Top Ten 360 Cameras In Mid 2018!

Top Ten 360 Cameras In Mid 2018!

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Look at, them they, are beautiful. Oh. Hi. Well these, cameras are here so that, must mean it's time to do my which camera should you buy video and it's, been three months since I made the last one and I'm gonna be honest with you not a lot has changed my. Hierarchy, from last time is more or less the same with, the cameras you should and shouldn't buy however something I've never ever done in a video is rank these 360. Cameras from 10 to 1 and look there's no one answer, for which is the best camera because, everyone's different everyone, has different needs, from a camera so in this video I'm going to tell you exactly what, each of these cameras is best at and who they are for because the best 360, camera is different for every person so. This video is going to figure out which is the best 360, camera for you I'm only going to talk about consumer, and prosumer, cameras that are under $1,200. If there's a camera you have your eye on that isn't here it's likely I've knocked it out in a previous video so check out my previous camera comparisons, to see why this camera hasn't, made the list starting with number 10 it's the gear 360, 2017. Video. Now, you're bringing it back yeah I know I did but 2 things have changed since last time 1 the price the price has gone down to around, $100. As long as half the price that was before which puts it back in contention, for people that only have $100, to spend this is a basic 360, camera and it does everything ok. But for $100, yeah I think it totally delivers for that price also, they've added stabilization. Finally, built, in 6, axis stabilization it's. Not as good as the other cameras but it stabilizes, if you're considering this camera do check out my review of this it's got a lot of flaws it's got some strengths, but personally, I don't really recommend it anymore unless you only have a hundred dollars to spend oh forgot to mention this is the cheapest camera that can do live-streaming, 360, number nine is its older brother the gear 360, 2016. And this is still an OK camera in mid, 2018. It's probably just on the verge of being acceptable, given all the amazing innovations. That have happened in the last year the reason this camera continues, to stay on this list is the price this is the cheapest, good quality 360, camera you will find end of story it's around $70. Right now and if you have a samsung phone and a low budget then this is probably the camera for you one of its biggest flaws is definitely, compatibility. It's only compatible, with a certain, line of phones you will want to check out the Samsung website if you're considering, it but I can't use it I'm on Mac and I find so haven't. Used it in about a year but it's a great camera if you're on Samsung one amazing Pro of this camera is it still the highest resolution, 360. Camera under, $1200, of all of them there are $1000, cameras that aren't as high resolution as this one so although, it's cheap and the dynamic range is nowhere near as good as some of the other cameras, it does have resolution, on its side should you buy the gear 360, 2016. Only if you have a budget of $70, if you have more then you'll probably want to consider the other cameras on this list coming in at number 8 is my newest, 360, camera of all of them and that's, Devoe's. Plus, 3d. 360. Camera this is an 8 lens, 3d. Camera, and it's. Been pretty good so far this is the cheapest, 3d 360, camera out there aside from the previous, Foods model from the few shots I've taken so far it's looked pretty good, not amazing however, I haven't viewed in 3d yet, 3d is actually, amazing I can't wait until 3d, takes off it's going to be absolutely incredible and it's gonna bring that immersion factor, of 360, photos and videos to the next level 3d means you can essentially see depth in the image if you remember those old viewmaster headsets. Where, you put in slide and you can see these 3d photos, I used to play with these a lot when I was a kid it's just like that you can see layers which create depth, in your photos and videos they're still working on the app they're still working on the software so this is an almost complete camera and that has the potential to be amazing the, biggest flaw I found that so far is the stitching, it's so easy for stuff to get cut off with this camera as you can see there's a massive blind spot on the top and on the bottom and even between the lenses, standing, about two to three feet away you're still, going to get cut off so this is a camera you'd need to use in wide open spaces where, nothing, is going to come anywhere close to the camera or risk getting cut off in the seam line of.

So, Who should buy it anyone with $1,200. Lying around that wants to play with 3d and see what it's like knowing, that most people aren't going to view it in 3d it's. Cool but you're gonna be one of the only kids on planet earth playing, with this toy coming in at number 7 it's the. Garmin. VirB yes, the camera I like to make fun of the most is still a contender, in mid 2018. And why is that well, something it has above all the other 360, cameras is this is the most durable 360. Camera of all of them it has replaceable lenses, and it's shockproof so, it can withstand a, fall from, 1020. Feet up like I did that one time I don't want to talk about it. It's. My Garmin VirB. Still. Have nightmares about that but. If this were any other 360, camera I would have had to buy a new camera, with the Garmin VirB I went straight on to the Garmin's website and, I saw they had replaceable, lenses it cost about $40. And I had them in the mail within about five days and that's saved me $700. So there's that because someone that likes taking risks with your camera you do extreme sports or you're just clumsy then, this may be the camera for you because it's, very likely it's not going to break since I made my review of the VirB they've added the ability in their desktop, software to, stitch 5.7. K video and I tried it yesterday and it works flawlessly many people forget that about the verb that makes it one the highest resolution consumer. Slash prosumer, 360, cameras money can buy the final thing has about the others is G metrics so if you're into racing or extreme sport it will create all kinds of cool overlays, that will show up on screen as you navigate your course and make your video look kind, of like a video game that's cool completely useless to me but I can see how be totally, useful for those people the verbs a great camera and maybe I was too hard on it last time by putting it on the math list but the reason it's on the math list is the price this is, $800. And for only offering those three, things above all other 360. Cameras it's just not enough and most cameras on this list are less than half the price of the verb coming in at number six is the camera I love, to hate and that is the. Yi 360. V and I hate, the fact that I love to hate this camera but it's only because I'm an that guy and this is not a Mac friendly camera, or iPhone, friendly at all it is 5.7, K however I can't process it doesn't work on phone it doesn't work on computer for Mac so if you're a PC owner this, is going to be the highest resolution video, camera under, $500, the year is 399. Right now so, PC. Owners this is a serious, option and if I were a PC, reviewer like some of my good friends I'll be putting this way higher like maybe 3 2 or 1 but since I'm a Mac guy this camera is basically, unusable, for me which is sad because I, thought this camera had a lot of potential and maybe it will one day when, it does become Mac friendly another issue I have with it is its dynamic, range it's really, not, great it doesn't handle highlights and shadows well, at all in the same image so if you're one of those people it just loves, resolution, ones much as possible regardless, of the look of your photos and videos then the Yee is a camera you should consider but, something that's way more important, to me is that dynamic range it's just so important, and I know I'm going to go with the cameras higher than this on this list ok we're down to the final five of my favorite 360.

Cameras Of mid 2018. And coming in at number five, is the. Rio, 360. Camera and why, low is a camera that I'm liking more and more every, time I use it if you saw some of my Japan videos you saw I shot some awesome, hyper lapses, with the Rilo which involved me holding this camera and walking for four minutes speeding, up in the app adding, the hyperlapse effect and bam I've got an amazing b-roll, shot which once would have taken hours, and hours if not days and, I, can do it in minutes there's no question the Rilo is a b-roll machine, and I can see myself using this for the next year, at least because. It's just so good at that yes it's draw cut is it's hyper lapses and stabilization, the, rila is still the best 360, camera for stabilization, it's, got amazing six, axis stabilization and, it's. The best for Hyper lapses, recently they've added a motion blur effect within, the app and it just gives those hyper lapses that next, level, cinematic. Look it just feels, like something that was shot really professionally, even though it wasn't and when you're filming you look like a complete idiot walking around with this thing like. People think you're some kind of pervert, but I don't even care because, as hyperlapse is look so on another, thing it does better than the other cameras, is the button layout it's ridiculously. Simple to use this camera there's literally two buttons on off and record. On the top and that's it you just press record take, your photo take a video and bam, you're done but hold on though the Rilo also has lots of flaws, this is far from a perfect 360. Camera the first and biggest flaw is there's no Wi-Fi connection, which means you can't connect wirelessly, to your phone and preview, your images, or download. Your footage you need to physically, use a cable connected from the camera to your phone the final major flaw is the Rilo in my opinion, is the price this is a $500, camera and I don't think it's really, worth $500. I mean yes look there's hyperlapse shot work amazing, and I would pay $500. For those no, question, so if you're someone that likes the hyperlapse effect and you don't mind the idea of having two cameras, then the rila might be a good second camera for you I wouldn't totally rule it out though as a main camera it would only be a main camera if you're someone that really values, stabilization. If you're someone that's into extreme sports or maybe you exclusively. Shoot handheld then you absolutely a thousand, percent should consider, the rila coming in and number four is the, insta. 360. One. About. That look, I still totally stand by everything I said in the last video however, the, last video wasn't ranking, from ten to one this is still gonna be the best 360, camera for lots and lots of people just not everyone something I feel like I could have clarified a lot, better in my last video is this is the perfect 360, camera for big beginners it's really, easy to use it clips onto your phone and you can do everything on your phone in minutes no question instead 360, had the best app and that makes the whole workflow, a breeze, whereas with most other 360, cameras you have to use several apps bring, to your computer, and it, can really drag out the process, insta 360, are all about simplicity and, I really have to give them a round of applause for their amazing, app, however. That, does not mean that this is a camera for everyone this is for a beginner, if you're a beginner or you're into live-streaming this is also the best 360, camera for live-streaming, but if you're a semi. Garen's photographer, and you want image quality you want dynamic range you want beautiful colors, then you want to consider the cameras above, the one on this list I've always had issues with the look of the photos and videos that come out of this it's not great for contrast. And the colors aren't always accurate to, what you see in real life for, me as a more experienced, photographer, that means the world to me so if you're someone that's never owned a 360, camera and you want something that's Buber easy to use you just plug in take a photo download, and then upload to social media this is going to be the camera for you however you probably will, need an iPhone yes they do have an Android adapter, but since I recommended, it in my last video I had so many people reach out saying this is less than perfect it does not work great with Android at all some, people is working fine but a lot of people it's not so, therefore, I've withdrawn my recommendation, if you're an Android user I wouldn't really consider this because you're probably going to experience issues basically.

Every Other 360, camera on this list is Android, friendly so you might want to consider one of the other options coming in at number three and not one, but, two 360. Cameras the me sphere and the may adventure 360, before you ask there's still no difference between the two so it's up to you which one you want to buy personally, I recommend the me sphere just because it's usually cheaper the me sphere has been high on this list for probably the longest of any of the 360, cameras this has been one of the best options for over, a year now and it's still an excellent option, in mid 2018. Why, is that well, the me sphere is just a great all-around camera. And everything. It's a great photo camera and has excellent resolution and, pretty, good dynamic, range it's got lots of manual shooting, options it's great for video it's got stabilization. And the image quality and sharpness is as good if not better than most of the cameras on this list the best part is this is one of the cheapest, cameras on this list it consistently, comes in around, the 200, to 250. Dollar mark which makes it the best camera by far in this price bracket do check out my review and the 6,000, other videos I've made about the me sphere but I still like it it's not my number one favorite but it will always have a special place in my heart and why isn't it my favorite you might ask well I do write it really highly however I found as someone that is experienced. At photography I'm always having to color correct, the photos, and videos that comes out of the Mexica they never come out perfect, or not, even perfect I don't expect perfect but, just good enough to post I find, the meso is always really contrasty the, blacks are really dark and a lot of the time it has a blue tone that needs to be fixed this is a minor issue but it's a major issue for me because I care a lot about color and in an ideal world a camera will take a photo where you don't really have to touch it for it to be acceptable, enough to post online and again I'm being really picky and most people don't color correct their photos and figures that come from the mesosphere and that's okay too otherwise I rate the mesosphere super, highly and can confidently, say this is the best 360, camera for under $300. Number two and it's. The theta V this is one of the cameras I've been using the most over the last six months and the. First reason is I just love the design this thing no, question this is the best design 360, camera money can buy it's the perfect size, it's the shape of a pocket, and that's really so important, when you want to take around your 360 camera and not feel like you're carrying around a full camera kit and or do something bulky in your pocket you don't want to look like you're getting excited, in public when you have a 360 camera, in your pocket which is why the theta V is a much better alternative so, there's, that also the theta V has probably, the fastest, workflow, of all of these 360, cameras maybe other than the one however, download, time two-way fast on the theta V you can download a photo like that and the file sizes are small enough that it doesn't fill up the 19 gigabyte, SD card, this is one of the big flaws of the fate of V is there's, no expandable, memory and you're stuck with 19 gigabytes, however, the file compression is really good you still get decent quality, photos and videos look they're not amazing, and it's not as high resolution, as a lot of these other 360, cameras but because the dynamic range is just so good it makes, it look sharper, than it actually is, the theta cameras have always been amazing for dynamic range and the look is far superior to, every other camera I've discussed so far the theta V also has the best built in HDR that I've seen from a 360, camera it almost doesn't matter how much contrast, you have in your scene how bright the highlights are how dark the shadows are the theta V is probably, going to expose them correctly if you use hex tearing, you will need to put your camera on a tripod to do this or your shots may turn out blurry no-questions, sharpness isn't the number-one strength of the theta V however if you're shooting for social media this is going, to be one of your best options now the flaw is there's no replace of all battery so if you're someone that likes filming for a long time this will probably be an issue for you if that only leaves one camera, left and if you've been following my recent videos then you know what it is it's the GoPro.

Fusion, And as of mid 2018, in my humble opinion the GoPro, Fusion is the best all-around camera. For 360, photos and 360. Videos it's definitely a prosumer, camera, and not a consumer. Camera meaning you need more of an advanced setup as in a phone you need a fast computer, with a fast graphics card and lots, of RAM in order to use it but if you have those things this will be one of the best 360. Cameras you can get your hands on firstly straight out of the camera the photos and videos just look amazing and they barely need any work done to them also it's, so sharp this is one of the few 360, cameras I've seen that when you look in any one direction it, looks legitimately. Like high-definition. Video most of the other cameras on this list look more like 720p. When reframed, the stabilization, on the fusion is second only to the Rilo and it's really close the fusion stabilization, is incredible. And if you're someone's into extreme sports and you can afford the fusion over a thousand, percent recommend, the fusion because it beats the Rilo in every other way well, maybe other than that cool hyperlapse effect but if you're someone that's into sports moving, around a lot and stabilization, is important, you're going to get amazing looking 360, video from the fusion and it's also waterproof which makes it the best 360, camera for using underwater look for stitching sucks underwater, which is why you need a housing regardless, of the 360, camera you own and whether it's waterproof or not it doesn't matter because what it causes issues with unhoused 360. Cameras so if you wanted to take this swimming and say, use it out of the water it would be a great waterproof, camera for that application. The fusion shoots raw the fusion has voice control the fusion has spatial, audio and the fusion is the best 360, camera for video in low-light it really is a great all-around choice, if you, can afford it which most, people can't some, hundred dollars is a lot to spend on a 360 camera especially as your first camera so this is more of a second, camera if you've already bought a camera before and you're fully boarding the 360 and the fusion is going to be a great upgrade now would recommend it a thousand percent however, the biggest floor of it is the workflow and this is the number one complained about thing is the, workflow on computer. A lot of people are using really, really, slow computers, and expecting. My point 2k video from the fusion to work on it and it's not it's crushing their computer or fusion studio crushes and they, blame GoPro. But really the issue was their hardware couldn't, handle it so I would say you need a minimum of 16, gigabytes of RAM and it likes a 2 gigabyte if not four gigabyte graphics card to make the fusion run smoothly, and not take days to render, a single clip do check out my fusion review to see all the pros and cons but this is something that's unanimous amongst, all the 360, camera reviewers, and the 360 pro community, right now that the Fusion is the best prosumer, 360, camera oh by the way one thing I need to and really quickly is I saw the Kendall, bucum and, it's, amazing, I think it's gonna be one of the best 360, cameras of late, 2018, it's not ready yet but I have complete confidence so, it's going to be in the top three of this list by the end of the year I'd strongly recommend joining, the Facebook groups as the camera you own or the camera you're interested, in to see samples, to see user questions you can submit a question so definitely join as many of those Facebook groups as you can and hey I'd be interested to know what's your number, one 360, camera right now and why leave a comment down there and you know what choosing a 360, camera is one thing but really knowing how to use and how to get really professional, results, with your 360, camera is a completely, different thing you can buy an amazing camera and still, your footage can look terrible, which is why I made my video course a beginner's, guide to 360, video why do things the hard way when you can learn from all of my mistakes by, getting my best tips and tricks in something, you can consume in under, a day I'll put a link to it in the description and this video course is my best content yet by far finally. I've got some news to share this is going to be my last video that I'll be filming here I started, on YouTube, about two years ago posting. Serious, tutorials, and it's been an amazing ride and this backdrop has been with me for the vast majority of, videos I've shot however I'm now at a point in my youtube career where I'm ready to take things to the next level and the place I'm living in now it's just not doing it for me it's too small I found, an amazing new, place there's gonna be so much better for YouTube, so with that said.

It's. Time to say goodbye. Had. My wall like this for eight years so I feel like I'm tearing apart a piece of my soul. I'm. Sorry mr. Kubrick. Wait. A minute I could. Have taken them to my new house, oh. Well. It's, been fun. See. Ya.

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With the Vuze, because they are working on the app and software the workflow is terrible. The video cannot be stitched on the phone, and the software doesn't do non linear editing. It also must be mentioned that they give you 5 licenses to use the software (although they are real good at helping people out with an extra license if you contact support), and their stitching software is not available for sale. But it is a great camera if you can get passed the stitching.

Thanks for these informative videos Ben! As always they really do help one in choosing the right 360 camera. Stereoscopic VR is so immersive I believe it will be the future of video entertainment! I was seriously considering the Vuze+ at one point, however, it's a bit over my budget so instead I've recently opted for a super cheap 3D rig using 2 Samsung 360's (2016). I bought the Samsung 360 2016 model after watching one of your videos, and I totally agree it's fantastic value and works a treat with my Samsung phone. The video stitching on my Samsung phone is super fast, while the (supplied) action director software takes hours to stitch so I don't use it. My Samsung 360 3D setup is looking pretty good now that I found a workaround for 2 major issues... the lenses can see each other (slightly) when side by side & the back lenses need to be switched in post (otherwise the 3D is inverted if looking behind you). Another downside of this setup is that with only 2 cameras you lose the depth on the sides since there's no separation there, but for a few hundred bucks what you can do with it is incredible.

Thanks... Great video..... I have a GO Pro Fusion and Theta V.... Feeling pretty good...

What is your opinion on the Insta 360 air

great video (as always) I started with the LG.... I'm in Qatar and that was the only one available locally at the time. I had a lot of fun with it while figuring out how to take better videos and shots, but it fell out of my pocket in a taxi and well...... never saw it again. So I bought the Samsung Gear 2017..... great app not so great output but I learned a lot using it and still have it. However when they added stabilization on an update the app became TERRIBLE...... and the claimed resolution of the video wasn't backed up by the output, but it's still in my arsenal. I did buy the Insta 360 One, couldn't get it to work with my android phone so I gave it to my daughter. She can't get it to work with her IPhone so it sits in her room in the Philippines doing .... nothing. Then I went to the MiSphere. It's been a struggle getting a workflow established that I am comfortable with , but now I have it down and seem to be getting good results that I enjoy sharing. If only their app was as good as the camera :) - I have learned SO much from your ebook and videos and I am very grateful for your contributions to this community. I'll be upgrading soon and will keep watching your reviews and tutorials before making my choice.... thanks again for eveything buddy

Sir 360 vidio is possible with hero 6 ?

Great video as always Ben. I bought a Fusion 3 months ago and while it works and records with great quality, I can't use it with my phone, Samsung S6. If you have an Android phone and think of using your phone with this cam forget it, either buy an iphone on top of the Fusion or buy a phone from their 10 Android phone list. They have zero support for Android devices. Just something people should bear in mind.

Wow! Really cooool information! Thanks! When before your video I long time seek which 360 camera is best and cheapest.. but was hard choose which one best because 4 reasons: 1. Xiaomi Mi Sphere have/sell not waterproof housing and depth water only 1m. it is very shoal. I like not waterproof case bag. I find not how making DIY waterproof housing.. :/ 2. Ricoh Theta V waterproof housing about 200 usd. I first time see it.. wow! It is very expensive and crazy. I find not cheaper than 50-100usd 3. GoPro Fusion really cool but very expensive.. 4. Insta360 waterproof housing is expensive about 50-100 usd.. I yet can not choose.... please HELP!! Thank you!

Looking forward to the Qoocam! I already got my funds in to back it. :)

You don't like a camera because you are a apple fan that's ridiculous when 90% of all computers are windows and 80% of all smartphone are Android

1: I didn’t say I didn’t like it, I said I couldn’t use it. 2: I don’t know where you got those statistics from but it’s more like 50/50 in 2018 between Mac and PC, which is why cross compatibility is extremely important

Love these kind of videos!

Happy to hear it

I have a Mi Sphere too. I agree with Captain Rick about Mi Sphere’s terrible workflow. Seems like everyone’s review is about hardware but they miss the importance of the accompanying software. You can have the best hardware in the world but if the software is crap, the camera is pretty useless. I would suggest creating a wholistic review that takes in full account of the accompanying software.

I think this does actually.. i mention workflow pros and cons of many of these cameras. I personally don’t have issues with the Mi Sphere so I can only speak from my own experience

I bought the insta360 ONE after your last review video :)


Great work Ben!

I love your Videos and your Tutorial and i wish you all the best with your new Studio.


I also commented on the previous video. Then there was only one Canon 350D with a Peleng 8 lens, and I've been working for more than 10 years. And... I'm planning to buy a Mi Sphere because I think it's the best value-for-money camera :-) Since I bought it and I love it :-)


Hi Ben, you're a big fan of dynamic range - have you tried the Gear 360 in Landscape HDR?

Did some more research on photo quality. I just ordered the original Gear 360 to complement my 2017 - 30MP photos are much clearer than the 2017 model. Only 77GBP - the best photo resolution out there for low cost.

Yeah.. it’s ok but still inferior to the other cams

Just to add another plus for the Gear 360 2016, you can buy and replace lenses too. Easy to replace too. Unscrew, replace then re-screw.


I got the rylo early on and I must say they have improved a lot with updates. They have a wireless bluetooth app connection, and now with the latest update you can edit the material IN the camera (with cable) without downloading it to your phone.


I'm enjoying my Rylo....I like the fact that it's so small, and I can shoot video without looking through a viewfinder or watching a screen, thus not missing the actual experience. I can then edit out what I want to see afterwards and make my 2D or 3D videos....I get great stabilization without any tripod or support and people ask me if I've bought a drone after seeing some of the shots on my Manfrotto monopod stick

Glad you’re enjoying it

Ich bezeichne das Wort Prosumer als neuen sprachlichen Orgasmus :) Meine persnliche Topliste hat sich geändert für den Consumer Bereich. Hier stehen jetzt an erster Stelle die beiden Samsung Cams insbesondere seit es den Software Hack gibt mit dem man unterbindet, daß nur Samsung Mobiles funktionieren. Dann kommt die Garmin. Wegen der Austauchbaren Linsen. Nachdem ich im letzten halben Jahr in meinen Bewertungen in den Workshops Wert auf den Workflow im Preis Leistungsverhältnis gelegt habe, werde ich jetzt Service und Reparaturfreundlichkeit höher bewerten sobald eine Cam den Preis von 130.- $ übersteigt. Dieses gibt den Herstellern die Möglichkeit Preisgestaltung zu überdenken (siehe Samsung) und gleichzeitig innerhalb der nächsten 6 Monate die Möglichkeit von Service und Reparatur aufzubauen. Die Sphere ist somit vom ersten auf den letzten Platz abgerutscht... Insgesammt werden die Hersteller langfristig reagieren müssen das ist meine Prognose. Statt das Wort "Prosumer" zu verwenden sollten die harten Facts auf den Tisch. In der Regel bedeutet der Kauf der Fusion mindestens ein aufrüsten und für Neueinsteiger eine Investition von ca 5000.- $ sowie jährliche Folgekosten im Bereich von ca. 1000 $ an Lizensgebühren. Das sind die knallharten Facts. Die Sphere zieht wegen bislang fehlendem Reparatur Service Und der doch sehr begrenzten Lebensdauer auf den letzten Platz. Wegwerfware mit extrem begrenzter Lebensdauer ist ökologisch nicht zu vertreten. Die Cam würde nicht einmal die Mindeststandards der Europäischen Garantieanforderungen in Europas Gesetzestexten erreichen. Bei der MadV sieht es leider nicht besser aus. Zum Preis einer GoPro Fusion erhält man hier 2 Cams also gerade Mal 1 Jahr Spass. Ich hoffe Du bewertest dieses in Zukünftigen Revies mit. Auch mit stärkerer Gewichtung.

Nice video Ben, video and photo quality should be the first to consider, i totally agreed with u that GoPro should be the No.1 if don't compare to the price. May be u can consider to include battery life and water / weather proof on your next review.

I'm using a Gear 2017 and continually disappointed with the 4k end result. Makes more sense as to why now. Thanks ... thinking about an upgrade.

Yes it’s time!

Love the channel Ben and these periodic comparison vids are great. I have an “off-brand” 360 camera that was collecting dust until I came across your channel. I pulled it out and I have been experimenting like crazy and even tinkering with drone 360s. I have my sights on the Mi Sphere or the Theta V as my entry into a quality 360 camera. Thanks for the info and tips....keep ‘em coming.

Glad to hear it- good choices

Great video Ben! I am just a beginner with a Theta S. This video is perfect because I need to upgrade.....think I am still sticking with Theta. The Theta V deserves the #2 spot. Must admit I yelled ‘Nooooo!’ when you ripped the photo wall!

Haha thanks Leslie- I was screaming no on the inside but at the same time I wanted my bond back

The fact that you can't replace lenses, makes the Fusion NOT an ACTION cam. My darn Fusion got a chip on one of the lenses. NO IDEA HOW. I baby that thing and do not do extreme action sports... Most extreme that I did was hold it while on a boat on the lake. Never dropped it, never placed lens on anything without a microfiber cloth under it...Something in the air must have hit it while on the boat. So annoying. I personally would NOT recommend it for action sports unless you don't mind replacing it....

I feel your pain, but replaceable lenses is still a novelty in the 360 camera field. We all go out shooting knowing if wind comes, a lens may get scratched. That’s the price you pay for being an early adopter and being way ahead of the curve of people still using action cams

If you market it as an ACTION cam, at the very needs to have replaceable lenses IMHO. I do have GoPro Plus protection.. but I will wait until its bad enough to warrant the $139 "service fee". Honestly, I like the camera, but wow is it easy to damage. Like I said, I haven't even set the darn thing down ANYWHERE without at least a cleaning cloth wrapped around it. Frustrated.

Sure but every camera is like this. Whether you want to call it an action camera or not, this is something you have to deal with regardless of the 360 camera you buy. Sorry about your misfortune.

i still like my Samsung gear 360 2016 , i hope to get the go pro fusion soon :)

Massive upgrade haha

Mi Sphere, great choice!

Hey Ben, I've accumulated a ton of great content with my Mi Sphere, but have yet to compile and edit any of it becuase the current workflow sucks when working with an iPhone X and a Mac computer with Final Cut X.. I would like to discuss doing a video tutorial collab for my channel with you in order to show the best possible workflow for the camera, and what is possible with the camera... any interest?

Hey- I wouldn’t say it sucks.. I think it’s totally workable downloading on phone and airdropping to computer. I don’t have time for collabs right now but I’d also suggest checking out my video course as I give all my best workflow secrets there

Since you teased the Kandao Qoo, what about the Vuze XR?

Don’t really know anything about it- it’s still a few months away so will post about it more closer to the time

I just bought the GoPro Fusion and really like it. The overcapture is my favorite feature. I love going back and getting to control the pan and tilt of the camera as if it were live.

Yeah it’s awesome huh?

Another great content as usual. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us buddy.

Thanks buddy

Good video Ben as ever, I bought the Fusion some months back based on your review and have to say I'm very pleased with it. Now it's even better as GoPro have released a number of software and firmware updates improving the stability. Most of my films are for action sports (cycling, skiing and motorcycling) so it's the perfect camera for that. Battery life is great too especially when used with the remote control.

Awesome- glad you like it as much as I do!

Great video Ben as always. I have the Ricoh Theta V and I dropped it and smashed one of the lenses just two weeks into ownership, but luckily I had it insured because it had to be a brand-new camera. So I’m very pleased to see that you’re still number two on your list, and I’m constantly reviewing your course videos. Good luck in your new home

Thanks Stephen, glad you were able to resolve that issue and are out shooting great content

Thanks for updating the video. Was going to message you on Facebook about it but didn’t want to bother you.

Glad it helped!

Another Great review, thanks Ben. Big fan of you and Mic Ty and will ask you the same question as no answer from Mic, yet. Is there likely to be an updated Ricoh Theta ironing out all of the physical shortcomings of the excellent V such as removable battery, low storage and lower resolution. Need a work AEC camera and the Theta is the industry favourite and with all the Apps, it's excellent but if only... Thanks Konrad

Thanks Konrad- your guess is as good as ours.. they may or may not be working on something. I think it’s one of the best designs despite those things. Better to make a decision based on what’s currently available.. you can always upgrade if something better comes around

I bought the insta360 after your previous video. I like it a lot. Its perfectly simpel and I can do everything post in on my phone. Dont want the hazel of downloading and doing post on a computer. I make short fix frame videos og electric skateboarding and the free capture feature is great for that. I want simplicity over image quality.

Hi Ben. Can i edit photo direct on theta+ with gopro fusion?

Ben Claremont Ok thank you for the answer

Yes but you’ll have to stitch on desktop first

Did the theta only wins against the mi sphere because of colors rendering ? Because the mi sphere get better sharpness and better stitch. And + if you say the fusion can go raw, mi sphere too, and she’s the cheapest camera that can do it. Well I’m sure it was not easy for the 2nd and 3rd.. maybe if we can use the mi sphere without stick, it will take the 2nd place but due to her design... better stitch .. cons to pros

I’ve already compared these before, and the Theta came out on top, even with Mi Sphere shooting raw. And Fusion shoots the best quality raw, like I mentioned.

yeah i know, i have seen all the videso you made and also bought your lessons ;) , but its meh to not mention this, when just after you say it for the theta V. in this way we can think that the theta V is above because she can do RAW. Or... its just about colors rendering (its what i guess after viewing your review)

Check out the many comparisons I’ve made between the two

I've been using GoPro Fusion for a few months. It is great. When I mount on cycling helmet, there has been 2 times that stabilization does not work in GoPro Fusion Studio. Most of the times, it worked well. Do you know how to fix those 2 clips?

Hmm not sure.. maybe try the other kind of stabilization in Fusion Studio? Also ask in the Facebook group if that doesn’t work

@ 6:50 ... Do Apple make computers?... I thought they were just a marketing company! ;-P


I moved from gear 2016 to gear 2017 then insta 360 I'm on Mi Sphere and the difference is pretty astonishing in terms of dynamic range and quality. If only i could figure out a way to use inbuilt stabilization on it as after using the one on software, it gives a ghosting effect. Hopefully a higher end 360 is next on list but workflow is a chore sadly.

Mi Sphere is a great camera- be sure to join the Facebook group for all the best tips and tricks

Thanks for the solid and thorough review. I always appreciate your opinion and insight on this stuff.

Hey thanks- doing my best!

Hi Ben nice review. MI Sphere good for mid range price camera. Myself ordered one waiting for delivery....

You won’t be!

William Miles La Mont

Siddharth Devalamakki I just got mine, I don't think you'll be disappointed

Didn't rylo get an update to view the image before you take the picture? And the colors got fixed?

Ben Claremont the great Ben rated it number 5!

So what’s the issue?

Ben Claremont maaaaaaan! The rylo is the camera I've been looking to buy!

The colours are definitely better, and yes there’s a Bluetooth connection now although it’s limiting and nowhere near as useful as WiFi

Great work!

that wall

That former wall*

I bought the Insta360 One, I thought because a past video in your channel that was the best choice...

Like I said, it is.. for beginners. But there is no single ‘best choice’ that applies to everyone. You have a great camera

Inspired by the time machine aspect of 360 photos and your videos showing cool ideas for shooting angles and editing... I got both of the Gear360 cameras (easy choice as I had a galaxy phone and beginner budget) I've been loving creating with them and your awesome tips and photos! Thanks Ben!

Nice, and thanks!

Thank you for the review. Still trying to talk myself into a fusion, but with the fusion, I have to add on a newer laptop to really use it.

Just be careful with it too.. Mine got a chip on one of the lenses and I have no idea how. Never used it in extreme situation and babied the heck out of the thing.

No problem, and yes you may have to. 8GB ram may be enough if that’s all you can afford

Best informative video as always. I am rocking GoPro fusion. Just received my Telesin selfie pole seen your previous video. Looking forward to shoot some high shots.

Thanks- that’s a deadly combination!

thank you for the mid-year reviews. be happy and always be safe.

No problem

My camera #9 !

Help me out Ben please

Whichever you get, don't forget to order a micro-sd card to use with it

Hate to step in for Ben, but in this video and a few others, he has mentioned they are the same camera with the exception of color and price. The Mi Sphere is usually a little cheaper.

Watch the video

Awesome use of the turn table you posted opening the other day good video

Haha thanks- works well doesn’t it?

Great job Ben!!

Very interesting ranking Ben. I agree with you on most of what you said, but come out with different rankings/recommendations. :) Looking forward to seeing your take on Qoocam and seeing more Vuze+ samples. BTW re the Fusion, 8GB is enough ... (on Windows!

That’s exactly what I thought when I saw your thumbnail.. it took all the willpower in the world not to open photoshop

But ... but.. my life would not be complete until I see you do the mouth trick with the qoocam...!

Sounds good.. I’ve already given up on making qoocam videos since I’ll never be as fast as you guys

thanks buddy! i was working on that qoocam vid all night and didn't even get to sleep at all, but hugh still got his video out first lol! re ranking, mine differs mostly in the second half of your list. anyway i'll try to post it sometime this decade

I know you will rank Yi and Mi Sphere higher, but otherwise I reckon we’d have a pretty similar list. Jealous you got Qoocam already! Will watch your video today and be even more jealous.

Nice sir

Really.....feeling proud to having fusion

Glad to hear it

Have you tried out a Panono? It claims to be the best for photos

I haven’t- the company went bankrupt and it’s always been a difficult investment for me knowing there will be little to no support for it. It seems impressive though

Woweee.... finally came!!

waiting anxiously for my Qoocam to arrive... my second. First being the ever reliable Theta V.

keep it up

I don't know if 3D is gonna take off, it kinda flopped with TVs

i wanna buy gear 360 2017 Rate it from 1 to 10 :D

I just bought the Gear 360 2016, can I use this for point clouding? and what pc softwere will you recomend for this. Right now I have Autodesk Recap. Cheers

Well thank you for all your 360 advices and videos you realized till now. I hope to see you again and your new videos in your new location soon here on YouTube. Cheers man! Thank you from Italy!

What about all the reported overheating issues the Fusion?

I honestly haven’t heard a single report of the Fusion overheating except when I deliberately recorded at 5.7k for an hour without plugging into power to see what would happen.


Thanks- although that’s not true about all android phones. If you’re shooting 5.2k video, an S6 won’t be able to handle it.. unfortunately you need the latest phones/computers to deal with such high resolution and file sizes

With that said, getting good underwater 360 footage is not something you can do on a small budget so you should start saving

Thanks- you’ll have to buy a generic waterproof housing for 360 cameras then choose whichever camera you like best

Literally just got it in the mail.. woohoo!

Hi Rick, that’s weird as it’s never ever taken that long to stitch Mi Sphere videos for me, and I’m also using iPhone X. Maybe try plugging into power as you do the transfer? When you think about what’s actually happening (10GB+ of video files being transferred wirelessly without a single cable being used), it makes sense why it’s not super fast. But like I said I don’t have that issue so perhaps there’s another factor involved. My video course isn’t camera specific, but it teaches the overall workflow and my best tips for pulling off successful 360 video shoots. Finally I’d suggest joining the Mi Sphere Facebook group and asking there, as those guys always have an answer. Good luck!

When I say it sucks, it's just because of the time involved to process the files on a phone... first you have to upload to the phone which takes an hour for a 10-minute file, then it takes another hour to stitch it on the iphoneX, then export it to Photos on the phone, then hook the phone up to the computer to import it into Final cut... that all takes 2-3 hours per file and I have about 25-30 of those files waiting to be processed so you can see why I don't even start, because you also can't use the phone at any time during all of that or it stops processing completely as soon as you switch out of the app. I have searched but still can't find software that I can just take the chip out of the camera and import the files directly into stitching software on my Mac, and then import/export to FCPX.. which of course would be much faster... but does it exist? I have found your channel to be the best resource for 360 cameras by far, so of course I will still steer my viewers to your channel regardless.. just let me know if your course encompasses any software options for stitching Mi Sphere files on a Mac and I would be happy to buy it. Thanks for your time, and your response. Cheers, Rick

My fusion is on its way I think I have cameraist as I’m on to my 5th camera in 3 weeks and lucky I have the computer for it as well

Great work Ben , again. Many thanks, look its possible you make a video about livestream, because nobody talk about this but for me and my friends is very important and if the guru make we believe thanks again Ben from Portugal

Nice Review....Expecting more reviews from your side....Keep exploring....Nice video...

Looking forward to seeing your new home!!!

You can download a kacked app to run on any Android for the gear 360 2016

I have the Insta360 One and love it. It is my second 360 camera, but my first was just a single lens. Still beginning, but learning along the way. I use it on my ipad with no issues.

whats the best camera to mount in my camaro when i am drag racing ?

Fantastic video !

As a dev Theta V has an exposed api and has android internal system, adding custom plugin and coding for it might also be one of its biggest feature. Access to its api and having a flow state like editor within it will be seen soon in theta v. The Hyperlapse is also a probable feature.

Great video, but what do you think of the wunder360 c1.

Hi, I have 2 Samsung Gear 360. Both was working fine until today. Impossible now to save pictures on my phone with one of the Gear 360. I reset the Gear, I reinstall the app but still same issue. Can you help me ? Thanks

Glad to be working with the Theta V its awesome.... at Diani Beach -KENYA

I'm ready to buy aTheta V but do you know it this one work with Samsung Galaxy s6 using the android adapter? Thanks in advance

I’m pretty sure it does- you don’t need an adapter

Yes that’s a great feature!

Thanks- honestly I don’t really know much about it

Sorry I have no idea.. maybe try asking in the Facebook group?

I think this video definitely answers that question!

Thanks- Insta360 One is best for live streaming like I mentioned, qoocam will stream as well, Gear 360 2017 is the cheapest option

It’s epic.. so many cool backgrounds for YouTube. You’ll have to visit one day!

Sure but everything we know as mainstream now flopped when it first started.. gotta give it some time. And 3D 360 is pretty different to watching in a cinema.

Watch this video lol

Sorry I’m not sure what point clouding is

No problem- stay tuned!

Thanks for sharing!

Hey thanks- keep up the experimenting!

Very good choices!


Don’t buy it

Glad to hear it Peter!

Great vid and I'm glad I finally watched it all. Your callback was comical genius! ❤ The robot joke, without mentioning robots or anatomy!

Loock my vídeos 360° abraço

Which ones besides fusion shoot in RAW?

See my recent video about shooting raw

Thanks, anyway.

Ben Claremont - yes Ben i understand but the problem is not the money. I have the theta S but the quality if the image for video is not só good. I whas thinking to but the theta v for virtual tour and STREAMING what do you think? Do you have another option? If you can visit

Hello Thank you very much for your great 360 videos. Any rumors or news for Ricoh Theta soon?

Have you heard about the insta 360 release on August 21st? Can we expect a higher resolution Insta360 two?

Hi, thanks for providing all of this information across all of your videos. I started wanting to grab a 360 gear to record my wedding and 3 days later I had no idea what to do. The gopro omni videos are by far the best. But even renting equipment it’s out of my price range and It will take a team of friends to render the video. Anyway, I have finally settled for renting the gopro fusion. We are recording our wedding on a sunny beach at 2pm. Any tips for how to record this, mount the cam, etc would be awesome. My 15 year old son will play around with the fusion. A friend will cover typical video and a photographer will take photos. So this is just a 360 for fun for my son and so we can look back at it on a vr headset.

Ben Claremont You take pictures from inside a room or to a building from different angles, then you load this information into a software to calculate measurments of differwnt points, like 3D "pixels" just to call them something (cloud of points). Then you take this information and make a 3D mesh out of it with textures mapped already to the mesh. Like Google 3D maps for example, they 3D map entire cities with drones

Is the App is compatible with S9+?

*Hello my friend Thank you Excellent comparison for anyone who wants to buy a camera*

Thanks- none that I’ve heard of

True- it’s awesome!


Just ordered an Insta one. A good beginners choice it was then..happy with that description..

Hello Ben. Unfortunately, my English is pretty bad and use the translation engine. I have a question. I have been watching your Youtube channel for a long time. I would like to buy a 360 degree camera soon. It may cost up to 500 €. Which one would you recommend to me. I think about the Insta 360 one or Theta V. Or rather the Xiomie? I would be very happy about a tip from you! Keep up the good videos! Greetings Gunnar

Hi Gunnar, your question is answered in this video!

I got an Instan360One and I'm NOT crazy about it. Even with RAW capabilities and manual modes, the pictures look the same or worse than Gear360. Should've got the theta V or fusion360.

It’s not too late to upgrade


Ben Claremont sorry for GoPro Fusion

Which app

Not sure.. we shall see

Hey- no worries.. I’d strongly suggest picking up a copy of my video course as it teaches all the best techniques for getting great results with 360 video :)

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