2020 Fall Graduation Celebration

2020 Fall Graduation Celebration

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[MUSIC - MSU Fight Song] [Peter Berg] Hello everyone and welcome to our  December graduation celebration   for 2020. I'm Peter Berg I'm the director of the School of Human Resources and Labor Relations. I want to let you know that this event is  being recorded and can be viewed on the MSU   School of Human Resources and Labor Relations  YouTube channel. Ii also want to encourage you to express your congratulations to the  graduates through the chat function   and be sure that you indicate you want  to speak to both attendees and panelists   in that function and congratulations to our  graduates. You've done it! To be clear, this is not   the graduation we all anticipated. These are indeed  unusual, scary, and difficult times but we will get   through it and all the work that you've done  at MSU will stay with you and pay off over time.

While it is less than ideal, I'm glad we have  the means to gather virtually to honor your   achievements. You've done remarkable work  and are about to embark on a great journey.   While you've earned your degree, this is not the  end. Rather it is the beginning of the next stage   of your life. Now I can understand there are  reasons to be pessimistic about the future, 

we're in the midst of a global pandemic, the  economy across the globe is suffering, and   so much of our lives seem uncertain, yet  there are reasons for optimism as well. The generations before you have confronted crises  before and come through. Crises also put a premium   on leadership. Organizations need people who can  think clearly, act calmly, express understanding and compassion, and solve problems. So take the  lessons you've learned during your studies here,

perseverance, integrity, compassion, and make  them part of your life going forward. As you   go out into the world, make a difference and work  for good. The world needs you now more than ever. We have several speakers with us today, Terry Curry, I'd like to introduce first. Terry, after many years in the faculty of the  School has served as Director, he served as   Director of this School from 1999 to 2007, during  which time he created the School's Advisory Board, he then served as Associate Provost and Associate  Vice President for Academic Human Resources from   2007 through 2020 and is now serving as  a consultant to Provost Theresa Woodruff.   We're very happy to have Terry with us today to  continue the tradition of him speaking to our   graduates. So Terry we look forward to your remarks. [Terry Curry] Thank you Peter and let me be the maybe the   second of many who will say congratulations  to the School of Human Resources and Labor   Relations class of 2020. I say that personally  and I also say that on behalf of Provost Teresa [Woodruff]  

and also let me say congratulations and and  thank you to the families and friends of all   of the graduates. We know this is a a shared  sacrifice and your role in the success   of each of these graduates is of course absolutely  essential to their getting to to where they are   and in not too many hours you all are going to  have your degrees conferred, I remember once some   years ago I was at a commencement and president  said something that that always stuck with me. She said that graduating from University  is like entering into a marriage   but a marriage without the possibility of divorce. That until you graduate, either party could decide   we're gonna we're gonna end this, that you don't  want to be a part of Michigan State or you don't   want to get a degree from the School or the  University could decide that you haven't met the   standards and we're not going to award you  a degree but once the degree gets conferred, in not too many hours, the reputations and there's an inextricable linkage between you   and the School of Human Resources and Labor  Relations at Michigan State University   and that means among other things that  our reputations are are forever connected   and so the value of your degree will grow as  the School's outstanding faculty continue to do   what they do and producing great graduates and  engaging in first-class research, your reputation, the value of your degree, will continue to grow  as the graduates of the program, those that have   preceded you, continue to go out and do absolutely  extraordinary things, like they have been   doing. And similarly, to the extent you can help the school's reputation, to the extent the   school's reputation is stronger then the value  of your degree is viewed as a stronger degree. So that means we've got to help each other in that  process. I was talking to a former student of mine  

yesterday, and I say that only to say that those  faculty that have worked with you throughout your   academic career and particularly  your academic career within the School, they will still be there and they  are still accessible and i know   there's a rich tradition within  the School of faculty continuing to   answer questions and provide resources for  graduates of the school as they have left   and similarly there's a rich tradition of the  graduates of the school giving back to the school. I know even though this has been an  absolutely crazy semester, nothing like  crazy two semesters now, nothing like any of us  anticipated. I know you have had now virtually, graduates of the program that have spoken in  your class, and with graduates who have created or   helped to produce internship opportunities  and opportunities for full-time employment   in their companies, who have worked through  their companies to provide scholarship   funds, who participated in alumni events. So  our continuing to work to support each other  

is a part of what we're gonna have to do in this  marriage that we are now in and it's a   in "I" "N" and it's a marriage that will not  end "E" "N" "D". It is a permanent relationship. Let me uh... Let me end with with a quick story. Peter  said be brief and and I'll do that and those on   the faculty have heard me say this uh tell this  story many times before, but I, but I think it fits.

The story is about a very wealthy Hollywood  producer. Very wealthy, huge estate, uh Rolls-Royce,   giant swimming pool, all the stuff that  you can imagine that a rich Hollywood producer   would have and producer regularly has  these big dinner parties and before the   dinner party there's always a cocktail hour. Cocktail hour is always out around the pool   and during the cocktail hour he has a standing offer that he makes to his guests. Standing offer is this. He says anybody who will jump into the pool and  swim the length of the pool, he says you can have   any of the things I have. You can have a studio, you can have the estate, you can have the   Rolls-Royce, and any other things I own. You just have  to jump into the swimming pool, swim the length of   the swimming pool. You're probably thinking what's  the big deal, I can swim the length of the Olympic  

size swimming pool. Well the big deal is that  the swimming pool is stocked with sharks   and alligators. Okay so not a lawyer joke,  but it's stocked with sharks and alligators. So he makes this offer, dinner party, after dinner  party, nobody ever takes him up on the offer. Well   they're having a dinner party one evening  and they're in the cocktail hour, he makes a   standing offer, pauses for a few seconds to see if  anyone will take him up on the offer. Nobody does, producer says all right let's adjourn, go in and have dinner. He turns around, they're walking back to the main house,  suddenly behind him he hears a splash,  looks behind him. There's a guy in the pool. The guy is ducking, darting, dodging and swimming,

but he makes it through the sharks, makes  through the alligators, he gets to the other   side and they help him out of the pool, bring him  towels, producer comes over and he says, you know   I'm shocked! I've been making this offer  for years. Dinner party after dinner party,  nobody has ever taken me up on the offer but  he says I'm a man of my word. I said you could   have any other things I own. Studio, the estate,  the Rolls-Royce, so what is it, what is  

it that I can provide? The guy says look, I just want  one thing, I want to know who the heck pushed me in! Right, I say that to say to you, they're going  to be instances in the next few years, as you   enter into your career, as you are in grad school, when you're going to feel like you were pushed in. There's this assignment that you were given that  you feel somehow that you're not ready for but I want you to step back for a second and reflect on  the fact that you have been trained and prepared   by the best. You have been trained and prepared by  the Berg's, and the Belman's and the Kaminsky's, the   the Hall's, and the Tapia's, and the Beck's, and the Roehling's, and the Dulebohn's and the list   goes on. You are ready. Congratulations to  the Class of 2020. [Peter Berg] Thank you very much Terry. I appreciate your words. I'd like to now  introduce our keynote speaker for today,   a great friend of the School, Ed Loya. Ed serves  as the Senior Vice President of Human Resources   for Dell's Corporate Services Functions. In his  role, he's responsible for the daily management  

of global HR programs and processes, and is also  the executive sponsor for Latino Connection,  a Dell employee resource group aimed at supporting  the recruitment and retention of latinos at Dell.   And Ed is regarded as a leader on this topic of  diversity within the company. Ed is also a very   treasured member of our School's Advisory  Board. So Ed, I turn the microphone over to you.

[Ed Loya] Thank you Dr. Berg. Thank you faculty, administration  staff, graduates, and guests. I appreciate   the time today and I'm honored that I  was asked to spend some time and share a   few words with you among amongst this momentous  occasion. So it's hard to believe that I've been   working in human resources since before most  of you graduates, if not all of you were born.

You know you can't tell but I've got  a few decades under my belt here so   you know and in this time in the field,  which has been for me, so richly rewarding,   people consistently and universally know and  recognize the name Michigan State University, School of Human Resources and Labor Relations.  MSU is known by people who sit where I sit   because we've seen and experienced the top flight  training, coaching, and teaching that goes on here   and also the top flight students who have been  accepted and gone through this rigorous process. People know the expertise that they're getting  when they hire somebody from Michigan State   University and more importantly they know what  it took to get there and they know what it took   for you to get through here and also we understand  and we acknowledge the fact that you're bringing   incredible knowledge and know-how to the university  or to the organizations that you'll partner with throughout your career. As Peter said,  my relationship with Michigan State actually   goes back about a decade when I was asked,  and granted the honor, to serve on the Advisory   Board and what struck me from the start  of the relationship with Michigan State   was this intense desire that students have here. Including in that, many schools, particularly in  graduate programs, have a singular and soul focus   around scholarship, publishing thought leadership  papers and the like, well I don't discount that   because they are incredibly important, what  i've been completely drawn in by is the focus   and the dedication of my peer partners at the  School. This is a hands-on, one-on-one attention  

or this hands-on one-on-one attention which makes  students here more successful, extremely successful. I've seen this time and time again as instructors and faculty have gone out of their way to ensure   each and every student has what they need  to thrive, but also build relationships   and establish mentorships that will help you be  successful not just in your careers but in life. And now you're part of a lifelong  network of fellow graduates   of a school that is recognized as  one of the top programs in the nation   for human resources. This network will  serve you extremely well, as you work with  

hire, encourage, manage, and recommend to the many  others who have come before you and who will   follow you. The School aims to find meaningful  internships and careers and we trust that the   student-focused culture that is in the HRLR program  has been rewarding to each and every one of you. Your accomplishments that we acknowledge here  today have been remarkable not just because of   the rigorous course load that you carry, but the  fact that you've been balancing your classwork   with the worries and precautions  of a once-in-a-lifetime pandemic   and many of you included have balanced  work as well. I am truly in awe of the drive   your accomplishments and your determination  that you've exhibited throughout the time   that you've had at school. This was done much  of it on your own initiative and done remotely   as we're doing here today and I would say that  we would want so much to be in-person here today   to truly acknowledge and celebrate the turning of  this chapter in your life but this is another area   where we have all needed to adjust. There's one  thing that I've learned about ourselves this year  

is that we are uniquely capable of adjusting. I'm  positive this is not how you envisioned or hoped   the final semesters of school to go, but you  have found and will continue to find that we   must be nimble with our expectations. It was a  great philosopher, John Lennon, that told us life   is what happens to you when you're busy making  other plans. Think about that. When I graduated from   university in 1987, I had no idea what awaited me. I  doubt that I thought that I would spend, and I know  

for a fact, I didn't think that i would spend the  next 30 years at a company like Dell Technologies, for which I have been greatly blessed. And I  guarantee when I started working with Michigan   State and the School doing some recruitment and  hosting information sessions, had no expectation   that I would eventually be here, with a great  honor of addressing you, on such a momentous day. Over the years, I've been granted opportunities  to help with a variety of events for the School,   offer opinion to better the program, and I'm proud  to see that over the years that my relationship   with the School and the University has developed  and deepened. I'd like to think that I in some way   have strengthened the program that I holy respect. Along with my fellow Advisory Board members, we have continued to help to enhance the School,  hosting numerous Society of Human Resources events, presenting and hosting in-class events, enabling  program through some technology upgrades, and   providing financial assistance. Contributions  to support the programs and student scholarship. Additionally, which I found most rewarding for  me and my fellow advisory board members is the   ability to be a reliable sounding board to the  faculty, administration, and staff as we continue   to partner, consult with the with the School around  enhancing both the undergraduate and the graduate   programs. Even though I am not an alumni of  Michigan State University or a graduate of  

the HRLR program, the pride I have in this School, it cannot be more special to me and I look forward   to continuing my relationship with the University  along with my fellow Advisory Board members. With your Michigan State experience, you now enter a workplace   at a time like no other. You will be  on the front lines of wholesale shifts   that that have the task of not only entering the  job market in a virtual world, but quickly pivoting   towards helping others navigate the same  virtual channels that we're all in today.  Again, this is probably not what you signed  up for when you started this program   but we must be wary about what happens when we  are busy making other plans. The challenge you  

will face will be many but they'll also  be exhilarating. Even before the pandemic,   workplaces were changing faster than any time  since the industrial revolution. New technology has left many working faster, though in their own silos. And as a result,

the workplace culture that revolves around the old  water cooler is increasingly a thing of the past. But this has also created new challenges  and puzzles that we will need to solve. Looking at ways to maximize productivity  by keeping workers engaged, team members   focused, and enjoying rewarding careers will be  part of your future. You'll be asked or tasked  

with asking the questions and trying to answer  many of these questions. How do we fully engage   a remote workplace? How do we increase support for  our diversity and inclusion initiatives   around the world? And going forward, how will all  this change with the advent of new technologies on   the horizon, shape the future of work? Here's where  your creativity, your toughness, your grit,  and the lessons you have learned at Michigan State  and what you've learned since 2020 will help us. Being nimble, quick, decisive, will serve  you well. This past year has not been easy, though the work that we do in human resources  will be critical in the years to come. While we hope never to see a pandemic like this  again, all of our work and efforts will help us   prepare for the next disruption. We don't know  what those next challenges will be but we we will   be prepared. Your Michigan State University, Human  Resources and Labor Relations education and training  

will serve you extremely well in this endeavor. As I conclude, you know I'll note that anytime   that I've come to campus, I heard a lot about  Spartan Will and my observations over the decade   have been Spartan Will shows who are the people  who will tackle the most difficult problems,   will lead to the challenges, and will make the  world a better place, in large and in small ways. If this past year has shown us anything, it is  that we need more Spartan Will here and now. So I look forward to seeing you continue to spread  Spartan Will as you turn the next chapter in your   life and congratulations to the Class of 2020. Peter. [Peter Berg] Thank you so much Ed. Thank you for those   insightful remarks and thank you so  much to for your support of the School   and we very very much appreciate your counsel and  support. So next, we'd like to do a very short video   to celebrate the class with some messages  from various people. [VIDEO] Is this a test oh no.

[Darryl Robinson] Hi, I'm Darryl Robinson, Chief Human  Resources Officer with CommonSpirit Health in San Francisco. I want to take a moment to congratulate my fellow  Spartans on the completion of the master's level   program at Michigan State University. I also want  you to know that the world is waiting for you , they're waiting for your expertise, they're waiting for your commitment, they're waiting for your passion and  your talent. So always remember, be proud,  be successful, and forever go green. [Lydia Humphreys] Sending a big congratulations to the class of 2020 from the 2019   Human Capital alumni. It's a great big world out  there and you're definitely ready to experience it,

wishing you the best! [Mevan Jayasinghe] Congratulations!  We're very proud of your accomplishments   and want to wish you every success as  you lead us to a better world of work. Good luck! [Kelly Snow] Congratulations Michigan State graduates! I'm sure this is not how you expected to spend   your graduation but you should be no less proud of  yourselves. You really have made a great decision   to invest in yourself, going through the HRLR  program, and I know you're going to do fantastic   things with what you've chosen to do in the  field of human resources, so congratulations   and I hope you can celebrate just as soon as we  can get out there and celebrate together. Great job!

[Matt Hahnenberg] Congratulations graduates of the Human Capital  and Society major you did it and you even survived   all the emails that i sent to you i wish you  the very best and don't become a stranger. [Stacy Hickox] Oh the places you'll go, there's fun to be done, there  are points to be scored, there are games to be won. The magical things you can do with that ball, will make you the winningest, winner of all.

Your brains in your head, your feet in your shoes, you  can steer yourself in any direction you choose. Out there things can happen and frequently  do to people as brainy and footsy as you.   When things start to happen, don't worry, don't stew. Just go right along, you'll start happening too. Congratulations, today is your day, you're off to great places, you're off and away. [Matt Cambridge] Hey Masters of HRLR students, just wanted to congratulate you on your graduation   I can only imagine it would be really tough not  to have a physical graduation but just know that   you've accomplished something really great and  there are a lot of really exciting opportunities ahead, so congrats! [Angela Hall] Hello this is Angela Hall,  Associate Professor and Associate Director   for Graduate Programs and this is my daughter  Sierra, a future Spartan, we want to wish all the   graduates a big congratulations. We know that times  are tough now but remember you are Spartan Strong! And always remember to Go Green! and Go White!  [Brooke Yost] Hi, this is Brooke Yost from Whirlpool. Congratulations to the 2020 graduates

and a special shout out to the Master students of the HRLR program   remember to stay connected to Spartans worldwide and give back to the Spartan family. Go Green! [Thuy-Tram Butler] Congratulations class of 2020. You did it! So happy to share the story with you and all   of your achievements and successes. Looking  forward to hearing about your future, which I know you have many more successes. Happy to be part  of your lifelong network. Go Green!   [Peter Berg] Congratulations graduates! We've challenged you and you've worked  hard to meet that challenge and earn your degree. Forget the global pandemic! Go out and  celebrate... Well maybe not go out but  

zoom with your friends and celebrate and enjoy  this achievement with your friends and family. Congratulations graduates! [Peter Berg] So again congratulations graduates. I'd like to  now proceed to read the names of those graduating   from our Master's program and also our Bachelor's  of Arts in Human Capital and Society. I'm going to   read the names and honor you in silence but  you should feel free to hoot and holler and   do anything you want in your private spaces when  your name is read. So we're going to begin with the   four students who are graduating in our Masters  of HR and Labor Relations today. so Charles Busse Chadia Philyaw Tenecia Ross and Chika Unaegbu Congratulations to you on your accomplishment.

I'd also now like to read the names of several Bachelors of Arts in Human Capital and Society students. Arin Bell Steve Chan Julianne Cipres Drekia Cook Quinn Costello Alex Dickmann Michael Dunlap Nate Ellis Joshua Gertley Madelyn Harville Olivia Judsen Nhu Le Sam Lee Josi Leger Moreno Anthony Lipari Ross Martindale Nateah Mclemore Tyler Nelson Abigail Rothe Sydney Sanders Connor Silvestri Jack Tenbusch Hannah Thomas Sara Vaughn and Huimin Ye Congratulations to all those in the Human Capital and Society major as well. That concludes our program for today, I'd like to offer congratulations to everyone. Thank you for participating, for completing  the degree, and joining us in this celebration. So thank you and we wish you all the best. [MUSIC - MSU Fight Song fades out]

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