2018-08-13 Question Period

2018-08-13 Question Period

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It's now time for oral questions the, leader of Her Majesty's, loyal opposition I. Asked. My first question I just want to say on behalf of Ontario's, New Democrats and I'm sure all members of the house our, house hearts, go out to the to police officers and, the to civilians, who, were killed in New Brunswick it. Is a terrible terrible tragedy and I'm sure they're their whole province as well as their community is suffering greatly so our hearts go out to them Speaker. My first questions for the premier in. Less than a day over, 1,600. People made, calls to the Municipal, Affairs Minister. And to conservative MPs they were telling the, premier to stop, his undemocratic. Election, meddling will, the premier listen to them speaker. Finger. Well. Mr. speaker day. After day we come down here in the leader opposition. Wants. To constantly, talk about spending, more money, adding. More politicians. And adding more politicians, with any car without any consultation, they, they, wanted to go from 44, up to 47. We, consulted, the people and on June the 7th they spoke loud and clear, they spoke loud and clear they want us to reduce the size and cost of government it's. Ironic that the leader of the Opposition, has not come down here once to. Say I want, to reduce Hydra, rates I want to create good-paying jobs, I want to lower, gas rates, all. The, leader the opposition, wants to do is get more politicians. Do the bidding for her downtown. And, EB bouncers, Joe, Cressy Mike, Layton, and the and, the rest of the cronies, downtown. Speaker. The premiere did not run, on an, election platform to, meddle in democratic. Elections he. Did not run, on a plan to meddle in democratic. Elections and that's it the worrisome, thing is that, he doesn't believe that people's, rights to vote for, their representatives. Should be protected, and I do think that they should be protected, speaker. People. Certainly did and they deserve to have the opportunity, to vote for their elected representatives, it's not a single member of his caucus actually. Ran on a plan to meddle, in democratic, elections the, people of Ontario are, telling, him clearly to, stop, election. Meddling. Will be. Mr.. Speaker we ran on reducing, the size and cost of government we. Ran. On making sure respected. The taxpayers, and last. Time I did a little count in the City of Toronto, we won 11 seats half, and actually. If you added up all the votes. More, votes than the Liberals and NDP, combined, my. Friends, actually we. Ran we, ran on making sure that. We saved the taxpayers money, everyone. Knows everyone. Knows that the City of Toronto that, it's, dysfunctional. Nothing. Gets done the, Scarborough subway. Has been up for vote eight different. Times has changed mr.. Speaker there's, absolute, gridlock on, their streets and there's gridlock at, City Hall. Violet. Supplementary. While. Speaker will send the real facts, over to the premier around the voting, that happened, in the downtown Toronto area but look despite the premiers shutting. Out of the people of Ontario, by, not allowing committee. Hearings on bill five people. Filled the lawns of Queens Park telling, the premier to stop election, meddling in a single day more than 1600, calls were, made telling, the premier to stop interfering, will the premier respect, the people of Ontario and, pull, bill five or will he behave like a dictator, by using undemocratic. Legend. You. Hear what he said. Put, your question please or will he behave so. Inappropriately. As people have been criticizing him, of doing so for the last number of weeks by, using undemocratic. Legislation, to settle personal beefs and go, after his political foes. Mr, Speaker we can sit here and debate on how we can increase taxes, as, the NDP, want to do we, can increase more politicians. As the NDP, wants. To do increase. The gas prices, as, members, of our party want the highest gas prices in.

North America, the highest carbon taxes. Our, party, is for reducing the size and cost of government reducing. Gas, prices, making, sure we eliminate, the carbon, tax the worst tax you put on any business or the people of Ontario we. Believe, in respecting, the taxpayers, here's 25, MPA, 5, MP B's and, there's going to be, 25. City. For. Asked for the next question I'm going to remind all members that it's, against the standing orders and the conventions, the traditions of this house to imputed, of and I would ask all members to observe, that rule. All. Manners next, question. Start, the clock, leader the opposition, my next question is also for the premier last. Week the minister of municipal affairs, dodged, a question about whether the premier had personally, meddled in the peel regional chair election and so I'm going to ask again did, the premier table bill five cancelling. The peel regional chair election, because he wasn't able to recruit a candidate, to run against Patrick Brown. Well. Again. Through You mr. speaker leader of the Opposition. We're, on ran on two different platforms, leader. The operate leader of the Opposition, ran on creasing, taxes, again making. Big government, rather, than come down here just once just. Once I wish I can see the leader of the Opposition, come, down here with, something that would respect the taxpayer, some cost savings. One. Of them mr.. Speaker, we've done a lot of things in politics over the years but nothing has been more popular for. The people of Toronto and outside, of Toronto, than, to make sure we reduce the size and cost of government here here now in the regions, people, don't want another layer of government they. Don't want another layer, of elected, officials even. The mayor of Mississauga wrote. Speaker. The premier did not campaign. On meddling. Or interfering. In local, elections this is about settling. Personal scores, before, tabeling. Bill five. Once. Again I will ask all the members to stop imputing, motive with. Statements, are making and on both sides of the house on, both sides of house. We. Recognize the member to clinton question against, before. Tabling bill five did the premier personally, reach out to prospective candidates. To run against Patrick brown for, peer appeal regional chair yes or no. That. Premium. Mr.. Speaker it, was unanimous. When, peel region, voted, when, Mississauga, council, voted they did not want this the, previous government, rammed it through they also ran, through an, additional. Council's. Council. Members of the City of Toronto to, make it even larger more. Just more dysfunctional, and, I can assure you I can, assure you, that. The mayor of Toronto is, quite, happy, I can guarantee of that he's, quite happy to, deal with less people he knows good governance, is not 47. People around the table he can get a lot more done, with 25, and by the way mr. speaker we're saving 25, million, dollars. One. More time remind, members we're not imputing, motive and our questions and in our responses. Start. The clock final, supplementary, speaker, there are rumors, that the premier personally, tried to recruit Charles, Sousa to run against Patrick Graham to region a chair Sousa. Did not run and it's, been instead, the premier decided. To, table the. Government side please, come to order I can't hear the leader of the Opposition I can't. Hear the leader of the Opposition. Once. Again I have to ask the leader the opposition not to impede home. Well. The leader, the opposition, please put our question, and. Instead. The premier decided, to table bill five which cancels, the election altogether, so my question, is does, this premier think it's justifiable, to table, legislation. And cancel, local elections, whenever, he can't pick the winner. Mr.. Mr., speaker leader. To the opposition. Ran, on a lot of rumors there. Is rumors actually made a mistake of five billion dollars but it wasn't a rumor. But.

It's Actual fact they can't do that. During. The election, but. Mr.. Speaker the, people voiced. Their opinion, they voiced their, opinion, on electing, seventy seventy, six members across, the province, to make sure we turn this province around we, get ourselves out, of the debt the three hundred and forty billion dollars a debt, that we're facing people, are sick and tired of paying the highest Hydra rates in North America, we're, going to change that we're reducing Hydra, rates by 12%, reducing. The gas prices by ten cents a liter and we're gonna put money back. The, house will come to order. Member. For Timmins please come to order. Government. Side will come to order. Okay. Next question, start the clock, leader the opposition speaker, speaker. My next questions also for the Premier laid on Friday. The government, ordered, a halt to previously approved overdose, prevention sites, that, the government had previously approved, the. Premier is interfering, with local, health care experts, and frontline. Workers, who have been crystal clear these, sites, save lives why, is the premier putting lives at risk. Thank. The leader. Of the Official Opposition for, the question, in fact, they concern with respect to opioids, and other overdoses. Of drugs as have met major concern, to us patient, safety is critical what. Happened last week in response to a question from your member from London was, that we extended. One clinic, to, September, 30th from the middle, of August to the end of September, which puts it in alignment with all of the other supervised. Injection sites, in Ontario, which then become. They. Closed down and less federal approval is then granted so we are putting them in a line what decide are, we going to open new sites until, we have reviewed the evidence to see what the evidence suggests no. We're not that just makes sense we're not going to put. Them into operation, in fact a decision, is going to be make not to continue on what, we want to do is make sure that. We keep those that are open open, until a decision is made or we're putting a pause. Thank. You. Speaker. People, can't get treatment if they're dead, dr.. David dr.. David journey the. Head of clinical pharmacology. And toxicology at. The University. Of Toronto has said this and I quote these. Places save lives connect. People to addictions, care reduce. The spread of HIV and, hepatitis C and, save. The health system, money save the house system money we. Need more of these sites not fewer how, much more evidence does, this premier, and his Health, Minister need and how many people will they let die until, they're satisfied. Well. The fact remains there, are a number of these clinics, that are already open the ones that are not being opened in, Thunder. Bay st. Catharines and Toronto, will, have to wait until the review is done because there is evidence on both sides we, need to make sure that we review, all of the evidence to understand, what, has happened in water is what is happening that is saving. Lives what else can we do to save more, lives are there other examples that we should be looking at besides supervised, injection clinics, patient. Safety is important, to every single member of this house and we want to make sure that if we do go ahead with more supervised, injection sites, that, we're doing it in using the best possible evidence, and the best possible practice. Mr.. Speaker my question today is for the Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services.

Speaker. Our government, for, the people campaign, on a promise, to improve public, safety in. This province and provide the brave men and women of our Police Services with the resources they need to perform the duties safely, and effectively. Tackling. Gun violence, and gang violence requires, that men and women of our police services are listened to and that, they receive the tools and resources we. Committed to providing them to. The minister how, will the new funding, being provided to our Police Services help tackle the, problem, of gang and gun, violence. Thank. You mr. speaker and thank you to the member from Etobicoke lakeshore, for her question this morning, first. Of all mr. speaker, safety. Is of paramount concern, to our government, recently. We announced 25. Million, dollars in new funding to, support the Toronto Police Service in its efforts to combat gun, violence disrupt. Gun activity. And crack, down on the trafficking, of illegal guns, in the City of Toronto too. Many people mr. speaker and too, many neighbourhoods, are living. In fear of gang and gun violence mr.. Speaker our government. Is listening, to police and investing real money to, help them, keep. Their communities, safe from. Gun and gang violence this. Problem is bigger than just Toronto, mr. speaker organized. Crime response, that starts in Toronto, ends up, spilling over into other communities, time. For talk is over it's time for action. Talk. Restart. The clock supplementary. Question I would, like to thank the Minister for his response to this incredibly, important, topic not just the people of a Tobal collection but the people all across this province, this. Announcement of additional funding for the Toronto Police Service, is needed, to address the problem of gun and gang-related, violence in Ontario, and especially, within the city of Toronto, mr.. Speaker the brave men and women of our police services desperately, need the necessary tools, and resources to address, gun violence and I know the Minister will continue to deliver on these government's, commitments, to ensure public safety across our great province, again. To the Minister what, actions, will your ministry be taking to ensure that the streets of Toronto and all, of Ontario's, communities remain, safe Minister. Her. Question. Mr.. Speaker our government, is taking the necessary steps, to help combat gun, and gang-related, violence, so, we can restore public, confidence in, our police services, and ensure. Our streets, and communities. Are safe mr.. Speaker tackling, gun and gang-related violence, requires. The brave men and women of our police services, to have access, to, innovative investigation. Tools and technologies. This. New funding, will provide our police with cutting-edge digital. Investigative.

And Analytical. Tools that. Our police need to fight the guns and gangs in, 2018. Mr. Speaker I have stated, before in this legislature, that the status quo has failed and we, are the only party in this house that, is prepared, and remains, committed while, doing something about it. Promises. Made. Next. Question, the member for Toronto Danforth Thank, You speakers speaker my question for the Minister of Finance not. Once during, the campaign, that the Premier come forward, and detail. Is planned to slash Toronto, City Council and cancel. Regional, chair elections, nobody. Heard, it during the campaign from, the premier or any, candidate, this. Is this this, is a decision, that was arrived back quickly, with, no consultation, in a back room, the. Government claims that the premier consulted, people on this policy can. The minister confirm, whether or not the premier consulted. With any former, members, of this house about, regional, chair elections. Housing. Minister invisible Affairs in housing thanks, very much speaker before I address. The question for Toronto Danforth, want, to recognize him the public gallery a great parliamentarian. The Honorable Peter van Lowe and welcome. Speaker. I'm very pleased. To take the question, as I've, stated in this house many. Many times the premier, consulted. Tens, of thousands. Of Ontarians. And Torontonians. During, the election our government, was, brought to this house with a clear mandate Christmas. The, size, and cost, of government and, that's exactly, what. We're doing in regards, to Toronto. City Council we believe that, having 25. MPs. And 25. MPPs, and again, having that same electoral, district for the 25 city councillors, is a good thing that's exactly, what's in bill five speech. Thank, You speaker well I'm surprised, Minister, of Finance wouldn't, answer a question, but, I'm gonna try it again before. This piece of policy suddenly, appeared in the house there, were reports, that the Premier's people were trying to get someone anyone. To run against Patrick Brown who by the way wasn't running in Toronto is. The Minister where if the premier, or his inner circle attempted, to recruit Charles, Sousa to run for Peel Region chair, against, Patrick Brown. Speaker. I do. This on Thursday. I want to correct my record, from. Thursday in response, to a question. From the member for trauma danforth I use, the word ten, percent I meant. To say ten cents leader. On. Gas prices so I want to correct my record the speaker, in the chair, at the time on Thursday afternoon, wouldn't allow me to correct the record however. I think our record was. We were straight with Ontarians. You, know again. Reducing. The size and cost of government is, exactly. What we're doing with bill five we, believe again that having, the, same electoral district, which federal, MPs, the twenty five of them represent. That, jurisdiction. In the City of Toronto it's the same electoral. District, that we on this side and on that side of those preposition of Gondor there's no reason, risk a lot twenty five city councillors cannot, represent, the.

Same Electoral, district, the opposition, the NDP. Thank. You. Next, question the, member for Oakville thank. You Thank You mr. speaker. My. Question is for the Minister, of Community Safety and Correctional Services. Speaker. Gun violence, remains a concern for many Ontarians, during. This election mr., speaker our government, for. The people remain committed to providing the brave men and women of our provinces, police services with the resources, and tools, they need to perform their jobs safely. And effectively in order to restore public, safety within, our communities, mr.. Speaker our government. For the people remains committed to ensuring, that our police services, are listened to and were, able to restore, and enhance, public, safety throughout this great province, speaker. Will the Minister please explain to the members of this legislature, what, actions, his ministry is taking in order to ensure we tackle this problem of gang, and gun related violence Minister. And. I thank the member from Oakville for his question, this morning as well mr.. Speaker during the election, campaign our. Government, for the people promised, to restore the twelve million in funding, that the previous Liberal government cut from the fight against, gang and gun related violence, within the province our government. For the people has, not only kept its promise, but we have doubled, our commitment. This. New 25, million, is not only the vital first steps towards, tackling, gun and gang violence in this province but. It will ensure that our police. Services. Are provided with the necessary tools, and resources that, we will have committed, to, providing for. Them to do their work with, this new funding, seeker. We will ensure that all Ontarians. Are able to feel safe and secure with, their own communities, gun, violence is a menace to our communities, and will, never be tolerated by this government, take, supplementary. Questions. Thank. You speaker I would like to thank the Minister for his response with. The most recent announcement by our government for the people I am certain we can effectively tackle, the issue of gun and gang-related violence in this province our, government. For the people is listening to the brave men and women of our, police services who deserve to have their necessary tools and resources. To perform their duty safely, with. The recent announcement of the new funding to our Police Services I am proud to stand here knowing. Our government has kept another one of its provinces for the people again. To the minister how, will this new funding allow our government to tackle the problem of gang, and gun related violence. Gained, for his question prior. To announcing our government's, new investment, of 25 million dollars and our police services, we, consulted, with the Toronto Police Service, including Chiefs, mark Saunders on how, best to invest, the money to make a substantial, improvement to. Public Safety we. Believe that our community, safety partners know. Where the resources are needed and know, how best to utilize them over, the coming weeks I will continue to meet with our Community Safety partners, to ensure that we're able to identify the, best possible.

Strategies, To, combat gun, and gang-related, violence, within, this great province. Ontarians. Deserve, to feel confident, in their own safety and the safety, of their families too. Many Ontarians, and too many communities, live in fear of gang, and gun violence our government. Is listening and we, will continue, to take real action. To keep our neighborhood safe. Thank. You mr. speaker my, question is for the premier school. Starts, across this province in just a few weeks does. The premier believe that kids should learn about consent, same-sex. Families and, cyber-bullying. Speaker. Back through you to the member opposite, I appreciate. The question and I again, have. Every, assurance that, teachers, are going to be being. Very, responsible. And, utilized. In the curriculum last, used, in 2014. To, put students. On the proper path and, in addition, to that in tandem, while teachers are utilizing, curriculum. Last year's in 2014, we're, going to be focusing, in on other, promises. And focuses, of our campaign, we, are committed, to improving math, scores, we, are improving and, addressing. Egao. And, speaker, I must say we need to remind it's, a new week so I'll remind the party opposite, in opposition, that, even their former. Deputy. Leader said. Well, hearings need to be respected, and that's a promise that we're going to keep thank, you very much. Supplementary. Mr. speaker, this. Really shouldn't be so difficult this should not be so difficult it's a pretty straightforward, question that. I asked of the premier the premier, is sending a message to young people that making, Charles McFadden, and Tanagra, McGowan, happy is more important. Than their safety, and health exactly, this is pandering. It's, disgusting. And it is potentially dangerous. While, the per will the premier stop pandering. To conservative. Radicals, and ensure young, people. A. And. Have, the tools they need to be safe in, our province thank, you. Utilizing. The curriculum last used in 2014. And they're, going to get it right for the school board I. Heared. The members from Waterloo, maybe, she should read the Kitchener Waterloo record, from last week, where even the, former Liberal House leader John, Malloy said, that, the, Liberal Party did, not get the curriculum, rate in 2015. The. House will come to order please. The, house will come to order please. Start. The clock next, question the member for Scarborough guild would you, speaker, mr. speaker my question is to the premier this. Government, inherited, from the Liberals and economy, in Ontario. The. Last liberal, government. Top. Five. Government. Side will come to order. The, member for Scarborough, Guildwood has a right to ask a question just like any other member of this house. And. The, speaker needs to be able to hear the member for Scarborough Guildwood I would. Ask the government side again to please respect that. Start. The clock remember, for Scarborough Guildwood the, last level government left Ontario, with unemployment at, a 20-year. Historic, low just. In July the number, is now at five point, five percent at. A time when Ontario, Order doing, economically. Well why. Is this, government taking, us backwards at, high speed, and cancelling. Programs, like, the basic income pilot, and the planned increases. To social, assistance, mr.. Speaker, a stable. Social, safety net is essential. To, safe, healthy. And strong, neighborhoods. Don't, you think that, this is the time to, invest, and not, to make cuts in people's lives Premier. Could, you live on, seven, hundred and twenty one dollars a month. Craner. Mr, Speaker I wasn't too sure where the member was going to cover so many different ministries but, I'll tell the people of Ontario what, we inherited we inherited, the highest debt and sub-national vet, in the entire world. Oh. North. America. We, inherited, scandal, after scandal after, scandal. We, inherited. People losing. 300,000. Manufacturing, jobs right, here in Ontario, we, inherited, a financial, mess that we had to get an inquiry going, we're, doing a line item by line item audit, to find out who's, getting, rich off the taxpayers, money. The government side will come to order. The. Government side will please come to order. Start. The clock supplementary. Question, speaker. Again to the premier, my question, is relating. To the people of Ontario there. Are, 4000, people participating. In the basic income pilot, in my ride and in my riding of Scarborough Guildwood. 38,000. People live on O W and ODSP. Daily. I am, asking, this premier, to, look at, Alanna party.

And Cody in the eye and say you. Don't deserve an education, you, don't deserve, proper. Nutrition you don't deserve to have you, deserve, in fact to, have your kids taken away from you because, you, can't, afford to. Make the rent you are jumping, on. Board short. I met. With, Hardy Cody and Alanna who, are devastated. By this government's. Callous. Mean-spirited. Decision, to kill the basic income pilot, and to cut Oh W. And ODSP supports. This, hurts, the 38,000. People in my riding who rely on these supports, each and, every day the. Ford government, says that the best solution, is a job, so. Through, you speaker, will, this premier, commit today to saving. The $400. Basic, income supports. Exemption. For, people on ODSP, at Oh W and keep, this incentive, in place, for, people thank you. Creamier. Sound. The one hand clapping through, you mr. speaker, I'll tell the member from Scarborough Guildwood what the people of Scarborough want they. Want a three, stop subway. Remember. The member. From Scarborough Gill wood was, a big streetcar, champion. The election started, jumped, over the subways back to the streetcars, the, member, of Scarborough, Guildwood scraped. Through the election with, 60, votes the win, barely, scraped through but, I'll tell you what, the government, gave us what the people of Scarborough Guildwood gave us and the, people of Ontario gave, us they, gave us a majority. The, house will come to order. Remember. For Peter or for. My. Questions for the Minister of Environment conservation. And parks in, a recent National Post article, the question was posed, why. Our carbon, tax is so unpopular. Surveys. From around the world outlining, the top five reasons why carbon, tax has failed. Carbon. Taxes are regressive actually. Hitting the lower-income and households, the most, people. Are worried about competitiveness. And employment. Affects. People. View the high personal, cost to, high. Carbon. Taxes are believed to be ineffective in reducing, emissions they're, nothing more than the tax grab, and. Finally, most importantly they. Don't believe governments, can be trusted, the. People of Ontario feel, the same way I've, heard these concerns over and over again can. The Minister of Environment explain. What, the plan is to rebuild, that trust then help, those who've been most impacted. Mr., speaker three through you to the member from Peterborough artha, and thank you for that that question and I know you, worked very hard on behalf of your constituents, and this is an issue that all of us face in this legislature, which is the loss of trust among among, Ontarians, and that loss of trust came from a government that didn't listen our government, has, taken the time to listen that is why we were elected we. Have promised to at restore accountability, and Trust and we're doing that by putting money back in people's pockets by scrapping the cap-and-trade carbon, tax reducing. Gas prices, and helping, the job creators to employ Ontarians, in, addition, we're going to be creating jobs which, are good for families, our plan including, the 10 set gas production will create, 14,000. Jobs in Ontario, good, from Theriault families good for the economy the, elimination, of the cap and trade will eliminate billions, of dollars of costs, for families it will bring quality jobs, back to NJ by lowering the cost of competition, to, stabilizing, hydro rates and cutting the job-killing red tape speaker. Our cart the carbon tax era is over on Terror is open for business our, plan is to put people thank, you. Start. The clock supplementary, through. You mr. speaker I'd like to thank the minister for his answer it's, clear that this government has the people in mind and understands. What actions need to be taken in order to rebuild the trust that. The people of this province lost, over the last 15 years, this. Government has kept more promises. In the last month than, the previous Liberal government, did in the, last 10 years. With. The continuous, slip-ups by the Federal, Minister of Environment it. Appears there's uncertainty toward.

The Approach of the federal government on the carbon tax, people. Are concerned that they will in turn invoke. Attacks that will replace the one that our government. Is clearly, fighting so strongly to eliminate. Can. The minister assure, Ontario, residents that. We'll do everything in our power to ensure the federal government, is, not able to impose this carbon tax on. Mr.. Speaker through you to the member the answer the short answer is yes we have committed to take every, step possible to, use all the means at our disposal to fight the Trudeau carbon tax we, didn't get elected by Ontarians, to eliminate, the, last Liberal government's carbon tax which was killing jobs and bad for families just to have the federal government impose, it so yes, to the member we are taking every step possible my, colleague the Attorney General as you know is is. Following this through the courts and we will continue to fight in the interests of Ontario families, we did not get. Elected, we did not put one of our first bills in the legislature, to eliminate the cap-and-trade carbon tax just to have another one imposed no four. Stop. The clock. Start. The clock next question the member for Spadina. Fort York Thank, You mr. speaker. My question is for the premier increased. Gun violence in the GTA has devastated, families and shaken our communities, in, the wake of the horrific shooting, on the Danforth last, month Toronto. City Council has taken action bringing forward a motion to ban handguns in, the city it. Is obvious that in a city of 2.8, million people these are the types of measures we need to consider as, legislators. To protect our communities, but, the Premier's, refusal, to even consider this policy, is astonishing, and it shows a lack of leadership why, does the Premier can refuse, to consider a policy, that could save lives. Yes. Thank you mr. speaker and thank you for the question, as. We've said and as we've always said the. Safety of the public is a paramount, concern, to, this government our. Concern, must, be to, ensure guns, do not get into the hands of criminals gun. Violence has no place in Ontario, and these, brazen, indiscriminate. Acts have, to stop mr.. Speaker illegal, guns crossed, the border into our province, every single, day this, needs to stop as well we. Will look to work with the federal government to ensure that sentencing, is tougher. For. Criminals who have committed these acts and ensure, the bail system is doing its job to, keep our community safe.

We. Also remain committed to providing our frontline officers with, the tools and resources they need, so desperately. To do their jobs that, is our commitment and that is what we intend, to do thank you. Mr.. Speaker last week community, members from the zero gun violence movement came, to Queens Park and many of them have, lost children and, loved ones to gun violence and they know that, poverty, is the root cause of this issue in their communities, yet, the Premier's slashed social, assistance, increases, cut 330, million dollars in annual mental, health funding and squash the basic income pilot pushing. Vulnerable, people order, on the government side to poverty. Will. The premier, show. Real leadership in addressing, the, root causes, of gun, violence. Mr.. Speaker as we've stated over and over again gun. Violence has no, place in Toronto or, anywhere. Else in the province of Ontario, gun. Violence destroys, lives and is a menace to our communities. With. The rise in gun violence on our streets it's clear that the strategies, that have been used up to date have, not worked we. Remain committed to our police services, across the province and to, provide our officers, with the tools they need to do their jobs in addition. To that as part of our strategy we. Will be continuing, our consultations. With, communities. To, determine what, other tools are needed we, understand, that, the root cause of, gun, violence is more than, just the use of guns on the street and those, are the issues that will be addressed through. An integrated, applause through our health through. Our housing, and through, the other ministries. As we develop, my total, strategy, thank, you. Next. Question the member for Scarborough Agincourt, good morning the speaker. My. Question is to minister of municipal affairs, and Housing, Minister. Premier. For the spot mm, of Ontario's, in Toronto, and right across the province during, the recent provincial. Campaign, they. Told him they were sick and tired of big government that waste their tax dollars, and fails to fix the problems, in their day-to-day lives. Our. Broad consultation. Gives us confidence, we are on the right track with, our plan to reduce the size and the cost of toronto council and to, make it work for the people of this great city. Minister. Who, was consulted, on the decision, to increase the City Council to 47. Members. Thank, you Speaker I want to thank the member for Agincourt. For that excellent question, the, idea the, boundary review had tremendous. Public, support, is a myth in. The OMB appeal, expert, witness professor Andrew, Sancta noted no record was kept of the 192. People who appeared at public meetings or the, 600, who, filled out an online survey, did the same 10 people attend meetings and count. As a hundred persistent, participants. We actually don't know he. Said being charitable they, heard from 2,000 people that's. 0.1. Percent, of the, city's electors, in sanctums, words a tiny. Self-selecting. Group of engaged, citizens, and councillors. Speaker. That's. Not consultation. That's, an echo chamber. Thank. You minister. It. Helps explain how the review could have come up with the, ridiculous, recommendation. To make council bigger when, it was already dysfunctional. Certainly. It was a very surprising outcome. For Torontonians. Because for, years many people including, some councillors, try. To cut the size of council, in half but. Like the NDP. Councillors. Who love big government always, voted, to put their interests ahead of creating. A smaller more effective, Council hear hear Minister. Can. You tell us how the. Lack of public participation, affected. The outcome of the boundary review. That. Question, with so few, public. Members being involved, the, loudest voices during, the boundary review, with the incumbent councillors, the, result said Professor sanctum is the, interest, the, consultants, ended, up advancing, were those of incumbent, councillors, and not, the public interest he concluded, there's absolutely. No, evidence a broad, public, support for a larger Council when you speak to politicians. You get bigger, government but, when you speak to real people like, premier, for did you understand, that they want a smaller more, effective government that, puts people first and, that's, exactly what, we're doing with bill five the, better. Start. The clock, the, member for Brampton East mr.. Speaker my question is for the premier auto. Insurance, postal, code discrimination. Is a shameful. Practice that is hurting Ontario, drivers and, the last year alone my, community, of Brampton has seen premiums, increase, at a rate that is nearly five times higher, than, the provincial average will. The premier today in this, house commit. To ending the, unjust, practice, opposed to code discrimination. And if so when. Can, Ontarians, expect this change to happen. Thank. You very much and I want to thank the member for the question that.

Speaker, There are nearly ten million drivers, in Ontario, who expect this, province, to do everything, we can to load to, lower auto insurance, rates and make, travel, more affordable, but, speaker the what. We know so far is, that the, deal the official opposition, brokered. With the Liberals on auto insurance, has, been an abject, failure. Rates. Are nowhere near. Nowhere. Near the 15%, reduction that, was promised, by the Liberals, in a deal brokered by, the NDP, in nothing, more than, a photo-op speaker, absolutely. Nothing, more than, a photo of drug meanwhile, speaker. We will continue, to work with the industry, and the regulators, to do everything we can to in lower to lower insurance in. A responsible. Manner Thank, You speaker. Mr.. Speaker. I am. Frankly, shocked, by, this answer I expected this, being easy answer, from the premier just. Four days ago the, premier, Toller members. Of the Punjabi, media, that, they would expect to see postal. Code discrimination, ended before, Christmas. Why. Is the premier, immediately. Breaking. His promise I put in the interest of private, auto insurance, companies, I hire the people of material. Thank, you again, once again speaker. The official. Opposition, now. Has, absolutely. Nothing, whatsoever to, show for that politically, motivated deal, that they made except. For the fact that Ontario, drivers are, continuing. To pay the amount which. Which is amongst the highest premiums. In Canada. Speaker, quite frankly, the, NDP, should be absolutely. Ashamed, that, they got. Absolute. Photo-op, back in that day speaker, auto insurance, rates are, indeed linked, to claim costs, speaker, in, a deal that once, again only, exists, because of this brokered. Deal so, speaker we will continue, to work we, will continue to work on industry, and regulators to do everything, we can to make, a real difference. In auto sure and so rates not another photo op. Next, question, the number for Carlton, key, mr. speaker my. Question is for the Minister of Tourism culture, and, sport mr.. Speaker last, week I was shocked to read that the City of Victoria intended. To take down a statue of Sir John a McDonald. These. Attempts, to erase parts, of our history do nothing, to educate, people and our only political, correctness, run amok, can. The Minister inform the, house what our government, intends to do to preserve Johnny, MacDonald's. Legacy and encourage, a more fulsome teaching. Of Canadian, history. Thank. You to a member from Carlton for a question it's an important, one sir. Johnny MacDonald plays a central role in our national, story he did more to found, our nation, than any other father. Here. Today without Sir John a that's why our government wrote to the mayor of Victoria, to say we'd be happy, to give Sir John a a new, home here in Ontario. Depart this chamber, the first portrait. You see is of course the fathers of Confederation and. A statue of, our first Prime Minister stands, proudly, the southern, end of the grounds of Queens Parliament, history, matters and, we, need to acknowledge the important, role sir Johnny McDonald, played in Canada and Ontario's, history. Mr.. Speaker, back to the minister I thank. The Minister for her answer. 1867. Was a different, time and we should not judge our founding fathers solely, on the knowledge we possess today, as. The famous saying goes those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it to. Quote Minister, Smith's letter he, says that. We should be treating, Johnny, MacDonald's, legacy as a better way to, learn our own history. Can. The minister tell, the house how bringing the statue of Johnny McDonald to Ontario, would, help Ontarians. With our complicated. History. Again. Through the speaker thank you to the member for her question there's, no denying, that Sudanese, rule in our history is a cause for much discussion, because. History, is complicated, people. Are complicated. But, there is no doubt that 125. Years ago after his death, our first, Prime Minister stands. Is an important, Canadian. Within the creation of our country, we encourage, Ontarians, to learn maragon our first Prime Minister by visiting, statues, like the. Site. Cited, throughout Ontario, including. At the front of Queens Park thank, you. Never, specifically. Next. Question, start, the clock and then refer Sudberry, speaker. My, questions for the premiere, Sara's. A constituent, of mine and she's worried they announced 1.5 percent, cut the social assistance when we turn us to the deprivation of the Harris years. Sara. Recalls, how as a child when the former Conservative, government cuts came her family was evicted how. They had to move onto campgrounds, and how they slept on relatives, floors. Sara. Described these cuts as cruel and unnecessary. Speaker. Sara wants to know what the premier has to say to the people who lose their homes being.

Able To eat aren't. Able to buy medication. Because of his cuts. Premier. I. Thank. The member very much for his question there's no question that, there's more that we need to do for, people who are receiving social, assistance, in Ontario, in fact, what has been done is there is a 1.5, percent increase. That's. Not the end of it there, is more work to be done the minister is already. Working on that to say she has a hundred days about 90 days now in, order to complete her review to make sure that we can provide people with the support, they need to move forward in their lives not. To sit where they are we want to make sure that people can find jobs, those, that are able to work and are able to move forward to get themselves out of poverty that is what the minister is concentrating. On that is what we want to do for the people of Ontario. Speaker. The poorest citizens of this province and many of them are able to work like you and I are we're. Expecting, the rates go up by three percent this year. 1.5. Percent is less than that by half, since. I suspect the extended consultation, we'll see is only whatever's, been discussed at the cabinet table with. The premier tell Ontario's today but, further cuts on the backs of socialist system recipients, are already planned. All. People receiving social assistance those people who are temporarily, out of work and those people who are not going to be able to work because of their disabilities, we, want to make sure that, we can help them move forward the, 1.5, percent, increase, that is happening, is helping. People is it, all that we intend to do no our, government, is people wants to make sure that we can help everywhere. While. The guaranteed. Income pilot, was a pilot, and evidence. Indicated, that it wasn't working and, it was only for a very small number of people we want to make sure that everyone. Who needs assistance, in the province of Ontario is going to do it that is why the Minister is undergoing, a thorough consultation to, make sure that we get it right and we can help people move forward and get a job which is the best social. Vexy, the member for favors Thank You mr. speaker my question is for the Attorney General On June, 7th the people of Ontario elected, a government for the people that promised, to deliver tax, relief for families and small, businesses, the. Commitment was simple but important, put an end to the cap-and-trade scheme and fight, the costly federal carbon tax I'm pleased, to see that this government have already begun to take steps to achieve that with. The introduction of bill for the cap-and-trade cancellation, Act the. Premier's announcement, that Ontario will be participating in Saskatchewan, challenge of the, federal carbon tax in the Saskatchewan Court, of Appeal and that, our government will be launching its own challenge, and the Ontario Court of Appeal well. We know that the Trudeau Liberals carbon tax will drive up the cost of goods and services Ontario's. Rely on every day some. I've wondered about the rationale participating, in two challenges, mr.. Speaker can, the Attorney General highlights, how challenging the, federal carbon tax will make a real difference in, the lives of Ontarians.

Thank. You mr. speaker and thank you to the member from, Cambridge for her question our, government, did campaign, on a promise, to the people that we would work hard to put money back in taxpayers, pockets, reduce, the price of gas by 10 cents a litre and bring real tax relief to families and challenging. The federal carbon, tax is one, of the ways we are keeping the promise and standing, up for the hard-working people of Ontario On June. 7th the people the voice of the people rang out loud and clear across, this province over, the past 15, years the, cost of living has become too high and too many, people were struggling to keep up with paying their bills mr. speaker they want to change and a government that could deliver it and that's, why we are here today on this side of the house with, a mandate to challenge the costly federal, carbon tax in court Mr, Speaker we made a promise and today I'm proud to say we are keeping that promise. Thank. The Attorney General for that answer I know in my writing too many people have struggled with the high costs, brought on by the previous governments misguided. Policies, it's. Reassuring to know that this government is taking swift action, to bring relief to Ontarians. And making, life more affordable once again I know. The federal government recently announced that they have scaled, back on the scope of their plans with regards to federal carbon tax a move, that can be understood as AG knowledge meant that this tax is overly. Burdensome, and will, not achieve environmental, objectives, mr.. Speaker can the Attorney General outline, what this means for the Ontario government strategy, moving forward and if, this changes anything with, respect to the provinces, challenge in the Ontario Court of Appeal. Response. The Attorney General. Mr.. Speaker through you I'm happy to respond to the members follow-up question, as I said our government. Was given a clear mandate to stand up for hard-working Ontarians, and to oppose the costly federal, carbon tax which. Is why our government remains. Committed to challenge. The constitutionality of, the federal greenhouse, gas pollution pricing, Act while, the federal government has announced upcoming, changes to the Act that will scale back at scope, Ontario's. Position. Is that this act imposes an unconstitutional. Tax on Ontarians, Ontarians, and is outside of federal jurisdiction. Our. Government, knows that a strategy on climate, change is important. But we also know that we can be good environmental, stewards, without digging into people's pockets, mr.. Speaker our government. Stands firm in its commitment to use all available resources to challenge, the federal carbon, tax I have, full confidence in, the soundness of our legal position but, it is ultimately up to the courts to decide the, ocean. Start. The clock next. Question the member from risky G would James, be. Monsieur. Mr.. Speaker my question is for the premier. Jaguar, games B have. Been struggling with the Northland bus service, that. Just aren't good enough for, one, of my constituents. Recent. Change to the bus means. A 26. Hour bus trip to get from Bari to Kapuskasing. It. Now takes two, days for. Those travelling from Sudbury, which, only takes six hours a drive. Away, because. Of the lack of coordination would, transfer, this. Is unfair and just. Not good enough what. Does is what does this government, have to say to, my constituents, who, have settled, for second class bus, service, for far too long. Transportation. Well. Thank you very much speaker, and thank you to the member for his question. The. Challenge, of transportation. In remote, areas is not a new one but it's, one that we take very seriously, when.

We See situations where people are not, getting to the destinations. That they require is of, a great concern to us I'm. Along. With the minister, of Northern development of Mines and Ontario. Northland we're continuing, to wrestle. With the challenges, that were, faced with transportation. In remote areas it is something that we are continuously, trying, to improve we, are committed, to a better transportation. For the people of Ontario to. Ensure, that their needs are met we, recognize, there are challenges but we are we as a government we are committed to try, to face them in the best way with the weekend thank you very much, supplementary. Mr.. Speaker to the minister. Know-how. Knows how hard it is for people to move around the north where. It's due to poor maintenance of roads or, limited. Or no access to public transportation. Communities. Across the north are struggling this. Is not new first. The train to cochrane was cut. Next. Came cuts to rail. Mr.. Speaker to. The minister will, the government commit today to restore, the, Ontario Northland, er. Well. The Thank You Speaker, I thank the member for a supplementary. What. I do not think is. His party for supporting. The Liberals for the cancellation. They. Work hand in glove with, the previous, Liberal government, to deny the people, of the north the transportation. That they so badly needed and when, it was cancelled now. We're going to be hearing about that you'd be the, problems, that are, resulting. From that cancellation. But let's be perfectly clear let's be crystal clear, it was the NDP, that supported, the Liberals with the cancellation, of the Northland. For. Her I say to the member I recognize, that you're only a new member in this legislature, so you haven't been here for the history we. Are committed, to better transportation, throughout, this province but, it's not going to happen overnight, we're to undo, the damage of, a government, that granted. The. Member will take a seat. As, the former speaker used to say when the speaker stands you said. Thank. You. Start. The clock next question, remember for King bong. Thank. You mr. speaker my question is, the Minister of Municipal Affairs and, housing mr.. Speaker hard-working. Taxpaying, law-abiding. People in this province support. Our plan to do more with less and to, reduce the size of government we. Are doing what the opposition could, not conceive, doing which is putting the Public Interest over political self-interest. Minister. Through you mr. speaker can, the minister land why why, we must pass a legislation without. Delay and get, the fifth largest economy this country back on track. Thank. You again as Speaker and through you I want to thank the member, for King Bond for his tremendous. Advocacy, on this issue he's. Absolutely right bill five the, better Local Government Act does, something that I think many Ontarians. And certainly many Torontonians. Have wanted, for a long time and that's, a council. That isn't, dysfunctioning. A council, that is streamlined. That uses the same boundaries, that, federal, MPs and federal entities use so, that speaker, so, that when that election, takes place on October, 22nd. And they'll. Have a streamlined. Council, that's ready to work and make those very important. Decisions, people, in Toronto don't, want a dysfunctional, home they don't want to counsel that for, goodness sakes speaker their loss counsel, meaning took six days. Staying. Spot, council, meeting this is exactly, what bill five is going to remedy it's going to have a council, that is ready and willing, to work and to make those important, decisions on October 22nd, I again, passed, the thank. You. Thank. You minister for having the courage to fight for taxpayers, in this house. Mr.. Speaker mr., speaker the people in my riding of King Vaughan want, this legislation. Passed they want to see in. Improvement. To the efficacy of government, they want to see taxpayers save money and they want to make the largest city in this province and country accountable. Minister, could you outline how, the better Local Government Act will, improve the effectiveness of, government and enhance, accountability of, city government. For, King Vaughan having. A council. That's very clear and the citizens of Toronto will. Be very clear though they'll know who their federal MP is it's, the same boundary they they know who, their provincial, MPP, is it's the same boundary and it's gonna be very clear to them who to, call after October, 22nd, to represent them at City, Hall I think there are a tremendous amount, of Torontonians.

That Have been waiting for this for, a long long time if we left it to the NDP they're always going to stand up for, more politicians, they're always going to stand up for bigger government. Very. Distinct. Vodka to reduce the size and cost of government you, know there were no questions, for us but you know I have to say there were a few questions for, the NDP they wanted to know why didn't Andrea Horvath stand up against, the responses, veteran, element of her party why didn't Andy your whore about stand up to the ante thank, you. Question, three today point, award the member for Waterloo thank you very much mr. speaker I just wanted to welcome my high school teachers, Pat and sample AG from Harvard collegiate, visiting me here today a news partner. Speaker. I just wanted to welcome Jennifer, Yee she's, the owner operator of medical laboratories, of Windsor and this is her first visit to Queens. Park today and we welcome her. Very. Much I recognize, the government house leader in the second point about point, of order mr. speaker I believe you'll find that we have unanimous, consent for a moment of silence to honor the to Fredericton, police officers, and the two residents, of Fredericton who, were shot and killed in the gun violence, in the New Brunswick capital on Friday night, I'm. At house leaders seeking the anounced scent of the house to honor the the. Members. Please rise. And, fairs are with their families there. Being no deferred votes this, house stands in recess until one o'clock this afternoon.

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