266th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, March 7, 2019

266th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, March 7, 2019

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Welcome. Everyone to the. 266. Knowledge. Seekers workshop for, Thursday, March 7th. 2019. My. Name is Rick ramen, and this is a broadcast, of the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute, public. Teachings, in English, and, many. Thanks to, begin today to Flint, for that, lovely. Tribute to, the five-year. Anniversary. Of. The. Knowledge. Seekers workshops. Than, public, teachings, from. Mr.. Kesh the, cash fountain foundation. Excellent. Thank You Flint and I. Think, we're ready to begin, today's, show with mr., cash. Who. Should be. Ready. To go I believe. Yes. Good, morning would that you, wherever. And whenever you listen to these, knowledge. Seekers. Seers, of teaching. As, Rick. Mentioned. We. Have been teaching now officially. For five years going into the sixth year on. This. Knowledge. Seekers workshop. Title. But. Before, that we we thought born for. A long time before that and. In. So many ways. The. Protocol. The interesting, part of the technology, teaching, and, the, next, step, of the progress, has. Just, begun. In. The past, few. Months. We. Have strived. To. Teach, in. A new. Strength. In the new direction. Which. Is to do with the soul of the man understanding. Of the new technology, new plasma systems and. The. Condition. In its six-year. Entrance. To, new, dimension. One. Is. Scientific. And other. Is. What. We call public, acknowledgement. Of the technology. This. Part. Is. Been. Collective. Work of all of us. As. I've. Said before we. Teach. To. Enlighten, to inspire, and. Gradually. People. Would reach to the new limits, and your understanding. I. Never. Expected. That, the. Teaching, will be as. Amin taught immediately. Be taken our, party will do it and follow. It because they need to some. People, to. Understand. It some people need to test it to be able to follow it and expand. On it and, I. Have. Thoughts, many. People, many. Things but it seems that when, you're not ready you, do not grasp. When. You are not. When. You haven't understood the, totality, of the concept, is very hard. Trying. To teach it trying. To enlighten, because. It's. The. Point of. Not. Understanding connecting. All the as we say all the dots to. Make the picture and I. See this as one. Of the. Main. Objectives. Of the. Work of the foundation. The, turning, point Hazzard, she has been reached in past, few weeks. Now. In, the, background and in so many ways we're just putting things together that. When. The opening, comes and nice opening comes. We. Are ready for it I still. See another six weeks eight weeks, minimum. A dad. We. Need to get our act together and. This. Next. Eight weeks. Before. We, become into public domain. In. A. Massive. Way is. Crucial, for us then. The. Work of the Gates Foundation the. Team of the Gates Foundation has suffered a lot in past year for. Reasons AMA has Louis reasons, which we. We. Were expecting, but not this way but now the. Harsh time is over and. A lot of things have been sorted, and. In. So many way it was needed. For, a lot of us to even discuss. Or, decide. Our own strengths of where we want to be. Being. Part. Of a new revolution in science is not easy but. We. Passed the revolution, maybe we are on the verge on the, panel, on which we come into. Confirmation. And development. There's. A lot of work to, be done and. I'm. Sure. Next. 2-3. Months, will. Be a sleeplessness for many many of the Keshe foundation, one team, in. All levels because. I'm. Aware of what's going on and I see other things going on and I see international, break throughs and a lot of other things which are coming in. When. You look at the list, of the attorneys. On, a specific. Channel, it's. Gorgeous. What I see one after another. You, know so councilmembers, even some council members from, all languages. And, this universal council is. Picking. Up is reaching, what is supposed to do and. It. Is part, of the achievement of. The. Keshe foundation. We. Have new. Members of the universal council and when you look at it it's nothing about seven 18 20 of them plus and. It's. Just the next. Step of the progress. We. Achieved, what, we call the work of the universal. Council we. Read. It Brown some years ago on. The, core team and the universal, console their council and. In. A coming. Time. Short, time will, announce a new permanent, headquarters for, the Keshe foundation.

Where. Was. And it's the target of the Keshe foundation, that. Anyone. From anywhere around the world can, come in and be. Part of, the. Foundation work and. You do not need to wait. For results, and, you don't need to get permission if they like to let you come in. The. Foundation, has already decided on a new. Permanent. Position. And, in. Short. Time will. Structure. Around, it this is a permanent offices. Where. The. Keshe foundation. Management. Team will be located in, a way the team which are permanently, there. This. Time, the. Structure we set up will, be beginning. Of, the structure, home Universal. Council and the earth Council and. In a way we have chosen a, position. That, is reachable, by every man. And. It's. Just putting. There the. Way we like to do the, last part of it and once. We establish. This permanent. Position, this. Becomes the, groundwork. For the whole of the foundation, a rather one. We, had to reorganize especially. In past 12 months the, whole of the condition, from top, to bottom, he's, getting and has gone through a painful process which, I thank the whole members of the condition, team in the background but, their patient, their trust and, that. Painful. Process. Is. Over, it. Was not a hard doing he was put on us and. As. I, say if you call it their annual, report. And what received for the next 12 months. Is. Real, solid we become more solid than before, and, in. The coming days the, Keshe, foundation team goes, into the new gear new work new dimension. And again. As part of our policy we will not announce anymore. What. We do when we go how we do things and. It'll. Come as a natural. Progress through government. From. Now on any, development, from us, will. Go through governments, organizations and. This. Is the best way to do if anybody, announces, it they will but, once the cash foundation, as a foundation. Will not make any announcements, by the progress from whatever and we'll. Separate, a lot of parts of the Keshe foundation, in the coming weeks, this. Way we. Become. A. Different. Type of organization and. Different. Arms, of the organization, will work, on its own and, will be developed in that process. Doesn't. Set we. We. Finished morris, without five years on the, knowledge seeking spanning we enter in the sixth year and. Is. The sixth year would six year be the year where. The. Flight systems, and everything else will come into our process, a lot. Of other new, technologies will come into process. New. Breakthrough. In. The science and, other, parts, of the technology, will. Be released and in. So many ways. Once, I achieved this in the sixth year I hope, I can a step down full-time.

And. In. So many ways in. The sixth year I finished my, work, and. I, stepped, down as the head of the issue and she had already done about the year enough for as a totality. Operation, of the case condition, and. Only. Will, be involved in research and. That's. What I wanted to do I did not come here to run, foundations. Run, factories. Run other things I came. Here to teach and take man to space but. I, in. A way, I. Had. To do a lot of things as. Setting. Up the foundation, and the rest of it and I, see the time to step down for me by the end of this year is correct. I'll. Be absorbed or internally, in space development, research with governments, and. The. Structure, of the foundation, will be in the hand of the people who run it. And. Would. We carry on with teaching, after the sixth, year we. Have to see maybe, it spreads to other teachers, to, teach different, aspects, and this. Gives me a time to live and, around what I enjoy too though which. Is the moment of the space technology, and, in. A coming time this. Will be inevitable. I reported. To his. 19th, year of. Development, and, stepping. Down is a correct way or the hand over the running of the kitchen foundation to. That. Beautiful lady she's, shown to be capable of doing it and. In. A way the. Other parts, of the kitchen they shall be handed over to appropriate, people our groups to. Run the, structure, is behind it, everything, we set and in. A way I announce, my resignation from, cash donation in total dimensions. Except the space technology we shall be work with the government's to. Take money through space. And. In. A way the. Whole package, is on the table. I, don't. See any problem, and. As. We see the structures Universal, Council the earth Council will. Carry the management, application, condition worldwide on. Its commercial, side and it's. What. We call the, teaching, side and the. Work of it as a foundation. In. A way instead, of waiting, till, I. Die, and. Then people start, doing things I step. Down to see how, everybody. Else does it and be, there to support it. This. Is part of what was my plan originally, now we. Have come to that point of seeing. The commercialization. Completed, and passed few, times. The. Foundation. Is in the hand of the strong people the education side, has taken its own structure, and. The USO Council and the universal. Council. Have. Enough leg to a start running once, we complete the structure, of the Keshe foundation, this year. The. Only thing is left for, me is to carry. The Keshe foundation, through. The space and, all. The pitfalls, with it in development. Of the technology, and in. So many ways. Sharing. Universal knowledge. And, we. Go deeper and deeper into this. And. Are. We there these knowledge seekers, workshops. Will. Be run by, competent. People in a Keshe foundation after, the sixth year I hope and, then. We'll take you to the steps further but by the time the end of this year and, what. We call six, years we. Should be able to be in position, for all the achievements of the Keshe foundation, worldwide I'll, leave, the post when. The conditions, are strong and pop organization. As has become. Last night in one of the private teachings. Brought. A lot of memories back how we got here and how we did and what would be done and how very involved in different things but. At the end of it now, we, become the history, makers. We'll change course of humanity as we are doing in so many ways. It's. Time for. The, technology. To. Be taken, to the next step the knowledge, to be taken to the next step and. How. We. Do it how, are we developed. Being. The hand of the new established, organization. Which comes up and. I'll. Be moving it without to, make sure all the nations working together in, the assumption, that the us-based agency.

Become. Part, of the spaceship, Universal community. In. Teaching, in. What, we have done our way of progressing we. Have always a spoke about the. Knowledge. Of. Physicality. The, knowledge of the soul and. In. So many ways in. The teachings of pres medical, teachings, and. In. The past recent, past I have. Touched on something very simple and, that is. Mitaka, the motion. As we define emotion. Is the. Interface. Between. The. Soul. Of the physicality, and the soul of the man. That. When. And how, they interact, with the physical dimension, they. Show. Their. Existence. They show how. They. Allow. The. Physical. Body. To. Carry on. To. Be able to coexist. With. Other dimensions. In life one of its coordination. But. Different. Ways and, one of the teachings in the past I explained I made. Man in the image of myself, if. Man, had the emotion, so. Does the soul of the man. If. Man. Has, emotion. Of love, so. Does, the. Soul of the man and. So. As the, soul of the man is made, from the soul of the creator so. Loving, is one of the attributes of the Creator to. But, in so, many ways when it comes to a physical, life, the. Other, emotions, which do not exist in the dimension, of the soul because, it's total, physicality. But. Their. Strength of itself. Manifests. Itself in that way. Fear. Anxiety. Emotional. Wanting. To an end. Emotion. Of, being. In. A way. Either, way, taking. More, and giving less and. When. We look at the emotions, in their level these, are. Existence. Confirmation. Of. What. We call physical. Life. But. This changing, enough in our relationships. In our emotions. We. Touch. The soul but. We. Inform, the physicality, and. The, two have two opposite, ends. You. Have fear. You, have joy. You. Have cry you have laughed. We, see. Everything. Is, a balance, with it but. When do we look at the operation, inside a. Structure. Of the brain of the man. In a physical term, is, one. Electron. And one positron. Do. We create. The. Emotion, of the. Reverse to the other side. Like. A laughter, to tear or. Crying. Through. The same process, but. In. An opposite, direction or. When. The gravitational. Field becomes, stronger, than magnetical. Which. Means we, have to give more or, we. Take more. So. If, you look at a structure, of the emotion. Of the man is. In. Fact, the. Same. Are. We working on one or, more of the other. Are. We. In, a way. As. A, lot of you consider, yourself, to be scientist, of, the Keshe foundation. Does. It work on a more magnetical. Or does, it work on more gravitational. And. Then, if we, understand. This we understand. That the Sun is. Gravitational-magnetic. On, PO the same as the soul of the man is constant. And as. In. Many teachings, have. Explained, that, the. Position, of the magnetic, wheel plasmatic, magnetic field, to another, dictates. The, direction, of the motion of the reactor. In. A positive, on a negative or a clockwise or anticlockwise. Then. You understand. Which. Emotion, brings. A small cross at all so that. The, reaction changes. Is. The. Joy. Laughter. We, care that. By. Gaining. Strength. Becoming. A stronger. Creates. A space gap. Or. Is. The. Fear. We, care that, by. Gaining energy, in. Gravitational, magnetic field, itself, by losing, part of itself, it. Becomes, closer, to the soul of the man and he reverses. Into. Joy. And. Somewhere. Between the two. For. Example, when, we are laughing the cry. Man. Has to understand, the work of the emotion. Is. One of the final, stages of the man to become passages, of the universe. Emotion. Is one of the final, frontiers, of the knowledge of the space technology. Because, more. Yes all. The creatures of the universe scary this is not. Exclusivity, after man. But. We, assess a different, way we. Don't assess fear. The. Way man does by. Seeing, it as endangering. His, own life or, somebody else's, or something, in their region connected. To the existence. Fearing, universal, language comes out of a my giving it up. In, in. The language, of the Baron says I'm not doing enough to help the others I'm not I'm. Not putting enough to. See the progress even. Like in my education, because it's me was nothing me down in. The universal, language. The. Fear comes, when. You do not give well, you don't contribute, to elevation, of the others. Other Souls. Where. Man's. Fear. Comes. Out of I'm, losing, something. Um. It's. All about me, getting, and it's what I call the me me me policy, of philosophy. We're, in, a universal, language is totally opposite, it's.

Very Much like what. We call the. Russian yes and, English. No. In. English when, you want to say no you. Shake your head left to right in. Most. Of the Russian, language people. When. I want to say yes they shake their head laughs right. And this is a joke which, sits in reality, with the soul of man. You. And this. Will be one of the as, I. Said final, frontiers, for man, to. Be able to cross, to the dimension, of the soul of man. And, this. Emotion. Is. The barrier is, the, dam which. Has stopped, man to. Be able to be detached, from the dimension, of physicality. In. The, teaching. Of last week I, refer. To it. When. You have to go through the. Barrier of living, as a man of a space and you are born in a dimension, of the soul and the. Only thing which will stop man. This, is emotion. You. By, looking at it that, if I, cross, I lose. -. My mother - my father I lose everything, I worked for, or. A, fear. Of. You. Oh. Mr.. Kesh. I think. We lost the connection, there temporarily. Okay. Just might be minute to, reconnect. Bear with us. You. Still. Waiting on mr. Kesh. You. Sorry, about that can you hear me. Yes. We can hear you notice one other way we have ever had that power cuts and something, kicked in you. Might have, a few of these today, they're. Travelling we are running one position as usual so. What, I was explaining was, that when, we are in a womb of the mother. Do. We have a fear, of falling, out or. Something, happens when. We are born, or. Would. We attach ourselves to, the womb of the mother I'm not going out. At, that point we are not aware of what is to come we have no fear oh, maybe. We have a lot of reasons to go maybe wrong reasons, not to go when, it comes a point but. The, physicality, in dimension, of the soul of the man the child the baby inside, home of the mother, balances. With the soul of the mother and. That. Point, is, like when you put two magnets together, and. One becomes strong, enough that he creates a space gap that's. A time when a man born, when. The court was the process of the birth this. Is where the, totality, of the soul of the child baby, and mother. Find, a new dimension, new balance. You. But this time, is. The same. It's, what. We, built as I hear, what, the emotion is with us of, what, is to come. In so many ways. One. Is done by the physical, life when. The, sort of the man in a progress of achieving, his maturity, we. Call it age, we. Come to the natural, process, of birth. We, call it the death of a man. In. A way is a maturity, of the soul and separation, of the man from point of physicality. But. Now, for the first time. Man. Has given a choice. To be able to cross that line and, it. Means if you go to part of the teaching of the past years, I, explained. We. Give from the soul of physicality, to mature the son of the man in the dimension.

Then. We. Are in charge of the, soul of physicality, are. We prepared, to give, it all. In. The trust that, when, we, decide. Would. In this structure sort, of physicality, the, allows. Us to get back. In. A way what. It means we. Give. If. You look at it a bigger plasma. We. Have decided to give a dimension to. The soul of the man we call it the body of the man and we put something controlling to call it soul of the physicality. But. Woodley. Would. We get to the point that. The sort of the physicality comes, inside, that. The soul of the man take over. In. A way if. You look at it, and. The point. Of the birth from, my mother we. Come from inside, out. As. We said in the plasma technology. We. Have controlled, the process. Of. Going. From matter, to, energy from, energy back to matter now, is. The same process I'll, be. Converting. What we call the structure, of the body of the man in a matter state to. Be now, inside. The. Energy. Which is the soul of the man, we. Move in, with. A consciousness, that, somewhere. Down the line in. The new position we, are aware of the existence of the new position, where we go we. Can decide, to. Manifest ourselves according, to the environment, of the manifestation. Now. You understand, how all the teachings, are connected, to each other. And. Now. Everything. Will be thought from. Matter to energy. And energy back to matter. Now. It's the life of the matter. The. Way we decided, to create cancers. And energy, packs do. We go through the same process. To. Create the. Same condition, that. We. Go from the state of the matter, outside. To. Go to state of matter inside and allow the energy, which is a solar to man to. Take over and we trusted, that the, point when. We are aware of a, new environment, we. Can take we, can decide. Into. The dimension, of the physicality and manifest, ourselves according. To the position. What. This means for the first time from man is that, the man has, the ability. What. Has, been taught in the dimension, of the Gans to matter energy, and, back, to. Matter. Excuse, me one second please. You. You. So. This. Goes back to the fear. This. Goes back to. The. Understanding of the reality. This. Goes back into. Dimension. Off. The soul of the man and, the soul of the physicality. Being. Interest. And in tandem with each other that. In. A way you, can. Come in and, I'll let you out or you can go up and you like in. So many ways if you look at it we, become like a kangaroo. Our. Soul. Decides. To go in and come, out and manifest, itself but. This time we don't come out of the congo when we go in the womb of the mother or, in the sack we. Come out what. We, see appropriate. In, the environment, where, we are. Then. This goes back to, the totality of understanding. After all of the teachings. And. This goes back with. What I always refer, to an are solid, using it more and more. You're. The last man is that. Last man standing, in front of your soul and, you're deciding am. I committing. With. Resin, I do because. I know I am, in charge I am in position and. I'm. In control. The. Best. And the. Best is me the. Best is my soul and what. I do is, to serve with my school and, this. Is where the difference between the emotion, comes. As. I said many. Of the kitchen addition. Management. And the rest have been under a lot of processes. Are not served soul-searching. Shall. We abandon, the condition, shall be stable and shall we - but this than that and, in so many ways these, are the tests which they will see the proton.

The. Confidence, in, totality. In. What is me, what. I rely, on and, I'm the last man standing for. The development, of the piece on splendid, and I. Count, because, it's my soul which counts, for it is not my physicality, and. This. Will take root. In. The writing of one. Of the prophets and I said many time. We, testify. With gold. Are we just a plant. We. See how, man. Will come and be called, and. In. That process. Those, who come through they, come as, a what, we call the cold they, will shine there. With the first cycle of people which, will transmute. Because. The. Confidence the, strength has been built many. Of them. Looked, at it is, a test of physical life. Endurance. But. Now. That the gain is position. Of the trust in their decision, to be correct they'll. Become the first passengers, of the universe. Into. The next cycle, because. They, trust, in. Their also. Does. Not come by, hardship. Or call. Politics. It comes by resolution of understanding. The strength of the work of the physicality, in the dimension, of the solar. We. Do not test, but. We. Allow the mana to test himself. Against. His own, strength. Many. Of you have passed. But. You will understand, what, it means when it comes to it, there's. Been no race to, be against, better than the other it's. Been a race to test can. I be there that, what I stand, for has. Given me strength enough, to, be able to give more to bring that change. And. In. So many ways, hundreds. Of the Keshe foundation, supporters, have. Reached that point and that's. What I said, we. Have crossed a line we, have achieved or we came here for, it's. Not so much the. Structure, of the Keshe foundation, we know but. The, first foundation. For the man to test himself to. Cross the line to become man o universe. Is, completed. Many. Of you know what I'm talking about. You. And then. You. Understand, why the, point of change has come. We. Seen many fail and, we'll see many in the future fail. And. We. Do not judge. Many. Many, times. Passed in time of Christ and others there's. Been many of these tests but, not the. Way which, has been this time. You. Those, who. Were in the path of the same as Christ he said you'll deny me three times by.

The Singing, of the, in the morning. Who denied her those who stayed steadfast, will cross the line and, the. Rest will learn from them. In. So many ways we. Had to go to what. We call an evolution, of the motion. To. Understand, the process, of understanding the. Soul of the man. And. Being. There. During support, trying, to hold. For. Them to go through the test as much as we went through the test, and. Now as a point is. The same. I explained. This some, times ago. In. A very, direct. Way and many, of you might. Understand. It. Mankind. Is a point. At the cross point neither the correspond, as a point. Of evolution development. And. It's. Very much like a. Parachute. You. Can use the parachute in time of crisis, when the plane is crashing. Or. Use. The partial trusting. I can, land and I'm going to enjoy the trip. The, trust. In. That I jump. And. I know I have a safe parachute. It. Comes into operation, you. Might have the first time some fear, but. You, know you'll and you'll walk again. And. This is the process that the. Humanity, from now on will go through. You. Know you cross and you know, you can, leave the soul and come. Back to as you, need. We. Are not teachers. Prophets. Or. What. We call people, who predicted we. Are the people who bring the change. We. Are the doers we, are the people who set, out and brought, out and set. Up the structure for. Man to mature to respond, and. The, beauty of it is. There. Is no one for. You the. Time of court, call. Christ. Help. Is Muhammad that will help. His Moses, or Buddha that. You, rely, one thing and, that's. Your, own soul. You, have become a, new, are the creator, of your huge and nobody, else. And. In. That process. This. Has been part of my teaching. This, is part of the evolution which. We have brought. And with this with. A confidence. And that fear. Man and, a. Fear of universal. Council on universal. Community. Now. You understand, the point of the cross. If, I. Allow. My. Physicality. To. Become. Within. My, soul. Understanding. Outside, and containing, the soul. Would. I be. Able to, serve more that. I do not need to manifest myself, but, I can live and give, from braids of, my soul to. Elevate, the others. In a way. There. Is no sacrifice. In. A way is. A trust, of man in the, ability. To give. To. Continue. The. Process of, the, creation. This. Has. Been with man we know this feeling. But now. We have to expand it to the next level. Mankind. When. It comes to the children they, give for them to elevate if. There is a danger, a mother, a father jumps, in front of the car to let the child's, life to be saved even they lose theirs. Now you. Don't need that here ISM you. Need to understand, that. By. Giving, from my soul I love many, souls, to other way because no. Man has ever understood. The strength of his soul. Is. Not saving. One child, is. Elevating. The, whole. Lives of, the, universe community. And. If man towards his soul is so meager, man. Has made so much states and. Again. Is, due to his ignorance of understanding. His own creation. We. Go through the process of fear. Of death, but. We, don't want through the process, of releasing. The physicality, with the joy that we can serve many more. But. It's, a very big boat and if, behind, it that boat. And there is, very simple. We. Cannot, do it gain more. And. We cannot, do it. To. Give more. So. There. Is no elevation, of higher thinking. If I sacrifice, my life if I cross the line of becoming, a soul. I can, give more and that'll, be it, but. It's. A balance of the totality. Is. Understanding. The totality, and. This, is part, of what, all these, teachings are about. This. Is what I. Said. In, all. My teachings. That. Man. Has. To. Understand. His, own. Beauty. Man. Has. To understand. How. Much can he give. And how much he has and, is given. From. His soul. We. Always. Look. At I. Gave. This to my son I gave that to my daughter I did. This and I did that. But. It's. A man wear that. During. This lifetime of, his as we, talk. Still. Giving he.

Still Giveth. True. His soul is. Not, something, that is gonna happen the. Minute he dies. Man. Has. Lived a double life. As. We said before. He. Always. Has. Given, in. The dimension, of his soul. Without. Him knowing. Now. It. Becomes aware of it. He. Has. To become aware of it. And. In. So many ways. He. Decides, in. The totality of it. And. Does. The man need to, go. Through this process. Does. The man need to be. Able, to understand, the, reality. Of his, work. And. How. Much do we know anywhere. We. Will cross this line. We. Need to understand, because. We. Have, to, cross the line. In. A way. Pushed. Or. In. A way. Will. Be hustled. To question. They'll. Push us, what. Push us stay, it'll. Be, every. Part, of the. Soul of the man. The. Soul of physicality. Will. Force, the man. To. Go through that process. Because. Don't forget. You. Call it H you, call it death. Is. Something. We know. It'll. Come to us but. In. So many ways. We. Are already passenger, in that line. Is. The. Ship we, boarded. When. We, were created, in. Omaha, money. Is. Not the fear of death. Is. A joy, of reunion. With. Our dimension. Of physicality, but. Knowing, that I can have this cavity, anytime, I like. There. Is a difference. Between. The soul. Of the man when. He separates. The physical, life from. It, and. The. Soul of the man which. Carries, the soul or the physicality, within. It. You. There. Is a huge, difference. In. A solar the man when, a man dies. Separates. From the physicality. Has. No dimension. Because. Now has taken his own, direction. Of the motion and delivering. In. A position, where we, decide, to. Let the soul to, take over in, a dimension, of physicality. He, has a controller. Which. Is the condition. Of the soul of physicality, within, it when. You die. In, a. Normal, way separation. Of the two there. Is certain. Amount of, soul. Of is accountable, in the manner, within. The soul of the man when they deposit, of his character, but. When. You. Do. That to your own soul to go in the dimension, of the. Soul. Of the man to control the. Physicality of the man. To, feed it in. A way to cocoon, it. Then. You, still have that operation. Inside. With, us. You. That. When you want to manifest yourself when you want to move out.

In. A way if I can put it in their. Terminology. You. Were electron. And a proton. Now you. Are a neutral, but. Still, within it and. You. Can dictate the position. And. The, place and the. Travel. And motion. Takes. The different, damage. It. Takes, totally. Different, understanding. It. Takes, a. Maturity. That. In. A way a. Space. And time. Does, not exist. Because. Now. Every. Space and every, time in the universe, is yours. This. What it means when, we say there's. No time there, is no space, because. You are dictator, of it you are the creator, of it it. Can start, any point, that you decide. But. What. Is the outcome of this separation. As I said in the last teaching. You, have decided to change. You. You, have. Decided. A position. You. You. You, have decided. Control. Or I, let. My, destiny, to be controlled, by my own creator. Because. My soul. Of, a certain class teaching. We, have not, or. The maturity, of the universal, community has, not reached a point. To make your machine to pre run and test. You. Because. The. Maturity, comes from the understanding of, the soul of the created, to, believe in the soul so. Far, it's all create. Unfortunate. Is the only machine, that cannot, make. I cannot. Make you energy. System, that, allows, you. Making, a decision to, transfer. Your. Soul. Physicality. To the dimension, within the soul of the man and take. The. Flight. Of fancy, across. The universe. This. Machine is nothing meant. Because. If. We invent, it the, minute you decide to go through it you come, out of action, and you're in. Atmospheric. Condition, of the earth or somewhere else I. Suppose. A lot. You. You. Any, questions. You. You. Thank. You mr. Kesh. Hello. I've. Been talking to myself, can. You hear me hello, can. You. Hear me mr. Kesh. See. If we can communicate, hello mr. Kesh, can. Anybody hear me, and. Let me see if i can chat with him here online, text. They. Can hear us well. Yeah. I don't. I. Hope. You said you can hear me but I cannot hear you, maybe. His, sound. System is like him no. I. Cannot, hear you now it's okay okay, okay. I was in the wrong button. Uh-huh. Yes, thank. You. So. You, are asking for questions. Yes. The framework. Of today's. Thank. You I was, going to remind the attendees, here we've, got 52, attendees. If you put your hand out on the yet in. The zoom and we, can allow you to speak. Panelists. A few wish to have. A question and go, ahead. And. We. Have a comment, or, a question from. Doug. Who says in. The Q&A, the. Bhagavad. Gita, explains, two. Souls Atma. And para. /. Paramatma. The, soul. And super-soul. Two. Birds in the same tree. One. Bird the Atma, eats the fruits of the tree enjoying, or suffering the. Results, the. Other bird, a para, mantra. Simply, observes, and waits for the other to, turn and take guidance to, peaceful, existence. Does. Mr. cash wish to comment further on this ancient. And, modern knowledge, of Earth now were joined into, universal, knowledge. Not. Really. Would. You like to talk about Adam. And Eve. Or. Was. All. Different. Stories. In different, time. Lapse to speak of different, things of the same. Okay. We have a question from, wiki and, YouTube, just. Kind of unusual, it's a it. Goes tell. Me how. To handle, the emotion, of mr.. Kesh stepping, down. Nothing. Say hallelujah is finished. It's. Not stepping. Down it's. In. A way the good news means, the man's matured. In. So many ways. For. Those of you who will. Carry on would. Understand, more and. You. Will mature into it and for. Those who, are. What. I call so waiting for a spaceship, to move them we. Spend time to mature dolls. In, a way. I. Stepped. On the year or a year sometimes. When months ago. As. The head of Keshe foundation I think. Is wrong better and I run, it in, so many ways. Because. We, had more time to do other things with it and. In so, many ways, what. We have achieved. Internationally. Would. Have been impossible to hover over captain position size education foundation. The. Freedom. Which. I. Attained. By, handing. Over most of my work to the. Management. Team which is very small team and, to. Allah say Delta G's Foundation. Gave. Me the chance to be able to, open other channels, and be. Able not to, worry, -. For. Every, daily running, of the Keshe foundation. And. This. Next. Step won't be stepping down is. Not. As, I didn't disappear from the foundation, and sir contribute, whenever I have time and things can be done it. Allowed, me a, year. And a half to open the Keshe foundation, in the international, arena is such a huge way. If. I was involved on daily affairs, of. Turkish condition, past like 10-15, years. It, would have been impossible, and. Now in. A year here and how wait. As. I said with what we've been tested, and we come out of it with applying color. Allowed. Me to open, occasionally, nation in. In. A massive, way you will understand, in the coming months and weeks, next.

Year When you listen to their, sixth. Anniversary going. To seventh you. Say he knew something he was telling us. The. Way I have, brought the Keshe foundation, not. Out of obscurity but. In. His real position, internationally. In past 12, 18 months with. Different, things which are happening in the background even. The people who spend, daily hours with me, they're not aware of most of time what's happening. With. This freedom over here and a half and everything. Else which is gone with it where foundation, has come today and now, come in a coming once you will see. It. Gives me the. Next step but. Stepping. Down as a whole it allows me the same way to. Open you they were so coming into my time. Then, I don't, have to be involved with, what. I call other side. Of the work of the Keshe foundation, to. Make. It operational. Make. It in, a way that, it has the structure, of. What. I call life, on. This, planet, this, is what I've done in passing humans a lot, of people said oh oh you, done day it's 7:00 tomorrow Chris, I'm still a rock rhythm. Foundation. Is finished you've done this you've done that I know exactly, what I'm going and I know exactly, at the time it's gonna be done and. I'll. Go ask my habit, my mom used to tell me you, leave everything, to the last second. And you do it and then you're happy. You. Making. Such a, structure. Of the correlation worldwide. Needs. No. Juggling. Needs. A lot of confidence, to know that it's. Like when you set, the. What we call in English the Christmas table. Everything, is set you, start usually, English, people have been there from. Five, o'clock in the morning the mom wakes up puts a turkey in our. Oh three, o clock on, just. Before two o'clock that. The, turkey by eight hours cooking is ready that by three o'clock when the Queen makes this speech everybody had a lunch, and she can sit and listen to the, Queen of England this, is the monster in the Pantanal.

Both. From the five o'clock, the mother is ter putting, the plates on the table, the, Soviet Air the Christmas cracker at. The pudding the vegetables, the butter and everything else, even. The table looks, complete. By about 12 1 o'clock. It's. Not done, yet. Because. The turkey hasn't arrived yet. And. This. Is what I've been doing in past. 12. 18 months, they've. Only said we made the turkey ready to. Run the table but. It, depends, what. Fits you're looking for. And. In. 12 months time when. Is complete. Next race there's other the Christmas, joy in 12 months time as we say and that. Is what, is a Christmas, is when you, and the cousins get around the table and a family sister. And, my next Christmas, next. Year when I designed I organized. The, next Christmas, tape. Which. Is complete. Unification. Of the man in the wrestle community. But, while. You're, making, in. The morning it turkey. -, two, o'clock the. Children, still need breakfast. And friends. At home need something to eat because they can't start a lunchtime and, I mean that process, of the moment here too. Our competition the other better way, and. Everybody's. Shouting, is. Everything. Ready for Christmas structure only. As I said of. The Queen's speech there. Is a Christmas pudding which comes on the table usually negotiate to mistake or. Sometimes, you had it read it, and. In that process. They're, putting the, sweet or. What. We call the, comfort, welcome. After I step down I can organize all, the. Organization, will come not only the physical dimension, of creating, and establishing, what. We call the. Spaceships. Who are physical, or aligned. Or souls who elevated the, understanding, of the travel is. Setting. The structure, of the or. A core the. Communities to come together. The work of the Universal, Council work. At the earth Council to match in which to. Work with a foundation, to work with the government's, and this. Is part, of it and then, at the same time to. Open the, international, community, to invest so council and step down to humanity, and, the rest of it, then. If I stay, as. I did 15. Years 16, years with the church competition, I wouldn't. Have chance to achieve ones finish it now and then I won't have a chance to achieve the others. Your, symbol so we see an old man walking around coal cash but. That, man has a lot of things to do, to. Complete, the cycle or, the maturity of them. I. Think. Besides one, of your favorite things to do is to be in the lab and actually doing research, to get joy, from that I remember. Seeing. One of the initial, videos, interviews. That, you did before we did way before we did the knowledge seekers workshops, and I. Think it was a like, an Italian, interviewer, that was interviewing. You and. You. Stated, that you. Made. These reactors, and you talked about the reactors, and then, you mentioned, something. Out of the blue that that, really struck me was. That you, said that you pray, to the, reactors, and at that time that was, pray. To it and then, you said something. Like. And. That. You open these reactors, up to you, know many, times a day and. Each time you start them up again you you say this prayer and the, prayer goes I hope, to, the entities, in this reactor I, hope. That you're going to have as much fun with this today as I am and. Some, words to that effect and that. Struck, me as well there's. This first. Of all to pray to a. Reactor. And which. Totally, makes sense to me now but at the time it was a bit of a shock, did to hear that idea, and then. To. Give. It your blessing, to put the joy into it that you, wish that there'll be as much joy for the. Beans that are involved, with this reactor, as for. You because, you get a lot of enjoyment out, of it so. I thought, I just add that. Yeah. Because you create, a being, you create a soul you create, a mixture, of the field we. Studied their interaction, they decide as a certain. The last teaching, when. You were showing you were talking, rather reactors, they decide to stop they start to go they. Start to play. And. People called oh this is a field balance. Hmm. Where, does this we'll come make a decision, to be balance, so. Always. Said even to, knowledge seekers in the lab always, pray over a reactor.

You Know your clothes because you create you give life to it. And. I. Still, hear some of the knowledge seekers, when. They do work or. Set of reactions, they do that it's. Become. Understanding. Appreciating. The. Life. Of the universe, not, the arrogance, of the man. This. Is beautiful, when you you, feel it you understand, it I put, a reactor, I have. This discussion really recently, with. One of the Keshe, foundation, knowledge seekers and. Arrogance. Is beyond the limits sometimes but. I. Built. The reactor, for, you. But I work, with the reactor with your soul. I don't. Need any. Is. To, understand, the work of the, strength of your own inner, being. When. You just. Run a reactor, because something, mechanical. You, can. It's. Like you work in an office. Where. A woman is 30 secretary. And, this tear can I have a letter can I have this is, there, it's just a physicality. But. The. Secretary, is a number, two somebody, has motion, he shows it gives. It's, a mother to someone. And this. Is what people don't understand. A, reactor. System, which you create a dynamic feel, that the universe, is not like a motor, and a fuel. Comes in the gas comes and, mixes. And burns and you go forward, this. Is exactly what I say mankind, has got a lot tonight you you, have to understand, in. The dimensional, creation, in life in the universe. You. You. Come to, understand, I am here, because, of you I'm. Here. Because. You. Allow. Me to share my choice, with you. In, a way we've been told but. Before God because he has a life we do it. The. Christians, do one some of the collisions, they do, say. That's a blessing before we start a food in. In. Islamic, religion, or, in. What. I call it Judaism, we. Bless the sort of the animal, which. Will take the life of unfortunate. Their own way around, but. We. Bless the soul, of. The. System because we give a creation, of life to it and we. Take and we allow it to be there for the reason we as we close it. He, has a lie as existence. Life. It's not exclusivity and. No one says they tell me your. Abortionist. You're anti-abortion. SEO this I've been accused of a lot of it no, life, has to have make sense that, makes life easy, for the soul which, creates, it which, is there and. He has to be in harmony I, create. The Machine I create. Dimensions, I mean I put the pieces together to become some. Responsible, chord and. You realize when you work with it that way how, it gives you so much pressure and. It works with you and the guy you give it to the other people and you sit there and nothing happens but, you know what happens, they don't see it because they're, so focused, into, achieving something, they don't see what they have achieved what is going around them, many. Times I, watched. Knowledge. Seekers, achieving. Flight or motion, and they don't see it and I just watch and. They. Say it doesn't work. Very. Recently. In. One of the labs the. Doctor machine on table next to the friend on the floor. Say. As, he fraud. But. I ask, a question, have, you checked what you did that he never done before that he didn't cause it to fly you already achieved it in one of the labs in Jess condition, that she lived in passer and this but let's, see don't believe it because they, don't understand how they tell it, can, I get a text. We. Came a nice on the floor how, come he didn't wanna for Chile you did such a thing. You. We, have achieved left, in one of the labs and I said to some. Of the canonisation knowledge seekers they, don't believe in what they know what, can I do with them. Did. The cat come in and kicked, it or a mouse by accident. Or. You. Actually did something wrong it did fly. After. Repeated. But, still busted to say. I, explain. To, some. People sometimes ago. Making. A reactor, to, fly making, a system to fly it's. Like a man's, DNA and. With. No genetic, defect, everything has to be perfect, to, give it birth, to, a child with two eyes two years and everything working and two legs and ten toes everything moving. If. You make one. Slight, mistake. One is tight - any other, 7, so. Many billions, of bits of the genome. Doesn't. Work. Well, if you work you don't see because, something.

Is Has got genetic, defect in it and. I've. Seen, many times all my systems right when it doesn't see it. I've. Seen many other knowledge seekers systems. Being. Able to do but, they don't make your connection with the soul of the system and I'm not there it's you, understand, this is what we'll come to a lot of knowledge seekers, and a lot of people who understand. Yeah. At. The moment we, call them pilots. Even. We have a full. Plane of pilots, there is only one pilots, which cannot fly the plane the, rest are pilot. Passengers. It's. Like have, you been in, a car with a mom and dad and the kids. It's, one steering wheel one, excellent it's a one brake among year and. Everybody. Else is it right, Oh be, careful it is but. It's me who makes the decision, where the car was not you lot. You. Made, the. System is, your souls but, you have no you, have made no connection with it what do you expect and. The, reason what happened, this week they fluke they had a connection but they write it but they don't see it. One. Of the funniest, pictures, in cash foundation, it's not funny buddies, it, shows. The. The foundation. The members, of teams. In different labs have, not become one yet. And this. Is a picture. Taken by, Armour in Arizona, and, former. Members of the Keshe foundation, it is no team they're, holding their hand around the reactor trying, to feel it and. Some. Feeling this is ridiculous, what am I doing here but because he's taking picture I have to be there the, other one says oh I feel, it there is some pressure here but. The, whole intention. Of me standing there trying to tell them to feel the force of the reactor. Was. To, unite them that. Collectively. They, could decide who was and who can. Fly the machine will fly. Mankind, has not understood, a, collective. Work. Of the, soul. The. Most rubbish. Word ever, comes, into work of the Keshe foundation, I hear. Synchronizing. Those. Who speak I did anything I haven't got a clue. You. Try. 125. People in the, back. Of the cockpit, synchronized. And take control of the car the, plane my. Foot it doesn't go doesn't work that way unless. You know how, to rhythm into it that's. A different story, so, now, comes. It's. You on your soul. Which. You created, it. To be, in. Communication, and if rise. This. Is the same yes, all of your physicality has to be in. Line. Of understanding. Confirming. The existence of, your own soul, that, you can be allowed, this is the key this is the time when, the soul will take over. This. Is what I called you I fear. I. Hide. The. Reality in, addition, once a custom man is not mature enough now your mature as you said when, you had five, six seven years ago now, you understand. The same process I made. The most beautiful flying. System. In, Sanya to, other. But. The soul wasn't there. Every. Electrical, system was blamed for except, the soul of the man must have been trusting, what is done. And everything. Else can be played. And. I. Said. Before. I. Allow. The. Non communication. Through the soul of the man to develop, in Arizona. Because. I see what is there to come. And then Sona has achieved right, this week. You. Because. The soul of the man behind it is there to do but I have to play also some tricks. Come past, four. Years three years nothing. Fell after four. Do. You, understand, the, totality worker in Arizona is through the soul. And, the. Man achieves it but he doesn't appreciate. Mankind. Has. A fear. Of, understanding. Of its also. So. When. You set up a system. Anyway. It's not playing you. Sharing, part of you're making the connection, when you call you know when you when. You're sitting in a, classroom, when you want to call your. Friend on the other side you don't just, stand it and pray he'll hear me I want to talk to any kid says hi. John can you hear me and he knows you're talking to me it's the same you've got a call you've got to make sure, we, keep from your soul you throw that sweet, you throw the rope and then you can pull. Each, other language can I teach. The. Steps, for. Us after. I step down is very systematic. I can write it down and give it you and, in two. Years time in five, years time say how did he know you're doing upon. My departure, is end of the kingship. Is. Imprisoned. And most, of the war leaders, by. Themselves, not by us. There. Will be the first steps, for a path of peace. You want me to tell you the next. Is, the end of kingship. Because. We, open the borders nobody. Needs I, can. Be king of my own castle and that's if I can afford a castle.

When. You can travel the. Lengthen. The breath of this planet. Do, you think, in. The united nation would have a committee, of the kings that they can say which kingdom goes. No. The word it's. The end of king ships. That's. The beginning of the peace for. Mankind because. Every man becomes equal. World. Leaders with a stay because we, need to, direct. Insert, waste but the world leaders will collect were collectively, not, the way what we see, I'm. The first off United State I'm the president, so and so it'll, be a collective. For. Betterment of the human tied for. The Peace of the totality. Of humanity. Then. You know once the pain. How. Can I be, a head. Organization. In this level when, I'm just trying to hatch. And. This, process, needs understanding. You. You. When. You. Even. When you make these gas. Boxes. Its. Life, in there if you move, with it moves he shakes do. You pray for your dad's boxes no nobody, does I, do. You. You. Have to understand, your. Life has a structure. And. Whenever. You break it it. Breaks you. And. We. Have, to go through the, process of maturity, one. By one man by man. You. And. Then. We. Go stop. A litter there. Is announcements. I have to not announce one but I keep on getting these things after. The teaching closing, Education Foundation teaching today I will. Be teaching. Yes. I'll be in that class by the Iranian, team. That's. What you wanted to know I'll be there. In. So many ways. We, have to understand, that. We. We. Have to progress. We, have to elevate our also, in, respect, of its country, not, against, our son we are not in competition with him to show me a better nor, with our brother not. With our neighbor not, with our nation. Is am I can I be, elevated, monster, burger. You. And, as I said in. One of the recent teaching, it's. Like the swimming class in north of England you race against yourself, to better yourself, to understand, more how you can reach your own soul through. The soul of its guys you have two choices and, this is very strange that nobody. Understands you got, to wait to die. To let the soul separate. It and you have no control over it because now it's free, or. You. Can join the soul to be with it that it can take you to the spans of the universe reserved as calcium dimension, at least you can ride in that you go it's like you know you seen, the. The. Monkeys, that touch the babies, themselves. And they jump from one tree to another. That's. The solo and. You, attach yourself inside. So when you are ready to come off you crawl, around you go up the branches you sir come back in sick to mom again and next, tree.

That's. All is that mud. And. It's you who decides I, go for excursion, but this time I'm, between the Lions appetite look like a lion so the words I get eaten so the color food to them but. In a way that's your fear nobody threw, this face. I. Changed, the physicality, of the dimension, where I appear for. The pleasure me, enjoying, them and then join me. So. Next. Time start, understanding. Is why. We what, we don't pray we connect, that I can give. Just, watch the track. With the Iranian reactor. This. Comes down from nine kilo to 6.1, I can show flight I can do anything what I, should, have shown by that time I've become a nerd a and. What you call it. Right. Produce. I, become. The, first man show the space blah. Blah or, the man over the base I don't. Need I know how to do, but. Now it's time you've. Got the first man flying officially. Mr.. In, Arizona. Well. It's got its composition right but when you got is combination, right bad last time is that puts soul in it as well you. Can all go to Arizona safe, language. You. John. If I was you up with the desk on a sudden I start charging tickets. Don't. Give the recipe to no one because the, thing is you haven't put a soul into a devil, understand, it. But. This. Is part of the process. Mr.. Stache we asked him so, we have some questions regarding that, subject. Perhaps. It would be appropriate. There's, three people. With questions that are all to me pointing, at the same thing here but I'll start out with Christian, and the QA this. Question, is maybe I can, connect, with my soul. Of physicality. By. Going into the heart chakra and going, this way in a deep sense of peace and satisfaction. Where. Nothing is missing contentment. Where, nothing is lacking where, the love for myself and for other people opens. Like a flower, can. You tell me how. To get in touch more with my, soul of, man is. There anything, like, doing, exercises, for, it thank you a Christian, from Germany, I. Could. Ask the, other two questions because. They all I think doesn't, make any sense if you know you can, go through your chakra, what. Do you want me to show you the way, well. Wolfgang. Says, for example in, the live, stream so the main thing is the. Main thing to do is to clear, and focus, our emotions, like we influence. Everything, with it but. Then freed said after, him as a question, do, thoughts come, before the, emotions, as thoughts create, our physical, reality it, seems. They're. All, looking, they're, all looking for guidance or answers, yes. I. Know. But do you have to find your own way you. Have to find your own way because. As. I said. It's. An old safe, you lived in tiny all the all the roads and I've been wrong but. Which road are you on. Mm-hmm. You. Have to find your way. And. In. So many ways. If. You look at it. Why do we choose this path of physicality. We, have been given a position, direction. And we can do that, the same question comes why do some children buy a birth. We're the, others we have to wait eight years, on the years to reach that achievement that you have that situation. Mankind. Needs a lot of understanding. Of his own structure, before mankind can, go, to the next step. You. Do. We. Need. Position. Of energies, or. Is. Positional. Energy is a path for us to achieve to what we want. Maybe, hooyo, case applies maybe, in others don't. Maybe. Some of us can reach it directly, we don't need to go through it. You. You. You. You. You. See it's. It's. Interesting how. What, we expect, and. What. We think and. What. We. Set, out to do. I. Had. A dream. Before. Past years. To. Be, able. To. Do something which, I, know, and, it's in my some, of my. Books. And, papers, and. Today. I achieved, it unless, achieved the first elevator I was. Like a. Little. Boy in, the. Candy. Shop.

And I. Knew exactly which can hear one but this time I could make the candy to taste the way I want, and. I. Stood. Still and I said. Thanks. For the souls wish them you know brought me to such a point to get such a pleasure to be able to serve from it I. Stood. Back looking. At these people, not. With our physicality, but, would. Through the soul to the eye of the souls what pleasure, was giving them, and. What. They were expecting. To show the beauty of their work through what. I could contribute towards. It that they could show there they did. They're, artisans, a bunch of artisans. And. This. Is my job, they're. All artisans, up here also what. Do you want to make up. And, the only one who can make it also nobody, else's, is one. Of issue. You. Any. Other question. I have, to leave. In. Exactly, one hour, today. Thank. You for that. And. We have a hand, up here, this. Is my battery's, running low, oh. Goodness. We have like. With his hand up and, allowing. To talk. Do. You have a glass not wine. Like. You said. Yes. Good. Day mr. Kidd. What. Is the difference. Can, you tell, us who you are where you're from. Which. Out of this village you come from. I'm. Originally, from Nigeria, I live in Los Angeles. Two. Beautiful places and. Two. Of my favorite, band living both of them. Alex. Right. A, grown woman and then. You're next to Alan near next to Armand Emily. Okay. Carrie Oakland and I, note that Los. Angeles is. The City, of Angels they, call it I believe. This. Writer wrote to say such a thing. Every. City city of angels will, live, in it maybe. It's lost angels. Maybe. It's the last angels. With us. Just. Put it all in the sea. Angels. Meaning. Okay. My. Question is a this. New soul is, located, in, the brain, now. Where. Can. We locate, the soul of physicality, it, might, sound a little of, work I'm little, confused, on that the. Soul of physicality. Is a malformation. Of, the totality. Of the soul of every cell of the map because. Never see honor. And. Then in totality. If you look at it they. Share and in. A way. They. Have a common, denominator of, sharing, or mixing. Which, is the heart of the matter. The. The. In. A way you have a son, and you have many. Planets. But. Everything. Focused, towards, because that that Sun, dictates. The. Position, and a condition, of each one and. Collectively. They give to exist so the sort of physicality. Smallness. Within, within the dimension, of the heart and because that's when when. You take the heart as it come she dies, you. Can take any organ, out when you still can so I. Know. Just as a pump, would. It be a bit lower say, the solar what we call the solar plexus, it's just like. Is.

It's, A feel. Solar. Means Sun when they swear, neighbors any name that so I'm wondering if that's associated. Maybe. It's the first place the Sun hits you never know but. In. So, many ways is, a, doesn't, have a fixed position even, within the heart after man, it's. A, proximity, because. First of all the heart longs continuously. In. A one. Called, in. Its rhythm and secondly. At any time different, strengths feel the blood enters. It is. Not a fixed point. So. This, what we call the heart within the region of the heart. We. Can see it if you. Is. Is one of the things man if it's, wise enough, and if you understand, it. You. Can see the sort of the physicality, of miners. Yawns. Is with, your own eyes is, more, or less impossibility, snipers, body can't do it it's a way to be done but. Yeah. As the soul of the, man or. Understanding. Is underlying. Up the horizon of the eye of the man if you can see through, your soul or combat. You to be seen by the soul out of its cavity the. Solar consciousness or. The physical, soul. Thank. You. Welcome. We. Have a. Questionnaire. Got a couple of more questions here. One. From Martin. Who asks. How. Can we prepare for, the coming worldwide. Economic collapse. What. Answers, can be given by plasma, technology. Today. Somebody, here who can answer this I. Was. In her teaching yesterday. Like. To speak a power. The. Problem. Is what. We call economical. Collapse. Economic. Clubs for those who are stolen what. Economic, crimes that all. Those, who stolen and damaged will start living like those who never had it so we're coming all eco. But. Is there going to be economical, collapse and what we see. Possible. Maybe but. For. Who British. Are, facing, at the end of this month we don't know what's going to happen whenever, if. They get kicked out of. As. I said the end of the world for Britain is 31st. Of March of this year is. The death processes, start just going into what. You call it emergency room, with, lot of breathing equipment to, see how it's going to survive it.

Will Be the end of the economical, World War Britain, estimated. 30 to 40%. For. The Khalid read-option. House prices and the rest is predicted. Most. Of the companies are putting out so economic. Transferring, and looks like in what I says air in it. And. So. Does, it wanna touch France or Germany no, because they're the beneficient, Oviatt the, more British. Industry collapses. And. Those. Markets, decrease in the still exist French, in the Germans, and the Spanish recover it'll be a boom time for them. We've. Seen, yeah. And. More. Or less stand up there as, they call it was 308. See. 84, they call it announced. Very recently, it's part, of that economic impression, by France on British. This. Is a Punisher who what they didn't, what. We call it in, North. Africa. Other. Companies, are pulling out so remember, crimes for England, is inevitable, and basically. Coming turns out the 31st, of March new predictions. Are correct and other companies pull out. But. Sometimes in these crisis, are this commanding, based because it's time to investments, cause somebody's dying. So we do not know what's gonna come up much we. See no more. Witch. Hunts on the Russian. Banking has got started, because I always always say no only was there but. Not is under pressure on a Russian. Structure, which. Is. Inevitable, might bring some harshness paranoid. And, there. Is a position. Now with, Canada. Could run into huge, problems, and. Kidnapping. Scientists, and people like this is coming up there, could be huge, sanctions, on Canada, if that, moves forward the. Arrest. Of one of. The people. Through Canada like what we said originally, or what happened was that create, a problem there, Americans. Already lost, the net but. If you look at it doesn't. Make anything to our graphic, it was poor so maybe they get better passive incomes like them. We. See problems but. They. Cannot be economical, collapse there. Will be adjustments. But. At the end of it, you. Have two meters of copper wire in the house there's. Something, called. Canteen. With the zinc in it you. Have some, other. Things, on the house, you. Can make. Cancers. Feed yourself, create like yourself. You. Can create warmth. You. Can increase your harvest, use the back garden and the pots to create you can you don't need soil. So. You. Know. How to make other. Materials. With it. So. If you go through the teaching while you are going through the recession. And bankruptcy, of the world, furnish. Yourself, with everything else people throws, away in the streets because if a local burning it you, have yourself a lot of things to them. No, cash foundation, support really understood, the totality, of the teaching should. Worry by the canonical sanctions, or body cornered columns. If he happens, alternative. Punishment. We. Had to be eight and. 1920s. And, 1930s. Research. Ensign. These. Things become very localized. Americans. Would like it to show that everybody, else does. Excuse. Me forecast, for China is six to, six and a half percent g

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