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This video I'm gonna be sharing with you the three, dangers. To raising, your, vibration, I'm gonna, show you what, to do to make sure this. Doesn't happen and, I'm, gonna share with you how I went through the process so that you can know how, to do it too. Welcome. Back to another video my name's Aaron and I help people expand. Their. Consciousness, now, in this video I'm gonna be sharing, with you the three dangers. Of raising, your vibration, three. Things that you should know when it comes to the process of raising your vibration so, that you avoid, the. Mistakes, and the kind of the. Hardships. That can come along with it now. With, this whole process of raising vibration. This, is more, about normally. When we think of raising vibration. We may think of kind of getting a new perspective seeing, things from a new point of view that may be part, of it but a lot of it is also just letting, go of what no longer serves so, I'm gonna show you this scale of consciousness, right here it's a scale I've showed many times before it's a powerful. Understanding. For the whole levels of consciousness, it's from a book that is called power versus force by dr. David Hawkins you'll, see a scale of consciousness, right here and on the bottom you'll see certain emotions, such as shame fear. Guilt. Moving, up to the anger. Eventually. Willingness then, you get to love peace, joy and, enlightenment, at the top now, these, are all different levels of consciousness different. Rates of vibration. Now we all have a core, frequency. A core vibration. That will resonate at either, maybe between. If. We're not feeling so good maybe it resonates, at like 150, if we, are feeling elated we're feeling very good then maybe were resonating, more in the 400s and maybe even the 500s, of that of love now, in general, the. Basis. For this is understanding, that we have a base, point of where we feel based on prior, experience. Based, on the way we think based, on what actions, we do it'll keep us entrained, within a certain level of consciousness, so, let, me share with you a little bit of my story just so you get kind of a basis for how this works I used, to feel very angry about my childhood, I went through a lot of I had an abusive ex stepmom, so I went through a lot of kind of like childhood trauma you, could say and that, kept me within. A certain realm. Of feeling, anger, I was angry, towards her I didn't feel like I was worthy I felt, some type of. Guilt. I felt, so. Many different negative, emotions, that that carried, with me even after my dad divorced, her when, I was 15 years old at the time so all the sudden me and my brother have all this freedom were able to have friends again were able to eat foods or you know more foods were able to gain weight we, weren't restricted, in so many different ways it's kind of like a real harsh, level of control where all my brother did is we worked outside everyday and we, weren't allowed to really do anything other than that we weren't allowed to really go to school activities we had to earn it in order to go we a, lot of emotional, stuff as well because it was like manipulation. And stuff so anyways, I just want to give you a basis, that I felt, a lot of resistance, I even outdoors 15, years old I have this freedom I'm allowed to have friends and a lot of watch TV again I'm allowed to be like a normal kid and from. 15, to about 20 21 I felt. A lot of resistance because. Even. Though I was, had all this freedom there was still that pain from the past of why did all of this happen why didn't I have between, 7 and 15 years old I didn't have a childhood really and I, was confused as to why that happened and I thought maybe you know there were certain beliefs, that were kind of entrained, into me about am i worthy this is this is a part of who I am so, what, I then did is I went through what some people call a spiritual, awakening and I, was this.

Was When I was forgives. Like 22 years old what happened is as I learned, meditation because. I was taking, adderall, for ADHD, which ADHD. Just means I had a lot of energy it wasn't balanced, and I, was taking adderall which the harsh side effects were you didn't eat very much you didn't sleep very much so I came across research. On meditation and. Basically. It can do the same thing adderall can do without the harsh side effects so if you can't eat very much can't sleep very much so, what, I did is I started meditating and within a week or two of meditating, it changed my whole entire life, I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react I learned, that a lot of the beliefs I had came, from that period in my life I believe in wasn't worthy all those things I became aware of how my beliefs were creating my reality and on. A base point of one to ten ten feeling, amazing one feeling not so good my, base point before, that was like a three to a five so it wasn't, necessarily. Horrible. But it wasn't great at the same time either and it was less than it was less than mediocre, then, what happened as I went through my spiritual awakening, it moved my vibrational, set point up to. About a seven, or an eight out of ten now, all the sudden I'm feeling this. Feels like ecstasy, this feels amazing and that stayed. With me, and it's honestly, it's not I'm not enlightened to let me first stop say that I'm not enlightened but I raised my setpoint, because I learned how to observe my thoughts rather than react I remember walking around my room thinking is this, feeling gonna go away I thought it was gonna I was like this is probably gonna go away it never did it just became my natural setpoint so it became less, euphoric. In a way like it just became natural, you see and, there. Were a lot of things that happen so the things I'm gonna share with you the, three dangers, of raising your vibration because, even though that sounds very good there's also drawbacks.

To, That as well so you could say that on the scale of consciousness, I most, likely went, from a baby, a 150. To 250, calibration. To, that of more, of a 350, to 450, because, that's when for hundreds is when, you start to get into the intellect, of the mind you then start to brush upon, that of unconditional love which, I have more so been between the fours and the fives I haven't really been in the unconditional. Love yet. But, it's more about I've, been learning about the intellectual, nosov, creating. Our own reality, understanding. How to let, go of a lot of what doesn't serve and by doing that we raise our level of consciousness we. Can manifest, and create things in our life much easier from. These higher levels of consciousness than, the lower levels, the lower levels, are emphasizing. That we aren't already where we want to be when, we create from the lower levels, we create a lot of resistance and things, just don't happen as easy so in, this, process of me then going through that spiritual awakening, me feeling completely differently, so. Much about my life began, to change things, begin with my life begin to change when it had to come to the, vibration. How I felt, it changed. People's perception. Of me, because then I'm a cold totally different person, imagine, me going from being, like a certain type of having. Like a certain type just a lot of energy I remember I used to work at Nordstrom's, and I was like this person that would just walk around I would just say things to people to get a response I just, had fun as constantly, goofing, around which is great but at the same time it wasn't very balanced, all the sudden I come back and I'm much more like I'm still allowed to have a lot of energy but it's much different it's much it's, much more grounded, and people. Were like what happened, like why are you why, are you so different, you know and it was almost like people. Just didn't understand so with this process the first thing that may happen the first danger, of raising. Your vibration is, that, certain people may, not resonate with you any more. So. I remember, that at that period in my life I was. Working. At that job I had a lot of people that allow friends and stuff and, there. Were people that just did not understand, what I was going through they didn't understand how I went from one way of being to a completely different way of being I started to, really dive into metaphysics, understanding, how we create our reality from our thoughts all of these things and to people that normally know, you as, a certain type of person, when they look at you and they see this kind of change within you it kind of scares them you know and I kind of get it now that I look back at it because there were a lot of people a lot of friends, even family like, my dad for example he, didn't know what happened he thought I was on drugs or something like that because I go, from one, way to all the sudden meditating. All of, a sudden talking about like higher consciousness and, stuff like that and he just didn't understand it he had no other explanation for, it and now the paradox, is that I was, not I quit drinking did not have to drink anymore I quit doing anything, no, there's, no drugs there was no anything, other, than me, being. And. Meditating. Once a day and doing, things that that, were kind of like conductive. Of the lifestyle, I was leaving lit, living but there was no there was no drugs alcohol, nothing, so it was kind of a paradox because um because it, was actually far of the opposite, of what we thought was happening but people nonetheless did not get it so when, you start to resonate with those higher levels, like I was showing you not that this means you're enlightened or anything, you know sometimes I say things people think I'm like insinuating that I'm enlightened but when you do start to live I do believe I do live more, so within the four to five hundred range than I used to and I believe you have the same ability, as well that's why I'm sharing this info that's why I share a lot of the videos on my channels because I want other people to feel the same way that I do so, in the four to five hundreds all the, sudden you see things from a new point of view and you don't feed into, the lower levels, as much anymore so what will happen is you have some friends that may be feeling in the, lower levels, maybe they're, feeling, anger.

Maybe, They're feeling angry at the government angry. At people, that make a lot of money they, feel angry at things that have happened to them in the past and when they're feeling this negative emotion, you may look at it and not be able to connect to it as much as you used to maybe you are able to like observe, it and understand, it but you don't feed it as much you're not if someone's like all bla bla bla bla about the government, you're not like yeah the government blah blah blah you're just kind of like it, just is what it is you're just kind of like more so in your own world in your own level of consciousness, so one. Thing that may happen when. You go through the process of raising your vibration is. Just. That people, begin to fall out of your life and, this isn't a bad thing sometimes you have to let go - then, let in so, this, is about realizing, that it's about resonance, and when you start to resonate at a higher level of consciousness there. Are some people that won't dig it there are some people that won't like it and the, thing that you want to avoid here though this is one of the dangers that's on the other side as well is. You. Want to refrain, from developing. What is called a spiritual ego so. A spiritual, ego was something I actually developed when I went through my spiritual, awakening sort of raised my vibrational, state of consciousness which is a big paradox because it's. Like you're, more. Aware but less aware that you are judging. In a way it's like a form of judgment and that's what I did because I was like oh I'm in this higher. State of consciousness and, everyone, else just doesn't understand, me I was kind of bitter honestly, because I just, felt like nobody got it you know there were very, few people that a couple people did but most people did not understand, it so when, they see me and what I'm doing they assume that there's something going on something weird going on they kind of assume that I'm weird or something because they don't understand. The whole meditation or spiritual, awakening type thing but, nonetheless then I was like well they just get it they're just not there they're just you, know they're just at their their. Level, you see it I mean and then I it almost develops, this spiritual, ego so what I had to learn to do is to let go this spiritual you go realize everyone's. On their own journey this, is simply a matter of the process, itself so, this. Is about just moreso embodying. How you prefer to be letting. You be yourself and letting other people be themselves and, if they do have beliefs about you that don't you don't prefer just, observe, them and let them be it doesn't mean anything to you and that. Will help you move through this process because, there may be some people that just fall out of your life because they don't resonate anymore, the good news is that if you trust the process by, letting go you will then let in people that really do resonate with you you'll then let in people whether, it's even online at, first you know we have the online now so we can connect to so many people around the world or maybe, it's just you actually, being, more. Present to the moment and seeing. That. What. Really matters in life is you being your authentic core. So. That's the first one you may notice that people kind of fall out of your life you may notice that you start to feel completely different about yourself and then, the second, danger, of raising. Your vibration is, that, there may be radical. Shifts, in your life because when you change your vibration, when you change your state of consciousness it will, then change what you resonate with and you may notice a career, change, you may notice like I said with the relationships. You may notice that you start to get pulled to move to a different part a different, place of wherever you live you may notice these things because they just simply don't resonate anymore, like, I said in the beginning of the video this is more about you letting go than, it is piling, on and when, you let go of the lower levels of consciousness you let go of all the activities, that are attached to it you let go of all of the. You. Let go of all of the kind. Of the baggage, that may come with it as well so when. I was showing you those. Levels, of a consciousness, then. What you'll notice is that there's there's. Certain on the lower emotions, but working all the way up you'll notice that there's that certain scale I'll kind of show it to you one more time let, me share with you something else that did happen I feel guided, to say this isn't something I plan on saying in this video but, I think it's powerful I think so people may want to hear this now this mean not, resonate with everyone but.

This Is something nonetheless that did happen when, I went through my spiritual, awakening, so what. You'll notice on the scale of consciousness, is at the bottom you'll have you know certain emotions, then you move up and eventually you'll see the. The. - and 300s, - and 300s, maybe eventually. Getting to like anger, and then you get into like willingness love, and all of those well, there's, certain like, you could say drugs, and it's not really you know some people consider weed a medicine. But, nonetheless, I used to smoke weed I used to smoke weed in 2011/2012. And I. Did it quite, often you know after when I got off work was pretty much the first thing I would do and then. I had my you, could call it a spiritual awakened you could also call it where I started just feel completely different on that base point of 1 to 10 I started to go from the 3 to a 5 to, the 7 or an 8 I, had. That different that shift in feeling, and what. Happened was is then I would if I were to smoke after I had that shift it would actually bring me down I would go from that 7 or an 8 down to like a 5 or 6 and I, was so confused I'm like this brought made me feel good for so long why is this doing this now and I just did not understand, it but then reading the book power versus force I became, aware that marijuana. Or weed resonates, at about 350. So, it's not necessarily, that low but, it's also not necessarily, that high so, it depends on where you are on the scale of consciousness, now it doesn't mean that if you enjoy weed that you're of a lower consciousness but it may mean that in, order to move to a higher level you, may have to let go of, that, in order to really reach higher, states, that, you, may not even be able to imagine right now now if you do it daily I'm, not judging you I'm not saying that it's even bad I'm just saying be aware of where it lays on this level of consciousness because there's some people that I see that, I think could go much further with. Their level, of consciousness, or with what they're experiencing. But sometimes because, of the habit. Of doing it because, of doing it often it kind of keeps them because I was there - I know what it's like when, you do it and you hear someone else talked about it and talked about it in a different way it doesn't feel good it feels like why is you, know it's kind of going against the beliefs you know what I mean but, nonetheless I feel like saying it I feel guided to say it right now because I. See. So many people doing, it and there's nothing wrong with it I'm not saying this isn't about right or wrong this, is about RIT does it resonate, and is it serving. So if it resonates at 350, you, it, may make you if you're feeling resistance, from your job and you do it you'll immediately feel better, but, the thing is is then you could be getting into the 4 4 or 500, it's the 400s, mainly but, it that may be keeping, you as an anchor down so, there, were certain you. Know alcohol resonates, at about 200, you, know so it resonates even lower so wheat isn't necessarily, the lowest level one by any means, but I feel guided to say this because I've heard a lot of people I've mentioned this once or twice on a live Q&A and people wanted more on it and I've. Never really put it in YouTube video because I've always been afraid to put it out there because I know so many people do it especially so many people that watch my videos and. It's, just so many people do it in general as well I mean I live in Las Vegas it's legal in Vegas, Colorado, Seattle. California, I'm on the west coast so it's so, common, there's nothing, wrong with it this isn't about right or wrong but it is, is that does it resonate and is it serving you that's the new question to ask and, if it's not I promise you, that if you do decide to let it go because you because you feel guided to that, after, you, get used to it it will be worth it that's something I just felt guided to say I know, not everyone really wants to hear that but, that was my experience with it because after that I have not smoked, I don't smoke I don't drink alcohol, I don't do caffeine not. Because I'm better than anybody but, just because I believe, that the, more we cultivate, this consciousness. This energy within us the more those things aren't, even necessary anyways, now, the third danger, of raising, your vibration has. To do with, old things. Coming. Up so. Within our, body. There. Are certain, emotions, there are certain stored, energies. And when we start to move, through them we start to see them come up we can then decide to let them go now many times when, we are entrained, into certain, levels of consciousness what. Happens is they, remain on autopilot, so we're simply not aware of them now as we, raise our vibration. Though as we, move up the scale it then.

So, That we almost have, to let go those things will get brought to the front so it may seem scary sometimes, this is when sometimes people go through the dark night of the soul and they have an experience, like that but then what that does is that gives them the opportunity to, look, at it to let it go and then to come out even stronger on the other, side so, I know. For me I recently, went to a place. In Costa Rica and there it was like a light transformation, place and when, I went there what we did is we did this breath workshop, in this, breath workshop, we breathe this certain type of way for, about 45, minutes this is like deep, breath it's called transformational, breath work and I, just did not know what to expect I heard of it I went into it not knowing having any expectations, do. The certain type of breathing you actually breathe through your mouth which is kind of counterintuitive to me but it's what you do and you do this certain breathing technique, for about 45, to 50 minutes with music in the background there, were about 30 other people there and they. Said that when things come up just let them go there will be certain emotions that come up that been stored within, the body so what I did is I, was going through starting to do the exercise, and every now and then a practitioner, would come over and kind of adjust a little bit the breathing to see, how to breathe properly you, know and kind of like loosen up certain muscles and whatnot and I'm breathing and all the sudden in this exercise, about 20 minutes in my, hands clamp up like this like almost like a praying mantis and I'm laying there on the floor like this then they said that's something like that my hat may happen they said you may feel inclined, to being on the floor to release the stored energy and, it. Was something I totally, did not expect to happen but I felt, this tenseness, in my hands really tense and it didn't feel bad my body actually started, to kind of go numb but it wasn't a bad numb it wasn't like I was afraid of it but nonetheless I could feel this going through my body and then what happened, is there were waves of sensation.

I Went through my body and I could feel myself letting, go of energy, that was stored up letting, go of things that no longer served so, as I did that I just kept thinking to myself let, go let, go let go and as I did that I was letting go of stored, emotion, from my past childhood, from. The kind of person, I had to become, to, cope with all of that stuff the control, that I had my ego had to develop I had to kind of develop a I guess a strong ego for to become successful on, YouTube, I started making daily videos, I started, put everything I did into what I do for a living and that, kind. Of developed this ego, this control, that I had to have over my life for things to happen the way I want and what. I learned is how to let all of that go I remember afterwards. We had like a sharing, and I was kind of explaining my experience, and he said it was a very common type experience, some people were crying some, people were laughing, some people were just banging around some, people are humming I was humming for a while as well but, this was really a transformative. Type experience, and it lasted about an hour and after, that I felt so. Very. Just relaxed. Peaceful serene, euphoric. And that. Was letting. Go of those kind of emotions so it seems, like a bad thing though right I was feeling that tenseness, all of this stuff but what was happening is the. Oxygen. I was bringing up inside my body I was increasing the oxygen levels of my body that was causing, things to come up and then I was able to look at them and then to let them go you know even though my eyes were closed and I'm kind of laying back I started to bang my hands like halfway through and, I could feel myself just letting go of that stored energy now, that may seem like a scary experience but, it was very transformative. And it was something that really allowed me let to let go of things that just no longer serve me now, as much. As what. They told me as well I remember us talking to one of the the, transformational, breathwork, practitioners. Afterwards and she said that, the. Way people breathe, the breath pattern we have they. Can look at someone's breath pattern and they, can see a almost, exactly, or generally. What that person's personality, traits, are so, I said okay what's, my personality, trait then she saw me breathe for 40 minutes you know because she came around and adjusted me a couple times she, was like you're an overachiever. She says you, you, have a very strong desire to be successful, a lot of people that breathe that way do are successful. But they, create a lot of resistance because, they have this armor, around them they breathe from their back it is so true I've always breathed like there's certain times around there go kind. Of breathe like that because I'm controlling my breath because I need to I need to like control my breath and bring in more and she, just kind of explained, that what you can begin to do is to let go you can begin to see that things can be easier, you make it and that, from that point going forward I learned how to let go of the control, of my Eagle even more and I started to feel in even a higher level of consciousness so, I know all of this may, seem a little bit that. I mean that could also be more of a metaphor than anything else but it was something that happened that was really very true for me is letting go breathing in more if you have breathed shallow then maybe you don't feel as confident, you can learn to you, can learn to allow your breathing, in a completely new way and it can change everything the more oxygen you bring in your body the more you're gonna let go of stored emotions, and that's, something that can help as well so with, this process there's, also a, guided. Meditation that, I made to help you to raise your vibration so, that you don't go through a lot of these kind, of warnings. And dangers of going through the process kind of like the side effects that aren't preferable, I created, a raise, your vibration, mp3, that will show you exactly how to raise your vibrational, set point if you listen to it for twenty-one days I think it can absolutely transform your life that's, going to be in the top of description box it is absolutely, free I'm also, gonna be doing more live Q&A, s on Instagram. I do also daily videos on IG TV with, exclusive. Native content, so, if you want you could check me out there as well and other than that I hope. You enjoyed this video feel free to like this video if you liked it and subscribe if you haven't it already, hits a little notification here, so that you can see the daily vids that I do and, other than that as always peace.

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Hey Everyone! Here is the raise your vibration meditation that I mentioned in the video. I think you guys will find it powerful and effective. You can get it here ➡ http://bit.ly/2DjkxZu

dude crazy how i just found your channel when I've had an awakening i live in vegas as well your channel is really helping me thank you

I work in child care. So when you are upset, you must never react. Its a great teacher really. Everyone thinks it takes patience, but really it takes acceptance and non-reaction. There have been rare occassions, where I feel my blood boiling. There are times, I know I need a break, need to leave the room but cant because there is no one in the building to take my place. For example, sometimes in the morning when teachers call in, Im alone with 25 three year olds. There is this one time that, a three year old fell and hit their nose and their nose was bleeding. 25 children in room, Im the only one there, dealing with a bloody nose and a child at one end of the room is crying because their freind just slammed a block into their head. Another child 3 seconds before the nose bleed had asked me for some more cereal. A parent walks in and says to me, "Whats going on here? are you alone? Wheres the other teacher?".. and expecting me to have a conversation with them while watching now 26 children by myself. Do I break down and cry... no. I maintain composure, and I do that by taking a deep breath in , and then out. And as soon as that last bit of air leaves my nose mouth, the bloody nose stops, the child across the room who was crying from being hit screams at the person who hit him, "Stop hitting me, I dont like that!" and the issue has resolved itself, the boy who wanted more cereal gave up on the notion, left his bowl behind and began to play with legos with his best friend. I look at the parent and say, "It seems I do need help, but everyone is okay, and the next teacher in is due to arrive in 10 minutes"-- All because of one breath. I can not tell you how many times this has happened to me.

I myself have come across some issues while moving to a higher vibration. Let me explain. I learned how to observe my thoughts, (takes some time). I like to think of thoughts like bubbles floating all around me and when I observe them, they seem so far away, or like when I was a child, they seem hard to grasp, and when I try, they pop, because they are an illusion that something is there. Thoughts are form but not physical. At first, when I began to distance myself from my thoughts (a major leap in vibration), I had some really strong emotions arise. Like uncontrolable crying and spouts of anger and then 5 seconds later peace. I am a women, but this was more than PMS...lol Then I realized Aaron, that emotions, are like the inside circle of a brainstorm, and emotions collect thoughts.for example, When you have a memory, you have the emotion of it, and that emotion then leads you to feel the same emotion about the other thoughts that are attached to it. (Like an adult temper tantrum or a country song), I lost my truck, I lost my dog, my wife left me. etc. So I feel like a side effect of changing vibrations, is that your thought's detach from you emotions, and if you recognize that, its a wild ride... that ultimately ends in peace, but I almost lost my job, because I did a no call no show, because I was mad at my boss for very tiny reasons, while letting go the emotion of pride. I felt like I deserved more recognition, but I have felt the same thing about so many other situations, because Im a nice person. Maybe, you have to detach your thoughts from your emotion to reach a higher plane. Thoughts hold down emotion like weights holding down something in the river, and when you let go of thoughts, the emotion is free to leave. (also, maybe each person's scale is different. Maybe some people have to tackle anger before they can tackle pride or vice versa).. we all take our own journey... I think it depends on how strong the emotion is... and how many thoughts are attached to that emotion, that are weighing the emotion down, and keeping it close to you. Once you get past that phase, its like your in a whole new world.

Aaron Doughty I needed this right now! Thank you

Aaron Doughty can you do a video on subliminals (i don't know if i spelled it right)

So true...you can’t go back! I went from loosing religion and dropping all beliefs, I lost a taste for alcohol, it taste like poison, meat made me nauseous, I became very scent sensitive, friends dropped and i felt loneliness for the first time...then I experienced the dark night of the soul, what a transformation! I haven’t watched tv in 7 years, I gave them all away and the only music i can tolerate is Beethoven\mozart or piano, a complete 360 of my highway to hell old self! And the strange thing was it wasn’t by my choice...my soul/higher self said...it’s time. Much love to all! ❤️ ✨

Everything changes... we have to simply allow ourselves to let people go who no longer vibrate or who no longer feel like they resonate with us. Great video

I love that you combine the heart/mind perspectives. I'm glad that you brought that up about smoking. No judgement, but I have seen it hold back people as well. Kudos to you for sharing your experience. I hope more people can find they way to raise their vibration from their heart and less from external triggers, even though those can be valid at times, too.

Awesome video Aaron! This is exactly where I am in my life. It is nice to see videos from people who understand what is going on.

if you don't drink coffee try yerba mate it's ancient potion it's got aminos and vits in oh and a bit of caffeine but it's not crashes like coffee

weed is ok just when you take one puff but don't exhale but the problem is you want more and more and it make's you un-motivated and while someone is un-motivated well i've got the jump on them

U no gaslighting game, my ex jennifer lane lobb and ricky stacks along with others have got me were i cant be in groups of people now im isolated since being mentaly screwed, this is funny to thes people.. They sighned my death i can be like this i wont how do i come back i cant go to work how do u sue they people ovwr this how do i get thwm put in jail for killing me look at th sitisticks on this and yea i gor it bad.. I need thwm to be accoynted for this. Wgatdoido now i can not work am i supose to be alone AZnd they get to enjoy life and im. No goodfor anything at all

I fell asleep what were the three dangers?

OMG I actually needed this...Thank You!

Thank you aaoron

Thank You so much for this video

Aaron you need magnesium that destroys ADHD I DID THAT IN CAPS BECAUSE WHEN IN CAPS IT'S NOT REAL opps i'm shouting

i'm not shouting btw just typing would you like some orgone btw i make it it's the force

have you got some orgone in there? would you like some orgone in there i have some orgone would you like some?

apart from the painting next to your right side that's slightly screw whiffy you might want to check that

image is everything

just trying to help thats all just saying :)

speaking from a chaotic perspective your environment looks very boxed and ordered just saying there are too many boxes in your back ground

Wow!!! I was just thinking about this today!!! I’ve noticed the effect of weed in my life and lowering my vibe. I didn’t smoke for over a month and felt amazing. Decided to smoke a couple nights this past week and felt sluggish and unmotivated and missed how “high vibe” I felt last week without it. Definitely going to take a break and see. Thank you again Aaron, your honesty is so refreshing

I just smoked and what you said is true. I felt good , then I smoked and brung me down. I definitely have to let that go

As many people that think I’ve lost it, I’ve been blessed with people that understand. I think my sister thought I lost my mind, at first, then she joined me lol I’ve felt blessed losing those people, in a sense.

Aaron, I noticed you made a point to say that you were not yet Enlightened. I am pretty new to all of this, it does all resonate with me but I have to plead some ignorance. What would being enlightened be? How would you know when you are enlightened?

I absolutely Loved that you included your own story throughout the message! This helped me to better fully understand these points, especially spiritual ego. (And I’m sorry you had to go through such a hurtful childhood

i was around 100 most of my life i would say i am between 350 - 400 now That alone was worth it Although im combining meditation with bineural beats



Plz make such video I mean breathing

You’re amazing. Now I understand why people think I’m on drugs Lol. I practice a lot of silence now days it helps me a lot. I’m more tolerant and understanding about others. Thank you Aaron ❤️

My mum thinks I am weird just because how positive I become.

Spiritual Ego: What a great reminder. This spiritual awakening has been a very lonely one and I ended up actually lowering my level because I was fighting with others around me and defending myself constantly to them. You should tell your personal journey more often. It was nice to connect with you on a real life experience level. It gives me courage to know that this journey is still doable and definitely still worth it!

It reminds me of Abraham-Hicks' "Emotional Guidance Scale"...

Wow I am so sorry u went through that - I don’t understand how a woman could claim to love a man and treat his children badly. Glad it’s behind you now

in morning i ssaw ur video nd now my mom is shouting at me dat Watson wrong vd me i just dun listen her where do i live in wat world m living such bla bla... bt i knw dis is side effect of my raising vibration.. thnxfor already make me k oe abt it

Great video!

I totally share your view on weed: it helped me greatly to raise my vibration but at some point, I felt that I just don't need it anymore. About people, I believe it's not bad that some relationships are lost, as the room for new ones appears. And the type of people you start to attract in your life are those who match your raised vibration so the relationships are certainly of a better quality. Also, I'm so excited to watch how you grow and develop your vision. And share it with us. You're an amazing person, Aaron. Thank you for everything you do!

Interested in learning that breathing technique you spoke of!!

How do I determine the frequency of the parallel reality I want? I get the analogy about tuning into a radio station frequency but my problem is I do not know what is the frequency of the parallel reality that I want. I like the analogy by the way. OK, so I get that I need to align my vibration with the frequency of the reality I want. I know the reality I want to shift to but I do not know what the frequency is. Following your analogy, it is like knowing I want the opera station but not knowing what radio station frequency of the opera station. Second, I get raising my frequency vibration is important but to what end? I am trying to match my frequency to a desired parallel reality.

Very cool. I learned again.

Aaron, I really wish u wld quit apologizing or qualifying your statements. Your experience is yours and u don’t need to apologize or qualify it as “your not better than anyone “. If someone thinks that then that is strictly their issue, not yours. What u r doing is blessed for a reason!

I'm pretty sure alcohol is lower than 200? Great vid though

Aaron, When you rise your vibration not only people start avoiding you.. their is a tiping point where they get against you.. Same as you Aaron. I don't drink alcohol, i don't smoke, i dont't drink coffee, eat lots of fruits and vegies.. I am always a joyful mind, a heart full of love and a vibrant body.. All of the above is a theat for the society because you don't fit in anymore and people use any means to get you back. Literaly any means.. To ignore you first, if this doesn't work then to accuse you with something-anything or and exert mental-phychological, physical violence upon you.. That is my experience up to now..

When things come up just let them go. What a thought. Mantra of let it go. Thank you Aaron.

What does lsd or mushrooms resanainte at?

I’ve seen this scale of consciousness several time, but I can’t find out where gossiping, judging and backbiting stand on the scale. Can anyone explain? Thanks

Coffee and cigarettes 5 children 9, 7, 6, 4, and 9 months old

This video has made me see you in a whole new light. Very real and honest. Thank you

Weed helped when i was first waking up...it helped expand my thinking. But i realized it has to be limited or it becomes a crutch and not a gift.❤

Amen. Sadly, I cannot be around any of my family or former friends. My 5 yr relationship is ending as well. We have NOTHING in common now. This is a lonely and painful truth journey, but i would not go back for anything. ❤ Working thru my past...mistakes and

Thank you

Thank you so so much. I was in a dark state of mind tonight and you made me actually realise that even though I experienced a lot of 75/100‘s and being in a low vibration, I instinctively am feeding into feeling of higher vibrations. I‘ve been in a high vibrational state for a long time but been wronged a lot by toxic people and it made me feel absolutely miserable. And didn’t know how to raise myself up again. But I am on a good way actually. I will practice meditation and yoga more and doing good things and activities I love and enjoy. You made me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Thank you and the universe

Your video resonates with how I feel. Thanks

Thank you for this video!! Thank you for all your teachings, you have helped me clear many doubts. Much love!!

Aaron do you read my mind??!! Wow your videos always speak to my soul exactly the same things the Universe tells me. You are amazing I see why you and Victor are friends both of you have helped me so much

I love seeing you share more of you buddy. We find our strengths in our (so perceived) negative/positive situations and our vulnerabilities, always. So amazing to find a lot of us on the same path have had the same path

Love what you said about weed man it's 100% true. As someone who smoked every day in college I realized that if I truly wanted to raise my vibration I needed to let go of everything that was holding me back. I believe it's all about moderation. I'll still smoke once or twice a month but it really does limit your potential when it is part of your lifestyle!

So people are afraid to say they are enlightened. Do u think enlightenment has to look or sound certain way? U might be JUST enlightened in your Aquarius age type of way.

This video has definitely resonated with me I have been on the spiritual practice for a while now and recently the last few months I stop smoking weed and haven’t known why it feels so much better or when I did try it again I felt like I was taking a step back. I absolutely love your story about the letting go during the breathing meditation and definitely feel your energy through your videos has gotten even better! :) thank you so much for sharing and making me know I’m on the right path ❤️

Loved this video, thank you

thank you for finally talking about weed. perfect timing. i needed this video.

The process of separation is hard! Thank you!

Great video.

This is exactly what I needed to hear today. It's been a tough week, but I think it is because I'm raising my vibration and I'm shedding things that aren't serving me anymore. In this case it was a job I was a candidate for, though I didn't really feel the job was right for me. I wanted it because I've been out of work for a while. It's painful and I'm trying to not fall into the trap of fear. I know I need to move on to something very different as my old paradigm fell apart once I started operating at a different frequency. Regarding weed, I agree with you and found your analysis fascinating because I've experienced this. I found that if you're in the lower vibrations of guilt, shame, fear and so on, that weed can help raise one's vibration to about the 300s. I feel that I am current between 300-400 and that weed is now a hindrance. I've decided to move on and leave weed for ceremonial purposes. But it can initially help raise one vibration because it allows one to think from an entirely new perspective when one is stuck in a rut. This is what helped me to observe my thoughts initially, but now I do it all the time regardless of weed use. I find that alcohol is just terrible and will keep someone at a lower frequency.

The 3rd point really resonated with me...I’ve recently been letting go of stored emotions I wasn’t even aware of. Thanks so much for sharing your insights.

Feeling the vibes yo. Definitely needed to hear that

I used to be a weed SMOKER ! I loved it ! But now I don’t even have the urge anymore !

I have a natural essential oil I'll let you sample Much Love ♥️

What are your thoughts on coffee and the impact on vibration?

Added to my playlist " LAW OF ATTRACTION rrandomvideozz " .

I felt like you were saying my life story but just changed up a bit for your male energy avatar. Minus the YouTube channel part because I'm not a youtuber (Yet lol) (it is a goal of mine but I put limits on myself like, when my kids go to school full time in August i can finally start etc...) I've been releasing stored energy ESPECIALLY Fear! I was living in Fear so I've been working on releasing it lately. But these videos you have been making keep resonating more and more. My family even sees me as a completely different person than I was a few years ago. And yes some people think I'm on something or that I'm weird at first but it's interesting because later they realize my wisdom and ask me for advice often now. They have seen my transformation of myself and they see my life changing fast for the better as well so now they are finally interested in awakening too. They are more open and actually curious now. It's so cool! I love my life now.

NICE video, very good info... how much score for the feeling of gratitud? for me it´s one of the top ones... thanks

Thank you for making this video

Thank you aaron... the marijuana talk resenated with me cause it's been on my mind. I've done it consistently since I was 17, im 24. I'll work on it.. this energy shift tomorrow is really effecting me ha..

That feeling with weed i can relate! I used to smoke and have so much fun and then when my vibration started to raise..the weed would bring my vibration down and cause anxiety and paranoia.. i'm glad i'm not the only one that experienced that!

Wow man great stuff you basically ran thru the 12 steps of alcoholics anonymous, im an alcoholic and trying to get to my spiritual awakening, working on step 4 now to get past my past

I have been on an RX med for years! I def think it is blocking me advancing. Hopefully I can be strong and taper off. I can and I will! The conspiracy theorist in me believes the people in charge want us doped up so we don’t advance.

I feel the same way about weed. I find myself smoking less and less the higher my vibration gets. I think there’s a time and place for it for sure. I think it can help raise your vibe in certain ways connecting you to the biomorphic field and your own creativity in a strong way but blazing all day everyday is not for me anymore

Thank you Aaron high on conscious Love and Peace from Guyana.

So true! Recently I’ve made huge spiritual leaps and found myself not connecting as well with old friends. Lower vibration people are nowhere to be found and when I do hang out with them I feel awkward like I don’t have much to say. I started feeling lonely for a minute feeling like I was on a new wavelength nobody could relate too but then I stayed positive and like minded spiritual people started coming into my life again. ❤️

Thanks for sharing all the insight you've learned from your experiences. It's helped me to understand myself and others better. Keep up the great work

Awesome ! Thank you for sharing this graphic! It explains a lot of what I've been experiencing the past year! Rock on! PS- LOVE the painting over your sofa!!

This video is by far my favorite that you have shared! Thank you so much, Aaron you have helped me so much!

Aaron you are amazing ! Thank you

your energy is invigorating

Very true!

Thanks so much for this Aaron. I knew that about the weed. It always seemed to bring my vibe down - I couldn’t do it. I also don’t do caffeine or alcohol. I come from the biggest drinking city in England and moved to NYC (where they all drink caffeine to stay awake ha) and I feel like the only one who doesn’t do any of that so it’s s bit weird but I’m so glad you brought this up! Alcohol opens up portals to negative spirits etc.. I also found cutting out gluten and dairy is healing my body after going through an illness and my vibe is raising even more! I also had a dark night of the soul a couple nights ago and it opened up a HUGE portal to transformation.. Emotional stuff comes up a lot But I channel that through my music as best as I can. I also had a similar experience to you with the same breathwork in 2010. Really intense, crying and Hands gripping. You’re awesome. Thanks for the non judge mental ‘tude. Peace big love ✌

DANI I am right with you!!! Changing my diet was KEY!! 27 meds later...i am living proof that any illness can be cured with diet changes!! ❤

Great view on the weed and alcohol, great to have no judgement on it, but have awareness and the scale is really helpful. Another great vid, thanks!

joeltl25 what about the weed lmao

When I used to smoke weed I kind of immediately went into the staring into nothing, thinking mode. Later this made me paranoid. I gave it up

Great video Aaron. Love and Light

Hey aaron; Good video as always! but hey, i got a question about visualization. Here it goes: When im doing the visualization process, should i see myself living it from a one person view (like im in there) or it could be done seeing myself in the actual slide (but from a third view point)? which one its better? could u try to explain me it or make a meditation about it? Anyways, thanks for your time! much love

Man your stepmothers were Real Humming Bee-words huh? Gotta keep humor in everything perceived bad lol.

This video was exactly what I needed today! Thank you!

hey Aaron, Its so weird that we had the same story.. Im 15 and i had my spiritual awakening last year. I have a toxic family and i had toxic people all around me. I let go all the people that were around me. I raised my vibration so high that i lost all my friends (or they lost me) I started to look different to my family.. It seems like no one can stand my energy.

You’re awesome, I bet many are all going through this now, the Moon shift is strong- I know I am. I also let go of the drinking & weed. Like you said not that there’s anything wrong with it, but it did lower my vibration and I just didn’t crave it anymore- I never thought I would say those words, ever, thanks to your meditation & reminding us all to focus. Thank you for spreading your light, you help so many people. Namaste

Thank you Aaron. These daily videos alone are helping me improve my life. I have a job now and I am feeling more responsible for taking care of myself but in a lighter easy going way

Found your channel yesterday, good days are here again :D

Great wisdom and advice! I do still see the lower levels but very quickly move on! No dwelling! ✌

Really like your work! Thanks!

Thanks Aaron for warning me i was currently planning to raise my vibration ~❤

Aaron, can you please share breathing exercises with us?

Normally when i smoke weed i love to meditate and i normally feel more enlightened idk its just im more able to focus on chakra point for example i feel the chakras more open and more aware i dont smoke everyday in fact i havent in about 2 weeks so idk if that might be a factor or not

wow...I smoked weed right before I watched this...I dont drink/do other drugs but im a daily smoker and I completely resonate with what you shared about weed...recently I took over a week off and it was the strangest thing...because I felt I was in a good place spiritually, I didn't feel anxious or upset like I normally would in the past but was actually more centered and productive and genuinely happy...I did start up again due to outside circumstances(it can be a good medicine in sudden shitty situtions out of my control) but I plan to quit again soon(and hopefully forever) and just focus more on meditation and yoga and really centering myself daily...please share more on this topic. I know it's very controversal but it can be so helpful to people like me and I think you approached it with true tact...thank you for another amazing video ✌

how did you become such a good speaker? i really struggle with that and getting my thoughts across in a clear, concise manner. without pausing with an uhhh. lol

Congratulations and thank you very much for this video! Xx

Salam thanks Aaron much respect from Pakistan

Wooooooooooooooooooooooow!!!!!!!!!!! I am speechless. Sooooo many things are more clear to me right now. Thanks. :)

That was my same experience as well with marijuana, I just don't have any interest anymore. Hey, Aaron, I actually have found that water fasting has replaced that with me

I was litteraly just wondering about the dangers of it. Wow. Thank you. Putting real value out there it is greatly appreciated.

Wonderful thank you Aaron

Hi Aaron: Love the way that you present yourself in your videos...So in-tune with your consciousness and I like your humble heart, so authentic and honest. Appreciate listening pf your experience. Rythmia Life Advancement Centre - Costa Rica - the Ayuahausca experience.. I am contemplating on going there. I so enjoy listening to Gerry talking about his experience, he seems like quite the character, as well as Dr. Jeff... Aaron keep doing what you are doing....You are on the right track..Cheers, Krystalle from Victoria, BC..

Love love love

Aaron, I’m not really one to comment, but I feel compelled to today, I must extend my most heartfelt gratitude. Quick back story -I’ve smoked pot daily pretty much forever. About seven years ago, I herniated my L4-5 disk which required fusion. Two years later I also had my pelvis and spine fused. Rehab has been very long and difficult – I’ve only become strong and pain free enough to return to work in the fall of 2017. (This injury was the catalyst to my spiritual awakening and the best thing that ever happened to me.) I’ve long ago quit all the drugs I was prescribed, even Oxycontin which I was on for 30 months. I’ve never been able to quit smoking weed. Since May of this year I’ve actively been trying to quit but I haven’t even had two consecutive days without smoking. The story I’ve told myself is that I’m a pot smoker and needed it for pain management. On Tuesday 8/7, my morning started out with one thing after another irritating me and I became so angry I actually threw something at the wall. My next thought was – meditation. I also said screw it and took a few hits –this was 10amish. I sat down at the computer to do your “walk into a parallel reality” meditation, and for whatever reason clicked on “3 dangers to raising your vibration” video instead that was on the right side of the screen. Whatever guided you to say what you did about smoking was exactly what I needed to hear. I’ve felt stuck in my journey and I know daily smoking was upsetting my balance, which is why I’d been trying to stop. That was the last time I smoked. Although it’s only been a few days it’s so much different. I have zero cravings to smoke and I don’t miss it. Prior to this making it even a whole day was very, very challenging. I’ve changed my story, my mindset is different than it’s ever been. I was even around people smoking yesterday and had no inclination to smoke myself. For me, that is unheard of, lol. Yesterday I watched one of Victor’s videos for the 1st time, 8-11 is coming, in which he also talks about quitting. Ha! I’d think this all was a crazy coincidence- but I know better now, thanks in large part to you. The universe is giving me what I need at exactly the time I was willing to hear it. I may never be able to repay you the value you’ve added to my life and journey. I thought at the very least I’d convey my gratitude. Congrats on the new place, btw. Much love and Namaste, Mark

Your thumbnails and everything is the same like Jake Ducey, maybe you two should collaborate

One of your painting is awry! Great vid

Love the drug connection

This stuff is no joke. Dug up childhood issues creating so much anger, think i lost my girlfriend of 5 years. So much misery in personal advancement. Sure i will look back in 10 years n be thankful....i hope.

I love how you go through this!

They kill people over stuff like this


Sooo happy you mentioned weed broo .. I can’t smoke that stuff anymore Much luv to anyone who can

Excellent video..,let things that need to fall away fall away....as for herb....plants are our allies....use them but don't abuse them. Keep up the good work Aaron!

There's no ducking stopping this now

I appreciate your videos so much!

Where does coffee resonate? ☕

I needed this video to help understand that I'm not the only person who's had people ask "What's with you?" when you've changed your vibrational level. Also my copy of Power vs Force just came in the mail today! Excited to start reading it, but I've got so many books to read currently that it's tough to decide which one to keep on at the moment.

I too had abusive household when i was raised. Im glad we both rose above xo

Thank you for the words on marijuana...been struggling with that recently

when I smoke weed I feel love...thats 540

I did enjoy this! Very interesting and helpful. Iam very new to meditation and feel myself searching for something, and being drawn to this. What is your advice for beginners? Thank you

That’s cool you were on adderall and smoked... that’s where I am right now

I’m in the west coast too. Sf area

this is great thanks sharing ive seen vibrational energies through my eldest daughter god bless her soul shes taught me so much and the methamphetamaine users ive seen people swing through light to dark back forth very strange even though im super lighted person I see all (light and dark think people forget if our souls and arch angels watch us and support us so does dark side watch us for recruiting) don't react breath accept move on keep focused on your own persona thank you lov lov lov this raise your vibration you are blessed

Thank you for sharing your personal story (very relatable). Your way of wording and speaking so naturally is perfect. Hands down best video/channel on youtube. Period.

Aaron Doughty l

everything made sense thank you

Also, thanking for mentioning marijuana because I have been researching that and also paying attention to my body and I have experienced the same thing. I tend to see things and hear things and noticed that when I smoke I actually get negative “spirits” and thoughts, rather than positive ones. As well as I was reading oracle cards and I felt the energy heavily flowing, then I smoked and I felt as though that universal energy flow had stopped or been stunted. I like that you said it puts us in a state of “acceptance” lol!!! Because that’s exactly what it does, we smoke and become okay with the moment and where we are, which can be nice, or very detrimental and keep us from healing or moving toward something more. I quit because of this feeling I’ve been having (and I smoked for 6 years, every day) . Thank you for validating it for me yet again. Much love.

If saying “I am” makes us a part of who we are, then does saying “I am not enlightened” actually stunt your growth of enlightenment? Just a thought. Much love!!!

how do you determine what your set point is?

Do u have any videos explaining ur childhood. I let my kids go out & play & sleep overs but I have been changing our diet to healthier foods & think a lot of shows r toxic or subliminal & sont allow certain ones. My kids get sick of it sometimes. I dont think I'm doing any damage. Just curious I dont want it to affect them I have good intentions. I had an abusive stepparent maybe I need to tap into that. I feel I do things way different cause of that tho. This was physical & emotional.

The last weeks I noticed the things you say at around 7:10+ - certain people were starting to not understand me anymore and I feel that not all resonating with me anymore. And now I can see why this could happen. Because I am willing to find my lost consciousness and I am working on this thing - also through your videos. So thank you very much for your work, for your videos and for sharing your knowledge with the crowd. It helped me a lot! And btw you are very sympathic. ;-) Namasté.

Huh... that makes sense. Alcohol is “liquid courage,” and courage is 200... and weed is 350ish you said, which is acceptance? It makes a lot of sense to me, having experienced both, and coming from a level of consciousness above and below the substances’ levels. Also, you come off as a level 550-600+ imho.

You were lead to say this at this moment I'm doing just that & watching you & listening to you say this. I asked my higher self, galactic family of light, Father and Mother Source when I woke trying to do the wakeup routine you do to help me do this instead of continuously obtaining the knowledge & not sitting down writing the routine, my intentions, ect then applying the knowledge doing it until it's truly manifested. Thank you. Please know you were lead to tell me , all those who resonate with this truth.

Hey do you mind commenting the source for the chart? I’m curious how different emotions and frequencies line up like that

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