200.000 Year Old Levitation Technology - Michael Tellinger

200.000 Year Old Levitation Technology - Michael Tellinger

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The. Taurus electron, model this is what an electron, actually looks like it's just a resonance, field many. Brilliant work much, brilliant, work has be done by many many brilliant researchers, and scientists. Electromagnetic. Models and formulas, have been thrown together that. Actually there. Are consistent, with the toroidal shape of, it, other of an electron, and. Electron. Is, simply a coherent, resonance, in a, toroidal field that's, all it is it's. Not a particle, it. Is. A resonance, toroidal, field. Resonating. Toroidal field the same with the atomic structure the. Tom the atom is a toroidal field it's. Not the atomic structure that we've been shown by, science, throughout our schooling careers, this. Is probably a lot closer toward an atom looks like here's. A picture of a molecular. Torus. Of the, carbon monoxide molecule and, you. Start seeing how the. Toroidal, shapes, appear. Everywhere, here's, a toroidal and, the system the solar, system as a torus and. You've. Probably many, of you would have seen the the fact that our galaxy has shown us to be as it is a toroidal field and, so. It goes so we. I guess. This is probably one of the best descriptions of the nature of our reality and around us the, fractal, multi-dimensional. Toroidal nature, of reality that's a mouthful but, but. This is a beautiful, image. Drawn, by Alex gray who is just a spectacular artist. That has done incredible. Work. And this, just when I see this this is this. Is what I imagine, we look at when you look up at the stars and the cosmos this, is a lot closer to the nature of reality that surrounds us then pretty, much anything we get shown by NASA, this. Is all. To do with, toroidal. Fields, and magnetic ISM, now. Everything. Is sound and magnetism and, this is really important, I you guys holding out are you okay. Now. You're the guinea pigs this is the first presentation that I'm doing I realize, I'm gonna have to I'm. Gonna have to cut this a lot shorter but, I'm. Testing, this on you tonight. And. I'm trying if I'm, trying to see where which parts I'm gonna have to take arts to cut this down but so. Just hang in here okay so. What, most people don't know is remember, sound. God, said let there be light so, it's sound, moving. Sound sound, manifest is toroidal fields there's two moving to oil field squared magnetic, fields with two toroidal fields as well and moving magnetic fields create electricity that's, the sequence of events but, what you this, tells, us that because, sound, creates. Magnetic, fields, it means everything. Must, have a magnetic. Must. Be magnetic, in some sort and it in some sort of way and if it's not there's a very specific reason why it's not magnetic, so. Here's, an example this. Blew my mind when I found this little thing from Los Angeles from UCLA. I think this. Is such an important little video that will change your perception of what our universe, or what our reality around us is and what like how important, a role magnetics. Is implies in everything, that surrounds. Us. You. Might not think of water is being magnetic, but, it is and so, are graphite, aluminum. In glass. This. Is a new and different category, of magnetism, called, either parrot, or diamagnetism. And it's different from, the magnetism that you're used to, you're. Probably already familiar with ferromagnetism. Ferro, means I an unmagnetized. Piece, of iron or nickel or, cobalt becomes. A magnet in the presence of a magnetic field the, effect is strong and lasts even after, the magnet, is removed. Para, magnetism is a similar, effect except that it's much weaker and temporary. Aluminum. Is a good example of a para magnet. And. So. Is oxygen, which is attracted, to Magnus here. I have a few milliliters, of liquid, oxygen which, sticks to the magnet I'll explain, why later. Gallium. Oxide and. Cupric. Sulfate are, good, examples of paramagnetic, substances. Cupric. Sulfate is, a salt, that can be picked up by a magnet. Diamagnetic. Materials, are exactly the opposite, of paramagnetic. They are always repulsed. They would rather die. Than, be in a magnetic field an. Important. Example of a diamagnetic, material, is graphite, this, specially, made pyrolytic, graphite is, repelled, by, a magnetic field don't. Be confused this, is not static, electricity, or eddy currents, graphite. Is repelled, by a magnet always.

Both, By the north and south end. Pyrolytic. Graphite is, a grown crystal, of flat carbon, layers which maximizes. The diamagnetic effect. Of. Course, the best diamagnets. Are superconductors. Which at low temperatures, provide, exact, opposite, repulsion, to whatever magnetic, field is present when, they're chilled they. Are perfect, diamagnets. So. It, gives you an idea how. The. Nature of reality around, us is we just don't get taught the stuff you know we don't think about it in that sense and now sound is, actually, the cause of all, the stuff that we witnessing, here and. Sorry. Let me go back here you might have seen this this, thing before so, this sort of quantum, locking is, actually, just a magnetic effect. So. What if we got here so. We, have quantum. Locking that the spoken actor is locked in space and it, stays wherever I put it, you. See this is the quantum, trapping. That's. Amazing, as long as it's all work and it's superconducting, action frozen with labored nitrogen, upside, down right and it stays locked so the fact that it's superconducting. Is locking, the magnetic field in three dimensions, right yeah exactly, and that and there's a because. This is a symmetric. It can rotate without breaking, Razak break the locking locking. Doesn't break right. Because. So it stays there on the, action Y but not on but, the pivots, on yeah, on the axis of the magnets if you see if I can move it on the side it will again pivot, around. The axis of the magnet because it, makes sure that the magnetic, field inside of it stays. The same right. It's. Astonishing can you put on the track for us yeah. I just let me get about. The track quite high they. Can just rotate it. So, it's actually floating, above the surface yeah, it's. Locked about, the surface so in your song you can angle. A. Different. Height with. Them like this locket at the high lock different. Height different configuration. And, I can even lock it it opposite. Way, you. Can just. Hang. It. Upside down and, then. It. Is suspended. Fantastic. So. Magnetic fields, do what they. Do exactly what sound does they create toroidal, fields. Just. If you do this you immediately. See the toroidal fields, being created by magnets, around them. Little. Tauruses, and this. Is a full, magnetic, field, toroidal field spectrum. It's. Both positive, and negative on both sides there is no. Positive. And negative, in magnetic fields this is where we've been incorrectly, taught it's, actually, just one field that their, work in opposite, directions it's. Centrifugal, centripetal, forces, that work towards. Against each other and oppose. Each other and the. Complete toroidal field like. The toroidal magnetic field, like this has a both positive, and a negative on, both sides, so both pushes, and pulls from both sides that's a complete, magnetic. Toroid, it's. Not north, on the one and south, on the other that's an incomplete, magnetic. Field this. Is very important information people, and this this connects, us to some. Of the biggest lies we've been told about our reality and the world that we live in. Because. We be told that, the sound of the earth creates. A magnetic field sorry. It's the sound of the earth it creates a magnetic field and not. Not. The, molten iron core there, is no molten, iron core in, the center of the world that's another theory, has, been proposed, and most people believe it these days it's a nonsensical. Idea, it's, a sound of, the earth that creates some magnetic fields around us by now you should know that sounds, is the cause of everything, and especially, magnetic, fields the, problem, was our world is that.

The. Earth magnetic, model is 1/2 a magnetic, model it's north at the top and start at the bottom that's not a complete magnetic, field and as, far as I'm concerned it's impossible, for, an earth-like object. To be in a complete magnetic, field like the toroidal, shape of our solar system and be an incomplete magnetic. Field itself can. You see why I would say that it doesn't, make any sense. That. Our. Earth is a half a magnetic, field an incomplete, magnetic, field. Floating. Around in, a complete magnetic. Field called our solar system, it. Would correct itself and over. Billions. Of years become. A balanced, toroidal, magnetic field. How. That would affect the shape of the earth I don't know I'm gonna let you figure that out. But. This is what a complete, and balanced, toroidal, magnetic field, looks like and, what. It does it has an accretion disk in, the middle. There. You can see that yellow accretion, disk that's the center of the magnetic, field whichever, way you turn it it's the same as above so, below. We. Start to understand, some of these basic fundamentals. Of creation, all coming, from the breath of God the, breath of the Creator the words that we utter everything. That we say and create has the same effect creating. These complete, perfect magnetic, fields. The. Taurus equator plane emits energy and matter at its disk as a, disc at the equator we. Accept, this in the. Solar system all, the matter in the solar system is emitted. At the equator all the planets go out in this one disc from the Sun that. Rotates, around the Sun and. The. Same in the in the, galaxies, the many many galaxies, that we've been shown photographs. They, all toroidal, shared galaxies, were. The matter all, spewing. Out at the Galactic, equator who, even told that, we are crossing the Galactic, equator because, our solar system does this and. We crossed the Galactic equator I no longer believe that but in any case but so, they're half truths and half lies being woven, together here, and we need to now figure out which is true and which is no longer which, is a liar weave in spun this. Is some, of the most beautiful new, work. Viewing. Being able to actually, see what a magnetic, field looks like through the farallon's, this, is quite a new discovery only, about 10 years old now we can actually see what magnetic, fields, look like this is when you look at a Taurus, this, is what a Taurus magnetic, field looks like you can see see. The magnetic fields some people would call this the ley lines on the, surface of the earth you can actually see the magnetic fields so I'm suggesting that people that are reading ley lines actually picking. Up the magnetic fields, that crisscross the toroidal field of our planet and. The. Ancients, knew this they put all the ancient sites and all these magnetic. Lines because, they, their. Ancient structures. Were actually, driven by these magnetic, lines and these toroidal, field these, magnetic, lines. When, you look at the cone-shaped, magnetic. Field under a ferrous cell look at this when you take a ferrous, cell and you put it over a speaker. Like a speaker, magnet look, what it does these. Beautiful cone. Shapes, that, face the middle just like just, like what just like, this guy's, wristwatch. Can. You start seeing why I'm suggesting, and, these guys are using technology. It was in their wristwatches, there the cones all, to do with magnetism, and, sound we, just never saw it like that until we got the Pharaohs cell given. To us and, when. You bring a magnet, towards. A ferrofluid. What. Does the ferrofluid do, it. Forms. Beautiful, cards, and. Just stick right out the ferrofluid. And. This stuff just gets better and better. And. Now you start seeing how sound, and magnetic, ISM plays a role in nature, and structuring. The flowers, and the shapes of trees and, and everything. Around us is driven by sound and the magnetic, fields, that actually. Create the shapes around us, are. You guys getting excited, yes about. How the stuff works and what we've been missing. So. This. Brings me to the ancient tools and artifacts, and the. Tourist stones and the, cone shaped tools now suddenly, you, have a very different take on when I get excited about the current shape tools and how, why, ed. Leedskalnin when. I was told that he was, he, was seen liberté. Ting the giant rocks with his cone-shaped, tools as icecream cones I got extremely excited, because I understood what it means and. And. I've, been picking up these gun check tools everywhere, and suddenly. You realize that the player they, play a very important, role in all of human history this, is from him this. Is from an iron mine in England, these, are cones in Egypt, they were completely, ignored, until I found them cones.

In Australia, Mayan, deity, holding two cones just like idiots Kong and was apparently. Seen these. Cone shaped hats that are found in some tribes that were used for special, ceremonies. Why, do Wizards have hats as, cones and, why do was it's once why, are wizards once. Cone-shaped. And this, is it's really exciting. Dragonflies. We you know we think of birds flying and and be, easier you may, be aware of the fact that it's, actually a scientific impossibility for. Bees. Or bumble bees to fly because their wings don't they can't carry that body weight so this has been a mystery so, I'm gonna bust that mystery for you because dragonflies. Just like bees and bumblebees and other insects, or bugs like, that have, actually hollow tubes, in their wings those are not veins, filled as blood as. A hollow tubes, that, do what they, resonate, when, they when the dragon flies, buzz. They they, wings they. Don't flap them they just diseases. They vibrate, it, sends vibrations to. Their wings and through those hollow tubes, and at the bottom of those hollow tubes they got thousands, of tiny cones that, stick out that. Send out these these. These. Sound, waves or, sazar. Beams, we're gonna get to that that, create that. Create. Magnetic. Fields around them and this is why they can buzz, around Victor, gruba Nicholas became, famous in the I think it was in the 50s and. When he studied the bugs the. Wings of bugs and bees and he was fascinated by it and then he built woody wood became a very famous levitation. Platform, and he, was seen and flying, this thing faster, than the speed of sound. On. One, of those. Right. And people think this is crazy and how did he what was it made of it was made of bugs wings so when you tell people oh he built this a lot of bugs wings people got hurt what kind of nonsense is that you're a bunch of idiots you believe that well, show. You he understood, how these bugs wings worked and how they actually functioned, and that's why he could build such a device because, he thought out of the box and this, is to show you some experiments, how these bugs wings actually, have, levitation. Capacity. Just this isn't mind blade. Today. We're gonna try to get one of these shells to hover over the other one. The. Original of this. Video, is. What, inspired me to do this series. Nature's. Fabulous. So. There you have an idea how Victor grew benek of bill tease little levitation. Device out, of bugs wings because, he figured out how these things work and then. We get to the cone shape tools and the Rosicrucian Museum somebody, emailed me today say he went and he saw these two these these cones in the Rosicrucian. Museum, in San Jose and they really there so, he was surprised that I wasn't making it up. Said. I blew his mind and, yeah. And they are rich they can you see cuneiform, texts that actually, commemorate, the building, of the temples in Sumer and one of them specifically. Refers to the temple of Inanna, so. Somehow they were used just like ed Leedskalnin was, levitating, the giant rocks of Coral, Castle they. Were using these to levitate, those giant stones or the temples of Sumer into place and here, is our friend Ed Leedskalnin, Coral. Castle, and. He levitated those, giant, blocks I think the biggest stone, they waste 30 tons or maybe even more and I. Called that the ice cream cone phenomenon, because that's what he was described he was used, it. Was said that he moved. Them with ice cream cones in his hands and to. An uninitiated, person, that would sound ridiculous, but now you all know why that is so important, it's. A spectacular place I've never been there but I've seen lots of videos of it and I can't wait to go. And. Then we get to our Torah stones are sacred Torah, stones which. Are clearly not weights for digging sticks, and they. Are far more important, they, are very very powerful, toroid, vortex, field generators. They generate, huge, amounts of energy around, them just like, our galaxy, just like our solar system, just like our body is just like our hearts great toroidal fields around our bodies and these. They, seem to suck in the, the, ambient, sound around them and actually amplify. That they, create scale, our vortex. Vortex. Technology that's, really what they are so please. Understand, this that at them at the center of that torus is what what some called the zero-point, although. All the the, vacuum, is as. As. Nassim haramein calls, it that's, we enter into the, the infinite density of creation, as anna, Simas shown very very, successfully. With his papers. That the, density, of the vacuum where. Everything, out. Of that. Point out of which everything manifests, into reality, into, this much much. Less denser, thing. That we think is our reality our body which is actually empty is just full of a bunch of atoms and whatever it is just resonating. That, the, point out of which out of which everything, manifests, has infinite. Density.

That's. The zero point so. Now you can understand why sound, travels, infinitely, because in an infant density, sound, and resonance travels infinitely, fast but. Light travels, infinitely, slowly so. That's a very quick way to figure out why sad and resonance travels, instantly, because it goes into the zero point of every. Of every. Atom in our body as we think as we speak it enters all that inside. Us and it enters the zero point and the fabric of all creation, and, traverses. Everything, instantly, so, this. When, the stored toroidal, shapes work they, suck in the ambient sound and they create and and as it as they get as it, hits just, two points, it each other they. Create this this. Next scale R wave around it and that comes around and it enters. It again but it happens simultaneously so. At this actual field that, sits there all the time just resonating. So. It looks something like that and, and. This is one of the stones that we put in a bucket of water and the next morning and to have these thousands, of bubbles that were swirling around moving, into the center of the stone and, then. You, may have heard the story of nassim, haramein when, I took him the stone and this stone over, there, when. I flew. Via Doha, to, Chicago, by the time I got. Off at Doha and and got onto the plane to go to Chicago plane. Was delayed and eventually, I was called off the plane because. Because. They said there was a security threat in my back and there were five guns five guys with guns are on mob, and they, made me open my bag we're. Already 20 minutes delayed, and by. The time I. Open. My bag up took the tourists, out and I said god what am I going to tell them I said oh it's those, African. Arts and crafts you know it's just it's a prison from our friend and by. The time I got back on the plane. When. We sat down my partner told me that when, the captain came out of a cockpit he. Said that whatever is in that bag crashed the TSA security system. And. So they delayed the plane for 20 minutes they wouldn't let us take off until they found the owner of that bag and what was in that bag what, I didn't figure out until, like, two years afterwards, it's like they didn't even question what was I. Pulled. Out the stone and, you. Know sweating, profusely, because they five guys with guns and the stone was wrapped in like bubble wrap and backing, tape so there's not easy to open it up and, yeah, I looked like a drug dealer because it looked like him movies are the drugs back soon and eventually. This time Pop Tart and this I okay, cool put it back they, never they never asked, me to check the rest of my bag they, think. It's. They knew what they were looking for so. I've only figured this out a lot later you know because you you. Broses, reprocess, this oh my god they knew exactly what they were looking for and and they, just let it go but. So. We basically have TSA. Security homeland. Security USA to thank for. To proving, as giving a scientific, proof that these are advanced. Ancient technologies. It, apparently, shut down the entire, officer, put, blue. Down shut. Down all their computers everything. Was shut down because of some, sort of weird electromagnetic, pause, that was given off by that by, that stone and I. Have a present for you because I brought that Stern with me. And. This. Is it. Thanks. To mark over there that drove all the way to, Vegas. To fetch the stone the. Stone has been sitting with not seen for a long time I thought they would do some research with it but they didn't I'm, not gonna take it back to, South Africa and we're gonna start a series of research programs. For the stone because we know that this is the one that actually worked this, is the stone, what. I can tell you is that two. Scientists. One in Slovenia. One in Croatia and one in Germany, two. Scientists. That are experts in a new study of sound called hyper sound which, very few people are even aware of sound. That becomes a very powerful tool, at high frequencies, and high, high. Levels, of. Speeds. That. Hyper. Sound is a tool that can be used for pretty much everything, in, in our.

Society. And that, brings us to the. Next slide and that says of technology and I believe that these tourist, stones and everything to do with creating. Ancient, advanced sazar technologies. Or all the energy, fields, that were then focused, to create sazar technology. Through. The cone-shaped. Tools. Creating. A sazar beam. So. This creates the energy that, goes into the that cone-shaped, tool that, then creates the size of beam and pushes, it out of the tip of that tool I've, had lengthy discussions. Hours and hours of discussions, with some of the smartest physicists, and scientists in Germany and, in, Croatia, and ours dr. they how, this technology works and let me tell you they are so excited, about this they just want to lay their hands on these cone-shaped, tools on these stones so. We're, gonna have to do some serious research but, guess what you need money for that so, what I'm gonna do starting, next year start, a whole internship. Program, to, do more research on the ancient ruins and the tools and artifacts, and so forth and I'm gonna do like three months a year of, intensive. Internships. Where we're going to do loads of exciting, research from. Genetics, to botany, to soil science, to electronics, to. Etc etc, archeology. Archeoastronomy, geology. It's all, the different principles together to, show all the people from the different areas how everything, is connected and, how, the, respective. Faculties. Have have. Have boxed, them into boxes, not allowing them to think out of the box and realize how their. Area, of research and knowledge is connected, to everything else we're going to cross those boundaries, but. This is getting quite heavy. So. A. Bigger. Budden. It's. We. Can you know you can come and hold it later just. At. Gunpoint. I'm. Not living that thing out of my sight ever again. So. So. We're, dealing with some, ancient. Knowledge it's giving us a very clear indication of how we can use this ancient technology, into. The future, keep in mind what have we got in our eyes in. Our, eyes we have rods and cones, in, our, retina right. What, are the cones in our retina. Connected. To the optic nerve is connected to. It's. Connected, to. Right. In the middle of your brain is your, final. Gland okay right correct so, somehow, our pineal gland should be controlling, our eyes and our optic nerve and upon, your gland should be picking up all these are the frequencies, they're all seeing our horas connecting. Us to everything every frequency and giving. Us ESP, ability, and much more but, we can't do that because there's bastards. Several thousands of years ago screwed, up our. Pineal. Gland with us coach cones, of layers but if, you look at our eyes so, in our eyes in the, iris, the iris is actually, like Tauruses, right. Look at the Tauruses, in the eyes and, the, Tauruses, have lenses in them that, focus, the light which is also sound because, every light frequency, has a sound frequency attached, to it so, it sends the sound and the light through the lens through the center of the torus into the cones in the retina so. Now, I understand, why excited about these Tauruses. Or the cones combined, as tools. That could be used to do things that we can't even imagine yet, we've. Got this technology, encoded, in ourselves and this is why. When. I say that we are advanced, technology, people. Don't get it we, are the most advanced. Technological tools. Walking. Around on this earth, it's. Encoded, in us our DNA has all the knowledge of everything, in creation that, was put there by Enki and those. Bastard, uh nanaki's, that turn us into their slaves. But. It seemed to be back here kicking butt with all those other entities, that are causing trouble for us but. That might be too much information for, some people. But. What this all leads, up to is that we, should be able to do anything we should be able to think anything and manifest, it instantly, we should be able to use our eyes like Superman, and do, stuff like this.

We. Are absolute. Ultimate creators. We are co-creators of our own reality, and I'm getting totally. Distracted. Here but I get excited, about this and this brings us to the question what are the Sun ruins all about are, you guys tired do you want to this. Is. I'm. Not sure which of these would show this I'm gonna have to cut out but I'm getting tired myself but. So. What, are the stones oak is all about by now you can see that clearly we're dealing with cymatic. Patterns very. Obvious, we're dealing with cymatic, patterns that's. What every stone circle is it's, just a representation, of the sound frequency that, comes out of the earth at that specific, point that's. What this is all about and. Some. Of these cymatic blocks and on a metal plate but now these are stones right some, of those some of the structures. Are actually very. Distinct. The, magnetrons. And, of. Those flower shapes every time you see a flower shape stone circle, it means they actually built an ancient, giant magnetron. Like this. Magnetrons. That can that, can cut metal in a split second, and I, asked two magnetron. Scientists, how much energy, would a magnetron, forty meters in diameter, generate, remember, that a tiny magnetron, can create so much energy and a laser beam that cuts metal in, a split second I mean it literally just melts, the metal and. And. The answer was that a magnetron, that size would create more energy than all the power plants on earth together combined. One. We, have thousands, of these magnetrons, in southern Africa thousands, of them so these. Guys are generating. So much energy, it's insane, and we know this because we we, measured it we measured the sound frequencies, the electromagnetic, fields, the loudness and decibels, and it's. Just insane, what's coming out of these stone circles, I'm. Not going to bore you with that because it's just you know it's getting late, Adams, calendar, is the most powerful. Of all these ancients, of these stone circles Adams calendar, is actually much much more powerful it's as if they, all seem, to be sending, their, frequencies.

To Adams calendar, and that's like the collection point for all this the, energies created, by all these millions of stone circles, that's what it seems, like I can't. Say it is but that's what it seems like because the frequencies. They were just ridiculous. Beyond. 375. Gigahertz coming, out of Adams, calendar, at the site and, electromagnetic. Fields that run horizontally and, then. Vertically, between the two stones in the middle so what we have at Adams calendar is a very, definite, toroidal, effect, and it's, alive even today because. We measured it and. And. That. Reminds, us that the stones are doing like Bowser what they described very very high-end crystalline, substance, very. Rich, in quartz in silica, and remember silica, carries memory quartz carries memory you can store virtually. Infinite amount. Of information, and knowledge in quartz crystals, and. This. Is why they don't put them in our computers, because that would make the computer, industry obsolete. Yeah they do buy a computer once and never again and that's what we're gonna do in our bunch of communities, build bloody supercomputers. So. Because. We know how to make them. So. When you look at ancient structures, built, out of stone you realize that these guys knew exactly what they were doing they understand, that stone is the. Tool that, carries, with. It in it information. Storage. Capacity, it's an energy source that's, why they used stone not because they were stupid because they were very very smart we're, the dumb ones but we're catching up quite quickly so, what's very obvious, now is that all these ancient structures from the pyramids, bar-abba, door etc, or ancient machines. There, were giant, machines, built, out of stone. Crystalline. Substance, force, to create or to perform, specific functions it's, just the function, that we haven't figured out what. Were they built for why were they what. Were they supposed to you know, do. And this, is why there are, aligned. Or the movement of the Sun because we always a mate job look this is liable, equinoxes, and solstices and, all this and we think I'll because they worship the Sun huh no. Stupid. This, is our stupid, wave imagining.

That The ancients are stupid, they, built this machine because the machine was aligned with the Sun because the Sun is that, is the activator, of these machines, when the Sun rises on the equinoxes over there and the first Sun beams come down this passage and hit the standing stone which is a crystal, you. Know that because, the all stones have crystal in them so, it's, like hitting enter on your computer. It. Switches the machine on and the machine does whatever function, is supposed to do until the Sun moves over there and then and then, the beam comes to another passage, and then, hits another the the Sun and. The light and the sound of the Sun beamed, old sunlight, hits. Another. Stone and it makes. The machine either stop whatever, it was doing or do perform some other function, and this is why they aligned, with a movement of the Sun so, they work whether they being operated or not we, don't have to sit there and wait and keep making it work it works on its own it's, powered, by the sound, of the earth and, activated. By the movement, of the Sun I mean it's bloody brilliant, it's. So simple and now, we're figuring this out and we know that the. Energies, are still there because this is a photograph taken over the pyramids, and there's. Still huge energy coming, out of the pyramids, even the symmetrical, patterns, coming out of Stonehenge, all those stone edges being completely reconstructed. They're, still very powerful symmetrical. Patterns, mr., Ranger tells, us that original. Structure, is still, was, very, specifically. Created, as a resonating. Device an energy, device and now, we get to the very exciting earth grid that. Is seems. To connect all these ancient sites on earth by, now you should know that this is a magnetic, grid it's not just ley lines or some fancy. It's. Actually, very specific, energetic. Patterns, that created, by the resonance, of the earth and the magnetic, fields that that's create that it creates and it, the. Ancients seemed to build all these ancient sites on these nodal, points and very powerful points. On, this on these magnetic, grids and this, is an ancient, Sumerian, text that actually tells us a lot of very, important, information this. Is a real text, that, comes from the Shorin collection, and it says in the distant days in those days after destinies, had been decreed after. Unn and Enlil had set up. Regulations. For heaven and earth I mean regulations. Where heaven and earth and Anki the exalted, knowing God. By. The, rules for, heaven and earth the, fixed rules he set up cities it seems, to tell us that there was some sort of a fixed.

Energy Grid in the sky heaven. And the, fixed energy grid on the earth and based, on the energy field in the sky and, earth. They, they, set up the cities on earth on these specific nodal, points and, then. David, Wilcock several years ago discovered, that. The the the emblems, of the Space, Command, and the Air Force and, so forth in the USA, refer, to the rules and they, have these these bands around the, earth these. These white, bands were these little Delta shapes, on them and these. And, they refer to those bands around the work that the world as the rules and, they. Say they some some energetic field around the world they don't know where it comes from but it's always been there some. Sort of energetic field, up in the sky that this this same. Ntek seems referred to they. Built the cities according. To this energetic, grit and. Here. We have the same rules read there it says the, fixed, rules by the rules for heaven and earth the fixed rules they set up the cities and here, we have the fixed rules in the sky on the, military. And airforce logos. And my, friend Paul Craven Spain and South Africa, was a remarkable. Guy but we don't have time for me to talk about him. He, actually measured, these, rules, or, these energy, grids in the sky he phoned me out of the blue and he was freaking, out he, said I don't know how to tell you this I don't know who else to tell but I measured up mate I picked up this bloody energy grid that's up in the sky it's, just everywhere. It's, like a matrix it's like it consists, out of ones, and zeroes it's like a binary code powerful, energy field up in the sky and, he. Said he sent, up a few energy few energy beams where these devices, are try and break it she says it breaks her bow materially, and instantly. Reforms, you cannot destroy says you can't break it it's, gone it's indestructible. And. I just realized. That. All. This ancient stuff that, we're dealing with just, like I said these ancient, machines are just advanced, technology, on a gigantic, scale these. Obelisks in, Egypt they rang like bells if you listen to them they very very, they they ring like bells just like those stones in my museum and, and. When. You go into these temples in Egypt you know we told, that they were built for this and offering that's all nonsense offering.

And Praying it's. Just too many pillars not enough space when you look at them from this angle you realize that this is just something very different and all, those pillars clustered, together why, would they build them like that and then the, more I looked at it more I realized, now, inspired. By realizing, that the stone circles, were powerful energy, generating, devices, suddenly. Seeing aerial, photographs, of these temples, in Egypt I realize that there weren't temples, but, they were actually templates. And. We're actually looking at, gigantic. Energies. It's circuit, boards on a gigantic. Scale that, we could never have imagined, it's, just, beyond, our imagination. The scale, that these guys are building things on is, something. Way out of our perception, because we just don't, have enough money to do that and. Macro. Processes. Of, gigantic. Macro micro, process. Has become gigantic, macro, processes. You. Know and and here we. Are told that these were these, were places, of worship, and then, this is where the people lived no these, are giant bloody, macro, processes, and that's part of the circuit board you know it's what it is and you can start seeing that the pyramids, were the, same thing giant, power power, houses. Creating. Huge amounts of energy and. Just. You know you start seeing things and recognizing. How. All this fits, into ancient history sucks, I suck, Simon is also. Just a giant circuit, board when you look at images. From. The air you realize it's just a giant circuit, board it's not a fortress. On top of a mountain, do. To, ward off marauding. Crowds, and or guys and horses, and Spears and no it's a giant circuit, board and Borobudur. In Indonesia, I mean look at this this is just insane, it's like it just by looking at it you see it actually resonating. In front of your eyes it's, actually moving moves, and look, at the top of Borobudur, if that. Doesn't tell you these, are energy generating, devices shooting, stuff into the sky. So. All of these ancient, temples. And structures, somehow, or built on. Many of them to, generate energy and shoot it up shoot it up into the sky so, it's it seems like it's these are the devices that seem to keep this energy grid up in the sky and possibly. This is a matrix that keeps us enslaved, and dumbed down and an unaware. Of what's going on outside of our own planet what. Is it what is actually out there what are we looking at when you look up at the sky as I. Said I no longer believe anything, that NASA, shows me and, it. Seems that the human sound. Was actually the the. The source of the energy that holds up the matrix in the sky. Because. You find these these, beautiful. Amphitheaters. Attached. To what used to be these circuit boards so, they get a bunch of people into these amphitheaters. Get them excited they make a lot of noise and they channel, that sound into, the the circuit. Board it, activates, the machine. And it starts to make a noise or whatever and shoots the energy up into the sky I pause the matrix this, beautiful. Amphitheater, beautiful, resonating, pillar of, row. Of pillars that used, to feed into the circuit board and so. Goes there's another one the circuit board was on top of the mountain and the, the source code for it was the amphitheater, on the side, here's. Another amphitheater, right in the middle of a circuit board this is in Algeria, North. Africa, and since. 2015. No this is shows you know should update this nothing, has changed in 2017. The. Templates, and, temples. Have just become churches, and. If. You look at the tops of churches, and mosques, just. Have the cones these cones that, face the sky, and. Capture, the sound and the energy of the, people in the church look at those cones facing. The sky it's just spectacular. Capture, the Sun and the energy of the singing and the clapping and the fear and the anxiety and. Especially. These ones here this is the mother of them all. And. Then. Business centers, and cities they're just designed to, to. Channel, all the sound and energy up into the sky somehow. This is nothing has changed, we seem to continue, putting. All this energy the, city grids like giant, circuit boards. Generating. Huge amounts, of noise huge, months energy and strangely. Enough all being connected by these channels, and cold highways, that never stopped making a noise just. Like the stone circles, we, never stopped making a noise and now I understand, what Morpheus. Meant when he said that people are the source of energy, makes. A whole different, kind of sense to me now, for. Who for, whom and why I don't, quite know but, it, seems that we're the energy source that keeps this matrix, or this, energy.

Field Around our. Planet or up in the sky and. That. Brings me back to. The. Deception, that's, been woven, for. Us over. Thousands. Of years and especially the last few, hundred years and this. Whole thing of gravity, and the reality, that we find ourselves in, the, Isaac Newton it had almost no knowledge of magnetism. He. Actually, mentions. That he didn't understand, it and they far therefore, he didn't write about it if. He, only understood magnetism, he, would not have taught where the crap that we now has been shoved down our throats, gravity. Doesn't exist it's all and it's all an aspect, of magnetism. But. You can't say this at any institution, we. Observe it we can't explain it it's called gravity it just you know holds everything together and it's, there to support some very very important. Philosophies. That have been shoved down our throats about the world that we find ourselves in, in fact, Coulomb describes, gravity, as an electric electric phenomenon, and it's. Very eloquently, explained. And very easily, explains. All the, activities, around us especially. Supporting. The whole toroidal. Structure. Of our reality. Gravity. Is much easier, explained, and explains all aspects. Of our reality, through. Magnetic ISM, and not. Through this invisible. Undefinable. Thing, called gravity. Sound. Creates, magnetic, fields, moving magnetic fields great electricity. Everything. Is affected by magnetism, sound. And resonance, and therefore. Gravity, is a consequence, of sound and magnetism and, this is why it, should be called a magneto electric, universe, and not the electromagnetic. Universe, even the processional. Wobble, of. Our. Planet, remember we talked about the precession, of the equinoxes this, 26,000. Year wobble even, that can be explained, with magnetism. Because. Magnetic fields, have their own processional. Wobble. Like as explained here it's. Spectacular, how. Suddenly, everything changes, in our reality, and, we. Can start looking at the world we find ourselves in, very very differently, in 1887. It was a very important experiment that was performed and I'm almost finished here people so. You can you can just relax. This. Is this is the home run. This. Just blows my mind okay and, in. 1887. These two brilliant scientists. And they were pretty much pretty much pushed out of our knowledge, pull out of our psyche michelson-morley. Performed. What became, very important. Experiment, because until then all. Scientists. Around, throughout. The ages were obsessed with the ether, there's known it was called the ether ether. The, breath of creation, they exist what, holds, everything together. What hopes, creation. Together what holds the planets, in place and so from that it was called the ether, and they. Were obsessed with the ether and they couldn't quite understand, what the ether was they. And they had all kinds of definitions for it if only they understood, there was a vibration and resonance, that's really what they were describing was the ether is vibration, and resonance, the breath of the Creator that holds everything in perfect harmony and and. Coherent. Resonant, harmony, so. Mike Nicholson male. Exponent was performed to prove, the existence of, the ether, and. They. Wanted to prove that the earth moves, through, the ether well they did two very important, things first of all. They. Couldn't find the ether they, couldn't prove that the ether existed, and they did this with, sending, out light beams in perpendicular, directions, and, they, were measuring the movement of the light bouncing. Back and they found there was no movement I'm, giving. It to you a very very basic English. So it's easy to understand you can go and research as yourself and what. Came back is that there was no movement there was no deflection nothing. So the, conclusion, was that the, earth is, not moving through, space. Therefore.

The Ether does not exist so, I'm. Not worried about the ether too much because by now we understand, that it's resonance, and. But, the most important, thing that they showed is that the earth does not move, through, space and. As we sit here in this room right now today, there. Is no scientific, evidence. Whatsoever. That. Has. Been proven. Beyond. Any shadow of doubt, other than the evidence that we've been shown by NASA or, the other space agencies by. Now we know who they are and who is who controls them there, is no scientific evidence, that the, earth actually moves, through, space I've. Told you I'm gonna push. You beyond. Some. Of our capacity, break. Down the walls of our own, own. Resistance. This has really shocked me and, I. No longer believe anything, even Myka Kaku says. Whatever. You Michio. Kaku says. That. There is no scientific, evidence presented. Today. That. That, tells us unequivocally. That the earth moves through space, what. The hell is this all about. What. It does tell us that. Ether. Has been replaced by, the particle, physics. Universe. And we. Can start seeing, the, agenda, that was put in place a few, hundred years ago starting, with a concept of gravity, that. Replaces, magnetic, ISM start. Then then, we start seeing the discovery, of the electron in 1897. Where. JJ, Thompson, discovers, the theoretical, particle, of the electron, never proven to exist but, the theoretical particle, suddenly becomes reality and a few years later and. Let me remind you do, you see anything physical, in the picture of the electron. No. And. This, is why people like Nikola. Tesla, and and, Ed. Leedskalnin, comments. And even Albert Einstein and many others about, the electron, and that whole agenda, of creating, replacing. The ether, of. The. Of creation, with particle, physics particle. Physics get very, quickly replaces. The ether, because that's something they didn't want to. Get. Us up into and, suddenly. Rutherford, comes with these atomic, model in 1909. 1911. And we are still stuck with the same bloody. Atomic. Model that was presented by Rutherford and that quite frankly if you go and look at that experiment, that that, atomic model experiment, I'm, sorry I read it I've looked at that over and over again it is so naive it is so stupid, and, it, can be so quickly, and easily explained, with magnetic. Fields, everything. That Rutherford experienced. And reported. On with his, brother. Bodies experiment. Could, be very simply explained with magnetic fields and toroidal, fields and then. By the time Einstein's, I son, released his theory of relativity, that. Was the final, death knell in, the. Ether. Or the theory of the ether, or as we call resonance and frequency. What's. Even more interesting and important, is that the. Many. Experiments. That have be done being, done with the cosmic, background radiation. Over. The years have. Brought back some very very, interesting, results, and Max. Tegmark from, MIT. In. The, principal, I don't, know if you've seen the, documentary called the principal, very. Clearly tells us and he, is the guy that drove that experiment. They, found. That. From our perspective the earth is the center of. All of creation. This. Is not this. Is not popular. In in mainstream, science, and yet. This is this is what the most mainstream science. Results, the. Results, are telling us, that. From, our perspective the earth is the center of the universe not. Only that that all, all. The other, observable. Galaxies. And solar systems seem to exist in layers. Moving. Away from, Earth as the center, of the, universe. Do. This information, what you want. I'm. Going to bring you back to is that everything is connected. Through. A fractal, nature, of resonance, that creates magnetic, fields, and toroidal, fractals, throughout. All of creation. The. Atomic models the quantum theory all of that stuff can be very easily explained, with the stuff that I shared with you with sound resonance, and magnetic ISM what. Happens is that the more questions we ask about this the more mysterious. Other. Things, we find and. This is what I call this presentation. Exploring. The nature of our reality and really pushing the boundaries of our boundaries, of our own capacity to tolerate, new information.

Because. This certainly, has shaken my reality and, I. No longer believe anything, I'm told by any university, professor, anywhere because they all like. And. Yet, max tegmark gave, us some very interesting information. What. We do with it is, what matters most. What. Do we do with all this knowledge. Because. We, can't affect what happened in the past that we certainly can't affect tomorrow morning. When we wake up and we enter the world and we, share our knowledge and information with others and this, is why I believe that we are the ones we've been waiting for and we, are creating, we are co-creating. A new, reality now that you know how powerful your thoughts are how powerful, every word your right every. Powerful, every message you leave for somebody on your cell phone every. Email you send how powerful, all your communication. And all your thoughts are you. Realize how quickly we can co-create a, new reality for ourselves because all this, positive, stuff the positive, thinking the positive talking the, positive, co-creation, of a new reality for Humanity, that, is filled with prosperity, and abundance is, right here we are creating, it as we speak it and as we think it no. One can stop that it's up to us and the more people say think it speak it imagine. It the quicker we're going to create it and. We. Are more. Enslaved, now than. We've ever been before but. Where this enslavement, comes. The absolute. Understanding. How, important, it is to liberate liberate, ourselves. From this enslavement. And it'll require a whole new kind of thinking because, we cannot. We. Cannot solve the problems that were created for us with the same kind of thinking that created the problems, so. My system is broken it. Cannot be fixed, we all need, a whole new kind of system. To, get out of this mess, we've. Been born into the slavery, we, now understand, it we've grappled with it it's okay the. Fact that we get it we understand, it we can now do something about it, and, remember. That, it is the money system that has controlled, us that has enslaved us money, is the tool bar which we're enslaved until, we come to terms without money is where, it comes from how it was created we will remain, subject. Of those who control and create the supply of money and. If. You don't know this year / Sumerian, Kings tablets, tell us very clearly, that money was created as a tool of enslavement, at a very specific point in time in history it's. When he's first priest Kings were, descended, from heaven to earth and these, first priest Kings created the form of writing they wrote they played tablets, and they issued they clepe tablets. From their temples, as the, first bankers, as the first. Forms, of money these are the first forms of money we find on earth whether, it's six thousand or eight thousand years ago who knows what it tells us is that the first kings owned all the land they were the first bankers, and their temples were their first banks, and the way they created money is exactly, the same way that our bankers create money today.

You. You.

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Na realidade o passado da humanidade na visão desse cara é patético. A civilização começou no Rio Tigre e Eufrates e foi para o Egito, que migrou por todo o mundo, 1200 anos foi extinta no dilúvio universal e reiniciou de novo com Noé e seus filhos e está em processo final de finalização da humanidade. Quanto a tecnologia acredito real e que existem ets? Isso eu só acreditei depois de ler e ver o depoimento de dois cientistas que admirava e respeitava.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hEca1MiE4GA Space is 64 dimensional. The Einstein-Michelson-Morley space is perhaps one of the spaces and has been adopted by above individuals as phenomenon without aether. The real (true) space is filled with aether and in such space Earth is sperical, moves around the Sun and Sun is moving around the center of Galaxy.

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