THE LIGHT AT THE END | Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4 Remake) Part 8 (END)

THE LIGHT AT THE END | Shadow Of The Colossus (PS4 Remake) Part 8 (END)

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Or. Did you ladies my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to. The last episode, of ps4. Remake of shattered, with the Colossus that's an absolute, mouthful, but we're getting through it we're going up to fight ah. Sorry. Egg roll, my. Bad okay we're getting ready to go fight Argus who's all the way back to the left of me I think oh I. Think, that's, where he is, yeah. Yup, yup yup, nailed it but. In what direction is, that it's. All the way up there in the top right corner, because. He is also in, a bit of a city. So. He's, keeping guard there and he fell into a valley we have to go rescue him I mean. These Colossae man they're clumsy they're big and they're brutal and, Earth they. Just fall over all, the time they don't know what they're doing oh hello. Ego. Come back I want, to play with you Oh. God. Oh I grow oh I grow she's, a white d1 I girl. You. Gotta keep her lit you gotta keep her going. Thatta. Girl oh you're, into it get. Into it Cynthia. That. Doesn't rhyme I. Think. I'm going out around these. Rocks. In the distance. It's. Like this the second last time we get to do this guy's. Second. Last time we get to, wander. Through the. To, the plains of, white. Birds oh hi. Mark. Damn. Down eggroll, we get there eventually that's, not the way to go, we. Need to go around. These rocks, that's. My bad I grow I thought that we had a plan but I just wanted to come around and look at the temple again Wow look at that okay moving on I. Grow. We. Must be fit as fiddles after. This, we've. Been doing so but rolling around and battling, and gripping and hanging on and all that kind of stuff that we. Should we should team up and go to the Olympics, I think. There's. My opinion whatever. You're into egg roll. I'll. Check out this I think there's a shrine up here on the right as well that I want to get to I. Know. That, I keep beating you and you're like please stop but I need. To keep hitting the button or other way she's gonna slow it down. If. They just let you go so I just keep hammering, triangle. All the way to the colossi, Colossus. Colossae. Is the plural I'm only talking about the one of them. So. As her Lord Iman and M are gonna come in up there on the left. They're. Coming in to stop this abomination, of a marriage. The. Lake no my daughter you, will not marry her in a blood sacrifice I. Mean. That's not my intention, he just thinks that. Not. A girl I grow. Okay, up. I'm. Hopping off I. Smell. You, Oh. Nailed. World, record. The. Best that I've ever done. Thank. You mr. Solomon day. Whoa. Right. We're heading up here I love these little trees. That are here they're very. Like. Desert oasis, type trees. Hey. Girl I can't bring you with me yeah yeah. You. Wouldn't want to be in this one anyway, that's. Another thing that I I wanted to touch on it too because. They talked about like the pacing of the colossi, and how, each one of them is kind of different and they're placed in a specific order, to make you feel likes stuff, is always kind of fresh. Stay. Stay. Nice. But. They also do that with agro, Oh, wrong. Button, so. Not, every, Colossus, allows, you to bring aggro in with you. So. You might be going along and fighting, some of them and then you think oh my girl's gonna be with me all the same but nope a girl. Gets taken away from you shouldn't. Which. Is also kind of cool adds even more dynamics, to eat each of the Colossus. Viagra. I. Have. To go now, oh. It's. A spookily, quiet. Ah. All. These, steps, and. Me. Without my slinky. Well. Some of these steps are ruined I don't think I could slinky, 100%. On these. See. This type of area I want to know what this was, there's, no way this is purpose-built to keep a colossus, in. Because. It just makes no sense why. Not just build. Completely. Straight, walls then, this. Feels like some sort of like ritual, or, ceremonial. Area, it's. Almost Coliseum like, maybe. It's an. Aqueduct. I don't. Know does I want to know if this was an area where people lived before.

And, Then, stuff. Happened to doormen and they had to abandon it and then they just sealed away the Colossus, in different. Sections of it that's. Very pretty looking. That's. Awesome. What's. Up Argos. Oh a big boy, oh he. Very big boy and he's got a sword hi. Wonder. I hope you wore the brown pants today. That. Would be terrifying. In real life I. Mean. All. Of them would be but. To see that up that, coast. Be. Very very scary. Okay. Mr. man. Good. A piercing. Half. Off. Okay. No wrong button hook, okay. Do you do your thing do your and do your jam do your mojo. Your. Little tassels, hanging off you. Maybe. They're ceremonial, as well okay. Get ready for it. Nice. Rupp. I need. You to do a thing again. Hello. I'm. In here I'm. The night annoying, child I'm. The one that's in here smacking, Yuchun. A. Camera. Camera. No. Turning, around mister, sir. I'm. Over here. Hello, I'm the boy in here. Can. You see me. While. They keeps doing that lately other, than Hawaii I think the bowl was going. Dude. I'm. Black here, look. At me. Are. You angry now oh oh. Yeah. Are you angry, now. His. Eyes went all orange that's, I know you know, I gotta. That's. How you know he's angry. Okay. He's not angry anymore. There. You go do the thing. Do. You think. There's, gonna be left here forever waiting. Wondering, what, would happen if he decided, to hit me, do. It yeah. There, you go wind it up, release. That shoulder get that synovial, fluid going, you don't know you don't want to swing without, stretching, first. You. Go swing all his swing swing away. Nice. Thank, you God it took you long enough, ah. Crap. It's gonna hurt me in the speed run there Argos. Heiser. Closed oh he's, gonna do it again. Haha. I mitigated. The shock factor by jumping, it's physics. Physics. Of the Colossus a change. Is a bridge behind me that's closer. Now, I'm here. Hi. Remember. Me the. Boy you can hit the. Boy Who Lived come. Did I. Do. That other thing yeah that. 100. Big. Momma. That's. Gonna cost us alight with the council. That's. Fine cuz now I have my opening. Hello. There giant, wine may. I land on your head oh god, I almost didn't. Now. I can't remember the pattern for you and how shaky, you are, don't. Matter big, Saveur. Ok, ok ok stop walking stop, walking walking. Only makes it harder, walking. Only makes it much harder oh. There. Should be that one gone right. Wait. What. You, make no health left aren't I supposed to stop your hand as well. There. We go okay, good you don't have a lot of health on that one. Do-do-do-do-do. Going, don't. Fall off move. Fuck. Holy. God, it's like holding on to a building, ah, stop. Stop. Oh. Looky. I grabbed again. Here. We go here, we go. Good. Knowing, you're. In that sword you don't want it. What. You do that oh, oh. Oh. God oh he's mad no oh. He's. So mad, oh. That's. A shaky boy someone's. A mad be. Swing. That fist shakes. It's that small boy. I'm. Gonna do it. Oh and. Attack me right here. There, you go. There. You go Oh. What. I was. Holding grip, nobody. You kind of teleport onto it oh man. Go. To game I want, to see it again I didn't see the inside of your hand property.

Whoa. Shaky, shaky. Shaky shaky. Rabbit. I. Was. Holding grip I was like okay I won't jump this time I'll just grip he's. Still in doing. Okay. Here we go here we go john-paul grip. What. Is going on. What. Are you doing to me. I, have. No idea why this is not working I am, literally just holding, grip the entire time. It's, cuz when they jump on it he starts to take the hand away so, if I just hold grip. The, thing is on his hand. Okay. Would you just do it again please. Okay, and if I jump he, takes the hand away I'm jumping. And holding, grip I swear. To you I know how this fucking game works oh. My. God he did it oh, my. God he actually grabs Jesus. Crazy didn't even grab the fur though you grabbed it the, metal, thing. Okay. We just need one good swing that's all you need. There. We go my god why didn't that work, it. Was so annoying. Especially. Since you know what to do and you still can't do it because the game's physics is just, whacking. Out on you oh. Well. Those. Two find it funny how you're on his hand and instead of just going he's. Like what, the, fuck. Why. Are you. Get. Off. Okay. That one was just broken that was that. Was the most broken one so far that, was disappointing. Eggs. And milk what. Oh there's. Number 15 gone. There's. Only one left. Music. Wesson is loud there for some reason. Tomi. Dorman tell me who my, mine, next, foe is. Finally. The. Last, Colossus. The. Ritual. Is nearly over thy. Wish is, nearly. Granted. But. Someone. Now stands. To get in thy way. His. Face looks funny. Make. Haste for. Time. Is, short. So. He's talking about Lord Eamon who's. Coming to get in my way, his. Doorman knows all dorm is he's everything he likes our on is the top of the tower. Egg. Roll I. Say. He's gonna come left to right left I didn't. Even get a chance to put up at Pole. Whatevs. We. Are going directly, down, from, here right down into the very bottom yeah. Just. To make sure. So. This guy that we're going to fight now is called malice. And, not malice, as in ma i mal. IC, e but, mal us, same. Thing but, it's spelled differently because it's porky and cool like that. And. I think he's considered, the tallest, one or the biggest one. Maybe. I think maybe phalanx, is bigger and then malice. Is the, second biggest and then Gaius I, can't. Remember because some of them are are misleading, because, Gaius, obviously, looked huge. The third guy. Phalanx. Obviously, massive, but then you forget about the ones that are like. Like. Hydras who was underwater so it seemed, different. The scale and everything but, still just, as big. Aluna. This area just reminds me of Ireland a. Lot. Of these types of areas because Ireland, is just all covered, in rocks and grass and. Most. Of like this, is a fantasy, game that I get this shrine yeah this. Is a fantasy game, what. Ireland literally, looks like this. It's. Crazy Oh. Egg. Roll wash I. Would. Stop to get some fruit but I don't, know he wants you I. Stopped. To get shrines, and grip and all that kind of stuff but not let's, go to the coast actually I want to see this. It's. Not the coast. That's, not the coast coast all the way over there there's, another shrine over there let's go do that take. It down here, damn. It man Oh. Geronimo's, ow. My. Ankle bones I. Know. I. Grow. Follow me follow, me to, the penis shaped rocks. There's. A shrine all the way in the distance over there and there's a shrine. Over. There somewhere that looks like a Zelda shrine. Hey. Bro. You're. Gonna have to go all the way around. Yeah. There. She, is, so when it comes to eco Shadow of the Colossus and the Last Guardian there's. Connections between all of them, they're. All sort of, spiritual. Successors, and prequels than that to each other, none of them are direct, sequels. But they definitely share a lot of the same imagery and a, lot. Of the same technologies, and things like that and you can draw a lot of comparisons. Between them but nobody knows for. Definite. What the through thread is. Like. What what is the thing are, they all part of the actual same universe, at the same world, is. All this stuff taking place in the same plane of existence or, is it all just. Is. It all just similar worlds, are they all like different versions. Of the same kind of world. Who. Knows actually. Fumito away don't knows and. Probably his team. But, I would like to know, no. I don't know well, I want to know what I don't want to know I want to know all the ins and outs and all the secrets and all the meanings behind everything, but at the same time I don't because that ruins some of the magic of it coming. Up with your own interpretations.

It's. Fun. Cuz. Let's face it even. Our world is a pretty big place we don't know how big the world is in this game so, maybe they're all actually happening in the same world. It's. So pretty. Cuz who's to say there's not a Treecko out there doing something right now uh there's, a shrine, all the way in the distance I'm not going to that. Treecko. And Eko, and all that stuff could be happening just, somewhere else on this world, just. Maybe different tribes have different magics. Different. Summoning powers salamander. Their buddy does have a silver tailed maybe. Some of them have different. Religions. And that's why they're able to use specific. Magics. Who. Knows. Yeah. This stuff like the. Rocks here is very. It's. Very Scandinavian. Ireland, British Isles kind, of stuff, like. Stonehenge and those types of things so. We're, going over there those pillars. But. First I want, to go wait did I get that shrine no. I'm, gonna go to the shrine over here. This. Is down near where we fought phalanx, by the way you can see in the map that filings is actually just up ahead on the, right hand side down, into that other areas where you go from grassy to desert immediately. There's. Two eagles following me now. I'm. On eggroll. Get. Your legs into it stamina. Speed, energy, go go go speed is key. We. Shot a bike. Salamander. With no silver tail. Okay. I grow you can hang out there and eat all the grass get. Your energy back. That's. Not him but it's another one and I want that tails. Hi. Aggro. That. Didn't even do anything. On. My max out I do. Have a very big grip meter right now holy, crap. That. Still increased it see. That's annoying now. That. There's a line coming out of it because. That means my grip is tech my grip and my capacity, for air and all that stuff is technically going up but, my stab strength is not, my. Stab like. Circle. Is not increasing. What's, that that's increasing, as well I don't, know. What. I say I said it in a couple episodes ago with that and the, original you just had a circle, a bit a big pink circle and that would increase fully there. Was no line that came out of it and then you could just because. The circle increased so did your capacity, to pull your sword back force a B. So. It'd be sad if I'm actually not getting. Stronger. They. Slowed on down there Agee. Okay. Jesus, oh. That. Thing. Is weird-looking, now Oh. Spooky-looking. Open. Says me. Yeah. So. That. You you have to defeat all the others to even get into malice well obviously. I, got remember what happens if you actually just come here and try to get in. Because. Then the other ones you might be thinking to yourself what. Happens oh that's a shrine as well new, the ones you might be thinking to yourself what happens if you just go to these areas to. Try and fight the colossi, but they're not there they. Don't like trigger no event actually happens, oh. God. Salamander, could be anywhere here. Oh here. Please. Stop. Stop stop stop. Stay. Right there stay. Right, there stay. Right there. Nice. So. At - I don't know if you get to this area and I think you must defeat. 13. More or whatever. All. Right I. Grow. I'm gonna need you in a second. Come. On I grow. It's. Time to claim these steps you have to go across the bridge oh.

She. Knows. I grow. I just want to tell you I. Love. You I know I was calling you egg roll all this time. What. You're my egg roll. So kind of gets me man. That, the. First time I ever saw that when I made it on ps2 that ruined, me I. Was. So upset when that horse fell oh, that's. A weird-looking. Effect. I mean. The rain itself is awesome, looking and. The way the lighting changed. Or. I grow. I am. Not in the right place. That, way I go. Maybe. Yeah. There's grass up there see, when, it comes to malice malice is the one I've played the least the. Last two colossi, are the ones I've made the least because they never. Once. I got past fouling, so I was like ah I've. Kind of played the ones I wanted to play oh shit. So. After after those I would just kind of like turn it off and restart or something but and for, the longest time I haven't played the time trial mode. Since. The original actually. It's. A Lord knows how that's going to go whenever. I decide to do it again. In. The right place. I heard, a sparkle. It's. Behind me let's do any reason to be here oh I. Want. To know what these are and. I, don't want them to be shitty. Collectibles. I. Hate. Collectibles. And games. Except. For something like merry over the game is based around collectibles. That's. Okay because they're they're usually done. In a way that's challenging. And it's part of the gameplay anyway oh this. Is the way. But. When it's a game like, this or, assassin's, creed or fire cry or something they're just there as an. Extra little thing, and. I just don't care about them. What. I'm doing. Wonder. Surfer suffers from this disease called only, can grab right angles, and. Can't grab rocks or anything. Also. I'm doing this cuz it's faster. And. I lost my horse I have, no patience for anything. I'm. Sure the fucking colossus a thing or two. Yup. Yeah buy it. Almost. There this, reminds me of the the Gaius one where you have to climb a bunch of shit just to get to the platform to be able to fight them.

I'm. Really excited to see the effects, in this one. I. Saw. The. Lightning flash I. Mean. All this stuff is in the original as well but when, you have updated lighting engines, it, just adds so much more to it Oh. Baby. Oh, that's. So pretty. Three. The lighting reflects and all the specular maps and then on the, wet surface. Holy. Shit. Man. Milas, is a big boy. Let's see his thimbles on his fingers. I. Think. His design is cool because. He. Is more. He's. More building, than most of the other ones oh. Yeah. Oh. Okay. That's, the stuff I wanted to see everything. Shaking, around. -. Is tough, but. Getting to - is tougher, than actually, fighting malice if, you know what to do but the first time through its it's. Confusing. I. Mean. He knocks you down, he. Really, knocks you down. You, got time things well. No, more. There. We go. Really, makes you pucker up. I. Always. Fuck up this one man. Hey. Would you look at that. Or. Was it that one cuz, if you if you time it wrong and when you jump cuz. If you don't jump I wonder. Does that worry. Tries to fall off the edge but then has to grab and then, it slams, you against the other wall it's, nuts the, source force behind it. No, hey big boy huh. You. Knows where I am. Ain't. Fucking around. You, know what malice neither alight, ain't. Fuckin around you took my horse. Trying. To save the woman I love, I, think. That's. Never actually made entirely clear and we're just assuming and theorizing. Could. Be my sister actually, for all I know. Okay. Okay almost there, almost. There this is bad. Hey. It. Also gets annoying oh god the gap maybe, it's this one I keep fucking up oh. Nice. No. I did it, sweet. Sounds. Kind of annoying because when wander runs. Does. That like Oh, kind. Of delay, so. You have to time it well where you get your run up okay. No more of the shootie bangs. Those. Are nice Yeezys, you got on. So. Big. So. He can't move. Milas. Is just stuck in position. Probably. Cuz it's some voodoo magic or whatever but you, know, what. I see if I could claim the outside. And, everything moving. Memories. Man. This. Can also be a hard one to do in the time trial because. Of. All the the steps. That lead up to actually, getting to him so. Fighting him like. Once you get to the actual glyph, parent where you have to stab, it's. Not that hard okay. Hold, on. But. It's just getting up to him that, can be a little tricky, they. Jump to this hook sure. Can bro. There's. The glyph the. One that's at my feet right now that's like they're the, symbol. In all, the shadowed classes to think that I'm getting a tattoo of.

Look. Why, did I do that, that. Was stupid. Actually. I can't. If you were at the sight. Of him right now. All, right here, we go. Got. It. Yeah. Now I'm at the back now. I'm where I'm supposed to be probably. Looking around like we're gonna fuck. Did he go. Let. Me see a tiny man. About. Yea big. There. You go, I'm. On your back bitch. Okay. Wait for Santa hand to come back. What. I did, it. Making. My way round hand I don't, know where, I am, oh, Jesus. Christ. Doo-doo-doo. Doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo. No keep your hand fucking straight will ya, turn. It back. Okay. Don't fall off don't, fall off that would be really annoying right now, stay. Put. No. God, why aren't you standing on anything Oh. My. Jesus Christ, I'm gonna have a heart attack. Okay. Let, me stab you. Wouldn't. Even need full stabs for that I don't know why I do it Oh. Wander. Wander. But. It's not the direction I'm pointing, you. Fucking. Penis. No. Aiming back there we go that's, what I wanted, okay, and we're running out of grip very, quick oh. This. Isn't gonna work. Okay. Just get up just get up just get up just go go go go go, climb. You fuck. Okay. Just whoa God. Wait. Here just, wait here get some grip back get. Some grip back oh. My. God I'm not gonna be able to do it. Fuck. Me. Can, i leap, anywhere, oh god it fell off Oh. All. Because he wouldn't aim the direction I was pointing, Oh, shaky, my oh, my. Shaky, boy oh. Mercy. Shake. Rachet, ki angry, boy hello. On. Your head now, it's. Like one with you Oh. God. We're in. Shadow. Of the colossus where the secret enemy is actually I was, just gonna stab but, even in the face of motion where. The secret enemy is actually the camera. There. We go okay don't, get greedy with your stats if, you get greedy with my size I'm gonna hold out too long and then run around gripped meaner I don't want that oh my god. The. Camera the camera is in a different game right now. I'm. Inside of the colossus on the last one, he's, the, cameras back in the Last Guardian somewhere, oh my. God are your feet made out of fucking, soap. Let, me keep holding on. There. We go that's a good one, take. Your moments, pick your moments my fingers slipping off the trigger I hope it doesn't zip and they fall off that, would fucking, suck. Okay. You get another shake in. There. We go have you came down have. You came down and you have not calm down because I can't stand. This. Colossus, haha. Okay. Cam down cam back cam down calm down there we go. Big. One oh I, might. Have to drop off and regain, my grip as soon as that bar is gone you, run out of grips so quick, I. Just. Need a safe moment, oh god do not fall off. Do. Not fall off. Wander. I swear to God. Thank, you good you're good oh god maybe, you're not good. Actually. Wonder you're very fucking bad at most things in this game. The. Thing you're designed to do, hold. On and savvy staff but it's okay we got this we, got this she going down baby. No. That. Was the fun there was just about depressing. Every time, boo. The tension, the tension, give it to me. Nice. Oh. Yeah. No you raised your hand to try and hit me oh my. God that was frustrating. Just, goes limp. Hey, y'all no no. Let me fall let me fall let me fall ah. They, caught me. That. Was only annoying because I forgot I had to stab the hand again and then he puts the hand up flat and then you can shoot the arrow so my. Bad here. We go ending. Give, me. Honey. He's. So terrifying. Wondering. What. He's come to do and then when you arrived the last one gets destroyed and you're like Oh balls. And, this is the first time you get to see what happens to wander after, each Colossus, is killed because. He's just lying there on the ground. So, every time I'm teleported, back to the temple, I actually. Am like just lifted, and. Flung. Back. Kind. Of different looking than I was. You. Know. Susan. You, what your I'll allude oh yeah, couple owe you you. Owe. Me. Oh you. Could. Hey. Now. He's bleeding the black. You. Come in the wrong house fool. He, could come. Dorman's. Awesome. I like, that it looks like the smoke, cuz. His piece of him like coming off it actually, looks like fur. Now, we get, to play as the Colossus. Yeah, fuckers. Oh. My. Sword. We. Back my sword I'm just gonna keep pounding and, knocking you guys back I.

Wonder. If there's a way that you can actually just keep doing this forever and ever. And, it sucks, that's, the first time I've ever actually like, hit one directly. But. All they do is fall over, still. That's. Annoying, I'll. Protect you Mon oh don't, worry and. It's. Cool because when. You become the Colossus you start to realize how, annoying. Smaller, creatures, are, how. Slow you are and how fast they are kind, of thing and that, they keep hitting me and I can't even see them. Lordy. Mon still there. We're. Gonna trace Cape old man. I, literally. Just squashed you. Imma. Keep doing it. Yeah. And. They just walk away like nothing's happening hello. Come, on all-powerful. Demon. Coming. To kill you. And. Then we train chase after them I'm too slow. When. You add another spell, or another attack. Well you crouch. Sound, Dorman's making is so creepy. Cool, wander. You. Can't escape it man the. Amount of times that trade this and I was younger to train just hang. On to something or height in a corner, or. Just. Avoid it somehow you can't. No. Matter what you try. Even. If you hold on to the steps, your. Grip meter eventually, runs out. Let's just accept their fate wonder. You. Every. Time I wonder, how close it is to actually collapsing, and them guys falling down because, they're very close to him. At. Least doormen kept true to their word. They. Said they could bring the girl back but. A heavy. Price would be paid. I goes. Back. Alba. She limping. Seriously. Man I grows the best characters his whole game. Oh. Susan. Benedict. That's. Really nice to dedicate, it to her. There. You have it one. Of the theories is that at, the end she. Recognizes, it as wonders, horse. Because. Well. The theory that I always cling to was that wonders, not a warrior and that's why his swinging, with the sword and everything is all over the place he's not he's, not trained in that regard but. He is like a stable boy or a farm boy or something that he's always gotten along really well with a grow his horse and that's, why. Everything. They do together is so like in tune with each other they're so connected. They know exactly what they're doing and him. Calling, a girl all the time she comes running every single time, so. Be, and the fact that him, and the girl maybe fell in love and, I know or. Maybe he loved her and she knew of him maybe she was royalty there's. Different reasons because it kind of fits. Into the first, game eco this. Is sort of a prequel to that because an eco the. The. Princesses, are sacrificed. I think for their their beauty and their youth to keep the the. Queen alive I can't remember it's been years since I played that game I need, a refresher course but. That she was sacrificed her she was killed or something, like that but wander wanted to save her cuz he loved her so, he brought her to this place because he knew of magic that would bring her back to life and then. Because, she maybe. Had feelings for him like the princess and the stableboy kind of story, that, when, I grow comes back she recognizes, that it's his horse so she she. Knows who helped her. Which. Is such a bittersweet ending. And. Again. First, time I uh for, me to wait I was a supervisor, first. Time I played this game it. Ruined, me it was the first video game that ever made me cry. Because. Like, aggro falling, off I cried, the first time I saw it and then. At the end when aggro came back and I realized that like.

Wander, Sacrificed, himself to, save. Mono I, cried again. And. I'd never I had never ever experienced. A game like this before them, games. To me before then were just a very specific type, of thing and, then this game came along and completely, shattered, all my. My. Expectations. And my realities, for what I thought video games could be and I did that for a lot of people a lot, of people look at this game now and go I don't get it I don't get why it's so highly regarded I don't get why so many people say that this is the best game ever made but. You really have to remember. The time it frame it came out in and the. Types of stories that were being told in games and the types of gameplay that was being done in games back. Then. Because. This changed, so, much. For. The gaming landscape it, inspired. So many creators. He's a realtor. Because. So a disco, era. Kualoa. To Kyle. Only. Become. AUD. Come, you. Could. There's. A lot of stuff from this game that, kind of like when you think, about it logically a thing that make, any sense like this, powerful being dormant has finally released again and then, all he did was throw a sword into the water. And say be. Gone foul beast or something like that and then. It's gone, again. Maybe. Has something got to do with the magic and why did you build a bridge to this place if, people aren't allowed into it just destroyed a bridge. Hello. Baby. I. Grows. Leaving a grows tired I grow just want to be here anymore so. That's baby wonder. Because. If, you remember doorman, said we are borrowing. This. This. Person's. Body warriors, body or whatever, so. They never said we are taking, it or we're stealing, it or we're using it they, said they were borrowing, it so. After doorman was gone. Whatever. Magic he used wander, was spared but he was reverted to a child. And. That's why this ties. Into eco, because. Everything else in this game didn't really tied to eco and then the ending came about and in eco, you play a boy. Who, has horns, and, you're. Brought away and you're banished from your village because you have horns. So. This. This is the prequel, to eco, technically. They. Don't follow the same story exactly and they don't really tie together. Super. Strongly there's just a lot of the same imagery in it and there's, a lot of theories as to how they connect together. Which. Also mate like I said that she was sacrificed but, in eco.

The, Queen needs. The princess, for, different, things but in this one like the queen doesn't exist because, this is before then, so. I don't know Hawaii the girl that maybe she just died anyway. We. Don't know what their village is like though or their tribe you, kind of get a taste for that life in the last, Garrety and then because. You get to see what it's like to live in one of these tribes when. Something. Crazy happens, within it I won't. Say too much else, because. If you haven't watched the last card you know haven't played the last guarantee and then please, by all means go play it if you. Have a chance I do have it up on the channel but, I would highly recommend people, just go play it for themselves first, I'd. Recommend people do that with any games that I play. Boy. It's. There if you want to watch it as well anyway. So. This is the secret garden that's on top of the temple. And. In. The other versions of the game you can actually go around the back of the temple and kind, of if. You're. Good enough you can climb the back of the temple and get up here there's nothing there but. You. Can go there if you want. And. Now you see that life is coming back into the world, because. The evil is gone. Such, an outstanding game. Just. The concepts, and the designs and they the. Technology, and everything that went into this game was fuckin, mind-blowing. And. It. Did such a good job. Remastering. It actually remaking, it it's not just a remaster, it's fully remade. Cuz. They kept the core essence, of it some, art style changes in some art direction changes some people will have problems, with I, I. Like. I. Like. Having a more realistic, approach to it I like getting to see you what, the game would be like if it had very realistic. Visuals, because. All the times I played it in the past I always kind of wondered that to myself I Blake I wonder, what it would look like I'm like updated, graphics and now we finally have it we get to see what that would actually look like. That's, very pretty. There. You have it. There. Are some, things in it, that I feel like they. Could have fixed a bit more this is where my review, comes, in I try and do this at the end of every series. That I'm playing just cuz I don't. Know I feel, like it's nice to get my thoughts out on it I think, it's a very very good remake, I think, they did an exceptional, job. They, kept so much of the core of the game while.

Also Updating, it to like, modern, standards, and I. Think they just nailed, it completely, you can tell how much they love the game and how, much passion they have for because, that's a lot of effort to go through to, be able to make something like this and everything else they've done so far were, remastering. BluePoint. Are the ones that they'd like the God of War Collection remastered. They did the Uncharted, collection remastered, they did the original remaster. Of Shadow of the Colossus and out they've done the remake so, this is probably the biggest project that they've undertaken I think. From. Like a ground-up kind of perspective, it's, not a case of just porting an engine over and updating, some of the visuals to HD, now. It's a case of completely, remaking. Many. Of the assets and trying to make sure that all the AI in the collision detection and the physics and the lighting and everything all just coalesce. Together and actually make sense and still work so. A phenomenal. Job I'm very very, happy with the way the remake turned out and as I keep saying this is my favorite game ever made so, if anyone's gonna have problems with it it's probably gonna be me and I think they did really really well the. Only things I wanted, to say like my caveats, and my, issues, with it our number. One character. Models, specifically. Wander. And mono like Lord Iman and his cronies. They. Looked fine I think he looked okay the lip-syncing is a bit weird because it looks like it's just like a liquify, tool that, they move and warp the lips which, looks a little distracting. Boy. Wonder, and Moe knows characters, do, not fit the tone of the game at all anymore in the. Original they. Had moto. First of all was like she, looked like she was kind of made of light because. She was supposed to be like a radiant, kind of princess look to her again, Eco with the princess and that does. Have very defined features because she's overexposed. Because, she's supposed to stand out from the environment so you can find her easily and it's a stark contrast against, the dark creatures, that's, kind of what she was in the original Shadow of the Colossus and I made a lot of sense because she was like the pure being. In, the middle of all of this and she was like the, light that you had to save in the middle of all the darkness that was trying to use you it was a very nice contrast in this she's. Just kind of flat, and bland, she doesn't really looked like anything spectacular and the, face models make them look way too young they're. Supposed to be young anyway they're like young lovers. But. They, look to baby-faced.

Wander. In the. Original. Version of the game he. Was still young looking but he had a very like angular face his hair was longer he looked determined he had like a look of like Stern. Determination. On his face like I. Girl. But I will do anything I can to, bring her back where is it this one he looked just sad all the time he, didn't look like he was able to like go for it and people. Have been bringing up examples, of in the original game when you were running away from a colossus, it, would show wanderer, being like like looking, behind them and he looked like he was out of breath his mouth was open he was breathing, heavily and he would always be kind of like looking behind him wondering who is the class is gonna crush me now so. He, looked kind of scared he looked determined he, looked he had a lot more dynamic, to his facial. Expressions. In this, one he looked just lifeless, when, I was running away from some of the colossi, his. Facial expression didn't change at all which, is sad to see because, there's, so much room for like expression, there that, I think they could have gone for and a lot more it. Looked like they got a run cycle down and some of the animations for falling over down but, they didn't add in. Any physical. Dynamics to, it and that's. Why wander in the original he was based out of physical objects, all of the things were and that's why he looks kind of clunky and floppy, all the time because, it was just physical objects interacting, with a walk cycle and in. This it feels like they did it a different way so some of that charm has kind of gone out of it which is fine it didn't ruin the experience it's, just very very distracting. And I. Wish they kind of put more effort into making him look a bit more like the original. Because. Sometimes it's not even just a case of like updating, it and that's how he would have looked in natural. Modern. Terms it's a case of like. The lighting didn't look like it was hitting his face properly half, the time he looked like he was made out of clay or plasticine. Or something so didn't. Like that and the only other, there's. Two other things I didn't like Dorman's, voice which, is a very petty little thing to, bring up I think the original was, a lot better and. In. The, original some of the physics were kind of bonkers. And weird and broken, and this. They're still kind of the same there's times when you're trying to like like. When a joint like the wrist would join with the arm you're trying to like climb up the arm or when the wrist bends your character is just like climbing, in place and you're not actually making any progress up and you have to kind of like move, left and then go up so some of those frustrations, are still there and the, camera the camera the camera the camera the camera fix. That shit. It. Was one of the worst things about the original game was the framerate in the camera they were awful, and. An. Updated. Version should. Have a fixed, camera I know, it's hard to do because if you're on the hand of a colossus and their hands go on like this it's. Hard to recenter, the camera but just stop. It auto correcting. Itself all the time it, doesn't add anything to the game it doesn't make it look any. Better. Maybe, it adds to the chaos of the whole situation but even times when I'm walking over to the edge of a cliff it's, just like pan's downs at the bottom of the cliff I'm like no I want to pan up and see the rest of it and then when you pan up and let go it pans back down again and that. Was one of the worst parts the last of the last guarantee into is the camera it was atrocious, and. So. Those are just little things that just need to be fixed, and I think that this game would have been like a 10 out of 10. Otherwise. All the artistic decisions, to not make it over bright to, not make the whole environments look white all the time those kind of ethereal, dreamy. Like sequences, those. Are all subjective I think some, people are gonna react stronger, to them than others it. Doesn't really fit the idea that they were going for a more realistic approach so all those different things are all subjective but the, character models are objectively. Just, way way worse than they should be.

I'm. Sorry I don't mean to sound like I'm shitting on the game as, I said I'm very very, passionate about this game it's gonna be my favorite game of all time forever so. When. Stuff like, sticks. Out to me I have, to talk about it but, general. Atmosphere, sound. Design was way improved. Everything. Sounded, a lot more punchy, er a lot heavier and it, looked like I had more weight to it getting up on the bird and seeing the wind fly by was. A lot cooler the. Water, swooshing. Underneath, and creating. These waves and ripples all added, so much more than, the original game ever could have even. The the remaster, of the game on ps3 didn't, have any like, really cool dynamics, like that all the particle. Effects in the air. The, the denser, foe leaves the more, high. Fidelity rocks, they all just added this like, more realistic, feel to it and it made the, colossi, feel a lot more imposing, just, because they felt a lot more real and I. Really really loved that some of the scenery in the imagery like the low-hanging fog, with the giant Gaius in front of you and the fog hanging around his ankles, some. Of the coolest shit I've ever seen in. The original game and even more so now I think it's highly improved. And. The lighting engine just added way more to. The environments, everything didn't look as flat as it once did Caves. And that, looked a lot more darker, light bounced realistically. Around in the rocks and the haze coming, through of the light going, through volumetric, fog and that, kinda stuff just added way way more and, it, made it feel a lot more beautiful, and it made the environment feel a lot more atmospheric. As a result. Of that and, that. Controls the new control scheme I liked a lot more than. The original game like having x2 jump a triangle, to call a Grove it still takes a little getting used to but I like. That a lot more it makes a lot more sense it's. A lot more, intuitive. To newer players. Yeah. I think, that's all I had to say I said a bunch of stuff while I was playing it on you and I'm just repeating myself now but very, very happy with the way it turned out I'm very very glad I got to play it again and thank you guys for watching this again. Watching. Me play my favorite game of all time over and over and over again it's, always a treat to be able to do that and I'm so envious of the people who get to play it for the first time ever now. That it's re-released. You're gonna have a blast at it and I hope you guys love the game as much as I do. Obviously. Not everyone's gonna like it and everyone's gonna react, differently to it but I just think it's a fucking masterpiece I think. Very very few games ever get to that level of quality or. That level of experience, and. Very. Very few can, challenge this type of game. It's, just really really good so I'm gonna do the, time trial stuff probably, not gonna do it here, for Let's Plays I might stream it probably. On Twitch and then I might bring them over and upload them as highlights or whatever here because, I want to do the time threads again I want to get all the items there's like unlocks, that you can get you, can get a mask that helps you stab the colossi, and like do more damage to them you get a parachute, that helps you mitigate, damage falling off them you get a harpoon, call. Like the thunder harpoon or something like a thunder poon and you, get to throw it at the colossi, and do damage because when you fire arrows at them even, at the glyphs you don't do damage to them really you take like 1%, of their health and then. It stops you can't do any more damage but the harpoon you can actually kill them I think with, that so. That's really fun and you can get just different you can get different skins for aggro so I want to go to this through the time trial and then. Like like really, show my skills cuz when I was playing it here I was just kind of dicking around I was like looking at the game I was messing. Around like flying all over them and I I could have done it way quicker but I didn't want to just blast through the experience, so the time trial is sort of and do all that stuff but anyway for now thank. You guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch. The like button in the face like, you. Guys and. Spitting. All over my monitor. Spitting. All over my monitor.

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What he eat even.

Press triangle and breathe fire?

At the end of the game I couldn’t stop sobbing

Hey jack how does it feel to have more subs than Logan Paul?

Also what is ICO? Was comment surfing and say it a couple hundred times.


did he just say lit, my life is complete :D

Does the eagle have a name???!???!!!!!?????!?!?!??!????? CUZ the horse is eggroll, the guy is wander, so is the eagle just... ... ... ... THERE? Also, I'm kind of getting an attack on titan vibe here.

R. I. P Agro

Well technically the coins are just crappy collectables but if you collect all 79 you unlock another collectible called the sword of dormin

Why does something that huge need a sword honestly it seems like overcompensating to me just saying.

It would suck having Agro there because you would know you would probably have to eat it to survive or find some food source.

No it over.

Eggroll *horse sound *horse sound

I think all the colossi are originally buildings, and citizen who lived in the forbidden land were afraid of Dormin even after it's sealed, so they moved away and told their children not to go back. But because Dormin's power trying to struggle, those buildings became livings when time passed. Don't know if there is already the theory online, but this is what I believe after finishing watching this vid. And good job Jack! Another great series to be fulfilled.

That's funny - I've watched this series and I loved it and I loved the game... But I think I liked Cenobia the most! He is the smallest one and this is a game about the COLOSSI! xD I love paradoxes too :p

28:28 do you know the wei jacksepticeye be like this is the way. XD

Sean did you know your name was in the credits?

#WanderForSmashBros any one else agree

Rest easy Agro

If that's what Ireland looks like then I have made up my mind on where I want to live when I can live by myself.

I want more of theses videos more more more!!!

That opening Colossus that you had at the start of video I just realised I have been completing that hand part the hard way I would get on top of him then drop down his arm to his hand.

There are 99 of those “sparkles” you collect all of them after your third play through and you unlock a secret room in the shrine from the base and you get “dormins” sword!

Is it me or did that whistle sound at 27:53 sound like Rue’s mockingjay tune (From the hunger games)??

You gonna do time trials? If so, I'm not hating on more episodes of Shadow of the Collosus

Has you ever considered doing a playthrough of Eco? I think it would be cool.

JAAAAACK, Will you get the extra items and try to find all the Easter eggs after this?

run you fools jack: climb you fuck!

ya know what else we need a remaster of? NFS UNDERGROUND2

u should play eco!!

notice, after wonder beats the last collosus, and stands up when he is confronted by the men at the temple, his eyes resemble that of a collosus, same with his skin color and texture. if you look at the bare skin of a collosus(some have skin exposed), you will notice they are all very similar


yay eggroll's fine ;>;

You can just hold triangle to keep Agro running

Jack your complaints about wander not staying steady when on colossi make no sense. Its hard enough to stand on a moving bus let alone a giant living creature thats constantly moving and trying to shake you off.

I just found this out since I just finished the game but you actually have a different attack as dormin you can breath fire at shoot it at them from the different buttons

Jack, will you play Ico? I do not believe i would get the chance to play it myself, but i am interested in what happens

He needs to play ico on the Channel

i think malice was chained from the people who lived there by the giant building around him.

You should plY eco on the chanal

I HAVE A THEORY, maybe The Last Guardian is a prequel to shadow of the colossus but in a alternate universe 1. The clothing is kinda the same 2. The boy (probably Wander) in The Last Guardian has already been with Trico so that's why Wander (probably the boy) isn't afraid of the colossi 3. Trico and the colossi sound almost exactly the same 4. The Trico's wear armor that look like the armor some colossi wear

Put the tattoo on your forehead

I wonder what some of the Colossi look like under their masks

Well Technically Dormin Sacrifice Himself For Wander And mono. Because Wander Is Reverted, Not Sarificed

Jack: "Agro, I just wanna tell you, I love you" Me: "If Agro dies stupidly, f*ck this game" *a few second later Me: "F*ck this game" *game aproaches the end Me: "Is it seriously gonna end in bullsh*t?" *game ends Me: "Well that's bullsh*t"

watching this series has made me want to binge watch the entire play through of The Last Guardian that you did

I just opened The Last Guardian playlist in another tab so i can watch it after this

If u think about it egg roll can swim so egg roll probably just swam away right?

Does anyone else want him to play ico now?

Which of the three is your favorite?

Did no one else see Sean's name at 57:01

jack you should play pocket mortys

I've read a theory about Shadow of the Colossus being a prequel to Ico, but I've never played Ico so I have no idea.

He mentioned that it looks like Ireland but at the cliffs he doesn’t mention the cliffs of moher..... I expected better

the cathedral organ like music that played during the last colossus was really cool


play kingdom hearts

I feel sad that it’s ending I kinda want more.

it would be so funny if she wakes up the slips and snaps her neck xD

could you play ICO? would love that.

This is such a well made game, if i ever saw one!!! The gameplay, the story, the music...everything goes so good together!!! Really really love it

I actually dont have a problem with the way Wander or mono look


My ONLY critic for the game is that fucking camera. It plagued me before, plagues me now, plagues me everytime i replay last guardian, and it plagues watching the game. Just let me turn it as i wish, stop moving back grrr. But still love the game. Havent played Eccho.. is that how its spelled?

Fuck the girls life, bring back egg role

Colossi can’t use their hands to swat wander off?

But where is egg roll


Jack! You should play Ico on the channel!

Theory time! What if the blue stuff in the barrels in TLG is the blue stuff that makes up the glyphs in SOTC? Like it’s made the same way (children) and that’s a big part of how magic is used this the two worlds?

the baby is Wander?

25:21 No...nononnonoono!!!!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!

Miracle of sound made song for/about this game

Have you played ICO on the channel? If not can you do so? I'd love to see you play it.

You should play ico (basically the 2nd game)

*Please play ICO Jack?*

Jack, can you play ICO remastered version and after that tying the stories by your understanding?

26:04 If you listen closely, you can hear Dan cry out in surprise once again.

34:23 He can jump and kill giant ass moving rocks that come to life but dear god...A FLAT SURFACE! Oops I fell! Lmao

It’s extremely easy to go to Malus, but getting onto its head was such a bitch to do. Never had I raged at this game before like I did when I played Malus.

The sparkles are golden coins of which there are 79 to collect if you do get them all there is a hidden area of the main shrine with a powerful cursed sword that you can take it does massive damage to colossi.

please do an ICO play through. you should finish the trilogy of this and the last guardian

Jack, as much as I doubt you`ll see this Ill type it anyways. The Forbidden Lands used to have people living in them, but Dormin made them abandon the land and flee for safety. The "church" or whatever you wanna call it, that Emon is with split the 16 beings who make up Dormin and created golems to hold them. Then the land was sealed off and abandoned by humans in hopes of holding Dormin forever.

Also, yes ICO, Shadow of the Colossus and The Last Guardian take place in the same world, all in the Forbidden Land I think. Shadow and ICO are both in the Forbidden Land. Havnt played Last Guardian yet.

Watched u play it years ago and now, now

The camera is Dormin

Man that was a journey. I loved it!

the sword was full of the light half of souls. when the sword was thrown in the pool of water the water fused with the light half of the soul which enabled the ability for the pool to suck in darkness and I think this is how weapons with the ability to shine light like the magic sword and shield were made.

Try a game call Ratchet and clank

**colossus puts its hand over the wall** me: MY GOD ITS ATTACK ON TITAN ALL OVER AGAIN

Next time I see an egg roll I will remember Egro (sorry if I missed spelled it) — Egro 2018 February 17th

I sorry jack I don't love this game as much as you I think its boring as all hell I hope you understand man

it is supposed to be a slow paced and relaxing exploration game outside of the colossi battles.

On the back of the game it says to fight giant creaters to bring back your love

I’ve always wondered if baby wander would remember eggroll

Does anyone else think that Agro kind of sounds like Eggrole when Jack says it?

I saw jacks name in the credits 57:04

Jaaaaaack! would you be able to upload an ico playthrough eventually?

My interpitation is that the tribe feared Dormin for his power, forming being the being that controles the land, and protecting nature, so they cut him into 16 pieces with the sword, and sealed him into the land. And after a while the pieces of Dormin Transformed the land into the colossi. Then The girl dies, and Wonder brings him to the land, Dormins counsious instructs Wonder to kill the colossi and absorb the pieces of Dormin. After Wonder kills the last colossi, dormin starts to implant him into Wonders body, and barrows his body to scare off the Priests. But, sadly, Emon throws the sword into the Pool, and Dormin releases itself before wander gets dragged in. He brings the girl back, and gets Thrust into the very land it was sealed into. But this time, as a whole Happy ending for me

well youve played the last guardian, AND shadow of the colossus (twice i might add) why not play a playthrough ECO at some point? then youd be able to fanboy much more about the series, and those of us whove ever seen ECO played before can understand more about the story

Hey Jack would you consider playing ICO on the channel? i get theres alot coming up for you but everyone really likes when you play games like this. Just a thought :)

ok so I got a theory for the last gardian and shadow of the colossus. Treeco is a colossus. after his species and the other colossus were living in peace with the humans. someone made the structures in the last gardian and was able to control treecos kind with the food. except they needed people. the gardians ate all the people until it was just a couple of people. after awhile the other colossus almost went extinct except for 1 of the main types . the remaining people built shrines for those colossus and not one for the gardian because they killed people. Now we're following wonder kill all the last types of species.

"evil" demon + man + sword = baby with horns.


I started watching this series and I thought, "Oh hey this is gonna be great!! Jack loves this game so I think i'll be great" and then everything was going great until Agro fell and Dormin possessed Wander............this ending made me happy but it also killed me

"Sings the Rocky theme at 4:55"


maluce is like the eye of sarorn's tower 2.0

They have a guis statue at gamestop for limited time only

Mosquitoes are just little flying Wanders (or Wonder I know I can't f*cking spell) ... ... ... I know you read that and heard the bleep in your head

>......> Why does baby Wander have demon horns???

the last Colossis by like.. It's going down for real

Did anyone else notice that Jack kept calling Agro, Horse after Agro died?

57:02 Jack was in the credits under additional art haha

I love this game soo much < 333 I fell you, jack, since PS2, every reaction, every sensation...! I feel you!

All he said was „begone thot“ and Dormin was banished

What if u go into the camera mode and go down there what would see

Who else catched the Harry Potter reference?

THERE WERE HORSE AND HUMAN FOOTPRINTS AT 4:22 . Just thought you outta know

I'm going to fight you mono e mono

Will you be playing red dead redemption 2

I wonder what it would be like to be dead and then after a while to be alive and it would be really weird

They named him Malus not because it sounds cool as all hell, but because it means "bad" in Latin

14:14 Stranger Things?

I got the game after watching a few of these episodes. I had already watched your old playthrough of it but I was watching this again and I just couldnt reaist. I bought the game and I’ve almost finished it. I have three colossi left and oh my god. This game is amazing. I loved the game just watching you play it, but after playing it for myself I have such a greater respect and love for it. It is such an amazing game (although fuck ur so right the camera is ASS. Its so much worse when you’re actually playing it than it looks on video) But anyway Im done rambling now lol, I just wanted to say thank you for introducing me to this game, I love it so so much and even despite its flaws it had quickly becomemone of my favorite games. I wouldve never tried it or even heard of it if it werent for you, so just thank you for that :)

25:44 what did I just witness

PLEASE finish the Hearts Medicine Hospital series!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ

You could actually call for Agro when you're being sucked into the pit which is very sad if you think about it. And I think the same button shoots lasers out of Dormin's eyes when you play as it.

That face though and saying on 12:24 ;p

Colossus 17, the camera man. Keep reading for facts and ramblings. Trivia You don't need to keep pressing triangle, you can just hold it and he stays at top speed Phalanx is just short of being the same length as both hydrus and dirge put together. Your stab strength is getting stronger, if you go fight Valus again, you can basically one shot him Why do all colossi have names with at least five letters? Stupid Tomfuckery. Malus is the living embodiment of: SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS SHOTS

The atmosphere of Argus level is awesome!

liek if yu cri evry tiem

25:18 Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Wait i thought there was a horse one too... Did i miss it or does it not exist?

Can someone make a sequel to this game where you play as Mono trying to survive in the cursed land and revive the Wanda/Dormin mix that was pulled into the well?

Also at 13:21 your pressing the wrong button...


I really like Argus' black fur.

And Malus.

If you hold 'triangle', it does the same thing for Agro running.

Jack... You could just hold triangle on Agro...

But to be honest, this is a game worth crying for

that last dude looks like Chernabog that demon from Disney's Fantasia :0

Theory: Dormin is not the enemy. Emon is. Reason: Emon used to live in the forbidden lands before it became forbidden. He created the sword and cut dormin into 16 segments thus the colossi.

Does Mono breastfeed?

I’m a heartless fuck r so aggro dying did not affect me at all

theres a theory that Dormin created the universe sounds like stephen king and makes no sense at all

If you press triangel when you are Dormin, you can breath fire. And you can also just hold down triangel when you are riding Agro, then you dont have to listen to her whine all the time :P. Also, try holding down R2 and move the left stick up when riding Agro, Its awsome :D!

You should play Ico!!!!

I heard my name

Imagine if instead of saying "Begone foul beast!" Emon says "BEGONE THOT!"

You can also perform a breath attack as Dormin by pressing triangle.

This Kitsune has achieved many orgasms watching one of my favorite games being played by one of my favorite Youtubers. I! MUST! HAVE! MORE! MY LEGS AREN'T QUIVERING ENOUGH! MY CHAIR ISN'T SOAKED ENOUGH!

I’m Wyatt btw.

Jack. Stab Malus in the hands to have an easier time climbing up him to get to where you need to. It works every time.

Jack is the best YouTuber ever!!! I subscribed


It took me TWO HOURS to kill this dude

I hope they remake ico and jack plays it.

Thanks to this game Roblox had some fun games

I can imagine what the colossi would say "Look, I know you killed us and all and we practically tried to kill you, but hey you didn't die in the you also have a place we could stay? Oh hey Dormin's back, where were you in the last few centuries"

Eamon is a real jerk. He left this girl alone on an alter, not even bothering to take her back home for a proper burial. Then, when she wakes up the bridge is destroyed so she has no way of returning and Agro is injured so even if the bridge was still up, they would have to walk the entire way. She’s been resurrected just to be killed from thirst or starvation. And there is no way that baby is going to survive at all. All 3 of them are going to die. It’s never shown, but logically, they cannot survive.

Please play Ico!


Jack where will u get the tatoo

Like trico he has a glowing blue horns and the salamanders on shadow of culosis there is a cinecshon

Apparently don’t know if it’s true there’s another collusus

I think the eagle might mean that it was hinting towards the secret garden all along. It’s just kinda a brainstorming idea, but it very well could be.

wasn't there a part in this game where mono or whatever grabs a baby with horns out of the pool the sword fell in? I'm pretty sure i saw it somewhere....


It would have been so poetic if Wander had just pushed a little deeper and made it to Mono, then collapsed holding her hand.

PS3 SotC: "I swear you must have f***ing... lotion on your feet!" PS4 SotC: "Oh my god, are you feet made out of f***ing... soap?" Jack says the best one-liners. XD

those duded at the end saying no humans will ever trespass on those lands again just because the bridge was destroyed underestimate the power of humans wriggling their ways into places they shouldn't go

wonder has a clossus symbols on his back and i think he is turning into a clossus so that means all the clossus's were human so they evaluated all the citys in the land to stop them from becoming colossusi

Jack's real name was in the credits

"gee, thanks for reviving me so I could live out my days in an impossible to leave field trying to raise a kid by myself"

The other thing that change is that the colossus dont have the same sound to it. The colossus had their own sounds but the this one made all the colossus the same sound:(

Jack he was 1 of tem

Aggro has to be the most loyal horse in literally all of eternity.

do an echo replay

Also maybe Dormin are the Master of the Valley

In the last guardian, the bridge to the main tower was collapsed which is the same as the end of this

So you just killed #15, Burger King foot lettuce?

Jack, it's pronounced (sore-on)


physics of the colossus

Who else almost cried when Agro came back??

Flash backs to Danny...

/ding/ Oooh... when the black mist strikes him that's a part of the Colossus entering his body...

What if Trico is the 17th Colossus

I used to be an adventurer like you then I took an arrow in the knee

Never seen this game before, then seeing Agro fall to her death: OMG NOOOOOOOOOOO

I'm bawling!! I cried when Agro died and when he came back. He was hurt, but he came back still. He was expecting his rider to be there for him like every other time. I can see why this is your favorite game. I didn't even play and I think this very well may be my favorite as well.


Jack please play Ico!

Jack please play Ico on the channel, I really would love to see you play it.

wait, so eggroll is ded?

Noooooo jack u getting gray hair

33:35 He looks insane! He's huge!


it made me cry :(

At 40:24 you can hear a roblox death noise

You can’t fool me!!!!

are shadow of the colossus and ico a loop. The baby who was born is wander, and the game ico shows his childhood then he defeats all of the colossi, saving mono, and then the baby who is born in his place is him being reincarnated,starting it all over again. Is that right or am i just crazy

Jumpscare at 12:09

will you play through Ico too? That would be awesome!

I know its not really a game thats good for lets playing. But I'd love to see Jack run through ICO, that way we can have all the games

Mallus is my fav now

Loved it! I have a question, can you please please play “Echo”?

Thanks jack for this awesome play thourgh it helped a lot

Can I just say how crazy it is that both Subnautica AND Shadow of the Colossus are on this channel again? Like it was in 2014/2015? I love it

death by mosquito sucking blood from hand

dang, this is so deep. How would u feel if you died but then your lover saved you, but you found em as a baby. Does that mean she has to love and raise it as her own or still as a lover???

56:44 Who is Susan Bennadict?

18:34 that also looks like dueling peaks from zelda

Ni not get roll



i had the same problem with the hand

R.I.P eggroll

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo agrooooooooooooooooooo

What if, the last guardian temple place thing is the place where shadow of the colossus takes place

1:12:29 *Subjectively The character models are good.

25:45 I'm a monster deal with it, but this is sad.

Hey jack. Just to let you know your episode “The Turtle and the Snake” didn’t make it into your playlist”

40:24 You *cannot* talk about something if the thing you are going to talk about is not going to be in the final video!


33:40 That’s what she said

Do *NOT* make a cut where you are on a wrist and then magically appear on a shoulder!

This battle with Malice is like the shockwave section from Inside


33:28 is that appropriate?

I demand a new ending

This boss was such a bitch never killed him

Jack maybe Eco next?

That giant gorilla guy, he reminds me of big foot or King Kong.

Noooo I love this game don’t eeennnddd


Jack u can breath blue flames at them (as dorman)

TFW you have notifications on for Jack's channel and it didn't appear there or in your sub feed.... Fix yo self, youtube

And they STILL haven't fixed the camera


Honestly I thought Mono looked fine but I agree wander definitely looked better before.

The eagle adds that little touching feeling to it

I’ve never cried so much in my life! The fact that agro travels all the way back to the temple as well with her leg

Incredible Jack! GG all along the place!

OMG what if as an Easter egg the put trico flying in the distance over the ocean behind the clouds now wouldn't that be amazing to see

The brown pants reference

the sword being thrown into the water was like a seal that destroyed him just like it did with the other colossi this is shown when the water glowed the same color as the seals. but that is just one of my theories. Thank you Jack so much for playing this. I have never seen the game until now and i see why you like it so much

Holly shit, when Agro fell I got goose bumps. RIP Agro 2006-2018, you will be missed.

This is how life should end, accepted and peaceful, as it cannot go on forever.

Jack the 17th gurdian is trico

Loved this series, really cool game!

Are you gonna climb to the top of the tower

F to pay respects


Is this attack on Titan my dad love Attack on Titan

You need to play ico on the channel! May as well

Every time jack says eagle im like SPONSOR EAGLE!!!!!

Hey but i imagine mono being stuck in the collosus land forever right. Since the bridge is broken


Ireland really is a lot more beautiful that a lot of people give it credit for..oh fuck I forgot about that part..damnit..

Lol 33:27

The little sparkle, did like a finger games whistle. But it was a higher pitch.

You should play eco for the channel

Fun fact if you're on Mr. Liberty's right hand you can stab even though no rune he will level his hand palm down helping you regain stamina and shoot the next crack.

The camera! That's the secret colossus! Also, why did this video get dislikes? I don't understand that...

I thought agro hit a ground when he fell in the ps3 version

Can anyone tell me why Maluce looks like Black Panther?

"That Horse"!!! Disrespect man..

Umm is it me or did I just see Sean’s name in the credits?!? 57:01

I like that you could be an colosus. I was like:"Wait, so Im the secret colosus all those time"?!

huh...during the scene with Agro I'm reminded of the scene from "Never ending story"...

Dormin’s gotta be my favorite on-screen-for-maybe-7-minutes character thus far


Such a good game

Top two favorite games Shadow of the Colossus and Super Mario Galaxy

25:32 RIP Egg rolls


The 17th colossus... The camera.

hey jack I've watched every video of yours ..... and I want you to know that your my #1 youtuber!!you helped me though ruff times and sad times tyvm I love you deeply Sean ty soo much!

I kinda wish the visuals in this looked a bit more like the last gaurdian's. Some of the shading and particle effects are weird especially on the skin of the humans (like you said, they looked like they were made of clay) and they got rid of some things that were clearly stylistic choices like the really bright over saturated whites and cyan colors even though those effects were still present In the last gaurdian.

Nooo please not egg roll :(

Egg roll!!!!!!!!!

thank you jack for putting so much time into your vids

this entire game just seams kind of gaelic to me


Plz play ico

1:05:55 Wait wait WAIT! Where is the eagle's scream?!?!?! Nope, the entire remake got screwed up only because they removed the last eagle's scream!!! Jk but i kinda got upset though :(

Hey guys you wanna hear a theory i have about malice well this is it he got so powerful because all the other collosi were killed and the powers of them got transferd to malice the original collosi and in return for that power he got he got cursed to stay still that's my theory and it has no backing comment back wether you agree or disagree

I’ve been watching your SOTC videos all day to get through the game and Jesus fucking Christ the final colossus is fucking me up big time

It's so funny watching the auto-generated captions try to keep up with the made up language. "You know Susan. He's a realtor because so a disco era Kualoa to Kyle."

34:25 go home Wanderer, you're drunk

23:18 looks like the temple from The last guardian

Whoa, I did not see that coming. I HATE IT. THE MAIN CHARACTER DIES WTF.


Jack, there is grass that looks lie it was meant to go in the ruins which makes me think that is for a sport or something like that

28:27 I hate collectibles when it gets you a different ending or something like that

I want you guys to picture dormans voice saying: omiawa mo shindiru

when I defeated Argus, I climbed down his arm from his shoulder to get to his hand

trio is the 17th colossus

jack the coin you collected is one of the many in hte world if you collect all 82 you get a new sword


I honestly think the girl is his sister

He’s wearing a building

26:02 i cry

i cried when eggroll fell off

Agro is acting pretty agro today

It took me so long as a second let’s play to understand this ending....

Wow that was an amazing game end.....except for the odd baby thing


wonder!!!!!!!! no! why! WHY! GAME! WHY!!!!!!!!!! YOU SON OF A BITCH!!!! GAME WHY! MOTHER FUCKER

At the end either the girl is really small or agro was just a bigass horse

Jack did you know that you have 2 attacks when you play as dormin?

i think wonder became the horse at the end

Theory: Wander turns into boy from Ico Boy from ico turns into Trico (Don't know much about Ico and it's just a random idea)

*Hello Jack, I would like you to make a video of The shadow of the colossus, in which you are looking for the DORMIN's Sword. I think it would be interesting I'm too fan of this game, I even got a tattoo; : D a great greeting PLEAS Like to see it*

I just imagine that if the titans could grab eggrole. He would just yell "LEGO MY EGGROLE"

Did they play football??

I'm kinda sad it's over I LOVED this game, always when I watched Jack playing it I had a BIG smile on my face, the ending was kinda sad I hope if there was another ending if there is DO IT JUST PLAY IT AGAIN. WHO AGREES

That's bull jack. my sister and i where able spam that grib button and jump til we were at the girl. But eventually we had to go into the well. which we wEre disappointed no secret scene.

Baby wander has horns same as Ico maybe Wander is his ancestor?

when jack plays SOTC ....... "im just a guy who is a hero for the fun of it" XD

play terraria!!!!!!!!!! or ill hunt you down and kill you

If you want to watch the stabby part 37:53

You do not know da wae 27:01

0:53 >:)





"I hate collectibles in games" Well, then you wouldn't like Sims 4, lmfao

i would like a remake of zelda ocarina of time..

Hey why is dorman a bad guy he doesn't seem like a bad guy?

Play dah prequel/sequel

Malus is my favorite colossus followed by gius then avion. Tell me what your guy's favorites are


malace looks like a dalek from doctor who just with rings of uuhh fire?

Who was susan? Sorry

Now We All know what we want a remastered or remake of ico

Is Agrov stil aliv

pokemon playa Magic

Anyone ever notice that one of the special artists is called Sean McLaughlin

How do you know all of their names? I don't them written anywhere in the game.


jack did you now there is 24 colossuses in thes game but tou nid to hack the game

What happens if you whistle for agro after he falls

30:00 Malus is my new nightmare

Oh the greatness of Ireland green grass nice rocks AND HUGE COLOSSI ROAMING ABOUT

I would love to see him play eacko

why im crying :"(

With the stuff you were saying about Aggro, I'd say it's the other way around. The colossi where you use Aggro are the unique ones

Oh my god I cried so hard at the end!

Such a good game

Eggrole for life man


THIS is what ireland looks like ? that's at all where i live (canada) its just full of really big forests and its freezing did i mension that its FREEZING

Jack have you played ico on the channel if you didnt please do

It would be cool if there where another game where you can play as the girl

Hes got horns like Treco! Er however you spelled that lovely creatures name...

I’m just gonna rewatch Jack play this in the older version just to see him get emotional. 26:27

Jacksepticeye it took you 8 parts to finish last gaudyin I forgot how to spell and shadow of the colossal

Eggroll should be a meme.

Is the baby the same kid from ICO cause they look exactly the same and the kid off of ICO had horns. But does ICO take place when the Little boy is older. The soldiers in ICO also look familiar.

you missed that wander didn't horns the baby does. dorman might still be in wander

nevermind about the horns, but a little of dorman or his magic might still be in wander

rip eggroll sorry jack but you will be ok I know you will

This game is the prequel to Ico, and I feel like the castle in Ico is the same as in The last guardian

I know you don't mean to, but there were a lot of spoilers. I knew by your reaction that your horse would fall. lol

Jack there is another dormin attack i think its triangle and he breathes blue stuff

At 25:05 you asked what happened if you come here earlier in the game. I actually did and litterally nothing happened. The reason was strikingly obvious if you really think about it. The beam of light coming off of your sword is always pointing directly towards the weakspot on each of the colossi and that beam will never point in that specific direction, thus you cannot enter his arena early.

we should get a shadow of the colossus VR game. that would really add to the scale of the colossus.

I played the game for myself. The area you were in at 20:50, those trees bear tons of fruit that your character can eat. You can even see a few of them while your camera pans around

Resurrected Dormin has actually pretty cool voice!

Man, even thought I know about Agro, it always gets me...

Every time I see Malus I imagine what it would be like for him to straight up chuck wander like a stone.

You say you didn’t play the last two because you’d played your favs. We all know it’s so you can pretend you never lose Aggro

Umm... Jack... did you realize that at the end when he's just a baby, that he has horns on his head? Didn't you say that was the main character in the next game? Woah...

*Watches Eggroll die* *throws phone* WHAT IS LIFE!?!

Jack can you please play ico? I would go back and watch other playthroughs but none will be as entertaining as yours!

R.I.P agro ;(

Jack, if you collect all 79 of the coins you will unlock a secret area and the sword of dormin

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