10 iPhone Cases with Unexpected Features

10 iPhone Cases with Unexpected Features

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Literally not one of your clothing, iron articles, matches the underpinning so I feel like a little good like a snack today. What's. Going on guys I am your host, Matthias. By, the way I'm a white man Tanner has joined me. Terra. Has joined me today also. A white man everybody is this true sadly. Sadly. Yes, sadly we need some diversity, Michael. There's. Our diversity he's there for diversity, only do not engage with him. Today. Tanner. Has picked out 10 of the most unusual bone. Cases, that he could find and I'm gonna let you know whether these phones are good or bad and I'm gonna rate them good or bad we, spent way too much time trying to figure out a catchy slogan and we couldn't all agree not as easy as it sounds if you think it's so easy put your ideas down in the comments below yeah, do you want I won't use them first product look at that I love the, title of the, whole page the knuckle case just, adding knuckle add knuckle to anything and it makes it better knuckle spoon. Knuckle. Knuckle. Wow. Anything, anything. Anyways. So. Basically, this is knuckles. Of the brass variety, at knuckle, case we pride, ourselves on, the craftsmanship, that goes into our product, when you feel these knuckles against your face you will know they're our knuckles. We. Pride ourselves at, being able to knock out anyone, that this comes in contact with you will look such, like a baller a be a baller, with this knuckle, case travel, warning TSA loves knuckle, cases although they supposedly, they, no longer confiscating, them we are still getting reports, of problems, apparently, not everyone at the TSA got the memo why on earth would you think you could bring this onto a plane what kind of a phone is that an iPhone 4 that's, what I'm saying dude and then iPhone 4 and 4s. When did the iPhone 4 come out iPhone, 4. Space. Release. Day. Oh question mark Thank You June. 24 8 10 8 years. If, you saw have an iPhone, 4 that is a testament, to the quality of that product a testament, to your your, hate towards change I mean. Well. I mean Ivan's are expensive oh yeah oh, yeah but, I'm rich boy Add. To Cart look, at that Wow, that's not a joke big shock TSA, will not allow you to punch people on the plane why would you want to take that on a point like someone walks up with this case they're like oh you know what that's you may be a flight risk for flight above it. Wow. Look, at the bottom no. The bottom the. Bottom, hey, go made in America because no other country in the world would make an iPhone case you could fight someone you, know right there's just Americans, that want to fight people I'm not a lie this is made that's. Some high quality quality. Look. It says on the side I don't even know if you can probably, read that but, it does in fact say knuckle. Case have you ever swung brass. Knuckles. Tailored. Water bottle.

Every. Sticker we get is gonna go on this water bottle guys and this water ball is gonna be worth so, much money there you go there's Tanner's you remember that one from this video right there I don't think I need to test this right. Hey. Yeah this guy is approaching, me hold on hold on. You. Know what never mind I can't I saw this, I'm. Gonna read this one bad case for iPhone, 7. Funny vintage, eighties music cassettes oh this music if that is so funny. Huh finally. Crazy old people. I, don't think it's an actual cassette, in there I think it's just a picture yeah we could duped, I'm sure, auntie, sliding, humanized design, but, heck, does that mean can you imagine string, that set of words together to describe, your product yes my product, is auntie slidin humanized, humanized. What do you what's humanized about it Oh humanize, its emotional. As a job has, a desire to reproduce oh my god phone case has a card you, got an iPhone six, one right here but there I got one for you too -, oh you have this phone oh okay. Okay I know this I don't have this phone oh no I'm just kind of sailing this one's mine this is good a little bit better than you. Oh. I'm. Trigger, this is just a picture I thought it was gonna allow me to like I really wanted to wind the tape that's, a brilliant idea, why don't we make that like the little bitty door spin because it's also hear me out a really stupid idea but what because, what. I think about it like Bridgette toys are like they're priming, right now well not priming they were probably like last year that's a sick fidget twice to do that's it that's all the time this. Isn't a horrible, iPhone case it seems like really quality it's got like a little sparkle, to it it's got a little razzle dazzle my nasal but, I I guess I just I was duped because the picture made it look like it was an actual case so this my nose already gonna disappoint. Me but I like the pinkness oh it's soft it's kind of cool too because it actually looks way more like a cassette because if you were to put, your phone in here I'm side down I think people would mistake it for a cassette yeah this one I don't think so because you could see this big thing and like the borders are all wrong this one's actually square, on the sides I think that's kind of cool but I'm gonna rate it bad it's a bubble, iPhone, 7 case I thought 8 + case HH, y CT funny, popping. Decompression. Bubble, wrap wait what what happens when you pop them all are they not actually palpable, so it's a bubble wrap case is anyone gonna answer any of my questions do. You want me to start answering them yes no, yes yes, I don't even know the questions you said were but. Disappoint. Me made up of high quality PC. And TPU material oh good I was wondering I was like wait a second, before I buy this what's your TP see you like. The. Smartphone bubble popper case is made from four layers that include a sound, layer in a bubble layer the case is quite funny. It is like the, bubble wrap you could pop it when you feel boring. Or. Just want to have some fun all right at the card I believe almost. You're like 2% of all but I'll, take it Lou this feels cool though wow it's really actually hard to look at. Doesn't. Feel it all like bubble wrap sounds like buttons that don't do anything and I hate I wish the buttons yet. But. Like a button that doesn't do anything you hate that you hate when. You press a button it does absolutely nothing because, you're thinking yourself what is it supposed to be doing I feel like I'm pressing too hard on the screen I feel like that caused damage so, you have to like hold it from the side I don't know it's like it gives me like an unsettling. Feeling you know holding it your feet are moving a lot I can tell it you know because I feel anxious, it gives me anxiety I don't like it try it tan or touch it touch it all over. What. You feel feels like I'm pushing a button it doesn't do anything I feel sad right now what's the difference between a button it does something a button that doesn't do something besides the fact that it does something because that's the point you know like when you press something like boom look I just saw the reaction, but now watch it but I give you no reaction, worst explanation. I've ever heard I like to see results, and I'm not getting any out of you so give me some results now you're asking me out ever get together and make some results.

No. Thanks I'm gonna that's gonna be a hard pass and don't get excited that I said hard pass, it's. Good quality it's a good quality it's just not for me so I will read it a good but, I don't want it ok so suck on that the only high-powered, stun Blanc that protects, and recharges, your iPhone 6 or 6s this word is like cussing for YouTube uses like. Concealed. Inside a durable weatherproof case. Flexibility. What kind of phone is that why are they still making all these cases for iPhone 4s there must be a tunnel on fours and 4s is out there shout-out to all you they have an iPhone, 4 and a 4 s click, like on this video if that's you if you have anything that's not that what do they do click like as well exactly oh wait there's a video I didn't know that. I'm. Joe Joe CEO, of yellowjacket and we want to introduce you I'm so, worried about what I'm gonna see can, I see you stun someone or what she's you're the most boring voice. Maybe. She's the one that designed it you trash bags hey I'm just saying I had a car while I drown out these mean people, yellow, jacket not great packaging, it's so complicated and like what's happening I've never seen lightning come out of a yellow jacket really, it. Does kind, of. So. Much cool if that was just literally a yellow jacket. Works. That the prongs aren't even outside of it this product, can cause severe injury or potential, death but it comes with a screen protector oh look look look that's what this is where'd you see that tell her just get stabbed with a little an electrocuted, by you want to test if you want to tase me right now I'm down no I know you won't that's why I always recommend it I don't I want everybody in like the comments be like wow you're so brave how do I do it I mean it's the volume button. Something. Easy to use. Hold. It oh dude. That's packet heavy. That's. Cool so you check that out I you arm, it by pushing that so there's two levels of security here which I like better than most cases because you could actually put something on then hit it but this one you have to flick, flick, and then, oh. That's. Probably the most intense taser I've seen Wow my only thing is I feel like they shouldn't have both, of the switches going upwards, yeah so your one going down would've won it, couldn't happen in your pocket for sure exactly if you have a super overactive, pocket or things in your pocket like to dance you know you might actually trigger this and then fry, your little treats yes. Yeah. I'll read that one a good if you still, have that bone iPhone, 7 plus case I thought eight plus case I'm on my ass DIY, mini, but what is that DM eyes oh that's the one you were I actually had a like a shuffle, through these times I'll pick out what you're even trying to building, blocks covered oh I, like old but I just have a feeling like people things will like fall off of it if they put like a plastic, cover over the back like a very thin one nods dome like after after you build it exactly yeah but you know kids, will make offensive, things with this in their class yeah and they'll be like hey teacher, look, at this don't, at me. She's. Like excuse, me no phones in class he's like. See. Here's all the pieces and the phone didn't come like this tanner, you built that with all the extra time that you have exactly, it's kind of cool but it definitely feel like these things oh is that a penguin yeah Oh, little, penguin oh wait why is there a penguin with all I ever had penguin, yeah like to eat tastes a little bit like chicken, rubbery chicken that tastes free to bring. Cruel. So, yeah this is just tiny little Legos, that you can just click in there and just keep adding look, what I made I made a dot it's art and then there's this like little Lego puller offer which you just go pluck and pull it off with so you can I.

Just. Flung it so I could just deconstruct. This penguin if I wanted to I wanted to make it so he had a little tail he's, crying, blood, now, this. Is Tanner spirit, animal forever alone. Crying. Blood. I. Read, this one a bad. Really. Because look. It. Works all right fine I rated it good before we get into the next product big shout out to blue. Berry, 520, hello. Do you like the chicken nuggets no I do not why I like chicken 10 DS good, choice cuz ain't nobody, know what's in a nugget everyone, knows it's an attendee it's just the good stuff if you want to get yourself, a shout out make sure you click Subscribe and that Bell icon make, sure Bell icon is clicked with the little things around it and write, a funny comment I'll check. You out so this one's just a digital product but we had to show you anyways, because even though we couldn't find it it's stinkin, hilarious, what on earth, is this, the creepy hand iPhone case is a case that is weirdly, realistic. Hand on the back of it and it is obviously, from Japan obviously that. Hand is not white it is totally, Japanese I can. Tell by the nails great for holding hands when you're lonely or stroking. Against your face when you're feeling frisky, oh. I. Think the creepiest, of it all is that you can opt in to get a child's hand attached to the phone what the heck you weirdos. Look at that guy. Putting. A ring on it. Oh. My. Gosh good, better, hand, this, hand right here looks, so real, though, oh you can have it hold your glasses and pens but should put your phone facedown who, does that I'm gonna have to write that one a bad about the gate I don't want to buy it here's another digital, one for you guys Michael picked this one out thank you for that you heard. Do. The next one it's super funny. When. Is, that joke gonna, be old hat, you know saying maybe, one day but today it's, not that bad. Here's the thing I'm proud of my ears even though they can't even hear that well I'm proud hear, that well know they can. You. Tell me your giant, enormous. Obtuse. Violent. Ears violent, may your region how my ears attacking, you at least one had to be a stretch okay you're. Bigger than Eze and if he thinks that a minor proportionate, to my head please you, mean like that's not okay show off your hair Michael shakes, off his hands just like, mmm. We. Get it you're handsome get off you keep. The Hat on by the way when you're on this channel don't make tenor and I look bad you hippie anyways. Next. IPhone case what, love the. Desperation, in this iPhone case shark funny emoji, quotes I love you ultra, slim rubber case what, the heck oh I get it it's just a text on the back it's like you're receiving a text that's a, super. Lonely there's. Nothing to respond you. Know it's not even like you're typing, up the response it's just like how people tell, me they love me and then I just want to like leave them like I'm dodging them what's the term curved curved, curved that's curved, who's buying this is someone, buying this for someone else it doesn't even say who it's from. That's. It I mean that's not much else to say, serious. Know who the heck's text in Android here oh yeah, good I mean just, saying if you pull up someone's number and it's green just forget them you don't mesh already, a guy that has an iPhone with a girl that has an Android never gonna work a guy that has an Android with a girl it has an iPhone it's possible, that it could work yeah cuz girls already, like guys get away with too much yeah, directly make it all themselves out like guys it's look like trash kids like I.

Like. Trimmed my beard I, did my hair today I put on some my. Hair today like this guy literally, not one of your clothing, iron articles, matches the other you're telling me thank the grace shoes, don't match with, this shirt note to white people don't wear skin, tones shirts, especially. If you're single it looks from far away like, you're not wearing clothes let's use, pinky boy this isn't skin tone you your skin color is pink this is my skin tone yes compared, to that being your skin tone I think so I feel I feel like a little good I guess immaculate. All. Right just moving, on I I read that one Abed oh my, gosh sob a red smart, guard pepper spray case for iphone 4, iphone 4 again this was like must have been the age of the crazy cases, or something you know did this come from Dunder Mifflin okay sorry, I was we're gonna make it a joke when I was like two deep. Sabre. Pepper spray case for use with iPhone. How's, a cup to helps ensure your pepper spray is always with you protection at a safe distance integrated. Safety tab weren't you guys testing, this and someone sprayed Dave yeah so, we were testing the Ovilus and they got sprayed in David, Michael's office and it's just like you were saying this, cloud like it has so much spread room so the entire room, was like AZ everybody's. Eyes were watering who sprayed it I think, was live, live. I was actually in here and I had to run we were shooting that then I had to run into that office and then, all, the smells are crying and I'm sure walking back in here like all beat up in the middle of a shoot. You. Guys I'm done, oh, good. Throw good-o comes with the pepper spray oh it's got a date on it 2016. Dave. Got pepper sprayed, with. Expired. Pepper, spray not, even new note, to everyone don't use expired, pepper spray that's just cruel to your victims. It's. Like it's one thing to cause them pain but it's nothing, for it to be expired, you know and you're gonna cause some brain rot it's rude it's just rude make sure your pepper spray is, in the expiration, date you know well I'm not gonna spray this just. So you know where's the thing oh that's, it right there that must have been what happened someone was like wait how do you how do you use this and then sprayed it cuz yeah you could see the bottom right there that's how it's that's how it's used for just do this Shh, I don't think I feel safe carrying this around because, I feel like you know it's pink it's pepper spray men don't typically carry pepper spray so let's say a woman was carrying this around maybe in her purses I'm like that gets banged into something and it just sprays the contents of her purse she opens it up and she's like oh it's, just all-around not a good not a good look so I'm not gonna pepper-spray anyone, because I am, a somewhat. Of a nice human being. I. Was. I said because, you're more than someone you're the nicest human being oh don't sell yourself short, pepper all. Right I'm putting it away for now but I'm gonna keep it on me all right this one a bad, now this next item was, sent to us from, a viewer master. Of disaster LV, on reddit if you guys are unfamiliar, we have a subreddit, in which viewers, can, submit, products, that they think are crazy this one got 17 up boats look at that Gameboy iPhone case playable, Tetris case so that's cool you can play it but I've been duped before, so if this actually, if your Tetris, isn't a complicated game so if this allows, you to play Tetris, I'm. Gonna get through this if, this allows you to play Tetris that'll, be cool but not like game-changing, or anything so going to the actual Amazon, link here it looks like it but see why stop at Tetris, you know why not have like the snake game too you know all the old cell phone games you know more than 35 small games of your choice, Oh tank. Battle shooting game I love shooting, games tank, battle, how you're playing though oh my gosh it's so fun you're welcome, perfect. Partner when you're on the travel or waiting see, y'all buying options. Wow. It, looks like it's gonna work I'm super stoked can you sell oh you came with a battery that's awful nice of them ah the battery goes in right there huh. Look. At that on the back of your phone case wonder, if you trigger it by sitting on it though and it just goes. Turn. Off your phone it's not my phone it's my phone case. What. Am i doing I actually don't know how, to play Tetris game over it already says okay, reset, how do I start here we go an absolute, trash of Tetris oh oh wait, what what is this are you playing like I didn't, ant I'm playing tanks, oh I'm, blowing tanks dude this, game would have been cool if I had this game as a kid but I didn't there's this gay oh, you're, getting beat up by the tank dude I know that guy was toasting, me nice, oh you're finessing these tanks oh.

That's. Actually getting difficult this game I never saw when I was a kid and I would have liked it do I have like limited ammo no, oh. Oh so. This is pretty cool I'm not gonna lie does it fit on your phone though yeah so if you touch either of these buttons right here it will turn on so if you sit on your phone or put your phone down, this could very much happen, so that's cool I'll write it a middle. T up to. Eighties. Retro iPhone 3GS. 3GS. Or. Novelty, mobile, phone case covered, by today's standards, you'd be forgiven for mistaking in 1980s, mobile phone for well a house brick. House. Brick but back in the day these junkie must-haves. I'm. Done dude is, literally what I'm gonna go buy from now on I am a chunky Mustang. Qi. Get comfortable enough with a girlfriend it's gonna call my chunky must have bug I hate. My chunky but. We've. Come a long way, in terms of streamlined, modernity. And fancy, features since then but the 80s mobile remains a design icon that has not a design icon they just couldn't get it smaller. Simply. Slot, your phone into the custom-made, holder and capture, the look and feel the 1980s, house brick Wow let's make our progression, or regression actual, hmm the card BAM, Wow yeah well I'll get even the screen on that you can tell how old the, iOS and how sad it is that it hasn't even changed in like 12 years really kind of depressing that calling hasn't changed at all even though there could be so many better improvements, to it everyone's don't call it up dang did you just say everybody did their sky, feel. Like people just don't call it up. Sorry. Was that it, was like a hiccup, and a burp like had a baby and they were coming out and then I had to do that respect yeah this is felt, in there this is the cheapest, plastic. I've ever felt in my life you've, ever felt in your life nice, pun. Anybody. I I know, I made it I know. What. You mean you think I'm just this good-looking yes. You, think I don't have the smarts to do do you think Tanner's, funny. Mate. So much cool joke. By, the way that was a joke on my vlog channel in which Michael, here, somehow, upset, that I give Tanner more attention today, yes. I'm jealous Tanner was even in the conversation so, you, think Dan's fine I was like excuse, me anyways. Go subscribe right there to my vlog channel I'm doing videos like three or four times a week there they're funny so check it out this is the case this felt a little thing that you put the phone in and then you like push it onto this locks it in place you put the back on slide, it up and then you have your case oh no, no just draw it on my floppy disk. That's. Trash I mean bad well look at this one that's actually sick yeah that's actually cool looking I'd be triggered if it doesn't actually take photos what is this is that just a light like pop-up mirror, light losing, iPhone 7, thank question we got a case for you if you've already lost it luxury, fashion 3d, glitter retro, camera makeup mirror, luminous, LED, selfie, light silicone, hard PC, back case, with lanyard, and USB charger, I. Feel. Like how youtubers, make titles now. Chad. What's with the tiles dude it's like a machine made your videos, alright. Add to Cart look, at that Danny Kaye's give back today that's Danny's cake Danny can be a girl's name you know. El-ad, camera phone case very descriptive thank you for that Wow like looking at it online made, it look snazzy, and awesome, looking, at it in person you brought you kite you guys probably can't get the same vibe but, I'm getting a super plastic, but super. Plastic, online they made it look good they made it look like it's all metal and how's this work is it pop up or there's no that's a real end yes. Definitely. Whoa. That's, cool, wait, a second. When. You want that strobe effect like why would you want strobes and selfies, yeah the least bright strobe of all time by the way where the mirrors though I thought I thought there was gonna be mirrors, someone look at the back oh that's. You that is a mirror now I realize why I don't like mirrors. Interesting. Looky that's kind, of cool I wish it was brighter though I really do wish it was brighter it'd be so much easier to like when you're looking for something just be like that but it's so, dull there's no way that's doing, anything just all-around really cheap I probably wouldn't have given it's a bad.

If It, was brighter because I've seen some girls carry, around some bizarre, cases you know that are like hundred percent not practical, so I can understand people wanting to use this because it's aesthetic. Hashtag aesthetic, but it doesn't actually provide any function, it's just kind of like more like look aleem I think it can do discount. This video right here is where I found, a six dollar iPhone. For all of you that are on Android and you want to make the switch this may be the perfect product for you not, a gag at all and this video right here is a video that YouTube, recommends specifically. For your hippie but now, click, it and we'll see you next time okay, this, just in high five.

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How bout snappy or crappy

I love pooping so

I dont know why the game boy thing makes sense because I’m sure you can find those games as apps and if you are so addicted to your phone we’re you play your phone from when it was at 100% but still cool product though

And i still have an iphone 4

You should do lack it or pack it (pack iy good) (lack it bad) #LateNotificationSquad

Try it or deny it


11:55 mom walks in sooooooooo awkward

I went to my catholic school and found out that we were praying to St. Matthias

Matt they are all for iPhone 4 because they feel bad for them Preety sure got a lot of people shook

Why did he say no the the first one I mean it did what it was supposed to but hey it was funny though

Yo or no

your beard is soo good

Technical or heck-a-no

Has you found teh cookie?


I had a boyfriend that called me his chunky monkey.

What's up with the hand phone case

Trash or flash

you should do a video than can be like living with the things than tanner bought me for a day and uploaded in matthias vlogs so u get more views

Anyone notice how when he mixed the good and bad for the Gameboy one it looked like it said god 20:16

rad or drag pass or trash

Apple i have a pen i have a pine apple pen


Classy or trashy

What is the difference between chicken tenders and chicken strips?

What if you used the lego case to make a pop socket

Omg I Love Matthias's shirt!! (Look at my username)

I have a iPhone 4…but I also have an iPhone 6s

Im using an iphone 4 to watch this video

Me and my brother have to same shirt as matt

New yes or no Iphone or blackberry



Ha chads just watchin the video like "A MECHINE DID MAKE MY TITLES FOR VIDEOS"

So you talk about America's now I live in America

Remember Best Buy shirt

How old are you

Lit or hit

HEEEEEEYYYYYYY Is a mug a mix between a puppy and a mug?

Ps my sister is my picture

Fun or none

Do you like the book shelf or the unicorn

buy or cry

Can you see someone's hand at 8:51

Apple or crapple. Boom.

I have a iphone 4 and so does my mom we both have had them for years we cant afford a 7 or matter infact a 5 or 6 XD

Instead of good or bad u could have gid or bid

But I have an android tho

I have 5s

excepted or suspected :):):):)

"Cash or Smash"

Case it or erase it

A seller or no fetter


Phone or Bone

Good or sad

Lol my phone case has a Corgi face and a mini rubber shiba inu hanging off the top XD I love it

I have an iPhone 4 I don't use it tho I stoped 2016

Case or waste

Bash or class

Text or next (To go with the phone theme)

Am I glad or sad

Dude love ur beard ❤

CASE IT OR BREAK IT ,??? I think mines better

I was watching this on an iPhone 4 Im a poor grill

This video was uploaded on my birthday whoop

Hey Matthias you should do bag- good or nag- bad

2:59 This is america

knuckle knuckles

I still have a iPhone 4

His beard is ugly

My sister has the case u had in the thumbnail!!!

Ur a chicken tender #there is actually a group at my school called the chicken group

I like cheesecake

Matthias do you like donkeys

I have a iPhone 4

Matt sory your actually black (just kidding)

No or pro

At 6:11 change your playback speed to 1.5X

"Funny comment"

Rad or bad

use easy or greasy

Trash or cash

Sad Or Glad. There is an idea for you.

Do U Know D WAY?

how about case it or brake it


Crappy or Snappy

Hunk or gunk

Thug or slug


Case it or replace it

Silk or slug


I hate iphone

Brian isn't white

Nopey or dopey

i got one swag or gag #notificationsquad

You should do a new segment called bring it home to Luna it's when you buy things off of Amazon or Babies R Us and either bring it home or not

It should have been flashy or trashy

1:05 knuckle cream

Yo (good) no go (bad)

Case it break it done bish Edit that was easy

11:59 it’s the good kush

kid: im going to kick the beep out of you me :in your dreames shoe lace kid : why you called me shoe lace me:because i just untided you and i punch the kid

My uncle has an iPhone 4!!!thanks for the laughs!!

I don't have a phone....... I'm watching on an iPad....

case it or waste it... thought of that right when you said “it’s harder than you think” ;)

The case was first one

You could of used “Case it or erase is “

I had the camera phone case

For the slogan for the phone stuff well phone case stuff

You should do case it or erase it

Flash or bash

I jave an iPhone 4

Breezy or sneezy

I don’t quite understand the pineapple Hirt but I’m downright in love with!

My friend has number 3

Why don’t people make a case with speakers, that you can connect it with

Chill it or kill it

Hey man I have been the most popular of course

I have a iPhone 4s, it's so small but it's still intact

Bad or rad

That shirt came from Marshall’s

Hi Do you like unicorns or butts better

IGo or INo

Bae or nae

I bought the bubble wrap phone case after watching this video and I’m in luv with it!!!!!! TYSM!!

OwO what’s this

Who else has been here since ryc?

i have an idea goodies or yuckies

Badabing Badaboom When I walk in I'm the king of the room

Still got a working iPhone 4 and 3G. I’m an Apple Geek

Tanner, you look great in this vid.

Um = good and dumb = bad

try accept or reject

Hello love your vids

Do rad or bad please matt

Do you like salty things

You could've used 'call' or 'hang up'

I have an iPhone 4s

And it was a hand me down

Tell me your tips for growing a beard senpai!

My dad 38 years old

Didn't you get bell from anyone . That you are telling us to give.

*subs then clicks bell icon waits then face blows up*

Nuggets are just short tendies

Me:knock knock You:who's there Me:chicken nugget You:chicken nugget who Me:do you like chicken nugget because I love your face with it

baller or staler??

When he pressed the button at 24:56 i could smell smoke on the other side of the screen. lol

I just changed my 4s. I still didn't crack it

Your hair stayed in the same place the whole video

I had an iPhone 4 until a bit after the 6 came out. That phone was a rock! If it ALSO had knuckles...?! Since being forced into a new phone, I’ve had about a dozen different iPhones since. They definitely don’t make it like that any more!

I have an iphone 4

Hi Matthias .you are the best .YouTube channel is funny

Badass or Hard Pass Post it or Ghost it Boss or Toss Hot or So Not Stud or Dud

8:05 thx

You probably do this but pay or nay

Do yea bro or oh no

What's sad is that Tanner (aka wanna be Bryan) is a thing now

How about "cash or trash" tell me what u think

Crappy or happy

Good: Phoney Bad: Baloney DONE SON

Rate a trust it or bust it

hey matt and tanner im a potatoe

Poop (bad) woop (good) maybe baby (ok)

I HAVE A IPHONE SE BUY I STILL USE MY OLD PHONE WICH IS A 4S I honestly don’t know why I’m using all cap screeeeeee

I uh...have an iPhone 4...at my house it's not mine luckily

They have to make these protection cases for iPhone 4s because all the iPhone 4s are in the ghetto

Boom(good) or Troom(bad)

12:46 When Amanda leaves and Matt's all lone

Welcome to Abby’s

Tanner is not so brave

When you and tanner are pretty much wearing the same outfit

Michal is ugly anyway so who wants to get engaged with him

Hi, do you like Pop-tarts?

Sad or glad.... Please use it...

My idea for something rhyming is: Use or Lose

My dad uses a iPhone 4s STILL! ......I use a lg g3

Hears one, catch it or snatch it, by the way love your videos ok thank you for your time. Bbbbyyyyeeee

Case it or break it

Cased or Replaced

2:30 lol

i thought it said " iPhone 10 Cases with Unexpected Features"

kunkel head

Why does your hair look like a freaking wave that's coming to our land

Who saw the police outside when Tanner stood up

I had an iPhone 4 last year (now I have a 6s)

I have a iphone one and it still works

Yellow jacket : May cause death... but comes with a screen protector. So white your die. Your phone will be scratch free. For your neice.... who inherit it.... And pawns it for feisty pets!!!

Happy high quality

It's Been A While Since I've Watched This Channel, And I Was Surprised By The Beard!

My dad still uses a flip phone (we can afford nice things,but we all know we can’t have nice things,because we have 32 animals, and a brother)


I still have an iPhone 4 and 4s but don't use them anymore. I use my iPhone 6s

Ring or cringe.

Boss or loss

Boss or oss

Hey mat,serious mode,some of these "self defence weapon"cases could be illegal :/

Drab or Fab

Do you like the breast milk!!!

Good case or a waste of space

There so cool you totally should make a give away by one of these

I have the game case

Fidgeter spin thing....

Only 8 no phone for me

IPhone or IGroan

Bad Or Rad

you should do mad or glad

How bout "Rad or Tad"

Protect it or Reject it


Rate it... MAD OR BAD

How about knuckle sandwhich

hire it or fire it

I still got a 3

Glad or Flad

Get rid of the beard

Have you ever eaten a rat

Lol... My kids still use my moms old iPhone 4...

We get that vibe cheap plastic

Haha still have an Ipod and two iPhone 4s

Where's Gunner??

Knuckle buckle.... Knuckle belt

Oh my god, I have fallen down the rabbit hole that is Matthias!

My dad had an iPhone four a couple years ago.... okay maybe like four years.... okay I didn’t realize how long it’s been


flash or smash

Sleek or sick Where sleek is good and sick is bad Or techy and ucky Where techy is good and ucky..is....bad (obviously)

I seen a really powerful taser before and if you got tased it would burn your skin a lot


matt I'm not gay so don't check me out

an iPhone 4 was released one year after I was born

its a go or its a low

I have an iPhone 4

The iPhone 4 is so good

great or hate

Will you drink pies on a rainy day with me

Im watching this on a 4s It is definitely 8 years old it barely works and the battery lasts about 3 hours

WTH is wrong with tanner

21:19-21:27 is even better at 0.5x playback speed.

You could have done protect or reject because phone cases are meant to protect your phones

I mean 9:48

What happened to his eyes on 9:49

How about phone or pwn? for the "good or bad"

KnuckleFart KnuckleTea KnuckleCharger KnuckleBalls


Share or Unfair Friend or Fiend

Do another one and say stash or trash

Cash or shlash

Matt don't have big ear he has normal great guys ears or just normal dad ears.

Good= Catch it Bad= Crack it

bish.....i got an i phone 3g. a iphone 4 isnt THAT old

Love it or smother it

I still have an iPhone 3

Cash or trash

I still have my old iPhone 3GS! Still works too

Protect or Reject

flash or slash

Mash or Trisha


That wow almost killed mr

yo or no pleases

your the best youtuber ever

How about impressing or depressing....

IPhone 10 is the newest IPhone as of now. How many iPhones ago was the iPhone 4

RaSeL DaSel mY NaSsEl

I don’t have iPhone 4 or 4 s, but i have a iPhone SE


Im a chunkie must have!! Lol oh TANNER!!!!!

I have iPhone 3

Thank you for The Office video

you are my favorite You Tuber

I am very offended my name is Danny and I am a girl

I'm a black boy and a sub r u hating on black peeps

earn or burn

Crack/Bad Back/Good

ph-ony or money ;)

I like ur pineapple on ur shirt

Hi Matthias I like CHEEKEN

I’m watching on a iPhone 8

Phony or corny

Just subscribed♥️

Awww that teaser was so CUTE! I WANNA HAVE IT AND TEASE someone I mean it is very bad

knuckle book

o god

dooo you looovvee connnor

Buy or cry

I still have my dad's old iPhone 4 you can barely download any game that's if you can find a compatible

my dad kept his i phone four and just recently broke it

I hate Tetrus!


Yay or nay

Shop it or drop it/ pick it or lick it / enjoy or don’t enjoy / buy or make it die

I have an iPhone 4:/:/

BTW yanny or laurel

Btw I hear laurel

Love it or bud it

bad or rad

i have a iPhone 4

Use mine please

Do laughter or disaster

at 8:47 I thought he was going to say "tracker-jacker". (Hunger Games reference)

Apple or crapple

is this a funny comment

I have iPhone four!! Still works

You should’ve done bad or fab

And it has many games

I have the game case and it works

Hello I like rusty spoons I like to touch them the feeling of rust against my salad finger

I have an Android phone and they're basically indestructible

I have an IPhone 3

Snazzy or trashy

Mine or nein! (Nein is German for no I’m pretty sure)

my sister has an iPhone 4 and it is a beast

K rap or wack

good or bad boom way better than good or bad

Matthias I have a joke what the eye say to the other eye ? The eye said something stank between us

Could’ve said rad or sad lol

hello Do you like french fries

I like chicken nuggets

"I'M SHOOK"!!!!!!

I still have an iphone 4 lol I used til the middle of last year and still works great

Can be on team edge again

Lit or lacking. HOW BOUT DAT

I have a iPhone 4 and am typing on it right now love you videos

Bay or gay bay is good gay is bad

Hi Michael

Should call it win or sin

i selled my wife for intertnet conection

I have an iPhone 3

Flashy or Trashy.

How about apple or crapple

Great or hate

Case it, or displace it

I'm watching this on an iPhone 4s


Select or Reject would be a pretty good slogan (shrug emoji)

I love your videos

Add knuckle to anything knuckle knuckleball

I’d like to say he could of said “bad or rad”

Phone-Home or Phone-y. Took 5 seconds.

"Razzle N Dazzle My Nazzle" -matthias 2018

Helloooooo do you have a pool with a dinosaur in it

i have 3 iphone 4s

Android party ✋


Goner or honored

believe it or leave it

use litty or sh*tty

A Funny Comment.

That taser case has a recent charger port piece not that big chunky thing wtf .., how would that work

It says fits iPhone 6 6s

The guy is putting a ring to marry his phone

Rad or slad

Check out alphype.com for cool cases and use "Take10" to get 10% off

“I rate this one bad because look”

Dog (good) bird (bad)

Try the plastic wish bone

tan man is ded in side

me and my bf are that way, I have an android and he has an iPhone, we have been dating for over a month

Case or disgrace?

Wow. I have Android and my boyfriend has an IPhone. I guess we were not meant to be... not.

Trash or Stash

Phone or bone matthias, still love the show brother #DublinCity

smash it or trash it


I am only seven years old

Oops #notifacation squad

Tanner it’s ok you might never be cool but you could be awesome?

fab or bad

chili paste or such a waste

Not sure about the Amish beard. lol

Good, shmood

I have iPhone 4s

Tanner looks like a chicken nugget

Wow you are so hungery for some randum comments never mind lol

You’re so cute

Awesome or opossum

Chicken nuggets matter

Do a iPhone 8 or X giveaway

This video the slag could have been case or waste

I like candy cans

Really only America apparently you’ve never heard of Germany

Hey what's the difference between a snowman and a snowwoman . Snowballs

Crummy or yummy

Oooo who lives in a pineapple on u tube bearded Mathias

Android > iphone

420 ;0

Happy or slappy

Cool or goul

Why does that beard look fake

Luna = mooon she is the mooooooooooon

Lame or fame

sweet and sour. Hard soft

Trash it or flash it,slam or fam it,fling it or sing it,rush it or flush it.....".........

Do god or frog

Dub or Scrub. Catchy slogan

Dem ears do

Bad are rad


My dad has the same shirt

Nine to fine


i have a i pohon 4

If it’s a bubble wrap case then it would not protect the phone as much because bubble wrap is fragile and the point of a phone case is to protect your phone

I used to have one of the game case things but it was not a phone case

Djjsjdkdkdmdjjskdmsmdimsmxjsmmskskdkdkdjxjemdemciemciewmnciwdmcjed chiwnichdbciendiuxnejxnincdwnhisanxwncwdnxiwdnxinwdixndwixindwidnwciwdniucndwcnidanchiwdncidwncijncidncinsniwdjncjwndj maxi nadjsnjdiwcnjwdncwdnnchch A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A AA A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A Aaa Ammmmmmnjjdmmmdmmdkdmkkdkkm


Yo I still have a I phone 4s and it is ok and I watch u on it

12:56 I know this whole dance and performed it at prom

at 21:24...really comedy....

Case it OR Replace it Case it = keep it as a case Replace it = replace it with something good

can you please stop being racest about you being white im part black and it hurts my feelings you sound like your saying being whit is better than other skin tones please do not

Great case or waste of space

Also Tanner: they are like buttons that don't do anything Me: they ARE buttons that don't do anything

My first phone was a 4 and I was 8 Don't ask

Hiiiiiiiii Mathamatics sounds like Matthias

Terrific or horrific

Solved case and unsolved case

I have a iPhone 4 it is amazing but small

Poop or dogs

snatch or down the hatch

How about:mooooooooooo

i have a iohone 4s because I bought it from my sister for $100 and it works well so I buy a new one. also I don't have enough money so there's that aswell.

Matthias don't make fun of people with android

Cop or drop

i still have a iphone 4 but i dropped it too much so i need to get a new phone but it still worked good when it was working



*”Keep it”* _or_ *”Sweep it”*

Do you know da wae, Good sir!

Wow! Tanner’s so brave!

When you open up the purse you say erhh

I got one glad or sad

my friend has the game case

Tanner is so adorable and very cute

Fast or blast

Or fast or trash

photo or no go

my bus drive has a flip phone

Can you do a skateboard video

I have an iPhone 8 Plus but I don’t get why he keeps attacking the iPhone 4 and 4 s like we get it you got money (from clickbating) but why tf you keep saying “ohh well if you still have the 4” then you laugh like, not a lot of people have money and that’s not something they can control but just stfu

Knuckle pants and knuckle-shirts

lerd or terd

T. R

Wait wut

slay or gay

James need that Tetris phone case

My friend just recently had an iphone 4 before she dropped it in one of those toilets where you squat AND HER FRIEND DUG INTO IT AND THE PHONE HAD POOP IN IT!!!?!?!?!?

Why do you need diversity

Keep or weep maybe?

Hdusheis or sismcysk


Case or cut the chase

Wack or smack Wack-awesome Smack-you gotta smack it hard

Trash and class

Doog or dab


I have a iPhone 5s


I'm SHOOK. lol


"tanner" or "mathais"

I thought the only place you can see a iphone4 or4s is in the museum

Tanor is awesome

You are f***** funny


I Want A BLT

elephant or irrelevant elephant would be good and irrelevant would be bad.

There’s an IPhone case with a taser in it

Matt and taner wow 8 years Me well I have a iPhone five

Love yr vids and yr songs my favorite is backwards and I've been a sub since 2015

do you like pizza ?

I wonder how many people brought the fake hand case as a sex toy

I think swag or trash

iPhone 4 from 10year

How about a phone case that makes a projection

Stop or shop

Stop= bad shop=good

Case it or Waste It Easy

poopy fart butt Mcpoopycins face man guy dude pee fart stuff butt toilet

trashy or fashiony

Hi I’m a roon puff womberdae

Try trash or stash

@matthias try cash or dash


What about bad or rad

Snazzy and not-so-classy

Hooked or shooked

What's really bad is skin tone pants or leggings. I freaked out because I thought a woman wasn't wearing any pants at my school.

I’m happy I’m not the only one that thinks green bubble peeps are lame

expoloding or boring.Sorry i cant spell

Who doesn’t love chicken tendys

TPU- Toilet Paper USA

Ace or in your face

I actually still have my iPhone 4 and used it up until a year ago. No apps would download on it anymore. Great video Matthias.


Snap it! Or Cap it! Snap for snap chat and cap for shooting it


Butt or but?

Wow! Jared’s so brave!!!

Dope or Nope

flashy or trashy shake or fake make or break took or shook

did that in 30 seconds

I got a iPhone 7

why not lame or fame?


Knukle pineapple

Bad or rad Rad=good Bad=obvi bad

Fart or art Fart=bad Art=good

You shuld say trash or cash instead of bad and good

never knew the pewdiepie beird is contageous lol

Do heard that or turd that

flashy or trashy

Hey i love my android

blade for bad and chase for good

Clicket or ticket

Try it or bye it

snappy or crappy

Omg havent wached your videos for about month and cryed you looked yonger when you had it shaved !!!!!!!!

When i go to the store i hold the (don't remember) dolls hands and Say "Hi sir/Ma'am how are you " XDDD

Dude the beard has to go

Bro or noe. Reees or peace. Soup or poop. Yeah or nah.

Use or noose????

I had iphone 4s in junior high :P

Game or lame

I still have it


Sorry matt i forgot to watch your videos i was just so busy

Dope or nope

Lit or forget

Tanner sounded like a baby that lost a du du shotout me

Bin it or win it?

What would o with an extra hand

Buy or bye

The iphone 4 is like the modern Nokia 3210, it will live even after falling down a toilet. Saying that, if you want to buy me a new phone with all your rich boy money, Tanner, I'll be fine with this.

Wow Matthias you must lift a lot, a lot of food.

Wow tanners so brave and no I dident spell it right

Doops or Noops

And it worked really well then it crashed. Last bout 2 years or longer

I used to have a IPhone 4

I don't know why but I always imagine mathias as a British person

Play that funky music White boy

Maybe Case or waste?

Rad or sad/bad

I own iPhone 5S/SE

Damp or slamp

Y the first bad?

nah = bad yah = good

how about yay! or nay

Me hand real

Lag or swag

You guys are so funny

This is my first comm, damm im lazy

If you do something like nerf guns or toy weapons do TROOPER or POOPER.

Gadget or bash it

Wow taner is brave

Photo Finish or Photo Bomb

you could say classy or trashy

Do buy or good by

Your beard is enormous

I still have my iPhone 4s. Haha! Just got a SE, but I haven't switched over yet. Soooo...the iPhone 4 lives, mwahaha! I can't believe it's been that long though, holy smokies.

Hey Matthias why did the chicken cross the road? To get to you. So you can have your tendies. By the way I'm subscribed and hit the notifications bell.

Hey Matt I got one for you. Pass it or smash it. Pass meaning good, smash... well you should know what smash means.


Nall or Shall (bad or good)


Do like kfc

I got an idea sad or rad


i have an iphone 4s

I have iPhone 4

i choked on a chip from u guys making me laugh

._. I have an iPhone 4... i Locke’s myself out of it though

Accept or Decline

My mom was still using her iPhone 3g (not 3GS) up until just a few months ago

Phone it or nope it

It’s lit or burn it

Pro or throw

Bring back RYC


I used to have a iphone4


knuckle fart

i s a b u b b l e

Roses are red I have a green hat This makes no sense Backpack.

For food munch it or punch it Keep it or weep it

Knuckle Head

Savage or Average

He looks ugly with beard...Seeing him after a year...

Rad or bad

Opy or mopy i did not know anything about the opy thing

Somebody has ADHD here.

I have an Iphone 4

I still have the iPhone 4

Yay. Iphone people let's Go!

Pro or no

Matt you could say rad or sad

It is your skin color Connor

Ye or nap

No affence but I like no beard

I have the gameboy cover lol

moos ca las tro

Imagine if you sat on your phone with that case and your butt got a better score than you.


im a potato

Terrible or wearable

9:42 i don´t think those cases are legal

#notificationsquad you could have use tech or smech

“Add knuckle to anything to make it better” Knucklehead knucklepineapple Knucklepizza knucklesandwhich Knucklebanana Knuckle smoothie wow it sort of does. (maybe not with food)

I still have my iPhone4, only problem the home button is a little broken but still works but you have to push it harder

one can be DEATH OR ALIVE

Hey you like pickles I like pickles how bout a shout-out

yass or pass

I Luv ChIcken

Yellow jacket is from ant man

Earned or burned

Rate it or hate it

Stack it or wack it

Y r ur vids sooooo long

i have an iphone 4

what is your subscriber hit mark/goal pls shout out too me

Coop or poop

Tanner is such a yes man lmao

Every time im bored I watch your videos and I wish I got youtube red

I got stupid ads while watching and it broke youtube

I use to have a iphone 3gs

Matt, I have a rating. luck or muck? I hope you like it!

iPhone or diephone

Ace or waste

I clicked the bell icon

I need the brass knuckle phone case or retro phone case

Android is better than iPhone

Case or waist

#dad joke. How do you make an egg roll you push it


I got the iPhone 4

Android's better

For a food version you could do delicious or superstitious

I have a IPhone 4

You should make a new series called legit or forget like if you agree

HeY, MaTtHias!!! BrO Im lIt aNd i KNoW i DonT mAke sEnSE bUt juSt LETtiNg u KNow, IM A TOTAL NOOB BOII

i still have my moms old iPhone 4s

You said that if we posted a funny comment you would check us out, but what if we aren’t hot enough

I have an android thank you very much lol

The taser case is banned in some places in the U.S.

Omfg lol he's only there for diversity do not engage with him omfg lol

Why did you grow your beard agian

Great or fate

Bad or glad? Happy or sappy? Snap or wrap?

My friend has a IPhone 4...

What’s brown and sticky A:A stick

I have an iPhone 8+

I have an Android. My man has an iPhone. We mesh perfectly.

what about static or fanatic?

Excell or repeal

I got one Let’s figure if these cases are go or No

Smash or Bash I mabe this up in 3 minuets

Ey you like hands or palms from a hand

Hack or sack

Nap or tap


You telling me that a big red button that does nothing will give you the same satisfaction as pushing a big red button that launches a rocket into space.

Nuckle to mathiase's face, souds good

Cache or lage

Sash or Slash

OMG!!! Since the "ears" comment, about how big your ears are!! I now that I look at you, I can only see your ginormous EARS!! hahaha! Your are the EARMAN!!! You should make an episode all about accessories for ears and talk our ears off for 20 minutes!!!

I got a T-Mobile as while watching

Why did the chicken cross the road?To get away from Matt’s beard!

Loan or own lol

Glad or seriously bad

You could be PewDPies brother

Make it or brake it

I subbed clicked bell so shoutout me plz

Hi I have a butt

ok new slogan... are you ready... SMASH or RASH. Boom best idea ever. (smash: good, rash: bad.)

Woah woah woah. Calm down on the android hatred. Lol

Damnn or Bamm

Sad or glad

Fame or shame

I just sat next to someone on a flight and they have the camera case. I tried not to laugh out loud at it.

Your beard looks weird

How do you get the...

Object or neglect

I have 4s and work still

sill have one and works well

glad or sad

hey, where do u live because in your window i see always evening time

heluuuu how much time do u take to make a complete video .....i think so a full day because u all time pass jist enjoying and cracking jokes

Never trust a particle, they make up everything

I_boop_your_nose_ hmm, am i the only one who finds this funny

slope or soap soap yes slope no

But i have now samsung

I have a i phone 4 and ist Bad its keep glitching and its anoying

Keep or cheap

#AESTHETIC Kill me now

Matt like th beared

Tendys can use meat glue to hold them together. If you don't know what meat glue is, Google it.

Add make or shake

I like the pineapple on your shirt hehehe

Damn or Slam Smashed (it! So good) or Dashed (Like... Dashed away?) Good or Hood Insane or Bane Infinity or Zero-finity Hero or Zero

How about "Case or WASTE"?

Case or waste

whats up boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Throw away or here to stay

Still rocking the 4s

Smash it or flash it

When I was a little kid the LEGO pulling off thing was your teeth

I want a Chunky Must Have shirt

And the game boy one to

I meant too

is it poop

fab or drab on game or its lame fantastic or drastic

My sister has the cassette tape iPhone case the pink one

If u are on mobile (I don’t know about computer) and tap and hold an image comes up of the frame u held it on! It’s cool isn’t it?

Knuckle craftsmanship! BOI! It don’t sound good...



You should review ramune or marble soda bro

Boss or loss Beast or least Fame or shame Rad or bad Great or late

Fresh or less

Was the penguin part a joke?! Or did they actually eat penguin.... if sooooooo. (●□●) I'M SHOOK!!!!! but seriously why would you eat penguin?

Cash or rash

ive got an iphone 4s but it can only play one game

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea

Nail and fail or buy and die

my little sister has a iphone 4

I used to have one of them game case’

Matthias I have a question is a hotdog a sandwich

Case or Nase

Yo Mathias. DO U EVEN LIFT!

I dont know what to coment so poop

hi have you ever jumped on a trapoline?

I actually have a iPhone 4s and a 5s, yeah, I’m actually quite disappointed

Rad or Sad

Both my parents still have iPhone 4...

i can't swim !

Go or no


Ok i was gonna say y wont he say gun

Call or fall

Good. Bad Take or bake Keep or yeet Heat or beat Brownie or phoney Bae. Or. Gay Mat or bat

This is too funny

I never noticed but ..... WOW TANNERS SO BRAVE!

Matthias’s beard of wisdom

24:56 funniest part to me

I really want people to make a burger phone case because if your hungry you can eat it

Flush or lush!

but i have like 3 androids

Do you like ROBLOX

Um I think that I'll just stick with my mediocre phone cases

i have a iphone 4 because im 11

I have a iPhone 4

I have a iPhone

I don't think I like the beard lol

18thousandth comment


20:17 is not a middle, it is a goat

wow tanner's so brave

Hi lol

I thougt the brick phone were cool....


The office joke

Do one for iPad mini 4 cases

It’s lit not shook

He said "fidgeter spin thing"

Rad or Sad.






by Josiah


Phone or Groan It's easy dud

Yeah or Nah.

urgandan knuckles :P

Bad or Fad

I sub and liked and notified

For the bad it could be called phoney

Lmao XD

Some what a good person lol

i have an iPhone 4...

Doo or poo

When you put the glasses and the gray eyebrows on your face you looked like the old man from the movie up.

Sloot or loot

I used to have a iPhone 3 I hit the like

Cool or Drool

Funny comment

U should do smart or fart

Love it when Tanner's on screen ^^

I used to have the pink casket case on my iPhone 3 as a starter phone

Phone or groan

XD 17:50 "NYUUUUGH" - matt 2018 XDD that fucking face dude i cant even SCREENSHOT TIME

You could do yee or nee

Your channel is so chill it's great

i still have a iphone4 :(

Catchy slogan. Neat or Yeet

KnuckleBoobs KnucklePenis KnucklePussy

knuckle matt

Catchy or patchy

Must or Bust

Oh yeah but I rich boy -Mathias 2018

Those buttons in the bubble case reminds me of the buttons of the glass elevator in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, don't you think?


hallooooo do you love cow

I thought it was left me on red


Shame or Game

Instead good or bad u could use snack or buttcrack

Hi me neems jimmytomythe3rd

Your intro should be, “ It’s your host that posts “ like if you agree

Hope or nope.

Knuckle sandwich

Yorgy sporgy

Wow tanner is so brave

A long time ago my mom had that exact pink cassette tape case

Poopy or Gucci

"Lit" or "Clit"

It's a bubble

Usey or snoozy

use or lose

Boooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooooooo ooooooooooooooooookooooooooo Oooooookkkkkkk☺

Make it or break it

To bad it is 2018 so we have iphone 7 so you are so last year

I loveeee The Office! Who’s ur favorite character? #notificationsquad

How do you wake up lady Gaga You poker face

I remember when tape cassettes were used to film video

I’m not lovin the beard

Androids better

I have one! Snappy or crappy! Also I like lasers and tasers, but not haters.

Snatch or pass

I watched this video on a phone 4...

hate or great

Sad or Glad Mess or Yes Lose or Use

Ma c caz nunt t piac nient par e pall

how about grab it or trash it

I have an iPhone four and it is way different than the cardboard pictures on the iPhone four cases. It is like a iPhone six.

That’s why u had Bryan

They say diarrhea is hereditary it runs in your jeans

Fab or trash tanner: or. Matt: fab

I love how WOKE Matthias is getting

Knuckle ice cream

Case or Erase

Are u a Draper snapper poop kink alophosniko

keep it,give it to a dumb 3 year old


Flash sale or Trash sale

skidally bu wap wap!!!!! I love u guys I laugh my head off everytime i watch you guys

G O O D or B A D

I thought you where dumbo with a crappy beard the first time i saw you and your ears. JK luv u matt


hot or stop


Poopy off scoopy

Wow. Tanner is so brave.

8:48 omg!

Case it or waste it

You seem to vote with your feelings

*they talk about girls having phones and relationships* ...............................I have neither *que hello darkness my old friend*

My friend once bought a brass knuckle taser to school

why is your beard wak beardy!!!!!

I use a iPhone 5S, still works exactly like the day I got it. iPhones only ever slightly change so I never see a point in dropping a few hundred dollars on basically the same phone Everytime a new iPhone is released especially when my iPhone 5S still works great & that the few hundred dollars I’d spend on a new iPhone that’s basically the same as the one I already have can be used for something else.

it could be gooood or poood

Cased to faced

should of been bad or rad

drag or brag

Absurd or turd

Shocked or blocked

Why do you whar pineapple


Case it or no case it

My mom has a iPhone four

Roses are red Violets are blue I just got clickbaited And so did you

U wanna take my chicken tenders

Wow Tanner's so brave.

pro or no

iphone or iphony

Knuckle Earlobe

You can call this series "COVER or BUMMER"

My dude the case with the message isn’t for someone with an android

High Tech or What the Heck

If I were a food I would be a pizza because I'm so cheesy If I were a food I would be a hamburger because I got great buns If I were a food I would be a doughnut because I'm empty in side.

Well, I have a iPhone 5...

June 24! That's my birthday. But I didn't get an iPhone 4 that year. Meh >:(

I love watching you unboxing new things


Do you like toilet candy

I had a iphone 4 but then i got a 7

Glad or bad

i eat my underwear and ya

You could go old-school and say sad or rad… no, don’t try that it’s awful

2:15 my birthday


Good call or Phony

Ring or ding

Case or Chase


goochi or poopy

Great or bait

You can tell that they are very smart ❗️

I’ve watched you for like 3 months but just subscribed

2 words for your merch it sucks

The first item, & knuckles


gloop or plloop

Disappointment or enjoyment would be a cool saying for ur vids

Did you leave teem edge

Hot or Not Glad and Sad Lit or Split Boss or Toss Post or Toast Glad or Bad Most or Roast

I had a car tv when I was 7 and it had rebranded nes games including tanks

Happy to Crappy?


Pause at 13:27

Good or leave it in the hood

Case Or waste

I got an iPhone 4 but it cannot update ☹️

Hi do you like horse riding I love it I do it

Lagger our swagger

Tanner is so brave

so yall respect ppl that have an iPhone 4 but not a girl with an android??

I took it to literally when he said every thing is cooler with knuckles at the end my response knuckle knuckles


Matt I love the office

Me and my brother have one and I mean iphone4

Coverable or horrible

Matt Justified or Denied

Dank or stank

Roast or toast

dazzle or snazzle

How dare you say you don’t like chicken nuggets


Swag or Brag

Buys an iPhone 4 just to use the taser case

For a good rating say, TRY for a bad rating say, FRY and then fry it if it is bad

Omg he ate a penguin

how about iPhone or iGo


So if I write a funny comment I can get a shout out? Okay Funny comment

No don’t eat the penguin

I was so looking forward to someone getting tasered.

Ok and no way

A shnack for sure

" The creepy hand case is obviously from japan " yeah obvious

I have no phone :( like if u to

What kind of world are we on where we have a tazer and pepper spray phone case

My cousin has a ipohone3 smh

Phone or phoney

I phone 4 released in my birthday

the caffine drugs

i do the drugs

Wow all those likes, all those people. Poor them. Stuck with an iPhone 4 and 4S. We are really sorry

This comment section just made my day

I has a iPhone 4 and i am watching this video on it

I have an iPhone X

Lose that beard

My ears are huge and I can't hear well too. What is your favorite chicken?

Funny comments

I thought tanner was shirtless in the beginning lmao

WOW 50k people with 4s phones...

when a lava lap farts ...

i know one shocking or mocking

Ok or bk

Are you races!!

Do you count how many times have you poop



Matt and Tanner: *eight years ago!!!* me: no big deal, i still own an iPad 1...

Who's phone are you using with the bubble pop case i know Matthias has an iphone x

You can see other people at 15:47

Pooped but

Wicked or Kick it.

I have an iPhone four s

6:12 , it sounds like the pacer test

my dad has an iPhone 4 lol

Case it or mace it (buy a mace and actually use it on a bad product that would be funny)

Can I have a shout-out. And my name is not Kara.it is Chandler

“Knuckle fffuuffff...

You should do hire or fire

glad or sad not so gard

for beginning hack it or smack it,love it or shove it,alive or dead.

"Gucci or poopy" you can use my slogan I'm used to being used for my ideas :')

Oh Tanner you are in love with the phone case

A guy walked into a bar, and walked up to the bartender and said, “ can I have some H2O?” And the other guy walks up, and says” can I have some H2O2?”

what noooooooooooooooooo

Cool or fool

Hi Matthias my brother is 16 and is trying to grow a beard and I showed him yours and he asked if you could make a video for beard growing tips (I dont understand teenage boys but it would make him really happy) P.s. I would so buy the sticker bottle

Ahhhhhhh hand

Squeasy or queasy

My Suggestion is “drink it, or sink it”

Mat dont press READ MORE still a long way almost there YAY YOU MADE IT! (^▽^)

Matthias has normal ears..... kinda

do you like the hunger games? and do you wish it will come back?

Do a bill it or kill it


*razzle dazzle my nazzle*

Hot or Not

Great or bait Cash or pass Sweet or reeks

Ya. na

3:03 lol thx

We'll I'm sorry I can't afford an iPhone. Still love you tho❣

My grandma has a iPhone 4 or 5

14:52 i don't know the term for this.

That is the perfect slogan for the answer

Cool phone case or a disgrace

Terrible or berrible


cool features but bad lectures matthias!!

Neatful or deceitful

Smash pass

I literally just starting watching your channel and it’s AMZIMG (cuz I know how to spell) and btw take my advice i mean I’m not using it

The hand is scary


Dank or Flank Spot or Not

iPhone 4s are pretty good. Mine is still quite functional

12:27 Yoshikage Kira approves.

I still have my iPhone 3GS It used to be my dads

Baam or Slam

Rad or sald

why i am watching this mow i am really late on this channel

*phones goes ploop* WAT!

Hi persons or maybe alien

I have that cassette phone case put it’s not on my phone, I have a flower case

*there should be a case with shrek on it*

Case or descrase

Groovy Or Tootie

20 or no money

Fun or done

Good look - Got shook Super styling - Not even trying Fave of mine - Waste of time For the win - In the bin

found out my mam is pregnant

A guy with an android and a girl with an iPhone, it’s possible. Lol relatable

He is right pink is your skin tone unfortunately

OMG I found the most new fortnite update PHONE CASE'S

Get it or bid it

Case-it or Erase it

bro i named your nose charles.

You got a cool beard Hahahahahah I got the best comment See ya later scrubs

i have an iphone 4 -_-

“Tanners so brave”

My friend has one because her mom can’t afford it she has 3 sisters

What if a girl has an Android phone and a iPad and a guy has a iPhone?!

I have a iPhone 4 or 4s I can’t tell .well I can but i don’t care I only have as a hand down

Are you getting rid of these cases because if you are I call the taser phone case


Buy it or lie it

Oh my god my friend has that game boy phone case


I watched on iPhone 4s

I have a iPhone 4 S

Had or Fad

do like or sike

Your reaction was so funny

I liked the video and subscribed and hit the bell

Cool or F***ed also i have an iphone 4 :(

My friend has an iPhone 4

Matthias I have 1 KNUCKLETANNER

17:58 sounded like a baby

The middle.. Good and Bad... GoodBad... Goad... God.

Safe or shatter

Keeper or leaver

Ez, instead of good or bad use good or good'nt

Sleek or weak!

I'd take the yellow jacket case for the 4s because I still use mine. Also it's a great iPhone but apple doesn't upgrade it past iOS 9.

What is your favorite wheelchair basketball type of a boy and he is the only person I can say?

Guess so or heck no


Seriously I have an android and I am a girl. Geez

Apple or Samsung apple is good Samsung is bad

Happy or crappy

Hey Would you ever have a pet micro pig

Chicken tenders are just long chicken nuggets

Do you like potatoes ? !!!!!

Do not engage with him

stupid or smart

I've got cheese now that the MC hammer drill bits of information technology.

Hello Matthias yours channel is goods bu I lik yous channel

Boss or toss

wow He's right tanner is sooo brave XD

you are the best

I have an IPhone 4!!! :P You could do a work out themed video and say.... Lift it= Good Drift it= Bad

Hot or not Woo or boo Rad or bad Earn or burn Matthias use these words

Do u know de wae

Shout out to the Sabre joke


Good or goodn't

What the did with the hang one is cut off someone's hand and glued it on there MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA

You just agitated half the female population. 4 times.

I’m proud of my hands. Even though I can’t use them that well I still love them

my family uses our old iphone 4s'es as back up phones

His forehead though

I miss tanner

Woah or No

not trying to be mean but he looks like dopey

the knuckle case knocks out their competition.

Omg this is so funny lmao “hi people and I’m a white man”

I like chicken nuggies

this could have been called Case or Waste

But.... My dad has an iPhone and my mom has an android.. HMMMMMM

My dad is a caterpillar I think

rad or sad

I have one because my grandpa gave it to me since he got a 6s

a funny comment

Bought or got caught

Thrash or trash

Gold or fold

Fine or maybe god or frod

Do you are unusual

Catchy or sketchy Idk

use accept or rejected #notificationsquad

My subsitute teacher is like 80 years old and he has an iphone 4

Program nogram

Knuckle case is the best just punch someone when they asked for your phone

Hey match box your beard is even ma’am

haha i still have a iphone 4

List or Twist

I still have an I phone 4 and 4s


yooooooooooooo... i still have an iphone4. not my main phone but like there's no scratches or anything on it. i am not safe with my phones at all. i'm shocked it's survived 8 years.

you must be a goldfish cause your the snack that smiles back

You have to charge the camera phone case to make it brighter. At least that’s how a lumee case works

smash with a hammer or keep and treasure cut it out of your life forever and ever or jump on the great deal forever and ever die or live no training or training

DEN or ban

Case it or disgrace it

What about knucklethias #notification squad

I think turner's outfit looks nice

"Oh yea but i'm rich boi"-Matt

1:03 -Kinda looks like the knife that carol from the walking dead uses

Hi cool vids

Today i killed someone with knucklecase *BIJUU MIKE INTRO*

I loveeeeeee chicken............

I Know how TANNER GOT IS NAME.. He probley TANNED Get if

Perfect case or disgrace


iPhone or Samsung

Matthais I like you intro

Yellow Jacket just reminds me of Ant-Man

2:31 The was really funny to me

you could use 'yay or nay'


Yes:yay no:nay maybe:may

Is it on or off

Dial or denial

I have 2 iPhone 4's

Also you can call this "Smells or sells"

Nuckle Sandwich

That comment means smash phone stab tv

2:30 ; Ohh yea ,but I'm rich boy

I have a iPhone 5

Something or nothing

He has a daft punk helmet in the background.

I have one you could have used, "tech best, or tech blech

What's black, white, and red all over? A penguin crying blood...

I have a 4 AND A 5 HA

Where did Tanner get the magic vanishing shirt? :-P

Mello Cello

i got one good buy or good bye

Rad or Sad Shout me Out please

I have an android and I can play gba Pokemon on it without breaking into my phone

I have a ipod touch 5

Baller Matt

i have an iphone 4 XD

WoW TaNnEr Is sO B R A V E

ummm DO YOU no the wae #notificationsquad

8:49 look at his hand

those art legos

smack or back like or strike

You have a pineaplle on your shiet

Shirt I mean

I love ur videos

Super omega donkey kong smash

that beard needs to GO

Your friend is weird jk

Knuckle beard

Lit and spit

hi I have dislexia too

My boyfriend has an android and I have an iPhone

Hi matthias... my favorite episode is the fortnite one when you threw the V bucks at the dude behind the desk... also your hallarious

employ or destroy

LEGO freinsd

so if a girl has a android...you stay single??

Quick Every one say something stupid!

I have a I phone 4 but I don’t use it

Screw Iphone. Android is where it's at.

Why does he remind me so much of Pewdepie

I'm Watching This On An iPhone 4S And It Is Very Offended

Cut your BREAD


im say deez nuts

Watching the video on an iPhone 4S

8 years ago.! I still have one of the first iphones



The hand phone case is perfect for kira yoshikage

My dad had an iPhone 3GS until like 2years ago

my idea for a good or bad phrase is trash or fash (sort for fashionable)

If you go to your videos you can see the prigression of the beard

Yeah or mehh

"Pinguin crying blood is my spirit animal"


YAY!i'm bored .-. but this is just FABULOUS! Question:You like ja-sorry you like BACON?

"But it cones with a screen protector"

Watch from 21:10-40 in half speed. It sounds like their drunk old men

Who likes vinnneeesssss

I have maybe a good catchy slogan savage or average

Use it or lose it

Android isnt that bad right ?


"If you like it than you should of put a ring on it"

Press to order. PrESs to OrDA hahaba;@hahahahahahah . You really laugh at every fucking thing.

You guys r like little school kids giggling at everything every 2 seconds :L so annoying man damn

Hey I just subscribed and hit the bell3

shat or nate

God or frod

Hot or not

“iPhones are expensive” “Well yeAh but like-“ “Well yEaH but lIkE I’m riCh bOy” I love Matthias so much XDD

I'm watching this on my iPhone 4 hahaha

Sign or pine ( sign is the good one )

Is it a Dazzle or a hassle? Is it a cake or a date? Is it a waste or a fate? Idk anymore lol

Caller or Faller I don't know It's hard

I like your pineapple shirt. Where did you get those?

Weirdness but cool

Snag or nah?

The office I love that show

At 12:34 when that is the closest you will ever make contact to a girl

I use to have one

I bet united airlines would let you punch people on the plane

I got an iPhone 8plus

I have an iPhone 4

Iphone or I-no

Hello people I will punch you with the knuckle case

you are amazing Matthias!

I have an iPhone se

I watch your videos on an iPhone 4

2:50 reminds me of the episode of SpongeBob where he’s trying to teach Patrick how to open a jar

Do you ever feel like you have to poot?

Beard gotta go bye bye!!

Got it or rot it

What do you call a cow with no lags.

Maybe its because your ears are to small (jk) shoutout

I can’t remember what mat looked like when he had no beard


Didn’t even notice his big ears

I have an iphone 4 but it doesn't work (btw my phone is a 7 lol)

8:50 that mthfckr better not have just mixed up the man in the yellow hat and curious George.

1:10 knuckle sandwich ?

Jazz or spazz... I dont think it works very well...

I have i phone 4s but it was a hand me down so it does not count

Hi haven’t you herd that having a pineapple on your shirt is cool and durpy

Hello do u want to pie

Wow tanner so desperate

Fash or Nash


Yeah or Meh

Stash or trash

Other news