2019 Audi Q5: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Small Changes to Audi's Proven Winner!

2019 Audi Q5: FULL REVIEW + DRIVE | Small Changes to Audi's Proven Winner!

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You. What's. Going on YouTube, there. Have been a lot of new Audi vehicles, rolling out recently but, we're spending the day with the one that is still by far the most important, the, 2019, out a q5. It. All sells the next best selling outtie by a margin of nearly two to one so. Even the small 2019, refinements, are still, a big deal, of. Course we do want to thank our friends at Audi of Lexington for, giving us this fully loaded q5. Prestige, in moonlight, blue metallic and if. You're in the market for any new Audi be sure to stop by their newly renovated showroom. Or check out their website which, we provided a link to in the video description so. With, all that said let's, check out the Audi you're most likely to leave the dealership, with. So. Starting out here on the outside even, though it's been out for nearly two years, technically it's only been one model, a year so there are no changes on this front. The. Best majority of models will continue to come with the classic, silver, single-frame, grille but. For 2019, there is now an option of a black optic, package which obviously would black it all out. Turning. To the headlights all models, have LED, elements, though you will have to skip the base model, to get the really slick looking full LED lights instead, of xenon. Moving. To the side you continue to have the traditional q5. Looks with, you're only 2019. Change being, chrome trim around the windows added, to the base model and, then. Around back the design remains, classy. Howdy. Continues, to be one of the few automakers, using a clamshell tailgate. Which, is particularly, nice since, it allows the LED, taillights, and dynamic, turn signals, to flow uninterrupted. Finally. You do have trapezoidal. Dual exhaust outlets even, though the real exhausts, are located, behind them and. While. I'm back here I will go ahead and mention that the q5 can handle up to forty, four hundred pounds, for towing when properly equipped that. Is actually better than all of its main competitors. But. Overall the q5, has a conservative. But still very classy. And sophisticated. Design, which. Is a welcome change from what some of the rivals are doing. Moving. On to some of the features we have the large 20 inch alloy wheels, available. As an option, on the Premium Plus and prestige. Now. For 2019, the standard, wheel on Premium Plus and prestige is the 19, inch alloy which. Is an extra inch over last year on the Premium Plus but. A loss of one inch on the prestige, since it used to have the 20 inch wheels standard. However. Both models do also have the really cool looking 20 inch titanium. Finish wheels available in the black optic, package. Moving. On to the mirrors they are heated and power adjustable. Prestige. Will get you Auto power, folding and blind spot monitoring, in the backside of the mirror. And. Speaking. Of the safety systems, all cue fives come with automatic emergency braking and, pedestrian. Detection but. You'll have to choose the prestige, to get Lane Keeping Assist Auto, high beams and adaptive, cruise control with, traffic jam assist. These. Are systems that are standard on most of the Japanese, competition, however. The German rivals make them optional as well. The. Standard roof rails would be black for black optic models, and then. Coming down to your fuel tank it has a good sized 18 and a half gallon tank. This. Is good for a fuel range of 444. Miles on premium. Unleaded fuel. But. Anyways that's it for the outside so. Now let's see what's different inside, the cabin. So. On the 2019, q5, smart, entry continues, to be standard, on Premium Plus and prestige and available. On the base premium trip. All. Models get the attractive, key fob and then, to get inside the vehicle itself, all you have to do is reach behind the door handle. All right so looking inside the 2019. Q5, as. You can tell since it was just redesigned, last year, there's not been any changes, to the overall design, just, some changes to the feature content, now.

Of Course IOT is very good about giving you lots of different color and material. Options, and this is no different you've. Got four different colors, for, the standard, real leather across all of your trim levels this. Is your beige option, but you've also got a brown a black. And a gray option, and then, for your trim pieces you've, got four different ones, available. Aluminum. And three different types of wood some, of them matte finish like this one is. Now. Turning over here to your door trim it is nicely finished on. The prestige trim you've got leatherette for your armrest and then, above it you got some more of this open. Pour wood that looks really nice. Your. Door handle is aluminum, and on, Premium Plus and prestige you'll find your two person memory seating. All. Four, of the windows are one touch automatic. Hang. Over here to the sea it is eight-way power of, Justin with, four white lumbar support. We. Have the base, seat that there is in the warm weather package I sports seat with more aggressive bolstering, as well as a thigh extension. Like. I said this is real leather, standard. Across all the grades it has a real attractive stitching, design and it feels very nice. So, looking around the cabin of course this is still a very attractive looking, design and. It is backed up by very, nice materials. So. Across your upper - you continue to have a soft touch plastic, trim and then, dropping down lower you have really extensive, use of this beautiful open for wood. Going. Down to the middle you've got more of that open for wood all through here and then. On the prestige you will find a leather wrap padding, here for your knee at rest against. And. Of. Course you do have standard push-button start. Now. When you press that you, will find an eight point three inch, display, fire, up on your Premium Plus and prestige, now that is a change from last year where this was only reserved, for the prestige, trim. Otherwise. You're going to get a 7 inch display with your base model. And. Then I'm Premium Plus to go along with the new bigger display, you will also find standard, virtual cockpit where, it was previously an option, this. Of course is the same system you're used to seeing in most, new Audi's, still. An excellent, system that the rivals, just don't have anything to match it yet, including. With your really cool Google, Earth satellite, view. Now. In addition to that on prestige you're going to find a head-up display, as. You can see right now it's just displaying your speed but it will also display your traffic sign recognition. Navigation. Instructions and other things. By. Heading back to the steering wheel it is of course electric, power assistant, and you do have a standard, leather wrapped wheel, these. Buttons up here are concerning your virtual cockpit then. On the side you've got your buttons for the rest of your audio, phone and voice controls. As well as your heated, steering wheel that comes in the cold weather package. On. Prestige the wheel itself is also, power adjusting. And, you. Will notice that the, drivers. Assistance, package, contents, are included on prestige trim so we do have adaptive, cruise control with the traffic jam assist. And. It almost forget to mention if you go for that base model, you're gonna have a 7, inch digital display, instead of the previous, 5 inch display but. Anyways. Coming back to storage, this, is another area where there has been some changes, to, the 2019, 5 I don't, mean that in the actual amount. Of storage was continues, to be this same pretty. Deep hit with, a USB, and aux jack inside, of it but, I am referring to this qi, wireless charging pad, which comes on the prestige trim this is new this year and it is big. Enough to fit any type of phone then. You can slide this back and you can still reveal your cupholders. As. Always this armrest is adjustable, by the way. Up. In the front you've got this nice little slot and, then you continue to have this area. Here about probably. Decent enough sized enough to store a phone with another USB port and a 12 volt outlet. Now. Coming back here to the shifter, this is the same shifter you find in most out of products it's. Very simple to use you. Just pull back for Drive you, can bump over to the right to shift manually over here or. You, can use the standard paddle, shifters. Press. All the way up for reverse and. When you do on the prestige you're gonna find a, 360-degree. Camera system this, is a really nice setup you've, got your regular view over here and then your 360 on this side and then. At the top here you can actually change your different, views to see the corner front back, make. That 360, part bigger and then have your. Parking. Sensors so it's really a very versatile, system.

And. Then for Park all you gotta do is press the P and, you do have an electronic, parking brake as well. Anyways. That now brings us up here to our audio system, so, let's go ahead and sample the 19, speaker, banging off since sound system that comes on the prestige trim. Sound. Quality of this system is really good as being an open systems usually are, but. If you do stick with the base system you're gonna have 10 speakers instead. Enough. Above that you've got this row of buttons here your. First couple buttons are dedicated, to your drive mode select so you continue to find five, different modes including, the individual, mode that. Allows you to customize your engine transmission steering and the way the suspension, feels so, that's really cool and, then, below that you've got your defeat for your auto start/stop, system and this, button here is new for 2019, this is the auto parking. Function, that comes in the prestige so, this will. Help you basically. Pull into parallel. Our perpendicular. Spots. Now. Moving on up to your climate, controls, this. Is the three, zone automatic, setup it comes standard across all the shrimps. It's. Similar to what we've seen in the a4 and other, vehicles so. Basically you have these touch-sensitive really. Nice feeling metal toggles and you can just hold down on them to preview, what, you're doing and then you can press up and down on them to cycle through the different functions. Of. Course the actual temperature, is controlled over here with these really nice knobs, and. Then, you will now find three-stage, heated seats standard across all the trims where they used to be optional on the base model we. Don't have the ventilated, seats but, they are part of the warm weather package. Anyways. That now brings us up here to our Audi MMI system so, let's go ahead and take a quick look so. This is your traditional, MMI system it's not quite, the newest, version that the touch. One so you still have to use this knob and touch pad down here it's not a touchscreen. Heading. Into phone you'll, find all of your contacts. You. Also have text messages support, and you, can go into your directory, here. Of. Course we do have the, Google Earth navigation.

And It does give you the ability to write. The. Address out. With, handwriting. Then. You can click over go to your map. For. Steve so you can have this pulled up at the same time as you have it pulled up on your virtual cockpit. Now. The last thing I'm going to talk about is just your Audi smartphone interface this. Is where you can connect both, apple, carplay and, android auto and they are standard even if you have these smaller 7-inch display with the base model. But. Anyways that pretty much sums up a quick look at the MMI system but, we do have a really detailed tutorial, if you want to learn more a link, to that additional, video is in the description. I'm. Moving on up from the screen you will find an auto dimming mirror across all the trims and then you get your home link universal, remotes up here. Now. We also have, a really nice panoramic. Moonroof this. Comes standard on Premium Plus and prestige, or is available, for $1,400. On your base model. This. Is a really, large set up looks. Very nice goes all the way past the 8 second row and the, front portion all, basically, fully opens up so it's a really large, amount of space as well, as having a twins. But. Overall I really got nothing, bad to say about the q5 scabbing, this. Continues, to be a really good-looking high-tech, and spacious, place to spend time. When, you get out of the vehicle your string will move will move out of the way for you. Anyways. I'll go ahead and hand it off to Mason, who will show off all the rest of the cabin. Alright. So in the back of the 2019, out eq5, you're, gonna find plenty of space the. Technical, rating is 38, inches of rear legroom and 39. Inches of rear headroom that. Does place it right on par with most of its rivals and. Turning. Over to the door trim and typical, out of fashion you do have a really nice door trim so, you have leather padding where your arm will rest as well, as a padded material above that some. More beautiful wood and a nice door handle, down. Below that your window is of course fully automatic, and you do have some more storage. Now. Let's see itself is a very nice design it's very comfortable, and it does also have some stitching details. That. Light you just saw there was actually the Audi site Assist which will actually let you know if there's something approaching from behind you so you don't open your door into oncoming traffic or, bicycles. Now, in the center all Audi q5 s will be very nicely equipped, all. Models do get these rear vents and you do also get your own climate controls it is three zones and you do have controls over your temperature, and fan speed, now. Back here we also have three-stage, heated rear seats which, are included in the cold weather package and. For. The below that we do have a 12-volt outlet and new, for 2019 we also have two charging, USB ports. Center. Armrest does fold down nicely and you do have some couples inside. Now. Up top we do have that gigantic, panoramic, moonroof that is standard, on all models and, beside. That we do have an assist burp coat hook and touch, capacitive, LED light. Now. Like I said the q5 does run middle-of-the-pack when it comes to space and that shows behind drew seating position, I still.

Have Probably, about eight to nine inches of rear legroom and Audi was nice enough to include neat cutouts my. Feet are also easily able to slide up under the seat and sliding. Over. Even. With the seat all the way back I still do have plenty of leg. Over. All the rear seat of the 2019, q5 is an awesome, place to spend time you. Have all the luxury features you could ever want and tons, of space. Now, let's eat themselves do fold 40/20/40. Sweat so just grab this handle and they will fold right down. Now, heading around to the trunk of the q5, the tailgate is power on all models and it is also hands-free, so, just while your foot under the bumper and it will open right up. Now, inside the cargo department of the q5 you're going to find a good amount of space you'll. Find 27, cubic feet with the rear seats in place and it, expands, to 60, cubic feet with them folded, that. Does actually place it ahead of main competitors, like the Porsche Macan and, Mercedes, GLC. Now. As far as how its finished back here you do have a nice cargo cover and over. Here on the sides you do have some storage areas some, LED lights and, underneath. Of the floor. You. Will find a. Spare. Tire. The. Passenger, seat is a beautiful, design just like the front and, you do also have 8-way power adjustable 'ti. Now. In front of the passenger I'm a really big fan of the materials, so, you do have a padded dashboard, so more of that beautiful wood trim with some Quattro branding, and, down below that you do have a really good-sized glovebox, it's. Nicely felt lined and you do also have a CD player in there. Up. Top we do have a Sun Visor does, have LED lighting in a mirror and. It does also detach, and, extend. Well. Guys that's about it for the rear areas so, now let's go ahead and talk about the powertrain, and do a quick test drive. All. Righty so let's go ahead and talk a little bit about the power trains now. The q5. That we're in earlier was, just sold, so we've switched to, another. Q5, with a brown interior but of course all the powertrain stuff is exactly the same for this test drive, now.

Nothing. Has changed as far as the powertrain this year so, you're still looking at your signature, Volkswagen. Audi 2-liter, turbo, for making. 252. Horsepower and. 273, pound-feet, of torque. Now. Actually allows it to go 0 to 60 and a really good 5.9. Seconds, for a crossover. But. If you still want something more you of course can opt for the sq5. As. Far as the transmission, it is the 7-speed, dual-clutch automatic. Shared. With the a4 and. Then. All models do come standard with Quattro, all-wheel drive, it's, the ultra, system so it can decouple to help save fuel economy and then re-engage, extremely, quickly. And. Then lastly for the fuel economy, for. Some reason the rating, is a little bit less than last year it's probably just EPA, procedural. Changes, this happens year to year usually but. It's going to come in at 24, combined instead of 25 combined and then, the city and highway is 22, and 27, but. Anyways let's go ahead and, take, it for a quick spin. So, taking. Off in the 2019. Out, eq5, I have. To say right off the bat I'm really impressed by the power, like. I said 0-60. Is 5.9. Seconds, anything in the fives especially. For a family crossover. That's really impressive to me mm-hm, and you. Can feel it it definitely feels powerful, off the line, it feels sporty. Yeah, reminds, me a lot of the a4 that we drove earlier in the year. And for a crossover that acceleration. It's very. Very quick. It's. Almost kind of shopping. And, then the handling, I have to say does remind me of a four as well. You. Know you, are setting up a little bit higher and stuff but you certainly don't have like a bunch of body roll or anything like that it. Feels really a button, down and the, steering. Feels very similar to the eighth floor as well. So, let's talk about the dual clutch transmission, since that is something a little bit more. Uncommon. For, the class most rivals, choose, six or eight-speed automatics, typically. Really. It's, not a whole lot different from an automatic, like. We're, way past the, days where you have like a bunch of lag and, stuff with, your DC tees you know. They, shift really quickly nowadays and. As. Far as taking off initially, and stuff I don't really feel much. Of a difference from a traditional automatic. You. Can hear a little bit of a difference but it's. Nothing too noticeable. All. Right so our auto start/stop system just, kicked on so let's go ahead and see how quickly it restarts. Alrighty. That's really quick. Definitely. Restarted, before, my foot ever got on to the gas pedal from the brake so that's. A sure sign of a fast restart, and. It's very smooth if you're playing music or anything I doubt you would even have, heard the, engine turn off and back on. And. What I really like about this SUV is that it, excels, that all the you, know typical. SUV, things that you really want like, having a comfortable ride and plenty of space but. You know it's got that a nice dosage, of that German, OD athleticism. That. Just makes it a little bit more fun than, what you'll find in some of the rivals. All, right so I'm gonna try out the dynamic, mode since we do have the five different modes. See, what's different about that. I remember. Seeing a great deal changes. To the steering, what. You will notice is the more sensitive, throttle, and also, it holds the gears longer, you know allows. You to have a more, rpm, and more. Excitement. And even, though this car does have that distinct, German feel and very sporty, compared to some of the rivals, it.

Goes Without saying that it's also a very comfortable, vehicle you, know a q5, is supposed, to be a family oriented car something you can drive around to, shopping malls and stuff like that and this car is definitely going to be great at that too. It's very comfortable the seats are comfortable and, the ride is extremely. Nice. Yeah, I have to say the q5. Really is an impressive all-around. Package. Like. I said you know this is just a vehicle, that. Does. A lot of different things well you know you, it, lets you balance, between. The, practical, things and the. Things that you want. You. Know because you probably wouldn't. You. Know be looking for a German vehicle if you didn't care about, having. Some, of that but those German characteristics. Like the sporty handling and, just having more fun and that's what is so good about the. Q5. Well. Guys for you enjoyed watching the first in-depth, look at the 2019. Out a q5. Prestige. Stay. Watching for the, pricing, and don't, forget click those like and subscribe buttons below we'll. Catch you next time as we sample more of the latest automotive delicacies. You.

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