0.16 Factorio Explorers! Ep 14: CHANNELING MY INNER WARLORD - Coop with Xterminator, MP Gameplay

0.16 Factorio Explorers! Ep 14: CHANNELING MY INNER WARLORD - Coop with Xterminator, MP Gameplay

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Hey. There and welcome back, to factoids 0-16 explorers, i'm exterminator, and I'm here again with Catherine, of sky tank. Devastator. Yeah. We had a fun time last, time I discovered, my inner world Lord, isn't. That nice. Oh. Man. Yeah and what there's still more to come we, still have this huge, huge. Area. Of biters, to kill down here. So. I think, we're, gonna have to. Do. You need fuel by the way for your tank, I. Oh. Actually. I, do have some I was wondering if you're cutting trees for that purpose, I saw you cutting trees I, was. And, then realize I had coal, my trash Lots okay gotcha. I. Have. This is a very nice little checkpoint here. Okay. Fighters who come this way am I gonna waste my bullets on. Those. Little stragglers, just let the lasers take care of them hmm. So. This might be better for tanks. That going this way possibly. Yeah. I think so I can't just like set, up our defense, maybe. Like that. The wait was long turns. Kind. Of like that. And. To, apologize. Ahead, of time if I end up. Like. I. Saw, this very very, interesting. Sort, of them. Twirly. Driving. Techniques, this reaches. When. The latency, spikes up it's uh-huh. I. Know. I'm safe behind behind. The lakes. I. Think. I may be better off outside the tank to be honest okay okay I will I will do the tank driving I can do that. If. You want to okay I will be the tank person and, get. Stuff if you want to handle, the lasers do you need more lasers because I have a ton of them. Like. 70. Or so okay okay that's cool all. Right. I'm, gonna lead some of them by those lasers. Here, excuse. Me. I'm. Gonna try really hard not to write overheat. But. That would be appreciated. Okay. I'm gonna have to come back and repair. I'm. Gonna go park by the lasers so I can repair. So. Shame you can't repair while you're in your tank. No. I don't think so would, be cool that'd be nice. Okay. All. Right let's. Go. Go. Kind of around the side here. But, aim for those very very very, bad worms. Okay. Got to come back okay his tank is going down. Hey. Maybe. I can make it back. I, have. Three hit points. If. You hit a tree Rock, okay, I should. Have stopped it I just, like let it go, it could have killed it from the cliff I suppose. Too, funny, oh. Okay. Cool, I. Wonder. You know one of the things so, I. Think it was added was it added in 13 the vehicle equipment grids but. It was never implemented. I. Wonder. When those, are coming, to vanilla you. Know. Would. Be really, really nice, yeah. Cuz, I've been kind of like when are they coming out. No, they're there. Mm-hmm. We. Did not forget about. You gotta do hope that they decide to implement them not, just yeah, discard, the idea, exactly. Oh boy oh can. I oh I have, problems I have. Major on albums. Ones. I'm, driving backwards. Oh No, are you gonna I don't know I don't. Know. No. I did not make it no no, oh. Well. Huh. That. Didn't. Work as well as I wanted it to that's. Okay you know. It's. Kind of a shame I should. Have another tank in my pocket. Now. My, body is oh. Boy. Those. Since the tank was actually destroyed I probably should pick up a couple. More stacks of, ammo. Probably. Yeah yeah. Let. Me get a little bit of this. That. I can. Make myself pick. Steel, pickaxe a. Couple. SEC's of ammo. Okay. Oh yes, and I have not recycled, the cypher, magazines, man. This is this is dangerous business I have to say very, very dangerous. Oh. No no, oh. No, no. Oh. No, oh. Dear. Okay. Well it's a very big base. It. Is a very big base, I. Think. Those lasers should be able to hold stuff off on their own till we get there okay we I hope, so should we grab, more lasers cuz I didn't. Know. I can why don't you grab the lasers, it'll be good all. Right. All, right. Run. Off. Yeah, man these bases. Or did we left them it didn't. You make him smaller even. Default. That's. What they said, was supposed to happen, however. Yeah. That has not been my experience it, seems like the bases are humongous. Like. Really really. Big. There's, a bit of it John it. Is at. Least we're getting our exercise this, afternoon. Yeah.

That's. Good. Die, enough times and you'll get some good exercise right. Like. The biter 4k, here. There, we go okay. So we're gonna go what direction from here. To. The right okay. We're. Gonna head to that gigantic patch of red. Right. Into the danger zone because. We're brave people like that. Yes. Let's call it break let's, call them pretty good. Oh. Boy. Oh, man. Hmm. This, is the crunchy desert now Oh. Doesn't. Look crackly, anymore, I really like the crackly looking desert. You. Know the cracks in it it. Sounded exactly it looked crackly, it was very crackly, all over the place. Cool. No. It's just brown, brown. And dirty. No. Sad. Times man sad times. Yeah. It seems like the colors have been like really toned down, more. Darker. Dull. Okay. There's my. My. Corpse oh. Wow. Right, we. Will the get away there's, a small worm preventing. Me from getting to it I think. Mine's noted there somewhere - do. You happen, to have any extra powerful. For, something, it's. Too much oh, no. Careful. There's a worm over here that's the one that's attacking, me. This, is stupid. Let's, see well there's tons of extra, medium ones in there that we probably don't need like, scattered where you are unless you got them already okay, I will collect them from here. Okay. Died. Right there somewhere. Okay, oh there's. Me okay all right. I. So. Where where's, yours, I can string, some stuff okay, mine is that right this way. I'll. Back there okay I'll I got, it I think I can get it. Yes. You feel die, you. Horrible, worm, yes. Okay. Good okay, so, that's that. Got. That situation, sorted do, I have my extra tank, yes. I do. Happy. Days are here again okay. Hey tank how you doing, all. Right we're gonna give you some stuffs. Okay. Now. Oh. Stuff. Happens. Wondering. What we should research next. Question. Yes. We can finish this thing. Yeah. That wouldn't hurt. Okay. So. You were working on this. Area. Looks like it. To. Get some of these bases. Trying. To take care of those worms because those are the most dangerous things I think to you. Yeah. Those big burns. Hair. These. Are quite fragile these tanks. Once. You get in with those worms they definitely are. It's. An, interesting question because this is debated. Okay. For. The lasers, do you prefer them how they are do you think they should actually be laser beams rather. Than. I've. Heard this before this debate I think, it's, just. You. Know I mean Star. Wars has them as like little bloop bloop things I don't personally care it's, just you, know it's. Kind of a fun thing either, way it's, just personal preference, I suppose logically. It makes sense to have them as beams like, scientifically. But. Might you know it's. A game yeah. You. Know some people have very strong opinions I, understand. I understand, but you know what if in, real life. People. Are really concerned about this I am sure that they can get this to happen in real life as well you. Know you, know. They can get like several high. Energy. Particle. Beams because the beams gotta end at some point right. Start. And end so. They. Could do like really, high energy ones that will. They. Could take a big short ones happen, kind, of like we see in the game. Personally. I don't really care I just want, these fighters to die. Though. III have, see who's mod is it that that makes them is it. Yeah. I've, seen the mod and I think the mod is very cool if that's what you're asking also, I have seen that mod and it is a very cool mod so. Yeah. Yeah. I like the mom. Just. Heal. Up, heal. My poor tank tank. Don't you worry I have, started researching, personal, robo ports and we. Will soon have BOTS to do all this for us. Because. We dream big in, this country. Yes. Ok. Bots, are, not boss fighters, fighters. You. Will not get the best of us today. We. Have opinions about lasers, today I. Would. Imagine they're quite upset with us now we've just killed off like all, their neighbors on, the entire fighters.

City Yes. Yes. We've animated, it what else should we kill off we. Probably. We, should kill, those. Ones a little bit to the north, because. We're gonna need. Yah-hoo. Lucia oh my. Goodness what did I just find oh, no. Not. Another one yes. Another. One okay, we, have to stop here. Just, get some more it's. Not like that even is relevant, to our state of being. Oh right. Where are you going, it's. Gonna connect these two you, know. No that's fine we can't I was just picking up the medium, ones and replacing, them with big ones okay gently together distant. It's. Like the, neverending biters. Story here. Boy. So. Many fighters. Okay. Let's, get efficiency. Modules. All. For some stone right you, know, it's. Like hello. Yeah. We. Run these by the lasers here, okay. Cool perfect nice. Prepare. Think. We're having a really nice team effort going on here, yeah. We're working really well together, and, not dying this. Is great. All, this space isn't too bad prepare no I thought it was gonna like go on into. The sunset forever. Yeah. That. Would have been slightly inconvenient. Oh my. God the worms, oh, yeah. The worms. No. Fuel oh my, god no fuel. Thank. You. That. Is so. Somehow. I was going like on fumes, I. Was. Pressing forward, and forward and it was going. But. You saved me tank you, saved us all, yes. Okay. I'm going, for another four right here. There, we go okay, got getting, all these worms oh. Man. Those are the worst. Okay. I think we're good god yeah. Look those one scared, biter running toward the ocean there oh. Right. Excellent. Okay. Looks. Good. Nice. Okay. This. Is this has been very exciting I'd have to say, yeah. Something quite funny then even with the deaths and indeed. Indeed. Always. An adventure right. Okay. Yeah. Trash. Slots are good for storage. I'll. See if I can take out some of those fighter. Bases in the north. Just. By myself so, you can. Have. A little bit of respite. This. Should hopefully protect our outposts, for a long time bring. Out this bar yeah, I think so, oh. My. God the decorations, hello. We. Are getting a ton of science done, apparently. Our factory is pretty efficient. Yeah. Well we're not there. We're. Not. Okay. So. Now. The question is is that. Fighter. Base kind of like to the north, slightly west, of your, position is.

That, One going to get upset, if we start mining, that stone. Probably. Take quite a long time for pollution to get there I'd imagine, okay, well okay. We. Don't have a lot of trees in the map but, hopefully, it won't be too bad. Yeah. Can. I kick. It ooh. We cannot, mine tanks, with people in them anymore. Well. That's amazing. Yeah, do you remember that in a patch note okay. Alright. That was a good accomplishment oh yeah we destroyed, so many fighter bases I guess the only one we really still need to take out probably is that ones that's just south of the base on that little strip of land out there but. I think we can probably just start setting up our mind if we want to oh. Yeah. I think, I do have I do. Have like 50 some-odd miners. About. Okay. I have some I have 14 miners and a lot of belt though. Right. Here, it is the promised, land of stone. Yes. All. For purple size yes. I. Would imagine for the rest of the game oh I. Hope so. Alright. See. Where do we want to put, do we want this oil patch. We. Actually might might, eventually, yeah, actually. Okay. So. We. Could put the, train station, actually we could put the train station, to. The west of. The. Oil maybe, oh. That's. Yeah that's a good kind of one area yeah. Okay. That would be good. And. We're not even gonna need like huge amounts of throughput through here it's gonna be hind, yellow. Belt kind of thing. Yeah. I should, probably be pretty good for now I think I mean I'm out of miners anyway yeah I have no more miners this is gonna be plenty, fine. Yeah. Too bad we don't have any coal around here. We. Could really. Could even smelt it you know there's. Plenty of space be perfect, oh well. There is a coal patch a little while a little bit to the north with this or. Not not the east yeah there is, 356. K not, a lot but, hmm. Maybe we could set it up and there's some to the south as well. 1.8. Million no no okay. Yeah. Maybe we should smelt, it around here it could be fun. Yeah. That could be interesting. Yeah. It's. Got plenty of good choke points for for biter, defense. Yeah, okay, that's that's good maybe I'll work on setting that up unless. You want to either way, I'm. Gonna have a whole new stone, outpost. Yeah. Awesome. All. Right but I think this might be time, to call it for the episodes if you have no stuff, to put down. Seems. Like a good stopping, point. Though, yeah. I think that'll do it when you hope you guys enjoyed our massacring. Taking, of land and. Next. Time we will set up the smelting here and have some stone brick flowing and be ready for purple science but, until.

Then Take, care again we hope you enjoyed and we will see you next time bye, everyone.

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subtitles done:D

thanks to all of the Translation Team for german:D

With all those cliffs where the choke point is, you shouldn't need to worry about biters anymore.

At the rate that you two are clearing out the bases, you will soon have your "pretzel" of land cleared. Have you considered closing off the choke points by stringing out a few tendrils of power poles to the farthest reaches? Then you could really concentrate on building the base, while a few lines of laser turrets beat back the hordes. It will all depend on how the cliffs are laid out in those strategic spots.

Indeed, we'll be working on securing our factory better in the coming eps.

I never see you using defender capsules or the like. why?

They're too expensive compared to the resource cost of other weaponry.

Just don't forget in your mad rush to smelt stone into brick, that you're going to need lots of stone for railroad tracks, and perhaps occasionally some landfill.

Definitely no landfill :-) In that deposit there's plenty of stone for all those things !

Don't bother getting the coal! There's oil right next to you, just use solid fuel. :)

I don't think repairing while inside the tank would be a good thing. Imagine running around in an enemy base while firing and also repairing, you would essentially be unkillable, I don't think that's fair. :)

Robots will repair your tank while you take damage, but they can be targeted too, so you would only last as long as your supply of bots lasted.

add roboport to back and a few bots = unkillable while driving tank

it's a matter of how slow the light is travelling for you to notice a laser beam that short. Also what causes the visible light to refract in our direction along the path, we tend to only see lasers when they strike something like a wall or smoke/fog.

Factorio is clearly a misty place!

When I think of channeling my inner Warlord, I think of recruiting 10 or 15 reliable people, having them put on red shirts and watching them die killing all the biters for me.

With the best armor on

Inside a tank!

Ahh, but a true Warlord leads the army into battle!

Laser beams don't exactly end. The light keeps going on. But despite appearances, the photons aren't exactly parallel and the beam gets wider and wider, thus losing its energy. So the effective range depends on how well you can focus the light. There is also a mod for bullet trails/tracers :)

Well, the laser beam ends when the emitter stops transmitting power :-)

I though it was over but no! It wasn't yay


If you have construction bots with you they can heal the tank while you fight.

Yep! Bots are really useful (and sometimes un-useful for auto-repair), but we still need a lot of tech for that!

They are pretty far away from that...

Your bodies lie in biter pantries, your bodies feed biter young, your bodies help drive evolution, so they soon bring behemoths to thee!!! And now the biters have working examples of gun turrets, ammo, laser turrets and a working tank!!! Soon the littlest biters will be driving their own tanks. Either that or PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Aliens) will be after you. And it is very ironic, how you have HUGE bases... while Nilaus' death world series has had far smaller ones... and he is on to making it a mega-base... He has been complaining that it has not felt like a death world....

Oh dear. I may have to go and grab that tech back...

I thought it would be fun to make a mod that starts with your rocket taking off with you in it, and then has accelerated time with the biters evolving to absorb your remaining tech and then they follow you to your planet and now it's biters setting up bases on a human world.

Only a purple smear remains where once the biters stood against KatherineOfSky.


It's soon time to set up trains to travel through your territory. Be aware, KoS, they're more dangerous than bitters when you cross their path ;-) I can't wait to see how you'll manage the space. I'm playing on a similar map, and that's actually my main problem : the space to build, and keep room for the trains to park, load, unload, and go through.

Oh yes, i remember a few episodes where kos learns that the hard way.

The train system will be *slightly* different than I usually build it, but I think it will be workable.

They've got a couple places big enough for train parking, though myself I don't like doing that. And in places that don't, there's room for slightly longer, but dual headed trains so they can bring the ore in closer with a separate train after sorting it into various wagons.

Maybe for the stone smelting you could use solid fuel from the oil right next to it? It might not be the most efficient use of oil but would be cool - I've not seen it done before ;) Loving the series by the way!

That's an interesting idea! Thanks!

once again I learn something new from factorio...it never occurred to me to even try that...but its obvious now you mention it :)

That's what I thought. You'd only need a few pump jacks and a couple chem plants to make enough for stone smelting.

"Right into the danger zone." Was that an 80's reference?

Damn...now i need to watch Top Gun again :)

Top Gun, song by Kenny Loggins called Danger Zone.

You left a few bullets, power poles, and rails with your body around 11:30, FYI. Not a huge deal, but...

lol, if I remember, I'll go get them!

Awesome! :)

i would like a bit more scale with military and biters. So biters get tougher and military more effective. I just wipe them out, make a wall with laser turrets and ignore them for 200+ hours. That feels a bit too easy.

Hi, no I have only tried a few mods and am vanilla on my current factory (at 400 hrs). I might give them a go as there seems to be a pretty good modding community. Thanks.

I think the scaling is relatively OK for the intended timeframe of a 20 hours factory! :P Have you tried playing with Rampant AI or other biter mods? I hear some of them are quite challenging indeed!

That was awesome! You both put those biters in their place :)

KOS the great warlord queen. the last two episodes were such a relaxing way to start the morning. love watching two of my favorites together. it amazing keep up the great work. just don't push to hard to fast we need our KOS to stay healthy so you will be with us a long time.

BeginersLuck no the biter queen (KoS) told her minions to build small, this sub queen decided to to do her thing. They know meet to might of the high queen.

so lets watch the fight for stone :D


if you mined a vehicle with people inside they died, so they blocked it

Oooh, thanks! I didn't know the reason they took that out. (I had thought it would be similar to mining a Factorissimo building, where the person didn't even notice).

"Ooh let's watch this new educational, relaxing Factorio series!" *sits on edge of seat, biting nails, screaming at screen "No don't die, watch out!" for the last two episodes*


hahaha! This is definitely a departure from my usual style!

at 6:02 I love the skidmark of death.


Katherine of Sky, Warlord of Factorio, Eradicator of biters and Lover of Belts, Bots and Bits. And intro idea maybe?

glad you like it :P hope your doing well, sending my wishes to you

haha! I like it!

Poison Capsules are great for wiping out those pesky worms.

This EP is now Dutch Subbed, Deze aflevering heeft nu Nederlandse ondertitels. Have fun! :)

So, Kos and Exterminator... everything you say will be translated into dutch (and german) from now on :) .... we are still debating on how to translate some words (like holy fuzzy cats haha)

and it's fun to write them as well :)

Dat geeft een hele nieuwe kijkervaring, KoS met Nederlandse ondertitels. Cool!

KOS and her 2 hit point tank..... :-) it's like sudden death mode :)


Hi KoS these episode had german subs , i now wonder if you had it generated automatically , or translated it by yourself ? Iam asking because iam doing my own series with Factorio and some 5DIMM and i think it would be cool if i can deliver english subs automated.

Mhhh ... okay if i wanted to have it translated i have to do it my self . Got it , thanks for answering :)

Real people volunteered to do the translations :-)

I just love to watch you playing Factorio. ! I play Factorio now too, thanks to you KatherineOfSky and I Love it. Watched the most of your Videos twice now. Please keep on doin such great Content !

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