4.2.19 - Charter Township of Chesterfield Regular Board Meeting

4.2.19 - Charter Township of Chesterfield Regular Board Meeting

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Call to order the regular board meeting of April 2nd. 2019. At 7 p.m. the Pledge of Allegiance tonight, would be led by the board. Recording. Clear could green yet please call the roll. Here. Here. Here. Here here. Yeah. Excuse. For we're, berry and. Recording. Clerk at green yep please refrain, from calling her name for all world, Bell votes. For. Department reports mr.. Johnson. Good. Evening board I just wanted to make everyone aware last week we had a meeting with the county regarding. The Jefferson. Bridge at the Salt River as of, right now their. Plan is to have the bid opening this. Week for that project may. 6th, I will, be the start of construction so. Two weeks, prior to that there may be placing, signs along Jefferson alerting. The residents, to. Direct. Traffic from, Jefferson, down. Sugar bush and then up Kalin so that'll be they're diverting. Traffic through, that way through the entire summer. The, bridge will be completed, and open to traffic expected. As October 4th with final completion of all the yard work and everything by November 1st just. Want to give you some dates, on when that projects going so it's gonna go from a six roughly, October, 4th with. Two weeks notice that the bridge is gonna be closing, any. Questions. Yes. Everybody that has a great question everybody has boats, on that River have been notified by the township, to get. Their boats out of there to avoid being trapped. So. As. A warning to residents making, sure they get their boats out of there because well these are construction you cannot reverse that River, thank. You. For. The questions for Steve Johnson director, Kirsten Oh. Trustee. Venice do. We have that information posted, like on the front page of our website -. There's. Bridge update information. Posted on the website okay thank you just. Follow the. Traffic plan I did forwarded, to the. Board members they did see it that's the signage study director, posting. Directly from the Road Commission working, with them, we. Are at police department coming up with a traffic plan for, that based.

On The car, counts, for, the first couple of weeks I do believe, that we're gonna have a lot of problems, in a little surface streets so we're, coming up with a traffic plan for enforcement extra, patrol and, extra signage, on our. Obviously. You saw the streets. We. Are working out. Thank. You any questions Kathy trustee buz Berg thank you sir, any. Way that during. Really. Super, heavy, traffic time such as when school. Lets, out and when people going to school and then in the afternoon, the. Rush work rush hours that, there could actually be a patrol, or somebody there directing, traffic like, at Sugarbush and. For example wherever there's a four-way stop sign that is absolutely, the plan we're working on right now to see what we can do to mitigate that I absolutely. Like know exactly where you're going it's. Going to be problematic, for the first couple weeks yes, we're working on that aspect, of it there are some intersection, there there's more we stops, problematic. Okay. Thank. You a further Department reports. Item. 5 is the consent agenda all items under, the consent agenda are, considered routine by the board or will be back in one motion there's no separate discussion, of these, items, if discussion, of any item is required by a board member it will be removed from the consent agenda and considered separately. Public. Comments on the consent agenda are, permitted, tonight's, consent agenda include. Three items the approval of the minutes of the regular board meeting of March, 19th, 2019. Approval. Of the agenda an, approval, of the payment of bills as submitted by finance department motion, to approve the consent agenda mosha presented, motion by trustee debate. Or. My trusty Vosburgh discussion. From the board. From. The. Public. Record. Declared, agreement please call, the world. All. Right all. Right all, right I. Motion. Prevails six is, the regular, agenda 6a, adopt, National, Volunteer Week. 2019. Proclamation. And EPI, record. And clerk kyrenia please read the practice proper to initiate, the record. As. Individuals. All. Our nation's. Volunteer. Forces over 63, million is great treasure and, volunteers, are vital for future, education. In. Our community, and whereas. Our fellows research. To volunteer, in, our community, or with one of the aforementioned. Committees. Or groups by volunteer, and. We, serve we. Can replace this connection, with understanding, and compassion, now, therefore be it resolved, by the Charter Township Chesterfield. Boys trustees. Join. A motion to adopt the proclamation. Motion. Motion. By trustee to bank support, perfect, trustee Anderson, the accountants Oh, Joseph. Motion. By. Trustee. Domain. Support. For trustee Joseph. All. Those in favor signify by, saying aye, all right, opposed. They're saying they. The. Proclamation, is adopted, 6b, adopt. Proclamation. To declare our Bert April. 26, 2019. As Arbor Day recording. Clerk, greenio please read the proclamation. Cause moderate. Temperature, collinear, life-giving. Oxygen different. Life in, the wild life then. Whereas trees are renewable resource. Giving us people with, rare holes for. Our players and, beautify, our community, trees. In our Township these property, values enhance. The economic vitality of, business areas, and, beautify, our community, and, trees whoever they are printed our source of joy and spiritual, renewal and. Where is it the township of chesterfield auspices, are encouraged to celebrate, other day and to support efforts to protect our trees and woodlands therefore. All citizens are urged to plant trees to plan an apartment, for both well-being, of this and future generations, now. Therefore be it resolved, that the Charter Township of Chesterfield, Board of Trustees this, year try hereby. Proclaim, April. Do. I have a motion to adopt, the procreation someone, will, for the 50 Anderson. Support. We're about trustee. To. Trustee, Vosburgh. All. Those in favor signify by saying aye. All right opposed, were saying nay, Proclamation. Is adapted adopted, item, 6c approve a request from a supervisors, office and authorizing. The township supervisor, to sign an agreement with the Macomb County Department, of roads to participate, in the buying program for. Three roads in Chesterfield, Township and. Allow the supervisor, to order additional applications. As necessary. To have a motion, what. You do motion. By trustee domain to. Support. Support. By trustee, Joseph. Discussion. This comes in front of us every. Year. Any. Comment, to the public. Motion. By trustee bank sparked by trustee Joseph to. Approve, the. Soup the township, supervisor, to sign an agreement Macomb. County Department of roads to participate in the burn program and, allowed a supervisor, to order. Additional applications.

If Necessary, all, those in favor signify by saying aye aye, opposed. By saying nay motion. Prevails. Item. 6 c 6d. The. Request from the director, of facilities and operations of purchase install two water fountains, with bottle. Filling, stations, at. A cost of four thousand two hundred thirty. Dollars and forty eight cents motion. Motion. By trustee joseph, support by trustee, Mossberg. Questions. For a director silver. Quick. Overview, maybe good, evening we just wanted to replace the two existing drinking fountains with an updated bottle, filling these are from, the original construction that 20-plus years old this, is just an updated request so people can fill bottles. At the drinking fountains it's just a simple update and I think it makes sense the drinking fountains we had we had some, problems, with them ongoing issues so it's just they've passed, their useful life we just want to replace those units. Motion. By trustee. Joseph SportBike or trustee, Vosburg to, approve a request the. Director of facilities and operations to purchase to install two water fountains with a bottle filling station for, a total cost to four thousand, three dollars and forty eight cents all, those in favor signify by saying aye, all right all, those opposed by saying nay motion. Prevails it's, e approval. Request by Public Works to, purchase meters and meter components, from Ferguson Water Works for a total cost of 11,700. $3.26. Rather, motion so, most what should my trusty to make. Support. By, trustee. Bounce purge. This. Is our standard. Meter meter components, isn't it assistant. Director Johnson, is here if there's any questions. Comments. In the public. Motion. By trustee de minx work by trustee, Vosburg to approve a request by public words to purchase meters and meter components, from Ferguson Water Works for a total cost of eleven thousand seven hundred thirty dollars in twenty. Six cents all those in favor signify by saying aye, aye all right opposed, my saying, nay, motion. Prevails thank. You six. F consider. The Planning Commission's recommendation, for. Approval of, PUD. 2001. 2018. - to nine veterans. Homes so bill manor. 152,000. 343. Square feet of living facility, for, veterans, on. 103. Acres I'll, make a motion to accept, the Planning Commission's, recommendation. Support. Which, is a supervisor, activity support Mike trusty Joseph. Discussion. On this one I do believe that rusty, Joseph if you want to give an overview this. Project, you've, seen some action out there this is the Seville Manor the, former Sibel manor site which is going to be home.

To A state of the art. Southeast. Michigan veterans, facility, being. Built and managed by the Department military Veterans Affairs and, trustee, Joseph yeah I think it's, pretty straightforward we've, been hearing a lot about this project in the paper. The, presentation. Was very. Nice. And there were a lot of really, nice features, some. Questions in the audience. Treasurer. Hartman who's at every meeting was. Inquiring, about the bridge as I've heard from. A number of residents and as I understand it the structural integrity of the bridge is. Adequate. So it will stay as is there's. Also some very nice. Landscaping. And fencing. Everything. Is being done to preserve the, they've. Heard loud and clear the preservation. Of the Eagle habitat, and it. Really is quite. A credible. Project. And I, think we're, real lucky to have it. Going in here I particularly, liked the, interest. In trying. To make this. Facility. Accessible. To the community it is part of our community and the. The. Intention, is to create a space that allows, pedestrians. To, kind, of walk on. An off-campus preserving. The privacy. Of the residence but also not. Making it a gated. And walled off community. Either it will be available for pedestrian, traffic but. The ability. To sort of cut through from. Sugarbush, to Donner. Is. They're. Trying to negate. That as you, know they don't want vehicle, traffic they would like bikes and residents. To you, know walk the area and take. Advantage of the green space there the. Investment. In. The. Space. Is really also quite impressive there's a real emphasis to, to. Sort. Of balance existing. Nature. I think the the presentation, is to have, areas, that are visible, as you're walking the property, to, be quite, manicured, and then areas, where. There is not a lot of traffic pedestrian. Traffic it will simulate more of the natural habitat, with. With minimal, sort, of maintenance. In manicure, I think, there's some intent to put some wild, grasses and, different. Plants. In there and it, really does look like a phenomenal. Development. So very, excited about it the board was unanimous. And their approval, and the residents that spoke we're, also very enthusiastic. So it's. It's a it's, a great project and we can't wait for it to get started anybody, that drives that area knows there's. A lot of heavy equipment out there and things, are starting to take shape so, we're, excited question.

Thank You Jesse Joseph trusty week to the supervisor, trusty Joseph. Just. Commissioned, just, like with every, Road, in our Township you will start seeing a whole lot of special assessment districts, coming through for individual, pieces our. Tie are our hands as a Township are tied. So. There's nothing nothing substantial, however there, is. Inquiries. From the state to. Ensure. That the. Traffic is going to be able to be handled, I'm sure Bush will be the primary entrance, to begin with and, having. A facility built. That is going to take a couple years to build this facility in, our community, to honor veterans. That's going to be, the first one updated. In the state of Michigan I think it's gonna do nothing but elevate, our. Status, for these. Necessary. Road projects, and infrastructure, projects, around there so nothing, concrete right now lots. Of discussions, mostly, buy-in, asks, mostly, by me I didn't. Know if there was anything, Mikami are from the, states and so we're gonna have to do something with that roadway that because. Nothing. Concrete yet okay, all right thanks about to be determined any further comments move work motion. By supervisor, activate support by trustee, Joseph to, accept, the Planning Commission's recommendation for. Approval of, PUD 2018. - to nine veterans. Homes civil manner one, hundred fifty two thousand, three hundred forty three square feet living. Facility, for veterans and one hundred and three acres, the. Cordon clerk green, yep who's called world. Hi-hi-hi. Lotion, prevails 7g. Approver request by the Department of Public Safety, to purchase, a power, washer from Rp Rabine, in the amount of seven thousand three hundred seventy seven dollars and thirty cents. For. Light rusty Dominque. Swear by trustee anderson. Questions. For public safety director. Fulfilling. This is a super, power washer this is used on the fire apparatus large. Vehicles, we, are going to begin.

To Do this process in-house, for maintenance and long-term use, along. With this request, this, replaces a unit that they had had in service, that they bought from Ray buying 20-plus, years ago it, broke they couldn't get parts for it so we're simply replacing. And then updating it along, with this, pressure. Washer is an underbody, wash system again, to. Maintain. And, clean. The under bodies of fire apparatus as, they go out a. Lot of this apparatus is a half a million dollar plus investment. For us and our, goal is to maintain it and keep it for long term and this will assist in that process. Questions. In the board. Come. With some the public. Motion. By trustee. Dominque work, by trustee. Interesting to approve the request by the Department. Of Public Safety to purchase of the power washer from Harvey Rabine and the amount of seven thousand three hundred seventy, seven dollars in. 30, cents, all those in favor signify by saying aye aye, opposed. By saying nay motion. Prevails, thank, you H. Approve. A request from, the Director of Facilities to, replace the police departments, failed. Hot. Water tank cost. For parts and labor not to exceed seven, thousand, dollars I'll make a motion to approve as stated support social, my supervisor conveys importantly trustee. Joseph, director Sandburg yes. We had a. Hot. Water tank at the police department that supports, the police department the entire building locker room it failed back. On March 25th, so we just put this a general request to replace. The tank right now currently we spent we're, almost done about, a hundred percent and we, spent six thousand. Six. Thousand ninety five dollars in total is where we're at today we, had to replace some valves cuz we went to isolate the tank some of the valves weren't. Sticking so, we had to do, a little bit extra work but that repair is just, about complete. Questions. In the board. Comments. From the public. Motion. By supervisor activate support by trustee, Joseph to approve her request, by the facilities. Director. To, replace. The police department's failed hot water tank cost. Of parts and labor not to exceed seven thousand dollars all, those in favor signify by saying aye aye I. Was opposed by saying, nay motion. Prevails thank you doctor six. I approve a request by trustee Anderson to revise administrative. Procedure order, zero five 2018. Statutory. Words and commissions, do, I have a motion, some. Support. Motion. By trustee Anderson. Support by trustee Joseph trustee ownership yes, sir RZ, bao is one of three of quasi-judicial. Functions. Of township government, which, i mean is when they make a decision on the board of appeals it does not come to this board I want to make a final decision that has to go to the court system the, individuals, have, various levels.

Of Expertise. To fill, these positions. As. Far as the Zoning Board of Appeals schedule. Goes there are two dates every month set aside for that meeting in, the event there are any, variations. Of our various, some ordinances. And. In. The past year so these members do it do, their. Personal schedules, are predicated by that in this past year there was actually six meetings. No. One can recall the last time there's any increase, any, recommendation. For any renew Maury ssin for these members we have the it, but we have strictly. Advisory, commissions. In this Township that are that are paid $30.00 per meeting and. It just currently. Zba there they're paid $12, a meeting on the permits and, quite. Often they're going to the locations. Over these variances, are requested, doing her homework come to the meeting I just, believe it's of course in and again jumping, around here, other. Communities, I'm looking at it with some help here anywheres from 50 to $125. Per, member per meeting our. Zoning. Board is considerably, higher, in their their individual. Pay although they have quite a heavier, load but I just think it's a question of fairness, and it's about time to give these members. A nominal, increase thank, you, thank. You I do, support. This. Amendment. To the APO they think trust Gators. Mouseburgers. I. Support. This as well I'm just curious into the state statute, specify. Any dollar amount. Thank. You trustee. Joseph do, we know roughly, how many petitions we hear, in a year you. Know what does that break, out - I. Don't. Have a number but I know that this. Past. Calendar. Year, 2018. It was actually six meetings I would. Be guessing if there was. Usually. There's one petition, there might have been one meeting where there are too many or might have been two petitions, but usually one one petition that we wieder any. Well I mean you've made your motion the, what. Why the, per. Petition, breakdown, I mean I support any increase like that you're going but why, not they have the same, responsibilities. As Planning, Commission members, in. That you're making recommendations. To the board and sometimes there are some things, that can be approved or not approved that, rests, with the you, know with the board, I'm. Sorry the Commission what. Why not want, to adopt a per meeting similar, to, the planning well, that's what that's what this would be $50, per meeting and then a stipend, for each additional. Petition. Should. Be $30. Prep if they have one per ticket yes if you have zero petitions, then there's, no meaning, in. 30. 30, and each, petition, after that 12 so if they have 10 petitions, it could be. Those. Are very very. Controversial. These are these, are issues that really need the, hardened soil made they're, worth that $12. Competition. And. I will say I was, assigned, the. Last board here I was on GBA for two years and I, I can't maybe at, that time one, time there might have been four. Petitions. That came up normally. There's one there, and they say so sell and you have to our, ordinance are getting up are being. Put together better. That there's no, need for variances. As there had been a few years ago we used to have them continually. About you, need movement, for. The, sight. Lines for pools and, other constructions, and our, ordinance that are fairly freely. Uh. Well. Put together whether those aren't the issues that would come forward anymore. For. The cannot agree because when, I first, got I had ten. Twelve years ago David you were on it too we used to meet you know we're going.

Any. Comments in the public, motion. By trustee. Anderson's support by trustee. Joseph to approve the request by trustee Anderson to revise ap. Own over oh five 2018. Recorded. Clerk bring. You up please called world. Hi. I. Motion. Prevails 6j. Approve a request from art van for, an outdoor merchandising. Application. Variance. For a forty foot by eight foot ten and five zero four zero zero Chesterfield. Michigan from. May 2nd, 2019. Through May 19th, 2019. Business. Operating, hours 9:00 a.m. till, 9 p.m., I'll make a motion to approve as stated so, forth for the supervisor. Have a support by trustee, to make discussion. Very. Very similar to the. Approval last year for, our band, now just a little earlier in the season which I'm excited about, any. Comments in the public. Motion. By supervisor, activating support by trustee, demain. All, those in favor signify by saying aye. Opposed. Say nay motion. Prevails. 6-k. Approve, your request by the Public Safety Department to renew a contract with, Tyler technologies. For a maintenance and service. Servicing. Of the department's, computer-aided dispatch. And, record management system, for the amount of 80,000, to or three dollars and ninety four, cents, motion. So. Moved with, Justin Joseph support. For my trusty Anderson. Director Christine this, is an annual request, it's. Coming to you late this year because we spend some time with the vendor. Reviewing. And scouring this trying to reduce their cost in this area. This. Is it. Is as a stated our CAD a records, management and, our fire. Dispatch, system. That we use in-house it's been in place for the past 18. Years. It. Worked well for us and again this fee is the annual, service and maintenance agreement, for that service. Question. To the board. Comments. In the public. Motion. By trustee Joseph support by trustee, Anderson, Debbie. Recording. Clerk greenio, please call the roll. Malinka. Else naked record sick self approval requests. From the Director of Facilities to. Appropriate. An additional. $15,000. In Township, contributions. Which, is necessary, to complete the final installation. Of. Other, construction. At the memorial, wall. So. I'm going to a motion, to approve us needed, support. Will, a supervisor raise support by trustee joseph director Snowbird I am, gonna pass out a real quick spreadsheet, that I got today. From the group the, architectural, firm that's kind of running their construction management for the wall so, I can show you a kind of a quick breakdown of cost. Of what they have today. Thank, you. So. What you see in front of you the, first sheet that we have I'm just gonna run through some of these sheets the first sheet you have is a spreadsheet that shows their. Breakdown on cost the first column, you'll see is the actual, budget value, what they determine, is the value of each of those line items and the column to the left the. Second column. They're the contribution, that shows what. Was donated, and the third is the actual charge that they paid for those services, so. You can see roughly today they, estimate, that value, of that memorial, at. $599,000. The, contributions. By vendors, like Barton mallow LaBelle Electric, and others has, total about three hundred and fifty eight thousand, and the actual cost that they've raised and put, into that project is two hundred and forty-one thousand, dollars that'll, be the total to date they've spent. Roughly. One.

Hundred And ninety eight thousand dollars so. From a distance you look at that Memorial and like I started like this is a awfully. Expensive. Memorial, to be in Chesterfield Township but when you get up to it if you've ever taken a walk out to it there's. A lot of there's, a lot of architectural, features I personally. When I started. The. Wall was in place and it really wasn't moving and I know mr. acavano kind of pushed in charged to kind of push it along and I, was a big proponent of scaling the unit back but. Because I didn't think they could raise the funds but they have they've spent they've. Spent a lot of time the last couple years raising, the UH the. Last big chunk is to finish this thing so it's set to open in two, may May 26, so. That being said after. Going over their cost and construction models, there's. Some issues, I've. Determined, with the way they want to do things on the finish in other words you can see in those line items where it says on that first page. Granite. Planks granite table and granite steps it's number seventeen and eighteen they've spent roughly seventy, thousand, dollars on granite, at that memorial between. The steps and the table so, what. I'm asking for tonight is not money. To help fund their memorial, but just a few additional things for us for Chesterfield, long-term maintenance wise my. Ask is for roughly, fifteen thousand, dollars put in the Riyadh we're, gonna scale that back I'm just asking for a pool the money that, I can use one, of the big things I'm asking for if you'll flip, the page. If. You'll flip through the first drawing that, shows an overview of the memorial, obviously. The cannon, to the left is a future project that we're working on but. The page after that you'll. See a turf, breakdown what the biggest proposal, I have the biggest dollar amount which. Is roughly about $5,000, but we were probably going to get a portion of that donated, by the vendor is instead. Of using grass around, that seventy thousand dollars of granite we, install an astroturf, it's, a synthetic lawn but what that will do is it'll look great for years to come we, don't have to dump fertilizer we don't have guys up there with weed whippers chomping, away on grass next to all that granite it's, just nowadays, it's a common practice and I think for us even from a maintenance standpoint for this memorial it's. A smart investment so, along with that I put together some specs, so you can see how particular I am on the way that turfs going to be installed we've been working on this for a while it kind of came up with a bus solution. That's. The page after that the final page is a rough breakdown of, potential. Items that we could spend money on now. When this project was started when, I started here about 18 months ago I was handed a piece of paper and on this original project, scope it. Did say Chesterfield, Township was, responsible. For seating and grading after Memorial was completed, that was an agreement that they had apparently long, before I was here so I'm. Set to honor that portion in other words we're not spending money in my, opinion on the wall itself but. Some issues. That will make it better for maintenance moving forward like, the metal edging around the pathway, some.

Seed And some topsoil, and we, even have some vendors like Home Depot that are going to contribute most of the seed so, a lot of the dollar values, you see on this last page by. The time we're done will probably go away this, is just my if. If we couldn't get if, I can't get anything contributor, any money this, is my worst case scenario. Thank. You push pressure, support. Trip. Tremendous, director. From. The wall to where. It was two years ago to where it is now, very. Excited for. Thank. You. I'm. Very, very, grateful that it's coming as far. As. Well.what, just one thing that I'm, concerned, about and that is there's sign out there a very nice time describing the project and it says under no public dollars are being used is. That still accurate, with. That, statement still based, down, all. Right well I agree but you're right now if we do this that technically, we could change that sign that's why I'm here today to stay in form and we have to be honest with you we have spent roughly about, a thousand, dollars but what we spend money on is, well. Their electrical, contractors. Were out there volunteering, their time we, put a couple extra conduit runs out we paid for the conduit we glued it up they dropped it in a hole they dug it they buried it it just made sense because in order to get power out there in the future it just, it was a convenient, thing for us to do so, we. Have spent a little bit money on miscellaneous. Parts and pieces just to make sure it's done right and made, some adjustments to what they were doing but. I think this. Really is I mean you could look at it like other than the turf is just to repair or landscaping, so, we're not really we're. Just it's kind of more or less maintenance issues in my opinion well. We can we could I could gladly that's why I'm here letting the public know that we're planning on spending little bit money we could change the sign and make adjustments but, I just want to be clear that the vast vast vast. Majority was. All, through donations. Absolutely. People coming. That's. Not. Without. Cost to the township in it I think everyone that sees that will, appreciate it and would support spending, this money as I. Yes. Sir I'm Sonnenberg great job getting this put together finally, it's. Looking. Great in it just a sidebar not really did that I wonder sometime if. This Township would ever consider having a memorial to its. Sons and daughters that have made the ultimate sacrifice in, the various Wars if this board had ever consider something like that or this Township, thank. You. I. Am extremely interested you'll, see this. Wall and, it is very particular. On, these. Service members that it's, going to be honoring we. Ever had discussion, and approval to, move, the. Houser. Cannon. From, the, community center park to behind this, wall, and, I.

Am Very interested. In, having that conversation of, continuing, this, into a true. Veterans. Memorial, our. Location to Selfridge, the addition of the veterans. Facility, I don't I think that we are really positioned, to really. Show what we are just revealing how we treat our heroes. So yes I'm interested in that and I would love to get, you in the special trustee, Joe simcha it just does to follow up to the, comment. About the sign and no public dollars, really. Any memorial, or anything that came into the township there would be, landscaping. Cost associated with that if it, was an event and. You had the police out there or. DPW. Set up barriers those, are all costs, those, are all cost I when. I see the sign I look at the monument itself and I look at you. Know the granite. And all of the you're. Gonna have to put grass seed and maintain. It how we maintain, it when. You made the presentation, a few board meetings ago this made why. Would you put weed whips, next to granite and this. Is a cost. Effective way of just. Maintaining, our grounds so. I don't. See the sign I don't see disconnect, between the public dollars and nominal. Costs associated, with a you. Know the. French. Shoot I thought I saw the, projected, was. $600,000. So. Any, landscaping, around there or any thing. That's lights, something, up for. I. Don't. See that as a disconnect, from no, public dollars I really, don't I think I think there's you know the integrity is maintained, the monument, is, a standalone these. Are anomalies, costs associated with having you. Know anything, like that in our Township so if. You cut the grass around it. Could. You say no public, dollars used so. You, couldn't really I mean I think it's truthful and. You. Know I think it's it's it's part of the maintenance. Cost associated with having that and I thought the idea was great not only from the maintenance standpoint but. Just the ability, for. Residents. This is a monument, where you're sort, of you know up close and, personal, so you get a rainy day and a, lot of people are out you know you could see high-traffic areas, like Veterans, Day and we're. Just gonna have a mud pit in front of you know half a million hours of granite, you, know what. Sense would that make so I like. The suggestions. And I think the costs are well. Done I don't know how you put in two, thousand square feet of turf you're. Between, maintenance and product you're somewhere, you know twenty, twenty. Dollars a square foot and then, sixteen hours of labor so I mean that's some. Pretty donated. Get. Cost type, products. They're so well, done all the way around thank you, thank. You comments in the public. Motion. By supervisor, equity support by trustee. Joseph. To approve, approver, requests by the Director of Facilities to appropriate, additional $15,000. In Township contribute, contributions. Which, is necessary to complete the final. Installation, and. Construction, of, a memorial, while. Recording. First premium please call all. Right. All. Right, work. To prevails thank, you thank you Varys language there. Are no addendum, does, item seven item eight public comment please state. Your name for the record and limit your comments to 5-minutes. Mice. Elizabeth. Cole and, perhaps, you remember I was before, you the, first part of January.

Attempting. To start a volunteer. Group which. Consisted. Of. Recycling. Plastic. Garbage on that garbage plastic, shopping, bags, from the various stores and. Cutting. Them down making, them into strips and. Crocheting. Mats, which. We would be distributing. To various, shelters to. Unmark lemons, one in st. Clair Shores. The. Group started. Really slowly it's, been a struggle but, I've had a few heroes in my life, and, in. My attempt. Starting. With Cindy berry and her. Staff they've, been immensely. Helpful. To me and, supportive. And did everything they could to help me with. This project and. Then. Trustee, David Joseph. He came along and he was, kind, of rooting. For me and, suggesting. And helping, and, so. As, to, last, Saturday, that was my list of heroes but. Then we. Had a super hero come along, my, group six, of us were standing, at the doors waiting. To come in at one o'clock which. Was scheduled, for our group to meet and. We. Couldn't get in the doors were locked so all. The. Six of us started, trying to call anybody I had. David, Joseph snubber. Called. Him he was out of town one, of the girls called David. Said he was going to try to get a hold of Cindy, one, of the girls tried to come marry hermus. Anyway. We just weren't getting anywhere we weren't getting in the building and here we stand with our duffel bags full of our plastic, bags and it's cold and it's raining and, we're upset and, all. Of a sudden the little girl, occurred, that there appeared, at the door by, the name of the manda and she said oh I'm here to let you in I'm so sorry that it's late, but. Come on in come on in so we, came in and as usually, we took our little spot here in the in. The conference, room and got. Busy and, all. Of a sudden. Someone. Appeared, by the name of Daniel like a Betty and he. Was apologetic. And, very very sorry that we were shut. Out and, he. Said how long were you planning, to stay and I said well originally we were supposed to be here 1 2 3, but I said Amanda told us that she had to leave at 3 and so.

We Just have an hour and a half and. Little. Time was, better than no time so anyway, he said no no no how long do you girls want to stay and some. Said till 5:00 some said till 4:00 he said however, long you need just just take your time and stay and. You. Know I'm so sorry that this all happen, so, anyway I'm here to applaud mr., Deveny, for helping. Us so much because we, truly were shut out we, were forgotten, somehow, or another so. Anyway. That's. My that's, I'm, not asking, for anything, else to except, to say I applaud. All of you. The. Board who have been so supportive of, this group we, have now reached, 20. Plus volunteers, and, as, I said we have three shelters now that we're contributing, we've, already made one contribution. And I'm. Very, proud of this this, these. Gals all live in Chesterfield, they're, all seniors and, they're all happy, too they're, just really really grateful to be involved in this in this program and I. Was, wishing that Miss Rose was here because I don't see her but, I, wanted. Publicly. To ask her, why, does she want. To deny access, to. Our group who's a volunteer, group to. Use the Senior Center we. Don't understand, it we're all seniors, we're all Chesterfield. Residents. That, should be a public facility and. Easy. Access we, can park our cars right at the side door bring, all our bags, and believe me we bring, a lot of bags and we cut a lot of bags up and if. You if you don't believe me go look in the clerk's, office you'll, see there's three. Huge ones still waiting to be cut up people. Are more than anxious, to donate. These bags to us and they. Keep bringing them to the girls we, got more you, know they say wait wait wait till she gets caught up so anyway I. Just. Wish that, for some reason or another Miss Rose would reconsider, and let us use the facility, I see no reason why we can't so those. Are my comments thank, you so much any. Further comments in the public. Any. Further public comment. Let's. Bring up the board trustee dominga. I, have. Some announcements from, parks, and recs tonight area.

Youth Shore fishing challenge start soon register, today for this, amazing opportunity to fishing through the best fishing spots on Anchor Bay all, levels, experienced, are welcomed this, friendly competition encourages. Young anglers to take. To the length of three nights of competition, began Friday, April 12 ages, 5 to 15 or welcome giant for cost of $15. Tigers. Home opener, starts soon, and we. Have three opportunities for, you to catch the home team in action at Comerica, Park come. Along with us and if the parking fees and traffic behind wait take our bus a bus trips are available, on June 29th, July, 23rd, and September 15. Tickets. Are on sale now call, the Parks and Rec Department 94. 9 0 400, extension. Floor or visit our website. Have. Your kids visit with the Easter Bunny and enjoy pancakes, and sausage breakfast, while doing so hop, on down to the Parks and Rec Department and, purchase your tickets for the plane, referenced on April 13, it's, fun morning with the Easter Bunny including, a pending firearm money trail springtime. Tour of the historical, village bring. Your cameras to capture the moments number of seats remain for this great town event, $7. Residents, $12, non-residents. Also. Warmer weather is coming now if, you, would like to use Brandenburg, park and, breathtaking. Views of Anchor Bay and use the facilities you, can contact the splash. Pad you can contact parks and record also, for, that and. I. They get the exact date. There. Is a charity, hockey game, I got, a posters around here. Saturday. April. 13, and it's done it frees. Your high command it's, not, for the tonfa chesterfield. Or, anything. To do but it's Lucy Sterling Heights Police Department is playing. Sterling, Heights Fire, knows, I work there we, had an officer, Detective mol, Murphy great, friend of mine everything, else who was diagnosed, with lung cancer last, summer mr., Duchesne remembers, her from his days there mole. Was hit with lung cancer, and. Had. An operation last summer he. Got the lung cancer but now metastasized. To her brain so. Young. So. We're having a benefit. For to raise some extra money and she's still got her benefits, and everything else we don't know what's gonna happen one sick time runs out so we're having a hockey game it's ten bucks a person down at Frazier hockey land at two o'clock on. The 13th, and. I just like to put it out there my, board. Doesn't mind that I bring up an event from another city but it's a very, dear friend of ours fellow. Officer, that's, all I have thank you Thank, You trustee Buzzard thank. You as. Many, people know recently. The log. Cabin of the historical, building was broken, into and some items were stolen I'm, happy to report that the items have been returned, and those, the accused, are being dealt with by our conscience, Department, so thank you everyone for your interest, in we had many people who call to offer support, and help and we appreciate it very much thank you trustee. Anderson thank you sir I just, trusted. To make sure i was mentioned the easter. Breakfast on, April. 13th, Saturday, just. Like to remind you that historical. Village, will be open between 9, a.m. and 12, p.m. that, day and also the, next meeting of the Chesterfield, Township Historical. Society, like your nurse enjoining will be next. Tuesday April 9th. At 6:30, p.m. at the Chesterville, township library, over on Patricia Street Peel feel, free to join. Us there Thank You trustee. Joseph Thank You. Mr.. Cole I appreciate your comments tonight I'm going to close with that because, I do have some information for you I'd. Like to talk a little bit about an. Issue that came before the Planning Commission. It's. Been some months. The. Development. By, the Cabela's Town, Center development, continues. To move forward and I don't think there's a member of the Planning Commission or maybe even the board that doesn't get you, know asked what's going in when is it happening and so there's. Been some movement on the, property.

And The site. That appears to be the most ready is BJ's. Wholesale. BJ's. Is a warehouse club that, is. Venturing. Into the state of Michigan there are three, locations Chesterfield. Is one of them and, the. Presentation. Lasts, from. The developer, and the folks from BJ's. Ended. With commission, members asking. When. Are you going to put shovels in the ground when, can we expect to see, you. Know we're, all hearing. So. The. Response. Was. Soon. You, know very subjective. Sort, of soon. Got. A call last week from, the developer, indicating, that the. BJ's. People were so. Excited. About the response they got from the Planning Commission and the interest to, get moving, that, they would. Like to begin pouring foundation, immediately. And, had, recently, submitted the permits. A. Lot. Of conversation. On this board, about. This process, and it spilled over into some fairly ugly things which I don't, I don't plan to talk about tonight but. I'll just simply say this. The. Process. In. Our Township is is is, horribly, broken, if. You sit on planning, or you come to Planning Commission meetings or zba. We. Have problems, every everything, from minutes. Being recorded. You know cases that are headed to litigation, without a proper record being established minutes. Don't make their way back to the Planning Commission, sometimes. Until the second board meeting so. The. Flowchart. Is is. Horribly, broken so, when a petitioner, comes in and makes a request. They. Get on this sort of bureaucratic, carousel. And they go from zba, to, planning, and back to zba and this should be voted there and, unfortunately. Some of our petitioners. Some of our developers some of these opportunities that come into the township they. Just sort of throw up their hands and they just they just do not have the budget there's nothing that that kills. Deals more, than time wasted. Time and. When. You're trying to put together you, know deals that involve national, vendors. And. The. The amount of. Difficulty. That we have here in the township, is is. Very problematic, and for me. There's. Development, going on I think my. Focus has been on the south end of the township the, interest. In the South End is really, one fold and that is. It. Is the best possible place to absorb, traffic, any community, that grows and there's more development, we see increased, traffic, anybody. Who's lived here for even a short period of time knows. What it's like to try to go, east and west on 23. Mile Road on, the weekends, or after work it's, horrific and when, you look at the way our Township, has sort of been you know engineered, with all of these independent biz, is all having entryways, that creates, massive. Problems, the, south end of the township is very unique and. That cabela's property. Potentially. Has the square footage to be our number. One producing. Revenue. Generator, mr.. Duchesne recently, provided the board with the top ten revenue. Streams, in the township, and number ten by itself is the Meijer on 23.

Mile Road, the. Caballus, property. Is roughly, the same square footage it's it's very close and so when you see the number one revenue. Enhancer, or revenue, generator, which is waterside. Completely. Built out the. Cabela's property, the town center property, is. Is quite significant. In terms of the revenue been, a very very strong advocate, for that and it's. Caused problems and, it's caused significant, problems, I'm. Not I'm, not responsible, for the, department, has they do not report to a trustee, I am. I don't have any executive. Authority. Every. One of the employees here reports, to the same individual, and that's the supervisor. This. Idea, of the. Process must. Stand alone and there can be no outside, influence or, you cannot weigh in on the process is. Is. Very flawed and it's. Flawed because fidelity. To a broken, process. Will, just produce failed. And undesirable. Results. Two. Weeks or two board meetings ago, the. Planning Commission received. Documentation. From our engineer, that, said the, petitioner, should rock we recommend the petitioner, should should, take two weeks or postponed. To, accommodate, the engineering, standards, that were outlined in this letter those, engineering, standards required the petitioner, to reroute m59, if. The. Process, were left without a fake a trustee. Or on my case a trustee, who was also the liaison to the Planning Commission if I, had not weighed in and engaged another board member and contacted. Our Township attorney the. Process, would have resulted in a. Very flawed. Directive being given to the petitioner. The. The developer was quite upset and, the. The. Engineering. Comment was erroneous, it, it was withdrawn by, the same author of the letter but, only after we. Spent an entire day talking. To mr. Sieber he's fielding calls from various board members and was able to get involved and clarify, that. This PUD, that, the engineer, was using. It. Was an erroneous recommendation. The. Process, was broken, so this, idea that if you weigh into the process. You. Can be challenged, from your knowledge you're. Charged. With being naive or not aware, of how these things work or worse yet. You. Could be called names your. Integrity will be challenged, and I, don't appreciate it at all and the last two board meetings have ended, and.

I'm No shrinking violet trust, me but. I'm, not gonna have another person, yelling, profanity. At me, saying. Things like you're dead to me you, can't call my house at 7:30, in the morning and, tell, me the only reason you called was to tell me to eff off that's. Not appropriate in, any stretch and I've, disagreed with every board member here I can't. Recall ever talking, that way and, interacting. That way it's. Not right. It. Doesn't matter to me at the end of the day what I will do this. Is vitally, important, to the township this. Development, is critical and I, will continue to, influence. The process to. Get. The outcome, that is, legally. Permitted, every. Time I've weighed into one of these things I do it with the support of other board members and, consultation. With our Township attorney the. Issues that have required, the most amount of energy that, were the most ugly. Were. Issues. That I was on the right side of the law these. Were permitted, uses. So. Issues. Involving, this board, taking. A an emergency, meeting was, called when. The Cabela's project, was nearly shut down and the supervisor, was out of town an emergency. Meeting was. The, the resolution that I brought to the board past six, to zero it was unanimous there. Was no disagreement we. Saved the Cabela's project, time. Nothing. Hurts the deal worse than time time kills these deals, you cannot leave them staggering. On. A bureaucratic, nightmare of, red. Tape, Vijay's. Doesn't need us as much as we need BJ's and to. See them come into our community, and. And, find out that something, as simple as a foundation, permit, I contacted. The department, head last, Thursday. Eight o'clock in the morning on my way into work and, was. Described, as scenario, by, that department head. That. Made me think that this was a no. Big deal when can we get the, cement in the foundations, and things going and, he. Said he would give me a call back in an hour an, hour. Later it. Was the most monumental, list, of things attached. To this permitting. Here and permitting, here and when, I, sort. Of pushed back I was, advised of. Fidelity. To process, my, integrity is questioned, and yet again these, these, are these are very silly things it, won't it won't it won't sway, me at all I'll. Continue, straightforward. Very. Proudly this is a huge, deal, to the township it's. The one development, that we can actually absorb the traffic, that goes with growth is always the traffic, and what, does it mean to our quality of life this. Area can absorb that and it's. Vitally, important, so, if it is a project. That involves a, sustainability. Study, and Selfridge. Wants, to come in and there's. Not adequate understanding. Of how this could impact and, encroach on our ability to develop I'm going, to push back against, that I'm. Not I'm not concerned about who at the county or at the township, or even in the military what what the I represent, you and, so. If it is our engineers, that provide, us with erroneous. Information if, it is, bureaucrats. Who take directives, from their executive, I'll push back against, it all I'll. Do it within, and, I'll make sure that the. Permitted. Uses are there and available to, us. Again. I'm. Not going to get into great detail, with the emails and things that were exchanged, I find. It extremely distasteful, I'm. Owed an apology at, a minimum and I. Want, to say to the residents I'll continue to fight for exactly.

What I've done the six years I've been on the board on. A, positive, note miss Cole maybe. You are the one person in the township, that has named, three individuals, on this board and referred to them all as heroes you know maybe there's some area where, we can coalesce around the. Chesterfield, senior, planners, and I. Heard your plea and your question about the department, head miss, rose again you're talking about an individual, that is a direct report to the supervisor so. I think uniquely, among the three that you mentioned, the, executive, direct, the staff I can. Tell you that the when. I first got involved and you called me I. Investigated. A bit on the, proper use of the Senior Center and as, you know I think you were told the. CD, cdbg. The, Community, Development Block Grant, money, is. Used for the Senior Center, and. There are very strict rules about, what can go in the Senior Center and I. Think the difficulty, that you had although I dearly don't like to hear that things were ripped off the wall and, there was this sort, of very, rough eviction. Process I, don't, know that you it was explained, to you why but. People start so we could lose our grant money and you, know you have to get it, was a little too aggressive I I. Would. Have liked to have seen the supervisor intervene, at that point might have saved us some time but, the. Grant is administered, by the county, the. County is, the receiving. Agent. For, the. CDBG. Grant, monies and then. The sub. Recipients. Are, township, other municipalities. Other receivers, of the grant. Referred. Back to the county who answers to the Housing and Urban Development on, the appropriate, use of the grant money the. Grant money for the Senior Center must be for. Senior, activity. I think. Your fliers talked, about helping, the homeless, so. Helping the homeless although, very. Noble. Does, not meet the definition for, a senior, activity, and it. Could have easily been changed. And. The the. Contact. I made was with miss. Burgess, we, got a kind of a snarky email about contacting. Her from Miss Rose because she wasn't gonna be responsible for losing the grant money I did, contact miss Burgess I. Haven't. Had a chance to talk to miss rose there have been a few other things going on as I mentioned to you on the phone this weekend.

But. It's a simple fix. Chesterfield. Senior. Planners, a group. Of seniors. Who. Are all Township, residents have. Every, right to that building to every right to that Center. If. It's something that the supervisor, and I can discuss I'll share with him if he, already knows great, it's. A simple directive to somebody that reports, to. Mr., a committee and the. Dates and times if. It's not impacting other established, senior programming, you, absolutely, should be in that space watching, everybody. Log in these bins and bags and cutters and tools. To. Work, on carpet and we create all this extra work you know when, we can just simply sweep it off on a hard surface and park right next to the entrance makes. Tremendous. Sense, these. Bags very these mats, very lightweight and very, very, nice but, when you have a dozen of them it's. A lot so. They need they need to have access to the Senior Center it's. Certainly I think with the change in senior. Programming. Consistent. With Block, Grant. Utilization. There's, absolutely no reason again. It's the supervisors, call and I'll you, know partner, with him and, Clerk berry and. I appreciate, your presenting. An opportunity, maybe on one spot in this Township where we can come together and nobody's, screaming profanity, or wishing anybody dead so, that's good that's, a good thing. You're. Welcome and, that concludes my comments thank you treasure, libido. Last. Week in the voice I, read, an article how, trusty. Joseph, went to Lansing to, testify. To raise the juvenile, age I thought. It was a very good thing and. Mr.. Joseph were trusty Joseph was the right person to do it I clipped. Out the article, and took. Took. His picture and put a thank you note on it and posted, it over in, glass. Where everything. Else is posted, and sorry. The same trusty. Joseph II didn't get to see it because the clerk it didn't have the clerk's name on it so she pulled, it down and, when. She left on Thursday so sorry you didn't get a chance to see it but for. Some reason it didn't have a clerks name on it so it. Didn't. Exist on. Another note on. April. The 25th from, 6 to 8 p.m. there's. Going to be the first community, enlightenment, program, it's. Going to be sponsored by the by. The township, treasurer Township. Treasurer not the Township Clerk, we're. Gonna want, to touch and. Let the residents, have an overview of the services that are provided by, each department, the, dedication. Of the elected. Officials, in the workplace we're, going to touch on primary. Functions, of each department job. Descriptions, and responsibilities. Safety, in the workplace ethics. In, the workplace and, you. Know a lot of the residents are curious about attendance. To the full-time employees, so I'm, willing to show. And pass, out a copy. Of my attendance, for the first month of the year which is January, I'll do, the same for the clerk so the residents. Will have something to compare to it's. Gonna there'll, be our. Purchasing, policies, we've reviewed, and we'll. Go through how purchasing. Policy, if. You go off the reservation there, being an example of bad, and they'll also be, example. Of good the approval, process and the Accounts Payable we'll. Look at capital projects. Project. Management, and budget control it'll. Be a town hall type atmosphere, and. Questions, and the open, discussions, welcome, thank, you thank. You I remember. 10 s closed session there is no closed session tonight the. Next scheduled board, meeting will be held on Tuesday April, 16th, at 7 p.m. to motion to adjourn welcome, to adjourn by trustee de minx or by trustee Vosburg all those in favor to the left by by saying hi all right opposed, we're, adjourned at 8:03.

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