242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 20, 2018

242nd Knowledge Seekers Workshop - September 20, 2018

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Hello. We. Are the cash Foundation. Our. Mission, is to bring peace on earth and join, humanity with, the universal, community, we. Wish and work to, bring man as equal, to all beings in the universe by. Teaching plasma, science and technology, equally, to everyone no. One is left out and no, one is abused due to lack of knowledge. By. Donating to us you, can help achieve this, goal. Cash. Foundation.org. Forward. Slash donate. Plasma. Products, found, at Cash foundation.org. Forward. Slash store. Soothing. Reusable. Plasma, ion migraine mask eliminate. Eye fatigue, and relieve stress in eye area, europeans. Certified, medical device. Massaging. Plasma, insoles, bring, comfort back to your feet and energize. Your legs, European. CEO, defied, medical, devices. Antiseptic. Plasma, liquid hand soap promotes. Well-being and, relaxation with. Protective, plasma, formula, C. E certified. One. Soul plasma. T-shirt Dan's, formula, within the symbols and stripes brings mind soul and body into balance, European. Certified. Pain. Relief pen emits. A concentrated. Plasma field at point of pain efficient. Up to three centimeters below the skin C, e certified. The. Mag revs energizer, and alkalizer, raises, pH and energizes, water through magnetic and gravitational fields. See, e certified, medical device. Pain. Relief pad a result, of years of research and, nano plasma, technology, with, magnetic and gravitational fields. See. E certified, medical device. Visit. The online store at, cash Foundation org forward, slash store, or find, a distributor near you. Taxon, shipping not included. Welcome. Everyone, to the. 240. Second, knowledge, seekers workshop, for. Thursday. September, 20th. 2018. I'm. Your host Rick Kremlin today and. Once. Again were joined with mr., Kesh of the, Keshe foundation. Spaceship, Institute, and he. Will deliver today's, teaching. And, latest. News from. The Keshe foundation. Mr.. Keshe are you ready to go for today's. Session. Yes. Good morning good day to you as usual. Whenever. You, listen to these series. Of knowledge seekers, we're. Seeking knowledge and, half, our reach and what we understand, will be the cornerstone of our work in. The space technology development. One. Of the most. Important, things when you speak about the space travel, is, how we measure. The. Fields. Of the space we. Are used to in all sorts of measurement, tools measurement.

Devices And, one. Of the most common ones which. Human. Scientists, have accepted, to be is what, we called Tesla and this. Measuring. System, does. Not just apply to. What. We call the sounds or whatever, this strength, applies. To. The. Strength, of the human brain. Interactions. Internally. It. Applies to the fields, from, the Sun to the earth he, applies to. Literally. Everything. On this. What. We call maybe flat, universe, or, in. The human universe. Or in únicos. Has, this measurement, in it what. We call Tesla. Is, the. Man who set. It up and in. So many ways, we. Have what we call the reversal Tesla which is what are called force or miles which. Is the gravitational fields, of it more. Or less the same by order of magnitude, different, and in. So many ways. One. Cannot exist without others. We. Measure our. Even. Strength, of our soul. By. Tesla. If. Man, wants. To measure if. Man goes to the depth of understanding. To. Know that. There. Is a magnetic field radius. From the soul of the man at a given strength. That. In. Respect, to the environment, where, the soul has manifested itself, in. His interaction. With this environment. Creates. What we call the transition of position, what, we call the, brain of the man and, then, in that process it. Develops, his own fields, that, in, interaction. With the, physicality, matter, condition, of the position, creates. The physicality, of body of the man. So. Even. Our souls, has. A Tesla, strength. Even. The, wave and, a given, strength, which becomes, emotion, laughter joy. Has. A strength, a test. Our strength. We. Have to develop these technologies and. Many. Scientists, rather all have. Started. Developing these things in depth scientists. In Cambridge scientists, in Australia scientists. In America and, Russia and, many, many ways they, start even measuring, the. Strength the waves of whatever they call it the. Tesla strength of every, single cell every. Single brain every single soul what we, have to understand, is that, the. Soul of the man, is. A. Fraction, of, the soul of the planet in in, what we call Tesla, strength. And soul. Of this planet in respect to the solar system, or the Sun and the Sun in respect to the galaxy. And the galaxy inspected, a what, we call center, line of the universe, all. Have. Their own strengths in test one we. Chose the name of a man because then we can relate to one of the greatest scientists, of this planet. But. One. Thing which we have to understand, it. Brings us to one point. How. To man, communicate. In. The space. Man. What. We call the language of man be. It, English. With. Africa no in. Spanish, which. I needs be, Japanese. Is. The conversion, of the soul. Of. Understanding. Of certain, condition. Into. The, understanding. Of the vocabulary or, the sound which manifests. Itself to. We. Have a, commercial. Unit we have an inverter unit, which. Converts, everything. To, one point from that point. It. Becomes, the language. So. We, have to go to, that point before the conversion before the inverter, of the language before. The inventor, of thoughts, is not just a language we. Think in, Farsi, speaking, Farsi we. Imagine, we develop, will laugh we, join with in the. Language. English. French. So. But. What. Is the language before. That inverter. Before. We, convert, the. Strength. Of the soul into, this language. In. Many, of my teachings, I refer back and I've. Said. What. Do the babies, communicate. In what language. They. Know each other's position, does not matter you bring a Chinese, child. Bring a English child being Iranian God bring, home from Africa and put them next to each other within, a few hours they. Find. Their hierarchy what, they like about each other what they don't like none, of them speaks a language, none. Of them understands. English. Or French but. They. Understand, there were capillary works but, between them communicate. The. Communication. Of the language or child and at Birth is the language of the soul of the man and. We, all know, it and. We all have been looking for this mysterious, how. The souls, communicate. At. Birth, there, is no language but. You put babies next to each other you see their reactions, the, hierarchy, what they enjoy about each other do they like to touch each other. So. Man. Comes to understand. This. Sword has. Strength. And it's understood, but. If it's ecology, of another.

This. Is the basic, before. The conversion, before. We put the universal of the language, into it. This. Is the language of the soul of the man. Many. Many people at, birth. A prior to birth to, have low eyes. Why. Again. We. See them going to ages, and then the color of our changes, from blue in the age of two three four so. Again. This is the transformation. Of the soul the. Strength of the soul through eye of the man. The. Color blue. At certain, point when, we die in. Many cases, you. Can see the, soul of the man back through the eye of the man with a color blue. This. Is what in, reality we understand. But. There, is a step further, we. Relate. This, to understanding. Of the soul and, allure of the planet Earth at the creation, of this planet, so. If, you put a fish a chicken, a man a dog. Horse. Baby. At just prior to point, of birth. Do. They all understand. The same language. Because. They all carry the same soul, nothing. Has been tampered, with and is a purity. Then. It comes back to a step, further where. Do we see the soul of the man in respect to the soul of the earth. Are. We, aware at, the, level of the solar strength, of the feeling of the planet. Does. The soul of the planet does the soul of the solar system, and the galaxy speaks. To also, do. We become a, way and when there is something strange happening, in distance, but, we, have become to ignore it. Do, we have to create and, understand, a new, dimension in understanding. Of the language of the universe. Which. Is within our soul as we. Have been created, out of it it cannot be any other. This. Will, become main. Point, for those who call themselves travelers. Of the space. In. One language you speak to the man from Zeus. He. Knows no French and no English and no Farsi, and Arabic and, no German. The, little, community speaks. And communicates, with each other and. That has. To learn very. Much as, we are in which we speak in English and then in Arabic, or 10 in French and then we, have a fresh language, at home in the second language outside. Learn. A new, language which, is a bound. All. Of, us know this language because. We were born with it but before, God we, decide. Although. Mr. cash we lost that last. Part of your sentence, there. I. Think. We have a. Connection. Issue today. I think we have to go back oh hello.

Mr. Kesh yes, hello, so, we, come back to the point of understanding, that. Do, we need to learn a new language as. We, become the men of a space do. We need to, understand, they already, know this language. It's. Not our mother tongue, it's, our universal. Talk. Most. Probably, when the man becomes, aware of the condition. Of the space travels, within the plasma of the universe. When. Man does not need the dimension, of physicality, then. Man start to speak. You. Hello. Miss fish I think he said. When. Man loses, the dimension. Of physicality. Hello. Mr. Kesh we're not hearing, you I see her still. On. The. List and your microphone, is open but we're not hearing, you right now oh. Yes. He. Dropped it he dropped. Back. Here can. He hear me yes. We learning up yes. We've. Got to try to switch some of the system, that we are getting interruption, on this one so, what I was explaining us do, we need to learn a new language and, that's, a language of a space language, of the soul of the space. Maybe. These. Interruptions, has, a reason. For. Us to think. But. I still go back in, reverse and remember. And try, to gather. What. Did we how, did we, communicate. In the first days of our lives on this planet but. We could feel everything. We. Didn't have the eyes to see. But. We. Knew we are in the hand of someone. We. Knew physically, we are getting handled, somebody, kisses or somebody. Does. What we need for us. Does. The soul of the animals, becomes, a we're at a point of birth. Because, they have to see immediately, and they. Have to recognize, their environment, because, that life depends, on it then. The soul terminates, language, of the soul expands, or does. The language of the soul becomes convertor, into this space of dimension, do. We have the same thing in our dimension, of the soul in, respect, to our environment. But. Now this language is, no you here I have convert. There. Is a passage. Between the two chambers of the heart that adds point, of the inception that point of birth it. Switches to it at first birth but, the first time you breathe the air in closes. Is. That second. Switching, over of the physicality to the handover, of the switch or the soul of the man.

Connecting. The visual dimension into the life, of the man or the soul of the man. Has. Our body made that switch and, is. Built into, it or. Is it just me say the, blood flow changes with, us we be are we being born and separated, from the mother's common. Understanding. The, language of the soul, and. For. All of us knowing it. Becomes. One of the cornerstones, of the knowledge of the space. It's. Very much like you're. Walking into the Spanish bar and you, only speak Arabic, it doesn't matter what hand figure it is you make that understood. You. Smile they. Reply, you, shove this shot back. Also. When. We become part of the. Man. Of them become part of the manor space. We'll, have this problem. For. Our physicality. We. Need to, understand. We. Will be forced to understand. We have to understand. The, dimension, of physicality, very. We. Are, we did be opponent. Because. We, look at the manifestation. Of the man, at the point of birth but. In, the dimension, of universe, we look at the manifestation. Of the man at the completion, of the main brain which, the soul of mine established. This. Mature. He, recognizes. Environment, he can respond, to it they can grow according to it. And. It. Reflects. And. Indicates, what he likes with it, is. It time for us to go back to, point of birth and, find the. Communication, language we were born with and we forgotten. Because. The language. Becomes. The. Lower level, in understanding. The language of the universe and the galaxies, and the rest of it, because. It's all the same principle, if you remember, the way I used to draw their, spiral, that. You, used to go from the center out. The. Same goes with the language of the universe there. Is no difference. If. You look, at the. Whole structure. This. Is still the same. You. Don't see it if. This is the, totality. Of the language of the universe. Man's. Language, is somewhere here. Galaxy. So languages, over here. Universes. Are you. Only costs in different strengths, over here, this is the soul of the Creator. Everything. From it is created, according to the stroke. But, if you look they all contained. On the same bone on the same strength it's got a common denominator of, the strength as. Much. As communicates. Out it receives back in the strength of the soul of the creation. Non. Tangibility, but the dimension, of the field the strength of the image is in. So. Many ways we. Come to understand, man. Does, not need to learn a new language to, become passenger, to universe. When. We put man in the plasma of the universe, and we create in our spaceship, the dimension. Of the plasma, according. To their, what we call the neutron energy level, of the plasma. Our. Souls speaks, the same and strength has, the same strength, than thoughts. Would. It be surprising if, you meet a man or a creature from another planet who works on this dimension and you, know its language because, he speaks the same as you it. Communicates the, strength of the galaxy and then. Maybe you have to learn something from the strength of the universe you don't understand, this language then. You have to go to inner yourself, to.

Find The strength that the higher that he is made of he can communicate bit, of what, you can convert, here's to your tone you can understand, him the. Other point comes when. We come to these dimensions, who would we see the people of other dimensions. Would. We observe, them not seeing with the eye of the man but seeing an apparition or soul of man. In. So many ways if, we, go back to this understanding, if you go back and start measuring, the, strength of the emotion, of the man will. See many scientists. Have gone to that point our testing, are developing, to. Test to, see the reaction, to measure the wave in the what they call the frequency or, whatever, because. The wave of the soul in interaction, with the material, status. Of the brain of the man needs, penetration. Lab penetration, is known as a frequency, or Hertz or whatever you put to it but. At the end of it is Tesla is what we call we measure the, strength of the field and then, when, it tracks, with the matter state we, find how it penetrates through, it we have given it the name of Hertz or frequency. What. If you understand, in the totality, of the knowledge of physics and if, we. Understood, this, is the, gravitational, magnetic field, strength when. It hits, a block it doesn't matter the brain of the man oh copper. Coil, or whatever he, has to penetrate, as, he cannot go through it it, has to find a way to go at certain a strength it can get through we. Can get through in certain, things and, you call the frequency or wavelength and now. We can measure this. Scientists. Are developing more and more ways, to measure the emotion, they're feeling, their response. I've sent, you a picture, Rick. Can you put that on please. With. A face which is blacked out. Yes. Sure, if. We, look at this picture we, learn a lot and. I'll explain to you later on what this picture is. The. Knowledge of the scientific, world is, advancing. Very rapidly, but, we are going to the other end we. Have to go opposite. To. The strength of the soul of the map if. We get the brain. If. We take the brain of the man and this, being the soul of the man our, scientists. Are measuring, in different, depth, these. Wavelengths these frequencies. And then, they say this is the emotion, this is the interaction, this is a response, to recognition, of life and position. Can. You hear me. Yes. Can. You. Put, the time it, is yeah, I can do that no if you like, all, right mind please. Yeah. And what. Is interesting if you look at this picture we, see the. What. We call the electrodes, on the brain.

Every. Single little thing you see on my head is one, sensor, which measures their. Length their strength, the frequency. Or whatever you want to call it off the. Brain of the person, underneath. And. What. You see the computer, in the background, and you see the screen, of the computer in, the front there, is a, video. Recording of this this. Head. Unit. Which is full of electronics. Measures. Every, is every. Frequency, every. Wave produced, in the brain of the man at certain, point designed. By the Israeli scientist. The. Computer, you see in the background. Programs. Are written by the scientist, Cambridge University. The. Two scientists, the two group of scientists, plus another. Group of scientists, got together to. Assess if this brain of this, person, works, has, he got emotion, does. He respond, to reality, and facts has he got recognition. Does. He recognize his name, and all. The answers is yes. We. Have advanced, in the knowledge so far that. If, you see there is a cable, heavily. Supported. Every. Position. Of this brain is about hundred and forty hundred fifty, electrodes, on this helmet is a unique it was the first time ever brought. The American body called the Israelis, and they in. Belgium. And, the. Kem's, universe societies, worked, a long. Time to. Do this because they could not have a position. That you could test and. This. Was their test this. Is impulse. One of the most important, tests that they could confirm, the, person is alive, recognizes. His name has a function, and is. Alive. If. You look at the shape of the hand if, you look at their face, this. Person, was in coma and. Now. Has been brought to life scientists. The most competent, scientists, in the world confirmed life. Existence. She says she talks. She's. A coma patient which was recognized as dead for. The machine to be switched off, it. Took less than 14, days of the Keshe foundation, technology, to bring back to life and confirmed. By the scientist. It. Is so advanced, that it, patents. Out the color of the, brain. All. The data, all the color pictures, done at the same time with the MRI, and CT scanner available he shows the brain is reactive, and they. Never seen this before. Do. We need to reach the, level of the soul of the man to. Bring the rest into operation, we've, seen the advancement of completion, of this wait Naomi. It. Is so radical. That nobody, has ever seen according. To the scientist in Belgium, what. We call. Center. Where, the test was done with, agreements, of three nations, actually. The government's had to be involved for this test because it was too advanced and I, had a problem with a the reason Israelis, did this, was. To confirm, the data Keshe foundation technology, is so complete, that, sheer on the Prime Minister of Israel could be brought out of coma and he. Concluded, yes, if. You, go into the history of their Chiron he, was moved to the home after this test. But. He was blocked by the Israeli prime minister because. An Iranian nuclear physicist, technology, could not be used as a Jewish leader he. Was below. Letting. A prime minister die was more important, and name, of a man and a nation of the man that's, why we make one nation out of man. But. What is important, this, woman is the woman which is in court against Keshe foundation, and they. Haven't told that she's come back to life and. The. Whole case is pinned, on this girl. That. Certified. Dead on arrival just, heart beating I gave life back to at no, cost a month, 14, days she was eating and everything and we have the communication. From the mother and he says the Israeli government and the scientist, and the camera scientists, are coming to see mr. Keshe has to be there and.

Then, The police has changed it as, something. Which was done wrong. This. Is the major breakthrough, in the world of science only. Person who's returned into life is, Christ, now, done it twice on double Christ. Naomi. And her, the, I of Belgium I'm a criminal in the eye of the rest of all the most intelligent scientist, who knows to bring life back and. Then. We, show these as evidence, in court. Scientists. Of the world have confirmed, me therefore we have full dossier. Now. We, presented. You the third case. Mr.. Delano are. Destroyed. Evidence not. To show one of the biggest, gains, in the science of math that. The world scientists, had to confirm it and. The. Funny thing is red circle has taken the video of the process when she comes to life and. Beauty. Of it is everything. Is recorded. Scientists. From Cambridge, and scientists. From Israel will give evidence in the court. The. Biggest achievement for, man to be able to give life to a dead body. But. At the, end of it where, did the scientists. Build, the systems we. Have measured, and, we have developed. Technology. That we, can measure, the wavelength, of the brain, but. This, wavelength comes, from somewhere, comes. From the center of the brain comes, from the soul of the man. Do. We need to make more complicated. System to, go inside, and outside to. Go within the structure. Of the brain or find the. Frequency the. Wavelength the. Test our strength of the, soul of the man that we can put man in his face. How. Far, you as knowledge, seekers are prepared, to take this step further, how. Far are you prepared to create, a condition. That you see the operation, of the soul of the man within confined up one of your reactors. Two. Groups are working on it the Chinese and the Americans. One. Group has fallen out they are going in a different direction after, the research one, group has gone to movement, of the field of this universe, in the dimension, of the soul. We, have four groups heading, towards, a space development, physical. Non-tangible. And so. We. Need to because. Some, of you according to your understanding we, take flight according to what you feel comfortable with, how.

Close Are you to your soul that you can trust the, soul of your pilot. Or. You, prefer to, be in tangible, dimension. And travel, within the spaceship, or. Some of you decide. I'm. Intelligent enough, that. I want to travel with the unbidden my own soul across. The universe and manifest. Myself as, I feel. We. Have to. Understand. The. Science of creation. We. Have to understand, the, knowledge of creation. We. Have to. Confine. Ourselves. Within. Dimension. Of universe, and not. In, the dimension, of the skull of the map. If. You look at it as. You. Go further out. You. Come to a different dimension of tangibility, Rick. Can I take over please. What. Is interesting we. Have to take this further as I said we, go into the dimension, of life. We. Go into the dimension. Of feeling. We go in the dimension, of physicality. How. Does our physical. Existence in. A matter of the bones and, the flesh comes to exist, if. This is your soul oh. If. This is your soul and it. Radiates, out. And. According, to the, strength of is, position. Becomes. The brain of the man I can, draw it from the useless order, then. At certain. Point, all these strengths, all. Of, them become. To be the same and. They. Makes the boundary, of the, shape of the brain. Of the man. Very. Interesting. But. There, is to factor this. Brain of the man is contained. Within the skull of the man. Which. Continuously. Showers. On the brain, calcium. Very. Strange, what the world of science has never sat down and think about is this. Little, chap. How. Come everything, and the highest, level of calcium. Gives. The shape of the brain. Of the man and. How. This, calcium, is converted. And, its. Position in the structure, of the soul into. Bone. Structure, of the man. That. Then the, totality. Of what. You call. The. Flesh of. The. Brain. Becomes. The. Flesh of the man. Because. Every. Spot, on this, flesh. Has. A correspondence. On this, machine. This. Carries, the soul of the man a distance. Of conversion. This. Carries the strength of the planet to. The point of conversion. How. Much more can a teacher. How. Ignorant the, bodies. If. The. Collective. Strength of, this, and. I given the strength creates. Emotional, laughter, the, joy, the. Whole. Physicality. Reacts. To it. How, much more. What. Else do we understand, we need to understand. That, when. You enter another, dimension another. Position, in the universe, with. A different, strength, how. The, shape of the same and the strength of conversion, would, give you different, shape. But. The soul is still the same. They, better what, he called the pain of the man in. Respect, to the condition, of the fields, to matter condition, of existence when. Manifest, man in that direction in, that shape. But, do we. Need. To, understand, more or do, we need to make systems, to. Find the mystery of existence. Or. There. Has been no mystery, it's just that we never understood. Because. It's the same replication. Across the universe. Those. Who come to see, man they. Appear in the shape of the man because the condition, of this planet according. To her manifestation. Creates. His condition, maybe, with the slight deviation. As we see one is back on his wife on his yellow one is short one is thought well it's black. Which. Is the reflection of their energies, from the soul of the man that mr., Weston's County with. Them trying. To adopt we might see them with a little bit of a green eye with a break in the middle they, might be a bit greenish, they, might be little bit yellow how, come we don't mind if you see a black or a white man or a Chinese or American. Or. African, and, then. Suddenly when we see another color and dimension from, another position, universes, are aliens, aren't, we alien to each other on this planet. Then, he calls back. What. Is the language of the soul of the universe and. Are. We now that we understand, the operation. Of the soul of the man the. Reflection, of the soul of the creator. And. The answer is yes. If. It took the, reflection, of the soul to. Manifest myself. It's. One of somebody's. Microphone, is open if. He took from. The strength of the soul of the man with. The interaction, of the physicality, of the brain of the manner to, create the, soul of, the finger, but in reaction, we could see the fingers.

In. This dimension, of motion. What. Would be this if I put this here and, then. This, is the space cap in the universe, and this. Point of manifestation. Is, the soul of the man which, leads to the creation of the man and, this is the soul of the creator. Has. On the very life according, to interaction, has become the manifestation, of its accounting, of the man so. Shall be the strength. Of the soul of the creator to, the creation of the soul of the man a. Made. Man in the image of myself. In. The nomination of the so loved and, then. The soul decides, how to manifest, itself according, to his environment, to. Confirm his existence. But. The question, is in. The distance. Between the soul of the man and the point of Inception of the sole of the finger there. Is a media, under his life. There. Is existence. That's. Why in the interaction, with all this has reduced to this to become the sole of the finger of the brain so. Shall be the existence alive in, the dimension, of physicality of the universe, does, not matter how many universes and how, many galaxies, you put across. Man. Shall not be repeated in another position maybe. In, slightly different in another dimension, man. In soul of the man even being the same the physicality. Of the man is unique according, to the environment which is created. Then. It comes do. We need a spaceship, to, travel to dimension. To the soul of divinity. If. The man finds, the answer to this riddle or, from. His soul of its physical did his brain to his soul man. Soon unravel. The, path the soul of the create. Many. Races, for millions, of years, rst OJC feet, because. They did not understand, the, past two minutes stop teaching. We. Need. To. Understand, more. We. Need to understand, about our own creation. We. Need to, be able to. Comprehend. Life. In a dimension, of the soul and not. Live in the emission of physicality. I. See. Many eyes, but. I see none I see. Many lies but. I speak, of. Can. The. Physicality. Of the man lie to the soul of the man. Adapt. Today's. Teaching is very short. But. Understanding. Of it will. Take man billions, of years. None. Of you will be able to jump from, one to, the other. As. You have to discover, unravel. The secrets, of your own creation. It's. Important. For. Many of us to. Understand, our inner, self our inner being which, is our inner soul is the essence of our creation, I. Took. You to the physical condition, back. To the energy back, to the interaction, of the fields that leads, to the creation of the soul of the spaceship, and if those, who advance enough, understand. Leads to the creation of the soul of the Creator that is. You who. Have created it and because. You have your thoughts in it will, carry part, of your soul in it. Our. Chinese, guys are battling, with it they. See it but they can't reach our. American, friends are pushing it but, they don't see the reality of the existence. Everything. Has to have a matter dimension. But, everything. Has to have a soul language then, you succeed, then. You'll be able to create what you set out to create. The. History, of man is very short compared, to the life of the universe, but. There's so many ways. We. Have to understand, the totality. Not. Partiality. We. Have to, come. Back to the essence, of. True. Creation, not. The creation of physicality. As. I. Keep on saying in all my teachings, in. A real world of teaching or Turkish foundation. Theology. Is part, of physiology. Without. Understanding. The, creation, of the soul you have no physics. They. Tell me as a nuclear, physicist, I become atheist as, a, nuclear, physicist become, to understand, the true essence of creation. Without. Prejudice. Being. Able to see and, being able to understand. The truth. And. Being. Able to accept, that you can see more of the truth that you can unravel more secrets, of creation. Visitor. Of nuclear, physicist assigned. His Bedard prejudiced, color. Race, knowledge. Universes. Is all the same. Any. Questions. Hello. Good. Morning doctor how's that you're quick again on the lawn I. Have. A couple of questions one is we. See the. Circle. That you made like there, was the man and then we connected, to their Creator. My. Question, is if. For example you. Are the Creator. Is. 7 billion, 70, billion and plus hours and say you I created, a giving example just and you created me and I.

Go Crazy. At, you, like you know just to crazier, stuff Wow how would the Creator feel, how would you feel, nothing. You're just another selling. The brain after man. It's. Nice because cell. Dies doesn't, mean the rest of the brain has to die worry, if one miss function doesn't mean the rest of the brain has to miss mowcher you. Know the same way we feel there's a creator feels, because if I do something crazy. Lucien he'll uh if. I presume, many, of you suddenly. Do crazy things he. Might really feel, a pinch somewhere. It's. Like you don't know you had a brain hemorrhage in billions. Of cells suddenly, destroyed themselves huh. If. One, dies he happens all the time there's, no, replacement. Is. Oh, let. Me explain to you something it, is known that, there. Is a say in the universe, that the time has been that. The even, creator has cried for. The condition, of what. We call existence. There. Has been massive. Incidents. But, even, the soul of the creator has felt. Very. Rare when, the galaxies, and the universe's, clash in a massive, body. Come on, believe, on the scale and as. They are the same as every cell of the brain of man and massive, destruction, the. Soul of the Creator fields. Many. Time tears. In. The dimension, of the soul of the create. It. Does happen but isn't a very massive scale. The. Other portion I have is this I'm trying to understand. You. See when I think about feeling. Like. When. I when. I believe when I try to follow, my brother it feel my. Breathing. It doesn't, go to my chest it goes all the way down to, my lower abdomen. So. If. I'm gonna make. It to a compartment. Of the body the plane a chest. The abdomen, how. Important. Is, this connection, of the emotion, to the soul and everything is. Has. To do with the abdomen, because. When I feel the movement. Of energy. This. I see, a filled, heart the, heartbeat the. Movement. In the chest and there. Is something on, the lower abdomen, as well but. I don't see any movement in. The brain but, the brain I think is a, it's. Kind of I colored a leader. How. The. Abdomen, is important, in this part. Each. One, has his own cell of connection, it's. Very much you know when you fall in love, you.

Say You have a bit. Of a problem in the heart and something like a butterfly, in the stomach, what as they love to do with the stomach and the heart the, brain, everything. Goes crazy. Nothing. Works. Okay. The. Only question, is this last, time you spoke about. Alkaloid. S and acidity. He, was the magnetical. Like. A hydrogen, hydrogen, things to give. Hydrogen. Likes to give like. So. The soul is the giver. Magnetical. Oh the. Soldiers take care -. Okay. It's both but then you come to the heart and there are two lungs which is the base of it which is if we call it the the. Star. Formation. Heart. And, long or the condition, of physicality. Because. I'm trying to connect this because the soul can go if you look, at the infinity, loop I grow, from the soil infinitude, look to the heart do you have a center point and you, go from their soul to the earth, another. Long I mean the first long infinity. Loop and then the center point and you, go to the second long infinite. Olivia's three of them in one Center so. So. A strength, of one - the other one how. Does that how, can i we, are trying to calculate it, mathematically, so I can, understand, it better I can come. You. Are in the medical teaching. And. There. Is part, of, the first 31. Teachings. We. Have described, as in detail. The. Connection, between the heart and lungs are there. The. Connection to the soul and. Creation. Are for the core other. Parts, of the structure of physicality explain. It in detail if you go through the medical teaching nothing you'll find it in there. It's. It took one full lesson if I remember, correctly or somewhere in one of the teachings it. Mr.. Cushman is Seoul when the solo lady it and then is any you're not acting, from reality, does. It, feel, so good. If. I understand, it like. It dude, just. Like it's something, extraordinary. What. Do you mean you, see you can extend, the, the, strength of the soul of the man beyond, the physicality of the man and. You. Can embrace with. It. It's. Very easy to do. But. Man, has a fear of what's gonna happen to his physicality somewhere. In the background in his brain, fear of demise. Recall, it. If. You change, the condition. You. Can create. A condition. In the soul of the man or a call level of the trust of existence, that, you. Can, leave or. Expand. Your soul, beyond, the dimension, of your physical, life and, sometimes. That, you you man will cease. You. Woman, since and then you see them into 3d. If. You. If. You I. Tell. You this because I felt it I feel it I know what I'm talking about but it's very hard for you to, understand but, I explain it for instance if you live in one of what we call beautiful, people and. If. You touch, them. If. You look at them. The. Texture. Of their, body. Changes. According. To which soul. Even. The. Feeling, of the expansion, of the body changes. Even. The. Rhythm. The smell changes. Even. The. Color, of the eyes according. To the vision changes. Use. You feel a different, aura you feel the different existence. The. Language, changes, the voice changes, the. Emotion, changes, you. Know you're in the presence of different soul. So. If, it's the same physicality. How, can it do this and. He can repeat the same when, you speak to one you get that feeling when you speak to the other one you get the same feeling you speak to the other one you get the feeling of the third one, or. The fourth one. Even. The voice changes. The. Fears, changes. One. One fears the other one rejoices. More. Can hear someone cannot. You. See them hiding, behind, the, curtain, of the existence.

With Anger. But. It's justice all the changes v got. It's. The same atmosphere it's, the same room it's the same intention. But, the strangest, thing is they. Don't know what that one has done or is doing, -, the other one is blank there never been there they never done so because. It, wasn't their presence, it's, like being asleep while your twin is doing something cooking, in the kitchen. This, is part. Of, what. Man will come across in the space we, have no choice. As. I. Said if, we create, three. Different dimensions. Of the field strength of the soul and you, have three. Souls. In one body. Would. We see three bodies in three different environments. All. Claiming. The same existence, within one physicality. And. The other question. Thank, You mr. Kesh. As. Part of the work of the, Keshe foundation, peace program that. We take on we have taken on dr.. Arthur dr., Paris and, other, scientists, in Iran hopefully. Will. Soon come, to arrange their first. Coma. Patients, to be processed, to be run through the peace program. We. Are looking forward to it. Hopefully. Dr. Arthur, and habits, and the other ones in the background. Working. On it to see he can be done. How, we can do it and, I hope you succeed to. Start before a supplement. This. Thing will be still waiting for the Americans and, in, China we, might have found people that we saw the process, in the coming time. It. Is important, that we. Show through this all afternoon we. Can reach this all of the leaders. Irrespective. Of their position, of power. Thank. You very much sir Carranza for all the work you're doing in the background and the Iranian. Team and dr., Paris, its. Endless. Effort, to try to bring peace and knowledge. I. Looked. At the, first. Chapters, of the book one translated, into Farsi. This. Week and it's amazing. As. Their, Farsi. Speaking, is a strange, language me, I don't understand, most of it I stopped. Reading Farsi, some 40-odd years ago, but. It's beautiful to be able to read but understanding. It is beyond my comprehension because. I don't understand, the board and. It's. Very interesting to, see how, been. Knowledge through the language barrier, of birth, become. So beautifully. You, feel, it but, you don't understand, the reading of it because you know the essence, you understood, that knowledge. Thank. You very much as a person hello can you hear me, can. You please switch your office, in. So many ways. We. Have to understand, that, the. Peace process will, take time will, take effort, and in. Time. We. Might have to interfere. In. Time we might have to come. In and take a steps as. Peacemakers. A sketch rendition, and. Maybe. We. Have to introduce what. We call the defense technology, I. Am. Seriously, considering, to release, such a technology and. I've. Been advised by, those. Who understand, the, political strength. To. Stand. By, do, not take steps but. As we, are supposed to run, and lead as one nation, can, we stand still. Can. We stand by and see some, nations to suffer some people by the name of 19 nations to suffer where, we are all one nation, there. Is an alternative, which. Is a warning, to the American naval forces, and. Warning. Not, a warning, a. Guideline. To the. American Air Force. Please. Do not let us put your shape. These. Do. Not lose your respect. When. Faced with the latest. Space, Defense technology we.

Developed, This technology. To, protect man, in space and, earth. Is another part of the space. Transfer. Of technology. To the Iranian government to secure, his, territory. Is the ultimate, goal of every human being and. As, an Iranian I stand by it. We. Will not cross the border of Iran, but. We, protect. The border of this planet but, all his citizens live, in peace. My. Appeal. Goes to the American president. Directly. Or, indirectly. Do. Not let us put do. Not test, that you'll be put to shame. The, door of the hans selye open 4p stock and. I've. Been told by our colleagues, to. Stay offline. You. Got another 48, days left maybe, less. Less. Than 30 days or so but. Need. Me the technology ex few hours to deliver, but. No American ship, will. Float to be a built-in force and. No American bank computers, will run to. Be able to track. The. Knowledge, we. Have the. Confidence. We have and. The. Enforcement, of peace, with. Our article, I, give. One warning to the American administration and. My. Warning is we. Are men of peace and they will enforce, peace. If, we decide. The. Sanctions, on. The first of November, would be on Americans, not. On the Iranians. Let's. Create their own sanction, for having no force to be able to enforce, sanctions. What. Is she. Maybe. We needed that, out of the chaos of it we. Find Euroleague. It. Costs, less than a few hundred dollars to. Disable, every, satellite and every. Ship command and. Every Air Force command, don't. Forget on the 3rd of December, 2011. On. The Saturday afternoon, where the red circle was jumping, up and down in a conference in Ghent, to, record when everything was supposed to be burned we. Announced that, soon. We'll show the power of, plasma. Technology, of special of Iran and, on. The 4th we captured the most advanced, aircraft. This. Time we paralyzed, the most advanced. Nations. Of, stripping, all these assets of electronics. Because. If we take start to bring peace we, have to enforce it. Because. The sanctions is electronic, and not. By weapon because they know if they enter, to, take. Iran by weapon they will not cross the borders we have shown it with, our systems, capturing. Two eyes three times their. Systems. Paralyzing. The ships in the high seas by the Russian through the same technology. So. Now the, only sanctions, left is computerized, and. Forcing. Straits of Hormuz you, can only force. When. You have the ships which have engines to run. Guns. To be able to fire. Versus. Become minor fees and top piece I, enforce. Peace. Through, knowledge through technology. And through being, men appease my. Call ghosts are maked administration. You. Have less. Than 30 days to. Stop embarrassing, yourself and losing your international, position. Any, other question. We. Don't touch no man we. Just paralyze the systems that man claims to be superior. Can. You Thank You mr. Kesh. We. Had, Benjamin. With this hand up earlier but I think not, sure if you had trouble with his. Microphone. There if you still have a question. Benjamin, you can put your hand up and I before. We go to Benjamin, we we made an announcement to, the students, in their classes of the Keshe foundation, that. We, might answer, some of their questions enduring, the teachings because we are part of the teaching organization of, the Keshe foundation, care for society, and we. Have asked our students, that if, the questions are reasonable, I'm not what are called stupid we, try to answer it and, not all of it randomly, there, for, the call the, moderators, Bernie and, Rick.

Can. Pull it out or we can answer it or ahead of the Keshe foundation, teaching if. He is in the background or. Any, of the members of the condition, management team they receive questions from the students we try to answer now. We bring the teachings as, their line of what. They call, with. The teaching of the Institute the space Institute and. What. I call a cash, Foundation together. Do. We have any questions I presume or have been no. You have a few questions from a students, yes. We have I've got. Quite. A few questions as, we. Were discussing, earlier, from. The, German. Contingent. Of the Keshe, foundation, students. We. Can go. Through some of those and there may be some other questions I'm not sure if. The. Someone. From someone, else from the Education. Department. Will be another list. But, we can start with the first one. Which. Is, why. Exactly. 129. Tesla. Yes. Hi mr. Kesh what. Is 129, tesla, cannon' snowing yeah it's. The. Question is why exactly. 129. Tesla. That's. That's. Exactly. What, 29. Tesla. Does. It refer to our test. Some years ago in the cesano, it. Must refer to that so I guess they're asking, why, was, why was it. Why. Did you go for 129. Exactly. Is there some magic. Behind that number I guess or there's. Some, significant. Number. I I. Sent. You on, your, telegram, I'm, writing which has come from one of our webmasters. Can, you. May, not read it. You. See I can. It's. The last one I just sent you, yeah. Well I can read it I can you owe me that to put it on the screen I can you not scream, at. Me a copy and. What. Is the, reason the, reason. 129. Tests very significant. Is. Due. To a lot of other things. It. Has been it's, like a land. Speed, record or, what do you call it, sound. Value records, we can go faster, trying. To achieve, highest, Tesla, has been it is a challenge, for the. Physicist. Many. Many. Efforts. But, many scientists, around the world of, all cultures, has been to. Create the highest noises. Accorded, the highest. Strength. Of. What. I call. Transmitting. The, magnetic, field. By. Measurement, of Tesla. And. This. Is if. You read it it is, a part of the history of man in. What. We call sound. Speed, record, or Tesla speed record I call it and it's. Important, for us to read and then we can we can follow it this has been gathered by our what. I call webmasters. Could. You read it for us that we cannot understand, sure. Yeah. It's. Only. News, I know from Los Alamos, New, Mexico, in. A three second span on Friday August 19. 2011. Researchers. And engineers at, the, national, high magnetic field. Laboratory at, Los, Alamos, National Lab. Created. A ninety. 7.4. Tesla. Magnetic. Field, the. Highest non-destructive. Magnetic, field in the world, the, previous, record ninety, one point four Tesla was. Sent in June of this year by, the high, magnetic, field, laboratory, dresden. Tesla. Is a measurement of the strength of a magnetic field one. Tesla is equal, to, 20000. Times the Earth's magnetic.

Field This. Record marks important, progress toward, the labs goal of reaching 100, Tesla. An effort. That awaits, further. Materials. Innovation, to make it possible the. Project, is funded by the hundred. Tesla, multi-shot. Program, a joint, initiative of, the, National Science Foundation, and, the Department of Energy's, office of basic, energy sciences. Goes. On to say years of, effort, by the best technical, staff engineers. And scientists. Have gone into this achievement, this. Capability marks. A significant. Milestone in. The ability, of us, science, to unravel, the, complex, nature of materials. That our future, may depend on. Said. Pulsed. Field facility director. Chuck. Me, at milky, and. It. Goes on underneath. Someone's. Comment I remember, you saying there, plan was a hundred, Tesla, for just a fraction of a second, burning a huge, amount of energy and resources and. It. Says in disciple. That. Point he. Disses. A know you've, passed that point with ease at, miniature. Costs, compared, to the u.s. silence. What. Did his. Americans. Tried to pass 104. Near. 105, they use 1.5. 1.4. Mega watt of energy. We. Went to DIPA to limit of destruction, and. Spend. Millions of doing it and the interesting, things are two things in this writing, it. Says this capability must, - own ability of us science. To. Unravel, the complex, nature of materials, that our future may depend on. You. See when you're in the material, to say do you have complexity. When. You open a matter and reach the plasma, the way we did. 129. Is, literally, nothing. 129. Was not achieved, over. A flip, of a finger those of you who wear and it's recorded. It should be somewhere on the net was. A live presentation, over, I think was it three four weeks we started, with the little one little and every. Time jumped somebody put a note out we jumped we around 20, or at 21. We, passed 25, we passed 100, and, we built it up. To. 129. As, you know there. Was attempted assassination, on my life in, distance I know I was poisoned to be killed nearly, they managed needed to succeed, alcohol on the hands of feet and, the. Collaborator. Of the, assassinator, John, who, was amongst. With them. Students. He made a claim, that there is something wrong faulty, with the system, with. The detectives, because these, two detectors, took, us nearly. A year maybe year and a half to, build it, was paid especially, to build there. Are special sensors, is. The program, of them which is important, because. Because. I think about 10 12,000, euro to get, them made about 2,000. Done whatever, and. They. When. This it was trying to describe that that time we didn't know it's a collaboration, of murder by two they, were both, living in the same house so it was wrong plan if we discredit, his dead we can do something with it. So. At. 129, he, made a lot of noise and what we did we just dismantled. It said, we passed the one to remove 104, and we, send it to the laboratories, in Switzerland, the manufacturers, to test and there's a full-scale, report, come. Back detectives. Are perfect, that 129. Is correctly cheap but. The beauty, of 129. Why, we say we stopped was just because of this, sabotage. By again, Belgium's, and their allies. That. They wanted to discredit our me they wouldn't let it happen so we had to call me already past Americans, by. Lowest. Or, distinction. And. Here me just. Me I think, it last word we heard was Americans, and kind of strangely, at that point yeah it's, the last. Yeah. The, makin used any 1.4. Mega watt of energy, they, brought the power station, to operation, to, be able to, reach this and there is more or less destruction. Level of their own system. But. As. It. Says the. Materials. That our future, may depend on. Complex. Nature of materials, compress. Nation of plasma, has no complexity, we understood, the. Part of the system was, set up to elevate, to reflect to bring back almond. Made one system which was totally. Launched. On Ganz's, which is a pure plasma, we. Had the intermediary, and then we had a weak one in trying to feed the weak one we built the system up I'm, gonna I'm gonna use the system, here to explain, we done this before.

Can. I take. The screen please. Okay. What. We did in, the sense I know for, you if, you haven't been here before we. Put a system, of star formation. Which. Is still exist, with. Another system here, with, another system which was covered let, me go to thicket line that you can see it. So. The, plasma, from. The Gans materials, created. A field they were for a fullest, on formation, here a full star formation, here they, set our star formation, were, covered, by the balanced magnetic, field shields which means everything. Was at the weakest he absorbed most, of it so in this trying to feed this and returning, back he, was trying to feed more and more the more affair. The. Less got back so he was feeling it more because this, blanket, with, the heartbeat inside was absorbing, everything, more or less but. This, was aware of existence. First the internal. Field could read detect. The, magnetical. Of this according. To gravitation. Of this one so the, plasma was feeding, is which were you doing jumping. In a water trying to rescue a. Child you. Go faster, and faster trying, to reach so, it, this, system. In, feeding it's, the event, on the switch are feeding, more and more and more trying to get but, this blanketing, system was absorbing, most of the fields and in. That way dissipating. Ready little bit this, way was, Tesla, this way was. Miles. It. Could see this. But, he could not see this part so was feeding more we. Are detectives, were here, we could see the motion of the field, in. That process. We. Used only, there. Are four motors, I think. Altogether we, used 12 watt of energy. Just. Rotating. These and a plasma emission. Created. That what. Was needed and this. Gnarled. Teen. Tamed, the field and this. Absorb. The fields and then, what. We saw was, trying, to feed more in. A way seeing a drowned child I wasn't drowning and standing on a beach, in a way if you look at it but dream was getting done doing all what. I call frustrated, work to get releasing, more and more. This. Increased, the floor, that's. How we achieved nothing, done this 12 watts was. Just trying to get there what, I call the four reactors, running inside. This. Is designer armored just, this setup still, is in archives, we have it in business, own assembly, it's. Still there so. We can repeat it in here. We. Had possibly, the Union, reactors. And, here we had another part of the Iranian reactors, and each. One was hard, one reactors, inside and, it's beautiful the way it is done and when. We say we created, a 12 because as the guy said new materials, we, discovered, the power of plasma through, guts now we know, it we have, today now it should be very easy especially. Especially. For those people in Chinese. A space program, go. Back into 1:29. You, should be able to achieve left. But. Replace, the answers with the plasma of power of. The. News from plasma. This. Should be achievable in. A very very easy buddy and. This is what happened 1:29. It was a point we had to stop terrorists. That. Was actually after I. Was, poisoned and. Then. We had to burn them to be in there in the center and the rest of it. It. Was very interesting when. We were running these tests. Armen. Continued and other ones who were this. Is part, of their it's in the building and we had fluorescent, lights, when. Up nights we used to stand and watch because there was so much field that, the fields of the plasma used, to bring the lights on used to you, know you go to North. Pole to see Aurora we. Had our own show every night in there and everybody called it in the lab. We. Used to switch up and wait for it. Because. It. Cannot come on, if. There was no field and after. A while when the fields research everything else on the field was there and as it dies off we, stand there a few minutes and then that's it we used to go it. Was what we called late night sky, show. This. Is same principle, as Tesla. We. Know when he shows the frozen, right in the magnetic, field now, we had a tree it was it was beautiful to see there be night before we switch up and if, one day would induce a oh my god we didn't do good enough reading create in a plasma.

Next. Question. Okay. Thank, You mr. Kesh. On. That. Same list we have. Where. Do the magnetic, fields. Of current-carrying. Conductors. Come. From. Have. You heard of electron. Vibration. Well. Is the what is the vibration, of the electron this magnetic field it only, vibrates. Magnetic. Field positioning. So. When it disturbs, it it creates, that. It. Goes back to the essence of the, original teachings. If. You have, two. Entity. And. They. Can be positioned, magnetically. What we called McGraw positioning, and if, this is dynamic and this is dynamic and this is going on three dimension, and this. Itself, is another three dimension, in, respect to something else they, create, and they move different, bandwidth of. Motion, and this, bandwidth. You. Have what we call magnetic palette so. That, how the, electromagnetic, field is created by cutting these and, then. You create the surplus, energy and, then, you call it like that you feel that, why did he feel that's, how is created. Essentially. Nothing but one. The. Electron, can, move within. A, bandwidth. And no. More and as it moves this. Is not empty space, this, is called, continuously. Filled and as. It is dynamic it, cuts into it and releases, energies, like the light and that's, what you create as well you can electromagnetic. Field of given. The strength according to director, or. You, call it a current if you can convert you to it. We. Don't lose, electrons. In the electric current we. What, we call electric current is a cutting, of the electron, according to the bandwidth of this magnetic field. And. As you keep on changing something. Here, this, changes, this has to change and, it keeps and, then if you look at the what, we call a copper. Flow to. Penetrate, copper you, need something like 50 Hertz or 60 Hertz. Then. Magnetic. Field become. Oscillation. The automatic, means a frequency, to get into it's like if, I hold you tight, in one place you stay in the state nothing happens, you try to wiggle yourself to find a way to get other with that big Ling we call it weaknesses. To. Get within the spacecraft, what. We call protons, and electrons on that way construction. Next. Question. Okay. There is a couple of questions, with that. May. Or may not be fine. Pardon. Me do. We have anything about the follow. From. The present, live audience. You. See we've, got. We. Do have questions, in the Q&A and, if, is, there anyone with. A live. You. Mean in the live participants. Is, that what you're okay. Okay. Remind. The attendees, if you have a question, you can put your hand up and I can promote, you to a panelist, and. We have a number of panelists, is there anybody that has, a. Live. Question, they'd, like to ask it, this time. Preferably. Referring. To the today's, teaching, but it, might be from some, other. Part. I. Think. My brother put up a question can, we please leave that. Put. Up the question. In. Q&A a son. Yes. Ah. Okay. I see. Okay. The question goes. How. Does one know if one is one of the good people. What. Happened, at Birth that two, souls created. At the. Time of creation. Could. One be the, one created. With the interaction. Of, PMF. And of the, Sun and Earth and the, other one, was. A volunteer. Soul to update, one. More time in the physical, dimension. Thank. You Sam. I. Don't. Know. I. All. Depends. How we look at it we. Are all we are all condemned when you're on earth we are all conditioned, the gravitational-magnetic, field, of there there's. No matter which direction we Tommy. This. Is where the soul has, accepted. Strength, filled up. And. It. Does not go to manna-fest, maybe, one half of me is from Planet Zeus and the other hobbies from this planet if. You are from Francis, you you manifest, yourself in the different. Dimension. And strength and the gravitational-magnetic. Read, up there. Okay, thank you mr. Kesh, is. There anybody else in the palace who has a question, at this point I. Think. We touched a sort of many people today. Now. They have to remember how they spoke to you their mom, in their soul in the water mother and what did she say.

Because. I have one more question. Come. On can I just go somewhere one second, please, here. Rick. Sternly, can you send Annika, 129. Tests to. Rick that they can put it up please it's, already. There. Brick, would you like to put this up because those, of you who want to see the 120, in nine Tests are. In. In. Essence, the raid was running. We'd, like to put it up the link is on it, yeah. We've got. Is. Four different video, actually. There's, four videos, altogether, I'll, show you what they look like here. Okay. So there's. The. 129. Break. Tesla. Breakthrough, full, raw unedited. Three. Hours of. Of. Watching. The, the. Peaks. Of the magnetic. Peaks that happen. There's, another one the. Live. Recording showing. A weight, reduction there's. A part, one and part three, of that and. There. Was the breakthrough, 129. Tesla, from the K, fssi, lab it's, a two-minute. Video. That shows the highlights, I believe so maybe that would be the best one to look at. And. Let. Me just get that set up here. Just. A full years ago maybe huh. Mm-hmm. Yes that's right, October. 26. My god like oh so, it's. True was so long that time. Many. Lifetimes have, gone by since then, I'm. Yet. Okay. I think this, is. You. See how I've gotta reset the sharing, here for. Optimize. And, sound. Do. You think it'll be a claim against us by Keshe foundation, I. Don't. Know if I put sound on this or, something that it's. Okay but let it go. Okay. So here, we go, don't. Whoops I need to, make. Sure we share this because it's, bit. Funky, today, okay, now it should work. Oh. Yes. I forgot there is a bit of music as the first there so I'm going to turn off that part until, we get into, it a bit here. This. Is the flow, reactor, lab ah. So, you can see. The, meter. The. Center. Of the screen there the little black. Arrow. Pointer. That's kind of going. Up and down that, indicates. The magnetic. Peaks that are going on live. In real time and. The. Meter records. The maximum. Peak. In. The. X. Y&z. Directions. Oh. You. See Stanley's, put a little arrow there at the bottom. Reading. On the meter. And, we walk back into, the display. Papa stop. The shape of the structure, of the system the the actual. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. You. Had it in the beginning for. A short time, in. The beginning of this recording, was the star formation. Like. This part. Here now, these. Are the first dynamic reactors. Which was designed by Armand. This, is hanging, in a frame you see the orange frame and. Other. Two systems, are, proud, that because, much. Bigger, four separate. What. I call. Systems. Do. We see other that's other the set up I. Think, the other systems, are. Under. One. Of the other videos, probably the. Wrong. Edited. I think there's some background shots there, let's. Have a look-see thinking. Yeah. This was switched on our left. If, all-in, is that he can tell you something if it's it away. And. I got one there you, see the system, in that one I don't. See here, we. See the system where that Indian. Guru came to see us you see it with their systems, on the floor I. Think. This just is the, readings. As well, this. Is not wrong to know. This. Reading is a slightly different isn't, it. Yes. What you see in the background that's the. System. Of our that's. The feeder you. Know, I think at that time you weren't showing too much of the actual systems, we were kind of as. Kind of top-secret, at, the time, you're. Showing mostly the results. We. Stopped, pictures of it I think, I think in. The archive, yeah. We do have pictures and, I'm. Just trying to find them on this données video so I don't see them on on these videos, so, these. Are just the tests. Is. Probably more than, one. Of the workshops, at that. Would. Embarrass, come. Up with 129, it was followed from point 1 to 2. And 3, I remember, when achieved, 1920. There, was always a cheap because if somebody was always awake watching it I'm putting nodes in it I was, in it. Yes. That's right we spent a lot of hours. Watch. One of. These. Other cuts. In. The in, the intro. Phil. Has where. We see the guru on the floor of the. Lab. Here. We see the setup there I think when he came it was there, oh it was set. Up, it. Was a very active time in the sense I know a lot of good things was achieved a lot of waiting was done and, he.

Got. A stupid thing but the belgians wouldn't take place most. Probably we would have open, that section as a part of the hugest. Structure, of teaching but we had to stop. They. Want to test us and they then give you a cold soup. Carry. On. Please, the interesting, talking about this be sure the picture, of the go oh how, is a other such criminal, offense to give life back in Belgium only by them the, rest of the world is, rejoicing, such, a science. Interesting. Thing is t

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