263rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, February 14, 2019, 9 am CET

263rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Thursday, February 14, 2019, 9 am CET

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You. You. It's. Time for change to. Move, into. The real. Walk after universe. And. It's. Time to understand, that. We. Used at math and state. To. Reach the. Level of understanding, of. The. Soul of the man. Now. You. Understand, maybe. Why. The. Creator has. Sent his messengers, and that they were whatever, you have had. Is. That, they. Bring the. Ears, and. It. Can be used who, in the time of the Messiah comes, he. Can teach the soul and the messenger. Not. To oppose, but. By, them, understanding. Through those who have become messiahs. To you from their souls to these to animate. The. Job is, made easy. The. School is there and, the students, are they've. Ordered leader. That. There, won't be any fight, between what, they called the Muslims, and the Christians. The. Lamb and the lion will, eat, and, sleep in, the same nest. The. Christians, and the Muslims will. Speak, and pray in a mosque and. The same church in. The name of their soul so not. In the name of religion, that, is used to create so much conflict. For. The benefit of those who were, the hyperactive children's. The. Time has come the time of changes, here. And. As I said. My. Wish is, my command. There. Is your wish to see Pete's. Path. Appeases, faith very clearly. It's. The soul of the collective. Awareness. By. Giving will, create a position of the church no. Other thing. There. Is no pent in the soul after that. And. I'm sure once, you go into the universal, community. You. Will never see anything written, but. The, balance of the fields of the scholar existence. Try. To. Be humble enough. Not. To become arrogant, in the power that you have understood, and you possess. Otherwise. You'll, fall in the same path, of the church mosque. This, is what. We promised. But. Missus, what we have delivered. We. Have to understand, the, operation of the soul and we, have to understand, the soul of the man is a star in. Cosmos. Of the universe. If. We, compare. The. Soul of the man and. Many, of us seven. Billion, in, one collection, earth. Is like a galaxy. With. So many stars. When. We look in the depth of the universe we see galaxies, with hundreds, of millions of the stars in it. So. Is the planet earth. Carries. 7. Billion, beautiful, stars which are the soul of the man. Carries. With it so, loved so many trillions of, animals, plants and, everything else. So. If you look. When. Someone. Who does not see the physicality. Of the earth and. His content, what. Do they see they. See a galaxy with. So many beautiful lights charging, each. One according to their strengths, each. One according to, their position. An infant. As. A visual, so so. Has old man. To. Those who, do not see the physical foundation this, planet. But. They see the strength of the field. We. Are across ters of stars. The. Human race every. Single soul, no. One from a distance sees does. The soul of a Fisher man versus, all of the cosmologists. The soul of the president. They. All shine, the. Respect, of turrets grunting. This. Is the magic this, is what the, new science, has to bring to man when. We, look to our soul. We. See nothing but restarting. The other Souls and. This. Is the break this is the understanding this.

Is What all these, teachings are about. Coming. To mature to the next level to, understand, in the deep space. The. Universe. Is. The only sir were knows also sir. Then. Man. Is ready to go into space then. Man is ready to become part, of the universal, community which, has been promised, I. Never. Promised, you heaven, I. Always. Promised you the. Variation of the man to. Join the family and. Now. You, have the key. It's. You who has to open the door to, understand, if I can raise the soul of these people, or, millions. Of other souls that. The physical, life on this planet changes. Then. I'm worth me to be part of the universal, community, to. Be there to serve to. Expand, to. Be there to, be part, that. In the cycle of life of universe, I, become. In. Being part, I, become. Part. Of the totality. When. Now reaches, that point a. New. Dimension, in the strength of the soul of the man will appear. Which. Is. Beyond. Imagination of, understanding. Of the mythical I. Gate, to, the opening, of the new life in. A new dimension, which. Is beyond. Imagination of. What you, might call a, new. Beginning. The. New cycle, we. Start cycle, kinds, with itself, the. Collision of the creation, of life. It's. The elevation of the soul to. Serve, become. The key. Not. After, all of. The physical life. The. Time is right. The. Time has come for the man to go through this process. You. Welcome. Everyone to, the. 260. Third knowledge, seekers, workshop for. Thursday, February 14th. 2019. This. Is a presentation, of the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute. Public. Teaching in English my, name is Rick creme de be your host today and, as. Usual, you're. Joined with mr., Moran kesh of, the, Keshe foundation, and. I. Think, he's ready to go with this. Special. Teaching of. Valentine's. Day today I note. Mr.. Cash are you ready to begin, yes. Yes. Good morning good afternoon good, day. -. As. Usual wherever. And. Whenever unit since this public. Teaching. Is. Interesting. Just. Before, we come on. They. Will say that is we're. Talking about the carbon-14, and, today's at 14th of every Christian. Calendar, which. Is known as a Valentine's. Day the lovers day. And. I wonder how many of us we, woke up with an hour of godliness no no no physicality. Of somebody, somewhere. It's. It's, a very strange. Phenomena. For. A lot of people. To. Say they're loved and they want to be loved but. That's us - Caroline when I met a very very rare silence that we come to this planet, to. Enjoy the physicality, in the love of mine is. Something special and. It. Has a lot of meaning and in. So many ways. As. What. I say today is the same as what I said before. How. Do we love it's. Part of an emotion, and. How. Come we feel the love in our heart. Why. Do we feel only in the heart then. Most. Rory, as I've, said many times. Hard. Is the soul of physicality.

That's Well feel all, the, cell of our body comes. Collect living together to, to. Represent, the. Manifestation. Of existence, of its ecology of man, and. This. And so when he raised answers. Many. Many questions in what. Do we consider. The. Law of the soul of the man I think. The law of the soul of the man in a very simple, way is. Attachments. Of itself, to his physicality, to the point that. The. Love of begin love which is the bond of the creator. Satin. And. A. New destination, is set when a soul, in. Past. Couple. Of weeks I, try. To attend as many public. Teachings and primary teachings, in. Trying. To explain in, your dimension. Very. Much if you remember when we started a teaching. Relentlessly. For 12 weeks, in. Attorney, in Italy, to. Set, the basis, of the. Knowledge the, foundation, the correct foundation for, the knowledge and. Up to today yes, it will come nobody, can put a hair in it because, it's so constantly, correct and, now. Teaching. The knowledge, of the space the, knowledge of universe, needs. Not, conduct, education, as. I said before in. Last, couple, of times. Relinquished. All my positions. In the Keshe foundation and, is. In the hand of capable people where. It gives me time to see. The transition, through, the man's understanding, of, the universe and. The universal, conditions, and, connection. Of. Creating. The condition bomb, setting. On a standard, armed man, to, move into the next level of, peace, and. This. Takes a lot of effort it takes a lot of time and. It's not easy. In. Essence. Of it why. Do we do this is, it, the love of universal, community for my kind. To. Let them to elevate, to their position. Or is, it the love of the creator, trying. To spread the message on. Equal. As long as children. Equality, is, a different, word than being equal. The. Quality is a lot of comparison. When you if there is no comparison, and, in. So many ways. We. Consider. Ourselves. In. What essence how, do we measure ourselves where. Does our feeling, comes into as. I, said in the teachings we see us the. Feeling is the, point of interaction, of non, non, dimensional, entity, between the solar skeleton. Of the man and the soul of the way, emotion. Is a, line, of communication. Between. The two. What. You feel in your soul you, feel in, the dimension, of physicality and it transferred, emotion. When. We, decide to move our arm in our brain it protect, or do something that's. The emotion of the physicality respect. The soul but. When we feel it is, the emotion, of the physicality, of physicality. And. Respect, in, dimension. In measure, to. Our, souls, and. The. Sulaiman understand, this then, man understands, what, a gift has been given to him that he can separate, and understand, the. Totality, in, a non-dimensional damage. Which. Means we. Have nothing to compare into it. We have nothing to assess. It by, exit. Are on the standard, and. Except. To what we, see. You. Say to somebody, I love you so much and I love you more than you love me how. Do you know it's the measure of their love. What do you compare, the love to. And. How. Do we measure that in. Comparison. To the love of the soul when respect is enough to create. The. Understanding. And especially restriction we started must be senseless beseeching. Explanation. Of carbon-14 and connection, in soul of the man and his gallantry, of man. Number. Of scientific organisations have approached, and working, around in, the condition, because.

We Have opened, a mystery box a. Language. Which was not known. Something. Which never understood, we. Always, considered, carbon, 14 to the lifecycle, and, length. Our -, dinosaurs, - man we. Never considered. This is part of us, we. Carried, is with us it. Assesses, it connects. Us is, the link between us and, the creator and the creation of our own physicality. We. Got to understand when a carbon-14 drops, in. Strings. What, does it become. It's very simple because, Kabul. But all he happens to it with the release of his own energy because. The only thing which happens, in that position is. The release of two neutrons. And. What happened, to those two neutrons. Automatically. According, to a balance of the condition. They. Turn up to one thing. An. Odd. Creature. With. A lot of energy. With. A spare, electron, with the spare energy to give. If, you understand, the physics and the condition, of the magnetic, field, in. So, many ways. You. Will understand, something very especial. And. That is what. Happens, when, we deal with comma, 40, and how it connects, in our body and why, does it match into a lot of our things we do if. You look at the carbon-14. What. Does couple 14 gives us, we. Have the, combination. Of the six protons and six electrons, whether we have. With. Additional. Two. Body. Called. Neutrons. Two. Four six eight ten twelve but, we still have the, six electrons. When. These two split. And separate. What. Do you have you are too. Neutrals. Because. That. Immediately. At, this position. Carbon-14. Changes. To twelve. As, a normal covered, in the body of the man becomes. Part of the physical emotion. Conductivity. Of, the physicality. What. Do you get in energy, balance. You. Have two. Neutrons. Which, one, has, to do. To his energy pack, convert. Itself, to a very simple matter it. Becomes, a. Proton. And. When it creates. His. Own. Electron. What. Is left we. Can, see. Those. Who work in space technology soon. Will understand, the connection, between these two how. Deuterium, and. Carbon. Or. See, history. Connect. To, the life of physicality, energy. Of the universe and. Life. Of the soul of the man. Go, back in my teachings in long time ago, I always. Explained. If. You get access. Understand. The. Use of the Tyrian you can have editing. Because, if you look if. I can redefine this, in the drawing. If. Upward this one here this one here, one. There one here. One. There. If. You look at it what, do you have. The, combination. Students. The. Combination, of the tubes. So. Carbon. 12. Is, 60. Tyrians. Carbon. 14. Seventy-two. It's. So simple but in, a matter of the energy. Of the man we'll, look at a different dimension we, look at it as they. Call. Energy, of, the. Gravitational. And, magnetical, field forces. Then. A lot, of things start, taking shape why.

Does The body of the land collects, woodsy, history, if. You look you, have the same story again you, have a common, and. What is a see history. You. Have a spare electron, somewhere hanging. What, are the possibilities. Interaction. Of these two field forces. Releases. Enough energy that. Replaces. The rust energy, in one of the protons. What. Does that mean what, would I create it gives you another. Material. Now you, have a spare. Proton will, create a, lot, of new conditions, because. In the world of science we, have never considered the. Existence, of three eleven protons. And. Then if you look what, do you have again you. Have again another material. Set. Which. Is another column. For tea. You. Don't understand. In the gravitational-magnetic, field, of the science of the physics, there. Is a beautiful. Phenomena. Now, this. Single. Proton, behaves. Like a neutron, and it goes immediately, into. A nuclear, decay. And. Then you get a new. Hydrogen. And this is, the energy balance, which we absorb, in the body of the man as energy. We call it sugar energy. Because. As I. Said even. An electron. Has, a half. Life cycle. By. The point when it divides the electron, itself, becomes. The, neutral, of itself let, alone every. Prod. We. Have energy. Of a full. Proton. And how. We orientate. It in, respect, to the carbon, and in de Tyrion which is released. Dictates. What, energies, are, absorbed, for transportation. Then when, you look at this screen you, see everything. In. The life of universe, is connected. To the, flow, of carbon, and. Combination. Of the energies, of it. In. So many ways if you even look see, history and, understand. The energy brackets. Of ch3. Ch3. And a higher-order, commerce. Ox and. This. Is what, gives. Connection. With the human body between, the carbon. 14 a comment. We. Are not looking at electron. Proton bound of eight. Of eight you're looking at the energy pack of, ch3. Commercial. You. You. You. So, what, does this allows me to do if. You understood, this and understood, the teaching of raw speech. Very. Easy man. Leaves 2 parallel. Lives. On. See. 12. Plus. Energy pack. Or. Knaves. Wait. See. 40. Connection. To universal, energy. This. Connects, mount with physicality. And this, connects, mount whistle. This. Connects. You. To your, children and your friends, because as a physical, dimension mattress. State of Gans, this. Connects. You to the soul of your children, and, your friends. Mankind. Leaves, the two lives. Simultaneously. At the same time. But. Because. Of the eye of the man we, have come to understand, and rely only on. The. Physical damage. But. This. Cycle, still. Communicates. This, is what we call the soul of physicality, and this is all the solar. This, is how you. Know your. Child is, happy. Or, you. Know wife, is not happy but. You, understand. The, information in. Reality. Has, come through the back door to. Here and, come. Firmly softly. Because. These two, continuously. Exist, in parallel. Go. Into a space and changing. The dimension, of the physicality of the man which, is common, to all connected, to mr. cohan I mean. Acid, is. Removed. So, now Manley's. The, nation, of, so. Lot bad and then. When, he appears. Knowing. That he has a connection. One. Thing my points out that, all, the creatures of the universe on.

This Universe are, connected. To each other through. Energy. Of. The comma 40. The, way that every, man of this planet is, connected, to, every animal to. The combination, of the energy, packs of this planet. What, we call I mean ask. What. You have. If. You, carry the. Nitrogen. And, change. The nitrogen, amino. Acid, to, another element. You. Will have a different. Blood color. You. Will have a different. Energy. Consideration. And position, and. In. So many ways if. In the universe, they, would discover, 14, with, any combination, of the, think of the local environment. We arrived in it, decides, again. Their connection, to have, a soul, or, to. Create a soul of physicality and with it create, a physical connection. Now. You. Must have understood, the. Importance, of, God. Is. True energy, back not, matter, state electron, pack which. Creates, such a beautiful, condition. The, energy, pack which is what we call the micro energy, of, the carbon, in the, universe, has, a specific. Characteristics. Which, was created, by the interaction, of the, magnetic, field. Of any field forces, and. Repulsion. Of any field forces. Is. Intermediary. Is the, balanced field force between. The, two food forces, of the universe and so. If. You. Condition, it to this position on. Earth. It becomes, amino, acid, and the mankind if. You condition, it to, somewhere, further than mine with. Different, strengths, you. Become the man on the Zeus. You. Remember. One thing which, is characteristics. Of carbon, which. We see in the matter of state. Carmen. Is one of the best. Conductors. And. The, same time carbon, in a different, strength is one, of the best resistors, we noticed Island. What. Mankind has to realize there, was two changes to solve, the Iranian scientists, very recently, is. That this. Combination. Has. A direct. Effect, if, you understand, it in, a matter state in. Nano, States, or. In. France. Mistake. Because. If, you understand, this the. Scientific, world will realize something, very very simple. It, is, totally. Interconnected. You. If. Man in, the future, becomes. A little bit clamoring on deeper. Understanding. Of the flow of a current in a conductive, material. And, understand. A very, very simple thing but. Why. You, have a 60. 50, or 60 frequency, here is the copper wire, and. Then. Understand. The position, of carbon-14. And. Carbon-12. Then. You understand, where. The conductivity, comes, into play. If, you play with, carbon-12. Very. Simple, five times 12 gives, you. Roughly. The. Transmission. Our field. Of. The. Cover, or what we. Call the frequency of utter. Copper. State. If, you understand, and you have worked with nanomaterials. And you understand, the materials, on a spacecraft. And, you and, this very easy. Then. You. Understand. Their combo job. But. You, can create a condition. That he can force energy. A carbon-14. Into. The conditioned, environment of, carbon-12. And. This is where your markup units have been playing a game where, you get your energy. But. What, you got to understand. It's. As. A characteristics. In. A specific combination. 56:54. To. 70. So. In summer strength, you, can pull energy the way you put energy from the environment and. Equal. To two. Common 12 the, copper state vibration, of directors. So. And then you, can trade the. Nanomaterials. Various, energy. Into. Your system as a massive. Estate. Electric. Currents to what you call a sea. And, this is the feature of the new, energy. Systems. Self-sustaining. Because. You, tap into the universal, energy to. Feed into the mattress state. If. You pick up your nanomaterials, after. You use them for a while and you touch them they're, not that oily, but, you, can feel the touch you can feel the diamond. Structure the smooth missile. In. The inner layers of nanomaterial. You, create, a magnetic, field strength of. Copper. 14. So. Impulsive, you are in the electronics, and you want a game, of energy. Understand. Is a very, quickly. It. Works way. In the cellular, structures, the body of the man. In. Space, when, you absorb, c14. From environment. In. Converting. It to the energy, of.

C412. You, can feed the physicality. And with. This the. Exactly the same as your plants, converting. The seat wall in, addition, to anything, else you, can create, zinc. Copper, magnesium, sodium. And, everything, else which. The body of the man needs this. Is what the autonomous, and timers in cooperation together they do. Presence. Of the high radioactive, material, and. Gamma. Rays. In. The solar. Structure, of the body of the man. Allowance. The division, of the, carbon, to, combination of. Materials. And. Each. Cell, decides, what. In that area, and, how many needs to be, so. In fact as it was assumed, that the, body of the man observes, oxygen. To his wrongs and in the converted, the. Job our. Talents. And tightness in conjunction, with each other, and a, gland system, all. It does it, splits. All the carbon energy which. Comes in as the energy, to, all the name systems, to, the line of symmetry, of the carbon into. Patches, of. Material. And, then. Each self, near, and condition. Of it converts. It to what, combination. How many of it it needs to, a structure calcium, phosphor. Protein. Of any carnation, even, new, system, cell energies. Now. One, of the biggest mysteries of the life of the man and existence, of an, operation, of the what. We call glands of the human. Body or, for, the concentrations. Of division, of anything. Understood. When. You interact. With such energy in such, a rapid, way all, you need to do is, very much is create. Two layers. Put. In the cloud and. Allow, the, material to flow. Whatever. It comes from. Now on is all, the Tyrian, released. This, is a point of commercial. Before. Here, can be anything here, is all material, and here when it wasn't the body of the man in circulation, of the, application. With what we call, the. Lymph, systems. Wayne. Motion. Of, the material, then. This, is what. It is needed, according, through the structure, of the lymph. Nodes. Have. Been live. Connections. This, decides here it needs to become copper, zinc, and, everything, else so, you, create a free flow balance. Elements. Which, according. To what when they pass on what is needed they, deliver, themselves. As an energy factor is. Not unless electron, and a proton but. The energy of, literally. In the Tyrian, any. Cell can call upon according, to what it means. Now. We understand, the conversion, of the energy. Within the body of the man to, structure. Into. Plasma. Of. What. We call cell. Of the body of the man this. Is why the, man in the, North Hall, asked. You know it's. Only the same meet day-in day-out but. Surprise. Everything. Which is public needs from. Calcium-magnesium. To. Every other element his body. It's. The common, denominator. Division, of, the deuterium which. Structures. The. Feeding frenzy of. The world Ultima and. As. It comes to. A cell a heart, in needs, certain. Combination, of the Tyrian a certain, strength but because all the zillions released, are not of the same strength, then, it becomes, the energy to serve and that's how easily energy. Is transferred, and, every, cell in the body of the man receives, modern means at the point in needs. And it converts, that to its. Own structure. To its own energy. If. Man understands is when, you come into a termination, of the universal, existence, which is the existence of the soul of the man that the. Same operation, applies to, the soul of man the, soul of the man is not just one, thing. It's. Exactly. It's, exactly, replication. Of what we call, the. Son he. Has interactions. It uses, energy and. It gains energy. And, in. That process where. He gains energy regains. Its energy from, the X Factor on the carbon. On. Earth we converted, everything to, show their. Connection. Covered, in. The universe, we. Have the same feeding, frenzy for, the, structure.

Of The soul, of the man. And if, you understand, and that thought means, many of the writings of least, I always, say. The. Size of the neutron. In this, universe. Is the same cross, because, the central, line of them or. Become, creation. Of this, universe has. Dictated the, measure and the size and the cut of a. Neutron. And. Then when, you go to únicos. The same thing applies part. Of the energy, of the neutral. Of. This. Universe, fits. Into. The universal, need revenge and this, is how you, can transfer, a transfer you. Can travel from one Universal. Because. Again, you're carrying a common, denominator but, in all, the time, all. The time the. Carbon which. Is I always, call in the Creator is. The strength, within, it within, the center of elements. Existence, as, the energy. In. Gravitational. Magnetic field, as the strength of the. Then, you know sub. Sub. Sub, of, the server so. They. All have one common denominator, but, at the same time, they. All exist, within. A, way. Through. The. Science, and knowledge. Universe. Is. Very, simple. If. The man does not understand, it become. Too complicated but, he understands, it he. Has, the, first basic. Element, of life. To, start, anywhere. If. You look at it when, you have six. Material. Depending. In how, they, orient themselves. You. Become a resistor. Or you. Become to conduct. The, difference, in, the strength, creates. Capital that, is, too much to reach. And when. You come to that side you become too fast. If. You have worked in there one. Call, material. World in, search of the diamond, as you have been some identity with the past. You. Know that, if. You, put. Certain. Amount of energy or current magnetic field to, a structure, of a diamond diamond. Flips and becomes a conductor for fraction. Of the milliseconds, and it converts back to resist a. Super. Resistor, become a superconductor. Under. Given condition, and our, condition, is a conformational. Transfer, of the, energy of comma 13, comma. We're. Orientation. Of the elevated transverse. You. But. What. Does ham. The. Soul of the man got. To do. Callate. Of them and. How these two gotten, trapped, and, trapped. Working. Together, is. For, man to understand, how, his. Existence. In. The dimension, of the interaction, of the two field, forces, of, the earth and, the, Sun by. Accident. Trota live action, as dead. To creation, of carbon. Oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen. Which. Disconnected. The, physicality of the body of the man. And, installation. Man. When scientists, look for life on other planets, very. Soon, they'll come to understand, that. Every. Life is, enhanced. Connection. To, the line of the universal, soul, mystery you. Cannot do because it's created, out of it. You. You. You. You. How. We. Understand. And handle. This. Knowledge. Is. Entirely. On man in, how he, wants, to. Live. In. How he, was to, translate, his knowledge, in. How he. Wants to be able to. Subsidize. The energy, losses of the soul of the man with the dimension, of physicality. You. Now. Where. Does the man like, to start in the game accounts, and. How. Can. You and what, can you make, to. Make the, condition, of the. Soul of the man to. Fit the, condition, of the, soul of failure so creatures, now, you, can manifest yourself in, their damage or. How. Do you make these what, we call. Portals. That. The, soul of the creatures, of the universe will. Manifest themselves, in, the dimension, of the strength of the physicality. Of their. Communist. Record this planet. You. How. And, what. Men can do to. Survive, this, band of the universe in. The strength, of the amino acid of the body of the man but. In, the physicality, of the nation. Why. Everything. We look is. Related. And connected, into. The invention, of, the. Minimum. In. Giving the, minimum, giving. More up if. You don't have the structures, are amino acid, at the project right and. Then you understand, how the hydrogen, is. Calm part, of this equation after having your acid you, should have given you a, big. Bit. Information. About the. Existence, of carbon-14. The. Scientists, never understood, because. We, do not see this in the, open, expanse, of this, planet. It's. Something, which we have no connection with and we never considered. And. The knowledge of man has come to man in pieces. And. How. It. Has come to be in this position. We. Learned our knowledge, in peace meals, we. Never understood the. Knowledge as one. Go. If. Man. Would. Have spent, the amount of the energy. On. The. Way he has spent in past 40, years. Collectively. On the nuclear, industry in. Understanding, all the knowledge of this creation, of the physicality, in one go overpass, thousands, of years. Then. We. Would have had a different, dimensions, of understanding. And life on this planet. No. Man would have worked, day. And night to feed itself because he would have understood he can tap into the energy of the universal, community. That's. How simple it, is and that's how simple has. Been. We. Made it complicated. We. Have made it so strange. To ourselves and, we have come to accept it. And, we're. Not understanding. It and we have to - in. A way accept somebody else's fallacy.

We, Become ignorant. To. The true knowledge and, we become arrogant, because of our ignorance. You. Very. Recently, I was, teaching poncho. Tops. Becoming doctors, to having become a know. The binnacle doctors, to have become, what. We call PhDs. And. It was amazing, to see how an, ignorant. Scientist. He calls himself was. So arrogant full, of his own misunderstanding. That he. Calls the technology, in nonsense. And. Two. Days later he. Asked the question, do. You believe in, origin, of creation on where do we end I, said, I never understood, the knowledge you're, so arrogant of whatever you, haven't even got the degree to, put in front of you few, little inks. And. It brought me a lot of wisdom, to. Understand. How. Man, before. Even gets to anywhere becomes. Arrogant of, his own knowledge you, carried this means, into space by. God. But. You will see very soon where you're gonna end up. The. More you understand, the more humble, you become and, the. More you, become in. Contact. And in. Dimension. Of understanding of. The work of the universe, and in, touch with the universal, community, more. Humbler, you have to become not, to become arrogant, in the lines you've been taught in the dimension, of physicality, on, this. Planet. Try. To. Understand. And try. To go to the private teachings, because I start teaching a lot in the private teachings. About. The soul of the man about. The, condition, of the existence, of me. But. How. Man will. Come to understand, love, and a lot of other things. We. Have. We. Have to become. Independent. Of, our, own. What. I call meager, existence. Because. We have become arrogant in what we actually do not know ourselves. In. So many ways. If. We can. Understand. The, true knowledge. Then. We, do not have that much of a problem. Who, can't understand. The, reality. About, our own existence. We. Will not have that much of a problem. Man will run into a lot of problem, very soon because. I see. We're, trying to carry the arguments. Of the titles, which worth nothing in the universe on, our shoulders, I. Am. Professor, so, answer, we. Have no universities, in universe's, re. And. What do you know as a professorship. In. The dust and the knowledge of the universe not, even the speck of dust. The. Scientist. And educated. People of. This planet will. Have a very, rough time in the space. Extremely, after. Because. No one listens, to the nonsense. Of. Qualification. Because. The only line of qualification. Is. If he can survive, then. You have understood. If. You cannot survive it, means you haven't understood, doesn't. Matter how. Many. Pylons, of jackets, of degrees you have gathered, on the meager understanding of, this planet. You. I remember. When, I went. To Iran. The. Offices, of the house of the president Tommy, what. Would you like us to call you. Mr.. Engineer. Professor. Doctor. I said the hot water - my name is cash you. Decide, what you want to put on which one you carry on your back on, the donkey does, that fit me. Then. They said oh we call each other by the first name then be much method not me because. Then nobody knows how much is stupid, or don't you know what we have agreed to call ourselves according. To. So. It became very easy. Murr, has not understood. The. Total, knowledge of, creation. Ask you weeks a lot. About. Communication. Work and, the structure, of the.

Man In. The space in respect. To how to go to universal, community, but. One thing that you would understand, is. Now. Many of you working on, its. Understanding. Of the. Creation of portals. We. Haven't stood the connection between the carbon. And. It's different strengths. You. Then, you know by. Giving energy to. The. Soul. Of the entity. They. Can manifest. Entity. You. You. Because. You, feed through. The soul of the entity, and their. Soul of the entity, in respect. Overall. Gravitational. Magnetic field, of this planet, with. Its environment. Connections. The carbon-12, will. Manifest itself. You. Remember how the, Talmud, sometimes, in. Respect. To the work converted. Material. To, copper zinc, or. Nitrogen, or whatever. Then. The, soul of the. Entity. Decides, in, what it needs according to his a strength, manifest. They saw in, a dimension, of eternity. Most, probably most, wrong way you, might see if your system, is not complete, some. Features, of the, human pizza, calluses or miss planet they have two hands on two arms don't, forget the. Kachina, condition, of the gravitational-magnetic, reinforce. Of this planet of the solar system. Still. Even, though you have created the airtight, system you think has. Field. Interaction. With the derivation of the carbon-14 of the physicality. And, it. Creates, a manifest, entity, in the shape of them. So. You, might see and think, there's a lot but, inside, he. Shall not bleed. And. Inside, you shall not find any lip. You. You. You. You. Any questions. With money mr. Kesh. As our how did I know that, you gotta jump it for anybody else. Last. Time you, talked about you. Draw their colorful, team for the first time and you, study from zero you went 256, the island and then the seven he was gallium, so. I didn't understand, what. Is the whole diagram is it the different. Generation, of humanity, seventy, gallium is the next generation of everything. Is the same. I totally, didn't get it. No. It's. An. Energy. Pack. Of the, matter state, of the elephants. So, how. Does it work in the body and goes from zero to 70. No. It doesn't go to zero to 70. It.

Means The, burner to man can, absorb, elements, in that range. Every. Element which is on this planet is. Created. And can be absorbed. By. The gravitational, magnetic, field, of the planet and, then. Can. Be converted. Due, to the inertia, in. The dimension. Of the existence. Of the, sodium, and, oxygen. Which. In interaction. Leads. To, creation of what we call as a liquid, of water you. Understand, this one day. Then. You. Will understand. A simple. Point. That. Is every. Element, which. We see. In. The, on. This, planet. Has. Certain. Amount of it's in, John's. Level, in the body of the man. Even. The elements man has not planned out yet and each. One has been used as, the. More, mature, being. Has been created, a lot. Of the heavy elements around. Of the heavy elements past. Certain. Numbers, are, very, much connected to the emotion, of the map. A man has not even understood, those yet. So. You, can share your emotion, according. To. Elements. Which, are within, your body because that is what, it is you've. Got to understand, very simple structure. I'll, try to be very generous, give, you a very big brain. Connection. To the matter estate. The. Connection, to the matter state of the man sits. At this level. Which. If, the soul of the man. It's. Here. Is. In. Fact, one, of the farthest, distances. To. The soul. This. Is your brain and this is the line of the field in motion of. Your, arm. Or your neck. When. It comes, to. Other, dimensions. You. Come closer. So. You understand. The. Emotion, of the man more of assets in this bracket. Higher. Strength, order. The. Dimension. Of the interaction. With. Other. Conditions. Which, the man is already, understand. And never doubt and. Is. Trying to explore this new environment. Leads. To. Connection, with. The soul communications. All of, the other elements. Or. Other creatures. We, have not even understood, the, work of this, level yet. We. Are just, being. On, the surface touch. Of, this. Area. With. Some electrons, and other things we have we. Have not managed, to, bore. A hole and, sit, here, and feel.

What, Emotions, we can't. But. With, the application, of cancers. We can reach direct. This. Is a new tool I never had. If. You can create. A condition. Of, different, strength you, can control, the emotions, and, control. The connotation, line to the soles that you can yourself. The. Speak to. What. You want. You. You. You. Now. You understand. That. What. Is. Now given, to man. What. Is here. You, can create the, nation, of the Creed, of the, carbon-14, or. Its combination. Of. The magnetic, field spectrum. Which. Souls and. Which dimensions. Of the universe which, your, soul is aware of their existence they, can collect it. You. Mr.. Kesh I want, to bring the black. Hole in this picture, when, you talk about the soul. And the soul is a black, hole and with. That we can you. Even. Follow. My. Question, is then, then. You talk about like, when you sleep and. We. Our eyes are closed the soul. Doesn't asleep, the, soul constantly, is observing. And giving and taking, but. The question, is when. I'm asleep and, my eyes closed, what. Decide, what. The soul goes after what, kind of a thing she goes or she goes for example I am if sleeping you're sleeping, what. What, decides, what, my soul is gonna absorb or take all on, this, or go after and what decides your soul is gonna go. Do. You know what we say in a simple language is, your, fault she put the soul of physicality. To rest. The. Soul of the man is working, 24, hours day can. You put a gate on the Sun and say sorry I'll close the window arcus odd. You. The, only thing you can do we can shut the window of your own room on your own house, that's. All you can do the Sun is too shy. Unit. In Europe. All the homes have blinds. Shutters no, light can come in, here. In the Romans that stock has at the night when after lunch. Sunny. Day, nestled, the. Work. Of the soul doesn't stop just because you decide to shut the window sir. So it's, for you. To. Understand, this for the man who understand at the point of the, cut. Between, their physicality. Sort. Of its guarantee, and sewed up there, and itself. If the. Energy, which, soul. Uses, for his existence, was left to the man with the meager food he eats by, God he would have died a long time ago. As much. Energy as you see is radiation, from the Sun radius. From the solenoid. There would have been a bigger. Begging. For energy, from, the physical, soul give, me more eat more stuff 2,000, calorie gives me two hundred thousand, calories a day because I'm still got a lot of work to do outside, the, sort of the man feeds itself through that mission of the universal, energy and. It. Has a, physical dimension strength. Through that he felt by the physical, sort. You. And. The past abuses I said I start teaching a lot in the private teachings, because. We. Have to educate the. Next so drunk, men. Will. Become mature, to understand the work of the universe and can live within it, not. To become bandits. And rebels with constriction, not fit into it they know they cannot become a misread, it's. Just how find, out you can fit in. You. You. You. You. Thank, you miss Akash. I'm his judiciary. We. Have a question from Ellie from. Romania. In the Q&A. He, says please ask this question, I have, seen the flow of plasma fields. Between atoms. In the nano layer. Resemble. Many roads, that, communicate. So. Is it the same way in the universe are the fields. The roads where, we travel. Very. Much so. And. Are all, fast. Train highways. You. Know, nowadays we. Are we, who sit in a train and are, very proud to show us. 349. Kilometres. An hour. 354. Kilometres an hour or two hundred fifty, four kilometres now, and. The. Ones in, the terminations. Are happy to go 25, you know it's this other. Boat. Train what. We, have understood, more and we can handle higher speed. If. You've been on the German trains for Chinese, trees high speed train succeed on the Japanese, I'm. Very proud to say what a speed they're going.

In. The fall off the track. An. Example. If. You go too fast, you fall out it's the same if you go too fast in, respect. To the energy of the magnetic, fields of the universe, in a given position you just drop off and then, you can see where you got a lot. So. If you were with say, a group of rays, then, you fell. Back then the strongest, one would kind of take over and take the lead in that case I'm presuming. Yes. Very. Much so in the next one next, hopefully in the next public ation, of the. Keshe. Foundation. Journal, we, release one of the most important. Papers of the, present. Time in, the world of science of Medicine. This. Paper is getting grown-up per, we, do not release much, detail, but. We, have shown for the first time understanding. This process how, we. Can change a DNA. Into. An RNA and through, RNA, creating new DNA bad vestige. Collection. And. We, have shown this experimentally. It. Was, pre. Predicted. And going. Through the process has, shown to exist because we have scientific data confirming. Because we, understand, this work it's. Very very hard at the moment the. Scientists, who have. Been put to cannot, comprehend it because such a thing was impossible. We. Could not ever create, an RNA. And. Through. The RNA create a connection, with another DNA. And, true. Connection, of this RNA. We, could link with the DNA, that it could manifest itself, in the physicality, to affect. A physical. Condition. You. Know when we release knowledge at the years because on our this is such thing but it's all in the teaching many, many scientists, are listening to discount teachings, of cash on the shop going over the past five six years teaching and picking. Up the knowledge we should staff behind on how they can promote in our they can use it. We. Could never. Even. Imagine. We, can create. The. Condition, of. Our, array. Because. At the moment of a lot of Sciences agency crazy the guys talking rubbish again but, we have it physically. We, have taken a conditioned. Energy, pack of, a DNA, and. In. Interaction. With our system, have. Created. And now the release, of an RNA, we, stirred RNA has interacted. With, another DNA, creating, a physical condition and, we. Can measure it we can see it we can it's been tested by the doctors, but scientists in all in the laboratories, and, they cannot understand, it how is it possible, now, we, go from a DNA. Structure, into, RNA structure. And. Then we see the manifestation, of the problem in the. Dimension. Of their physicality. After. Entity. This. Paper will be released very soon. It's. Just going is final, stages of it and, it's. Very important. For us to understand, this, but. How we. Can convert, and how, to understanding. Of the line of the carbon-12, we. Can convert in the carbon-14 and change. Into, anyway if you look at it RNA. Is the soul of the cell. DNA. Is the physicality. Of the cell so, understanding.

This We, can go from one to another and. We. Have a, scientific. Laboratory. Confirmation. After, creation. And, RNA. Which, leads, to, manifest. In the interaction, with an, amino acid which confirms, the existence of, Dardenne coming. From a DNA. Structure. We. Have already what we are teaching in. Progress, and, in. Evaluation, and this. Document and next. Few. Days will, be in the hand of government's. Goal. Leading nations will receive this document because, it, has huge implications and. Applications. And. It, only can be handled by nations not by. Organizations. Of our what, we call. Ordinary. Man. Because. If, you understand, this then you understand, how we, can allow, the. RNA. Or the soul of the creatures. To, manifest, itself, in the shape of the man once, we open there. Or. We call. These. Gates. We. Have problem, handling. Each other with the color and race now. We, have these guys coming from outside which know more than us to carry more than us and then, they can mutate to the physicality of the man. When. I said, it scientist. They. All said no is a mistaken but. When. We, explained and we shown how it's changed and they, saw it in case. After case. Two. Or three hundred cases cannot, be wrong. This. The. Way we went, through the mutation, of the elements, now we can go through the mutation, of the fields of the energy from. Matter. State, entities. They to energy, and back to another matter in a physical life not, anymore. Converting. Gold to silver or copper, to. Gold and silver now. We can do with, the essence of the creation of the man and that's, alot. Over. 700. Cases. So. Now we, can even. Create, a condition. That how. We, are going to look in the dimension, of physicality, in. Another dimension of the manifestation. According. To the position. And feed the strength of the point of manifestation. And. When. He happened the sciences we had but it's not that we made a mistake, could. Ich we made a mistake originally. But it wasn't there because data confirmed, it was there when he was and then he came out another house didn't appear it's. A magic show of the plasma technology. So. If you understand, this would. Be able to change, your, appearance, if you're a black man you want it to be white men to get the advantages of the white man in the white society. Now. We. Have to guess if the guy is black. Because. We don't know he can transmit very easily within, your knowledge gain. Or. When we go to China we all know Chinese this week the Chinese language and. Nobody. Knows when, you go back to New Zealand. You become white now when I go to Australia Kazi. And. If you take a trip. Into. Africa, you, become a Chinese, black African, song. But. Nobody will know. We. Have now achieved transportation. Of the self or the. Soul of the man or the, soul of entity of the universe and. You. Will see it in, submitted. Papers. You. We. Only work with energy. Packs which. Is a plasmatic, gravitational. Field, but. We. Touch the. Physicality of the amino acid as we wish. You. Now the, real work of the plasma technology. Sticking. His head out or. At least over the moment. Very. Recently past couple of years when. We produced the data. Number. Of government, officials they said this is false it is lies it, cannot be done and we started meetings to shouting I heard the. Accusations, I heard and then. When, test after test confirmed. The same progress. Now. Is, one of the best. Butter. Creams ever in the market, the. Same people who are shouting and howling now they don't know how to get, it done and push it through that now it brings a lot more changes now. We have achieved the same in. The confirmation. Of teaching, as we call conversion. Of the. The. Strength of the CH 14. Into, the. Strength of. What. I call. C. 40. Mr.. Caste I think you said see, 4, CH. 14. Into, C 14, DG means CH 3 into, C 14. It's. The same. It's. The same because the CH, here's, CH. 3 behaves, as message. As I would call it karma, party. I, think. You just misspoke. And said CH. 14. As I said CH, 14, yes because, the. CH, which, behaves, us carbon forty. Right. Okay. Okay. Because. You have a CH. Which can be here with Col 1:16 two other oxygen, 16 or a carbon 16, but it shows itself, as an oxygen. This. Is a mistake we had if you go back to the teaching of mastery, when, I say a lot of scientists, look at the carbon 14 in. The matter states of actually, in nitrogen. Rights. Can I just ask him how nitrogen, marks into the. Into. This situation. Now. The, nitrogen, was. Very easy because. If. You. Understand. The. Connection. Between, the, carbon, or. Between. The, nitrogen. Links. You. Will see a very very immediate. Clear. Sharing. Of energy. If. You look at a homo. Globin, with. Iron, in the middle with. For hydro, Neutron, and, nitrogen's. And then. You look at the. Chlorine. Which is the animal, blood cell. Then. You see with magnesium. Then. You. See the difference you understand, the difference very quickly how. It plays. You. Nitrogen. In these links. In the matter state, is. 14. But. In reality is. Carbon, 14 in the structure, and work out the body of the man in the strength, of the soul of the man go, back to the medical teachings, of the, first 40, 30 40 teachings.

Is. A continuation, of the same teaching, nothing has changed now you understand, more. In. The medical teachings as we, at. The beginning. The. Understanding. Of the scientific, world in, the matter. State, was, explained. Then. In the second part of the teachings we always, looked at the soul. And the blood and the energy of the soul of the man in a blood circulation. Then. You see it's a consistent now you understand, more off. It's, the same thing whether with the plants. It's, the same nitrogen. But. In fact this nitrogen, connection, to. The, iron. Which. Is. What. He called. What. We call. 56. You. His, connection. And it can only be, because only, parallel. Strength. Energies. Can lock it to each other. You. What. Is magnesium. In the. Periodic. Table. What. Is iron, in periodic tip. Look, what, is the name of the man is beta. When. You snap, a. Branch. Or. Green. Plant. Do. You see red blood or, do you say white blood. Or you see a green blood. Why. The blood, of the plants always. White. Finish. You. Hello. Mr. Kesh, yes. It's, John Mara, zona I. Have. A question, that's been bothering, me, if. If I had something. Like. Let's. Say I had a copper. Oxide, Gans. And, I. Mixed it with zinc, oxide, Gans. Would. The strength of that be. The. Strength, of. 64. Plus, 68, or, 132. Or. In. And would it also be the strength of the copper, and the strength, of the zinc so, it has three different three, different strengths, within it or, does it just have one. Sorry yeah, hello. John, yeah. Can. Hear I just dropped off when, you said woody have this thing after copper, and zinc yeah, you, know so, we have the strength, of the copper, and the zinc combined. Plus. The. Strength of the copper, plus. The strength of the zinc. Individuals. Close. So. We have three different strengths, or would I have one is are, many more for. Oxygen. To actually. No, actually. You have in reality. Seven. Different. Strengths, and. In. Combination I. Think. 16, or 19, strength. Because. Of the softer, we make it from and, no. Even, if you take the zinc against and take it out and take the copper cancel, take it out and you. Take. The. Combination. Let. Me explain you maybe, understand, a little bit. When. You have if, you go to the, book number. Things. From a tree where we show, the ganses. Somebody's. Microphone, is open. These. Are. Your. Copper. These. Are. Your. Zip. In. Magnetic. Field, interactions. Is. Does, not finish this, is how creation, was created. This. Is how the elements. Of the universe were created, maybe you understand, something from. This. The. Interaction. Or, the, between. Zinc and copper. Creates. Its own. Separation. This. Is what we do in the plates we put a nano copper. And a, copper and, between, we, create copper but when we put a zinc and a copper the, difference, gives us this. Karmic. Manchester, all of you should have realized, how, how. Come between. The. Copper and Zika produced co2. Where, is the copper coming well it's a carbon is coming now. You see the carbon-12 carbon-14. Is still here, where. I told you the separation, between the links of the gravitational-magnetic, oh is always, a carbon-14. You see you created, it I've taught you the same thing but that time I cannot explain. Now. What. Is addition. To this is, you. Have certain, strengths, that they add up together. And. The. Adding up gives. You. The. 60. 65. Or. 62. Plus 6 if I've always, worked this way because I look at the magnetical, give one take two or. If you go 62, the, difference gives you the carbon level. Now. What this one is. 127. One. Thing you have forgotten, is. This. Guy and this guy create. Their. Phone, 124. This. One and this one creates, around 130. Visa. To. Couple to to to copper to zinc and. You're not working with one huh, you have to consider all combinations.

Now Go back to the teaching. When. You hired the, star formation. The. Interaction, of these three creates, the free space here, an attraction. Of these three creates the space here the interaction of these, three created, here yeah. And, then. The, interaction, of these three created, you the free space. Plus. What. You have in a bottle interaction, of the three between each other. Pushes, it to, what we call the free space so, when, you have the. Dynamic systems. In the plasma in the Gans condition. Every. Combination, is, created. It's, you who have limited your knowledge, or understanding to. Human point. Now. The, next step is very simple. Now. You have a common 12. Now. You, have, the. 60, I call, it the C's here that's, 65, or 62, and 65. Now. These, interact. And. This. Inter, eyes, then. This, interacts. With this one, this. Interacts. With this one at. The same time they're all interacting, same way this, is how universe. Creates. A spectrum, of the elements. Because. This. Carbon, 12, has, interaction. With is now is a new entity has, to interact with something, with this environment. The, same thing here he has to interact with this one now, the difference, between these two creates a new condition. And then. You, have to understand, due, to the positioning. Of, these. Little charts. Here. I. Have. To find the right color davia. Because. Of the positioning, of these little, chaps here, in debt not, only is Cannes France malaise, or whatever you call it some. Of them due to the proximity of, their, own. Do, not turn or, clockwise. Or anticlockwise now. You have, to find a field balance forces so, you can't get the reduction so you get a 62, in the pragmatic magnetic. Field and you get a 61, present so you have enough with 1 or. Negative, of 1 so, if you have such an interaction with your carbon, then, you understand. Instead, of, carbon-12. You, have carbon 13, because, you're, extracting. Then. You understand, how the elements. Of the youth which are created, and how. Things progress. We. Started, with one element, which was the soul of the creator. In, giving, a returning. Back to itself, the, friction, created. And then, the division of the cells all, the elements. Of the universe are, created, to the same kind of interaction as you see, because.

Then, What, is a store, down in the field of the back, leads. To creation of inertia. And, then. The, totality. Of that in interaction, in the field forces the universe, sees, it leads to creation of the matter state. Unified. Field theory. I created. As, I. Have, created in. The turn and being, created, by my own fields. Now. You understand, the, beginning of life the origin, of the essence. Of the creation the, Creator. This. Is how. The. Creation, started. With. One. One. Point of reference of energy, one. Point of reference of the creation, of magnetic field which, are feeding on back on itself to complete, itself, lead. To the creation of the, universe. Very simple, your, one which. You radiating. It. Comes back to you and in instruction between going and coming back now you created the third one the, friction call it carbon now. You. Have a game to play haven't you and, now. You can, see with, the dimension, of some, of these fields use in the reaction, rotating, the other way you. Get subatomic, and, apart. And then. Do, you start with a hydrogen, and, you end up with prytaneum, and many elements which man has never understood, because, this, division, of the bigger fields, are still interacting. There. Is no end to, the strength of the elements of the universe created, by creator because, this is how I started, from one. This. Is the origin of the creation. It's, the origin of life on this in this uni costs forget along the universe. Now you understand. We're. In math where. The origin of creation has come but. The biggest point, in the world of creation is very simple, question. Where. Did to, create a cup. One day a teacher. You. Thank. You for the exclamation, all. The way they can help complicated. For me. Put. It. Even. Though it got a little more complicated for, me thank you for the exclamation, know, it should have got much easier for you to see your create. This, knowledge, has never been revealed. I. Hope. You're not falling off your church. That. Wasn't me, we. Have has, Sam with his microphone open, and he had his hand up here actually, as a question has an you have a question, your microphones, making a lot of noise right now hello. Mr. Keshe this is Hassan from, New York. Ellis. And, I have a question, the. Physical, soul is. Has. A different, energy than his soul of the man which is carbon-14, and, when. The physical soul wants to match with, the soul. That's. When the emotion. Kicks, in and you, mentioned. The addiction, of the man has to do with this discrepancy. And, matching, the energy, am i right. In. Partial, years. You. See, the. Soul, of the man and, the. Soul, of its Cousy of the man. Has. A small, difference. The. Soul of the man has, connection. To, the. Energy. Fields of the universe. The. Soul of the physicality, of the man has, an energy, field to the gravitational magnetic field, of the earth. That's, where the difference is. Our. Soul, is, created, from the free energy, of the universe. It's. Very much the way we if we found that I'm ready no acid to create the physicality of the math our. Soul has a physical dimension but. In the strength of the universal, strength. You can see it if you elevate, yourself or you come from a higher dimension, you, see the solar demand away we seen a physical yet. You. We, are creatures of, two, different, strengths. But. One. Strength, in common. It's. The way where for, example the, energy, by. The interaction, of the fields of, the earth and the Sun leads. To creation of the energy, of nitrogen, this energy, is in the atmosphere is above the earth but. It. Has existence, and if, it, tracks, with, other. Entities. Of the same strength lead to the creation of, the life above, Earth, but. If, he gets to, the strength of the total, gravitational magma, if we love the energy of this planet, it converts itself to nitrogen. Or, the, energy of the nitrogen mist, and if their right field strength is manifested. It becomes matter state what. Is the matter state is matter state is when the energy of the. Environment. Matches. The, energy and stage of the solar density. Very, silly but. Because. Man, is a combination. Of dynamic. Systems is. Linguist, is dynamic, we. Can move we have a soft escape. If, we, are singular. In energy, we convert iron. Copper. But. If, you are in the space dimension. Not fully. Interacted. With the inertial, field forces, you, stay, in, the plasma, energy function. Called in aghast and say I take your blood I see copper in it you. See the energy of the copper that and a point of, separation. From dynamic, system, of it it, manifest, ourselves in matthew state. What'd. The doctor say is that copper is not the copper tone you can hold a hand say artem also some quote from my skin. You. Our, soul. Is, created. He, has the dimensions, cut his own amino, acid. But, has, the line of the strength of the. Universal. Energy. Line. Of connection, and a, soul of physicality has got the earth connection.

Line Of energy, that's. Why we have to eat from it we have to have food. We, kill for it to, feed it and he can match and confirm, its existence to, his, partner which is a soul at a man of the communist trick. Not, a full spectrum. :. Stick. Shh. That's, why we live a new life one. In directional to soul strength, and one due to diminished up its countless sentient and entering the solar strength or to be scanned, this. Is what I explained, fully in in, the private teachings in the last week. You. Thank. You mr. Kesh you. Will here's. Another question when he mentioned ch3. That. Carbon, and I, mean the two hydrogen, and one electron can, exist input and can be by itself what, condition, would cause that what. Would bring that. System. Always. Does this, natural, process, in the, plasmatic. Had to make the structure, of the Gans of the body of man. It's. A natural process because. You. Have the. Extraction, then you have the traction and you have any pump. You. Have mr.. Cohan. You. Have the. Cub. You. You. Have an energy field connection. You. You. Have here. Two. Dynamic, system, which, they are trying to sustain and, hold on to their own energy, which. The. Energy. Releases. And. Nitrogen. Can, absorb, and release. For. The oxygen, to hold on to put on to gravity the, surplus. Energy we. See it as release. Energy. Because. When. A cell. Absorbs energy. From. Ch3. It. Has to release a lower state energy out. To, be able to receive we cannot keep on filling it in. He, has a dimension, so. He, has to release some of the lower order the Hydra would. The, energy, will consume, to, run. By. Eating an environment where, does that energy go. Long. The conversation. Conservation, is tells you it has converted something, more or. It, doesn't disappear. And we never considered, that we. Say we need to take 1600. Calgary. To be able to live one day but. Hold, on a second. I have. To, give 1600. Calories out. To. Be able to receive 1600. We. Never count where, does it go does he stay in the body of the man or we create it to emotion, they say we created, to heat but where does that heat cook where does the energy and emotion gets absorbed. And. This, is if you listen to a. Lot of teachings. In the past I keep, on saying it specially some teachings are explained that. When. You create another material it absorbs, the energy. From the environment. Comes. From the heat of your body comes. From them is nothing with an. Energy. Which is released by, the soul of the man. It's. A totality. You, cannot stop in one point because it suits you according, to your level of understanding. This. Is important, for, all of us to understand. You. We, have more choice. We, cannot, ignore, or. In. A way dismiss. Just. Because it doesn't suit us. We. Are the, creatures of the. Conditions. Created. By the universe. And at. This moment according. To our condition by. The collection, of the fields of the universe, we have manifested ourselves. In the body of a man we call it the body of the man. And. Itself. Is an energy, pack, it's. Nothing else just because you have a skin and you think oh I have a born I exist only no we are again another transition, point. What. Happened when you get an apple and you put it in the mixer. Then. You get a juice out of it and then, you put the rest in the apple pie or you put it in something else. As. That will disappear, or the, taste of it appears on so you put apple juice in this. We. Are on passage, of this planet we're, getting pulled into the Sun. And there we get this fuel back again. Stand, still one second, and think something, very very, rational and this. Comes to me and I explained, this very very simply, because then you underst. Look. At the surface, of the moon. Look. At the surface of every. Planet. We. Say that. These, surfaces. Have, been hit by meat right we see the craters. And don't forget this, is a speck, of dust and it gets hit by so many meteorites, you, have all these ditches and dips and mountains. If. Such. A small, dust they say you can put the whole of the plans resistant. Of, the, solar system, in one, of the planets, that. Is put Mars Saturn everything, else you can fit in him one of the branch of, the, glasses there. And. All that, is not even five five. Percent, of the, solar. But. Now. If, you can get so, many hits on the surface, of the Moon that we can see all these creatures. And. On. All the other planets on the whole planet we seen the craters of getting hit, we, shows the motion of the material. Moving. Into, the directional, Sun how. Much of the Sun. And. As you have the Sun which was created. Which led to the creator of matter state that, it led to the. In. Their interaction, with all these creatures have. Returned back to the Sun. How, the. Sun is getting hit by. So much of its, own material coming, back it's getting ingrained on back on it just.

Because It's liquid we can't see it we ignore it and. Then. Some, of it because of the high, heat, if he comes to that point that we don't understand, it fully yet, in the future I explained, some. Of it evaporates, back. Into the space beca

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