2018 Honda Civic SI Turbo Torque And Technology Tuned For The Track 10th Gen Civic

2018 Honda Civic SI Turbo Torque And Technology Tuned For The Track 10th Gen Civic

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Hey. Hey everybody Brock Frady here, helping you. Enjoy your ride, today's. Video we're. Gonna take a look at that, 2018. Honda. Civic Si, Sedan. It's. A fun car. We're. Gonna take a look at the inside the, outside the, specs we're, gonna push all the buttons inside, although there aren't that many and. By the end of this video I think, you'll know a good amount more about. The Civic Si than when you first started the first thing that I noticed about the SI are the. Big grates, that are in the front you, see that where the fog light is and they're in the back, now. Seeing some reviewers get all bent out of shape about those big grates that you have in the front and rear bumpers but, I actually like, them I'm really all about sharp, edges and, all, the. Angles. And everything on cars even, if they don't serve as a function, I just think they look cool and then, there's, the issue of, that, exhaust. Tip and I said issue I shouldn't have said issue that exhaust, tip is. Fantastic. Big. Single. Trapezoid. Knoll. This. Is a bigger car than I thought you, know I was always thinking about a small, little Civic you. Know just a little basic, Honda. But. This thing has really grown up it's, got tons of standard, features which is why you really can't get any, optional, features, on it they come all standard, with these sweet. 18-inch, wheels this. One has good, year all season. Eagles, sport, -, 3540. R18. And you, see em +, S right there and that, means mud and snow which proves that they are all. Season, these are bigger brakes than on a regular, Civic because this one is the SI, so, beefier, brakes and this. One has the nitrogen, in the, tires and there's. A will lock I think, that's probably one of the optional, pieces of equipment. The on, the SI you can also see that that front brake rotor is ventilated. There is a portion, along. The center of that, brake rotor that allows air to pass through the middle of it to, keep that front brake cooler. That's. A precaution, for more spirited, driving and back here on the back you, also have two thirty five forty eighteen, so, that the tires match they're not. Staggered, so you can rotate them that's convenient. Brakes, are slightly smaller on the back than they are in the front which is the case for most cars and it's. A solid disc brake in. The back if you've watched many of my videos you, probably, know that I'm also a big fan of big. Lights. And I. Love the, big fat lights on, this. Thing fender. The. Bumper, skin, right there and then. Brake light fender. Bumper. Skin brake light kind. Of like wraps around look. At that it it almost it's like a see you, see that for civic, and then the other one is a backward see for. Civic. SI, badging, they're. Synonymous. With fantastic. Honda, awesomeness, the. Spoiler, is really cool adds a little bit of a flare there I love. The look of a spoiler. Engine. Sounds really really good I love, the acceleration. Of this thing it doesn't feel like it has just over 200 horsepower the torque is is. Absolutely, beautiful hardly, any turbo, lag to speak of at all the, torque, is really, really, at. A low, rpm I mean it's like pow, boom, boom it, kicks. It has like a 6,500. Rpm. Redline. But you it's, almost like you have to shift a little bit before, that redline it's, it's kind of like the redline, is not actually. Really. The the. Right place to shift it at and and that's kind of throwing me off because you, feel the torque just pour on real fast and then it kind of levels, out and then and you've, not even gotten to the redline yet. That, would take me some getting used to it's almost like you have to go more about the feel and the sound than, you do trusting, your gauges at all it's. Kind of a cool experience though. Oh got. A second. Shark. Fin antenna. Everybody's. Doing it let's take a look at the key fob you have lock on top unlock. Below that trunk. Button and panic. Alarm on the back of it you have your cool little Honda emblem, embedded, there and then you have a little lever here and when you push that down this, whole silver, part at the bottom is going to pull out and there's a physical key inside, of there and that, allows you to use that physical, key inside.

The Keyhole of the, driver's door handle, there in the, event that the battery in the key fob should. Die on you in order to operate it I'm gonna make sure the doors are locked. You. Can approach it and just grab the door handle, and boom. It unlocks, now, this one was set to unlock all four doors and. So. You're good to go you. Hop in you. Do. What you got to do you're, finished using it and then, you can walk away cuz it'll lock, automatically. Do you hear that it locked. Automatically, because that was a few feet away from it or you. Can press that and it will lock it as well. That's. A pretty cool system I love that. Walk away feature and, now let's, take a look at, the heart of the beast the latch is gonna be just to the left of the Honda emblem my, fingers on it you. See it's right there and I know it's a cost-saving, thing but. I wish all manufacturers. Would. Support. Their hoods with shocks and get. Rid of those little arms, I don't. Know that's just me here, is your earth dreams. Turbocharged. Four-cylinder, cool. Little engine, great, low-end, torque and, I love how Honda, hasn't covered it all up about, putting all these big covers, on it that, usually. For the most part those covers, are for sound insulating, anyways, and in. For. An SI driver you're, not gonna want the sound of the engine all muted. And battery. Is in the back and I have a feeling that they've moved that all the way back as far as they can against the firewall for better weight distribution every, little, bit makes a difference you've got fuses, and relay box right there brake. Fluid Oh. They're a little. Bit of an air intake check. Out where your wince your washer fluid is located. And. You. Know things, are located a little differently, on this civic. Engine than they are on other vehicles. That I've done and, but. You can tell everything has a definite, purpose it's it's, pretty cool how they've located, all this stuff. You, see those lines under the hood they, almost look like dents see. That right there, those. Could potentially, save your life those are called crumple zones in the event of a severe front collision, those, are going to crumple and cause the hood, to fold in on itself and, to, keep that big ol piece of metal from, coming into the, cabin into, the cabin. Area here's something that I always do to test the back seat of every. Car I adjusted. The front seat to, my comfort, level and I'm. Over, 6 feet tall so that's, gonna be a probably. Be a pretty tight fit check. It out that is not too shabby. You. Know my knees, rub but it's not bad and, you can see the amount of room that. I would need to sit. Up there and drive that's actually, it's. Actually pretty impressive. And. Then, you've, got your fantastic, blue. Polka-dotted. Socks they're the. Flavour of the day I like the yellow he loved these and then. The green, top. These. Are really really good socks they also pretty, much go with anything as well and they match my blue shirt the red stitching. There that, is civic. SI, approved, and the.

Material, Here is. It's. It's soft but, it's also gonna, be super, durable it feels like power windows, power door locks, kind. Of a, brushed. Looking, aluminum. Look for that door handle nice and plain nothing super, fancy but. It's not trying to be super fancy for the driver's door power windows power door locks you've got your front windows, that are automatic, OneTouch, up and down power. In the back and then there's a button right here there where, you can lock access to all the windows lock and unlock of the doors power. Mirror controls for passenger, and driver you, get a little trunk button there that you can pop your power trunk, I am in love with, the seat you. Can see that the bolstering, you look how high that bolster, goes and it's. Really nice because it's not overdone, but, it's really, thick, and supportive, this is really strong bolstering, that portion, on the inside, of the seat it. It almost looks like from a distance first glance it almost looks like carbon fiber but. That's a that's a really cool, nice, firm. Good. Seat I like it side. Impact, airbags they're, inside, the seat side, airbags they're, in the back the, course I would imagine that you're gonna have side, impact, airbags right. There in the front, to. Keep it nice and safe yeah the front seat is really really nice I can feel the I can, feel the bolsters they're on my sides I can feel them a little bit on my shoulders but I'm holding this you, know camera stabilizer, thing but, it, feels, really good it's nice and comfy if you were much. Bigger than me I'm kind of skinny then. You, would actually fill the. Bolstering more than, I do right now because I can kind of feel it on both sides but it. Actually, is really nice it's, gonna be supportive, when you're throwing this thing in and around curves now to start it up as long as you have the key fob on your person put, your foot on the clutch, foot. On the brake. Tap. The start button. She. Fires right up I love, that intro you see the little lights and all that stuff steering, wheel audio controls are, over here on the left, you, also have bluetooth, voice. Commands, and then. You have enter and the, up-and-down multi-directional. Keypad. And then, on the right side of the steering wheel you have your cruise control, nice. Little stalk there for your windshield, wipers and then, of course your turn signal stalk over here on the left and it does have that cool little three blink Lane, changing feature, tap, it once and. It'll, blink, three, times either. Way to. Let you change lanes that. Way you don't risk leaving your signal, on riding. Down the highway also. Whenever I just tapped, it up to the right check out the screen how it transitions, over into. The lane, view system you. See that so. You can press that so, you can see exactly what's. In that right, lane that is so good for, removing, the blind spot when you're trying to change lanes, over.

To The right over, on the left side here you see traction, control, off that's, where you can disable. Your traction control you have that kind, of carbon-fiber, composite. Look on that, trim there underneath, your air vent and I like that look all about the - it's. On several portions of the - that's, that's got a pretty. Cool. Slick. Look there but, your gauges right here are typical Honda, you've got a big big tachometer. And your, digital speedometer. There in the middle we're, gonna use this multi directional keypad. And we're gonna press it down so, there's audio and it's, gonna go through all the different audio modes I really like this feature here called brake hold when you press brake hold, this. Icon, right here is on the dash on the right side and it says hold underneath, it that means it's holding the brake for me so I don't have to keep my foot on the clutch or anything I can just put it in neutral keep them and when, I come to a complete stop this will automatically, engage and, hold, the brake for me until the light turns green or whatever I need to do and then you've got your parking, brake right here and so, whenever you pull. It up it will. Apply the, brake and then, when you push it down it, will deactivate. The brake and, here's your backup camera, reverse is located, in my opinion, where it's supposed to be to. The far. Right moves. With, the steering wheel and you can see that I just put, those lines right, inside the I'm a little bit off but you can put the lines right inside the space, there and boot you're in there straight you've, got a kind, of a big wide, view, a. Better, view which I like and then a straight, down view so, you can see exactly where you are in conjunction, with this. Sidewalk, now. Let's take a look at the infotainment. System, one of the very first things that I need to address about, this touchscreen. System is the, fact that Honda does not have. A volume, knob, and, you see that it's not actually. It's. I'm. Trying to cut it down I swear. So. You you got to be pretty sighs precise. You can see what just happened there so, technically, you can move it up and down we'll try to do that. Not, working very well there or, you can do that. So. That's. That's. Kind of a source. Of. Contention. Amongst. Honda. People they want their volume, button back you can see here it says low, in the upper corners, of the, touchscreen and that's our climate, system so. You can move, that around and, it, will actually change the temperature one of the other things is that the response, time, of the system is not the fastest, and, that's you know that's okay you just kind of got, to get used to it. When. You press audio you can see all of the different things that come up I like how you have you. Can see right here it has the. Different radio settings, 7 8 9 10 11 12 and you can press that and it'll go to 1 through 6 but I like how you actually, have a little bit of a. Title. There of what. Is exactly. Inside, of that number, 1. Through 12 so, you can see my, number very, quickly, what. Is on that, memorized, station, then, you can push that screen up and it, will show you all of your presets, or. It'll show right, now XM. Radio by category. By. Channel, and, by. Preset. Then. I can use these arrows to go up, and down within those settings or I can hit that little pointed, portion, and it'll drop the screen down and give me specifics. About the, actual, channel that it's on right now I can, go back home and. I. Can press info, and, this. Is going to be trip. Information. Voice. O'clock all that trip. History, current, Drive not.

Really Going that far. Hondalink. That, is a subscription-based. Service phone, I want, to focus on settings. Let's. Go vehicle, here. TPMS. Is tire pressure monitor, system, calibration meter. Setup keyless. Access setup. So, this is actually, where you can change, all kinds of different. Things about your key, so remember, when I showed you how the key fob works that it unlocked all the doors when I approached, it there, it is, we. Can hit back and go back there. And. I'm not gonna change anything, about the current drivers settings, because he. Has it set up specifically, how he wants. It I love all the lighting setup so. This is how you can change all kinds, of different things even about the lights auto, light, sensitivity, it has automatic. Headlights, that cut on whenever, it starts to get dark well that's based on a sensor, that's in the front of the vehicle and I can adjust that sensitivity, right there so, that the headlights, cut on sooner, or later according. To what. I have set here that's. Really cool, auto. Interior. Illumination. Sensitivity. Man, that's that's pretty. Technically. Cool. Can. You see what I'm talking about about the touch sensitive that screen. It's it's you, you got to kind of get used to it and what, I think I need, to do is just maybe press, it down for, a little longer so you, probably have greater accuracy. If you push and hold for just a second. Auto. Headlight, on with wiper ohms so when, your wipers cut on your, headlights will automatically, come on that's. Pretty cool so this essentially, allows you to, really configure. The Civic according, to very. Very specific, things that you want to do look. At all the different audio, sources, that you have, am/fm. Of course Sirius. USB. Bluetooth, iPod, Pandora, and, you. Have a calculator. That's. Just cool then. You've got a little little big guys sticking up right here and you, can press that and that's to be able to control the brightness of your, screen. Climate. Control system a couple of big knobs right there you're gonna push Auto right there if you want to set the auto system, at. A certain temperature you can press Auto and then, you can adjust it to whatever temperature, you want to adjust it to and so, right now I just adjusted. It to 72. So, with Auto enabled. It's gonna maintain the cabin temperature at 72, degrees this is a feature that I use all the time I just put my car on auto and I'll let it do the rest it just maintains that, cabin temperature I don't have to mess with it really nice on, and off recirculate. Front, defrost rear defrost, in there side, mirror defrost that's really nice three. Level heated, seat controls high. Medium. Load off and, then. Sync it does. Have dual, zone climate control, that's, really really nice so. The passenger. Can control their side you, see this cable sticking out right here this. Is a lightning cable for an iPhone, and right. There and so, what you can do is actually you can kind of feed the, iPhone, cable or your Android, device cable, down, here, and it's. Gonna feed. It down into a hole and, you. Actually have room for a really big device, right here so, this is gonna fit pretty much anything and then right there is where, that goes to so you can see the cable here and then it goes to a USB port here and then. You've got of course a power outlet, that's, the lighter adapter all right there cup holders nice, little configuration. Here you can actually slide, that out of the way that is so cool and that's gonna be for a big big cup so if you have a gigantic. Massive. Cup okay. Everybody that's, gonna do it for our look at the 2018. Honda. Civic Si, let. Me know what you think in the, comments section below I would love to hear from you also if you enjoyed the video make. Sure you hit that subscribe button and, share, this with your friends who you think might. Enjoy the video as much as you did I would, love an opportunity to connect, with you on facebook. How, to car, guy Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

And He'll, to carga calm. Also. The most important. Thing in the whole wide world, have. A wonderful, day everybody.

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DIAMLER I can agree with you, initially I didn’t like the looks of the 10 gen civic but it was the sedans. I have a coupe si and I can testify these civics are the S.S. Enterprise in comparison to its predecessors that are like a Wright brothers experimental planes. I also have two eg sedans.

Do a video on the new Insight in the LX or EX trim when it comes out

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The factory ECU programs throttle closures between shifts and also limits boost between gears so not only do you feel a "pause" between shifts from the slight throttle closure by shifting at redline, your boost is limited before being allowed to come back with full force. The wastegate is electronic and highly accurate. Boost is programmed to come online at 3000rpm....it will allow boost to build before that but its bled off until 3000 where the ECU allows for max psi to come online. Anyone looking to get the full monty can order a Ktuner unit which eliminates the throttle closure, rev hang and increases the boost targets. Easily adds 30hp/50tq to the car and gets rid of the annoying nannies programmed from the factory. Much better feel while driving and much faster. From the factory it has more like 230hp/240tq. The "rating" is artificially low as real world dynos have shown nearly 195whp/210tq at the wheels.

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There's only one best car under $30 K, let alone under $25K for a sporty daily driver, and this is it. WRX i's really over $30K with any options at all. The SI comes loaded. The Elantra Sport? Nice try, but no thank you. And yes my '17 SI looks just like this video. No regrets.

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