right, now because everyone and, their motors are on Instagram and also, just. Like so many for example in the travel just so many travel accounts out there again, with like huge. Following so, you already know, if. You go on to these accounts you already know that the people following them have an interest in travel so, I think, I'm a big man for like your social media account is a huge, seller for like, drop shipping so, the better your social media you, know you get a lot of free publicity, on it yeah so. I would go on to like these big. Instruments. For example fast, the world. They. Have over two 1,000 followers you. Know the, people following them are interested in traveling you know so, you can just go on and you can follow their followers and, like you'll always remember like example I'm on my own in certain accounts and I, see someone follow me I would just double check the account to follow me so if you have a really good account. They're waiting with, a I, mean especially now what Instagram shopping and everything like that we, can actually just directly, buy from Instagram and go straight to the website like, it's pretty much free advertising so. You. Also find you your perfect clientele, so like you know I was gonna follow you back, put. Like they engagement, like in their posts comments on like, these people in here without. Going into their names aren't like that, like. You know and it's as simple as follow follow follow that, there's a limitation to how many people you can follow on a day from Instagram but like you know if I follow a 50 people a day over the course of 2 3 months and 10% and followed back you just build your own social. Media account while, potentially, making sales and also. Finding. The people that are interested and not finding the people that interested you know yeah one thing that also stands out to me here for. Example so you brought up this hostile world account and they, have a hashtag, in their bio meet the world and if I click on meet the world I, can see that. Over. 450,000. People have used that hashtag so. I'm imagining if you're posting on your own Instagram, account and you're selling this product use, hostile, roads hashtag to get in their feed and get front of their, their customers, right exactly. Unlike with the traveling community like there's so many travel bloggers out to know and like this. Scratch map it's just a little neat thing and like it's it's a perfect gift for someone who's always traveling, it's it's, perfect gift to buy for yourself like you know it's just up in the wall it's, a uniquely thing to do I get, so easily marketed. And. It's so cheap to buy yeah, if, we take a look at the over. Lo site for what we see that you can get it for under $7. And I think there's also a smaller, version as well but even, this version really, the stats back up what you're talking about Ross because it, had over, 1500, orders in the last six months over. 200, in the last 30 days so. And and great reviews it, comes in a nice little box yeah. Really cool like it's just the whole like, from. Start to finish of the actual product it's really good quality. This, is even. Looking map on outside so it's just nice to give as a gift you. Know so I would recommend it's and by the way we're going to leave a link to all of the products that we recommend in, the description below, Ross. It's it's like I'm having a vision I can see into our audiences, future that they're going to be rich, it's. Like I can see into a. Crystal. Ball. So. This. Is a glass, sphere. And, you're. Telling me we. Can dropship this oh yeah don't drop it on the ground but, you can every drop ship it okay. Okay. So, this, is pretty much a little photography gimmick, ah so. Just like it's, hard to see now from that angle over here put. It inverts the image so, you take a picture and it's actually upside down but it's really fun to play around with like you can take some really cool photos and this. Goes back to the whole Instagram being you're, a wonderful platform to sell on America, like, you know social.

Media Marketing and good images and cool creative content, you have better content, you're gonna settle it just makes your whole business look. More legitimate, more, interesting, and then you can like hopefully start trending things like this you know so this, just helps of that you know me. I'm like a hobby, hobbyist. Photographer so I find. A fun you know just eight different photos that you everyone, could know example. Could an empire staple and everyone takes the exact same for the thing but I say building this, takes an upside down version and I just take you know you, can even see yourself or, me you can go back to the same thing you can easily find true hashtags, and like, you know training accounts, people you know good photographers, people, who are really good at creating content, and go down there like influencer routes I just want to pause you there because you, said you're a great photographer but what happens if you want to sell this but you. The drop shipper are not, a very good photographer how, do you get all this great content that's going to sell this well that's perfect yeah order people do for you so, you you, look for, those. High-profile accounts or people, who like don't have your high profile just I know some fantastic, photographers that are just not well-known on Instagram. Find. Them, message. Them from your business account I'm like a little game is like hey, ex I really want to join our team we, look to your profile, I think you do to have motioning, well we, want you to try our products and let us know what you think and a, lot of people not everyone will, email back and like you got a free product nothing it cost him nothing why. Not and so these really good photographers, now have this magic, crystal ball and they work their magic with, it you know they'll, get really creative and they'll, do all the work for you so they're after getting this back and then they'll post images. Back to you if they really like their own images they probably post it on their own page so you're getting publicity one on their page two you getting content for your own page and it's. Just I think it's pretty easy way to do it there are two things that I want to dive, into there first.

You Said hey join, our, team, so, are, you framing. Marketing. As a team, effort or what's what's your reasoning behind that so when. You're like it's. All it could be one my business but like when, you're approaching people you. Want to make it feel like it's like you're. Joining a big company they're being proud of your process you know they're kind, of an influencer, team like you know I could have over a hundred people that were influencers, me and like, you know they just feel instead. Of me asking you personally, a stranger, no why would I do for you but, me the company, asking you to be part of the company it just gives them that sense of like that. They were needed, for something then you, know it's it's more like social. Manipulation. And, and it but in the best way because it's the win-win they're, gonna free product and they're you know they're, getting out some cool different photos that they might have never thought of with this and I'm, also getting the content and the advertisement, so I think it's a win-win well yeah the team base it's just like I found it a very good approach like hey we, were looking at your profile beating it's taking a really cool profile would, you be interested in joining our influence team if you air please, email promotions. At you, know whatever your domain name is. Having. Like promotions, so, yeah so, let's get away from the, instead of DMS let's make it look even more professional get the message in your promotions, manager so, if people just have this sense of words you, know and now they really wants like and like you know I'd be excited for like let's say one of the bigger ones like I know address of, course message, me like hey do you want to be you, know what. If your account is some what's a high profile like you know once, it starts passing 10,000. Followers, people. Are like oh yeah I'm, being shared on this high profile account so your dare again publicity for themselves you're going to receive your product and the other thing I wanted to ask you about so you said you would give, this product away and, what's. The price, fresh hold when you think okay it's worth it to give my product away for free to influencers, because I'll make those sales back depending. All on, the, influences, and how much followers they have but. Like because sometimes you know if I see someone who's really good at photographer, and for example this and I know they're gonna take great content that is completely worth between, five and ten dollars that is like you know they could take a hundred photos that I could use over the course of a couple of months so I would say yeah it, depends on your own budget for example like you know this. The cheapest one here is only like two, dollars and thirty one cent for the small, one and then. It goes up to $7 so yeah I would think depending. On your budget but like that seven dollars goes a long way because, you know you, put on that, you're getting your social proof and you're just so much behind an influencer, and a promoter to promote them to their friends so now no, one ever heard of your business because you're a dropship and you're brand new but, like it's a lot of trust and people telling other people so like this, new, influence of yours he's like oh I just bought this cool you think more, likely is gonna have some cool photography, friends, you know people to have friends, with just similar interests so he's like where'd you get that I got a on your, site and if they're gonna trust buying.

From Your side because your friend had it they're gonna trust that it works because they've seen him using it and they've seen his imagery so this is a whole thing behind this influencer. And social, proof and I think, that's one of the biggest a hundred percent I would one of the biggest things in dropshipping is social. Proofing so we've got one, more product to talk about that's kind of in this vein of impulse. Buys or purchases, just for fun and then we're going to switch and we're going to talk about two products that really take a little bit of a different, treatment when you're selling them. Okay. Ross. We're. Gonna talk about the next product so whenever you, just want to put that away and we, can move on this. Is the next product that's. The next product this is the next product what, the heck is that this, is a frigid cube it is the, lowest phone to ever I picked. Yourself out of house parity you come from one CO and, I was just like amazed by it was in my hand for like four hours and I didn't even notice but I was completely. Subconsciously. Entertained, I already, know what all of our dropshippers are going to stay about the product they're going to say it's over, fidget. Spinners have been done this is just a different, shape of fidget, spinner and it, can't sell how, do you respond to that go check the stats go, check I'll, express orders is still quite high go, check the Facebook videos just tons of them out there with a lot of engagement a lot of use I don't, think the trend is dead more. So for the fact because it, is quite unique in it and like, it's, something you wouldn't think that's it's, a simple but like it's. Really like very at like I have a go well. I think it's, just the way it's shaped if it's real ice in your hand I feel like it's, especially, its tightening that audience now I come from the, game and generation you know how it's brought up on Xbox, and Playstation I've been brought up on buttons.

Pressing Buttons you know well, I think the Facebook ads really prove your point there because I searched, on Facebook, for, fidget cube and I see these videos. One of them has 1.2 million views, the other has 800,000. Views the other has 900,000. View sets 3, fidgets cube videos right there and if I click. This and I watch the video it's. Really simple, like anyone could make this video ad with their iPhone, and the. Fidget toy but, it's oh yeah it's so easy to show, what it does and, now it's just putting a good price point on it ok and what would be a good price point for something like this impulse, buy under 10 dollars under, 10 yeah I mean I know it's costing us here. On the supply between, 4 and 5 dollars including, shipping but we're not going for high. Profits it's more like get. Them in so, I would design a whole vintage website around this like there's so many different like, you know feature spinners I believe that is dead but just tell people that, if they're maybe buying this, yeah why not add that when want on paying for shipping anyway there's all these little finger skateboards. BMX, bikes I don't know if any remembers but they're these, things I remember being a kid and now they're back that are not expressed we're really cheap they're things I would do like to like you know some people come to your website they. Come in to buy this and then might buy something else so these videos are easy to make you can make a video ad for. These fidget cubes but how would you target something like this I actually always look at myself so. Well I put products based on my own needs and like Whiting's interesting myself because then who knows myself better to myself so, I know how to tag myself and I no I'm not unique as much as I like to think I am so it's really easy to tag it what, are my interests and I know people my.

Interest I share by similar people so like I'm a big gamer you, know growing up, Xbox. And Playstation I tell you gamers all, this I go on Google Trends I'd. See you know keywords, fidget cube, toys, stuff, like that see. That's the only, country, wise and stuff like that so you're saying Rasta, you would target. Video. Game players but I'm wondering like where in the world would you target these video game players well I'd always go for the, top five you know United States Canada United, Kingdom Australia Ireland. Places, you know there's. High consumerism, high, commercialism people who have expandable cash and then going from there you, know then you can look at the trends, okay well listen I'm, in Ireland and this is enjoyable maybe, someone in Italy why would it not be you know call, me a cynic but I still don't quite believe you that this trend, is still strong enough to make sales because I went into Google. Trends and I looked up fidgets, cube and I see that interest, over time actually declined, so. How, are you going to sit here and tell me and tell our audience to. Sell fidgets cubes when the trend lines going down how. Much you're still making I. Don't. Have a store, I'm, joking okay. No the trend lines going down but you can see here on the Google Trends that it's actually quite high in still in, certain countries so, this is where I'd go in now and start targeting specific. Countries in their, specific language so this is a big thing for me initially, obviously I'd tag at the top five United States Canada United. Kingdom, Australia english-speaking. Countries and when. They started waiver and I'd be like okay well listen people. Are generally the same culture wise might be different but you know people share the same interests, and needs and, I started tagging these ads in the order lon top 5 spending countries and then I found, a lot of success and actually targeting, in their own language so you know you take ok most people speak English but that's very presumptuous of us English, speakers so, when I actually target to let's say when I was in Spain and I used Spanish.

Boom. As in the sales, skyrocket. It just from a simple text overlay on my ad it was now in Spanish and not in it. Was the same image exactly say, if it is now because obviously can understand it and how did you did you pay, a translator. To translate your, ad from English to Spanish Google, Translate Oh, free. Perfect. Not perfect, but you know you don't want too much text on your ads anyway it's simple you know offer. 20%, off so, I go something, like that that so the trend may be going down about, worldwide but, that. Doesn't mean like no it's, gone as in, like the, tree must later I'm still playing this I love it you know battery free it's what, it's a one-time buy you, never have to reinvest and. It's so cheap and then you get to play with forever wait before we go on to the next product, I don't think we've actually told our audience what, it was that you were selling what, were you selling that you sold thirty thousand, orders in, your first year if his teef I did wasn't, really. Anyone. Wants a smile on your face. Sorry. Selling charcoal teeth whitening powder ah so, then, was, it this charcoal. Teeth whitening powder that you were advertising, in English and then you started to sell. It in other countries well, listen where I got the whole idea of like you know tidy. You, know not nice but you, know worldwide a big wider audience because who. Do you know and it doesn't want my teeth you know example. You do you know you, know everyone, does I was hired in top five and I was getting great success and I was like well why, wouldn't someone from Italy, one white eat or someone, and that's when I would use Google Trends, I might. Type in white eat or like you know charcoal, powder and I would look at the top ten top five whichever and I would then okay. I obviously knew the top you know England and America. Already and then I'd look at the other ones like maybe Spain's there in Italy and then, I would retarget, those ads in their language and I, just would generate, a great success from. A simple Google Translate as I write I typed in the exact same sentence. Into, Google Translate it took me actually two minutes a lot of dropshippers don't realize, that they. Can do that they can both dropship within their own country, but just as easily sell to other countries. Yeah I think that's why I said so initially when I started I already. Only advertised. In Ireland because at the same time you, might be sharing with limited advertising budget, so. You kind of want to keep costs low and then you know your own country well you know a lot of your friends what, they want and so you know you, might be presumptuous to presume, that other countries might have different needs and they wouldn't have the same trends, going on but that's why you used Google Trends use the Internet to know everyone is connected now and with. It like social media Instagram everyone does want to be everyone. Is aspired to be not, aspiring but they don't they're copying each other okay, so were you selling the charcoal, teeth whitening powder first, with English ads and then with Spanish. Ads or did, you also target other countries so yeah so basically tagging, Ireland first my own home country and then. When, I started making a big profit and I had a bit more expendable cash I was like okay let's branch out to here so I used Google Trends I saw. United Kingdom was up there and, we target them and then, same with United States but then you, know I check it in Spain Italy and I can see from the trends that they were quite high you. Know interests. But they weren't. Converting. For me and, I taught well because, they don't speak English after, they don't speak English for like you know a lot, of Europe tends to speak their own country's language whereas, we're so presumptious you know maybe if you're selling the United States you wouldn't even think you.

Just You know United States is so big you might even take two you, know target to Europe because, you know what you're shipping from China anyway so, why you didn't need to be you don't know how to tag your own country because it doesn't matter where it's coming from so that's when I change the language and then, I found great success in, like spikes. In Spain Italian. German. And, now, it was a simple Google Translate and targeting, those people with. This same interest the same demographics, just a simple language change, I asked, Ross a lot more questions about his store so if you want to learn more about how he built his store and made it so successful just. Make sure to watch this next so. Our next product project, number four is a clear, necessity. It's. A waterproof. Rearview. Mirror. Sticker, yeah. Simple. How often okay this, is definitely because I'm from Ireland it. Rains a lot in Ireland guys I every. Morning I get in my car and I. Have to reverse or just. Look in my side mirror and it's covered in raindrops, so, annoying and I give it a swirl to my sleeve and it's, just still smadi, you know so I don't have the perfect you know view. Which is a necessity when you drive into for safety and I found this one day and it's so simple it's just two films protective, films you put onto your. And basically, it's waterproof so the rain actually just washes off it so you, have a constant, clear bear now it's. Nothing fun about this but it's a one-time buy you did she put it on and you forget about it the point you made there that really stands out to me is this is a real safety thing so rather than talking about how this would make people's, lives more fun, this. Seems like it would really make people's lives safer, yeah, so this is kind of going back to that whole tagging that wide audience, tag. Given products that everyone, can use you, know don't limit you don't wanna limit yourself you know because everyone's a potential customer you, know everyone has to care well majority, people so such a wide audience target, and it's so easy then you, know this, product on Alex dress or a birder supply costing. A dollar absolutely. Nothing it's so this, can be your like your lead last products, you can get, them in maybe set up for three dollars you know I'm making too much profit on it but, then have a whole care website behind it have you know a phone holder have, your Bluetooth you. Know connector, anything. You know you can carry covers, and cross them this is where you can start like you know making more money to. Get them in with a cheap product and it's something that they need no, I I find after this I'm like and I saw a really good you, know video of like why I should need it i buy, it for traders why not it's so cheap let me ask you something you called this a lead loss. Product. Can you define. That for us so it's, like a product that you're. Potentially making a loss on you Jesus I can make a profit on this is fine but you're not making you're not gonna make thousands off it for what you want to do is get. Them in that. Ad is you. Know cost our interests and now they're brought a butyl, hopefully beautiful website with, other products that the profit margins are higher on now. When people are buying I know personally, myself I always look, to myself when I'm trying to hang under people what do I do when I'm on a website I remember really just gonna buy one thing and one paying shipping fee I might have one or two other things just because why, not so, that's what I would think the. General, consensus is but most people is to. Do the same so, lead, loss you, know make much money off it but your hopefully you leave new to buy your potentially, more what across selling teen so this is interesting because you, know we talked to a Scott, he'll see and he was.

Recommending. Products that weren't nearly this. Cheap and he, was talking about having a one product store so your advice is really to sell something inexpensive, and then, also make sure you've got other products in your store that you can uncross sell yeah I mean like it's, also because okay. No one's outright looking for this I wouldn't, even think about this you didn't even know this existed what, if you saw an advert and suddenly, it's like okay that's not bad and I can see the price on it that's your impulse buyer that's who you're tired that's a you know people, on Instagram under, ads they're not just looking at the friends stories they're not really looking, to buy anything it's. An impulse buy it's, as simple as swipe up by and it's, done and dusted and people kind of forget about it so it's kind of trying to keep that price points. Out of that price range what, is an amount people are willing to spend without, thinking, or ten, dollars no. This is the quality this is really good for under your dollar well. It's such a simple idea it's just like a waterproof, film and you. Know most people you can sell that for fire on this realistically, and, no one would question it at all and you're making a good four dollars on it which is going. Back to let's. Try to push volume. Let's. Try to sell lots of it let's tell you're carrying that wider audience it's, not a targeted, audience so, there's a lot more potential, customers out there that's, a loads yeah which is what you did with your beauty product as well because, on a lower price point and selling a lot of it yeah instead of you know making good profit but only being a you know tagging certain people, that's, just the way I did this I think that's a good idea and I'd really recommend to honest that everyone should buy this anyway if you're in a really country because it's like so, once I buy and it is so cheap and you're not drop shipping this product yet right you're not if you want to buy it off my voice I thought it linked yeah. Yeah. No I definitely I actually really liked the product so there's really two things you. Can do with this product you can sell it at a low price point and sell lots of it and just, do that or you can have, other products in your store to, cross-sell, what. In your experience selling, your charcoal, tooth whitening powder. What's. The benefit of cross, selling versus not well, I'll give you a prime example from, my own website, I. Didn't. A cross selling till six, months in I had other products on my, website but there's actually apps you can get win chopped why so. When. You add it to the Dakar we'd have a pop up at you know and then if it would, like you know okay you can send whatever it says is like buy, this product with, spotting if it was enough the second product and I found that seventy percent of people would always buy the. Pop-up product, because the price point was still quite low so I was seventy percent yeah it was quite because no when, I went hand in hand at the same time so it was the two point TV item powder with, a toothbrush, so just made scent and the overall cost, of board items was under ten dollars still so, it, makes sense when I'm buying this too why not buy this where. I learned because I only put that in six months after, the. Website and going. Back to like high-traffic days and high-volume days that. I potentially lost fifty thousand dollars Wow I just like even having a simple app of cross selling so I really, recommend you know what. Goes hand-in-hand this I'm not quite sure that's. What it's up to you and then not like this for it just in general I really like your advice though you, don't have to, cross-sell. Or upsell to, a $20, item you, can cross sell and keep both items under $10, and that way you're still making a good amount of profit selling two things instead of one I made more money off the to push than I did off the actual tub, how many products do you recommend a new drop shipper have in their store if, they want to try a cross-selling, and upselling well I only. Had like under, 10 because. I was limited and I kept a certain. Team like the leash check or leash people, have this great idea to see thousand products they love and but then it's a lot of work to actually have these products, on, your website and have good products for all of them and people get a lot you know I find myself I'd get very exhausted. Okay your ass whenever you're ready we can just do the next one quick, easier where. Did you see. Them I don't but I have this this really cool app on my phone you can just like a a.

PC. Pinpoint it like it lets out a beep and you can find it out. Have. You ever seen this no, it's, a, product. Number five. So. Tell me more about this it's just a plastic triangle, right yeah it's kind of cool isn't it I mean it'll. Always find the keys because it's pink triangle, no I don't know so, it's actually a it's. Bluetooth key, finder. On. Oberlin, supply is really, cool basically. You. Can download an app on your phone, and it lets out unless you know the location, and it puts out a noise, so like the closer you get it. Makes a noise and the further away it makes a different noise so. Basically just as it's going down to like the internet of things and like the way technologies, go and like me how often you lose your keys or your wallets and it's, tiny you can just slide on your keys you put in your wallet put on a dog's collar and now, you know you can track everything from your phone I think. It's a really good product okay. So this, product is cool but, I'm, always hearing about how. If. I'm in e-commerce I should really be going after returned customers, is, this. Product good, for that this. Is definitely once I buy okay, well fans. That watch yeah you could buy 10 of them for different. Sets of keys your wallet your dog let, you anything but more than likely or, they go to buy it once so, you go back at I returned customer thing is not, great for returning customers but, saying that with dropship and returning customers are quite hard to acquire, because, not, everyone is too, happy with the long wait times you, know two three weeks is quite longer than the two to three days people will expect now so. Going, down that route drop shipping I think, it's personally fine to, sell something like this and. Then, maybe if you want your eternity customers yeah see the website around it it's quite an impulse but not not even impulse, buy if you have a good like really.

Good Demo video. Unlike explain, people why didn't need this I know I need it already because I do lose, my keys and like you know you want everything to be, from your phone I mean I thought. It's nicely you just have everything on your phone so imagine you can just track everything on your phone you know your friends are now with staff maps you know your keys are with this, app so, what you're saying is if. You're in drop shipping sometimes, the whole strategy of drop shipping is not to go for the return customer, but, just make a really smooth sales, funnel, for, that one single customer yeah, I mean even use my own website, as an example I had thirty thousand orders sounds, like a lot thirty. Thousand against, seven. Billion people in the world they, don't, need returning customers there's always a new customer I know there's a the model it's, harder to make a new customer they keep an existing, one well, in the drop shipping business I found that it's, the opposite you want the new customer you want the impulse, buyers the people that have never heard your website that's why your advertising. Because they've never heard of you and they're going up and that's, the the clientele you're kind of going after. And somewhere the product like this you know it's. Useful there's. An app involved. Itís. Cheap on that subject of launch shipping times we actually do have a video that explains how you can tell customers about, those shipping times just click right here so you can watch it next and this particular product costs, 399. So about 4 dollars, how, would you face that on your website you. Know something. Like this because, it comes with an app, it. Has that sense of like quality, and like you know you're. Buying into something so you can price it a bit higher I still, recommend under, tenner 10, euro sorry because. You, know it's a good profit imagine I'm like this is $4 you're. Coming with it if you were making a clean 5 and, then just go again back to the volume sales you know it's something that everyone could, need everyone. Thinks, they want but, like once they have it they're like they'll find it really useful. But. It goes back it's not one of those foreign products but it's one of those necessary. Products, I think you know yeah I'd sell, this for me I'd, be happy to sell that for like $7.99, yeah, something, like that cuz then yeah. You go back to that and then I get free shipping trade. $4 is fine like you know if you multiply this slight boy like you. Don't want to display 10 sale today, you want to make 200 that's, why you, keep the price, ranges in that's under. 10 like your video says okay. Ross before I let you go lightning. Round what are your top, 3 things to look for when you're looking for a drop shipping product to sell okay I'm looking I'd recommend, it highly, order, your products first get, them to you so you know.

There's Lots of products out there with different suppliers test, them you need to test them because you, don't want to be sending. Your you know if you've never seen a product it could be really bad quality and then it's the price probably do you know you want to go for something that, you can make good profit margin on but like a lot of these products were actually under five dollars so, you can still sell them under ten dollars and that's a great impulse buy and. Then it comes down to like your, own needs I always look to myself as like what do I want what do I need I know, I'm not the only person to things like this and then, it's really easy it's, not a guest in like who wants this who wants this if you're trying to sell to yourself you know exactly you, know I see all these days I catch my eyes I know which ones I swipe on I know which ones I don't swipe on, yeah I would use yourself as your first customer - you know most these products I'd have a group I'd love them that's why I picked them and. Then it's easier to sell in, terms of the top tree a good, price point under ten dollars one or five even depends on your profit margins, check. The quality out first because when you're in this price range things. Can be a bit, dodgy just a great suppliers. Out there where the suppliers some, of them are verified you know they're good quality, and. Tree, mmm. Once. You sure the trade will study your own buying habits, yeah study by knob is what do you want what you like you know Pete does people have dedicated. Hundreds. Of hours to tagging, to you and you're, not that unique definitely. That you can just free you know resell someone know my first answer to my friends you. Know so. Like you know use that as practices. And then you can expand and then then you know then you have your little audience and then you make your bigger audience and then you know how to tell you these ads oh yeah by actually more well, save. Them because we're actually gonna talk about that in another video, sorry. Guys hey, Scott you know I saw your video I know you have different methods than me but let me know what you think of these ones and if, you do want to go have some the story get.

My Number from des again. Conquer. The world.

2019-02-24 12:24

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Thanks for watching guys hope you all enjoyed the video and learned something to apply to your own businesses! +ScottHilse what do you think of it? Really liked your video got some useful tips myself!

Hey there! Yes, absolutely. There are some things you'll need to consider. Our ASK forum has lots of discussions about South Africa. Check it out (https://bit.ly/2U2yUcf)! -Jessica

Hi Ross does orbelo also work in south africa?


show facebook ad about fidget cube *2years ago*

Awesome video again :) Keep the quality work! Have a question about language targeting. We choose Italy and on the ad set we also choose italy and the ad creative (text, headline and text on creative) are in Italic also? We have to also have both parameters? Select also on ad set level Italy as a language If we run an ad to Italy only?

+Oberlo I say that I would target only Italy ok? My website is in the English language ok? Then I go to ad set level on BM ok? Therein Languages I select Italic or leave that English? AND then in ad level, I am making the text-headline-image (text on) also in Italic? Have to make 2 adjustments? Adset level (language0 AND on ad level OR only on ad creative?

Hey there! Thanks for the kind words. I believe you're asking if you need to run ads in Italian because you're targeting Italy, is that correct? It's probably wise to do so, otherwise, your English advertisements will not be understood by large swaths of the Italian population. If translating ads into Italian is too cumbersome, consider just targeting English speaking nations. Hope that helps! -Jessica

Hi guys, brilliant content as always, just wanted to ask about something I read in the live chat replay, Does Oberlo offer store reviews? Would they cost? If so how much? I'm working on populating my first general store with a few product categories and would like an objective eye on the collections and layout of my store. Also, an aside, on the eternal question of general V.S niche where (if you have a stance) do you guys fall? I personally am of the mind that it all comes down to how well you as a marketer can find the right audiences for either sales path. That being said, I've started along the path of a general/niche store - general store branding with a variety of niche product collections tied together under the brand. All thoughts welcome on this. Thanks in advance.

+Oberlo Hi, okay, that's great to hear. I'll be looking to submit my store front for a review then. Thank you! Regarding the niche option, I've heard that as well, but I was concerned about what's also said regarding the long term sustainability of a niche store. Being that general stores may take longer to gain momentum, but have a better long term viability as an investment over the niche store...

Hi Jerome, thanks for your kind words! Oberlo absolutely offers store reviews. If you email our support team at hello@oberlo.com, they would be happy to review it. They see hundreds of stores (successful and not) regularly, so they are experts when it comes to reviews. For the general vs. niche debate, we fall on the niche side. We suggest starting with a niche because it's easier to identify your target customer and audience. This is especially helpful when it comes to marketing. However, we have seen many successful general stores! General stores can be equally successful, but we do not recommend them for beginners! -Jessica

I'm from Ireland and even i'm having trouble understanding this guy!

Cheap crap from 2017 ^^

Thanks again Jessica and Ross for diving deep into the information you shared with us. I'm watching the Replay since I always seem to miss the LIVES! ❤️

Thanks for the kind words, we're happy it's helpful. -Jessica

+Oberlo I love your training. :)

Thanks for the kind words Patricia, happy to hear you found it helpful!

Ross/Jessica, is there a way I can try using Oberlo, without any funds? I have wiped out all my finance's in the recent shutdown and need to do something to supplement my income?

Hi Kishore, thanks for the question! While dropshipping is very economical, you will still need some funds to start. The Oberlo Starter plan is free forever, but you will need a Shopify store to sell those products. Shopify's Basic plan is $29 USD per month. If you can put this together, you can start! -Jessica

Oberlo is always free, there is no cost to you

Wow! great content. Oberlo, you rock. Jessica asked all the questions I wanted to ask. Must be telepathy. Any chance of making a "how to make a FB ads video"

+Oberlo Thanks. It was about creating video for the ads on products, not necessarily the fb ads itself. I already do fb ads using images only. You mention while interviewing Ross that FB video's are easy to make.

Thanks for the kind words Owen! We actually already have some videos on making Facebook ads! Check them out here (http://bit.ly/2DPfLDK). Hope that helps.

if everyone is selling the same products? What happens then? Who are the real winners?

+Fav Club galing ng sagot mo 'tol!

Hi Carl, great question! You can definitely sell the same products as other people. There is over 7 billion people on this planet, you can find success even while sharing customers. -Jessica

Then shopify is the winner


Agreed, I scaled a $5 margin product to over 200 sales and regret it, all the customer service and orders to handle for only $1,000 now I'm scaling a $25 margin product and already did $200 in 1 day, but now it is only 8 orders to handle, but if it was the other product it would have been 40 orders

How do you get the products influencers? If the shipping time is 3 weeks - it will be one long wait to be able to market your product. The same with getting the product for yourself to make a video or take your own photos of it?

+Oberlo Thanks a lot for the answer! Your videos are awesome and super helpful :-)

Hey there! Yes, you're right. It's not a fast process to get started, it takes planning. This is a business just like any other, and so careful planning is required. And it can take some time to get things ramped up. What you could do is test products using FB ads to make sure you've proven the concept before you begin to invest heavily in marketing and promotional materials. Hope that helps! -Jessica

They're promoting oberlo exclusive products. Different country origins

Are these one product store ideas?

+OberloOK thanks for the reply.

Hey there! That's entirely up to you. Some people feel it's a good strategy to put all your efforts into a single SKU store. Others would rather have a general store that can test all sorts of products. At the end of the day, it's all about your personal marketing strategy. If you want to sell a carefully curated selection of products on a site that you can build a brand around, that's a good strategy. Or, if you want to build a brand around a single item, that works too! -Jessica


Thank you for this video! I had given up on dropshipping a few months back because I didn't feel that I was getting anywhere with it but I'm looking to start back up because of this new info!

Glad to hear it, best of luck! -Jessica

do you have any actual proof that dropshipping can still be used to make money in 2019? i feel like its super saturated and the prices of FB ads are too high

Dropshipping is just a fulfillment business model, at the end of the day it still takes work and dedication. Kylie jenner made $1 Billion from dropshipping with shopify, and there are thousands of people making 6 figures per month, even 7 figure per month. Just like any other business you have to be dedicated

Hey there, Mike! We have merchants every day who earn profits operating these businesses. Dropshipping isn't going anywhere. It's big business. To say it's saturated is to say that retail is saturated. Yes, it's fiercely competitive, but that doesn't mean you can't carve out your own place in a niche by marketing effectively and providing value to your website visitors. Hope this helps! -Jessica

Well R.I.P products

How long did it take for you to finally start seeing some actual significant progress?

Depends on the knowledge you already have, I just started a product about a week ago and it already has over $300+ in sales, yesterday alone was $200 in revenue. I know a girl who got a store to $10K within the first 7 days. Point is we both had months of studying marketing and E-ccomerce and developing strategy to have that happen.

+waflestix346 What niche are you selling? Could I check out your website?

Took me 3 months. Went from one sale in January to 13 sales this week and it’s onky getting better. I just use FB marketing. You can show ads on IG too. Influencers ask for a lot of money

This is why I love orbelo. Great customer service and they are always pushing success stories

Glad you like the service and find value in our content!

How did you market your store??

Hey there! Ross marketed his store primarily through Instagram and Facebook advertising. Check out our definitive guide to Facebook Ads (https://bit.ly/2GZ3v3f) here and our video series on Facebook Ads in our YouTube library! -Jessica


You're most welcome! -Jessica

How do you make any profit? If you buy for 3-4$ and sell for 10$? With facebook ads cost theres almost no profit? How do you get such cheap ads? Thanks

Hi Anderson! It may confuse them, but many websites are in English. Most of your Spanish customers won't be surprised, or their browser will offer to automatically translate it for them. Otherwise, you can add a translator app to your store front so they can change the language (http://bit.ly/2EqQ7a3)! -Jessica

Oberlo 1 more question. About changing the ads language to spanish for spain example. Thats great. But what about when the customer lands on your website? The website is still in english.. so they see a spanish ad but english website so it may confuse them?

Hey Anderson! You can set your margins to whatever you like. If it's not covering your ad spend, you either want to increase the prices or change your advertising method! -Jessica

hi for a post in story on instagram with an influence on instagram I pay him how much per 1000 views?

+Ross M okay thank you very much for the answer and when will the time come to pay them how much I have to pay? assuming that the influencer wants to promote my product in his story and that he has 1000 views in story I pay him how much for 1000 views in story? it's just an example thank you

I would definitely approach them first with a free product offer before, most small scale influencers are happy to just get the product in exchange for a shoutout

Hi Thanks for sharing quality info, Are these stickers one size fits all or are they car specific

One Size fits all, they dont cover the entire mirror just the center!

Hey Juwa! Happy you found the information helpful. Yes, the sticker is one size! -Jessica

Missed it

Hey Anthony, you didn't miss it! It starts at 10:00 am EST (in about 10 minutes)! -Jessica

Hit me up Ross

Why the f would he hit you up?

Dropshipping will always be profitable. Just look at Wayfair. They just reported a huge increase in sales during Q4. They are proof that you can be extremely profitable if you use this business model well. Remember that Dropshipping is a business model, not a trendy product, etc. It is wholesale minus storing inventory. Therefore I would personally 1) Create a specific niche not general (after research to make sure the niche is not on the decline) 2) Sell products from manufacturers/suppliers from within the US if that is your major targeted market.

Oberlo may work in South Africa but the shipping time taking so long for the Customers to keep waiting for long that's the big issue

Question. Would need to have a different URL for each product you would like to sell?

Well RIP these products

Wait.. did I hear that correct. 220k in one year?! The man is still living at home, and driving his Dad's car. Something is not adding up

I understand your concerns Paul. That's why most South African dropshippers will sell to other countries instead. Just because you're located in South Africa, doesn't mean you can't sell to the United States or Europe that has faster shipping options! -Jessica

who remembers seeing ross on First Dates Ireland

I tried shopify dropshipping but I went bankrupt because I only got 1 buyer and my money ran out for advertising, and now my money has run out and my domain has expired. I need the ingredients

Hey there! I've been there! Ads can be expensive and aren't the easiest to learn necessarily. If you're planning on taking another run at a dropship business, make sure to follow along with these Facebook Ads (https://bit.ly/2GZ3v3f) fundamentals. Also, don't hesitate to reach out to us at hello@oberlo.com for guidance and help when you get stuck. Hope this helps! -Jessica

Great question Johny! You do not need a different URL for each product. You can use one URL for your store and list all your products there! -Jessica

Thanks for the question! If you are strictly advertising to Italy, I would suggest using the language feature to translate everything into Italian! -Jessica

That's a fair argument. However, you can always add new products to niche stores too! For example, there are new trending products for the travel niche every year! -Jessica

Ah, I see! Thanks for clarifying that. The request was for the videos themselves, not the Facebook ad. I'll be sure to note this idea for future videos. Thanks! -Jessica

220k in overall revenue probably. His net profit would have been 40-120k.

+CharlieCommerce good advice. How do you find trust worthy US suppliers?

Awesome products and great tips. As an aspiring drop shipper, I'm a little bit confused about how I will create my store with these products. Will I build a one product store for each product here with a different domain for each product or a more general/niche store having all of these products in one domain.


I know right? They are putting less than minimal effort

Hey Jay! If you're looking for US suppliers, I would suggest checking out the Oberlo marketplace. Oberlo suppliers are all vetted before they are allowed to work with our merchants. We've got a huge list already, but are constantly adding more! You can find them on the Oberlo Suppliers page (app.oberlo.com/suppliers), they have their locations listed under their names. -Jessica

+Jay Nyce you use Google. Takes a while but worth it.

Yes that's right

Ross M loved it! I would have used these myself , great job

Hi Chris, thanks for the question! You can definitely create a single product store with any of these. However, you can group them together and sell them in a general store as well. Or, focus on one and import products in a similar niche! Totally up to you, all these strategies have been proven to work! -Jessica

We can recommend some hot seller products


You get their email addresses when they buy and you retarget via email therefore no advertising costs

He needs to slow down and articulate the words all I heard is brblsbla rrrrblablabrbe

Thanks for sharing Good Idea

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What's the Oberlo icon at the bottom of Instagram, and how do I get it?

8:33 you can see it on the bottom part of the Instagram task bar

Sorry, could you please provide the time code? Our logo is in numerous places, so I'm just having difficulty understanding which exact one you're referring to! Thank you! -Jessica

Its right at the bottom of the instagram task bar in the video, how do you get that?

Hi there! Could you just elaborate where on Instagram exactly you're seeing the Oberlo icon that you're looking for? -jessica

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Ah, thank you for the time stamp I see what you are referring to now! You actually can't "get that" necessarily, it's just your Instagram profile picture when you're anywhere else on Instagram. If you go to Instagram and browse a profile or the explore page, you'll see your own Instagram icon in that bottom right corner! -Jessica

But now I got new ideas

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I'm from England and I had no problems!

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You can take a look at Amazon. When your product is there send it from Amazon to your influencer

Hi Jessica, you don't really seems enthusiastic about most product haha! although you great!

Me too, he spoke English not very clearly

Do I have to create my own website? I don’t know how to do that

Not throwing shade but captions would be most helpful. Great information, just a tad bit difficult understand.

Thanks for the insight. We're working on captions for future videos so more of our viewers can access the information! -Jessica

Smart guy, he is not spending too much.

you're the Goddess of Oberlo

@Oberlo I say that I would target only Italy ok? My website is in the English language ok? Then I go to ad set level on BM ok? Therein Languages I select Italic or leave that English? AND then in ad level, I am making the text-headline-image (text on) also in Italic? Have to make 2 adjustments? Adset level (language0 AND on ad level OR only on ad creative?

@Oberlo Hi, okay, that's great to hear. I'll be looking to submit my store front for a review then. Thank you! Regarding the niche option, I've heard that as well, but I was concerned about what's also said regarding the long term sustainability of a niche store. Being that general stores may take longer to gain momentum, but have a better long term viability as an investment over the niche store...

@Oberlo I love your training. :)

@Oberlo Thanks. It was about creating video for the ads on products, not necessarily the fb ads itself. I already do fb ads using images only. You mention while interviewing Ross that FB video's are easy to make.

@Fav Club galing ng sagot mo 'tol!

@Oberlo Thanks a lot for the answer! Your videos are awesome and super helpful :-)

@OberloOK thanks for the reply.

@Jay Nyce you use Google. Takes a while but worth it.

@CharlieCommerce good advice. How do you find trust worthy US suppliers?

@waflestix346 What niche are you selling? Could I check out your website?

@Ross M okay thank you very much for the answer and when will the time come to pay them how much I have to pay? assuming that the influencer wants to promote my product in his story and that he has 1000 views in story I pay him how much for 1000 views in story? it's just an example thank you

Great video, amazing content. Thank you guys for sharing.

Hi Ross great video, I live in Galway too- I am a total newbe and want to learn dropshipping- can you contact me? and perhaps I could speak to you. Thanks a mill .Gina

Seriously Daniel ?????? Why????

hi , please tell me the products you share , they all are from different niche, i am new i am totally confused i start like a niche or like a general store site , please reply as soon as possible thanks

i need a general store to sell this products ? , they are all are from different niche , so i create different stores for each product or one store is enough , i m little confused from i start from niche or general store , please help

Jessica..You're the best. thank You sooo much for putting so much into these super helpful videos and for getting back to people with questions and providing such insightful answers.thankyothankyouthankyou

Is a landing page a good idea for an e-commerce store? Oberlo Rocks!

I know it helps you guys grow by showing people how much they make but could you please get all future guests to say profits ? Thank you and i appreciate all the videos

Tell him we don't give a fuck about what you like you don't open the fucking store because of what you like he's a fucking dumbass and he needs to be slapped

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