269th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, March 28, 2019

269th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, March 28, 2019

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The, process, of understanding. Is. Very simple, the. Process is as I, explained, last time I explain, more in detail. Become. We. Are created, out, of the race within the centre of the universe. In. Interaction. And reduction. In strength, and division, by the strength, in certain. Strength. Fields. In. Collection. Of the totality, of the expansion of the universe. Some. Energies, some. Dynamic, fields. Have. Come together over. Billions. Of years these. Field to be to the creation, of what we call the sea. We're, two possible others together. The, same process. Repeats. Again because. The, Sun is, the same as the energy center. Now, the, heavier, the, larger, amount of the energy which is collected, in mrs. Palin universe, of, the Sun that the radius R was, the same thing again. Radius. Fields, out and. In interaction. With the itself, with. The fields of itself, leads. To creation. In, that process of the creation of planet the, same process, happens again. In. The traction, of the fields, of the, earth with. Its environment, and, cooling, an exchange, with the center of the other things in, the environment of, the space of the solar, system, leads. To creation of my, cell. Matter, state and, that. Itself. In, coming, together and, stowing. Down in certain, ways as we. Called released. Under, the Sun. We. Call the solar. This. Is the truth about the life and creation. But, if the soul of the math can. Understand. And, absorb, and be, correct, with his conduct, he. Can become, the. Strengthened, feels. And. Carry the strength of the field of the planet which came to creation. And, if. The soul can, understand, with. The same process, can. Interact. Can. Be correct, can. Upload. With, his self the totality, of the strength of what he needs he. Shall become the son. And, then the, same salt as the energy, at, hnup, job in the solar system within. The galaxy shall. Be common sense. Earth, we. Call in the rain come. From horseback. The solar system, we, call it planetary. System, we, come from the Rays people, come to the planet. And back. Same. Thing happens, with galaxies, with. The solar systems, receive Europe so I came to, the party. The, life forces. Of existence, in the universe is, the same it, doesn't matter what exchange. So. What, is the man fighting why. Do we, fight for something which. Has come from the point identification. And in, the process, it was bad information. The, soul of the man. As the. Energy, of the earth used, the face of the pound the. Face of the earth, and. That process is, the same a solo.

Our Sole. In. Reduction, in strength in. Interaction. The emotion, of the fields of environment, leads. By the accession of the existence, of. But. Once, it's completed, does it need a face or can. It be and becomes free from the public all this all after that we feel attachments. Existence. Our, soul, is, part, of the process of the page. Decay. To one question for man shall be in the future to be answered. As. We saw the, Sun came, to earth and, as, we saw the earth became, land, soul. What, would be the listen of the solo that, helps. Read the, point of departure. Would, it become the. Sun or, creation, of another life of, many lives of Correction, arrives. This, shall be and this is how he happens. When. You create a soul, which. Is not correct. Which. Is misconduct. By, itself cannot be, believed. The creation, of the next cycle of, creation. Which. Has started, their own way. Their. Own strength. This. Is one thing the man has never understood. You. Become the creator, of another. Universe. Another side. And. This is what you have to judge, restricted. Swallowed man. What. Would, I like that, side. In. The physical life, create. Children. In. The dimension, of the life of, the soul of man. What. That man what, that soul will create. If. Man, has thought up to now that's it my. End my point that, is finished. This. Is much fallacy, that, when. The Sun. Is. Destroyed, and. Shaped form, they. Shall be nothing left but, we know the. Part of the Sun is. Part of the galaxy and of Spartan life, so, shall be this way. The. Judgment, of the man has to be according, to what, he sees the future his soul can conduct me. The. Day of judgment, for a man not. In front of the Creator that. What. My soul judges, to be and what shall create. Man. Never understood. And. Shall never understand, till can solve this time I'm opening itself. The. Reality. Is were, very very, very, real and. That. Is as we, seen the, energy of the galaxy, become the Sun the. Energy of the Sun has become the earth and the energy of the earth on the soroban so. Shall be the soul of the man which is an energy itself, another. Cycle of life. How. Can you change when, you don't understand, how. Can you change the process, of understanding. If. You do not understand, the process of the creation. Do, we need to extend the, understanding, of the man but. What. Is the future it brings we. Care, about our children, what. Education. They get. What. They were. How. Happy they'll be, where. They. Sleep. Now, the man, has to be careful, and consider, what. Life shall. Buy so create. Because. Those. Are the children of Europe. As, we see the. Rays of the Sun has. Become planet, and. Seven billion gentlemen. Seventh. Billion, unlimited. Which is grown. So. The soul of man who. Go through the same process. How. Many billions. And, subdivisions, and, sub matter later, Piscotty, of man your.

Soul Shall yet. Will. It be the soul of wars and conflict. With her ever killing or, wouldn't, be the soul of this let's. Say a solar system which is peaceful. This. Is the truth and the reality of mother's world. First. Of all as I said many times easily, we never understood that. The solar panels. Were in destruction and, now. That we understood. Understand. And departure, from its culture, but the. Same process carry, on a state where, started. And it's women and becomes, that the energy source, higher, water which. Itself. Pleased, the creation, becomes, a star, Sentra. New, side of the issue. This, is what the human race has to understand, the cycle, actually. Starts. Point. Of death and not finished, both of them. In, so many ways before, understands. Is. After, dusts, specs. Of dust came together to. Make the earth in the solar system so. Has this facts of the atoms has come to be the creator of man and. The, essence. Of the creation of, this box of busting, the solar system, has led to the creation, so. Shall be the fields. From the soul of man each, creation, under, the signified. What. Kind of man, would like to have to. Be creative. This, is the day of judgment. This, is what man. Never understood. Now. You, have to understand, you, have no choice up, to today you are not aware of it dropped, they are aware you are pissed falsified. Your, conduct, has to be to elevate your soul but, inheriting so what did become the creator, of extant. Corrects, in the convent, of the citizens. We. Don't get a return. As. You see the, process does not stop, with, oneself. Decide. On carrots, on. Is, very interesting, in, how, humanity. Not only the fact 200. And. Take their case for man to understand, and. You understand, those on. The tools of war the. Tools, of conflict. They. Have less. They. Have nothing to start with they have to become the dust in the solar systems, on others, till. The day they learn more. As. They cannot, create a new cycle, through their own so this is the elevation of the soul of man. To. Be part. Of the creation of beautiful, life for. The next cycle when. You don't have it you have to become another cell in the body of this truck shop bigger, for. You to be just there that he can done when you could have been the soul of. They, say do not kill create, fear I give. You the point of love procreation. If. You cared about your children, understand. It to have the best. Your. True children come out of here who saw in a coming time, how. Would you like to educate. How. Would you like to be when you are in conflict with yourself and the, cause of salvation. Beta. This. Is the truth and, the man will take a long time to understand, as. Now, that we understand, the soul of the man is an operator, or a variation of the future extended, heart. Whatever. Is gathered, by the salt at the, end, becomes. This point of reference as all creation. Of its own language. But, the strangest, thing is what. He, creates, from, a soul, shall. Become the creator, of others. This, is the beautiful, information. And wanna stand it understands. No limitation. Welcome. Everyone to the. 260. Ninth, knowledge. Seekers, workshop for. Thursday, March. 28th. 2019. I'm. Your host Rick remand, and this is a presentation. Of the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute. Public. Teaching in English, and, as. Usual in our knowledge seekers, workshops. We have mr., Kesh, of, the. Keshe foundation. Ready, to deliver today's. News. Information. And. As. He sees fit mr.. Kesh are you ready to go with today's, workshop. Yes. Good bake with afternoon good morning to you wherever and whenever you listen to these knowledge. Seekers, workshops. For. What a second, I thought you're gonna say he, is gonna do the sermon, I thought this is not the church they. Just missed the word. Thank. You very much for today's. All. Of you being present. I. Received. Some communications. About the last week's teaching. It. Is it, takes us where we should do what we thought with, other machines. And. In the process our understanding. We. Have to be more. Aware of the, knowledge which we have carried and we carry for centuries with, us but. We've, been in. A way. Complacent. We did not see we did not understand. But. Now we have, a better chance to understand more about ourselves and, in a way how, we communicate. How. We understand, each. Other's soul do. We need to see the face of each other to understand, it do, we need systems, that, have actually, system, controls, in. The space price or. Do. We come to understand that the space is a place where. Everything flies on the wall rule, and that's. The rule. Magnetic gravitational field. Balance. It. Depends where you want to balance yourself in, respect, to and. Where you're expected, to be in, position. In. Recent past we. Try. To be more understanding, a, solace structure of the mat and. Sometimes. We, refer to other aspects. Of the technology interest, in, subjects. Or in title, of what. We do with it what can we do with it on this planet. In. Understanding. The.

Totality, Of the knowledge we. Come to understand, we. Actually know nothing about our own creation, and. We. Come to understand, there is a lot more need, to be understood. Let. Alone. Being. Put into practice. Zero. Time transportation. Zero. Time communication. Using. The, understanding. Of the magnetic, field of the universe, is. The only way man can, get out of this planet and. Travel. The depth of the universe. Once. We understand, this. Man. Will, move to the next step. We. Got to. Realize. We. Built these reactors. Over years we. Build these systems for. Flight but. We. Have up to now never, brought. Them to, work wood, in the structure, of the universe of magnetic, fields, and. This. Is why. Most. Of those. Who, test, these have. Found problems I, have. Talked about this in my teachings, many times, but. Now maybe today, is the time to start to, bring it home then. It. Makes sense. In. Space. Technology. Of. Today. As, we said many times. We. Fight. The. Magnetic, gravitational field. Of. This. Planet. By. Using rocket, fuel. Or. We, fly with, the same things with the wings. To. Overcome, or balance, part, of the, gravitational. Magnetic fields, in. The, teachings in the past I explained, in a very simple, way. How. Does the Iranian Space, Agency. Work, how. Does the, new spaceship. Program work. We. Have, created. What. We call a. Plasmatic. Magnetic field. In. Our system, in. Our star formation. We. Have tried to, overcome. The. Gravitational, magnetic, field, of the earth. Which. Are. To. Reject. Ourselves. But. Creating. Opposite. Gravitational. Magnetic field, forces, in our system, from. What we are actually, attached. To. What. This means is. That, if. You have. Two, magnets together or near, each other. As. Long, as, they're separated. You. Can maneuver them easily in, any, direction. But. Once. They're, attached. You. Know the problem. Trying. To separate. You need a much much bigger field. So. Something. Mitchell knowledge seekers. Missed. And I, keep on referring. It, with if you go over it teachings. Of the pastime. In. The, Iranian space, travel, we, do it very easily. We. Chilled. The. Gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of the moon or. Predestined. Position, created. Stronger. Than us. Quattro. Even. Though this. Could be outside, a. Atmospheric. Condition, proximity. Of the planet. Following. The curvature, as. I said all the time is. Pretty, difficult to, hold into. Because. Earth gravitational. Magnetic field. Is, too. Close and, is very, wobbly. This.

Is, Not its, distance, position. So. Those. Of you, who be, meeting for some push and shove and, some, encouragement. I'm. Pushing you wanna step further. If. You're noticed. In. The, Chinese, space, system. I. Created. The separation. By, reactors, on the floor. Even. Those. Have. A master. Job to do because they. Are in touch with earth, gravitational. Magnetic field. Now. That, we become men of a space even. Understanding, your target emotion. Without the fuel we. Have to, move, in, a way that, the universe, works. Not. The man. We. Cannot, fight, the, magnetic, gravitational field. Forces, of, what. We. Are attached, to. Literally. Sitting on top of. It. Is a good system for many people they do and. They. Fly with it. And. In. So many ways. If. You look, at. Any. Spaceship. Program. We. Get attracted, to, earth gravitational. Magnetic field. But. We. Never let it to control us. We. Always, take, a position of distance, control. Even. It looks. Is. Near, the earth is. Actually. Subjected. To the pressures, of, the gravitational, magnetic field, of a, given distance, position. There. Are certain, reasons this. Is practiced, and. The. Reason primarily, is. What. Happened. If. You decide. To. Learn here, and, it's. Actually let's say is hollow underneath. You. Always, protect. Yourself in. A way like a spider, hanging. On the field strength of your own backward. Destination. Touching. The, ground and, leaving. Overcoming. Gravity is, a little, bit harder. Than. Actually. Suspending. Yourself, what. A lot of space, people do which is a normal, process is. Known, as all. What you call what, you want to call it it's very much like a. Bungee. Jumping, rope. You. Create. The gravitational-magnetic. Field. Forces. Then. This. Become, your reference, point. You. Can go to earth. You. Can go to moon. You. Can go anywhere, but. You, keep your, system, locked in irrespective. Of what you may come across. So. Those. Of you who've been testing, the space technology and. You've been trying to get flight system. Maybe. This gives you an another, tool, to do the job you. Sitting, in on. Each. Own the, gravitational. Magnetic field, after. Jupiter. Or whichever, you want to be because. This has an element of the operation, and then. He, jumped me back down. Learning. A craft and, taking, it off it's better not to be done even we, bring into, position. Space. Flies of the inert. And. That. Also. Can please. I. Have. To pull something out for you. Maybe. I can explain. In. The process, of. Understanding, this. We. Come. To work. We. Come. To understand, the. Process, of lights. In. A way. Five. Minutes there. Five. Minutes here. You. Travel. This at, the moment. 12. Hours. This. Is ten minutes. Here. A bird, can kill you a fly. In, the engine, can destroy, you, and if. 77. X5. Has a problem. You. Are doomed. Then. Is, for, the first time you. Travel, with. A safety, of the gravitational-magnetic. Field. Shielding, and the, speeds, which, you dictate, by, the point of destination. Gravitational. Magnetic field, strength, and. Then. You. Come back in we. Jump. Up. And, down. Our. Friends, in Washington, and can tell you have seen. It and it can be done and. Our. Friends, in other part of the world. Will. Tell you how. Easy is going to be in the coming time. It's. The first time, that. We. Go back into, the physical trouble. Because. In the process of zero time communication. Zero time-space. Untime. You. Create, that time and space, through. The decision. On which. Strength, of the gravitational magnetic. Field. You. Want to travel with or at. Then. This. Brings a very, big question mark. To. Many of you. And. That is. Is. There. Against. Gravitational. Magnetic field. Strength. Strong. Enough or. You. Can go to its, elements, in, the inner strength, of it to. Be able to create, such, a position that. Can. Be targeted. And. Can. Be utilize for a space travel. Yes. It is you. Can use the answers, but. You. Have to understand. In more, depth. How. And. Where. And. To. Which. Element. Of the Gans you, have to, travel with. What. Does this mean, you. Remember, my. Teaching. About the banana you. Have, a banana and then. You peel it. What. Comes out of the banana. The. More you peel. The. More, you. Expose. You. Peel. The. Magnetical. You. Expose, the gravitation. You. Peel, the. Gravitational. You, expose, the magnetical. In. Some, of the teaching some two or three years ago I have. Thought how this is done. Now. You come, to understand. That. The. Totality. Of the teaching. Is. Primarily. In. The. Hands, of the. Operator in. The. Structure. Of the, operator. In. Understanding. Of. The work, of. The. Application. Or. Different, strengths. Plasmids. This. Is. Important. For, all of us to understand, then. All of us can become the. Passengers. Of the universe, not, a few, of us. And. If. We. Understand. This part, of the operation.

We. Soon. Can. To find something. Else, and. That is. How. Far, can we go. And. What. Do we need. To. Understand. In. Respect. To all. The teachings. Do. We need. To. Go. Back to. Gas, boxes. And. Build. New. Structure. Of ganses. Do. We need to go back and make, composite. Cancels. Inside. Brigance. Boxes. If you. Understand. How to make composite, cancers. Inside. Their guns boxes. This. Will make life much, easier. You. Know about the composite, cancers. You've. Seen it and you, can see how they can flip and, in. That process the, amount of energy, produced is, enormous. Those. Of you. Who. Played. With. Ch3. And. Conversion. Of it to the Tyrael or conversion. Of it to. CH, 14. All. Gives, you the same. And. How. You. Can flip between different. Answers, in strength, can. Create, you and give you the. Same process, gravitational. Magnetic fields. That. Can. Power. Systems. That can fly and. Reject. Or. Be. Attracted. Result. In. Every. Shape or form and the strength you need. The. Understanding, of the space. Travel of today. You. Know field, of zero time space. Then. Becomes. And has, become part of the reality which, many. Of the knowledge seekers have to test on try. Zero. Time communication. Zero. Time flight system, is. Not. Something. That is. Distance. Away we. Already some, of you have achieved it, but you don't remember how. If. You'd lost couple, of poles, now. You can know where. To go find him. And. If. You. Know how to produce. Gravitational. Magnetic, fields. Of a, given order. Then. You understand. The, process of conversion. You. Do not need. Computerized. System, you. Need to understand. The. Process, of how fast. Ch3. Has. Changed, to, carbon 14. Or. How he, has changed the deuterium. And. If. You understand, our process, then. You can control. Gravitational. Magnetic fields. From, the earth gravitational. Magnetic field, strength or, the, universal. Gravitational magnetic, field, strength. Going. Back to. The. Teachings. Of. About. Six. Weeks ago. Which. A lot of space agencies, came on to see what it is, now. I'm, gonna give themselves another. Understanding. You. Remember. You. Remember CH. 3. Or. CH, 14. Or. CH. 12. At the, same time. You. Have the Tyrian. Then. You. Understand. How. And. Where, you, create, that, hidden. Heavy. Gravitational. Magnetic field. To. Matter. Of state gravitational. Magnetic field, the speed. The. Universal, gravitational, magnetic field, is. Instantaneously. And, the. Third those of you who have been on top of the ch3. Box you see how, suddenly, in a matter, of milliseconds. Because, black a. Second. Ago it was orange or. A second, before that was reddish, orange and now, it's black. But. The. Trick is how many, of you have. Left a pocket, to be there and you, see it that, becomes, orange already, shop, a. Philips. Sometimes. And. Once. You understand, the process of flipping, from. One to another, gives. You the same opportunity, to become magnetical. Or gravitation. And. The. Only key, to this is, what. Is known and, magnetic. Field, strength, pressure. Which. Means stripping. More, of. The weaker, for, the stronger, to manifest itself. The. Reason, the. System in. Such. NC, right, system, ran out of control, was. That, the operating, time. In. Peeling. Banana. Was, too fast, so. The energy was released. You. Have to understand, it, had, an instigator. The. Tunder, created. The passage and the energy, pressure point. It. Created, a matching, system, because. All these reactors, as I've stood in the teaching at that time were, carrying, certain, amino, acid, fingerprints. On them. And. The. Rain. And a storm outside, when, in is a structure, carries. That amino acid, and was the two charges meet. You. Release the energy. Maybe. This is the key for those of you who are looking for. Endless. Powerless, energy, supply if, you understood, the teaching, past, 2 seconds, or 5, seconds. This. Is. Part. Of, the. Development. Of the technologies. Which. Will be released, in the coming short, time on the research centers. Our. New. Research says that the betas will, be Center, for worldwide operation. Of displays programs, within. A territory of Chinese. It. Has to understood. Space. Travel, in deeper, space need.

Secure. Reliable, people. Not. Periodic, behaviors, as, we see from United State. He. Needs a safe hand, and. These. Kind of technologies, need. To be understood, by men of peace. It. Is vital. For all of us. To. Understand. That. Conversion. Of the matter, energy stays. To, the universal, energy stage, is, the only, way that the man will be able to, get out of this, planet's. Gravitational, magnetic field, forces, in, a safe and, secure, way and. No. Need, for conversion. After departure. Getting. As far as possible from, magnetic, field gravitational boundaries. Of this planet because, from. The beginning you're, traveling at the field strength that. Is. Literally. Is. Needed. To. Travel. The depth of the space. Now. You understand, why. A few weeks ago I brought. Siege 14, CH, 12. Into. Understanding. And into, the teaching. It. Wasn't, just for. Coordinating. Your bones, after, so many thousand, years or if. You were a dinosaur. If, you have been recreated or, I can recreate you. Somebody. Wrote to me now that you speak about the, creation, of the brain we in this call, can. You do a dinosaur yes. Please be sure it very soon. Then. We'll see the real dinosaurs. And we see if they'd like to living in our cities, and then. Would. Jurassic. Park become a reality, depends. On the scientists, who understand, the work. You. Don't need an egg to, start you. Need this call to build the sole in it and if you teach that sold not to eat and put wood in it special. RNA. Oh pass. Him like nothing because he knows how to absorb the energies of the universe. Tame. Dinosaurs. If you can tame the world leaders like we do dinosaurs, then, we'll be a peaceful planet. But. We, have to understand, now as. I. Said always cover, things up and. You. Don't see because, you don't understand. If. You, understood. Just. Before China rerun January, when I explained, to you the teachings, about the carbon-12. And carbon-14. You. Should have known, by now I was teaching about the fuel of universal, power. Even. I spoke about it but not many people understand. So. Those. Of you, who, used. And. Made. CH. Trees and watched. It to go from orange, to black. Now. Find. A way to go from black to dodge, and. Then. You, have found. Gravitational. Field the magnetic field, systems, for, your systems. Then. You. Stand, the. Position. To. Develop systems. Which. Traveled, the depth of the universe, are not, few, meters, from this planet. Then. Where. Is simply. You. Thought as. On my teaching many times you. Don't need to live in New York and live in jungles, on, Amazon, and go to work in New York and, come back within a few minutes in the afternoon, but. Would. It be just happy, to be in, Amazon, I would love, to live on planet zoos and, go there and see half of the universe, and come back, on earth which. Was five, second, office workers, what. I know I can do every day. As. I said very recently to a friend of mine, the. Job of secretaries. Is. More, or less finished. It'd be antique, job called secretaries. Because now the busting and the, guy receives it while you need to transmit it to your secretary for, her, to. Transfer, it through her soul to. Your client. Our. Nothing's gonna change in the work of the man once, you understand, the implication, of the technology. As. We. Have said and, now we are coming much closer to it now. That we building the factories. At. The moment, it, takes as, I said before eight. Weeks to get a container, from. China, into. West Coast in, that state, or Europe, to download, the goods and then the port and then the truck.

Driving Up and looting, more and more, or. With. A new technology, if you understand, it you. Build, the Box in. Shanghai. I delivered. You in New York in ten minutes, do. I need to, go through the expenses, of a carrying a container where half, of the stock stays on the floor nobody, sells. Where. The business won't take that kind of risk, I, don't. Think. Then. You, produce as, you need. Responsibility. Not. In the warehouses, and, not. In the shoe shop but. On the floor of the factory as you need it's. Made and. We. See Amazon, is, trying to, bring drones, we. Bring miniature. Spaceship, systems. Less. Than $10 to build she. Understand, the process and. Then. Would. Be launched a new structure. Called Keshe, Foundation plasma shops, that. We, did where we use our technology for, it, that's. On the book. But. The. Reality, is, how. Did you produce the CH 14 and how, you produced. The CH 12, and how. Did you flip between one, to the other or. Can. You use the, gravitational. Field of one and a, magnetic field of the other to create the shield's, in the, space the. Universe but. At, the same time still. Me the, man of the earth. Any. Questions. Hello. Mr. Kesh John. Doe. Or. A space, inspector. You. Teased this with the strength of the moon. Are. You gonna give us any clues about what, their strength the moon should. Be. Would. You like to come and come. Up for me to come on a spoon for you yeah. Unfortunately. A little miss from Chandra. I. Experienced. You can do it yourself. We. Don't always have the moon in its face huh, maybe. A satellite. Maybe. Imagine, a reactor. The. Way the. Way, spiders. Can travel. Through, our atmospheres. They send, a tendril, out like a. Just. One fine, thread, and it gets picked up by the wind and they can actually fly. Mr.. Mr.. Rik. Remand. You. Get five. Out of ten. Okay. So. Let's expand, on it maybe, junk and fill in the other five. Or. Maybe five other people can fill in, apart. So. The. Idea being that can. A. Spaceship. Let's say send out a. Field. Or, a. Tendril. Let's say, into. Space. And, then essentially. Use. That to pull, itself along. So. That saying is pulling, yourself up, by your own bootstraps. Would. You like to become more. Athletic. Not, restate. Well. I. See. It as a. Plasmatic. Field like, what. If you could direct a beam or magnetic, say. A magnetic. Beam. Out. Into, space and but. It was. Such that it kept accumulating, any. Gravitational. Fields, around and, soon. If it became, a. Bigger. Field, than the earth then, it would you would naturally lead the earth and be attracted, to that field, rather than the field of the earth it would overwhelm that, field. Once it accumulated. Enough, as it shot, off into, space. You've. Been watching too when his followers. Okay maybe. Not enough Star Wars. Attractor. Being my guess would be sort of the idea there yeah do. We have any housewives, who, is played with against us maybe they can give it to you much easier than you think. Any.

Female, Knowledge. Seekers, who've made chances. Except. One. We're. Not gonna say who. We're. Not gonna say who when it starts to see, you. Know you. See. The. Play of the plasma of the universe, is. What, we do every, day every. Breath. You take. Is. Gravitationally. Attracts, from the, moisture. Or mixture. Of. This. Planet. What. It needs. It. Does not take everything, which is in front of it on, a mat stated, by do but. Not in. The. Plasmatic, state. Okay. Mr. guys we have a question from sighs, Sayid, I. Mean. He, says my name is aida, mer. Damn a deed, and I believe. We've. Heard him before, originally, from Tehran, Iran. Traveling. A question, is traveling, with the spaceship, the closest, star to earth, is, about four, point. The. Sunni or spaceship, engine, not exactly, halfway in, its distance, unless, you can interviewed up yes. The. Verses, name is. No. No I read, that yeah I heard that about the speediest at this place yeah. Traveling. With the spaceship, the closest, star to earth is about 4.3. Light years away. Assuming. Our spaceship, is starting to move exactly, but, stop, stop. I'm. Gonna stop you there. Am. I am I am I correct, to speak it that way you or not I don't know but. It's. The only way I can say. This. Is the assumption, of, a. Bookkeeper. Who became. A physicist. Whenever understood, about the physics. Now. You're a physicist, as, a, sudden very, recent, time, you're. Talking like a bookkeeper. You. Know who I'm talking about. Who. Said. 4.3. Light, of, what. This. You are still a. Camel. Bird like here Arabs. Let. Me tell you you. Are, camel. Is in on a bird or. Don't you, you, know where is your hump and when we tell you you hear, a bit, one. Which applies as I'm a camel, you, speak. About my technology in the space technology in, the plasma magnetic. Fields and then, you refer to the. Camel. The. Speed of light 4.7. Light-years. Away. Does, not fit. You. Have not understood the. Meaning of this place on time. White. Light years away and what, is strength of the plasma you. Want. To go. 20. Million, light years to. The same destination. You cannot come get on a donkey, you, want. To travel wood, space. Understanding. Of the plasma technology, you. Create, the. String of the, gravitational, field, of this distance, position. Voila. Here there. How. Long does it take you to, feel. I'm hungry. 4.3. Million, light, years. This. Is the limitation, which this man, art of his ignorance. Has put in our head and you all follow a. Bookkeeper. Should have stayed a bookkeeper. Especially. A Jewish one. Not. Mentioning. Nominee. Names but it starts with E. You. Put nails onto it and ends with a nice word. Somewhere. Not. Very far you. Have put a restriction, I told, you my teachings, many time you want, to go with. A. Camel. To. Moon you can't work on make it a wing or stretch, will take you there, you. You speak. About. Space-time. Gravitational. Magnetic fields. Of the plasma you have, it in your hand you make it at home. Why. Are you confused, between the two states. What. Is holding. You back to. Think in, plasmatic. Condition. Not. In. Bookkeepers. Hmm. You. Have the tools you. Can. Work. With. A matter of state you. Come, first, of all four, point. Whatever. Lightyears. First. Of all build a rocket which, has that kind of view then, you start speaking, about it. But. If you work in the strength of the plasma you have, to understand, how simply, a lot of you have not understood. You. Speak about the ch3. Cants. You. Speak about the Cu organs is greenish, turn on his red you. Speak, about the zinc oxide you, speak about every, other gas why. Do. You see, them in different colors and how, can you distinguish, a plasma. Field, from, another. Then. What. Is the problem in, understanding, that.

You, Have a new, tool you, have a new dimension, it's, you who's confused between, the two you. Speak about. 4.1. Light-years. Mister closest. It's. The same as I can get on a jet plane or two from. Beijing to New York the same 12 hours and. You. Decide, to do it on a bicycle in, two. Years. Whose. Fault is it you, didn't know that there is a jet plane or. You, wanted to be a joiner either and see everything, killing. Yourself pedaling it. When. You start. Speaking. About. Light-years. So. You, have chosen to go with the donkey you cut welcome first, of all find a donkey we can go about this place without eating and you have enough jet fuel are they getting fly. When. You speak, about. Application. Of the. And, you understand. The Fila strength of the plasma you. Decide. To. Suite. Much. The, speed, of the light we gets from that star. To you you're. There, instantaneously. It means you have understood, this gravitational, antic, feel. Understand. The work of your kidney, you, have already answered the whole question. It. Creates, gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of copper. Zinc and every other poison, in your body and it just pulls them in conversion, to matter state you. Go and how. You. Create your. Visit. That difficult. So. When. You speak, about a, speed of light you want you talking we put it at. The bookkeepers, way I think that's the best way to put it. You. Become an accountant, you would like to count it. 1,000. Years 1, million years, plus, 2 3, million years if, you are in the plasma technology and, you understood, the. Totality. Of the knowledge you, decide, this, beat I. Want. To be on the way for two seconds, I want, to be on the, way in 10 years. Amateur. Rider I messed up in every city. So. Try. Now. That we are coming to this point and a, lot of our mature in the knowledge of the plasma I. Told. You it's like a banana, how much you want how fast you want. The. Speed of light we change it to the bookkeepers, account because, that's what he was. But. If you travel. The. Span of the universe. With. Plasma, technology. Then. Speak. My, language I. Will. Understand, yours. Now. You understand. Now. After, six. Years of teaching, you. Comprehend. The. Difference. Now. You. Go into, the detail, of. Understanding. The, simplicity, of the knowledge you have. So. We. Make a chart. Bookkeepers. A speed. Man. The speed. Galaxy. Speed universal. Speed. Unique. Oh so sweet. Then. Then. What do we see. We. See a light we. Send a beam and we say taken, four, light years according. To bookkeepers. You're. Quite right. You. Quite welcome, to over the donkey. And. You. Speak bookkeepers. Language. Well. We, keep on referring that. You. Go according, to the strength of the field because. The strength of the field was green red, white, blue, and every, other color. Then. The. Reality, is. Are. We talking the same language anymore. Or. Some. Of our, would like to be the camel bird. It's. Very simple from, now on when you hear somebody tells, you it, takes, 4000, speed, light, years to get there, just. Say my god which for either did you come from. This. Is what we say in the very short time now, is is, ticking, so fast, that. Are. We gonna claim planets, are, we gonna claim moons, are. We gonna claim. Galaxy. Is now that become part of this universal, community or do. We come to understand, that. We. Can be anywhere anytime, we. Like to be. Is. That simple. The. School of thoughts. Understanding. The totality. Understanding. The reality, I. Could. Not tell you this, maybe. A year ago but. Now you can understand, why. Look. At what is on the screen CH. Talk CH, 40 you, give this to anyone, on the street they think it's the sugar, because. The nearest road is ch3. One. Is the sugar of space, travel. One, is the sugar our. Gravitational. Field of the earth struck which. One would you like to talk. And. You make both of them in the, same gas machine. Is. One. Of them gravitational. And other, one magnetical. Is. Or, can, one. Be used for. Your space. Because. The. Two elements, which. Are abundant in the universe and there always attract, and that, is gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of the carbon, and, gravitational-magnetic. Field, of hydrogen. Somehow. In the universal. Steps. Work. Of one or the combination of the two is. More or less. Workable. So. Would. You like to read that, question. Again please and, take the light away and, the time away and. Let's see how we can answer. Well. The question does go on. Start. From the beginning, don't, let it go on, okay. We'll start again, traveling. With the spaceship, the closest, star to earth is, about 4.3. Light years away, assuming, we were not supposed to talk that are you assuming okay yeah yes. Assuming. Our spaceship, is starting, to move. Exactly. Halfway in, this distance. What. Universal. Entity, our spaceship, is reacting. Against, to move, what. Magnetic, field our spaceship, is reacting. Against. To move is, the question is it going to be our Sun, magnetic. Field or the black hole magnetic. Field. If. You have shown into the field the strength of a light you see and. You. Have tuned into it as, nothing. Else has managed to affect it to reach you. You.

Can't Reach there. So. You know it's. Not a matter of going, against. Anything there's no against. It's just toward, in that case is that true there's no you're. Number six that you come to to, level six. More. Or less. If. You. Can see, a light. There. Is a phenomena, which. In. The. Future, mankind will, understand. And. We. Can refer to it in so many different ways. If. The. Body of math is made. Of. These. Guys. You. Like my, co head. Yeah. We. Only see, stars, or entities. Which. Have a gravitational, magnetic field. A spectrum, of this. So. In, fact what we do not see we see stars here and there I'm say 5%, of the universe, is. Mass. Of the stars is totally, wrong because. We. Only see stars. And, entities. Which. Have a gravitational. Magnetic field. At a point of the strength of the observation. Of our. Amino. Acid. If. I change your. Mr., Cohan by. This. What, ever could be you. Only see. Planetary. System, or structures, which, are at this strength, you, will not see what I see. Why. Don't I, into them when I go because, you, have strength, that super. Passes, this. So. When. We speak about seeing. So many stars, we, only see, stars, entities. Which. Have a connection. Link gravitational. Magnetic field, strength, of, our amino, acids or combination. Of the fields, which, interact, with our aminos. This. Is something a, lot, of men, of space we realized, very very, soon. So. When, you, look and you see the light which. You say traveled, how many yes bookkeepers. Chime, then. Is. Interacting. With you it. Has created that, light, to give you, means. It has a higher order, fields. On you because it's coming to you you are, in the need of it, you're. Weaker, of it so. You, can return, back let's, say the field through your reactor, that, it creates, the reverse fields. Of it or you can swim, on it so as it, sees you you see it instantaneous. There, is no time and space in the universe if you understand, the work of the plasma. This. Place sometime is the effect and residual. Of the, matter, state. Then. You become a bookkeeper, because can count it one ship to ship to ship. This. These. Are, the. Realities that the, world of the science, and in, education of, man has, to be brought in the education, cycle. Then these things other the exist these things will not come under discussion. Because. You, cannot, get lost because you already, seen it, when. You see a. In. The dark you see it a light. And you're. Looking for somewhere that, there is a light that you know there's a life your life depends, on it. You. Go to it you go to the light. So. Is in the space travel if you see the light and, you. Have already created, the, fields, you have to understand, what, I feel, the strength of that light is that, you, tune into it and in. A way in so many simple way. If. This is the star and this. Is the eye of the man. I'm. Never a good drawer. When. You, see the light, of this star. You. Have already, established a, lot it's for you to measure what, you see or what the strength that you can secure, your system, into it and off you go there, is something. We. See the. Universe. Live. And active. Not. What happened, four, point, seven million light, years ago. Yes. Bookkeepers. Not. Plasma. Time, sister. You. It. Is. For. Us to understand, this phenomena, and then. Life. Becomes very easy to travel the depth of this base. One. Of the reasons, that, we. Have fallen in this trap, with. The, light system, that. It takes so many years because it takes so much from the Sun to get here. Is. The reality, that, we have, fallen, in the trap with. A sound, in the matter state. Now. That we see the, time lapse, difference. On. A time delay from. When you speak you can hear, has, given, man some, of this microphone is open has, given the man this. Image. That the same thing happens to light. Light. Which. Man's light, not. To. Body, called the light in the universe or, a strength field which is a zero time space. This. Is what, all. Of you have to understand. And. The. Complication. Becomes, very bad once. You. Don't understand, this. This, problem. Because. Then. You. Calculate, on, the math the state but you have the plans for counseling and this, is 99%. Of the reasons many of you cannot achieve right because, even. When you achieve it you don't see it I've seen it many times in the lab. And. I stand there said they don't see what can you teach. The. System, that don't want to see they don't want they.

Are Not there to see it. Because. If they see it except, it goes against. All the, things they've been taught. Blindness. By prejudice. If. You see it you can tune into it and, if you can churn into it that, you've seen it is. Instantaneous. It's. Already, established. Within you. One. Day in the future mankind, will. Make a cup of his own eye in. The dimension, of the Gans that. We, did can, see the depth, of the universe, just, for. Understanding. The, speed, or a strength. That, it needs to produce to. Travel at a speed up to be very waspy. Zero. Time-space. Mankind. Is not mature, enough yet to. Understand, this and this, is one of the biggest problem, for. People, like me trying to override. The. Stupidity, of one man and it's. Very hard. One. Thing I'm realizing and. From, the question. From sidon. And so on is when. We look at the diagram that's, in front of us here and the. Eyeball, and so, on you. You don't see anything, behind. The eyeball propelling. It there's, no. Pushing. The eyeball, is, being. Pulled by the. Locking. In of the. Light or the the. Rays in between. It and its, object. That it's going. Toward this this, light that's pulling. Pulling, it along, but. There's no propulsion, out, the back there's no. Pushing. Of fields, there's no. Strain. That way there's. But. We're used to in, our. Matter level, of this planet, the, rocket, analogy. There, has to be something. Pushing, on. Therefore, those who go, somewhere, that's in, the tradition. With mankind, I think. So. That's, where the. Question. Sort. Of comes in where what, magnetic. Field our spaceship, is reacting. Against. To, move, so. I'm thinking, it. Would that be the case with, the earth as well and within the. Fields. Of the earth let's, say to, get off the earth. Is. There, any, interaction. Between, the. The spacecraft, and the earth or do. We just forget. About the, earth and just. Focus, on the destination, and everything, takes care of itself, from there. In. Other words we don't have to repel from the earth we. Just have to, lock. Into the stronger. Fields. That are. Connecting. Us to our destination. Is. That, correct. Or. Is it a combination of, both is there a repelling, force that we can also. Use. Positioning. With the earth itself. What. Is the majority opinion, in, the under, platform. Let's. All make sure together. I've. Seen a lot of you make a lot of comments, but. Don't go out of the line then we switch you off that's. A good dictatorship. Isn't it breaking you. Say what would you like you otherwise we'll cut you in there and write our that's. A good one okay. So. Let's. Let's. Let's, explore, it because, I'm. Not there when you're in the space and you want to go. To. A planet, faster. Than your machine allows you and you know you have the cancers, what. Is option, to you. Or. Have, you chickened out. Now. That you know you've been following the man a book keeper.

I'm. Going to stay silent till we hear somebody stop. Now, is it come the exam, time we're listening, to see who's gonna pass is that a good way to do it he won't wait. Because. The. Soul I. Can. Do serve, it but, behind the eyes so, in. The soul spear I think magnetical, field and, that, is why you're interact, with what you watch these. Okay. Yeah. I can throw otherwise, I can explain better. But. But remember. The I becomes. Gravitational. And the. Soul which creates. The magnetical, feet. Okay. That's. What I want to say about. Our. Second, strength of the soul. You. Now, I was. Gonna say also, myself, mrs., Flint that. When, he tuned into the fields of your destination and matched the fields, of your destination to your vessel you're. Instantly there and the main grab feels, between. The two are just. Connecting. Point. So. Would there be any connection, with earth in your bottle, Flint. If. You. Were say going to. Lock. On the moon or lock on Tues every. Year sorry, every, entity has its own maker of fields, and. So, when you just are able. To tune into those you, ride. Those fields, there which there is no time. Do. You know there's some cheetahs in your lot. Those. Are you who have access to my, lines. Are, sending, me messages is this, what I did right is that the other one way. No. We'd, only discuss it here and, it's about three or four of you busy with it you. Also just only, discuss it here no. Private, messages. So. I'm. A bad teacher and, I. So. That's. That's petition, to be put a different way. The. Same, where I can put it that he can understand, is. How. Did your. Soul. Has. Come to see the, light of the star. To. Know that is the star. This. Is the question you would ask yourself. Your. Your, eye. Reflection. Or the. Work of your eye. Sees. The star, see. The light. First. Of all your. Brain interprets. The, light to be light of a star not. From a car or. A. Plane. And. Then. In that, forces. What. Gives. And. Therefore, wishes transferred, to your brain, and part. Of that information, is. The. Syphon by your soul, that. This is a light from another. Planet. Do. I know anybody, there, because. The, man sees, the light, of the planet the. Soul of the man sees the passengers, of that planet, through, their soul. So. You. Leave that a schizophrenic, life. That. You. See, the light you. Recognize. It to be from a planet and then you have a bookkeeper it tells you 4.1. Million, light years away. But. Your. Soul, sees. The. Light. Interpretation. Of your. Physical. Dimension, of observation. And. He says oh I, think Uncle, Sam, lives there haven't been there for a long time keep. The eyes there I'm communicating. Or. You, see another star, or grandma. Is there a little talk, to her I can see that a lotta but, you is just a light in the matter state and, you. Need 4.7, million. Light years together where, the soul is already coming to me down concern. Grandma. On the other side. This. Is what, man. Has, ignored, and with a new knowledge of the plasma understanding. Gravitational, magnetic fields. Then. Should. Be easy to do man. Has managed, to measure, gravitational, magnetic, field. Of the matter state, now. It's bigger than that you managed to make the magnets, not, only of iron, now you have a magnet of this. Ch3. And, the amount, of co2. And. You have the magnet. To, absorb. Protein. From. The space that's, why you get a fat on top of your gas. Boxes. So. Now, you know, you can produce any, strengths. Or combination. Of the strengths. So. What. Is it gonna stop, you to develop, not. To develop to understand, more of what you've been doing past years. Good. Morning among Roland I. Hope. It's a fine day and. You. Haven't joined the, bookkeepers, crop yet. So. What. Stops, us, if, the. ICS. Gets. Interpreted, by, the brain which, the brain itself, receives. Information, in. The soul level -. Then. How. Do we interpret and, then. If we do how, do we measure the strength of the gravitational magnetic, field, of the position, of the star that, we already know we sing uncle sander I. Don't. Mean Uncle Sam has United, State. Well. Perhaps dan has a clue to that in his statement. In the chair which is we. Changed, the power of our emotions. In interaction. With our soul so. Perhaps. There's a. Dissolutions. So. Even, minus, 1 or plus 1 Rick, I think.

It's Worth the. -. Backwards. It's. Bringing the emotionality. In it when, you bring in emotion, in bringing the sole. Method state, of the man -. Two - two you go backwards that's, it all right sometimes, you. Have to slow down to go fast is this a stock. Car racing, so yeah. Perhaps. That's true here so, okay that makes sense but what about, the idea that each, star, has its own flavor. Let's, say it's on, vibration. Or frequency, or I know you don't like those words but it's more of a. Homonym. Put a color, has its own the strength strength. Right, yeah, so. What. Is the key to interacting. With one. Particular, strength. If. We're. Talking about on a soul. Level here. Not the. Any. Kind of physicality, strength. Correct. Smallish, moment. So. We would have to find a way to. Connect. With that. Strength. Through. Like. Your soul once you recognize it, you see you know what she's. Gonna say that, there's a saying it takes, one to know one. No yeah. Good well. Okay. You. Got a point up from the minus two there. So. The the. I. Bet, if we have a mother here. Well. Many. Of them gave birth they. Can answer you. Instantaneously. But, they, have no confidence. It. Was a woman, given birth I would have told you straight away down sir well, Pia had an answer in the chat, about. Ten minutes ago here Lou she said we. Could go, buy a portal. From inside. Ourselves. So. Perhaps that's, a clue we mentioned, the. Mothers. And about. The that. Thing. They go through inside. Themselves, so. Perhaps they know more about this, portal. And power let. Me let me tell you let. Me tell you something how. Does a mother communicate. With the soul of the child inside, her. How. Does the, child carries, the imprint, of the emotion, of the mother. How. How. Does the soul of a child knows. It's time to be born. How. It. Takes the position. To. Be born why. Do. Children move. Upside, down to come head out first. Is. It gravitational, magnetic field, position or genetically. Be attuned to do that. And. Then. Even that is based, on gravitational, magnetic field, forces. If. A mother can communicate, with the soul of a child, once. We need is, hungry, or whatever. How, many times as, mothers. You, had a failure connected, to your child inside you so. Now you're, inside, a zone of the universe now, you become, the child and that. The universe that a star is the mother there. Is no difference. It's. Us because, we don't understand, it we make make, it to be different. In. Reality. It's. The same thing we. Are within the womb of another, womb, which itself is part of the another, animal, called a galaxy, or another animal, called, the universe. We. Have made that decision because, it's according to our understanding and, intellect, but, the reality, is the same we. Are all. Bunch. Of souls on, in. A pregnant, mother called, the, Sun. Atmosphere. If you are sitting outside we are just like that, check inside, the egg shell. Because. The. Gravitational. Magnetic field, of the Sun has, created. A direct show in. Interaction. With the field of its environment. So. We. Are already part, of another part of the creative part Lord and we call them baby if your mother can see this or how we, do how. I, referred. Back in recent, past. Deliberately. The. World, the, soul of the earth. Is. The time for, man to mature, that, like. When. The child gets, matured, and gets rejected or gets born, is. The totality, of the soul of the man has matured now that. The planet, Earth must, give birth to this child to, become born. In the dimension, of universal, community, into, new dimension. It asked, who are maturing, or is, the collective. Essence, of the soul of the creation. In this planet, has reached a critical mass, of, the strength, that. Is time for Humanity, to be born, into the universal, community. We. Are getting rejected by our mother to, be getting, evicted in, a way if we look at it and people. Like me are here just to show you the West way to get out. The. First what we call it the break up the water as you call it. You. The the Midwife for me and guys. Come. Inside I came. You. Know you, know there is a very old say you know how the Jewish, people. Give birth to the children how did they get born. In. Flemish you by child. Yeah. In the Jewish the, father stands, and throws, a coin the minute the baby comes to drive it. For. Some reason, that a couple of weeks ago I had this question well why do babies, suddenly. Change, and, then go headfirst for, the first time my life I wondered, about and. Now you go there outside, which. I've. Got the answer. Not. Quite what I expected but. We. Never get what we expect, to we well. The, whole idea of. In. A way being evicted, that's. By. Giving, birth II get. Out of your home, you. Know you're being kicked out of your home yeah. I don't know I really, kids screaming when they do when it comes I was like these. Lights and sounds, it something it long what are you doing. The. Imagine, how many seven, million dollar, shower when they're kicked out I baked it. So. We're. Gonna impeach me Leslie say.

Yes. And there, are ways that are less. Violent. Than some of the bursts, like in hospitals, and so on Judith natural, version sorry, we don't have any caesareans. In the universe, secretly. But. What is the water birth they have were, inside. A pool. But. Does. It mean that collective. Soul. Of them, mankind. Has reached the point of maturity to. Depart. The planet and answer, is yes. We're. Just putting it together that, collectively. The. Birth or what. They call it is. Without. Any hiccups. And we give a perfect, birth into. Universal community this. Is what it boils down to all these teachings. Ask. A question, yes. Can you tell me who you are please from, where yeah yes, my name is Kristine Mueller I'm from Bulgaria. I, I was. Wondering like, when a baby is born it. Gets. Developing. Physicality. As well as the soul and if. We. Have. This idea and. What. We are getting. Through right now as you are saying we are getting born again is, this birth going to be connected, here, we're. Not getting born again we're getting kicked out into universal, community. But. Is, this process, connected, with changing. In the physicality or in the soul or is it more like a. It's. Is, in. A way each, soul, is on its own me just like you know this Tricia, said it's prayer 108. Now. The bond, together. We. Are in that process but this time is billions, of it the. Soul of the man the same as the soul of the fish, and a, cat. It's. A collective. Maturity, of the soul man you'll understand, this very very I I. Brought, this discussion, I think yesterday or sometimes, it's making one of the teachings. It's. A collectiveness. Of, the. Seven. Billion if. When. You sit and you talk. To people you. Understand. That is one way to do it you couldn't do it one by one which we did or, we, gonna do it collectively the, others to do it we. Would carry the whole nursery, we. Done the one by one now we don't collectively, the, whole process of the whole nursery, to be gone and. That needs the war leaders. To. Be doing it I explained. I, think, yesterday, one. Place one of the private teachings, really. Very simple, what I've done to humanity and, it amazes, the humanity, how I can take you anywhere I'd like but it has to be done by you and, I just tell you afterwards. That. How. You been, guided that you think you've done it then you know your, RNA. And DNA exceptions. And it goes to the next step. Just. Go to one of the teachings he here on explain, what, we done in past, five or seven years. In. Respect to the share of the knowledge. We. Played a very simple, game of knowledge, very, very simple game knowledge, as. I explaining, the teachings, in the private teachings maybe I spent four minutes to explain to you you. Are all followers. Of our. Nation millions, of you listen to it and, many. Of you walked away and he came back to listen, a little bit and he got hooked on again and he went again came, back. When. I have released, a. USB. Stick with the patterns to, the government's, I had. Upheaval. From the foundation, supporters, you betrayed, humanity. And every, other thing in the planet I received a shower, and. I gave my technology to the government. Then. I. After, two and a half years I found, an excuse by their sharing it to what somebody outside because, I received an email I gave. It all up, on the pad and everything else and we, crushed the European, Patent, Office if you remember there was 400 service, back up and they still crushing because many.

Many People were trying to download what they thought it was a secret in there so. I shared, it with you not the government had it for two and a half years you, thought they'd done nothing but they did everything all the governments in the background had some senses, they, worked on all the paragraph. Why did they point a scientist to break this thing up. But. I came here and I taught you one by one every week like her belly what'd. He call it patient. Father. In every. Crook. And crack often nagging and crannies of what, it was to, get video. Then. Now. The. Government's, knew what, you know. But. The, government can't go any further, a new, public cannot. Do much because you don't have the backing financial. To do a lot of other things. So. Now, we gone back to the government's, the, public knows we. All become Christians, or wizards, Russians, as we say or we copy both of and call it a new religion. So. Now. The, government, knows the, public is catching up very quickly. So. We, talk to the government's, what. Are we gonna do. The. Public, knows the, government knows but they're gonna catch up would, there be a need for a government, when they know they can feed themselves they can do, everything else themselves, they don't need normal tones to make cars on the rest of it so. Okay. Maybe, few, million achieve it or go with other 7 billion so, as a government, we better start sharing everything, well that everybody, is Christian. We. Call it a plasma technology. As. I. Said I'm a master, I gave, to then they, played it to themselves they. Thought they have their time but I came and told you in public. And. So here very wise and at the same time people in the government scientists. At we do lot because. They thought they're clever but there are no clever than you because they're still there the company says we, made the thing can you come and show us how to make the fuel and I thought my god thanks, God I'm Iranian because the Iranians managed to do with themselves impartial.

So. Now. We going back to the government you, don't want us to do more. Sharing. But they still share is, let. Us teach, everyone, at the same time put the guns down we spend money on the knowledge and the existence, of the peaceful. Coexistence. And, then, we go I'm here in that face at the moment. That's. Why, as. I said many times. If. He notice in past few weeks I have, no announcement, to make we got, what we wanted. And we are heading to much be seen such a speed. But. There's a step behind it. The. Rulers who broke the rule now, have to answer, to those, who. Are there to be correct, as rulers. This. You will understand, based. Then. We. Work with the nations, who are peaceful, and. The. Intention, is peaceful. Economical. Advantage, does not makes you a. Predator. Slavery. Colonization. Makes. You. Abuser. So. Now we. Have the knowledge in our hand people, public, know the, government's, knew they didn't do much whatever they did know the public knows now the government, knows the public can catch up very soon. So. We all gonna work together. Watch. The space. And. This comes with knowledge, of how. We're, gonna expand. The, development, of this technology in, next, few months, it'll. Be so radical, that, it, will shock many of you. We. Done all the work you. Done all the work, by. Your presence, some 100 million a week listening. In different ways and going, up and special. Cases. It's. It's. A lot of numbers. Which you build up I just taught. And. Every. Day the number is increases, every day we, as I said yesterday, in the teaching and also said to my son just, because you have a car outside does. Not mean you're. Gonna go joyriding all, the times when you're like in the car is there if you need will software together you get the job done we, teach everything about this plasma, technology, when, you need it you use it but is the knowledge is there. You. Don't have to be all the time on your guns boxes instead you need something, fun you get sick you're hungry you use it you want to call so I'm going to use it you, put it aside but. It'll, become so much part of all your life then you use it continuously, because now you're hungry now you want to trouble you want use the plasma technology you, bend your finger you want to cover it you you, plant, the tree where should I wait three years narcan just can't see them it'll be there one year so, we. Are making it to become part of your life. And. A. Lot. Of people don't, understand, English they, should not be falling, back or falling, behind so. We have set up an international program, that. Every, part. Of this planet, as, far up on a ship on planet understand. The technology, then when you look at the moon our. Lights go to the moment you see the light of it you. Should be able to make your, travel to it. Now. You understand. Well, in many of my teachings, I said we, can go from, this. Point to that point and. Most of the time is, actually, breaking and, starting, off now you understand, why because once you're airborne or. Your space. Borne is. Zero time space. Conversion. To the matter stage, friction. Takes, a little bit time. Takes. A lot of little times. Every. Reactor, you have built every, dynamic system. You made can. Fly if. Lying, is to move from, position it. Means you haven't created right, feel, the strength oh it doesn't move but you, look at your own systems. You, put a motor underneath, when, you put a field bracket, to you you. You. Have put a balloon a big. Balloon and, you. Strung, it with, a million's on the way to the bottom how can it fly and. Also. Manage, to space caffeine to break it up so. Rotation. So, a little bit of lift but they cannot break through. Now. Maybe you can now. Maybe even, governmental. Research officers, can reach. That point. Your. Dynamic. Motors. Is. That. Million. Ton weight which hangs you to the planet. Any. Observes, before, you go up so you, need a lot to break through it. Some. People do but some, of the fields not all the fields you need to totality. To be able to break up. So. How. Do we fly. But. In a way isn't our body, the, same as this motor. It's, keeping. Us here, good. Morning you got mine. Thank. You. So. Sayid, says sorry.

That I mix the matter state with the plasmatic. State so. His new question, is how. Can we train, our thought, process. To think in. Plasmatic. State a. Fall. In love.

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