The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

The Try Guys Visit Eugene’s Hometown

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Wow. Oh. Hi. There you smell that, smells. Like my hometown. We, put the ass in Texas. Goddamn. Annette. Welcome. To Austin Texas the, best city in the United States today the trying guys are the Travel Guide we're gonna be experiencing, culture, food, recreation. And nightlife. So because Austin is Eugene's hometown, Eugene, created, the itineraries, that me and Eugene is gonna succeed over, us even, more in this episode, but I'm gonna do my best okay that's my life we're. Going to get makeovers. We're gonna try some breakfast tacos we're actually gonna have a live podcast here, at South by Southwest see, all the sights we're gonna visit dirty six the iconic going out spot in town we're gonna try some barbecue and we're gonna show you exactly how Austin. Is weird every, beautiful magical, cool way pop. Can. You believe it I had four, cups of coffee because. It is early. We, are here on Lady, Bird Lake Austin, is known to be a very fit and active City so of course I made everyone get up super early this morning so we can go kayak, on the Colorado River everyone's. Really excited about this I. Like. Kayaking I don't like waking up kayaking. My, mom's favorite activity. I. Didn't. Take my Dramamine. Not. I mean. People. Have a certain stereotype about the American South and Austin, defies every, single one of them. Look. I grew up in New York I don't have a, wonderful. Impression. Of Texas. There's. All these vessels here all the time but I'm excited to just get to know the people find out why they like it I'm very excited to be here during the week of South by Southwest this, is their first ever, live, podcast recording, ladies. And gentlemen. But. I'm also trying to figure out what. Makes Austin, weird we're gonna do a race we're gonna go from here all the way back that. Liberal. Mecca food, trucks tex-mex. I can't wait to get weird inside of Austin, also. My dad's here all right. We. Are going, home. Thank. You. We've. Been around since 1965. We're still family owned and operated to, this day you're basically gonna help us today with a Western, makeover, what do you think is the most important, item I think we get you into a sweet pair of cowboy boots today, we gotta find the boot that fits you, it's like finding a wand yes. In Harry Potter the wand has to choose you yeah sure sure let's start over there boot, scootin, boogie Keith, your puns are out of control and well I'm familiar with all of the songs I heard going up. We. Have over. 8,000. Pairs of boots in this location, they do anything, from what I would consider a basic, western. Boot and around forever but, they get into some crazy things, too like horse power. Ostrich. Print van with a green. Top to it I probably. Falsely. Assumed that cowboy, boots would be very conservative. You're not alone I mean, you know girls in my high school will go to prom boots oh sure yeah so there are always tons of fashion by the way Ned this. Too, down there is all your size really. Like. You would kill me if I brought this home, so. It looks like I'm about to die. This. Is ridiculous, looking so.

The Best way to start, delineating. Is picking, out a toast style you like this is gonna be your typical Western. Tobu. This is a seven, toads with John Wayne using. A lot of their moons, absolutely. It's a little bit more punchy. As we would say in Texas I want to see what boot can you hike those up sure absolutely, this is a real summer Sadie's they're made handmade in Mercedes Texas. Taming, crocodile, vamp that's like a little surprising too though yeah exactly. But what did you always wear the boot cut down over cause it's like you're hiding the beauty. Sure, sure, I get, that you know everyone, so I'll get wild and throw a dress on and hit the tab the. Main part of the boot that's gonna show though is this bottom this is gonna kind of be a little hidden treat for just right, for you exactly. After hours it's a treat for you, does, he need different genes this won't fit over a bit right so we will have to get you into some different genes if we want them to fit over too. Skinny for a boy to skin for a cowboy, I think I'm interested in a classic. Cowboy Stetson. Wool felt cool, style some that range you have children's, hats we have children's, heads but I think we're gonna get you set up with a real deal adult. Head okay, run the gamut of head sizes in art and our crews we're looking at about, 24. Inches, how, we're finally gonna know definitively, how different. Their heads are without, 21, and a half three, and a half inches, bigger so to give you all an idea about how different your, head sizes are those, are kind of the opposite, ends of the spectrum when. It comes to the sizes, that we have available, you. Know I think I'm digging this like dark chocolate we can actually change, the shape and. Then what do you call this style. Yeah. This fits perfect, actually, so this is like a style that I'm I'm into, this one's a little big do you have any idea, who made that hat style popular, that Zac, Kornfeld little, guy by the name of lyndon, b johnson. Ladybird. Remember. He'd deal he took over after Kennedy was assassinated there, we'll talk about a later I need something near my crotch so that people know that I'm serious. You. Know so buckles, really, what they are is they're showing, off winners, guys win their. Belt, buckles, so, they were made for you maybe one with like a pig on it or something with an animal or a chicken, no no chicken, but we do have on bulls and horses, horses. Horses I. Thought you didn't like horses I don't like, when. Girls love, horses. Because. A girl who loves a horse will never love anyone more than that and, I can't have that I need to be number one but I appreciate. The majesty, of a horse that's the very sexual, being I want to put the horse near, my. Absolutely. This has to be the most impressive, belt, buckle it, turns to most, eyes. We. Got bull rider we got the Rubies in here, they're gonna see you coming from a mile cowboy, it's makes, you seem taller you said it's that people earn their belt buckles I'm not a bull rider but, I am Keith I think. This is the right call this, looks good yeah. I love this. Alright. Boys you ready to go. To the next step let's hit the town first we got to pay for this. Hello. Welcome to the tamale, house in East, Austin Texas. The tamale house has been around since 1958. So, we've been dishing out some good. Home-cooked, Mexican. Food for many many years my, name is Dianna Valera and I'm. The mom of this operation. You're our mom of. Course once, you walk into that door this is your home and I. Adopt, you I'm sure the other boys here are very curious about what. Is it with Austin, and breakfast tacos. Who. Invented the breakfast taco I will, ITA's invented, the breakfast taco it was a food that you know grandma's and moms made the theater kids and now some, of it was by necessity it's like what do you have in the fridge what can you feed your kids my grandfather, I had one of the first tortilla, factories, and so as a child, we would grab a tortilla and, my mother would make the potato nag or whatever there was and it's just a meal, of love because you can grab anything that you like whether, it's cold or hot they're good you use a tortilla, and you can put anything inside, of it take one your class. Blog. Is we're eating different, kinds of tacos, yeah. That's but I mean you pretty much handle it. My name is Jax I'm six years old and, what's. Your name my. Name is Eugene but you already know me okay. We just needed if we used to say this Eugene, and Jax met on the airplane, on the way here so I just met my new best friend, introduce, yourself. This. Is the first child that Eugene is ever taking a liking to we don't know what's happening, but. We're just gonna we're just gonna rot let it ride because something weirds going on and I love it.

But. Eugene, likes kids yeah I'm, supposed to tell anybody as, a secret, character. Growth well we're introducing, otaku style so that's my out of meat. Yes. You get first bite. You. Know give, us through in Texas you eat, them with your hands, it's like wrong. Sauce inside, of like, chicken. And button. Yeah it's come on corn sauce inside of chicken environment, that's what I was gonna say huh these don't taste like eggy like you'd expect them to taste like super an eggy but the flavors are really balanced, what's next. I. Mean. You. Nailed it and the flour tortilla is just so soft and pillowy Wow. That adds so, much flavor when, I grew up I'd have maybe, breakfast tacos twice a week these feel like something, you crush like for us yeah it, was just perfect bacon mmm. Next cocoa please. Wow. What. A fast reviewer, you are. You. Guys taste a little lime on the guacamole you, know if you over squeeze the lime can you get the bitters it's bad to over squeeze you're lying that's crazy, when you're wearing a bolo tie you. Know what you're talking about I do believe him with that yeah as, a native east Austinite, what are some things that make often so special growing up Austin, was not a big city it has really changed it's always been a community, that slice to be close having, local, residents. Here is wonderful, but I think it's also been wonderful, for people to come from the outside because. It is so diverse we're, trying to deal with traffic and house in but I think in the end people, try to keep a positive outlook, how do you like growing up in Austin, area awesome, it has special. Places because, summer of the die rolls were made there Oh. Cuz. We're the capital, because. We're the capital Texans the wallets the, laws the. United, rules wow, I actually like that term enough no it's you know far better what's, next. Wow. It's, beautiful it's, the mole a. Chicken. And, tomatillo. Another. Rave review, the second, it touches your, table okay, we're here to stay we, need to make it good for everyone, and if we do that the end product is so much better than, trying to work at odds Wow, oh my gosh, everything, here is delicious this is the best one so far this.

Is A tamale house though - I think tex-mex cuisine, is a perfect example of just American. And Mexican blending, together perfect, Oh God. You. Have to get this if you come, it. Doesn't have to be Texan, it doesn't have to be Mexican it they can just be dude, like, the food itself it's many ingredients commingling. Together, mom. That's, romantic. Can. I just say. Incredible. How'd you like all the food just. Because I have a good taste buds, wait, the question was how did you like the food and he answered the reason how he likes food is because of his taste buds because he's really smart that's a very amazingly. Literal, answer that I adore. We're, ready for our first ever live podcast, is. South by Southwest what, a place to like test I've done hundreds. Of live shows before but, every time just, before I get on stage I just get a little nervous like you say again I've done hundreds of live show I've got hundreds, of live shows, I give up the role of Ned the Thai guys I said what sort of person is, this oh. My. God are, you guys ready to try guys. The tripod, I'm trying to think of my biggest. Fail so I took an independent, study doing, puppetry, super, big into public why are you guys laughing at that my. Friend brought me this, beautiful wizard. Puppet and he said I would just love for you to do something really, magical. With this puppet at the puppet have a name yes. The. Puppets name became, the, vomiting dick sucking wizard, puppet and. Every. Show I he came out and he would interview, someone and all, he would do is ask an innocuous, question, and then if you answer here's the questions like hey miles what's, your favorite color I don't know red red, well why don't you go suck Reds dick. That's. All the bit was before, we to go you want to thank you because this is the first time we've gotten to try this. We. Are on our way to the fader party, every. Year the fader port is like the hottest place at South by Southwest it's, a long walk away so instead of walking we're, taking. Pedicabs. Wine. And I do believe this is a bicycle, built for two. Penny. Gaps are huge and Austin, you've noticed how many places that are cool bars that you could walk to but, why why why walk would you and. I love being petty. Yeah, appeal. We're. One gust of wind away from losing my new favorite hat forever. Oh that. Was amazing. The. One thing I know about Austin, is that it's one of the live music capital of the country, it seems like everything, is South by Southwest right now it just totally takes. Over the city we are here at the fader fort and guess whose party, at South by Southwest car. To be played here Drake played here and. Nobody's. Playing tonight. I think there's a message here you know yeah, everyone has that white whale in their life the thing that you're trying to chase down and then you get here and you realize it. Was inside you all along yeah. The. Stage was inside me all along. Wow. Rock, and roll guys. Hey hey, hey, hello, guys how are you. Welcome. To Austin Texas this is Coco sin telephone team from robot Ray's dance hey, y'all, tell us about your look Cynthia well this is like cowgirl. Housewife of Austin Texas, looking, for trouble you're welcome, I think. We just found it, I don't we look we got some calves endures a like. A boot over here ahead over here mess. Well. Guys you try, it's. Gonna be fine. When. Did you move first Austin when I get, the opportunity before, the first time to visit Austin, Texas I see the diversity diversity, in, cult or diversity. Even in any city we have a lot of like a big Hispanic, community here so I was like fascinated, for them like you know what I'm crazy, keep Austin, weird I mean drag this is for me seize them like you were like nine years and I love it so far I just wonder like at what point in Austin's. History, did it start to get this weird. Like. Culture. Yeah, we're trying to keep us and weird when did awesome get, so weird starting, in 1950, nineteen sixties, when, it, was a lot of musicians. And, to help them wade in there the culture from New Orleans, Oklahoma.

Coming Here, because. They, he. Was the capital music on capitol musicians, too as well well think about like the 60s in the flower power movement, Woodstock. Is a huge part of that as I depart being related to young, liberal boomer, thinking and I think the South needed somewhere like that in Austin just happened to be the place all conservative, states typically, have liberal. Capitals just because the capital is a place where everyone lives on top of each other when you live on top of each other you understand, one another and you become more open to other people's ideas we're. Learning a lot in front of the castle alright enough smart, talk let's take some slutty phone. If. Anyone this is awesome where can they see you my home bar is always Harry's, near downtown healthy tips and you can find me on social media Cynthia, Lee Fontaine Facebook. Twitter, Instagram. Snapchat. And sexual applications from your phone too as well. Okay. My. Name is Ren Garcia we're at Nicol a craft meet I am the pit master here tell me what you're doing right now with this brisket, it's prime Angus brisket, Wow heavy, is this this, is easy why about 10, pounds, right now and it's probably gonna render a 6 pounds, by the time it's done Wow, brisket typical, Texas barbecue it is the classic Texas, item, why is it so iconic just because it takes so long and it's just the hardest thing to actually, do properly, and not, get out of the park so you must be pretty amazing I I, guess, I am. This. Looks like a paradise. Of meats, it has a meat paradise. Brisket. Barbacoa, chicken, pork shoulder, pork spareribs, House. Sausage, and, then the last meat that we have is a pulled, lamb so, that's lamb leg. All right mutton better. What's. The deal with this bread cuz like white bread is just like, this is so exciting, why why this you, can just stack all your meats on top of it so that you have a nice little juicy, soggy piece, of bread at the end it's a delicious napkin, you could eat. All. Right I'll then so what is Texas, barbecue style, slow. Smoked so it's complete, tender so you go slow and low. We. Don't put sauce on it. Everything's salt and pepper so we just buy the bit quality meat that we can and then let, that kind of speaks for itself just look at this how. Easy it just comes right apart oh my, god. Wow, they are right that you don't need the sauce I'm, enjoying the sauce which, is delicious but there's so much flavor here all on its own you really strong flavor I love a good rub, the. Chicken because. It's a little tender of a meat in general the smoke gets so far into it there's so much flavor, barbacoa, yeah Robert oh for sure oh it, goes in almost like you're going through butter, brisket, and now all this pastrami flavor there's a huge overlap between, my. People and your people Texans Texas, and Jews we got a lot of surprised. To see this. Just fall off the bone, oh yeah there's, a lot of things to be said about the, merits of not eating beef right right I always, wondered personally why did I never think thief could ever be out of my life and I returned to this text, and brisket yeah so I am cutting out beef from my diet but, eating. This I'm like oh if, I had this accessible, to me that decision would be way harder and. You make your own sides here as well all our own said we make all our own bread we make our own pickle your classic, Texas sides are going to be potato, salad and coleslaw and. Beans these, means. That. Gave me chili, it's chili oh my god basically, joy but here, we're kind of known for having a different, variety of sides our number one top seller is our hub in a cheese grits and our lemon poppy seed coleslaw, which is the vegan you. Can tell you're in Austin when you're at a barbecue place that has vegan options that's, pretty amazing yeah, and, we do we do seitan for the vegan hail Satan. We, changed, and we're gonna have a good time tonight and, check out the most psychotic bars, dirty. 6 Street 36th, Street kinda. Reminds me of New Orleans. So we're gonna go get fucked up. There's. A reason why Austin is one of the most blue two cities in the United States this. Is so, fucking cool. This. Is awesome.

Well. Mentally. With, Dragons. Friends. Yeah. I. Love the horse. Toy stores on twice or who, cares about our boys. High. In the Rick Moranis of my generation here. With Audrey too. The. Aeronaut it makes you a better person. We party, too, hard, way. Too hard, I can, get the Robin thing I think I get. Austin. There's. So many bars we just went to like by visa, yeah I think Austin bars in general are just better, than other bars they're. Like universally. You, see. They. Say keep Austin, weird but, by the end of this trip I got, a little weird. Austin. Was great if, I'm being honest I always kind of thought the cowboy look was like little. Goofy I look, amazing in, it keep, Austin weird which means they just really embrace all the things that make that city different what do you think is the best, thing about Austin, why is it such a great city besides, the, job opportunities, or, how, gorgeous is the city people made us seem different and beautiful and friendly and. I like you're. Such a wise Queen I try, not to be I. Think. Everyone should visit Austin it's a great city but I think more importantly everyone should just try to travel it's so hard to encapsulate, any place, in just this short amount, but I think we scratched the surface in a way that really pays homage to how weird and diverse. And funky, my city is so uh I, guess this means Eugene's. Got the coolest hometown, huh. Better. Than Karadzic hey. Fellow Texans, I hope you loved our hometown exploration, of Austin, you know you're the best I know you're the best that means you got to come see our nationwide. Tour we have four Texas, cities Dallas, Austin Houston, and San Antonio get, your tickets now at try guys calm slash tour and show them why Texas, is bigger, and better than the rest. Don't. Show airs. That. Was perfect. Yeah, you're do better than my friends.

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