204th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 28 2017

204th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 28 2017

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Welcome. Everyone to the two hundred and fourth, knowledge, seekers, workshop for, Thursday, December 28th. 2017. My. Name is your cram and I'll be your host today and, we'll. Be. Talking. With mr. Kesh of the Keshe foundation. And also. Season screenings, for everyone who celebrates. The, holidays, at this time of year and this. Will be our last. Show. Of. 2017. So. Thank, you everybody for being, with us through, this. Through. This year, it's been a very it's. Been a fantastic year, with lots of changes, and lots. Of. Lots. Of news happening. From the Keshe foundation, as, for. Mr. Keshe I think he's ready in the background, here, and he's. Told me that he doesn't listen to the news yet. He's I think it's because, he's too busy making, the news mr.. Keshe are you there. Hello. Yes. Good morning day two. As. Usual whenever I whenever I get a sense these workshops. What, is interesting is. We. Have done a lot of work. We. Have done that a lot of. Soul-searching. Now. That we have a started, teaching about the, essence. Of the creation of math and. Especially. This year we have taken a long journey as Rick. Said in. Trying to understand, the. Sense of our own creation. Through. Understanding of a new technology, that, there. Is no myth, there is nothing because, somebody, says so but. Because we, understand, ourselves who, we are what we are how we are made up what. We are made of and, what. Is the destiny, for us once. We relieve, the physical, world. In. The essence, of the body of the man. As. I said many people. Have. Written to me and I, get it from a lot of international. Organization. Can. You stop, mixing. The. Soul. Of the man with the science. In. That case, we can support you because. The science makes sense but they cannot be a connection, between, the science, and religion. And I explained, to them and I explained to you the, end of the game, that. The science of creation. Has, led to the faith of the man not. The fate of the man to the science, of creation. And. When. You understand, the science of creation, you come to understand, that essence, of creation, y. Know, where we come from my Mary go to, and. In so many ways, as. A. Human. Race, we. Have chosen a, very. Interesting, path an. Interesting. Way and, does not matter where man has appeared. Always. Accepted. Somebody, to be higher than him. Somebody. Has more power dat him and. He. Has called them the god of wind they'd rather rain. Then. He has made the statues, and, he's, put his mind to the mind of the storm and his viciousness, wishes. Of the bricks and. Wood. And, in. Every shape or form, he, has considered, himself not, to be intelligent. Enough to understand. And. That. Has created a. Channel. For, those who think who can abuse these conditions, to. Become in position, of power and, adding. To the ignorance, of the man for them to go, in. So many ways. Interaction. Of the, man, in. The dimension, of understanding his, own creation, with, the Creator. Has. Known different channels, in different. Ways and, over. Time man. Has learned the, science because, he's, done it himself, and. Whatever. Has, been brought to man, for, him to understand, the essence of conduct, of his own physical, structure. He, has called it a. Mystery. Of, God a creator, and then. Has. Chosen different, paths of living in it and now, that we, try to, break. Open, this. Rigna, break, open, for. Everyone, to see the reality, now. It. Becomes, very. Dangerous because. The. Abused. Of the man in, the name of the. Man himself as. A creator, of himself, they. Have become the intermediaries. To, control. The. Soul of the man would, a physicality, of the man in, fact what we have seen and what we see what.

We Call as, a path, of belief religion or, whatever has. Become, another. What. I call strength, length, strength. Of field that. Instead. Of us, internally. Interacting, between the soul enough physicality, we called our emotion, the. External, strength. Of it we call it religion, and. Those. Who have found this strength they. Emphasize, on it they, can tune, into it and then abused, it. It's. Very much as a mindset, is controlled, mindset, all those who could understand, it have used it, if. I speak to you in the language of love and, you. Understand, love there's, a microphone, open in the background please, then. We. Will understand. The. Reality. Of. The. Fact that. You. Speak, you, understand. The same strength, as me. In. Sharing, and giving and. Those. Who. Could. Understand, the strength of the abuse they. Have created it and, give it in the name of faith, in. Fact there is no difference between, what. We call, religious. Belief. Which. Touches our emotion, and pain. Joy. Sadness. But. Man in. Your time has, found out the strength. Wavelength. The college in the matter estate and so, has abused, that. And. Have. Called it in every, name you can. So. Now. We understand, we, understand. The totality that. The. Faith of the man is. A conduct, of the soul of the mother in. Interaction. With the emotion, with the man and then. Depends, whether you want to count God. See. Happiness. Joy. And. This. Is what has been part, of decisions, we. Elevating. Our own, knowledge. And understanding. Of own creation, and now. We. Can do I, was. Explaining this in a teaching some times ago and if. Those of you who understood, most of the teaching this year you. Will understand, this very easily and those, of you who do not I know, and have not comprehended, totality. Hopefully. In. The future you understand. I've. Said before if. You go back to a star formation, and you get a dynamic. Set up of. Four. Base reactors, one, about by. The understanding. That this. Strong gives, to that we care for it to become, strong. And equal, and in the process creates, a condition and. Then, if you understood. That. The. Soul of the man is a dynamic, son which, is within the man. Then. You. Have two choices. Stick. To the physical, dimension, of the spaceship, program or. Use. The, soul of the man. To. Create this mystery, of the man in, the depth of the universe. Or. If. You have elevated, your soul further enough to understand the totality. One. Soul, with. Understanding. Of the operation, of the physicality, which, is the distribution of the souls in. Collective. Areas. As. Sub. Or. Taking. Part gravitational. Part the, heart of the man, absorbs. The. Lung of the man absorbs. He. Found two of the gravitational world and the soul of the man which is in the brain after that which. Is a giver on top. He. Found the. Essence, of the what are called the star formation within, the body of the man, or if, some. Of you who have not gained, their confidence. Structure. Yourself that, your souls the, essence of the creation of your own being in. Conjunction, to, be a giver, to, the others. In. Star, formation can, be to the creation, of the spaceship, which, can take man, out, of a position. You. Can do it individually or, collectively or. You can do it in a physical matter I see many of you creating, these dynamic, course, the. Soul of the man is dynamic, and our highest, strength. Known, to man, and in the good ways. So. Man. On its own can create his own. Dimension. Of travel within, depth of the universe all. Collectively. Men. Can. Become and. Create, that. Dynamic, set, up or, if. You are connected, to the physical entity, you get to that point. What. Has happened in the past times in, the past year I have tried, into, four years and over the past ten years to. Teach the physicality, that you get confident, gain strength, in that process, then. I have, moved you to understand. There. Is a mechanical, system or is a solar to man and some of you haven't started using it and understanding.

It It. Needs a lot of practice it needs a lot of understanding. Of once a strength to be able to achieve it and, once. One, achieve, it is, like that God. That you have created and understood. The strength of and they. Could abuse you because of it between the dimension, of the soul and physicality, or. The. Strength of the love in, the. Case in, either way you. Become aware of the knowledge and at, that point you'll. Be enlightened, and you become part of the man of universe, you. Become part of universal, community and. In so many ways in the past centuries, of thousands of years all this, knowledge in, a hidden way was, given, to Moses in Commandments. We. Know the 12 he brought down I. Opened. Two of them to you in, the past six months and, today, I revealed, the rest, then. You understand. There. Are the commandments who will be released today and then, you. Understand, man. Had the knowledge to, reach the. Point of maturity thousands. Of years ago, except. The intermediary, of those, who received the Enlightenment but. To the benefit of their own physicality. Brougt. Destroyed. Ignored. In. So many ways what. I would like to do today I. Let. You ask questions, but. Understand. We, are not here to speak about nano coating and, Gans, boxes and dynamic, motors. Those. Would. Be left to the teaching of Kevin Society, Smith the Institute of teaching education, edition. I'll. Let you ask questions and, in the process we enlighten each other that. As, it's been said to the history last teaching or, workshop. After. 2070. In. Being enlightened we, started, 2018. And. In so many ways we. Should start seeing the changes in all the visualization, work, in. The supporters understanding. More and more about the. Dimension, of the soul out of that and then. We. Cross. The line to. Become, members. Of the universal, community. Would. It happen in masses. Or. Would, it happen individual. Cases or would. It be a collective. Work within, the universal Council their accounts run according to. Facilitate. You. Will see the change after soul in the members of the council's in. A, specific way. And a specific reason, the. Two languages, who have used to sort of the man most and, the, pastimes, will. Be presented. In different way and, you will have mr.. One. Is the French and, what is the English and, then. You understand, why. Why. This process, has taken place because, the. Language, and the use of these two languages has. Brought more abuse, on. The body of the man as, a race than anyone, else, in. The past times so. By the wish and the real of those who wanted peace. He. Has been left out that. We. Can understand, the totality, according. To us then. If you understand, this in. What comes as part of the commandments, you understand, the totality I. Would. Like to ask you if you have any question, which is relevant to this we'll talk about it but another, religious, group we are here to, look at the totality of the facts and understand. The. Physical, process of our soul and how. Understanding. The. Physicality, of our being we, can use some soul to, create new dimension, newer crafts what. I said in one of the teachings very recently, is. Are. Those organizations. Who. Put man into, a space. Use. The knowledge of the science of physics and, trying. To enter the world of the universe our, meddling. In, the work of the God -. Are. They attend in the process, of. Interfering. With, the soul and science, and religion. Or. We. Have found a new field we, have found the new system. And. A. System allows, us to travel much faster and. Much. More clarity and safety, in the space of the universe than. Those who. Chose. To what. They call propulsion. Or jet, for a donkey, to travel. This. Is where the, change has come for. Us to understand. We. Access, to a new view to. New system. To new, motor which, you like to call it as well afternoon, and. This. Time we, don't need a captain, we don't need an. Astronaut's. To, take us there but, we can do it because we understand, the process we, understood, the creation, of the cancers and the field forces, and how.

To Convert, against to matter state. And. Through that process. We. Have become the, new generation, of who. Bring the science, and, religion, together and, make one out of it. This. Is where the fear of those who threaten, these. Teachings, is that. Now. Degeneration. The production. The, understanding. Of the new fuel a new system, is, a Industrial, Revolution in, the soul of the man and the physicality of man and, many. Of those who do not like to see this as they, lose control, because. They. Have to become part, of one and they. Become part of it and, this is what it is those of you who go into the dimension of understanding, the. New technology, the plasma technology which. Is the plasma, of the soul of the man and that is the Sun and its Sun which radiates. And Gibbs. Woodson's, field, creates, the earth and, through. Interaction of, the fields of, the earth and the Sun creates, the man and then the intelligence, and not jet, engine. Or the propulsion. System. For a rocket, now. Has. Led for the soul of the man to complete, his cycle, and become. Another son in respect. To the son of radiation, and that's. What is the problem. With, all these teachings. That. Now you have become the scientists. After whole, knowledge because, you understand, the basic you. Understood, you made the answers you saw the fields, you've seen the reaction of your body to the fields, and now. We, have matured to become, manifest, base, many. Of us many, many of us will cross this line in 2080, in Christian, calendar. Many. Of us will, start the space travels, in different shape or form. We. Promise 2018. Will. Make. Wide. Of. Moms. He, says. 2013. Travel, to. Mars. Chateau. Mars will, be certainly. The. Knowledge is there called. Back on the, pages of the Keshe foundation, travel into space. It's. A line which is put in there. This. Is how man. Has advanced. In such a short time, now. We knew 2018. Is the time for it it's. Us who can fail or succeed according. To our own. Path. Of the a. Lot. Of things have changed, and a lot of us would like to understand, more and a lot of us will walk away because, we don't see ourselves. To. Be, worthy. Of being. The man of a space but. Listen. To the rest of the commandments, which are going to be released today. Moses. Brought 12, and, I really started 10 too, has been given, they. Are to hidden, that. When. You mature, to, become the, man of universe, you, receive those two who you're also. Then. The 24, commandments, are complete. Any, questions. Good morning mr. Kesh. And. What was the first tool one you talked about the phone can you go vote no. It's for you as in the teaching it past few weeks or. In the past few, weeks okay. One. Was that thou shalt, not lie. Because. Moses, wanted to lie to his, flock. So he had to break, what. Do you see in. The ten commandments, which crime fear Moses will not did not and, refused. To release because. It.

Affected. Him personally in what he wanted to do what he planned to do. But. If he would have been released. They. Would have changed a lot of things forever and he. Could not have done what he did and what. We've seen with the followers of the ten continuation. Of people. Of his mouth. Any, questions. Yet. Jalal. Would might ask question. Wanna go ahead Jolla. Good. Day mr. cash. Mr.. Cash before. You said this is earth, is a, nursery. And. The. Universal. Community. They, are watching, for everything, and in. A, way they are teaching, us here, in earth. Why. Why they let all. This. Let's. Say evil. Come. True for. All this. Thousands. Of years. There. Is a rule in, the, universal, community and you, will abide by it. When. You become my office space when you become members. Or part, of universal, community, this. Is your obligation. You. Give and. Depends. On the receiver once wants, to receive. You. Never interfere. The. Knowledge has, been given to man and. Elevated. The soul of those who. Were supposed, to be the. They. Were supposed, to be elevating, others. But. In the process of time man, has chosen, many. Times correction. Has been put in if. If. The. Intervention. Of the universal, community has, not been there. Man. Would have been the wild beasts. As. In the joke. You, got to understand something really, very interesting, regarding the soul of the manner of its ecology of the man. The. We with. The. Soul. Of the man and, sort of the physicality, of the man his. Position. And he has process, itself, has led. To, a given intelligence. And. Non. Intelligence, has, a common denominator with the wall arrest of the universal, community. It's. Not just that because he can walk on two legs you gather the intelligence. It's. Because, of the combination, of interaction. Of fields and in. Some strength. You. Can receive. The. Universal, energy reasons, but. The Enlightenment, is, depending. On the matter and this is what I've said in a different word for this not such a long time, people. Take from this technology, according. To their intelligence. Many. Of the men, of Earth who possessed. Or reached. The, position of. Understanding. The totality, have. Already, become man, of universe. Many. Many over centuries and. Those. As I said who were used or abused through. The path of, weakness. But there mister the strength or the, strength field of the emotion. Of weakness of the man they. Have brought in different, lines this. Is why from the beginning we always would be another religious, group we. Have nothing to do with their faith because their faith is understanding. Of their soul. Of the man by the man himself in, the dimension, of wish as a captive. So. Be. Another religious, group we'd never become. Because. We, are we, carry the science of universal the. Knowledge man, received, all. Of us from, death. Our. Creation. Of our soul, received. A message, of. What. Has been given to the others to be peaceful his, us, or. Has decided, the. Difference. Is. Us who, decide the limitation, of way and how. And how much. Would we want to go we. Have beautiful, people. We are such, a gorgeous, lovers. To our lovers and. Then. The. Same man becomes, a worst enemy, to the others so. We chose. It's. Not that we were left alone the. Option, to clarity's, with the man. How. Come. Your. Worship. And. Love, one. Child and, hate. Another. But. You were the creator of both. So. You, chose. Not. The children. So. Is the same with love of God. Which, is you the. Creator of it, man. Received a message from, the beginning, through his creation, he. Chose how 200, on how to ignore it because the. Term of physicality, to him, was something could touch her feet and must touch body was perfectly. If. We. Could. What I said like the Space Agency's who used a rocket and a propulsion. To. Get out of this base to become part of what, you call another, planet, or whatever. Call. Our work. Wrong. Who's. There to bleep. Them. Behind, themselves behind the gates to lie to themselves or, you. Who see the effect of the, pen. Pad. Magreb, systems that you know access, to a new source of energy in life. The. Message is being given, man. Has chosen different, ways according. To his power this. Is what I said if you find. The. Strength, of the power or, a man, becomes, power-hungry. Like. A food and, you. Can elevate, that, soul to become equal to the others there'll, be no kinship he. Was given to Moses he, refused, to deliver because. Then he would have called himself a chicken. And. The other question. Yes. I have a question, good morning mr.. Keshe this is gotcha, good. Morning dr. Godot. I'm.

Looking At the, star formation, within our bodies. And. You mentioned, that. These. Are some one, of the reactors which is a giver the, heart is, a receiver, so, its, gravitational and. The, lungs are gravitational. True, which. Would be the fourth, reactor. Or, does. The. Lung. Act, as two reactors. Long. Access, to reactors, go, back to the previous teachers. Thank. You very much mr.. Kesh. Fernando. Had a question, in the Q&A I'm. Not sure if he wants to actually ask, it. Fernando. Would you like to speak or. Think. Her, Salah sometimes. Has to translate, for him. He. Had his hand up before, I allowed, him to talk and. See. If you'd like to ask his, question. Fernando. Are you. Well. Know what not much is, yes. Hello, do. You need a translator, with Ursula. Maybe. Soler so how can you translate for us. Okay. If you two can work work, it out so that we can get the question. Correct, go. Ahead. Why. No one. Else what. I've noticed a. Un. Saludo there's, a Mexico. SOLAS. Casi. Tres de la mañana y. Gu. Stariha. Me. Gustaría a came in Turkish a responder. Una pregunta. No. Hand-on. He. Comes from Monterey. Mexico and. He. Want to ask the question, to mr. Kesh a. Sobre. Su. R a. Real. Me CEA's sobre. Porque es tan complicado, que las personas en tiendas. Oke, comprend, an que, somos mensaje rose de la paz otra. Vez de, este, conocimiento. The. Question is why. So, many people has. Difficulties. To understand, that we are all Messiah. Todos. Somos means a carro de la Paz. Poor. Eston complicado, para las personas. Entender. Case. A llegar oh no hemos tiempos, y. Que. Tenemos que, employer, s taken OC momento para nuestra, propia volution. So. Difficult to understand. That we are all messengers, of peace. We. Need to understand. And have. More knowledge to. Become. An assayer. Persona. In, esta Planeta. Que. Ayuda, a otra, persona que. Tiene difficult, a days a son. Macias. Esselman. Seguro de Paz y su mensaje rhodium, or. Everybody. Help. Somebody, on. This, planet, is. A messiah and, give. And help and can. Teach others. Hace.

Un Autre mejores for so en este planet are. And. Make a big, effort on, this planet. Para. Not indeed react a certain, difícil, para. Todas persona rossion, alice entender. Get. Dodo somos Mensa heroes dela passed at. Ravenna. Musa sir we're in, USA servidio. We. Come here to serve not, to be served. Eva. Musa llevarlo estrous Alma's. Otra. Vez. De. Entender. Que. Estamos aqui para ayudar a los demás. Muchas. Gracias. Thank. You very much I think there is a slight misunderstanding. In. The totality, from, the first question. We. Are all. But. And. Not. For others. This. Is where, the rest of the problem comes. If we can give from, our soul to. The. Right way that. Our conducting. Physicality. Is in line with a conduct, with our soul, we. Have become the, savior of our own physicality, and, that's what the Messiah means. It. Doesn't mean that you become Messiah, for your son your, neighbor your, nation. If. You lived through the correct conduct, of the soul with, the, interference. Of, whatever, in between, then. You, haven't reached the maturity, of man, where. The conduct of the physicality. Is. The mirror of the, wish and conduct. Of the soul of the man a. Lot. Of us look for Messiah that, somebody will come and salvage, everything, and the day of judgment, the. Day of judgment, it was in one of the 12 22. Commandments, to Moses, and. He took it out because. Then. He knew he cannot do, I'm. Gonna tell you one, by one, the. 12 commandments. You, can read on the net I asked Rick to be ready for it. Could. You have the tall Commandments, on the, screen. Please and then, let's add to it and then you find out the knowledge, has been cracked from day one and. Man would have not been here, this. Message, which, was given as a formation. Of light which, is the essence, of interaction, of the creator's, filled, with the essence of the creation of, the man what you call as prophets. Oh not. In the water cut that. Man has committed it he. Felt and that feeling was converted, into writing by, Moses, Buddha, and the rest. And. This. Is where it comes Buddha. And. Others. Took. The, path of the soul in conduct of the man, the. Era he is a came. Down to, the physicality of the man to have used because of the pleasures of physicality, and, you see the difference between the two paths of the same message.

The. Same, light, was. Used. Or. Appear. To all when. They reached an Enlightenment and then. The, interpretation, was. Done according to what they wanted, to do or abused, or to, give in, not in the direction of physicality, but narration of the soul of the mind, would. You like to read the tall Commandant's, Lisa, just. The head of harlot the. 12 commandments, you mean the 10 commandments, mr. Kesh that is 12 of them there's, two more we high. Okay. So 12, commandments. I look up 12 Commandments, in Wikipedia. Like in, Google. And, I'm, not sure what to go for here we have like, Friday. English, well otherwise we got to get a translation, of it. Nope. That's well. No. That's, not it. Let. Me see let's look it up again, with Wikipedia. Here. Boy. It could rain read. The Ten Commandments. And then we carry on if that is easier to find. So. Okay. That's, it. Comes up I don't think twelve Commandments, comes up they, have ten here and, do. You want to look at, it. It's all boy one now just read the toilet, the ten. Okay. It shows them here, maybe I can make, this bigger. Trying. To get a bit bigger. Nope. Okay, says the Ten Commandments. I. Am. THE LORD thy God. No. Other gods before me. No. Graven, images. Or liken, is's. Not. Take the Lord's name in, vain. Remember. The, Sabbath, day. Honor. Thy. Father and, thy mother. Thou. Shalt, not kill, thou. Shalt. Not commit adultery. Thou. Shalt. Not steal. Thou. Shalt not bear false witness. And. Thou. Shalt not covet. The. Unrest fees and this, is everything. At the bottom. Moses. Did himself. He. Killed. We. Are disculpa Naevia. Aprendido. Algo de. Algún text oh. Yes. This. Cool pen. Es. Que es, en espanol. El, hombre por, su a rogue on Zia no quiere que nadie se quiere dios, even. Ah de. Man. He. Cannot understand. The. Knowledge. Las. Leyes, Amanda, Mentos ASEAN. Para, no Auto destroyer. Knows. The. Rules and they come on the money have. Been done to, not destroy ourselves. Yo. La grotta squad us por eso. Okay. He's. In the background somewhere. We'd. Like to, use. The microphone there. If. You look go back to the, ones which are there one by one. If. We can go back to the turnabout. They. Were initially. When. He was brought down by Moses, he, brought, 12. And. In. The process, of. Running. His, affair, the way he destroyed, the other ten he. Got rid of two more, because. He would not fit into it. One. Was, -. On of the steel and. He. Killed a lot and he stole a lot. Died. Shall, not. Be. Adulterous. He, killed men, of, villages. And, kept. The women which are all married, to men and, he took them as his whatever, and. He. Broke everything, which he brought with him every. Promise. Even. It. Goes to. The state of calling. Himself whatever. In. The process what he did not bring. Was. One I shall. Not lie, he destroyed, one of the first tablets, he destroyed, was that because. If. He was to rule he, could not tell them that he had more so. That. Was the first thing he destroyed. One. Of the commandments, to him was that thou.

Shall Not judge. No. One except. Himself. And not to be judged by no one. Because. He knew, if. They will judge him or, the lies and what is done then. He cannot do the job. What. He did to, acquire more physicality, power. Another. One to him the, fourth one was. Thou, shalt be equal, to others, and do. Not consider that sauce higher, or lower, than them. Which. Means when, you are equal. There. Was no leader, there was no kingship, and he, could not do because he now found the power that he could do what he wanted to, so. If, you would have listened. We. Would have seen there. Would have been no kingship, as we said from the beginning ask we, are all equal. In Soul our, physicality. Decides. The, happiness satisfaction of, our soul. He. Says thou, shall not touch, or, carry no arms, to. Defend or. To kill another. It. Took this, out because, he, wanted, to use arms, to achieve what he wanted. He. Says. Thou. Shalt be at peace. With. Oneself. With. Thy neighbor. His. Tribe and tribes. He. Could not invade. And kill if he, was at peace so, this had to be destroyed. Because. He could not do the, coveting, which he did. Desire. Are the woman in other places, which, he knew no they exist and they are more beautiful. To. Be able to covet he, destroyed, this. Command. He says thou, shalt beat the river of life and, love, not. Only to thyselves, and dialogue once, but. In, equal, measure to, his enemies. He. Could not create enemies and love them so, he could not do his invasion and killing. Thy. Shall, not accept no path except. The path of his own soul to his, creator. But. He says a made man in the image of myself so. It means the physicality, had, to follow the path of the soul to be perfect. He. Says thou. Shalt serve his lure the, host ashes of his loved ones and he. Sold. As. He expect, to be served by, the others oh. You. Don't like to. Be treated wrong. So. He don't treat wrong. And. One. Thing which is not put on the top and. This. Was important, because then, he could not roll on the name of God, but. -. I've lived - one creator for, all men. Then if. This would have done. You. Wouldn't have the religions, which came after him because, he took the most important. Part out of the whole equation, of this planet, innervation, of the soul of the man. Dies. Shall, be in, one creator, for, all. Then. We don't call one Jew. 1, christian. 1 Buddhist, because then is all made to work and, this is what I said. Past. Couple of weeks. As. President. Of. United. States said, we, move the capital, into. Jerusalem that. The. True. Essence, of the first order, after. What. We call. The. Tablet, was. This. Then. All becomes, what then. There is no religion different, paths we all call it that and, it took it out because, then you couldn't say to the others you are different, than, I have to change you because, of what I believe or what I received. Then, you understand, when. You received a to when. You become to other way to understand, the work of the soul of yourself, with, your physicality.

Then. Is. Copland. There. Are two missing which came down with, him but, he took out. Because. They were read to the others so it wasn't to him anymore. Those. Two I release. In due time. And. Then. You understand, the circle, is complete. When. You mature to understand, the work of your soul to, understand, in the fields, of a thorough understanding of, the operation, of it. Then. When. You hold your hand together and you see the light in the palm of your hand. You. Don't hold for you to watch to enjoy the beauty. Here. The what was needed that he cannot see from it what he needs that this is the same light as you. The. Maturity, of the soul at the. Missing. Commandments, of Christ or. What are called moses, is. Completed. So. We, finished, with the whole cycle, and we start within you. Because. We did new what we have thought he means we, start understanding the. Commandments. Of the universal. Which. Is what. Which. Is the totality, of the 24. Which. Is the. Mirror image you have to create. Says, a made man in image of myself. Man. Made the image of himself. As. A physical, condition, probably. Soul, and. It. Does not need the physicality, but. He made the, image of his soul in the soul of the man. To. Call the dimension, of physicality. Interaction. Of the inertia of this planet, it created. That physicality, so. It, could memorize, and multiple. Eyes so. Many ways to create what it is, in. So many times. The. Present scientists. Those, who are involved in the, deep science, of space. And. Go. In depth understand. Have. Already, seen and understood this. Many. Many. Philosophers. Of East. Have. Reached this point because. Through the path, of the brief through, Buddha, and. The rest. They. Elevated, their soul not, their physicality, so. For, them was easy to. Reach to understand, the position, of the. Interaction, of the soul of the man with, the soul of the universe and. That. Understanding. That the our part of the creation, of the universe and not discipline. The. Christian, role the Jewish world has been waiting for disc, madness, complete, for, thousands, of years now it's done but. The promise was when. They are done, then. The man has, reached the point of maturity to go into the next I. Have. Completed, the balance, step and. I. Walked you through it very slowly in the past time. Nice. For you to elevate your own soul and. Remember. Do. Not judge. Not. Allow no, one to judge you. Do. Not become arrogant. As. Your equal then. There is no kingship, as, men you're all equal, then. You're all Kings. The. King of your own physicality, in your own soul and no one means. Then. You understand. When. You are equal. And. You are, no, king to know what there is no need for armies, and. No need for killing. Then. The. Whole. Commandments. Make sense. There. Is the last one which a lot of people don't understand, the true essence, of it it, says thou. Shalt not covet. Um. Mr.. Kesh and there is a list, of 12, commandments. That I've found that it's been suggested. To me by a couple people and maybe. We could look at that because it splits up that last one from. Thou, shalt not covet - thou. Shalt not covet your neighbor's, house and thou. Shalt. Not covet your neighbor's. Wife, so. Maybe I could show that and, you could talk about God you stick to one because thought okay okay. Fine the coveting, does not come off, dreaming. Of the beautiful wife of the next-door neighbor or. The man who you saw on. The street. Coveting. Is for the soul of the man because. The Christ took the second, commandment, I spoke about the soul to three teaching before. The. Coveting, comes from. I 1, the soul like him to be as good as him not. I, serve. To. Become, the. Giver that, he becomes better than me. The. Coveting, is not the physical coveting. That a lot of people talk about. Dreaming. Of. Because. Most. Of these Commandments, were taken, out of context. Destroyed. By Moses it, was not completed. One. Of the things. Which. Moses. Took out. He. Had to take it out was. I, shall. Not rape. And, we know Hawaii took without. At. The beginning when he brought, and. Then. When he happened this time. He. Could not tell people not to do what he did himself.

Because. He was already given, to the. High masters. That's. Your number 11. Rate. Did not mean physical rate, what, it was rate of intelligence, and understanding, the soul of the man to abused the physicality of the man. That. Symbol, now. Put the, 21, you have up to now. You'll. Understand, easily the 22nd. And that. Too will come on the maturity, of time when, you enter, the, universal. Community. You know understanding, by the elevation of your soul I have. Completed, the 22, commandments. The. Cycle, of profit. Of the past is complete but. They those. Who, understood, and chose the path of advice but. In so many ways applies. The same to pull down on the rest, but. Take. The physical part out and listen. And read these in, the, essence, of the soul of the man. Because. He, says. The. First one he received, us thou. Shalt believe in one, creator, for. All men. Then. How could he divide, those. Who are his followers follow. His God and those. Who do not. The. 22, commandments. Are complete. Totally. Complete. And. These are what. Was, given to Moses, thousands. Of years ago and is being given to every. Man, who, was enlightened. To understand, the true creation. Be, the Mohamed Gus's name made. The Chryse. Bid. The, Moses, to water those. Who call themselves property. In the Sun making, continent. In time of the past those. Who, became, the prophet, of those in. Australia, with different names and features, those. In the Far East they all receive the same I, gave. The same Salah. Was equal, to all children. Is. The path which we chose and, that's. What the difference is. The. Day of judgment, as. He, said. You. Never judge then. You don't allow no one to judge you, so. You're. Always aware. Of your own conduct, that does not need to be judged as, is always correct. And. That's. What they took out, because. Now as. You are not aware. Then. We, create you the day of judgment. Messiah. Has come for, many of those men, who, have matured, to this point and become part of the universal community or they decided, to stay as man and. Serve humanity. Not. In, the shape of royal, robes, to. Be used children. To. Abuse, others. To. Call themselves Kings and the rest. We. Created, these Kings because. The, true message was, taken out by. Moses. For, airplanes and that's why we see most of these wars and this, part of the world where, they.

Have Become, part I. Was. Explaining this to Caroline, in past 24, hours. If. You go back to the original tribes, of men. There. Were no shoemakers. Or there were no, fishermen. Everybody. Fish for themselves and they all live in the same community if, they needed something they took under gave in. Present. Language we call them partner, and that. Way everybody, was dependent, on the others, skill, and what. They became better at. And. In so many ways by. Creating. These weaknesses a, man who could understand, the man's weakness. We. Created, the influence of what they call villager, creator the influence of what he called financial gains, and financial, monetary system, and. We're the teachings which now. You. Have and. You. Have matured, yourself, to. You. Understand you didn't know need any of. This. Is what I said are no bankers and there are no churches in the space. Now. It. Is, for. Us to. Understand. The totality. As. I said of the Naja I teach. You more till. More of you, become. Maturity, understanding the. Operation, of your soul and conversion. Of the strength of your soul if you, are. Manifested. To confirm, your power of. Becoming. Mature to, understanding, of the totality, I. Teach. You. Is. For you to. Understand, according, to your intelligence, and. We. Are all intelligent. In equal, measure. Is. The fear which is put within us by, those who abused our souls. In. Line and, connection, with our physicality. Which. Has stopped, us to open and understand, more ourselves. You. Don't need. No. Prophet. To. Be enlightened with, the light of the creator and become the creator of the light yourself. Your. Soul is a mirror, image. Of, the, soul. Of the creator. It. Depends. How. You turn, the. Angle of that mirror, that. How bright, the. Light of, the soul of man will show. That's. All. And. That mirror is, the physicality, of the man which. Reflects, the light of the solid. The, more you. Become a line with the correct. What. I call path of life. The. More the. Line of the Sun becomes in line. With. The Sun of the soul of the man and shines the same as the items every need, I made. Man in the image of myself, you. Need a mirror to see, the image. And. You need to. Have a mirror which is the physicality, after, that to. Understand, the. Position, and a. Conductor assortment. In. Respect, to his physicality, and, the soul of the Creator. Plus. Love no souls forest. Any, other question. The. Commandment, number 12 which Moses, took. Out. Was. That. The man fees, is. Not once. The. Same as with his enemies. Then. He wouldn't do that. The, food was not the. Physicality. Was the, food of love the. Food of, giving. From, one soul because. Food. To us we work for it to earn it to be able to consume, it he had to give from his soul, the. Same to his enemies as his tribe. And he couldn't so. He had to destroy. Now. You got, the toaster. Mister, - mister. You. Said. You. Forgive, but, you don't forget. And. This. Way you, are not judging. If. You are not forget. In. A way how. You approach, it this way without judging. The. Forgiving, is. The maturity. Forgetting. It, shows the path. To. Forgiveness. So. Two different ways one. Is a path and, one, is the way of. Living. When. You don't forget. You. Will not make the same mistake or. You. Know the path to, reach the same positions, faster. You. Forgive. Because. Then your soul is mature, enough to, receive more. Is, it too clear point. One. Is the path and. What is the destination. Not. Forgetting, means, you know the path. Forgiving. Is. Enough. That. You, can give so, much that. It does not take much from you but the next cycle you. Know the path you can reach it faster so. That. Means you can choose a different path. To approach yes. But. If, you have seen. What. The. End result, has been you, choose do, I want to go this path to get to the same place or, the. Other path to get the same target as I want in. Italian, say all, roads. End up in Rome. It. Depends which path you want to take to get to Rome. And. What's the aim of it. If. You lived in Italy you understand, this very clearly wherever, you go you see says rope there's. Always a line to Rome. There's. A lot Asia come from the south or north. And you had a question. There. Is a question, in the live, stream. From. Sylvain. Who. Says mr. Kesh you said in a recent. Knowledge. I think our knowledge seekers workshop that. Prisons, should not exist, I am, in complete agreement with, you prison. Being, not, the solution, love, being the source of healing but. We are we, are in a period of transition. What. Solution. Is there for people, likely. To commit new violent. Acts, thank. You. In. So many ways if you go to the teaching and me some very deeply.

Prison. Is the body of the man. Not. The physicality. Of the prison as you call it. But. We have imprisoned, our souls and conditioned. It to so many wrong things. But. If you look at it other way and you. Understood, all the commandments. With, this there. Is no need for prison. That. One can be in charge or in control, of that, that. No one will do wrong this, is what I said if. All. These. Were. Taught from the beginning to, demand. We. Always want to be better than we have our but, if we realize, we are equal, we serve to give more for others to be quality us. Is. Not front is through the sole is. Understanding. That. Giving. Through, your soul you, have achieved to, enlighten, and elevate others in the first few were specially, last week I explained. That a lot of knowledge seekers have a start selling goods without, certification, or, whatever and some of them got very upset that, you. Have told us bla bla and dadada, yes. But I told you to teach I didn't. Tell, you to sell my teaching. It's. A big difference. How. Many of you who start selling the ganses. Or whatever you, put a note with it this. Is a gift you paid, for my time but. This is the way you do it to yourself and you teach you to the others no. You just spent for the financial, gain you, already, have failed because never understood, the totality, and then they get upset you, asked us for people to report us to the authorities, and the rest if we do this of. Course you. Had thought to, share, you. Are not taught to sully, my name and then. Change names just to suit. This is the path that a lot of people have become merchants, of death in, the, past in. The name of the Kings and the rest. You. Got to understand, knowledge. Is, given, freely, whether. Love and care. Is. Your, soul who has chosen, to abuse, the other spies, in a way you becoming, to do the same as what we see the priest, and that mullahs and the rest of today. The. Only difference is you, have found, in. Stuff bred to, be the body of Christ and aligned, to be his blood, the. Ganses, and the patches and the patterns. We. Produced, them because. The funds from it will release the others, in the physical dimension but. We haven't seen you doing to anything you, just become, more and more for yourselves. Teach. Find knowledge. Don't. Sell. My knowledge, for. Your own benefit. Then. You understand, the message. I. Teach. Freely you, teach really, I give. Unconditionally. I give. Without, judgment, who's listening, are these. People good bad, or whatever, I don't judge. And. I don't expect you to judge me, because, if. You were a correct judge you, would have judge yourself, first. We. Have to be in control, of our work, not, others. To judge us, because. Then they'd bring their old. What. I call feeble. Misguided. Works injured. When. A man needs a judge in, means. He's, not virtual. Thank, You ish yes. I'll soldier who's. Been collecting. Like video now. Case. On this atomic opinion. Corrected. There and, that word. Is. Not correction, is, adding. Consolidation. It's all over video. Any, other questions. Good. Morning mr. Kesh this is Boniface, yes. -. Thanks. For what you. You. Can clarify. We. Just lost you we, just lost, your voice okay. Can you hear me now yes. Okay. Thank you perhaps. It won't be helpful, if you could clarify. What. You mean by. Judging. And. Because. There's there's, a school, of thought that says when. We look at someone's, behavior. And. Evaluate. Whether. They're doing right. Or wrong stop. Stop, I'm going to stop you there the. Judging, is man's, being aware of his own conduct. That's. All. True. Conduct, not. What. He imagines, to be a. Lot. Of us - sins as, you call it and.

We. Find an excuse, to do it. So. We already have judged ourselves, and. We. Have found the judgment, to. Pass that there is a reason, for it, that's. All. Okay. So if, I may, elaborate. On my question, a little bit. When. People. Are. Selling. Your. Teaching. You. Know like the gases and and, what not and, you, are pointing. Out that. You. Know they're doing something that have been a supposed to be doing, is, that not judging. No. That's. My, property, with my knowledge this. Demo came to me not me to them I. Don't. Judge. The. Judgments, for them to decide what they do right or wrong. You. Have to, always clear. Your point why. You made. The system and how it's got to be used. What. A person, who uses your system you made a computer, you made a. Machine. Or whatever it's. Not a judgment you give the instruction, the manual. We. Gave the manual, that. Was. The sister process, and teach it. If. You have to put your time and make it to teach it then. You follow the process not. Just taking, the part of the teaching out and just make it to make profit, out of it. Wouldn't. Say stop making anything we. Said two things but if we do. Within the law. Which. Is the correct way. This. You who's got to judge my within the law or not. Secondly. We said when. You do teach. There. Are many people who start running workshops around the world in my name. And. We see them disappearing, because. They open his workshops only for the profit of their own pocket or whether it occurred over it. We. Had. The. Peace Conference. In. Italy. The first fiscal notes, the first key to his conference in Italy. And. I. Put. The. Books my, three books on the table outside and. I. Put a. Cup, next, to it. I didn't, put a man to sell the books I. Said. If. You needed you take it free. You, pay for what you value it. This. What a man to judge. I'm. Not gonna take the book I. Want. To learn knowledge I. Can. Afford, it but. I want. To see what it is or, I. Pay. For it because then, I read it because I paid for it I. Did. Not judge who's, going to take it as got the money to pay or not or who, has no money he takes it because he needs the knowledge. The. Judgment is by you. The, system, has a manual. If. You don't use, it the, way it's written you will not get the same end. Product. There's. No use. Eating. Of the milk and. Adding. That lemon the wrong time to it, depending. On what you wanted to make. It's. The same here just the same milk and it's the same level. Would. You like cheese, would. You like something else from it is you who decided, which, way to go. My. Work, has, a manual. You. Want to reach it to. Achieve it follow. The. Way the instruction, is on the manual serve. Share. And. If I share and say this, is what I get what I need. For. It, then. This, for those who accept it, to, share with you but. Always share my knowledge with every. Manual, every piece yourself. Not. To become the priest that they have to come to the same church came the same. This. Is what you all missed and I kept on saying too many people. Teach. In your workshops, to those freely, who come and, let them do not, make the workshops, of banking, system on it and. Then. They, sell products with it it's. Become a cattle market I'm. Alive, and there are still started, abusing it, so if I don't put it correct now they will be correct it, doesn't. Matter who gets bothered, it. Means they want to carry on with the same path they, want to judge around, because they don't. Stay. Within the law. Stay. Wooden. My, instructions. And you. Will see the gift you'll see. Ok. One. One more triad my question, if you don't mind yeah. What word would, be honest. What the answer, that's why you're trying. Okay. You're. Understanding. Because the abuse is there okay. So what, word would you use to describe those, who are not following your, instructions, they. Have to judge themselves, they. Means they have almost and what they're doing wrong not me. They. Have to understand. Nothing. Then. I have to be there to judge every day they, are there with themselves, and their souls go. Through all the teaching not just the part which suits you. Then. You, can do the abuse, I've. Seen, this many time if you go to the Iranian history in, the present past, there.

Is In the writing of Baha'u'llah which says bless His name one. Loves, not. Only his nation, but. The whole world and what. They do in Iran they take the whole world out and he says pyrolysis not, love your own nation and. The. Prosecutor. Iranian spies, Florida. Because. It's so similarly. But. Was it a total mess. He. Says. Do. Not love your nation, Lord but, not the whole world. Was. Judged and who served. You. Understand I have no fear for my life I can speak the truth and the correct. Those. Of you who have fear of what might happen to you you, just did the way it is. Just. To suit you I don't. Need to suit no one I just need to be correct with my also that. The message is done correct, way and he's giving us a whole part. In the steps that he can mature the man not. To flood the man to drown the man. You. Know the story of the king. Who. Came from the desert and knock on the door of the old woman, as she opened the door says I'm thirsty. It. Was a thirst for knowledge, if. You translate it the other way the. Woman went in and came back with, a big bowl of sweet water with, a lot of Astros, on the top and. The. King was thirsty. And. He had to keep on blowing the straws away that he could drink. As, fast, as he could to satisfy, his thirst. And. Then when he satisfied, her she turned on the bonuses, used to put on old one why did you put out the straws in that you couldn't you see I was thirsty, she. Said if, I were giving you without the straw you trying to whole thing him all gone you don't kill yourself because he'd been thirsty for such a long time this. Way he took that knowledge the. Thirst. Slowly. With the water away, and. That. Saved your life this, is the same in my teaching if I Q it a lot you will hang yourselves, because you don't understand, it. But. I taught you the same but. The other was straws in it make. The mistakes but you make the systems, that you come up with the new positions, otherwise I could have shown a divine system, and the creator and the soul of Christ from the day one. Is, my wisdom and. Your. Hunger to bypass. It. One. Of the things when you mature in the soul. He. Says thou, shalt not possess. Position. Brings. Kingship, position. Brings. Demolishing. Others when. You share and yourself, you don't put this because your Papa's is to say you. Only possess, something when you don't have and you want to get to have. Now. You find number 24. Detachment. I remember. Seeing. Moses. When. They received he was so joyful he was jumping up and down. And. Then. At. That point. That's. Why he took time in mountain, when. You start reading you to understanding, that he could interpret it in the physicality. He. Saw a lot of it wasn't what he came up to the mountain. Said. To him take. The whole but, the part. He took the whole but. By pretends, of being heavy he dropped the whole, it. Wasn't written in stone, he, was carried with the soul he. Wrote it. The, heaviness was at the soul of the man not. On the weight of the stones. And, the other question. Well, it's interesting we, have. We. David. Heather's. Hand up before, now we have, Peter. Paul and Mark, all. The biblical, names seem to be coming up here I. Think. Paul is actually, maybe, not, fault. You. Want to go ahead from. Home. Can. You hear me I didn't. Think I was not. Actually Paul, Paul is Lynn. Lynn. Is more of a night owl event, Paul. My. Question, could you explain to us for your father oh yes. Lynn. And Paul are from Montana, USA, a. Couple. Who, you're Paul. Is the, veterinarian. Yes, that's. Correct then, you got upset, by what I said last week. Yes, I did and, I, understand. I do. And. It's. You. Know I'm gonna have to think about it it's it's a quandary, that I'm in because what. I do is. For. Example today someone, was, here at the house and, talking. To me and talked, about her sister, and I, had given a group of women some, gloves. I said do. Any of you have, sore. Hands, and. They. All said yes so, I gave them all as a set of gloves, that we had treated. With plasma water, well, one of the woman women, was here at my house today and he. Said well if you don't mind I'm gonna give my gloves to my sister. Because she has arthritic, hands I said well, they're yours you can do whatever you want but I said let, me just give you another pair. Let. Me let me a stop let me stop you okay. This. Is where my, dilemma, is. You. Did, out of your generosity. Give. The crops. We. Say in English. Give. A man a fish you, have, to feed him all life. Teach. A man how to fish. He. Feeds himself the. Problem with the quandary with you is when. You gave the clock did, you tell them how it's made that they can make it they don't need to come back to you this. Is this is what my problem is. The. Gloves are baby steps because. No matter, it does not matter this. Is this is what, it is. Some of them will never come back to. One. Came back, but. If, they, know because. They don't need a glove today but. If they have, a pain. On the, leg their, computer clocks on it they, can't wear the gloves if. They have a pain in their, let's. Say in the liver or whatever.

The. Glove because you haven't taught them this is this is the problem I have and I, appreciate, a respectful. To your work in Nepal I have, a lot of respect for you like but. The, essence, was. Don't. Feed. The fish. Teach. How to fish. Doesn't. Matter if you give a fish, till. They. Need the time they are hungry they want to catch another fish the fish that's to feed themselves. There. Is no quandary. The. Corner is. Leave. Give. And teach. But. On. The. Basis, of I. Did. Not tell you I'll, give you something a patch come and take and use it I taught you how to make you patch. You. Were taught, explained. Even in a medical teaching in which your, presence. Whenever. I attended. I. Explained. In detail, of the process what, he does people. Can't understand, the process but, they can understand, the basic. Teach. My, technology, teach. Find knowledge. But. Understand, you're. Just. Messenger. Not. A one for people to come back to you to us for the next message. What. Was the message that, you, keep the book hidden, it's, on the Internet is. Well told so. I understand. Your problem I understood. Your. Word. You brought, to me but. I hope. You understand, my quandary. My. Quandary is I teach. And I self, unconditionally. I don't, ask for you to pay to come to these teachings however. Is paid get the entrances, or the football match, Hey. And watch. So. Your. Soul and your conduct has to either say. Outside, people, sometimes, like Poland. Because. In my experience. Even. The. Other day two, days ago somebody, from Chios. Knowledge. For. Healing somebody. Who's really sick and I'm watching them what to do but I asked them I said look like come fly. To Shias and create. A station, for you guys and teach you as a Jew so. You needed. And. Necessary. So. In my office I even tell, people look I have there. You. See our job, you leave, it to them, you. Understand yeah, but you know always they say give me the Gans I don't want to yeah. But Adam Teresa Manuel you you, read it this is what ok I give it this time but make it yourself next, time. This. Is the difference, if. You want to come you ha you see I can. Bake your cake at home but. And I. Know how to make it the way I like it but, I don't have the time I'll go, to the Baker I said. I want the same cake as, you gave me the recipe for. It's. A big difference and. This. Is the knowledge one of the reasons I put it this way and I'll teach it this way is. We. Have opened, the universal, community to man. You're. Gonna have a lot of problem, in. Paying. And, getting paid in the space. So. You, have to learn that you give, unconditionally. And, one. Is need. That, your soul sees, the need receives. The knowledge unconditionally. - it's. Understanding. In. A different, way is. Not just giving a patch we don't open the factory in Accra whatever you're putting patches on the street, now. We. Accumulate. To. Teach to. Give to. The others we. Are not what. We call. The. Guy. Who takes, from the poor to give to the rich. No. And. We don't take from the rich to give to the poor we. Take the, money from. The, rich. There, was we can afford it that by, giving to the poor the. Blessing, of the soul and the ways the soul of those who, provided. Them, this. Is a difference. This. Is what. We. Got to understand, the game has changed so. We tried to fit it in what we know at the present time. You. Know Robin. Hood. Do. You know where the term Robin, Hood comes from. Rob. Is stealing, good the man who could was, stealing, using, what nobody knew what's under it. Taking. It from the rich to give to the poor, last. For the name drop in hood comes. Stealing. Under.

The Cover. This. Is what we have ended up with we. Are there, we. Give for, those who can financially, do, to me the other way to hold and then. We give to, the poor that, the. Blessing, on receiving, goes. Back, to the rich man who made the payment this. Is very much what I taught in my teaching everything is in line I said, the, man who, makes the gun. Carries. And receives. The. Pain of the soul of, the soldier, who shoots, the bullet, the. Man who's a director of the arm Factory, is the same so, is our work in, a condition, of the Accra and other factories, the. Man who pays. To. Buy a bottle, of water. For, a power generator, or, maglev, system or the patches which are made. His. Money is, paid, to, supply. To, give to those and educate, and bring facility, for us of the people in Africa. That. The, blessing, of the one who receives. The water and the pain goes. Does. Not go to me, goes. To the worker of the factory goes, to the man who bought the bottle, there. Is no difference in work of the creation, it's, us who have, to understand, the totality. This. Is what I said my. Instructions, this is on the table everywhere, anybody, can go on internet and make it you can't we make it but. What. Comes from it is shared by the others, in a way I become, the merchant of the elevation, of your souls I. Arrange. Factories. To, sell so much that they bless you. From. What you provide them that in. A way I become. Just. As. Part of the system I. Live. A good life the. Man who, had bought the bottle because he needed it has. Paid to. Live a good life and the, one who is use from the benefits of the work of the factories, has a good life too because. In, a way we. Don't rub anymore. And we have no hurt to color us we. Work as one. In the openness, it's. Our judgment. It's. Us we, judge ourselves not. Others, this. Is the difference you teach. I. Teach. People. Come to me, nobody. Comes to me and asks for a patch. But. You are there because I teach. If. I make a patch I, give. Him an, the. Piece of cloth but, when it goes my soul and his, lower understanding, what he wants to do with it I. Don't. Give a patch because, they tell them for the internet and read it is there. This. Is how, we, have to understand, the work of the furnish. In. The coming time. We. Work, to. Teach these. Patches these, my, craft systems, these power supplies are nothing. Nothing. Compared. To what you lot can do in a coming time, understand. More. You. Will talk about the old time you remember we used to make answers, now there child play there. Is so much more, to learn in, the process, of using. These cancers, but. The only problem. Is you. Don't teach enough that the more knowledge comes backing that we can all learn more. You. Want to sell and when, somebody pays for something does. Not need to understand, how it's made. And. That's. What the problem is people. Have to understand, that through. This is. Not just against, and they understand, the fields you can explain, or they can breathe that, the fields becomes the level of the strength of this and they can elevate their souls they, see the. Process, of the use of the glove or, a patch but, understand. The fields of it is the field of their own soul then, they can elevate themselves to become the universal, community Potter. This. Is what my problem is and this, is what you do not see. I'm. Not a philanthropist. Sorry. I'm not, a flat trapeze I am. Man, of God, because. I am God, because, God. No language means. The Creator I am the creator, of my own physicality, so. In, that order I, decide, how the energies, and the fields of my physicality, as, a creator, of me is used. By. Shia modesty, you cannot, steal, from what I've decided my physicality, to contribute. To serve humanity, is. You who want to abuse but you want to give it the form and conformity. That. It satisfies, you is not the shape we, put it down. And. This. Is important, for all of you to understand. We. Have a structured, society. We. Call, nations. As one. Nation in. This society. Because. Of whatever. We. Have brought in conditions. And, the. New conditions, are very easy, it's. Just me who I have to judge. Nobody. Else and it's. Me who has to be correct, and nobody. Else and. It's. Me who has to serve and. Nobody else and. That's. All. I hope. Paul. I mean I answered, your question, and I hope you understand, I appreciate. Your work I highly. Appreciate the, knowledge, you have brought on you bring but. Slight. Correction. Saves. You a lot. We. Are not here for aeration, of the pocket our own idea here Federation, of the soul of the man. Under. Stay what I said. The. Man who makes the. Design. Of, the, gun, shares. In. The. Pain of the suffering of the man who, shot.

The Bullet. So. Is the benefit, of the soul in teaching, in. Receiving, when, you leave a soul from his mate, then, he can't share when. The soul is in pain he takes most of the energy to. Compensate. For his pain when. You elevate it the man and alleviate, his pain he. Has more to get back to you, under. His society, as a solo. The. Man with. The cancelling bed. Cannot. Do anything but to take when. You take a cancer, from the mother and. She's. Under. Wrote, with, their children, and education. Education. The next cycle of man in. A crack whether with love and care we. Have helped Society in the next cycle but. We say also. This. Is the difference, and. The. Sooner we understand, this the. Faster, we elevate. Our own soul to enter, not, only the newest community, but. The point of judgment, that when we leave the physicality. We. Go in the balance, not. In that, when. We're in death we have to find another way to pay for it. Any. Other question. I'd. Like to just add one thing that. When. We, provide. Things, for people especially. The. Energy. Station. We. Have, instructions. On how you. Can, make. Patches. To share with other people and. We. Have videos. On the website to, explain, more about them, I used. To send about. 12. Pages of, information and, what I found was, people. Did not read it, though. I sent, less, information. And said. Here's. Where you can don't do, that please, don't do that, don't become the, judge what they don't understand. Let. The judge themselves. Unistart, uh-huh, I do. Let them is there they, might read one, word in, one sentence, and enlighten. Them so something you when. You judge they receive too much then, we are back in the song same wrong track. Make. It 20 pages, make. It hundred pages it's for the

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