The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

The Incredible Alcatraz Prison Break

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This week on BuzzFeed and saw we covered the thrilling escape from the famed Alcatraz, prison the inmates who pulled this off did so by executing, an ingenious, and daring, plan and who doesn't love a good Prison Break right I do, will there be tunnels, uh. You. Could say there was a tunnel I guess, if you were sitting in a Cell for a long time you would be able to come up with pretty, cool things to escape that, being said the, things that they did come up with I was pressed by but I'm easily impressed well I guess tell your story okay yeah. Formerly. A military, base Alcatraz. Island opened. As a federal maximum-security prison. In 1934. The. Prison was nicknamed, The Rock due, to the fact that the prison sits on a 22 acre island, about a mile and a quarter away from, the city of San Francisco, because. Of this the prison gained a reputation as, being, inescapable. With, water surrounding, the prison have ring around 48, degrees Fahrenheit, 254, degrees Fahrenheit. All year. Along, with formidable currents. Pulling, strongly, out to sea, leading up to low tide San. Francisco is very cool it's very cold and I have very delicate Southern, California, skin the coldest, winter. Of my life was a summer in San Francisco. Okay. I thought. You're gonna go into your typical. Midwestern. People no winter. And cold people. Do no I'll tell you oh Jesus okay, no it's fine we don't have to go snow I'm, very happy for you what a feather in all your caps mm-hmm so shall, we move on if. You must great as, time went on the, prison would fall into disrepair, and the budget to fix things was, limited, this, would become an important. Factor, in the inmates escape, so, without further ado let's. Meet the, escaped crew first, up we have the Anglin brothers John. William Angwin and his younger brother Clarence. Anglin both, in their early 30s at the time of the escape the, brothers were serving time for robbing, a bank together I wouldn't, mind being in a jail.

Cell With my bro yeah the thing is like being in prison obviously, not ideal yeah but you got your bro there with you and the only word next door to each other that's very funny that's very fun yeah, that's. A big bonding I wonder if one, of them got the letter like. Ooh where. You going, it's. Going to Alcatraz, he was like me to jump. Up it they. Got accepted to college together next, we have Frank Morris in his mid thirties at the time of the escape who, had been abandoned, as a young child put, in foster care and run away and was, then in and out of Prisons since he was just 13 years old, he, was also serving time for a bank robbery the, final member of the crew is Ellen West aged 33, at the time of the escape West. Began serving time by the age of 14, and bounced, around various, federal prisons, our crew of escapees, established, let's jump into the inception of the escape it. Said that West first approached Morris with a plan to escape in early 1960. West, apparently, knew of a ventilator cover above cellblock, B that, might not be sealed over with concrete, as some of the other vents had been if true, this, could provide them with a way to get onto the roof of the prison from the inside, Wes. Also began working with the cell house maintenance, crew which gave him insight, into the building structure layout, and weaknesses. By, September, 1961. The, Anglin, brothers Morris. And West all had, requested, moves to cells that were close to each other in Cell Block B directly. Under the unsecured, vent cover all, sound, moves were approved, this. Goes back to my thinking that prison may be back then or maybe in this particular, prison. Didn't, seem so bad you, just put in a request and, they're like oh you want to move. I. Mean, the thought is like this, is I should have just asked to leave I think, this is maybe a lesson, in humility for this prison the prison guards and the prison warden you know obviously. This prison has been thought of as this, fortress of security, it's, thought of as unescapable, it's, surrounded by water oh what's, the worst element, of hubris yeah what's. The worst they're gonna do do what you want it doesn't matter because you're never gonna escape here in terms. Of who planned what the details are a bit murky but, one thing is for sure the. Plan that the four men would execute was, undoubtedly, bold, and ingenious, that. Being said. Let's break down the. Plan starting. With phase one, deception. With. Alcatraz, it wasn't just about escaping, the prison walls as it was also about making it back to the mainland, and avoiding, capture in that process in, order, to prevent that the men knew they needed a head start to, accomplish, this the men created painted, dummy heads made, from a plaster like mix of soap, concrete. And other materials, and complete. With, human hair they laid the heads in their beds to fool the guards sure. Enough on June 12 on the morning following the escape when, the 7:00 a.m. bell went off to wake the prisoners, guards, discovered, that the escapees, appeared, to still be asleep in their beds, it wasn't, until one guard reached into Morris's, cell and pushed the head only for it to roll away and strike, the ground that, the guards realized, something. Was wrong to. This day the, dummy head that struck the ground still, has the damage that resulted, from this fall it's. Unknown, who came up with the idea to create dummy, heads, however, Clarence. Worked as a barber, and had access to human hair trimmings either, way phase one deception, was, a success, if I were that guard and I. Reached. Into that bed Oh wake. Up sir. You're. Missing or so you know it's head rolls out yeah yeah first, I'd scream I go, ha I don't know my own strength I just dam, there and go oh. They. Did it very good very good good I would be angry if the craftsmanship, weren't, so, good it's varied as I pick it up and I see the human hair I'm thinking well they really pulled out all the stops here I say out of fool this brings us to phase 2, breakout. After, laying, the dummies in their beds the men went to work on busting, out of their cells all four of the men's cells had five inch by nine and a half inch ventilation. Grates in the back of their cells perhaps. Due to his time on maintenance Wes may have known that the wall surrounding the Great was less than six inches thick making, it possible for each man to expand, the hole in their cell to fit through four, months each of the escapees.

Had Drilled small, closely-spaced. Holes around the cover of the ventilation, grades for. This they, used crude, handmade, tools like, spoons stolen, from the kitchen and a, drill, made from a vacuum cleaner motor, these. Holes made it possible for them to remove the entire small, section, of the wall around the air vents which they then kept covered up with their musical, instruments and with big covers, made of cardboard I'm. Also not that handy so retrofitting, a you know a vacuum. Motor turning it into a drill I don't know if I'd be able to think of that I don't know I don't know so they're essentially just perforating. It yeah, they're just they're priming it by making little holes they're making the the wall a little bit weaker, so that they could just push through this wall and this is out of view of the so. It's not out of view but, the. This, prison allowed, an. Hour called hack I think was called happy hour where the, inmates, wickets margaritas, knowing is margaritas but the the, inmates who played musical. Instruments were allowed to play, their instruments, during this hour what is this prison. Every. Talks oh the, rock you don't want to go to the rock it sounds. Like a happy, hour at the rock. It. Sounds like the prison from Paddington, - don't forget your loot yeah, under, the cover of all this shitty music playing they, were probably able to do some drilling these holes allowed, them to crawl through to a utility, corridor, located. Directly behind their cells that was typically left unguarded, from. There they were able to climb up to a hidden landing, area directly, above their cell block where, they had been working in secret for several, months some. Or all of the escapees, had been given permission at, some point to do maintenance work on this, landing, area in fact, to, this day you, can still see where West actually completed. Part of the painting job apparently. West. Had even convinced, the guards to allow him to hang blankets, that concealed, his work because, it was sending dust cascading, down to the ground level in reality. He, was actually, using blankets, to hide the work that was really, being done up there this. Concealed, landing, area became the escapees, secret. Workshop they. Even built and used a primitive, periscope. To take turns as lookout, in the, workshop, they were able to build the aforementioned, dummies tools, and other items, they'd used to escape it's worth noting that on the night of the escape West, never, made it to this landing, spot due, to the fact that he was unable to break through the last portion of the wall around his ventilation, grease consequently.

West. Was, left behind from. The landing the ceiling was about thirty feet directly overhead and the men were able to climb to the ceiling via the pipes and reach an air vent that they had previously pried off in preparation, for the air escape experts. Believe that sound reportedly, heard around 10:30, p.m. was. The sound of the air vent cover being pushed off on the roof and this, marks the approximate. Time the escapees, would have reached the roof they, then climbed down from the roof via a pipe next to the back of their cellblock climbed, the 15-foot, fence and made, their way to the North Shore of the island which. Brings us to the next phase phase. 3, escaping. The island, in. Their workshop, the inmates had built life preservers, in a six by fourteen foot rubber raft all made, from prison-issue, raincoats. They've, gathered, over 50, raincoats, for the job possibly. Stitching them together using, sewing machines in the clothing or glove shops they, even vulcanized, the rubber raincoats, by holding the seams up to the heat from the steam pipes an idea. They've, gotten from a Popular, Mechanics issue. The, raft was inflated, using, a converted, musical, instrument, a concertina. Ordered, by Morris back in April do you think every day for 50 days they just kept going lost my raincoat, again I mean. There was a forty ninth crime in a row a. Lot, of raincoats, I guess yeah and I guess they weren't keeping inventory of them I'm guessing that they got really not fair amount of poop on them they're like all right throw that in the trash we're, just walking by taking, them slow and what do they store I guess in the workshop you know I find with government, employees they're, always thrilled, to waste the money yeah, yeah they're you know they're spent you know they're like hey yeah, that's, on the government's, dime so if you're a prisoner. And you're like I lost a raincoat they're probably like yeah they, have more I don't care it's not mine. Yeah, that's, coming from Uncle Sam's pop, you're not taking from the guards personal, stash of, raincoats, yeah but, 50 does seem like an inordinate amount to, gather. Organize, them, the. Steamy the steamy pipe a Popular, Mechanics issue, I love it the plan was to sail across San, Francisco, Bay in their raft to Angel Island about, two miles north of Alcatraz, Island from, there they would sail again. This time across Raccoon straight about, a half mile wide which. Would then bring them to the mainland, there, they, would steal a car as well as clothing, according to West who would later inform the FBI about. A good deal of the plan once. The men were discovered missing Alcatraz. Went into lockdown as a search began guards. Quickly found the secret workshop the, hole in the ceiling and footprints, on the roof and at the bottom of the pipe they climbed down the. FBI joined the case as with the Coast Guard and Bureau of prison authorities, in what would be a wide-scale, search, however. The, escapees, as well, as their rat were, never seen again even. Though we know the three men made it off of Alcatraz Island, what. Happened to the three men after, that remains. A mystery, that, being said let's. Get in to the theories of which, there are only two, that, the men escaped and survived or, that. They perished, in the journey over to the mainland, let's, start with the latter the. Bays waters, are known for being frigid, and there is a strong current that could have worked against the escapees, experts. Point out that the trios goal of taking the raft north, to Angel Island would have been extremely difficult at, this time especially. Given that they had paddles, but no rudder, additionally. Results. Of a reenactment, of the escape carried out by Dutch scientists. In a piece for PBS in which, they built a raft, similar, to the one the escapees, used found, that two of the men would have to work to keep the raft inflated, leaving, only one to paddle, the, weather would have been about 47, degrees Fahrenheit, when the men made it outside the prison the, water is said to have been 54, degrees Fahrenheit, if the Roundheads, or the men had gone overboard, into the water they would probably have only lasted, two hours before. Starting to lose consciousness, according, to author Jolene, Babia I'll tell you what you ever looked out into the waters in that Bay, I've, looked out to the water as a night in the ocean it's scary but that Bay in particular, I don't, like the look of it the ocean is scary in the daytime it's scary enough but that Bay scarier. Than the ocean I can't. Say I can't speak to that it's rocky and it's cold the.

Only Time I've ever looked at that Bay has been in a very fun, context, I was watching a group of seals fight each other oh that's fun it was really funny were slapping each other away and them fell off and you but imagine that if you're trying to escape and a seal, hops up on your boat starts laughing I. Don't. Know ideal would be cute but if I come on man goddess gave very, funny meet, you back on the shore we'll do this again sometime on, June 12 bits, of wood resembling, a handmade, paddle, were found in the water near Angel, Island the, pieces were identified, as belonging to the escapees, On June 14th, bags, made from raincoats, were found halfway between Alcatraz. And Angel, Island these, bags contained, irrefutable evidence that, they had belonged to the escapees, photos. Of the England's and their family nine, pieces of paper with a list of people to contact on, the outside, and a, letter written, to Clarence Anglin many. Point to these personal, items as evidence, that the journey was ill-fated. As these, would have not been items easily given, up on June, 15th, a homemade, life vest was found floating near kronkite, beach a second, life vest was discovered on June 22nd. No more than 100, yards from the eastern coast of Alcatraz, Island its. Ties were still knotted, all, three of the men would have set out with very little money so, the fact that the hordes of authorities, on the case never found a shred of evidence of any thefts, or holdups, tied to Morris or the englands for food clothing, or transportation, made. It seem unlikely that, they made it to the mainland, alive the, FBI states that they never found any credible, evidence either in the US or abroad that. The men lived in mid. July 1962. About, six weeks after the escape a Norwegian. Shipping freighter the SS, Norval, spotted, a body in the ocean about 20, miles away from the golden Brij however. They. Did not call in the sighting and did not report it until fall. When, they returned to San Francisco, and the body was, never recovered look. It's a dead guy oh well. I guess, if it's afraid I mean one you should report it but if it's afraid or they can't, imagine they can really stop look I get know so you know time is money yes sure I get not stopping, but. Dead, body, yeah and. Because the body was never recovered we can't tell if it's one of these three men you know so. You. Know shit. Happens in the sea I guess though there, is plenty of credence to our second theory that the escapee survived, morons. And the Anglin brothers had, a raft to help them navigate the waters which many people have successfully, been able to swim before without, the benefit, of a raft or lifejackets.

A Triathlon. Is held each year in which participants, complete, a mile and a half swim in the same waters around the same time of year that the escape occurred. Participants. Do say that the current choppy, waters, and wind, are major, factors to contend, with but, according to Jeff harp a security, analyst, for CBS San, Francisco, who worked with the FBI for over, 20 years and, goes, for swims in the San Francisco Bay, he, doesn't know of any contestants. In the triathlon, who haven't, been able to complete the swim furthermore. Most, of the bodies of those who drown in the bay will float after a few days but, despite extensive, searches, the fugitives, bodies, were never found, US, Marshal Michael Dyke has run a simulation with, help from the Coast Guard that determined, the escapees, could have survived in the water for, two and a half hours at least if the raft plan failed the, same Dutch scientists, who carried out the reenactment, of the escape also, created, a computer, model which. They presented, in 2014. That, could recreate the conditions in the water on the night of the escape the, model found that there was a very narrow window between, 11:30, p.m. and midnight, during. Which the trio would have needed to launch their raft in order to have a chance of, you need to land and since, the inmates may have made it to the roof by 10:30, p.m. this. Window, seems possible though, even, then they, would have had to let the currents carry them to Horseshoe, Bay north, east of the Golden Gate Bridge rather. Than trying to reach Angel Island the. Model also suggested, that items, left at the shoreline near Horseshoe, Bay would, drift back towards Angel Island where, some of the escapees, items were recovered once, the tides reversed, and while, the Dutch scientists, real-life recreation, of the escape did not work as they, were unable to withstand the currents and bring the raft to land they, still got fairly, close to Golden Gate Bridge in a little over an hour aboard, the raft one, of the scientists conceded, he still believes the escapees, might have been able to pull it off given the rush of adrenaline and, need to survive. Also, one, thing I want to point out here I don't. Know how accurate, this, test is if you have scientists. Doing. The paddling, themselves, in the boat what's fucking point that I. Just. Like I mean, I feel like maybe. Have. Some guys, that are a little closer to the dudes who were escaping, yeah I I guess I am generalizing, that scientists, are. Meek. Individuals. But I'm just saying that if these are inmates hardened. Criminals, that, are trying to survive I don't. Know if this is the best people, for the job I guess and I guess scientists, could go to the gym right I suppose well, Chris prep in the in the Jurassic, world film he's not a scientist he's, also a character. But his, name is Owen Grady. Whoa. They're blue oh Jesus. Everybody loves blue a great character, David, Widner the nephew of the Anglin brothers has, said that his uncle Robert one of John and Clarence's older brothers confessed. On his deathbed to his sister's quote that, they didn't have to worry about their brothers that he had been in touch with them and they were okay end quote, when. Are added that his grandmother, who would have been John and Clarence England's, mother would, sometimes receive roses with, her son's signatures, on the card following, the 1962. Escape, multiple. Family members of, John and Clarence Anglin have, claimed over the years at family, funerals, that, have noticed mysterious women, wearing, veils and/or, heavy makeup, which could have been the undercover, England, brothers coming to pay their respects, in 2015. A History, Channel show claimed, that a photo taken of two men in Brazil 13, years, after the escape depicted. Brothers John and Clarence Anglin alive. The. Photograph, came from Fred Brizzy a childhood, friend of the Anglin brothers who, turned it over to the family sometime in the 1990s. Brizzy's. Story is that he was on a trip in Brazil when he happened to run into John, and Clarence at a bar Brizzy. Has since passed away many in the England family have held on to the belief that John and Clarence survived, the escape they also believe the photo shows, John and Clarence an expert. Connected with the History Channel show concluded. That the photo showed, the Anglin brothers the. US Marshal's, Office investigated. The claim their experts, do not believe the photo depicts, John and Clarence, however, they, acknowledge, that a solid determination isn't. Really possible given the age and wear to the photo and the fact that the subjects, are wearing sunglasses, their. Execution, of this plan was so impressive that I know. It's technically, not legal. To do this but just give him a pass also. Even, let's, say they said they survived in the escape yeah the, fact that they didn't get into trouble for the next 50 years means, jail worked for them no work say they received.

A Penance and now they've. Stuck to the plan they had a lot of conviction yeah and you, know what they deserve to be free at that point I mean prison. Truly. Should be about reforming. The, soul, of a man and these folks all they did was drink a premios in Brazil as for the aftermath, of the escape Alan. West the inmate left behind, cooperated. With officials, in the search finishing. Serving his sentence across three different prisons following, Alcatraz, and was, released in 1967. But, he remained free for only one year before. Landing, himself concurrent. Sentences, of five years, one, to three years and live for grand larceny and robbery. He died in 1978. Alcatraz. Shut down in March 1963. Less, than a year after the Anglin Maura's escape the, FBI officially, closed their case on the 1962. Escape from Alcatraz on December, 31st, 1979. Over. 15, years after their investigation, began, however, they, add quote, it's one mystery we'd all like to solve end quote. The case is expected to remain open, with federal marshals, until either the fugitives, are arrested, evidence. Of their deaths is found or the, fugitives, reached 99, years of age in. The end nobody, truly knows if, the enterprising, bunch of Alcatraz, escapees, completed. Their journey or, if, their, midnight, voyage, was ill-fated, for. Now the, case remains, unsolved. I'll. Tell you what on my 99th, birthday I'd be walking, into the US Marshals, office and just being like. Your. Grandson, wheels you in a wheelchair and you're just sunglasses. On just fuck. You coppers it's. Me, I wish drinking could premiums for the last 30 years. Suck it covers and. Then you just died. You.

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I honestly think that they got eaten by giant crabs or at least sharks are there sharks in that bay anyways? Also greetings from Jamaica

What's with Shane's lumberjack vibes?

Maybe it was the Paddington bear. The bear does not leave foot prints and is quite nifty. It doesn't weigh much but can be an extra hand to row that boat out of that island.

Visit Alcatraz for the next supernatural season

i really dont think a raincoat raft sounds like it’d work!!

How would you guys escape prison? P.S. Love the HotDaga

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network will you go back to west Virginia and blast country roads? I know I will.

I can just imagine them almost getting to shore, they all yell,”Yes!” Then... an orca jumps from the depths landing on top of the raft, only to be followed by a megalodon coming from below swallowing the orca and raft. Only for the mega shark to return to the depths of the haunted San Francisco Bay.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network will you some day do an ghost investigation into Alcatraz island?

Love this! Alcatraz was a wicked place to visit!

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network this may not make it to postmortem but I’ll try. What if they survived but made it look like they didn’t make it just to fool the FBI? I mean that’s what I’d do if I were in their shoes.

There is evidence that the escapees had help from the inside and supposedly got help by having someone either drive a boat out to the middle of the bay or have boat set up for them. There were reports from several people who saw a boat just sitting there in the water during the night of the escape. In addition, the ferry that shuttled people to and from Alcatraz left the island during the night of the escape, and evidence suggests the escapees possibly got a ride or "tow" from it by tying their raft to it. Anyway, what do you guys think of this?

Has any divers dived in the bay trying to find evidence.

Can you guys get a lawyer and tell what would happen if they show up today?, given their age and all that stuff, will they still go to jail?

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network howdy boys! I’d like to know what you would have done in this situation. Do you think you’d even have wanted to escape? It sort of sounded like a sweet gig but I’m sure it wasn’t. I live in the Bay Area and honestly I hope they made it.

PST Is that not what women have?

The life vests are what lead me to believe that they made it. I think they would’ve kept the vest on Incase they fell in. Since they were found with no bodies attached, I think they ditched them after making it to shore.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network is it possible that they hopped the freighter?

what happened to Frank Morris, I know their a lot of information when it comes to the Anglin Brothers surviving but Frank Morris was with him if they did survive shouldn’t their be proof that Frank Morris survived with the Anglin Brothers.

Alcatraz sounds like Azkaban from the Harry Potter series.

FOR POST MORTEM: I’ve always thought that Alcatraz would be the best place to set up a base on during the zombie apocalypse... thoughts???

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network gay porn?

Do you think it’s possible that they made it to shore and then ditched their life vests as a decoy? Without the conclusive discovery of any bodies, I find it difficult to believe that they died on the way back to shore.

Do you guys think that they might off just thrown their belongings into the ocean to make it look like they never made it, even though the things were "hard to get rid off"?

I wish you could have gone to Alcatraz its so beautiful in person, I love you guys.


For postmortem: One of my favorite episodes so far! Good job guys... Like Shane said tho, it was illegal, but damn the effort put in this escape plan. * standing O* I was definitely rooting for them. Love you guys! Greetings from Suriname!

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network how do i get shane to notice me

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Hey Ryan, long time Unsolved fan! I have a dual question for you, why was the funding slowly strangled for the prison seeing as it is max security? Also, why are you so swole? #shaniac #loveyoutooRyan

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Will you ever do a video on the Memphis 3?

Can we get a video full of just the hotdoga?

Heres a question for the ghoul boys... I'm curious if you know which crimes they were all in prison for? Or what education that might have received considering their plan was well thought out and quite ingenious. Maybe they had skills from their time before prison that helped them escape? PS I never miss an episode and I'm really happy you're that doing more true crime. You guys rock!

My last name is Poindexter, so thanks for that shoutout

10 Ryans sized Shane cause no matter how big Ryan is still weak

I couldn’t do anything that bad,

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network SHANE BE MY MOM.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network For postmortem: I think that they could of lived because if they had already thought this far ahead maybe they even thought of faking their deaths and leaving there personal items in the water in hopes they’d be found so that it would throw the cops off their trail P.S. I’m loving this season so far #Shaniac #StillloveyouRyan

also im a #shaniac sorry ryan (would love to see u play the guitar though #guitaraBOOgara)

pretty boring and empty episode... was just a cool and understood story, nothing really unsolved about it apart from their fate, which even then was pretty uninteresting and regular.

FOR POST MORTEM. I suggest you make a true crime video about Jacqueline and Marijoy Chiong from the Philippines. I love you both!

didn't the mythbusters test this escape a while back? i think it was plausible or confirmed, I can't really remember.

Morris definitely survived dude had an iq of like 160 not sure about those other goons tho

it seems to me that ryan watches a lot of Mysteries at the Museum

13 degrees celsius is nothing where I’m from lol

I guess instead of wooing the nurse they wooed the mechanic

What happened to Allen West?

Post mortem: Was there any evidence that Morris survived as well as the two brothers?

PM: Honestly, after so much planning and preparing, I highly doubt they haven't included yet another deception after they are free from the Prison's land. Leaving life jackets and personal stuff could be just a deceiving trick. Or they were overweighing and they had to get rid of something. Personally, I think they survived. What do you guys think?

For post Mortem: If I am told correctly the water surrounding Alcatraz was not only impossible to get through because of the temperature, but also the amount of sharks around Alcatraz. If the three men didn’t get to the mainland, this may be the answer to why the bodies were never found. Because they have been eaten by the sharks! What do you guys think??

i visited alcatraz last summer and saw the dummy heads and broken vents when i went inside one of their cells. it was extremely interesting and i’m glad that i can finally have some real life connection to an unsolved mystery from here :’)

for post mortem: i'd really like to know which true crime unsolved case has been the most interesting for you, ryan, to research, or for you, shane, to hear about?! #BOOgaras

That clip of Anglin brothers masked as old ladies was breath-takingly hilarious

Do unsolved murder of xxxtentaction

amazing. they should make a movie out of this

Can you guys also use the metric system in parentheses while giving lenghts etc. ?

What if they had a friend pick them up in a boat when they escaped?

does Clarence Anglin remind Ryan Reynolds to anyone? No? Just me?

When you put the pictures up I said one of the guys look familiar and then you said his names frank Morris my last name is Morris. WEIRD don’t put this In the postmortem

Michael scofield is quaking

Not only them escaped from alcatraz :)

When they talked about the Anglin brothers celebrating going to Alcatraz together all I could think of is “DIVA” and the jumping up and down from Fresh Prince

You guys should check out the Mythbusters special where they recreated the escape and proved that they could have survived. Also having seen the fake heads they are creepy af...gave me nightmares for weeks after

Why are Clarence Anglin's eyes closed in his mugshot lmao

Hey guys, an interesting case that is still unsolved in Ireland is Sophie Toscan du Plantier. She was murdered in 1996, and it's a case that I have heard about from the news all my life. There is some shady business from the police during the whole thing, and the main suspect has been arrested at least twice and hasn't been convicted. Really interesting and everyone is divided on whether he really did murder her or not :)

Got so excited when I saw this! I'm going on vacation to San Francisco next year and taking a trip to Alcatraz. I wanna bone up on the history before I visit :)

Frank Morris looks like Gotye

But ryan what if it was aliens?

I’d love it if you did an episode on Madeline McCann

It's sad that they probably didn't make it

this was captivating, but guys can yous do less editing between photos, all the added gitching is alot to handle and i just want to read the text and see the the photos, not hate just criticism to consider

Shane, ya gotta cover the Mccan case!

Post mortem: am I the only one that thinks it's really sweet that those brothers still go to funerals of loved ones dressed in drag even though they're escapees? That's kinda adorable. Love you guys and the show btw❤

I was literally thinking of the prison from Paddington 2 lol

well Morris was a genius “Morris reportedly ranked in the top 2% of the general population in intelligence, as measured by IQ testing, displaying an IQ of 133.” Also as of the aftermath, In 2018, the FBI confirmed that the existence of a letter, allegedly written by escapee John Anglin, had forced them to reopen the investigation into the case. The FBI examined the letter for fingerprints and DNA, and the handwriting, which produced inconclusive results. The letter, received by the San Francisco Police Department in 2013, opens with: My name is John Anglin. I escaped from Alcatraz in June 1962 with my brother Clarence and Frank Morris. I'm 83 years old and in bad shape. I have cancer. Yes we all made it that night but barely! The author of the letter goes on to say Frank Morris died in 2008, and Clarence Anglin died three years later in 2011.

Guys, you can't criticise a prison for being giving their prisoners happy hour and ability to change cells and then afterwards claim you believe the aim of prison is reformation XD Your prisons are a horror show over there and for that reason it is much more likely to make hardened criminals out of small timers than it is to reform them.

0:08 Brad Bellick, he's a guy who doesn't like Prison Breaks

lmao i feel smart i went to Alcatraz once and I was told the story... I just didnt remember the part where they made a raft and made it at least off the island lmao

Couldn't it be possible that the valuables and the life jackets were left as a distraction by the escapees, so that they could fool the authorities into thinking that they didn't make it?

Guys please do the disappearance of Tammy Lynn Leppert!

I have been waiting for this!!!!

lmao "prison should be about reforming" it is. in like the entire western world. hahah

Can you do the McCann case?

Wouldn’t they be close to 99 years old anyway?

No mention of the Mythbusters tests? It basically confirmed it was very possible that the escapee's survived!

I think that because West was left behind the inmates would’ve changed the plan to go to Angel Island in case he ratted them out, and they would’ve gone to Horseshoe Bay

For the post mortem I thought i remember hearing a key detail of the case saying that the men hijacked a car off of a woman you might have thought nothing of it but I was thinking it the while video. love the season btw #shaneiac

For PostMortem: Did Shane have Bigfoot as a parent and Ryan had Goatman as one #Genes

Maybe the two brothers survived, but the other man died on the trip for some reason. It could explain the floating body the freighter found.

My guess is they died in the sea, they got swept by the current and eventually drowned and that’s why they never found the raincoats. Perhaps one day in the future a boat will find 50 raincoats just floating on top.

Allen West has to have lied to the fbi about the other guy's destination on which island they goin he basically earned a shorter sentence and the other guys are free

what if shane and ryan made their own company like the try guys?

Incredible but suspecious - This sounds like the true story of Michael Scofield and Lincoln Burrows from the "Prison Break" TV show :D

Imagine one of the fugitives watching this video, "Ha. They're still solving this one?" (Although they'd be around, more or less, 80 years old this year lol.)

This story needs its own movie.

This is a place you guys really should go to! I’ve visited Alcatraz and the whole prison has a feeling that’s just a little off, and seeing the heads is scary hh it’s so cool!

I watched a documentary that had a police record that showed a car was reported missing on Angel island the day after the prison break and it looked to me like pretty solid evidence. Thoughts?

Tell ur co-host shut up and listen like he used to

When people ask me if I like the beach in the Bay Area, California im gonna direct them to 0:55

could you guys cover some more disappearances, like ambrose bierce

I´m positive that they died trying to sail to shore. The water is cold and agressive. They could not have survived

Alcatraz used to make the prisoners shower with hot water. This would of made it near on impossible for them to swim lf the raft sunk

Did the authorities contact people on the list they found? I mean it is possible that they survived. Because if it was me, I would prepare more than one plan for this prison-break. Co sidering that this event won't have many chances, right? Wdyt? CMIIW

Probably the Anglin Brothers were the only ones to survive the escapade. Morris may have drowned and that was the body found near the Golden Gate Bridge which the ship never reported. In haste for surviving the Anglins could have just dumped all their belongings or perhaps to deceive the officials.

so the fact that they do all that things, means being in prison make you a creative person lol

anyone else like to see an episode on madeleine mccann?

Both theories seem plausible but I side with the theory that they weren’t able to make it to their destination more because I don’t think a raft made out of raincoats carrying three grown men can withstand that travel against harsh waters. Though I have a thought that with how careful they are with the plan (even leaving one behind to minimise the risk of getting caught) they may have also played with the evidences that point out that they failed so they can shake the cops off their tails. Maybe they destroyed the raft and threw life jackets onto the water when they neared their destination and threw away some of their personal belongings to add to the authenticity then let it float back to where they came from. They could’ve been also laying low in the nearest town from the prison so that the cops wouldn’t be able to track them down because they did some burglary right after they escaped. Or maybe, since they’re criminals maybe knew some people, they visited someone in the nearest town for favours.

Maybe they did make it ashore and are maybe hanging out with Mr & Mrs Bigfoot with a couple of pints of beer, holding their yearly "unsolved mystery club" :-)

For postmortem, what if the things left behind were to throw the police in a different direction, and make them think they didn't survive?

fyi, a KIDS GAME remake this entire case into one of their any worlds!? (Guess which one)

Why are some photos completely revealed and some are shaded over?

For post Morten: Hiw does no one see a boat at 10:30 at night like I’m sure some one would have seen somethingI mean if it was coming from the prison I would think hmmmm that’s suspicious not oh a boat with three people on coming from the prison meh I’m sure it’s nothing like what the hell also what if they left that out for people to think they died Guys what do u think happend #shaniacfiflife #ghostdontexist

Bro I go to med school, do you know how many of our students lift? A lot of them. Scientist work out.

they proved the escape was possible on mythbusters though.

For post mortem: I agree that they should be just given a pass cas they really didn't do anything that serious! They just robbed a bank, they didn't kill anyone #Bugara #ghostsarereal #shanesisalrighttoo #bugaraguitara

For the post mortem: aren't you going to do any reenactment this season?

Could you imagine being scared as hell to be sentenced to the infamous inescapable island Alcatraz and when you actually get there there is just music playing, sitting next to you favorite prisonmate and working a bit. #postmortem

you guys might want to investigate the very upsetting case of #ChiongSeven or the #ChiongSistersMurder

You forgot to add the part where a letter was sent to the FBI or something claiming to be one of the escapees, he said he had cancer and would reveal his location if he was treated for it. I'm not 100% sure if it was true, but I remember reading that the handwriting was simular to one of the escapees.

Why do i find the escapees attractive.oh wait, it's only Frank Morris,but still, F*ck i need help

man i remember playing this story on poptropica

You guys gotta continue the series from the prison, even if you guys are sentenced to jailed, If Alctraz did not shut down, that will be a nice setting hahaha

Would they be allowed to go to Brazil though? Since they were criminals. Are they allowed to travel while being criminals?

This is literally Prison Break Island from Poptropica

The silliness has gone overboard. Now it's on that level of queer humor

Now that you guys have looked into the history, you should go explore the prison for an episode of supernatural. It's supposedly very haunted.

I'd believe they threw out their personal stuff as a mislead. I'd like to imagine a moment where they all agreed that they'll have to start a new life and throw their previous one away. Thus personal items that mean too much to them.

I've seen somebody mentioned that West could have lied to both the guards and FBI I think that it's highly possible.. Two birds with one stone right? He would gain some time off his sentence and his plan (since he was the main mastermind) would still be a success. Plus I think that he wouldn't be so keen on helping the FBI revealing his plan and I think that with such an elaborated plan they would also have looked into the currents etc to chose the best route (golden gate).

For postmortem Maybe west just lied ? Maybe they were going to the Golden Gate Bridge maybe they did a Motor ?Maybe the boat was actually a perfectly usable and liable boat also the plan was so well planned couldn’t they just plant the life rafts ?

Can you do the pollock sisters next

Why the hell did I think it was Ewan McGregor in the thumbnail

the men definitely survived. i mean come on, they got so so far to escape from this notorious prison, you don’t think they had enough wits and brains left over to think off all the possibilities of drowning or getting caught? i think they did.

Amazing episode

For Postmortem: Any chance you could add temperature in Celsius for later episodes? It would help us non-americans understand the episode. Thanks and love you guys!

I cried a little because I learned this at school and not here in heaven..

Then there’s me Awww-ing on how the two brothers have flowers to their mother.

#postmortem with sewing skills like that to make an ENTIRE boat that would stay afloat despite the fact they were made out of raincoats could definitely allow the men if they survived new prospects in working in the textiles industry who knows? Maybe the brothers were just cracking a cold one open to reminisce on the good ol’ days on Alcatraz? One thing is for certain though... Night Night Bergara would definitely be sleeping in the cell with the guitar in it #boogaras #bergaraguitara

i thought it said azkaban

I think they did escape, the cause of the bags made up of raincoat washing up the shore is most likely due to the fact the water was very choppy and most likely destroyed most of their letters, pictures, etc. There fore ditching them to save weight

Hehe I'm the 500th comment

can i just say this?? they seem very intelligent. i wouldn’t have thought anything from their escape if i were them

For anyone who loves buzzfeed unsolved: true crime, there's this podcast called casefile true crime; they covered this story in immense detail, plus they've covered many other thrilling tales, and I'd thoroughly recommend listening to it

Claro que se enfiaram no Brasil, Deus do céu. Vivendo de caipirinha e churrasco.

Why isnt there any focus on Morris? the only times ive heard of the case the focus is on the brothers. Is there a reason for this ?

Please do: next!

fun fact : al capone supposedly haunts the place and people hear him playing his banjo in the bathrooms, the guards would let him do that when he was alive. the bird man was also a prisoner there. the prison itself made alot of money from bribes from the many gangsters imprisoned there, big time bootleggers like al

Pure skill, I would never thought of something even near that.


please do one buzfeed unsolved on MH370 please!

I definitely think they survived. The brother's deathbed confession and the roses kind of sealed it for me. These guys were smart. They knew what they were doing and they planned meticulously for it. I just hope that one of them lives to 99 and then outs himself.

You guys should do something about the lost city of Z

I really like this season of unsolved true crime. So many good episodes! Can't wait to watch the supernatural ones. Also, making a separate channel for this show is a great decision

I watched the movie with Clint Eastwood based on this story and they sure didn't make the prison seem so laid back. Made it seem like their only choice.

I definitely think they survived. Think about it, if these men could plan out an ingenious plan in one of the most tightly run prison in the world, than they had to have been smart enough to map out the weather and currents. Plus people do crazy stuff when full of adrenaline.

For Postmortam: What if only the brothers survived? But the other guy didn't? What if he was pushed over board or they left him on angel island? (Also, can you do more UK cases, I'm from the UK)

I love myself some Jurassic Park references

for post mortem : would you guys visit the Alcatraz prison if possible? that would be a great episode !!! love you shane and ryan ❤️


We love DIY Legends . They literally put all dip Chanels and accounts to shame

*wow there Blue*

Err, why does it say True Crime Season *1* ?

Shane be like "Oh you wanna move?" " you wanna move in with your pals?"

Hey buzzfeed, could you guys do the Setagaya murders for your next video, please?

Wtf is Fahrenheit?

do the case of the chiong sisters in the philippines!!!

They're criminals, and I'm not even mad. Lol

This story reminds me of Prison Break with Wentworth Miller and Dominic Purcell a bit. Fascinating.

Yall should see the movie on this on netflix, its so good

I remember an episode of Unsolved Mysteries waaay back in the mid-80's where they attempted to recreated the escape in the bay.

Can you do an episode on Madeleine McCann?

What if those belongings were decoys to fool the cops, that they were headed to Angel Island and perished, but they originally planned to escape from different location.

Love your videos not going to choose between boogaras or shaniacs lol also with my husband Fishing catching catfish we live in Nebraska. Shane you get the Midwest

They should of called Michael scofield

it's all fun and games until someone sees this and is all like "Why do they have a picture of nana/paupau?"

I think that they dropped their stuff knowing it was valuable to throw them off, also they could have brought extra ores and lifejackets to throw them off as well.

They spent weeks taking ice cold showers b4 escaping, to try & acclimate to the ocean in advance

Was their any evidence of Morris surviving though? All you guys talked about were that the Anglin bros could’ve survived

There is an amazing book by one of the inmates of Alcatraz. I believe it's called Inside Alcatraz: My Time on the Rock by Jim Quillen. Amazing read and it has a list in detail of some of the greatest escape plans, as well as a fully detailed escape plan that he was involved in.


Why?? Y is the prerecorded narration SOOO nasaly? Doesn't sound like erkle when he's talking to the co-host

Why did you guys not mention the letter that John Anglin supposedly sent to the police at the age of 83? It was quite a recent occurrence, as the news came to light at the begining of this year.

Alcatraz in Pelican Rock in Poptropica.

What about the letter the got made public in January from John Anglin, saying that they all survived and he was coming forward as he was dying and wanted to make a deal for medical help?

i love the bg music now

This whole video reminded me of The Escapists lmao

*H A R D R O C K C A F E*

The bay looks amazing at night, my prom was on a yatch from alameda. It looks amazing

Think of all the movies with the subtle references to the dummy head moment with the guard. If I was that guard I would just deny I saw anything. I wonder if the prisoners went dumpster diving for all those jackets. #shaniacs

Another theory is that sharks could have also ate the brothers. Because white sharks and bull sharks along with other sharks are known to swim in that Bay Area

Is it bad that I find this story kind of inspirational? They could make a raft out of raincoats and drill through a wall with a spoon and I still can't put my IKEA cabinet together haha


So we're just... ignoring the tests that the Mythbusters did on this very topic? Or are they Dutch now?


Do MH370 next!! The last report is being published soon after 4 years since the disappearance and the plane hasn't been found or even close to being discovered, it would be amazing to see your input and theories to the disappearance!!

please do an episode about Burns and Rafay

“Ok”... *silence*

Waitttt wasnt there a recent letter to the police that was released around 2013 from one of the brothers confessing that they all escaped that night. The one who wrote it said (and I am paraphrasing) that he was 80 something years old and that his brother and the other guys passed recently. He mentioned being sick (I assume cancer) and wants medical treatment in exchange for his whereabouts at that time. Can you guys please look into this? I heard or read this somewhere. I know im not crazy!!! xD Anyways I love this show so much

Veronika Alcoba I heard about that too

Morris could be alive and in my city. If he’s alive, he’d be in his 80’s. There was a story where he turned himself in to the police a few years ago but they couldn’t find out if he was actually Morris or not, they’re investigating.

For the post mortem: if they could inflate a raft and life jackets with hot steamy pipes, make a drill from a vacuum motor, and secretly stash away human hair for their lifelike dummies, I DOUBT a current in the water would stop them.

Prison reformed them... LOL! Or....taught them to not get caught.... >>>

Why does John Anglin look like Josh Brolin?

Not like Jamie and Adam are better than the Dutch scientists, but the Mythbusters themselves attempted the journey and made it. They say the only reason the couldn't say it was 100% plausible (which plausible was their finding instead of busted) is the fact no one has heard of them since the escape

What if there plan actually failed and actually spotted a seal skinned it therefore withstanding the coldness and also eating it the seal?

where is michael scofield

Dang it Shane should've gone on about the midwest cold lol

This case sounds like a scene from a blockbuster movie

The 2017 summer was hot,so boy what you talking about

19:03 been laughing for 5 min at this lmao

Prison sounding like a nice place lmao

They crash landed at the Golden Gate Bridge and then had to survive a round to upgrade their tomahawks


for postmortem: you asked for a name for people who are both boogaras and shaniacs (which is basically me lol) so here i present to you my suggestion: boogariac... or, booganiac? anyways love the show hope y'all have a good day

When are you guys going hunting !! Again

All this talk about escape made me realize I'd love to watch Shane and Ryan try to get out of an escape room. Anyone else??

Did they....draw on... the Anglin brothers sunglasses??? #boogara

The Mythbusters did it. Its Plausible.

For post mortem: Say these guys had access to the black market or just lucrative sources and got plastic surgery. Wouldn't that change their appearance, making it almost impossible for the FBI to catch them? Also #BOOGARASFORLIFE! (yes I'm thinking along the Sin Rostro plot from Jane the Virgin)

I know this story like the back of my hand, I have watched so many documentaries about it. Such an ingenious plan.

wow is this another way to solve the MOTD easter egg?

Why the inmates lowkey SNACKS

That last bit, I’m sCReaMinG

Do a case on the death of the American owtlaw butch Cassidy! Boy is that story a trip!

I know all too well on how they escaped. Played zombies on this map way too much back in the day

I can't stop thinking about the boiling rock from avatar

Well if their plan was to steal a car after they go to the mainland try to find records of a carbine storm around that time

I need Shane’s Beanie now

Rip west

PLEASE do the murder of Isidor Fink for a later episode! It's a classic locked-door murder mystery with loads of theories as to what happened.

Do a Bigfoot episode

This is weird timing I just vistited the prison a few days ago while on vacation

Why did Allen West not have eyes

my deaf mom says thank you for the captions!!

I think they died

I love so much how Shane dresses

the ending is hilarious

if those dudes are smart enough to make a plan like that i think they would find a way to get food, money, clothing, etc without making a fuss

Drink caipirinhas in Brazil ahahahahaha I love my country #ComeToBrazil


Man Alcatraz was wild

I love Unsolved true crime! It’s so intresting!❤️❤️


Michael Scofield

What I've learned is that any time you call something inescapable, unbreakable, etc. - very soon someone or something will prove you wrong.


Pointdexters #richlux #goonboys

One hell of a plan! I hope they survived because hey why not?! They deserved atleast that much and they weren't murderers so its kinda okay. Felt bad for West tho

They could have trained their body to tolerate the cold waters by soaking in cold showers...water pumped from outside lol.

Morris looks hella hot in his mugshot

With the ways of thinking of these escapee and a theory circulating that the seen body (wearing similar prison outfit) near the golden gate bridge was probably Morris' after being betrayed by the brother, it was also possible that the trio killed somebody (or another fake body) to dress him up with their outfit so it can be assumed that they died while escaping that may lead to close the case. Also, there had been several moments that the brothers contacted or was seen by the relatives unknowingly. They even received letters and gifts that had the handwritings of the brothers. There had also been a letter that was said to be sent by John Anglin that stated that they survived barely (hence the misplaced personal items) and Morris died in 2008 while Clarence was on 2011.

Through this whole thing I just kept thinking of “The Shawshank Redemption “ movie haha Amazing if they really did live

You know that Dutch people ride bicycle everywhere and sport regularly. Also, they are among the tallest people in the world. It is very rare to find a short out of shape dutch person. So I think they are too qualified physically to do the test.

Could it be possible the brothers decided to ditch the other guy and toss him over board? Like maybe they saw him as a threat? I mean since apparently they had seen a body it would be genius to make it appear they had not made it to the city - whilst actually making it and using the other guy as a cover up type thing. They could have seen him as someone who would hurt their cover after the escape

"Scientists are meek individuals." -Ryan Bergara, 2018

I love that Ryan watched Paddington 2

Congrats on 1 Million subscribers!

I just realized I'm 14 and might be taller than Ryan I'm between 5'9 and 6'

You also forget mythbusters did this also

Nobody's never thought about them not going to the mainland they could've just went another direction

They should hire these intelligent men for special missions.

I hope they made it honestly we need people with that level of dedication and commitment. Plus they are really smart and resourceful

Have you guys featured Johnny Gosch on Buzzfeed unsolved????


You should do a video about the little girl who started amber alert

What are the chances that the body that was seen by the freight ship was of Frank Morris and only the brother's survived. They didn't have to rob anyone because they secured contact with their relatives. They're raft did infact sink but not before bringing them close enough to shore to swim allowing them to survive but unable to bring their items and Frank sadly didn't make the swim.

No *Wheeze*

Why am i only thinking about Avatar and The boiling rock?

21:35 "Once a criminal, Always a Criminal"

i would really love to see an episode about Asha Degree, a girl who left her house in the middle of the night, during a storm, and was last seen running into the woods

Trump should just pardon them so I can see if they really got out

Go to as Alcatraz please

This prison was planed to be in gta san andereas

Do the Maria James case

I miss Buzzfeed SUPERNATURAL. =( The episodes where they go to haunted houses are hilarious and way better.

Could you guys do the Curt Cobain one?

I love the fact that Ryan saw Pattington 2

Honestly, if someone escapes from prison and can go *years* without breaking the law and sucessfully rehabilitating themselves into society, just give 'em a pass. I know, that there was this one guy who escaped and like got a job, had a family and stuff and like was a good guy and gave back to the community, but he was eventually caught and the judge was a good guy and only gave him a few months, because I think his reasoning was, that he doesn't want to tear a family appart. So, yeah. There is also this show called 'I almost got away with it' and it's honestly really, really awesome. There was this guy who was on the run for like 30 years or someshit and like he had a business and stuff, but then he got caught.

Shane’s face at 2:21 XD

So Shane has no previous knowledge of the stories before they shoot an episode?

Am I having the Mandela effect because I swear they’ve done this true crime before

Ryan is high.. and me too.

Rule #1 corrections officer job.... ALWAYS COUNT LIVING BREATHING BODIES. + Don't eat the prison spread.

I did a project on this a long time ago


Tours of Alcatraz are really fun. You go and get a personal little headset and audio system to take you around the prison. It would be so hilarious to have these two goobers be the narrators! I really enjoyed this episode and would totally recommend anyone interested to go visit it when you can. Don’t forget pier 39 clam chowder as well

Allen West? Like iris allen west, ha ha ok I’ll go away now

I remember they found 2 of them from JKN.

Shane had to bust out a quote that my father would tell me about San Fran. Thanks for the nice feels papa shane

#people :p greatness

Excellent! Loved it!

1:24 Shane I love ya and I respect ya but come and spend a winter in Alberta and then we can talk.

You guys should do The Skinwalker ranch and its strange mystery, here in utah

hey ryan and shane, that john william anglin guy looks like ryan reynolds

chiong sisters please

did john anglin fart while taking his mugshot and did clarence sneeze

Sometimes at the start of these videos, Shane looks like Ryan just pulled him off the street (without explanation) and told him to sit and listen to his stories. Shane looks like he wants to hear these stories but at the same time he seems to be interested in the "Why" of the matter.

I’d like to believe that they’re just hanging out with D B Cooper, Amelia Earhart and anyone else who vanished mysteriously and was never seen again, probably on an island somewhere laughing at the government

The mystery I'd like to see next is why I don't have a love life. Lmao I'm kidding but not really

Ryan is getting *thicc*

Great episode, Shane and Ryan!

You guys should do a video on the prison escape of Vincent and Leo. A story of friendship and betrayal!

When I was little I went to visit my grandparents out in San Fransisco (I'm in Ohio) and we were out touring and my grandpa pointed out the island off in the distance and said "I remember the time some guys escaped from there once" and I was like "cool" and I never thought much of it until I watched this video

One of them was found because he sent a card to his daugter and got caught

You should make an episode about the death of Kurt Cobain!

Hey Shane and Ryan, would you try some of Japanese cases, there are lots of gruesome and unexplained crimes their

LOVE this channel!

Any plans on doing an episode where you guys go to The Stanley Hotel ot the suicide forest? Great episode also

Such a coincidence! We did research about this a week ago! Edit: By we I mean my school

For postmortem: Squids or octopi? Y’all are the best by he way!

Literally thinking of poptropica the entire time lol

Postmortem: hey guys. Since we’re all on the topic of prison, how do you think you guys would do in solitary confinement? How long would it take you to go crazy and what do you think your crazy would look like? Love the series! Every time I watch an ep I have nightmares and can’t sleep. Love it!

15:00 orrr they had the money from the previous robberies, made it look like they never made is and put that stuff in the water and then got their money and flew to another country.

More ruining history please.

make an epsiode on the chiong sisters

Nothing on the mythbusters reenactment? Cmon!!!

Where’s the ghost videos. Those are hits

I swear you talked about this already

Of course it happens to have happened on my birthday.

50 raincoats between 4 people is only 12.5, essentially that just asking for a new one once a week for less than two months

I'd like to think they escaped alive I mean, after all that preparation, even dummies! I bet they were smart enough to intentionally made it seem like they drowned so to distract the search parties

Shane always has a reusable cup lately. Good on you, Shane. RYAN, on the other hand always has a plastic cup. WHY DO YOU REFUSE TO BE ECO-FRIENDLY, RYAN? THAT'S SOME TRUE CRIME RIGHT THERE, RYAN.

They should have just asked to leave. LMAO.

this is so INTERESTING

Maybe one of them died and 2 of them survived? Hmmmmmmm?

they totally survived

I just wanna date Shane and bring him home to meet the parents.

As someone who did the swim from Alcatraz to shore this morning, and knows quite a bit about swimming in the bay from over two years of open water swimming experience, I can safely say the Escape From Alcatraz triathlon can not be used as evidence these three men could have survived. The people doing that swim are experienced triathlon contestants who are usually wearing wetsuits and have swam in the bay before so they know what to expect. They are told the path to shore and have plenty of kayak/paddleboard support out there to help them. The race is also during the day, not in the middle of the night. Without any prior open water experience these three men could not have escaped if they had to swim to shore.


Maybe an unsolved episode of the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio? There are many who believe the man accused of killing him wasn't actually the murderer.

When I find myself slow clapping for the bad guys at the end of an episode, I know it was a good one.

man i feel bad for West he was left behind and it was probably hard for the crew to leave him since im guessing they all had a bond and were friends and since he didnt tick off the guards you know he had their back

its possible that they left their belongings behind in order to fool the police and make them think they died so they wouldn't look for them after

Didnt see any comments about this, and i know you already shot Post Mortem but anyone else wonder why they didnt mention that the Mythbusters reenacted to escape as well??

okay allen would be me

Oof i live a hour away from alcatraz

i drive by this place all the time when i’m on the bridge and i’m always in AWEEE

That last bit was so funny keep up the good work Lmfao

Lmao, Nanbaka

do the heavens gate mass suicides

investigate john lang case!!

Hilarious ending!!

I actually learned this at school and I fell in love with this story but I wanted to learn more so I found this vid. So yea I do love this one to I kinda skip so don’t get mad at me *sorry*

Frank Lee Morris escaped 13 prisons before this escape and I'm sure he made it to the mainland and anglin brothers too

I think they got away. I bet you they payed or got guys on the freighter to say they saw a body and they purposely left behind things to make it seem like they died. These guys were smart. That's awesome


I don't know but my instinct tells me that they definitely survived. The stuff found floating must've been there to mislead. Anyway, I am so impressed by not only the courage, but also the sheer intelligence and perseverance? I hope they had a good life later. ps: The fourth dude who was left out must be pissed off like hell lmao

So I had an after school teacher that looked EXACTLY like Frank Morris. His name was Mr.Lee and he looked like an older version of Morris, and when I say they looked alike, I mean that they looked like they could be twins. If you put a picture of Mr.Lee and Morris next to eachother you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference.

"Ooo did they get margaritas?" Lol im dying

You guys should do the case “DC Sniper “

a couple of bits of info that weren't mentioned was the fact that Frank Morris had an exceptionally high IQ of 135, and was considered a professional escape artist.. Also what about the fact that the Mythbusters succeed in re-creating the escape with the same conditions?

I think the belongings were a red herring. Everything else was so perfectly planned that I can imagine them using the belongings as a way of fooling people

I really hope they survived. Imagine how precise and smart you have to be to pull this off? Its incredible

What about the letter that has just surfaced?

U can't even lie, they was smart. I would've never thought of doing any of that but still what kinda prison let's inmates have all that freedom?

I remember they had an episode on Shark Week about this escape and claimed Alcatraz was nicknamed "Sharkatraz" and that the guys probably werent eaten but they couldve been because its shark week and were out of ideas. It was an hour of nonsense, i loved it.

Micheal Scofield lmaooo

Just went to Alcatraz last week, how fitting!!!!


19:41 LOLLL

Do you not think that the plan was so detailed and ingenious, that they simply could have planted the life-jackets and raincoat bags with their personal effects to mislead the FBI?

These are the guys that the government would have recruited for top secret missions lol

idk if u haven't done this one but I would love to hear about the case of Paulette , the Mexican little girl who was murdered and stuffed in her bed

Pls do Amytville Horror Story

i just have one thing to say......... ryan!! shane!! come to brazil

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