2020 Tabernacles Conference - Day 2, Morning

2020 Tabernacles Conference - Day 2, Morning

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So. Do. So. Do. Do. So. So. Do. Do. Do. Do. Good morning everyone. All youtube watchers, in america and around the world. Uh this is day two of our 2020, tabernacles. Conference. And uh. Our first, speaker, for the day will be. James, dr james, brogan. Of stone kingdom ministries. He and i have done these conferences. Jointly. For many years. Uh it's really his conference as much as mine. And so. Anyway we have. I've known, james, for 42, years. Uh that's just long enough for both of us to be experts, in, obsolete, things. And so. Uh. I remember, uh we, yeah we met back in 1978. And uh. So i've known, known james a long time. Anyway. He has sent us a pre-recorded. Uh. Video, two two of them actually. And, today. Right now we're having his first one. And uh thanks also to. Uh. Uh, mutual friends. Uh. Dan. For, editing, this at the last minute. And uh. It's amazing, this conference has been a last minute thing we've done so many things. Uh right at the last. Uh almost the last second. So, okay, so. Here we are with. James. Hello, everyone, i'm james, bergemann. For the record. This lecture, is being prepared, for the virtual. Bible conference, to be held, october, 9th through the 11th. 2020.. As you know. We had hoped to meet in person, in knoxville, tennessee, for this conference. Under the sponsorship. Of god's kingdom ministries. But alas. Government, mandates, have made it impossible. To gather in person. And so. Just, as happened, last spring. This knoxville, conference, was also canceled. But i'm grateful to my colleague dr steven, jones and his team at god's kingdom ministries, for making this virtual, conference, possible. Some of you may have been. With us back at our, october, of 2019. Bible conference. Which we held at the very, beautiful, chateau. On the lake, resort, in branson, missouri. At that conference, i deli, i delivered. Lectures, number one and two. Of a new series. Which i was commencing. Then. And which i have entitled. The secret space, program. And the bible. The first two lectures, were called. R, e ts. Here. Et's, of course. Being an abbreviation. For. Extraterrestrials. Try saying that real fast five times. The title of these two lectures, is the occult, history. Of the secret, space programs. During the course of the first two lectures, back in branson. I used about 40 minutes, to summarize. 20, hours, of material. Material, which i had presented, in my series, from some years ago. Which is entitled. From inner space. To outer space. For convenience. We abbreviate. Inner space outer space by the acronym. Iso. Pronounced, isos. Not to be confused. With the ancient. Fake goddess. Or the modern, terrorists. Both called isis. Knowing what is coming, in this series. I am still, of the opinion, that it would be highly, advantageous. To the listener, or viewer. Of this series. To obtain, my i saw series, because it will give you, much, background. Concerning. Many aspects. Which are related, to what i will expand, upon, in this current series. The iso, series, consists. Of 20, lectures. On cds. Six hours of which, are also included, on three, dvds. The dvds. Are a necessity. To seeing the graphics, and visuals, which i used. To illustrate, several, of the isos. Lectures. Those 20, cds. And three dvds. Are packaged. In a set of three, dvd. Style. Album, boxes. With our intriguing, and original, artwork. On the cover. All still. For the dirt cheap price of 59. Plus. Six dollars, shipping. End of commercial. Near the end of lecture. Number two i presented, a bullet point summary. About, 20 bullet points, in all, in which i encapsulated. The fundamental. Propositions. Of the four-volume. Book series, concerning. The secret space, program. Authored, by dr, michael, sala. Here's volume, one and we're going to put, all four of them up on a slide here, in a second if it's not already up. I will not repeat those bullet points, at this juncture, because we are now going to commence. A. Deep dive, into this massive, subject. I want to begin by reading a feedback, letter. From an individual, on our mailing list. Now this first. This letter is not, directly, related, to the secret space. Program, or, is it. I'm changing, names and disguising. Locations, to protect the privacy, of this respondent. Dear james i just wanted to touch base with you and tell you a little of what has been going on here in my state. In flyover, country. I'm good friends with the local sheriff and his wife and so i'm kept informed, of some of the things that are going on. About three months ago, a young family. Both of the parents are involved in illegal, drugs. Who are living over by, such and such, national, forest. They were seeing a drone around their place. He called bill the sheriff. Five nights out of seven, but bill never saw the drones. Then, a responsible. Party who lives close by across the river called bill and reported, seeing a drone flying, up and down the river and around the forest. Bill drove over there and he saw it also. Bill called the fbi, and the state patrol, office and they knew nothing about it.

This Went on for several months. And bill thought this young man might have someone in the drug industry, spying, on him, this was just a small drone with only battery, time of maybe six to eight hours. Then last week a man living about 10 miles south of town called bill. And said there were several, drones. Flying, around and he wanted him to come out. Bill went out and they both, observed. Several, drones. With a wingspan. Of about six feet. One of the sheriff's, relatives. Who is stationed, in the air force in japan. And is in cyber, warfare. Is well acquainted. With the drones. He said these were very high-tech, drones, run by satellite. He's not able to tell bill what they are and can't even talk to anyone about his job but from, what bill gathers, it doesn't sound good. Then last night there was a drone flying, around. Town, here, and again, over by the national, forest. Forest, and south to the guy, stated, above. Needless, to say. The farmers, around here are getting upset about this and are getting ready to start shooting them down. Bill has told them not to, as he thinks if this is done. They would come in and, confiscate. Guns. Bill has spoken to our congressman. Who was going to talk to the governor today. I guess these drones, have the capability. To identify. Underground, bunkers. Or caches, of guns, etc. I know down there in virginia. They're trying to confiscate. Guns but they're being met with opposition, from the locals. This is supposed to be happening, also in california. Colorado. And now into my state. Bill says if they are spying, for guns it sounds like the u.n, or homeland, security. Or the deep state. Who knows, she put in all caps. My prayer partner and i have started praying about this but i would appreciate, any information. You might know on this. And then she signed off. Well, i have not heard anything. About the united nations, trying to confiscate. Guns. In any state. Whether it is virginia, or california. Or colorado. Of course, we do know. That the leftist, governor of virginia. Is continually. Trying to destroy, the second amendment. In that state. As a result, we saw. How the pro-second. Amendment, folks, held a big rally. Many of them legally, carrying their firearms, to the capitol, in richmond. I think that was last. I can't remember. Last february, or something like that, anyhow it was totally, peaceful. And they even cleaned up the trash, after the rally.

And There are always rumors, by the gazillion. On the web, where one can read where the un did this or the u.n did that and that there are concentration. Camps. Hidden, in the national, forests, etc. That can understandably. Create, a lot of fear. In regular, law-abiding. Citizens. But i have heard those types of rumors since at least the early 1980s. And i even made some inquiries. To try to check out the rumors. I have never found any substance. To any of them. Doesn't mean they're, not there. It just means, i couldn't, find any further information. And in regard to the concentration. Camp supposedly. In one or more national, forests. I have a personal, acquaintance. Whom i trust, implicitly. He's a high level source. Who would be in a position, to know if there were any such camps, in the national, forests. He said that he had never heard of any such thing. Of course, he himself, could be, out of the loop. But i'm reporting, what i can personally, attest, to. We all know that the formerly, mainstream. Media. Which trump calls fake news. And which i call the legacy, lying media, or the media, nights. We all know they've lied to us for decades. They are unreliable. Sources, of information. Or truth. But among the gazillions. Of sources, on the internet, the truth, might be out there. But we need holy spirit discernment. To sort out the truth from the rumors, and the deliberate. Misinformation. And disinformation. Now as to drones, having the capability. Of identifying. Underground, bunkers, etc. I would suspect. That has long been within the reach. And the realm of possibility. I was trained. As a radar, technician, in the u.s air force back in the late 1960s. And i have been aware for decades, of technology. Called subsurface. Interface, radar. Also known as ground, penetrating. Radar. And i would imagine that by now any classified. Versions, of it would be quite, sophisticated. And this appears to be confirmed, by a report, i saw just a couple days ago on september, 30th, 2020. On fox news. That a spacecraft. That had been sent to mars, by the european, space agency, has determined. That there are underground, lakes. On mars. Okay regarding, secret, fema concentration. Camps and other such rumors. My dear brothers and sisters. There is indeed, much that we could be fearful, about. In today's, world. But remember this admonition. From paul, found, in second timothy. 1, verse 7. For god, hath not given us, the spirit, of fear. But of power, the greek word is dunamis, from which we get the word dynamite. But of power. And of love. And of a sound mind. Also, remember the bible, instructs, us that, what is it that overcomes, fear. It says in first john 4 verse 18. Perfect. Love, casteth, out fear. Now, why would i choose to commence, this lecture. With that particular. Letter. It has to do with the advanced, technology, of ground penetrating, radar, and drones, and. What lies beneath. It's amazing, how rapidly, drones, have become commonplace. In america. Anyone, can buy one, and pay anywhere from 100 bucks to many, thousands, of dollars, for a drone, depending, upon. The level of sophistication.

You're Looking for. Furthermore. Amazon, is already, test marketing, the use of drones, as delivery, pack, delivery, vehicles, for their packages. So, can you imagine, how much more advanced, are the drones, which are classified. Under. Multiple, layers, of secrecy. In black projects, and in darpa. And, in other even more hidden, organizations. And by the way just, what, does, lie, beneath. I have not yet mentioned. Dumbs. In this lecture, series. Dumbs, is an acronym, for deep, underground. Military. Bases. If you have been reading, the posts, of the queue team. You may have run, run across the dumbs either directly. Or, indirectly. By following some of the decoding. Done by. Such people as, run the serial brain, 2. Or perhaps, also from dave, over at. X22reports.com. There is much more to explore, concerning. That topic. Of course i have no personal, experiences. With dumbs. But there is considerable. Evidence. Now. That something, very evil, and nefarious. Has been going on underground. For a long, time. And not just in area 51.. We will explore, that dumb idea. Later. Turn to paul's. Epistle, to the philippians. Now remember the title of this new series, is. The secret, space, program. And, the bible. So just to get our neurons, firing, on some, possibilities. In connecting, these two subjects. May i suggest, that on your own you do a search, in the bible. For the phrase. In earth. And the phrase. In the earth. You'll find. Dozens. Of passages. In the king james version. But not nearly, so many in the modern versions, because, nearly, all the modern versions. Changed the phrase. In the earth. To. On, the earth. You see we have, become accustomed, to thinking, that what, the scripture, writers. Must have meant, by in the earth. Was. On. Or upon the surface. Of the earth. But. What if the holy, spirit, meant, exactly. What it says. In, the earth. Additionally. You can further activate. Certain brain cells. If you also do a search for the phrase. Under. The earth. Among them you will find this one in philippians. 2 verse 10, which includes, both these phrases, we're talking about. Philippians, 2 verse 10. That at the name of jesus. Every. Knee should bow. Of things, in heaven. And things. In, earth. And things. Under, the earth. Hmm. Wonder what that could mean.

How Many times have you read or recited, that verse and it never occurred to you. That it could be a reference, to some kind of life form. Underneath. The earth. That is to say. Inside. A somewhat. Hollow, earth. I remember when i was back in the roman catholic, boarding school. Seminary. In the mid-1960s. And i was a senior, in second year french class. The three top students in the class were permitted, to do self-study. As a small group for the entire, semester. I was one of the three. We were assigned, to read and translate. From the french. Jules, verne's, classic, novel. Published, in, 1864. Called. Journey. To the center, of the earth. It was a real challenge. But great fun. Jules verne's novels, became, the first. In the genre, of literature, now called science, fiction. Later i went on to read all his novels. Not in french, mind you. And this led to my reading many more science fiction books, from robert heinlein, to isaac, asimov. To kurt vonnegut. And so forth. But by my early 20s, i was reading. As many books on ufos. As i could find, along with my first book about. Nikola, tesla. And i still have it in my, library, there's, a shot of it on the cover if i can find it from my library and get it into this presentation. I was also interested, in this strange. Idea, of a hollow earth. About a decade, later, after i had become, what people call a born-again, christian. I scooped up several. Shelves, full of my books. On ufos. Dozens, of books about edgar, cayce. About reincarnation. About the last. The lost, continent. Of, atlantis. And other subjects. Including, the hollow earth theory. I scooped up dozens. Of them. And i donated. All those books. To the dumpster. I don't regret, trashing, them but some of those concepts, have in recent decades, come back. Front and center, to my attention. As i'm studying, them, in the light, of our divinely. Reliable. Standard, of truth. God's holy word. The christian, bible. In light of that verse from philippians, which we just read and the many others which are similar, in that regard. I'm keeping an open mind, in regards. To, concepts, which i had essentially. Trashed. Back in my late twenties. Enough said on the hollow earth for now. You might recall, that when i commenced, this series. I made special, note of the fact that this is not merely. About the secret, space, program, of the united, states. But that many other nations. Of the world. Are involved. In my i saw series, i devoted, considerable. Time, to the nazi, connection. Using, quite a few illustrations. In the process. Showing that the germans, had a number of designs. For what we could generically. Call. Flying, saucers. Going as far back as the 1930s. And we're going to have some, on the screen. To show you some of those that we used in the isa, series, and, i cannot now recall, but i do not think i went back much further than the 1930s. In the isos, series. I do recall. However, that i mentioned. A woman, named, maria, orsich. And her role in the development. Of german flying, saucers. At this juncture, let's dive, a little deeper. As i proceed, i want to acknowledge, dr michael sala. For the heavy lifting work that he has done. In researching. And compiling. And condensing. Reams, of information. Into. A cohesive. Narrative. Spanning, across, the four volumes, to date. In his secret, space program, series, of books. He lives in hawaii. And he and i have had some, brief email, chats, in addition to my placing, orders. With him for his books. More recently. He has graciously. Given me his permission. To use material, from his books, in my lectures, and cds, and dvds. And ultimately. I will get them in print form at, least in blogs, if not in printed books right away. So. Some of my material, will be paraphrasing. Material, from his books. At other times i will quote directly, and give further attribution. To his work at those times. You should also know that in the course, of my own research. I check into his sources. And beyond that i seek other sources. But as i have stated, on other occasions. Since these begin, as oral, lectures. I cannot, pause, and give you documentation. Every few minutes by citing a multitude, of sources, many of which will be from, the internet. I mean can you imagine.

Me Pausing, to read, an internet, url. That is three lines, long. With forward, slashes, hyphens, colons, and all types of other, keyboard, characters. In the url. It's, simply, a ludicrous. Idea to clutter, up an oral lecture, in that way. One more disclaimer. While i greatly admire, the work that dr salah has done in this, whole field of study. My borrowing, from his material. Does not, imply. An endorsement. Or that i necessarily. Agree with what appears, in his books, whether he's giving his own conclusions. Or merely, citing, what others, have claimed. He's an independent, researcher. And i likewise. Am an independent. Researcher. We can look at much of the same material. And draw, differing, conclusions. And having digested. And studied. His four volumes, i can tell you with certainty. That i do differ. In certain, important, areas. And that's okay. It does not detract, from my admiration. And respect, for the work that he has done. Furthermore, i feel confident, that he would agree with these statements and would feel similarly. About my work if he should ever. Listen, to my lectures. Now since the secret. The u.s. Secret, space program, has some of its origins. In the nazi, secret, space program. We need to investigate. How their secret space program, originated. Maria, orsich, played a pivotal, role. But her role begins, over 20 years, before, world war ii. We will not get finished, with her story, in this lecture but, here is purportedly. A picture, of her. What we will learn about her is utterly. Astonishing. Internet, sources, say she was born in vienna. In, 1895. Of a father from croatia. And of a german, mother. World war one did not end until, november, of 1918. But, already, by 1917. Maria orsich, is said to have met in vienna, with a leading, german, occultist. Named, baron, rudolph. Von. Sibottendorf. Who was interested, in her psychic powers, of telepathic. Communication. She moved to munich, in, 1919. To work with an organization. Called the thule, society. Which sabotendorff. Had founded, and of which he was the head.

At This point we need to provide, some, sidebar, information. Concerning, the thule society. Because, they became. Influential. And some say. That the thule, society, were actually, the controllers. Of a young man. Named. Adolf, hitler. Here i will quote from dr michael salas, volume, 3. Of the secret space program, series, this one entitled. Antarctica's. Hidden history. Subtitled. Corporate, foundations. Of secret space programs. We have it available, currently at twenty five dollars, plus six dollars, shipping, and handling. Henceforth. I will simply, refer, to this as secret space program, volume, three. And or, antarctica. I'll be skipping, portions, to save time but beginning, on page four. I quote. Truly society, leaders, believed, orsic. Orsich. And others like her, would offer, important, clues, to understand. A mysterious. Force. Called, vril. A force that could be harnessed, by, individuals. With sufficiently. Developed. Mental. Mental, and psychic, abilities. Such beliefs, were very common, among, occult, groups, and secret societies. In other nations, as well. As exemplified. In edward, bower. Linton's. 1871. Book. Entitled. Vril. The coming, race. The novel centers, on a young, independently. Wealthy, traveler. The narrator. Who. Listen to this. Accidentally. Finds, his way, into a subterranean. World. Occupied. By beings, who seem to resemble. Angels. And call themselves. Vril. Hyphen. Yah, vril, yah. End quote. Does that translate. To, the, force, of yah. Way. Dr, salla then quotes wikipedia. Here quote, the hero, soon discovers, that the vril yah are descendants, of an antediluvian. Civilization. Who live, in networks, of, subterranean. Caverns. Linked by tunnels. It is a technologically. Supported, utopia. Chief among, their, tools, being the all. Fluid, called vril. A latent, source of energy. That. Is spiri that its, spiritually. Elevated. Hosts. Are able to master. Through training, of their will. To a degree, which depends, upon their hereditary. Constitution. Giving them access, to an, extraordinary. Force. That can be controlled. At will. The powers of the will, include. The ability, to, heal. To change. Think, shape-shifting. And destroy. Beings, and things. The destructive. Powers in particularly. In particular. Are awesomely. Powerful. Allowing. A few, young, vril ya, children. To wipe out entire. Cities, if necessary. It is suggested. That the vrillia. Are fully. Telepathic. Significantly. Litten, also described, the vril yah. As possessing. Air boats. That could direct, the vril, force, as a destructive. Energy, beam, over a distance. Of, 600. Miles. End quote. Salla then quotes. Beaurelin. Which i will omit, before continuing, to comment. What beau were linton, is referring, to here in modern, terms, appears, to be an aircraft. Equipped. With, a. Directed. Energy. Weapon. Whose destructive. Capability. Exceeds, the combined, atomic, bombs. Dropped, on, hiroshima. And nagasaki. End quote. We need to pause here to include, a thought or two of my own on this connection. First how many of you have heard of litten, industries. It was a major. Defense, contractor. For decades, before. Becoming, part of an even larger. Whale, or behemoth. In the military-industrial. Complex. It became part of a corporation. Now called, northrup. Grumman. The founder, of litten, industries. Mr charles, litton. Was born in the early, 20th, century, and did much of his work in a place, now known as. Silicon, valley. Linton's, inventions, were very much involved, with high-energy. Devices. Including. The development. Of, radar. Hmm. My second thought is this. Salah's, volume, 3, antarctica. Was published. In, 2018.. In november. Of 2018. There occurred. Some horrendous. So-called, wildfires. That swept, through, the town.

Of Paradise. Valley, california. And if you've seen videos, of the fires, and we're going to look for some still, shots, photos to put up on the screen here. If you've seen any of those there are many, strange, things. That add up to the conclusion, that this was no ordinary. Forest, fire. There are reasons, to suggest. That it very well could have been the result, of a directed. Energy, weapon, attack. The technology. For this has been known in open sources, for decades. I refer specifically. To the work of colonel tom bearden, back in the 1980s. Concerning, technology. Called, scalar. Interferometry. Where colonel bearden, explains, it in terms of longitudinal. Scalar. Waves. First identified. And perhaps, tested, by nikola, tesla. A century, ago. I will not take the time to get into it further, here you can do a web search and find plenty of material, to keep you busy, for quite a while. But do. Keep. That real possibility. Of a do. Dew. A directed. Energy, weapon. In mind, as we go on. Back to more about the thule society, from dr, salas, volume 3, quote. Ominously. Linton's, book carried with it the warning, that in the future. The surplus, population. Of the subterranean. Vril, yah, civilization. Were destined, to emerge. On the earth's. Surface. Through their advanced. Psychic, powers, and technologies. They would wipe out inferior. Or barbaric, races. In order to claim, suitable, territories. Those races. Which could sufficiently. Evolve. In developing, their inherent. Psychic, abilities, and technologies. Would become, suitable, partners. Of the emerging. Vril. Who would inevitably. Establish. Global. Domination. End quote. Hmm. Are we getting the picture, here. Sound familiar. New world order anyone. Deep state, anyone. And does the term, deep. State, have a double meaning. Hmm. Sally goes on quote. While linton's, book was published, as a work of fiction. Many occultists. Viewed. It widely. As being, factually. Based. And derived, from ancient, texts, describing. One or more, hidden, anti-diluvian. Civilizations. Linton's. Status. As a prominent, member of the rosicrucian. Society. Which has secretly, studied, ancient, texts. And encouraged. Members, to develop, higher, consciousness. And occult, abilities. No doubt influenced, widespread. Belief, in the factual, accuracy. Of vril. The coming race. Those who had developed, such inherent, psychic abilities, would not only possess, great power. And rise, to leadership, positions. But would also be able to find, and use. Incredibly. Advanced. Technologies. Hidden. All over the, planet. End quote. I strongly, emphasize. That last phrase, because i want you to be open to the idea. That one of the main reasons. But secret, reasons. For the united, states getting, deeply, involved, in war in iraq. May have been for the purpose, of finding, and removing. From iraq, any. And all ancient. Texts, and or, hardware. Dealing. With very, advanced. Technologies. There is now, open source, information. On the web, which suggests. That this, is exactly. What happened, in the, shock, and awe, campaign. With the overthrow. Of saddam, hussein. In gulf war one. Small. Specially. Trained. Teams, of u.s forces. Went into the museums. In baghdad. Found what they were looking for. Took it, and got out. Then as a cover story they encouraged, the looting, of the entire, museum. Which, cnn. And the rest of the lying legacy, medianites. Duly, reported. At the. Time. The present, world ruling cabal. Very, desperately.

Wanted To get their hands, on these ancient, artifacts. And technologies. Of course my regular, listeners, know, that the bible, identifies. This present, world ruling cabal. As, mystery. Babylon. The great. Not coincidentally. Iraq, is the modern name for the country, where ancient, babylon, was located. Actually about 50 miles south of baghdad. In my view, this struggle, for possession, of the advanced, technology. Is a major, part of the war, that is going on behind, the scenes, in washington. As the, white hats, led by president, trump. Do battle, with the black hats. It could also. Help explain. Why the bishops, and the queens. On the chessboard. In washington. Such as. Schiff. Schumer. Nadler, pelosi. Hillary, and many others. Are appearing. To be going absolutely. Berserk. In trying to bring down president, trump. And as they say it, bring him down. By any, means, possible. And that has included. Numerous. Alleged, assassination. Attempts, which of course the legacy, lying media, are not going to report. Continuing. To quote salla. Some of these hidden technologies. Involved. Detailed. Designs. Of craft, capable, of space travel. Which thule society, members, believed. Had first been developed, by the ancient. Hyperborean. Civilization. More, importantly. These technologies. Were used by the hidden civilizations. In the earth's, interior. Who were destined, to emerge. One day. On the planet's. Surface. Thule society, members, therefore, deemed it critical. To establish. An, alliance. With the inner earth, beings. The, hyperboreans. End quote. Now that we have. Some, brief, familiarity. With the thule society. Let us go on with maria, orsich. And her story, again from volume, three quote. The historic, roots of the first secret, space program, and its genesis, can be traced, back, to the early years of the weimar. Republic. At the end of the first world war in 1919. A number of german secret societies. Began, collaborating. In the development. Of. Flying, saucer, prototypes. Based on the designs. Received. Through the telepathic. Communication. Of an unusually. Beautiful. And highly skilled. Psychic, medium. Maria, orsich. When in full trance. State. She claimed, to be in communication. With a range, of other worldly, beings. Among these were a group of aryan, or nordic, looking. Extraterrestrials. From the aldebaran. Star system. Who wanted to assist, humanity. To develop, spacecraft. Capable. Of, interstellar. Flight. Orsich, reported, their intention. In such an endeavor. Would raise, human, consciousness. And accelerate. Humanity's. Evolution. As a species. In the galactic. Community. Using, automatic, writing. Orsich, wrote, numerous. Pages. Of what appeared to be. Technical, information. In two foreign languages. Though she did not recognize.

One Language at all. Another, prominent, psychic. Sigrun. Assisted. In understanding. The content, of the writing by getting. Clear, mental, images. Of flying. Saucer. Craft. Orsich. And sigroon. Concluded. That the information. Revealed. How to build, a spaceship. Soon after. Orsich, and segrun, met with members of the thule society. Or in german the thule gazelle, shaft. Which after the first world war had become germany's, most powerful. Secret, society. Notably, comprised. Of aristocrats. And leading occultists. Of that day. They were able to identify, the second, unknown language, in the automatic, writing, as ancient, sumerian. Experts, were brought in to translate. Orsich's. Automatic, writing. The translation. Confirmed. Sigrun's, mental, images. It was in fact technical, instructions. For building a revolutionary. Type of engine, that could power, a spacecraft. Salla then gives more on the ancient. Hyperboreans. Quoting, from the ancient, greek historian. Named, diodoros. Siculus. Who wrote this, in the first century, before christ was born. Quote. The kings of this city, and the supervisors. Of the sacred, precinct. Are called. Boreadae. Since they are descendants. Of boreas. And the succession. To these positions. Is always kept in their family. End of quotation, from deodora, siculus. Salah then continues. And listen, carefully. Quote. The boreaday. Were purported, by classical, scholars. To be giant. Kings. Around. 10. Feet. Tall. The society, members, believed, that the hyperboreans. Were the progenitors. Of the aryan, slash, germanic, race. And that they exist. To this present, day. Hidden away. In the earth's. Interior. End of quote. All right, we all remember the story, of david and goliath. About how tall, was goliath. First samuel, 17, verse 4. And there went out a champion, out of the camp of the philistines. Named goliath. Of gath. Whose height was six cubits. And a span. In our studies over the years we have accepted, a cubit to be 18, inches. So six cubits, equals. Nine feet, plus a span. Totals just about 10 feet, are we getting, the picture, here. As i stated earlier, we would not get done, with maria, orsich. In this lecture, but we've now got a good running start. And before i close. I want to drop a few more hints of how this all connects, to the present day. I've already mentioned, that i believe there's a very, serious. War. Going on in dc. Behind the scenes. In the run-up to the 2016. Presidential. Election. Wikileaks. Dropped a slew, of emails. Supposedly. Hacked by the russians. From hillary, clinton's, and john podesta's. Private email, accounts. Those of us who, read q's, post. However, have come to see that it wasn't the russians, after all, but a democrat. National, committee, staffer, named, seth, rich. Who gave the information. To julian, assange. And wikileaks. The 28, year old seth rich. A bernie sanders, supporter. Had been upset, at how the dnc. Was cheating. Bernie sanders. And thus. Seth rich committed, his fateful. Act. He was later found murdered. But some of the emails, dropped, by wikileaks. Have revealed, a lot more than expected. Including. A multitude. Of references. To things like. Pizza. One website, reported, that quote. Out of wikileaks's. 2060. Podesta. Emails. There are, 149. References. To pizza. 70. 73. References. To, hot dog. 85. Cheese. 78. Pasta. 41. Sauce. 84. Ice cream. And 47. Walnut. All, in very, bizarre. Contexts. That have nothing to do with food. Below is a sample of the podesta. Pizza. Emails. See if you can make any sense of them, without, resorting, to code words. End quote. In other words, those are all, code words, which have to do with a gigantic. Scandal. Known as. Pizzagate. Which of course the fake news media have labeled. As, a laughable. Conspiracy. Theory. I wish it were. But there seems to be much, information. Available. To suggest. It is no theory. But facts, of a very. High level corruption. Of a magnitude. That is hard for the average, person, to imagine. How evil. People, can be. Now it also happens, that the clintons. And john podesta. Are also. Supposedly. Very, interested, in ufos. Here's a brief quote from a washington, times newspaper, article dated, sunday. October, 16. 2016.. Quote. It's no secret, that the hillary, clinton, campaign, chairman, is a ufo, buff. But the recent wikileaks, dump of mr podesta's. Hacked account, sheds. New light, on how deeply, interested, he is. In. Extraterrestrial. Conspiracy. Theories. Messages. Between mr podesta. And fellow, alien, enthusiasts. Including. A former, apollo, astronaut. And the guitarist. Of. Pop, punk, band, blink8. 182. Came as a welcome, surprise, to ufo. Researchers. They are more convinced, than ever, that a hillary, clinton, administration. Would bring about the, declassification. Of some of the federal, government's, deepest, secrets. Including. What really happened, at roswell, new mexico. Activities, inside the notorious. Area 51. And other pieces, of a complex.

Puzzle. Involving. Alien, craft. And space, travel. End quote. Well of course, the truth. As i suspected. Is much, darker, than that. I suspect, that, they have been up to their eyeballs. In connection. With the dark side, of the secret space program. And because, they know, that disclosure. Is, inevitable. They want to be in control. Of how much, is disclosed. They need to protect, the public. From learning, about, their. Very. Dark. Activities. We're out of time for this lecture, so we shall pick it up here, next time, with the rest of the story. Of the occult, history. Of the secret, space program. Thank. You. Do. So. So. So. Is that time. Who's going to tell me the time to go am i. Live. Okay. So good morning. Uh. Welcome back. My name is rob corey, uh. This will be uh part, two. Of the talk entitled, the timeless, and prophetic, nature of god's law. So. If you missed part one. The, basic premise, behind this is that, father. Has kind of put it on my heart to, put a book or a booklet, together we'll see what it's like when it's finally, finished. That. Really kind of lays out. The fact that god's law, has been with us from the beginning. It's timeless in that sense, and that. It has a prophetic, element to it, uh because these are critical. Things to understand. In order to, look forward and. Uh just understand, what the, bible teaches about the fulfillment, of tabernacles. Uh so there's just some concepts, that uh. In the first talk we spoke, mostly, to, the. Uh, structure, of god's laws. Uh. We talked about the hierarchy. Of those laws and that, they all hang off of the two greatest commandments. To love god with all your heart all your mind and all your soul, to love your neighbor as yourself. And that those uh. Beneath those hung. All the law and the prophets. Uh and so we were able to show that the. Commandments, all trace up to. Those. Higher level, commandments. And that there are statutes, and judgments, that all, trace upward. To, the commandments, themselves. So we. All of that was covered in the importance of that, is that with by understanding, the structure of god's law we can see. How it applies, how there's evidence. Of where it applies. Uh in places that we never realized before, because it may be a statute, that uh is the key thing to understand. Both prophetically. And uh to, see where things line up in time. The the second piece of that uh. The second part of this talk then. Is that we're going to look at. Uh understanding, the difference of the laws of god. As compared to the law covenant of god. So. So like i mentioned, in part one, we saw that the laws of god. Were declared in the earth from the beginning of creation. And therefore they existed, long before the giving of the law to israel through mount sinai. By definition, then, the laws of god had already existed they couldn't have been something new that was added, at mount sinai. And yet many people believe, that the laws of god, were added at mount sinai. So why is that. Turns out for this topic. There are many, important, and key different, keys to understanding. That are found in galatians. Chapter 3.. So we're going to use that chapter as bit of a home base, throughout.

This, Section. Part of the confusion. Could be rooted in such key verses, as galatians. 3. 19.. Uh this uh. Galatians, 3 19, starts off with a question. It says why service, the law. And to understand. Exactly, what is being, asked in this question. We need to understand the context. And understand what exactly, is meant by quote-unquote. The law. So let's go a little further. The next thing we see is that it says that it was added, so the law was added. If we stop there. Uh, and make an assumption, that the context. Means that these are the laws of god. Then this would, seem to clearly state, that uh. The laws of god were added, so that couldn't mean that that would mean that they didn't start from any point earlier, but let's consider, two points to come up, uh, just beyond, this, word. Added. What immediately, follows, is the reason, that it was added. And this reason sheds light on exactly, what's going on here. It was added because of transgressions. Okay. What is a transgression. One john 3 4, tells us, that sin. Is transgression, of the law. So if the laws of god, were not given to israel, before mount sinai. Then how were there any transat. Uh transgressions. Of the law, before mount sinai. That would have driven the need to add something. In fact it makes no sense, to have to add laws. Because people, were already transgressing, those laws. This point alone suggests. That this was referring. To. Something other than the laws of god. But it's the last part of galatians, 3 19, that begins to really reveal the true context. For the term, the law. As meaning, a reference, to the law covenant. See the last part of this verse, says. That which was added was ordained, by angels. In the hand of a mediator. So the word mediator. Was translated. From the greek word. Messitas. In strong's concordance, that has a meaning of one who intervenes. Between two. So the the word messites. Appears, five other times in the new covenant. I'm sorry in the new testament. And in each of these occurrences. The context, is about mediating, between two parties, in association.

With The establishment. Of a covenant. The use of the word. Mediator. Confirms, for us that the reference, to the law, in this verse, as being added. Was a reference, to the law covenant, that was added. And it was added because of transgressions. Of the law of god. The resolution. To the confusion, of galatians, 3 19 is actually given, in the three verses that preceded. In fact, when we read the verses that lead up to galatians, 3 19. We find the same clarity, that we find at the end of galatians, 3 19.. So i'm reading from galatians, 3, 16, through, 18.. Now to abraham. And his seed, were the promises, made. He saith not. Into seeds. As of many. But as of one. And to thy seed, which is christ. And this i say, that the covenant. That was confirmed, beforehand. Of god in christ. The law. Which was four hundred and thirty years after. Cannot, disall. That it should make the promise, of none effect. For if the inheritance, be of the law. It is no more of promise. But god gave it to abraham, by promise. So in verse 16. We see a reference, to, promises, that were made to abraham, and his seed. And then in verse 17. We see the term, the covenant. And then, that term is followed by some explanatory. Text. Which essentially, identifies. The specifics. Of the covenant that's being referenced. Finally, we see the conclusion, and that conclusion, is, that this covenant. Cannot, disall, and make the promise to abraham, of none effect. So the generic, message here is that a specific, covenant. That came, after a particular, promise. Cannot, nullify. The promise that preceded, it. In other words. A promise is a promise, irrespective. Of covenant agreements that were added, after the, promise. If you make a promise. That has a future fulfillment. Then any covenant agreement that you make that would affect that promise. Has to be a time-limited, covenant. So that it doesn't nullify the promise. To figure out the specific, covenant, and the particular, promise. We need to just look at the characteristics, listed in the verse. The characteristics. Were, number one. That this covenant was confirmed before, of god in christ. Number two, it's referred to as the law. And number three, it was added 430. Years after. So, uh let's look at the first, uh characteristics. This phrase confirmed, before, of god. Simply means that god was the one who ratified, the covenant. The end of that initial phrase says that it was confirmed, in christ. So we need to look a little closer at that. According to ellicott's. Commentary, for english readers. The words, in christ. Are actually omitted, in the group of oldest manuscripts. And they could be struck out. But the commentary, goes on to further, say. That if these words are retained. The translation, might be better. Read as. Unto, christ. Or with a view to christ. Or perhaps. To find its fulfillment, in christ. So i'm going to come back to that point, after we examine some other characteristics, a little bit further. I'm also going to jump. To the third point, because i think that. Pretty much, sheds the light on, on. All of it, the third characteristic. States. That this covenant. Was 430. Years after. This is, a reference to the law covenant that was established. Through moses, 430. Years after the promise, that god had given to abraham, and his seed. So coming back to the second characteristic. Which simply says the law. The covenant. That was confirmed before god. And then there's a comma, the law. The context, here. Uh is that the law is essentially. A short title. For. The covenant. He's referring to the mosaic, law covenant simply as the law. It was a title, so that he wouldn't have to keep referring, to this, throughout his letters, as. The covenant that was confirmed before god, of god, that was added 430, years. After the promise to abraham and his seat, it's a lot simpler to just, give it a title, and refer to it as the law. So when we consider the full context, of this verse. We can't limit the term, the law. As being limited to the commandments, statutes, and judgments. That make up the laws of god. Rather. The law in this passage, is meant to refer to the entirety. Of the terms, of the law covenant. And, that were added, at the time of moses. So. What are the works, of the law covenant. Since we now understand, that galatians, 3 19. Is speaking of the law covenant. Being added. And not the laws of god being added. Then we understand that the addition of the covenant means the addition, of terms, of compliance. For the covenant. The terms of compliance. For the law covenant, were added, because the laws themselves. Which already existed. Did not include, the contractual. Covenant language. The laws of god are a list, of commandments. Statutes, and judgments. To serve. In the administering, of justice. The laws of god, contain no language, around, if man does the following, then god will do the following.

Those Covenant terms were added. To form the covenant, itself. On man's side of the law covenant. The terms of the of compliance, included, man's obligation. To keep god's commandments, statutes and judgments. But also, included. Man's responsibility. To perform. A set of repetitive. Year after year. Ritual sacrifices. And offerings. That were the works of the law covenant. There were numerous sacrifices. Of doves, sheep, goats and bullocks, as well as ordinances, for a variety of grain offerings. We know, that man, has made, uh had been making sacrifices, and offerings to god for many many years long before the, covenant, but all of those were quote unquote. Free will offerings. The sacrifices. And offerings that were added to the mosaic, law covenant, were specific, ordinances. And annual, rituals. That had to be performed by the priests. For atonement. The problem was, that that atonement was not lasting. And it had to be repeated. Year after year. So the law covenant, was essentially, a two-way, contractual. Agreement. The basic premise for compliance. Was based on man's works. And god's, conditional, response. To man's works. Man was responsible, for obeying god's commandments. Statutes, and judgments, which already existed. And man's responsible, for bringing the necessary, animal, or grain offerings to the priests, who would perform the repetitive, ritual, works, of the law. Chapter 28. Of deuteronomy. Shows us god's side of the two-way, agreement. If man performed, all of the works of the law covenant. Then god would bless him abundantly. And that's found in deuteronomy, 28. Verses 1 through 14.. But if man did not hearken to the voice of god, to perform, all the works of the law covenant. Then god would curse, in response. And the curses of god were captured in deuteronomy, 28. 15-58. The aggregation, of man's responsibilities. For compliance. In the law covenant became, known. As the works of the law. The works of the law, were not the commandments. Statutes, and judgments of god themselves. Rather, the works of the law, were the obligations. On man's side of the covenant agreement. The obligation, to obey the laws. Of god. And the obligation, to comply, with the added ritual. Sacrifices. So, the problem with the law. Was that the. Right chart up here let me just check, no yeah. So the problem with the law covenant though, was that the works of the law could not bring about faith. And since justification. Is by faith. Then the works, of the law could not bring about justification. This is an important, point in regard, to the new covenant. If it were man's responsibility. To work at developing, his own faith as a means of justification. Then how different, is the obligation. Is that obligation. From the obligations, of the law covenant. It would still be man's responsibility. To earn, his justification. Remember, from the message in part one. We talked about grace, being. Defined, as receiving. A gift. That you did not earn. So salvation, comes through great, through faith, by grace. Then faith cannot be something that man earns on his own efforts or it's not by grace. I'm going to read a group of new testament, scriptures. That reveal. Exactly, who is responsible, for developing. Our faith in us. And that is the faith which justifies, us.

Galatians, 2 16. Knowing that a man is not justified, by the works. Of the law, but by the faith of jesus christ. Even we have believed, in jesus christ. That we might be justified. By the faith, of christ. And not by the works of the law. For by the works of the law shall no flesh be justified. Notice the prepositional. Phrase, of. In front of jesus christ this is the faith of jesus christ that's being referenced. In galatians, 2, 16.. It's important to recognize. Uh. Some might say i'm sorry, some might say that, this uh is just, the word of it's just two letters, it's, a prepositional. English phrase that uh. Maybe, wasn't translated. Exactly right maybe it should have been just translated. In christ, rather than of christ so that would be the faith, in christ. But ephesians, 2 8 and 9, takes any prepositional, phrasing, out of the question. Ephesians. 8, um ephesians, 2 verses 8 through 9 read. For by grace, are ye saved, through faith. And that not of yourselves. Of ourselves. It is the gift of god. Not of works. Lest any man should boast. This passage, clearly states. That the faith by which we are saved, is not of ourselves. Rather this faith, is the gift of god. In fact. This passage even provides the reason that we are not responsible, for developing. Our own faith in christ. If we were responsible, for developing, our own faith, then we would have reason to boast. It's the same reason, that god put israel's, backs against the wall at the red sea, the same reason god told it gideon, to cut his army back. To 300, men. God is trying to teach us, that he is responsible, for our deliverance. And we are not achieving, our successes, outside of his provisions. Of grace. If our faith was our own responsibility. Then this would still be an old covenant. Law covenant model. But the new covenant model is an inner work. Of god within man. So how is this gift, of god. This faith. Received. Romans 10 17, tells us. So then faith, cometh, by hearing. And hearing, by the word of god. In john's gospel. We find, that there's more to the phrase, the word of god than simply the scriptures. John 1 1, reads, in the beginning, was the word. And the word, was with god. And the word, was god. And then skipping to verse 14. It reads and the word was made flesh, and dwelt among us. And we beheld his glory. The glory. As of the only begotten, of the father. Full of grace, and truth. In order to be justified. By faith. There had to be an end of the old, law covenant. Which was based on the works of the law. We had to enter into a new covenant. Based on the faith, of jesus, christ. Our faith comes by hearing. And hearing, comes by the word of god. And jesus. Is the word of god that was manifest, in the flesh. So our faith is a gift, from god. Since the hearing that leads to faith. Comes to us by jesus, who is the word of god. So the next thing i like to do is give. I'm going to get a little ahead of myself, uh in a way. Uh but it's very applicable at this point i'm gonna share a little example. Of, the prophetic, nature of god's law. But uh, we'll definitely cover that in more detail, in part three which is focused on that. But to give a little sneak preview. There are statutes, in deuteronomy, 15. That address what happens when someone goes into debt, and is unable to pay it off. And i'm going to relate this back to what we just. Read, about. Faith comes by hearing and hearing comes, by the word of god. So in the in this case. The debt holder, may obtain, payment, for the debt. By selling, the rights of servitude, to another person.

So The person. Who was who's. The person who purchases. Or redeems, the debt. Would become the master. And the debtor would become a bond servant, to the one who redeemed, them by paying the debt. The law required that after six years of servitude. The servant would be set free in the seventh year. However. If the servant loved their master. So much that they did not wish to leave the master's, household. They could choose to stay, and serve their beloved, benevolent, master, forever. Rather than being set free. In order for it to be recognized. That they had made this choice and were not being held against their will. They would perform the following, as a witness. I'm reading from deuteronomy. 15. Verses 16, and 17. And it shall be. If he say unto thee, i will not go away, from thee. Because he loveth thee and thine house. Because he. Is well with thee. Then thou shalt take an all. And thrust it through his ear, unto the door. And he shall be thy servant forever. And also, unto thy maidservant. Thou shalt do likewise. Essentially. They would have their ear pierced, as a witness. That they desire to remain a servant, in the household, of the benevolent, master. Okay. So if you just read this passage. And you limit your view to a worldview. And you limit your discernment. To, a literal discernment, not a spiritual. This law, seems a, bit barbaric, maybe. Um. I mean it couldn't serve it uh, they could have just maybe had a note that he signed and they got. Uh. Posted it to let people know that he wasn't being held against his will. Uh, but the uh. There may be practical reasons for why ear piercing, was the the the, practice, uh. That was was done in those times. But i'm not really aware of those specifics. But let's take a look at this, through the lens of the prophetic. And let's see what can be discovered. Jeremiah, 6 10, tells us. To whom shall i speak and give warning, that they may hear. Behold. The ear is circumcised. Is uncircumcised. I'm sorry, the their ear is uncircumcised. And they cannot hearken. Behold, the word of the lord. Is unto them a reproach. They have no delight in it. And acts 7 51, kind of echoes this sentiment, and says. Ye, stiff-necked. And uncircumcised. In heart and ears. Ye do always, resist, the holy ghost, as your fathers did, so do ye. From these two verses we get a double witness that the people, could not hearken. Which means hear and obey. They could not hearken. The word of the lord, and they resisted, the holy spirit. Because they had uncircumcised. Ears. So what does it mean. To circumcise, your ears. Now we all know that the literal circumcision. Is a procedure, that involves. The removal of a piece of flesh. In the law shown in deuteronomy, 15, 17. There was a literal piercing of the ear by pinning the lobe to the door, and boring it with an awl. This was the literal removal, of a piece of flesh. However spiritually, speaking. Circumcision, of the spiritual, ears. Is the removal, of our fleshly, mindset. Which blocks our hearing. This is necessary, in order to open up our spiritual, ears. When our spiritual, ears are opened. We are enabled, to hear, the holy spirit. So how does god remove our fleshly mindset. Hebrews, 8 10. Reads. For this is the covenant, that i will make with the house of israel, after those days, saith the lord, i will put my laws into their mind, and write them in their hearts. And i will be to them a god. And they shall be to me a people. First corinthians, 2 16. Tells us. For who hath the mind of the lord, that he may instruct, him. But we, have the mind of christ. By writing his laws in our hearts, and minds. God is putting, his character, and his standard of love, into our mind, and putting away the. Flesh. And essentially, giving us a new mind. The mind of christ. This mind of christ. Does not have that fleshly, nature to it, and this is how god is removing the fleshly nature from our spiritual, ears. To let us hear. So, uh. The next question, is who are the debtors, and who, who redeemed, them as servants. And who are those servants. When we read. The account of the lord's prayer and gospel in the gospel of matthew. We see that when we sin we incur a debt. Forgive us our debts as we forgive, our debtors. That's matthew 6 12.. Then in romans. 6, 20-23. We read.

For When ye were the servants of sin. Ye were free from righteousness. What fruit had ye. Then, and those things, whereof. Ye are now ashamed. For the end of those things is death. But now being made free from sin. And become servants, to god. Ye have your fruit unto holiness. And the end everlasting, life. For the wages, of sin is death but the gift of god is eternal life through jesus christ our lord. So we see that when we sin. We we go into debt. And we become servants of sin. But god sent his only son who paid for our sin debt, through his shed blood. That freed us, from, sin. Who was our debt holder. And then we became servants of god. Who redeemed, us by his. Son. So what does the all and the door represent. And uh. In john 10 9, jesus declares. I am the door. And then john 1 14. We said earlier that jesus, is the word of god. But hebrews, 4 12 tells us, that the word of god is quick. And powerful, and sharper than any, two-edged, sword. Piercing. Even, to the dividing asunder of soul and spirit. And of joints and marrow, and is a discerner, of the thoughts and intents of the heart. So jesus, is the door. And the piercing instrument, that separates, the soul or flesh. And the spirit. When we go into sin debt, a debt that we're unable to pay, we become service to sin. Jesus purchased us with that shed blood, by his work at the cross. And we became servants of god this is why paul. James, and other new testament, writers, refer to themselves as bond servants, of the lord jesus christ. They recognize, that jesus, is the master, and we are his servants. Jesus, fulfilled, the prophetic, law, of deuteronomy, 15. By having our spiritual, ears. Turned and pressed towards jesus, who was the door. And then jesus who is the piercing word of god. Circumcised. Our ears, to remove the flesh mindset, that blocks our hearing, of the holy spirit. And we remain, servants of god. Rather than returning, to the freedom, of leaning on our own understanding. Justifying, ourself by our own works, and being servants, of sin. The good news is. About becoming. And remaining, a servant of, god. We find that, the good news is in proverbs, 29, 21. He that delicately. Bringeth, up his servant, from a child. Shall have him become his son. At length. This is all about becoming, sons. Not perpetual, servitude. Romans 8 12 tells us, that as many as are led by the holy spirit, they are the sons of god. We can't become sons. Unless we are led by the holy spirit. We can't be led by the holy spirit. Unless our ears are circumcised. And our hearing is no longer blocked by our fleshly, mindset. Jesus is the one who is on both sides. Of piercing, our ears, he is the piercing word of god, and he is the door. By hearing the holy spirit. The faith, of jesus christ is developed within us. This law in deuteronomy, 15, prophetically, depicts, the new testament, teaching. That our faith comes by hearing. And hearing by the word of god, which is jesus. Our lord and master. Just take that in for a moment, a seemingly, innocuous, law about a servant, choosing to remain in his master's, house, having his ears pierced as a witness. Turns out to have a prophetic, fulfillment. In how we receive, the gift of faith. Leading, to justification. In the new. Covenant. As i mentioned. This is just a sneak preview, of the specific, law. And its, prophetic, nature, there is a bigger picture. Of the prophetic, nature of god's law, in the context, of his plan for salvation. And that will be what we address in part three, so this was just a little teaser so to speak. Okay back to our regularly, scheduled programming. In the new covenant. Man's justifying, faith is a gift from god. And that comes by jesus, and not by the works of man. Okay. So, why did god add the law covenant then. The promises. That were made to abraham, were in essence a one-sided, covenant of faith.

Abraham. Believed, and trusted in god. To fulfill. The promise, he had made. And that promise was accounted unto him, for. Righteousness. For what saith the scripture. Abraham, believed god, and it was counted to him, for righteousness. That sounds a little bit like, a new covenant. Principle doesn't it. So why did god add the law covenant if he already had a new covenant-like. Agreement in place. Through his promise to abraham, and his seed. The answer was given back in galatians, 3 19.. Why service the law. It was added because of transgressions. God had decided, he needed to add a law covenant. Because of the transgressions. Of his law that were ongoing. Within, the abrahamic, covenant. So how long would israel have to serve this law covenant. And for what purpose. The reference to the law in galatians, 3 19, is a reference to the law covenant. And it says, that it was added because of transgressions. Until the seed should come. To whom the promise was made so israel would have to serve the law covenant. For, for a period of time until. The seed should come. Well who was the seed. Again that was given, in. Galatians, 3 16.. Now to abraham, and his seed, where the promise made, he saith, unto. Not to seeds, as of many but as of one. To thy seed which is christ. So if they were to serve the law covenant until jesus, came to mediate. So they were. So. Try that again. They were to serve the law covenant, until jesus came to mediate the new covenant. How would they then know when jesus came. This brings us back to the point i put on hold, a little, ways back. We had talked about the covenant. That was referenced, in galatians, 3 17. And it was described as a covenant confirmed before. Of god, in christ. We mentioned that ellicott's, commentary. Uh. Said that. If you were going to leave the phrase, in christ. In there and it could be struck, but if you left it in it may have been better read. With a view to christ. Or, to be fulfilled, in christ. So now we see. Why the law covenant. Was added. The law covenant was added because of transgressions. Because it was going to give them a view to christ. Who would, provide a pathway for salvation. The law covenant was supposed to give israel, a view, to their coming savior. This understanding. Gives us better insight into verses. Like galatians, 3. 24-25. Wherefore, the law covenant. Was, a skull master, to bring us unto christ. That we might be justified, by faith. But after that faith, is come, we are no longer under a schoolmaster. The law covenant. Was added as a tutor. That would lead people, to the promised, messiah. And back to the covenant promise of faith. Once the schoolmaster, had come, then there was no more use for the, for. The school. Uh the covenant would be done away with. And. With the people, would the people be led back to the covenant based on faith in christ.

With This understanding, we also get better insight. Into, the following verses, in hebrews. I'm reading from hebrews, 9. 11 through 15.. But christ came. Became. A high priest, of good things to come. By a greater and more perfect tabernacle. Not made with hands, that is to say not of this building. Rather by, the blood of goats. Neither by the blood of goats and calves. But by his own blood he entered, in once to that holy place. Having obtained, eternal, redemption, for us. For if the sprinkling, of bulls and goats and ashes of a heifer. Said these were the works of the law covenant. If they were. To sanctify, to the purifying, of the flesh. How much more shall the blood of christ. Who through the eternal, spirit offered himself without, spot. Purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living god. For this cause he is the mediator, of a new the new testament. That by means of death. For the redemption. Of the transgressions. That were under the first testament. They which are called might receive the promise of internal. Inheritance. So. What was done away with when the law covenant ended. If there, uh if they were to serve the law covenant. Until jesus came to mediate the new covenant. Then what exactly was done away, when the law covenant was ended. It was the terms, of the law covenant, that were added 430. Years after the promise. Those terms, and works. Were the added. Were added upon, the laws of god so the laws of god, already existed. And then the terms of the law covenant were added to them to form. The law covenant. Remember those terms were that god's blessings were contingent, on man's, covenant compliance. And man had to obey god's laws and perform the ritual sacrifices. As a means of, atonement. God's laws as a standard of love and moral behavior, were not added under the covenant. So they were not done away with. The terms of the law covenant. That were added were abolished, by the work, of jesus on the cross. And he mediated, the terms of the new covenant. Which were based on the promises, of god. Through faith, b

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