2019 World Series Game 1 (Nationals vs. Astros) | #MLBAtHome

2019 World Series Game 1 (Nationals vs. Astros) | #MLBAtHome

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They, already here. In Houston Texas so, are we glad you're with us tonight on Fox it's Game one of this world series and. It should be fun I'm Joe block along with the hall-of-famer John Smoltz I'm glad you're sitting next to me for, what we're should see over the next couple of nights the, pitching matchups, are kind of a throwback and when you take what. The Houston Astros, are throwing out there in Gerrit Cole he's, been virtually unbeatable. For, months I mean it's miraculous. What he's been able to do it really is and there's not enough time to really describe, how unbelievable. He is will do that during the game but, both these clubs are going to rely on their starting pitching to be successful, they're going to really. Lay heavy on the starters, and less, on the bullpens if it's a successful, game Gerrit, Cole has, been unbeatable as you mentioned, he's been the guy in the postseason three-and-oh. Giving, up virtually, nothing striking. Out everybody, and if you're gonna put the hands of the ball in Garrett. Hole Gary Cole what, better guy State, Game, one I'm telling you what I am, as excited, as, I've ever been and I think if you like pitching, you're gonna love this series alright let's take the other guy Max, Scherzer he, takes a backseat to nobody, he's a three-time site, Young Award winner and he's a guy who if, you haven't seen him pitch he gives you everything he's got seemingly, with every, delivery he. Throws it all at you and he's coming at the Houston Astros - absolutely, he will be fired up he's coming back from some injuries he bounced back nicely in, his previous two starts and again if you're the Washington, Nationals, your starters, are so good that they pitched a high percentage, to get to this point they're, glad they're playing but, they're gonna have their hands full both offenses. Are gonna have their hands full look at the numbers for Max Scherzer again. Watch early, on how much rpm, and miles per hour he has but when he settles in as good as again say what any one of the first, four starters, in this World Series has, the ability to throw a shutout, that's, the kind of stuff they have we'll see if they can bring it to the ballpark in. Games 1 and 2 of this world series here, are the guys coming to the ballpark the. Faces, of. Players you will see over the next week or so in. This world series it's going to be fun, baseball, is, coming, up next on Fox. Be. Back a few years, we're sort in the same place. Very, major hurricane, devastated, our city the. City was going through a lot but, everyone in Houston rally, together, supported. Each other. You. Know we came from all that and, truly did the impossible. Shocked. Everybody. As, difficult as that was the. Job is even tougher this time you know to. Do it all again. You, set obstacles. An. Opponent looking right back at you with that same host. The, same passion. But, that's what you live for. The. Hard times, the, challenge. It, makes it even sweeter where. It all comes together then. Well this is when baseball is, at, its best and we have. Some, of the best pitching baseball. Has to offer. Going. At it head to head here tonight, and, tomorrow. Night and the, rest of the series in two of the hottest teams, since. May 24th. You've. Got the Washington. Nationals, the, Houston Astros. Squaring. Off in the World Series and here's a lineup. For. Davey Martinez, he. Leads it off with Trey Turner then Adam, Eaton then Anthony Rendon the, top three in the lineup in the middle it's Juan Soto, the kid he's only 20, Howie Kendrick, the d.h, Asdrubal.

Cabrera Gets. The start at second, base and, on the back end mr. Nationals, Ryan, Zimmerman, Kurt. Suzuki and, Victor Robles. Before. First pitch and what. This Nationals, lineup has to do we go down to Tom Verducci. She was build on tuffet bets like, bricks in a wall and, the toughest, belong to Anthony Rendon and one suitable, brendan has a swing right out of physics, went along the, pulley the lever and Ren don't swing are simple, machines so. No is one of the best high fastball, hitters in baseball Gerrit. Cole has, the, best high fastball, in baseball, that, match up alone on the star-studded, night is worth, the price of admission joke, yeah, it's so fun going into, this World Series and looking at these matchups, not just picture to picture but, picture, to line up for each of the first two games to be sure and those numbers are ridiculous. Nineteen. And OH since. The end of May. And. A 95, mile an hour fastball misses. Up for. Ball one there'll be some butterflies, early, especially, from some of the Nationals who've been waiting a long time to get here but make no, bones, about it this offense, is so underrated, not a lot of people know how good they are how. Good they are against, fast balls over 96, miles an hour and how good they are against sliders. Trade. Time for the one, that's. Off the glove of Korea and Turner is on to start the night for Washington. Would have been a tough play had he come up with it cleanly he, didn't, and. It's a basehead, well Turner can fly Brad. Knows he's got to get this right away and throw it that's the difference of a guy who can run versus, somebody who can't Turner. Makes everything go for the Nationals, and look. To see in this series just setting, the scene there's, going to be contact, will there be some down the road bunts, and will, there be some stolen bases because when you're going against these great pitchers, you have to do whatever you can to, kind of upset how good they are and how much they can dominate the game there goes Turner, pitches. Is. Too late, and, a stolen base for Trey, Turner to start the night he's standing, at second with nobody out and that's exactly what the Nationals, are going to have to do they're known for their running although the last 10 games they didn't attempt, a base, but against Cole, they're. Going to have to do these little things they're, going to have to play a little reckless on a team. That basically knows, they came in here as the underdog but they don't feel that way. The pitch was a ball to Adam, Eaton. And. Now a bunt, in the air and, Gerrit Cole says, thanks. By, the way when Trey. Turner stole. Second. He. Steals the first-base obviously. Of this, 2019. World Series and with that stolen base all of America, wins free Doritos, Locos, Tacos. Stop. By Taco, Bell on October, 30th, from 2 to 6 p.m. to. Snack yours well, unfortunately and, then we see the stolen base right, unfortunately. This was set of situations, for eating the bottom over 2/3 with their best hitter at the plate and randome and Eaton, looked like he was trying to. Bunt the ball in, a perfect, spot rather than just get it on the ground. Here's. Randome. Strike. One most people are going to say facing, Shores are in Cole it's harder to bunt against a guy like that I get it but fundamentally. That's what the Nationals, wanted to do to, create early, pressure in the 1st inning against, a guy who basically has given up nothing, in the postseason and I know you said it but, that is their first stolen base attempt. In 10 games in the postseason the, Nationals. Stole. 116. During the regular season number, one in. The league number three in the, major leagues that's fouled out of play off to the right. In the count nothing in - on trend dawn is had a monster, year. Third-best. Average, number one in RBIs, and, it's. His walk here. From, Houston. Grew, up rooting for the Astros, and not trying to break their hearts here in the first inning so he basically is, the right-handed, version of Brantley, for the Astros. Gerrit, Cole just, said here hit it and Anthony run dog could. Not, the. HP, defensive. Lineup for Houston in the outfield, typical. Look Bradley, Springer, Redick left to right around the infield they're. Very good Bregman, Correa Altuve. And Correa al Maldonado, is catching, here in Game one. And. On the bound is Gerrit, Cole trying, to get around a hit and a steal, Eaton. Popped up trying to bunt Rendon struck out here's. Juan Soto. 97. Strike 1 this young hitter has impressed, everybody in the Nationals organization. And. He has a keen, eye as well not, as locked. In as he was earlier won't expand the zone too well, too much but man oh man. Sky's. The limit, some big home runs, against.

The Dodgers. That. Is strike two, so. Here's the problem for the national hitters who face cold before he's, a totally, different pitcher some, of the guys they based him when he was with Pittsburgh it's, like seeing a brand-new pitcher and, trying to figure him out on the fly. Another. Scoreless, inning, gets around a hint in a steal. No. Score after a half stay tuned for more action from the World Series on Fox presented, by, YouTube TV. Here's. A lineup for the Astros in Game one George Springer first, up then Jose Altuve, the hero from Game six on Saturday. Night Michael Brantley hits third in the middle it's Bregman, Gary L and Carlos Correa and, on, the back end. Here. Don Alvarez Marty. Maldonado, and Josh, Reddick, let's. Go down to Ken Rosenthal. In a postseason, and ideally. They wanna run up max Scherzer's pitch count tonight but, they're operating with little margin for error it's a fine line as they. Face Scherzer, tonight what they're doing is trying. To be aggressive but at the same time they can't get caught here they have to get the pitches they hit and they have to hit them you. Know, the numbers are kind of shocking. For, the Astros, compared. To what they've done not just in the regular season, 2019. But over the past three years here's, Max Scherzer. And. That's poured in for a strike to George Springer and if you like power pitching, you just saw some from Gerrit Cole and you'll, see more from, Max Scherzer well, he gets the two strikes in the first three pitches as good as anybody in baseball. Since. Also, the problem for the for the Astros is yes you want to make him work but, you could make yourselves, your. Work harder, by getting two strikes on almost every hitter if you don't pick out something early to hit he. Has a violent. Delivery. Gives, it I mean he just grows everything, he's got he's. Listed, at 6-3, to 15, and. He. Uses all, of it as he launches toward, the plate that counts two and one on Springer makes it tough on right-handers, he's owned right-handers, this year he's got a short arm action. And. It gets on the hitter quick the, TEL taught signed, for the Astros hitters as if he has his changeup, Scherzer, has his changeup, they're in for a long night he, throws fastball slider, occasional curveball, but his changeup, has become such a weapon, because, you don't know the difference between it, and fastball, because it comes out of the same slot. It's. Already hit 97, twice. Breaking. Ball is hammered was followed, by Springer. Scherzer. Is a three-time, Cy Young Award winner. And part of a Nationals staff, that, helped the st. Louis Cardinals to, a combined, 130. Batting, average, in. A four-game sweep during, the NLCS, and. No extra-base, hits allowed in his last 13 innings which is incredible, at this time of the year. -. 2. Springer. Is popped 13, career postseason home, runs and so has that man. 3, 2 pitch. And. Each side puts the leadoff man on in the, first. The. HP, defensive, lineup for. The Nationals, Juan Soto, in left. From. Mendes, talent, and center is Victor Robles and, a, meetin is in right around. The infield really. Good on the left side Rendon, and Turner Cabrera. Gets the start errorless, in his time with Washington, picked up this year from, Texas, Ryan Zimmerman, at first the catcher is Kurt, Suzuki. And. Here's, the hero from. Call. Him mr. Saturday night, he's. Become mr. first game of a series he has dominated the first game of a postseason, series. He, left. On a. Hop. Gets. It back in you, deliver it up to Altuve, and. Hammer. It he. Loves the ball up it's amazing for a little guy how much, power and how much he hits four slug when. The ball is up and, just. About every one of his home runs this postseason have been in that area. And. Now Max. Scherzer is starting, out in a little bit of a trouble situation, with Brantley. Who. Doesn't, swing and miss much at, the plate. Runners. At first and second, nobody. Out. And. Here is Michael Brantley. Good. Nasty, pitch down and in Brantley tried to hold up could not. Michael. Has seen Max Scherzer plenty, 15, out of 44, lifetime. Against, this Nationals, right-hander. Who. Was with the Tigers. Prior to coming to DC. Inside. Corner, good pitch against, Nick - there's the first changeup, of the game that's the pitch he has to get working, it. Kind of turns. It over he pulled it he was trying to get it on the outside part of the plate but it actually worked out because it throws Brantley. Time. Called this. Is an area where the Astros, have struggled, this postseason despite.

Getting. Past the Rays and most recently the Yankees hitting just 170. Five with runners in scoring position. Springer. At second, Altuve at first a lot of pressure on Turner to hold Springer, close because Rendon. Has a long way to go to third, if Springer, Springer, decides to take a base, because. Of the ship Rendon there's a lot of pressure on him. You. Can see how far away he is from the bag and Turner's going to do his best to hold Springer, good speed on the bases right now if, at some point AJ decides to send both the runners. In. A strikeout, for. Max. Scherzer. Two, on one down tonight's, telecast is sponsored by, YouTube TV history, happens. Live. And. By. Dell, technologies. Let's, harness your digital, future today. So. For the Astros we talked about the open they want to make Max Scherzer work as hard as he can to, get into the Nats bullpen while already the stress pitches, in the stress situation, in his first inning they've accomplished, their goal one when they score or not because. This guy at the plate is a stingy as it gets. That guy's name is Alex, Bregman. They. Chant MVP, when he digs in here at home, didn't. Have a great series with the bat against the Yankees was just three out of 18. Does have a home run this postseason hit. 41, home runs during, the regular season. Because. Of the angle at which Scherzer. Throws when he has the slider working, they'll. Tell you is a hitting approach don't swing, if you're sitting on fastball, hit the fastball but don't swing at things that spin good luck. You. Hear max scherzer grunting. As he delivers, at 97. Here's. The angle I'm talking about it's a short arm look, it if you're the hitter you're watching this big man come right at you and then all of a sudden just. Let. It eat with that four seam fastball. A. Block. By Suzuki, fell, down the third is to lay good baserunning, by spring. It's, a wild pitch and that's a big deal with only one out in the inning that's a huge deal he spikes his breaking, ball, Suzuki. Does an incredible job to keep it in front of them with Springer reacts right away this is how you get the third heads-up. Baserunning it's. Stuff that AJ, Hinch preaches, to his team take the extra base put. Pressure on the other team. The pregnant, so good handling, the bat now, you've got the first run of the night sitting, there 90 feet away meanwhile. Scherzer, is number one in baseball, since 2013. In strikeouts. He, struck out Bradley. Another. Good block by Tsuzuki. Since 2013. He's, number one two or three and just about everything, this is how durable this guy has been he, trains for these moments he runs a, ton. And. Physically. He's had some issues with his back but the rest you got to believe help them and him in. Between series. To, tiller going, struck. Him up that's two out of the inning, totally. Fooled bregman, and with. That strikeout, down to second Altuve. As. He gets his second, stolen base of the postseason in the inning falls into the lap of Hughley curiel he buries, the speeds on his brakes so if you're staying off of that pitch and he throws the hard slider. Slash cutter version, that's. Not as good as the change of speed breaking. Ball that he just threw Bregman after. Spiking, a couple, of them in the dirt. Jerry. L hopped a three-run, home run in the first inning of Game six against the Yankees. Swinging. A Miss here. By. The way the Nationals, have not trailed. Since. The eighth inning of Game five of the, division series out in LA when they hit, back-to-back. Home runs off, the Dodgers, and Kershaw to tie it and won it in the 10th on a Grand Slam by Kendrick. Vo1. Shares. Her notes home he's pitching this first inning like tonight by the way and the reason he's doing that he knows how important, it is to not, let this cloud or Houston get the lead with their hot pitcher on the mound so he's given everything that he has to make sure he could put up a zero right here pitching it like the night.

Suzuki. Again. And, you know those to have confidence, in each other. That's. A fun believable. Number, by the way no matter who you're facing over, 17 is getting it done Suzuki, knows the pitch is coming so he's in great position, to not let. Anything. Get by him. It's, 1 & 2 on you Liguria. Those. Lead to nothing, here, and the first on a double by courier. This, guy is just so good he has not struck out this postseason, look how he gets his hands inside of, a high fastball 96. You. Got to have some kind of mechanical and, back control to be able to do that. On. A pitch like that and. Even. Though he doesn't have the average to represent, how good he's hit the ball the last couple times a three run homer now and a double in the last two games. Almost. An identical swing. That he put on. While pitched by Chad grant in Game six in the first inning on Saturday. Here's. Carlos Correa. All upstairs. Astro. Strike first and they get a two-out, two-run, double, by guru Elle. It's. Amazing. On a team like the Astros, of course they struggle, with runners in scoring position or, last series, but, their last huge, runs have all come with two outs the two out three run homer in the first McGarry, L a two-out. Two-run homer descended this game by Altuve and now another to outrun two-out. Two RBIs, by, Gary on the first. One run from Scherzer. Nationals. Had. A runner at second nobody out in the top of this inning. Didn't. Score Astros. Do not miss their chance in the bottom of the first, they. Want more. -. Full, count. 25. Pitches in the first, couldn't. Ask for much more if he had an approach for Houston. Against. Scherzer. First. Inning check that off. They, have made him work. Garet, call through ten pitches in the top of the inning. Strikeout. Ends the inning for. The Astros. Get. The first two runs of this world series, Scherzer almost. Got out of it but you leaguer, al delivers. As. He shoots the gap in left-center field two nothing, Houston. After. One. First, pitch a strike to, Howie Kendrick, seconded. And Kendrick who was the NLCS MVP, Asdrubal. Cabrera Ryan. Zimmerman, for the Nationals, that. Misses. And the count one ball one strike. Washington. Got that leadoff hit from Trey Turner, stole. Second, and. Stranded. 1-1. From Gerrit Cole left, side. Shows. Off the good arm one down. Give. You a look at the umpires for this world series Alan Porter is working, the plate Doug Eddings at first Gary cederstrom, is. The crew chief he's. At second, James hoy is at third. Lance. Barksdale is in left and Sam Holbrook is in right replay, official, who will join the on-field crew, is Jim wolf in. New, York. As. Asdrubal. Cabrera digs, in there was a moment of silence before tonight's, game for, 21-year. Major League Baseball on fire Eric Cooper. Who. Passed away suddenly. Recently. The age of 52, a tragic. Story, worked. The World Series in 2014. And, was, umpiring. As recently, as the, division, series with. The Yankees and, the twins. One. Ball one strike here, on Cabrera. Both, these pictures go about their velocity, in different ways it almost looks like Gerrit, Cole just sits back on his back leg and plays cats but gets it up to 100 miles an hour. And. It's just fluent, and easy for seem gasps this is a guy who used to have a ground ball rate that was really good at Pittsburgh because he threw more two seamers. Max. Has the perfect, first name because, he maxes, out and everything, that he does a total. Different delivery. But. High velocity, out of both. Cabrera. Thousand, way. The, challenge, for the Nationals, of course you don't face too many guys like Gerrit, Cole its top of the zone fast, balls that are going to give them, the. Biggest issue if they can lay off of those and, bring, the ball down then, they can use his power to their advantage as hitters but that's like. Oh point zero zero one seconds, to make that decision. One. Two, popped. Up on the infield. It'll. Bring in Ryan Zimmerman. Our. Player resume, sponsored, by indeed. It was the Nationals, first ever draft, pick back in oh five got to the big leagues that year there. He is as a kid at a UVA and the franchise, leader in hits home runs RBIs, extra-base, hits.

Obviously. His first World Series appearance. Nationals. Had all that heartbreak with great teams. Losing. In the first round of the playoffs in, 2012. 14, 16. And 17. That's. Upstairs. And. The count one ball no strikes the, one thing you know about Zimmerman, unfortunately, missing those games he's a little bit fresher he can handle the fastball, but he likes the fastball down, not so much up, powers. Down in the zone. Dealt, with plantar, fasciitis, early, in the year and here's one into scenter. Zimmerman. Tees off here, in the second, inning it's a two to one ballgame, and. Blasting, we got one down Cole knew it as soon as he let go the, scouting reports, on everybody, are there for everyone to execute, loves. The fastball and he loves it down and. Zimmermann as you mentioned, the first draft first, got for the Nationals slash Expos you. Could see Cole's reaction, in, the background, we'll get a better look of it. He. Knows it and that is an absolute, bomb, because that's the straightaway, center. In. A big three-run home run and game for the division, series. Against. The Dodgers. And mr., Washington. Nationals. Goes. Deep to center to cut the lead by Houston in half it's two to one here's. Kurt Suzuki, 1. For 20 this postseason. By. The way when I was. Talking. About Eric Cooper the initial, plan that I had read is they were going to have a patch the umpires word that read coop on their sleeve instead. They have Eric Cooper's initials, as well as the initials of the late Jim. McKeen who passed away earlier, this year another. Terrific, umpire for, a long time, and. The big leagues that's a strike in the count 2 and 1. On. Kurt, Suzuki. That's. A huge, to hot Homer I mean every Homer is huge but. Two. And two now on Suzuki when you see the battle they facing poll I mean you're, talking about guys that may have to face in three or four times and you know you're going to lose the battle a couple times not even put it in place so if you can get one and put, it in play and do damage against, Gerrit Cole that. Is huge, for your team and just the psyche of it to. Tina. Go. Kel. 413. Foot, home run and. That moonshot alert brought to you by YouTube TV history. Happens, live. After. That six day layoff some, of these vets and Zimmerman definitely, one of them getting. A break. Coming, back facing, a guy like Gerrit Cole and, a chance to score in the 1st inning missed it. Ryan. Zimmerman, did not miss that pitch. Now, a 3-2 count on Suzuki. Back. Here. You. Hear people say all the time some of these guys in the game can time a train i mean they could time just you. Throw them enough of them they're gonna catch up to them but they tell you you got a sweet swing, on top of coles four-seamer, because.

Typically, It's, getting. On you and if you can swing above it then you'll probably catch the bottom of it I mean. Think to. Do that right away in. Your first at-bat. Zimmerman's. Got to feel good about that approach. 3, 2 pitch here left. Side. The. Tag, today. But, the Nationals are on the board on. The home run by his Zimmerman. T-mobile. And Fox Sports, continually. Go further for fans connecting. You to baseball's, biggest moments, with technology. To change how, you experience, the game, Zimmerman. Clapping so our national fans, -, the one after, one and a half. Tonight's. Telecast is, sponsored by, t-mobile its, newest signal is more powerful more reliable, and goes farther, than ever and it's built 5g, ready and, by, progressive, making, it easy to bundle, your home and car insurance. 26. Pitch first inning for Scherzer Brian, Zimmerman goes deep to give him a run it's 2 to 1 you were Don Alvarez the D H then Martine Maldonado, and Josh Reddick. Here. In the second. Alvarez. Is coming off of a rough series against the Yankee's he's. Probably glad, I don't know what's going to happen internationally. Because they lose the D H but. He's going to see typically. The same picture a little bit more often in this series than he had in the previous series. -. Oh pitch. Is. A strength. On, the outside, edge they. Were throwing the kitchen sink at this guy and they were doing a good job tying, him up with fast balls he got out of his groove a little bit which, is why he struggled. Against. The Yankees. Outside. At 95, 3 & 1. Seven, 441 this postseason, his Alvarez he's 22 years old and, they likely. Rookie. Of the Year in the AL. Here's. A 3-1 pitch. In. At the knees eridan. Thought he had walked. Instead. He has to dig back in. Through. It at the bottom of the zone of the fastball, perfect, wonder if he comes back with the change-up. On. 3 2 if he's got the feel for it. That. Bounces, in and a leadoff walk. Springer. Let off the first inning with a walk and Cameron, on to score. 4d. Replay, is sponsored, by t-mobile. You. See the tag by, Guri L. Missed, Kurt, Suzuki. But Suzuki. Never. Did get to the bag. So, that out end at the top of this inning and now a walk brings in Martine Maldonado. Breaking. Ball for a strike. See. This with a lot of the great pitchers. It's. Definitely true with Scherzer you got to get them early the ER a buy inning this year regular. And postseason. Five. Point, two three in the first inning two point four for. Second. Inning on. Strike. On Maldonado. On a swing, in the count nothing into and already I'm characteristically. A little bit wild he walked the leadoff hitter he rarely walks a right-handed, batter got. Him in trouble and couldn't escape the two-out double by. Barry. Allen he starts off this inning walking, Alvarez. Turn. Turn. Late, time, granted. By the home plate umpire Alan, Porter don't know if small. Donato asking, for it or Suzuki, the catcher. But. Scherzer was. Just. About to bring it home. The, seven-time, all-star brings, it Suzuki, blocks it. álvarez. Was. Ready to go but Suzuki, kept him at first. Nationals. The oldest, team in major league baseball this season. Averaging. Just over 31. Years old as a group. Astros. Fourth oldest. Thirty-five-year-old. Right-hander, brings it and maldonado pops, it into right. Easy. Play for Adam Eaton one on one out. The, number nine man Josh Reddick walks to the point. His, one home run came in Game three of the ALCS. At Yankee Stadium. Five, for 11 in his career, against Scherzer. So. Far the, stat I gave you about how quickly Scherzer. Gets the two strikes in the first three pitches has not worked out in his favor early. On that's one of his strengths, and obviously, makes him doubly tough when he can get to two strikes because then he goes for the kill up to that. Well. Tofu. -, and Oh. So, the count adrenix favor. Runner, at first one down and that's fouled away. Statcast. Is, powered, by, AWS. They. Look at the spray chart for Josh, Reddick. And. The last 100. Batted balls 200 feet or less, that's. Why they're swung around to the right, and. Redick does a nice job with, the balls down and we'll below the zone down. Three, balls and a strike. álvarez. Saying thanks for the respect. Did, not attempt, a steal on a year. Count, three and one. Bounce. Wall. 41. Pitches already, and we're in the second inning and that's the. Delight. Of how, difficult it is to, navigate the Houston line if they don't, characteristically. Struck out more in. This postseason than they did in the regular season they were the hardest team to strike out in, the league. álvarez. Takes off on a pop-up, out, behind second, base alvarez, retreats. Turner has it. To. Down. So Scherzer fell behind Redick three balls and a strike came, back and got him and. Now. We'll deal with George Springer. Astros. Won at all two. Years ago in, 2017. And George Springer was the World Series MVP. At. Five home runs between, games two and seven, against the Dodgers.

Trying, To go deep there and comes up empty and. As I mentioned was having an MVP season, before. He got hurt I mean he was so locked, in and. The power and the average, and then of course the injury kind, of derailed it a little bit he's picked it up since then in the second half. 96. For strike two. Just, tell just with his fastball, he's a little bit all over the place when he makes that pitch down on his own on that and, it holds that, plane. Hard. To hit but, he's pulled a couple and he's missing, arms side to left handers and pulling them to, the right handers. That's, down it in tune - that's. The pits I think he's got to get going that's what makes them so difficult. That'll. Tell you all you need to know about the command that Scherzer, has that's only the second time in this career. Here's. The change-up it just needs to start over the middle of the plate. Just, the second time in his career you've walked the first batter, in each of the first two innings of the ballgame trying. To get around that. Leadoff, walk. And. Now the counts full on Springer, she pulled. It again yes, one. Of the strangest. Actions. With his head when he throws the baseball almost, looks like he's looking away from the plate. But. His mechanics, are unique to him his mechanics, are what makes him so. Difficult, when he's on because you cannot, pick up the baseball. Runner, will go, boom. And strike, three. And strikeout. Number four for Scherzer. When. This inning does get around a, leadoff walk change'. Get Springer, and sends. Game one into the third, Astros. Up one. How. Did. The Nationals. Get here, Bryce, Harper walked, down to the door and went to Philly they. Got off to a 19, and 31, start second, worst in the National, League the. Bullpen, dra the worst in, the, league, however. Since. They got off to that slow start, they have the best record in baseball if, you include the postseason, since May 24th, second, best rotation, er a in, the game and 49. Of, their, 49%, of their runs this postseason have. Scored with two hour. That's. Magic, we need to do stuff like that you know you got something special. Breaking. Ball rolls in, there from Gerrit, Cole and, we're underway with Victor Robles, leading. It off here in the third inning two to one Houston on top. Straight. Up on the infield. Bewdley Guri l as. Out. Number one. Trey. Turner. Let. Off the first inning with a single and promptly stole second, and, he. Stole the first base of this world series and with that all of America wins, free doritos locos taco, stop by Taco Bell on October 30th from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. to. Snack yours. He. Is so important, in the Nationals table, setter but when, he broke his finger, that's. When they struggled, right. At the base of the right index, finger four games into, the season they. Missed his defense, they missed his offense, they missed what he does on the bases, the, fact that he hits with nine fingers. On the bat. Chopped. To third easy, for, Bregman, today. Is, an amazing, transformation. To. A guy who's had to learn and I'm sure he still, has. Discomfort. And, it has not lost his power and certainly when he got back the, Nationalists, started rolling yeah he tied for his career high with his 19 home runs and, just, the fact that he's had, to relearn, how to throw the ball to from, the shortstop, position. Knowing. What kind of an athlete he is now Adam Eaton with two, out nobody on. Tried. To bunt his first time. To. Advance Turner to third and popped it up for an out strike, one. Third. Year with the Nationals, for Eaton started. With Arizona, went to the White Sox. In 279. During, the year and quickly in the hole nothing into and he could be a pest at the plate I mean he can work a pitchers count, up individually. Because. He's had a ton of eight plus pitch at-bats, on the, year be, tough to get eight pitches now down Oh two against, a great pitcher like Gerrit Cole but. 99. It just looks effortless and, I think you know what Garrett has figured out of course. Mechanical. Key is he repeats his delivery, better than most, pitchers. In. The stress he relieves, after. Delivering, the ball is as good as anybody finishes, like he's in a good position to feel the ball. Is. On with two out here in the third inning to bring up Anthony Rendon. The. Top of the third inning continues. Here. Comes the, Nationals, best tonight's, telecast is sponsored by, Bank of America, what. Would you like the power to do and by Budweiser join, the team that enjoys responsibly. Budweiser. Reminds, you to drink wiser, and. See if Eaton gets an opportunity to steal a base or, at. Least the threat that he might steal base look at we just slaps it by Bregman, taking. 99, miles an hour not trying to do too much, and. Of course they had him shaded. Randome. Comes, up empty strike one. You've. Got, the. Likely, top. Target, in the free agent market in, the pitching department.

Taking. On the likely, top target, as a free agent in the hitting department, in this upcoming offseason. That's. A strike in the count one two. As good as it gets plate discipline, letting. The umpire know I think that was off the plate this guy's pretty good and there's no way I can hit that. He says it all. The pride of Lamar high school. Here, in the area bladed, rice. Check. Swing he, did not go. In the Astro, fielder's, who had all, taken, two steps toward, their dugout have to go back biggest. Thing is the bat it, looks like the body and everything goes forward, but the. Back somehow. He's, able to keep it from, crossing, home plate boy you have really changed all. Right as a pitcher I thought they all went easy. Call one. Ball two strikes one, on two-out Astros, up by one. Throw. Down to first, and. Dives back in. Maldonado, loves, to do that, we. Talked to him about that during the ALCS he, said if a guy's holding a runner on I don't. Really have to give a sign he's there but, he loves to throw behind runners, and that's the equalizer, for a team, that wants to be as aggressive as they can on the basis with their leads after, the pitch. Here's, a tutu. Grew. Up in the southwestt, area of this city attended, rice about, four miles from here. Sophomore. Season at Rice he won the Dick Howser trophy given. To the national college, baseball player of the year and. They. Welcomed, him home with a classy move. Wonderful. Guy. Waiting. For a tutu, and he fouls it back here. Played. For Wayne Graham at Rice. Wayne who won a national, championship, with. The Owls back in 2003. Well he's having an awesome year timing. Could be better for not only himself but, the franchise. Big. Reason why to here is Rendon's. Play a third base and offensively. Rocko's. And, a high flyball into, left centerfield. To. Win the inning, Brendan. Just got under it with a runner going and that ends the top of the third Astros, coming, to the plate, still, leading 2-1. Tonight's. Aerial coverage is, brought to you by State, Farm. Under. The roof at Minute, Maid Park. Astros. Have called this place home. Since. 2000. Scherzer. Dealings. The beloved wills. Altuve. Takes. A strike, so rarity therefore Altuve, probably, was surprised he was going to get a fastball after, he laced the last one in left field. But, he could pitch called ball one. Vention, at nine games John coming in Game one of. Any postseason, series hitting, 378. And. He. Promptly singled. Into left, for, Tehran in the first, it's. Awesome just running into him talking. To him he had one of the greatest moments you could have in ALCS. History. And he. Said today that's history I already forgot about it, we've. Got a job to do. These. Fans didn't. - one pitch. Before. The game JJ, Watt was out, there pumping, up the crowd he was wearing. And. Altuve, jersey and. We. Know it wasn't often but. My calculation. It's five real, off Altuve. Jews jerseys, to fit that man that. Put five of his together to, fit his that's. Just your guess I did. The math quick. Here's. A two to two out to bay and, he jammed him fly ball into right field, Eaton. Has it, one. Down. JJ. Can't, even imagine that. Human, being chasing, you, trying to throw a football. So. Beloved in, this, area. And region not just for what he does for the, football. Team but community. Yeah the community he he just steps up every time a. Good. Person. One, out nobody on Michael, Brantley strike, one. This, city because of baseball now. It's. Become kind of a hotbed basketball. Is in the mix footballs. In the mix and this city. Is on fire with the Astros. Strike. Two on Brantley. Scherzer, needs a quick inning. Bitch, number 56. On the night. How. To play. 42. Pitches for, Gerrit, Cole. He's. Through, three, innings. Max. Scherzer. Over 50 as he's trying to get through the third. Bitch, number 57. No. Check. Swing he didn't, go. Starting. To get a little more touch on that pitch you can imagine after all those days off and trying to simulate a baseball game which is difficult for everybody hitting and pitching. Max. Is starting, to look a little more comfortable, started, out of the gate really. Revving, the engine with the velocity. Look. Like the pitch was up. Cranly jumped, on it now 16, of 46. Against. Max Scherzer in, his career yeah, this is a cutter and see how the side of his hand the ball doesn't do much it just kind of stays over the middle of the plate - a great hitter, that. Is going to be like hitting it off a tee you. Can't say that very often when you're facing Scherzer, and or Cole so Brantley one of the best professional hitters, in the game. Not. A lot of wasted moment movement, at the plate. We'll bring in Alex. Bregman. We're still waiting, to really kick it into gear here, in the postseason he's. A little bit in-between doesn't swing much and doesn't expand the zone. Good. Pitch on the outside corner, but because the. Pitchers. Have so much attention on that man when he get the lineup card they're circling him and here the, Yankees pitched him great.

He. Got on base via the walk but to, your point I don't think has, ever felt real, comfortable. Being. Locked in like he was the second half of the year from, August 1st through. The end of the regular season. He was the. Best hitter in the American League. AJ. Hinch, just. Smiles, when. You bring up the name Alex Bregman, bursting. With confidence. Waiting. For a no one pitch. That. Catches the inside corner. In the Kanto and to see, there's an example right there the two best pitches you could throw to a guy like him they'll, basically say, okay as a hitter I just wanna do about it all right I'm gonna battle you with two strikes he the. Lowest swing percentage, against right-handers, lowest swing percentage, really. In general. And. He's confident with two strikes that's what you're gonna have to be when you face a great pitching. Struck. Him out, 95. With. A grunts. From. Scherzer as he let it fly that strikeout, number five, for. The Nationals right-hander. That'll. Bring in you leaguer al and. His. Two-run. Double, in the first inning swing. Was a lot like his three-run, home run in Game. Six of the ALCS you. Got to have great hands and you got to collapse that left arm to be able to get to that pitch look how he just, kind. Of let his left elbow, get. Out of the way and his hands did the rest on the inside pitch that looked like it would tie him up. Ball. One I mean he is so good against right-handers, it's a reverse split guy look how his elbow just kind of gives, way to that. Top. Side or his right hand. Does, damage on a pinch so close to. Inner. Third, of the plate. There's. A right-handed, hitter. Swing. Is just made. For this ballpark. Short. Fortune left just 315. Those Crawford, boxes that, sit atop, the manually, operated, scoreboard. It's where he, hit. His home run and, Saturday, night in the first inning here's a two old bitch. Got. It off the end of the bat long run they were playing deep. They're. Gonna hold the runner at third throw, to the play and with that throw that was high curiel, takes second. As. Robles. Could not make the diving catch, and now he's slow to get up. You're. Kidding, he was playing deep Wow. This. Ball is up there good ways and you could see how far he was back and as he comes in and closes he, dives actually. A little. Early. Where his glove comes, off of. His. Hand. So. He committed early, and when he got to the point, where he could have caught it he's lost his glove. Brantley, went to third. Ball. Hits Robles, in the back and now. We. Just had Dave. Martinez, come out to the home plate umpire alan porter, and. Alan is going to the other umpires to. Discuss. Maybe. Gary, Pettis at third-base assisting. The runner they. Not allowed to touch. The. Runner in any way to either, slow. Them down or stop him. Would be the only guess because. Was. Nowhere near the roof let's take a look down here at the bottom of the screen. So. He's winding him there and then he's trying to stop him and they're gonna see if he made contact. Which. It looked like there was some contact, from that angle at, this point he's in a little bit of a panic mode to say stop stop stop and watch Brantly pick up his head a little too late but. Maybe, he, missed him if he did ow he got the top of the he. Got the Jersey but the umpires, are getting together and they're not going to call anything here. Like. Just the hand right, at the end of this somehow these two. Misses. Bumping into each other but just right at the end. They. Have caught the Jersey but. Nobody. Saw it. The runners at, second and third for. Carlos, Corral. Now these first three innings it's got to feel like about the fifth or six with the stress that the. Astros, have put on Scherzer, already. There's, a sweet. Robles. Coming. In fast I rarely see a guy dive and start, losing his glove. Who. Hate towards, the ball. A nominee. Would look like he just missed time. That's strength to. The. Third-base coach has, to assist. In advancing. Or returning. The. Runner to, the bag to be considered, interference. There's the diving effort by Robles. He did--he over dough if, that's. Proper. English it's. Close enough. Scherzer. Trying, to get around that it.

Goes A single, then hurry. L took second, on the throw. And another, good block by suzuki, on. Ball, one in the dirt. So Gary L 2 for 2 tonight, of. All that when it left his bat I'm sure he thought he was out number three. He's. Saying finally all that hard hit stuff that was finding the gloves I'm getting some luck. But. Be at least 20, pitches. Each. Inning, over the first three for Scherzer. Again. Suzuki. See, that changeup. He's, really. Trying to make it finish, down in the zone. He's. Really over throwing this changeup and when you over throw a changeup, that's exactly, what can. Happen. Such. A big pitch for him. To to to Koran got. Him swinging on, a pitch down and away. Two. Strikeouts, in the inning six, in the ball game 3, in the books. Astros. Lead it 2 to 1. Tonight's. Telecast is, sponsored by, indeed, the world's, number one job site and, by. Steal a base steal, a taco only, at Taco Bell. Enjoy. Every World Series moment, with the MLB, at bat app it's the one place to get all your Astros, and Nationals action, including, in-game highlights pitch. Tracking statcast, live radio feeds, and much more download. MLB, at bat today. Well here is this 20, year old star Juan Soto, tons. Of power at his young age and young swing. Let's, ball one from Gerrit Cole the, second, most home runs on what would be considered elevated. Fast balls. Something. That Gerrit Cole loves, to do is pitch in the top of the zone with his fastball, and then spin that breaking ball to, change the eye level of the hitters third. Youngest players who saw to hit cleanup in a World Series and, he just. Pitch was up the game is tied and that's up onto the railroad, track, atop. The wall. 20, years old and just bursting. With power you tell me a lot of America, doesn't know about this offense, because they weren't on display in the first half but. This offense, with. The old guys in the young guys they're. Good. Fastball. Hitters, especially. Velocity. And. This team that's been sitting for quite some time. His. Father way to tie the game. And. They have fun in that dugout as they have. Really. All season long. Since. Have added some pieces and it has certainly been on display. Here. In the postseason 2 2 ballgame, home. Runs by Zimmerman and, Soto. The. Old guy and the young guy and this ball was pasted, take a seat belt high and he thinks the power of Cole and doesn't try to pull it you try to pull that ball you. Got no chance. This. Guy's plate. Discipline. Is well beyond his years. At. 20 and 21 years old you're not supposed to do that in, the big leagues, don't. Tell that young man. Now, Kendrick. One. Ball one strike when, Juan, Soto stepped, to the plate in. The.

First Inning tonight number. Two on the all-time list as, far as home runs and RBIs. Before. The age of 21. To. The great Mel OTT and you. Could tell early in his first at-bat he was a little excited, over Swan, and. Paul, as they were able to blow him away and so you think that his, maturity, again, he goes up there looking for a ball up and doesn't. Miss it and that's hard to do when. You've never been in the World Series. This. Kind of pressure not, fazed by, the. Enormity, of the. Stage and the spotlight, and. Everything, that goes with, trying. To see this through for the Washington, Nationals, as they fell behind - nothing, -. Gerrit Cole and, here they are tied, 2-2. In the, fourth. Here's. A 2-2 pitch, Kendrick. Fouls it away. Howie. Was a 10th round pick by the Angels, in o2 he's. Had a great career over. The past three years has, the top average. Across all, of the major leagues. Here's, another to tip. Flyball. Into right. Tom. Verducci that. Kids, Soto is something special yeah, and, this falls under the category of now it can be told, yesterday. Nationals. Hitting coach Kevin, long told me. That Soto. Was going to hit a home run off a high fastball, from Gerrit, Cole, I said that's Gerrit Cole that's the best forest seen elevated, fastball in baseball he said I don't care, and I guarantee, you he used that word I guarantee, you want, Soto will hit a home run of a high fastball from Gerrit Cole Wow. Is. Right. Like. A little Joan a madwoman between. Kevin. Long there he is he has for a long time been a terrific. Hitting, coach in the big leagues. Long. Time with the Yankees, and he. Called it. I've. Heard a ton of people talk about what, he has done as a hitting coach to, the careers of a lot of guys and. Really. Again offensively. In the National League they're going to probably. Lesser. Known offenses. Comparatively. To the American League mainly, because of the DA's but the Washington, Nationals, held their own offensively. In their. League. Nothing. Into on Asdrubal. Cabrera. Ties. Them up get strikeout, number three and out number two here in the fourth last time Gerrit Cole gave up two home runs in, the same ballgame was August, 7th. Here. In Houston. Against Colorado. That. Ball was. Up on the tracks and, it's. Still sitting up there. Could, be an issue after the game. Unless, somebody goes and gets that I don't think they'll be able to open the roof. To. Out the batter is, Zimmerman. Who takes a strike. Guy, nicknamed. Bobby. Dynamite. Is. The engineer, of that there train he doesn't want to get it don't think he looks like he's in any hurry to go get it. One. Ball one strike with, two out nobody on. There's. Bobby's, view he's perfectly. Happy right there, sitting. Behind the wheel. Trick. I. Assume, it has a wheel little wheel. Well, this just goes. This. Particular train, only goes forward, it back there. No. Circles. One, ball two strikes on. Ryan, Zimmerman. Strikeout. Ends the inning but the Nationals, have tied it. Zimmermann. In the second, and then, the kid Wow. Kevin. Long called it, they. Celebrate. In. A 2-2 game. Well. The guy who turned, 35. Back. In September, went deep to make it 2 to 1 and a guy who will turn 21. The. Day of game 3 in DC. Just. Went deep to. Tie. The ballgame to 2 and, you know the guy at the plate who dominated. The second, half of baseball since he got called up would like to get on that same track, and. Get this crowd back roaring. He's. 22, years old. The. 35, year old pitcher, delivers it, it's one ball one strike. Alvarez. Walked his first time he talked about the, struggles, during the ALCS 1, for 22 12, strikeouts. Against. Yankee, pitching. When. He connects they go far that supplemental and. Almost took Scherzer, with it. With. AJ Hinch hoping, he can heat up on, to start the cool. No. Clean innings so. Far for, the, great one Scherzer and. There's the change-up, and, stays right up the middle. Scherzer was hoping they were playing up the middle but to no avail. Now, Maldonado. For. A cancer he can handle the bat we, can bunt he can hit and run.

Jabs, Out at their strike one. Juan, Soto by the way just became the fourth youngest. To hit a home run in a World Series. John. Do you know who the youngest is, on I sure, do and he did it twice uh-huh. His first two at-bats. It. Wasn't Chipper Jones no but, it was Andruw Jones back, in 96. At the Yankee Stadium. All ganado shows gone early. Those have not been very. Good efforts although that's easy for me to say from back here because I'm not trying to bunt max scherzer, he. Normally is pretty good handling, the bat and a little smirk out of AJ uncharacteristically. Has, not looked like he's ever done it before but. Now. Scherzer's. Thinking okay thank you for those and. I'd like to now put you away a lot of his bunch sometimes, will come against the shift or when a guy's playing way back. He had a bunt base it in Game six of the ALCS. Just. Beat the throw down the line. Here, comes a note - from Scherzer. Another. Block by Suzuki who has put on a clinic back, there on. How to get down on balls in the dirt. We're. Only in the fourth inning. He's. Put on a clinic he really had this is. Not easy. Here's, the last one. And. Now the one-two pitch from Scherzer to, Maldonado. Our team started, the year with the Cubs. As, part of three deals that this Houston. Organization. Made trading. Deadline day the end of July the biggest piece, was. Acquiring Zack, Greinke. Who will work Game three. That's in the dirt from Owen two to three and two and. Again, uncharacteristically. For Scherzer when, you get a guy Oh. - he puts him away fast. That. Changeup, sick, coming in was going to be an important, pitch he has not been able to really lock. In with that pitch. Ready. The sixth full count for Scherzer, that's how one, of the reasons why that pitch count is as high as it is, pitch. Number 78. Hi. Ball into left. Being handled. Is by, Soto, who. Comes in ready to throw. Back to first Alvarez. Chevrolet. Is the official vehicle of Major League Baseball and. The, brand to earn the most JD power quality awards, across cars, trucks. And suv's over the last four years. Here. Comes Redick, who popped up his first time. To. Do what max does I think that hit, I. Think. Redick is saying John that that swing, caught the myth of Suzuki. It. Certainly sounded, funny. And. AJ Hinch is going to come out and discuss. Yeah. There. It is. So instead of catcher's. Interference it. Goes down as strike one is. Nobody. Else evidently, saw it either that play nor the. Coaching. At third situation. Touching. The runner assisting, the runner are reviewable, right. But Suzuki, and the Nationals, caught, a break there. No, one. Outside. One. Of the things I was going to say for Max. Scherzer to do what he does at his age and certainly as long as he's done it in pitch. As. Deep in the years he does he's in great shape trains, for it and. You could see how much energy he exerts to throw a baseball. One pitch. Is. Outside and, what's funny is early, in his career what, everyone thought would lead to injuries, and mechanical, breakdowns, led to the trade from the. Diamondbacks, and I think for a guy like him when you hear stuff like that you use that as a little chip on your shoulder for the rest of your career you go oh really I'm, going to be able to show you I'm going to be physically, fit I'm going to be able to be nasty with these mechanics, he. Certainly has. Here, comes a 2-1. Little. Pop up shallow, left, Soto along. There. For. Out number two so just to be clear. The. Home plate umpire or, any of the umpires, seen. That that swing, caught the glove of Suzuki. Before that ball came in it. Would have been catcher's, interference it. Would have been an error on Suzuki, and put Redick. On at first they didn't see it or, didn't hear it and an. Out on that pop-up in the left is the result. Here. It is again you. Can. See definitely that that happened, there was a play earlier in the series against, the Yankee's where, a foul ball was called against. Sanchez. On a swing. That. Too is not a ability. To review it and he got an extra swing in an incredible, tense moment, and, ended up striking out, this.

Wonder In the future, some. Of those things might be adjusted. To. Being reviewable. Certainly. Would take the pressure off the umpire and a loud stadium, for hearing something like that. One. On to our Springer. Up on the count here too and all. Just. Telling you right now max is battling, with everything. That he knows with. His. Career, has experienced. Everything, he's been through he is battling, with his mechanics, and. Trying to fight through this game. Well. You've been there no I'm Tanya and really it's the years of his being, through just about everything that, allows him to get through this point especially in Game one of the World Series. All. That rest everything, you worked so hard to do to get here and you know you're going up against Gerrit Cole. It's, going to be hard to take him out of the game when that pitch count gets to about 115, if he's. Able to get to that point. I'm. Talking to Dave Martinez, I said what was it like this year when max was struggling, physically, how, hard was it, to. Get him off the mound he said it was difficult because he pours into everything, he does. Making. His second, World Series start, who. Falls behind Springer, a dangerous, hitter 3 & 1 and. A tie game 4th inning he's gonna have to dial up one of his best sliders if he's if he's gonna, get spring her out on a 3-1 count dead. Fastball hitter Altuve, on deck. He. Can't cave and just lay one in there against Springer. There. Was one great pitch on. A 3-1 count you could tell Springer thinking fastball the whole way. That. Is. Pitching under the circumstances. And making, it count. After. That pitch he could go back to the fastball if he wants because. Now he's put it in a head of Springer. Under, will go that's. Alvarez. 2, out 3. 2 pitch. -. All in for Altuve. Tom. The, Astros, are showing what they've done all year Joe they, get the fewest strikeouts on, pitches, out of the zone Nationals. Pitchers, that's. How they get their strikeouts, they led the major leagues getting. Chase swings Max Scherzer is not able to get the chase swings tonight give, credit to the use of hitters. They've, done a nice job especially. Staying. Off the change-up but unfortunately, for Max, Scherzer hasn't, thrown enough change. Ups close enough to even tempt. The, Houston hitters, who, else with the Astros, rather. Have up their Jose. Altuve two on two-out. This. Astros, team how do you 107, games. Strikeouts. A big part of it they had the fewest strikeouts. By. Their hitters and the most strikeouts. By their pitch yeah tremendous. Cap between. The two, and. Max is going to have to get the ball down to elevate Altuve, had one of the weaker, contact, exit velocity, on pitches, down but we've already documented, what. He does on pitches, up. A leadoff, single a, two-out walk.

After, Soto tied this game in the top of this floor. Strike. Two. That's. Better for vormax what happens with two strikes in tonight's game he's, just over amped, sometimes, to make that kill pitch. See. Altuve. Almost coming off his feet. Swinging. At that pitch. Scherzer. Tuned. To. So over 20 pitches, and every, inning for. Max Scherzer. 40, out of the strike zone that's not typical, max. This. Is not your typical offense, he faces on a daily basis either then, not your typical night at the old ballpark, Game one of the World Series 2 2 pitch two on two out. Chopper. To third is. The, best you can hope for here, obviously is trying to put up a zero and get one more inning, out. Of Max you see the number at 93, already. No. Matter what happens the Astros, have kind, of executed, their, game. Gameplan. To perfection. Another. Full count and, another. Headstart for the lead runner. Your. Don Alvarez. Trail. Runner Springer. Will go as well. Right now max is going to his computer, is deep in his brain trying to figure out what pitch he has to. A great hitter on. A 3-2 pitch that he could entice him to swing it. Manners. Gown, - baby fights it off. Seventy-eight. Of the 95, pitches Scherzer, has. Delivered in this game have come out of the stretch. Runners, go, off. The end of the bat Scherzer, has to get over and cover which, he, does. And. The. Astros, now have stranded six we've, played four tied at two back two after a word from your local Fox, station. Welcome, back to the World Series presented. By, YouTube, TV on Fox. 2. 2 ballgame Game, one of the World Series top, of the fifth inning rolls in. Neither. Side has been retired 1 2 3 in the ball game yet. And. For Washington. It'll be Kurt Suzuki Viktor, Robles and, Trey, Turner, let's see catchers. Have struggled, in this postseason for both teams and. A nice job receiving, and calling pitches for, heavy, starting, pitchers. And Kurt Suzuki would, much rather hit, a four-seam, fastball even though it's 98, off pole than a curveball he is oh-fer. Against. The curveball when he puts it in play. Suzuki. Had a nice offensive, year hit some big home runs for. The Nationals. 17. Total so. Far one for 21, in, this postseason. He's, already shown his worth with what he's done at. The plate with. The gear on. Locking. Pitches in the dirt keeping. Runners from advancing. In the count is in his favor three and one that's a great take talked about his, kryptonite. Being the curveball so now he can sit and sell out fastball. Location if. It's in the area he likes it best, chance to get hit all night. Instead. He draws a leadoff walk and that's the first walk handed out, by Gerrit, Cole. If. You think being a big league hitter is easy facing, a guy like Gerrit Cole good, luck, this. Is a fastball, and a curve ball coming out of the same slot watch the curveball disappear. What's, the fastball, just kind of hold its plane as it goes that's the decision you have to make as a hitter. When it leaves his hands what. Pitch am, i seeing at. 99, miles an hour is his best fastball in 82 miles an hour is his curveball that. Is. A perfect, scenario. Robles. Shows one takes a strike. Victor's. Only 22. And. A strained right hamstring, that happened, in Game two the division series didn't, come back until. Game three, of the NLCS. Hitting. 319. Over, his last 21, games coming. In. Oh and, to. See, that is where people will get upset about people, who are trying to bunt. Because. You got to give up with yourself to bunt you can't really. Bunt, for a base hit in this situation, off of Gerrit Cole and, if, you're mechanically, sound. Even. Though he's throwing 100 a pitch. That breaks a breaking ball is the easiest pitch. For. A guy who knows how to bunt to put it fair. Instead. He gets a base hit into right. So he tries to punt first.

Two Pitches falls, in the hole and shoots one through pretty. Wide open right, side of the infield good. Piece of hitting here by Robles. Another. Young star. For. The Nationals. And now. The. Guy who really can handle the bat and Turner. Old, nine fingers. Had. A fracture, at the base of his. Right. Index finger four, games into the season he, keeps, that finger off the bat that, gets. Away from Maldonado. But not far enough ball one. Opportunity. Here for the Nationals, in a 2-2 game. Opening. Game of this world series, well Turner like any. Guy. That has power likes the ball inner thirty, likes the ball inside. The fastball, on the inner part of the plate where he could do damage that's where he's slugging. One Oh camera. Twenty-six-year-old. Shortstop, part. Of this good young core. 19. Home runs last, year 19. Home runs this, year. Tough, to double up as well. 1/1. And. Now for the first time, Garrett Cole's in a little bit of a stress situation the, two runs he gave up were homeruns so. He never had to change. Pitching. Out of the windup now out of the stretch. Different. Situation. 2 1 pitch, check. Swing, he. Didn't go in the count 3, & 1. Max. Scherzer has, been battling, seemingly, from the first pitch. Of. The ballgame but, he has. Kept. The Astros to their two runs. His. Teammates, have come back to tie it and now a chance to give, Scherzer. And the Nationals, their first lead of the game. Into. Right. Redick. To his left makes, the catch Suzuki. Tags and. Will make it to third first and third one. Good, baserunning, by the washington, catcher. It, was a good read now with Eaton who was also, tough to double, up. Getting. The third base with less than two outs. Ken. Rosenthal, is field. Level Ken how. Do you assess the layoff that the Nationals, had to deal with Joe a lot was made of it but the players thought it was actually, going to work to their benefit, and here's. Why it's not just that they're an older Club but Anthony Rendon it's missed only two games since early May trade Turner won since mid-may, Juan, Soto has appeared in 133. Straight, on top, of all that they had to cross country fights during the division series so. The players feel that down time after the NLCS gave their bodies, time to recover. First. And third one out Eaton. Waits. Good. Pitch for strength. Since. 2012. The team with less rest, going, into the World Series in this case the Astros. Gone. Six and one the. Exception, to all that the Red Sox last. Year. David. Martinez called. Alex. Cora the manager, of the, Red Sox to ask him how he and, Boston, dealt with the. Time off before the World Series. That's. Into right field they. Said into sports Suzuki. And the Nationals, are on top. I want, a symbol, of fly ball and now a base hit by half a meetin. His. Fifth RBI of this postseason and, it's three to Nationals, here in the fifth. Got. A breaking, ball he broke his bat you. See the spin on that slider. Breaks. The bat but he's able to get it up over the infield and that. Bat was. Rewarded. For a base hit and an RBI. That went down a winner. And now, to on, only. One out for Anthony, Rendon. It's. Been a while since. Eric. Cole has. Been on the short. Safety. First, the. Inning continues with, two out Ezrin, down beat it in that. Hit, the very top. Of the screen. At. The top of

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