10 Things to Know That Might One Day Save Your Life

10 Things to Know That Might One Day Save Your Life

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Hello I'm Simon Whistler you're watching top tens net and in the video today the top 10 things to know if it might one day save, your life even though we no longer live in the Dark Ages and life is more easily predictable, than ever things can still go bad, at a moment's notice and it's always a great idea to know what to do in these kind of situations so. That you can actually increase, your chances, of survival, as anyone, can tell you there are countless ways in which a person's life can be put in danger and in the video today we're looking at 10 examples and what you can do if you are faced with them. Number. 10 stop, panicking, as any survival specialist can tell you the leading cause of death in almost every, emergency situation. Is panic, we can't talk about any survival, skills without first addressing crippling. Panic and how to avoid it the, moment someone realizes, things are no longer in their control most, start, experiencing. Fear, and there is absolutely no shame in that because fear is in a love itself a survival, tool it gives us a surge of adrenaline which, in turn improves our reflexes, and our memory among, other things the, key thing here is to manage, that fear and not let it run out of control and turn into panic panicking, will make us lose all self-control, and will stop us from properly assessing, a situation, and it will always leave us worse off than we start it but it's one thing to talk about panic, in the safety of our own homes but, it's totally another, when it hits us in the face like, a five pound brick, so the first step in avoiding a panic attack is knowledge, actually knowing what to do in any given circumstance will, raise the point at which you feel like things and no longer in your control by simply knowing what will happen and, what steps need to be taken, we are still somewhat, in charge of the situation. Even if things aren't going as originally, planned the next step is experience. Because as all of us know experience. Is the best teacher we don't of course encourage, you to place yourself willingly in a survive or die situation just. For the sake of experience. But we do encourage you to imagine yourself in one by taking a moment to visualize, a worst-case scenario in your mind and what steps need to be taken you are forming a basis, from which you can draw if a situation calls, for it the more you do this mental exercise, the faster you'll be able to draw on it when the time comes, lastly by doing adrenaline-inducing, activities. Basically, anything that gets us out of our comfort zone, our brains release an amino acid that acts as a natural tranquilizer. That controls our anxiety, levels our appetite, and the worst effects of adrenaline the more we do these types of activities on a regular basis, the more of this amino acid our, brain releases, and the less likely we are to experience, panic, but if you do find yourself in a panic situation remember, to stop sit, think, observe.

And Plan, if time is on your side sit down and look at your gear examine, each object you have with you in detail and think how it can be useful in your situation by, putting things in order you calm yourself down and begin forming a basis of security, on which, you can then build number-9. Shelter. Water fire food. In that order let's, say that you go on a hike one day your pack light and you expect to be back home in time for dinner while it's unlikely you might get lost maybe it's misty maybe it rains something, to push you off course but what do you do then well, you can call or text someone, and tell them where you are if you have a signal, battery, or even a phone with you in the first place and just, as a side note here you absolutely, should then, you can check your GPS units, and try to find your way back again this relies on you having one you can also hope that the person you've told where you were going will call search and rescue and again this is great advice if you are going hiking do tell someone, where you are going and when you expect to be back but, let's say that none of these existing, options are viable, and you have to face the facts that you'll not be sleeping in your bed that night it could indeed be days before you find your way back so you have to remember the basics shelter, water fire food. In that order, the most dangerous thing in the wild is exposure, and you have to address that first and makeshift, shelter could mean the difference between life, and death in these kind of situations and, it should be your top priority you, should always remember to stay dry especially after nightfall so if you're working hard in your shelter and sweating heavily or you're caught in the rain remember, to take off your clothes and dry them out in the Sun before it gets dark, next on the list is drinkable, water surprisingly. Enough most water sources especially in the wilderness are actually, safe to drink as long as it's not a stagnant pool of water and your upstream, from large mammal populations, you all most likely be safe basically, the smaller the story the safer it is moreover. Most waterborne, illnesses take a few days to a few weeks before they start affecting you and you should use that time to focus on how to get back home rather, than how to purify your water, next, comes fire as a general rule you should always carry a lighter and waterproof matches with you every, time you go on a hike fire can keep you warm it can keep you dry and it can also help to fend off animals, an additional, benefit is that it will also signal, your location and lift your spirits, but, it is in the third spot here for a reason despite, its many advantages, depending on the situation, and the weather fire might not be that important, for you so instead of trying to light one by rubbing two sticks together like you saw on YouTube you should focus on building a shelter and staying dry when it comes to food you should remember that a person can go several weeks before actually, dying of starvation hunting.

Would Be a good idea but if you haven't done it before you might just end up losing precious hours calories, and not catch anything so indeed it is a good idea that you familiarize yourself with some edible plants before, you go out and get yourself in this kind of situation, if neither of those things work out you can try eating some insects, or just plain old-fashioned, fasting, and speaking. Of edible plants number, eight the universal, edibility test if. All else fails there is a way to tell which plants are good to eat and which are not to a certain, degree known, as the universal, edibility test this, is a technique that will help you do just that but you should know that this is a last resort measure, and you should only try, and attempt it if you are facing severe, starvation, you should also know that this test takes up to 16, hours to complete and even, in the best of circumstances you, might end up suffering from diarrhea, or an upset stomach moreover eating, wild plants won't give you much nutrition, and even, if a plant passes, this test it can still have some traces, of poison that can build up in your system if you eat too much of it the first step is to look for an abundant, plant in your area since these won't give you so many nutrients, there should at least be enough of them around so you won't have to look all over the place for it next, make sure they don't have a white umbrella shaped, flower bundle poison, and water hemlock are both common and extremely, poisonous plants, that should be avoided at all cost, if it's not flowering, season pull it out from the grounds and if the root looks and smells like a carrot then it's most likely hemlock, also, avoid plants that have waxy, leaves as well as those that have thorn has any wear on their bodies most, of this type of plant are poisonous, next, look at the plants SAP if it's white it's nice likely poisonous, you should look for plants with clear SAP if a plant complies with all of the above then you can start the actual test take, just a part of the plant either relief or a piece of the stem or its root and rub, it on a small part of your skin some parts may have poison stored in just sum of its parts but, not others so if you end up eating it eat just the part you're tested wait 20 minutes and check your skin for any reactions, whatsoever, reddening, itching burning swelling, numbness or anything else if that happens it means the plant is poisonous and you need to start over if nothing happens then take another small piece and place it under your tongue and keep it there for another 20, minutes if you sense any reactions, whatsoever, spit it out and start, over if not eat a spoonful, of it and wait eight hours if you begin feeling the symptoms of stomach cramps pains vomiting or, anything else out of the ordinary it's, no good if it passes however, then eat a couple of it and wait another eight hours if everything is fine, the plot is probably, safe to eat but again we cannot stress enough the, risks involved with this test and we do not recommend it unless there is absolutely. No, other alternative. Just remember that a human can last several weeks without food so, you're better off hungry, and poisoned, number, seven what if you fell through the ice falling. Through the ice can be an incredibly, scary situation. Not only is the water freezing, but you may not be able to find the hole through which you fell in nevertheless, you, have to keep your wits about you and to be ready for what's about to happen once, you hit the freezing water your body starts to hyperventilate and. You will begin gasping. For air you need to fight this instinct, while submerged, if you can't find the hole through which you fell look for contrasting, colors from underneath the hole will appear darker, than the surrounding ice once you find yourself at the surface your main purpose is to keep your head above the water until you calm down the, cold water shock you experience, the moment you hit the water will last from one to three minutes afterwards, your body gets a bit used to the cold at this point your goal is to get out of the water as fast as possible, though hypothermia, is a great concern it's not, your most immediate, problem after the cold water shock comes swim, failure, and this is what you have to watch out for at this point after several minutes your muscles lose all strength and dexterity and, you will be capacitated. This is why it's important, to get out as fast as possible first look for the direction you fell in since that portion of the ice was able to hold your weight in the first place it's also your safest bet of getting out again grab onto the ice ins lift as much of your upper body onto the ice as possible, then using, your forearms, and elbows drag, yourself forward while propelling, yourself using your legs once, outside do, not stand up instead, roll away from the hole for at least several feet before standing, then, if possible retrace, your steps to dry lands now once you are here this is when you need to start to worry about hypothermia, you can head indoors to warm yourself up but if that's not an option then you have to look for a shelter that will protect you from the wind even some trees or a large rock will do if there isn't anything else available here, remove your wet clothes and find some dry replacements, if you can do some push-ups and other basic, exercises, to get the blood flowing again next get a fire going and keep your knees to your chest and your legs tight together to conserve, Heat if there, are other people with you huddle together to, conserve your body heat number, 6 how to escape a sinking, car a wrong, turn a deer in the road or a poorly illuminated Street, can all end with your car in the water if this happens there are a few things you should know in order to get out alive under.

Usual Circumstances it will take your car 1 to 2 minutes before it actually begins to sink this is the time to unbuckle your seatbelt unlock, the doors and open, the windows as long as the keys are in the ignition your electrical, systems will still work if they are not then you need to open the door and exit, the car that way this however will mean that your car will sink much faster, but it will be the easiest way to get out if for whatever reason you can't open your windows try breaking them using your elbow or anything else point it you have on hand the, prongs from a headrest are actually very useful for doing this some cars are equipped with tools that are useful in such an emergency and you can also find these at a local hardware store aim for the center of the window and do not bother with the windshield windshields. Are made to be unbreakable or as close as possible to unbreakable, if you have the time take off your shoes or baggy clothes as these will become a hindrance while swimming if you're unable to open the window or break it it's also a possibility, that the door won't open either this is because the pressure from the water outside will, prevent you from doing so if this is the case let the car fill up with water wait for the water to reach your Chinn then take a big breath open the door and exit, the car head first then swim, to the surface when there is enough water in the car the pressure will equalize, and you will be able to open the door if by any chance the car is upside down or you get disorientated. Follow bubbles, to the surface number. Five how to maybe, survive, an avalanche you. Would need a tremendous, amount of luck so you come out of an avalanche alive, but it never hurts to increase your chances, in any way you can when you are going through an avalanche prone region it's really important to have avalanche survival, equipment this consists, of a receiver, that transmits, your location a probe, that is used to locate others, and they shovel, to dig yourself and others out you should also have a helmet to protect your head as well as skiers airbags, that will help you stay at the surface of an avalanche taking, a course on avalanche preparedness, is also advised if you frequent avalanche country often nevertheless, here, are some tips on what to do if you're ever facing one head-on your, first reaction to an avalanche bearing, down on you would be to get out of the way there's a good chance that you are actually causing, this avalanche, so if you see fractures, beneath your feet try and jump up to the slope above the fracture, it's really, worth the effort but if an avalanche is coming towards you don't try to outrun it instead, move to the side as fast, as possible, avalanches, can travel at more than 200. Miles per hour so even if you're on a snowmobile, you won't outrun, it make yourself as light as possible by ditching your backpack, and anything, else they might be staring you down every, second, counts, it if you are however caught by an avalanche try it swimming, upstream a human body is heavier, than snow and you will sink to the bottom if you don't do anything about it by thrashing around you can keep as close to the surface and to the side as possible here's, where that airbag really comes in handy try, to keep one arm raised above your head and one close to your face when you sense the avalanche slowing down this, will help you figure out where the surfaces, and your arm may even wind up poking out of the snow making it easier for a rescue team to find you once, you stop moving and if you find yourself buried, alive try, to dig out a pocket, in front of your nose and your mouth this will give you enough room to breathe this, should give you about 30 minutes, if you don't panic it's also important, to remember that once the snow settles, it becomes extremely, hard and if you're buried deeper than a foot of snow you, won't be able to dig yourself you can also get your bearings by spitting in the chaos of an avalanche you might end up not knowing which way is up so if you start spitting you'll be able to see which way the stick goes and if possible wiggle, your way in the opposite direction number, four how to escape a Riptide the term Riptide isn't the perfect way to describe, this phenomenon and, that is why many specialists, prefer the term rip, current, instead this, is because it has nothing, to do with the tides per se and the name can be misleading basically, what it is is a narrow bands of water that forms along a shoreline and has the power to drag a swimmer out to sea in a matter of seconds, they usually form when there's a bottleneck created, between two sandbars, and the water receding, from the shore is funneled, through that channel these, rip tides can be permanent, or they can be fixed that means that they can last for days or several months or they can just be flash rips meaning, that they can form suddenly, and disappear, just as fast in and, of themselves rip currents aren't deadly, but if you panic if you can't swim or if you don't know what to do they can absolutely.

Kill Rip, tides will never pull you underwater so remember, that they will also not take you into the middle of the ocean they might pull you some distance away from the shore yes but sooner, or later it will stop in fact the water dynamics, of a Riptide are cyclical, and once you've passed the breaking waves its power will begin to subside eventually. This will bring you back closer, to the shore on one of its sites now the most important, rule in case you are caught in one is not, to swim against, the current no, matter how good of a swimmer you are this will only exhaust, you and you might not have the power to come back this is actually, the main reason people are killed by rip ties you should instead let it take you and once you begin to feel its pull slowed down begin, swimming parallel, to the shore in order to escape it if you're not that good of a swimmer try and keep yourself afloat by lying on your back and signal, to someone on land in many cases a Riptide will bring you back on its own but, the best way to escape one is to recognize it and avoid it in the first place a break in the incoming wave pattern is the first telltale, sign rip tides also stir up Sands and collect floating debris like seaweed and you should look for a strip of debris moving see woods because, of the sand it can also have a different color to the surrounding, water they usually shop your info Mia - so, look out for that as well if you feel a strong, current pulling at you try to get out of the water but only if you can walk back if you chasity but it will be next to impossible to, fight it and you just have to go with the flow number three how to recognize, a heart attack before it happens over. 2,200. Americans die every, day because of heart attacks making it the leading cause of death in the United States in fact one in four people will die of a heart related problem so this is probably the most important, entry that you'll find in this video heart attack, happens when the blood flow to the heart is greatly reduced or, completely shut off most, of the time this happens because of blood clots blocking an artery to the heart luckily, however there, are in some cases telltale, signs of a possible heart attack even a month before it happens the most common is chest pain or discomfort some, people describe it as pressure while others feel it's like a burning, or pinching sensation, another, sign would be feeling, tired for no reason as the heart has to work harder to get the blood around the body you get fatigued, more easily and more often you will also sleep more or feel the need to take naps during the day your legs ankles and feet can become swollen and you might also notice a bluish tinge on your lips or extremities it might also be sweating, more than usual dizziness, or shortness of, breath are also a result, of your heart struggling, if you notice these signs contact, a doctor when, a heart attack is imminent you can experience chest, pains that radiates or even move around your upper body along your arms your shoulders your, upper abdomen neck or even your jaw heart, palpitations, are also a strong sign vomiting, in digestion, and nausea can accompany a heart attack too if you're in coherence, or can't properly lift your arms try not to panic and don't attempt to drive yourself to the hospital call the emergency services immediately, unlock. Your door and take an aspirin it is better to chew the aspirin because then it will act faster, and might give you some extra time before, help arrives in fact you could take half an aspirin every day but you should talk to your doctor about it first number, two if you were born before 1989. And are traveling abroad yet, revaccinated. For measles back, in 1989, the Center for Disease Control and, Prevention mentioned. That it wasn't doing enough to eliminate measles, from the United States that's, why they decided to double the original dose in vaccinations, to all young children from that moment on and recommended. All others who were planning a trip abroad to check their vaccination, status especially. If they never had full-blown, measles that recommendation, stands to this day the, chances of contracting measles. In the US are extremely, slim with only 70 cases being reported in, 2016. But much of the rest of the world is still struggling with it to one degree or another in the first quarter of 2017. For instance Europe experienced, a measles outbreak with France reporting, a hundred and thirty-four cases there were four hundred and ten in Germany and Italy had. 1600. Cases the CDC makes an exception to their recommendation. For people born before 1957, however.

This Is because the disease was so widespread in the u.s. at that time that everyone, was exposed, to it and everyone, who survived became, an immune nevertheless, many Americans, born between 1957. And 1989. Travel abroad without knowing, the full risks, involved furthermore. New research performed, by doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital Harvard. Medical School Boston, University, and others have shown some troubling, numbers of the roughly 41,000. Adult travelers they surveyed, who had visited vaccination. Clinics before going abroad six, thousand six hundred of them needed an extra, dose but, more than half of them didn't get it statistics. Show that 48%, of people didn't want it in the first place saying, that they weren't concerned, about contracting, measles another 28%, didn't get it because their doctor decided, not to give it to them and another 24%. Hit a lot of red tape and other administrative, issues before, their departure date, number, one how to improve your chances in case, of a nuclear blast for. Over 70, years now we've lived under the threat of nuclear weapons during, the Cold War the United States and the Soviet Union were stockpiling, nuclear weapons, like there was no tomorrow other countries joined in but nowhere near the, same scale in any case with the eventual fall of the Soviet Union while many of those weapons still remained humanity, could finally take a breather from the constant, fear and look forward to a time of cooperation, in a film named a nuclear tipping point Conant Powell talks about his experience with nuclear weapons throughout, his career and how, he finds them completely, useless it, talks about the suicidal, nature, of nuclear weapons and how any sensible, and illogical government, would not use them for any reason but in light of the past decades, rising, instability, and suicide, or terrorism around the world he also talks about the importance, of reducing. The planet's nuclear arsenal, despite his proposal, both the US and Russian government's are talking, about going, in the opposite direction together, with North Korea's ballistic missile, tests the many lost nuclear weapons around the globe and the outdated technology, used in the ones in service today we think it's time for a refresher. Course on what to do in case one goes off in your city and you're not instantly, vaporized, Michael Dillon an atmospheric, scientist, at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, in California has actually, studied the scenario, and has some advice for us if you don't have a nuclear bunker already built in your backyard and your safest bet would be basement, and the more concrete is above that basement the better for example a large office building would be great, what are you suggests, is to leg it for these places as fast as possible preferably before, the fallout reaches you if those places are far away though you're better staying in your house for 12 hours and then looking for a better place to go after, reaching a safe place to remove your clothes and take a shower use mild soap and warm water if a shower is not possible then use sanitary wet wipes or a wet cloth blow, your nose then clean your eyes and your ears be, as thorough as possible fallout, in the form of irradiated, dust smoke sand, or ash will, stick to your clothes and your body until, they are manually removed so, I really, hope you enjoyed their video and do not forget to subscribe to this channel for brand new videos every, day of the week also, I've got another channel it's called bio graphics, it's biographies, of notable, people from the present day as well as history from Elon, Musk to Osama bin Laden you can check it out through the icon, on the screen now but if you want to watch something else right now why not check out another top tens video or a bio graphics video over, there on the right and as always thank.

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Going into the woods by yourself and without telling anyone where you're going and the route you'll be taking and when you'll be back is great way to end up dead. All it takes is a broken ankle and you're done. Always carry a gun, personal locator beacon and a satellite phone and your chances of survival are almost 100%. Don't pack your gear for the day you think you'll have, but the day you hope you won't. That way you'll always be prepared.

On #1 you forgot to mention not to scrub too hard in the shower otherwise you might open up small holes for the fallout to enter your bloodstream in which case you’re screwed.

I was told you can survive a maximum of 4 days without water and 4 weeks without food. This comes whit a huge "BUT..." Your ability to survive without water is dependent to your physical activity and your beginning hydration level, but generally its between 2 to 4 days. For safety's sake I would have it at 2 days with most peoples lifestyles as most of us are slightly dehydrated as we mistake thirst for hunger. There also is a problem with how long you can survive without food as well. Since the 1980's we have been eating rubbish in the form of concentrated carbohydrates, fat and High Fructose Corn Syrup, which have been added to all processed foods and this has lead to most people in the Western world being nutritionally malnourished. You might be well fed, but most people are lacking basic vitamins and minerals from their diet. So it would be an average of 2 weeks without food for people nutritionally malnourished.

Neil Price grossly overweight people can survive many months without food(though the study l took that from did provide vitamin and mineral supplements). Still a reasonably healthy person should be able to survive around a month without any food, however after around a week their energy levels are going to be so low that they will likely die unless someone rescues them.


I imagine myself in life or death scenarios, but in those scenarios I usually have superpowers

Xanax helps too! :)

Yeah but you need to be able to feel to function properly, xannex doesn't dull anxiety, it eliminates it, to a detrimental degree in most that take it. I think that's a huge problem today is people feel something and think it's abnormal or feel something and not deal with it correctly so they think they feel it more then others when really they just let it overwhelm them. I am guilty as hell of it myself. But that's just some guys thoughts, but I have delt with many people with personality disorders including myself and my fiancée.

Roger Williams uhhhhhh

As a Texan, I want to send my deepest sympathies and love to the people of Santa Fe, Texas. No matter what anyone thinks politically, can we just give our support to the grieving and broken families, and remember how precious and irreplaceable are our loved ones. The best way to honor the memories of the lost, is to turn to a loved one NOW, and tell them how you care, that you are so happy that you see them every day. With compassion and empathy, we can find solutions; with blame and hate, it will only get worse.

That is why there is a film crew working on a video Right this minute at one of the High schools in my city to show people what they should do and how to do it.

Stop fishing for likes off the misery of others

This isn't facebook

Great. Now im going to think im having a heart attack every time i sweat

#6 I keep a knife with a seatbelt cutter and glass breaker

Rule #1. Don't eat the shrooms, they be trippy as hell.

Thank you my friend SIMON

I used to eat the roots of Queen Anne's lace _all the time_ when I was a child (hippie parents). It has a carroty-smelling root, I had no idea that it resembled hemlock tho :O

Queens Anne's Lace is wild carrot. Hemlock looks quite similar (smells similar too). Best to get familiar with both plants.

Just the first two tips tells me you know what you are talking about. These are important things to know, and people should take them to heart, rather than what a lot of people do, which is look at them as amusement.


Did you just start this off like the hitchhiker's guide

It's all about my EDC.

Thank you

I thought I was watching a vsauce video

super elite pro some one says that on every video .

Lots of cool tips. Thanks Simon and Toptenz team.


So much of this video was only applicable to people in cold regions. Thumbs down for irrelevance for anyone living in warm temperate, or tropical climates.

Very informative... Great video...

In California, hardly any houses have basements

Michael Ellis you can‘t jump in a falling elevator. You will float around seemingly weightless until you meet the ground.

I must admit, although it is good advice, The Universal Edibility Test also has me concerned - what if you have an allergy to the plant? As much as the test is fine for people with no known allergies, I only have to brush past some plants to come out in a rash, so I don't think I will be trying this anytime soon: I would struggle to decide if it was an allergic reaction or a poisonous plant!

Ehm, now that I reread it, it is kind of obvious. In my defense, it was early morning and there ARE a lot of idiots on the internet.

Muemelification I’m kinda saddened that you didn’t catch my sarcasm in that comment

The thermal effects of a nuclear detonation are the most dangerous. The ionizing radiation effects are probably the least dangerous.

Any roller coasters, bicycles, and vinyl records?

I'm close enough to a government building with a nuclear shelter that I could run to it in a matter of minutes. Although, I don't really know much about it. There's a sign for it on the side of the building.

make sure there are plants and moss growing in the water near by. look for vegetation growing there. if there is none then it is possible that something like arsenic is in the water, meaning safe perhaps but only in small quantities.

but I don't want girls... or boys... do you supply pepper-spray for when I need to get more food and booze?

Watching while lying in bed. As this is my usual place I'm not too worried about the scenarios in this video. Although I'll heed the avalanche advice in case of a dangerous bedding incident.

Looking great! Video is a keeper for reference. Thanks!

One very noticeable missing point here; how to survive an earthquake. We know, the UK does not get many earthquakes and the ones it gets are minor in size BUT there are places, populated to the brim, where earthquakes are a real concern. Maybe do a separate video for those??

but I don't want girls... or boys... do you supply pepper-spray for when I need to get more food and booze? Also, is there shelter, water, and fire in that order? Because if I can't take a hot bubble bath in peace, I won't survive.

Regarding that five pound brick - clearly, bricks in the UK are very expensive.  That explains the cost of housing there ;-)

Mary Scratch - you won't be missed.

Lead lined?

Also a person with diabetes may not experience the “classic” signs of a heart attack.

The solution is obvious.  It is being ignored by the US government, but it remains obvious.  Thoughts and prayers do nothing

Heart attack signs: Shortness of breath, feeling of doom, nausea/ indigestion-like feelings, hiccups, fatigue, sweating, numbness/ pins and needles and even loss of colour in extremities, back/ chest/ arm/ jaw pain, palpitations, lightheadedness

Making a paste with baking soda and vinegar, or any other astringent( witch hazel, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, etc.) Is also an acceptable alternative to a shower if a shower is not possible for removing radioactive dust from one's body. Also if you can get a hold of charcoal or anything else that is rich in carbon, do so quickly.

Very informative video.

I've heard that, swallowing a teaspoon or so of iodine diluted in a small cup of water can help absope internal radiation contamination so that it passes through your body with out causing massive dammage. Is this actually true and accrate, I don't know, but it could be. Lol

Infidel Gastro ha xD

NJ Eddie thanks I didn't think I would be among this group of sheep

Now I'm prepared for the next time I drive my car into the ocean. Yay

#6, it turns out, contains a little bit of incorrect information. When in a sinking vehicle, the pressure inside and the pressure outside the vehicle might not equalize until the car stops sinking, when it hits the bottom of whatever body of water you've driven into. Unless you have the windows more than just a little bit open, this pressure differential makes the doors absolutely impossible to open until well after the vehicle, and by that point probably your respiratory system, is full of water. Check out the bit Mythbusters did on this for a great example of this phenomenon.

Also, you will just hurt yourself trying to break auto glass (not even windshields, just regular side glass) with your elbow. Don't even try it. Check out any number of videos on YouTube of people failing to break auto glass with hammers and body parts. Get something hard and as heavy as possible or try to kick out the windshield if you have to, but the best thing by far is to get windows down as quickly as possible.

I imagine that I am in a room full of starving vegans wearing a suit of kale to prepare for the worst situation. This actually work in preparing for the zombie apocalypse since they have about the same mental abilities.

Valentin Rabinovich you can if you have, but not without sustaining some serious injuries in the process. Much better to kick with both feet though.

No matter where you are play the game of "What would I do if...". It will help you practice your actions without being in a dangerous situation.

And not to use conditioner, as it can trap the radioactive particles in your hair.

Top gear showed that you must open the door straight away not wait til it fills! So as the car hits the water that's the time to open the door otherwise you'll find yourself at the bottom of the lake which is so much harder to escape! But plz take this with a pinch of salt

I would rather die than memorize all of this!

Thanks for your videos Simon :] Windscreens are very easy to break compared to side windows. You can use your feet and kick it out.

Advice from a guy that would get lost in a metro park.

Did you assume my gender? - Disney

If you're allergic to it you still probably shouldn't eat it.

Iodine (Potassium Iodide) tablets are safer. Yes, it helps prevent thyroid damage from Iodine-131, a radioactive form of Iodine. It will NOT protct against other fallout, just protect the throid. Note that dieary supplements with Iodine are unlikely to work, and Iodine-containing foods and table salt do not have enough iodine to combat fallout.

What is an IDPE? Using specialist acronyms might be the American way of communicating, but it means bugger all to anyone else.

Panic spreads venom, so keeping calm, and still helps a lot. If there is severe pain, as with a Box Jellyfish, this is harder, but panic always makes things worse.

Definitely true. Having worked in a number of occupations relating to trauma, women especially report nausea and persistent symptoms of an upset stomach. This can occur in younger men and children too, though is obviously less common.

High Fructose Corn Syrup is an American curse. Luckily it is far less common outside the US whre I am. Even products that, in the US, usually contain this abomination, are usually made without it in other countries. Similarly, partianny hydrogenated fats are rare jjngredients outside the US. Both of these products cause damage to your ability to maintain blood sugar levels and also interfere with natural insulin sensitivity.

Awesome. Very informative!

A panic attack and an attack of panic are different things. The former is a medically-recognised condition with a simple treatment, the latter is an emotion.

lilusherwumbo42 also is just rinsing your eyes out with water enough, or should you use soap as well. Another thing is when driving at all times keep the window next to you cracked so that if you wind up in a body of water it’s easier to roll down the window or break the window or open the door cause the window is partially open. At least that’s what my Girl Scout survival instructors said to do lol.

Yes! Earthquakes, tornados, hurricanes, flash floods; please do a video/videos on surviving these natural disasters!

@Gammareign: Well yeah, that's why he'll hide in a fridge, duh

Women do have different sighs for heartattacs ... statistically they do die more often because their signs are lesser known ...

The headrest thing works to an extent but not as easily as it may seem. A better option would be a tool you can get for less than $10 that has a razor blade to cut the seat belt and a hammer with a fine point specifically designed for shattering glass

It is important to note that 20% of heart attacks are silent. They produce no symptoms until the last moment or in many cases not at all, showing up later and often recognised during a routine check-up. This is particularly common in younger people. I had one 7 months ago, but only found out when I went to the dentist! The problem is without diagnosis the heart can suddenly stop, without warning and be unable to be started again, despite prompt medical help.

That water tip is dangerous, unless you're actually on the brink of dying from dehydration the amount of bodily fluid you would lose through vomit and diarrhea would leave you worse off than if you had just tried to make it through the first 3 days dry. If possible always try to boil or at least filter your water prior to consumption, it's one of the few consistent bits of advice from all those dumb survival shows, I don't know much, but I know Sir. Cody Lundin would smirk mockingly at your ignorance while lapping up sweat from betwixt his raw crusted tootsies.

After describing the most horrible thing ever..... "Hope you enjoyed watching this video!"

I joined the empire and all I got was a crappy T-Shirt. Don't even bother calling Customer Services either. Disgraceful!

do a search for bunnies eating raspberries, THEN tell me this is your fave...

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