198th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Nov 16, 2017

198th Knowledge Seekers Workshop - Nov 16, 2017

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The. Cash foundation, an, independent. Non-profit. Non-religious. Space, based organization. Founded. By nuclear, engineer, Mehran. Tavakoli, cash. Is, introducing. To humanity, the, science, of, the universe. Plasma. Science. Keshe, foundation develops, universal, knowledge and space technologies. That provide solutions. To major global problems, revolutionizing. Agriculture. Health, energy, transportation. Materials. And more the. Application, of plasma science in the form of specially, developed plasma. Reactors, and other devices will. Give humanity the real freedom to travel in deep space. Plasma. Science exists, throughout the whole universe, it. Is here and it belongs to you, our, knowledge. Research, and development, regarding the plot as the structure, has, progressed, to the point of enabling everyone, to, participate in the process, become. A preheater. And understand, the work of the universe the. Good of humankind on this planet, as well, as in space. The. Use of magravs. Nanomaterials. Gans liquid, plasma filled. Plasma, and other plasma, technologies, have, come as a new dawn for Humanity, to progress and, work in harmony with the universe. Conventional. Technology, applications. Are wasteful, damaging, and cause pollution to the planet, and all living beings. Plasma. Science provides, solutions, and improves, existing. Methods and use resources. And all aspects. That touch the lives of all beings, plasma. Is defined, by the foundation. As an entire content. Fields, which, accumulate. And create matter and is not defined, by its physical characteristics, like ionization. Or temperature, also. We. Can convert matter back, to the fields. Quoting. From mr. cash McGrath. Stands, for magnetic gravitational, which. Means plasma, absorbs. Or gifts and every. Plasma, has the ball it. Has give and it has take and when. They can't find the balance, they distance themselves until. They find, balance, they can give to the others that they, can receive what they want to receive and give further, certain. Atoms and molecules release. And absorb magnetic, or gravitational fields. Released. Fields, are available to be absorbed, by other objects, the, Keshe foundation, has developed, a way to gather, these free-flowing, fields, from the environment, within, a resourceful, and beneficial, new state of transitional, matter which. Empty kesh named, Gans, the. First step of the process of the formation of various basic, types of Gans is nano coating metals this. Is carried out either chemically by attaching, steam, coating, with sodium hydroxide and or thermally, by heating by, coating, by gas burner, during. Either coating process gaps, between outermost, layers of atoms are created, the. Residual, coating is often referred to as nano coating defined. By the structured, layers of nano material, which, build up during the creation process. The coding, nano-coated. Metal in interaction. With other various, metal plates in a, salt water solution creates. McGraw fields, these, field then attract available, elements, to form a specific Gans, which. Collects, and settles, at the bottom of the container, this. Gans is formed, from, independent. Energized, molecules. Littles sons that, can be used in various applications. You. Just. As we require earth suits to live on this planet we, would require ships, for trouble. You. No, Rick are you there. Yes. Just. Try and you. Trying. To get a screen setup that's something, we can look at here oh yeah. We got a background already so you can go ahead oh okay, I'm sorry I didn't see that flame they've taken over there. Alright, so. Welcome, everyone to the. 198. Knowledge, seekers workshop for. Thursday, November 16th. 2017. And. Once again we'll, hear from mr. cash of the Keshe foundation, spaceship, Institute. And. Other. Knowledge seekers, as, we go. Through this session. I think, mr., Kaster is ready, to begin for, today. Is. That true mr. cash I, hope.

So Thank. You very much good morning thank. You in my trick thank you very much. For. The new, video. Which is been done by Ella the head of Keshe foundation, and. This. Is the new way of teaching we. Show the purpose of. The. Science it's not just to bring. Nano-coating. And other things but. It's a background back, form to, create peaceful, conditions. We. Will, be most probably be. Done further that we understand, what are we learning these knowledge seekers, why, we are here for and what is the science behind it. As. We heard last week the. Universal council and. Earth Council will, submit, their, constitution. And the ethos spirit, from the universal, council, last. Week their constitution. Which is set, up by humanity. We. Have received approval and, support. From. Number. Of high-level. Politicians and, governments, that they support, such a mode. Today. And in. The following weeks we. Try to. Read. Or at least be read to the members. Of each. National. Language, to. Read the. Constitution. In their own language, as. Its translated by them. Today. We hear from one. Of our. Languages. Which, is in Chinese as. We. Heard. Dr., Rodriguez, reading the. Constitution. On, behalf of the earth Council, last week. Today. One of the member of supporting. Universal. Council members, will. Read the Chinese and. Then. We translated. Next. Week hopefully we will have the French and other languages, as is, done because. We are here not just one English's will come but, for everyone to understand, and, this. Is the beauty of this foundation, we. Are all equal, and all. Does. Not need to be English, as much as we can all, the teachings are getting translated in number. Of languages in the background, which. A member of the, transcribers. Group will come and. Next couple of weeks you will see new videos how you can reach these teachings. Language. Is not a barrier, the. Soul is a common denominator. Is. Written. In the background, that you could. Let. Us know the. Chinese translation.

Of, The Constitution please. That. Routine. Yes. Please is she there yes. I believe so. How. Are you darling. Are. You ready to let us know in, your mother, language that. I can. So. Please. Sharon. Thank. You. See. Now. I started, in, Chinese. Woman. Ing. Talents, essential. Iguodala. Attraction. Delinquent, tides, Hangzhou, Lancer. Sancho, tthe. Alpha y Kapadia. Occasion. Show the current Oh C. Alpha I, am. Kwai Chung leader Jang chul soo, a lapacho. Santo. Domingo. Cement, ratio K, mission. In taunton betray me that, occasion. Co-efficient. Rotorua Laura. Mayoría. De todo para, charger. Port. Royal. Patron. Toda a minha chain, and Alethea non-gaussian. So, tangent, penteli. Hopi. Content, in Dotolo, pcrmc. Da tha. Open cencon. Antonio. De la caja. Chantal fondling, a whole article, Abu. Certain go BNP, whoa - Aurora, - darling. Equal Raja, Huli Trenton. Crap. In PC to education. To Shonda, medical. Chosen, - wha - in Tokyo, with. A way junk way to even Tadashi, show in, Toronto occur pretty tight-knit relationship, in. The one team tonight. Regeneration. In addition. To my education, Yoshioka, - Ameen. Agility. Co patient, or socata tycoon, - an intrusion, clapping. Position. Where, interrogation. Is, no position, weaker. Soil you John Simm fatherhood, in a Jonin. Woman. Today, children. Quake. Tarantino. Shirt, I am c-in-c. Ito. Kenichi. Dada. Puffin, in. Peach. Yoshi automata. Tradition. TCO, Coast, royalty. Too tight - Shan, Shan mean nah, man chanting, Oh Cena -. Kamal. Intended. In potosi, Titian. Hmong's awakened, women, Filipino. - yo woman. Chandram visual Ching mansion, shakakwa, -, Ricky, you, know, see da língua. Tommy. Groans, Tommy. Kocher. Oh-. Oh yeah. Nay control. Wesen, des, cailloux, soil, Nessa Habibi fashion, show to. Hurt each other ciao ciao, yo, yo lingual, mansion. Don't, venture, home. On Kentucky, children. Teach you da TT, one. Ramachandran. P2 Honda Toyota. Hashimoto. True. Shanghai. Shiho cotija. Cambodian, - oh he, did, so much in function, Toshi, about. Rishi Kapoor, pins. Here thank, him John - John John, John so, they each here to talk about Richard. King, George, on Tanja to, tell fan quality. Sure putting. Traditional. Shannon unsure, soil. Gentle Shannon you, a woman China warmest. Urgency, de Beauford. Can't. Mehrotra, 0, Concha. To eternity the future, to to come here in, graduated. To William we decreasing, ro woon, gentle, enchanted. Oh Sooyoung. Integration. Of one team now, in Swedish, aiming to non conferment sentido. Tutor the functional. Junction job it's. Your will without, you mean children, issue. Da many cattle, ooh you're, in entangled, IP are convinced. Your feet OH yato, Alleluia. Oh Jo pay me Johanna. Meadow make. A chain gun oh. Sorry. Can you go back a little. Go. No. Micah. China anti-b, are my, Gatchaman piranhas. Yes oh ho Donna got another learning teacher. Georgia an Adagio -, Adagio. Segawa, Center, cochin-china. Mitchell. Tai, yum da, tha -, whoa princess. Officially. Antonia, jian. Zhu yu yureka confirm.

Fidelity. Shuja totally. Wanted aha mango countdown, soy la mina sako trenton. Da língua, tournament. Issue you know China rattling, food, ah Joe kangaroo. Commando unit. EEG. Chihuahua. Lotion. Each. Orion, will show jian zhu, zhu. Shi. Hoo hoo hoo, li. - ananda, gandha Lydia. Lilia. Watching, you and Alicia you. Itsumo, quani, et, Tai Chi Chi Chi Chi honeymoon. Tofudan Joe tanto, occurs, in, the ocean. Of one team Wanda. Yo yo. Mega chauffeured. Iwama. Traditional. Answer Shinto, channeling one tangential. Tree hallelujah. John. Delinquent. I wrote A to Z ha, tai, chi chi o tycoon, John you, know shoukata. Clapping, I Christina. And, another young, woman Darrell. One round short, all the shiny show, hood I'm hoping, he. Will in jindo sahaja. Yoga, - sure comping. The MODOK. Intervention. Of penguins, even, Chewie, away, Jang, when. We. Eat ocean, saguru snafu, ha cha cha, cha. Trio, are, yellow. And CEO Jang. Chul. Soo. Many children, are 300. Million. Quivered, at CEO Leo. Control/command. Eet a woman do and are downloaded cheerio. Cheerio. Ah c'mon, the careful, conscience, of a shochet. Woman top our food at CEO, Jo. Pombaline. One Shanta, sure, whoo-hoo. Eg Hershey who were lotions, yeah quality, oh she. Mean, is how I can entitle, the trio she. Turns, into shukran, clapping in unison see. Me, - oh yeah - the Julie oh sure, phantom, - yo she, sang survey, - yo sister. I cook, a meal at Co Co. Co Co, Co. Reenter. Yo, Chi Chi Pantoja. Be teacher da ta, da - yo Shiba, be. Any true father - yo man, yo chosen, kikuchi. Shiho. Penetrant. Rocket engine desuyo uh sure, many kanji Tannen, follow my, you know destroy, o.co, they, opt me no fusa tanto. Horse in Yahoo that, she be my, own puppy, until who who people a certain. Peace treaty who convened our King upon condado de. Chimayo. Satoshi. Our artisanal. Indulgences. Al-quran. Thiago. -, time for, yoga function. Italian jump, to the hypotenuse. In the Champa. Visualization. Attending. Physician. Decent. And holding. One, important. Conscience, to the javac' offensive, gesture, soil, denied, open, sewage shishun, Champa. Didn't, consensus, on digit Hansen to the child the chance to Mayo, - yo Khushi, ah who PCC like, Java Ohana. Want. Angelica, pussy Argentine. Juan de comercio. - on TV on, Tohono. O'odham aunty, Ultra. Schway lo. Que pasa, tiene. Que lo young, puta options, on aquifer. Us. Well dojo. - gentlemen. - Yahoo. Bing, Yahoo tai chi or jojoba, touch, jiggle. Insertion, - Jean de Medici. Don't year young, polite, encountered. A militia her. Incision. At some I control. Initiating. With on Traci, Kwon who, shall elude, iron, fish, and panel, human, city delinquent, Thank You Jean to each other. Katja Dalton, okay, Tongo threatenin, included, et la. Pinta. Island at, home e cheetahmen, encoding, show Yahoo the Joshua, Lisa. Decision. Yahushua, montana. Mechelen one so chill dr., Stanton. - Nisha tomorrow, eternally. Pincushion. Two girls and a session. And young fool chief. Are silly, cohesion. Harlan. Indulgences. Any audit, on Tony, night engine few da da, língua home, entrance on Jaden Anza centro, de Tito. Chavez. Relationship. Controversial. Mention. She teaches. And America, Shannon to engage on Yahoo yeah let's do non-concessional. Train. En coche important, oh no panting Joe, yo, soy el chat es en contra. De Sciglio, jo. Naam ke kaaran choukaku. Tanto, sure Antonin, Tsuyoshi and ottoman showed Simon, Dasha cofunction. The, resolution. Destroy ocean in Tlingit, adultery. Choo-choo. Common anti Maori, fathers in concession, walk in, you'll see a monkey - Fung sure sure, Antoine. Tyler. Dimensional. Dimension. Each new hold each other's dementia. Unit video, is, occurring. Human being issued am not good at single missing, food it is very true the trade show toy, a machine, to chicago to tutor. Earth to, a young double session, sure you mention Tina, cuz I'm sure she did a toy on scene today, on the show wall, panel, fool, pink, I teach yoga coolly, Megha Sharma who. De jure sure Goethe Schiller may share cheat and Rahul, is a cheater shiatsu. Yo are Jo solution. With central, Argentina, Monza. China who Dodger Dodger pitcher.

Yoshi Encounter. To country, shall a pin, totally, vintage, ad Futura. Title. Future and so forth I'm sure John John, Ostrom, in the new one nights the player jetting. Demon, function, which and hits all the. Treasures. And a leash, y, encuentran. Adagio. Nature, to, European. Consciousness. Erosion. In one. Conferences. On, Takashi. Oh ambition, and Rosso, time t treatise poisoning. Poop en commun clarin. Children. Trabajo. Yo decision, - impossible. Not a solution meant, a commercial, in Sochi janashree true. True. True -, Anejo. Soy Ocean window Yahoo dolphin sounds mmm Tampa's ancient, ocean, on impatient important pan kzo. Co for individual. Children may be seated outside endoscopy. Jo Johnson, Korean. Soil, confession. Ocean, tenanted. Rapa. Solution. Maintenance. On top ah who majority, faction kahshanna, shanghai. Estrogen. She tore, Shoreham question. Verrucas action SEO compute. Alpha didn't, connotation. Attached, uncle. Marin. Cilic. Mecca. Jetting machine, is Lauren. My. Current Oh tanto, tanto como. En coche, men dipinto di impose. Tariffs. In fashion, primary. Shido we, teach Italian Oh. Madonna, Lucretia, Parvati. To Saunders Lauren. Leuser. National. Sufficient. To the Mubarak very. Routine. Yoshi. Nyah. Sudarshan. Tanisha. Da-da-da-da-da. Woman, you mention, I'd Shinto, Pingtung. Latinas. Whooping, I sindragosa, yo, solution. Me each night each on, a digital. Tekonsha. P3 genuine, joy Berlin Wall fell just, really. Don't see, ho ho ho zombie a human. Target also a teacher darlin, search into shock it is a Yahoo whooping I mean. Solution. Means young hussy, a control, a perpetuity. To, doll insertion. Show it is ungodly Judah, soil, ciao Oh. Mm, meddling well eg Ella Tom's IV joke whooping holy Toledo, unity, way, holy, Swedish, Italian cha, cha soojeong cheetah. Penguin. In Katrina, Cucaracha. Maybe each year soil, Sherman Lee Wong total. Pimples, hook essential, to do don't. Your, tighty GOG. Teach you join final, pattern ETSU yo soy. El shamah nail in one jungle I see how the tempo, Libya. Who, may be targeting. A. Dolphin's young calf annual show. Which friendly pink. One separated. Who shall destroy, your sham in the trendy trendy, pimple. China, here, he. Comes.

What's Up rate on away moody de Rosaleen. Tallon who should he show Chan Chan. Lee. 91-93. Time in the I cook, gave me clapping. I, shinsen. Could, go, to. The teacher descent, ba t, Sherlock looking. I see, no cuz, why are showing that in Qin ciudad, se Johnny, cool our, junk, Assange, on that ship a shitty, Santa. She show tree and soy or the train yo yo, y'all that a year, to George into the shoe she, come to fruition, because. She'd, had a lingual, each sheet, she souchong, can't automate, ly shit on Santa, silly old older hey, can't you see L shaped, outer. Leroy, brandishing. Way I'm, sorry, tinkle, dunk, I can see the master. Peugeot. Peru. Render. Scene way clapping, control, plane irritant, dog working cow here tactical. Woman shall I teach you dementia, - into shock Mayo jar Jong Kook. Jong. Question, should a chamber, curry. Lightly. Job, Bhutan sure that she has shitty the teacher. Fool. You'll. Answer since, your teacher died remodeling, contains, here teacher will Quidditch an ensuite, idea. Then she using, peds please doubt the. Earth, Council. On thought. Thank. You everyone so this is the Chinese version, of, Constitution. Thank. You very much. Ruthie, what. Is the reaction, of the Chinese community since, last week that, we see in this. Constitution. Oh, I. Even. Shared. This. Chinese. Version. To them yet so because I doesn't finish in a final, rushing, before. How. Are teaching yes thank. You very much indeed we'll, wait and see what comes up from, the Chinese community and what reactions, we get from. The, suburbs of cash foundation, in China, thank. You very much really is. There any comment, from you. Yeah. I really love this I think, now. We have, a common. Constitution. For all the things, living, in his world and, this. Constitution. Have, so. Many. Beautiful. Good. Intention. To, join. Us, together to, have a really. Peaceful, how, many, environmental. And a fair environment, for, everyone, so, I think that's, so great. Very. Much indeed. Any. Other members, of the earth Council, who would like to make any comments.

There. Is a question, whether there's, an English. Version, link. On the internet yet for people to, read. But. I don't think we have it on the website yet. We. All uploaded. This week. The. English all the versions will be uploaded, this week there. Is a part, of the teaching next week hopefully or so we. Will receive that to show how to use the YouTube with all the translation, transcription service. Has been transcribed in some of the teachings and. The. Constitution. What. I call any amendments, will be added online, as. The. Requests. Or, points, of views disgusted. By the earth Council to be changed amended. This. Is the way we go and this. Is part of the setup and the work we have to do in. Equally. Sharing knowledge and the, work of the piece together. To. Bring the changes as we see it so in. The, meeting. Of the. Public. And the earth Council on us or council. Last. Tuesday. We. Raised the point that. We, need our attentions, and work in. A very specific direction, and, what. We call. Collective. Effort of us as, Keshe, Foundation. We. See in horizon, a massive, war which is getting planned. We. See a massive war right. So you'll be. Affecting. Every, one of us. This. Plan. Of war or, aggression, or whatever. Can. Be resolved. It's. Part, of what, has been done over. Plans. Of 100 years 50 150 years ahead and. It's. Become, a sequential. Into. This process. We. See a very, harsh. Part. Times of, work. Or, certain. Organizational, groups to create conflict. For. Control, and, financial. Control. What. We have done and what we are doing, we. Are reaching the, soul of the leaders of. All. Sides, in this. Plan, conflict. Which they which we have no say in its been set up and they have to follow the pattern. There. Is a huge conflict set up between Iran as. A shear country, and a. Sunni Muslim countries of Saudi Arabia, and their, allies. The. Same with the allies of Iran. We. Call. Through. The soul and. We. Hope we, have the support, of your knowledge. Seekers, and, understanding. Of the work of the soul on. The leaders of Iranian, government, and Sabah. And. On. The. Saudi, leadership and. The. Rest of the Islamic world the. Line. Of. Descendants. Of Muhammad. Does. Not change the book of Muhammad's, press his name. Do. Not allow. Change. Of line of leadership. Becomes. The end of a faith. There's. A lot to be achieved in Iran and there is a lot to achieved with, Saudi Arabia and, their. Allies. On. Both side. We. Raised the soul of both parties, that. They come to an understanding, a. Understanding. That, their porn, to, play the game or. Mark, opposed to the Saudi leadership. Under. The Islamic world on the. Sony side. Brothers. Do, not fight. They. All come from, the same lineage. We. All come from one father, we all come from one understanding. And. My. Request from the Iranian government. Your. Eminence I have a holiday, your. Excellency. President. Rouhani, attend. The peace conference which, has been arranged. And will. Be announced. The. Same goes. To. The Saudi King. And. Leadership. Of other Islamic, countries. Step. Down. From. Talk. Of or. Less. Unite. Casual. Nation has taken leadership. And. We have received the support. Of. Negotiation. And the start of talk between both sides. And. It's. Not me anymore, it's. The. Sole application, our nation supporters, to. Raise the. Soul of both parties, leadership. That. Will, walk away from this mayhem. Which is planned. We. Need peace and. Through peace, will. Achieve more. We. Are active, in the background. For. Negotiation. And I. Know, the Iranian leadership listens. To these teachings the, same as the Saudis. We. Don't talk about what can be done to each other. We. Talk about what we can do together. There's. A lot we. Can achieve. And. There is more through peace that, can bring, beauty. Of the Middle East, out. Unity. In, faith and unity in soul is. The alternate, qualification. Foundation. By. Killing, and, by. Destroying, each other's assets. The. Only beneficiaries. Are those. Who. Are already made the secondary, plans and, oil refineries, to sell. Not. The, nations, which. Are at the battlefield. We, invite both parties, to. The peace conference which, is getting organized, and we, have the backing of a leadership. Keshe. Foundation, will, stand, firm in this peace negotiations. Tomorrow, hi the, prisoner here on. Your. Excellency, I, speak. In Farsi. That's, the sword they. Tell us Jacob. Of this.

We. Need the hand of peace. Than. Losing. War. For. The other parties. This. Time. Scientific. Intellectual. Write-up, man. Should. Prevail on peace. We. Take. The. Leadership in peace negotiation. In. A very direct manner and. We. Have entered into it and. The. Earth Council the, universal, council and. A member of core team and the rest of the Keshe foundation. We. Know we, have changed, the ways. Our. Talk, is, the confirmation, of acceptance. We. Need to reach the soul of the leaders. Thank. You very much. In the process of teaching. As. We saw last week. We. Tried. To. Explain. More, to. Understand. The connection, between different. Aspects. Of. The. Work of, the. Soul and the, connections, with, his physicality. The. Work. Of. The soul the. Creation, of the soul of the man which. Manifests. Itself in. A physical, tangible, condition. Can. Only happen. If. The. Condition, and the environment, for it is available, to happen. What. I said in the teaching of last week was, that, the. Universe, cannot, expand. If. The room for expansion was. Not there for it the. Expansion contains, two things, mathematical. And gravitational, field forces, that. Allows, creation, of the panel's fields in portside. What. This means is a, plasma. Has to give to his environment and take. From his environment, to. Find the balance between itself. And his, environment. The. Creation, of the confirmation. Of the existence comes. When. The, two entities. Confirm. Their existence, through the interaction, of their fields. We. Cannot. See. The. Existence, cannot. Feel the. Presence. Of, the. Sun. If. The, gravitational. Magnetic fields. Of the earth does. Not interact, with the fields of it. And. Then. In process, each. One, manifests, his own existence, and is damaged, so. In. So many ways the. Interaction. Of the fields of, two. Entity. Confirm. Not only the existence, of the. Two, but. The boundary and the physical, presence, and manifestation. Of it. In. English. We say in. These two to tango. It. Needs, to have a partner, to show the beauty of the dance. It's. The same, in. So many ways. Now, that our knowledge, has. Come to flourish. And understand. More about the, structure of the soul, to. Expand. More, to. Understand, more and, to, realize the reality. Of, the, creation, in any. Point in the universe. What. We, achieve, on this planet to. Confirm, our existence, in a physical dimension of human body. Needs. The, presence, of. The. Soul. Of, the, earth, which. Are the fields, interaction, of the earth with. The soul of the man that. Would it confirms. The physicality, of the man our. Physical. Body. Is. Created, under. Limitation. Of the dimensions. Of the strength of the soul which sees in the womb of the mother, in. Respect. To earth, gravitational. Magnetic fields. And. Plus. The, soul of the physical, entity, which, has created the soul of the man. You've. Got to realize. Every. Piece. Every. Atom. Every cell. In. The. Sperm. And. The. Seed of the. Male/female. As. A soul. So, the collective, soul of these. Entities. Is. Our inner acids, in proteins, leads. The creation, of the soul of the being and then. That, soul in, this interaction, and totality, with. The soul of the earth, dictates. Their. Physical, balance between, all the entities, which. Leads to the creation of the physicality of the man. Collectively. The. Soul of the man, in. Radiating. In the fields, in the womb of the mother in, the presence, of, the. Fields, gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of the, field. Of, the, matters, within the womb of the mother which. Called in a way creates, an environment. For. The soul of the child to. Take shape now. In. Interaction. With, the. Soul, of the planet release, to the creation, of the physicality, of the child. This. Is the same with. Every, entity being a plant being, at birth being. A fish. But. In, this process the. Emotion. And. The, confirmation. Of the guarantee, to exist, which.

Comes, The, physical, dimension. The soul of the entity, in. Respect. To, the. Soul. Of the. Totality. In the Solar planet. Brings. Into play, the. Color shape, the size and, everything. Else, so. Our emotion. From, the establishment, of the interaction, of the two fields. Dictates. Has. A communication. Line between. Understanding. The, soul of the planet and the, soul of the. Physicality the. Reality, is that when we travel into deep space, we. Have to understand, this. Now. The, interaction between, the. Strength. Of the soul of the man. And the, dimension, of his physicality, as a soul, with. The environment. Which, enters. That. Tastes, the same, the. Shape of the man or the, shape of the soul in, a physical dimension in, the universe. We. Will not see that, the. Calendar, to the man, but. We. Shall see. The. Physicality, confirmation. Once. Will, reach the, dimension, where, we. Decide, to, interact, with it. Rick. Can we share your screen and your table please. This. Is, important, for us to understand. Can. You open it up we, see all the corners, thank, you very much, what. This means. Is. In so many ways, if. We take the bigger magnet, as the, soul of the planet, and. Then. We. Take, the. Soul. Of the man as a second. Magnet. Which is the black mind then. You, see they create, a confirmational, position. And respect to each other and. In, that point. We. Come to one thing the, interaction, of the two. Has. To have a physicality. Which. That, physicality, can. Be shown in, the shape of very. Small entity which, is the physicality, of the man, the. Soul of the man. Can. We have your third ring please in the middle. If. You see what, this does. The. Small. Ring which is the physicality, of the man, find. His balance in position. In respect to the, two souls, of the planet and. When. It reaches, a balance point this. Is what we, manifest, ourselves in, the dimension of physicality. If. We change the. Bigger ring which is the soul of the planet or the environment we enter which. In fact is gravitational. Field balance between it. Cellphone eternal, the. Shape and the position, and the distance, from the soul of the man and the physicality. Which is a small ring in between will, change, because. Now it. Has a different, size if. You replace the bigger one with a smaller, with another magnet. You. Will see that, balance point changes, and this, is how our, soul. Will stay the same once. We change the environmental. Magnetic. Fields, the, position, the distance, between the physical dimension, and the soul of the man will. Take a new shape new, distance. This. Goes back to all the teaching we done before just. Replace. It replace, the big one you, can, see it very clearly. So. What. We. Have to understand, the. Soul of the man will not change. The. Environmental. Gravitational. Magnetic field, which we appear, will. Dictate, how. We. Will look. And. The. Shape and the distance. This. Is what I said in the teaching in the past on earth. We need two arms, and two legs because. The. Boundary of the physicality. Dictated. By the soul of the, environments which we are, which. Is the earth, if. We move the. Other the. Position changes, if. The gravitational, moves, out or, magnetic. Or moves in in, different dimension, you see the middle magnet which is the physicality, of the man moves with it if. You pull that magnet, a little bit backwards the small one no. No that, one here just push, it forward bring it forward and push it back, this. Is what it dictates. This. Is how we change shape, in size and time, this. Is how if you look when the field was further. Stopped. There please this. Is where the, gravitational, magnetic, field, of the earth in with, the cell allowed. Bigger. Animals, dinosaurs. And. Other. Entities, now. The gravitational. Field of the Sun because. We are getting closer and closer to it is. Changing, the size, we. Cannot support, because. Now that, bigger gravitational. Magnetic field, which is the Sun has. The same the same structure. And. Now you see, if. We, reduce. The field the, soul stronger. Needs. A bigger, distance to confirm, its existence so. You get, a different shape, and size. Now. We understand. The knowledge fully, we, can show it in a physical dimension that. Can be understood. But. In fact the, soul of the man does, not change. If. We. Understand, this point will. Come to a very interesting position. That. Is. Us, who. The science. How. And what, field we release from our soul that, even. In the. New position we. Still carry the shape, of the man. Even. Though in, respect, to the other environment. If we stay in balance we. Can see a new. Entity. This. Is an important, understanding. Because. If, I put another soul which is created. On earth.

Then. When, you see another soul from Earth he, see the figure of a man he, does not see the new figure of the environment. This. Is how you recognize. Each other in the space. Even. Though you, take shape of the, new environment. This. Is the beauty, of understanding. The total, knowledge. It. Means when. We meet a soul, which is created, in the dimensional, fields of the amino. Acid of the planet even though it does not carry any of his physicality. Because. We, carried the same we, see the feature of the man on earth. We. See the soul in, a manifestation of, physicality, but. From, somebody who stands outside will. See the, dimension, of both of us in the feature of what, we decided to be. This. Changes, the game. This. Changes, the game for those who, have the potential to, see. On. The, street. You. Walk a black man you've, all passed a light you. Have any other color. Shape. But. If. You are from Earth you know he's from Earth and. The. Other one is, not from this planet. Because. You see the soul of the man in the way that, you have manifested yourself, in, and. The, same with him this. Is how in the space we recognize, each other and. For. Those of you who are educated. In the knowledge of universe, you. Can see. Many. Of these entities. When, you go into space carry. No skeleton, because the dimension, of the fields does not support but. To you and me with, no humans. Now. You have seen the reason and the position. Man. Has, to come to become intelligent to, understand, the process, of creation. This. Is the same. We. Understand. The. Process, now. We have to comprehend. The process. Now. With, this it puts away the fear of death, in a space. We. Never die. We. Transform. According. To. The existence. Confirmation of the position, of our, physicality, in. Respect. To the gravitational-magnetic. Field. Of the environment, then. We understand. Where. We see the small, magnet. Does. Not need to be a planet. It. Can be a field. Which. Has not transferred. Or transformed. To become an entity. At the strength of our up line of observation. Then. You, understand, that in a space we, do not need planet. To. Manifest ourselves. This. Is what we own this, some. Of these microphone, is available, come please. Now. We understand, that. The. Whole process of creation is. Position. Field. Magnetic. Or gravitational, strength. Dependent. When. You go in a ballroom. And. A ballroom, is very, crowded. You. Cannot, dance walls so. Openly. You. Conform, to. The numbers. If. They clear, dance floor, and. You can last a whole dance ball, then. You dance different. Is. To say with, the existence, manifestation.

Of The physicality, in the universe. The. Is what we have to understand. This. Is how in, teachings, we bring the two dimension, of the soul and a, physicality, and, a matter of state which you use up. To not to confer to bring. The knowledge together. The. Soul of the entities, in the universe is. All and they all shine, the same, but. Of different, strengths. Internal. Free of the strength and. When, you, subtract, them to, another field. We. Can see their, manifestation. This. Is the same in, the space when, we enter, space we. Cannot, be, after. A digression of, warmongering. Because. To, every, entity that. Has a level, of understanding and. A color and the strength conditioning. Then. We, are read long, before, we, reach the gun. This. Is what will be used in. The, case of what we explained a few minutes, ago in respect, to Iran and Saudi Arabia and, the Islamic world the. Soul. Of Muhammad, counts, not. A crown, and seat, of kingship or, leadership. We. Show the solar laughs, addresses name that. He, rose not. Them. This is what is important, for all of us to understand. It's. Us who, can dictate the environment. And this. Is what the Keshe foundation, supporters, are standing. Gradually. We. Are changing, the. Soul of the, planet to. Irish. Through. Us giving. From the field of internal, life what we have created ourselves, out of to manifest ourselves. Then. We. See if. You push that physical, body, can. You move that small, ring in the middle towards the soul. The. Center one. Over. To the black the, big black. It. Has to move. The. Soul has, to move because. Is. The, wish, of our physical. Soul which. Dictates, the new environment. Our. Physical, soul does, not want to go through the pain of loss because, we feel it. Thank. You very much. Our. Physical. Body. Does, not want to see another war. Until. The strength collective, reproduce, we. Can move this all, we. The king with. The president, with. Any title, because. If you look between the physical. Entity. And. The. Soul of the entity, there. Is no seat of kingship. There. Is no seat for the man to sit. This. Is what we got to understand. This. Is what I said in the other teachings, but. To. Hawk dolls in disaster, we, do not, need to be there to give them feel the. Feeling, and the. Emotion of, comfort so. Will. Be the same in, a time of peace. We. Do not need to move quarter, million soldiers to push worse peace. We. Move quarter, million energies. Of souls that. Will. Move the, kings and. The readers the. Time, of change is, a peaceful, operation. Now. Marching, on the streets I. Can. Wish. And. I, will achieve my. Wish. Is my command. End. Of. A kingdom. Is. A, push of the. Fields of the soul of a man. This, is what we have to understand. Now. If. You look at a bigger magnet and. You. Put it in between the small one and that, big medium. Black one. You. Will see bring. It in the, same as was before. The. Same position, now more, weight back in between yep. And. Find, a position. Find. A position which Beyonc before. That. Is finds, balance. Yeah. The position, of balance. Which. Confirms, the physicality. Now. Can you get the other little one we just put away and put it in the center of the big one. Can. You get it in yep. It'd. Be very difficult. There you go. Now. Try. To see if you can move the, two towards, the other to, the. One we just made. Just. Try to move it yep. Now. You see. New. Position, new. Move. When. We add our souls into, the soul of the planet. We. See the. Physicality moves. Or. We. Can the same point, if you create, in a position, the. Soul would move just move it forward just. Carry on moving. That's. How easy it is. To. Get rid of the physicality of the kingship. Even. Though the, soul of the king will stay. The. Same with any world leader. This is where the, strength of the new understanding. Comes. Yet. We. Create, a new, environment. That.

Leads. To, the creation of, new fields. We. Change the environment of, the soul of this planet. Because. We. Have changed the, wishes of the man in respective, physicality, and respect to the soul of the man. This. Is the change of the position this. Is a change of understanding. This. Is how, we. Do not need to do anything but, to earn to, the soul of, this planet, in what is missing. Which. Brings with peace not. The. Soul of the man. Runs. The, physicality, of the mud a, respect. Of what physicality. Will, manifest itself, into. The. Soul will exist, and. Then. Comes, conformity. To peace to. Balance and, this. Is what in my teachings, in the pastor, said there. Is something is, missing in, the mixture of the soul. Of this planet, and. Now. We, can see is not think, it's. The intention, of the soul of the man to, replace that. The physicality, becomes, irrelevant, every man stands, a hole in his soul in respect to the soul of this planet. Then. You, can have any shape or form. Then. We, all understand. The. Manifestation. Of physicality, becomes. Irrelevant. Because. Our soul, moves wood in the soul of the structure. Not. Outside. Affecting, the physicality of the structure. Which. Is much easier. When. We released. The. Constitution. Was. For. Us to be able to explain, this. We. Can move but. If, we do then. They said he said he did but. If we, move, we. Say with it and we don't. The. Fear of those who call themselves, world. Leaders, is, the, loss of their physicality, through, the control, of their soul for. Themselves. To, create a new that I mentioned, in manifestation. Not, out of the fear of loss ignoring, the readership. This. Is what and how, I explained. They shall be knocking because. I know I can, touch. Reach. The. Physical, dimension, through. The soul that. The soul sees, shame to be a leader to have the physicality, no damage. The. Process, of manifestation of, physicality, in the space, has. To come to the point of satisfaction, between, the soul and the. Dimension, of Maya station, itself in. Respect. To the totality, of the environment. At. The time of death. The. Soul of physicality, moves. Within. The. Soul of the man. In. A very secret, way in. A very. Hidden. Way I. Have. Already explained, this in one of the papers. When. You read didn't. Paper. Again. With. A new understanding you. Will understand, I have, already. Unraveled. A secret, in. That paper. It's. Called inter atomic fusion. Where. I say, there. Is easier, to bring an. Electron. Into. The proton. That. Trying to fuse two. Neutrons. Or. Two platforms. Because. The two are made of the same. In. So many ways at the time of death. If. You remove the single black one why please. Break. At. The time of death this. Is our position our. Physical. Dimension. Sits. Because, of its strength in the center of our. Soul, in. A deeper space travel, this, is the condition of our existence, we. Decide. When. That. Soul moves, out to. Create the physical manifestation. We. As. A sole in. Respect. The, presence, of another field, beside. If. We allow this. Entity. Which. Is the dimension, of our physicality, to, move out to. Manifest our, existence. In. A physical dimension. In. Part. Of my teachings, in past. 190. Or 200, teachings. I have. Explained, this. Where. I say, that. The, soul of his character, after man. Moves. In. Because. I'm so backing into the soul of. The man that. It becomes one and in, that time and manifests itself by the dimension, and the position, of the strength where, the soul decides. It. So anyways when. We had the small black. Ring and, the. Other ring that. Was the, manifestation in. Confirmation. Of the existence in. The presence of another field, but. At the time of the travel when a man becomes wise to understand. The. Energy, of the physicality, will, move within the centre of the soul of the man and. Then like, a birth of the mother you. See the replication, of what you see here as a womb of the mother and, the, soul of. The. Chart. There is no difference, in, different. Level of existence in. The universe it's. The man who has not understood after, that. This. Is important, for us because, the. Teaching of today opens. The door for man how. To live, and how, to manifest, itself. In, the deeper space. You. Can travel from one point, on this planet to another. Faster. With your soul than, your physicality. Even. Though because you are in the same environment at the earth you, manifest, yourself you. Still be yourself. Because. The soul travels. Without dimension, but. If it skeleton, needs that transformation. This. Goes back to the teaching what. I said last week and. What I said before. Properties. In New York and Washington. Properties. In Tokyo. Or, in Tehran, or anywhere, else will. Worth nothing, once, the man there is the technology and understand, how to do. This. Is part of the instant, transportation. This. Is a part, of being in the soul of another entity without, the entity knowing what the physicality is doing. This. Is part, of. Totality. Of. Controlling. One. Soul is in. Respect, to is one, physicality. But, he cannot touch another.

Those. Who came out with the machines to control, the mind now. They, know that revenge, comes from the soul. Those. Who, rape the brain so. The physicality, will. Pay back in, the same way. We. Make sure of that. There'll. Be no blood of them left to repeat, the same sticks. Because. The soul would not allow it. This. Is the balance, of. Peace. In. Respect, to understanding the, totality. Of the creation. Even. Though this, knowledge is, just the tip of the iceberg, of the total knowledge. This. Teaching, was told to Christ plus his name but he never shared. But. He used for the manifestation, of himself on the, cross. There. Is no resurrection, if, you understand, the process of. Creation. The whole. Understanding. Of Technology, is. To, understand. Every. Field can. Live in peace, if. Your physical dimension, fields, can be wooden, dimension, of your soul. Then. You understand, is. There a need to, move that outside, the soul, and. Then. When it moves, what. Is the dimension, of its understanding of, this environment to. Manifest itself. The. Soul of the man. Once. Created. Stays. Imbalanced. And. If, you, understand, the, dimension, of the control, between. The physicality, which, is dictated by the soul of the planet or the environment. That. You receive as much as, you decide, manifest, yourself. Then. The, life of the man runs, in thousands, of years. Is. The force, of, the, existence, of the soul on this planet to, manifest itself in physicality, which. Gives, the man the, short term of life physical. Life on this planet and. The, sooner the man understand, this the. Sooner he'll operate, through his soul than, its physicality. Then. Kingship. Leadership. Being. Physically, somewhere is, irrelevant. This. Is what in the teachings I explained, that, you. Attract the. Physicality, into, the soul not. The physical body, but the, soul, of the physicality. Into. The soul of the man and, then, you. Can manifest yourself, anywhere. In the universe. This. Is the structure, of what we call a neutron, the, neutron. Inside. It has, the electron, present. It. Opens, up it, lets it out and it houses and. It manifests, itself as, a lot hydrogen. Now. Maybe with this we understand, what. Is in the box as, nuclear. Decay. The. Energy, we see when, the neutral, opens, up to split into a proton electron is. The opening, of the gap for, this electron, which, the physical confirmation, of manifestation. Of it to. Be. Released. It. Doesn't come from chopping. Another, piece itself, because. The manifestation. Of the physicality, is already, internally. Within itself and, those. Of you who understand, in the space technology who are working on the fuel. Then. You understand, why, you. Have different hydrogen's. Because. Your Neutron comes from different strengths and different sides. For. Those who work in a space technology, launched. It's. Good for you to understand. The. Totality of, the unified, field. To. Read the paper, unified. Field theory now, that you understand, this and. Then. You understand, what, needs to be done the. Human race has, been given the full knowledge of traveling to deep space. It's. You who's got to decide you, wanna walk it, you. Want to cycle it you. Want to go with a car he. Decided, to go with the jumbo jet or. You travel with, the newest based knowledge, so. The soul of the man. None. Of them are wrong, it, depends, what gives you the pleasure. It. Depends how fast you want to reach the point of destination. Or. You want to enjoy the scenery. This. Is the addition to the present knowledge, there's. Nothing from our tact is, something, which, we already know now we. Have to understand, it that, we can use it the correct way. The. Whole process of that knowledge is. Comprehension. Of it not. Complicating. It a. Lot. Of people around the foundation they, say that some work because they can't copycat. They. Don't want to understand, and. Those. Who understand. Will, suffer, because, they see the copycats, and they cannot teach them it, only it copy and it Normie account you got to be yourself you.

Have, To understand, the strength of your soul that, he can transform, or, in. A way. Reposition. The, soul of physicality. And. Your chromos, the microphone, a telegraph, please. This. Is what the. New understanding, of the work of the soul of the man can see. This. Is what is important, to all of us to, understand. It's. Important, for us to. Be able to comprehend. The totality, of the knowledge, be. It on a physical, dimension, opposite. On the soul. Ultimate. Bliss. Is important, for us because, in the next teachings, once. We start understanding this. Info, then. We, understand, the, transportation. Of the elements. The. Transmutation. Of elements from. The transfer, of the energy of the soul of the man if. You, can transmute, copper, to, zinc Oh. Water. To, gold. Then. You can do with your own soul on. Earth. You. Manifest, yourself as a man in. The space as, another. Transmutation. Of the energy, of the fields, or the soul of the man is. The, key, to the future understanding. Of the work of the universe. We. Got to understand, the. Totality. But. We have to comprehend. The, strength of it first before we understand, it. What. Do we expect. If. I wish today to, end up with. A kingship. It'll. Be no problem, but. What, does it bring it, brings another king which is more. Worse. Than. The present, unless, we change educate, a lot that. Nobody. Wants to be the king because now they understand, other souls have a saying them wants to move in the wrong way, reposition. There. Is no need for arms. There is no need for armies, and there is no need for anything else. The. Understanding, of, the. Use of physical knowledge. Will. Force the, soul of the man to suffer. And. This. Cannot be the. Soul. Of the man as you see and, the, physical soul of the man have, to be at peace. Slight. Movement. You. Will see the change just move that is what the, big magnet you, will see. To. Study to in. A rapid way. Has. To adjust itself. Then. If you push it too hard L, flipped, and, you. Lose it. Now. You understand. The. Neutron, carries the center, it's. Us who, haven't got the tools to see. How. Many opens, up it manifests, itself as a physicality. You. See just, keep it there please. If. You keep it the. Same way just. Bring the other magnet had small uncle see how much you can move the sole just. Flatten poor now. Let it go let, it go let it go please. Now. The soul has a say. We. Have to understand, the. Work of the universe, and they feel the strength and not on the matter strength then life, becomes very easy. Then. We, understand. The. Totality. Impartial. Reality. The. Process of, the creation has. To, be understood, and. Not, imagined, and. Once you understand, you'll, find out us. As. Those who feel peace, in, our soul, will. Move this it's a cavity, of those who. Prefer. War in physical, life than the peace of the soul. As. I still penny time. With. The stroke, of a pen I can change kingship. As. Within my power.

But. In. A few weeks time, you'll. Find another. Kick I. Explained. In one of the teachings, in. A private teachings a, very. Very fundamental point. Which. I. Think today is a point, to discuss. Mohammed, blasted his name. Destroyed. All, the. Such fuels that. Not. Be nothing but the God to worship. What. They learned from the Jews and Christians, in. A time of him, being merchants, when he went to Palestine, and saw the Jews and, the, Christians, have no God. To. Worship as a stone but. They believed in. The totality. The, Muslims, for. Caught the, rule of God. Muhammad. Versus name, destroy. The, statues, for. People not to worship, now. The present, Muslims use, a black a stone. The. Same as they did with the statues and. This. Cannot be this. Is the end up as well because. The followers, do not follow the, belief of the Prophet. They. Have changed all those such rules with. A black stone. So. There. Has been no progress. But. The separation of. The. Physical. Manifestation. Of the remains of the Prophet. Bata, uncle, or the son-in-law. So. They, have changed. Their. Will on the, will of God. They. Have still, worshiping. Stone. And, the statue. So. There has been no progress we. See the same with Christianity. Worshipping. A cross. And. A man not. The soul of man. We. Are still but, perast which. Means we still follower stones but. We think we are more intelligent. One. Black and, one. In the cross. Now. He understand, why. I said the peace between the two has to be because. They're all have forgotten a path. In. Reality. Worshipping. Of a stone and, a, statue has not changed, the. Reason the stone is in Mecca. It. Was brought in to make the most evil. Statue, that, people be frightened, from it that. They're, worshipping, and pay more and now. We see the same thing they, pay more to. Circulate. And nothing has changed. The. Message of muhammad nasir savings, forgot, he. Didn't want his face to be copied that they'll worship it now, they have found the stone to worship and killing the name of it. If. I talk I. Demolish. The religions, because the truth is too harsh to accept. What. Mohammed blesses name did not want these. People in the name of creating kingship, have created. In. The practice. In. Fact. The. Temple of the stones. Has. Been taken away by black, soul. In. The City of West oh not. The beautiful soul of mohammad reza snake. Man, being. Educated, in this level will. Worship nor stone, and. No, other Souls. Except. Understanding. The work of the others that, can respect, in, the beauty of what they create, not. To worship and make another profit. We. Have to understand. The. Truth we. Have to understand, the, work of the soul of the land. If. It will take your meat right. To. Get. Rid of the black stone to bring everybody, to a new understanding we. Shall do the, same, will be, where. The wall and the same will be rhythmatic. There. Is no religion, but the peace of soul of the man. Stand detection. Of this morning you, find a path to space, when. You find path, of peace for the soul of man. Any questions. Okay. Thank You mr. Kesh, I'll. Remind, the attendees, in the. Xoom chat that you can raise your hand and I can promote you to panelists. Otherwise. Allow you to speak. Do. We have any of the panelists, that would like to say something. I, think. That we stood. So. Mr., Casas is Libby from. The. Knowledge. Seekers students, and I, wanted to ask you our. Best. Way, to elevate, the, souls of, the Iranian. Leadership and. The. Saudi Arabia. Leadership. Is. To. Sit. In meditation to. Wish for the elevation of their souls to send them love. And. Is. There other stuff, we can do for that from. Our homes from our Heights. The. Time of meditation has, gone. The. Time of meditation was, when the man did not understand, the strength of his soul. The. Wish of the man is the meditation, of them. Thank. You thank. You very much this is what we say my. Wish is my command I. Wish. To give and, nobody can tell me how much fucking you. So. My, command, is the control, of my own fields. And, it's my wish to give to. Elevate, the others a lot. Of people who never understood this mummy said my, wish is my command they. Thought I'm going to change somebody, else, no, I command, my soul to release what, is needed for.

Them To receive to achieve balance it's. Not that I wish to, change somebody, else. This. Is a misunderstanding. But. In a way it's a goodness understanding. Because then. We, don't replace our soul, with. Others, and we do not allow, others. To give, us what we don't need. Now. You understand, what it means my, wish is my command I can, command, what I own to, give worth back and. Nothing. Else is. For. Those who, are in need of. To. Receive it and to, be able to be at the position, to receive and. If, we give enough, as we showed. Then. We, create a new environment, that they have to find a new physical position, to, keep the same soul so we, create, point a balance because, our, wish is a. Palace, of the field. This. Is part of the understanding, we, have to understand, clearly. We. Have to comprehend. What it means. We. As. We saw when, you put the soul together, their. Physicality moves, if. The physicality wants, to stay the same position. That the soul has to look and by. Moving the soul if, it's a Hannity, most of it they shall be no king, seat of kingship this, is my wish because I give enough that. Everybody, is equal then, there, is no change in, no. One soul but. The physicality, moves, to a new dimension. In. The coming time we, shall see that, the ex world, leaders will, come and confess to the crimes they've done. By. The change of the, time and the position, and the, fields which we release, as command, on our soul. We. Are captains. Of, our soul to, the wish of the physicality, to. The soul of the physicality. So. We, are in command our. Wish, is. Our command, not. To change the others but, to release as much from us, that. They. Can receive what they need because we leave the total, spectrum then. We wish. So. When. You. Give, put. 10. Different, foods on the table one. Chinese, one. English one. Indian one African, the, English man will take from the foot because he remembers their home the Indians, will take from Indian you, mean they might taste the others to see we all can share something. So. When. You give your, command, to. Your soul is that I give. Unconditionally. It, needs a second, it doesn't need weeks of meditation, it. Takes a man one. Millisecond. To, wish to die and, to. Get ILS. To. End his own physicality, anyway is 10 years for it to happen. So. You can see how powerful your wishes if your swish, of a, physical, demise. Is, the power to separate, it from his soul, to. End of the physicality now. You can understand. How. Much more power you have to give to change the condition, of the others, what. They wanted to receive at. A point which is their every. World leader, every. President. Knows. The, pain of suffering. Every. Man knows, the pain of suffering. So. We, all have that what, you call feel. The strength of. Loss. And pain. You. Want to give would, you like to feel the same or elevate, you that you don't feel and, none. Of them refuses. Any. Question. Good. Morning otter we. Missed you last week you were away. That. One clapping. Is. That one hand does not make clap. Yeah. You need to so. So. If. You wish for, for. That. You. Wish for it it doesn't mean it. Can happen so we need everybody, to it, means it, means you haven't understood authorship. Because. You have to understand, the soul of those kings has, the other hand already ready, you. Just need another one for them to hear the noise and. That. Comes from you. We. All possess. The full spectrum. It's. Very much if you stood in a field and. A jet plane passes. Nothing. You just hear a jet plane. But. If. You put the jet plane at the speed of sound you.

Hear. The. Noise. So. Everything. Was there it's, just that you, changed, the speed and the strength of one to move against the other. Everything. Is always there is, for, us, what. We want to make out of it and how, loud. You want to make that noise according, to what you release. Then. The change will come. Mr.. Kesh this is Nicolas. Problem. She. Is. When. You speak of my wish is my command or. I, command. My soul. Can. You speak. The. Identity. Of this, eye that, is doing the wishing, or the, eye that, is doing the commanding. To. Our is a collective. Soul of physicality. I, explained. Them one of the teachings. Sometimes. Ago. Is. Have. You ever thought of lottery. Have. You ever, thought. Why. Millions. Buy, a ticket and. One. Wins. And. He has to be out of so, many million that number, which only he has to it. Then. You understand, the. Desire. To have, on. A, single number, has. Been much, stronger the totality, of other desires. How. Many of you have ever stood, still, and think. They. Sell 100. Million tickets and one. Guy wins out of 100 million what. Happened to the other other numbers, which everybody, else chose why, didn't the others choose this number one person, in reality when you have a lottery and everybody, wishes to win that's the reason they bought the ticket for. It. Should be each one getting their money back. That. They, all choose the same number but. Why. Out. Of hundred million people buying, a lotto, one. Person, with the jackpot. Have. You ever stood still thinking, about it. In. The British lottery. After. 49, numbers. And. Each was seven numbers out of 49. In. The combination. Of numbers after 49, numbers, and. The. 7 is. 14. Something. Million combination. And. Fifty. Hundred, two hundred million, tickets, are sold but. One number wins. The jackpot. Did. The souls decided. That this guy needs the money to change and, we don't follow what changes, in them in the future. Because. We just look at the, snapshot. Of a, check, for, let's. Say twenty thirty million dollars. But. How do you followed the life of these people some organizations. Do how. It changes, what they do what, they see. How. It changes, other ways I saw someone, live with a more miserable the money was a punishment not, a gift.

90%. Of those, who won the lottery before, 2010. Lived. Worst, of the life then, before, they had after five years. When. You carry a knowledge is a lifetime with you when you win the lottery is when you're spending this finish you don't have the knowledge how to make it it was wallah it's. The same with the soul of the man. When. You understand, it you carried, if, it comes in one and you have to do something with it for that time you. Know the physicality, of it. This. Is the process why. Is. The mushaf physicality. Which, wants to get that change and. The. Soul of the others say if you need you take what. Understand. How. Many of the jackpot winners not, still have a good life very, few, and. Now. That's why the, government, organization. Control. What these people will get that the world lasted, at least one generation. Our. Soul, is aware of totality. And. Just. Look and, the, operation. Of. Rotary. And then. Compare, it with the soul of the. Man, everybody. Bought a ticket to wind. And. The. Combination. Of, at. Least. Let's, say if, it's 14 million. 140. Million tickets, ten, people should win early, ten people should get right but oneness. So. Is, a joy per accident, or is, it the soul of physicality, which has decided that the. Wish is so much that it transfers, it to the soul of the man, that. Becomes, neck removed with the rest of the soul was the rest of the magnets on the table that, this one will find a position. So. Who's, in command the man who wished to have it. Or. The other souls which. Carried, the command, because, the command was so much that, he found the common denominator, with the rest of the sauce is, so much that even controls. The ball which is in the machine. Is. Illusion. Man. Has not understood, because. It goes back to the teaching of a hollow glass his name even, a stone has a soul their, wishes so much even, the construction, of the soul of the ball feels. The same as what the souls have created. If. I go in the depth of it you'll. Be shocked I. Learned. This. By. Playing backgammon, I played. Background, for nearly 30 years and. My. Wish in, dice is. 99%. But. I play a fool because otherwise nobody wants, to play with you. But. You can't command it. Because. You. Want. And, you can do, my. Mother plus of soul used, to say I don't play come back come on with you because you you get what you want I'm just sitting here throwing dice for you to have fun. Then. I said you taught me the game my, grandfather, taught me the game. Every. Time I played, it was understanding. Confirmation. Of I have control, on the dice they. Used to bring cups they used to bring mugs do you say just you throw you touch, I still. Get what I wanted. But. Those. Who played with me they know I let them win the first two or three game is because, it's. Very easy you'll. See, the. Psychology, of the manner in winning. But. If I decide, you. Stay at three nil it becomes, five three. We. Control, and. We have command, over our, souls. It's. Not a physical desire. Become. Expert, in it we don't need meditation. When. You see for, meditation, for 10 hours, amis. You haven't gathered enough strength, if. You wish for one millisecond. You, achieve it always remember, the case of Alice. An MS they. Wish, in one instance, of desire, of pain and they, get it. Separation. Of the soul of physicality, from. The soul of the man and then the soul of the man, organizes, to satisfy, the fish of the soul of physicality.

Inaudible. Yes. Mr. Kesh in in, the livestream from Marin. Who. Asks, why, at the time of, incarnation. On this planet, most. Of us have lost the memory of our soul and the. Reason, or our mission, for, which we have manifested. In this material. Space-time. Environment. We. Ourselves can. We take any action, to remedy this, or, does it all depend, only, on, our, entire. I'm. Gonna stop you there is no recognition. We. Are all creation. Of new conditions. Those. Who speak about recognition, have not understood the technology. The. Wreck our nation, was. A tool of fear. That. You come back and you have to pay. To. Balance the book of the past, what. You did wrong. You'll. Come as a dog you come as a horse you come back up incarnated. The Carnation. Is not what. We carry in, our, genes. In, our RNA, is. The, same as we carry the color of the blue from the eye of the grandmother, we. Carry in our innate the memory of the grandmother -. And. The strange enough is if what those who understand, more, and they can cause that further is. Because. You carried, the gene of the blue eye of the grandmother. The. Time of the life of the grandmother. Because of their physical connection, of the fields, whatever. She, saw she put on your, gene new gene -. Even. Though you, haven't seen her ever, in your life across the plant. So. We bank. Continuously. Talking. Our soul and our, physicality. Through. The connection, of the fields, after before. -. The connection, we have made through a central, genes will be called RNA and the same as, a current announcer of the soul of the planet which is giving us that gift. So. Those, who speak about recognition, have, not understood the, totality, of the knowledge. So. Mr., Kesh when people say, they remember. Their. Past lives, for, example and that kind of thing. Say, someone, remembers. They were, Cleopatra. In a past life although,

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