What New Bike Tech Do We Want In 2019? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 53

What New Bike Tech Do We Want In 2019? | GCN Tech Show Ep. 53

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Welcome. To the gcn, tech show and Happy. New Year everybody, a Happy, New Year indeed, well this week we've got new tires carbon, doraleous plus, some, coal nago shoes and what's. Gonna be hot in the world of tech in 2019. Or at least what. We want Jaeho yeah. Right. Well making a welcome, return in my eyes for 2019. Are the famous, green, treaded michelin cyclocross, tires now, these were actually discontinued, I think back in 2002. But, in, the interim, period we have in fact seen them, a couple of times used by riders most. Famously actually white van up 2017. He won the world cyclocross, champs, on board, a pair of really old tires, that he did in fact hack or botch for a pair of clincher ones onto, the carcass, of a Dugas tubular, there we are yeah pretty cool there's gonna be two tread patterns available, and right Michelin, has been really, clever gone in the naming of these, trade paths so there's gonna be mud for. Mud and, then, jet. For. Drier. Conditions. And. There's. Also going to be clinches, and tubulars available as well. I. Would - where you have to wait until, August or, September time, free. Cold yeah it's nice I just hope they've got a tubeless version, because well everyone's gonna be screaming out for a pair of cheapest ones let's face it right. Some serious bling no tech, this, act yeah, I got your pun but for Christmas thank you alright this is the new version, 2.0. Slf, motion, hyperspeed, oversized. Hyper, speed system, it's. Made from carbon, it looks incredible, and it's got 14 teeth and 18 teeth pulley wheels and it's actually they're designed, to actually reduce the drivetrain friction, as, well as being, compatible with up to a 32, - cassette, sprocket, it's got multiple spring, tensions, and well it's lighter and stiffer than ever before here and it looks incredible yeah it does. Before. We get onto this week's hot topic, why'd you do that Alan. Partridge, thanks. A couple of weeks back we had some really great comments, on our, tech show where we tried to build a bite with the most heritage, so, here. Are some of those yeah. Now press, the Chuck a regular, commentary in fact says Sturmey Archer was making hubs in 1902. Shimada. Was not founded, until, 1921. But does story actually qualify. For this project, they don't make Road components, and they were sold to Sun race in the year 2000. Then. Goes on to say just, build the damn bike with 12 speed Campagnolo, groupset doesn't get much more Italian, than a chalice Bianchi, with, a Campagnolo, build kit yeah. Yeah. It's good but then also a few, other people mentioned stomata so one of them is an fear leav, more who, said Sturmey Archer have been around since 1902. I just recently bought an integrated, Sturmey Archer cassette, and free hope to replace dura-ace, one forget, Romano and Compaq you're gonna have to use Sturmey. Archer drivetrain, and he put a link to steer, me Archie calm well, they're, still going they're still making hubs yeah I mean like I think when we came you, know to, actually talk about this projects, or you know imaginary. Project we were thinking about a Cobb. Group set I hear our minds but yeah that's exactly it you know you can have a bike a modern, fight with Sturmey Archer and of course plenty of I still do come with them yeah where you can build you'd get Sturmey Archer hubs front and rear you can make it a single speed bike alive one the internal, hub gears. Anyway. And, then we had Joe, Cavendish, losses feel like you missed an opportunity to highlight a pedal, stroke platform. System. Clip or click plus though worth mentioning, look for the clipless pedal, design I wager, yeah. Good point and yeah, we did miss an opportunity, you're right and I think look, is the way to go with the quickest pedal that they use. But it is a contentious. Point because there's a few different brands out there that lay claim, to being, the first purpose pedal so for example time also, claim on though if you're on their website they were the first, clipless pedal.

However. I do believe look is older than time when you dig into it and I think if we're gonna go really old and traditional there's, probably a brand, I don't know what leotard or something, like that you still make. Toe. Clips tar pedals yes oh yeah leave I love checking out those comments though yeah thanks very much for all your comments and keep them coming the, tires was definitely, a big debate on the air tires I. Think. I'm. Not going down that road again. Well. It's 2019, and, what we thought to ourselves we, want to see what new tech we're most excited about in 2019. What's on the horizon or, what would we like to see yeah, so myself and John have, thought about this but we also reached out on social media to, you guys to ask if you had any suggestions of things you'd like to see hey you know what I think it's. 2019, right, we need a name, for our loyal fans and, contributors. On the GTN tech show what your a thing yeah definitely, how about how about this tech. Squadron. Done. Right. So if you've got any suggestions of stuff you'd like to see in 2019. You. Know to do let's know in the comments section below. Tech. Squadron. Scramble. Yeah. Something like yeah, what's up you'll see Wow 2019. Or 2019, as you say I don't, see more of a suggestion boy yeah. Where is he I dunno, how. About. No. No, I'd also like to see the return of the lightweights. Because last year was the arrow disc Strikes Back wasn't it let's face it yeah I very. Much every bike, every, week there was a new era of disparate, by. I'd. Like to see lighter bikes but at the very least a, narrow, disparate, buy that's. Light because. I mean I love my Trek Madonn its rapid, yeah. It's an amazing bike but it, is a bit heavy well I have to say you, don't tend to really notice that apart. From when you, go in a a really, steep hill, yeah, now something else I'd like to see actually is more sophisticated coatings. On our bikes and equipment, so well, help them last a little bit longer and what, more importantly easier to clean yeah, so what he's free, as when I was riding over. Christmas. One, of my friends that was riding with he's, a bit karna and he, had covered his bike in, a ceramic coating that. Was well a car product but, what this did was it created a really hydrophobic. Coating, on the frame which, meant that it was really hard for dirt and water to stick to it so if some dirt did stick to it then as soon as he rinsed it with a hose pipe he just came off straight away and, say more sophisticated, coatings. On bikes, and equipment would, just help me keep them much closer much cleaner yeah, so one does it you know the cyclocross for, eternity, haven't sort of I don't know come up with using this on their bikes because well if, it's gonna have less mud clumping, on the downtube and stuff like that it's gonna make the bike hell, of a lot lighter wouldn't it yeah I think more, a much, improved surface, technology is applied in bike frames and bike paths could be a really cool thing that I'd love to see more of in. The future I can't imagine the groups that manufacturers, really taken on board though can you think. That everything would last longer wouldn't they would tell me that's. A very cynical view John but, Alastair. Happy happy just having it on my frames keeping, my frame cleaner yeah I have seen it actually before now had a clothing manufacturer made a pair of shorts, made up some special material, and they, were pair of white shorts they rode through some mud and one, half was made out of this mud. Repellent fabric and the other half wasn't and well they had one butter cleaner than the other. Well, there you go what, arms yes if we had from viewers, right well the viewers from from. Tech squadron, yes that's right yeah from the squadron. Assemble right well. First up there Matt's paniolo. I like that one obviously, like to compact how, about a digital screen built into the tops of the handlebars, so no need to bolt on a computer. Automatic. Chain loop I already got one of those Scott or made one new thing yeah. Yeah. Ideal, for long distance riding, Matt says a universal. Standard being used for bottom bracket, oh well, that would just be a dream Matt let's face it dare. To dream John, and the. Final one probably one of my absolute favorites quality. Electric, socks that just eat your toes as opposed to the poor quality electrics. GOx yeah just heat your ankles. All. Right who else we got Russ, Bainbridge, yeah he wants to see a Shimano, 105.

Electric. Group set yeah, well. I mean I think everyone wants to see that don't they I wonder how long it'll be before we, see that I don't mean trickles down the, other thing we'll ever see. But. As ever we want you to still get involved so let us know what you want to see in 2019. Down there in the comment section because well we've, got quite vivid imaginations, but tech squadron, away. Vivid, earth than us. Time. For more tech now, if, you want to show people that you're a cyclist, even. When you're not wearing lycra, then you can wear a GCN hoodie available, in the gcn shop, alternatively. This, new product might. Be of interest to you, yeah now admittedly I'm a part-time, sneaker, head these days but, these new shoes from Adi - there's two new pairs they've, teamed up with Colin Argo and I think they look brilliant. It's a subtle little nod to the cycling. Community out, there and the white trim stars well they use the same red that the Colin Argo Mexico, did and. I think they look absolutely pretty, we get matching pairs. Yeah. It's. Now time for, screw. Riding, upgrades, by upgrades where you submit pictures, of your bikes or equipment and show us before, and after how, they've been upgraded, for, a chance of winning the most coveted prize of, all the gcn. Capron. Where is it mate I. Can't. Find it what I've done with it I, swapped, it for this gold, chocolate coin oh. That's. Not very nice what with the squadron that's alright we'll get one in time for, the we, need to deliver one out alright okay I'll get another one okay. That's all well and good then well anyway let's recap. The squadron, then two weeks ago we, had Alfredo's. Persia up against Magnus's, red, Reynolds, restored, beauty, and well. 67. Percent of the votes it was, the. Per show so well done get in touch with us on face, we, can arrange a delivery of the Cape front not, the Gold Cup what's, too late he's already gone on me yeah. Anyway, right let's have a look then at the first submission. For this week, well. Fred. From New, Jersey who. Wanted a smart trainer, but did not want to waste a perfectly fine, existing, product, so. Fred did some wizardry, and added a Bluetooth, and a mt+ resistance, control, and made, his existing. Turbo trainer compatible. With Swift as, well as his own iPhone, app it. Works so well that Fred did the same to his wrong as to fair, one yeah, fair one Fred I mean look at that he's. I mean I don't like what he's done with it really but look at that for a set of rollers. Right. Go, on who's, Fred up against well Fred, is. Up against, Tim from, a Royal Wootton, Bassett I'm gonna, do an offensive, posh accent, for Tim sorry if you don't have an offensive posh accent, Tim but. Yeah. Tim is from Royal, Ambassador, in, Wiltshire, in the UK they. Don't. Tim. Bought his bike for 80 pounds. For his partner, and it needed some TLC, tender. Loving care Tim went to work and stripped it down resprayed. It and the only color, that would do pink. Converted. It into a single speed and this, was created, the lol. Oh I mean it's a smart idea now it is nice, isn't it white Shane is I like. That I think it looks really good I'm not normally, a fan of pink bike you said that before I remember, you ain't your, words just like you ain't that gold corner, I've also said, I'm, not a big fan of white. Tires however, I admire. What tim has achieved and, I like his color, coordination, of the chain the saddle, the tape, the tires the rims the hoods pedals. Is I mean his cables, the, cables is, everything. He's. Been on a pink. White mission, and he's succeeded. It anyway both, up there next week the, winners will get announced, and you okay prom. Right. Bike of the week time and well, this is the part of the show where we put two bikes that we like to look off heads, ahead and the squadron, that's right you like you get to vote for which is your favorite, so this have a little recap a couple, of weeks ago we had the special, eyes of an Evander, breagan in a really limited edition, colorway. And that was up against another really. Limited edition, bike and that was a giant. That, was well a Tom duel and special edition but painted in a van got inspired. Kind of way what, was the winner well 67%, of the views or, votes rather was under. Britain specialized I. Didn't. Really like that, it's. Mucky I like both of them but van der brains was yeah, anyway. Right we got this week them well this week it's a custom, paint special. Yes so, we've got a bike from, Ally of fact creations he's a good. Guy. And very, talented at custom paint jobs but one that, stood out for us was this custom, painted Pinarello dogma, he, did recently there has an amazing, finish on it but it also has this really cool honeycomb. Pattern. Effect, on the inside of the stays and, the forks, new we put in it against well, Ally.

Is Up again it's tony spray, good, afternoon, yeah, yeah, I don't this Tony's real name but, anyway Tony has sprayed at this bike and it's a BM scene it's got chameleon. Style paint effect which you're a big fan of I do believe and, what it's got gold leaf detailing. In the logo, as well as a gold leaf houndstooth. Style, design on the top shoe there so we've got well honeycomb. Versus, hangs tooth so, well hangs to spend they say tooth tooth, every, night he said it but. Anyway usually gonna be ally or Tony. Yeah. I really, don't know readout, are, you decide yeah both up there squadron. Right. You know what moment this is only it's. The bike bolt so. You know what I'm gonna do don't you squadron. Oh I'm gonna do cameraman. Knows what I'm gonna do I know what I'm gonna do. 19. You decide how it's said right anyway let's crack on first. One this we actually tell squadron, first of all how, did they get their bike into the bike bolt. Right. First. Up this week is Magnus. In Malmo, in Sweden, ever been not. Only. Hands. Unlucky. Right it's, this specialized, bench custom, painted, with a zip SL, sprints then bars zip, wheels as well at, the moment old take was 67, hundredths, but well. Magnus says they're looking to get eater or di2 in the future, what, I that they don't need it no. They need it does it my thighs my it's, great-looking bike is a look, at Road, hay. Bales look. At the hedges look at that bike beautiful. Depth, of field, yeah into, that image like. While I little past normal, matching. Balls as well any mustache, but the, tan sidewalls, are doing, it for me they're, ingenious. Use of the helmet as well as, a stand. On the a gold chain gold chain or chain. Yes. I, like they like the fit like the bars yes a big fan of that step I mean what one slight, little criticism, is the angle of the crank arm, yeah and although the position of the valves, but sometimes, these things so. I mean the first rule of bike vault is there are no rules of Python, no well we make up the rules as we go along but there are rules to make a breath as we I mean that's a super nice yeah it's super nice for me. Yeah. Well. Don't Magnus you know what. Water starts, right who's up next next up we've got neither, from, Penn yang in Malaysian, and not Penn you know that sorry that's the South Korea. Penang. In, Malaysia and this is his giant, SCR. 2016. Obviously. He's. A Chris Froome fan and he's. Got the through little rhino, on the down shoe, had she joined the sky logo as well. And. All that sister no I mean that's that's someone, yeah, who that's. Clearly new, bands total, pride and joy I mean he he's. Very proud of that and yeah he knows how to shove, it in his best light and that's yeah that's what he's done yeah he's. Obeyed the rules you know he's got there I look, at bow a little bit of cranks, is he's, taking his saddlebag, off of his bottle yeah, sir. And he is. A sky fun and proud yeah, really yours well that shoot the background I like that personally. For me that's getting super nice cuz I've done really well over the image yeah super, nice. So. So far right, go on in who's up next next. We have Steven from Singapore, who sent in his coram a puma with what looks to be all. Tegra. 6. 5100. Yeah draw, a 7700. But. One thing I do know is. It's. Got those specialized, try spokes on there the, same ones that Graeme Obree yeah. Very well, with yeah, Lance use them, yes why. Six you think isaac tech i absolutely. Love that, yeah. I wrapped by I remember I worked in a bike shop long Saturdays, when I was at 1516 and they had one of those hanging up in there going, that way to touch it's a piece of history and, it's like looking by I also.

Appreciate, How he's lined up the try spokes perfectly, as well mmm-hmm it's. Cycling history yeah for me now as a secret yeah super nice for me. For. A clean street this. Baldwin. Use the yellow one of those and they on the track set, the hour record then in Bordeaux, they. Before the Tour de France 190, I know that. Anyway, right. Tim. From Sweden up next with this early 90s steel Bianchi, made it with a modern twist Campagnolo. Sent all groupset era wheels yeah I really, like this one, actually I really like that it looks great. Works. Well you like the color I don't mind the cart people. I'm not going down that road I don't mind the color I just wish that that might come with different cars. I've, gotta go your life and you see like that color yes. Or on it yeah yes all right okay I know. What you're getting that right. It. Looks really good actually with those black components, on there I think it looks good. As a quick release. Oh. Yeah, on the brake yeah yeah that white little button on the camera, neolos. Leavers. That's been undone, or pushed in so the levers gone out in front. So. That kind of lets it down especially for a bike ball image yeah, isn't it nice, yeah. It's gonna be a nice nice. Right, then find out well come. Look, at this beauty. Right who is it then well, Olivier, of the pearl in Qatar. Oh honey, has, his specialised s-works bench with. Custom, it's custom painted it's got R&B wheels, dura-ace. Di2, THM. Crank seriously, bling carbon, chain rings a Berk. Saddle, and look, exact, SRM. Pedals. Wow. Gums. Side was what they have a specialized turbo, car yeah yeah nice, I'm, liking, that a lot especially in that chrome I mean lightweight bottle cages phase, I mean those I think us the nicest, bike I've seen so, far this year that's so, far this year's the first episode but yeah I like me I'm like wait you've sold dying isn't apps well there's only one thing for it Denali no wait wait wait what. The. Valves. Are too, long, oh, so. They ha, well. There. We are it's, a nice and. It's a nice roommate who must, try harder. But. You know what to do if you want your bike to go into the bike vault then, use the uploader tool found in the description, below and submit, pictures tell us about you your bike where, you're from and well, in the, case of Olivia don't use longer valves, and necessary, Riley. It's. Nearly time for the end of the show but next week we're going to do a rundown, of all the new pro bikes for the 2019. Season. I'm really excited especially, for, Cavs, VMC. Time machine yeah, it's always good innit a new year and all the new bikes the riders get specially enough to swap their own teams and such like anyway only I better go makes I'm off to the tour down under next week yet it sucks to be me Australia. Here I come. Yeah, that's, gonna be rubbish, yeah you're going though it takes a long time to, get there but before you go you, should head, over to the gcn, shop and get yourself one. Of these, cam, coolers, to help keep your frothy, cold come on Ian Darren. Under I'll just take this one, you candy but they are on sale at the moment in the gcn shop oh cool oh it's, not fosters. Or a castlemaine but yeah that will do anyway I know, if you want to see another great video hype licking down here for Ollie's Trek, Madonn tro bike and here. If your. Mercs. Think you've customized, yeah nice.

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What brand new tech would you like to see this year?

I'd like manufacturers to stop using press-fit bottom brackets and internal cable routing. No more "creak and rattle".

I'd like to see Shimano (for lack of a better engineering company) reinvent the way handlebars and shifters integrate. Maybe make the "hoods" part of the bar itself (like a bullhorn), contain all the hydraulics/electronics/mechanicals inside with the newly available space, add direct bolt-on locations for additional shift buttons, etc. Or just make the levers bolt on to the bar rather than clamp on. Second desire would be the re-launch (and consumer acceptance) of smaller-wheeled (650-something) bikes for smaller riders.

Cheap rotor hydraulic derailleur

I’d like to see tech that tells you which knicks and saddle is going to be best for you. And how to tell on the first try on if they are going to work for you because once you’ve ridden in them you’ve done your dough. I’d also like to see the maths that explains why taking 500g off a wheelset makes a bike feel twice as fast when it really makes maybe 0.5-1% difference to acceleration and almost no difference to average speed.

come and stay at apollo bay !

+MarcDatBenIk I've got a 'Just Think Cadence and Power' JTCP patent...A computer interpretates the gradient, can look up personalise power curve database such as Strava, heart rate and power and computes a gear inch and selects the bicycle gears after thinking about cadence and power targets. But it will only work by thinking in Russian.

Rapid Wheel axles

I would like to talk to my bike and have voice activated shifting because having to press a button in order to change gear is soooo 2018....

i) Electromagnetic Pulse proofed bicycles. ii) Infinitely height adjustable stems. iii) Integrated tire and inner tubes bonded to lighter stronger wheel rim design. iv) Integrated Cassette and Freehub units of stiffer design which can be screwed onto bicycle hubs. vi) Indexed gears shifters which have a back up friction option to cater for number of rear wheel cogs if required. vii) Low maintenance easily serviceable replaceable gear and brake linkages which can fixed at the side of the road with a single wrench. viii) Saddles which can be re tensioned to cater for saddle sag. ix) Completely void less frame materials with very predictable UTS failure mode stress–strain (σ–ε) curves for improved safety.

Sram Force eTap!

+Chad Butler Maybe we need a bike computer that just says "You're awesome!" and plays back the sound of baseball cards clipped to the spokes.

Wireless and electronic braking Like electronic disc brakes will be just amazing Cables are about to go extinct

+PeowPeowPeowLasers Well you'll already find that an aero seatpost solves one of your problems and I can totally vouch for more colors, even more than just silver. Make cycling colorful again.

Abs for bike brakes...we now have disc brakes why can we get abs brakes? Cars have had them since 1978...

More aero shaped water bottles and cages

The "tech" I want to see is any tech that raises the quality of the bikes I can afford or lowers the prices of the bikes I want.

Ceramic coated chains, wahoo radar like the Garmin version. Algorithm built into Strava to identify head wind velocity. If you’ve ridden the same road, with the same bike at same power, but you are going slower then either your tires are way flat or you’ve got a head wind. It should also be able to ID tail wind the same way...

Just a better Go-Pro mount to fit the larger oval shaped carbon road bike handlebars that the puny round mounting system won;t fit. I got no response from the makers of Go-Pro when I suggested this to them. :-(

I'm imagining an app that'll allow folks to just love cycling without needing to know about power, heart rate, etc. Kind of like when I was young.

SRAM Red eTap for a clutch derailleur so I can have a wireless 1x gravel bike.

More helmets with magnet attachments for small rear lights - i.e. Bontrager Flare RT.

Thanks guys, I suggested "tech I'd like to see" as a topic early in 2018. Good to see you getting on board :-P

GCN Tech I'd like to ride Challenge cyclocross clinchers made out of silk. Most likely, that will be a dream forever but it must be very interesting to ride.

GCN Tech shimano 1x12 wireless for aero and tt bikes.

Wireless di2

I would love to see new re-worked Aeroad perhaps with something new in terms of function of aerodynamics e.g. hidden brakes

Tech for smaller riders

1. affordable fairing, recumbent and velomobile. 2. Fairing that can be installed on any bike/trike 3. Cruzbike Vendetta V20 vs M5 Carbon High racer on flats, climbs, and descending

Affordable Campagnolo disc brake groupset. Right now Potenza disc brake is ridiculously priced at 1500€

Please, please, please can we have some sexy climbing bikes to rip it up the climbs... Contador and Schleck inspired climbing retro :)

Sram 1x12 would be my favourite

Tech that would make me to feel, that this is what I really want, or what I need! And tech that would not make me to think, that they try too deceive me, or rip off in any imaginable, or non imaginable way. Tech that is really made to meed the needs of enduser.

IQ2 power meter succeeds and price of PM drops

I’d like to see more affordable carbon wheels. I’d love a set of Zipp 303s or similar, but it’s hard to justify spending almost as much as I spent on my bike on a wheel set.

I'm probably the only person on planet earth, but I want to see an updated Sram Red **mechanical** groupset for 12s.

Wireless shifting from Shimano

How about a Campy 12 speed cassette in a 11-25?

A 14 speed Shimano Alfine Di2 powered by an integrated dynamo. I am serious. Really!

I want disc breaks to be cheaper on entry level bikes currently a tiagra disc bike can cost as much as 105 rim break and 105 disc break can cost €1600, the gap between rim and disc gets worse through the group set heirachy! Frustrating!!!

Would love to see more alternative groupset manufacturers stuff

I'd love to see more bikes with stunning paintjobs, like for instance Trek and Specialized have already.

I'd love to see some more steel-framed bikes that look classic but ride modern. (Like the Fairlight Strael).

I'd love to see an affordable Velomobile.

I'd like to see a visually much cleaner solution to clamping a stem onto a steerer tube. Older quill stems looked much nicer than modern aheadset stems. I'd also like to see keyways on all components that rotate in the frame - seatpost, saddle, steerer tube, stem, etc - to make alignment easier. And can we have more polished silver components please instead of black everything?

The next version of my homemade automatic shifter controlling the new Enviolo SP hub installed on my new road bike. Also the next version of my homemade power meter. Just got to get on with building them.

2019 will be the end of shitty rim brakes

These videos are too lung and too dull.

Sorry to hear this one isn't for you - what would you like to see more of?

Cheap power meter that can be wear as socks, that is what I want for 2019

Windproof gloves that are not just proofed on the backs but all round.

chrismas and new year are pagan belive

3 simple words: SRAM FORCE ETAP

I want a EMP device to mount on the handlebar :D

Jon saying he used to touch that specialized tri spoke when we was younger

Frothy? It's a stubbie holder for your tinny, mate ;)

The elephant in the room? How about a light(er) chain?

I'm planning on buying a new, 2019 Trek Domane SLR but I'm in between sizes, either a 58cm or 60cm. I currently ride a 58 cm Scott but the measurements and the size guides I've looked at say I should ride a 60 cm. I'm 1. 88 meters tall and have a 87.6 cm inseam. The standover height on the 58cm feels better to me, please solve my dilemma for me!

No one in Australia drinks Fosters

I'd like to see the long term review of your orbea orca aero disc.

Frame Up Bikes in Pleasant Hill California offers a full clear bra wrap and ceramic coating out of there shop by partnering with an auto detailer. Pure genius

Definitely the Pinerello!

Great show and kick arse presenters! Great job guys

You guys are mean :) the last S-works was super nice!! haha

I would like to see what the real difference between a $500 and a $2000 carbon wheel is.

Front and/or rear suspension for gravel bikes! waiting for this....

Squadron??? How about the Peloton?

can you two techies but your noodle noggins together and make a video about building a true apocalypse bike , with as much natural easier to replace materials as possible , a bike that would last beyond bike shops and scavenging !!!!!!!!!

Swear suggestion boy creases me up lol

Cycle kit that protects against road rash. It was tried a few years ago, but never seemed to catch on. Time for manufacturers to have another go at a Kevlar/Lycra mix?

Aww that Bianchi was robbed! Maybe they like riding it like that. Maybe they've got fingers like treebeard.

I want better budget road bikes that have integrated shifting

Wireless Shimano Di2, of course. #TechSquadron

What i want to see in 2019 is a GCN app.

isaaccastella.com for my Giant TCR Advanced 1

That was the first time I've laughed out loud haha RING THE BELL!!! sligh trauma


Too much commercial today, all five minutes, last one 1.5mins before end.

btw. I do have and use electric heated socks and gloves ;/ guys why you are laughing? They are great!

I miss only one thing. It's already patented by sram and shimano, gosh, why it's not on the market? I'm talking about special cranks for 1x systems on which chainring can move/adjust to the gear so it will always have best possible chainline.

The Giant is it MTB flat pedals ??

I would love Sram force etap. Will it happen? I sure hope so.

Is it me or Jon is scarily similar to the killer surgeon on Luther

Good luck trying to buy foster’s in Australia.

I just want to see more GCN and dream of stuff that I cant afford

The only thing about Frank Rollers is, he got to share with us the video of it working!

Shimano wireless electronic groupset and a lower range SRAM etap

Standardised road tubeless and probably sealant that'll last as long as the tires

For the TDU, the appropriate term would be "stubby holder". Jon had better take a few with him, because even Fosters tastes better than Adelaide water.

My vote is 4Ts...Tender To Tough Taints

Back in 1974 Ole Ritter attempted the hour record on a Benotto bike with toe-clipless pedal system and special rear entry/lace shoes.

1 by systems for road

omg too far, just gone way too far

Too generous with the Giant and too strict with the last Specialized.

It was pretty common practice to spay your downtube with Pam before muddy races when I were a lad.

Hi gcntech, love the idea of "techsquadron" for us gcntech fan. I have suggestion, how about "jolli techsquad" ? "Jolli" is slang for " jon and oli" it's like from the the jolly roger. Still looking for some idea tough.

Must say it's one of the best tech shows in the last 1/2 year...but don't take it as a compliment, the others were just shitty. Tho, stil dissapointed with bikevault segment.

Suggestion Boy.....!!!!!!!!! ho ho ho....

Another vote here for Di2 105 group set!

Ollie just died inside

Celeste is the best color out there boys!!!

Would love to see a wireless Shimano Dura Ace and Ultegra groupset, which would create the possibility for a 105e gruppo.

First bike in the vault had to have the cranks at that position so the helmet could support the bike. No points off for that.

Who honestly gives a damn about the valves? Too many pointless rules now with the bike vault. Valves need to be aligned, crank position, bottles, saddlebags must be removed. Just look at the bike and call it nice or super nice. Overcomplicating just for the sake of it is just stupid.

Cinelli was first clipless. A plastic tab on side was supposed to impact ground and release bolt into cleat.

different length spindles for clipless pedals had to buy pedal extenders because my heels keep catching the chain stays

Gcn crew

I want to see old ‘technologies’ come back. Simple, proven, reliable, common sense, reasonable and AFFORDABLE technologies. Remember bell bottoms? They made a come back! Beware of proprietary, specific garbage, they cause more problems than they solve. Hail to retro grouches eveeywhere!!

Hey, are you interested in making hardware better?, support my Kickstarter project. @t​

1888 John Dunlop owns the pneumatic tire patent. Solves your debate I guess however old tricycles used solid rubber prior so not the first use of vulcanized materials however the first with air added. http://www.automotivehalloffame.org/honoree/john-dunlop/

Jon's Merxx is just 'nice', Ollie?

Chain lube that actually keeps my chain clean (and shiny) so I don’t have to wipe it off after each ride...

CycoWarriorx Wax

We want the same as 10 years ago: faster, lighter, more aero, one extra cog... You can never go wrong by marketing those things.

The rollers are an excellent hack. But... it's a hack, not an upgrade to a bike.

How about heated brake/shifter hoods?

Would like to get a little more enthusiasm out of Ollie in the bike vault. Maybe a shock on his neck instead of a bell or some pointers from the boys at GMBN on how to run the vault.

15:00 Ollie looks like an abused child

that last bike from bike vault deserved a super super nice!!!

I agree, built-in computers and lights

I wonder if the person testing the white shorts did it half-assed.

Thanks Jon and Ollie for selecting me in the bike vault. Love the show forever

Thanks for getting involved!

I'd like power meter pedals that don't cost the earth and a lot less ads ruining the flow of the show.... 4 ad breaks....c'mon now...

Hutchinson was founded in 1853 significantly before Continental. They still make racing tubulars, tires and tubeless even sponsor Direct Energy

I'd like to see 105 Di2 already #techsquadron

This section just getting funnier and funnier.


The most annoying part of this show is that fecking bell, ditch it for the sake of sanity.

Can we not call viewers tech heads? People are always leaning out of their car windows and shouting "tech head" at me when I ride https://youtu.be/8PK1uE0tRlI

new tech for 2019, Shimano launching wireless groupsets!

Lighter aero disc bike ????? Giant Propel SL 0 weighs 7.0 Kg! Olli you tested this bike already and you know this bike well

Time made the first clip less pedal, but Look as well since they were the same company at that time. Time was founded after a disagreement in Look's management.

A new canyon aeroad frame!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am looking forward to more choices of E road bikes this year, I think this year will see a lot more manufactures getting there bikes out

YES! If you ever need a cowbell because someone else stole it (which seems possible from Ollie's face), I'll get you a new one! Haha! Ring tha BELL!!!

I think I shouldn't drink water while watching this duo. I just spit it all out and half went up my nose laughing...

How to sell your ugly shoes: get an Italian to stare at them longingly. Have him talk about their beauty and crafstmanship even though they're being made by a child in Indonesia.

Ollie, that would be a stubby holder.

Can coolers no.... Stubby holder yes. Frothie, also appropriate.

It warmed my heart to see the Froome fan Giant get a Super Nice in bike vault despite some of its modest componentry. But gents...the Venge. It was a think of beauty. What gives, Ollie? Dismissing it for the valve stems was just petty.

I have a Santa Cruz Stigmata from around 2010 and it has an anodized finish, like an aluminium frying pan. Nothing sticks to it.

Shimano wireless


Upgrades this week is: has GF vs no GF...

Cerakote bike frame would be awesome. Maybe I should do my steel Kona Rove LTD

that pink bike will haunt me in my dreams

PEDALS. Cinelli M71 I was using these back in the seventies, long before look and time made their clip less designed (time were better, as they had float years before look) The M71's were designed for the track, but a lot of us used them for time trails on the road. I still have my original pair, but also a few more sets grace some of my old tt machines (speedwell titanium for one ... the first commercially available titanium frame)

You guys have issues, that needs specialized treatment, to rate the last bike only “nice” because of the length of the valve.

Money can't buy a super nice

I would welcome a sleek and sexy e-mod kit for mountain and road bikes, something shop-supported with parts and service and something which easily and affordably turns an alloy-frame bike into a snappy e-bike for fun and commutes. So I'm thinking rear-hub motor with removable battery and no-frills wiring and components. It just seems like it is high time a major player got in the game and got it done for those of us who want to buy an e-upgrade without buying an entire e-bike just yet.

ollie rocks... love the way his mind works

+Bungle2010 Never thought of that

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