0.16 Factorio Explorers! Ep 15: BRINGING BACK STONE - Coop with Xterminator, MP Gameplay

0.16 Factorio Explorers! Ep 15: BRINGING BACK STONE - Coop with Xterminator, MP Gameplay

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Hey. Guys and welcome back to some more factorial, 0-16 explorers I'm exterminator, and as always I'm joined by captain of sky, howdy. Everyone, we, are back, we. Are back how's, it going going. Pretty well we've just been discussing, out. Of your ear shot everyone we're, sorry but we're trying to figure out how to get this stone from here to there and I decided, I'm working, on the railroad today. It'd. Be great. Yeah. That's gonna be fun I'm. Gonna really enjoy this I think so. What is your plan for today uh. Let's. See I in. The first part I may head over and start setting up like, finish setting up the stone. Outpost, itself, okay great. Now, I don't recall, did we decide if we wanted to smelt there or bring the raw stone back and that's about her that's, right we were talking about that weren't we I thought, we were gonna yeah we were gonna smelt it over there, there's. Some coal in, various, locations nearby. And. We could put the smeltery, like just south of the stone itself, so that would be saving. Us room at the main base. Yeah. That could work I think that would be really good actually. And. We also probably need to build a little bit of a defense, on, the. Choke point. Suppose. There's some biters over there we're, gonna be generating a lot of pollution, yeah. Quite a bit yeah I can work on some defenses, there too okay cool. All. Right I've got some stone backed up here. Yeah. Okay our stone miners have completely, run, out of stone. Completely. Diesel. This is a good timing man yep, I'll. Pick him up all. Right. Well. We have nope, I can place one down on, the. Little bits the, little bits that are left. Okay. Wow I have a lot of I needed, to sort, of de-stress. My inventory I have many, many many power poles for some, unexplained. Reason. Little. Bit messy yeah, just, slightly we um there. Were some deaths we, acknowledge this happened. Sometimes. That does happen. Rarely. But it does really, yes. Recycle. Some of these other miners that we have on. Copper. And iron, here. I. Would. Like to work toward, as you know um oh let me let me talk about some of the suggestions that I've seen in my comments, people. Were saying to use, poison capsules, and I think that's a great idea I don't know if we have the tech for that do we we do we. Should have made some of those for the worms. Really. Work well. Of. Course everybody's, also asking, for artillery. But that's that's, a bit down the road. But. I would like to get some. We should get power suits and personal. Construction, robots I think as soon as we can so. I'd like to work toward that if you don't mind that. Sounds like a great plan cuz I love I love my construction, robots. They, make life so much easier. I mean, power armor we would need processing, units and electric engines, we haven't made, either yet mm-hmm.

But. That's. Not too, hard to set up so yeah working towards that would probably be good. Okay. I'm gonna get. Some of this. Like. Last bits, of. Iron. Ore because our iron lines are looking very scarce. Right now oh. Yeah. We might have to start finding a, little. Bit more iron as well, man. Well. Luckily we do have that huge patch just, today oh that's. Right yeah we need to go and just, get that organized. I'd. Be a little interesting routing, in but I'm sure we can figure it out oh I'm sure we can we're, creative, people can get it sorted. I'm. Fine yeah, it will be fun because. Factorial, is fun by definition yes. D. And, if you don't think it's fun we will show you how it's fun. She. Says in a very threatening way oh. Man. I love this game so much. It's. Just like innocently entertaining, it is it is endlessly entertaining and, people, ask me like don't you ever get bored of vanilla I know. I, haven't, I mean I do like the mods don't get me wrong but man I mean, even Vanilla's is still, fun for me and I enjoy playing the various, just. Different scenarios. And now we have like all these obstacles around, us like water and cliffs, and things and it's it's just different. Variations, and it's fun for me that's for sure I really, do enjoy it. That's. Really good I mean like. I think it's pretty rare for a game to be able to keep people's. Attention for, this long it is and and I think it's it's a great credit to the developers, because they've. Made a game that has like. It's, one of those that that you can get, through, it if you're, a beginner and you. Just plug along with - green circuit makers the entire time, but. Also there's this possibility, of really min maxing, it and, also the modding, they they let people do and you know some games don't even allow modding, and I think that's that really, is early, death for a lot of games if they don't allow modding so. I think the deaths made really good decisions on, how they they. Just set up the game for people playing. Yeah. Completely, agree. Put. Put, back many, powerful. Seem. To have several, too many. Like. Billions too many okay. Okay that's fine, I. Still. Have regular power poles I'm very tempted to burn those and put them as fuel sugar locomotive. Or something sounds. Like a great idea. Okay. Mm oh yes I need to make more train stops let's just do that. I'm. Gonna need to. Just, to write well. What's going on down south being attacked and we do not have, names. Right there Oh, oh dear, okay I'm going I'm going hey, I. Even. Have lasers with me, okay. Yeah I bet they ran out of ammo or something, there's radar down there or there was a raid. Was. I don't know if it's been destroyed yet but I'm just trying to run yeah. Cuz we need exoskeletons. Super. Fast oh yeah. I. Also. Need personal laser defense, that's one thing that Kos, needs. Because. I'm. Not really good. Certain. Things, it's. Mandatory. It's just mandatory, that's right a lot of people have been commenting on my turret creep skills and I completely agree I'm not very good at Catterick creep and, that's okay I don't have to be cuz.

I'm Gonna be good at building factories. Leave me alone yeah I, don't. Play with me. I. Think the laser defenses are almost more fun than turret creepy they are there are a lot of fun I usually put like what. Is it like two or three shields, and like the rest laser defense and a couple of legs on it's, all good, it is so good especially when you get the upgrades. Alright, so I added. Lasers. To this little outpost here. And I think it should be enough maybe. Five. No, it's not five it's six. Lasers. How. Are we on. Radars. Oopsies. It's. Like we're doing okay. Do. You need to sit up sorry. Go ahead sorry no no go ahead good I was, just gonna ask so wheat we said down south of the stone patch of the smelter plate and. Where I'm located. Yeah. That's where I envisioned, the smelting being, white but you can put it wherever you want I. Mean. It seems good it's really the only open area. Yeah. It seems like a decent spot. All. Right I need let's, see I'm just gonna put down some more miners cuz. Again. The mining. We, aren't going through those resources fast, yes, we are. Cake. We're. Gonna have to build a swing system, I, know. That sad news for everyone I, don't. Know why I don't like sorting system so much I guess it's just such a pain in two socks to do but it's not really. That bad, not. Really. But. No but I mean you don't like them you rather do, you not. Just me okay, it's not just oh no. You can't be oh no, no no no no this is not. Don't. I check that one. Apparently. Not. All. Right yeah we might have to do sorting sooner rather than later. Okay. I. Tried. Miners are tried. Here, we go. Well, it's gonna keep our things. A little bit more full. Cool. Our. Iron. Lines so, that they don't completely, run out of ice yeah. I'm, gonna build a couple of locomotives. So. That I can travel quickly along, this line is I'm gonna build it oh. Yes. I'm, just gonna go this way, oh, we. Need to research, stuff I sort. Of forgot to do that. Whoopsies. Okay. There's. Stuff we. Need. We, need yellow science, immediately, like, now because. That's unlocks. The reactor. Oh. Wickedness, yeah we are actually gonna need stuff aren't we mm-hmm. Has. Anyone tried to discharge, defense, have you heard about of that I mean recently it's. Better. Than, it was I still think it's not very great okay, cuz, I mean it seems like a very. Curious. Concept. Yes. Take all my shields, all of them and. Give me nothing.

Give. A little tiny shock to the biter that's well I have no shields, here haven't ya go. It's. Really. Not that great okay, cuz. I know at some point it didn't do anything, it was really, awful. Yeah. I mean they, made the damage a little more and I think it knocks back now but have. Better nodes not gonna be way better yeah. Okay. You. Know I'm wondering with. This oh. We. Could probably felt the colon it, seemed kind of far away but. It's. Okay. So we'll have one, two three four cars is, enough do you think. Yeah. I would think so okay cool so, I. Just marked out for wagons, worth of track. Here, plenty of room at the base for this. See. How we want to go around. Probably. Should get well if you have some grenades for. Chopping. Trees down. Yeah. That, works. Okay. So these. This. Will work too. You okay with like super long belts or would you assume train, in. A, coal. Um. Oh, no. That's that's fine I mean I don't you, know this is for like smelting, it's not even needing high-throughput so, yeah I'm okay with let builds for that I mean. Are you okay with high builds for that yeah. Yeah we're something like this okay. Yeah. I'm good with that oh, I. I, don't have, too. Many. Rules. When I play the game I like to just kind, of discover, new solutions, along the way it's kind of more fun to try different things every time. That. Is very true. I'm. Working this like a proper, rail planner, like. We're. Gonna do straight, rail lines this. Is, possible, oh. Oh. I. Say. That and the nice girl. Okay. That's a little bit better okay good good good mm-hmm. I should. Get some more Raiders do we have radars being made anywhere do you know don't. Think we automated, them okay, I'll go and just get some materials, all. Right I could make eight, nice. I. Will. Be truly impressed, you managed to make it even. Remotely straight, rail through that big. Cliff stretch. Mm. Yeah I don't think that's gonna happen, yeah. Yeah. Okay. Gosh. I keep picking up all kinds of things that's. One of the annoying things about not having, recycling. BOTS, like. I still, have more copper, I just got rid of copper or an iron ore from my inventory and stone, and it's still there. Keeps, getting, in there it's kind of like sanding, your shoes on the peach yeah. Clear. And get every five steps. Huh. Just. Learn to walk on the sand see this. Is the Zen way of things Kos that's all I need to do just sent, out fine. It's. Okay. It. Looks like this thing is gonna need to go well, we can put it like here's okay. I. Will. Connect this guy. Okay. So now we're gonna have radar coverage I hope, there. We go. Not. Too bad. I'll. Run the some. Big. Power pulls along, the rail line, so. We can take down those small ones if we have the desire to good. Let them just rot in the wind, okay. To get. Blown down I'll, put them a little ways away from the rails so that we could like, put a second. Track. If we. Know. If we'll be able to but we'll see. Yes. I feel. Like I should just go down to the narrowest, bit and. Start from there I can. Figure out how to get. This line through here. Yeah. Kind of work backwards mm-hmm. You. Know the most handy. Unhandy, thing is that. The. Power poles that are already here, or right, kind, of where I would want to put that. They. Are of course they are yes oh dear. Okay. It'll be fine will will be will be fine ish. Mm-hmm. Yes the ocean estas to happen. This, is a sneaky. Bit. All. Right so oh. Hello. Okay. So this is working out actually. So, that can go this way. Oh. Get. This one. Can. Go three straight through here that'll, be alright and. We don't even have to disturb. Our power-pole, buddies. Here, I, don't. Really want to mine all of them that seems kind of inconvenient. Okay. Oh. Yes. We shall have a lovely straight. Ishmael. Yes. Straight issue oh. Okay. Take. This down do I need a radar. Check. Yes, I do. Okay. Cool. All, righty. All. Right you're, setting, up some. Defenses, over here on these chokes. Okay. Great. Now. Then this, thing. Right. Along here, oh. Nice. That's, a good idea it's. Not gonna be enough. I'm. Not sure I mean yeah. I'm not sure the problem is it's really awkward. Right, I put them with the cliffs here oh yeah, okay, I will get the power, back just a second. Can. Some slight issues. With power poles being in the way. There. We go life. Should now be better. I'm. Very impressed with this rail line this is looking very good. Yes. After. Take a look the rail line of our dreams exterminator. This is just fantastic. It. May be an exaggeration great. Really. Really nice I expected. Some. Really. JP yeah. I wonder, are we gonna like, take, this line through. Here. Should. I like or, should or should we just have like a single station coming off this stop. Yeah. Are there any resources there's some cold there's a little bit of copper. Might. Want that copper, actually. Yeah, that is. We. Could build a rail line from the, MCS or cliffs to.

Sort. Of around that way instead, oh. Yeah. You. Know what I think, I will build an offshoot. Line, I'm. In the mood for it today why not okay. That's. Fine. Fine. Whatever. I can get it to go through here that might be interesting. Okay, we might have Genki desu yo. Hello. Janky stuff there we go all right we have one bit of Jenkin us for our. Bit. Where we are. Kind. Of getting stuff over there but should be just fine let's figure out where I want, case. We're gonna have smelting. There I. Think. We can have our train station, kind of like, movie. Here. Okay. Let's go up this way. Take. The beer. And. Then we shall connect. It's. As straight as possible oh my god tree, you do not belong here yo you know the rule about trees on our servers hello. Do. Not. That's. Right you're not permitted, get, out of here. Okay. Here's. My station oh this. Is gonna be lovely, oh. This. Has been a very relaxing, building this train line today is fantastic. Alright so let me just base out the cars, one. Two. Three. And four and the engine goes over there, oh. Wait. Nuts alright one two three four we, need another one okay there we go nice. Excellent. Okay, we now have life. Going, on well. Andy. Excitingly. These. Are better that's awesome. Yes. I'm glad it was relaxing for you building train tracks is quite nerve-wracking, really, well there's no trains on these tracks it's okay I've been told that before. Don't, put them on the tracks when you're like not looking, cuz that sounds unfair. That. Sounds very unfair. I. Want personal laser defences that's good stuff man yeah. Yeah. Okay. So I I. Think we can I've brought a train, so I'm now putting it on the tracks just. You're warned, there's, one oh. Did, I bring any wagons. With me I. Don't think so. I think. We just have one car of stone. And. The rest could be fluid, wagons I guess or maybe two stone two fluid. Well. That could work okay. Okay. I'm building them in my inventory. Okay. So. Put the, stone. First. I can. Build those bits, there and then the fluid will be afterwards. And. Then we can come down and tap. Those pump jacks when we're ready. Yeah. That'll be good. I'm, kind of glad that we planned this because. That, redoing, of the other train. Was a little bit annoying. Like. Yeah. Not. Working for me okay, there we go here is the other train. Locomotive. And. After. To set up the, appropriate, station, on the other side. Okay. Train. Its. Name this station. Call. It Stone. Oil. I. Have. Any pumps, with me. I. Can. Make some of you don't I was, just kind of oh I have some I have some I'm, good um. I'll. Have six things. Just. To kind of get it set up dish. Yeah. Totally. I don't. Know if we need three per each that's probably overkill. It's, pretty cool though it does look cool yes okay. We're going with coolness that works for us, yes. All. Right. Hmm. Could. Do this actually, and, do choose. And. Then we'll have the maximum throughput. Per. Pump. Okay. That's probably better. That, can flow that way and. Yeah. We can just connect, it up to. The. Earth oil fields once we have all fields. Actually. Have them at the moment all. Right um. So. I'm gonna take the train back. You. Look like you're going, somewhere cool so. I'm. Taking it back and I'll start, a schedule, so it will start, to run automatically. It. Sounds good just. Warning, you okay I. Will. Okay. I, forgot. To put ours down there shoot. All right. Okay. So this is gonna be base. Oh. Shoot. You. Know what we need we need some. To. Be stone. Bits. And not brick, oh. Look. We want to just do. Like one wagon of each this. What we should do just one wagon of each I think that's a good idea all.

Right So, I will I'll. Allocate. The. Second, wagon, the one that's not on the end. Okay. Okay. Okay. So you're gonna be these guys. And. I will filter the wagons real quick. And. I'll come set, up some more mining, okay. And. Builting I think that's gonna have to wait though for another episode because. We're kind of talking. Wow. Okay that was yeah I know it's like all of a sudden it goes like so fast. Wow, yeah all right well then we are gonna end here we hope Oh dear, me. Thought. We were ending for real the server was dying um oh no all right we hope you guys enjoyed we made some really good progress and next, time we will bring the stump back and see what we can do with it until, then take, care and we will talk to you later see, you later guys bye.

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Aaand you've totally forgotten plain stone for Tracks. Agh, posted too soon.


3 pumps for each tanker wagon? UPDATE 1 tank now... 25k

There are still three inputs :-)

Xterm.... you completely agree that the devs make good choices..... did you forget that you really disagreed with the devs when they asked if the bots might be OP???? KoS yes the personal lasers are my early warning system that there are biters in the area.

German subtitles are now online for Episode 14

Hey Katherine, can u show me how to do oil? :) plz

Indeed, I have an oil tutorial here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJbqdZTQC7o&list=PL4o6UvJIdPNpm9szThfI-2y3Bv0c3rPlB&index=7

she surely has a tutorital somewhere:D

check out KoS's tutorial: https://youtu.be/YJbqdZTQC7o

Loving the series so far. I really enjoy the multiplayer series. I dont want to come off rude or upset but when night comes the screen gets dark, like dark dark. idk if it’s just because I’m in mobile or what but I though better to say something than not.

It's YT's compression algorithm. We'll try to put more lights down.

Matching server connection resumed.

Katherine of Sky? Don't you mean High Warlord Kill on Sight? ;)


Out of curiosity, did you consider solid fuel to smelt the stone? It would have been a bit closer, and not really required all that much work...

was thinking same thing... dosent take much solid fuel to run those furnances, and with that big oil patch close by, you dont need that big setup to keep it going. this can ofc allso easily keep some power running so you dont have to rely on bringing power from main base if you dont want to

hahaha! lol. Sometimes the simplest solutions slip our minds... (That's an excellent idea)

I believe I saw a single copper ore slip your grasp.

I'll look for it!

The grain of sand that will break the gigantic machine.

You should have done fluid - cargo - cargo - fluid. If this train gets turned around things will fail.

Oh, another case where a loop can screw you over in regards to this: If your train is half-way from A to B, and you manually change it to go back to A, it will essentially do a round stopping at 1 (a famously odd number) station. But you don't need roundabouts for that to happen, a large loop is enough, which in my experience is inevitable.

Yes, you can make sure to plan this the right way, but it'd be very easy to accidentally screw it up.

I strongly disagree. For a non-symmetric train to work, it needs to always enter the station with the same loco in the front. Every time a train stops at a FILO station, it switches which train is ahead, and this is also the only time. If the train always stops at an even number of stops every round, it will always be the same way around at each of them. But if it stops at an odd number of stations, it will be turned the wrong way every other round. The problem that loops can cause in regards to this is that a loopy station won't count as one of the stations, so an assymetric double-headed train can successfully stop at any number of station, an even number of which are FILO.

No, they don't have to e symmetrical, you just need to make sure they don't get turned around. A loop in the system can cause that.

It's the other way around. A roundabout doesn't switch the train's direction, but a FILO station does. Two-headed trains need to be symmetric.

We're not suing roundabouts in the system, so it should be just fine. Filtered unloading will prevent disasters :-)

It could also prevent mixing, which would be a disaster.

How are you today? so intercontinental belting?

ofc train as You want :)

Doing ok! Nah, trains FTW!

I love what cliffs did to this game. It used to be, you could build a square grid of rails from the get-go, and it would never change. Yesterday, I had gotten far enough that I could revamp my squiggly early-game network into a functional grid.

Me too! Cliffs have made the game extra fun to play!

Discharge defence is great in the tank, when you're being overwhelmed by biters and you can't move: "boof!". They all get pushed back and stunned so you can move again. You "no-expansion" people, pfft. Now you've practised in the tutorials you can move onto Marathon Deathworld ;)

I once spent an entire Saturday constantly fighting in the tank, about 9 hours in all & killed over 20,000 biters ! That was with uranium ammo, shells, flames & cluster grenades - before the nukes. So if you guys need a mercenary, and you can find me, you can hire The Mav Team!

That's interesting -- thanks for the info! No chance on a DeathWorld though... neither of us like fighting biters much! haha

you guys are crazy. this game is like a heroin :D i need help...

haha! Yes, Factorio is a game that captures ones attention like no other!

yes - for the susceptible the hardest part of factorio is how not to play

Yay it's still going. And I'm second ;)

lol! Yes, we'll keep going until the series ends. (Sometime after rocket launch at the very least.)

The series. And I'm only on the fourth

It seems that the numerous cliffs on the land bridge were much less of a hassle than one would originally expect! It was nice to end up with such a pleasant track curve ~

Indeed, I too was expecting them to be more troublesome! I think we could even do a parallel line on the other side!

And this one magically got a dutch sub :) i don't know who it was :P

Thank you!

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