231st Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 5, 2018

231st Knowledge Seekers Workshop July 5, 2018

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Welcome. Everyone to the 230. First, knowledge. Seekers, workshop for. Thursday, July 5th. 2018. This. Will be a special workshop, that. Is dedicated. To the memory of. Fabiola. Alfonzo. As we, seen with the initial. Video and. I'm. Sure mr. Kesh will have something, to say about that as well. As many other, topics, today, so. Without further ado let's begin. Today's, show and. Hear. From mr. Kesh. Are. You there mr. Kesh. Yes. Good morning good, afternoon good evening to. You whenever and whenever you listen to these knowledge. Seekers, broadcasts. I. Think. What. We see is. Two. Years back and. There's a lot of good things that's happened a, lot. Of things have brought a foundation. Totally, different direction because of Fabio. And. In. So many ways his, memory, is very fresh. We, celebrate, his life. In. So many ways. He. Changed, the course of the work of the foundation. He. Gave us a pause to think. There. I. Think. Not only the, foundation. But. People. Who were close. To him, they went through a trauma and. It. Forced, a lot of new things new. Directions. Karna. Would have not taken place to shape the. Second place it wasn't because of Fabio, and many. Other things just. Come. This enough of his brother, so. Few. Days ago few weeks ago and. Every. Time. We. Pass. The. Place, of accident, and. Especially. When we pass. The. Place near, the marker, where his body, was kept, before burial, at, the same time same. Second. We. Didn't know he was in that place, Carolyn, I heard his voice and, we both looked at each other since, you. Hear Fabio and. We. Found out in the afternoon that, it was only maybe 20 meters away from us. It's. A very strange reading to, us in the same car passing, the same roundabout. We. On this side of the run Bert and his. Body was on the other side are not in a row, and. Report, heard his voice is his. And, he, says strange and. When we heard from. The. Family, that is where, he is and we went to pay our vast respect, for him. That. Voice has a stateless. And. Every. Time I. Pass. The place. It. Reminds me and I, hear the voice. Now, two years down, the line and. With, the knowledge we have from the accident. I'm. Sure, the. People who are response, for a responsible. Freight but. Is that judgment. But. You here to celebrate his life. Take. Place in the coming time. We. Seen the change. In Naomi and. We. Celebrate, her life she's. Changed, more in past three four weeks. And. Hopefully. Before. End of summer should be amongst was telling us a lot of her, lap tears and jokes she's, the silliest funniest, before maybe more, I. Spent. Some times with her very recently, last few weeks and. She. Has not lost her spirit. She's, still the. Cheekiness is more the. Joy of being with her is more rejoicing for all of us. When. I look at her pictures, to past pictures, and. I look at the, face. And the present, pictures, and when I see her. The. Soul is the same but much happier so still. As. Nothing. Has happened she's. Going through the. Process of rehab - and learning, everything, how. To use fingers, toes and it's. Done with some. What. He called it pain but. She rejoiced her because she's not something new and.

She Still gives you a kiss and kisses, non-stop. Because. Anybody. Else would, have been different. Way most probably but no, means not the. Joy of life for her most probably the more important, anything else. Every. Time I've seen her, since the accident. This, always shows, human. Nature and human what is more powerful, than the. Wickedness. Of the man and, we. Can overcome it. We, seen her most probably to. The what is happening, in television. Amount and other programs. She'll. Become a symbol, of the, furnish our life can be given back and, how. Profound, the technology, is. Especially. For example in past 3-4 weeks more. Maybe, five weeks. Let. Me have one for, direct. Repairs, our part which was not completed, in the brain and, he show so precisely, we, can dictate, the, recovery, of the brain the construction, of the brain and. The. Beauty of it is done by the father not, by outsider, so, it shows the technology, is very much on the hand, of every man on this planet it. Also has to decide how to develop, it in what we want to develop it and if. The wishes of the bad who makes it and the wishes of the person who receives it is. The same the, system will work darling. You. See in the movement of the leg and the foot and, these. Things have been achieved, in. Different ways and some muscles were not working we can even precisely, increase, muscles, pressure and a kind of thing can be dictated by, different. News of different plasma patches. In. What way loss, of Fabio has brought a new dimension, to us but another way we. Celebrate his life because, he changed a lot for, Humanity. When. I went to Africa. I. Did. Not want to come back to Italy because, it was so much horrible and sharpness. In, the whole thing that. Coming. Back to Europe had no meaning so we put all the love and effort we, had into, Ghana, to. Bring gone and Africa, back into position I. Presume. If. Was, not that, we. Would have come together for a few days and come back, but. As. You, read if you go back to this what, was shown, in the video. In. So many ways he, was like a son to us. And. He says the writing. We. Understood. The, life is to celebrate and we. Understand, the celebration, of the light has. To be true existence of the soul. I'm. Sure, his, soul is with us and he's, there to enjoy, the. Extension. On the existence. In. Today. We celebrate. His life every, seventh of July. Four. Times to, come and. Other. Said. He. Has changed the course of the foundation, so many ways and. I'm. Sure. The. Effects, of it will be felt across the. Keshe foundation, for years to come. The. Laughter, detroy. But. I call, the. Overlooking. In the shortcomings, even if we have problems. There's. Always a solution for it I. Thank. You honey for being there as a father, being, there are so. Many different, ways to support.

Many. Things that. He could keep him. Confirming. That the. Love of a father for a daughter, is. Much, much more than anything else and he can give life back to his daughter ideas, here in it. And, with it and it carries a lot of joys of knowing, that. Fabio. And. Situation. Midna owe me goes. Hand in hand it, was the same accident, and, the. Outcome would have been totally, different for the other one or both of them. We. Celebrate, both lives and. Not. Just because we see what a physical I, mentioned. We. Can say that, the other one does not exist takes this morning, the soul of him and in the facts of him and, who. See it may be the joy of the tomb and sometimes. When I sit with Naomi and see. Here the cheekiness I see. Part. Of Fabio, in here with. The cheekiness, and the way he used to be and. Sometimes I think there are two souls in my body and it's very interesting because. I, don't, look to from the physicality of their the, only when I'm with her and, looking what is inside, her that was in East elevation change. And you see a very different mother. Called woman. Than. What we had because they brought very close with us what we saw the mothers every day in the office and. It's. Joyful to see now way back and. I'm, sure. In. The short time should be with us sure you will see part of five years character. In heaven and it's very amazing how you, see the tool even she cannot talk. We. Celebrate both lives both, souls and, I'm sure, we. Have many joyful times, to come to, remember positive, interpretation. There. Is a extension. To the. Work of the foundation. As. We go any progress. Many. Of you you heard about the press and. Plasma. Press which has come out by the cash our nation's real estate, now has become a proper documented. Trade and. In. This paper we. Release, the work of the foundation on. It for. Monthly basis and. In this this. Month issue we. See fab you there as. Well and celebrating, his life. If. Allah, your pair you want to take over i need to choose this part and what. Is in it for us. Yes. Hello, good, morning. Yourself. I'm. I'm. Allah i am the head of the Keshe foundation, and I. Have the honor to, present, the, new edition, of the cave. Plasma, time. Also. As a gratitude. To Fabio and to, the joy that he has brought to us for. The time we have know him. So. For, the plasma times we, decided. That it's the time to take it to a new, level to. A level where, the. Magazine, can be printed and distributed to. The. Government's, the communities, that. When. They take it in their hands and they look at it and they read our articles, they, feel proud to be part of the Keshe foundation community, and they, feel proud to be, part of the achievements, which are presented in. These. Plasma, times we. Are trying, to, to. Put together articles. From all. Categories. We. Want, to update the, public about, the news, what. Have. Happened inside, the Keshe foundation, worldwide. The. Progress, we are doing in the education, in the KSA, education. Section. We. Are trying to introduce people. To the new products, which are coming out of the plasma, technology, and as. A special edition for this month we added also. Fabulous. Remembering. And, also. Now miss. Progress. With. How. She exited, from, coma with the help of this technology. Also. Because the Keshe foundation, is so. Widely spread, we are keeping up with the language communities. And we. Are being informed about, their activities, therefore we decided to put them in the in. The, cave, plasma times. For. People to see how many activities, it can happen around the world, and. As. A special section as well we, have inserted, the, plasma, scientific, journal. Where. We are showing that it is possible, to take cash for nations, plasma, technology, and. Put. It in a format, that, the. Professionals, from today, the. People. That are used to to. The format of universities. Can read it and maybe, like that they can understand, it better and, they can bring this technology to their governments, and they can work together to, actually bring, it to their nations. Additionally. We are putting, also section, of testimonials. And. Information. On how people can join us in various activities, so, for this month we chose KF wiki, and. Many. More interesting things will also come in the new editions. The. Newspaper will actually be published, every, month until now and, in. Every month we will have new. Interesting, interesting, content, inside. So. As. You can see on the front cover. We. Are saying that mankind. Is ready so, we, know we are ready it's, just about us, believing. Also. That we are ready for the space travel and when, we will believe and when. Our, souls, will say yes, we.

Know Then. We. Will join the universal, community as well so, it's all about the, power of man kind of. Acknowledging. That they, are, capable. Of being peaceful, nation and they are capable of joining. The universal, community. Um. As. We, are used to, we do have updates. From our Research Center so, on, the Keshe. Foundation News you will be able to read. The latest article, from from. John in which. Is. Talked, about, spaceship. Development. And. Where. It has, reached. And where. It will take us. In. In. Kfs education, we, wanted, to. Show. That people, that. Took the, knowledge from this technology, applied, it in. In. Their school projects so, we are talking about our young people and. They. By applying this they actually showed how much it can be done and they're. Also receiving. Incentives, for it by, receiving. The award so in this case our plasma. Students, actually won the first prizes at. But. A school project which is called mini technicals. So, congratulations, towards. The. The. Team that worked, hard into, doing this research and this project and in, the next edition you, will also be seeing, the full. Method of, how. It, was done so it. Will be under the scientific. Journal side. We. Have talked, into, 229. Only seekers workshop Guiseppe, actually. And. Avani helped, us to understand, a little bit more about the, interactional. Of. Plasma, t-shirt with. Our. Bodies, so we. Reminded. The people about, it also in this edition, of July for people that would like to learn about the. Technology and how it is, applied in the product they, can just go in the two hundred and twenty ninth workshop, at. Two. Hours 49 minutes and they can listen once again my Giovanni has presented, and. For. Those who want a t-shirt they, have, the link also published. A. Memorial. For Fabio to. Remember. Him and. If. People. Would like to. Understand. More about what person, he was they can read all the comments that were posted, at. That time and they. Will feel. What we, felt most likely, at, the. Time we got the news. Under. Mega coverage, section we. Have the story. Of Nami, from the accident. Until. Today. How. With. The help of her father applying. This technology. Being. It, was the only the only way to get her. Back. On her feet and. This. This, article is actually taken from Maltese. Publication. They. Were interested, in the history and they wrote about it so, we are just publishing. In, English. The. Version of the article. In. The language communities. We. Were, informed that. The. Romanian team, has, made team-building in, which they, they. Met together and, they brought all the devices they even built few devices, at. The workshop and they, were very excited, to show, their their. Creation, which they did, according, to to, what they learned from them from. Mr. Kesh, so. They have shared with us a few of their. Devices. Experimental. Devices which. They, they. Built through. Their selves. And. We thank you mr. cash for for. This beautiful knowledge, that, you are sharing with us. We. Reached, now to the plasma, scientific, journal, it's. The section where. The. Things become a little bit more technical. And scientific yet. Anyone, can do it so. We. Do have a support team which. Can, help any, of the of. The, people knowledge seekers around the world that would like to create such a paper. We. Can help them put, it in in, the same format and any. Experiment, that anyone has done so far can. Become a scientific, journal entry, because we, can all do it we are all scientists, with. With plasma technology, with cash plasma technology, we are all scientists, in, in. This edition, we actually, start. With. Maybe. The, first step in plasma, imaging. How. To determine the field strength and. Christian. Is actually taking us through a method. Using. Special. Measurement, paper. And. Various. New substances, which are available anywhere, to to. Provide and. He. Described. His objective, the math code a. Little bit of history on the method, he used and. Exactly. The setup step. By step very detailed. Which. He. Which. He executed, and then, the observations, that happened, and according. To each. Combination. Of chances, he, got, different, readings and by these different readings, he, is able to analyze. And. Maybe, compare the results between the. The. Various gas fields, how they actually. Interact. Or behave how, they show themselves let's, say because, we, are still in the physical part for the moment. And. Like. I said anyone. Can can. Replicate. What. Was done and anyone. Can submit also their work, and. We. Can publish it. We. Do have also a testimonial. From, one of, our main. Distributors. From Italy and, we. Were actually. Very. Impressed with with, his words at the end he, he. Has been there since the beginning with us he, is passed through the good through the bad and he still there and we, love him for that and we thank him for that and. What. He wrote the last statement, showed, us that he actually understands. Why. Are we here and what are we doing and.

He Did say that the Keshe foundation, is not only about the generator, but. Is mostly about changing, the world and, this. Is what we are doing we, are not just trying to put, out products, that, can. Replace other products, from the shelf in the store, we. Are trying to show. People that they are capable of living. Better more. Abundant, and in peace and they. Do not need much for that. So. People. That are listening our, workshops. And mr. Cash's teachings, and the. Words from, from mr. Kesh will. Eventually, change and, by. Changing everyone. Listening, to mr. Cash's words then. We will change entire world. And. Of. Course as usual we need a lot of support. Our. Wiki, community, is growing same, as all, the other communities around the world and, we. Will need your help we will need your help to create database, to, put the materials, together and. To. Actually. Contribute. To the. Growth of. The. Knowledge and to the growth of spreading. The knowledge in, the in the, world. So. We. Would like to ask, you if you have an hour or two of time. A week it, is helpful, for the Keshe foundation, to to, put together the knowledge in, a format that people can access it online and they. Can get in touch with with. What mr. Kesh is teaching us. And. As. The. Back. Cover of the magazine. We. Wanted to remind you about our summer challenge, from. The team, in Italy. Which. Is. Actually. Offering. Quite a. Good. Package, for, those that would like to order, in certain values. So. That's. July's, Edition and, we. Will be publishing on the Keshe foundation website the. Links will also be distributed online, through social medias, so stay tuned for the announcement. And if. You like it we, hope you will wish to subscribe, also, for the August and the next editions. Thank. You. Thank. You very much. As. We, see gradually, things are taking shape and. Different. Ways and different directions. Foundation. Is becoming. A well-established. Organization. In every aspects, now what, is important, with this. Publication. Is. That the, publication, of papers, this. Gives a lot of credibility in, time if you've done any research any work just. Submit it to be done how you made, their plans and system that they helped your mother or I help. The cat or you discovered, making a new toy, write. It like a scientific, paper or send it to the. Keshe foundation, team they're. Putting in the scientific, form for you and, these. Get credited, to you doesn't need to be peer-reviewed we, don't peer-review nothing. This. Has to be peer-reviewed but. People who can make things and test it and develop, it and come, back and add to it or maybe using something else. It. Is it. Has to become the cornerstone of, three knowledge, there. At, the moment a lot of people see a lot. Of things wrong with this, process. That we haven't started and, I said many time when. A. System. Or a group or organization. Or. Foundation. Works on. The thoughts and the lines of the thoughts of his founder. Everybody. Works the same way because they're of the same school of thoughts and as. We open our patterns and we share knowledge freely and you're doing 3d there is no fear of somebody, doing and you might not earn something, out of it we. Always looked at the earning in the pocket one who brings us but. We. Never looked at it that, giving. By, the soul, to, comfort, what you have done to one man makes. More investments. In the soul of the man for the celebration of it then, in the pocket autumn and the money goes but the solar evasion, stays, then. This is the beauty of people, don't understand, why and the way I share knowledge, because. To me at the end of the day life, carries, on and when, is the time to change I mention of physicality, they will take place nobody, has managed to stop this process from. The beginning of the time of the universe. But. Elevating. The soul has, been one of the biggest thing that man has never understood, begin. Freedom and with it when a father saved. A sudden wife or father. Says no daughter's, life the. Blessing which brings to the soul of the man allows. The force all who, are following, it to be elevated to so. It's. Not important, what you patent, you cannot touch it but. Sharing, knowledge means, saving, knowledge I don't think I'm saving, it it, means you can save somebody else's life and the rest of it, so.

This. Article's. What it comes as a scientific, papers, that. Start. Releasing, start. Putting more of it even the ones which the Romanian, children, have. Won award make, it as a paper how it was done and put, it in there and. Let. Them submit, it as a paper what they did and then, we can always bring them in as, they supposed, to paper to the journal, any. Of you you develop things, as. Long as it's within the boundary and the conditions, of the finishing work we publish it make it like a paper, and. You never know who by contract, you and what might happen. So. This. Plasma, times is the beginning of virtually the, general scientific, journal, in the back of it made by the Keshe foundation, scientists, without. Peer, review and, that's. The beauty, of it, nobody, publishes, people's paper without. Reviewing. We. Don't have you most probably will be a spelling. Check if it's there and, if. The pictures has to be moved to one place another it'll. Be published the way you submit, it and nobody. Can make. A review, on it and in, their coming time in the what we call the live version of it. There. Should be a link where, people, can make comment on it that's how we review which how us be peer, review with the people who read the paper can make a comment that we are in the condition that the. Live interaction, should be possible maybe somebody, else as their knowledge to it and. Then it speared, by the peer, reviewer, which is what. Is used by it anything, is comment, on it and. So. We. Have mature enough journalists, and nothing, needs to be hidden if. God hasn't hidden the. Knowledge of creation, from man why should man hide, what he just creates or maybe discovers from the knowledge of God and tries. To in. A way hide, and knowledge, thinking, he's so clever. In. This kind of process. We, are changing. A lot I had, a pleasure to meet a man this week gave. Me a lot of pleasure to hear, a lot of things which. We were told which. We knew receive. A confirmation of, it that, some. Of the world leaders appreciate. What we are doing the way we are doing it and how.

It's, Getting done and, confirmation. That the. Foundation, work is, not, hidden from, all leaders, at. The same time it gives us a chance to understand, as they, listen we. Can bring our thoughts and, change the direction on course, and. The. Knowledge has to be complete the knowledge has to be at the edge, that, is shared as its learned and, is. Changed, and, upgraded. And added to without. Prejudice. And. This, will teach us a lot these kind of journal. Publications. Will. Give us a lot I think the Keshe foundation team has to take this crash plasma, team, in the, list of journals, publishing, scientific, papers not. Just to be here look. Into the network. And, see. Where they is a place where their journals, are published and, focus audition plasma. Time as, a journal, for scientific. Paper people. Might deliver other papers, to us to publish which they cannot do. Call. It, publication. Without the peer review and then. Is for people to come they find confidence, and being a lot of people to us. That. They understand, more as, one. Of the Keshe foundation, follows tells me there. Is a lot of people still need to know what we do where we are and. What we can do about the Candlewood and knowledge themselves. Do. We see John in the background. Is. He. Yes. He is my son. John. Would you like her, to. Enlighten. Us what you're doing with your spaceship, how far you are and, I might give you a little bit of hint what we're, doing. So. My. Heart tells me we're doing a lot of things correctly. How. Much do you want me to. Go. For a lunch and come back where it then they don't come back or breakfast, they come back okay, have the whole person, so let's open I, give you thing are you anywhere near your Co tools or what. You call it. Are, you anywhere near your. The. Tyrian, which are using. No. No. No very, like for me right now. On. So I'll give you I'll. Give you a tip, okay. When. You test, your. H2. The. Only way, not. Only one. Way to say that, it is h2. Is. To. Put, a magnet, against, it. See. If he. Moves. With the magnet. Okay. And. Should. It move. An. Issue his rule you've got your hitch - okay. Then we got our age -. Congratulations. Yeah, um. You. Need to do it I'll tell you I tell you these are the these are the test development, does I we, share knowledge in so many ways, if. You made. The h2. And. It's in black, color as we said before all the time from the beginning the reason for it being black, is. The. H2. In, in. So, many ways in him, is. A plasmatic, condition. And in a plasmatic condition. Due. To its orientation, becomes. Carbon. 6 to. Make a full sphere or an exact, known shape of its up in when. You put magnetic, fields, together this, is the natural process, when this layer of them so. In. That process. When. Is a carbon, if, you. Understand. The composition of parameters, of the car magnetic, field, you. Will find out, it. Leads, to, creation.

Of. Behavior. As a plasmatic, condition. Of. Iron. In. A bigger structure. So. It, behaves, like a magnetic. But. In fact is. Deteriorate. To understand. And when it says is you can use it with a magnet and you said if it moves, get. Yourself, nano, called two, magnets. Place. It in. The salt and put. Your deuterium, in it and. As usual, you're, trying to make yourself you, think they're. What. We call. Magnets. But. Just, connect the two magnets with the wire to each other and leave it connect. The. Two wires to a load which. Is very. Small load, and. Then leave it and what, you observe, is that. The. Blackest off becomes. Pinkish, it. Becomes, hydrogen. In. Condition. Of magnetic, field or. It, becomes, three tiem they. Change pink you. Might still, see some black residual, which comes from the creation of the. Particle. Ch3. Because. If we go back to the ch3, this. Is a lot of people asking how we get a confirmation and, I know journeys, onto this as well it's. Very simple. As. I can draw it for you is. You. Got to understand, at, the beginning of the production of the. What. You call, ch3. What, do you do you put a nano. Coated, copper. In. A, and. Then. You, put a what. We call. Composite. Coating. Which is the zinc and iron. So. If you were in fact you look at it you. Are working, on a very typical, condition. That. Opposite, strength. In this because I don't see that way you. Have the, zinc coating, and, then. Behind, it, you have the iron coating. Iron. Inside, it because, it's, galvanized, the steel so, what you got to look at in in a scientific, way about it is very. Much, you. Have to process going at the same time you. Have this process which. Is there, zinc and. The. What. You call the. Nano coated copper and then, you have a second, process, which. Is between the iron and, the. Zinc. Aside. The copper so, these, two processes, have. To create its own condition. This gives you the co2, which. You have created, which. On, the, other hand the, iron, and this, gives, you hear. The difference, in, the first one is, 56. To 60. Yeah. And. In. The, other one is. The. Zinc which is the usual six. Here. Is the, copper, and iron. Take place in, the isotopes, of it it's more or less just only three that's why you get a ch3 in the balance of the energy, so, that's where the hedge comes from, so.

When. In that process, you go through ice. Isotopes. Then, you find out partially. When, the, zinc, balance, goes away when. They the, the, coating, after, what. We call the. Galvanized, plate goes now, you're only dealing with a ch3 but. Because the carbon balance of the zinc is more or less. Eradicated. Is used for, production, of the ch3, now. The only thing is left is a. H2. Because. The thing is not there and the, carbon, condition, between the zinc and, the. Copper. Nano-coated. Does not exist, so, in fact what you have you, have a copper, nano-coated. Condition, with C or about 60, 59 60, and, you, have a. What. We call the iron on its own so, it's. A very very small gap the only thing we left the majority is giving you h2. Because. The. Balance of the. Interference. Between the two if, you go to Wars, 57. 58, was. 60. 59, makes. Two is a more powerful balance, table, and, they chose created, but. Immediately. It. Changes, itself, into, the condition of because. Has, the, presence. Of the iron, to, bear what. We call the isotopes. Of the spherical condition. Dynamic, which. Creates. An ABS or stand magnetic, field of their, iron. Property. So. It. Behaves, like an, iron and native interacts, with magnetic field this. Brings a lot of knowledge in the background, in the world of science and if you go back from the beginning some months ago when I start teaching you I always. Told you the. Theorem is black and, now if, you test it you confirm, it and if. You use. The, energetic, fields, you'll. See it changes to pink or what I call it to orangish, color which. Is the, h3. Because. If it, was a pure. Iron. Nano. Material. What. You're gonna be left with is iron and it shouldn't change color but, when it changes to h3 if, you put a magnet on it you see it doesn't move it has the property of h3 this, is a one way of confirming. What you produces, the Tyrael for your space you. Okay. It. Was in line with what we have taught up to now. So. I think the other key element to. That is. Creating. The, what. You've been referring, to as the diamond structure of, the. Material. And. When. You showed me pictures last. Week where you showed the sparkling. Images. Within the, materials. Bill. I feel, like that's. We. Have to be able to get to. The. Creation, of those. Nano. Crystalline, structures, so. Can I share a picture. Well. Forget as part, of the nano. Structure. That the crystals, you see we can explain, that too because. When, you've got this composite, position. Making. You think. With, a copper.

Nano-coated, Menu, in. That process. Partially. As we said we create a magnetic, field that's how be used to create co2, but. Now due, to the, condition, of the presence, of the hydrogen. Which. Comes from, the, magnetic. Field plasma hydrogen. In the space, part. Of the hydrogen, itself, it becomes h2o. So. The, carbon, release or absorb, has nowhere to go to attach, himself so. In, the condition, of the magnetic, field in the Nano material and, at the same time the Gans transforms, which are created, is, no, alternative. Left but it becomes, the, Gans of the carbon, in a crystal structure which is like, a diamond shape and that's. Why you see, the diamond because. If, you can manage because, of the zinc plates you have and their iron sorry. And a copper nano-coated, you, you. Attract, the carbon. In and in, composition. With the. Oxygen. In the water you create the co2 that's how we create a co2, now, because, you've got the iron and you're creating, a double edge tools in a way composition. Most. Of the hydrogen, because. Of is infinity. Towards. The lighter absorption. Of the magnetic, field it. Goes towards, the hydrogen. So in what happens, it prefers to having to attract. The hydrogen, than the carbon so, there is no oxygen is left for the carbon to. Become the co2 so. The carbon is still created, in this gap which is absorbed from the environment, AB. Comes, in, but. Now, he has nothing to attach yourself to it so it stays in energetically. So condition, becomes that shiny, crystals. You see it's, a pure pure diamond, secure, what we call, plasma. Of the carbon, that shining, is carbon. And you need it those, of you who go to space development, you. Need this carbon, and if you understand, how to play with it it's, is, a is. One. Of. The backbones of, the flight system, in future, for, those who go into the space development. Because. If, you can collect it there is a way to gather it in time I'll teach you how to do it this. Is the. What, we call, storage, tank reserves, of a space development. Because with a carbon, especially. If you have a deuterium. Which, is a base material you. Can do a lot, of creations. For any elements, in the universe. In. Time we, teach you how to use it and if. You can collect this crystals, of carbon carbon in, its, property. Can. Lead, to, creation of. Many. Many many materials, and many magnetic. Fields, and you. Can create it in a way that it changes. Is, primaries. And strength to any matters, that you like. I'm. Glad you went down this path so let me share my screen or. Go. Ahead. Can. You see that. Yes. I've. Seen this picture you sent a Thomas boy. So. Let me explain what. You see and what you can, you open it up a bit can acquit or go. Closer. So. So what we did was we put so. This is our h3, here. We. We. Put it submerged. In in. Salt. Water and, what. We're doing is, or going backwards in the process, where we're. Moving. Towards more, of a replicator, type of state where. We're creating. Materials. Using. Using. Our. Dams. Bowls that you will in this, bowl we put potassium.

Salt, And the first time we made this we put magnesium, self, or. Sea salt, and. We put on this side we put a carbon rod and on the other side we put a zinc plate and. What we got, without. Deteriorating, the, carbon, rod is we, got this. Quite. A huge, amount of. Carbon. Crystalline. Structures. And you see all these little white dots those, actually. Sparkle. If the light was was. On them and if. You look down this. Had, a layer of. Amino. Acids, on the top but, if you push, them push the amino acids away and look at it it's, like you have this little glittering. Mine. Of, diamond. Structures. So. If. My thinking, that. These are ma, carbon. In a plasmatic, state, in the diamond structure or, it has the nano. Crystalline. Structure, of the Diamonds, which. I think, this. Is my thinking now can. Be used as. As. In. Addition, to other. Materials. Like our, ch3. Here for, a ch3 here for example or. Co2. To make it more powerful for. Example. That. That so, there's a. Diamond. Crystalline, structure, versus. Let's say for example we were doing similar thing with silica. And, we're making silica, crystals. It, would have a different structure but still have. Its. Place for. I'll. Say, amplifying, against. Materials, that we're using and the, capabilities. Of them. So. That's my thinking. Doesn't. Mean you're wrong does it. And. I think also that, when. We have this diamond, crystalline. Structure, over which we saw last week with, the pictures that you shared. Where. We saw the sparkles, and this in the, h3. That. These, these. Crystals. Are. What. Allow us to, connect. Our. Emotions. To the, materials. Just. Like a big crystal, we see a lot of times we we, use big crystals, for our thoughts and our, energies, but. These little crystals can do the same similar. Things and. Allows. Us to attach. If, you will to. The. Materials, and the and the, energies. That we wish to create. That's. The name now. The other thing you you. Start to the door I'm gonna I'm going to connect, you to that door, to. Something, very important. As. Always said your, walk can, I show you the way. You. Just mentioned. Something very important, and I, put, it in the background the knowledge and the science that you understand, for you. If. You go back to the. Structure. Of amino. Acid, when. We talk about a carbon, hydrogen nitrogen and, oxygen where oxygen is the gravitational, field holding. Holding. Together, where. Hydrogen. Is the. Energy. Supplier nitrogen. Is the bringer. Of the whole structure, to. Be able to transfer. And. Carbon. Is the link of the. Connections. Between. All, the elements so. If. You go back in, understanding. This and. Understanding. That if you have, as you said that i meannot acid, or amino acid of their physicality. Of the man added, to this process. Then. Existence. And the presence of the carbon, crystals. Is. Part, of the communication. Line between, the captain and between. Man controls, and, the. Energy production the. Existence. Of this crystals. Initially. And from the beginning was. Set, out for, this effect. And. Now you understand, and you are. Correct in. Your assumption, that. If. You. Understand. The, use of the. Carbon. Crystals. In a plasmatic, condition, and understanding. All our teachings, from the beginning. Really. We always, spoke. About a carbon to be the communicate, the connection, the current connection, electric connection between the. Cells, that's. Why in every pro in medical we always use a co2, then. You create that link. Our. Understanding. That you created, this carbon, in the, Nano, structure.

Gas, Boxes. Which. Men are never to believe there is amino, acid of this planet, in it. This. Should have given you a clue or at, least indication, to understand. Through. This line. You. Can connect, the, operation. Of the thoughts and the soul of the man to the running of the system. Therefore. The. Existence, and the presence of the carbon crystals, as a plasma, condition, is. The connection, between the, man the. Operator, and. The system is a remote, control connection and it's. Instantaneous. So. Those of you who move, to, what we call zero, time communication. You, should understand, a lot about this, what has been explained. This. Gives, you a new dimension, this gives you a new. Understanding. And. Scientifically. Understand. It why. And how and. Now. You understand. Why. There. These crystals, carbon. Crystals, as we, call it but in the plasma condition, our. Reality. Or your, connection. If. You understand, how to use it unsure many of you going to envelop a develop, and evolve this knowledge is. Part, of your zero. Time communication. And. It goes back and it's in line what we have tortured for the beginning that. The carbon, is the, line of communication, connection. Between, energies. And. Dimensions. But, when you enter in a plasma condition and. You, understand. In the coming time as you evolve, in the education. Of the universe. That. Is. The, line between, the soul of the man and operation. Of the system. So, those, of you who are looking for. Well. Call, through. Your, soul, to control, you. Have, found because don't forget part, of the soul of the man is, created, from the interaction, of the carbon, itself and, amino. Acids. Dynamic. I mean as it has as. God created. They're. What we call this, free space or we call the soul of the man energy sense Center, so. If. You go back and understand. This and you put, this system in the dynamic, condition. Many. Of you who going in dimension, of the travel, and space, development. Through what, we call plasma technology. You'll. Find out how. Your. Thoughts will, lead to, the creation, of, motion, I explained. It in a very hidden way in. The. Development of the space technology in, Iran others, to go back to some of the teaching I explained.

That We, could dictate which, way the system flies. This. Is how we could understand, we could control it, creation. Of the fields and the dynamic, for which has no but, we knew which way we want you to fly so, those, of you, who run, a double system, you. Will find out by holding, to the system, which is a granite, which is a stronger, one through. That you control, the second, one in distance, what. This means if, you remember I simply, put it there. Sorry. Mayor. Hello. Since. We put it. John. Can you call backup I had, a new John Airy I think he had a recording, playing in the background that, he has to I. Hope. You do not need John when you need you there. Okay. So what is. What. Is important. In a way to. Understand. Is. We. Set, the system up we always said if. Mean clean. Oh. It's, here. If. You remember we always said you, need two systems, one. Different. Another that. One becomes the lighter so it dictates, where to go when. You keep the second system with you and you, can understand. The process of the plasmatic. Magnetic fields, in, connection, with the crystals, so, in, your being standing. And. You. Understood, this by. Thoughts, of the control of the system with you this. Being the twin, system, you, can dictate his position, I. Do. Not need to be on planet, Jews to send the system I can. Control, with what I carry, which, is the essence, of the tool and in. That direction in the control. Where. In, reality, this. Can be a key in your pocket. Where. Through, it by strength of it you can burn or in. A way by positioning. One which, you dictate, to. The. Other, follows. The position, I. Think. Some of you are in that position maturing. And it's, time to teach you one and, now. For. Those of you who come into the space travel, dimensions, like the Chinese group which. Should be start testing in. A different way now, you understand, how you will control is not just by accident that the system happened to go this way for. One second, millisecond, in your thoughts you want to be there so what. It does it, directions, it there. And. Then. If you go step further you understand, zero time communication, through the system. Tesla. Understood, this very faintly, there, is something I explained very recently, about Tesla, and a lot of you who work around Tesco's, work you. Understand, this. Tesla. Did a lot of discoveries. I was extraneous to the Chinese blow very recent past few days we, so. Misunderstood. The. Work of the. What. You call. DC. Operation. Which. Was what. He call his. Forte, his field but. He. Hid a lot of things, which. He understood but, he crashed, or was in line to support any, theory, to do with Edison he. Wasn't an innocent man and Tesla, he was a very clever man so. Because. He did he in his process he didn't work only on DC, and understanding. The transfer, of the fields and energies, he. Understood, very well the work of, what. You call AC. Current. And DC. Currents, but. Whatever. He, understood, about DC. He hit he. Never showed it because. Then, Tesla's. Would. Have confirmed, the quickness of the work of the, Edison. Anything. Went out to destroy, testa. But. Tesla, chose the silence, of the knowledge to damage the, other side, not to give any more to to. Give more credibility to and. If. You, read the work of Tesla, you, see many of these knowledge Azhar hidden in his work in. Many of his work he confirms, the correctness how DC, can be used and how he uses, it in a hidden way not, to be seen that that gives no credibility to Edison. One. Put an elephant on the electric. Chair. A man to kill, Darwin. Silences. With not sharing, knowledge the confirmation, of his correctness, and. In, a way both harmed that more they could and because, of it humanity. Set back a lot more in the knowledge of understanding but. If, you understand. What, I just explained, and you understand, the transmission of the time and space which. Both, do not exist, in the creation. Of the universe then. You, understand, that you can, control everything, now that you have created the double system. Go. Art in this at night look. Into the sky you. See. A, combination. Of systems the combination, of these these, all are part of the teaching of the space technology development. Without it you cannot, because, you get trapped in it you, go outside and have a look you. See two. Bright lights very, much the same but distances. These. Are the tweener stars. But. Sometimes, sometimes. The. Twin stars because, of their composition. Of the element and magnetic, field created. In different. Positions, in the universe, you see, something, like this. If. You, orientate. It in a different direction what, you will see there is a fourth one there in. Fact a stars create. Themselves, a star. Formation. Whenever. You look in the sky and you see this formation, you. Have to understand there is another like somewhere in the. Space you do not look for it could be a space, from this if, you look at it somewhere. Here so there. Even. Though this and this are twin and this and this are twin in, the, structure, because, of the magnetic gravitational field, they position, themselves and bees.

In So, many ways. Create a travel, of dimension, for themselves, in the universe and they create a lot of clutches, of the. What, we call, galaxies. And solar, systems, appear, because of this interaction, of two different. Systems which. They tween, up and in, not twinning, up they. Lead to, what, we call creation. Of the heartbeat, or, a system, of control if. You look at it. What. Do you have, hydrogen. Carbon. Oxygen, and nitrogen. But. Look, at not, as named but, look at it as gravitational, magnetic field, and this. Has created life, on this planet and, now. You understand. How. Lives which are not visible to the man in the universe exist these, two systems. Gather. Up to, become a star. Formation, each one has in strength, capacity because of their position which. Creates. Gigantic. Lives in the universal, condition, they, become the amino acid, the structure of the universe man, has not been educated enough to look for these kind of structures, but. In, time you will see and, the. Indication, of it is just go out at night and look into the deep sky and, you will see you'll find this you find if, this. Amino. Acid has, led to creation of life and intelligence in. The dimension, of this planet, now, you can see the. Part of the solar structure, of the man in the universe and the galaxies, is, part of the life of another creatures, which man has not intelligence, to understand we, call the creator. We. Are part of his a structure, we are part of it we are not set, up the physicality, the soul which, is connected, as all of the creator the way is the soul of our physicality of the cell of the toe is, connected, to soul of our body, then. You understand, even, the earth as it, is now this planet is itself. Part, of the cell in their structure, of the universe, once, it looks deep into it. So. Even. Solar, systems, even, galaxies, who come into this condition of position have. And become. A part, of another amino acid, to us I mean the acid is the beginning of a life and existence so, if, such a combination in, the plasma of the condition of this planet, could, create life the, same condition, in, the death of the universe in, the amino acid, of the universe and this what are called condition, of the fields of this universe, becomes. And is part. Of the, life, of the Creator. Because. Is. The same as it is with, tow cell. In the body of man connected, to the soul of the man now. You understand, how we are connected to soul of the creator. We, had a little cell even, being there created. In the same condition, in, it say in the way is the preservation, of life life. Means being able to preserve. Magnetic. Fields that through. It can create dynamic and, the. Same time essence, of the creation of the soul and, in that double star situation. You, have the soul of the system and. Those. Of you who understand, this and you know how to position, in the right place your, control, system in, a way what you made as a twin, system, if, you can bring the twin system, within the structure, of your amino, acids, in the control, of the system you, control, the system within the structure video.

Now. Maybe, you, understand, how the control, of the systems in, the space technology will, come it's. You who control, it, and. It's you by understanding, and creating these, crystal, carbon, crystals. Which. Is the line of communication. Because our soul if, you remember, when, you put, the. Carbon, and everything. Else in it led. To creation. Of. What. We call the free plasma which we talked now. You understand, the free plasma is. The soul of the system and, if. You can place yourself as, a controller, in, this relation, and that amino, acid which you cousin we talked about is, made. Are, the. Soul of the man through carbon then. You understand, the changes, and. Understand, the, process of the creation not, is not limited, to body. Of the man it's connected, to the totality. Of the creation in the universe. So. In, so many ways those, of you who are in that direction after, development. And especially, in this based technology. You, can create conditions you, can create systems, that, now. You understand. The creation of that and, your asset which is the beginning, of it was with the ch3 you want to develop another hydrogen, tritium. Then. You, can proceed, to, the. Creation, of life and then in that process you. Understand, that, your. Work leads, to the creation of control, of zero time communication. As you have, always thought it can be done now. You. Have the, full confirmation. Of it and. You see it you see the sources of it you, see how, it can be done and now. You see confirmation, of its existence. So. In so many ways, what. You call. Your. Crystals. Carbon, crystals. Because. They are not you cannot touch it I asked, the. Research. Team in China. To. Actually. See if they can siphon it they flick and filter it and they, did everything they. Tried everything but they could not filter it because it's a plasmatic field confirmation. And, the conversion and then. As, I. Explained, and, explain, to you to understand, is the. Part of the process of understanding. That. These. Plasmas. Crystals. Are not solid crystal, matter these. Are. Part. Of the structure and. If. You know what to do with it these, carbon, resource, on line, of your zero time communication, go, back to my teaching go back to understand, when I said how, we paralyze, the military. All. The defense technologies, I wondered, war leaders in the past few days of the, change which is talk about what to come but. When, you speak, about the line of change of the, microchips. In the line of connection, this, is where it comes from.

A Carbon. Crystal. Which. Has the control, and transfer, energies, we can paralyze, any military service. System in the world. You. Got to understand you cannot touch another system, which is dynamic, because. He works on the balance of the system of energies but. In a matter stage carbon, chip you can just paralyze, it now, you understand, how you're working you. Have a dynamic crystal, which, is connected, to your what, are called the soul and, then. You can bring into the matter state and then. You will see there. Is not a single check, which can work if, you decide. In. So many ways, the. Space technology is, the end to any war, which man has decided to create it two tools. Of matter state and, then. The power of it is so immense, that the, present technology, is absolutely. Now. You understand, scientifically. How we, warned Americans, we warned of world leaders we, bring them most. Powerful. Weapons, into. Nothing because their present, power, systems. Nuclear. Weapons aircraft. Carriers, whatever. Has. A fatal. Flaw in it they all carry, cardboard. As a plastic, of microchip. And. As you know you can come wear it if you understand, it the, trip from conductivity. To resistivity, and vice. Versa. You. Don't need to, change anything, you don't need to write a program all. You do you, blow the fuse but. It's supposed to be a conductor become, resistor, I just, change one, check. Cell. These. Are what. Is needed because, in the deep space, you need this to be as part, of your protection as. Part, of understanding the, flow of the magnetic, fields in the universe. As. I said people, like John people like recessions, as in in. New York we have, recessions. As in China which. Is four or five of them now each, one of you are adding, a step by step little little, to the knowledge that it allows us to bring everything back into teaching. And. I. Said. Earlier. On now, you're in the Sun the. Beginning, are not. Only a space technology, but, understanding. In, part, of the space technology. The. Totality. Of. Understanding. Of. The. Whole structure, of the space telework. Space, development, communication. In. A very short time as, I see the developments, coming up I will, teach you, manifestation. Of the physicality in the dimension, of the existence, through part of it, which. Means you can transfer, your own energy, to any derivation and manifest yourself in that direction now that we have opened this door of the, plasma core understanding of the existence of the prism, of carbon. Carbon. Crystal. Plasma, condition is. Not, only on this planet but, it's one of the cornerstones. Of the motion, and connection, and communication in the universe but. It has different scales, of appearance. Can. I go and, open, up one more Pandora's, box and. You. Open up and then you get me talking it and I have to teach things I don't want to teach. So. I got another video I want to share you've. Seen it already. It. It, has to do with. How. We collect. The neutron, to. Power. Up our our, craft, to a higher level. This. Is a something. New first, and. It's been a little, bit of a challenge but, conceptually, I think we we. Now understand, and we've been testing it in Arizona. So. If I can share that test so if you don't mind. Hello. Is, it okay. Hello. Yes. Go ahead yes I don't listening. Go. Ahead here. We go. It's. A short, a little short video. So. The. The. Question comes up how do we. Collect. The, neutron. From. The, substances. That we're working, with so, this, is what we're doing I hope this is the right video I think it is. Okay. So since we put it in there. All. Of a sudden, it's kind of. Bouncing. Around and. It. Seems, like it's. Energizing. Itself. So. We'll see kind, of what happens with it. Because. It was very stable, when, it was over in the other area, and now. It's. It's. Like picking, up the fields. Okay. So what we did this is nothing more than an empty ball can you explain, again can you load, useful. So this is nothing more than an empty ball. Has. Nothing in it just. Acrylic. Ball spinning. But. What we did is we put that ball that. Reactor, there that you're looking at in between. Two. Other reactors. One. With. Tritium. And one, with. Deuterium. And. What. We're doing is we're. Not. Only are we spinning. Off the electrons. But. We're also spinning, off neutrons. Yeah John, John, John. Hello. I. Have. Totally. Lost you from the time you started this video I got, kicked out the minute you started a video. Okay. So, um. Can, you read part again please have you seen the video. No. I just I just come back in somehow. Every time a video starts, I get kicked out of the system, well.

Let Me talk and I restarted again. Okay. So since we put it in there. All. Of a sudden is kind of. Bouncing. Around and. It. Seems, like it's. Energizing. Itself. So. We'll see kind, of what happens with it. Because. It was very stable, when, it was over in the other area, and, now, it's just. Like. Picking, up the fields. Okay. So so what we have here is on on the left-hand side we have the, one spaceship, reactor, and on, the right-hand side we have the other spaceship. Reactor, and, both. Of those are sitting. In the, middle of the. Big huge, 18. 18. Meg Graff feels. That. Have. The, high voltage. Transformers. Powering, them up so, the fields are very big. This. Ball, here, on this reactor. Right. Now, as its. It's, empty. But. In in my mind, what, we've done is we've. Attracted. The. Neutron, and maybe. Even some electrons, into, this ball. That. Are of the. Call. Of the hydrogen, configuration. Because. When, we when, we got. This what. We did to get this ball. Primed. If you will was. We put a, a. Reactor. On this. Side and a reactor, on this, side with. The equal amount of deuterium, m and. H. H3. Or. We. Could have used hydrogen, and deuterium either, one, and. We. Allowed those to spin, and this. To spin so, that this spinning, action, on this one in the spinning action on this one would, allow the neutron. To be picked up in this one and. We. Use that neutron, to. Attempt. To energize, the system, when, we put this one in almost. Immediately, we got a. What. Appeared to be the field interaction. With. This quote. Empty, ball. Interacting. With the two spaceship. Reactors. So. That was how we, went about trying, to collect the neutron, because. If we collect a neutron. Then. We kind of, unlock. The, key de to. Really. Powering up the energy, fields, that. Can. Can. Ignite, the the. Lighting, up of the, this. De 2 spacecraft. So. We. We've. Done it on a couple different couple. Different, ways and. You're. Hoping that we're. Ready to light. Up the fields. So, now. Hello. John this is Brittany I have a question. Yes. Go ahead Ronnie, happy. Have. You consider, testing. That. Motor. Without. The ball on up on. That. The same area. Where. The rust from field. What. Do you mean by testing, the motor just. Run, it there without the ball, I would, like to isolate if. The, field is interrupting, with the motor or interrupting. The ball. Because. You said it's, in bad shape, yeah, I'm sure that the motor has is, being. Shaken. It, has, it feels. And. Maybe. That's why we're seeing some of the shaking. But. What I'm trying to. Offer. As, a. Possible. Solution to, collecting, me the. Neutrons. Which, is what we're really trying to do is. Waiting, together, that that Neutron. Yeah. Because I, would, I would like to isolate it if the. Reason for such movement, could. It be through. That ball, or. It. Is the motor that is affected, because we have a strong field in the area. So. If I if I was successful and, pulling a neutron. From. The. H3. In the deuterium, then. What, would happen, irregardless, of the motor would. Be the fields would light up in. My. In my opinion. So. The. Motor really. Is. Is. Irrelevant. I'm sure the motor is interfering. To a certain degree all. Of the motors are interfering, your sir. But. I don't know that that's keeping, us from collecting. The neutron, that's, what we're testing, okay. Are. The motor in what you didn't die. I'm. Sorry. Okay. So. The motors, when. They operate, there, even, though they're brushless motors, and we have them operating, on a on a DC, battery. There's. A certain. Magnetic. Fields are generated that. Call. It I'll say are of a matter. State when. We're trying to keep everything in the environment, of a, plasmatic. State. But. Maybe the fact that they're engulfed. In the. Entirety. Of the plasmatic. Feels that. The in. Essence incorporate, themselves into. You. Know the one of the plasmatic, field like. A big, like. They become part of the spaceship. My. Method. Of isolating. The motor is. Facing. I will, wrap the piece in with aluminum, foil or tape. Hoping. That other. External. Fields and its. Own internal. Field will not interact with each other, if. The casing, of your motor are already in. Aluminum. Let's. Say you block for a cast aluminum, and we. Don't have a problem with it interacting with outside fields if it is. Coming. Bernie. Please. The. Easiest, way to do it, if you're going to capture their. Neutrons. Is. To create a saltwater. It's. If. You have your. All. The other materials, in, a salt water your. Cancers, so. When, you bring, a common denominator saltwater. In in in connection or in between that's. The best place for the, neutrals. To be physically, be able to capture that's really used not an empty space so.

The. Mall because, most, of the cancers you make has, still carries percentage, of salt yet but, the linkage, connection, and. So. It's, easier, for you to do that. Further. So. The mall is a cool, little. Mr. case. Hello. Yes. Okay. So the ball yes. I can hear you and. Be filled with salt. Water that. Ensure. That. Nutrient. Can be captured in there. You. Will see what we've seen, in. We're. Just getting, the confirmation, of maybe next few days. Yeah. The. Existence. Of the neutron. Understanding. That the, water, when you put it in and try to create as a torch would be for. Absorption. Of neutron. It's. Very much in. A plasmatic. Field even, you don't see it because you think it's the water in. That. Plasmatic. Field the. Water itself, behaves. In. A. Magnetic. Environment. And. If. You, understand, the, creation. Of colored diamonds. You. See, one crystal. Of or. One, single, element, gas, of one. Entity. Within. The carbon structure, and it tends to be pink and blue. What. You will see is, in, line with the understanding. That, your. Water which you're trying to store or capture, the neutron. In will, change color. Depending, on the strength of the neutron, pinkish. Slight, bluish. Is. Very, very, easy to absorb. We. Have confirmed that today. We. Just going to reconfirmation, up so, what do you do you. Use. Salt. Water and, you. Watch, the, change, of the color in the water which you want to capture the neutron you. What, if you leave it empty is space where you want to capture it why are you gonna keep it and then. When it's kept when you hold it how you're gonna use it those. Of you who are in a dynamic, estate of work of this basic, knowledge you understand, this very quickly you can use it very very rapidly so. In. A process, you can continuously. Produce, neutron and in. The interaction, of the neutrons, create your gravitational, field forces. So. We're going one step further in, the space development, and understanding. So. As you. Deposit. New. Energies. Inside. The, plasma. Inside, the salt water the. Salt water will change color and this understanding. It that that. Water is not. Pure. Water as you thought is a salt now, you have, a crystalline. Structure of the neutron which. Depending. On the salinity will create different colors so. If, you take care. Saltwater. Pure, and then you. Use. It for capturing, is slowing, down in a way neutrons, to be able to use it when, you take your water out has to be slightly different color.

It. Has to be. Did. You see the picture on the screen. Pardon. Yes picture. On the screen. Yes. I have a very bad into that I hope you hear me clearly and I can hear you breaking, up sometimes, I can, see the picture okay. So I can hear you fine. So. This is a picture where, we put hydrogen. Deuterium and. Tritium. In. A. Different. Kind of salt of potassium, salts. With. Two. Balls. Empty, balls floating, in the, middle between the, materials. And what, we found is that this tutorial. Started. To create a blue. Hue. Around, the top of it. It. Was you know he started off all black and then it went to like a blue and that. It. Appeared, that some of these. H. Threes. We. Noticed little spark. Little sparkles. Not. Not substantial. Like the other one but just little sparkles, in it, so. The. Challenge. Now is that, when we pull this out of this environment, does. The neutrons, escape, or do we have to keep it you know. Am. I able to take it from this one to the. The. Spaceship. And. Start. Spinning it in, environment. You, see let me explain to you something very interesting. Yeah. What do you see you, go back, can. You hear me John yes, I can hear you I. Though. I can. Hear you fine can you hear me. Okay. Let. Me explain to you a hidden knowledge and, the way maybe, not, a hidden knowledge but something a confirmation. Of, understanding. Liquid. Planet like Earth. Has. A lot, of interesting. Things for, a man of space. When you travel in deeper space with water with you from. This planet. You're, highly respected, you are highly understood, you come from a planet life exists, and you can use it but. Many. Times you see interaction, of the what we call the. Universal. Community who. Come and they. They take a deep, what. They call it swim in the oceans of this planet is. Manian. Principle. In some ways is, for, the interaction, of the salt water of the sea. In. Space. Systems. These. Are highly, valuable commodities, but, know the value they can be pitied themselves but when you get it from planet, like this it. Is, valued. Highly so. Why. As. I said we always look into this space what they have rather than what they can bring us but, this one has knowledge, and, efforts. That. Is it's a pleasure to have and one. Of them is a salt water learn. Start. Understanding. The. Use of salt water in space technology is, one of the greatest asset, man will carry into deeper space.

You, See into the salt water life, as created, on this planet and because of it so. Has, a value has, understanding. Has a has. A, existence. And confirmation. Of the life not. Only for, life but, for a deeper space travel when. You use salt, in equal, balance in, all your systems, go back to the beginning when I taught you about the even. The a co2, we. Work with salt now, it's time for me to understand, how this.

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