2018 Spring Commencement Ceremony w/procession

2018 Spring Commencement Ceremony w/procession

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Welcome. To spring commencement our, ceremony, will begin shortly. Concessions. Are selling, beverages, and snacks for. You to enjoy the. Graduate, procession, will begin at 8:30, a.m.. Finally. If you need assistance for, any matter, during today's event please. See an usher or volunteer. Event, staff and they, will be happy to assist you. Congratulations. To all the. Graduates and, their, families. Hello. Everybody. Good. Morning. And, welcome to the 2018. University. Of Michigan, spring, commencement, ceremony. Which doesn't, officially start for. Two more hours we're, not quite, sure why, you got, here so early maybe, you were worried about parking. Maybe, you thought it actually started at 8:00 maybe, you wanted to get a good seat without paying a seat premium in, any case we, appreciate. Your punctuality, we've got a great show to keep you entertained before the commencement ceremony, officially. Began but first, we'd, like to tell you a bit about ourselves I'm, le Akeem Avraham, and I'm a senior, graduating with, a degree in acting in American, culture and, I'm grace podalic and I'm also a graduating, senior, with a degree in musical, theater and we're both proud almost. Graduates. Of the School of Music Theatre and dance actually. We are graduates. Because at a graduation, ceremony, yesterday, we'll woo. Now. We're. Sure that many of you share some sort of the classic, memories, that seem to define the, Michigan experience. Like painting, the rock off Hill in Washtenaw, pulling. All-nighters and. The ugly, war bar in a trash can Tuesday's escapes, yeah. We. Didn't do any of that as SNCC students, we were basically on North Campus with, the art students, and the engineers. So, our Michigan experience, has a lot more to do with like hanging, out at the Duderstadt, and acting like we're engineers to give free food and free stuff or. Trying. To catch the wild albino, turkey, that lives in the woods by Bursley North Campus is the only place in Ann Arbor where you're in more danger, of getting hit by a deer while you're crossing the street than, the other way around, in, any case we. Have been honored, with the opportunity, to, take you through the first two hours leading, up to the 2018. Commencement. Ceremony, first, up is the, University, of Michigan, trombone. Ensemble. Led, by Professor, trombone. David. Jackson him, self a proud, graduate of the University, of Michigan, they will perform entrada. By, Fleur Peters a suite, of Michigan. Songs arranged. By trombone, ensemble, founder, Glenn, Smith and the yellow and the blue four. Members of the ensemble are, graduating, this year please, give them a warm Wolverine. Welcome. What. A lovely and, majestic. Sound thank, you to the University of Michigan, trombone, ensemble. Yeah. Give it up please. Turn. Your attention to. The video boards, for a message, from, the University. Of Michigan. Alumni, Association. You. You. For. Those who leave Michigan, but. For whom Michigan, never, leaves. This. Is where. You belong. Welcome. To spring commencement our, ceremony. Will begin shortly. Concessions. Are selling, beverages, and snacks for. You to enjoy the. Graduate, procession, will begin at 8:30, a.m.. Finally. If you need assistance for, any matter, during today's event please. See an usher, or volunteer. Event, staff and they, will be happy to assist you. Congratulations. To all the. Graduates and, their, families. Now. We're, sure that most of you are going to want to share your graduation, experience. With your friends your. Family and, your. Social, media followers. So, we're, going to take a moment to provide you, with the following important, PSA, what. I learned in college how, to take a selfie step.

1 Have, a face step. 2 pick, the ideal, background. Yeah. Step. 3 hold the camera at an arm's length step 4 contort, your lips so that they resemble, that of a malar step 5. Take the picture, alright. Please take step, 5 stand, 6 and repeat that 15, to 20, times until. You finally end up with a photo that you actually like, yes, step 6 open. Up Instagram. And argue with your friends about which filter, to use step, 7, slap some clever hashtags, on their hashtag hashtag. Hashtag no. Filter even. If you did use a filter, finally. Publish. Your entirely, artificial. Digitally. Manipulated. Photograph. But of an experience, which you didn't actually, enjoy because you were too busy taking selfies, to interact, with anyone around you now, you can, go home if you don't have a photographic. Evidence of, what a wonderful, time you had what, was the point of showing up in the first place oh and. While. You're digitally. Altering, your memories. Be sure to hashtag MgO, grad on twitter and instagram while, we're on the subject of social media, we'd, like to present to you the, top submissions. And three winners, of the universe city of michigan's online. Graduation. Cap decoration. Contest let's. Take a look. Okay. Okay are. These, our runner-ups, all. The three winners haven't come, yet these are all like submissions, that happened, oh I. Like that one NotI okay. And. Michael, Scott. Mary. Sue give it up for Mary Sue Coleman. Okay. I don't know what this says I'm an acting, major I haven't taken a math class in four years. Blue. All over the world, oh. That's. Lit that's live I love that. Was. That music is the key to the brain Oh. Am. I Monica, she persisted. Yes. Ma'am. Skew, good if I'm brilliant come on. This. Is making me so sentimental. What. Does that say at the bar um a Wolverine, always, plays not, bad for a girl with no talent, oh Kim. K moose. Yo. I used to watch Buzz Lightyear all the time okay hello world. Another. Thing we don't get. Graduate. Physics. Majors. Shout-out, to Sarah. It's. Beautiful. Those. Look like the Michigan cookies, yo. I could go for like a parsley cookie right now a cookie, right now is we could go, for a birdie cookie. Right now. Blue. 5. Okay. Come. On yes, yes, I love, that. And. Here. Are the winners. Give. It up for number one. Number. Two. All. Right that's, valid. All right I think I got my favor that's lovely. Is. It my personal story. Thank. You. Justice. Took. The midnight train, going. Anywhere. Just. A city boy born. And. Raised in South Detroit he. Took. The midnight train. Going. Out. This feeling. Inside. My bones. It. Goes electric. Wavy when, I turn it on, all. Through my city, all. Through my home, we're. Flying up, no ceiling, we're, in our zone. Yeah. Well. Ah. Play that music. Laughs. Stop. Welcome. Home. Let. Me reintroduce myself, my, name is le Akeem Avraham. I'm. From Atlanta Georgia. Hi. Didi I'm. From Atlanta Georgia and my first time touching down in Ann Arbor was summer orientation I. Didn't. Know anything about Michigan, the state or the school except. This one very blurred, memory, about this winter coat that was from Michigan that was in the coat, closet of my family home. Who. Would have known that that same coat will be the first one to coop Ward's of the University, of Michigan, I. Remember. Filling out the common application. I remember. Waiting to wants to find out if I got in I remember. Getting in I remember, me and my friends, in the School of Music Theatre and dance where, y'all at ssed. But. Most importantly, I remember. The day my parents dropped, me off and. I, remember, hugging my mother as tight as I could and I remember, saluting, my father with my heart and I.

Remember The tears falling, down my face because I'm a SAP and, I, remember how proud they were to watch me embark, on this journey that, will not only change my life but change. My family's, legacy. And. In. The future I will, remember how proud I was to graduate today, and be the first person in my family history. To, get a college degree. And. I. Have my family, my. Ancestors. My friends. And the University, of Michigan, to thank for making that happen, welcome, to forever and go, blue. Welcome. To spring commencement our ceremony. Will begin shortly. Concessions. Are selling, beverages, and snacks for. You to enjoy the. Graduate, procession, will begin, at 8:30, a.m.. Finally. If you need assistance for, any matter, during today's event please. See an usher or volunteer. Event staff and they, will be happy to assist you, congratulations. To all the. Graduates and, their, families. Alright, everybody it's time to get your dancing. Shoes on, next. To the stage please, welcome. Vince, odorous. Founded. In 2007. Vince a notice is the University, of Michigan, student, ensemble, samba. Band seeking. To share the energizing, and heart-pounding, music, in the culture of Brazil the, group is currently led by Colin, McCall a doctoral. Student in the School of Music Theatre and dance. All. Right. One. Two Wow, okay. Give. It up for Vincent. Daughters everybody. That. Was amazing. Neck. You. You. You. You. You. You. You. For. The final performance. For. All. Right and, welcome. Back. Whoo. Give. It up for the class of 2018, one, at a time. Get. It on out get. It on out for. Our final live performance, of the morning, please welcome the, women's glee club to the stage led, by Professor, Julie, scottson. Founded. In, 1893. The, women's, glee club is a collection of young women from throughout the university, community who share, a love of, music and community, outreach give, it up. All. Right, give. It up for the women's glee club everyone. Before. We show this video about, U of M social, we, wanted to remind everyone to hashtag MgO, grad to see your tweet on the big screen please. Give your attention to, the monitors, for video from um social. Well. Folks it looks like, that's all we've got for you this morning the, commencement will be starting, in just a few minutes and we better take our seats with the rest of our class. Before. We head out we have just, a few brief, housekeeping. Announcements following. The ceremonies, shuttle buses will be picking up outside, of gate two also. Please, try to save, your photo opportunities. With your graduate, until after, exiting, the stadium, otherwise. The, concourse, gets really really crowded finally. We just like to give a big thanks, to the terrific acts that have performed this morning it's always, an honor to share the stage with such, talented.

Peers. Class. Of 2018 let's, take a selfie. All. Right signing. Off I'm grace. Metallic. Shouts, out to Mt 18. Signing. Off I'm Ellie Akeem Abraham, shout out to tnd a team, congratulations. To, the graduating, class of 2018. Blue. The. Most important, lesson I learned was to, enjoy, the whole experience it's, bigger than just a, sport, it's bigger than just the classroom, there's a universal, experience and, I've. Carried that with me far. Beyond my collegiate, years, people, doing great work people, who are sincerely, kind of altruistic, and wanted to make the world a better place and that's what, I was driven to I got, the tools to find the answers and then when there were answers, to my question I learned, how to make discoveries, open. Mindedness and taking. Chances you. Truly, can do anything you set your mind to as much as that sounds like a cliche, you know you go out there and you just say yes and you push the door open and see what happens you, were here for four years, you. Came with an empty toolbox and you got a lot of different tools to, put into it close little latch put, your hand around it and go, out and build something I would say people. Dream. Big and. Go. From whatever is, in your heart especially, in today's world it's more important, than ever that we say. What's on our mind. We, do. Because. If you don't do it somewhere, else someone. Else will preparation. So, Schembechler, toss is a football team for theism well, prepared as we can possibly beat, when, we took the field we knew we had a great chance to win because we were better prepared than the other guy but for this year's seniors, I would, say be courageous. Know. That you truly can, be the, architect, of the. Life, that lies before you, we're all part of a community I was, part of the residential college, and LS, na and the University of Michigan but then Ann Arbor you the United States of America, the. Whole world and that when we work as a community, we can get so much more done my. Advice is don't ever look at the door and. Think it's closed. Because. You can always push, it open. And. What's on the other side. The. More you explore the. More you will find out just, go for whatever you want in life and now go ahead and pull through so it's. Really, in your hands right now you. Can shape your future you've, got all the tools shape. Your future the way you wanted to get. Out of your box and it may be uncomfortable, and it may be scary, but. Sometimes when we are out of the puck that box in the, uncomfortable. Zone where a heart rate goes up that's, when we're most likely to make a difference. Do. What you want to do not, what you think you're compelled to do or supposed to do based on somebody else's expectations, go, blue go, blue go, blue go. Blue go, blue go. Blue go. Cook go, blue go, blue go, blue two, cool one of the greatest University, of Michigan football broadcasters. Of all time, Robert Frost you fer god, bless your cotton-picking, maize and blue hearts and go blue. Welcome. To spring commencement our, ceremony. Will begin shortly. Concessions. Are selling, beverages, and snacks for. You to enjoy the. Graduate, procession, will begin at 8:30, a.m.. Finally. If you need assistance for, any matter during today's event please. See an usher or volunteer. Event, staff and they, will be happy to assist you, congratulations. To all the. Graduates and, their, families. Good. Morning, and welcome to commencement, 2018. Graduates. On the field there are still a large number of people, looking for seats, please. If, there are empty seats. Consolidate. Move in together let. People know where there are empty seats we, need to get all graduates, and seats in the next few minutes. Good. Morning, once, again graduates. Please, move. Into. The. Consolidate. Your seats so that people can find a seat to sit down. Thank. You go blue. Good. Morning. My. Name is Martin, Philbert and I. Am provost, and professor of toxicology. In the School of Public Health. I'm delighted. To welcome you all this morning we are gathered to, honor the class, of 2018. Together. We celebrate their, many achievements, as they graduate, from the University. Of Michigan. This. Is spring commencement. It. Marks. We hope the. End of an unusually, long winter. Calling. This spring the. Ceremony, spring commencement is, rather a statement of faith. But. It is also an, indicator of the hope and promise of, this wonderful, group of graduates, I. Invite. The graduates to, join me in recognizing and, thanking the, parents, family members friends and faculty members, who. Have with love and encouragement, helped. Students, to reach this day. On. Behalf. Of the faculty, I salute, the class of 2018.

They. Have made many contributions to, our campus, community they. Have challenged, us their, teachers, to examine, our own ideas. In. The. Face of new evidence and different, perspectives. We. Thank them for reminding, us that learning, is a lifelong endeavor. Now. As is customary when students become graduates, I want. To share some wise, words these. Are from the poet Carl Sandburg at, a. Party, marking, his 85th, birthday he. Said time. Is the coin of your life, spend. It, do. Not allow others, to spend, it for you. Sandberg's. Observation. After many years of life experience. Is. That time has an irredeemable, quality. Once. Time even, a moment has passed, it cannot, be reclaimed, it. Behooves us then to be attentive to how we use, or, spend, our time, your. Education. Here has provided, you with abundant, opportunities, to, consider, how, to use, and balance, your time life. On campus is busy and full on a daily, basis, you have chosen amongst, courses, student. Organizations. Service. Projects. Performances. And, time. With friends as, you've. Chosen what you what. You do you've, waived responsibilities. And make good decisions about balancing, them in. Doing so you have come to an understanding, that. The. Rewards, that, come from immersing, yourself in, a field of study are. Irredeemable. You're. Honed you've, honed your skills in, critical, analysis reasoned. Argument, listening to the perspective of others, and. Addressing. Challenges, imaginatively. And responsibly. This. Will stand you in good stead as you decide how to spend your time in the work you choose and. The. Responsibilities. You assume as citizens. As. You graduate we send you forward, with the inspiring words of the poet Maya Angelou, lift. Your eyes upon this day breaking before you give. Birth again to dream. Women. Children men take, it in the palms of your hands. Lift. Up your hearts, each. New hour holds. New chances for. New beginnings, the.

Horizon, Leads forward, offering you, space to. Place, new. Steps of change we. Look forward with pride and confidence to, the time you will spend and, the. Steps that you will place in the, future. Throughout. The history of. The. University, of Michigan, the authority, to grant degrees has, been vested in. The University of, Michigan Board of Regents, we. Are pleased to recognize these members, of the board who are with us today. Michael. J beam Grand. Blanc. Mark, J Bernstein, and arbor. Shauna. Ryder Diggs Grosse, Pointe. Denice. Ilic Bingham, Farms. Andrea. Fisher Newman, Ann, Arbor. Andrew. C rich nerd Grosse Pointe Park. Ron. Weiser and Abba and, Cathy. White and Arthur. We. Are also joined by and pay tribute to former members, of our, Board of Regents, Paul. Brown annarbor. Neal. D Nielsen, Brighton. And. A. Heartfelt thanks, to you the faculty here today serving, as marshals. In. Keeping with tradition we'll begin this morning ceremony with the singing of the star-spangled, banner followed by the commissioning, of the Reserve Officers, Training Corps. The. National, anthem will be sung by the University of Michigan's men's glee, club under, the direction of, professor, Eugene, C, Rogers a faculty. Member in the School of Music Theatre, and dance. We. Are pleased this year to have left Henan General John NT Shanahan, with us to, administer, the commissioning, oath a, graduate. Of our College of literature science and, the arts Lieutenant. General Shannon, is, currently, the director for, defense intelligence in, the office of the undersecretary for, defense for. Intelligence at, the Pentagon. Oh say. Can, you. See. By. The dawn's. Early. Light. What. So proudly. We. Hailed. At. The twilight's. Last. Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes, and. Bright. Good, morning Michigan. 34. Years ago I. Graduated. From Michigan with a degree in chemistry and, the. Brown bars that come with the rank of second lieutenant United. States Air Force and, the. Three and a half decades since I, haven't. Used that chemistry, degree very much. But. Through a series of consecutive, miracles. Those. Brown bars turned into the three stars I wear on my shoulder, today. Whatever. Success, I had in the intervening, period, started. Right here in Ann. Arbor on this. Campus, in, the. Air Force ROTC program. But more importantly, whatever, success I had rest on the broad shoulders, of the. Thousands, of airmen sailors, soldiers, and Marines who, preceded. Me to. The cadets the. Midshipmen, and the, marine options, were about to be commissioned, this morning, I salute. You and. I offer you my heartiest, congratulations. Whether. You stay in for four years or. 34 years thank. You for, serving. Make, your family proud. Make. Your service proud, make. Michigan, proud. In. Just a moment I will administer the oath of office to these newly commissioned, officers for those of you here have never even heard it before please, listen, it, is short it. Is simple. It. Is succinctly. It. Is not about pledging, loyalty or, fealty, to a person, a place a thing or an institution, but instead, it. Is, about defending, the ideals embodied, in the Declaration of Independence in, the Constitution. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and, the nine most important, words of all support. And defend the Constitution, of the United States, when, I am done reciting, the 81 words of this oath. These. Men and women, will. Be the newest commissioned, officers, of the, United States Army, Navy. Air, Force. And. Marine Corps, with. That. With. That with, the cadets mids and options, please rise. Stand. At attention. Raise. Your right hand and repeat, after me I. State. Your name. Having. Been appointed an officer, in the United States military. Do. Solemnly swear that. I. Will support and defend the Constitution, of the United States. Against. All enemies foreign, and domestic that. I. Will bear true faith and allegiance, to the same that. I. Take this obligation freely. Without. Any mental reservation or, purpose of, evasion and. Then. I will well and faithfully. Discharge, the duties of, the. Office upon, which I am about to enter so. Help. Me God. Congratulations. At Galu. Good, morning everyone. My. Name is dad inherited, I was. Born in Beirut, Lebanon. But. Left when I was 7 years old to. Be proudly raised, in Dearborn, Michigan. I'm. A first generation college student. Earning. My degree in, biopsychology. Cognition. And neuroscience, and the College of literature science and. The arts. Established. In 1841. LSA. Is the university's, oldest, and largest, college, it is, an honor to be a member of the class of 2018. One, of. 3404. LSA. Grads receiving, degrees today. As. A. High school senior I first. Heard the, statement, I'm. Coming. For everything they said I couldn't have. The. Reality is as an, Arab Muslim, immigrant, and a, first-generation college, student I should, not be here today.

My. Story is unlikely. Yeah. I know my story in each, of your stories. Contribute. To and enrich our campus, and help. Make Michigan Michigan. During. My time on campus I was a researcher, at Michigan medicine a member. Of various advisory boards. Developed. And facilitated, outreach programs, helped. Advise student, organizations, such as pilot, in the air Student Association and. Mentored. High school and college students. Similar. To each of you I thrive. To each of these opportunities, we. Face challenges, made. Sacrifices, but. Experience joy and growth along, the way, no. One experienced, or labeled, encompasses. All that it means to be a michigan, student. Our. Football team has a model. Those. Who stay will. Be champions, as. Proud. As our team makes me on Saturdays, in this, big house my. Family's story and my. Time here at the University of Michigan, lead, me to believe that, those who empower, others, are the, real champions. Among. Those who have empowered me are William, and Dolores, Brum who. Since 2004. Have been covering U of M tuition, costs for Dearborn sports in high school graduates, thank. You mr., and mrs. bream for your generous support. It. Is, critical, that we remember, those who empowered. Us and, it. Is now our turn to create opportunities. For the next generations, to experience, the magic that, is michigan it is. Now my honor to introduce, dr., Andrew. Martin Dean, of the College of literature science and, the arts thank, you and go blue. Honored. Guests, distinguished. Regents, president. Schlissel my, faculty, colleagues and. Especially the class of 2018. My. Name is Andrew Martin and I am proud to be dean of the College of literature science in, the arts at the nation's finest, public, university. Better. Safe, than sorry, you. Know what I've never liked that expression, it's, condescending. Scolding. And prescriptive, it's. Also blindingly, obvious I, mean what kind of dimwit, would prefer sorrow to safety. Better. Safe than sorry ends. Rather than begins to be it's. A truism masquerading. As folk wisdom as blunt. And is undeniable. As the, sky is up water. Is wet or. The University, of Michigan, is light years better than the Ohio, State University. It's. Also overly, general, a more, specific warning. Such, as don't. Stick your tongue in a light socket honey can, open up a lively, informative, discussion with. Any bright five-year-old, about, electrical, conductivity and, plain, old common sense, now. Don't get me wrong I don't have anything against safety in fact. You could make the case that all a big part of a university, education is. Meant to advance civilization, the, part that's meant to preserve those advances, is every. Bit as important, but. When we take things too far when. We make a fetish, out of security, we, get into trouble and fast, there. Are innumerable examples, I'll. Keep it down to just three, number. One, heliocentrism. Imagine. Yourself in early 17th century italy peering. Through your telescope and making, observations that suggest the Sun doesn't orbit the earth but. The other way around. It, just makes sense if. You're Galileo but. Not if you're the Pope who. Insists, that the Bible places the earth smack in the center of the universe and to claim otherwise as heresy, so. Better safe than sorry, not. For Galileo he. Published his observations, was, declared a heretic and spent, the rest of his life under house arrest now, he could have played it safe and kept his mouth shut but, he didn't and thanks. To the Riske he took the, scientific, truths that he proclaimed, still. Enrich our lives today. Number. Two pacifiers. Something. My daughter pretzel.

Muncher Used to call for some reason a binky, in. 2013. A Swedish, study showed that parents, who picked up their babies dropped pacifiers, sucked. Off the grid and dust and pop, them back in juniors mouth ended, up with healthier kids than, those who scrupulously, cleaned or even, sterilized, the, pacifiers, first. Exposing. The tykes to bacterial, microbes. And other foreign, substances, apparently. Helped them build up defense against, such diseases as asthma and eczema which. Made them, safer. Bottom. Line no. Need to clean the pinkies. Number. Three the, first amendment, okay. This one's a little trickier, than the other two and we're not going to sort it all out in the couple of minutes I have left but, here's my general take like. Many of my colleagues I'm, increasingly, distressed, by the way the academic, world has, been sacrificing. Free speech on the altar of safety, not. Safety from religious persecution or. Microbes. But, from unpleasant, and at times horrific. Ideas, I consider. The University, of Michigan not just a school but, a home and one, essential, function of a home is to protect its occupants, but. A home is not a castle, or an ivory tower or a fortress. And when. I see otherwise good-hearted, people going. To extremes to protect our, home by, raising drawbridges, instead, of lowering them by, building walls rather, than opening windows and by, avoiding anything. That might make somebody the slightest, bit uncomfortable I see, trouble ahead not. Just for the university, but, for our country and for our planet, now. In some ways. Now. In some ways I sympathize, with this kind of intellectual protectionism. The, world outside seems nuttier even scarier, than it has in a long time right full, of obnoxious, people spouting odious, nonsense, at the top of their lungs day after day so, you know why invite all of that in I'm. Also well aware of how this sounds coming, from a middle-aged straight, property-owning. White guy I'll, be the first to admit that, over the centuries my demographic hasn't. Exactly earned a monopoly, on wise, proclamations. But. Regardless, of who says it this, principle. Still stands. If we. Don't trust our ideas enough to, sail them out of a harbor once in a while they'll, remain unformed. Untested. And unready, for the battles on open waters that are sure to come and that, leaves our society, both, less safe and eventually. More, sorry, so. Let's have a little faith in ourselves this. Is the University, of Michigan. We. Didn't earn our reputation, as a world-class institution through. Complacency. And retreat in fact. I'm proudest. Of our community, at the times when rather, than wrapping ourselves in a security, blanket behind. Locked doors and drawn shades we've, welcomed the chance to, raise our collective voice loudly. And proudly against. Those who lack honesty, integrity, and decency, this. Kind of open engagement, and advocacy, is our, sacred, obligation. I welcome. That obligation, and I celebrate, it because, what I hope for you the, class of 2018, have, learned from our faculty from. Our community, and most, importantly, from one another is that, in the long run good. Ideas, triumph, over bad, integrity. Beats dishonesty. And those who build community, will, outlive, those who, try to destroy, it thank. You all congratulations. To the class of 2018. And forever, go, blue. Now. I would like to introduce Robert, Ortega, associate, professor of Social Work in the School of Social Work and chair, of the Faculty, Senate. Thank, You Dean Martin, my. Name is robert ortega, faculty, member at the School of Social Work and chair of the Faculty Senate Assembly.

And Senate. Advisory, Committee on university, affairs, as. Representative. Of our faculty, it is my pleasure to greet you and congratulate. You on achieving, this important, milestone, as. Faculty. We try to inspire, you, to. Learn and to. Care, but. An important, part of learning is action. Our. Hope is that we have given you the knowledge skills. And confidence. To challenge. Yourself, to learn. Something new each day and. Use. That knowledge to, make a difference, and that brings. Up the second, goal which is to connect, connect. Action, to caring. You. Must believe that you really, can change the world if you, care, enough. When. I think of Michigan, I'm sorry excuse me. This. Wind is crazy up here. If, you reflect back on the day you first arrived and then see yourself, today we. Hope that you're able to see the Michigan, difference. Michigan. Is as James Earl Jones and, coach. John Beilein tells, us everybody, every day every tells, everybody, we. Are the best university. In the world. You. Have learned much during your brief time here with us and, to. Teach you has been our honor. We. Make no promise, that your future will hold no challenges. And in. Fact can assure you it will. Our. Confidence, in you, is that you will confront, these challenges. Use. Your gifts and challenges, and talents, and, continue. To move forward with, patience. And, courage. To think. To. Act and, to. Care. Today. You celebrate, with, family and friends. Tomorrow. As Michigan, graduates, you, continue, your mission to. Make a positive, difference. We. Wish you the best always. Go. Blue. Good, morning everybody and happy, spring. My. Name is nadine jawad, and I, am from Dearborn Heights Michigan. Today. I am, one of 78, undergraduates. Receiving. A BA degree in public policy from. The Gerald r Ford School of Public Policy. When. I think, of the University, of Michigan and the Ford school I think. Of the will to, overcome challenges and. In. That will I see a very distinct, opportunity. To affect change in the world and. My. Time here I have learned that. Wolverines, always, will themselves on. Gerald. Our Ford a 1935. Graduate, of the university, exemplified. This, very strong, Wolverine, will, overcome. Challenges throughout, his life. He. Was known for his courage, and integrity and very difficult times facing, our country. His. Leadership reminds, me of the, will to. Use my voice and my privilege to serve. Remembering. President, Ford's legacy a public, service and as, a public policy student myself I've, I've. Become aware that there is nothing more important, than my service, those around me. However. And my time here I have also begun to realize that despite. Obstacles, maybe. Even very rigorous, obstacles, indeed. Anything. Is possible. That. Because not, despite my father is an immigrant from Lebanon, that. Despite. Not because I'm a first-generation college, student, with. Will and persistence, that someone who looks like me can, in fact serve as the vice president of the student body or even, win a road scholarship. Despite. The Michigan course loads and daily responsibilities. Students. Find time on this campus, to collectively, put their minds together to, address some of the most pressing social issues, of our time. Sorry. The wind. They. Put their minds together with the willingness and perseverance, to address some of the most pressing social issues, of our time, however. Each. Day we. Graduates. Of the University you must remind ourselves that, what we sit and discuss and, write about, the world suffering, in this academic setting, on the, outside, okay. A majority of the world continues, to suffer. No. Food no. Healthcare no. Great education. This. Truth can either, paralyze, us or, it, can reach recharge, our will to, utilize this Michigan degree to, fight for basic human rights in society, and for the Advancement, of humanity, I. Know. That, I will take these four years of thinking. Growing. And serving. And use, them to make this world better with my degree I. Hope. You will too. Finally. I'd, like to salute my fellow graduates, including. The 115. Ford school graduates, we honor today I. Wish. You all a life filled with happiness will. And most, importantly, service. It. Is now my honor to introduce the 14th president of the University, of Michigan president. Mark schlissel forever. Go blue. Thanks. Nadine for the introduction, class, of 2018. Congratulations. I. Joined. Your professors, family, members and friends and expressing, my utmost pride, as we, celebrate, your accomplishments. As the newest graduates, of the University, of Michigan, graduates. You've made it. Commencement. Signifies. An important, new beginning for all of you but, our ceremony, today also provides, an opportunity for, reflection. Many. Of you started in the fall of 2014, just a few weeks after I did, I hope.

You Remember the last four years as, fondly as I do, together. We learned that the ugly, was. Actually an amazing source, of beautiful, knowledge. We. Learned how to catch the bus to the North Campus and, that. The cold wind somehow, blows in both directions, on Maynard. We. Celebrated. A Final Four. Of frozen, four. And. Many. Of you cheered, when I called, a snow, day in 2015. You. Impressed, me with your research and your inventions. Inspire, me by spending your spring breaks on service projects, around our nation and even beyond. Despite. More than a few invitations however. You. Couldn't convince me to join you at Rick's. Today. As we confer, you U of M degrees at commencement we. Recognize, the amazing talent, hard, work and, completion. Of some of the most rigorous academic. Programs in the world your. Majors, and minors have, been designed and taught by faculty members, who, are some of our society's. Leading minds, but. As impressive as that is, graduating. From the University, of Michigan, means, even, more than that because, when, you arrived on our campus, she joined a very special, academic, community, it's, a community that fosters learning, achievement. And growth. 24/7. Whether, you're in class or, not, Nadine. Is a fantastic, example, she'll. Be she'll, be going to Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar, and honor earned on the basis of academic, achievements. Insects. Instincts, to lead and. A concern, for Humanity. Nadine. Was an intern for Amnesty, International. Founded. A nonprofit to, provide books and study spaces to children, in communities of need and studied. The biomarkers, of head and neck tumors as a research assistant, all. Of you um, activities, are, indelible, components. Of your Michigan degree. 82%. Of our students participate in student organizations. 54. Percent performed, community, or volunteer service. 29. Percent, of international. Experience. A third. Of you are entrepreneurs. A tenth earned work study aid and. 1400. Of you. Each year, participate. In our university, research Opportunity, Program you're. Military veterans. And student athletes Fulbright. Scholars, and Peace Corps volunteers, you're. All michigan, graduates. Kathy. Lim is a graduating, senior on a woman's golf team who. Accepted, a job at JPMorgan as, a junior in, addition. To completing, competing. At the highest levels, in athletics, and majoring. In sport management Kathy. Went to elementary, schools to read to students and visited patients and families at, Mott Children's Hospital, during, her years at the U of M, your. CS g president, and Uche kiss our carb will. Use her leadership skills and, fearlessness. She. Developed, here when she joins the global consulting, firm Booz. Allen Hamilton in Washington, DC. We're. Proud of many of the most wonderful qualities, of a Michigan education. And many, that I just mentioned go, beyond your academic, transcript, or, as U of M physics professor, Tim McKay says the. Academic, transcript, that infamous, permanent. Record does. Not represent your, full student experience. Or accomplishments. The. Transcript, he notes was a document. Specifically. Designed to fit tightly into, an envelope so. It would meet the needs of record-keeping, and correspondence. In the 1920s. But. Today at a new millennium, we know that graduating, from the top public research university, in the world means. That no single, page can. Capture everything, you've accomplished, in fact. Professor McKay, is helping us to consider, how, academic, records can better reflect the entire scope, of your time here the. Full educational, experience, at a place like Michigan is irreplaceable, for, your growth and for. The betterment of society. Class. Of 2018. Today. You graduate into. An increasingly, global, society, where. The challenges, are enormous and, there, are no simple answers, you. Also graduate, into a more polarized, world where. Outrage, seems. The new currency and, thoughtful. Engagement, is too often an afterthought.

But. Remember, your Michigan experience, you've. Learned to engage and to solve problems working. Alongside people, who are different than you you. Formulated, arguments, and drawn conclusions based, on facts, and evidence. You've. Demonstrated your, advocacy. For innumerable, worthy, causes and show. Dedication, to your pursuits, both, inside, and outside the classroom. So. We Holstrom a graduating. Photojournalist. For the Michigan daily sums. Up this idea well. From. Navigating, around an arbor to highways across the country, she writes I've. Made irreplaceable. Friendships, and experience once-in-a-lifetime. Events. The, daily, has allowed me to pursue my passions, and capture. The essence, of the human condition I couldn't. Imagine my time at Michigan without, 420, Maynard, this. Is the beauty of what you've all accomplished, to arrive today in commencement. Michigan. Students, have the freedom, and the opportunity, to. Pursue their deepest passions, both academically. And co-curricular. Lee I hope. That the urge to extend. Your engagement, beyond the curriculum, becomes. A lifelong, habit, that takes you beyond the confines, of your. Ultimate, job or profession to, become an engaged citizen, and a leader within the community, and society, at large, live. Your lives embodying. That Michigan difference, four. Years ago I had the privilege of addressing you at new student convocation, my. First major student, event on the Michigan campus, what. I said that day remains, true today I believe. We all changed, the world in ways large, and small and, that, each of us through our Michigan experience. Finds an opportunity, to make an impact. Graduates. I hope you'll remember every, part of your Michigan, experience. Cherish. Every moment push, the envelope and use all that you've learned as you, go discover, go. Achieve, go. Serve, and, go. Blue. Good, morning my, name is Alexandra, Swift and I am from Southfield, Michigan, and. I am delighted to be one the. 1366. Graduates, from the Ross School of Business today. At. Ross. Graduates, we join over approximately. 50,000. Alumni who, serve in leadership positions in, the government business. And academic, institutions, in a hundred and three countries I am. Grateful, for the many opportunities, Michigan. Has given me to develop my analytical. Communication. And leadership skills from. Executive. Board positions, on campus, organizations. On. An off-campus internships. Being, a diversity for educator, in U of M housing, as well, as being a mentee and then a mentor, for preparation, initiatives in the Ross School of Business. Today. I would be presenting a poem a personal. Reflection on my past five years at the University of Michigan entitled. Me, a Wolverine. Due. To triumphs and falls the, late nights and early mornings, nyeeehhh attempts, at work school in social, life balance I too, became. A Wolverine, between. The study parties to the frat parties new. Friendships, and acquaintances. Experiences. Generating, a long-lasting, feeling, that. Was sustained far beyond the, memory of an exam cram for I too, became. Wolverine. From. Those who acted, like they knew what they were doing from, those who actually didn't, know we, found ourselves finding. Each other fighting. For what we desired and who we wanted to be starting. Off as dreamers. Developing. Into academic, scholars and that's, butterflies, we, broke out of her cocoon, transforming. Into innovators, flying. Into a future, of our own, Michigan. Has created a set of individuals, strongly. Intertwined, but not easily replicated, connected. Through a sense of pride hard. Work and, perseverance, we. Me. You, and I too became. A Wolverine go. Blue. It. Is now my pleasure to, turn your attention to, the screens, for a tribute to four honorary, degree recipients, all, individuals. Of remarkable. Achievement, each exemplified, the university's mission to. Serve the people of Michigan in the world and to develop, leaders and citizens who, would challenge the present interest of future thank, you. No, video. It. Was. Really, really good I. Apologize. We'll put up a link to the video after, the graduation. It. Could be whoever's controlling the, video is colder than I am and they're trying to move things along here.

We'll, Now move on to the conferring. Of honorary degrees. By. The authority, of the state of Michigan, vested in the Board of Regents will. Now confer, degrees honoris. Causa which. Has been recommended, by the faculty, and authorized, by the Regents, of the University, members. Of the Board of Regents will. Present, the honorary, degrees, I'd. Like to call upon first, region Andrew rich nerve. So. I'm a region but, I'm also a dad. Congratulations. M. Mr.. President, I have the honor to present gene. Craig Seifert, to receive an honorary degree. Dr.. Sink Burt you've, inspired change, in dental education and the profession, through. Your pursuit of excellence innovations. Leadership. And, commitment to social, justice, in. Addition, to serving as a role model for students, faculty and women you. Are renowned, for your community, service research. Contributions. Commitment. To high quality dental, care for, all and for. Expanding, the number of young people from diverse backgrounds, pursuing. And excelling, and careers in dentistry, the. University, of Michigan, is pleased to present to you the, honorary degree Doctor. Of Science. By. The authority, of the state of Michigan, vested in the Board of Regents and by them delegated to. Me I now. Confer upon you, Jean Cregg Singh for the degree Doctor of Science and. Admit you to all its rights honors and privileges I. Next. Call upon Regent, Denis Ilic. Mr.. President, I have, the honor to, present penny. W, stamps, to receive an honorary degree. Miss, dance for. Your contributions. As a design, professional, community. Leader and volunteer, and as, a philanthropist. You have championed, the role of Art and Design in, developing. Creative solutions. And enriched, the lives of, Michigan, students, and faculty, and thousands. Of others in Ann Arbor and nationally, your. Vision. Generosity. And commitment. To the public good inspire, all who. Seek to make the world a better place the. University, of Michigan, is delighted, to welcome you back to campus and present. To you the honorary degree, Doctor. Of Fine, Arts. By. The authority, of the state of Michigan, vested in the Board of Regents and by them delegated to, me I now. Confer upon you penny W Samms the degree Doctor, of Fine Arts and admit. You to all its rights honors and privileges. Regent. Andrea, Fisher Newman. Mr.. President, I'm, a regent, but, also a mom. Congratulations. David. And the Dept, of theatre and drama at the School of Music Theatre and dance. Mr.. President, I have, the honor to, present David. Our Walt to receive an honorary degree. Dr.. Walt through. Your passion, for discovery and, success, in commercializing. New technologies. You, demonstrate. The power of science to, ignite to advance knowledge and improve the human condition, you.

Inspire, Students. And colleagues, with your research. Entrepreneurship. And commitment. To recruit, young people into. Math and science, giving. Them the opportunity. To bring new insights and information to, light and contribute. To the world well-being, the. University, of Michigan, is delighted, to welcome you back to campus, and proud, to. Present to you the honorary, degree Doctor. Of Science. Congratulations. By. The authority, of the state of Michigan, vested in the board of regents have I them delegated to me I now confer upon you David. Our Walt the degree Doctor, of Science and, admit. You to all its rights honors and privileges. Finally. I call upon Regent, Michael. Biehn. Mr.. President, I have, the honor to present Charles. Woodson to, receive an honorary degree I. Was. Gonna ask Charles to go over there about the 40-yard line and recreate, that. Interception. Over, in East Lansing but, it's a little cool for that out mr.. Woodson you, exemplify, the winning, qualities, indelibly. Linked, to U of M's. 1997. National football championship. Team. Mind. Goal, purpose. And heart and forever. Will, rank around among Michigan's great sports legends, in, addition, to celebrating your athletic, prowess leadership. And sportsmanship, we, applaud your business acumen and commitment. To improving the lives others. Through. Your generous support of medical research, and student, financial, aid the. University, of Michigan is pleased to welcome you back to, campus and, proudly presents to you the, honorary degree Doctor. Of Laws. But, the authority, of the state of Michigan, vested in the Board of Regents and by them delegated to. Me I. Now. Confer upon you, Charles. Woodson, the. Degree, Doctor, of Laws and, admit. You to all its rights honors and privileges. Hi. My. Name is Sarah libo I'm from. West Hartford Connecticut and, I'm. Graduating from the College of literature science and. The arts with. A major in gender and health and a, minor in medical, anthropology. I. Was. Honored to be the first student. To declare, a major in gender in health at the U of M, the. 23. Of us graduating. With that major which. Is the first of its kind in the nation. Represent. Almost half of the 60 Women's Studies students. Graduating. Today. For. Me Michigan. Has brought lots of memorable moments many. Associated. With food. Over. The past four years I, have, eaten approximately. Four. Thousand, three, hundred and, eighty-three, meals. The. First one I ate with my freshman, hall in the back left corner of South quad I. Had. Wendy's from the Union basement, I had. Wendy's from the league basement, I. Ate. Close to 88 welcome Wednesday bagels and I, am certain, that free, bagels tastes, better than bought ones I. Watched. Michigan, basketball play, for the national championship, while. Eating handfuls of Pop Mays in Chrysler arena. My. Friends and I had the Indian, dinner buffet special, at Sioux by Palace 14. Mondays, in a row and. VTV, burritos, in front of fish bowl computers, at 1:00 a.m.. I. Have. Had the spinach artichoke dip from Charlie's at least seven, times because. It is fantastic. Even. If you have to put up with your roommates singing karaoke to Ke$ha while you eat. Thank. You to the University of Michigan, for, every dinner conversation.

Every. Coffee date every. Late-night study snack. Congratulations. Seniors eat, your hearts out. Now. I am thrilled to introduce one, of Michigan's most, celebrated, Wolverines, pro. Football legend, and Heisman, Trophy, winner Charles. Woodson. Mr.. Woodson who, led the Wolverines to a national football championship, in, 1997. Played. 18, seasons in, the NFL he. Continues. To excel as a businessman. Philanthropist. And ESPN. Analyst. Thank. You for waiting your turn. Welcome. Home mr. Woodson. I. Guess. I got a little anxious. Man. Class of 2018, give, yourselves a round of applause. Congratulations. To you all to, all of the parents, to friends, and family, cousins. Aunts uncles. Give. Yourself, a round of applause to I. Know. All of the parents are sitting in the audience today thinking man finally these kids can get out of my pockets. Before. I get started I want to ask each, of you to. Raise. Your hand if. You want to be great, anybody. Want to be great. Good. I'll. Get back to that later. You. Know what it was the first announce that I would be just, figure today a buddy of mine texted, me and he said man I hear they have a pretty good speaker this year for. Commencement, and I said well I think they had 10, to 15, people lined, up before me but. They couldn't get anybody confirmed, so I guess, you guys are stuck with me. But. Look on the bright side at. Least this year you have a speaker. Sometime. Presidents, argue. But. I would like to I would like to thank president. Schlissel today, all, of the regions and all. Of your distinguished, faculty, for, inviting. Me here today for this amazing opportunity. This is. This, is truly awesome and, I appreciate, it. You. Know I, was, asked to do this once before at another University, and, you. Know had to respectfully, decline. You. Know what the reason was you know this is an awesome responsibility and. I. Wasn't ready for it and that's, partially correct. But. The main reason is that I was, holding out that maybe, there was ever, a chance that. My university would. Ask me to be the commencement speaker that. This would be the first place that, I would do it so I was holding out for you to answer to you I. Gotta. Admit today I'm uh I'm, a little bit nervous. Because. You. Know not because of how. Many of you are out here I mean I did play in front of a hundred and six thousand. People right here. In this stadium, but. Because this. Is your moment this is, a moment that you guys will remember forever. And, I, want to be a positive part of, those memories. When. I was preparing for today's, speech. I had to think back of you. Know what, first. Attracted me, to, the University of Michigan, and, initially it was you know my older brother he was a huge, Michigan, fan and he. First made me aware of the maize and blue. But. Then, as. I grew older, you. Know I started, to notice and, you. Know. Become aware of different players and of course teams, that. Were here at the University, of Michigan, that made, me excited to. Be a Michigan, fan I, remember. A guy by the name of Tony Bowles he was my favorite, Michigan player he was running back here in the, late 80s. You. Guys might not have heard of him because he suffered, an injury here and his career was cut short but, tall.

Slender. Guy packed, a lot of power and. Man when he hit that open field it, was a thing of beauty and. Then. There was Desmond Howard I know, you guys remember Desmond. You. Remember that diving catch against, Notre Dame nobody. Can forget that I, got. To give you guys some. Interest in parallels, between, me, and Desmond Howard. Desmond. Is from Ohio, I'm. From Ohio. That's. Been left Ohio came. To Michigan I left. Ohio he came to Michigan. Desmond. Howard, ran. A punt return down net sideline, right there, against. You-know-who. For. A victory, against you-know-who. And, guess. Who else ran a pumper turned down that same sideline, I. Guess. You know who. Me. Desmond. Howard also went. On to win the. Heisman trophy I, also. Went on to. Win, the. Heisman trophy. Desmond. Left here. Played. In the NFL Desmond, Howard played for the Oakland Raiders. Well. Guess what I got drafted I got. Drafted to the ultimen Raiders. Desmond. Howard played. For the, Green Bay Packers. Desmond. Howard won a Super Bowl with the Green Bay Packers. Go. Pat go. I. Too. Played. For the Green Bay Packers and. Went. On to win a Super Bowl. Desmond. Howard. When. He left his NFL career. He. Went into television and now he's one of the most respected, college analysts, that, we know today, so. Naturally, what did I do when I left the NFL I. Went. Into television. So. I know that seems a little weird but. I guess there could be worse people to follow and. Yours truly Desmond, Howard. And. Then there's the, Fab Five Guys. Notes. At five, Jimmy Jalen JaJuan Rae and Chris you. Know they were the greatest you know collection, of talent that we, had seen you. Know those guys had swagger. Losing. Out of their veins then they changed, the culture, I remember. Protesting, a call in my home at. One of their games and. We. Had a low-hanging, divide, between our living. Room in our kitchen and I jumped. And. Hit my head man it almost knocked myself out, so I had to sit down for the rest of the game so as you can see I've. Been giving up my body from Michigan long before I ever got here. You. Know once you get here you know you get to witness you, know the tradition. Of Michigan, and, it. Is, an awesome place to be but, I believe that, when. You leave here, that's. The time where you're really going to appreciate your. Time being here, you're. Gonna start to notice people, that, win here and, you're, just gonna start beaming with pride that.

That Person, went. To Michigan, you. Take people like science dr. Sanjay Gupta you watch, them on TV he's one of the most respected, medical minds that we know today right. Now as we speak he's fighting for medical, the legalization, of medical, marijuana, -, to. Combat seizures, and, other health beast issues. And. You say to myself I say to myself he. Went to Michigan. We. Have any Star Wars family, in here. Just. Think that the king of Zamunda, and. You have to watch coming to America to know who that is, and. The. Voice of Darth, Vader. Are. The, same person. Luke. I. Am. Your father. Yes. James, Earl Jones, he. Went right here at. Michigan. Just. A couple of weeks ago I was here I was being inducted into the Michigan Hall, of Honor, with. Other great, Michigan, athletes and I found out that up. Until a couple of weeks ago that the, last American, woman to. Win the Boston Marathon. Lisa. Raines burger, she. Went right here to Michigan. So. There's going to be many examples out, there, once you guys leave here that you'll find and. You'll. Beat your chest with pride knowing. That that person went to the same school - Zoo, now. I have something that's, been on my mind that I have to tell you guys. You. Know I talked about destiny myself running down that sideline to. Victory against you-know-who and you know what, you. Guys have an experience, that feeling very much against that school and. It hurts my heart it. Really does it really does so. I'm telling you here today. That. In 212. Days from now. Your. Michigan, Wolverine, team will. Go down to Columbus. Marching. To that Stadium, and. We, will beat you, know who to. Bring that familiar, feeling of victory back. To the University, of Michigan again. But. That's not all that's not all that's not all. We're. Gonna come back to. Michigan. And. We're gonna build a big beautiful. Wall on, the, southern border of Michigan or in Ohio. So. That none of those bad people Ohio. Can never get into Michigan again. Wait. Wait wait wait hold, on hold on hold on. Now. If we built the wall between Michigan, or Ohio and, that means me, or Desmond. Wouldn't. Have been able to come here all right scratch that scratch, that we. Won't do that and. Don't worry this isn't a political speech but you get my point. You. Know my message today to. You guys is about, it's. About help and. It's. About giving, and receiving help. You. Know I grew up in a small, tight-knit. Community. In Fremont. Ohio to. A single mom mother of three now. When you say single. Mother is always inferred, that that, person, did, it by themselves, but. That's. Not possible. Nobody. Can ever do. Everything. By, themselves we. All need help and. Sometimes. The help comes from. Places. That you don't know and, you may not even recognize that help so. I have a, interesting. Story from my, childhood that, I'd like to share with you today that kind of embodies, that, dynamic. When. I was born I was born with club, feet so. My feet were growing. Inward and, my. Mother she she noticed, took. Me to the doctors and you know that was the diagnosis. Doctor. You know let us know let my mother know that you know long as we take care of it now you know it won't be a problem, we. Caught it early so you'll be fine but I had to wear these. Corrective. Shoes that you, know had, my feet, fixed outwards, and there was a bar in between. Those. Two shoes and so you can imagine I couldn't. Move around very well, and. So my brother tells me that, we. Would be at home you. Know him and my sister running, around playing. I would. Sit there and I'd be crying because I couldn't get up I couldn't move I couldn't join him so what he would do is he would begin to come, grab. Me and. He would drag me around the house just. To be just. To be around my brother and my sister but I was always crying I'm always fussing. Because. I can imagine that you know as a kid I want to get up I want to do it myself but I wasn't, able to do it and, so. That, continued. For some time he said one day he.

Came To grab me. He. Saw a smile on my face. And. So. I'm. Thinking in my tiny little brain. That. All, of a sudden I thought to myself I had to think of myself you know what, my. Brother is actually helping. Me. It's. Not about me not being able to get up and, move around by myself I have. Somebody here, that. Is willing to help me get, to where I need to go and. Just, imagine, for my, brother you, know who was grabbing me all of these times and I'm sitting, there crying and, fussing it's, a hassle, but. Now he has somebody that's willing to help. Him help. Me. And. So that went on for some time and I feel like for you guys going, forward in your life. You're. Gonna be one. Of those two people, you're. Gonna be that child that's sitting there crying. Mad. About, not being able to do something or wanted, to do something to figure that you need to do it by yourself. But. You're not able to do it you need a helping hand and. Then. You're gonna be that. Older brother because. We're gonna continue to reach, down and. Try. To reach out to you and try to help, someone. Along the way and then. Finally one day he's. Going you're gonna reach down and, you're, going to see that smile and. It's. Going to be a feeling like you'll never forget. The. Fact that you've been able to help someone get. On their feet. Earlier. This month there was the anniversary, of the assassination of. One of, the great givers. Of our time. Dr.. Martin Luther King. Now. During the day of that remembrance, you. Know there was videos. And, images. Of, you. Know horrible. Atrocities. Against people. And. Most. Of those people look. Like me. And. For, dr., King. Dr.. King. Cared. About people. And, he. Gave his time, he. Gave his energy, and ultimately. Dr.. King gave his life. But. Those things that, were happening to people, it. Never stopped him from. Trying to help others he helped people he knew he. To help he helped people that. He didn't know and that's because of one major. Quality, that I believe that he had that. I hope all of you have as you. Go to your life so. If I asked you all today, to. Look around and tell, me who you see. You. Would tell me I'm sure that you see myself up here your, commencement speaker you see your president you see the faculty, you. Look around you see your classmates, your. Parents, in the stands and. That's. The obvious answer, and, it's the right answer but I'm, gonna ask you to look at it and even, more simpler, terms. When. You look around I don't want you to see, black. White, asian I. Don't want you to wonder if, a, person, is democrat. Or republican. Gay. Or straight. When. You look around I just. Want you to simply see. Human. Beings. Nothing. More, nothing. Less. And, I guarantee you if. You can begin to see people that. Way just. As human beings you. Begin. To treat them a little different. You'll. Begin to understand, their. Points of views. So. Today. From. Now on if you wake up in the morning and. You see yourself. Only. As a human being you even, begin to respect yourself a little bit more so. Today I'm asking you I'm begging you, do. Not carry the hate forward. My. Wife is begging you don't carry the hate forward, my. Two boys who have to grow up in this world I'm begging you don't. Carry the, hate forward, but. Carry forward, that, spirit. Of helping. Others as. I. End today I want to leave. You guys with, a, one. Of my favorite, quotes of all time, by. Bruce. Lee you've heard of Bruce Lee. But. I feel like as you guys go through life if. You're able to step. Back and. Analyze each, situation I, believe. You guys will be able to get through anything, and. So, I'm gonna ask you guys to, close, your eyes close your eyes, because. I feel like if you can visualize it, and, hear, the words. You'll. Be able to see exactly what I'm talking about. Be. Like water.

Making. Its way through cracks. Do. Not be assertive. But. Adjust to the object, and, you should find your way around it or through. It. If. Nothing would think you stays rigid. Outside. Things will disclose themselves. Empty. Your mind be. Formless. Shapeless. Like. Water. If. You put water into a cup it becomes. That cup, if. You put water into a bottle it, becomes. That bottle. If. You put water into a teapot. It. Becomes that teapot. Now. Water can flow or it. Can crash. Be. Water my friends. So. Class of 2018, as I. Leave you today I. Asked. You to see me as I. See you and that. Is as a human being I now. Grant you permission to. Be. Great and, as. Always, go. Glue. So. When he first gave me a hard time about the graduation, speaker, last year, I. Almost. Threw, a flag. A, personal. Foul. But. After hearing that fantastic, speech I picked up the flag, let's. Give Charles another, big round of applause. So. Now we move on to confer, undergraduate. Degrees and to recognize, the graduates I'm. Extremely, proud of the class of 2018. Will. Now publicly, recognize, candidates, for baccalaureate degrees. In the schools and colleges of the university the. Graduating, classes will be presented, by their, respective Dean's, or Dean's representatives. In the, order of the founding, of the schools and colleges Dean. And Rudy Martin will begin by presenting the candidates from the College of literature science and, the arts Dean Martin. Will. The candidates, for the degrees offered, by the Faculty, of the College of the literature. Of science and the arts please, rise. Mr.. President, on. Behalf of the Faculty, of the College of the literature, science and the arts I present, the candidates. On. Behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of, Michigan. Congratulations. On your graduation. Please. Be seated. Dee, Laurie K Macaulay Dean of the School of Dentistry. Will. The candidates, for the degrees offered, by the Faculty, of the School of Dentistry please. Rise. Mr.. President, on behalf of the Faculty, of the School of Dentistry I present, the candidates, on. Behalf of the Board of Regents of the University of, Michigan. Congratulations. On your graduation, please. Be seated. James. Dalton Dean. Of the College of Pharmacy. Will. The candidates, for t

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