4 Major Conflicts Of Back To The Future - Real Time Script Analysis with Andrew Horng

4 Major Conflicts Of Back To The Future - Real Time Script Analysis with Andrew Horng

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It's. One for courage get, a take, 1 scene 1 scene, 1 take 1 Andrew H and house. Intuition. The house everybody. At film courage my name is Andrew and yes this is a 1981, DeLorean behind, me this, is my DeLorean and you can rent it at car of dreams calm, today. We're going to look, over Back to the Future and I'm. Going to be watching it with you guys and, we're, gonna look, at it as a. Screenwriter, would and I'm gonna be talking about the. Four different conflicts. That are in the movie and how they all get juggled in it so, without further ado let's, start the movie. All, right just so you know we're not going to have the movie on the screen so sync up your DVDs and go, on three. Two. One. Go. All. Right so you should be seeing the old, universal, logo. MCA. Company. So. Something, that I wanted, to. Want, you to think about is want you to ask yourself what is the definition, of conflict, to you and. To. Me the comp the definition, is technical. Definition, is you. Have a main character or any, character who. Wants. Something wants a goal and there's, some sort of opposing. Force, some sort of opposition, usually, in the in the form of another character that is preventing that person from that goal and, usually there's some sort. Of, consequence. Or something at stake. With. That go that goes very important, and there's like a downside and not achieving, that goal. So. That's. The technical definition but, the. Easier way to think of. Conflict. Is thinking. Of it in terms of problems, you, see a problem that's conflict. And. For. Every problem there's a solution so. We're going to be going through that here, we're. Going to be going through problems. And solutions. And this. Film has many. So. First, we're actually going to be. Using. Post-its. There's. There's, four main conflicts, that are present in this film one. Is the, death of Doc and. We're gonna be representing. The death of Doc with this green post-it. The. Second one is Marty. Getting, stuck. In the past that's. Gonna be represented, by this blue post-it, and. The. Next one is Biff. Biff is the. Main act antagonist, and he is going to be getting the way of a lot of things so we're to represent, his. Presence, and his all. The problems he creates with this yellow post-it, and. The. Final one is probably the biggest one or one of the bigger ones. So I'm, already needing to hook up his parents to in order to stay. Alive and, we're gonna use this pink post-it.

To. Represent that so. If you watch, this opening, you'll. Notice that there's actually not. Much going on, it's. Really like a slow, reveal, where. We're. Starting to learn a little bit about you. Know Doc's character, we don't even see him but we learned that, you. Know his mansion was destroyed and then, the second thing that we learned is that. There's. Plutonium, and. It was stolen and. You. See that on the TV and, in two, seconds here to see the skateboard hitting the plutonium, that's, just like a little tease because. Because. There's not much going on here other, than set up for the first 20 minutes. It's. Just a little tease to let the note the audience know that that there is something kind, of brewing a little bit so I'm. Gonna write down. That. We're setting up the. Stolen, plutonium. And. It's coming up. Right. Here. So. The plutonium, is stolen and, it's. The same plutonium, that we heard, about it on, the TV and, we see a skateboard, tooth we see two. Worlds come together sort, of thing right. Do. We know why Doc's mansion, was destroyed by developers, what happened um I, don't. Think we know why I mean I think it's just that he he, was rich and he put all his savings, into, creating. The time machine. Interesting. He built it in a garage, so. Everything, here is kind of a slower, reveal, we don't even you know the filmmaker is you know Robert Zemeckis is doing a really good job of just not giving you everything he's not showing you that even showing you Marty's face like you see right here you see the back of his head and you. Don't even get to see him in the beginning you saw his legs. Which. Weren't even Michael J Fox his legs was. A-standin, right yeah they didn't have Michael, J Fox for that you know for that long so they had to you. Know they, had to use whatever they could, plus, you don't even know whose place this is at, first right, right. You. Don't really know you're just trying to put the pieces together and you're and. You're just seeing that and here we we, see Marty. McFly he's got the sunglasses. And. He takes them off right, here. So. That is our main hero. So. For. The rest of this there's. A lot here, that just sets up, Marty's. Life so, I'm gonna use the purple post-it, for that and. I'm just gonna write that. We're. Setting up Marty's life. And. There's not you know there's not much going on there's not I mean. There's not many problems that you're sure he's late for school but that's you. Know. Who, cares I mean it's just he's just late for one day he doesn't make them you know the audition, after that but. You know it's not the end of the world so. I'm not not a lot of problems, are going. On in the, beginning and they're, just just a bunch of setup and a little bit of teasing let's, try to get you interested. That's. Actually the purpose of that plutonium but. For this I'm just gonna put down that we're setting up Marty's life and. That. He's basically. This. Really cool guy who. You. Know skateboards. Behind cars, and. We. Learned that he's a guitarist and, that he's laid all the time he's, got a girlfriend and eventually. We learned that he wants that you know 4x4, in that truck but. Right here power. Love by Huey Lewis. Classic. Plus. We see the sort, of eccentric. World of doc but we don't totally know whose place it is but all the clocks and, then right his little mechanism, for the morning routine with the toaster, and everything, right right he he. Definitely has personality, and is not even there is character I mean and. Yeah. And so we're kind of you, know this is all just to establish. Character. And that's really important, too, you. Know you can have a character that's in conflict but sometimes, the. Audience or you. Know the audience really needs to be invested, in that character to, care about someone. In conflict, I mean you. Know it's the difference between seeing. A total stranger, getting, to a fight at a you know restaurant versus, like you. Know your. Best friend or something you know it's, just a little your focus a little bit more on, someone. That you really care about so. Here we're setting up we set up that he's, he's.

A Cool guy he's, always late. Rides. A skateboard and now we were introducing, him to Jennifer, and. Also. Strickland. Right here, but. Yeah Jennifer is really just um. She. Her purpose, in the story is really just to serve as the, stakes for the story you. Know he. He, can't really live, a life in 1955. Because. You know he. Says he's has he has a girlfriend, here he really cares about he really wants to see her you, know maybe he if he didn't maybe he could kind of be okay with living with his you. Know family, you know and, they're younger or whatever but no he's got something, at. Stake he's got something. You. Know in 1985. That he really cares about that's why he really wants to get back to, 1985. And. It also sets up Strickland, as sort of this supposedly. Good. Force but he seems to always be. Busting. Someone's chops who's not really that bad but right getting. Them in trouble for some reason right so he's definitely you know a tough. Principal but he's also you know what as as, much of a jerky as he is he's also right because he warns him about Doc, Brown and gives. This gives doc the doc character a little, more mystery we're like why is he all dangerous, what's going on but. He's. Right about doc doc his Doc's. You, know put him in front of a moving car you know later. Later. On in the movie when. He shows them you know the DeLorean and. Yes. Here we have Huey looses a cameo. That's. Great. And. Actually. If you know, load trivia is that. Yeah. There you see mark Michael J Fox is a guitar. Instructor. Was was over there he's the guy who developed in with the guitar like Michael J Fox already knew how to play guitar he just, you. Know he was playing along with the instructor. Are you see the Goldie, Wilson truck right there yeah. I always wanted a jacket like this but I really have. Yeah. These jackets are hard to find actually some of these are like. This whole outfit sometime like the 501. Yeah this is this, red vest, was kind of hard oh yeah Michael. J Fox checking, out the women there uh-oh is. There a meme about, that right now I don't, know like. Distracted. Boyfriend I think anyway, sorry I actually. Had a big crush on them Claudia, Wells yeah. I guess and I met her in. Person I kinda made a fool of myself oh no what'd you do no, I was at her store and then I I was. Like she's like do you need any help and I was like yeah no I'm fine I'm you know I'm over in this area I'm just looking at these clothes I was, like a giant wall nothing, was there oh, wow. So there we have the, four by four that Marty wants. Right. And. We're about to get to. You. Know there you go we have the clock tower in the background. We're. About to get some. Setup on that oh. They're. So cute very. Cute. He's. Actually a lot of exposition in this. You. Know first. 20. Or 25 minutes and. A. Lot of that a lot of writers, are always concerned about how to hide. That in you know how to make. It not be boring and this is one of the ways is that kind. Of disguise in a joke this. Is what they're doing right here. You. Know this woman that's kind of annoying them what, the activists alright. So. I'm gonna use blue because this represents. The setup for. From. Already being stuck. In time. What. A gentleman, is oh. I. Remember that cars like the AMC 80s car Hornet, or something oh gosh. I remember. Seeing those. It. Was almost like a station, wagon that was like big tires on it yeah, a lot of great, cars and all these cars are classics, now. Where. Was this shot is this on the Warner Brothers lot I. Think. Some of this was on yeah this is all like a set like. A giant set that they met. They converted. You. Know for. The 50s and then they after. They made it in the 50s theaters trashed it for the 80s look. So. Then we saw the clock. Tower, information. Like the yeah still why are we. Know that about the clock tower. And. We got another setup seen so I said that. The. Conflict of Biff getting, in the way. It's. You know we revisit, that throughout the story and this is our first. Introduction. To that you. See. Thomas. Wilson just really. You. Know controlling. Crispin. Glover some, character. I love, Crispin Glover Ennis yeah, he's really easy great I think, the director had to kind of key would do some crazy stuff I heard and enough work to kind of like tone him down a little bit I did. The same thing. So. Biff bullies. The. Dad. Once. He, wants money for the beer that was spilled on us jacket, right he totally, messed. Up the car which sucks for Marty and. Yeah. We just see grabbing, on the tie. He's. The. Infamous, hello McFly right right, and so of course come into play later in. 1955. And. He still can't stand up to him so, the dynamics are set up right. Yeah. His dad is a total, pushover. Pushover. Nice guy but just pushover, and actually right after the scene you'll see the, dad actually has some, he'll. Be eating like peanut brittle and, there.

Was Actually a deleted scene where he a neighbor. Comes in like makes the dad makes. Crispin Glover buy. Some peanut brittle for, it you know I guess the daughter was selling some peanut brittle and he just gets like bullied, into it but, we don't really need that because we already see him getting bullied by my, Biff, it doesn't really add anything new. So. That's why they kind of like deleted, it and got. Rid of it it's. Redundant, if. You have anything you know as a writer if you have anything that that's, not being that's. Not new you, might want to consider deleting. It you don't want to be, you. Know repeating, something over and over again for the audience you know. Interesting. To see the, choices made in the Edit room you know why, that scene should, have say it or didn't stay right, right. It's. Popcorn, okay great. Get. Your drink or you're good okay. Little bubble oh I'm good friendly thank you though maybe, in a little bit all. Right so here's a peanut-brittle scene, they. Totally cut so they, totally that scene that's where the scene was and. There's just a lot of setup here a lot of exposition the writer. Was. Saying but. Sometimes. You try to hide exposition. And. Sometimes. You just gotta let people just say it so. It. Was gonna be a joke here about uncle, Joey right. That's. Disguising a joke but later, on Lorraine kind of says certain things that just says. A bunch exposition, exposition, about how they met, sometimes. You just got to get that out of the way you know, you. Can see too in her sort of demeanor that she's very blase, and right, kind, of beaten down and, but. You don't know quite what what's going on just yet right, you know you, know you see some, subtle things like she's drinking. She, doesn't really look that healthy, you know mm-hmm. You see. Marty's. Brother. You. Know has kind of a crummy job. Everybody. Knows who that is right that's Jimmy Olsen from the Superman movies oh okay. And, that's Wendy Jo Sperber right, Wendy, Jo Sperber his, character she can't meet a boy hmm, of course this will. Come. Back later and. Interesting. Too this is where the. Mom is sort of. Doubtful. Of women that chase after men right, then you'll come to see that that, really her and, she's. Sort of lamenting, her yeah. I think the writers were, wondering. You know, if. They went to school with their parents you know what would they like them and would any of those things, that they told them they'd, be true like you know I had. To hike you, know 15. Miles to school when I was your age and stuff and, we. See that actually it's quite. The opposite, hmm. And. Then I saw a behind the scenes all the you. Know prosthetics. And things they did to make Lea Thompson look older right. It's. Fascinating. Yeah. It's pretty convincing here I mean mm-hmm, yeah they do they've nowadays they would just have CGI. You know, CGI. The makeup on but. You can see it in their demeanor as well they seem. More mature, right. And. I guess I just learned that Eric Stoltz was supposedly, casas Eric Stoltz was yeah Eric Stoltz was cast. An. Executive. Wanted. Eric Stoltz in there and they, wanted Michael J Fox there are some scheduling issues so, they. Got Eric Stoltz and. Yeah. He didn't you. Know they had to make a drastic decision at the end you know all right you know in the middle of it so. They. Cut him. So. That one scene was. The. Man from space honeymooners. Episode that, was the, that did premiere in nights 55, and. A. Lot of people don't notice but the original. Title. Or the title that one. Of the executives, wanted, was. Spaceman. From Pluto which, was a terrible title he didn't like back to the future at all and. I think it was I, wonder. If it's because of that episode you know the you, know honeymooners.

Episode But, they. They. Eventually I, think Steven Spielberg, wrote. Back to that, executive and was like oh thanks, for the joke you know and they. Knew that he would be too proud to actually say oh I was real note you know and. It's just the North Ridge Mall sorry, this is a twenty Hills Mall ah okay, no industry. I think I've, been there a, lot, of it back to the future events. And. They, do yeah I one, of the screenings that I saw was actually, bombed. This parking lot right here. So. Going. Back to that. I should actually say that all, that info we're going to write down as. Setup, for the, information on the family so. You. Know all that she, was talking about about the enchantment. Under the sea dance and. What. Were you doing bird watching all that stuff you know can't. Find a boy the, sister can't find a boyfriend that's. All information, on. The. Family I. Heard. Here, it is beautiful. Car. Of, my, dreams part. Of many people's dreams. 1981. DeLorean, dmc-12. And. Helmet now remain oh they're only they're only the, nine. Thousand that were made. Only about 6500. Exist today huh I got one of them selves yeah and yours is beautiful. So. This is all I'm. Gonna label this with, the blue again this, is all set. Up on. Marty. Going. You. Know being stuck in in 1955. That. Conflict, this is the, introduction, of the time machine. This. Is in the middle of the night right in the middle of the night this meeting doc. And. He's a filmmaker this was one of the first things that Michael. J Fox shot, once he got the role uh-huh. Wasn't. He doing family ties at the same time yeah. He was doing uh he. Had some scheduling conflicts and. Finally. He really wanted to be in a movie and they could they can make it work but only if he worked, on. Both family ties and and, back to the future that's a lot. So. You got like no sleep during it. Okay. And there's doc with his. Yeah. And the original script it was actually a a. Monkey. I'm. Not a DeLorean. The. DeLorean part, kind of came in last, minute I think. They were first thinking about a refrigerator. And. Then, they realized if, you want to do a time machine you got to make it mobile you know. Yeah. I don't know how that would have worked with a refrigerator because he's traveling it like 80 was at 88 miles an hour or something right. Catch. Love, the old, camera. There. It's. Interesting relationship. Dynamics, sorry between a doc, and Marty - right. They don't actually get into it about how they, know each other but. I don't think it really matters they just um Marty. Is a cool guy. Doc's. Really eccentric, you. Know of course they know each other right yeah, you, know of. Course he helped him with his experiments. You know. At. Four in the morning but, you know what Strickland was right this guy is really, dangerous I mean he puts him in front of a moving. Car right there, oh, you. Know I. Mean. What if it doesn't go back in time you know yeah. Wow. That's cool sparks. There we go back. Inside there we go and. From his shot. He's. Realizing it's worked. There. Was a, the. Filmmakers, screened this in from a test audience that knew. So, little they. Didn't know anything about, the movie that when they first saw this they thought that they had just like. Disintegrated. The dog there's. Like a little, bit of a nervous, nervousness. In the air right. I could. See why right, and. Is. The dog going back into 1955, Raul, the dogs going one minute into the future a one minute so yeah, they'll, be seeing a dog okay shortly. That's good always got to make sure the dog or the cat is okay. Yeah. They're a lot of changes that were made in the script. The. Original. Script actually had the. Did. Not have the Clocktower scene in it it had the there. Was like this big. Nuclear. Reaction, nuclear, test. Site seeing, that was at the end and, actually the beginning part. With. The clocks was actually not. In the original script either it was it was, Marty. In science. Class learning about nuclear reactions, so. You. Know you got to be you, got to be open to, changes as a screenwriter you know, they. Decided to make the. Do. The Clocktower sequence. Because it was it was a lot cheaper and it tied back into the story better in yeah and. The, dog is okay right. Is. That dry ice yeah. That's. A wifey I think yeah that's liquid liquid nitrogen. Perfect. Timing by the way we're in a garage so. Someone. In a really nice Porsche just started up liquid. Nitrogen huh and. The. Filmmaker said that this was such a pain to shoot because. The liquid nitrogen would get all everywhere I would you. Know that they only they got rid of it for the once they got mr. fusion they're like whatever mr. fusion fixes, this problem you, know this is like you. Know you don't see it again in any other movie or any other city in the sequel's you know I. Could. See how that we really just thought would take so long to get right. All. That right, and. The dogs great so, good I mean we're still you know about. 24. And a half minutes in okay and.

Not. Much has happened I mean we did see you, know Einstein. Go back in time but. The. Experiment went well I mean, there's. No real big problem. There's no big, conflict, and this, this. Is still we're still setting up the time machine and. It's not really a save the cat moment but it's a moment where you know oh he's okay the dogs all right so right we're great and they don't good you know they don't do this scene in the beginning they don't tell you everything first, they, kind of make. You question, what you know, what. What just happened and then he's telling he's giving you the answer right, now you know I. Mean that's how you kind of tease the audience as a writer or. As a filmmaker you know all, right. Now. Why did they choose 1955. Because he wants to meet the parents right right. I think they wanted. The. 1950s, was when. Was. Like the age of the teenager and they. Also wanted, Marty. To go back and invent. Rock and roll that, just kind of worked out when, they when they wrote the script and I. Think. 1980. Around, then it was still 1955. So. It, just so happened to be 30 years exactly. But. Yeah that that's, that. Was the age of the teenager and you. Know it's a good look a good. Time to be in you know Chuck, Berry and I was right. So. All this that, doc is saying right now this is all. Exposition. Again and sometimes, you just have to just. Let it out. It's, good performance, here yeah. We, already you know we're, already intrigued, enough to be you. Know to, to. Listen to this a not get bored really. Saw that this, is a time machine we're interested, now let's hear more about what doc has to say you know. And. He's, eccentric. But he's not where your Freight afraid of him he's there's, a like a trust, factor you, can trust him there. Is a trust. And. Now, he's talking about the plutonium. Which. Could. Be very important, mm-hmm. It's. Gonna lead us to a, first. Big, problem. The. Plutonium, part scared me as a kid was. Freaked out by right, it's. Very scary the music and everything you. Just hear it from the music you know when, it comes in. How. Long will this was the shoot. I, just, don't know but I know that it took him a long time to get me there they're trying to make it a maid for a while like many, many, years. No, they thought it was and then, they shot it but, then they had to redo it because they, recast, you. Know the lead role. Was. Tough I thought they'd give Spielberg one more chance. Actually. Spielberg, was like the only one that was actually interested in the movie they, took it to all these different Studios everybody thought, it was it wasn't raunchy enough because all the top. Teen movies were all raunchy, comedies like Porky's, right. Right, and then except. For Disney who thought it was like too dirty with the. Princess. Right. Or. At least they saw it that way Yeah right right, right, and, then, I think they were freaked out by didn't, they think something else is witchcraft or, something or maybe I'm just. I don't know about that okay sure. Yeah. Wasn't it wasn't PG, enough, and. There was little doors. Doors. Open up so, fast the. DeLorean is such a great. You. Know I'm, glad they chose the DeLorean, because it's such a unique car how. Everything's designed the, stainless. Steel and, engine. In the back go. Wing doors you. Know I. Remember, being a kid in my mom telling me about the DeLorean how it was like this big failure and it was being shown at a local shopping center really it.

Was A big deal at, that time so. Here's our first major, problem. Aha. Who's this big post it. And. This Sharpie, you know we had a 30 minute mark here uh. Yeah. Almost almost 30 okay. Aha. Here's the scene that totally freaked me out as a kid right you, just hear from the music and then of course sound effects and everything scene. Also makes me look cringe a little bit you know at the depiction, but. It's. Very scary I mean I think I had a bad dream about it it's it's, pretty terrifying most. The movies so tame. So. They want the plutonium, is that right well. He screwed them on the plutonium, deal he, didn't build them the, bomb that they wanted, now, he's just died so doc. Just, got killed right I. Wonder how this would be perceived in today's. Today's. World just, because, it'd. Be interesting at, that time it was one of more new to, show. All this but this. Is the only like major. Serious. Part. So. If. You see we're. Also going to write. In. Blue, that you know. There's. A big problem that Marty, is now. In danger. So. This is a big problem that's going on right now and. There's. A solution for that it's. Going to yield another problem. So. 30 minute mark this is where the true conflict, begins. So. I'll talk about that in a bit but that's that's, more three-act structure, and. If you're a writer you should know about three-act. Structure but I think the first thing you should know is that it doesn't always. Work, with every film it's not screenwriting. Religion. But. This film it does fit, in very nicely. So. Obviously, you know the. First act is. Him. In 1985. Second. Act is in 1955, and then 1985, when he gets back is the third act. But. I like to look at it this film in terms of how it juggles it's for conflicts, okay. So we see right here he goes he, hits the gas, solution. Marty. Escapes. With the car. To. Get, rid of that problem. And. Now he's traveling. Through time. This. Is the scarecrow scene right. So, this isn't another this is another, problem. That he's got. That. Has the same solution so he's you. Know before, he was in danger and he uses the car to escape this. Family puts him in danger again and he uses the car to escape so I. Think. They said what the Scarecrow seemed to they did that on the soundstage or, like a not, sound stage but they it, wasn't actually moving. They kind of just really. Okay. This. DeLorean, actually, one of the reasons why they they did use it is because, not. Only did they want the time machine to be mobile but they wanted it, to be here, in this for. This joke right here where they they. Think it's a spaceship. Totally. Freaked out. Yeah. Right and he's in this right, he's this zoo. And. The animals are not. Freaked out. So. I'm not gonna write it again but it's the same thing, Marty's, in danger and he escapes with the car you'll see. If. He actually gets shot that's the end of our movie so it's. Good that they missed. Great.

Physical, Acting - oh my god Mike when a fox is actually really a really, good physical actor, but. It's, really would like kind of subtle. Well. They said he was very reactive and that's what they loved about right, and they needed someone that would just react to everything right you. Definitely seem reacting, to Biff. Right. He and he was you know really sleep-deprived, during this so he just had to go all on instinct, you know and but I think it really helped his performance, he. Fixed that they got a station, wagon with a bed in it for, him to sleep in her it would just take. Him to set in it and then take, him back probably yeah you shouldn't be driving on three hours of sleep yeah. So back at, the mall you saw that he ran over that tree arted. The ran over that pine and of course that will come later in the film it's. Twin, Pines mall - Lone Pine mall so he's already changing, history. Little. Subtle things that kind of tie in right. Little, markers. And. We. Got a realization, of another problem here of the the big problem is that he's. Uh. He's. In. 1955. This. Is not this is not his home. Look. At that old car. Nice. Couple for a Sunday Drive totally, freaked out. So. Here it is. Stuck. In 1955, and. Right. There he's, got no plutonium, no way to come back. So. He hires the DeLorean. Mm-hmm. It. Makes it so easy to push is it a light car it seems like it'd be a heavy car it's pretty heavy car is it yeah it seems like I've, never pushed it so that's good okay I don't, know. The. Nice Ronald Reagan plug there oh yeah. Ronald, Reagan actually saw the movie, and he. Really enjoyed it he. There's a joke later when Marty. Goes and meets. Meets. Doc you know about, about the president United States and. Yeah. He actually I think it was in a State of the Union Union, address he he mentioned the film you know he referenced the film so he's a big fan. So. Yeah we're just kind of taking it all in right, here. See. The clock tower in the back right, and it's such a big problem that I mean the filmmakers are kind of you. Know just letting you, experience. It you know I, mean. If. You're if you're trapped in the past I mean you might as well see you know every. Shot is like kind of like a nightmare, because. Everything, looks different and, clock tower works now he's. Wearing the outfit you're wearing which, it's. Modern, and those you know for him but right, it looks like a space outfit right, for those everybody thinks he's a. You. Know it's a life preserver. Well. We don't get confirmation until, right and in, this moment right here oh and. Then we yeah we have reference to. Politicians. Saying the same thing as Goldie, Wilson. You. Can tell that the, clothing. Is different right, and you just hear from the music. That's. A big problem I'm in, 1955. But. For every problem there's a solution but. We're not there yet we haven't provided, the audience with that yet. He's. About to enter he enters or the, Internet okay. So. This is like there's this, is like where the cool kids hang out right this is actually a said it's one of the only, interior. Sets. You. Know where you can actually go in and. Shoot. From the inside from according, to filmmakers so, they shot and they made use out of this and supposedly.

It's It's been used in a lot of films but it's, like Gilmore Girls set to no I don't know I've never watched that. So. Yeah so he's you, know he's. In the middle of his problem and his, solution is to. You. Know get. Doc's help so. But, he's you know can't, reach doc. That's. True in any phone books right. So. That's his first attempt. And, again he's a fish out of water right right. So all these jokes here about tab and, Pepsi. Free. He's. Dressed. Totally inappropriate for, that time a. Little, bit suspect right and, it's. Okay to kind of stop the story here a little bit because you know we still were still in the manova problem and we, haven't found it figure out the solution it's a big problem -. So. Here's ah ha, the introduction of. Well. We've already we already know about it the Biff. Biff. In the way. Conflict. With dish he sees his father right. And. Here it is, how. Many kids in the 80s had that happened to them it's cool. But. Premier is a Biff bullies. Always. The father yeah, and. It's been going on. For. A while now and it's, definitely gonna be a problem, while. The story exists in 1955, you know but. It's interesting because. Marty. Stands up to him because he doesn't really have the social, issues. At stake where yeah. It has to belong to any yeah. Well Marty's got other things to worry about like his, whole existence and. So. You know he's little. A little bit more open to standing up to this right, but, it's still hard I mean Biff some big dude plus. He has all this entourage that's right, most bullies have montages. And. I loved seeing them like hop in the car like that it's. Kind of like this, lawless. You, know. Free-spirited. Way. That. Was also Billy, Zane for all you Titanic, fans and his first role was one, of the best goons, Thanks. I, love. How he's just so sort. Of partly in awe up and here it's. Yeah. And here's the. You. Know we set up that Goldie Wilson was was. Mayor and. Here. We, go. Pay off on that on. That info that we know about. His. Look is priceless here and where he's just. Just. Feels like his life is like flashing before his eyes, right. And, you see too with Goldie that he's you, know he has beliefs, and he's you, know very passionate about things you could see he right so you already see that Marty's kind of changing history a little bit I mean you know he was always gonna be mayor but, maybe.

He Gives them more confidence that he's gonna you know he's, gonna do it. We're. About to get to the next problem. Do. You member what it is. The. Mom yes, mom. He's going to intervene, with, his dad his, mom told the story about meeting. The. Dad when the. Dad almost got run over by her, father. Marty. Intervenes. Binoculars. Would. Really be changing by a window like I'm sorry I think. That's how I change oh oh really okay yeah. Here. We go. This. Is the dad all the way. Marty. Intervenes with this with the, dad's. Fate. Julian. Just takes off right, George, just takes off shows that he is, and. There's an even bigger problem, which. Is that. Which. We will find out in a couple minutes. That. The. Mother likes him yes. Instead. Of the father. She's. Very intrigued by him because he's not like the other right. Other boys, in the neighborhood here. She's using her like motherly, voice but then it changes when she went through your real life she's you know teenager, right. They're in her room and it's perfect. 1950s. Room right. If. You notice in the background by the mirrors over there it's. Kind of hard to tell but maybe if you have the blu-ray you could see that those. Are all like, heartthrobs. From the 1950s, so. She's kind of a little. Boy crazy right. But. She plays a really, like innocently, that I think. That probably didn't come across on you, know on. Paper, that. It was probably probably, read a little bit dirtier but, you know, she's. Still a good girl yeah yeah, she plays like very innocently, right. She's. Not a beatnik, at. That time which was like hey. So. Problem. Is that now the. Mom likes, Barney. Oh this. Is the same reason is tidy what yep yes sorry. I remember. This look at this physical physical, right yep. Tripping. Yep falling. The. Filmmaker said he could do that on every take so. And. That's the mom right. Perfect. 1950s. Mom. There's. The television, set. A perfect. Family dinner. Oh yeah. Jason and Herbie yeah, yeah the older, brother from the one years. And. Was that joke about. He. Said those Joey being behind bars car. Serrated huh. You. Know the scene is kind of slow but we're. Still able to get away with it because he still hasn't been he hasn't been able to find. Doc. Yet you know so we're still there's. Still something kind, of left you know you. You know still, on the table you know yeah. It sets up sort of the safety and, domestication. Of that time and just. The innocence, right. But one thing is that if you. Know if all these problems were solved, and we were watching this we'd, be kind of a boring scene but. Because there's still stuff left up in the air we're, still we're gonna still. Be engaged, in watching this you know right. There's. That scene from the honeymooners oh yeah. Man. From space. There's. The precocious little brother. Says. How would you know this he, rerun. It's. A rerun. So. He's uncomfortable. Yeah. He's trying to make it seem like everything's, fine. It's always awkward going to other families family, dinners I. Can. Reveal the awkwardness of that these. Are whose grandparents. But at a younger age weird. Are, you using the right fork. What. If you put your elbows on the table I. Mean. This film has a lot of you, know great comedic, moments like you know but. It's also like a good blend of action, adventure. And romance, you know it's kind of ways all those pretty. Well you know a. Likeable. Hero you know you want to root for for. Marty right, and I think we. Get that from, right. Here they you, know. Setting. Up Marty's life and we see him. You. Know you. Have to first like your character before you kind of get on board with with. What their conflict, is what they want you know. Yeah. It had it been Biff and we, took a day through this like right probably wouldn't, feel. Anything the. Same for them right and also we hate Biff so right. Alright, so this is uh. You. Know he's, still trying to find doc and he finally found him I. Love. Doc's place. So. The solution, to. His. Problem. Would. Be to get Doc's help. How. Will doc believe him right. So. He found him that's. Good. And. Here we see doc during, better times. Maybe. Well. Better, financially, but he, still hasn't invented anything that, works. But. He in briefs he doesn't question Marty. No. No he sees he's. Also like he yet he also just hit his head -, if you see the bandage right there and. You know the story about how he he. Just came up with the flux capacitor. So. He's a little he's eccentric but he's also. You. Know heard himself -. Great. Physical comedy right there yeah. Again. That's. Weird I think, I heard that Christopher Lloyd didn't necessarily want, to take the role at first oh I, don't I don't know about that okay. So. Skin. Then. He finally. Got on board, so. Here's another problem, so. He finally he's we. Got dots you know we found doc, but. Doc. Does not believe. Marty. That's. A problem I mean. Why would you believe that, you, invented.

A Time machine and and someone's from the future I mean. Makes. More sense as a practical joke you know sure candid. Camera. So. The question is this is a problem how is he gonna get, him to. You. Know believe him so he's he's showing this, is the first attempt you showing. This. Picture and, stock. Duck still doesn't believe him. So. He tells them who the president is and. That, really makes him not believe him. Ronald. Reagan love that joke by the way. So. How is he gonna do it all you're gonna see right in about two seconds. So. This is the part of the conflict where no one's believing, him right, but, he just, got. His solution. Which is flux. Capacitor now all of a sudden he's on board. But, he's got to see it to believe it so, he heard the story and now he's got a he's. Got a witness. His. Invention. I love. Those going doors I, love. That it's like a stormy, sort of night - adds to the stakes right. So. He finally realizes he said she's he's, like I made. This thing and then oh no we, got a we got to bring you home you know it's. Really important that we do, which. Also helps, the likeability, of doc because you realize that he's. Open to believing that right, right, this was his creation he just met him but he really could be cares about mm-hmm yeah. So. Of. Course we just got, a solution now we're about, to get another problem. And. He's showing him footage too right from the right. Camcorder. This. Was actually a, not. A real black-and-white, TV they had to put, a color TV in there because they couldn't hook, it up to the, camcorder. Oh I had to put a real, color TV in there in this box that was from the 50s and make. It all black and white. That's. Cool. So, here's the big problem. And. You can see it on Doc's face he. Needs a, ton. Of electricity. That. Homely plutonium, or. A, bolt, of lightning, can. Give you aha. We're just gonna have another tie-ins. I. Love. How it sets up all these little clues right. About the film that's great. So, here the. Pictures. That we sell in the beginning. And. What was Doc's claim to fame in the beginning, do, we know what or sort of what he was sort of known for I mean. He has a truck that says like 24-hour science, scientist, that's. What he was doing but he hadn't invented, anything big yet. So. Here's. Where, we figure out what the solution is, he just says a bolt of lightning. So. I'm. Writing use, the Clocktower. Use. The Clocktower, you. Know a lot of films a lot, of stories you have the main character who's, got, this problem, got this goal and they're trying to you know they're trying to go through a trial. And error try to figure out what the solution is here they just give you the solution, you. Know, you. Know. 54. Minutes in and there's still a huge chunk left I mean the. Reason why. The reason why it's still interesting is because we. Have all these other conflicts, that we. Have to go through. Next. Saturday night. I. Love. His place too like, it looks like you would think he. Lives there right sort, of mysterious, so here, he's. Talking about what's, that steak you really, he's saying you. Really can't go out, you're gonna affect time this, is very important the story you know these are the consequences, so. He's, you know he's warning him right here. He's. Almost like an expert too because well he is he's, saying. Things that actually I don't know if Marty totally, realized. You. Know he wants to meet his parents but at the same time he could be affecting, his own birth right, so he took he gave, him that advice but it's already too late so this is our other problem, and, we see it with the photograph. That. His existence. Is. In. Jeopardy. And. We, go back to this photograph a lot and it's a really good tool for when. You write your screenplay for, filmmakers. To keep. Reminding people what the keep reminding the audience what the stakes are and, every. Time you go back to the photo someone's. Heads come off or someone's you know more, disappeared. And. You'll. See that a couple times here in this film you know. It's. Gonna go to the high school halls. So. That's. The problem right and the, solution, is. That. Now he's got to introduce. His parents. You. See Strickland again oh yeah. What. Does a problem. Of. Course which is that. His.

Dad's A loser. Who. Would love him. And. His. Mother. Another. Life, is. Is you, know infatuated. With Marty, not the new guy. Mom. Likes, Marty. So. He's got to introduce his parents his dad's a loser and. His. Mom, already. Has eyes for someone else. I. Love. The 50's move that's. Like the arm, on the locker. And. I love the dock is like this observer. He's. Kind of stunned, right, but, he's fascinated, at the same time. Cuz. He's basically seeing his own creation, and the, effects of it. Did. They ever do a movie just about doc and his backstory, um. The. Third movie really well not his Baxter but the third movies really focuses, more on Doc. There. Were three of them uh yeah. It. Better not be another runner. But not everyday keep. It's just three precious. Don't. Spoil. So. This. Is a big problem of how do you hook up your parents and here's, the solution. Chant. MIT under the sea. Does. She act edition the dance. Sir. Does she end up asking him to the dance. His mother yeah. Yes. So, that's also another problem. Mother. Eventually later, on asks, Marty. To, dance so now, he's gotta go you know which. Is interesting it ties back to the beginning when, she said isn't that horrible. So, you're right at a time there's not another clue right so she's going against what she said. But. Yeah so now he's you know he's trying to get his father to ask. Ask. Out lorraine, hoping. That that'll spark some sort of chemistry and he won't you know disappear, into, nothing you know. Here's. Where he says he's a writer right. And. He doesn't want to show it to anybody because he's afraid people won't like it. Crispin's. Got great, like. Facial expressions, right yeah he's. He's. Also a good physical comedian, too yeah. Good. Great like sort of social, anxiety and, nervousness, like it maybe. We have another. Problem about. To happen right. There. Hmm. If. Not. Only bullies the father. But he's also has, no problem. Doing. It to the mother. So. He's gonna get me getting in the way of things. And. There's Marty and yeah. So. The solution, to that one which I won't write is that, Marty. You. Know pulls. Him off but the nets and then another problem and now they're gonna fight and then this is the solution right here that Strickland, comes in, kind. Of saves the day a little bit so. Kind of hold off on the fighting. For. A bit, but. He also then becomes sort of now under the watchful eye even. More right so this is all kind of getting a little worse problem. Wise you. Know as a writer you want to kind of escalate. Your problems make them a little bit bigger a little bit worse. You. Really want to be not, too kind to your main characters, you. Know. So. Here's. Another. Problem to that. There's. Resistance from the dad he doesn't want to do it you know so.

You. Know not only do the parents you know the mom has to say yes but the dad also has to actually ask and, big. Problem here's the dad. Is. Refusing. Problem. Is he's. Not gonna go along with it so. What, you. Know what do you do if. If. Your dad won't ask out your mom. To the dance, and. The solutions gonna be right here and check out this picture right here that more. Of his brother has disappeared, that's that's another indication of the stakes and accounts and things getting worse. So. This, is the solution right here. And. Again we don't see everything right away but just a little bit of a tease we see the cassette. And then. We see the reveal right here the. 80s Walkman. So. I'm writing use. The. Solution is he's using. He. Uses, an alien on his father. To. Convince him to or, to make him a scout. Lorraine. And. Of course his father believes it this, was set up earlier by the scene, when. He crashes into the farmhouse you know and you know the barn. I should say, and. The fear at that time of sort, of the fear and fascination of, people. From another planet, aru's so. This so yeah so one one problem solved now now his dad is totally on board. There's. A mini. Scene. Example, of a problem solution right there and. Prom. Quick. Solution. Also. Here's a small, problem. His, dad is not a smooth guy he doesn't even know what to say so. That's. A bit of a problem but. Marty. Comes Marty, comes up and gives, him a solution he just tells him what to say, and. He writes it down I. Love. The physical look. Of. Crispin. Just right. He's the shovelers almost up, shirts. Hanging out, awkward, poses. So. This is good he's uh he's told him what to say his. Dad's on board now all we got to do is wait for the, mother to. Hopefully. Say yes. What. Could go wrong golde in the background dancing, right having. Fun Goldie's dancing everything's. Fine alright, get. Me a chocolate malt or whatever he says it. Seems. To have swagger, and confidence. Comes. Over I. Just. Have a little crush on Lorraine's, friend, was. She in little darkness, was, she in the movie little darlings with Kristy McNichol uh I, don't know, oh hey she kind of look like the girl yeah. It's. A great movie by the way happens if you're into 80s movies oh you don't little, darlings just. A side note people I'm sorry yeah. It's. A great camp eighties camp movies were big. For a while. And. Here we go so yeah, here's another problem I mean of course everything, would be fine if. If. Not for. Oh, this. Biff. Is in the way. So. What's a person, to do what's this how do you how do you handle this problem yeah it's, coming up. Right. There right yeah Marty, trips Biff. But. That's another problem because Biff. Biff. Is a big dude and he wants to fight, an, es so that's yes. That's a that's, another thing really quick so. Biff. Wants to fight and so his solution is just to punch him and flee. And. This is where he sort of invents, this. Game or he invents the skateboard, as he does this rides. It effortlessly. He's. Got the cool converse, on two suns right, these, guys they don't know what to make of him. And. Sparks the livers so, I wrote. Under. The yellow, if. Wants to fight. And. I. Wrote a solution. From. Marty is to, punch. Him and face and get. The heck out of there. And. Laraine loves it right, so if you notice that these solutions, lead. To bigger problems so. Sure. It takes care of you, know Biff getting in the way but eventually. You'll see at the end of the scene his. Mom likes him even more we don't want that. Again. Great physical, physicality. Right so and even this is another problem Biff is now in the car he got in the car. So. And and, he's now he's cornered what is he what, is he gonna do if, got him in the car. Solution. Right here. Jumps. Over. Everybody. And lets. Them crash into him a newer truck. Of. Course and it dumps right into the convertible right perfect timing that's great I wrote solution. Is jumps, over car and, there's Goldie Goldie comes and. But. We, got another problem like. I said. Well. Now now he's marked. Yeah. So. He's. He's a marked man hmm. And. It was a public display so they've got to redeem themselves, right. Here his, mom likes. Him even more and, she's. In full stalker mode right now. So. This. Is now we're gonna go to the green post it cuz this is where. You. Know we've we've played around with these other conflicts, but this is where. Doc's. Death starts, to come on in. So. Doc, starts to realize something's. Very wrong with that videotape. So. If you see right here. Here's. The problem doc, is refusing, the information, Marty wants to tell them and doxxing no I do not tell me.

So. So doc is is the. Opposition. To. Marty's, goal Marty wants to tell them and Doc's saying no don't tell me. And. We're. Gonna use the small post-it, small, blue posted, last, time we were here we we. Had the solution you know we figured, out we wanted to use, the. Clock tower as our, solution, now. This here is just all set up it's, just a plan just, going over the plan so I'm going to write down setup. Showing. The plan. And. Really. The. So. Really, the purpose of these scenes is just to show. What's supposed to happen. So, we can kind of appreciate the. Differences, because. It never happens the way that they you. Know in movies when they go over the plan it never happens so something always different, happens so. Now you, know in the in the finale when we see. A tree fall on a cable you. Know we know what that means we know that there's supposed to be a cable connected, to clock tower and. We know it from the scene. Also. It gives us a little break from from, the other conflicts, cuz we've been spending so much time doing, doing. This right here. And. It's great to see doc in his element right you see the scientists, in him come. Out and write it just so meticulous, about all those little details right. The. Cars on fire, that's. Not good. The. Cars on fire and. Boom. So. More conflict, yeah it's a joke but it's kind of like it shows you that this. Could be dangerous potentially. But, it they kind of disguise it as a little joke. And. We're. About to enter another. Problem. Knock. On the door. I've. Gotta hide the car they, gotta hide the car because it's. It's. The. Mother. And. What I wrote on here, is that she's. About to ask him to the dance. Problem. Mom asks Marty to the dance and that's. A huge problem because this, is the dance that the. Parents, fall in love at. So. So. That's not good. I. Like. The awkwardness, - of their body French it's great right. Again. Doc is observing. Sorry and she's doing exactly what she said. Yeah, right. Not. To do you know she doesn't like women who could do that so, it's great it ties back into the. Opening of the film and establishes, more of sort of his, home life she's. Making a move on him because he you know he protected his his dad but then now she likes some more you know so, the big question is if they're going to the dance, what's. The solution. It's. Coming up right here in. This scene. So. Did. So. They come up with a plan, to. Stage. A fight where, the father. Protects. The mother against. Marty. So. The solution is the dad, the, dad saving, mom plan. And. I love to that this is taking place while he's like hanging laundry out right right it's. Great like sort of filler activity, I see this is a problem - it's that. Marty's. Got a you. Know hit. On his his mother he's got to be. All aggressive with her and. You. Know he. Doesn't want to do it obviously. But. It's all part of the plan and he's got to do what he's got to do to not. Disappear, you know that's some, major stuff so. Yeah. He's got a play sort of this bad guy right, and obviously, remember what we said about plans they. Don't happen the way that they're. Presented, here this is ideally, what happens but they're, not it's not going to happen this way. It. Gives some jocks old advice. So. New scene and. The. Emergence of, or. We go back to this problem, of Doc's death again. So. You'll see. Marty's. Gonna try to tell him and the. Problem is that doc is really. Adamant about not. Knowing, he's really, gonna refuse the information, again. Some. Writing problem, is doc, refuses, again, and. What's the reason he doesn't want to know because. He's, seen how bad Marty's. Marty. Has messed up his fate with his parents so he said I don't want to do that if I'm the more the less I know the better. So. This is a big problem, Marty. Really really, wants him to know because his life is at stake. So. What's he gonna do. So. Look he's really even, more than the last scene he's really. You. Know strong and firm about this do not tell me. And. Here's the solution. Marty's. Gonna write a letter. And. Just, hope that. Maybe. Doc. Will change his mind and be, just curious about it and read it one day I. Left. To that it takes place in a late-night diner, like right how many I would always love to do that there's not that many late-night diners, where you can just like right sit didn't do something like that fifty. Is a great location mm-hmm, do not open until 1985. That's the solution Marty's letter. So. Here he goes he's got the letter and. He hides it because. He knows that if he gives him a letter doxa. To refuse it so. We. Still don't know though what's, gonna happen if Doc's gonna read it or not so. It's not it's, not a perfect, solution, not.

Yet. Here. That's got to be convinced, you know. So here is the dance. So, we get a little set up on the dance and. Now. This. Is gonna be our next, problem. So, you could already see marty is kind of struggling right here he's. Got a hit on his mom but, it's really, not. Something to and she looks like she's you, know she wouldn't mind if he know. So. This is not good, so. I. Wrote here, the. Problem is Marty can't do it and eventually. You'll see that mom. Does it for him mom kisses him I. Love. The old flask, is, that a flask or a bottle, yeah flask, rates, so she's doing all it's again just doing all the things that she said you know I don't, know she's doing she's doing stuff that will. Lead to you, know. Her. Drinking later in life you know. She's. Totally way different than we thought she was you know or that he thought she was right, Oh, weren't. You smoking, - right. Now. Is this where we see Chuck Berry, yeah. That's uh well. Supposedly, as Marvin berry his his, cousin, oh okay, so a little, nod. To Chuck. Berry mm-hmm. So. Dad now it's time oh oh dang oh there. Was no removed. Her jacket, it's. Go time and he really, doesn't it you just seen his body like she really doesn't want to do it right, I can. See where maybe Disney, would have trouble with this part Yeah right right. Now Marty, were in this problem right here so. What's the you know what's the solution. Yeah. This was maybe the plan that he, wasn't expecting, right, turned on him a little well. The solution is also the problem here it's that that, um, it's. A little bit of a cheat because, he doesn't do anything but. Right. Here when she kisses him the. Mom is disgusted. So. He doesn't do anything. She. Feels rejected but, now she just feels like oh this is gross. You. Know. He. He, looks terrified so, she doesn't know what's, going on. She's. Mad I was like this. Is gross. So. That kind of gets him out of it now the mom is no longer interested in Marty but. Will she'd be interested in the. Father and. Here's. Another problem. Boom. There we go oh here, he is back. Biff. Biff. Wants revenge and. Here's. Another problem. If. Is about to salt. The mother. Right. Here. And. We got another problem. Marty. It's. Gonna be stuck in a trunk. The. Band. Helps. Them out and. Gets rid of these guys so the band is part of the solution, the. Band, chases. The goons away. Broke. Down van chases, goons. But. That still doesn't get him out of the trunk. So. What's. What's, gonna happen I mean Lorraine is still in trouble here's. Our solution right, here. It's. George.

But. We don't really know if he's going to be the solution I mean he's such a coward. In the, beginning. He. Has to make a really big choice here. So. The. Dad stops the assault. That's. That's. The solution but, of course that, creates another problem. Which. Is that Biff is. Now going to fight. The. Dad. Problem. Is. If. Biff. Fights dad. Right. Here. But. We got a solution coming up. The, band is, gonna, open up that trunk. Right. There. Of. Course that leads to another problem. Band. Opens trunk. This. Is a big problem right here even. The mother can't. Help she, just she just pushes him or he just pushes her. We're. About to see the very end of the Biff, conflict, right here. Boom. The. Dad. Punches. Biff. If. You watch this in a theater. Every. Time the crowd claps. And cheers at this, at. The end of the scene when, when he socks them because, part of our conflict. And. It's helping you think that this you know just just punching. Him will, bring them together but. Marty. Ends up looking at the photo. In two seconds and realizes. We're. Not over yet. People. Are still disappearing, problem. Is. That. When they open that trunk, I wrote. Injured, no dance so, the band. Got injured and therefore, there's no dance. But. With every problem, there's. A solution. Look. His his aunt his hands all bloody it's all injured. And. He's trying to explain like the stakes what said what's it what, the consequences, are, this. Is a solution right here Marty. Plays at the dance. But. We're going to come up with another problem. With. The. Greatest, character, in movie. History okay. We see that we see the photo, that. We're, still not you know his, siblings are still disappeared, he's all alone now and now. The greatest character, in cinematic history who just cuts in and. Decides. To dance. So. I put the problem is a guy. Cuts. In. Guy. Cuts in. There's. Only one solution here. Come. On George do it. We're. Seeing what's. But. The downs but the downside is of this goal not being fulfilled his hand is disappearing, right. Here. We go here's the solution, boom. Pushes. The guy and. I. Wrote down dad, kisses, mom. Boom. He's. Back and, that, is the end of, that. Conflict, and guess what in the. Screenings. That I saw, big. Applause right here lots. Of cheering. Because. We're at the end of this conflict and. Marty's. Marty, at least can exist, Biff. Is out of the way Marty can exist and Biff been humbled right. Biff, side of the picture so. This. Next scene coming up is the Johnny be good scene, I'm. Just gonna write Marty. Invents. Rock. And roll. I'm. Going to use the purple one because remember. Up, here we. Set up that Marty.

Didn't. Get the you, know he did. Really bad at the audition, and he didn't get that dig this. Is kind of a to. Fulfill that you know but, nothing bad, is happening this. Is actually a little bit of tribute this is actually a scene that the studio was thinking about cutting so. They're like can. We just cut the scene it's like, you. Know nothing really it doesn't really push the story forward like these other ones there's no problem or, solution to kind of push, the story than the narrative and. Filmmakers. Did wanna because they this is for character. Development you know we really want to see what, we really like Marty we really want to see him we just got to of these conflicts, taken care of and you. Know let's take a break let's let's, have him invent rock and roll so. That's why I'm using the purple post-it, right here. And. Luckily. They left it in. The rest. Is history so. That's. Really Marty, are that's really Michael J Fox playing, or. He's he's sinking. It I think. That the audio was pre record but he knew how to play it so it looks like he's actually playing him. You. Can already see the changes, right. The crowd got a little more confidence, you know from from George. People. Liked it more. Got, the joke about. Chuck. Berry here. So. Yeah I know the film that. Filmmakers. Wanted to kind, of reference all these like guitar, heroes. You know these guitar, legends and everything's he's got a little. Bit of Eric. Clapton and. You. Know. Chuck. Berry and Pete, Townsend. Any. Eddie Van Halen in there it's kind of an eddy and. Hey lately, made reference to that hill and into the, alien scene you know he. Had Jimi Hendrix right there uh-huh right, there, you're gonna high in the back. So. I mean this I mean this film has some great you, know humor, is like it really bounces humor romance, we the previous scene was romantic, or romantic, and this is humorous. Very. Funny. And. There's got you know action-adventure coming up after, this. The. Payoff. They. Don't know. What. Are you doing what is this. This. Is great to it this. Is you know and the next thing he's gonna be late and, now. We have a kind of a good excuse, as to why he's late even, though his character is already late we would have bought it anyways. This, kind of gives you know, gives. A little more as to why he was late. So. He says goodbye. This. Is a little bit of a weird scene though cuz they're, just saying goodbye and he'd you, know, he. Never said that he was gonna leave. Or anything. Just. Like a weird, and. Then he says something weird about. About. Like if they ever have kids you know but. By this point. We'd. Gone through so much interesting, conflict that we're willing to forgive a little bit you know this is at the end. Right. He's. Not quite, sure what's gonna happen right but he's just in case he's saying goodbye and he's saying hey. Just in case you have a kid you know it. Yeah. That's a weird thing to say go easy on this, kid that you're gonna have. And. I guess that's how he gets his name he, gets named after himself. Alright, so now he's late and, we're. About to get. You. Know and. That's about to exacerbate a problem that I'm, about to have which is that doc is about to find that letter and. He's got no time to tell him, after. He rips it up. All. Right so this is good this is the you, know for for. The writers out there you want to you. Know you want to have this you, want to have. Like. A ticking clock or some something where it'

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This was great, I would love to see more like this!!!

Andrew Horng said at the end of the video that Marty didn't have any weaknesses in the first movie. That is true because Marty McFly wasn't the protagonist. George McFly is the true protagonist of the movie. He has the character arc. Marty McFly is a catalyst character. His fuction is to keep the plot going on. Same can be said about Forrest Gump. Forrest Gump isn't the protagonist; he just happens to make things... well happen around him. Jenny and lieutenant Dan are the real protagonists of the film. Main character doesn't necessarily have to be the protagonist or the hero of the story.

Good point. People sometimes forget that distinction.

White people didn't invent rock n' roll. That's why.

White people didn't. Marty Mcfly did.

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