10 Cosas Que Te Harán Creer En Extraterrestres | T1 • Ep 28

10 Cosas Que Te Harán Creer En Extraterrestres | T1 • Ep 28

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The last special we did was a biblical one. Well, today we will see a slightly more conspiracy special with the most intriguing secret military bases that are believed to hide extraterrestrial activity. This is 10 things that will make you believe in aliens. Special Military Secret Base 1. KAPUSTIN YAR. Near the city of Volgograd, Russia is the Kapustin Yar base, It is a base for the development and launch of missiles of various types.

In 1946 Russia had seized documentation on Nazi technology and had also captured German scientists whom it brought to Kapustin Yar, the goal was only one: to increase the country's weapons system by taking advantage of advanced Nazi technology. And the first mystery appeared: the American spy planes that flew over the area were surprised by the geometric design of that Russian base . It was shaped very much like the Pentagon, and it had an explanation: Kapustin Yar's design was intended to attract alien spacecraft. It is that Stalin, the Russian president, was obsessed with the UFO phenomenon. The man wanted to obtain evidence, so he made an expedition to Tunguska where a meteorite crashed, although many suspected that a UFO had crashed there, and Stalin himself believed so from secret reports he had read. In fact, he ordered the construction of the base because there were dozens of sightings of strangers there.

And the day Stalin dreamed of arrived. A Russian MIG plane managed to shoot down a UFO that was shaped like a cigar. The event happened in 1950 when an unidentified object was detected in the sky . A MIG 19 was sent to intercept and shoot it down, it launched a missile and the object launched a beam. Both ships fell to the ground. The UFO was taken to the underground facility to be studied and it was learned, from secret KGB files that were declassified, that in 1960, another UFO was shot down, but this time unlike the one in 1950, it was manned.

Inside the UFO they would have found two lifeless beings who were taken to the Moscow Institute for Medical Problems where an autopsy was performed. Other reports say that the base was also attacked by UFOs that managed to destroy four of its silos. In 1975 another event was recorded without official explanation. A powerful explosion partially destroyed some missile launch silos. There are witnesses who claim to have seen a UFO fly over the area and attack the base with a strange beam. The presence of ships or lights on bases that operate nuclear weapons is very common.

Could it be that they want to prevent man from causing a nuclear war? Or do they pursue other goals? 2. THE AREA 6. Clearly there is no one who has not heard of Area 51, either in a movie or the media and that is, this base is supposedly dedicated to studying aliens is very famous. However, this complex has taken a back seat thanks to Google Earth. The reason is simple: this program has leaked a series of photos of the base, whose existence, by the way, was denied by the government. Area 6, however, has several differences from its more famous sister. The first is that, as can be seen in the images

and the government has pointed out, it is a complex dedicated to testing unmanned aircraft. Although this is a fact that has failed to avoid theories that it harbors extraterrestrial technology . Be that as it may, the only truth is that it is located on Yucca Mountain, in Nevada, it has an airstrip of about 1,524 meters and - always according to the government - it is intended to test aircraft of federal agencies such as the Department of Defense or the Department of Defense. National security. In turn, and although its existence was believed hidden, several US media have stated that it became known years ago thanks to a report from the United States Department of Energy in which it was explained that up to six detonations of nuclear weapons. To this day nothing has been said about his alleged work related to extraterrestrial technology, but much we cannot wait, hardly something like that happens, right? As we discussed previously, it is not uncommon to see UFOs or strange lights around military bases, especially those that manipulate nuclear weapons.

  3. AREA 51. For decades, Area 51 has been for many a place where the US Government keeps dark secrets about aliens and UFOs. According to the Government itself in 2013, it is nothing more than an Air Force base, but that has not stopped the conspiracy theories that claim that Area 51 keeps aliens inside.

This base is a US Air Force facility in Groom Lake, Nevada. In 2013, the CIA declassified documents that officially recognized the area as a secret military base. It was the first time that the Government recognized the existence of Area 51. It all started in 1989 with the testimony of Bob Lazar who told the media that he had worked in an area of Area 51 and that he allegedly saw photos of autopsies of aliens. In addition, he claimed that the government used the base to examine alien spacecraft and that through reverse engineering they would have managed to reproduce some of them. But, why, if there has been so much speculation, did the Government take so long to pronounce itself? According to declassified CIA documents in 2013, the purpose of the facility was kept hidden so the Soviets would not know what it was about.

Over the years, many people have reported seeing unidentified flying objects near Area 51, but according to the CIA, the test flights of the U-2s and the Oxcarts explain the sightings, but can people really mistake these? planes with UFOs? Beyond saying that it is a military installation, the Government has not specified what type of investigation or operations are carried out in Area 51. Employees who work there arrive by plane, from a restricted terminal at the airport, on a plane unchecked that they are allowed to fly over Area 51 as it is a flight restriction zone. Do you think it is possible for government authorities to hide such information from citizens? To what end? What do you think? 4. THE POLEMIC SECRET BASE OF DULCE. If there is one base that is talked about a lot and about which we have already told you something, it is the secret base of Dulce, in New Mexico.

We say controversial not only because it would house extraterrestrial technology but because within it genetic experiments between aliens and humans would be carried out. There are testimonies of people who have seen lights and strange objects near the area, as well as cattle mutilation. In fact, there is a theory that the famous chupacabra would be a mutant from this strange base.

Philip Schneider, is one of the biggest names in Dulce Air Force Base histories . He allegedly worked as a geological engineer, hired by the US government for a program known as. “Deep underground military bases. Within the seven levels of Dulce's base. Schneider was authorized to build a tunnel system under the supervision of the Secret Service. One day while digging, he and his colleagues ran into technical difficulties and, in their attempt to fix the problem, they encountered gray aliens.

It was then that a confrontation occurred, in which he managed to be one of the three survivors of the 60 men who intervened. During the incident, accounts say that these beings fired lasers, burning some of Schneider's fingers and leg. After the alleged "battle", Schneider dedicated his life to exposing the events that occurred during his time at the Dulce base. The man recounted how humans were kept in liquid- filled capsules where the "grays" experimented with human DNA. Schneider said that the "grays" absorbed the blood of humans and livestock for their sustenance. After receiving several death threats to stop him talking about the matter, Phil was found dead in his home, allegedly having committed suicide.

After his death, his wife continued her work, always defending that her husband did not commit suicide, but was murdered. 5. TALAVERA AIR BASE, SPAIN. In the city of Talavera, Badajoz there is a base, dedicated to the teaching and training of combat pilots who will form the hunting units.

This place was the scene of a curious event with many witnesses. In fact, one of the strangest UFO-related phenomena in the history of Spain. It happened at dawn on November 12, 1976, when three soldiers were on guard duty. The soldiers, after hearing a series of noises, had a brief encounter with a glowing being about ten feet tall.

Frightened, the military unloaded their weapons against the being, who disappeared. The next day, about fifty soldiers raked the area, but found neither the used casings nor bullet holes in the wall behind the alleged being. One of the soldiers involved, who fainted during the event, had health problems that led to his admission in the following days. The fact is that just a few months earlier, at the beginning of 1975, an air base control tower controller also detected abnormalities on the screen, but these were filed by the Ministry. In 1967, the pilots of a plane heading to the Talavera base and flying over the town also claimed to see a strange, changing-looking object. The Spanish Ministry of Defense declassified files related to these events, one of the files analyzes what happened at the Talavera base, considered as Spanish Area 51, the other was when, upon the arrival of a plane with the then Minister of Agriculture, The ground controller observed from his screen 6 or 7 strange lights, the various speed changes caught his attention, the objects ended up moving away and the minister's plane ended up landing without major shocks.

What is the interest of UFOs in military bases, are they aware of activities that we are unaware of? 6. BASE EDWARDS. Edwards Air Force Base is a United States base located on the border of Kern and Los Angeles counties. Edwards houses the Air Force Test Pilot School and the Flight Research Center , however, it is known to have been the scene of the “supposed” meeting of President Eisenhower and extraterrestrial beings as we told you in another episode.

The Sigma project was the promoter of this fact, in 1954, the Edwards air base would witness an encounter that would bring consequences to all humanity; the interest in obtaining technology for weapons and technological development would lead to the execution of Eisenhower's pact with gray extraterrestrials. According to testimonies from people who participated in this project, in the 1950s signals were captured that were intercepted by the military and that is how communication with these beings began, although there was also communication with others, the Pleiadians, who warned them not to enter in no pact with the grays since they were a negative race, in exchange for deactivating the nuclear arms race, they would intervene in favor of humanity. This pact with the Nordics was rejected, but the proposal of the Reticulian Zeta was heard . In exchange for granting the United States everything demanded, the Grays requested access to a small number of citizens for genetic experimentation purposes.

For the American president, his offer was easy to accept, as long as these aliens respected certain conditions. The pact was breached by both parties; the grays failed to deliver advanced technology , as they only offered limited access to it; in the same way, the number of abductions, experiments and disappearances of citizens not only in North America, but also in other countries of the world had developed in a number much higher than agreed. Today, Laura Eisenhower, his great-granddaughter, continues to call for the declassification of extraterrestrial reality, that all humanity have access to the truth. Tell me what do you think of this? 7. THE BASE OF HOLLOMAN. If what we just told you about Edwards Air Force seemed strange to you, this will definitely catch your eye. Holloman Air Force Base located in Alamogordo, New Mexico is known to have been the site of the detonation of one of the first nuclear bombs, but it is also believed that it was the place where the visitors with whom they were "stayed". Eisenhower was found.

They mention that after the encounter in 1955, the ship returned to that same place and several camera crews on the runway and flying over the air base captured its landing. In this latest incident, air force personnel greeted the aliens as they landed and exited their craft. While this story may sound implausible, there are witnesses to this encounter. Bill Kirklin, a medic at Holloman AFB, says he was there when an event occurred and that while he didn't see anything, his colleagues did. Kirklin overheard two officers stating that when the presidential plane landed, the airbase tower received an order to turn off the radar and they talked about seeing an alien autopsy. Officers continued to argue that when the president's plane landed, two objects appeared overhead.

One landed in front of the presidential plane and the other remained motionless in the air, as if protecting the other. The president got off his plane and walked to the ship on the ground. The president was inside the ship for about 45 minutes and returned to his plane. When Kirklin was asked if he was afraid to speak about these matters, he replied that if he had spoken about this thirty years ago, he would be dead.

8. BASE WRIGHT PATTERSON. A former US Air Force engineer, Raymond Szymanski presented a book called "Fifty Shades of the Grays", in which he assures that Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, located in the city of Dayton, has a jail in which are numerous dead and alive aliens. According to the retired military man, quoted by the British newspaper The Sun, it was his partner with whom he worked at the base who revealed this secret to him. Who asked him if he had heard of aliens, to Raymond's surprise he replied that all the people who work there knew about it. According to Szymanski, he went to the base's secret jail where they transported the alien spacecraft that crashed on July 10, 1947 in Roswell, New Mexico, as well as the body of the alien pilot killed in the incident.

The engineer claims that the base has several cryogenic chambers and temperature-controlled facilities , where alien artifacts, UFO remains, as well as the bodies of aliens found at the incident sites are stored . Szymanski stressed that he had never seen the aliens or the ships with his own eyes, however, he claims that he observed men in black in person, dressed in black coats and hats, at the base in the middle of summer. According to the engineer, they were agents of a government agency, in charge of stealing the evidence.

The man pointed out that he mentioned the issue repeatedly, but not one person denied that these issues were real. The Roswell case is considered the birth of modern ufology and has given rise to numerous debates, theories and speculations about the existence of life on other planets, but apparently many workers of these bases are very clear about the extraterrestrial reality, even if they decide speak many years later. 9. PINE GAP. Pine Gap is the name used for a US satellite surveillance base and an Australian ground station, located 18 kilometers from the city of Alice Springs, in central Australia, is operated jointly by both countries and is possibly the Australia's most secret place. Furthermore, it is synonymous with UFO activity and has been for decades. The base was officially founded in 1970, but some researchers believe eyewitness statements suggest that it had been in operation since the end of World War II.

Although there are huge domes on the surface, the vast majority of the working base is underground. The Australian government went to great lengths to keep the facility from being talked about. That was until December 1989, when a strange sighting received coverage in the mainstream news. Three men would witness an astonishing encounter, returning from an all-night hunting trip around 4:30 a.m. on December 22, 1989, as they walked around the Pine Gap facility, a camouflaged door suddenly opened before them, revealing lights and movement behind it.

From within this enclosure emerged a gray metallic disc that shot off at an astonishing rate, certainly beyond anything any of the witnesses had seen. Another example of these encounters was in 1980, while looking for a missing child, two police officers reported the sudden opening of a camouflaged door. Objects that they would later describe as "bathtub-shaped" came out of that door and quietly made their way onto the base. To his surprise, a kind of black hole opened in a hillside, and each of the objects disappeared into it. According to testimonies, Australian Defense agents also witnessed beams of lights coming out of the bowels of the base and ships flying over the area. Although none of the witnesses knew what they had just seen, they all agreed that the rumors of established contact with an extraterrestrial race were apparently true.

10. UFO ENCOUNTERS AT THE CANNON AIR FORCE BASE. During two nights in a row in 1976, a journalism student, along with several people, witnessed several mysterious objects flying over the Cannon Air Force Base in New Mexico, as well as a pursuit by military aircraft of strange and apparently “invaders. Ships. After finally making these incidents public, the student named Bruce, would receive very disturbing warnings, both by telephone, and from concerned neighbors who witnessed strange events around his house when he was not there. On the night of January 21, 1976, Bruce sat in his truck outside of Clovis, New Mexico, when he realized there were three strange lights in the sky. The way they appeared led him to describe them later as "like light bulbs on a string."

Then, two of the lights quickly fell to the ground, apparently stopping before the collision and flying again. The third light remained motionless at the top. Amazed by what he was seeing, Bruce took as much detail as possible. When enlarged, these lights had a "classic saucer shape." Furthermore, after calling the radio station to report exactly what he had witnessed, he learned that many residents had also witnessed the strange craft that night, including police officers who were on duty.

Although the United States military would not admit the existence of such radar recordings , the Freedom of Information Laws would eventually reveal that the F-111 jets were indeed launched from the base on the night of January 22. It was at that moment that Bruce decided to show the photos he had been able to take, but the threatening calls continued. The photos never appeared, although the witness gave them to several researchers of the UFO phenomenon. As we have seen in this episode, there are many military bases that hide many mysteries ... Due to the conspiracy that occurs on these bases, we have been forced to investigate what the media says.

We maintain a "neutral" position in the face of these conspiracies, they may well be a reality or not, but as we have seen some point a lot to their being real, it is only a matter of waiting for more evidence to confirm it.

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