203rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 21, 2017

203rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 21, 2017

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Welcome. Everyone to the two, hundred and third knowledge. Seekers workshop for. Thursday, December 21st. 2017. And. As. Always welcome. Everyone here with. We, have a change, of season, occurring, today on the 21st, of, December. 2017. And. I'm. Sure, that mr. Kesh has. Various. Changes he would like to discuss. As well. Mr.. Kesh are you available to, start, today's activities. Yes. Good, morning would they - as. Usual. Wherever, and whenever you listen, to, these. Knowledge. Seekers programs. Yes. As you said to the is F 21st, of December, exchange of water to winter, season tonight. Is the longest, night after. Year or, shortest. Day of the. Year. In. Different cultures. Celebrate. Tonight, in different ways and, in. Some colleges is just another day in, the Iranian culture we celebrate, tonight recalls, Shaba yada means the night of the longest night and. Is celebrated with different setting, of tables, and different, celebrations, a hope. Is a celebration, for a lot of us in the change of seasons and brings good luck and good days for all of us. In. So, many ways our, teaching is gathering in different ways on different directions. And. What. I have, seen and what, we see it, goes. Through. Another. Phase we try as we said last time as teaching, to. Bring more of the teaching. Of the past to the present and. To gathering, the knowledge and, conversing. Intimately to new dimensions on, times, there. Are number of points, which we have to realize when. We see around the condition people who have been around the foundation and now they see by, establishing, different set upon organizations. That they can't find I should benefit, they. Are using, the gas technology and nanotechnology they, deny everything, because we have told them they cannot use so. Anything, without certification, now they deny you in the knowledge loss of knowledge, it's. Good at, least others, will benefit by it but. We, know what happened, those who denied the others and what happened to them the way it happened it's. Good to understand, the technology. Spread. It teach. It and. If. You want to claim it you can claim it there, is no problem because. At the end of the day the, benefits, of it counts, not who claims what this, comes from lack of understanding and. We've seen many people have done this in past two or three years coming. To the foundation, learning and then claiming. This. Is going to happen a lot and, we've seen many of them actually. Struggling, to believe at the moment in different shape or form with what they've done this. Should, be wish askew from ours also elevate them that they use the knowledge to correct way to elevate, the others. In. So many ways those, of you who are going into or selling, goods and. Government. So authorities. Do not mind cottage industry, can set us up here some there but. If you're going into a mass production, inside of setting, quantity, then. You're on the watch we are working with the governmental, organizations. To bring some orders to these things and. The. Certification will, come through ourself take us under six months almost put everything in order that we. Can transfer, our, certifications. From, to another, but. Those. Of you who are producing, materials, please, make sure you. Recertification, there are people who've been our foundation, and selling. Goods. Unsatisfied. You're playing with, your. Body. Call production. Lines there, is no certification and, you, have to be careful, do. Not sell, chances. Do not buy answers, from people who just advertise, on, the internet selling. Ads without certification, number there. Are a number of people selling. Also some things like this please. Have. To be certified, if you see them you're. Quite okay to report them to authorities, on. The internet and to. The local authorities, for the product to be checked this is not to block anyone this is to be correct, we've. Seen people who've been members, of the other party Keshe Foundation and now they've set up selling.

Goods, Please. Do. Not circles. If you do not have certification. Or FDA, certification, and, we, advise, those, of you who seed on the Internet, report. Them to the authorities. They. Could be using it. Reported. To the Internet organisations, to shut these things down because. They bring us, problems. In the future cash. Foundation, products anywhere, we sell is fully, certified. Anything. Comes from Accra, anything, comes from Italy, and comes from any. Other organizations. Which is neat certification. Has. To have certification, we. Have to be low. Fighting, we, cannot break the wrong so. Please make, sure you. See on, the, internet inform. The, people there is no certification. This. Is how we have to monitor. And a lot of people who we have asked, them two months and now they claim didn't, know this from somewhere, or they done something else nothing to the foundation, they. Change the wording on their websites this. Will not stop we, will start, collaborating. With the organizers, at this before to. Monitor, these things we. Inform, you, have to inform yourself of what. Product. A lot of these products, are made, in the back of the kitchens or whatever has. To be certified. We. Help you we support you to get certification, wherever it's possible but. Can. Not you can not sell, products, without certification, as. One. Nation we. Have to add this woman, combined, our works with authorities, to bring these certifications. Into operation, and we, seen many people the minute we tell them they have to withdraw the material, or cannot, use them of cash around the same because it's illegal selling, products, which. Are not certified then they go against the foundation, attacking, and saying. Is all their knowledge that's. Good we, respected, is. Your knowledge is good but. You cannot sell things by change of words and we. Work with authorities, to certify, things that it's, easier, for people in the coming time to be able to work, there's, lot of worlds going in a background. On. The other hand. We. Heard a very sad news this week that. The. Inventor, as you know of the water. Engine, was. He. Was dead or. He was killed in. September. Having. Dinner with two bathrooms on the table and. The. Death was instant thing is the same way as what we see stroke. Heart. Attack or brain hemorrhage, which is effective, this water clean water they give I had them Caroline. Had them and mr., Serrat had the same thing two days later night and we. Seen it with. The same other inventors. From Stefan inch in, Belgium. So. If. You, are inventors, if you are in any shape or form connected, a white. Meeting, with people of this caliber. If. You have developed anything of the Keshe foundation, read the news go into the news and read about the water that the, scientists, who produced, the water engine, which, uses no oil, he. Said on the table I've been poisoned with two Belcher's on the table and he died yesterday instantly. So. Also. Goes to the harmony we've been through it it's the same nation, the same people the same pattern of work and. At. The moment we have track record of so 200, scientists killed in meeting, all around anything.

To Do with that nation and their people. Our. Carnal essence goes to the family for such a beautiful scientist, but, as you. Are becoming, more and more expert, in these things do, not seek, any connection. Anywhere. In any meeting with these Nationals, is. Where your protection read the tears it's. Just come available. So. This. Is what we have to do what we have to watch and. When, we said it was not this is a fresh, another. Murder we are aware of 200, murders by the same kind of people the same intention and, we know the name I've met, with these people, around. When. I was in that place in that country so we knew our problem started with these kind of people but, be. Aware and. Be. Vigilant, you, are, all becoming new scientists, you're becoming new people who develop technologies, to. Use different aspects of Technology keep. Away from these, people. They. Now are so poor they've done so many that they kill on the table while you're having dinner it's, impressive. Another. Hand we, have to go further we, have developed, our technologies. We, have. Seen. This. Kind of operation, of the soul but. As part, of the teaching as part of the understanding, as part. Of knowing, the knowledge, we. Have to be able to cross lunch. From. One session to another this, is very expertise. Come. Years. Ago I met. Top. Officials, from United, Nations and scientific, organizations. They. Explained to me something which now with. Us where we are is, becoming, more and more applicable, to us they. Said there are millions of people who understand, one small part of one topic. There, are hundreds, of thousands, of scientists, who understand, in the depth of the, same, knowledge. Well, say in, two, topics, of chemistry, one, very good on it the. Thousands, of scientists, who. Understand. A small, part of let's say chemistry. Into. Physics, or connection. Physics. Into biology. There. Are very. Few thousand, people who, can. Understand. Some. Bigger, parts. Of one. Science. Connected. To one of the part of another, there. Are hundred, very very very limited, number, who, are good, mainly. In a majority, of one topic, like biology and. Part. Of chemistry the. Handful, of scientists, who. Understand. Fully. One. Subject and, they. Can relate to two, sub live like they're, good in biology but, understand, part. Of an application chemistry. Imparting physics.

Though. Very few scientists. Mister, handful, who. Can know. Fully. About the biology and, understand. For example in physics and they, come early 10 to 20 years we. See Borland there. Are scientists, who. Understand. Can, go freely. From one subject, like. Physics, into chemistry, chemistry into biology, and. They. Understand, the totality of the full knowledge and, a very few they come every 500. Years 600, days every couple, of hundred years da Vinci was one of the last ones we know. So. In. Our subject. We. Are coming to the same thing. Some. Of you will become expert, in nano some. Of them become expert, in fields, some of you become expert, in plasma. Some. Of you become expert, in products, in fact, of, the. Use of the plasma on the body of the man some, of you will start, understanding how, he can use a nanotechnology. Respect elevation, of the soul o'clock, so. The. Technology, is getting a full spectrum of these. Understandings. Those. Of you who started, very early with. Us years, ago you. Have a better. View, of totality. Those of who are joining in data, type they. See one, or one, part, which has attracted them, some. Of you would, a start, opening. To see their spectrum. Does. Not need to. Be a doctor a professor, an. Educated. Man to see this because, now we. Are writing the, totally, in new language, in, science. We. Look at the chemistry, or. Interaction. Of the fields in. A chemistry of plasma, different. Than the present chemistry, we, are looking at the interaction, of the fields on, the, structure, of the body of the man through, the soul of the man through. What, the soul of the physicality, creates. In, the physical, matter direction, so we see we go from plasma, to. Matter content, and the rest. This. Is how it, should be this. Is how the. Totality. Will. Refer, to all of us. We. All have set. Up we are setting up and we have to understand, that we. Some. Of us like, to be specialized, in one point, none, on coding, different. Type of nano coating what, does the nano coating, gives and, what. Kind of next, step will be we don't want to go into the Gans production, we make a expert, in it this, is a matter of state of the technology, some, of us who go into the plasma, and then. In that section we have the mixture of transport, this is the chemistry, of the science new science, some. Of us go to the next step, look, at the creation, of the. Line. Of what, we call amino acid, and the interaction, with part of the creation. Of the structure. Of life this, is the new science, of biology of the plasma, technology some. Of us go to the next step of, science, which. Is the, interaction, of the plasmas, in, matter, state, and against, the state and the. Condition, of the amino acid, Erasmo, fields which, leads to the creation of physicality, and life and, emotion. And so. So. Now. We have, gone into the next step because we've seen the effect of what plasma, controls. Itself, dictates. Itself, what, it produces, and how, it produces now. Allows. Us to look, at the size of the. Creation. In, a totally, fresh new angle, we. Have no professors, we, have no, doctors. We, have we don't give any PhDs. And we don't give your house back we don't understand, you're, a layman, you don't understand, with, this technology, all of us understand. According. And, in. Balance, to our own intelligence. And mainly. Meaning. Through, that that must be her with, the knowledge we gain from the past does. It fit into what we learned or, we. Start fresh with look at it fresh and we start afresh, cycle.

Of Knowledge. So. What, is important, for all of us because in the past two or three weeks teachings. And understanding. And adoration, of the souls and. Inspiring. Your Turnus that I have. Started bringing a different part of the technology together, that. You, become all in, the level of understanding, as you wish to become the damages, of the time the. Present, time, in. A way that, with. A fresh, understanding. You, do not get locked. Into one, you. Become, expert. In nano but. Understand, that nano materials, we make what consequences. He has. What. Cycle, of life recreates, one, cycle, of plasma, chemistry. Creates. What. Kind. Of soul, the, Nano material you, made least. The creation, of these. Are off what. Is important, for us to understand. These. Are what I call the enlightenment, of the knowledge of the present time so, as. The. Present, scientists. They have to be a, specialist. In certain, things with the new knowledge you, don't need to be a specialist, in one thing as, you understand, it to Eternity you become, a specialised in all aspects. Of the knowledge and this, is important, and, this. Is what. We, need to. Bring. This. Is what, is important. For. All of us to. Understand. That. We. Do not become narrow-minded, because. Our narrow, mindedness, at this stage, at this time at this. Part. Of development, of the knowledge of the man can. Lead, and create, problem, for us in this, space, because. When, we look at the totality, we. See everything, then. We, don't need to be this, scientist. Of the first real or, physical. Part of the plasma or, against, or whatever. But. We, need to be the. Scientist, who understands. The. Basic the fundamental. Interaction, of the plasmatic, fields, that, it leads, to. Creation. Of. The. Matter state it is to creation. Of amino acids, it leads, to us to. Create the amino acids, in, a space we cannot go and find a zinc plate a copper plate and find, somewhere there is oxygen that, we, create. Co2. And, we can create amino, acid, on top of it that we can create this all we. Have to understand, how, the interaction. Of the fields has, led to creation of that amino acid so, in this space we, decide, what, I mean acid, we produce from, the interaction, of the fields of, our own soul, in. The dimension, of physicality. Then. It comes to pour in which we raised last week. We. Understood, the. Creation, of the soul through interaction, of the field strength. Now, how, to feed, it, the. Biggest problem as we said last week and some, of you understood, and some still, trying. To understand, is how do I feed, myself. We. Thought this all of it and. It's, important, now that we can go back and comparison. To the physical, teaching the, physical matter or matter, state of the plasma and. The, plasma free direction, of the. Field interaction, what does this mean it, means if. You, look if, you understood, in the, teaching of the past few, weeks we. Said that, a field strength, from, the soul, of the man in.

Interaction. With the field strength, of, the. Planet. The. Gravity, the inertia. And. In. A condition, of the fields, created by, interaction. Of the fields between. The Sun and the earth released. Creation. Of the soul of the man and, then, the soul itself, in attraction, with these elements. By. Radiating. His fields, and how, they, interact, leads, to the creation of the physicality, which is a weaker part. We. Hear a net matter, estate, feel the strength compared. To, the strength of the soul of the man but, not compared, to the soul of the physicality, which is a smaller, of the same. Then. It should, have become very transparent, for all of you how, you feed yourself. Goes. Back to the principle, of the teaching of the foundation. We. Are here to sell and, not. To be served what, does this mean this. Means a very very simple fact when. You have a soul which. Is of, a higher strength all, you, need to do you, need to find a condition, a position, where. By, giving, from your soul lead. To. Conversion. Of the. Fields, that it not. The. Gradual, field becomes. The food for physicality. Confirmation. Of the existence. So. If, you go back to the other part of the teachings we did we, always had, the, stronger. Plasma, the bigger plasma always. Feeds, gives. To, the lowest. Strength, and years to smaller. For. Them to. Elevate. To. The higher. Level, that they become balanced that, they. Would I give you take what you take, but. I don't need and, I take what you don't need and, this, process, should have become understood. This, the process are feeding this. Is how you. Feed this, is how you absorb. Energy. From. The space of the environment, when you're in deep space, there. Are no cows there's no steaks there are no kangaroos, roast and, there. Are no. Beef. Burgers, and hamburgers, and ketchups. But. You, have to learn how, you absorb. Energy from, the, space of the universe you can absorb if you have somewhere to give to, this. Is the ethos, of the understanding, of a life in universe. You. Cannot, just get you. Have to be able to give, that you have a space to receive, and, in that process what. You, do not need of the high roll order. So. To, be able to feed the body of the man as, any. Entity. Looking. 10x20. Arms 14 eyes or, whatever in one position and, no. Legs and a fishwife in another all become. The totality, of the plasma, floating. In the space of the universe all. Need. A, point. Of v a point, of giving and in, that process of giving what. Is the residual, become. The food to soul of that. Now. You understand, the ethos, of the teaching of the foundation. We. Are here, to serve not.

To Be served because. In, space. You. Cannot absorb, if. You, cannot give because. There is no flow, true. And. In. That process of giving. What, comes to you to give becomes. The food for, the soul of the man it. Becomes, then. In interaction. At the direction of the, lower. Strength. If. It's cavity of the man, in. Fact you, give. From. What you become your food from space to, create your own physicality, if need. Be if. The. Interaction. With the environment or, feel the strength beside. It to, be. You've. Got to remember something very, very interesting, there is a lot of teachings, in the present, time which is actually. Comes. Through the lack of understanding, is. That we. Say in, this process, of life we. Go on a DNA, and RNA, there. Is a physical, DNA a physical. RNA, but. There, is a planetary. And RNA. To. Which. That, dictates. What. Is needed on this planet, all. The time it says on DNA, and RNA we, have two kidneys, more liberal, we have on processing, we have two eyes but. You have to understand, that the information about. The creation, of such a system, is, embedded, in the structure of the soul of the RNA, of this planet. When. You are born when you are conceived, in the womb of the mother you. See they. Say this, comes this, is part of RNA, to do with the gene gene via start but. They, have not understood. There. Is a field, fourth effect, which, has become, part, of the structure. Of them iPhone, this planet which, is RNA. And DNA of this planet. Which. In, interaction. This existence. In forces. Live, in, the conditions, that we see. Since. The revision, to eyes. Sensory. Touch. Disposal. Units. These. All have, come in, a, very good example of this is. What. We see in, the rivers we, see there. Is no where life and after. Rain and combination. Of time fish. Appears, or life appears. Transmutation. Of the field strains and confirmation. Of the existence of. The proposition, is. The reason for the creation of new life, in these conditions. Where. There has never been fish, fish. Appears, because, the salinity, of the water. Dictates. The. Condition, the reduction of the RNA, and DNA of, the planet to, create life. In these waters. Now. That the man becomes educated, can understand, more and our Bravo what has been the mystery. You. Get a system, you. Create. A co2 and. Again through it and then the fields of it you, put it in a patch and then, you put it on your body and it, removes, pain or it, reduces, pain or in, the knowledge of the Masters, of this technology now, you, can create or remove entities. From the body or introduce to. So. Is the same the. Field transfer, in, comparison. To what. It is in. Condition. Of what you have created. Transposed. RNA, DNA and, confirmation. Of the new life. So. In fact if, we, can replicate, every. Condition of this planet, on another. Planet, anywhere, in this universe, we, can replicate life, the same as this because, there. Here, we, have the atmosphere of the earth which replicates the, fish. We. Are part of universal, ocean of fields. Imparts. A strength, the. Same applies. In. Balance, strength. We. Can replicate. There. Is a very, big question. Was. Life ever transported. Onto. This planet the, same way. How. We become. E are we, part, of, duplication. Maybe. But. Due. To interaction. Of the fields of, this planet, it. Has its own characteristics. As well. It. Has its own dimensions. As well. It. Has, its, own structure. We. Are all human, but, if. We are in, part of the vault we become blue eyes. Brown. Hair is, because. The. Condition, of the environment, has dictated, not. The, entirety of the map, so. This, is important. For us to understand. This. Is for us just one second I. Want. To be part of the teaching. In. This, process, we, have to understand. We. Have to be. Open-minded. We. Have to be. Clear. Enough. About. The totality of the knowledge and not. Be restricted. Into. What. We. Think we. Cannot understand. If, man, stays. Open-minded. In, a way be, open, to give from his soul even, to his enemies. Enemies. Will change too. If. You give the same to your, friends, they, change, too if. You give to any environment. Unconditionally. They. Change too if, the intention, of giving is, to serve and, it's. The same across, this planet, across. The, universe this. Is what, if you understand, you.

Can Receive, the. Energy, of, a certain, field which. Is not available, on this planet. From. Another position. In the universe. If. You understand, our notion of energy from. The. Space. Of the. Fields, of the. Ocean of the plasmas, of the universe. In. The teaching, last week in. A very, open. Way, we. Explained, that, the, soul of the man receives. Majority. Of his field from. The depth of the universe from, the death of, the. Higher strength of it. It. Is not that. It, absorbs. Very. Little. Anything. Which is at the strength of itself. They. Will absorb as, an ease from, the dimensions, of the universe. It. Doesn't, take, the. Lowest and. It doesn't take the medium or doesn't, take higher than itself it, takes what. It needs from. The space of universe, it, transfers. That energy, as a plasma. Into. The dimension, of the physicality and. Then. It. Leaves, it to the brain of the man or what, we call the transition, part. Of the life. For. It to decide, what. This, energy. Is going to manifest itself, as an end product. As, we said, it's. Like a dog. Once. You made it, dog one, then, you decide, is. It going to be a cake and, bread a cookie. Is. It going to be an arm a leg and deliver. According. To what is needed, otherwise. It's. The same. Dog. Is, the same feeder strength, from, the soul of the man this. Is, what. Is. Has. To be understood, by all of us then. We, become, the, scientist, of the universe. No. Restriction. Becoming. Physicist, chemist, biologist, plasma. Specialist, heart surgeon, or a. Farmer. Because. We, understand, operation, of the soul right. Across the. Whole. Entire. Understanding. Now. We. Understand. The, totality. Now. We. Have to be open-minded. To. Understand. The, totality the. Point. Which. We. Design, that's, our limit, this. Is where we want to be, there. Is nothing wrong with it, is. The pleasure of the soul of the man to, serve at, that strength, on that point. It. Is for all of us returnest. And is. For all of us to. Be aware of. The. Totality. But. Choose. Which. Part, of it we want to be with or work with all, function. True. This. Is the. Key. This. Is the. Process, we need to understand. So. In. So many ways, even. If I stop the talk. Today you. Have we should have pasta. At, least. Had, an insight in how to feed yourself. In. Space. You. Need, a. Second. Entity, to. Be able by, the confirmation. Of it to. Be able to receive that you can give in. The, mythology and, into. The. History of the man we, call it a Dominique. By. Giving. Part. Of itself as we. Say in the history of man Adam. Created Eve. Not. Only to confirm the, confirmation. Of his physicality, but. To confirm, he cannot. Which. Is giving. Which. Confirms. I exist. Adam. Did not create Eve for. The physicality, of life. Adam. Created Eve. For. Confirmation. Of I. Exist. I, can. Be a giver by. Giving a leap the creation, to. The creation, of, symbolic. A woman but. In reality, confirmation. Of my own existence that. I can, exist, but. I need, confirmation of, my existence, I can. Love but. I need, to. Have something to, love. Something. That, cannot, be back, to confirm I am, a giver in. A way the, process of what we see them in the. Mysteries. Of whatever. Is. In fact the. Story of life in the space. Is. What we call existence. What. We call, feeding. Oneself, that true feeding. We, need, to. Feed another that. What, has come to us becomes, our food as long. As it's us, there, will be no existence. As long, as there, is a lover, for us to give to him we confirm our existence, a. Made. Man in the image of myself I, needed. To create an image for me. To love that, by loving it I can't receive back life to. Confirm. My existence. This. Becomes. Very clear how. In a space we. Can create the. Condition, of existence. Any. Point, in the universe, because. We, receive, the same field strength but. According. To the condition, of environment. We find, ourselves and, our soul decides, to appear itself, then. We, allow, the field. Strength, of that environment, to be created, that, release to the confirmation of our existence, we are Adam anywhere, in the universe is, our, destination. Is our, wish to create, what, Eve at, the point of this nation, of the manifestation. And. This, is the secret of life, it's the subway you will exist in space. No. One dies, in the space. Just. Because, we have seen here, on this planet if. We don't have air with I if, you are not in the water with our, we. Need to be a fish in the water but. In fact if you lived through the soul of the being you, can, live in the water we. Can live in the fish we. Can live in the sea you can give in depth of the map of this planet, or you. Can live at the higher levels. Hundreds. Of degrees below. Temperatures. The man has made himself. This. Is the beauty, of us. To understand, the totality and, these, teachings, are for this purpose to, open, the horizon. Of understanding. And, the, fear of the man from. What has become a fear but it doesn't actually exist. If. Man, leaves his planet, true. The existence of his soul and understand.

That Is the soul which dictates, his manifestation. At any point in the universe according. To the, fields, which, he releases, in interaction. With the feel of the environment, it likes to appear itself, to then, man has, become free, man. Has become part, of universal, community, because, the universe, is. One. Community. It's. Very much in. A larger, scale they're. Teaching us that we haven't started, one. Nation one planet. On. Soul on. Universe, is. All the same. It's. For the man to decide, would. Like to be a physicist, the. Chemists. Biologists. Farmer. Or, a. Candlestick. Maker. Otherwise. In essence all have. Souls, all exist, and. They. Deciding. What the mission they, want to exist and manifest, themselves. Now. You understand. Now. You, can see is, the soul of the man once. We understand, it that, becomes. The. Creation, of the manifestation. Of the soul of the physicality, reaching, interaction, with, the feel environment, of the. Existence. Release, to the manifestation. Of the physical, life. And. Sometimes. You. Have part, of which fits and the, other part, which does not then, we'll, see a mixture, of the manifestations. Which, this become very very, frequent. For a man of the space we. See entities, with. The creation, of the soul we can feel but, the physicality. Is. Not there or we see the physicality, but we cannot see in this all in. The dimension, which we are looking for but, in fact if we look in another it's strengthened, I mentioned we, find, life. Existence. Then. We, decide, we want to match that all we, want to reach that level of our soul to be able to manifest, ourselves on that level. What. We call we, become the lover and, we change everything, to fit that, we match with. A lover. Which. Means become, the givers, we. Give up and, we give to. The level that compared. To them we, become manifest, to them. Those. Of you enter. The division, of, gas. Technology, in the, I mean acid, level and then, the, fields, beyond. The I mean acid level you, start feeling, you. Start seeing, in. The dimension, because now you feed, the soul you learn how to and then. You, will see it and you, become interaction. And you will interact with, new. Dimensions. For. A lot of you confirmation. Of the existence of, the soul through the water angles, of the body of the man has. Been a problem where. We, see when. The, egg and the sperm come, together and, create, this what we call the center, the, essence in. The teachings, of the past we had this those, who came as the Masters, and developed, it and then. They could not understand, it but he had to wait for it that's, the right effort to come. They have recorded, it then, what, you see in these recordings, or two teachings over the past four or five years. Is. What. Now, you can, relate to. Creation. Of twin souls what, we call beautiful, people, creation. Of twin souls of us one, of our physicality, and. One of our total, essence, and the. Interaction, with each other our, answer. Our team in the background, for pathway to go and find. All the recordings, and, it's about 5 or 6 min of it Sandor, has found it and, has. Put it together Rick. Or Sun or if any of you would like you just watch these is, a very. Simple. Just, real minute this. Is part. Of the teaching of the past at time could not make sense now. It, makes sense. Because. The feedback here, yeah we're getting an echo. I. Was. Muted. There. Who is not for me okay. So, can, we I can. Hear myself x-number, this is open channel, so. If, you would like to play this and, listen. To it is about six minutes of it and then. How. Why. That, cabbage that slow through. The interaction, of one or two elements are created and, happy. Created, and then you see the interaction. Of mixture, of cancers. Which. We do creation. Of different, but. The core. Principle. Matters in the center would, you like to play the space. Start. To play it and from, the half of it it's, no, sound or so it's possible to give explanations, you see if you want to okay. You. Have to set your reactors. You increase the speed to reduce to speed. Thunder. When you have to turn your volume down. Thank. You. Okay. Can you call the principal. You. Have tested, your reactors. You increase the speed you reduce the speed now. For the first time some of you have seen a what. I call the play circle core in the center of your course we have seen last. Time the, showing. Of a column. Core center. Core in the past week. We have seen. Their. Turn. Would. Cause. Which. Is. Center. Core and I, was asked to explain I explained is to alia what it means you. Reach new, understanding. You will observe new things and be explained it as you reach it the. Double, core we see with Ritter is because, you, have the mixture of two elements and the two learner's gravitational, magnetic field, due. To the, mixture you have used, there. Is a most most probably. Some. Sorry but this is the mascot of the foundation, he is one he has to confirm. So. The, the. Plants with the material, there is some material there. Is a separation, between the, two bubbles one, belongs.

To, The co2 and one encore. Belongs. To, the. Body. Called copper oxide, so. They have created their, own. Central. Core but, because. Of the way your, material, is mixed together in the core they, have a line of connection, between each other this. Is the field connection, and. That's why you have two twin centres. You. Will see in time right. Within, this course. Because. The plasmas, will interact, by. Layering inside. Each other and, interface. As I explained, about the. Creation. Of matter in the plasma with the gravitational-magnetic, field, of different, strengths. Now. In the coming time as you mix materials, you, will see you create light within these what. You call center plasmas. These. Center principles, because, they will radiate different, fields, and in, attraction, and deduction from the RIBA prevent, then. You will start seeing light as they become like a light bulbs. The. Interaction, will come from inside. You. Don't get a light as his outside as a lie pop you see the, light inside will come from the same structure, plasma, and then you, will start understanding how. You can control, these. What. Are called the centralized, plasmas, to, create a tremendous. This. Double. Plasma, separation, you see is the. Beginning, of your understanding, of the creation of life. If. You. Can mix and control, the, co2, and the counts in a specific order, in your reactors, I'll show you in the future how to do it then. You create, one, reactor, and the two plasmas. Will merge into each other and as, they have different strengths fields, they, interact, and you will see the light inside the ball. What, we see here. Is. The. Center, plasma, which is created, on the called the soul and. This. Goes back to nearly. Three years agos teaching, this. Year. The. Center. Which. Holds. In a position exactly. Like the soul of the web. Is. The interaction. Of, cells. Magnetic. Gravitational fields. Of their amino. Acids. Which are potential, from, egg and sperm together which. Has led to creation of this Center. So. Is the, same with this this. Is how for, this time we can see the. Creation, of what we call the principle matter what. We call the soul of the man what. We call the beginning of life. We. Allow this to, transfer. Then. We can i'm matter. Of equality with it at the point of production. These, are. Not, emptiest, pieces these are created by. Pushing. Of the fields, of different strengths if. You freeze the picture you, can see the ball the little light there is a problem. In, the center that, is totally, created, part of the field strength, interaction. Of the fields of, the, matter inside. This. Is what we, said few weeks ago and we find this video you can see it clearly. If. You create a condition, of the, mixture. Of amino. Acids.

Mixture. Of the, field strength. You. Will see a structure of the lion. May. Be weeded as a fever strength, may. Be feel it as totality. And this. One you see as a single, line right merry cemetery in for two bubbles, right in the center. It's. Not there when, you start writing in certain, speed the, field separation, create this, cause back to. A lot of theories, that the compensator, is a hollow. Ox winter in every, planet, yes. There could. From. The interaction. You see this is a very very. Clear. You. See the sole of writing, ascertain. This. Is done by knowledge seekers. This. Is done by those who have experimented. Answers, in ways and, how. They, have developed and, how they see. It's. Important. For all, of us to understand, it because. Then you understand, there, is a soul with instruction, body automatic. Which. Was seeded from, the, original. Platform. After amino. Acids, which, created, it it. Just adds to it air by air as time passes, as. For, the absorbs, from the universe, or, the absence from the environment, of the universe. We. Don't need to put more hands on it, it. Just creates. Balance. Condition, our, field and. Then from that none is more powerful, that, in, the future when the man rocks you will see in fields which go beyond this system. In. The body of the man we call it the or after man, is. Created, the same this system, without change. Of the size of the power were creative, with, correspond. I. Remember. In. 2014. Mr. keshto taught, us when. We started to make such a spinning. Reactors, with gas that. The. Creation of the plasma shall, be. Done slowly gradient. Li and at the beginning we shall not turn. Our reactors. With 2,000 rpm but we have to start very slowly and within. Maybe 1 2 weeks to reach 200, rpm only. To. Let to. Allow time for plasma, to build up exactly, like last. Week. You said the example, with the marathon runner who, if. It's very fast, he cannot pick any water which. Is offered to. Drink but, who runs, at the right speed can, pick all the bottles. Run, the marathon. Not. Running that just I put together the, old teachings, with the newer teachings. Thank. You, now. We see if there was about in those, of you about the creation. Of, its. Principle, matter in the, center of the Gans liquid. When. You tried an, asset. When. This Center is created, you. Feel the emotional. But. Learn that. The. Gans the rhenium as it can to. Be a different. Materials. Different. Strengthen. For, you to, have or be able to absorb. All. Feeling. Part. Of that if, the field created, on center point is. Not that the strength, that you physically. Might feel or emotionally. And except it's. Just another bubble. It. Could fit in the, strength of your dog feeding. And, he starts crying or run. Or. In railroad a month of the fish that you find him to walk, very. Rapidly, or turn upside, down as well because, tally that's what the thing creates. So. We. Have to put aside all, the. Restrictions. Which, we, made for. Ourselves. To. Be able to confirm, that we understand if, we, accept, an understanding, totality. Then, we understand, life. Emotional, intention, can. Be. Developed. Exist. In, every, strengthen damage and. This. Is what I said if. You listen. To part of this. 4040, chinking, if, I remember correctly we. Refer, to the existence, of the soul of time. It's. Just a touch mention. But. Now you understand. We had the knowledge when three years ago body, showed up told you this. It, would have shocked you. It's. Easily. Listen. To it go back and listen so it's a very very touch I. Saw. Tonight. The. Creation of the soul in these systems. Because. At, that time we have not explained. You. Are all in, the nursery, of the knowledge and. Teaching. You would. You like to switch off his son. Teaching. You about. Big. Fancy your page, would you like to shut down please. Then. We. Have, ring. Sorry I was trying to share because, we were getting a very. Big, echo, happening, through shandur system, so I was trying to share the same video image, but if you don't need it anymore as, they. Most put it on their regular background. Just, put their growth economies, ok, time, the, knowledge was there even, four, years ago. But. The. Students. Were, not ready to. Sit for the exam of life. So. In, so many ways is, not something that we have come up with now. You. Are ready for. You. Are. Understanding. More that. You. Can develop the. Rest. You. Can understand, and explain. And expose. Different. Beauties, of the knowledge according, to your understanding. The. Knowledge has been there. Run. 40th. 35. To, about 55. Teachings, if, you go and listen to some part of it it, literally tells. You the same thing that's what I've been telling you in the dimension, in direction. Of the, soul of the man now. You can connect. It. Is for, us and, is. My wish that, none. Of those who listen or work, around the foundation, ever. Put, a rule, down this is how he has to be the. Minute you have put a rule down it means you have a stop understanding, anything. We. Give you the, co2 box and we give you a power supply, there. Is no instruction that he has to be at one volt and zero, point one hand at, one world zero, point one am depending.

On The copper plate you have and, the, zinc plate you have or. On, the zinc plate nano-coated. And his plane zinc plate you. Create, a, specific. Energy plasma. According. What and how the, plasma of, the. Copper was, created. Inside the matter state of it. And. My. Copper for. My. Experiment. Comes, from Africa. Your. Copper from your experiment, comes from Asia. That's. All we say, just. Because the guy has some stash is not York. Each. Uncle, has different, beauty and different, advocate. Would. Like to play with our gove is joyful or would you like to play with alcohol, cause a jumper, and takes you to the high jump. This. Is what we have to understand. This. Is what we, have to, elevate and. Promote. To give to our own soul, to the others to reach derivation, of our soul. In. A very simple way I have. Taught you today exactly, how to feed yourself. If, you're, those who, want not, to have with physicality. Try. And you achieve it. The. Very first time I declared my position, to Caroline, she. Said what are you doing here I, said. I've come, here to, enjoy the, pleasures, of physicality. And understand, man. She. Said is, in the hole, blackness. Anywhere, in the universe other things I said no here. We can taste we can smell we can enjoy, the physicality. Until. We don't go through the, process, to understand, why man, commits so much crime for these physicalities. We. Cannot, take, mine out of it. And. It's taking the years to understand, you to, see the weakness and the strength to. Be able to see why man, kills, why, man fall in love why man becomes. Physical, to another. And. Once. We understand, this. Then. We, can. Merge. It we, can elevate the, soul of the physical man to, understand, a dimension. Which is about physicality. But. How, can I teach if, I have tasted, myself, how. Can I tell you how, delicious of cookie is. Should. I don't eat. It I don't make, it myself. That I can taste it. Many. Messengers after pass as I said I will not make the same mistakes, unless, I decide that it's not a mistake, made. Their physical, mistake, of, getting, involved in physicality. But. Their soul was given the message to, deliver the message of the soul. They. Converted. It into the physical valuations. Not. The. Message which changed. We. Have to decide. What. Is, acceptable. At the point of manifestation. And. What. Is the, condition, of the manifestation. At the point we, want manifest. Ourselves. But. We, still carry the ethers that. We. Have, to be at, the level of the giver at, the, world level of, the receiver at the, level of being, both at the same time, to. Give and, then. Giving, understanding. There is a need, to receive that, can give more if. We keep on taking water out of a cup, spoon. By spoon. That. We soon not left in the cup unless. You put additional, it. So. It is the same with a smaller. So. The. Beginning. What. You call the. Principle, matter what, you call the black hole or whatever. Means. To receive. Otherwise. Have, nothing, left to give in time to come. But. In, receiving. This. Interaction, with the field which come in with, those which go out. The. Difference, creates, a fight the, same time, is. So much taking. And. That. We cannot see the gearing. Read. The paper the, creation, of black hole. If. You understand, that principle, you. Have understood, the essence of the creation. The. Paper the creation, of black hole is. The backbone of, understanding. The creation, in the universe, is, not if you are narrow-minded. That, you're looking at object. Of. Entity. Then. You, let's talk but. If you understand, the essence, of that paper. Then. You understand, the. Totality. Of the delusion. That's. Why it was recently one of the first peeps. Because. That, paper explains, everything, in the life of the creation. That. When I example, here when, the energy was him you see, a light the, lighting, is created, means. Comes, out so, it's the beginning, of the creation of life is giving but, we do not see.

Now. You understand, and you can see how, we go, from the present teaching of the soul to, the physical dimension, of the teaching of the paths and, this, makes it life easy for all of you. Because. Now you can, relate to, everything your. Creation, you. Being the creator you. Have to be it just on the correct. Creative. That, in what you create, does, not end up by mistake to demise up yourself. Unless. This. Was your intention. The. Only fo between. The creator, and created. Is. The. Wish the, condition. Which. The, environment, creates. That. You, have to work with it. Now. I hope, it's been made much more clear. Then. It comes to, how. Do we communicate, with. Each other that what we need and. What we receive in. The. Language, of a man we, use the voice and. Signs. And, letters. But. What. Is and, how that souls, interact. How. Do you, understand. The feeling of the soul. We. Know. The. Emotion, of joy, laughter. We. Know the. Emotion, of sadness, but. Go back a made. Man, in the image of myself so. Thus your soul feels, the. Pain of the loss or, the. Joy, of gaining. By. Others, from what they. What. I give, for it to exist. The. Emotion. Of the soul of the man to. Lead to the condition of interaction. And creation. Of the physicality, of the soul of the man. Is. The essence, of the. Creation in, the, physical, matter damage. In. The physical matter dimension, we, speak, about the weight and the mass. But. We, never considered, that the. Weight and, the. Mass, are. From. The interaction, of the fields of, Anthony on his own itself, or, in, interaction. With the fields, of the environment, of the entity by, itself but. Then the gain, according. To the inertia. Gravitational. Magnetic fields. Not. The, mass. Gravitational. Fields, of the center, there. Is a big difference because we only can, manifest fields. Of the given strength if, that. Field is within. The structure, of the planet. If an element. Which is in space and we don't have it we cannot absorb, it and because, we can't absorb it we cannot create his physical, condition we, cannot create copper on this planet if. Within. The structure, of the gravitational, magnetic field, of this planet, part. Of it copper. Doesn't exist it has had that field strength that he can absorb it and then. By absorbing, it in, then. According. To the field the strength of the environment, come transmitted. Into the matter state of the copper, we. See it as a matter of, so. Shall be the presence of my, confirmation. Of the existence of, the man according. To the environment, which it manifests, itself in a physical dimension, if. Physicality. Is part, of the inertia of that entity. Otherwise. He cannot do. And. This. Is, important. For us to understand. Otherwise. We, miss the. Whole process of, creation. Creating. And at. The same time being, able to feel, what we have created you cannot. Create a life. In a, soul physical, level if you cannot feed it, so. It has to be at the strength that, you, can, support, you, can feed you, can give life to and, that. Is what. Has, - this. Is what. We, need to understand. This. Is part of our work. This. Is part, of the. Totality. Of. Understanding. The, whole creation not. Part of it. This. Is. Exact. Understanding. Of it. How. We want to manifest the. Way we want manifest, where. We want to manifest and. Has. To be one, condition, only the, intention, to give and not, to take from the environment. If, we enter dimension. To. Take. From an environment we. Are back to what we do we have on this planet. We. Become a takers, of. Packages. Because. We have no confidence, in ourselves that. We are the givers we are the lovers. Is, impart of the. Writing of b'hala Blastoise name he says one. Should not love, his. Nation. But. Has to love the whole of humanity.

And. Some. Governments, and people who wanted to use as we see they are not nation lovers, but. It doesn't say that are the world lovers and loving. The world means creating, peace. We. Have played with the words we, have. Played, with. The, understanding. Of the, word the, way, it. Suits us in. Space. You. Play. With. These things, you. Play with a fire of the soul of the man which. Means the. Soul would not allow and, with, it it demises, itself because. These. Don't, exist in, the level of the soul Optima. What. You got to understand, is. Very. Simple, if. The, gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of the copper did not consists, in the copper, it. Could not exist in the body of the man. The. Elements, which are not part of this planet, are not. In the, physical, strength. Of the body of the money but. They, exist in. The. Soul afterward. The. Soul of the man carries. The full spectrum, of, the. Fila strength, of the universe. But. In this, condition in, this position, as a. Physical, entity of, the body of the man manifests. Itself as a man if. If. Their. Strength is in, the condition they will have to fish you might face yourself as a fish or. Does. That mean a seed of a tree or a plant. In. So many ways if. You understand, the, totality of understanding. The teaching goes, back to what I said when. I teach I teach. Every. Living, thing from, this planet and man. Thinks, teaching, is only for man because he can hear the voices of man but. We teach as a soul so we elevate, the totality, and those. Who understand, they become part of the process. Then. You. Want to see how. The. Fish feels, in the cage you had built him and you want them to live, you. Become part of the soul of the fish you feel his pain and, his, condition. And, then. You, change. We. Had a very recent case in, Accra. The. Fishery has a huge problem. They. Put. Five. Meter by five Meetic. Mesh. And. They. Put so many fish. In it and. Then. They limit in the rivers or in the ocean and, they. Want to catch or they, want to grow, the, fish. But. The fish. 80%. Of them don't. Want engagement. They don't want the prison. So. They create a cancer to kill themselves not, to face this a present. And. The de fisherman, loses. 80 85. % of is fish. Growth to, this condition. They. Don't understand, they call it there is a disease, which the fish gets I explained. To the Ministry you have, to understand, the soul of the fish it. Does not want to be captured, it. Does not want to be free to, the sky next to him who stinks and the other one is too fat I want, to cover I or. We. Have a condition to, elevate, the soul, that. Unhappy. With what it is I accept. The condition, that through. My soul I can, give instruction. To the guy who smells, on the dives to find that, we are happy together and. When. You, add you, understand. The emotion, of the fish comes, from, the strength, of the certain, type, of zinc. That. Gives. Him that present, satisfaction. You. Find the fish change and they say oh they, found the technology, that, it can change the fish it doesn't get the. Disease. No. We. Have understood, the essence, of the creation of the soul of the fish not. Finding. A cure for, the physicality after, which, the. Father gets cancer, of, the prostate because. Of the conflict with the son the, mother gets the breast cancer because, of the adulterous life of the husband. Now. You understand. Do. We. Do. A prostate, cancer. Chemotherapy. And. Then. Still the father dies. Because. The pain of the emotion, with the sons to be or, do, we elevate, the soul of the father and, the son to the level the, physicality of the father sees no reason for destruction, of the body is a misunderstanding. Or. Do. We teach the man. Would. You like to leave without loss of life because, at bees to, the cancer of your life and the. Loss of the mother of your children or. Do. It is a woman, if you, are correct the man does not need to look outside. Elevation. Of the sole of the tool to fall in love to understand, is the point not, the physicality of the adultery or, the cancer of the breast. This. Is what we have to understand, this, is where the, next level, of what. You call application. Of the health of the system comes in. Understanding. What, leads, to the condition, not. The. Condition, is there how, we can, eradicate it, or we can change it because, the, present, tablets, tries. To interact, on the physical, matter level, nobody. Has made, gas. Or, plasma, of, the disease that, you can give and you can elevate the, new dynamic, systems, do this. For the first time we. Managed to go. Into the next level and the. Present doctors have a huge problem with it because they don't understand, it because the oven taught at the matter of State and tablets, of pharmaceuticals. Check, in the back. The, process, of the change. Comes. From. The. Total, understanding, of. Totality. And. Not. All of us are capable, to do that because we have too many other things in physicality, we are tied up, so. Try, to understand, try, to expand. Your. Knowledge. But. Do, not take side because, that, taking, side or limitation.

Can. Become your demise in the space. Learn. The, knowledge in, its totality at, least, hear, it you. Don't need to understand, it because, when, the time comes, you. Will understand. It's. The same as the bolts we showed this. Was there four. Years ago but. You are not believed as I. Said I'm. The master, of teaching and I know how, to teach, who. To teach. Some. Of you are quick hear me stand fast last. Week the week before when, I start explaining about, mixing. Of the, amino. Acids, and. In. The core I received. A text from, my Armando, he, says didn't. Tell you that three years ago it can be done I said you were too fast the rest were not ready I had to slow you down. This. Is some. Of us get enlightened, ahead of the others but. The others will catch up but, the problem, is not that those, catch up we. Are alive entity, we are humans, in, the, body of physical, human we, create new souls, the. Teaching has to be for those two and the ones which, these souls create, and those after and the rest. It's. Not just us this teaching for us the, teaching, is for in future generations that. They understand. More, and more from, earlier, age and your time of Inception, that, we, need to teach the soul of the man not, of his County of the man in the cages of the schools after birth. If, you teach the soul of the man that will talent you have the knowledge you, don't need to put him in the classrooms, of today. And torture. Him by. A teacher, who himself is, ignorant, in totality, so creates, bunch of ignorant children, by, the education, and practice, of his own life. We. Give pure. Souls, the. Bunch of. Whatever. You want caught them will have no knowledge but. They, are there to confirm, their existence. As. I said there, are no schools in the universe, what we see here this, is the teaching. Of the physicality, the torture of the physicality in the confinement. Of, bunch. Of people, who. Themselves have, no understanding of the totality, how can the teacher. How. Can allow. An, illiterate, teach, graduate. PhDs. And claimed. To be a doctor. This. Is the point which I referred to before we. Have to teach the soul of our children that. Through. The narration of the soul when. They see the knowledge of man on earth to understand. It here when. They see the, knowledge of the. Man. In, another, point of universe they can understand, how to fit, and. When they see another, life of universe, according. To our knowledge of the strength of their soul they, can appreciate the beauty of the new life they come across. We. Should take the schools into, the soul, by. Us understand. Rather. Than giving the hand of ignorance. That. They create, more, damaged. Souls in the, hand of the future science. Any. Questions. Thank, you miss excuse. Me thank you mr. Cassius. To, remind the attendees. They can raise their hand and won't get. You in as a panelists, in order to speak. And. We, had. Someone. Come. In as a panelist, at their kingdom. It. Was hello. Okay, I. Have, a table, I have on the stable, Network, it, tells me so I hear PPP, people. Can. You start a game please. Yes. Good morning mr., cage this is that one good. Boy in dr. Kawa I, have. A question about collection. Of guns because. Correctly, we collect, not. Guns but test you to a meal. And amino. Acids, we. Collect, amino, acids, and not remove, the salt we don't wash. Them this. The, right way to use amino. Acids in the rotating. Cause, you. Have to wash. You. Have to wash her I mean okay thank you very much some. Sort of amino acid, created, under. Let's. Say potassium. For. Sodium, potassium is. Of different strength so you have to take the physical level of it out that it becomes the. Matter body hold the Gans level, of the. Plasma amino. Acid, which. Is of the strength of that salt but you don't need to fish out here to salt with it when you carried. There. You very much miss fish. Making. Me I. Have. To leave around, about 11:30, quarter, to talk to their how to put some money, meetings. In. So many ways, as, a. Human. Race, we. Have conditioned, ourselves. We. Have pushed, ourselves. To. Limit. Our own understanding and, nobody, else has. Is. Us who decides I want to become a, physicist. Or a doctor. Or a farmer, because, this. Is what I'm expected, to or what I understand, better off but. It's, good to be a farmer, but I understand, the work of the medicine, on vegetables, is the same as human. Being and. Understanding. The essence of it can, give me the same for.

The Matter of, a father or, a doctor, because. I understand, the. Pain of my. What. I grow as, a vertical. We. Have not grown that, much to. Even understand. That, we. Need the, same as we have, what. We call animal, doctors. To. Create, plant. Doctors, to understand, the emotional, illness, of the plants. In. Pharmaceutical. Levels we. Create, things to change it the way we wanted but, do we ask the soul of the planet is this what you're happy with or. What other consequences. Would I change you by forcing, conditions, are you. We. Have doctors. Were humans, we have read for animals, but. We, have never created, those. Who, understand. The. Knowledge of the, physicality, of the plant. That's. How ignorant we are because, they are so educated ahead, of us that we don't want to show we, are ignorant of technology. As. I said once to one of our medical goddess. Or, in one of the medical teachings. Under. Health aspects, of the whole technology. What. Are you going to do if. I bring an. Entity, from, Planet Zeus in front. Because. He has never created, children. By not teaching him from the soul level and his daughter from the soul level one understand. We. Have no prostate, cancer. But. It tells you something to, you according to reality must, be a prophet, sorry the guy hasn't got a prototyper plus the cancer but to you it looks why. Because. He haven't understood the. Process of the interaction, of the physicality, of the emotion of this problem, and in. Comparison. To the soul of the entity from Azusa. And. The only way you can do. Is. To be a lover to, give don't, ask questions. I give. Everything, you need as, a patient in front of me take, what. It is what, you do in. What, comes back, from it it tells you the, source of the problem, not, what you're trying to give to him because, the prescription, the pharmacist, what has paid me to do. The. Process. Of healing. In. Universe. Is. Through giving to the soul of the entity, not. The force of the physicality, of entity, is the condition, of the man's level of understand.

And. This. Is the key this is. How all of us. Become. Manifest. Pace because. We understand, what. Is the matter condition, of the camera life it belongs to us, we. Have to educate ourselves, to understand, the level of the solo and. That, then. We. Become educated. And. You have it was you. Yes. Marker, but a question. Here. Mark. Do you want to go ahead. Yes. There. Are some clues, about how. It is - I know give, from the soul. The, physicality, or from the higher level sent a higher level central, Seoul. So. As to enable. Them. To merge, or us to be able to. Contain. The soul of physicality, in, the higher level central, Seoul in, space. They're. Not. Really, you. Have to feel, it. You. Want, to teach yourself I hope. I presume, you. Have a library you have a wife you have a children. When. You lie next to them. Try. To fill, their needs and. Usually. You find out their, teachers. Are. 99%. Ages. Well. If you are cubis and it, disturbs, you. You. Get up and, you leave the bed because. You. Are there to give what they want to take more anything here and, that is, not acceptable. We. Have to feel very. Much. This. Is what angers, me a lot and push me to silence a lot of times that. I, see. The. Takers, and pretend. To be givers and they talk as they are givers. Deception. By, physicality. Of the man but. Seeing the true through the soul of man. You. There, is no method you, feed it you understand, it. The. Only method is trusting. One soul, there. Are many things apart across. The universe, especially. In the race of man and. They. Call it I love you through, the love of man, or. Deception, of the physicality. So, trust I will know if give equals, take thank, you. You. Just gave don't. Ever take. You. See there is a lot of things we don't understand, there are stages of, what, I call a stroke. Brain. Hemorrhage. If. You have or you follow people, who had a brain hemorrhage in a young age. You. See different, effects. If. You have a stroke, or brain hemorrhage, in the ages of let's. Say 18. 20, 22 25. And. It's at the point that so much information is created in the brain that, is going down to, the physicality, and, the physicality, is stops receiving, and giving more, in the emotion. You. See, stroke. In an upper, part, of the spinal cord, just at the point of interaction, of the field, of the brain with, a physical, part or the, interaction of what we call the soul of the man discuss all of the life, the. Elites usually, took paralyzes. Heavy palaces. Wheelchair-bound. On, the rest. If. You have a stroke. Around. The age of 40. Anything. Between 35. To 40, finally you. Get a different, stroke different, behavior, or strong and. It. Changes. Due. To position, and understanding. You. Might not see onion, some in the once past, 40, to 45. You see some some sort of physical, damage a stroke but. There. Is a hidden emotional. Stroke, that, we. Are not aware of. But. You can analyze it it. Brings a lot of anger, it brings, people who forget dimensions, and positions, forgetting, phrases. Anger. By. Misbehavior. Of the youth because, we don't understand, it's. Something. I being, good enough. Good why. I'm in this position and. This. Is huge. World, of science, has never studied, it but. The people who have a stroke around age of 40, you'll. Find out, anger. Shortness. Of time there. Is not enough time in midlife. I've been hit I might, not have time so they, tend to jump in conversations. Not, letting you finish your sentence because I don't have time I want to say what I would say because if the next row comes I'm, gone I can't say what I want to say at. The same time it, brings a. Shortness, of understanding. In the younger, generation. Because they're wasting time there, is no time I've had, it at age of 40 I can die so I don't, have time for nonsense, we. See behavior and, sometimes. Physical changes. If. You have a stroke in 50s, and 60s, because, you have had a time you already accepted, psychological. About. 5055. We, accept we liv

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