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Wedding-dress, shopping we're. Doing it are we gonna cry or, are we gonna cry a lot its ladylike, and we're going wedding-dress, shopping. Oh. God. We are here, at pebbles. Bridal, which is actually, the salon where I bought my wedding dress. What. Did you're shopping is actually something that I think people think of as clamorous. And beautiful, and actually it can be really emotional what, ideas, do you have about what wedding dress shopping is like I feel like I'm, gonna need copious. Amounts of champagne, because my mom and I are gonna disagree on most everything, I haven't. Thought too much about what my wedding dress shopping, experience, is gonna look like but I do imagine, it to be glamorous and I imagine people to be crying, with me but, it sounds like that's not what it is yes, imagine that when you find the dress you, know immediately but, I don't think that's always the case, we'll. See, I'm. Also going to be trying on dresses with you yeah. Yes. I know I am, already married but, I didn't want to do a wedding dress video we're only straight sized people we're trying on the dresses so, I think being Plus lives kind of brings a different perspective to, the experience, and also because I would like you all to see that it's just as fun and can be just as cool I'm excited. To feel like a princess even, if it's like for five minutes, I am, excited, to try something, expensive, on, my body Wow. Hi. I'm Suzy the owner and operator of Pebbles Bridal in Woodland Hills I'm so excited to have you thank you so much for being here how, many people do you think a person should wedding. Dress shop with I think if it's somebody, that you wouldn't want in the delivery room, with you when you're delivering a baby perhaps, they can stay home and come to your first fitting I think, it's it's a lot I would really limit it maybe to your, mother or mother figure in your life and perhaps, a sibling or your, best friend as long. As she truly. Will always have your best interest in her it's like it your friend of me or like your bestie but you kind of like you know talk, about each other about it don't bring her this talking, will come to the fore absolutely, oh it will all bubbly, will sit right at the surface for the entirety of your planning, I'm like room a chain everything that you're saying in my job and I'm like okay, she's, not coming anywhere. So. One thing I actually really liked about the salon is nobody, encouraged, me to lose weight on my wedding I think a bride, should be able to walk into any store no, matter who she is and try on what she wants and I think of the industry, as a whole has been doing a really good job in inclusion there's a couple companies that extend, the size range to 38 and I think that that's really really great I want every bride to walk in here and know that there's something for them here. Alright. Here we are at, the racks so. When brides come in here typically how do they start looking for dresses some brides want to just be left alone and walk, through the racks and roam and pick some guys want me to hold their hands the entire way I think Devin and I want to roam the raft and redo it right feel like you don't feel that way yeah I love being coddled I'm a mom yeah and this is really good. Yeah oh you're, gonna pull some dresses for Chantelle and, we're, gonna pull this for ourselves yes also but also I'm, gonna pull a dress for, you, and also for you. Also very common practice how, often is the friends, dress a good dress. Just. For my purchase now my dress that I wore one. Of my bridesmaids pictures, we did, Jack. He's probably watching this video now being like at Raj okay you're hired Jackie, can one come work for me I actually, I didn't like it what you pulled it I was.

Like. Wrestling. A bride into the dresser just try, it on you're gonna like. Usually. The bride first comes in the first thing I ask is do you know where you're getting there let's go with a beach beach, okay what kind of vibe do you feel let's go like tropical. Beauty. Holidays. Biscuit. Yeah yeah yeah let's, do that overall. What's, cuts, do you like on your body like I actually have, like pretty, big boobs, okay and so I'm like I want to look hot because also I feel that there's a lot of wedding dresses they look really beautiful in, person but then in pictures you kind of lose the magic and so I want something that's like bold, yes. This. Actually reminds me a lot of your truck I was just gonna say that reminds me this has a lot of kind of like Gatsby vibe yes. What. If I wound, up picking the same dress that like Kristen got married at you, know what you did it well the first time I'm gonna do it well the second time so we've done this before I'm. Happy to do it again everybody back just. For fun so I want to try sparkle. Sparkle Sparkle. Or. Chantelle there's, a dress I saw I really want her to try on so. We're gonna pick that one. Carrying. Like a baby don't. Worry and we'll protect you I'm. Gonna make Devon, try on this one because I saw these dresses and I was like if I can't have her then, my friends, can't I think. They're both gonna like my choices. I've. Been wandering the, racks for the past like 20 or 30 minutes I realized, I have no idea what I want and I need an adult I happen to be one great, so, fabulous, they're all the same color but, they're all so different they, are exactly, so tell, me a little bit about what you thought you were seeking out when you were walking through the rocks so my imaginary, wedding Kay's in like the woods I wanted, to look like lace is just floating on my body like on your skin no man toot, they're like I'm ethereal, like I'm like a nymph okay within that look, are there certain style elements that you reveal of where I can do like a high neckline right because I got height but I can also do like a plunging, neckline so I don't have boobs okay overall, like I want everyone who's there to be like oh my god Devon's, a goddess we knew this sounds meeting her but now I'm really coming to the conclusion that she's a goddess got it okay. So. Last one, tattooed, lace yeah kind of fitted maybe. One that's like plunging, yep let's go over here somewhere mmm. Holy. Like. That yep, that's exactly it. I'm magic what, you turned.

Around And, picked it out that's what I got, is that one that one yes I'm now more excited for my imaginary wedding here, she comes. Oh. My. God she's a princess, and a bitch. Wow. You look amazing Deb, yeah, it's, cute okay. So that is a huge indicator for me yeah it's. Hugh is never, the one what do you don't like about it I love most of it I just don't, like being able to not move my arm and then like a little tight and a little bit matronly there, if it's not you it's not you yeah that's fine I'm still gonna be like wolf-whistles. I, can't whistle so I just have to say the word. Okay. I, mean this dress feels very naked but I love it my butt is literally the heart right now is, a symbol, of love affair, show me show me. Again. Like. It love, it I feel, the same this is an incredible. Dress but it doesn't, quite feel like you chantels. Commentary, about what she thinks is I think in my opinion the ideal way the friend who's been invited should, speak to the bride I think, it looks beautiful I don't necessarily feel your personality, coming through but this is based on cues that Devin might have given you know rather than should make well, I know you love it but I would never pick it for you like what you know so there, are always ways to word, things kindly, and good love especially, about something like this the thing about this dress is, that, I want to try it on oh. Yeah. This. Is a reality TV that cut to both of our face. And. I do it. And. I would only ever do that since, you said that you don't want this dress this would be perfect for the beach if you like oh we're gonna have you try this dress on oh the plot thickens, oh. My. God, this is gorgeous, Wow. If. Everything, I wanted the tattoo blaze it, looks like it's just on my body Wow. Plunging. Neckline. Do. Your, minds and grab a red veil yes don't, your mom's gonna lose her mind she. Is oh. I'm. Gonna cry. I'm. Gonna cry what, the hell I never thought I would have a veil like this I the. Veil is what makes you look like it's like oh you're getting me. Your. Wife and uh Wow. I. Did not think I would actually like look like a bride tonight I thought, I would look like Oh Devon in pretty dresses. Well. I was not prepared for that I'm ready to marry you off in this show you gave, me that look. Like. A saint. Think. Devon, of yelling. At people in trapping I. Think. This is another sign that I know this because they don't want to take it off oh that's. Usually, the tell-tale, sign so Suzie you pick this one out I did. Devon. You can come back and visit your dress anytime you want. Incredible. So. I saw this dress and I was just like someone, must wear it but who and. I only had two choices, that's. Why I picked Devin I think my mom would like this dress than us oh really. This, is definitely more in the vein of what most, moms would, envision their daughters in something very kind of like grand and princessy, and whether they mean to or not it just happens, this. Is what I would like for my mom when my mom gets married she's gonna wear that dress. Well. Done Chris you're, welcome. Sweetie. To me I'm afraid now. One. Two three, four. Just. Here, in a wedding dress. Oh, my. God it's Miss America.

What. You. Look like an actual mermaid look at my boom yeah. Yeah, look, at him this dress isn't even clipped up you know she's right simple, sight it's the sample size off the rattle perfect. I'm. Like blown, away so pretty how do you feel I love, it all right looking. At it from the back and like that's my photo. Me. Dancing it that's huge. So. Here's Chantelle in one of the dresses demin. Tries dammit. That's how that dress is supposed to work. Wow. Wow. Do you love it oh. Wait here time with you close your eyes turn, and face the mirror oh no. Am. I gonna crack I mean I'm already crying if, I'm already crying have it open my eyes. Wow. Oh. My. God you, were born for a cathedral-length, train that, just mean really long yeah. Catch. A breeze just right that's like an epic yeah we need a Beyonce. Fans. Wow. I mean it's almost like it's so perfectly, symmetrical, looking from the back so actually really can you raise your arms it's like, did. You know that I'm a ghost. And. Beauty. I, feel. Like it's the type of dresser. It's like if I looked back at that photo like 40 years from now I'd be like oh yes. Cow, grandma. Was hot. Oh, my. Goodness. This. Is my favorite one I think we'll pick this one out oh. It's, all Susie how do you feel shocked Oh objectively. I'm like oh this is an absolutely, gorgeous dress, it doesn't quite feel like me okay, yeah I kind of got that vibe from you you kind of look like you're a bride at the four seasons, my teddy mr., Rockefeller, Carnegie, Mellon, will. Be by with four, gold doubloons later, to, pay for my gown yeah. They. Feel, like that's the ponies I. Want. To try on this dress you, can time. Your wedding does basically, is, beautiful, in the end Wow oh, my, god the Sugar Plum Fairy is here. I. Do love, just, how wispy, it is. Because. Of my bust, it makes me look. A little bit like larger, on top and I actually am, really but, I like the feel of it but now that I have dresses where you can see my boy I'm like but what about my body. Here, is Kristin's. Pick what if it Oh. So, spark, very doable you look like an angel for. A second I like I saw your face I was like oh beautiful. No, okay good okay, good, I'm so Burdick I was like give me something ha give me something shows that looks, good from every angle that's, what this is, basically, you look very statuesque, you look very tall and you. Are standing on the step stool so that helps but uh what, did you do with your hair in this one. I. Love. I love hearing Mike whisper wow. Wow. That's. You. Like it was perfect for her. Your, boobs look a plus like. Aspirational. Aspirational. Your boobs might be double D's but they're an a-plus, in my book I'm. Heartbroken, I will, never get to marry her but. At least she'll go to a nice. Home. Like. A dog. Hey. Wait. Wait wait. Wait, oh we need to do a rear wedding. Kristen. You, look like a movie. Star. Yes. Wow. I. Know I. Like, definitely didn't try on dresses like this why cuz, I it was we're going to me I was like moving too much or, like noon I just couldn't really want to like worry about it so that's why I went for like big and billowy although, even as I'm talking to you I'm like oh. Yeah. I feel beautiful not comfortable, sorry. That's. Not my job I don't sell mattresses. Can. We see a veil oh yeah. No. Debbie. Wow. Kristen. You. Look like. That. Veil is, also, just gorgeous with it it complements, it so perfectly. I love a cathedral-length. Veil like. One else I can't, stop smiling my, face hurts it's so pretty it just looks so good I really, didn't trying any mermaid dresses I was like no I can't do that but here we are well, I think in retrospect we can all say now like it's good to just get, your feet wet try other things the worst thing that can happen is it's not the one and you just move on you look hot my feet are wet I am a mermaid. Wow. Is. It rude to be like I like this better than your wedding dress. Wow. Talk. About it show. Kristen. Do a pose oh. Look. At you, Holy Mother. Honestly. This would have gone along with the theme of your wedding I know how, do we get Brian to propose to you again he does something bad I'm sure we get him too.

Wait. Is this my favorite one I know. Oh, and. How it's layered. Oh, my. God I love the little 3d elements in it like those little 3d flowers you're so delicate sweet, this. Is my favorite one I love deeply very warm but the other thing that. I. Wanted something like a little bit like I'm, a fairy princess yeah. Oh here, okay close your eyes oh this. Dress is so pretty and. Look, and, look Wow. This, veil and this, dress, wha-wha-wha, wha-wha-wha-wha, Wow it looks like all the fairy tales together, it looks like Alice in Wonderland it. Looks like Cinderella, fairy. Tale bitch. We. Were really wedding-dress shopping right now I'd have you go put on the mermaid come on again and then, this, one again and then I would cry this is just beautiful. They're. Both such different, looks that you look amazing and both of them which one do you like best, I don't know I have one more try. This. I think is the combination. Really. It's. The mermaid dress what, we saw from the last one, Wow. Right, did you just make, those two dresses have a baby I did I'm also a matchmaker. It's. Beautiful. I like, the color on you a lot too oh no this is kind of like the creamy like Moscato, color. Look. At dresses like this when I was shopping I was looking at things there were a little bit more Nye County, a little bit more like Buttercup. Ganic cuz I thought like oh I, can't do a dress like this but. Here we are here we are. Mermaid was the cut for, you it was like everything I wanted sparkly, it, shows my body yeah, slightly different direction with the veiled to kind of those linear. Beaded, elements. That. Is a Gore Jeff. I'm. Crying, already. Wait. Susie did you pick this one out. Mm. Honestly. My punch is good stuff on its own but I really honestly a good partner is essential, in. A dress in a marriage I. Did. Not expect to get that emotional, I have nowhere near, getting, married, but you put that dress in the veil on the flowers and my hands and suddenly I'm just like a little spring fountain. So. Fun to I do, and then when you guys came out dresses, and look like princesses, oh my god I think I got more emotional, seeing the, two of you in the dresses, versus seeing myself in, the dresses, maybe you didn't find your dress today I don't know I loved, all of them though there were your favorite dresses of the day I really love the one that you picked out for me and I really like the one that I stole from Devin who's your favorite, that one that Suzy picked out oh my, god I love that one and then I also loved the one that you picked out as well that. Was really, really nice. But. Yeah what was your favorite my favorite dress was the one that Suzy picked at the end Moscato, with, the silver beading mermaid, it. Was beautiful. This. Is actually really nice. Very. Fun and I think it's really good to like bolster, your confidence, and make you feel really, beautiful that's, something that I think a lot of women, don't get to do that often I mean you don't get to go to a bridal shop and try on dresses but you know when you do you want to feel good doing it well, you should if you don't feel good doing it you should go somewhere else that you do feel good at like your two locations. New. Locations, to serve you one in Woodland Hills what an orange Sony. Trying. On wedding dresses lady. Tested, lady, dresses. Not. Hot, Oh got Stevie, got, sweaty.

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Hi y’all! This is my video that I produced. I have actually been planning this video for a long time — all spring, actually. We shot it on April 24th. If you go to my Twitter you can actually see that I tweeted about shooting this video before Saf’s video even came out. It’s wedding season — there is gonna be a lot of wedding content happening everywhere. Sometimes stuff like this just happens, but I’m not going to kill a video just because of a coincidence — because everyone is allowed to try things. Hope this helps, thanks! —Kristin

Seeing Kristen in her first dress made me think of a glass soda bottle and I freaking love it!

Love this video!

i love the dresses on all of u.. hope when u have kind of events in the future that required dresses, u got to wear something as gorgoues as the wedding dresses..

Makes sense. Thanks for the explanation!!

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