217th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Mar 29, 2018

217th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Mar 29, 2018

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It's. Time for change to. Move, into. The real. Walk after universe. And. It's. Time to understand, that. We. Used that math and state. To. Reach their, level of understanding of. The. Soul of the man. Now. You. Understand, maybe. Why. The. Creator has, sent his messengers, is that they were whatever you, have had. Is. That they. Bring the. Ears, and. It. Can be used who, in the time of the Messiah comes, they. Can teach the soul and the messenger, not. To oppose, but. By, them understanding. Through those who have become messiahs. To you from their souls to these to animate. The. Job is, made easy the. School, is there and, the students, are they. Wouldn't, be there, dead. There, won't be any fight between what, they called the Muslims and demolitions. The. Lamb and the lion will, eat, and, sleep in, the same list. The. Christians, and the Muslims will. Receive, and pray in a mosque and. The, same church in, the name of this also not. In the name of religion, that, is used to create so much conflict. For. The benefit, of those who were the hyperactive children's. The. Time has come the time of changes, here. And. As I said. My. Wish is, Michael. There. Is your wish to see pete's, paths. Are pieces, favorite. Clearly. It's. The soul of the collective. Awareness. By. Giving, will create a position, of the church, no. Other thing. There. Is no penned in, the soul after that. And. I'm sure once, you go into the universal, community. You. Will never see anything written, but. The, balance of the fields of the scholar existence. Try. To. Be humble enough, not. To become arrogant, in the power that you have understood, and you, possess. Otherwise. You'll, fall in the same path, of the Church of mosque. This, is what. We promised. But. Missus, what we have delivered. We. Have to understand, the, operation of the soul and we, have to understand, the soul of the man is a star in. Cosmos. Of the, universe. If. We, compare. The. Soul of the man and. Many, of us seven. Billion, in, one collection, earth. Is like a galaxy. With. So many stars. When. We look in the depth of the universe, we see galaxies, with hundreds, of millions of the stars in it. So. Is the planet earth. Carries. Seven, billion, beautiful, stars which are the soul of the man. Carries. With it so, loved so many trillions of, the most plants, and everything else. So. If you look. When. Someone. Who does not see the physicality, of the earth and. His content, what. Would they see they. See a galaxy with. So many beautiful lights charging, each. One according to their strength, each. One according to, their position. An, infant. As. A beautiful so so. Has old man. To. Those who, do not see the physical dimension, this planet. But. They see the strength of the field. We. Are across ters of stars. The. Human race every. Single soul, no. One from a distance sees does. A soul of a fisherman, passes, all of the cosmologists, the soul of a president. They. All shine. Irrespective. To its quality. This. Is the magic this. Is what the, new science, has to bring to man, when. We, look to our soul. We. See nothing but restarting, the other source and. This. Is the break this, is the understanding, this, is what all these, teachings are about. Coming. To mature to the next level to, understand, in, the deep space. The. Universe. Is. The holy sir, what knows also sir. Then. Man. Is ready to go into a space then. Man is ready to become part, of the universal, community which, has been promised, I. Never. Promised, you heaven, I. Always. Promised you the. Variation of the man to. Join the family. And. Now you, have the key. It's. You who has to open the door to, understand, if I can raise the soul of these people, or millions. Of other souls that. The physical, life on this planet changes. Then. I'm worth me to be part of the universal, community, to. Be there to serve to. Expand, to. Be there to, be part. That. In the, cycle, of life of universe, I, become. Part. I, become. Part. Of the totality. When. Man reaches that point a. New. Dimension, in the strength of the soul of the man will appear. Which. Is. Beyond. The imagination of, understanding. Of the mystical life. Gate. To, the opening, of the new life in. The new dimension, which. Is beyond, the imagination of. What you, might call. Hello. Flint. I think. You'll be right, if you play that with your straight away after this can. You do it. Yes. Yes we can hear you. Sorry. Yes. Yes. Please thank you bye I. Call. Carries with himself the, pollution, of the creation, of life. It's. The elevation of the soul to. Serve, become. The key. Not. A throng of the. Physical life. The. Time is right.

The. Time has come for the man to go through this process. The. Process, of understanding. Is. Very simple, the. Process is as I, explained, last time I explain, more in detail. Become. We. Are created, out of the, race within the centre of the universe. In. Interaction. And, reduction. In strength, and division, by the strength, in certain. Strength. Fields. In. Collection. Of the totality, of the expansion of the universe. Some. Energies, some. Dynamic, fields. Have. Come together over. Billions. Of years he's. Filled to me to the creation, of what we call the sea. Where, the possible, gathers together. The, same process. Repeats. Again because. The, Sun is the same as the energy center. Now, the, heavier, the, larger amount of the energy which is collected, in Hispanic, believers, before the Sun the radius out was, the same thing again. Radius. Fields, out and, in, interaction, with the itself, but. The fields of itself, leads. To creation in. That. Process of the creation of planet the, same process, happens again. In. The traction of the fields, of the, earth with. Its environment. And cooling, an exchange, with the strength of the other things in, the environment of, the space of the solar, system, leads. To creation of my cell. Mattress, state and. That. Itself. In. Coming, together and, stowing. Down in its s-sex central ways as, we. Call released. Under, the Sun. We. Call this one. This. Is the truth about life and creation. But, if the soul of the man can. Understand. And absorb, and be, correct, with his conduct, he. Can become, the. Strength feels. And. Carry the strength of the field of the planet which, came to creation. And, if. The soul can, understand, with. The same process, can. Interact. Can. Be correct can. Upload. With, his self the totality. Of the strength of what it needs he. Shall become the son. And, then the same salt as energy. Awaken, our job in the solar system within. The galaxy shall. Become the center of. Earth, we. Call in the rain come. From horseback. The solar system, we call it planetary. System, we come from the Rays with the company, planet. Same. Thing happens, with galaxies, with. The solar system's receiver that's all I can to. Help packing. The, life forces. Of existence, in the universe it's, the same it, doesn't matter what exchange, in forest. So. What, is the man fighting, why. To be fight for something which. Has come from the point interpretation, and, in, the process it was bad information.

The, Soul of the man. As the. Energy, of the earth used, the face of the path the. Face of earth and that. Process, is the same a solo. Our sole. In. Reduction, in strength in. Interaction. The motion. Of the fields of environment, least by the accession of the existence, of man. But. Once, it's completed. Does it need the face or can, it be and becomes free from the public or the soul of the man we, fear and attachments. Existence. Our, soul is. Part, of the process of the creation. Decay. To one question for man shall be in the future, to be answered, as. We saw the, Sun came, birth, and. As we saw the earth became, land. Soul. What, will be the destiny, of this forum that helps. Free the, point of departure for mentality. Would, it become the. Sun or, creation, of another life, of, many lives or correction arrives. This. Shall be and this is how he happens. When, you create a soul, which. Is not correct. Which. Is misconduct. By, itself can be, believed. The creation of the next cycle of creation. Which. Has started, their own way. Their. Own slate. This. Is one thing the mayor has never understood. You. Become, the creator, of another. Universe. Another. Side. And. This is what you have to judge the restructure swallowed, man. What. Would, I like that, side. In, the physical life, create. Children. In. The dimension, of the life of the soul of man. What. That man what, that soul will create. If. Man, has thought up to now that's it my. End my point that is finished. This. Is much fallacy, that, when. The Sun. Is. Destroyed, and. Shaped, form, they. Shall be nothing left but we know the. Part of the Sun because, part of the galaxy and most part like sous-chef. In this world. The. Judgment, of man has to be according, to what, he sees the future his soul can conduct me. The, day of judgement for a man not, in front of the Creator that. While. My soul judges, to pee and what shall create. Man. Never understood. And. Shall never understand, chickens hope this time I'm opening itself. The. Reality. Is very. Very. Very, real and. That. Is as we, seen the, energy of the galaxy, become the Sun the. Energy of the Sun has become the earth and energy of the earth it's also lockup and so. Shall be the soul of the man she's an energy itself, another. Cycle of. How. Can you change when, you don't understand, how. Can you change the process, of understanding. If. You do not understand, the process of the creation. Do, we need to extend the, understanding, of the man but. What. Is the future it brings we. Care, about our children, what. Education. They get. What. They wear, how. Happy they will be, where. They. Sleep. Now, the man, has to be careful, and consider, what. Life shall. Buy so create. Because. Those. Are the children of new school. As. We see the. Rays of the Sun has. Become planet, and. Seven billion gentlemen. Seventh. Billion, unlimited. Wishes grown. So. The soul of man go. Through the same process. How. Many billions. And, subdivisions, and, sub matter status is cultured, man your. Soul shall it. Will. It be the soul of wars and conflict, were. Never killing or, wouldn't, be the soul of this let's. Say a solar system which is peaceful. This. Is the truth and reality of mother's Veronica. We're, all as I said many times easily, we never understood that. We saw not had, asthma illustrator, ultimate and. Now that we understood. It's. Done on the parchment its, cultured man the. Same process, carry, on a state, where, started. And. His woman and becomes, to the death energy source, higher, water which. Itself. Least, the creation, becomes, a star, center. New, site of a ship. This, is what the human race has to understand, the cycle, actually. Starts. Point. Of death and, not, finish, them. In, so many ways before, understands. Is. After, dusts, spark. Surplus came together to. Make the earth in the solar system so. Has this facts of the atoms has comes with the creator. And. The, essence. Of the creation of, the specks of dust of the solar system, has led to the creation.

Social. Edith feels. From the soul of the maps each, creation, under the signified. What. Kind of might not would like to have to. Be created, once. This, is the day of judgment. This, is what man. Never understood. Now. You, have to understand, you, have known, to us up. To today you are not aware of it dropped, they are, aware you have also, acquired. Your, conduct, has to be to elevate your soul but. Inheritance. All what you become, the creator, of stands. Corrects, in the convent, for citizens. We. Don't get a return. As. You see the, process does not stop, with one son. Decide. On carrots. Is, very interesting, in how, humanity. Now, not in fact be happy. And. Take the case for my to understand, and, you understand, those on. The tools of war the. Tools, of conflict. They. Have less. They. Have nothing to start with they have to become the dust in the solar system, but others. Till. The day they learn more. As. They cannot, create a new cycle, through drugs this is the elevational, - so not allowed. To. Be part. Of the creation of beautiful, life for. The next cycle well, you don't have it you have to become another cell in the body of the truck shop bigger, for. You to be just there that he can done when you could have being a solo. They. Say do not kill create, fear I give. You the point of love from variation. If. You cared about your children, on this planet to have the best. Your. True children come out of here who saw in a coming time, how. Would you like to educate. How. Would you like to be when you are in conflict with yourself and the, cause of salvation. Beta. This. Is it and, the man will take a long time to understand, as, now. That we understand, the soul of the man is an operator, the radiation, of the fusion said them but. Whatever. Is gathered, for the salt at the, end, becomes. His point of reference of all creation. Of its own language. But, the strangest, thing is what. He, creates, from, a soul shall, find the creator, of other schools. This, is the beautiful, radiation. And one understands, it understands. No limitation. Welcome. Everybody to, the. 217. Knowledge, seekers, workshop for, Thursday, March. 29th. 2018. I'm your host Rick remand, and. Once. Again as we have, for the last. 216. Knowledge, seekers, workshops, we'll. Be hearing from mr. Kesh of the Keshe foundation. Possibly. Also from, Carolina. And other knowledge. Seekers, from around, the world as. We. Enter into another, presentation. Today. And. I think we're ready to begin with, mr. Kesh and. I'll. Check on that mr., Kesh are you ready for. Today or, do. You need some more time. Good. Morning good day to you wherever. And, whenever. You listen to these series of knowledge seekers. As. I say we are willing and able. It's. Just that what we can do with disability accounts. Thank. You very much for such a beautiful presentation, both from what. Design Universal, Council unveil, and. Break last, week which novices and. From, Lisa member. Of the earth Council, and. Even. This partner. Can pass a citation. Part, this. Is what the members of the earth Council, gradually, are taking responsibility. Awareness. Of the citizens of this planet, on the. Response rate that they saw these. Are part of the teachings, which, has been done is getting in. A way brought. Together in, the space of time that, we. Do, not lose the point of reference we, understand, what is about to happen why we are here for, for. The first time. Man. Has a answer, to, its existence. Be. Learning more and, the. Beauty, of it is that the. More we learn, we. Learn we. Know not much we. Have not learned much but. Maybe in, the progress and, less efficient, of peace we. Learn first, to have peace within ourselves and, then, we. Can create a peaceful soul that it leads to creation of other peaceful souls in the future to come. In. So many ways. We. Have been teaching. Extensively. About the soul and. There. Are reasons for it there, is extensive. Evidence. That. Keshe, foundation, will achieve a space right the spaceship this, year by. Members, of the Keshe foundation. What. We see in the background getting developed, and by, understanding of, the, scientists. Of the new plasma technology, and from. What I have seen or what I see as you. Know I do not interfere math guide because then it becomes my, work which should not be undone, my job. Is. That two. To three groups within, the Keshe foundation, structure. Of their work, will. Achieve full. Solidification. What. We call creation, of the matter state out of the fields, in. So many ways when, you have seen this video. Which. Was wrong. Produced. By Lisa. Confirmed. How the. Race became, the, body of the man and then the body of the mind creates another, ray to.

Become Another cycle. This. Has been a mystery of we never understood, now. We understood, the. Science of condition, are under verge of the. Development, to be able to show the, first spaceship. We. Always said, 2018. Will. Be done it. Will be there on the horizon. But. In so many ways on. The back end after, 2017. We. Saw a development, which. We encouraged, and now. Through. The, group of people I talked to. We see a. Rapid. Development I. Guide. And. In. So many ways, most. Of the teams understand. Now what they've done before is relevant, to what they're going to achieve all. The pieces of the jigsaw, which they had in their hand and they created, it now, I start fitting in and matching it. My. Best. Wishes, our. Best hope is if, none of the groups die, words. Within. The coming weeks we see the first humorous, and the creation, or. Plasmatic-magnetic. Field matter. State of this mission. What. I would. Like to ask all, of us to. Let. Us all to these people that they get invited they can find their strength to, stand at the time of it as. I have told all three groups the. Instant, they touch shimmer, which, means they can feel or see, very. Much like issue rough waves. Cash. Foundations, will rely, on the. Keshe foundation, channels just, no, matter how long it takes be done this before. We stayed online for days on that. When. We achieved 129, when we achieved a star, formation, raft and landing, in a smaller space and, something. Of their reactors. At. The moment I having only formed all the groups. The. Moment, they say Shamus they do not need to inform, me, or anybody else webmasters. Are your target, get. In touch with them and you, go live. The. Beauty, with this will be. That. The. Minute, the. Structure, takes shape. That. The man reaches, maturity of, transformation. Of their, elements. Of the fields of the plasma to matter state, the. Full transmutation. Of the fields. Completes. And. Mentoring. Us all community. War, leaders who will collapse. As. The, man will find the freedom of his face and. Nations. Will become irrelevant. What, are my request to. All the knowledge seekers who, are working this position, is. The following. Record. Every. Step. From. Nod. In. Recording, the. Instant. You receive, or you reach the point of. Shimmer. Certification. Manifestation. Of the definition, of physicality. Released. Information on, the Internet. Do. Not wait, not. Even a second. Let. The others, to replicate as fast as possible, this. Is the key to the opening, of the universal, community it is so key to, end up all the wars and conflicts, where. Mukesh Malaysia takes, the. Direction, of peace. Relegation, of all the wars. You. Will understand, when you come to it. You'll. Understand, very, rapidly what it means when you come to it I. Asked. All the groups who, are working in. This, direction. Continuously. Upload, your data. And. Million. You go from the shimmer you. Go, to certification. We. Call layering, of the manifestation. Of the physicality. Release. Data on the internet rapidly. Let. It be. Duplicated. There is no pattern. You. Are, supported. You. Have been heavily, supported, by the Keshe foundation, and. Occasionally, she means humanity, and. Release. The data immediately. That. Others. Can replicate. If. We can't replicate in, ten twenty hundred places, around, the world and with. A full information. We. Have created, one nation, which. Means that. We'll travel with. The system, across. This planet in seconds. This. Is important, for all of us and this. Will become more important, for all of us that we understand, this position. We. Never patented. We don't allow patterning, so. As. I said nobody. Here pattern the knowledgeably, it. This. Development, is very rapid. Two. Of the, groups have. Reached. What. We call. In. So many ways. Dynamic. Torus. Shape feel, from. This. Is significant. Because. With. The, torus, faithfog. This. Is what we have. In setting. Up a system. They. Have punished. To. Create fields. And. They, feel. Physically. The. Fields, here and. The fields there, it's. Not, a wind. Because, there is nothing rotating. It's. A magnetic field wrong but. At this moment of time the. Field. Floats. To white. They. Need to create a condition. They have been told what to do that. It tightens the feeling. And. It tightening, the fields. By. Law of physics, as. We. Understood, going. Back. To. The. Past times. In. The creation, of. If. You remember, there's. Enough, demand. You. Have three reactors. You. Have a floor which, controls. This reactor, you. Have a floor, which, controls, this reactor, when, you have a flow which controls, this reactor, this. Reactor and. This reactor, will create their own fear, flow and so. Shall we with this. As. You, can see, slowly. The. Whole thing takes shape and. Three. Layers of, gravitational. Magnetic fields. Will. Lead to. The. Creation. Of. Very. Interesting. Silver. Light. As. The. Skin after man had, 3-day years. And. He manifested. The man to have a containment. So. Shall be in this condition.

One. Of the problems, which our teams have is. To. How. To, tighten, this rope. Or. This belt. Along. Here. They. Know I think, they understood, in the teaching of recent days. And. The. Minute they. Bring the, last one in the. Other two, are already, existing, the. Manifestation. Of the ecology of the spaceship, will manifest yourself. The. Research teams you know exactly what you got to do and. Precisely. How. To bring, this home in the next few days or weeks depending, on. Your. Understanding. Of how your system, works. As. I. Said. The. Instant, you reach. What. Is known as, the shimmer of the field. Go. Live and on. Two three channels, webmasters. Those. Who work in a background, supporting, teachings, you shut down and you open, your channels public. Every. Second counts that we can keep the knowledge open, and do. Not get stopped. Connect. To as many zooms, Facebook's. YouTube, channels, that he can go out with and. Create. A condition, that the knowledge is shared. As. I. Said in the, talk. Do, not become arrogant, you'll, get excited. But. Do not that, the excitement, becomes, arrogance, shared. In knowledge under, stay online tell. Another group or another groups, can. Replicate then. Another, group can replicate and then another group can, replicate. The. Beauty, of it is once. A number, of star. Formation systems. Like this start. Building. Up and. Those systems, who, many of you have made what. I start solidifying, to. This. Is the beauty of it in the teaching with I said how, come, and when there is no fish, suddenly you see fish. You. Become, a fish which was not there and you become a fish just. Turn, on your systems. On and try. To replicate and, somewhere. In instantaneous. Time you. Will replicate and, you will see. We. Are on this path and there is no choice. The. Teaching. Of the space technology, rapidly. Reaches its climax, of light and. It will change many, many things for many of us. The. Research, teams those. Who, are working in a background, on this, remember. One thing. Keep. A safe distance and. Do. Not get carried away trying to touch. You. Have created a dynamic, magnetic. Field flow which is like a song. It. Doesn't cut you but this, has a field capability. Of conversion, of matter. This, is a condition of asthmatic, and it. Will affect every. One of you who, come across it. Emotionally. Will. Satisfy you, and at, the same time. In. Reaching flight, many. Of you. Reach. Excitements. Of seeing it and, you see it as a freedom of that I'd. Remember. From. That point the, responsibility becomes. Harder, and tougher. And. Obligation. Becomes. Much harder for all of us to keep food. In the eaters of the issue an issue. In. So many ways. Excitements. Will be short term, short, living because, it becomes another thing which we get used to and so. We go back to the present structure of life the. Process is how we. Can speed, up and, sustain. Life through ages and, correctly. Manage till all, aspects. Of this technology gradually, opens up all right and the, usage of it become part by part usage, and. Can be used by everybody else. There, are number of. Requests. Which we have from. Many of you. Other, said the life will carry on is just because we open this base does. Not mean that everything, finishes, we. Learn to fly and the, problems, became bigger now we transport. Our, problems. In stuff to our neighbor across, nations, and continents the. Opening of geospatial Vedas, tape we carry deeper. Our, pleasures. And joys the, faster, way. Meanwhile. As we are progressing and, Earth's we still need to carry on with the physical life even after we travel to deep space, is.

Education. Development. Of the technologies, needs. To carry on as. You're. Aware. We. Are developing, number. Of factories. Number. Of organizations. Research, centers and. Research, groups in. This. Development. We. Have reached a point but. As we. Said we need number of workers for Accra. We. Need. Spanish-speaking. I. Repeat. We need a large, number of, spanish-speaking. People. For. Cash. Our nation Mexico, in next 3-4 months. Armas, thought our, Mexico. Will come a line before. Accra. Does as a crow is huge. And. Our. Dream has been to Mexico. If. There are any pictures you can share in the background, I stepped down you can see the. Mexico. Factory, were born the renovation, of complete has been through partial renovation, in, the sense, will, be extended, and the machinery to reach there and, this. Process will carry on to. To, a large extent, in. The next, three. Months six months and. We. Did. We'll, see. Italy. Has moved, online and. I, have requested, Italians. To start. Moving in a very fast direction. We. Are requesting. The, following please, understand. This very carefully because it's important, part of the motion of the cache manager. We. Are looking. For. Premises. Around. Texas. We. Are looking for. Large. Premises. Round, Texas. Cache, our nation is. Investing. To. Create anything. Of ten to twenty thousand, jobs in. Texas. State, of the United State in. Next. Month's. If. We find. Fully. Developed, site. Production. Of the machinery and landing, it three to six months before, end of this year we. Offer a large, number of jobs into. The making community, as part of the coalition global, operation. If. You are, American. English. Speaking, which. You all are, and. Part. Of the Keshe foundation. We. Need in. Next, few weeks, to, know who you are how. Much you know about the work of the. Keshe. Foundation, how. We, will set up a temporarily, space. In teaching. Their. American. Citizens. To, develop, the. Materials. For cash foundation. We. Are our target, Texas, has, a specific. Reason of, agriculture. A. Specific. Reason to, revive, the. Culture, of this state as you know the water bed I was, a table and this state. Is. Producing. Rapidly, because, it's. Not everlasting. This will revive. Niagara. Culture industry, in, United, States I. Repeat. Again. Casual, nation USA. As. Part. Of the Keshe foundation global operation, will. Develop, this we, are looking if. You. Can find premises. In. Texas. Dallas area. Where. We, have access to large number people we. Can train, we. Are looking to employ. Anything. Between 10 to 20 thousand, the coming months in United State. Arizona. Research, Center expands. Rapidly, we. Make a decision in the next couple of morris. Months, as. The. New division space technology, comes in. Those, of you who, are after Italian speaking. The. Keshe foundation, we are waiting for the permission, of the factory, that we can announce the job we, have the premises, we. Are waiting for license, authorization. To go ahead and then. In Italy. We are looking for maybe three to five hundred jobs maybe. More there are other plans in the background. You. Will see. We. Have is there's a new pictures, coming in from. United. States from this is what. You have photon is, from Mexico. If, armor, is in the background Armen can you please send new pictures, of Mexico. Development. And. You. Will see the. Plans for Mexico, is on this way we see other pier parts which are developing. The. Process, is very very, simple. We. Have to be able to. Achieve. In. So many ways, the. Productions, and, target. Areas of home you're looking for. You. Will see Rick, I have sent you to your secure. Line for, pictures from Mexico, because you put it this up you, see are, what. We call. Architects. And people, who are responsible, for development casualisation, in, these pictures.

Where. They, have fallen from Europe, last week to. Start, a process of the educational addition. Manufacturing. In. Mexico. Their, process is very simple as, you, see it are there their foundation. Owns, the. Property and. It. Will be a massive. Operation for us and. There are other pictures with this set and we. Will release, this this is all part, of the. Keshe foundation, what. We call. Mexico. It's. Important, for us to be able to achieve this. And. As. I said, Mexico. Will receive, a large. Number, of people, to. Employ. Is, matter, of, finishing. It's, amazing, how the Mexican, team are working. Arman. Has bet that they'll go faster. Than. Rest. Of us in, other three four locations we are developing. But. Our. Next. Target, is. State. Of Texas. In. Developing. New. Systems. For. Their. What we call. Agriculture. Target indirectly in supporting. The American. Agriculture, industry, and we see a large level employment. We. Have. Announcements. For, our Chinese team. China. Cash foundation we. Are on. Negotiation. And, within. The coming time very, short time we'll. Announce the, startup. Of the first. Keshe foundation, manufacturing, in. China mainland. We. Are looking again. Equal, to Texas about 40,000, square meter, factory. Space with, a large number of Chinese, to be employed, again. As, you're. Aware we. Closed. Shenzhen. Lab the way was run and. A new shadow, under. The, leadership. Of, Natan, has. Been set up, it, comes, operational. From. Saturday. Or Sunday, new. Locations. Please. Go, to it and support. Them is, mainly, teaching, and research, and. With. It we have brought, three. Other groups, of the cash foundations, across China to be part of this organization as. I said last week I've. Been told there are two more groups which are working part-time. Full-time for. Development of new technologies, please. Contact, nation, as, a Keshe foundation, and. Develop, everything, with, us the. Keshe foundation. In. Shenzhen. The new conditions. On comes, under, control, and ownership. Of. Keshe. Foundation. What. We call cash technology, in. Sanya. This. Company, is owned by condition, and, so they directly become under ownership of, the supervision. And subsidiary. Of the Keshe foundation. Technology. Of China. It. Is important. That all of us understand, we. Need many. Many, knowledge. Seekers now who've been around and, looking for a job, the, jobs are yours if, you can prove if, you can't be there to support. Every. Development, which is coming in. We. Are looking in. So many ways as. You to. Our expansion, to. Number, of. Specifically. A specialized, jobs. Our. IT section. Is expanding, rapidly and. Our. Webmasters. If, you're, in the background. Standing. Would you like to come in and tell us what, you need specifically. That. They can come to the webmasters, we, are looking, to employ a, large. Number we, do not amazon, it, for. The, IT section, of the Keshe foundation, do not forget these covers every aspects. Of the Keshe foundation, is not, just a website is. The factory, is the design, of the products, the, design, of everything. Else stock, control sales across the world and. We'll. See how we end up and become and Stanley. Are you there that you can tell us was the request of the new, generation. 90, seconds. Yes. Mr. Kesh thank you can. You hear me yes. Okay. So, for, the IT part as, you only told we.

Are Building up the team and. We. Are looking into. Professionals. With extreme. Knowledge. And. Expertise, in a huge e-commerce, systems. Request. Systems on the level of Alibaba, Amazon, eBay. Then. The. IT. Professionals. With good. Knowledge in, Amazon, web hosting, and. Experience. With the data centers, across, the world with geo Dinah's load balancing. For. The. E-commerce systems, also. Those, that, have. An extensive experience, with. Integrations. With the logistics service providers, included companies, and. Online. Payment. Systems. They. Are looking into. Problem. Intersection developments. Of the development, for especially, for PHP. 7, JavaScript. Java. For web interfaces, ladies. And. Others. And. On. The other, side. We are also building grabbed the team for, the. Knowledge on Joomla. And all the. Products. That are available from, Joomla. This. Is out. Of scope, of the manufacturing. But we need that thing too. And. In. A way we, look also into. Professionals. With the knowledge on. This. Existing. Cryptocurrencies. As. Well as the banking system so. Related. To the IT sector so, all. Of you that are having. This, kind. Of knowledge, if. You, could send the email to. Stanley. Dot Christmas, at kfm, that global, we. Will be looking into your applications. And contact, you accordingly. So. I think this is if mr. Kesh. Very. Much it, has to be said that. We, these. Are all coming due to rapid, expansions. Of the foundation, and the factories. And what it brings. As. We, have opened, up the catalog section, of the work we. Need more people who can, literally. Day. Together control. Complete. All. The data from each manufacturing. Site can. You close your microphone. Please in the background but, we. Can make, reneedar we can bring everything together. These. Are, all. Part. Of the supporting, we need in a casual edition with. Today's announcement if you, gather. What is on the table. Gradually. We increasing, numbers as the factor is coming up and getting planned, to come up because we can't say we open a factory tomorrow and, the nests are looking for people. It. Takes two to three months minimum before the structure is put into position. For, factories. Uniform the day we, completely. Finish. It to train, to, get a system. Trained people understood, how the system, works so as, of today if. You just gather with. The adding. Of the fingers, we. Are offering anything now between 30 to 50, thousand, jobs, currently. For, this year at Cash combination across. You. Got to understand that. Expansion. Is, not talked as you see the. Premises, are bought we. Shown it kana is on the move Italy is on the move. Other. Areas. Which we are concerning anymore. There. Have you got the pictures, from there, Nigeria. Please, Nigeria, cash foundation, as. A company. We. Be told is in the process and completion. And as. You know Alex doesn't waste time. We. Are meeting. Very. Shortly, and. What. We call Nigerian, cash our nation factory, will. Be completed, most probably anything before. End of this year. The. Site has been found negotiations. Are complete and. The. Investments, is ready for. Nigeria. To who the. Farm is getting. Done and. I. Sent. You a picture ray, can you have it that's, the last one you sent, me before the the last couple. That I think so yeah. Yes just, a second right exactly. Thank. You very much. This. Is what if you remember. Alex. Asked for. Some. Financial. Help few, months ago he. Said bow, to us a couple of days ago mr. Kesh the. Research center is ready this. Is where if. Alex, is in the back room can tell us what he can do that you. Have to deal with him he. Understands. What. I call the position can you see if alex is behind. Is. There. Yes. You. Are in watch us for dinner huh, way. Before. Yeah. Yeah, this is this. Is the. Center. For the, Wonder mr. Keshe and donated. To the, Keshe foundation Linda it's, not only properly, done yet but I mean disabilities, what, you can see that the interior, is not properly drunk so when it's done I'm going to take you through and show you what I intend, to do any in. The premises and, as you can see as well the swimming pool is there as part of research M centers. Well, does. It. Your. Swimming pool is empty, it. Was. Now. We have faced in it with swim in the field you, can say this in this. But. You don't need to swim you just gonna need to walk in it all, that's. Happening. With you in the fiction. Have. To after a button here for now because. It really just stopped me I have to stop for now because the race, that's. Why you got, all doubt in a way you got rained out. Yes. Have, to come back to the city now that's one for every session and. But it's good I mean we clear, deal and we'll click 60 head tracks and then we're trying to put a balloon which is not possible because of greenness we have to stop for now until the weather comes down. You're. Going to yes. Yeah. Yeah yeah, unfortunate. Intersections, girl stabbed in virgi now so don't. Expect us anymore. Okay. That's good thank you very much for everything you are bringing in Nigeria, is.

The Case thank you thank, you everybody. All. Right thank you. Thanks. Right. These. Are part of the process which the, foundation, is gradually, building across the. Planet. What. We are trying to do as you. Remember. We. Used to allow a lot of people to come and show their work. Their. Discoveries. And their developments. And, we stopped it about, a year ago because of the, massive. Stupidity. Of some people especially in, Austria. In Germany, and in, another. Country which we never mentioned. And. Now. We. We're. Going back to it. Every. Week. We, allow one or two or three people to, start coming back and showing what they are doing and what the development achieved please. Pre-record. Your presentation. No. Music, no. Text. Or whatever from outside, and. We. Are bringing people inside, that. Your. Presentations. Or, what, you call your testimonials. Can. Be helped to become a scientific. Paper or, the Keshe foundation, release. Or on Viki. This. Is important, for a lot of you so, if, you have done some work or you want to show your work we are going back to it my. Request from all of you is if you see anything, anybody. Calls you anything, or makes threat, or whatever. Ignore. It. The. Ignorance. Of this. Should not become the, loss of us the. Best example. Of this is the picture in front of you. Alex. Can tell you that. Is what. I call, godless. People they have nothing to do they think that very big they, made threats against, him and his family he. Went on hiding I, asked. Him you know too much come out he. Came out if you remember in tranny and, what's, in front of you is out of the threat they made most probably if they wouldn't made the threat an, extra never come to the front but. By making the turn you made us resolute, to bring him out and. You see the fruits of it everything. They do wrong it, becomes a benefit, to all of us in. A way they. Their. Stupidity. And, they thought a very clever has. Led to such a beautiful thing in front of you a research, center in, the heart of Africa we. Seen another. Development, in Accra, we seen the development in Kenya we see developments, coming up rapidly across Africa, and this. Is out of a threat, let them threaten you understand. In. The coming time it becomes a better thing for Humanity, we're. Not sacrificing we're, just ignoring their, ignorance. I thank. Those who, made the telephone, call to threaten, Alex's. Child and him. Because. Your. Cleverness. Of picking, people. What. I called rat, has. Led to such a beautiful. Creation. In Africa, for Africans. Nobody. Could help Africa. More than your stupid telephone, call, please make more and. Let people do more. If. That. What. I call threat will come in most wrongly annexed. The Sylvanian England, testing. My crabs and doing his job and. Now you see, what I was brought to Africa. We thank you for your that telephone call and, if. You are one of those who receives, these random calls please. Call us please. Let us know, we. Don't we, don't take them as a loss we get as a gain and you seen. What. A stupid telephone call has brought such a beauty. The. Other point which. We, start. If you notice, doing, in our teachings, is. To bring back as part of the what has been taught and emphasized, back on it and. Show on it one. Of the most beautiful. Things if, you look at this picture is that poor. Other. Just said to. Alex. There. Is no water in it and. Exactly. How it should be. The. Water is in the body of the man who walks, the swimming pool not. In the water which he wants it.

In. Fact, if you think of it the, media of the water. Holds. More, of what it's got to give to itself and. Walking. In the media of the air as you do as the. Fields. Magnetic fields. Cannot, be blown away by the winds at this. Time resolute, as we saw with the video. Tom. Last, week in. Ireland. So. You. Actually, experience. The. True feeling, in walk in this pool with other new water, in. How. You. Will be treated, in space. There. Is no water in the space are. You gonna find water to, walk to swim to. Help. Yourself. Where. Are we going to find. Swimming. Pools and, patches. Or. We. Understand, the difference in their magnetic. Field strength, gradients. That needed. To. In, a, way free the body of the matter. In. So many ways. If. You, see. And understood, the teaching of last week we. Are gradually, walking, away even. From liquid, as. I. Explained, in a teaching of last week. If. You, could eliminate. The. Gases, or. What I call of water in. The answers, then. You should, be able to achieve much, better is also a liquid water. In. Your course you. Have, to learn. To. Use. Magnetic. Fields. Irrespective. Of. Medium. The. Medium is, what has, fooled man up to them, the. Medium, which. Is the gravitational magnetic field, of this planet, leads. To, the creation of the physicality, the man, if. We, change, the. Strength of the. Gravitational magnetic, field, of this planet the. Whole of the human, race and other animals. And creatures and, plants will, change very rapidly to, fit into that. If. You understand, is for. Those who work in the creation. Of the matter section, of lives of the Keshe foundation. You, should have understand, exactly, how. The. Condition, of environment. You create least. The condition, of creation, of the matter by interaction, of the fields which, you use. It's. The environment. Which. Leads. To. The creation of matter when. The fields, interact, not. The, interaction, of the fields to. Breed the creation, of the environment. When. You. Are, mindset. To create matter state, or any. Other state. Those. Of you who work in the direction of the space lab. You. Have to understand, you. Have to move away from, the, matter state, into. A plasma, State I. Explained. This last week, it. Is crucial, for. Those. Who are in a space research, development. To. Understand. This and, by. Understanding it. You, move away from. Liquid. Hands, can. You walk into the plasma, condition. As. I. Explained, in, the, previous. Teachings. And in the early teachings of today. If. You. Can increase. The. Flow. The, speed of the flow of the magnetic, fields, to, the position, that, the friction, between the. Matter. State it's plasma. States in, interaction, with each other will. Lead. To the release of the. Field which. Once. The fields are released leading. To creation of the spaceship, condition. Needs. Very little to, maintain, very. Very little because. There are hardly any losses, and is always more gain. In. The. Process, of development, of the space technology, in. Understanding. That, there is no need for liquid, or the Gans estate. There. Will. Manifest. A new, science, in the water science, of man. This. Is the, next step for most. Of the knowledge seekers. Turn. The start as, we. Have done this before we, are going back on it because before nobody, could understand, hopefully. This, time some. Will and others, will follow the. Creation. Of the. Fields. Becomes. More important. Than the creation, of the Gans and. Plasma. We, went from, the matter. To. Nano to. Gans and now. To field. And. From, fields. Released by their interaction, to. The state of the matter so. What. You have to realize is. How. In. What direction in. What speed, how. Much. Of. One, matter or the other you. Want to create or maintain. Assisting. In. That process. Many. Of you you will understand, but. The. Energy. Transfer, is. More, important. Than, the presence, of the. Energy. Itself, a. Bag. Of flour, on the table does, nothing, unless, become in the hand of the master who knows I think a little bit of water twirl, can.

Make It bread, already. Have something else you make, it a cake or. Whatever. So. It is important, that, we, understand, and start. Working not. In the state of the plasma of. Matter. State, but, in the plasma of the fields, of the state. Then. Understand. By. The interaction. Of the fields. In. The dimension, of matter strength. Leads. To creation, of, the. Matter itself. This. Is as we've said many times before. Secret. To creation, of matter and. Then how, you change. The environment according. To the strength the. Same matter. Will. Change, his, property. And his characteristics. Because. It has to respond, to his environment. According. To the field the strength of it will. Change from gold to platinum or, mercury to gold or water, to. Hydrogen or. Helium. For. Those of you who, take, into the dimension, of the space travel for, production, of the materials, and energy this. Will be become widely understanding. You. Can change the environment, and. You get the same product, if, you keep your fields, constant, and, you. Can change the environment, in. A gravitational, magnetic field. Strength, then. You, start, creating. Any, matters, you like, according. To, your need. Our. Research, themes, in matter production, have. Not understood, this, and it looks like they are lost. Because. If, they would have understood. They. Would not be a chance, of this will be cannot. Be but. They, target. Exactly what, they need and. By changing the environment, can. Achieve the matter state which. They need. At, the same time if. You understand, this it, goes back to the operation, of the soul of the man if, you. Understand. How, you can extend the. Energy, field from the essence of the creation of the man and how. You, can block this energy, and a, given point will, lead to the creation of, the matters of desire. In, the process. If. You understood, and. It is the fields, which converts, to what you need by interaction, when the field, this. Should be very easy for, our space development, people to. Create the, solid state body of the aircraft. The. Simplest, way will, be, to. Understand, the field strength and direction of the motion and the spread of the field, before. And after, the interaction. Are there, any questions or, ambiguities. You want to clear up. And. There's a question mr. cash from. From. The chat here, from I, think, it's Christine. And we open it up so you can see better. Christina, yes how, can we determine, the outcome, from the interaction. Of the fields, so. We can consciously create. The desired, outcome, be it from Gans or coils, how, can we learn and understand. The fields, even. If we don't see, or feel them. The. Thing is do, you desire, the physicality. Or do. Desire. The. Intention. And. Then. Do. You know how to control, the, emotion, or the fields. From the soul of the man that. Partially. Will become, physicality. And partially, becomes. Satisfaction. Of the desire that do you see it but doesn't need to be there. Those. Of you who will go down the space path you have this very very very strange feeling and now. Be that, you would like to have gold but. You don't want to carry it but, you want to have the feel of his video and you're. Carrying it and. You can create that emotion, those of you become experts, in it can. Change your diamond, ring anytime. To any kind of material, from platinum, to vote. Because. You, have not changed the matter but. You change the environment of, it through your emotion. The, saying metal, will. Become, steel, or gold or platinum as you. Desire, according to the strength which. Your, song releases. In, the environment, of the Ring. You. And. The other question. I. Believe. Joseph. Had a question. I'm not sure if it was on this particular, topic, but do you want yet it he. Had a question from. The German, group apparently, and I. Also see. He's. Put. A comment in the chat here. There is a Sun. Flare impact. On Austria, and Europe last Tuesday. Many, people, were affected by, the pressure in their heads and some. Devices played. Crazy, how. Can we fill up reactors. The right way or how can we prevent an, impact. Of coming. Solar. Flares, to, our universes. This, is a special. Understanding, and it's, amazing, how these questions, are coming up. It. Started, about two or three weeks ago and. This. Question, in a way answers, we don't understand. Four or five times out of nowhere, you. Have to learn. How.

To Create. Mirrors. Magnetic. Field, mirrors, are different. And no more mirrors. Magnetic. Field mirrors, are created. In a way that. They. Absorb. Magnetic. Fields, being a solar flare being, a deep, space oceans. Of field. That. It. Allows, you, to work it's like an umbrella you create. But. You don't get wet but it doesn't stop the rain. You. Got to learn how to make. Magnetic. Field. Reflectors. Or absorbers. Or. Systems. Which, magnetic. Fields. Can. Be reflected. Tesla. Has done a lot, of work on this if you read his work you, might understand, but. If you come by and my teachings, with part of the Tesla you. Might find in your systems just work for bending, their, radio frequencies, in physics of. And then, you can use it the same. We. Are discussing, the years of a. Substance. Called business, and that an element bismuth. That. Might. Be interesting, is. That possibly. Something. That might be considered business. This is the. Substance. That is the most diamagnetic. It would. Reflect, a magnetic. Field the best-known. Is. No, because, that is the magnetic here the matter state. Yes. In. The gaseous state which is oxygen and, then. In the, state of the plasma of the universe, if. You work, there. Is no oxygen so, the. What, we call diamond, dark, magnetic, field. In. The universal. What. You call. Dimension. Of motion is. To tell you. But. You have to understand, how it does most. Of the reflection, of the Rays, of the Sun, for, man, on the, upper layers it. Comes from the. Three isotopes of hydrogen nothing. Else and. The. To you is very much, in. The structure. In, combination. Of. Elements. Sits. And, behaved. In. A composition of that what. We call Christmas. Lattice. Energy. Which. Is like diamond. It's. If you look at it. You. Have. Weight. With. The with the carbon, they're very strange. Plasma. Condition, and, this. Is this is one of the beauties of it and, if. You look in the. Lattices, structure, of. Maybe. You. Have. Your. Heart. Digger. If. You look at the carbon. In. This. Structure. You. See exactly. What I'm talking about. Don't, know how. Then. What you have is. Another. Line, which. Is. This. When. At. The right condition. When. At a right condition. Our, gravitational. Field. My. 20 fulfill the string is reached. This. Guy. According. To his environment. Phase. Chrysalis. Then. Disc. Automatically. Because. Magnetic, field leaflet. Because. What. You do not see. Is. This structure. Underneath. Which. If you look at it, in. Reality. It's. Very, much like this. It's. A total reflection. So. If. You have these problems. And. You. Understand. That. In. The plasma state, this. Does not exist, what. Word exists. Is. This. That. Is. Of, the cup. It's. A plasma, state magnetic. Field state, that. Collection. Behaves. As a spherical. And. A, reflection. Creation. Of field. Reflectors. Is. One. Of the ways to. Converge. Or, diverge. Magnetic. Fields. I, hope. I answered you. Yeah. Understood. There's no much other way I can tell you because in the space you need this you need Sony, to create a deuterium. Reflectors. When you go into the high speed or you get hit by a high raise coming, from leave a space. Mystic, with. This crystal, state. Be. Dynamic. Or whatever. Lose it, wouldn't look like they the. Crystals, that we have on planet. Earth that everybody, you. Know uses. I hate, what of Oh what would we say a crystal, structure. It. Behaves, as crystal, it might but. It's not in fact in. A plasma condition, in the crystal, condition. Is. To be here right love, the field and, absorption, of the field, well. I mean you're seeing yes and. You see how the Rays break up and changes, events are you put it are you reflect. The light in it. So. We talked about the plasma reflection, we're not talking about matters, too. Thank. You okay, yeah think. Of it it's like a hollow. Ball. Which. Is shaped. By field, strength, that. Nothing can get out of it it says you bounce yourself to one wall it bounces back to the other suddenly, bounce up and down. You, don't go in this space but. You can get out of it. Crystal. Structure, energy, systems, are one of the best one, of the best ways our.

Transportation. Don't. Forget as we, enter. A. New. Dimension of, teaching more of us understand, the work of the soul and everything else. New. Products, will appear people. Will come up with new materials, that we can see. And. Then you can see, crystal. Structures. Do. These crystal. Structures. You're talking, about exists. Around us, all, the time or, is, this a, special circumstance. System. Error. If. The cause of it we do not see a lot of things which are in front of us, partially. Our eye works, this way. The. Little. Hole in your eye, working. In the gantry good after eye and, against. Matter. Estate of entities, behind the. Iowa be called the wall of it creates, this condition, I. Think. They're talking about proteins. As, crystals. Now to the. Amino. Acids, and so on in the ire when. It comes right down to it are probably, in. This crystal. State. Structure. State, now. Necessarily. Physicality. But. No. This is part of the structure. We, always. Refer to things as there are in, a, physical shape. When. We talk about that useful structure in the past motivation is. That it reflects, anything, which comes to it. They. Call it crystal, lattice, structure, when it comes to matters data. You. Cannot have bread if there wasn't a seed of bread or he couldn't devise. A wheat I think without a lot of the room we. To grow it to have the bread. It. Depends which part of the process to go to you. Say no there's nothing exists, but I know there's a field of wheat behind the wall and. If you push it you can have it doesn't bread on the table a nice little horse is awaiting, somebody. Might do something here that boundary. We. Have to be. Able to use, everything. We have although. All. Behaviors. We. Have a question, from Christina, again have, you come up with a way to measure, field. Strength, and give, it some sort of naming. Convention. Who. We associate, these with the strength of emotions. Humans. Laughter. We. Are the best converters, but we never understand. We. Convert. The. Energy. Of, the, soul. Of the man to. You. Mentioned laughter you mean like when, we, were. Sort of overwhelmed. By a certain, emotion, and that produces.

The Laughter, it's a yes. If you. Yes. If you look at it in reality. I. Taught. This years. Ago and nobody, understood maybe today, is the time to do it, hallelujah. This. Is your brain. If. You have any. Left. That, is working, probably. And. This is your so. Let's. Thank you. And. As. You bring rows. These. Emotional. Lights, to. Go that way. And. Some. The. Interaction, convinced me. It's, the same. Here. That says 10 Tesla. Here. Is what is wrong, here. Is, 0.2. This. For. Somebody else the same place this 90s, now. There. Were just one. Sister. The. Only difference between you on him. And. Here. And here. Is. That. The. Environment of. The guts of this, is. A slightly, different numbers. Even though together. In. Terrestrial. This, strength. Meets, a barrier call, a devotion, and then. Discharges. No, this is pain, the. Strength. Of the motion. It's, the barrier here. We. Call it laughter. We, have to find. The. Strength of our soul and then. We. Can understand, how our strength, can be given to that that, they can go. Shangela. Sure. Yes. We have that recorded. And if. He's here you can also comment, on, it we. Also have, Thomas. Who's offered, to share his, plasma. Pod. Which. Is he, says is relevant, to the medium medium, of transfer. Of fields. I've, seen his plasma pod, a couple of days ago and that's. Yeah, that could be interesting, to have a look at if you wish. But. Also. Joseph, from the German community has a question. Microphone. Noise there is it's okay now I think you said to get it organized. Yes. There wasn't a question, he had his hand up earlier and. Made. A comment that he had a question, that you would like to present, to you. But, dude do you want to do Jalal right now my. Last presentation. That's. Okay. Okay. And see. If we can get is, he/she. Lined. Up here, as a panelist. Do. You mean me yes but. I written. The question. In the chat and, we have got all answers. Because. The knowledge has to rise and, we have tomorrow, a meeting, and can this, discuss. This whole topic. So. There. Are no further questions Thank. You mr. Kesh thank. You very much. Okay. See. We knew the soul had a question. And. The. Souls, question, always gets answered. Okay. She. Allows presentation. Okay. Jellal. Are you, available, to set set, up this, presentation. He. Introduces. It in the recording. Yeah. He mentioned he might like to do, a live intro. Of it so I'm. Just trying to see if he's available. Chalo. Can you speak now or maybe, it's not a good time not. Very good, time so. Okay. Good thank you we'll just we'll. Just play. The. Video. I guess. If. You got that lined, up please. Yes, I do okay. Perfect, and let's. Roll. Them as they said that's let. Us explain, that Jalan is the. Breathing. The earth. Counsel. In. Arabic. Correct. Or, is. It the universal, counsel.

And. Believe, this one is the earth counsel. Reading. Yes. Another. Version of it from Jamila, sometimes ago. I think. He mentioned it was from. Jamila. We, dumped that to me and Jamila and I. Read it. Hello. Everyone, my. Name is Janelle I am. From Iraq and. I. Am number, of cache, memory, wall. And universe. White and. I. Am knowledge, seeker and. Supporter. Of. Cash. Foundation, and they, are a teacher of. Plasma. Knowledge. In Arabic. I. Am. Honoured three. Earth. Council, Constitution. In. Arabic. In. Behalf, of. Reverse. A councilmember. Jamila. Start. The. High alikum, assalam. O. Muhammad. Anima. Come toma o, muhammad. O. Bobl. Of the come to color fail, and. Ask, me jalal mereloc. I know. When, i that cash on me. Own. Why. Not even, fear. And plasma. Even. When, after the Xavier, Moises there was. That cash, little. Fella. Why. Nathan, whatever's. And. Plasma. Allah. Allah, be a film, or sister. Khalifa. Her what is us Ben. I know and, other Mosconi a singie, to Jamila, because. Either. The store Alam. Sahni a. Faith. Ass. Here, Oh ropa. Australia. Shyamalan. Rika was, you know I'm Rika. Coco. Warhead. With. The Hadean fischeri. Know. The. Force Jimmy I cannot. I'm Mozilla, we'll, talk about. And. Jenna. To. Talk. About. Omaha. Toka. Warhead. For. Oakland. The. Stewards. Attention. Magister. Loserman. When, Helana he, with. The Soviet me, jamie anneka not. Lenny. Acuna ha ha, oh. Ha. Ha. De, coca. O'Malley. Multiple. A male, connector, hiya, Wilma. Happening. When. An idle hug, muhuali. Salam, Sakata. Canal, from. Kenya, Jamiroquai, not lucky. On share. In. The paneer Imam Minister. Salam a Japan. Yacuma woman. Hello. Ha ha ha. You are. Awesome. Police. Until Adam are out, our team grow an author how. Would you deal my tea. In. The salami age when yacon -, Luca. Little Harvard you, would kill the kind and another Kaka, push, a cool image this harm and, the. Harlot killer later, here be a human. Fear, takeba salaam, I. Said. I am yet upon yacon hotter so you feel. Renewed, by. Now would I live in a home when. Highlight coca. Alumina. Sterile ice and a higher clock oh. My. Career, home, well. Ma sterile ice for Allah. JJ. And touch. My heart meta, Salam, little. Power Jumeirah. Lagina's. Nano. Methuselah. Metric. Winner of the, edges FML mhmm she and. Majora and count. While, calling what I do well. Hoddan now when. The Coco, -. Yes buzzer. Door. Rattles fuck my. Delicate. Would, America, not let it is Ali the. Turn 30. Vanessa. Doha. Total area. Dude axonify. Here what salam. Alikoum. Annelle earth via, kyun hai. Coalition. Fedora, with. And Ibaka, well. Hi wanna will. Russia, well, Hashanah one. Might robot voila. Well. Jamie take, a little, immediately. Shot on because. I the whole, table. Here. In the fools little, diastolic be, Johan Harlem. Man. Jamia. Met, a shackle in. The common of Virgil il fuck. What. A little Maina, Jimmy I kinda. -. Damn. Well. Your I was. Some lilies, jihad, we. Salam. Bmacadelic. A high one up when, the Batak when. Mother will be here, laylamon, cannot, rather. Focus. On Earth, NASA. Was. Afraid I'm Jimmy, you, know move what, is jihad why. They go. Ahead lazy. Fuck up a ladder Coquette well, I can cool him as morally, come. Come. On Muslim be he. Not. New Jersey me Jimmy. Kalamata. Model will, rock when was Charlotte with. Marshana here, if I get Jimmy, youngberry. Ania Khun PUD. As. I see images, are. -. Aah honk. Oh Camilla, cocoon. Oh Jimmy, Iovine a motherfucker. Was. A phenomenal, Allah.

Allah, Be, a minute. I will. Have been. A coolie cannot, tomorrow. When in the mobile is jihad potato. Pasta. Sifted. Aha, she my sister hello. We. Must still kill the carbon and our old. One why be. Afraid here, masya. Australia. Roba. Ricochet. Maria America. John OB, we. Must L could also see, Assad what, about the Shrew and, let it release we are Nadia, Portland. And was, more try not left in fear. Amelie. Last year. Eugenia. Cooling lava and, ash you have attained. We. Had the throne no retinal elephant where. Is Alec Manu, and OSHA knew. Him and the Talmud, Maharaja. Hear that the Sharia. Tomorrow. Hannah for, Allah. Said. Images. On. A little, segment -. The. Foster home Michaela. Presidium. Almighty. The. Create majestic are damned, both, admit photo fear where he might. Not. Even personal. Tree and, met over. Yet. Huh country and personal with, the farm, and. Bulk, -, and, me, no. I an, over. Heart of the masculine, are wahey, and I. Let. Innocent. Media. Oriental. Eyes we set up, Omaha. And, hire a pro tip for free for. Tammany. Athena and, takunda, me I cannot, hire well. Hulk -, whistle aah oh yeah. What's, the job we do, not. Hire looked Lewis rule in Malad but, a customer have a second most of very Jimmy I can watch. So. You pull Magister have the. Sigma order, I'm Jimmy I cannot, interfere, my, Eddie, why. Are. We at the Queen and Jimmy yeah, now. Harriet. A beer the. Last, kaalia, telephony. Alaba. At, the hot water. I'm. Said a toddler. Massimo, Ari said. Earlier. Stick, shafaíat, Lapham. Blue Hanna Shabbat. The Hadiya Italian. The. Money hurry, at least after the muslimah wolf in Omaha. Will. Be mind off of man, -. Sir how, do you, know, her, okay effect, Oh matter you, read behind pushing, her to CBN Allah. Allah. Hurry. A lot of cold milk and a hurry. -. Ah Mahalo. Mahalo. Hey Tecna no jaded either Rama, Tucker Manila. Talk either send me. Russia. Have, you get emotional. Cerca. De. Batata vada. Pav. Hamsa. Dasha career. Last year, Natasha. Talia. - Laura. Sabotage, a hundred. Omnipeek. Amaya. Tasha, harmony. Upon knowledge. City I wouldn't, read a LeMat, satire. At, the hollowness rotten. Fruit, shrewd. A, tomahawk. Marine. Living. In Karina, hydrophobia. Usable. Attic or not you do it what I need clean. Me well. That time he is playing ll1 well. That's not how, old my talk about what. We are Cooley the Jamiat is, a shock. I feel how, I just and Molly and let you fall. I will, talk to him easily ideally. You, wanna, do not know ha when. The. Cold and are we not here oh it. Was the idea more, water, - Menelik, II covered dictatorial. Yesterday. Many. Economic, hope a car, and a jury. Another. Fuck mr. LeClair, any applicable a stop, yes, ma'am Jamia, ask our decision Michael. Dunn Omaha. Colleen, what, a costume America, as a mr. Arora Jamiroquai. Not so for turtle baby next year I don't. Know over lay, silicon. Atoms for Who I am shit look at module path, via well. SML Valerie would use the one dirty come, on the Scylla. Or. So, finesse Allah be. A I sai

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