3 Scientific Breakthroughs To Revolutionise Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 279

3 Scientific Breakthroughs To Revolutionise Cycling? | The GCN Show Ep. 279

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From a sunny colistin welcome, to the gcn show welcome. To the gcn, show brought, to you by wiggle, this week we're talking three, scientific. Breakthroughs, that could revolutionize, cycling, records, have been falling in the ultra endurance world, and Froome has been falling at the Giro again. We've, also got a new bike and a new bike bag to put it in in tech the week and all of my usuals as well. This. Week in the world of cycling we, learned that beards, are no, barrier to speed Sean, Conway sporting, some truly enormous, facial, hair has just broken the record for, riding across Europe, I was. Feeling pretty low after a thousand, miles so I managed to find a mascot, in. The form of a, bit of roadkill, his name's Pedro he. Helped me get through the first thousand, miles and I took him all the way across to. The edge of Europe more. From Sean a little bit later on yeah we also learned this week that if your team wants. To charter, a helicopter to help to evacuate you from summit finishes quicker then that is all well and good but, you actually need to catch it or perhaps Northpoint, they need to wait for you Chris Froome unfortunately, missed the sky copter, and that, just added to his list quite, extensive list of Italian woes marginal, gains gone wrong I did first slightly better though than yegor anton who couldn't, find his team bus at the end of the mount etna stayed and was rescued by team ag2r, yeah his team dimensioned data do dispute this but, the, team directeur sportif, at the Giro whatsapp, group begs. To differ, anyway, this week we're not talking marginal gains and we're not talking about GPS, either eagle we're actually talking, about. Scientific. Breakthroughs, that could revolutionize our. Sport, because, we have, got three of them for you we have first, up we got a message through from the guys at exert. We've, mentioned them here on the gcn show before and you might remember they, have created some quite mind-blowing, training. Analysis, software which, analyzes all of your power data and their founder Armando, is also back on GCN in 2014. Because he developed the, first ever automatic, gears for bikes. This saddles still looking quite so sad. No he's perked up a bit anyway. They, say that they've managed to get exert software, to a place where it can now act is your virtual, coach and they called it the exert, adaptive. Planner, apparently. I'm failing that to read this because I couldn't remember it all the, adaptive, planner will choose the ideal, workout for the selected, day the, tool uses sophisticated algorithms. To analyze a broad set of an athlete's data including, how much training they've been doing training, load count, tied or fresh they are form, proximity. To gold a training, phase and other, points, proprietary. To exert yeah and then they're really cool bit to me at least anyway is the fact that it can also factor, in any day's training you might have missed and indeed. Plan around real-life, because we appreciate that even after the last couple of weeks with the gcn shows some of you still have them lives, with me many, know exactly, and then it, can also plan, the ultimate, training session for your physiology Wow, it does bake they're quite fundamental, question, that question being is coaching. Really, all science, well. Time will tell yeah well that is a pretty fundamental question, we should maybe come back to that one right, next up though the, UCI weight, limit for buying some 6.8 kilos has, been looking quite antiquated, for some time but recent. Advances, in material, science could make it completely and utterly meaningless. Because. We're, not talking about graphing here oh no that, was so last year we're, talking about maths yes, a bike frame made, entirely, out, of mass, yeah, or maths add a little bit of graphene, yeah graphene is basically, graphene, is used as an additive, to other things such as carbon, fiber or rubber, or as we learned last week even concrete. But I've limited use to byte frames all admit yeah. Researchers. At MIT have, successfully. Managed to turn two-dimensional. Graphene, into, a 3d. Form, through a combination of heat and pressure and with, that they finally managed to realize some, of the strength and weight properties, that people have long been predicting, about graphene, but I've never actually seen, in, physical. Form before but, they're really cool bet is where they actually analyze, the structures, that the graphene had made they. Saw that it wasn't the material, that, gave these amazing properties actually the geometry. Of the structure itself meaning that you could kind of replicate it with any material, hmm you know those doctors are cold neck gyroid.

Wait, Supposedly, look quite similar to nerf balls. However. Those nerve light structures. Are also parody include tricky to manufacture, yeah well their research is seventy-nine impossible, what, are they actually talked enough about it yeah they seem to know what they're doing yeah. Anyway, beside. The point what we've got is a material. That is ten times stronger than steel, at just five percent of the density, and, it's almost Within Reach you, might've thought that evolution imagine wearing of duty bikes would, you go for a superlight, bike or an indestructible, indestructible I, reckon I'd go for indestructible as well yeah I wouldn't be that fussed about a superlight one yeah. Yeah. In ductile they only bend. It back the. Pedals touching the. Anyway. Finally, it's. Battery, slightly controversial, perhaps. But, whatever, you think about batteries. Etc you'd be hard pushed to argue, that they haven't been, revolutionising. Bikes and cycling. Through their study evolution over the last few years smaller. Lighter. And more powerful batteries. Have seen the steady rise of things such as better, lights batteries. In electronic, group sets etc power. Meters, and yes. II bikes. All day, although. With. Wait. For it down graphene. Things. Give that to you well be taken up enough I thought it was last year why was last year and then Samsung, came, and found another use for it or rather their advanced. Institute, of Materials actually basically they have successfully. Synthesized. Graphene. Balls which. Ran out of batteries, boost the capacity by. 45%. And make. Them charge five, times faster, more. Powerful onboard. Computers. Longer-lasting, groupset. Batteries, more powerful brighter lights onboard. Cameras yeah all perhaps. In their own small way would, gradually. Revolution, our psyches we're already seen but I think the big one depending, on your own personal view there is gonna, be a bikes I mean would make our land we even have noticed that Dan was. An e-bike, but, he didn't appear to as he was dropping me that's, a good point actually maybe Mikkel and it wouldn't have dropped down if actually. Who are we kidding it might revolution that cycling but it's not that good. Alrighty. It's. Not, fair. Fair. Point I guess any we'd like to know what you think as ever do you think that science, could eventually. Revolutionize. Cycling, let's know in the comment section down below, from, my perspective back. In the days when I was a full-time professional, cyclist. I would arrest such teams as I would have loved to use the exert, software, I think I've mentioned it here on the TV and sure in the past but, if I'd have known 100%. For sure that, a training program, was going to get the best out of my own body I'd have followed it no questions are no matter how hard it was but you've always questioned, your own training program was it certainly I did I always questioned, training, programs that were written for me by other coach yeah imagine, an entire Palestine, of cyclists, competing. All having, been trained by the same algorithm, that's bonkers quite. Boring getting a bunch sprint on NBC, the. Freaks of nature would still rise to the top wouldn't they yeah yeah, so the creeps arise you know for my take actually I'm. Less, enthusiastic, about the lighter bikes, thing because I've got a sneaking suspicion that, lighter bikes aren't, actually, necessary, that much faster up to a point anyway and there's, certainly, and we knows for fact not more fun you'd have to ride like a belting carbon, frame next to a belter of a steel frame so, they both have, their advantages and, their plus points we have a cool thing about cycling from, that point of view is it scientists, I'd like you to revolutionize, it for the reason, being, that way, you can have a steel bar it's very simple, it's just as much fun often, to ride as a tech.

Laid And top-of-the-range cutting-edge bike yeah that is true actually although one thing you definitely can say about these three things is that batteries, have, the power to, revolutionize the world and e, bikes are actually, probably a big part of that batteries, have the power pun intended, yeah clearly, yeah, anyway get involved in the comment section down below what do you think are these three things gonna revolutionize cycling. You. Didn't intend I did I decided. It's. Now time for cycling, shorts we're. Gonna start cycling shorts with, some presumably fairly crusty ones actually, cuz Sean Conway has, just set a new world record for cycling. Across Europe, just shy of 4,000, miles or six thousand four hundred and five kilometers, in a time of 24. Days 18 hours, and 39, minutes besting, the previous record by nine hours. Squeaky. Bump time isn't it does yeah you spent an average of 16, hours a day in the saddle and walk in that chamois as well as starting the attempt out import, all you then cross Spain France, Switzerland, which, must have been pretty hilly wasn't it then, went on to Germany. Czech. Republic, Poland Ukraine. And, then finished in Russia in oofah, yeah you know actually put you in the context of a Grand Tour which is one in twenty one day to me if you're winning margin was nine hours okay. We don't probably questioning the validity of it so maybe that is that she's just a healthy lead they, smashed, the race he smashed the record yeah anyway Sean despite, what, we presume is his fairly. Deep state of fatigue he has actually sends a quick message they're short the. First thousand, miles was really, really tough I was massively underprepared, the. Winter snowy months, made it really difficult to do any proper, outdoor, training and also, I got a puppy in December, so. Cycling. Training took a backseat for puppy training and. The worst part is my, puppy now still boxer bicycles which is kind of really annoying the, middle section of my ride up to 2,000, 3,000, miles I sought to find my groove things. Were getting a bit easy I was finding food a lot, better. Germany. France Switzerland, really. Easy countries, to cycling I then got into the Czech Republic, which was extremely. Extremely, hilly I wasn't, quite prepared for the hills of the Czech Republic and then over into Poland, where. The roads gradually. Got worse but, I was still keeping just ahead of the world record it. Was only until I got to the Ukraine, that I really started up my mileage, trying to hit a few 200-mile, days and I managed to build up a lead up to 3,000. Miles of 24. Hours ahead. Of the world record so I was really happy with that unfortunately. Russia really, threw everything at me. I had, 15. To 25, mile an hour headwinds, for the entire, thousand, miles across Russia and the, roads were just terrible for Road Cycling no hard shoulders, big, trucks bombing, pass having to jump off onto the side of the road so, things were really tough in Russia and I I lost, most. Of my lead. Due, to the headwinds so from a 24, hour lead I eventually. Only landed, up beating the record by, just, under nine hours in the end so it. Was cutting it fine but thankfully, I built, up those big, miles in the early days and was able to just, tip. Ahead I camped. Rough most of the way I slept, mainly in drainpipes under the road and in, 25, days and 4,000, miles I only had five showers, so, my clothes are pretty stinky, towards, the end but. I really, needed to make the most of my time on the road and trying, to faff around checking into hotels really. Would take, a lot of time out of my day that I couldn't. Afford to lose just want to thank everyone at GCN for supporting me throughout the ride I couldn't, have done it without you guys and I, hope to see you soon and make, sure you, subscribe to GCN see, you later Thank. You Sean right. Sticking with the ultra endurance world, for a few more moments there is another record, that has been broken at this time by Dean Stott, it, is the record for riding the length of the Americas, 14,000. Miles in, total he's. Managed to take 17, days of the previous record covering that distance in a time of exactly, 99, days and a half now. He was with. A support crew actually Sean was self supported hence why he was sleeping, in pipes. Anyway. The, interesting thing about Dean's attempt, is that he actually sped up in the second half because he received an invitation to, the forthcoming Royal Wedding yeah. Which takes place this week. Takes. Place this weekend which, I didn't realize you obviously, knew all about I didn't know that I got the invite through yeah, anyway. I knew that kind of incentive, might work for Chris, Froome at the Giro perhaps because, he needs, to speed unders in the second half yeah, yeah.

It Sounds like crap ideally, yeah yes, actually speaking of crap ideas that let me nicely onto the next topic because. Israel, you, know land of d'italia star sauce Europe winds, and other things well they have, just opened a new bicycle tunnel. Which, is in a sewage, pipe find, awful thing yeah that's right so, this new bike path in Jerusalem, is indeed underground, in a tunnel that, houses, a giant. Sewage pipe and, it also has, a single lane access, road that was built to maintain, said sewage pipe but has now been turned into a tool a bike path it forms part of the fortitude kilometer, long Jerusalem's. Circular, bike path and it opened a couple of weeks back with of all things the Gran Fondo New York event which, took place in Jerusalem, it's. Awesome just things if you ask me, moving. On to, this, which caught my eye from a few days ago on Twitter it's posed by Spence here although I don't think he was the original source regardless. It. Shows, the, uptake, of technology. Modern, technology, everything from Android, to Facebook, to Spotify, to iTunes, etc. And, how quickly they have been adopted by a general public you won't know what came out on top graphene, hundreds in know. About. Graphi it was actually, bikes bikes. Now makes more sense by sharing, in China to be specific, ah well, it's we fed that is a good thing we kind of got, an inkling of that in with the fact that have been so many, discarded. Popping my bikes in China but you do have to say that once. We've got over those teething problems actually getting more people on bikes and out of cars has, gotta be a good thing yeah definitely, a few problems to be ironed out but once we get to that point where more journeys are being made on bikes like you Susan good thing absolutely. Alright we're gonna finish cycling, shorts this week with a quick update from Katherine who as you well know is in, a final preparation, phase for the dirty Kansa epic gravel event this watch this yeah the way I suppose, kuraki anyway here is Katherine. Just. Reporting every one of my trading rights I'm up on the top of the men dips in Somerset, in the UK got, about 70, miles on the menu today. Mostly. Offroad some, very light gravel.

Make. A 2 inch tires on today but I don't think they'll be lasting on there for Kansa I've, had some. Good training rides in the last few weeks some. Longer road miles as well as some, Road and. A couple weeks to go now so I'm just starting to taper. Down. To. Feeling. Good, fingers, crossed. It's. Time now for GCN's, wiggle, of fortune. One lucky contestant will, have the opportunity, to win four. Different. Wiggle vouchers, the top prize being, one hundred and fifty pounds of bigger batches bottom, price twenty five pounds, not quite the bottom prize in fact because, there's a top prize for me which, is a beer you, can see just, two haven't won it yet. But, every week I hope the contestant, doesn't win I do you, ready this week's contestant. Is, Aaron. Solomon of the good old US add a nice, cross, down into, in. 100. It's a beer watch. Go fast this week it is yeah a. Lot, L, easy price for going round this, doesn't look good we mate this doesn't look good boy yeah straight path lost into it already. What, a memory I will be in touch with your will about your very singing D let's know what you spend on. Douchebag. Yet. Don't. Do sh bag the company, sorry, yeah I've just released a brand new bike back they are calling it the savage, yes it's a soft case however, inside, you're going to find it in a cage design, which. They've drawn inspiration basically. From the roll cage the find inside racing cars what that means is maximum, protection your, pride and joy inside yeah apparently most, mountain bikes and rode bikes will fit in it and there is an adapter, that will allow you to fit road, bike handlebars, safely, inside, now, when the cool bears for me is that it, can actually be stored, at just the third of its original, size which is an important consideration when you're buying a fight back but it is because, no matter how much you ride bikes let's face it the majority of time you're storing a bike box or bag on yeah Dave, now. Any of you that have watched the recent GT and take video with me in Abu Dhabi where I follow the mechanics of they pack up so that's most of you you will know that Team Sky used, douche bags but they had loads them over there. Anyway. Moving. Swiftly on this next bit of tech you will probably know that I've got something of a soft spot for it the 3t, Strada, was pretty revolutionary by. Certainly in road bike terms it is, air optimized, fine, but it can only use, one, by drivetrains. Oh yeah and it can only use disc brakes meaning that it was actually is controversial, as, Lance, Armstrong I'm actually not exaggerating. When I say that yeah so fingers, on the keyboard get really start typing and leaving your comments below but. They've got a younger brother yeah M&A it's called the 3t Strider pro which. Uses a slightly cheaper and heavier, carbon, layup a hundred and thirty grams heavier to be precise but what it means is that they can now set a complete bike but just under five thousand dollars. The. Giro d'italia is nearing, the halfway point, now, and I think Stan michdan Scott, sit, in a quite commanding, position at, Simon Yates has been rewarded, for some incredibly, consistent riding, and a stage win and with the leaders Jersey overall, while sister ban Chavez pretty couldn't believe his luck because he was allowed to slip into a twenty eight man break away and which went up the road on the stage to Etna one stage a piece and the, one two in the overall GC yeah Chris Froome meanwhile, suffered, another fall, this time on a climb and then he fell the next day as well except, this time just down the overall classification on. The stage to Gran Sasso d'Italia. He can see that a minute it's a stage winner simon, yates and with, it all hope, of winning this year in Italian yes yeah, I didn't, want to write him off completely but, he doesn't look like he's getting very far now I don't he's coming back from that I'm sure that will be repeated if he does many times for years to come did you want to say that you don't think he's gonna make the podium just for the ride don't think Chris Froome is going to know. I'm not gonna do that I'm gonna learn from your mistake, yeah 2014. Wasn't it yes yeah put it in now. Vincenzo.

Gentlemen. Anyway. Moving on to the four days of Dunkirk and the Frenchman necessary why he took a much-needed victory, there, on one of the Sprint stage because, once again he's, landed himself in some hot water apparently. According to Loki the French sports a news page. He was involved in a violent altercation after. The s born Frankfort race recently, when we sports director, Roberto Damiani he, is an angry man is niku Arnie I can't imagine there's many teams that would put up with him anymore given it he doesn't ruin many bike races and he might beat you up but, anyway good news for the team Oh coffee dis have. Said they're renewing their sponsorship, right through to the end of 2022. Now, bear in mind that they're actually joined, this pro cycling, sport in 1997. And weathered some storms since. There that's, quite a partnership isn't it yeah that's a long time yeah I'll just die driving 97. I even though I was young back then I sticking. With the four days of dumb curve a little bit longer it's also great to see the returns of winning form of Andre, rightful yeah after he broke his collarbone at molasses and rainbow in fact he took his 150th. And 151st. Career victories yeah one of them was, a solo. Tour. California, also started, on Sunday. Things. To note they have a new leader's jersey curse if I may say a sauce that looks pretty cool but perhaps the big story before the race it started, was that they decided, to join the ranks of some of the other big races and get rid of podium girls mmm, more hostesses, as they called sorry hostesses, didn't go down too well with, everybody today I mean this was the reaction that Esteban Chavez gave down its liquor, we, don't give cause but in all seriousness there, were major protests. And even plaque cards spotted, at the roadside by soapy, Smith cycling journalists that's. So much for a placard now what is it really no it's a good pink paper with, Sharpie. Yeah I'm not sure whether that's a good thing or a bad thing that that's you, know like, whether it's just his a raw emotion, they've got him drawing a pink piece of paper or whether it's good that no one's actually gone to the lengths of making, something proper but anyway. There we go certainly, didn't deter Fernando Gaviria, he took out stage one despite. Having to use his elbows up actually to fend off a young rider from the action Hargens Berman's team who seemed to want to muscle. In on his lead out Trey yeah I also noticed, actually that, the organizers, the Tour of California on. Their dos are the race numbers of the riders pin on they've, given, a small space, allocation, to, the right of right with their riding for and this picture from Roger Hammond sports director at dimension data so, that Mark Cavendish decided. To ride for the late Sharon, Lord's would have thought was a classy gesture yeah it's cool right, now, some slightly, bad news but perhaps something you might be able to help with one. Of the leanings women's, teams high tech products, are having, to resort to crowdfunding. To try, and plug a shortfall. In their budget for the remainder of the season they've. Been around for a long time very successful, team they are - in fact they recently won the Tour Chongming Island with Charlotte, Becker but, they are as you say resorting to crowdfunding, yeah, they've been running well recently, now that shortfall, in budgets apparently, down to, the fact that one of the major sponsors, has pulled out like I said they've been around for a long time almost ten years so it is a worry for, all of the staff and all of the riders yeah, if you would like to help out then we've got a link to their. Crowdfunding, page in the description beneath. This video. We. Are going to give a quick plug to our own shop now I'll because we've got big sale going on over. At shop global, cycling Network calm. You will find on sale everything from hoodies to t-shirts, to jackets, to thermal, cups pizza cutter rings pizza cutters, loads, and loads of different stuff so make sure you go and check that out yep and also very month this is the month of May there was quite a pink theme going on down I'll see manfully, sporting, limits, edition pink t-shirts but don't forget as well it's a few other bits and bobs on there like all pink.

Logos On t-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies as. Well in white and black. Make. Sure you check it out. Hack. Fluid. / bodge of the week now starting. With this from Graham Atkinson. Which we don't understand, no, Graham. Has, successfully. Hacked all pods we don't know yet a broken, gear cable so he's managed to secure. The chain in his third easiest, gear excellent. Work but, the method of fixing, we don't know, what it is he said it's an electrical, cable connector. Hmm. Yeah anyway it, looks good. Graham, to be fair but I don't think it's as good as our hack our Road side we do that roads I had many years ago didn't, yeah indeed so if you don't know what that is how to fix a broken rib. Derailleur cable out on the road or the trail check, it out because it is a good one and I'm sorry Graham but yours is not being it well we don't know we just pick understand, it goodbye Eugene, Lawrence on Facebook. Has sent this picture which I initially thought was a, bondage to recumbent, tandem by, then so I pointed out to me that in, fact two bikes they're, still, boys though two bodies instead of one well, I mean it's a proper recumbent, isn't it they've just made their own seats yeah I just think sighs you don't look uncomfortable, do they I don't, know what a normal recumbent, seat looks like if I'm perfectly nice down so maybe that is a hat hmm. Jury's out on that one it's, not on this this, is genius now as you well know I absolutely, love, chain keepers, but. This one, for a while oh yeah but this actually looks like my kind of shaky but he's using a through, axle that's that mad dog eco foamy using. A through axle with a soft, drink bottle just thrown, casually, over the top that's. Amazing, so you don't need to change he's earned better, I must have never seen better moving. On to this one they don't seem cheaper, no. But I know you love a bargain yes, there's. A shop sale I actually shop the global cycling Network family, now there is hey, that's a hack that Eddy runner, over. On the Facebook, page one. Today by track for his super bike cool I presume that's the motorbike you're talking about rather than the Carnarvon I admit. That's quite a nice ramp. This world earned some scrap steel and built one boom by, track that, is very cool nice hack that imagine, if a Colnago matched his motorbike yeah. Yeah, yeah, I mean that's both very nice colors but. They've, got a match surely still a hack isn't it but yeah this shit right, now this one slightly, peculiar and this was sent in by EJ, Williams 7 over on Instagram which. Position, is more Aero, while clearly the top one isn't it whether it's sustainable or, not I don't know no but also. If. It was me I wouldn't, necessarily want my face there when. Cycling, very.

Good Points I and, already a hacker a bud I know I've got that in there but so just some new positions, to sit on your tandem, probably. A future DTM video at some point next. Up we've got this from Benny and jets how. To avoid an 85-pound. Bell ticket, but keep your bars clean, we've. Been trying to it's it almost says odds that there we were trying to decide whether, it was Australia, where it's law to have a bike bell I don't think it is unless. Money is in this country but you. Don't often get oh it's Laurie were here was it I'm pretty sure it got, me sold with them bicycle. Be sold with that we've produced some more research but they say I've showed ourselves to be clueless from start to finish and potentially, lawbreakers, in every country we go to anyway. Stick, your bail between your legs that's, the M word okay. I love, this next one moving. Swiftly on from. Unserious, cycling. Right this is genius sigh, so his bar tape or hers has got to mucky. Yeah I said, I'm trying to clean it or indie throw it away and get some new staff he's just unwrapped. It and wraps, it the opposite way around thus. Leaving the majority bit looking quite clean GES the dirty, stuff kind of wrapped underneath that. Is a bit, like wearing your under pantry second, day inside, out isn't it and then back to front and then, inside out in fact in front again four days from the same pair of pants yeah I like that very much this, one here, is sent, in by shots engine. Real. Penny, is, yes. I. Like that I mean I like the pun and you don't really see the point of having a pants check your bike but anyway, you, can actually transfer, like a light lunch for 20. People in that thing right, because I've been carrying the back happy, days, anyway. Yeah I like that if you decide to send. Us in your hacks or bodies, the hashtag is G tan AK or as we've mentioned you can send them into a message as a message to us on Facebook. Right. It's time now for what caption, competition, your opportunity, to get your hands on a GCN, water bottle, for free all you got to do is. Caption. A photo, that we give you the funniest caption, each week is the winner this is what you had last week to get your teeth sunk into dan who was the winner normal, n caption. Telepathic. Thoughts I is, really good. Which. We thought was brilliant then when we did simple, but very very good right, the photo that, you've got this week you, have to caption, it Dan. Yeah yes nice yep and thinking long hard about this kind of a pink. You. You. That. Went better rehearses, that but it was really funny in rehearsals. Is really funny I got to try it again pink you. There. We go leave, your best captions, in the comment section down below and, Nirmal don't forget to get in touch on Facebook with, your address so that we can get this out to people people, might see that written down down. Comment. In the week time now and we're very tempted to read out whole host more confession she's nice we joke we have got one a little bit later but first up, underneath. What, the riders, eat for breakfast at the giro d'italia Dom, James / I've never seen anyone so excited, about, Weetabix, which Aaron is the breakfast, of champions now that's what Simon 8 has every morning that's right we, do mix every day awesome. I didn't, who was more excited, simon yates talking, about his breakfast, or Emma's, response, to Simon, Yates's breakfast but both were couldn't believe anyone would have banana. On top of an omelet could she plain - egg omelette with. Mashed, banana honey, on top of it in, omelette on top of them on top of that omelette you had banana yeah yeah I all. Right. You ready for the confession yeah it comes from Terrence, McMahon, and we love this one I bought. Rollers, for my home office and then accidentally, answer the Skype call with the video on I fell, off the rollers and broke my desk and my door my work laptop and, bent a wheel I've, got new wheels a folding table and the spare laptop, from the intern at the office two years on I've still got the table and laptop I just bought nicer wheels. I. Love. It really good yeah okay yeah we've got loads more content coming up for you over the next seven, day starting, on Wednesday we're, Joshua, but I think he's talking us through what, you need to take bike packing, datalist is pretty extensive a Thursday. Well less extensive than you might think then there's, not much to take oh it's an art no you're, not allowed to take much I, shall make sure I watch is. There cheeky little bonus, for you actually on that day because emma has been taking a tour the Borah hands go a kitchen, so two videos in one day that's where the kitchen sink that you're not allowed to take by packings ended up yeah, good.

Jokes I thank a. Thursday. Matt, actually is taking you through the best ever editions, of the tier Italia and then, on Friday its are asked to eat anything but it's another special on bike packing I get your questions in for Joshi a bit on bike packing because he's coming in to do that in a couple of days time he is and also over, on the tech channel of the bike, packing special as well with Josh but more tech focused questions, right. Saturday, Emma's commuter, training, series, continues, definitely. Definitely worth catching up if you're not seen that one yet and then, on Sunday we've, got a nutrition. Special, from one of the leading, yet nutritionists, out there asked you you didn't crop Emma, has been putting your question, noise in here up isn't it I don't. Know maybe you can fill us in on letters. Now I'm sure, yet. Monday back with the racing you show a Tuesday. Back in the set here for the Jason show a couple reminders if, you're in Europe you can check out Euro sports app and, find yours truly, and Sai and other, one, more experts, alongside us so make sure you join us on the app for daily coverage of the Giro d'Italia, speaking. Of which John Cannings is there for the second rest day so stay tuned to G syntek and possibly G's in as well for, more coverage of that race from him it's busy at the moment there may really bitter. We, are getting towards the end of the gcn show now but before we leave we, still of course have time for extreme, corner. This week is Josh Lewis, from a 50 to one, I believe. Dan this, is called shredding. Raw, reddit he's. A raw edit, that's right. Oh. Wow. Yeah, that wasn't that was fast right that guy can real idea also, strangely. Find, this sound, of skids, really compelling oh yeah well they can be quite fighting in case you follow through company, yes. Let's. Move swiftly on shall we show yeah it's the end of the show he left, is actually after that bit I'm sure they have a long time ago, yeah well we made some other poor jokes about booze. Make. Sure you join us again this time next week when we be back for the jisun show keep it together side cuz I'm trying to think of a video that we can throw to you and we. Changed. It though I spoke to that first time in ages s I went by packing in Morocco videos, incredibly, proud about keeps banging on about it that's, down, here down. Here you can find out what the rest of the pro is at the Giro d'Italia have for their breakfast, oh we've, got a sale on at the shop click on the link.

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No, but a bell between your legs might.

I think you guys are buying into that algorithm a little too strongly.

I would like to see technology make cycling more affordable for more people.

Link to this "exert adaptive planner"? I can't find it

Hasn't it already?

Can you make a video where you use the different handlebar positions on different occasions when you start up the mountain or something

No, you have to pedal it. It's just marginal gains.

Only if the UCI doesn’t get in the way.

It already has.... to paraphrase Monty Python, "What has science ever done for us?" Roll Call: Carbon fibre Aerodynamics Nutrition Biomechanics Training Telecommunications Materials science Machining etc etc etc...

Nope, you still have to pedal the damn thing.

Science is what has been revolutionizing everything, including cycling, since the beginning of time.

Pharma Science: let's Froome dope openly and shamefully Data Science: let's Froome evade doping officers by predicting their wereabouts Psychological Science: feeds public with missing helicpoter and taken bus to the base camp propaganda BS.

Joshua Christensen im an amateur but im thinking going pro. I havent experimented with visors yet. Thats why my question

Of course lighter bikes are better and more fun to ride, you're just saying otherwise because Wiggle told you to and they want to sell more gravel bikes, disc brakes and fat tyres!

I was thinking about world records after Sean finished and to break records like marks cycle around the world in 80 days, i think the only way people could consider breaking records like that is the help from science

@GCN I'm using Xert Since end of 2015 and the results are mindblowing. Now in the age of 34 I am a fitter and stronger cyclist than ever. Helped me a lot to achieve some extrem power values ( for an 75kg full time working athlete with 10-13 hours training time per week=. for example https://www.strava.com/activities/924899887 (klick on the Garmin Photo) or on last sunday: https://www.strava.com/activities/1569349291 Velothon Berlin 33rd of 600 riders and 11th of my age class on the 100 mile 163,5 km race. It is the best software to train self supported I can ever imagine.

Yes but it will be advancement in public transportation to take automobiles off the road and replace with cities ban autos

As long as that science isn't, ahem, "chemistry."

UCI weight limit is not obsolete. Its there to prevent an expensive "arms race". Space age material doesnt change that. In fact the opposite. It underscores the need for the rule to remain as is. UCI compliant race bikes are expensive enough as is, unless some one else pick up the bill.

Global Cycling Network I am not sure

It has already done so - and will continue to do so.

It always has and it always will.

I thought it was called EPO???

"Do you think science could revolutionise cycling?" - Absolutely! Looking forward to Self-Driving Hover Bikes by 2030

Erick Quezada isnt visors only used by track athletes? Are you a pro? Its not going to make eany difference with your time. Visors usually fog up real bad.

Global Cycling Network We thought wet pits was a new type of food!!!

Global Cycling Network im interested to buy a helmet with visor but is it worth it or its best to buy glasses separately

J C good luck 2 u mate keep challenging

Mahir Bare yes you are right it will........ im 15 years old. Gcn can make a pro out of me, I train 5 times a week on sufferlandria, if got an ftp of 240 and I still have a shit mountainbike

yes it wll 199%

Global Cycling Network you can revolutionise cycling by sponsering me a road bike. Ive seen all the bikes you guys have.

Caption: I think we've found where GCN gets the wool for the GCN Club socks

Caption: I Pink, therefore I Ram

Caption: "Well Ewegenie, I thought I was a doner when I was stuck in a barb wire fence a few months ago but two skinny guys with their spare ribs showing came out of nowhere and set me free. I ran off without so much as saying shanks"

Caption: Sheep-pee, Oh. Just doner get caught.

Caption: Where's Wooly

Caption: Team Skys latest marginal gains tactic to make sure everyone gets their sleep on rest day

Caption: Maglia on a little lamb, Team Sky was white as snow and everywhere that Froomey fell that Maglia was surely no.

Caption: Muttonton Scotts latest Wolfpack diversion tactics

Caption: Post GCN Giro t-shirt sale slump...

Caption: Supporters at the 2019 Giro D'italia which starts in San MERINO

Caption: "The man said we'ld look pretty in pink. But, you know, torque is sheep..."

Caption: Who’s afraid of the big bad Wolfpack

@Josh How do you keep you core strength up during bike packing? Yoga, stretching? Do you have any advice?

Caption: Sheepink

Caption Competition: Spinning a yarn whilst Mitchelton Scott ram home the advantage for pink.... ewe beauty!

Caption: Was it wise to spend our entire marketing budget on pink shirts?

Science has come pretty far, however scientists still can't explain how a bike stays upright on two wheels as we ride...

Caption: Is that ewe Mat?

Lots of cycling content with lots of stand up comedy I laughed right to the end. Made my Day

caption "1909 giro de italia 'colorized'"

Caption: you've all goat to flock to the GCN Shop.

The bike bell underneath the saddle is tricky when essentially you\re grabbing your balls every time you approach someone on the road. Keep away from schools.

Do you have to enter every week for the Wiggle Wheel or just once, for all spins?

Caption: I told you they could not have sold so many pink t-shirts!!!

That Chain-Keeper is BRILLIANT!

Caption: Froomeeeew won’t have the pink hew, because he’s been b’aaaaaaad.

Caption: The EF Education First Drapac Sponsored by Cannondale Team out on a training ride.

When I see Sean Conway on the thumbnail, all I can think is "It's Monty Python's Flying Circus" intro.

Caption: The latest way to get the pink jersey - Ewe must stay in the flock, follow whatever happens. oh and shave apparently.

Imagine sleeping in drain pipes when it begins to rain!

here are the three things: MOSFET transistors. brushless motor/generators (electric brakes) and portable induction cooktops. let your mind ponder the possibilities for bikepacking.

Caption: That's not the official Castelli pink jersey, it's just a sheep rip off!

Caption: More pink jerseys than ewe can shake a stick thin cyclist at

CAPTION: when the gcn store is having a sale

I think this was the ABSOLUTE BEST of the almost hundreds of GCN shows/clips I've watched. I laughed so much, to tears dare I say, while having breakfast this morning!

Ewe must be joking mate

Bring on lighter bikes, it’s pretty..bumpy .. round here and steel just doesn’t cut it .

Graphene is indeed a very good product; however expensive. The only company which produce graphene in large industrial scale is based in Canada (NanoXplore Inc.) and has all themanufacturing patents. Obviously they are looking at a host of applications

caption: looking a little sheepish in pink.

Caption: GCN Giro Shirts currently sold out

Caption: Team Baaa-ram Merino enjoying their rest day at the Giro.

Caption: New GCN shirts, now 100% wool!

Regarding Sean Conway’s record, how are these cross Continental or around the world record to measured? He stopped in Ufa, Russia - how is that determined to be the “end” of Europe? When people take on these races, must they all ride the same route? Is it based on a minimum distance that must be covered? If it’s not an objective and consistent measure, how can a true record holder be determined?

Caption: That sale GCN is having is Kewe-L! Science/Technology is leading us towards self-steering e-bikes!

Updated Caption: The Maaaa'glia Rosa, on the shoulders of the leader of the Shear-o D'Italia.

Dudes, people in China are highly unlikely to be skipping the ride in the car and choosing the bike. (Lived there for a number of years) More likely is that they made it really cheap and convenient so that people don't have to own their own bikes. (as they would say 太麻烦)。

Caption: Leader of the Shear-o D'Italia.

Bring back #wattagebazooka

Cycling first and foremost has to be fun! Otherwise people just burn out and eventually stop riding, regardless of how much money they have spent on equipment. The job of science is too revolutionise cycling so that more of the worlds population will take up or continue riding, hopefully removing most of the excuses as to reasons why they won't. I'd suggest personal safety on the roads and ongoing bike maintenance/punctures being some of the highest priorities to tackle first.

#askgcn Q for Josh, bike for bike packing, CX bike, gravel bike, 29er hard tail? And Carbon, alu, steel, titanium? Cheers :)

When u start talking ebikes I tune out.

I miss Lizzie Armitstead so much! Cycling shorts are no longer the same

Science has been enhancing cycling since cycling was invented. But revolutionize? No, not really. At the end of the day, it's still a human powered transport on two wheels. Better brakes, shifting, stiffer drivetrain components, all only enhancements. And I have to agree, we've reached a point at which getting much lighter won't change things a great deal. I think making bikes more durable while maintaining current weights is the better goal to strive for.

So what’s happened to the wattage bazzzooooookkka section?

Caption: I'm wearing pink and I poo myself every day.

Caption: don’t you just hate it when you go to your club ride and you all turn up in the same jersey

You talk weird

On fire this week guys! What was Si smoking??!! "I find the sound of skids really compelling..." and claiming the obviously completely unintentional pun too. Like it!

You pair sound like the air hostess on Jet2 selling perfume !!! lol

GCN t-shirts on sale. Free sheeping.

Hew, is that ewe You, Hue ?!!?

Caption: Are ewe sure this is Michelton Scott's flock or will it end up being Baaaahrain-Merida's?

Anybody know what tyres they use in big races Giro,de France, vuelta 23,25.28 mm

Global Cycling network is now switching to Global sheep network

Caption: the crew after the gcn sale!

Question to Josh: how do you manage to fall asleep after a long day of riding? I find that I often still have a high heart rate / feel quite pumped two to three hours after I finish a ride. Is there anything I could try to minimize this? Thanks and great video!

Had Dan been helping himself to the fridge pre-show ? Suspiciously chipper me thinks.....

Caption: GCN shop storage facility

I'm pretty sure Si-ence could revolutionise cycling.

graphene balls? i got snowballs

Shear-o d'Italia. #captioncompetition

Warning! Your Love Of Cycling Has Gone Too Far When... you sleep in a drain pipe.

Caption: "This happens when your sheep love cycling too much." Or: "Mary had a Giro fan, Giro fan, Giro fan. Mary had a Giro fan, whose fleece was Giro pink."

Captiln Ewe following the Giro

Science will not fundamentally revolutionize cycling. A revolution would be a significantly change how cycling operates. Lighter and stronger frames will not change cycling. Better batteries are more convenient, but won’t change cycling. They are only “marginal gains” not revolutionary changes.

Caption: Team Sky's attempt to distract the competition. One marginal gain too far?

Thanks for the update from Katherine as she prepares for Kansas. And I am tapering, too, for an event next year.

Sounds like the best kinda taper...

“When we all buy new gcn merch

Caption: A distinct lack of mountain goats at the Giro this year

Next time you raise for World Bicycle Relief, something like that tandem photo could be a good incentive.

Caption: Giro de BAAlia

Caption: The GCN shops yew modelling is really baaaaa'd

Caption: Sale on giro shirts at GCN, ewe know?

#askgcn what are the best type of cleat/shoe for bike packing

Caption: "I don't understand love, how are we all winning?"

Caption: late breaking news for the 2019 giro ... stage 1 to start in New Zealand

Caption2: Farmer Brown - The official Giro sponsor for Caleb Ewe-an

Caption: The GCN executives made good use of last year's sweaty armpit Giro shirts.

Caption: I never thought I'd admit this, but these new fabrics are better than wool after all.

Douche-bag(s) team Sky joke was BRILLIANT!!! hahaha

CAPTION : “ I see what Ewe did there...”

Sleeping in drain pipes doesn’t make sense. Unless it’s just to keep you out of sight. If your hiding from rain then if it rains your going to get soaked

Caption: This year’s Giro crowd......same as last year’s. I guess if ewe’ve seen one, ewe’ve seen them all !

I will give the banana omelette a try!

"Esteban Chaves couldn't believe his luck"... Scratch another one up for the curse

Dan, I knew it.......That pink t shirt looks great on ewe!

Ewe's that in that field? Well it's not Chris froome is it! You know, because they are all in pink jerseys... never mind...

As Ramadan month comes in, can you guys provide tips for cycling while fasting? Because I need one :(

just giving workouts based on numbers isn't what a coach does...that's a personal trainer. a real coach can modify your training based on other factors like work and personal life, or even how you are feeling emotionally. They can also give you advice that a computer just can't... until the AI singularity at least.

Great show. You guys are on form right now. Just wanted to say too that I've been loving the Giro Daily videos over on Eurosport but can't comment there. They're really well executed with lots of interesting analysis, extra content, etc. Cheers!

Caption: Sheep protesting against having their cowbells stolen during the Giro

This channel has gone seriously downhill recently & what with Matt leaving as well (or was he actually got rid of because Emma joined?) - unsubscribed.

Did you race Dan?

CAPTION: And ewe wondered why GCN ram out of the limited edition pink T-shirts

Caption: A cyclist in sheeps clothing

Caption: A new breed of podium girl exclusively for the Giro!

This episode feels far too disjointed to be palatable for most people. I realise that the team want to try and include all cyclists across the globe, both for viewership numbers (ad money) and inclusion. That's great; but this format does not work. You have to be so up to speed with so many areas to enjoy this, most won't be

Good show you two! :)

Just built my own road 'frankenbike', Aluminium frame carbon forks, sora shifters etc. Are 'frankenbikes' a good thing or a bad thing. Keeping in mind that my bike previously weighed 3+ kg more. So I'm quite pleased with what I built. Any thoughts?

What happened to the Matt tribute video you mentioned 2 shows ago?

For eXtreme corner - beginning of https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kUh3fTMLF-8

Caption: Wool ewe wear pink?

At some point in human history an actual scientific study of the effects of wheel inertia on cycling performance will be completed. By actual I mean one that controls for aerodynamics and includes enough infield trials to be statistically significant. It will include a very large range of wheel inertias, course types, and rider types. It could be that this study will take place when computer power is strong enough to have a virtual rider do trials in a fully CFD, 3-dimensional environment. The results of this study will probably be very surprising to many people. It is amazing that up to now that the entire theory of lighter and lighter wheels is based upon 2-d kinematic models and absolutely zero scientifically sound infield studies. The absurdity of lighter and lighter has made it so they do not even make structurally sound high performance wheels that the worlds strongest athletes can ride!!!!! Dr. (physics) Jason David Howard

Caption: What happens when winners of the Giro d’italia are put out to pasture

Sorry but what is exert program? (I’m foreigner) I don’t understand this word exert.... is it a brand? Or just a word for all cycling program made from computer? Which one would you suggest?

You rehearse this?!?!?!?!?!

Jason try baronbiosys.com.

CAPTION: 61 GCN Limited Edition Classic Pink T shirts, 62 GCN Limited Edition Classic Pink ….. zzz zzz

CAPTION: I buy a GCN Limited Edition Classic Pink T shirt and you lot just follow everything I do...

Caption: with Chris froomes case still looming over team sky they were looking quite sheepish this morning

Caption: Ohh me? I ride for Baaa-hrain Grass-eater

I'm surprised how many times they mention miles. Anyone know why that is?

Si is on a roll!

Caption: the Geriant Thomas fan was disappointed not to see him on the Giro startlist...

Caption: The GCN shop sale was obviously too good for ewe to miss.

Is it a coincidence that the super light weight material structure looks very similar to the GCN chain logo?

Caption: Don't ewe just love the new baaah-diani CSF kit?

Bring Back Cycling Shorts Girl!

Caption: Schwinn Bicycles, official goat crap scooper of the Giro D'Italia

Caption: "Our love of the Giro is truly dyed in the wool!"

caption: Oops, I put the red GCN tops with the white ones in the wash and ewe won't believe what happened!

Caption: Hmmm no thanks, I'm looking for one well done.

Caption: We have a sale on in the GCN shop, go and grab yourself one of our limited edition pink shirts and ewe too can follow the GCN herd.

Can anyone tell us the most relevant source regarding graphene in this video? It sounds really fascinating!

The first hack/bodge is one of these: http://www.canarybrass.com/images/product-images/brass-electrical/1.jpg clamped onto the gear cable where it comes out of the barrel adjustor to keep tension on the cable.

aussie date night?

#CAPTION GCN club has expanded rapidly. Luckily we had shirts for all.

If I was in the market of buying a 700c bike I'd definitely be looking at the 3T Strada!

Batteries have the power! Power to the batteries! :)

Oh I love your Froome comments

froome has been falling ? Haha

I’m sure Dan is happy he didn’t finish that sentence!

You guy's bloody Rock!!!

Poland- worst roads....It's good that I live 25 from Germany....

The only technological advance that would make a difference to me is puncture-proof inner tubes. My 23 pound steel bike is already light enough and strong enough and it's still affordable so I can have fun and stay healthy. I don't need to save a tenth of a second off an xKilometer stage. Programming doesn't normally improve my bike riding, but improving bike sharing and getting people out of cars would improve pretty much everything in the world.

I hear good things about the block chain.

Chinese bike sharing has not one positive thing to the enviroment. Chinese people don't care where they leave those bikes, so atm there are huge storage lot's full of those bike's. The amount of recourses that are wasted on those thousands and thousands of abandoned sharebikes is just blatant selfishness.

Graphene balls? - boost capacity by 45% and charge 5 times faster? I definitely need a couple of those.

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