211th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Feb 15 2018

211th Knowledge Seekers Workshop  Feb 15 2018

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Welcome. Everyone welcome to the 211, lessons. Hello. Holli. Seekers, workshop for, Thursday, February 15. 2018. And. I. Think mr. Keshe is eager to begin today's, workshop. By the sounds. Of a microphone, coming in there it seemed. To be that that's true I'm not clear. On that yet and. I'm. Your host rich and. Yes. There's the voice that we're looking for, thank, you yes. Sorry. About that caveat. Well. That's. About, it we're just introducing workshopped, for, 211. This one is if you can imagine that it's it. Is hard to imagine and, we've. Been looking at some of the earlier, workshops. And other. Teachings. From the early time so what we call early times witcher 3 or 4 years ago and. It's, quite interesting to see, some of those initial. Workshops, and. Reflect. On some. Of the changes that have been. Gone. It, happened. Through that time period basically and, here. We are today. And. What do you bring today for, topics. Mr. Kesh. Yes. Good morning good day to as, usual, wherever. And whenever we. Join. This. Seekers teaching, problems, as, we, agreed couple, of weeks ago last week and this week will be in. Answering, some questions or. Ambiguity, or explanation. And. As. Part, of it we try to maybe. Teach some new, and. Learn some new from each other. So. We just wait and see. What. Questions, you might have to ask a couple, of points that I would like to. Refer. To first. Of all and. Today. Is, the, beginning. Of the Chinese New Year we wish, and. You all know regards, and the best wishes for anything here for their Chinese cash, foundations, worldwide, and. We. Hope that there will be a very nice sear, it's a loyal and. Will. Stay that way it'll be a prosperous, year for, Humanity. I. Think. Today the. What. If all the earth council, Constitution. Should, be one. Of the Chinese languages, are available to read it in. Celebrating. The new Chinese New Year and. On. The other hand, the. Result operational, condition. Is as no more and as, what, we call. Progressive. In, a positive, way for what we are looking for and what we are achieving. And. We, are still putting, it out that you know we are looking for, a foundation. Supporters. Who. Are. Looking, for to. Work with the foundation to the research, development or, join the manufacturing. Production, side of the Keshe foundation, start. Registering, your, interest. With, the Keshe foundation, main. Web pages. As. We, will start calling on people who are the different nations or different part of the world to. Join us in setting up of the factories as we speed, up in the, next two or three months we. Need to do a lot of background work it's a lot needs to be done it's. Not the, easier that we can decide tomorrow. Aniela, start. And. If, you have any.

Kind Of interest, in teaching in working. With us in. Manufacturing. In, design. Of new technologies. In software. In. Design, in, everything. Possible, in. Retailing, in. Commercializing. In. Distribution. We, are opening. A massive, expansion program. Which. Are not starting. They already in it and it'll. Be made much more public in the coming weeks as. We, progress, in, two dimensions. Of opening. Factories, and then the whole thing starts rolling, in a very big way, am. I back on my. Server. That I have to switch. From one unit, to another as, we. Have some problem in reaching the other unit. Ok. What. We see is. We. Are requesting for. Everyone. To join us now. We have worked together to. Establish this, ground and now it's time for all of us to benefit by it in. A short time, we. Will explain more and more, in this direction. And. In. This position that we have. Sorry. We have on the other. System, now they're sorted other problems, behind it so, if you are in any shape or form and you've been looking, for or be part of the Keshe foundation, avoid operation, they. Started registering or interested, starch in. Declaring, what, you want to do what you want what, your interests, are we. Are not looking for anyone, to set up manufacturing for, us we have we. Have organized, all that for different dimensions, and directions, they. Are looking for people who want to be part of the evolution, of the technology. Are. There, any questions. To. Deliver on have one from other I think she's over here I. Have. A question about your last statement there about. You're. Saying that, like. For. Example somebody, wants, to get. Involved in manufacturing, maybe they think, they're a manager, maybe, they'd like to part of the assembly. Line part of the. Procedure. And, you know part of the the, manufacturing. Plant. Let's say or factory. What. Should they do is. That. Like. You said you're. Not looking, for people to to. Do the manufacturing, in a way because you have that set. Up the way you want them you, want to do, that what how. They get involved I guess is one okay let. Me give you a nice structure what has happened, and how the Keshe foundation, is evolved, and evolving, we. Have now, set. Up a, manufacturing. Management. Team which. Is spread. Across this planet and we. Are adding more and more people into this section what. This means is that we. We. Have set. Up now we are getting more and more into it in I think it'll be more or less completed next. Few. Weeks that. We. Have become what. You call like a franchise, system like, let's say, Ford. Manufacturing. Or. Another. Industrial, organization. Which are. Replicating. Their business, from. One place to another so all. Our factories, are becoming. Standardized. Which. Means all we need to find, the premises, then. According, to the premises, we adjust setting, and. We. Just put a machine arraign and the plant it starts working it's. Got to the point that there, is some what, we call and. Cleaning. Up or understanding. Or changing, things but, more or less we will see three. Four factories coming. Up by June July like this so, we we, have set up the first factory, the. Framework, for it and. It. Goes into operation, sometimes in April. And. Then all we do we copy, paste type thing the structure. Is set. The. Each, factory, we estimate cost around about twenty to thirty million dollars. Operational. And all. That has been organized all is in in in progress, of doing, we. Estimate, within. The next two years to five years to have between three to five hundred factories. This. Is not the position of, hoping. To do OB everything has been organized, for it is all animal but we have. To do our work properly we. Have a highly competent team, people. Who, understand. And it's. Taken nearly, four. Or five months for. The team to work together to, iron, out everything, else plus what was done before for. This purpose. We. Have acquired. Occasional. Machine shall done in, China has become part of the Keshe foundation worldwide operation, which. Means the, manufacturing. The sort of these pre. Factory. Prefabricated. Or BSM will all be done in in China and. We just deliver systems after, systems is very. Much like it's a franchise like a Mac normal we, just given a shell we fitted according, to the show these. Things need, a lot. Of.

Who Understand. The, the. Work of the nanotechnology. And the gas production. On, average, we see something, between 500. To one and a half thousand, people per, factory, employment. The. Reason for it is we see a three-shift, move we. See to, meet the demand because we see different. Dimension. Into manufacturing, we. Look for management, the management has, to be people not just coming from outside we made this mistake twice, we, will not repeat it, and. We, are looking for those in the Keshe foundation, who understand, the work of their Ganz's. Overcome, nano-coat, in the ethos of the foundation. In. Our Italian, operation, we, brought a man who was highly valued, in. A Italian, industrial, scene, we, paid him huge manner wages, and, informatica. Has got no clue from one end of the nanotechnology, to another and. That. Was a very rough, harsh experience, for us to learn and a. Lot of you who are in Gans, business, and none of coating, you know how gently we handle, and, none of coated materials, that they don't get damaged our work as a factory, was a pile, heap, of coils, on top of us what are you doing oh nothing. Is a just a ready to cross that this needs to be handled. Cannot touch you destroyed Nunnally it's as always all the steel it doesn't matter it's just copper, and. I realized, we. Need a new generation of, people and this is why we're going back to public, we, trying. To join the Keshe foundation, teaching, programs. Workshops. And learn as much as you can in areas we. Are expanding, into the countries. Which are online for, us now, Ghana. Is. We. Have our own team which are teaching. Italy. South of Italy, is coming into production. Arizona. Is coming, into production and research space development. Mexico. We. We. Have purchased the land property, which is part of the Keshe foundation. South. Africa, Australia. China. Are. In, the, line by, June July. To become, part of, hopefully. We start with them at that time and then. We are looking at Kenya. Angola. Mozambique. South. Africa. We. Are looking at Uganda. We are looking closely, into. Possibly. Morocco. With, one of our positions at the moment in northern, Africa, this. Brings us into Tehran, Iran two. Positions, we. Are looking in the expansion, Saudi, Arabia and, lyrics, looking expansion, in Middle East United. Arab Emirates as part of the cash our nation establishment. Possible. Serving. Manufacturing. We. Are looking into production. In Israel, we, are highly. Support their, people, who will jewish casual nation or in israel we, are looking for establishment, priority. On Palestine. These. Are the freedom we have we. Have no one to strictures and it. Brings a lot of employment, we are looking in, the production in India. Pakistan. Is. Our frontline, philippine, thailand. Australia. Is, on the move of they have already found hopefully, the premises, we are looking for, it's just negotiating. In the next few weeks if we can achieve it new. Zealand gets covered by australia, if we can because the population, is very small, to support to remote you're. Looking at establishing on the cache partition Japan, South. Korea these. Are our know horizon this year we. Look at 10 different, points, in United. States of America. We. Are looking at three point minimum in Canada, we. Are we. Have finances, available for Brazil, Argentine. Mexico. Has already properly been acquired, Harmony's, in Mexico. Documents. We got signed and everything else which is going through we. Are looking. At, germany. Austria, stays as a research, center. The. United. Kingdom. France. Spain. Portugal. Italy. Is already, committed. We have the properties, are working on it it's going into the next phase of it we. Are looking into. Just. In. One way another in, Romania. May possibly, one or two positions, we. Are looking in hungry, they, are looking into, Bulgaria. And. Most. Probably. Poland. Poland. Is one of our prime position investments. In less the rest in Europe, we. Are looking to invest, in Greece we, have a very strong support, in Greece. We. Are looking to. Invest, in Holland. In. Norway. And. A. Massive. Investment push in Russia. You were the what, we called the Russian. Area. Of the work of the Keshe foundation, these. Are earmarked, and, then. China goes on his own with the massive support. From the Keshe foundation the Chinese, supporters. Of ours which, was in, a in its own direction. The. Reason we are looking at about 300. Manufacturing. Minimum is that, we are producing, a new energy. Supply we have to do it from zero to two. Everything, else when, you start, producing gas. Waters, for. Everything. Else and, you're trying to support a nation a 10,000.

Square Meter factory is not enough does not matter how much you produce because. We have a ratio of what we can do, these. Leaders. Ask in, a way if you look at it and I, was explaining to one of the top. Guys in a, very recent task we. Have so, many nations together, they put 85. Million barrel, of oil to. Support, our industrial. Developments. Of past centuries the cars the factories, and it's, just oil, now. We, are bringing such, a product, not only has to suffice. For our energy, development. It has to survive for, agriculture. Medicine. Health. Applications. The space program energy, program, material. Production and then you see the scope of the work which is ahead. It's. Not just opening one factor able to each, Factory we are planning five factories in Nigeria, you're talking about minimum, ten to twenty thousand people employment, in, the oil industry we, dig the oil out we, have we have managed to structure, a whole oil industry. In how, we can use this liquid in, our technology. We have to produce the raw material, from Gans from anything. To, the, point of use, where. We can use these energies, in different aspects, as graduates, from magnetic, field purposes, now. You can see the task when we say three 500, factories in the next three years is, not. Enough. There. Is a whole, technology. Industry, is getting built up especially. All, the new machineries, to support, these factories, we. Are setting up in accordance, with the Chinese. Because. There is no other nation who can support such a transition. Everything. Is available we, do not see that the, heart of the technology, industrial technology, has been taken out of Europe in America and they cannot support such a rapid, development. Being. Able to produce huge. Numbers, of the systems that can produce thousands. Of tons of, against. And, a, nano, coated material, in, appropriate, way that every, single one is the same as as you go to McDonald's in, in New, York or in London or in Beijing, or in Africa there are all tastes, and I look the same and they deliver, the same and, this. Is part of the work we have to do setting. Up a new in energy, industry, from a scratch which can feed into every. Aspects, of the need is. Going to be cross but he had to a start now concerns, has been achieved documents. Have been signed. Human. Resources have been put behind it and it. Become, a crease one of the biggest, world operations, as of, what we call plasma industrial, revolution. Is. Not a talk anymore it, is done as I said in the next few days, hopefully, once, our team to ensure that we announce that market, value share holding company, we, should be shared between two or, maybe three nations, who can support such a huge there. Buddhist. And solid, in, our support and, collaboration, cooperation with the Chinese people. Chinese government, armies, sell, totally. Committed, to, peace we. Do not compromise now. You understand, when we say we have so many I see. In next 10 years, very. Much fuel. Production which is a gas production, nanomaterial, production you can set up different. Body. Called materials. We. Only touch five or six there, is over 200 of, them to be produced for different aspects, when, we come to do the feeding station in disaster, area, we cannot just give the body co2, and maybe, some zinc oxide. We. Have to develop a technology after feeding in disasters, or in the space where, you can get from the phosphor, from the calcium from potassium, from everything, which the body needs when you go into a station, feed you. Have to receive everything otherwise you have deficiencies, in the body of the man and. These. Are in progressed are in development, they have to be developed, like all of us this. Is the only way we can make mankind, independent. Of finances, poor. Or rich you can walk through the same box you receive the same energy the. Box does not distinguish, within a color race or religion. And. This is what our target is atmosphere an area, where, I I thank. With. All my gratitude to the Chinese government, and the Chinese authorities, who work with us so hard and, in, turn with others who are in that position to do you. Will see as I said are committed, to catch foundation of my life to the Chinese government's, and Chinese people, because. It's the only way we can see a peaceful. Nation a. Nation. Which, spends, all his wealth as. Improving. His Nations is his citizens, and now, with what we see the. Layout of his Excellency President Xi has one path one road that. Breaks, right away through where we want to be.

The. Collaboration would just cash foundations and Chinese authorities, will. Be announced beyond, irritation, and. It's. The only way, we. Can establish peace, when, we can't bring equal, to everyone by all measures. In. Due course, we. Will understand, will be basing, United State as an, operational. Center and in China two positions. And between. The two will guarantee peace and this is one of the reasons in the past few days, if. You have her to be invited, the Israelis and the Iranians to collaborate, together in plasma technology, because it's time for peace. The. Establishment. The mechanism. To achieve it has been set, now. It's delivering, it which, needs, a lot of wisdom, it. Needs a lot of understanding, and, in so many ways as, I said. With. The Chinese New Year comes. A lot of new things for Humanity. In. That way we, commit ourselves to peace. This. Is what it needs so, if you are interested, in any shape or form or, size in. Being. Part of developing. Different, aspects, of being. In collaboration. To guarantee, you pleasure. Will work not. Just to work for a foundation we, are opening these factories, on this basis. It's. A mass industrial. Revolution. Change. And. It's. Not just, one. Of us is all of us we done it together now it's time to stand, for what we stood as a piece as ethos. Of the work. Sharing. Knowledge our conditionally, and, allowing. Everyone to be trusted, that we can share without being intrude adobea stolen, from we. Saw one with mr. Lin in China, intruding. Into others, and saying is there any patterns. Please. Boycott, any purchase, from this gentleman. Because. Otherwise if we don't stop this others. Will follow. Respect. Each other's otherwise we go back into patterned back, into, all the misconduct after, before I'm hiding, there is no pattern I didn't do I don't do I. Strongly. Advise to, boycott any purchase, from mr., Lind. He. Surprised like moto son cuz his broken meters of the foundation, beyond is he's, taken, things from the Keshe foundation, he gave him to to, desire for it for. Development. Of the technology, by all of us and it's behind the same from the others we received complain, about him taking their technology, and light work. We. Have to set eaters. We. Have to work if you are a Chinese, supporters, if they are cheap work in China do. Not purchase anything, from this gentleman whatsoever. Is, not to setting example, is for him to understand, that the. Agents of the firm machine is very very, simple. We. Work we, share and if we share we, have to respect each other's knowledge and heart and what we call work. This. Is what's going to be we openly, work but, we have openly, to respect each other. Offering. Motors cheaper, to the Chinese and charging, the Americans, triple and quadruple because, they can pay and, then delivering broken, or they call it damaged. Machines that I do things, I can replace it doesn't work that way and you don't want the internet the stealing other people's work and. Especially. We can deliver the designs. Which was given to him to develop, the new lines, of the space reactors, and, he's been put in the market and a backup to unleashes, work without. Any, respect. For anyone these. Things have to stop I opened.

My Patents to be free no. One can claim if you have a patent I don't repeat we, have to set up example, because, as we open up the market for, each other's knowledge it. Has to be freely, respected. If. We see, copying, of any of your designs onwards in other country, because, of the rules on Galatians you, have to come to an agreement with each other in each other in each section this, is how the cache manager is going to work. You. Come to us with a product we. See it we, might be able to evolve it to change it to do something with it you'll, be benefit by it. Because. As you was, brought in it and, mrs.. Wynn in strict instructions, all the Keshe foundation. Manufacturing. Teams respect. Each other's who work. We. Might repeat it for, example in America because. Then we don't need to create import, licenses, and all the conditions, because it'll be introduced in America and creates job in America it. Doesn't mean that we copy it separately, to overcome, things but at the same time respect, the designer. They. Mentor of it. It'll. Be a lot of paperwork a lot was getting, what. They call. Worked. With it but, unless it. Keeps us busy because, we all receive, what we need from it, what. I urge you please if you see if, you try. You see somebody else coming up in an idea on the internet which, is something you can do because they are in China or somewhere else or you, have access facilities go. Back to the designer. Make. Amicable. Arrangement that, you're both happy and it's blessed and then is shared the soul and then you all succeed. Do. Not push, with this what. Is called the stealing, pattern are patterns. We. Have a huge discussion, in Chinese community, regarding. Mr. means behavior, and they, don't understand, now they understand, Jesus Turin more or less technologies. As we call it in the modern time. We. Can submit the pictures, and diagrams. Technical. Diagrams, which was given to produce the cause to him and now, it's appeared out of nowhere selling. It and everything else these, are stealing, as we have to stop. Stealing. From the soul this, is what we said thou shalt not steal. And. Now the Chinese community knows, why, we the, Keshe foundation, stood firm, because. It is wrong. Many. Chinese will come up with new designs and, people like him is trying to do marketing, without them and then trying to benefit, by it and destroying, the others calling them whatever then. It destroys your work if. We stop this process from. Now that. We are in in Visio mass. Production, of products around the world. We. Stop the whole thing of the patterns and the rest of it. You. Design, you, know how to make that Accord try, to support. The teaching classes and, the teachers which have been licensed. By the Keshe foundation, through our distribution and, teaching. Side build. Up your knowledge how, to do what to do and we try to put most of the teaching for the factories, in these trainings, in these sub workshops, that, when we come to your place when we come to your country when you there is opportunity, to be you already plus the others, the. Training, or Capri, training mister. Accra. Will. Employ one a half thousand, people. We. Have to train. 1,450. 90, of them. Those. Of you who became. Part. Of the Keshe foundation, through their love of the knowledge and the technology. You. Can become teaching, these people. Because. It's, not just teaching you don't oh you have to transfer, the essence, of the soul of the teaching to, the people who work for us he's not going to work 9:00 to 5:00 I'm, going to work to change the society and the command what, we love we had this. Is how it should be. We. Need every. Aspects, of the knowledge being a doctor we need you being. A. Engineer. You work in this based a program, you work in the high-level, computer, programs. You're, working. Factory. Laying out factory, production you're a plumber, you're. Architect. We need all of you.

Casual. Nation website send your request and send your expertise. In we, want we go to this is how we established, now are the. Manufacturing. People we. Just went through CMR, with people who've been with the foundation, we just look for them there there we go that would you like to join this is what we are prepared, to to. Play other what, you call it the salary and this. Is how we have recruited most of America, seeing most our people. We. Look into the expertise, security. Matters and then you're employed. We're. Talking about 300. Factories, four and a half two, thousand people per factory. Then. You can see the scale this is just what works and then you have all the backup facilities, and the support. Which comes with it all, the manufacturing, and arrested. As, I've, said before we, support, the, way, to X establish. Peace and be. Able to achieve it through industrial, transformation is, through one nation and we see it through one belt one road, problem present G. Because. We can deliver the technology what. Is the dream of peace of equality, by the Chinese people. Go, on the internet to look for. Presidential. Initiative, over past five years as. What is known as one belt, one road. Which. Brings all the sefirot all the cereal harrods which mean for centuries now. Equality. That all the nations under, circled all the way to South Africa, through. The oceans through the Central, Asia. To. The, passage, to the sudden seeds Philippi, Thailand, all, get, benefited, to become equal that reality, becomes, equally, normal, and. The vision of resergy is the vision of casual vision. Is. To all baby camping, piece. Any. Questions. Thank. You mr. Kesh there's a couple people that had, their hand up here allow. Joe. I believe is the name and. John. Wells is, well, promote. You. So. Is. The name jowl. From. Del. Batista. Jury did, car, Mongo Rangel. Do. You want to unmute. Yourself and go ahead. Raziel. Thank. You, mr.. Kesh we. Are waiting your, answers. About. Brazilian. Factory. How do you think about. That. Also. To. Do with the. Clouds and a cash manufacturing. And we. Are looking into it what is available. This. Is handled, by this. Section, which is setup for these things and Brazil, is we. Looked. At a couple of properties which were not fitting, our way and. I think there is one more or two more on the discussion, table I've seen communications. In the background. The. Mexico. Property, has been purchased, Brazil. We. They're. Brazilian line of communication, which they have their own that you have to go through them and it's. Getting done but, you got to realize still, as we informed, all the cash foundations till. Accra. And, most. Probably. Italy. Fully, con completed. In the next couple of months at least Accra, that, we see all the, mistakes in, the, production, line, we, are not I'm leaning. To opening, up to others because whatever is done once, we establish, the hundred. Percent correct all the systems, response, is correct then. For us to produce his matter of copy/paste. He's. Taken months to for. A team of. Or. The holidays, specialist to even come up with containers. Which can take the right pressure when. It was tested built, it, collapsed. So we had to redesign, and, it's been going on for example the. Machineries the same so. As all, the people around the foundation who, work and we setting up we. Are doing as our first of March. Because. Accra, Morris is finish for us is the, delivery, condition, which is holding. We. Move into layout. Of the factory in Mexico. And, Italy. And then. We. Go to I. Know Brazilian, negotiating, that is prompt in Romania, which is done. Australia. With. I. Think. 13,000. Square meter of our, Factory is, on, the table we are looking at. We. Don't have the financial restriction. The, only thing we have we we, have decided collectively in.

The Management that. We. Fully. Run Accra. In. Full, operation, find. Out with all the mistakes or what you needs to be changed, and then. It, takes us a very few weeks to to do the rest everything. Else is done. But. As we said with all all our, everyone. Who's around the foundation in manufacturing, we. We got delayed by two months because. Of. What. We call two points, first of all we expanded, the factory in Accra from 1. To 3 and then nearly now 10,000, square meter it has to be finished to be handed over then. We can place, all our what. You call machinery. And establishment. Inside but. Run it for, at least four weeks to, see if there is any anything. Needs to be just that and then, is just paste copy. And. Then. Our plan is one factory, a week. We. Have a very good team of system. Control people in Canada, who are, marvelous. In their work we have a bit washed racks in London, who. Are all behind it we have a manager, of the whole cache partition operation, manufacturing. From Paris. And. It's. A lot of people working as a good. Team of people in, Shenzhen. Which are responsible for every, single piece, which. Is going out to the factories, is, a lot of work it is not something that it can be done in one day and, is, no use opening, the other factories, if we see a problem in one place and this. Has to be done as we is, a fully operational. Computerized. System, there, is pharmaceutical. Level once. We run it is based on company Mexico, Brazil you. Have basically. We, were given a very good opportunity we have a reason we purchased. The. Property in Mexico and. The, same course we will purchase the property. In Austria, is a fantastic, site. It. Gives us a huge opportunity to. Meet, the, need of the nation therefore the power shortages. That. We can bring in in that way. The. Called. The Romanian, stays the same but, as we, all said they all understand, we. Have to wait turn, the test setup, of Accra. Comes in to see what we need to adjust and, then, is copy/paste we. Have a good expert teams in London, who are ready to go for. A setting. Of the factories. We. Have a the. Management, manufacturing team, is bunch of experts, people and, they. Are traveling all over the world to get things done to be done correctly you. Have, to wait in same Brazil we see Brazil sometimes, in back. End of June July that, we move in and we can go but we have to have datas. Complete, confirm, the. Dieter, the production, of their materials, and the goods are according to international, standard and according, to FDA understanding. Boards around the world. We. Are very open about what we're doing because we. Don't have anything to be worried. About there will be afraid of that at the time of what we got harvest by Pancho what. Are called headless, chickens in. In. Europe, is over. You. Will never see a setting of a factory, in the state of Belgium, no, way. We. Support, Holland. We, support France, and, Italy. And. France. We. We, don't consider that there, is a need to to. Worry about anything, but at the same time we are very open about it we said well it is what we are doing under, state you know we, opened a space in.

Accra. With. The property we shipping event just by the Italians, for their first space, especially Center. For Africa. We. Are committed, to huge amounts of investment to into, corner space center. But, they have to another factory that the fuel we produced for the space program. Meets. The need. I. See. A list, of nations who are talking to us in the background for the factories they're, all looking for premises, and whatever, we are still working on but. At, the same time they're, all aware Accra. Has a priority, to come into operation that, we can, literally. See. Nigeria. Is running into ovulation with Alex at the moment. We're. Saying we authorized the opening, of the teaching center in Kenya, because we need to teach people to understand, that we can employ them accordingly, that. We don't have, the problems, we had in other factories. Okay. Work. We're. Committed, to us Brazil, is the same as. What. Italy. The, same as Mexico, the servants in Latin stated service Australia, it's. One family, and, well. None of us would like to waste, time. And. Finances. In making mistakes and then trying to collect it. And. There's, no jealousy it's all equality and we doing it the same way but. You have to understand, our openness, is our strength. Which. Taken us years to, get to the point we are now. We are opening these stations. The, party. Call, Arizona. Research. Center and manufacturing. Is going to be a huge better location, on the ship. Especially. This year trying to bring so many scientists, together to be able to do it. Any. Other question. This. Questions. On livestream that I'm not, so sure if they're appropriate about. As. Jan says these work with the large international, companies. At the management level and, can. Assure the biggest challenge, will be recruitment. Of skilled people what. Is the plan to attract skilled. Managers etc, and. After. All without a well worked out business, plan not much will be, executed. We. Don't have a problem in that solution we. Don't disclose what we don't have a problem in that solution. Right. You know, some. Of the best managers. Who brought a nation, out of poverty, to one of the richest we. Stand with us. You. Got to realize all. The, best managers, don't come from United. States or Europe. The. Best managers, come from the places, where, you see a 10%, growth or used in a nation moving from one status to another. Then. Secondly is collective. And the way we structure the Keshe foundation, is Central, Management we can bring anybody and at the same time the management, management team the core management. Team, monitors, everything, and, develops. New style of managers, to work with our it just not before, our. Bottom, line is not profitability, a bottom. Line is peace and you, try to explain that to managers, they walk away and those. Who are managed and told by the Keshe foundation, work in that direction. There's. Some that are concerned, about where all the funds are coming from right I don't think that's appropriate. Resources. In my. We. Don't need to disclose. No. Nobody, has made a, body. Call it a hundred, million contribution. To the Keshe foundation, and. We haven't seen only people who have a very little ever, they. Have contributed that, little they have to the foundation, all the ones who are embedded, within selling things have been putting in their pocket. So, you. Never asked where it comes from we, are correct in our way and that, we don't need to respond to no one that we see anything that's, okay. For you. There's. One thing surely doesn't come from British government, or Belgian, government no. Blood money and no stolen money and a murderer machinery, that's. For sure. So. Someone. Like that that might have business, experience they. Can apply to the. Cash foundation, at the either, as a volunteer. Possibly. Even as a job. Opportunity, yes. They. Can I'll put the link into the chat so, that. We. Have that now from the. Human. Resources part, of the website. So. That's something you can apply, to and, much, pass through security and so on then we can start to communicate, with, what. Your skills are and try, to get. Things matched up with people. Skills, versus, what's required for, the current moment. Basically, and. It changes, for a moment a moment, is. That not correct mr. Kesh is so fast moving right now that no, yeah. So. It's, a good time for people to get sort of in on the ground floor. Literally. In some cases of these new factories, and so on. Alec, Allen says the main thing for us is the candidates, are sort of foundation.

In. The end of. The. Whole process is, that we. Have to learn a new, way. That. Even. In long, run our factories. Become. Part. Of the structure, of the society. This, is the only way we can guarantee the. Looking. After of those, who. Need looking, after and not just. Financially. But. In other ways. The. Problem, is. Huge, the. Problem, we face as, the. Keshe foundation, is, what. The nations have ignored, this. Is the problem, whatever. Has been ignored, not we have to address and we have to address equal. Irrespective. Of other things it, is this thing that we are better of your your. The Iranians, we are the better blood and your Germans, we are better than India the Russians are better has to die, would. In the soul of the matter and. This. Takes a lot of work is not easy to. To. Understand. How. The foundation works and, people. Who have the ethos of the foundation, are, coming, to do and are very straightforward because, they know what the foundation stands for. We. We recently had, one. Of the Keshe foundation, supporters, knowledge seekers around the pack around, of the foundation, joining. Us in the management and said I'm here for exception, things because, he worked in Saint Peter's on on the production and it, was easy, for him to understand, where we go and what he was doing and he decided to move out it was it's, amazing, how people, who. Work are we think, our way to, our ratings, -. And. This. Is part of the change and, it'll. Take time but. It will come in a universal, way. Massive. Employment, our. Mind. When you're talking about 300. If you quote one and a half thousand, people you're. Talking about half. A million people in the next five years working. More with it with the case manager and, then, of the auxiliaries, which calls related, talking millions. And. It's, a new industry it's, the same as what it was with the computers. We. We brought the we, brought what. We call the computer, second value out of United, States. Bring called. The plasma technology and, plasma value out of China.

Because. It's the only way it can be done that the resources, are there to be do and. The. Commitments, are there which is the same it has Allah switches for peace unaware of the evolution, of the jobs and we. Have to see how we go Wendigos with other nations quantity. Is. Not the small, pack of the job in the package in doing things this is very open a straightforward, at. The same time through our operation, bringing them all four major powers, in the world to, work together to, adoration, of peace ill take some adjustment whether it be done because. Financially. And employment, wise and security, wisest benefit to all. Mr.. Keshe mentioned, that many of the jobs are not jobs but operations. Of the factory, will, be automated, so, I'm wondering. What. Kinds of jobs will be available, for these people that will, be involved in the factories, obviously. There'll be some, and. Maintenance. Of equipment and. Operations. Of those machines and, so on but, if it, will it be mostly automated, in terms of that manual, labor type, jobs is that the way you see it in, the future, it's. A combination this, mainly, comes renovation. I think. The innovation of, the. Technology. Will employ, huge, number of people. We. Are designing. Literally. Now, machinery. Which fits into the plasma technology and. You. Didn't exist at. The moment we, are coming, on to three systems, like this and. It's going to be many more of them. The. Way. To. Be on the medicals, on the pharmaceutical, we. Have to be fully authorized, computerized. And this is what's been achieved by RT to. Be in, a mass production, of, equipment. And pieces, this, still is a partially, automatic, partially. Human resources. To. Be. The way. We see it to. Produce. Items. Or products. That, is needed, by 80, to 90, percent of the population is, our target. We. Are not going for niche maybe some will be but. The. Product, range is. To. Be, able to touch, every, man's need every day which means in less a tenuous time, where. If you shop for less a hundred items. Ten, to fifteen of it has to be connected somehow with the Keshe foundation, minimum. Then. This brings a position, of as we, consume, as, we, produce. We. Create enough wealth that we, don't need to work. 48. Weeks a year. We. Work we, understand, what may be one or two mother here, but. What, has been may facilitated. Allows us to spend other times to. Evolve. On the direction of serving. Service. Industry, in the right way should. Not be a slavery. Should. Be a pleasure and this, takes a lot of changes, but what, we say can be done. If. We are paid according to what we. Need to live a comfortable life and, we. Live, a comfortable life then. People's, ideas, of owning. More are more will change. Is. That come ISM is a satisfaction, of the soul of man. It's. Not that we pay all this know we, we. Provide, all this that. A man has the pleasure to do. I'm, mr. Kesh there's a question, about is, there an age limit. I'm. Realizing, a lot of the countries have regulations. And that would be the local regulations. That would kick in for, minimum. Age for someone. To be employed. But. In some capital they may not have those rules, and regulations, so it would be the policy of the Keshe foundation, we. Abide with, obey by the National. Regulations. But there is one thing that, we. Do not accept, them we made that clear in two or three occasions now, we, do not accept, 60, and 65, as a age of retirement. Age. Of retirement and, man wants to stop working has to be option for the man, not. By the books. Many. Of the diseases, which the Western, world is fighting with under, old age is created, by the enforced, unemployment. Productive. People are imprisoned, in the four walls of their life at the age of 60. And, that cannot be a. Man. Can be productive, even 200. Years old. It. Has to be the freedom that we. Can serve and, this. This, takes a lot of things out of pension policies, and the problems we have but. In so many ways when we meet most of the demands through the one we love the technology. This. Shouldn't be hard. There, it should be this is, one. Thing there's a minimum, age which. Is below. 18 should not be a lot. But. If, we have a genius, in the board of the understanding of the plasma at age of five or ten or twenty or sixteen, or, 200. They, should all be respected. For knowledge. And. This is a big difference. But. Minimum. Age work. Memo, which has to be abide by because, the charges are alive of the child and.

Man. Should have enough time to mature resolved, we think 18 sometimes, even 30 is not enough. What. About the idea of. Children's. Education. About. Young, Ganz's, nanometers and, all all all of the technology, all of this, plasma. Science I mean. That, would be good obviously to, start at an early age but, I think. We're talking about this somewhat. And maybe. It should be. Produced. In a way that's really fun for, kids and, rather than. The. School learning kind, of. Way. Of doing it the. The. Way we started. Children, teaching, about, four or five years ago was with fun. I always. Said, physics. Has to be fun otherwise it's not physics. Early. Teaching, has to be fun not all of us are physicists, or they learn enough to be doctors, to be designers. Of the musicians, there'll be all sorts which. Can bring the whole thing in in different way but, child education, is part of what is goes to the cave a society, with gym and this part they have to develop that, is. Done we made, two three attempts, for child, education, but. Now, we the changes, in the direction, of the. Manufacturing. And mikay properties of the foundation. In. Each country we have to look at how we can teach and. He has to be taught very very early ages. And. That, they understand. Our. Ethos. Our way how. They can do things and how they can survive. In. Depth of those bits I don't. This is something which we are doing I was, explained. Out to one. Of our team members we. Are setting, up 50. Phd's. We. Are profession. Is paying for 50 PhD, places, in, one of the universities, and, what. I've said to, to. The whole structure, is that our PhD, should not be more than one year. Because. The response. Of the cancer, nanomaterials. Is so, rapid, that these. Time, messing up three or four years just paying for somebody to be to. Do something, is done needed. So. We, are even introducing, new style, of teaching. At. A high level we. Have a sponsor term next. Friday, I'm in the meeting that. Will, is funded 100 sorry. 50. PhD. Places, but, under conditions. Of Keshe foundation, for what we want to have because the responses, of us, what's. The use of wasting three years just waiting and the, plane then lay down a little. The. Whole process of teaching has to change. You. And youngsters, are part of it. Because. They see a world different amid one most probably a lot, of solutions become from our youngsters. And our. Baraka. Highly educated with. PH 10 20, years of experience because, they are locked into the mentality, and they have to justify everything by formulas well. Formulas, has no meaning to children, they look at the natural process. We. Need to expect than the care beside children the program that will be done that way but. Don't forget now we're going into a national, levels and international, levels most, of all a lot of it becomes debatable, how we can, do with the way we can do and how. Safe is for a child to be near. Against, or how, can he fly, a system, with his thoughts. I always. Say the first child will start teaching, being. Actively. Progressively. You've all been. What. You call, teaching. Of the plasma understanding. Of plasma, and. They poison, him a cyanide Mende. Thanks.

To Those, who live within the boundaries of what. I call folk in the nation. But. Children. Have to be nourished and looked at and what the technology, on the race. Any. Other question. John. Well said his hand up John, did you want something, you might have your ask there I. Just. Want to commend the. Difficulty. We have or. The. Letters, or the contact. We send to the foundation. Are, not, being answered so. We. We. Excuse. Me let me address is don't expect to be answered just because you send something and you expected. A. Lot. Of people send things to the foundation, they expect to be answered we. We, receive so much and what, is needed what we see essential, are the time to be answered it gets answered. If. You just. What. You call it I, get. This complain, that you, are very slow in responding, we. Respond. When it's needed to be responded, because a lot of people send a lot of things we respect you you you think it's important, to you to be done if. He goes to the right place and there is an answer to be done there gets addressed but. You have to understand where you are sending the information to, to that. You get the right response. Where. Were you sending things chime where you're not getting a response and where are people complaining about that. -. Where was it then, hey SSI. What are you talking about -, the student, application. To. Apply to be a student or, for us. To. Be. A teacher. Certificate. I think. I've been teaching for the last year and a half yes. You say let me let me let me address we. Have a lot of picture, people who want to be teaching in Kiev SSI. We. Have a limited. And especially, the new management which has taken the course by Jim he, has decided, how to concentrate. The teaching because. He was as I understood his, answers, freehand and, it's in consolidation, with the management team of the Keshe foundation, and with the head of the Keshe foundation Ella. Just. Because, you want to teach we have to accept we have so many people would like to teach a. Big. As, I understand, Jim. Can address it to oh because I don't think it should be in the background we. Take teachers, who we see to. Be, necessary. For our, life, teaching, or because it's a live teaching you know every day between, 9:00 and 5:00 o'clock if. You want to teach then. You. Have to go to the. Cave, a society. Which appoints, teaches, workshops. That's. A different section and then. That goes to Kevin Blundell is a section. I. Don't, consider myself meaning, a piece, of paper to teach I've been teaching every day I, understand. That thank you very much but, if, you asked to teach if it goes into our daily. Teaching program, or, it goes on stitches to would like to be like what just you want to teach you how. How, they can help it, has to go into care for society it's got nothing, to do with capital side when it goes into the. Teaching. In your country, if, you want to teach in your country, support, you need this goes in there it. Goes in such Kevin, Blundell is responsible, for this section yeah, that's the work let's. Be clear that that's the workshops, holding, a workshop with on-site, people, in. A location. If. You are. You. Don't. You. Don't need to charge workshops doesn't mean charging. Exactly. Workshops. As a doctor, dr. water, does all the workshops is not by charging, it's just with the reason we set up let me let me explain the. I, understand. Part of it is Kevin Durant blunt editor can answer you, what. I understand, is done by the. Team. This way is, that we have categorized, how, much your level of understanding is. That to what level you can teach is not you'd only the paper if. You know the, nano-coating. Are you going to the space level or you've gone into dynamic, system or you're, the doctor you want to the medical, each one allows for people to know what level you teach at, it's. A guideline for people, not for you how good you are and. We. Had to set it we, had to put. These. Things on it that people knew they go to a teaching, and say oh the guy only knows the time technology cannot go but I wanted to know what dynamic, system this, guy does not have the extent of knowledge to go to a dynamic system and, it's. Getting classified, in, ABC. If I understand, and level. 1 level 2 level four whatever and these. Are set up for you if you're looking for health, teaching. That, these people who teach health in, a dynamic, system or in a static system or these, people are good to nanotechnology, or, theoretical, or whatever, it. Doesn't need, anything else the reason this, has come up is. For people to, be, free. To, choose and, to understand, I don't want I want to learn a Spanish, because. I speak in Spanish but I live in Italy I live in South Africa. So. That, processes. Are. Set, up that way it.

Doesn't Mean anything else you. Don't need. To. Be able to get it take. Charge of the Spanish, teaching. I'm. Just, waiting I mean. I haven't, stopped doing what I have been. Doing for the last two years, yeah. But I. Understand. Very well what, you're talking about please, go, to the right if you send it to care fascist I you won't get the response. You. Have to go to the section for the workshops, on teaching you. Get immediately, Kevin, blunder is fantastic. In responding, I think, we've done. Less than five seconds, on this computer is too late. Well. Wait a minute what. Are we talking, about are you talking John. You were talking about the not, Spanish knowledge, seekers, workshop being. A teacher for that correct. Which. Is coming up it's every, Wednesday, at 1900. Hours Central, European Time I've got, a message here from Ursula, that they need a teacher for that there's, over 700. Students, and they don't have a Spanish, teacher. Well. Kevin's, not part of that Kevin, what does the workshops, the hands-on. Workshops. Not. That. Workshop. He. Has nothing to do with that. Break. Who where can he go, who's this is Tim online you, need to talk to Jim directly, mr.. Kesh Jim. How can you help him, all. Right we've. Already been helping, John and Ursula, in that I have, instructed, them that they. Need to work together to. Get. The Spanish, teaching sorted out I don't. Quite understand, why saying, he's not been applied to, it's. Because it's up to you no it's in their hands now how they want to take that Spanish. Teaching so. You've been in touch with him with, Jim they. Don't. Emailing. John. Yeah. But you say you have got no response, for six months, and the head of the cash management is. Online. If. Jim. Handles, you you don't go to Cabot. If they're already decided, where you said that's, what you see they can't go between if you will still want to do your private, workshop, teaching, that separate, you go to Kevin if. You want to teach in the foundation, you already be responded, by Jim and you've, been asked to participate in, the Spanish teacher well. To. Get in contact with. That's. For the workshops, not. For the teachings, the. Foundation. Has different, channels, you have to sit where you what, you if, you've been asked to help, watch. Out for the words mr. cash because when you said workshops. That is this the knowledge, seekers workshop in. Spanish, that's to, be taught on the Wednesdays and but that's different than the hands-on. Workshops, so we have a bit of an trouble, with using, the same word for two different sort. Of how, different categories. Of teaching. What. They need your help in the order the instructed you where to go yeah. It should be should. All match together you were thinking, or self. Masters. Some other issue needs, to be worked out. Okay. Thank, you very much, thank, you. Any. Other question. Yeah. Sorry to get so involved in all that but it might be. That's. Why we we should have had these question, times at least once every three months or so doesn't. Think. If. It is that we have to address these are part of the teaching the same as we teach about the soul and everything else. We. Have to show this things out and now it's there we have to space it and the. Next. Okay. I got. A question in live stream from Wolfgang, who also put it I think in the chat here, says, mr. Kesh do you have any comment, how, to act best, in Germany. For teaching, and manufacturing. Due. To the quote special, system. In Germany. What. Is this visual system. I'm, not. Sure it's, worth. Understanding specials. We're supposed to be a wink wink nudge nudge understand. What the special, system, is in Germany, yeah. We, had we had. Some. People teaching in, Germany, set up workshops and. We. Received, a lot of complaint, with. It and we. Stopped. It we, disassociate, the foundation, from it and. Then they try to carry on on their own. Their. Manufacturing. When the same way there's a lot of was a lot of misunderstanding. In. How they wanted to do it and they try different things and then we found that there was other problem, with knowledge seekers and development, on it, Germany. Is it, goes is covered, by. Klaus. There, is a german-speaking. Set. Up the class are you there you can explain this more in detail. Because. You're hands-on, with Germany, in Austria.

Yes. Yes, that just, so I say Wolfgang. Mentions, that the political, system and, the force on people, as as. What he means by that special. System in Germany maybe. Germany. Was a free nation I I, thought, I, thought. So too isn't, that the whole idea. Rick. Rick. This this question, does. Not concern. Our. Set of set, up of the workshops, and the teaching. It. Is more or less a topic, which. Comes. Up. Teaching. In schools, in public schools so. This. Is this has nothing to do with the Keshe. Foundation, editing, and. Also the official manufacturing. Was the other part of that too which is again a different, category altogether. Official. Manufacturing in Germany, will go as, the rest of the work with the Keshe foundation. Global. Operation. The. Keshe foundation global operation, will, cover general German is one of the major, points for us for, manufacturing. And we. Already, worked, with. Body. Called the German, structure. For. Some. Of our work, it. Just needs like everybody's gotta wait till we do, to. Finish. The job to do because my craft system has shown positive. Dimensions. In. Germany. A lot of Germans are making a lot of pieces. And are selling it on the internet in different waves or crystals. Pens, and whatever they set up they. Sell. All sorts of things they do a number, of workshops we. We. As. We. Saw some problem with, one. German workshop, which, went totally, on. His own and his own leg and we blocked it because. It was going the wrong way as we saw it mmm. We will, bring manufacturing into, Germany in a very big way I see. Something like 15, to 20 factories, needed, across Germany, next ten years, maybe. More and. In. Time I explained, why and the reason we see it. There. The. German structure. Will. Come true the, cash management global operation. We. Will do and will. Comply, with all the rules and regulations or cover and with it to employ these kind of people we set about on teaching structure, there. Is a work in the background going with part of the Keshe foundation management, team that. The. Teaching. Is getting done like with you or manually, that people can see especially, if you have a high. Employment, that they their videos really majors we subtitled. Two different languages this was already, I think. They. Had a vacation destination memories, they can tell us why it's developing. We. Are assigned izing all the teachings for all the factories and where. It goes public teaching with it. Is. A lot there or. She's been working late. We, don't have a teacher us. Any. Other question. Could. You enlighten us what's going on please. Yes. We are working on. Standardizing. The structures, so. We. Can. Save. The time of the people that will be doing the trainings, and also improve, the efficiency, of the people receiving the trainings so, even if they would be receiving the training personally. They. Would still have a material, a training material to return to in, case that they miss something or maybe they will understand, it better the, second or third, time they are watching it so. It's it's. More on. Constructing. A knowledge, base which. Can be easily accessible, throughout.

The Foundation. Thank. You very much. Any. Other question. Is. If you look in. Past few. Minutes. You. Realize, how, big. And international. The Foundation's, become you. Got a person, from Australia. Jim most part of the education, you've got the. Clients, from, Austria. You get Anna. From. Romania. And they. All and as you need their people in there you have, Kevin. Bonded from Canada, you have winds from Canada we. Become very multinational. And, we're all hands on be. Sitting these teachings, to to. Be able to see what we can that happen we can adult is. Not a one-man. Band one. Teaching, anyone it's. A huge huge, structure, in the background and, more. Are more in appointing, him finding. People who have more speciality. And they come into the world what they have. You. Go from and if, you look at it the time times on so. Here nine o'clock in the morning is almost two or three o'clock in Midnight, you're. Still there to be, there to support. Its, being. Part, of no organization. In the world is delivering, the way we're. Delivering, technology with, it everything, of there was education, and everything else on. Regular basis every day we can become teachings, we can we have. And. We do it without the fear without being, doing. Coated. Something hiding somewhere very. Openly. As. I said very recently and. You. See with all the problems which, the American government has caused for the Iranians, cash. Malaysia has not been touched, not. Even by Chinese because, we are correcting our conduct and, we. Cover all the nations openly. Some. Of you might appreciate. What. It means to, have such a freedom is a treasure especially, in these several times that. Anybody, can be accused of anything to be put on. Our. Freedom our, freedom, to. Share freely is. The key to our what. They call success. In, sharing, knowledge and that's what we are doing we are fighting actually, it isn't most, of these questions. Is. How can I teach for. None. Of you if you even speak to John is fighting, to teach more I want to teach what can I do. Then. This is the beauty, of the New Age new. Era. We. Are fighting we are discussing that I, cannot, teach more how you're going to get me more can I have the factory to do more. None. Of us is talking how we can suppress, a restaurant, something. Opposite, or something, again somewhere, and. This is the beauty of just done still and listen to this conversation. Past, few minutes half, an hour 45 minutes. We. Are all asking, we want more we want it for us we want it now we, want to share now we want to teach now and. It's very unusual it's. Very unusual behavior. Yeah. Mr. cash the first, question. In the Q&A which I answered, just by text. I was. From Nicholas's, I'm from Bulgaria and, we are ready what do I have to who do I have to contact to start the paper processing. This. Is exactly, what you're saying is coming. Forward and. I. Would. Like I would like to add some information read, and, mr. Kesh KF. ASI education. More. Than a year ago created. IDs. For, public, and private teachings. For. More than 20 languages if, you. Go to our official. YouTube channel you see the playlist for the public teachings in languages, if. You go to the education site as a student, you. Can find the also, the private teachings in languages. Those. That would like to teach need. To contact Jean on education. Careful societal torque, the. Ids are created the infrastructure, is ready and the certain moment we had like 18, languages teaching, in parallel. Some of the languages are still very active, French. German. Hungarian. Polish. Romanian. They are teaching every, week. French. And, German. And Polish are teaching even more than once per week. So. If. You would like to teach you, need to talk you get ideas you, become the host. On this IDs you. Get on schedule, this, schedule is published, to students, every week it's. Very easy it. Exists, it's there these recordings, that you can see we. Actually, were done through this infrastructure, we offer this more than miracle so I, think. That you can so. This out very quick. Of. Course, this is the voice of mr.. What. I call my pastor one, of the tribute, masters of the Keshe foundation and. Stanley. Is. Morris. Mork heat up to the education, side. Cashman. Has a team of webmasters. And you. Should want to have their own specialty. When. Perhaps Christ, will give the website. Address. Out for people that, will. Be at KF SSI, that. Or. Friend. Has education. At KF SSI, dot org is that the. Joshie. Means them he, has an email. Education. At keV SSI, dot org is. An email where you can reach Jim, McDonald. GFS. Education. And responsible, for content and schedules, you need, to talk with him first to, tell.

Him Your intention. After. The short talk he. Will forward. You to me just to get the ideas in, the, recent, days we just gave. The ideas for the public, and priority chicks in Farsi, and for. The public and private teaches in Bengali so it's ongoing process, it's very easy so, if you really have an intention, to start teaching I think this can be sorted out within the week, Flynn. Takes over, the training for you to. Show you few tricks in the zoom how to host and this. Is it this is how, we do it and all. The recordings, are done automatically, to cloud you. Don't need to take care about them we publish them if this. Is the public teaching its published on the YouTube channel in, the playlist for, the public, teachings in this. In this language and in. The same time to the education, side if it's private teaching its published on the education. Side available. Only to registered students. So. As. You, can see education. At KF SSI dot, orc is an email where Jim, is talking, with you about the content, of the teaching, the program the weekly. Schedule the, annoucement, advertising. That you would like to do. And. Also. Things, like focus group the genie introduced, recently, and. Education. Special, education add, special, is the orc you, know this email when you, were registering, as a student, for, the applications. For the administration. Technical, support this, is still the old address we. Introduced the new address for gene so that this. Part where, Jim. Wants, to bring, the AFS education, in the future to, improve the content, this, one has, the special email so you can talk with him and get. It sorted out but not, hesitate you would like to see hundred languages, teaching. In parallel there, is it. Was offered by. Keshe foundation to mr. Kesh years. Ago that the the, infrastructure, is given to you you just, need to be brave come forward and start, we. Are welcoming, you aboard. Excellent. Sandy, very good. Helps. Clarify for people that want to apply for that, thank. You very much Larry. Any. Other question. As. Question. Do you have any plan to set up a factory in Sweden. If. You are interested. Send a request to. Manufacturing. Link. Of the Keshe foundation. For. The application, we look at it there, is a very big. There. Is a need for, understanding. To. Set up the operational, factory now we see, it, like. In Accra, f

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