07/14/20 Board of Fair Commissioners

07/14/20 Board of Fair Commissioners

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V18. Public announcement, and Public Address systems, and. Then related legible items as well, as some, HBIC. Work, this plan here to, take place to update. That, heating. And cooling system. At the various things so. As you so what you will see there is reflection. Of dollars. Spent as well as the remaining costs to complete is to cover the HVAC. Improvements. In updates that I just mentioned, so, that's, the expected, use of those. $58,000, is there and, then of course. What. Will happen that, would move closer. To 100% completely getting likely to be rolled, very, similar to how you see the multi-purpose building. In. The repairs demolition, in site master planning section. Hammer. The. HVAC. Where, is that going. To be install, that and what what, uh what. Building building. Yes. So that would be that will be the grandstands, they're still they're still being utilized, just as, a replacement. Of to. The HVAC system dick it's honestly been delayed, a little bit so. It'll take place at that structure. This. Is like the office building, even the, grand fan, okay. Thank. You no. Problem. Again. So we get to the total project cost and you'll see again, just. Over 36 million. Thirty-six. Point thirty, seven point six million in to date, with. With three point three nearly, 3.4. Remaining. In, that station and, on the next, page you will see fair park. Much. Leaner numbers we. Are essentially. Complete, with phase, one be a. Fair. Part which. Is essentially, all of the work, that's been authorized, to this point to proceed. There. Is. A little. Bit of work like some landscaping. A couple, items there's some cedar straw and then of course waiting for some plantings, to be replaced likely, will just. Be done later, in the year of a more appropriate under, warranty. But. As we as we move to close out there in the next couple weeks thank you again see we, continue to report, on these numbers of course but the amount of activity will. Drastically decrease. Again. Appropriate, for where we are on that project if you look at the overall. Percent, complete, just. Over ninety seven percent complete, likely. To be some savings there. In. That. In that bucket, of funds there. Are a couple item that could be addressed and highlighted, but as of, today, we think that we will be well, reserved, in terms of completing their project, and have, no budget concerns. Really. Relates any area on the budget that presented to each Bay. There. Are any questions, there before I switch. Gears and head to the DBE update. Great. Well, board. And staff I'd like to say I'm extremely. Excited. About where. We are on this project as we move. Towards, the end. About what I'll say is the bulk, of this project, a lot of these figures, are, gonna. Be pretty representative of, where we, land as it relates to the projects that you've been discussing over the past several years. Before. I move on I'll, call attention that the figures that I'm about to present they're they're based on work performed, through the end of May and, reason. Behind that is, what.

We Wanted what we reported to you or dollars paid and so. Work, at the end at the end of May means that the the. Vendors and contracts were able to supply us with an invoice it. Be reviewed, approved, submitted, to Metro Finance and paid. And recognized. So. As we as we move forward again, just like the figures, you saw on, the budget we like to take into account the, time for, actual. Processing the funds and as relates to DBS actually receipt of payment. So. And. I'm, working on in I work down this Chartres wound again jumping if you have if you have questions, but. The construction, and this is inclusive, of all, construction. That I highlighted. During my president, eight but. It is broken into two, categories. Non. Expo which is inclusive of, the. Air park is one of the grand stands under skanska and then also the fairgrounds, Expo, so. Skanska led the construction management, they, ended up utilizing. A total of 31 dbe's, 15. Of those when women owned businesses, 12 or minority-owned, and 4 were small businesses. And. I'm, not sure how many of you may recall or just for, the record here but I'll stated, that. We. Moved forward with the fairgrounds. Expo, it, was a request, of. Metro. City and the fair board to Skan Skan to. Place a 30 percent target on their, fairgrounds, Expo work which, is an increase, from the original contracted. Target. Of 20 percent, and. At that time we were, approaching. About 28 percent. Related. To the work that had been completed, before we started the Expo so, what you see here is a breakout. 27%. Of work, under scans correlated to the fairgrounds. Not including the Expo is at. 27%, and, then. As we speak on Expo we, they've achieved their goal of. 30%. Or more 5, Sivan 33%, these numbers are not final but again based on where we are in the, project I think it's pretty safe, to say they will have eclipsed to 30%, number so I don't, believe there's anybody from Skanska on the call but I would, like to publicly give them kudos. And and, props for being great, team players and helping us achieve a, goal, that was that was put in place a few years ago that, total. Of dollars, spent with dbe's, is. Just, over thirteen point two million dollars to date we. Expect that figure to increase slightly as we work through the final. Few payments and. Get everything caught up but these, figures are pretty representative of, the project. As. Far as design an engineering. Design. Engineering for for, the, fairgrounds, campus work. That. I've been presenting to you for a few years now has been led by accident--, associates, they've, always had a fairly, high, just. A patient accident associates than yourself in a small business but, the team in total consisted, of six small businesses, for. Women-owned businesses, and one minority business. For. A total of eleven. Diversity. Business entities and to. Date they have been paid on this project over 2.5, million dollars, so. Another great accomplishment, as it relates to diversity. Business, utilization. Project. Management, and communications. So, I. Am. I, myself in my firm representing, under this number, this. Has. Been a party that has had or, these has been a set of projects that have had two separate. Lead, firms. Under project. Management, but. The Expo itself and as we continue to move through and complete the project GHP. Has been in, the lead and they are a woman-owned business an, incident. The park management and communications, has consisted, of two. Women-owned businesses, to minority-owned, businesses, and one, small business entity. Since, its inception 100%, participation. Which. Is great under. GHP 55, percent of the funds or, project. Management have gone to WB's essentially. GHP. 45%, of funds have gone to. Women. Home excuse, me minority-owned, businesses, so, a great, split between, funds, there so forth total of the five dbe's that are represented. 2.2. Million dollars has been paid to date. Overall. What that has done for the. Entirety, of the allocation. Of dollars for the fairgrounds improvement projects. Gives. You a total participation of 38 percent a total. Of 47, EBE. These, are unique, bebés there are some under, con under construction that have multiple contracts, but 47 unique diversity businesses, for. Total of seventeen, point nine million, dollars paid to date just under, 18 million dollars, which.

Is A which is a great number it, rivals. Previous. Project, hai that i was aware of which was. Riverfront. Park in the same amphitheater, I think, the, construction there was maybe a little bit higher but considering. The type of work that we were doing here in the budget constraints that he had I'm firmly proud of the project, and. There's still an opportunity to get more diversity participation. In dollars so as I, mentioned to you earlier, multipurpose. Building and, storage, area we've, been preparing for the excitation, we hope for it to be, published and. Open in the next couple of weeks and I, will continue to report, on that progress as well. That. Will conclude my. Report, Commissioner, McNally, I'll turn it over to the board or staff for any questions, happy to address any items that are presented this morning. Thank. You so much mr. Henley do we have any questions for, the. Board, in. Front of the board. Okay. Great we are going to backtrack. For, just one moment apparently. We had a caller, that stated that he couldn't get in at, the appropriate time so. We are going to open, the floor for public, comment for that caller, the. Phone number is six two nine two five, five one. Nine three nine. That. Number is six two nine two five five one. Nine three, nine, we're. Gonna give them just a moment and then we'll get back to, the. Agenda, Chris. You just let me know if, that caller shows up. I'll reiterate just in case isn't the problem that is not six one five of area code it is six two nine two five, five one, nine three, nine. Chair. I've just gotten a text message, from a caller who said, it's still closed and, he's, down to 69, number. Thank. You Commissioner Weiner. Christie. Do. You have, you have, we tested the line. Karen. McNally we tested, the lines on two. Different cell phones here and it it's, working with, with, our cell phone, I'm. Gonna try it myself okay. Mr.. Hammer also add that our, emails, are. On the. Pair boards website and, we can be emailed, if. Any members of public has anything, that they'd like to share with us any time. Thank. You for adding that Chris ramen, chairman. McNally the phone is your call is ringing here okay. Yeah. Thank. You so much and. And also I do have my emails pulled up. Commissioner. Hey mercilessly, you know we get an email for that as well so. Okay. So the line is officially, working. Christie. I guess just let us know if the caller gets through and. We. Can readjust. At the time I will, temporarily. Close the floor to public comment and move, back to the. Agenda. For. The MLS stadium update this guevara. Good. Morning and thank you Commissioner mekin Ali I'm. Here today on behalf of Nashville soccer club and our ownership group I'll share a brief update on the team an MLS, stadium, project, with. Items, that have happened since the June meeting as, with. All professional, sports we're, working through unchartered, territory, our, team traveled to Orlando, to join the other MLS, clubs for tournament play however. We, were withdrawn, from the tournament last week. Despite. Having taken, all the necessary steps, and followed, all the mandated, protocols, members, of our team caught the virus our. Team is committed to safety the. Same as all the other MLS, teams but. We are finding day, to day this virus is indiscriminate, and sadly, we were caught by it our efforts. Are now turning to preparation and, participation in.

The Return, to play for the latter half of the season our. Priority, remains focused, on the safety of our players staff, and fans we. Expect to learn more about the remainder of the season soon. We. Also continue, to support our fellow Nashvillians, during, this pandemic, we. Recently participated in, the governor's Tennessee. Strong mask initiative. With other sports teams and businesses, we've. Provided 10,000. Masks, in four languages, English. Spanish Kurdish. And Arabic. And are working with United Way to distribute, these masks to underserved communities and, if, anyone is aware of other nonprofits. That, do need these masks, please contact the United Way and they can assist with the distribution. So. All said we do remain excited, to join the rich traditions, of the fairgrounds Nashville. Including, the flea markets, automobile, racing, and the state fair as you. Know demolition. At the fairgrounds, Nashville, site must be complete, prior to commencement, of construction. Of MLS, Stadium Eid, has reported, on the demolition status. All. Of the big packages. For construction, have been released and many have been submitted, back to the construction manager. One. Of the key. Components, of this project, is the DBE commitment, and similar. To, the. Fairgrounds. Work the target, is 30% and, we're, pleased to report that, we, are on track at this early stage and. Are. Strongly committed, to meet, the goals and exceed, them if possible, and. Will continue to provide you with updates on this. Part of the project as well, with. Close coordination between, Laura, and her team along. With GHP. CPS. And CAA, icon. Construction. Site preparation. Has commenced, as expected, we. Also continue. To target substantial. Completion for, mid of 20 22 and my. Caveat, is that's similar to any construction, project, schedules, may change as the work progresses. Along. With the commencement, of construction. We believe that is very important, to be a good neighbor we. Worked with the mayor's office, councilman. Sledge Laura, the Sports Authority Mortensen, Messer and many others to, host an introductory, virtual. Meeting for the neighbors closest, to the site and. Based. On the participation, we felt that that was a very successful kickoff. We. Will continue, to provide ongoing, weekly, updates, and other periodic, meetings as the project, progresses. Also. As you may recall the Sports Authority board previously, approved certain, documents, related to the construction of the stadium including, the, lease agreement, the development, agreement and the construction, administration agreement.

We. Have worked with the Metro legal team to update these documents. For the terms of the, February. 20, 20 on, term-sheet we. Expect, that the Sports Authority will, be approving the revised documents, later this week there. Are also other, documents. Related, to the stadium, and the mixed-use, Brown lease that, the Fair Board previously, approved in 2018. That have also been updated and these. Are covered on the agenda of I, think. Later today. This. Concludes, my update please, let me know if you have any questions, thank you. Thank. You mrs. Guevara board. Members any questions. Okay. Great. Christy. Any. Update. Um. No one has called in okay. All. Right so, now we're going to move on to new, business we're, gonna do a little bit of a reorder, here and switch, around event. Review and discussion and contract with track enterprises, so that we can accommodate. Some scheduling, with, dr. Caldwell from the health department so let's. Talk about. Item. B under new business event, review and discussion we. Have. Mr.. Dice mr. Sargent and this for dr., Caldwell here to go. Over that with that I. Can. Do a quick introduction everyone. This is Laura I. I, know that this was a, very. Complex. Conversation. In. Regards, to. Posting. The first race one, of the first outdoor, events, that occurred in Nashville. Since. We have been in the, phased reopening. I, want, to thank everybody for their time and attention. I want to thank certainly. The health department, Randi Bob, fair, ground staff everybody, worked really hard along, with certainly. All, of you to, have. A thoughtful, and. Comprehensive plan. To. Safely, invite, people back to, the race, I'm, going to turn, it over to. Maybe. Bob and Randy can. Talk, a little bit about the. Race and the, precautions that were taken and then certainly if you have any questions, at all for the health department dr., Caldwell has, been a fantastic partner and very open, and very present. To. Walk us through his. Expectations. For these events as well. Bob. Do you want to go. Well, Randy, I'm, not sure Bob he's, on here or not but just. To give you an update the race went real well dr.. Kawa was in attendance with two. To three other health officials, the. You. Know the mass compliance, we, had security going up and down the stairwells, in the concourse, we. Spread out the concourse, so that there was not closed. Network, of concessions. The. Racers, we we, kept them spread and when they were in. Their, areas. Like you. Know in. Sessions, our tire barn or restrooms, they. Were wearing masks unless they were up in their their, own trailers, so overall. I think the the response. From the race community. Was very good they, were glad to get back racing, they were glad everybody, was on board to help do that as well so, we. Look forward to hopefully. Continuing. And. Moving forward with. The direction of dr. Caldwell the health department. Thank. You so much Randy start. To call well do you have anything you'd, like to add. The. Doing. Everything we can to control, the covert in our community, we are also. Trying. To look at the lowest risk environments. Where our. Community, can still. Enjoy. Certain. Activities. And. I'll make, a note that you know the park system has never been closed we've, always encouraged, people to go out to parks. Socially. Distance, initially. Wear face masks, especially. If they're within, a certain distance of, anyone less there with, people in, their own household. And if. You have had the chance to go out to some of the park. Systems, in Davidson, County I think, you would have observed, there. Being lots of activity, and people. Really. My. Observations. Are doing an excellent job about, keeping, their distances, and, enjoying. Their, activities. So. When, I had. The opportunity, to look, at the. Fairgrounds. And, this, particular. Event, and, other similar, events I approached, it with that same point of view. We. In the Department, of Health have. Learned. A lot over these last few, months and I. Have. Come up with, concerns. Regarding what. I call the fearsome, or, the.

Fearsome, Four or events. That are indoor. Events. That don't have face masks, or not doing a good job, enforcing. Face mask events. Where social distancing, is not good, and the capacity. Is not. Appropriate. And then, events, that have. Alcohol. So. If you look. At the. Fairgrounds. In the racing, event I, determined. That it had provided the lowest, risk. Environment. To. Proceed. And try to find, a way to. Have. Have, this activity. First. Of all it was an outdoor activities. Similar to a park like setting. Facemask. Were required. And, enforced. Social. Distancing, was required, and enforced, and the capacity. Was. Significantly. Reduced. So, that social, distancing. Could be maintained, throughout, the entire property, at an event and also. No alcohol, was sold, and. I. Was. Very. Pleased to, also, have the opportunity to. Educate the. Public to educate. The staff to. Educate, other. Business, owners who. Participated. In this event, that. Face masks, are important. They need to be on at all times in. This, environment. And. That. Social distancing. Is important, we. Also had, additional. Cleaning. Available. There was an attendant, in each of the bathrooms. That went. In after every. One. Every, time a person used it there were hand-washing, stations, and and, sanitizers. Readily, available and, I was very pleased, with my observations. Throughout, the time and. We. Just yesterday. Went, through an additional review, of what. Happened, previously and. Anticipation. Of how, the. Enforcement. Efforts could be improved, moving. Forward I'll. Conclude my remarks there, and see, if there's any additional questions, or information I could provide to you thank you. Thank. You dr. Caldwell and just. Speaking, personally I think. It's. Facing. Down having, an event, at. All in these times was it, gave me pause personally, and I want to thank you and I want to thank mr., diced, and and, sergeant. Or your, diligence as well as the fair ground staff staff and Laura I know you guys worked. Very hard to, ensure the safety of the public so. I want to thank you for that I do, have a couple questions but I want to open it up for other, board members as well do we have any questions from the board. I do. Commission, okay. Okay. Mr., Weiner. Can. You hear me now it looks like I'm muted I can. Hear you okay, great. Just, a couple of questions if you don't mind if. We determine, through the Health Department that, any subsequent, contact, tracing is. Tied to the race will the Fair Board be notified. This, is dr. Caldwell I I certainly. Would. Provide. That information, of. Course it would. Coincide. With how, we communicate. With other. Places. Where, we may have seen a cluster. Of cases we, would not violate. Any HIPAA, guidelines in. That regard but yes we were, very. Thoughtful. About making. Sure that, this. Gets. Followed up closely and and, we wouldn't communicate any. Any connectivity. With. That to you, okay. My. Second question then would be you. Mentioned, in your, previous. Remarks, that there. Would be a. Review, of your enforcement, effort what type, of things do. You foresee. Needing. A tweak I. Think. There. Is a discrepancy. Between what NASCAR's. Recommendations. Are and what we're requiring in Nashville Davidson, County so if you have. Visitors. Customers. Who maybe, have gone to another event, where, the, requirement. Is to wear a face mask unless, you're seated, at your seat. That's. Different, so it's an educational component, for, us to let people know that you're, at. The fairgrounds, Raceway it's different you need to keep that mask on at all times. Another. Issue. Is. Not. Not, specific. Just to this event but just in general. You know when. People are either actively. Eating, or drinking of, course they need to you know have their face mask removed, and the question, is you, know how long is it reasonable, for people to, have, that face, mask off while they're eating or drinking so, we're having to monitor, closely you. Know we don't want people just holding, on to their canna soda for the entire time they're they're saying they're they're drinking and, you know never putting their face buy so we'll be doing. Our best to. Increase. Compliance, and, help, people to, keep those face masks, on the. Majority, of the time. And. Then. My last question. Just. For clarification, and reiteration. I know that when I had, initially looked at this there was going to be a bar open, and then, thankfully. That. Was rescinded, there, won't be any movement to, reopen, any of the bars at any of the locations on the grounds right. Doctor. Called yeah go ahead I'll, let them know. This. Is Randy just so y'all know - Bob is on the line with these haven't some audio difficulties so you could hear us but he can't speak but they're, the bars are, only selling soda and water so if you see people at the bar bar. Itself soaping because we're trying to keep people hydrated, but it's only soda, and water there's no alcohol sales, on.

The Property that's, great thank you I don't have any further questions, chair I just. Didn't want you to get mislead, when when you see people at the bar location, because it does say bar, on itself. At. All gate, locations we, did temp checks at the. Race competitor. Location. We not only had, a infrared camera, system where they had to go through a temp to do their temp check but, they also did a smell check which, is one of these symptoms that is. Convinced. Just, so you know. Thank. You mr. dice Commissioner, Bergeron did you have a question. Yeah. I did and I, guess I want to start out just sort of, thanking. Everyone involved for their hard work to. The. Board I, wanted, to sort of acknowledge that I sent, that email to Randy, a, couple, days before the, race and. And certainly, didn't. Intend to cause a lot of work, for everyone I think, we, ran through a little bit of challenge because we didn't have a June. Board. Meeting to discuss all this and so things got down to to. The tenir. The end and I think it seems, like a lot of folks it's had a lot of questions and I did as well and I wanted, to acknowledge that you. Know in respond or you know in the after that you know received. Really great, communications, from Randy and Bob about about, their thoughtfulness. Of it I appreciate Randy that the bars were closed. After the fact that capacity. Was was. Lowered. And also. That. They. Looked like there was a real redoubling. Of effort by two. To tube in, stressed. The need for math and I really appreciate it that that was noted I don't, know that I'd seen a lot of that, that. Last 48 at 24 40 hours I think we really saw a lot of statement. About masks being. Strictly enforced I really appreciate, that. I, did. Want to sort of ask about, future. Capacity because, I I know I think the number I saw was around, 1500. That did that right Randy for this rate that better that actually attended, the. Correct, we were in 1505. The, doctor had approved 25. 50, which is 20 percent capacity. And.

That's What he's approved, today. For, this next race with. A possibility. Of going to 25 percent if he. Feels comfortable, okay. You. Know. It. Looked okay yes. But, but if you're adding, potentially. A thousand. More people the. Stands from what was there and in the last one that gives me a lot of concern, and pause that. You know that's such a big number if you, guys, have any thoughts. On. That. Or. For. How. How. Why and whether, that that, that's an advisable, number. To keep standing by, I. Mean. We're gonna reconfigure. A little bit of the seating we, had originally when. We did it we skipped every other row we. Went and left sections. For families to sit in and then we blocked off sieving we're, gonna actually stagger, after, we did a walk through yesterday with dr. Caldwell and a few of the other health officials, we're. Gonna stagger some seating some more to, spread people out I feel, like we have enough room, we didn't push them down close, to the track we. Didn't have to because of the crowd but I think we have room to push them down closer. To the track so I feel pretty comfortable that we can have that number and keep, them social, distanced. Properly. We. Most. Of the people were sitting in the middle sections. Some. In we had a section off in Zone A B and C but the, majority that people were in B, with. Some in C and 7a so we have room to improve in, both areas, there plus the lower section, so I feel pretty comfortable with that and I think dr. Caldwell I don't, speak for him but I think he does as well. Okay. One, one I heard you push your wiener mentioned contact, tracing and I don't know if we still have dr. Caldwell or not but, you. Know. Media. Reports the last couple days at Indy indicating, a real potential. Lag in contact, rates contact, where folks aren't being contacted, when they could positive, for. An. Extended, period and, can, can. You report on those contact, tracing efforts I mean do we we, have adequate contact, tracers in the county is that system, of sort. Of a viable system. To even apply you to, a. Race, situation like this. Yeah. Dr., Caldwell and with, the increasing. Case numbers, we, are adding more contact, tracers, and we, are also exploring. Other, options. To be able to more rapidly. Reach, out to people through other technology. Well, I feel, confident, that we, are able to identify. And. Uncover clusters. Throughout the community, so this would really be no different, I do, want to, emphasize. That you know people, who are, residents. Of Nashville, Davidson, County are the ones that we get their lab reports, on and our contact tracing so people who live, outside of Nashville Davidson. County, wherever. They may get a test if they were to get a test that test gets reported to their local Department. Of Health of where they live so they. Would certainly work with the Tennessee Department of Health and coordinating, any. Potential. Cholesterin. That might be identified if, somebody identified, a particular event. That they went to and. You. Know let's, say theoretically there. Were a certain number of positives, at a particular, event in the State, Health Department that. Monitors, all of the clustering, throughout, the state. Would. Be, able to help back, together if, people, let's say resided, in different.

Parts Of the state but may have attended one particular, event so, this. Is something that has, been long-standing a, part of our public health contact, tracing in. In regards to identifying, sources. Of infection. All. That being said I, want, to make. It clear that they V. Ovid. Is is really pretty much throughout the community, so it would be hard to. Identify. At. This point even a specific. Place. That people might, have been impacted. Or, affected although. We still are seeing, clusters, we still can identify that, but since. We. Want people to assume they have kovat at all times and assume anyone they need may have it and that, hopefully will, keep people with their face meson and keep social, distancing, and keep them washing. Their hands and using, the hand sanitizer because. That's Billy, what we need to do over. All throughout the community, as, people end, up themselves you, know outside, of this particular, event, thank. You. Yeah. I guess. I'll just sort of. Close. Out for the Commission about I don't think I've any more questions I just you. Know. That. Being. That the attendees, are ready. For these races are often. From from surrounding, counties, and. It sounds like that system, of contact, which would be a you. Know quite. A drawn-out process I I I just I have remaining, concerns about, this or generally. Other any, events right now of large capacity. I, just. You. Know as I think about what. What. We're seeing and the fact that Nashville is in the middle of a crisis the numbers are getting worse every single day I just. Have a lot of Todd's with us hosting any event this is about racing, this is about whatever any event we're hosting at the fairgrounds in, any form right now because. I think philosophically. We. Really. Can't treat this world like it's normal right now, this. You, know for what it's worth that's just my opinion I don't think it. Problem acting like we should have any. Events that are normal right now the case we're, having our worst case count of the last you, know we can ask the Nashville things are really bad and. You. Know I just, it, just gives me a lot of concern to be gathering, because. Those. Large numbers because we just, can't pretend like things are no more right now this is this is a this is a crisis, and. For. What it's worth I just, have remain have, a lot, concerns about this or any other large-scale, event being held in any regard at the fairgrounds, right now I'll. Turn it back over to the vice chair thanks. Really. Miss Randi Jason to. Follow up, not. That where the health department, but we are trying to monitor everyone. That was here obviously their ticket system. We. Know their names that. Are here obviously. Our raised competitors, and the people that come in the pits we do so we're trying to follow as much as we can to see if, anybody. Has. Come. Down with the co Viet or anything but, obviously we could not you. Know contact trace them or anything like, the Health Department could because that's not, legal for us to do but we are monitoring, that so that you. Know that we're aware if somebody was, here that. Now has it so we're trying to do our due diligence on, that as well the best we can that, gives. Us legal rights to do anyone sure. Thank, you thank you again just, reiterating I've, been really, appreciative. Of Randi and Bob's partnerships, so far and you know and I hope we get we all get past this. If. Folks could start taking care of themselves and being more responsible I hope we go get past this and you know and then we can focus on a good partnership with the two of them and. In a normal world because I really appreciated, their fossil net so far. Thank. You. Thank. You Commissioner Bergeron sure, Henry did you have anything to add. Yeah question. Memphis, for Randy I'm. I'm. Guessing that we'll have contact, information for anybody about tickets over. Over. Email. Or electronic that means. For. The, people that buy the gate, could. We potentially look, at it for future races doing. Some. Contact, info. Phone. Or email, for. Those attendees, case is needed for contacting.

Yeah. We're adding, a token, face that Kovich sheet they have to sign and fill out at. The gates we didn't sell but of just a few tickets at the gate majority, of ourselves were owned live we're, pushing more online sales, but we are adding a the code vid sheet at, the gate we had it for the participants, and we'll. Add it for the guests coming. To the grandstands as well. Thank. You no. I. Appreciate. It and I appreciate the. All. The work that went on and I share, a lot of thing concerns as commissioner Bergeron, and and. After. Talking. With the staff and. Actually, came, to the race and check, things out it gave me a lot, better. Better. Feel for it, again. I'm thinking we don't need, to have rest on our laurels and, and, have every, precaution. Available. In, order to keep having these events. And. The, safety measures around those but. But thank you for the staff for all the extra work that went into making, sure that bit we're all successfully. Thank. You commissioner, I also. Echo, those concerns, and, that gratitude I do, have a quick question so we've, talked, about the potential of upping. The capacity. What. Would that look like and what would the timing, be on that when when is the one, word the cutoff fee for making that decision, and. Will, we be informed, of the board. It. Was discussed, yesterday we're, still at the 20%, 2550, is what it actually is. Dr.. Cardwell was hoping, and I think that depends, on the numbers again. I don't want to speak for him but he thinks. That we can get to 25% moving, forward which is actually, 3750. Capacity. But. There I don't know that we actually have a timeline, on that yet, dr.. Trott why are you still here. I. May. Have to get an answer from him on that and send you all an email all that after hey. Randi, is dr. Kawa able to hear me yes. Okay. I. Think we are looking in, general. Venues. Like this and. Settling. In on a 25%. Capacity, so that we get 75%. Social. Distancing. So. That, would be a target. And. We. Were comfortable with. You. Know what we saw at the last one, I think I am. Interested. You, know to see, how. We. Are, able to move forward and and we would.

Like To see you know as much of the. Capacity. Used. As, possible, to. Spit. Out the. Customers. That are there but. I don't think, we will go above, 25%. For. Any other, outdoor. Venues, either, this, one or other, similar ones, until. We we get a lot more practice and. Experience. With. With, record, case counts over the last week. And. With with different, the different metrics for for reopening going backwards, I mean what. Point do things, at. What point do we you. Know, take. A look we've. Got to go back to phase one or we've got a close. Everything down at. What point you do do. We. Sort of connect everything back together I mean what was it what does it take I guess or what you, know what piece of metric, would be bad as they wait a minute where we're, not doing this right or ignore not that maybe, not we're not doing this right people, aren't doing it right because people are being really, careless, and irresponsible continually. I mean, I guess I'm just trying to connect those two concepts. Sure. And I, would, direct. Everyone, to the main cook, at nineteen website a safe, national, org, is another way to get there there's six metrics, that we look at, transmission. Rate the for convenience's and, episode. Capacity. The, testing, capacity a, hospital. Capacity, both with floor beds as well as ICU, beds and, these. Are being looked at and monitored, at, daily I am. Speaking to you now from the Emergency, Operations Center. Where the mayor is in, dr. Cheng you are preparing. For. The. Press. Event coming up at 9:30 today. All of this is looked, at. Every. Day and there's. Continual. Discussions. About what's, working well what's. Not working well and, you. Know what what should we do moving, forward okay. Thank, you, mr., Bergeron you. Know. Nothing, okay, thank, you okay, great, thank you so much everyone. Gore did you want to add, anything. Sure. I do have a question oh right, sure. So, I. Guess. My concern and. I tend, to agree with Commissioner. Bergeron. About. Consistency. And as. I'm looking at a safe Nashville and return, to face - we. Are at, gatherings. Over 25, people so I guess my biggest concern, is. If, restaurants. Are operating, in a capacity. And, if. We, are limiting. Gatherings. To 25, people and yet at the fairgrounds, we're allowing. Upwards. Of 1,500. To 2,000. People, me. It's a matter of that consistency. And avoiding a double standard I would love to hear some, conversational. Bit further about that cuz, I'm really, having a hard time wrapping my head around it, I. Start. To close well again I can, tell you that we, are very, much. Comfortable. That this is an outdoor venue and with all of the monitoring, and restrictions, in place that. This. To, us is. Something. That is, satisfactory, to keep people safe and it, is helping, us to. Develop. Specific. Guidelines, with. The subsequent. Changes. In in the public, health orders to more. Clearly clarify. And delineate. What. Would. Be. Acceptable. For these. Outdoor, venues and. To those. Categories. That were most concerned about.

Outdoor. Is. Really. Much, better. Than indoor, based. Mass required, at all times these, gatherings, you, know face masks, are not enforced. To required, outdoors. The way we are in this specific, location, as, much as we are telling, people to wear. Their face masks, we don't have the monitors, and the security, to assure, that, that's opening, similarly. We. Do have very strong social, distancing. Monitoring. And enforcement. And. Of course no alcohol, so this. Provides. The, atmosphere, for us to be, able to. Bring. People together. In, a much, reduced capacity. Where social distancing. Can be adequately, maintained. And enforced throughout, the event. We. Have as. Commissioner. Bergeron, and. Commissioner. Hammer reflected. We've. Got. Increasing. Numbers not decreasing, or even stable, numbers. And so that's, why I continue to, have. A concern, not so much with the fact that it's outside but the numbers of people that. Will be standing, in a line that, could be standing, at. A bar even. If they're just getting sodas, you're, still close contact. And drinking from the sodas in. Closer. Contacts I just again, I still have real. Concerns, about this and everything. And, and, you share on that information. Yeah. And one, other thing to note is the way the order is written. Right now - if, people are maintaining. Six feet of distance or further from each other face, masks, are not required, now that's not what we're we're saying. In this particular event we're saying no matter where you are face master are required so that's, a sort of. With just one example of, how we're really having even, higher security, monitoring. And and. Expectations. Of what, this, particular event, would be doing. Thank. You so much. Thank. You dr. Caldwell any. Other questions from the board. Great. We will move on Christy I'm gonna check in with you again do we have anyone. Still. No callers okay, great all, right then we will move on to. Urine. Yes, I'm sorry to interrupt. Dr., Caldwell, I'm sure he's got a to, click. Off and prepare, for the press conference but kind. Of as a follow-up, to that, specific. Event review, we've kind of touched on it but one, of part. Of my motivation, for this conversation today, was to kind of have a converse have, a discussion, about moving. Forward. There. Have Scott. Wallace has received so, you've, argued with, future. Interest, in holding your, events, we've. Learned a lot about, what, those basic. Four. Precautions. And I think we've set the bar incredibly. High. But. You, also want to be thoughtful, and certainly, not. I. Kind. Of want to gauge the temperature of the board with, pursuing. Discussion. Further discussions. On other outdoor events. Obviously. Not being able to predict, what the numbers are gonna be what you, know, winner in the phased reopening, we're gonna be but. I. Also. Am. Very interested. In hearing your thoughts as, as, what. Now what are the next steps some. Of the things that we, have been approached. On are some. Drive-in movies. Some. Car. Based events. And. Driving, through. Drive through like, lights. Potentially. Having. A. Food. Food. Truck type, of setup, or. Like. Fair foods so. A variety. Of things and, certainly. Don't want to spend, an edible, amount of time and money and effort. Planning. These. Yeah. It. You know if there is a strong, strong. Feeling, that maybe. It's a little bit too early. What. Any board members like to speak to that. Well, thank you glad, it said. You, know it's commercial, burger is you know I'm a bit, ago. Echoing. Commissioner wieners, more. More, eloquent. Lamar taking. My words, you. Know I think.

We're Sending we said we're sending mixed messages as, a society. Where we try to pretend like things are normal and you know with all the respect and I assure. Everyone that I am very tired of sitting at home and. All, the time, and. Would love nothing more to go that you go do the things I love about the city, you. Know I think. If. We try. To if, we go, very far and pretending, like things are normal and things things, are you. Know we can we can do this or that I think, it kind of create. The broader sense. Unfortunately. We're. Just not doing a very good job as people right now and so you know from my perspective, I just have a hard time starting, to go down this road of, different. Things even if they were like totally car based I mean I think if I hear when I hear food trucks I hear long line but. You. Know even if it was entirely kharbut I just I just think it starts to slip down where, what we saw when we started reopening, across the country in some states that did it much much faster than Nashville, or, Tennessee did and that was even too fast but those ones are all shutting, down again and I just that's. The problem I have I just don't, know that we. Could we should be necessarily, a venue, for these. Events that may distort reality a, little bit for folks who then kind of get a sense of a you, know sort of relaxation. And then they go off into the world and. Relaxing. Other ways and continue this going on and on and on when. You, know I know everybody wants a test, but. The only way it's gonna end is if we all really. Make some hard choices and you. Know the reward, for that the reward for the. Rewards, for. Making. Hard choices and making improvements is then you get the events back not necessary. It seems like we may be doing that out of order, that's. My my individual. Take. I'd, like to, step. In on that just a little bit maybe take it a step further and, make. A recommendation because, I don't like to complain without coming off of the solution, and what. We, might want to consider is. Discussing. Tying, these. Events. To. Maybe a phase three, reopening. And while, we're in phase two. We. Need to act like we're in phase two and. If. We. Have. A set, of criteria about, which we then, move forward, with. These events. I think it's great to have the events I know people are. Having. Fever out by. If. We can maybe tie this to, something specific like, a phase three reopening. And at, that point then yes we can do drive-in movies and draw, cool lights and, not, so sure about the food truck thing yet gotta sink mystics, but, I just wanted to throw that out there as maybe that, might be criteria. By, which we you. Know determine eligibility for, these different events. Mr.. Himer did you have. Yes. I you. Know I shared. One of the commissioners, concerns but also you. Know want, to. Rely. On staff. Input. Strongly. As their you know holds me responsible. To. Day-to-day operations. And the, details when. Promoters. Bring us ideas, and, and, so, first. One use use, you as a sounding, board to to. Work through the. These. Potential, items. You, know we. You. Know the, need for creative, revenue is you. Know is dire but. Also we, have to balance that with the you know the safety and health concerns as. Well so ultimately.

You. Know I just, want once. You guys can vet them out and and, bring, those to us in. The meantime. My. Understanding. From spine you know is that many. Of these promoters, are, really. In the pre-planning, stages, and are. As. Commissioner, Weiner stated comfortable, with phase three so. I don't, think that's an unreasonable at all I think it's really smart and, you, know they are also trying, to balance. You. Know having, having, and planning an event with who would, come um, you know that I know was a discussion, point with the State, Fair Commission as well is. You. Know you could put something on but that doesn't mean you're gonna have the. Attendees. That. Is needed, to make an event even break even so with. That said I think that is our event, promoters, desire, as well as to. Not. Look at this until a later phase. Great. So. I guess there's a couple. Of options we, could. Laura. If, there is anything substantial. That comes up or events. That we need to review, we. Could do that on an individual, basis and you could communicate with the board or we could call if there's if there's us a list, of them maybe we call a special, meeting for that I would have no problem this, is, these. These, times call for. For. Its special. Overseeing. So I would be happy to to, meet I don't know I don't want to speak to the other board members if, but, if there are, substantial. Amount of things that we need to look at to, review these. So. I'm fine, either way I just. Wanted to throw that out there. Agree. I agree about. That about calling a meet here and they just say we should bet in advance and and I I also, agree with Commissioner wieners, structure. You know trying to put structure she doesn't matter I mean I think, tying, it to phases. Would be fine as well but it sounds like that's all very preliminary but yeah just yeah, I just think the board should be able to have. The chance to convene, together and. And. Talk about things if they're if there's anything more, I think they're coming down the pipe in. Adventure. In the meantime I want to thank Laura and Scott for their, diligence. And creativity and in, looking, in. Advance. In. The meantime thank. You for that and and. We look forward to hearing what is, on the place. Anything. Else from the board. Laura. Do you have anything to add. Thanks. Okay. Great so we will move on then to contract. With track enterprises, and I will turn. It over to you why. Thank. You. This. Kind of keep him up late you know as we were working with the Health Department and, it, became clear that, our. Attendance. At the races, was going to be. In. 15. Of. Capacity. Very. Clear to me. The. Contract, terms as was originally, negotiated certainly. To take, into consideration the. Limitations. On attendance. I'm. Sure you realize that that causes a. Challenge. With, making. Them, making their budget, so I. Presented. To the board as a consideration, and, discussion of. Potentially. Amending. The contract, to allow some. Flexibility. With. Either. Timing. Of, payments. To, the board or a, race, by race. Adjustment. And of rent. In, light, of a. 75%. Reduction. In. Gate. Tickets. Sold so. I will. Throw that out to you for discussion, and. I do want, to say that. You. Know I appreciate. So. Much Randy, and Bob's there. They've been putting very difficult, situation, to, manage. Races. To. You. Know, have. Them. In that quality of life I get I think that the. Positivity, that, that of that brought but from, a business perspective. I'm, sure it has been very stressful to make sure that purses. Are paid and. That. The. Services, are provided. Needless to say their expenses, have increased as, well due, to the additional, staff. That needs to be on-site to, help. With enforcement, and the, extra sanitation, so, I will, hopefully. Have explained, that in enough. Detail for your. Consideration and, discussion. Do. We have any discussion from the board. Just. Um, set, any kind of president, with anybody else that might leasing. Fairgrounds property, in the interim. I, guess. It kind of takes me back to the. Drive-in movies, drive-through lights and, any other, outdoor, events, that want to be held and I. Just put again. Applicability. To other events. As well so that would be my first question. Lord. You want to address that or is that a question for mr. Dickerson. Seems. Like a legal question I'm going to defer to Alex. Yeah. I think that I, think we'd have to see, how. That, schedule, looks like and, we have to determine what's what's. Similar, someone's situated. Now. Would take. Contract. Discussion.

Direct. Us. To negotiate on certain points of the contract that you would like, considered. So. We wouldn't need to make a motion to, allow. This. Exploration to happen you, should. Make a motion for it I'm just saying that you can't unilaterally change. The contract, right. Here is. Negotiating. That has to be done separate. And apart but, what, the board would like to do you can make a motion for to. Direct, the executive. Director to negotiate. On these points and then we'd bring something back to you. Okay. Yeah. I have a question for Laura, to. Understand, what what the. Parameters, of what you're looking for and, I'm, thinking it what I think is, a copy of the contract. The final contract of I hope, I've got the final one and I just want to kind of because, I think, I'm seeing that the wrench was. $3,000. Per. Local. Race and $6,000. Per sanctioned. Race and then there was a potential. At. 2500. So we're not obviously not getting there anytime soon. My. First, question is am, I getting that right and then you. Know second which, parts. Of the, rent, are you looking to. Maybe. Renegotiate. Laura and that kind of informs obviously. What kind of motion to admit. Yes, Jason. You're correct on the terms, as, far, as the, the rent and you're right we do kind of have that performance, piece in their face. I think it's a dollar on. Tickets. Sold past, 25. Hundreds so you're. Right we're not gonna hit that, and. We. Have it yet so my, thought, was. In. Order to allow some flexibility. Is. Too, great maybe grant. In. An amendment or. Look. At. Adjusting. On a case-by-case basis. The. Rent. Due. Based. On attendance. Because, that I think, we all are assuming, that that is going, to change and most, likely increase. Over time, depending. On where we are with case, numbers, and the. Reopening, plan, and. Then. You. Know I think certainly, we, all have, the desire to. Make. The fairgrounds. Whole as the contract, was initially. Negotiated. And. There. I think there. Is potential, to maybe get there but in a. Maybe. Look at restructuring, it in a way that you know by the time hopefully. We get to the all-american, you. Know we're in a much better place I don't think we're gonna be a you know certainly 15,000. But I hopefully. Will be in a much better place and so. If. We. Can. Phase in maybe, lower the payments at the beginning of the contract, and then. Increase. That percentage over, time. Somehow. Balance, that out I guess what I'm looking for is are. You supportive, of having some sort of review, of. Sorry. About that of. The, payment terms. On. A race by race basis. It's. Gonna be very difficult I think just that it a solid. Number now not. Knowing. Where. We're. Gonna be. Raised. Two months from now. Commissioner, Hemmer do you have anything to add to that for. Any questions. No. Idea okay. Do. We want, to make a motion there then. Other. Board members. Do. We need to make a motion I. Would. Just offer that if we do make a motion that we tie. The. Whole discussion dignities with. Any. Other reason that. Way. We. Essentially. One. Step and don't, set up a double standard.

Okay. Alex. Do we need to make a motion for this or can we explore, this without a motion I mean. If, you want to give permission for the executive, director, to renegotiate. Existing. Contracts. Are based. On attendance, it. Would be helpful to have a motion to that effect if. You want to review the the. New renegotiated. Contracts, on a case-by-case basis. You could do that too it just seems, like it's a little more work to do that the. Commissioner, weiners point, by, tying it all together, that, would be some helpful direction, I think for the executive, director. Then. Do we have a motion from the board. For. Me. To. Give permission to the executive, director to. Considerations. Of existing, contracts. On. A case-by-case, basis. Glenda. Jennifer, you. Want to add on. I don't. Have anything died out of that. If. That's, if that's the motion that that's, being made by Commissioner Weiner in that language. Enunciated. I'll second that. Great. Any discussion. Do. It Christie do we need to repeat, that or, do you have it I. Wasn't. Able to get every single word but it should be on. You. Know on the recording. Okay. I would like it to be repeated, for clarification, to predict. Or some wouldn't mind. Okay. I'll. Put. The words. Together and, then a Commissioner, can adopt what I'm saying, or adjusted, obviously. Moved. To give the, executive, director, permission. To renegotiate. Existing. Event contracts. On. A case-by-case basis. Based. On attendance. Okay. So that was just a repetition of the of the motion I have a question, just so. That that, does, leave it open to other do, we not want to limit it to track Enterprises. Contract. I. Don't. Know how you can but can we be discussing this without a motion on the floor oh I, thought I thought we were just repeating the motion that had already been seconded, I. Was. Just making, the language someone, would need to move that into religion. Got it sorry okay Sherri, would you like to heard that there. A minute then do. We have a second oh I'll. Second that. So. We we do we, do not need, to limit this to subtract. Enterprises, contract, I. Don't. Know how we word it but can we put something in there I'm just now thinking about this and I apologize that. We. Set criteria. That, could be applicable to. Any. Other releases, that under, any other events, we've got rather. Alice. I. Mean. It's. Technically, your motion so you can add that as an, amendment, to that ax yeah. I think I need to amend it because again, I don't believe in a double standard and I think that we need to make sure that whatever criteria, we said we. Can evenly apply it when, the. So. If someone could you second that amended motion, I'll. Second, the amended motion, my. Only, concern about that. Is and. I guess we could reassess, it when. The time arises is, that this, is an ever-changing. Scenario. That we're living in this. Is unprecedented, in our lifetime so I worry. A little bit about setting a standard. As. Opposed, to, Rio. Dressing it doesn't mean that we can't hold that standard, one of the time comes but binding. Ourselves to, it. Didn't. Worries, me a little bit what. Wouldn't, I mean we still would agree, completely I just think that wouldn't I mean we're. Just giving some negotiating. Direction. Too you, know it ends the results, are still gonna come back to us we're proof and I agree complete it's really hard I mean it looks.

Like We have a new record I'm I'm watching Twitter right now 771. Cases. Today. So. Yeah I'm yeah it's changing, by the second I mean so. I hear, ya but, I guess we, would feel get the results, back here, as the Commission right in. This regard and that might give us the sort of ongoing. Ability, to control, I don't know. Well. I think given that it's changing so much so fast. That, whatever. We do has to offer us the flexibility. To. Amend. Based, on whatever set of criteria to be stipulate, and hopefully. This thing will be over sooner rather than later and, then. Essentially. This goes away and, we might put that in there that is that. We're referencing just, the pandemic. And. You know just a note to that in the contract, is the track and reprises contract, that was approved by the board. We've. Already. Referenced. You. Know some. Flexibility. Due to the pandemic in scheduling. We, kind of put a or, in an original draft schedule, but with notations. That it. Is anticipated that, those are rescheduled. And does not exactly conform. And. I think we're seeing that because you, know we had all of those cancellations. And postponements, at the beginning of the season so. We. Kind of already have something, similar that we're doing with scheduling, and I'm thinking we could do something similar, with rent. Men. As far as other events. You. Know we do negotiate, those separately. Through. Our. Entertainment, leases, that, are handled, administratively and. So, those. Are always handled, on a case-by-case basis. Anyway, depending. On you. Know the nature of the events so I do want to throw that out there too. Looking. At a monthly. Rent, with. Other event. The. Correct, and you. Know this one in this contract in particular, was approved by the board which is the other ones are administrative. Under. Our authority, to enter into condos types of contracts, so this one is different because it, went to the board and was negotiated. By. Authorization. Of the board. Mr.. Wiener you have, like. To amend, that motion they. Based. On that information yeah. We can definitely get that. So. Just. Take. Out my amendment, delete. My amendment. Okay. So what's the original motion. Alex. Would you read it back please book set and write it down I apologize. Okay. So. It's. Going to be to grant, the executive, director. Permission. To renegotiate. Existing. Contracts. Based.

On. Attendance. Criteria. Existing. Contracts with track enterprises, correct. Just. The track Enterprises contract, with what. Some. Of that. Well. Second death you. So moved it as limited, to track enterprises, am I correct I did okay, wonderful, okay. Any discussion. Okay. Let's take a roll call vote, um. Mr.. Bergeron. All. Right mr.. Hammer all. Right. I'm. And. I am I as well. Thank. You Laura for bringing that to us. Okay. Now we are moving up well Christie do we have anyone on that on the line and. Then I check. No. Callers great, thank you okay. So we're moving on to. Both. The lease with Walsh management, and the ground lease with the Sports Authority that, we have been asked upon complete we. Have from, Metro, attorney. Tom cross to, walk us through those. Leases and what is different from the last time we approved, those leases mr.. Cross I good, morning this is Tom. Sit. Around the memo that I hope you all have had an opportunity to see me, as misko. Vera mentioned. The board approved, both of these documents in, 2018. And, the. Changes, to them are really not substantial. Mostly. To update the project dates obviously. Things that have proceeded. As you've heard in, the interim but. One. Change. Of significance, is the, slight. Reshaping, of the of, the properties, that are subject to the development. Groundless, particularly. 8c, had the configuration. Has changed a little bit to reflect. Negotiations. Between the, mayor and the, and. The team so. The. Exhibit, to that ground lease notice. Has, changed a little bit in shape I would. Also like to point out that, one. Of the provisions, of the development. Ground lease that the Metro Council had inserted by. Resolution. The so called Freeman amendment has come out as well this this was a provision. That would have caused, this ground lease to terminate, in the, event that the soccer team failed, to play, in. The soccer stadium for 24, consecutive months, and the developer. Would not be able to get commercial financing, it doesn't appear with that provision so. There is a parallel. Request. Pending, for, council, to remove, the this so-called freeman amendment as well I'd. Also like to point out that one of the exhibits, to. The. Stadium. Ground waste the Walsh lease is a. Sorry, NDA recognition. Non disturbance, ana torment agreement if you had a caller that asks a question about it. That, document, does not give any additional rights or or contemplate. Any additional property, beyond what. Is this formed in the stadium ground, lease its, simply, deal. With the very unlikely, possibility that, the stadium ground least might terminate. Before. The ground lease does and so there needs to be a way for the sports affair. Boy rather to step into the shoes of the. Landlord, at. Least as well so that's all that does. So. The. Otherwise the changes are limited. To reflecting. Revised, project, dates and pull affine what, properties been placed that's all this changed since 2010 these documents.

Thank. You mr. cross do we have any questions from the board. Mr.. Mack analysis Jason, mr. Berger on that and I had some questions. Attorney. Cross I'm looking, at the. Parcel. Map attached, to the development, ground lease I have some pretty significant. Concern. I'm. Looking at I'm looking at the depiction. Of. A. Racetrack and. Project. Their buildings, on that property. I. Get, kind of two levels one, you. Know I bet with SMI, twice, last summer on their initial proposal. Which they then amended. And. When they amended their initial proposal they removed what appears to be some large bleachers, on the south side of the track, I see, those back in. This or in this map and and that, person, that that that structure seems to impede upon. Parcels. Xb1, a and, two so Fair Park and, and, other public structure is further there's. A structure to the north in that in that part, in that. Map. That, impede. The pond parcel, stick a and, so. All. Of that flick. With. Parcel, map that that attached, to the stadium, ground Lee so I have. Some real concerns about, us approving, that, development, ground lease map and and would wonder why we wouldn't attach, the exact, same. Parcel. Map that, I'm looking at the color-coded, one at that page, you. Know exhibit, a stadium. Ground, lease why wouldn't be exactly the same for the development, ground, Lee. Development. Ground leases is just, limited, to the, specific parcels. That are subject, to police it isn't intended to you. Know address any changes, to the to the footprint, of the race, tract or anything or anything else including the stadium, it's Judge just, limited to those three. Sub parcels that are subject to what he's. Also. Know that nothing none of them there have been no building you. Have finely designed or. Any of the sub, sub Lisa, tracks. That, are subject to the development, ground lease. Right. So, I get. Why why. Wouldn't it look exactly like the, stadium, ground links exhibits, one with all the color coding, that has. You, know mall labeled why why, those who be the thing, the. Stadium, ground lease is mostly intended the. Drawing that I think you're you're looking at is intended, mostly to show. Parcel. What is labeled there is track seven, I mean it's important, because that. Is the, property, that is described, as the premises, under the stadium is just. Just reflected there's there's a legal description block, D that's parcel seven it's, important, that this. This. Stadium. Ground lease. Reflect. Only the track that that is subject, to that lease, similarly. Under the development ground lease it reflects, all of the tracks that are coming to it. Yeah, I just I'm. Gonna, reflect concern, and. You, know we there's a you know this is something I can talk, about a little bit after I there's, sort of a steady, stream of misinformation, coming. From certain. Segments, about what, the Sabbath is at the racetrack. And. I, just have a lot of concerns, approving. A map that depict, things that haven't. Even been funded. Or haven't even had presented, plans to pay for. You. Know and and and conversations. That I had with the mayor's office recently confirmed that there is no concrete, proposal, at, all right now and so I have a lot of concern with. What what. What. Wasn't. Done with. Or. What is represented if we, have

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