206th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Jan 11, 2017

206th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Jan 11, 2017

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You. Welcome. Everyone to the, 206. Knowledge. Seekers workshop for, Thursday, January, 11th. 2018. And. Once again we'll be. Hearing from mr. Kesh of the Keshe foundation. Spaceship, Institute, and I. Understand, today I have, a little secret that maybe, he will be telling, us some secrets, of, longevity. And. About, how, to have a thousand-year. Lifespan, perhaps, I hope. I didn't blow it mr. Kesh but. Perhaps. You can enlighten us I think. You're there I need to begin, yes. Good morning thank you Rick good morning to you whenever whatever, you listen to. These public teachings, I hope. We, enlighten, you to think more on, your, own with. Your own strength, of thoughts. We. Have inspired many people to, do many things and, in, so many ways, that's. All been the purpose of the messengers, at the past to inspire man to give a correct life and in, a way, to. Live, independent. Of is any. Imagination. But the reality, that he. Is in charge of his own destiny and, he, decides it so, as Rick. Said if. You have missions most of the teachings, and understood, part of it in a correct way you. Should have already seen the secret that, life has no limitation. 500. Years a thousand, years and. Numbers. Are, the number of the rotation of the earth around. The Sun. In, the universe, with, almost eight around anything, except. The, Creator the central, central. Cosmos, where. Everything. Rotates around it is. The center, of the attraction, is, the center of life, for, the whole of the universe. Man. Has got to learn and the. Sooner he learns that he is part, of the creator the sooner as we tell his, everlasting so, shall be the man, this. Is part of the process of maturing, it's. Very hard for us to think they. Say when they said no I'll let, such. A long time his. Time 50, years was a long time. Diseases. And everything else if, he lived into your fifties he lived a long long time some. They say he lived 500 years. Still. Multiply. 500. But a number of days is. Nigger time in the time of the universe but. We have learned that, our soul leaves our physicality, and become independent, of the rotation, of Earth around the Sun our. Here, in the universe, is absolutely. Meaningless. If. You say I'm a thousand, years old. They, laugh, because. A thousand, year old of what how, many times you're rotated, so. If, you are a Sophia not a so many times you add to your times this, is a Sufi life you, can keep on rotating. This. Is what we have to understand, and, man's. Life, in. Essence. Is, the life of the create without, it just want, circumference. Hello. Can you hear me. Yes. You can okay, so. If we look at our lives in, so many ways we. Understand, in a simple way. Our. Life is part of the creator's, life as he everlasting. So shall may be us. But. We, got to learn if, the Creator has manifested himself, in. Differentiation, forms. Of the time as. What. We call universes. As galaxies, as, stars. Planets. Man. Danimals, on this planet. So. We, have the same capability. To be part of it and be, in a way understanding, it's. Important, for all of us to, understand something, very, very important, and that is, we. Design, the. Life is one of us. Does. Not matter where, and when once. The ceiling of soul takes, shapes in the water mother of the man on, this planet it. Has captured the, essence, of the creation and now. It has its own dimension, he absorbs, and it gives and it takes when. Our soul leaves our body in, dimension, of the universal. Body. Called cosmos. Then. As, we. Feed ourselves as, we shown in the plasma or in the magnets it decides, where it's going to be, it. Can come across and, most, of the souls of the man hold various, life in the space after departing, from this physical body or, what are called the Leech of physicality. Then. They decide, what, strengths, fields, they take and a game and, if, you come into a very high strength, field which. Is in the strength of the soul, of the man you. Get elevated, you can receive more because, then they. Want to raise it to a new level so, we. See the, what we call the rise of the magnetization of the soul in a different. These. Are the things we have to open our eyes to so. When. We talk about the thousand years it's. Just numbers, on, our. Count. Because. We limited, our lives to, number of the rotation, of our, physicality, around. The Sun. And. Sun the small speck of dust all, of the creation and imagine, me respect us in comparison. To the Sun so. But. In essence, we carry the, essence of the essence of the Creator. So. When. We speak about a thousand, years ten thousand, years. In. The. Depth of the space as we, adjust ourselves in, two different dimensions, we. Become, part, of the totality, of the bigger structure. And life. Of the man in space is everlasting. Once. Until. The time. When. The dimension, and strength of the soul of the man becomes. Part of the bigger structure, with even that still, lives within itself this. Is a secret, of the creation, and they. Support, most, of the man, most. Of the creations, in the universe, die. Form in. A way they. Want to be able to raise, the, physicality, to become part, of non.

Dimensional. Entity, that they can choose when to manifest themselves. Not. Many, many. Creation. Apart haven't, managed to reach this. Not. Many, races. In the universe have, managed to understand. This and those. Who, understood. Have matured, very rapidly, and this, was a gift which was given to man to, mature, rapidly. Because. In the structure, of the building of the soul of the man there, is such a capability. There. Is such a potential, with innocent, man and. It's unique in the way that it. Has. Unknowingly. Become. Part, of the nursery of the creation, of the universe in. Creating, new dimensions. Of existence, the. Flexibility. As. You. All know and, it's. Very easy to understand, most. Of the solar. Systems. Support. Life in the dimensions, which man can not even imagine, but. Another half to, them, they. Can't imagine their life is like human, race in, the universe, so. We, are a beauty, of what, others, amazement. - that is the stats are amazement, to us we. May use them as we get amused by seeing different things different, dimensions. Of life but. The beauty with it, with. This planet. Is. And. There what, are called, cosmopolitan. Presence, of the huge. Mixture. Of elements, this. Gives the soul of the man new, dimension, if. You look at the. Rotation of the most of planetary, system, and the vertical axis they. Don't have such a combination of the mixtures, of the materials, as we have. This. Creation. Of the rotation. Of the axolotl. Earth in a few degrees which, creates, the seasons, and with, it it, creates, a combination. Of neon dimension. And the strength of the gravitational field. Has. Given, the soul of the man and the strength which covers, the huge spectrum, across, the universe. And. Don't forget whatever, we discovered, plutonium. Uranium a core whatever you go. These. Are the first few elements, but, that a fundamental, cornerstone of. The, creation, of the soul of the man and in the universe, if you have such a spectrum. Of energy. Of the, gravitational. Magnetic field, it means you can manifest yourself in many many different dimensions. It's. A cake which, has many ingredients and, each, one stands, and zone is, a pupil a of flowers, which. Carries. 100. 200, different elements, in it and. Put all the isotopes with it put. All the, dimension, of different strength of the magnetic field, this. Gives the soul of the man in. The dimension, of the universe to be able to manifest itself, in a huge, spectrum, of lives. Some. Of these microphone, is open please. So. If, you understand, is now. You understand, the beauty of the creation, for man, where. I know how we can manifest ourselves, in. Having. And, being able to carry, such a huge. Spectrum, of the fields in the soul of the melons, gravitational. Magnetic field, strength it. Gives him an ability, to survive, his. Multi tasker's, of everything, in different dimensions and this, is why the soul, of the man is precious. Because. Then. In dimension, of the universe if you come in a position where it's only uranium. Mixture. You. Can manifest yourself because. You can display and then you use the others. Elements. In the strength of the magnetic field to, add to it and manifest, yourself in the dimension, if. You come, across, planet. Which is only conferred and, manifestation. Of life is a carpenter strength man. Can manifest itself again. This. Is why there. Is so much emphasis on guiding. The man it's, an accident, of the creation, but, in that, process has, brought a beautiful. Creation, which, we call the soul of man. You. Call it a suicide, they. Can do everything. This. Is a Swiss night what the soul of the universe. Manso, and so. Much contact, has been with a man in the house and trying to educate the man is, not for the physicality, of the man this, for creating.

The Perfect soul, of the man. Then. The soul. Of the man in the universe from, the messengers of peace because. He knows bees up. To now has, created, many problems, so, educating. Man to understand, the beauty of the soul has, been our responsibility. To. Appreciate. The strength to see the beauteous creation. Not. Many. Creators. Hanna. Maids are. The. Same as him awaits. Their. Spectrometers. Strength. Which, is built within the soul of the man is, unique in, so, many ways unique. That. You can. Become the man can become and, those. Men. Who were men of peace and that join the universal, community are, the. Peaceful, ambassadors, of the universal. But. In. That process that, the teachers in. A way they created. Structure. From the beginning, which is peaceful, because. It's. Like you speak languages, I can, t be actually speak, French in France can, you you, communicate. With the French I put. You in the English you, speak in English communities, because you know multi-language you can so higher because you can carry on you, can go to China I speak Chinese you, pretend so, is the sole octoman. It's. The facets, of the beauty this is what the man has to understand. The. Life of the man is everlasting as, is. The creation of his soul which is needed but, we need the physical body, to, be able to transport, and transfer, all, these. Different. Strength from, this planet into the soul of the man. That's. What it comes the. The sperm and egg and then, the creation of the physicality. That. We, adopt, we perfect, the strength of the soul and then, in time, when a man is eyes to leave or by, accident, leaves the physicality, the soul, is already carrying the. Full understanding of, the strength of the dimensions, of the creation. So. Is your body is, your soul a thousand. Years old or. In. Nourishing, the, soul which, will come to create. Communicator. And are, alive in different dimensions of the universe. This. Is what man has to understand, beauty. Of his creation, not. The, torture which has been put in by those, who have used a physicality the, more. We abused the physically, the more we deprive different, strength to be developed, and soul of the man that in the universe, can exist in all dimensions in.

A Way we take feathers. Of the wing of their birth. One. By one and. This. Cannot be. This. Is the purpose of all these teachings. Many. People many, those who call themself the ologies, many what. We call the religious, leaders, at, this moment of time are, baffled. In how to handle, the knowledge which is getting released so rapidly Mongo, and, the biggest. What. I call. Shock. To them is, that. So. Many people understand, it there. Is no need for intermediaries. There, is nobody to call the priests and translators. And transcribers. The. Words spoken has, understood, that be understood by more men so. This, is where we are this is why we. Said life. Of the man is. A thousand, years the life of the universe, not a thousand, years the life of this planet and. That, life is elastic. Don't, forget in. Some, of the writings in the past these. Numbers have been hidden if you look in transcribes. And my, wonderful manuscripts. After. All times. The. Time of the essence of time was explained, to man very easy but. Then, they covered it they said every, year is equal to a thousand, years. Every. Day is, equal to one year. Trying. To manifest a friend this is the essence of the creation of our soul, once. The soul of the man is created, and takes to. A Precog flight in. The realm. Of the soul of the universe. There. Is no time limit. Has. Been said if, I tell you the beauty of the life. In, dimension. Of the soul. Every. Man on this planet will commit suicide from, the physicality. But. At, the same time we, forbid. Suicide. Which. Means the. Body has. Not done his work to mature the soul of the man to. Be cheerful to live within dimensions, of the universe. This. Is why in. Most of the, path. Of these instructions. Suicide. Has been forbidden which, means the soul has not gathered enough strength to, be able to. Fit in all dimensions. Has. Not reached point, of maturity. It's. Very much like what, we call the children when, you have a child can. Only take sacrament, on the breast of the mother then. You introduce it to red. Meat. Then. As he grows older as, it, travels across different, part of this planet they, get to learn the, taste acquires. The, beauty. Of the Chinese food the, English world the. South American, food and he adds this like, what. We learn languages, in, a vocabulary of, the science of the physicality. All. These, gives. Strength, to the soul of the man the. More combination, we add to it the, more we have, in the dimension, of the soul strength, in. To, the survival. And being able. To manifest, ourselves. In. Different dimension civilians, the, soul of the man is sacrosanct and, he has to take his own time it's. Like when he reaches maturity he knows when it's time to leave but. As. We. Understand. More that. We get educated more, we. Interact. More the, dimension, of the soul of the man meets. More, dimensions. In need of physicality, that he had small, to his different strengths so. This. Now start. Adding to, the time of his. Physicality. This, is why at. This moment of time we. Live. We. Used to be 30 40. Now was it. At. The time of viruses, and infections and. Killing, and the wars reduced. Man. Start, living more secure, we. Found. Rice, with hungry, to be combated, the grass to food and we became. Stop. Being nomads, and, in, so many ways, every. Step has, added, more to the strength of the soul of the man in this process.

We. Need time to mature in, the damage enough adding, to our soul in. A way when, you don't do wrong and in a way when you last longer on this planet you give, more, what capillaries, to give you more, languages, to the strength of your soul that. You can manifest yourself in, different dimensions in. Different, part of the universal. In. The future as is done by many men of today who have returned to Earth from deep space, they. Have remedies you. Go back to. The point of, physicality. To charge. Up to add more it's, just like, you. Press, a button what. Do they say to you they, send your message, update. Upgrade. When. You return back to the origin of life but, it came from because. You have the essence, of the origin in within you you, upgrade, you add more and, this. For the essence is many, of people of this planet will return, back to this planet to upgrade because. The people, who stay here as natives, are operating. On developing, are creating, more and more. Not. In, a materialistic. Dimension. But, in a way of absorbing more different, fields. This. Is what I explained, to Pharma to very recently, it's. Like going to, Italy. And you ask for a pizza, you. Go to India, and you ask for a car you. Go to Mexico I asked for Mexican, food but. You, go to England and you go, to shops. And then you asked for a pizza. With. Indian, curry with. A Mexican. Taste, and they make it for you. No. We're in the world, so, more flexibly, would that mean okay, so. Is the soul of the man you come back to see who was added that you want to take more mixtures into your soul. If. You are if, you understand, this process then. The dimension, of physicality, becomes. Out of shop understanding. More and more in. Realizing. What is needed and then, when you travel into the deep space into. The space of the universe and you incasa. Then. You. Speak all the languages and you know all the tastes to. You you, already carry. Mono. Material, monomer. Structure lives. In universe, are many. And. Then. They can only manifest themselves in, that dimension. But. The soul of the man due, to his construction. Actually. To the construction, of this planet the way we have connected, our physicality, to cover to sink to a minion. To everything. Else this. Has given our, soul. A mixture. Of combination. Of the strength in his arsenal. Of. Life. In, the universe. So. How, long do you think India. In. The new science it. Was said that by 2018, those, who are born in, this. Year to a deity a, large. Majority a, large, majority, into. A large percentage, up to 15 to 20 percent are. Expected. To live 200. Years. Those. Who were born in 1990s. Were. Expected. To pass 100 120. Those. Born, in 2080. Are a, large. Number, expected. To live 200. With, the present knowledge. But, now, with adding, the new knowledge of the technology, of the plasma the. Life of the man what the children who are born today. Will. Be a thousand, years meaning. Because. We have learned even to, overcome, those diseases, which, overcome. Our life on physical dimension. In. So many ways from. Now on one. Year a thousand, years here just the youth you have just learned all the tools of life then. You, have to exist in the full dimensions, of the universe. Look. Will. Receive a letter research. Communication. From the man with, tanks. The. Plasma technology, for. What. We call, regression. Of the cancer breast cancer after wife, he, studied himself nobody else we. Seen the new dimensions, with our medical application, we. See the. Return of that. Comma patient. Talking. To. Be able to eat a feed, and. Then. These, are not miracles, these, are understanding. The science this understanding. The, true essence, of creation. We. Seen it without theorist Naomi. We. See why. She's and, in, her cycle, now this, accident, is over she. Leave maybe 500, years of thousands. Because. Now, even, the physical accidents. Can be remedied. In. The new what. We call clinics of the Keshe foundation, we, will emphasize on. Many of these strengths. Not. Returning, back of the dead but, knowing, that the soul has. A still, connection, with the physicality now. It, can be, regenerated. It, can be brought back to bring the physicality, into damage. I've. Done this twice. And. It's very easy. And. It's. So easy if we teach them physicians. How, to allow, the soul, to, still be connected, between psychology, that. The physicality, can. Now use. The soul to. Repair itself. There. Should be in the coming time no, one in coma more than few hours, as. We, teach more as we learn. In. A way, we. Learn more that. Even, the, death can, be negotiated in. The dimension of physicality, and soul of tomorrow. Does. The soul still. Wants to leave the physicality, or the. Physicality, still, wants to be attached to so it's. A marriage which, has to be in. Perfect harmony and. It's got to be accepted, by both the, separation, from the physicality. This. I have taught you a lot in the past few weeks you. Can decide. So. You, can decide to, change your physical dimension. Into that mention of the soul and then, bring, the soul within the physical dimension.

When, You need. This. Is an art this. Is. Understanding. Of the true method. Structure. Of their life in the universe. In. So. Many ways when. I teach you and I've said many times, we've. Seen asleep, in there that's, what we do we, transfer, our souls in the physical dimension and. When there is a need we. Into we, interact, with live and, then we bring the soul back into physicality, for it to be there and then, like a chameleon, we. Turn inside out with. That the soul to take over the pizza cavity, and, we take a new dimension in the universe. Every. Man on this. Planet where. The essence, of his creation, should, be able to do this. It's. A choice. It's. A creators, give'em right and nobody. Else. This. Is why we, see how, my how, much man has. Let himself down, and he's, allowed to, be abused and, without, abused has not allowed the, soul of them man, to, educate if, it's a cavity of the man that is where the, balance of the. Equality, has gone and, then. It's been abused. If. You look, at the, history of the man look. At the passion of her look, at the Greek Empire at the Roman Empire look. At the, time of pharaohs. Look. At the Chinese, cycle. Of understanding. Of their life, man. Has progressed, in these cycles where. Man, has been just uncorrect, and it's been peaceful in itself. We've. Seen the dividends, of the true man, of peace. And. Now we, see the true meaning, of how. They have added, to, the knowledge of the man through. The time when they were peaceful. There's. Been a myth that when the pharaohs built all these buildings. There. Was slavery, that. Was the time when was more equality, than, any other time in a time of Pharaohs. Where. A leader. And, a. Soldier and, a foot soldier, all were looked after the same so, they worked the same there was a harmony, there was nobody, above. -. He. Was done with the pleasure of learning we. See the same process now in casual addition. Many. Many people in the background in the work they. Work on the same he just start there to see the change because, the change comes with the peace of mind peace of mind so. In, the coming time when. You say you're from Planet Earth, they. Don't ask how hard you are to. Ask you. What. You carry, I need this part of it have been managed, to, add so much to salt that you can give from it at regions over. It's. Very much what. We call on this planet the, blood type. Are. You all or are. You AP or, are you a you, can only give to a a nobody, else but. What. About to, be the blood which fits everyone, and that, is the sole ultimate. That. Is the zone of the man in the space that, whatever. You come you, know your head is, your home and, you are there because. Of the knowledge you have gained the. Strength to, be part, of the support and, part, of their life in that dimension. The. Soul of the man has many beauties, and many assets but the madness that I found out. Now. It's time to appreciate, himself now. Is the time for him to understand, the true essence, of the creation and the reason. Be. It just by accident. For. Him to be precious, in the universal, community that's. Why we spend so much effort trying, to bring man to understand, not to the wrong because. In the space that way, the wrongs can be dangerous, for some. The. True essence, of life is not the physicality, of it's. The soul of the man which, can do so much in the depth of the universe, in, different, dimensions in, different what, we call unit, because different. Parts of this unit cause needs. Disorder. No, one has ever talked that which, universes, they underneath, as we, know as we, say a, man's. Worth. Reliance. With violence. Purchase. That. In. So many ways. The. Salt which we have created, can. Fit in, the, dimension. Of the soul. Of. Another. Cosmos. Another. Universe. Which. Now will become the field, the. Feeding line to, that damage. This. Is the beauty, of it places, in my teachings, in many, many ways I have. Hidden this work and I. Have a spoken many times about it, we. Say. Now. That we understand, the work of the plasma. We. Can make magnet, for, anything. As. I said in all my teachings, magnet. For carbon, as we see in a silver, box. Magnet. For. Anything. You, like or plastic. Or. Metal. Of. Wood. Because. We. Create a dimension. Of the essence, of the diamond soul. Is with the soul of the man. In. The soul of the man we. Create a magnet, that, can, be attracted, into any part of the universe where, he can serve. Not. Only this universe, but in the unions, so. Not, man live a thousand years. Make. Your number of rotations of. A. Meter planet, in a mega star which, is in major part of a solar system, in. The galaxy, which is totally, lost in the whole structure, of the universe, and. Or. This. Is the nursery of the soul that, what. It helps, every, dimension in the universe. The. Answer is clear it's, the second. We.

Are Not born here to, be physical, but, there is so much pleasure, in physicality. Because it allows you to enter with your soul to all dimensions. It's. Like if, you just drink. Milk you, do not know. Understand. The, taste of juice doesn't. Matter what it is as, you add more the. More strength to get the. More you can interact the. More we. Can enhance. Our body there. Has been the path which, man has not understood but, in time would understand, you, call it viruses, and my teachings have explained, what the viruses, are these. Are field strength, with add themselves to, the, amino acid, and that's why man has not found any, solution. For, viruses, exiting. The dimension, of the new technology, with the plasma where. We actually interact. With the, virus which is the energy package which, the plasma is. This. Interaction, of the viruses. With the amino, acid is, part, of the new connections. Trying. To, find solutions. For the, interaction. Of the physicality, with, the soul of the man part. Of these viruses, what you call energy, packages, become is. Created, by the soul, itself, because. It needed for, the body to be able to. Understand, the new evolution. In the depth of the universe. You. Think here to sleep in this planet and that site. But. You, have to understand, a. Simple. Word, your. Soul is, interacting. And working with. The rest of the universal. Community. So. Slowly. And gradually is, trying, to, educate its. Physicality. That there is a need for dimension. Of the field the strength which is nothing to do with, I mean ask. Maybe. For the first time you understand, why some viruses. Kill some and, some. Viruses the same virus does not touch others, because. The soul has already has. Burned in the process, of physicality, to receive, these kind of energies, man. Has to understand, more about this, all of his life and the, energies, which come from the universe, and energies, which come from the soul of the man in. A way trying. To train his physicality, to, stand, more of what is to come which, is the interaction, with the field of the universe. Is. In. A way what we call, evolution, of the soul in the direction of physicality. We. Have to learn this because, in. The space is, the strength which absorb, our soul which determines. Our physicality. Now. You understand, what I say we. Open the to science of universe to man in 2008, you. Have. To learn, you. Have to understand. When. You understand, you, don't forget you describe it in the dimension, of the soul when. You learn it it's, a physical entity, eros. Ended with the county. Comprehend. And you, survived. Remember. Always. Memory. Is. In. The dimension of physicality, of the life. Comprehension. And, when it bring in position, is, part of the solid. This. Is what we have to achieve. Understand. And if. He is so busy to learn about the, life. Of the universe, no. Man has time for warring, and fighting, when this physical, damage. For. The waste of time. Or. The absolute waste of time. We. See wars we see aggression, why. Those. Who don't have one to have because. They are not sure of the future but, once they get habit, of getting. It by misconduct, whatever. From their nature. As. I. Said. Many. Times. You. Look at the United Kingdom. They. Cannot, produce in, our potatoes, to feed its own nation and. If. You look at. A, structure. Of, your, own family. If. You are a father if you're a mother you. Look always. Worries. The next food on the table, that the children, do not go hungry. If. You're a doctor if you're a scientists, or if you work you.

Go To work to, get something that, instead, for what you put as effort of time you. Get what, we call money. That, you can buy that you can't feed your family. When. You don't work and there, is no structure, to support you what, do you do. Tagging. Thieving. Robbing. Killing. Just. To have something to eat and, your children, do becoming. Part of organizations and, the structure, that the killing and destruction is part of it because it guarantees you. Can't for them put food on the table that your children and yourself gets, why, so. Has been destructive, in latakia. I'm. Certain, many times I never, know it many, British politicians. And very. Either also. Call. Service with my talk this way over. The years I lived in England always. Said, this, island cannot produce even potato, that's. Why you become, colonists, that's. Why you became invaders, to, guarantee, that you, can feed like your father their. Family. That. There is no guarantees. For it that, you will have. Food tomorrow and if there is no food on the table the, children, was repelled and you have no position to me and. We seen this with, every, trick in the structural ability to structure force countries, why. Do they mate why do they go to different countries, and now they call it Commonwealth. Because. They need to feed and, Lister. Guarantees, in the life. So. Once. We make one nation and UK. Is part, of the structure of this one nation it, only to let them to come around we, provide, them with what, they need. The. Ethos. Of the thinking and the work has to change. Then. The. Same what we receive, from the intelligence of the food of, understanding. The. Man in. England. Will, come up with the systems that we can work better that, in conjunction with what would be better we add two then. Becomes one family, there. Is no time, more, for. Peace that now. There. Is nobody time for it because, in a way the, more the population of United, Kingdom in Teresa's the. More need. Is there to guarantee, that the king stays, in position that. He can have a kingdom and, when it comes more war because. There. Is not enough intelligence, in, the monarchy, structure, to, go out and say we. Don't have the. Food but. We, can create the technologies. That he can help you to live better life if, you feed us. Then. We. Don't see what we saw as German, supermarket. Shop last week. When. You have that we. Heard what our people said once. And so for one, is the famine and. We. Didn't see anyone, running through the supermarket. Because. If there is a famine, they, know the. Rest of the world is there to support us, there. Is food to come there. Is everything, available. This. Has been part, of the structure, of building, military and arms, to. Guarantee, food. To. Guarantee, not, only, food has. Been the essence of the man that will, get women that we can guarantee more, in, a sexual behavior, that, we, guarantee our. Race. If. You look down the history line what, does man done Harley, many leaders, have, never killed all the women of our village they. Always kill the man. Exactly. What the animals, do. When. The lion takes, over. Herd, of kindnesses kills. All the, babies of the past life. So. I saw the mad man. Has not evolved, has it. How, many times we, read in the history that. The world leader has killed all the men and, how. Many times we have heard that they killed all the women I, think. There is none of the second and. It's, been the habit which has been brought in by, the.

Misconduct. Of, Moses. We. All know how, he came, in. The basket. All. The. Male. Creatures, to, be slaughtered. There. Will be no one except. The king that the states of his own. He. Was brought up, and. Read in the history of Moses. He. Killed many times all, the, males of the villages, even, the dog and the bishop, and after all, and. Come. Down history, 2000 years. It. Will have a Jewish descent did, the same thing those, of you who are from Maryland you. Had a couple of villages like this that. He ordered all the, male species, to be, killed. So. The, wrongdoing, of the, profit has become a throw along to any of the subjects. We. See the same process in, other parts, in different religions and sects and everything, else because, man has not understood it's. The soul of the man is precious not, the physicality. If. You, live in Africa and. You've been robbed. By. British. For, centuries. We. Should have never fought ships that give you what you need you don't need to kill they. Had nothing to fight with they. Had nothing because they had the guarantee of surprise. It's. The same with the French. Many. Of you know that, the, French government is, tainted. With blood even. Today. In. A French structure, if you are a. True, French man, look. Where, your money comes from. British. Made. Commonwealth. But, the, left freedom, to them but at the same time the control, to take money backing from their Nations, what, they called de, slaved the French. Today, in, their central budget, still. Receive, slavery. From every, French colony. One. Of the reasons that French. Colonies, are not growing they're all in, suffering, and absolute, poverty, is, because, up to 80% of, their income is sent to France. For. Them to live a good life and, Africans. To be kept as a slave or any other place to be one. Of them were one, of the major work of the earth, Council, is abolishment, of this from the French structure. Why. Should a nation. After 200. Years still. Pay billions, of dollars, to the French government for. What, they were slaved and then they call them their freedom. Look. At the French -, no income at, the French economies, and see how much money flows as, the, French central, market. And. Then they, go and they, say the, black this, and that because. They. Don't understand, without them they. Don't have to try to eat, the. Beautiful streets of Europe is, paved, so beautifully, by. The burden, of robbing the rest of their planet and, this will change. We. Make sure of that because, we elevate, the soul of those who are what, they call themselves, the, European, to, understand, their misconduct and there. Is two choice. You. Judge yourself and, nobody, else. Now. You see, every, part of the teaching is coming together and. It's, needed, to come to get them that in time. Prepares. Man to be at peace with yourself and, then. To be at peace with his neighbor and then to be at peace with his planet, and. This is the purpose of decisions. When. You know you can, absorb, anything. You need using, your soul to feed your physicality. Is. There a need to repair. The relation. This. Is the need to slave another, person, when. You've tracked by slave me another person now, you have, a slave your physicality, to your soul. Man. Needs to teach and man, needs to learn a lot. In. The coming time we will see conflicts, huge. Conflicts, within the structure of the European continent. I have. Worn this recently. And, you will see it, because. The, other nations, will not yield to be, subordinate. And other, nations, will not allow, the. Europeans, to make arms, to kill each other in, other planet, in there with their guns. Man. Of peace will not allow this so, the. Europeans, need to. There. Is no more time for comedy furniture and. Then. They, become equal they, don't see themselves because. Of the color up tsking and the murders are done to, be superior, than others. When. The Europeans, at this time learn they're, equal, to the others and they have to be part of the same society, done well any higher than others, then. We, started, first steps, towards, war peace. Then. Many. Of them will, become the, message of these this. Is the time for it and evolution. Of Islam the. Start of the game comes very, soon with the punishment of the kingship in. The kingdom of God. You. Will understand, Mary Sue, there. Was a reason we, were banished into, oh. There. Was a reason. All. This, had, to be done is, part of the life which I've accepted but. Through, it will, show the, mistakes of, the past and my. One kingship, going the rest will follow in the winter of what I call an, occasion. Because. To my life the. Others understand, how. Wrong is and how, much appeals has been and, then. The, rest of the humanity very, rapidly, will grow into it they. Will see then of the kingship through, understanding that, nobody is keen to know what and then. Those who call themselves King, and abused understand.

Their Own terms. I've. Said, many times if. I go and take revenge and killing, and doing all sorts of the technology, we have the Belgium's have. Made the mistakes, of mosques. And. I shall never be done. Not, in my time, not. Under, my couch. Bheema. Children, that. They punish themselves by, understanding how, much they've, done wrong, to themselves and others and. Then. Through it, Maurice, many, mature ability, of the piece. We, have to understand, the. Time has, come for the religions, to collectively, fight, each other or, to, find a path of peace. When. The Jews. Kill. The Christians, and, the Muslims and. The Muslims burn the past's and synagogues. And, then. What. You call the churches, then. They come is, a financial. Damage we cannot take, then. We find a solution, there. Are two choices for. The religious leaders to fight. It out or piece, it up and, they'll, go through the piece because they are collected, so much that, the great of the wealth will. Push them out, of it. As. Part, of the prediction, of time. He has been said, there. Shall be no. Place on this planet that a single, man would like to make one. Single arrow to harm, other not. Even an animal, let. The man and. That when. He comes when, a man is guaranteed. He. Hunger. Not to be there, his. Shelter, to be there and the, wealth that he can have at, the pleasure of time to do what he likes to serve others. And. The time is coming we're approaching that time you've. Got to understand, as I, said many, many times, they. Have left me too, long to free. To, write too, much to, publish too much and teach too much. Once. This. What. I call, blockage. Of the Fox News goes after kishan dish then these teachings, become so available, peacefully, across the planet and, promoted. By those you. Will find. 99%. Of the human race will, become peaceful in, no time because. They've been waiting for these messages and education, for. Centuries and. Then. Who do they blame those, who control. These. Media, controls. And then. We'll see to end up what we call financial. Empires. The. Processes said nothing, can do anything with it as. I said, and, I repeat many times as, we've, seen the, new factories. Your, research, centers of the cash foundations, come into operation. Up. To now the. Wealth of the, nations and, others. Has. Been by. Cold, now. The tricky. Job of bitcoins. But. The cash understands. On the strength of the, knowledge, the. Only nation. As one. Nation which. Guarantees. His. Resources, mapped. By Science and Technology on the basis of peace. In. A very short time your. Children, will say my. Father my, grandfather was. One of the first group, would, join the foundation one. Would. Be proud. And. This is where we are going and this is the path we have chosen I. Don't. Need to teach you are the council technology. But, I still teach you because you have to know how to elevate, and add more to your soul now. You understand, when we go back to physicality. And teaching, of other things, is. To teach you how to add. More to the Arsenal's, of the. Soul. In. A way, also. That I can survive in more dimensions in different, part of the universe, I'm, going, camping and, I'm taking, for every, whether it might be snow, my, sunshine, in. Might be raining I'll, carry everything to me and this is the purpose of these teachings that you're carrying out that, you can manifest yourself, across.

Every. Position in, the universe and. This, is the beauty, of it because then you can contribute in. What. I call, being part of the totality, and not be isolated because, you don't carry that, one bit of the strength and, everybody, else had a party, physical, dimension, and that cannot be there because I'm just in damaged or so I don't, Canada, me and I come in the party I'm. Not. There. Not, because I'm not invited, because, I'm not dressed appropriate. For the party this. Is the craving. Of the man in the space why didn't I do more, to. Have more to be able to be a part in every, city or town. I have a friend and that, friend is, part of the structure muscle. Now. You understand. Now, we, understand, more and more why. And was the purpose of these teachings. Been. Trying to add to. This, structure of the soul of the man in the dimension, of mythicality. Many. Of us have taken in two plants we have eaten we, eat we. Understand, the process, of the vegetation, we. Understand, the process of what they call, photosynthesis. Where, and how and how, does it happen, the. Same as what we explained, in the past. Last. Week I explained, by the structure, to passing, up the energy through the long. Through, the blood. Advent. Collections. With the soul. There. Is a mystery, or. Misunderstanding. In the world of the plants, maybe. Today's, teaching, will start, a new cycle of understanding. If. You look in, the, history of the education, of the man in a physical dimension life, of the plants. We've. Been told and that the, plants, give. Oxygen. During. The day and. They. Absorb, carbon, at night. And, then we. Have explained, it again like what we said we breathe air and oxygen, goes, through the, long and goes. Down through the wall of the mall into the blood. Fallacy. The most beautiful fallacy we all have accepted because the lack of understanding. The. Same fallacy, exists, in what we call photosynthesis. If. You look at. What. Is fantasizes. How do they explain how do, we explain in the world of science today I've. Asked. Rick. To take it out that. We understand, the present knowledge and then we. Add to it that we understand, it in a more correct way with. A new knowledge of the science of the, plasma new, science, of the, creation, of the fields of the universe, Rick. Would you like to bring, up the page about this, for. The synthesis, what, it is and what he explains to us. I'm. Sure mr. Kesh this, is the Wikipedia, page that. Is. Always a good reference, to, get, a baseline, of what what, it's all about, we. Call it, photosynthesis. And, as. It says here. And. Just make sure my. Microphones. Yes as it, says here photosynthesis. Is the process used. By plants and other organisms, to. Convert light energy, into. Chemical energy, that, can later be released, to. Fuel the organisms. Activities. Or. Energy. Transformation. This. Chemical, energy is, stored in carbohydrate. Molecules. Such. As sugars, which. Are synthesized. From carbon. Dioxide and. Water. As. The, named photo. Synthesis. From the Greek Foss. Light. And. Something. Synthesis. Putting. Together, in. Most cases oxygen. Is also, released, as a way. Product. Most. Plants, most, algae, and cyanobacteria. Perform. Photosynthesis. Such. Organisms, are called photo. Autotrophs. Photosynthesis. Is largely, responsible, for. Producing and maintaining the. Oxygen, content of, the Earth's, atmosphere and, supplies all of the organic, compounds.

And Most, of the energy necessary. For, life on Earth. Shall. I go on with this or I also, have, a video, mr., Kashyap, if you want me to play it, that. Shows. In, intricate. Detail. The, process. Within the leaf and so on that goes, on. Yes. Go ahead if you don't kick me out every time you put a video on I get kicked out I have to come back in. Okay. Well. Let. Me give it a try here and see what happens. Just. Get it set. Up I. Stand. By for being kicked out and come back in. And. See. If we can get this to work, properly. Are, we allowed to use this we have no this, is. Why. Should we. Go back first. This, is a. Community. Commons. Video. That's free, to use from, the website, as as. I'm using it here for educational, purposes, especially but, it's free. To use so. Um. Yeah. Just. Get it started, here. Oh. Sorry. I need. To share. The sound that's part, of that. And. Optimize. There, we go just redo that I. Think. That'll work feather. Okay. I'll just start again here. The. Process, of photosynthesis. Produces ATP. From, ADP, and P I by. Using the energy from light to excite electrons that. Are passed along an electron, transport, chain. Coupled. With the transfer, of electrons is the pumping of hydrogen, ions and the splitting of water molecules. The. Following complexes, are found in the photosynthesis. Electron, transport, chain. Photosystem. Ii. Cytochrome. B6f. Photosystem. One. Ferredoxin. NADP, reductase, and the. Complex that makes ATP ATP, synthase. In. Addition, to the complexes, three mobile carriers are. Also involved. Plastoquinone. QB. Plastocyanin. And. Ferredoxin. Other. Key components, in food photons. Chlorophyll. Molecules. Protons. Water. Molecular. Oxygen. NADP. And the. Electrons, to form NADPH. And. ADP. And P I. Which. Combine to form ATP. Photosynthesis. Occurs in, the chloroplasts. Of plants, and algae the, process is also found in single-cell, organisms, such as cyanobacteria, that. Do not have chloroplasts. Like, its mitochondrial. Counterpart, the chloroplast, electron, transport, chain consists. Of several protein, complexes, and mobile, electron, carriers, first, a photon, of light hits, a chlorophyll, molecule, surrounding. The photosystem. 2 complex, this. Creates, resonance, energy that, is transferred through neighboring, chlorophyll, molecules. When. This energy reaches, the reaction, center embedded, in photosystem, 2 an electron. Is released, the. Reaction, center chlorophyll, contains electrons, that can be transferred, when excited one. Photon, is needed to excite each of the electrons, in this chlorophyll. Once. Excited two, electrons, are transferred to plastoquinone QB. The. First mobile carrier, in. Addition. To the two electrons, QB. Also, picks up two protons, from the stroma. The. Two electrons, lost from photosystem, two are replaced. By the splitting of water molecules. Water. Splitting also, releases, hydrogen ions, into, the lumen. This. Contributes, to a hydrogen ion gradient, similar. To the one created, by mitochondrial. Electron transport. After two. Water molecules have been split one, molecule of, molecular oxygen, is, created. Plastoquinone. QB then. Transfers, the two electrons, to the cytochrome, b6f, complex. The. Two protons, it picked up are, released, into the lumen. These. Transfers, are coupled with the pumping of two more hydrogen ions into, the lumen space by, cytochrome b6f. The. Electrons, are next transferred, to plasticine, on another, mobile carrier. Next. The electrons, are transferred from plastocyanin, to, the photosystem. 1 complex. It. Is here, that photons. Again energize, each electron, and propel. Their transfer, to ferredoxin. Ferredoxin. Then transfers, the electrons, to, the ferredoxin, NADP. Reductase. Also. Known as fnr. After. 2 electrons, are transferred to fnr. NADPH. Is made by, adding the 2 electrons, and a hydrogen ion to NADP. The. Gradient, created, by the electron, transport chain is utilized. By ATP synthase, to, create ATP from, ADP, and P I this. Is similar to the way ATP, is synthesized, in the mitochondria. ATP. NADPH. And molecular, oxygen are, the final vital, products, of photosynthesis. You. Okay. That's, the. End of that little video, that. Gives the technical, and as far as the some. Of the latest science, goes on and, all that is quite quite.

Complex, Of course but it's. It. Is what it is I'm, sure miss you can shall have a different, way of approaching, it. Now. Let's just look at some facts. The. Way we looked at the facts of transfer, of energy in, the body of the man. The. Physical. Process, has been understood. And. Explained, this way, but. The real structure, has. Not been understood now, we understand, how, and why. Because. We have systems, we have technologies, which we can do so. If. You, look. And if. You run dynamic. Systems. Dynamic. Reactors. If. You. Have. Very. Very large. Dynamic. Core. Which. Is more or less. Let's. Say. 200. Grams half a kilo and. You put it on a motor, you. Fill it in mid big answers, or you fill it up with gas. Plasmas. As we showed, in the first part of the teachings, two, or three years ago and. You. Connect, this to, a, power, supply. Can. I have a whiteboard please. They. Won't think you're mid whiteboard. Yeah. Coming up here mr., Cassius, this. The. Way here. What. Am i I lost, my wife I'm. Just trying to. Are. You are. You providing the whiteboard or do you want me to I, see. Your screen is coming up there or Flint is super, one plant, more plants got a whiteboard going there now I think that should work okay now. I have to. Wanna. Say disco. Just. Talk what this. Continue. Okay. Now we're here, let's. Look at something rearrange no mr. Kesh we see your screen yeah. Harder. We. See your screen okay there we go there, we go now we see the bright boy thank you yeah. It took time there is nothing on the speech we'll just laptop especially for, this job nobody, can interfere it is only for, Thursday's. Teaching, this is a beauty we can't work this way, so. The hackers have got a lot of job hacking themselves. Okay. Now, let's, look at something very interesting with this process. What. I'm gonna do is very simple. Choose. The color if. Those. Of you who remember, we. Work in this as I know we have these reactors, gas reactors, which. To run by a motor and, then. Connected, to a power supply. Current. And voltage. What. Is interesting is. That. For. Those of you who haven't done these experiments, is, this, doesn't. Mean anything for those who have it brings out a lot of reality. Until. A whole process, of understanding of, the plasma and. What they call photosynthesis. If. You take a, 24-hour. Cycle. Observing. Voltage. And current. Something. Very strange happens, if. You go back into, the presentation. Of Eindhoven, where. I showed, the. Ball with, a lot of parachutes, are caught it and then. We showed the. Fluctuation. In the power wear. During. The night we produce more, power than that during the daytime. This. Should have cleared this too a lot of you exactly, what it is and how for the census is working. The. Fuentes's this comes, true. Primarily. And only. Through, the operation, of gravitational. Magnetic fields. Of the, planet and. Nothing. To do with, anything, else the. Rest of it is the process, of conversion. Why. Does watersense's happened. In the dark at. Night not. The daytime. If. You look at this voltage current you see something very very strange, if. This is 0, to 12 hours lunch time and then, you go back to 12, at night and. Then you go back again to, the life time every 12 hours something. Strange happens, in your voltage. Current, the. Voltage stays. The same in, your power supply, but. When. It comes to night time. If. This is the center. Line. Your. Current. Tips. To. The maximum, at pm. These. Are AMS, and. Then. It. Picks back on. Very. Strange, for. A motor, which. Carries, the same weight. The. Same, motor. The same current. Should. Be a straight, line like, this, one. This. Should be the, voltage amperage. Use, because. We haven't changed anything we. Haven't changed any weights we haven't changed anything else, at all but. What, we see we, see drop. In. The. Amperage. The. Starting, from, sunset. To sunrise. Exactly. What we showed in Ida, 1. In. Iron when we super short and in the papers and in, the pole which have made, that. The, power production. Increases. By 2 3 times during the night and the date head, why. If. You look at, this. What I call graph. A and. Graph B. Graph. A as a scientist. As a researcher. Tells. You something very strange is happening. Because. By law of physics, a power. Used, to, run a motor is. What. Am i whatever. Got to this traveler. Okay. The power used what, we call what is. After. Times. Voltage. The. Power on this line should. Be constant, because we, haven't changed any weight to, increase pressure, on it or. We. Have introduced anything. To decrease it. The. Only. Thing. Which changes, is. That day and night which. Is the. Pressure of the, Sun, gravitational. Magnetic field, and. The. Pressure of the, earth. Gravitational. Magnetic field. How. Come, the. Power reduces. At nighttime, at the sunsets, we, see the death, I have, asked one of the Research Center's to. Plot. This out themselves because.

This. Is important. For them as they're in the space development. In, understanding, how you can lift from a planet. Most. Reason, that they cannot get their flight system sorted out because. They have to understand this concept. So. What, happens why, does the. Power. During. That night. Time. Reduces. Is a same motor but. Uses. Less energy which. Means there, is less pressure, on the motor there. Is a less pressure that, it needs current. Which. Means. The. Sun. Gravitational. Magnetic field, is withdrawn. And the earth gravitational. Magnetic field, in the, absence, of the. Sun it. Can push further up and in. Pushing further it, takes weight of the motor it takes weight of the, plasma inside. The. Mystery, is not the, system the, mystery, is this. The. Gas inside. Because. This is in a plasma condition, because. Is in gravitational, magnetic field, the strength the. Earth gravitational. Magnetic field, the strength touches, it so, he, has less heat to. Put pressure on a motor. When. You run a system, the way I do is. Very significant. Because, the. Body stays the same during. The daytime you, go to. 100. Milli. Amp, and. At the night time you, come down to, 85. 87. Million. This. Nearly. 20%. Difference. So. What. We see for the first time scientifically. We show we, created. A plasma. Which is what. I call. If. I can change the color that you can see it better, we. Created a plasma, in this blue section. Which. Now, he. Has an intermediary, of the Sun and an. Intermediary, of the earth gravitational. Magnetic field, and. His, only few centimeter, maybe 20. Centimeter, of the, ground level. And then. You. Change this. To. A leaf of, a plant. Which. Is dynamic. Then. Take. Your knowledge step, further. You. Thought all this should be we, should be visit, with this by now, the. Stronger. Oxygen. The. Weaker strength. Carbon. The. Intermediary. Nitrogen. Is. The, gravitational, magnetic, field. Of, the. Planet. Which. Dictates. Which. One, is taken. By. The. Intermediary. And. Then. Which, one is available to be released according, to the pressures. Gravitational-magnetic. Field. Pressures. Then. This. Changes. Of this. Video we have seen, because. In. This video we just seen released, by the. American. Education. Website. They. Hide. Something. Which they don't understand. And. But. We understand. It. Says a protons. Comes and electrons, are released and then another electron, comes on the probe where, are these electrons, or protons what are they affected, by why. Do they get released. Why. Does. The process, goes during the night time, because. Now when is the plasma on its own it, affects with a magnetic, gravitational field. Astray where. Do they come from that they get produced, and how come, electron. Is released at a certain, time of the pressure and a proton and the neutron comes, from somewhere else. See the teaching is correct but, what, is not understood in, the packages, of minerals misunderstanding. Of the man is just added, in. But. If, you put in now the. Further. Understanding. In the knowledge that. The. Gravitational feel, the strength of the earth. 85-87. Less. Pressure, let's magnetic, gravitational field. Pressure. What. Does it do it pushes, the lighter, weight, which is carbon, into. The boundary of the nitrogen.

During. The day is. The reversal, the, pressure of the higher. Releases. Pushes one down and the, other one is available and. Then. You. Have to understand, something. Very very, interesting, in the whole process. There. Is a word in this teaching which is added, because, amino, acid. The. Hydrogen. Now. You see, the. Game is played by the amino, acid. So. In, fact all the. What, I call rubbish, we heard, two. Simple, man like you, who, understands, now the, creation, of amino acid and, understanding. That the. Whole atmosphere. The. Whole atmosphere around, the system is I, mean acid based now. You see, the interaction. This. Is your co2. Gans is not. This. Is your box for the holiday leaf. All. That. Explanation. This. This and the mysteries, to, you who understand, this assault. Through. The interaction, of gravitational. Field of the earth. You. Change the, gravitational. Field the strength within. The center which is nitrogen I. Think. More. After, gravitational, magnetic field, to the carbon with. The nitrogen as a balance. It. Makes it available that. In the process of the reversal, when, there is more pressure of the time which. Is they light to, be oxygen. Then. If we, understand, this process exactly. Then. For, the first time we understand, even for, example why, do we have. Three. Lines. Vegetation. Line in the mountain ranges. Is. The gravitational, field strength at, a given, point in, the understanding, of the new science that, allows different, strength fellows be created, at, this point, no. Vegetation, we don't have the amino acid, connections, for, it certain, to exist will see its rely. This. Now, makes, sense and fits to the rest of picture of photosynthesis. What. They call four senses what, we call plasma technology. The. Reality. Is that. Now. We, understand, more, of and then. The fallacies, and all these pictures which are made become. Nonsense. Because. It. Has been put in by. Words. Because. They cannot understand there is nothing wrong with a present. With, your we see but, now we. Understand, the reality, we understand, more of. We. Understand. What, this means, because. This, becomes, important. For us in deeper space in. Creation. And creation. Of the amino, acids, of the place. Of existence. What. Factors, comes from the planet where we want to manifest ourselves which. Part. Of the, structure. Of the. Bandwidth. Of the elements, we carry within our soul that, it needs to come into operation that. Gives us physicality. With other amino acid there is no physicality, on this planet, at. Life. Then. In. Even. Deep, space in different, part of this base our. Scientists. Who want to still be in the mattress they used to travel with what we call spaceships, in, understanding. This creating. The to division, sections, of part, of the fields, allows. Them to create, anything. Which is needed by the body of the man this, is the job of those who started, this Monday, in new. Cash foundation research centers for interaction, of the fields of the matter of the body of the man. As. You know we, have opened a new researcher to Sonny be developed to become one of the largest research, centers in the space technology for matter and food it. Has actually started and. I thank all of you who've been there on Monday and. He has set it up and it started work but, this, teaching, is important. And is targeted for you. Please. Understand, it. This. Process, is, important. As, I said when, I teach one I teach everyone that totality. Understand now. If. You, have a doubt and you don't understand, it you go back and make one of those or, it is not reactors, even with your little reactors, you put on the copper. What, you call it this cooling, system of the computers, and, fill. In with different and sit. Down and, note. The. Current flow is many, millions, and. How. It drops nighttime. Daytime then. You. Haven't changed anything. Except. The. Field, of the, Sun which goes through the walls of the house goes, through, everything, and the field of the earth which comes up through the ground, level, up then. Now, this, changes the all structured. Home. There. Is part, of this education, which you need to understand, and it's, important, even for our space technology research labs, to understand, this can. I have a whiteboard, please just take your photocopy of this please and give.

Me A whiteboard, and then we can have this back again that they can work on it I. Can. Have a whiteboard in the background please. There. Is a very, important. Part, with. This work. That, we, have we, need to understand, and this. Is, goes. Back to, original teachings, where, the original teachings which with it and this. Original teaching, was, like this you. Have. Why. Can't you. Okay. So. What, happens, is, this. What. Is important, to us as this. We. Said the amino acid. Oxygen. Carbon. Nitrogen. And. Hydrogen. Always. Put hydrogen on top. Estaba. The carbon go. To nitrogen. And. Then. Go to. If. You look in. The balance, of the forces, field. Forces. You. Notice something very very, strange. Which. This goes back to the pitcher which I throw just and. Then, you understand, the work of their. Gravity. A magnetic. Field on the, structure, of the leaves and, the. Plants and what, has become fallacy, of photosynthesis. 12. 14. 16. Sixteen. Strongest. Tries to, feed the, carbon. To. Bring it to the strength. Carbon-12. Is. Getting, fed by. The. Nitrogen, to. Be brought into balance. Same. Time. You. Have a oxygen, of sixteen trying, to feed nitrogen, to to bring it up to its own energy balance. So. You, have created a, dynamic. From. Somebody's. Microphone, is open. So. This, is how it becomes the, base gravitation. But. At, the same time you, have. Opposite. Based. Gravitational. To. In. Fact if you look you. Have twelve, you. Have fourteen, you, have sixty. Two. Trying, to feed. And. The. Balance what, comes up. Is, very. Much very, little. Very. Little which. This. Little, in, the isotopes. Of the total, carbon oxygen, nitrogen which, we have a connection, line. Feed. The, gravitational. Need of. Hydrogen. Which. That, in. Turn, itself. As. Receiving. Of the equal strength of itself it, becomes the feeder balancer. To the others and because. This, has a slightly more. Hydrogen. Becomes, the energy source, as, we. See, ch3. The sugar. Anything. Which has an energy, base on this planet is. Connected, to presence. Of the hydrogen. Now. You understand. This process then. You understand, how, the. Effect, of gravitational. Magnetic field, of the planet, and the, Sun. Dictates. And changes. Everything. As, they. Detract, or. They. Push. This. Is the photosynthesis. This is what, we, are understand, and that's how it works if, you, take the pressure out and. This. Is one of the reasons. Every. One of us, we. Go to the shop and buy. Fertilizer. Nitrogen. Because. As long, as we can keep this block, or. This. Guy. In. Control, these. Guys will, do the work according, to the structure of the pressures. Of, gravitational. Magnetic field, of the planet so. For the first time we understand, the, operation. And the need of nitrogen, in the plant. Is. The. Balancer. Of, it, when, it's not enough of it that you cannot, operate properly. Then. The gravitational, field, of the planet cannot interact, correctly, for them to grow. Then. If you understood, this you, understand. Why. Even. The, co2, you add to. Your water. Of, the plants changes. Them to grow more. Because. You, create, the condition. Of the. Gravitational, field of the planet which.

Is. Providing. More, field forces, for, the carbon balance to, be in operation. That, the nitrogen itself. Becomes. Irrelevant, and then. The plant absorbs everything. Which balances, all the amino acid pressures so. Now, instead of relying, on the growth, only, by nitrogen which, is the present time work of fertilizer, now. Every. Element of the carbon hydrogen nitrogen is. There, to, feed so, the plant grows faster. Now. You, have three, mothers. Feeding. The same child. Not. One, and depending. On the time and the place this. Goes back if you can create it at the same time at the plant you understand, you create the environment of, the plant you're, always. In. Balance. More. Or less if, in, the future Research, Center people. Who deal with the. Vegetation. And life they. Will measure, they. Will see a more, balanced, power not. Much difference between average, during the day and night. This. Is the new and this, is the correct way to understand. The process. Then. It, changes, the same for. The fish in the sea and it changes the same thing for the lion in

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