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Howdy. Partners. And welcome back to, dis here. Turmoil. This. Time we're ready to play the DLC. Call, the heat is on and, I'm, sitting here with a nice brewed. Cup of coffee I like to drink my coffee black. Whoo. Cuz it reminds me of that deer oil. So, this, is the DLC, for turmoil, that came out just before I went out on tour actually came out when I was on tour but I'm supposed to play it before I went on tour because the developers were talking to me about it and we had agreed that I was gonna play before tour and I completely. Forgot there was a lot, of stuff went on before I went on tour and I was most stressful week in my life but, I'm here now and I'm playing it finally the heat is on DLC, is all about you. Can get magma, now, I, don't really know how different. The game is I think it's pretty much the same stuff but now there's magma in the game that, you can use to do something. I don't know what it is but you can like play cards, in the town and everything now so there's, a few little changes and I'm gonna play as my boy Joshua. He. Looks like I how'd he do this, dude didn't think didn't, he no, but this. Dude didn't need to think twice when he heard that a new area, with lots of oil was opening up looking. Forward to get that sticky, stuff out, in the ground again I, don't, like that that's, weird. Okay stop that welcome, to my town I'm the mayor here good, to see you still have a thirst for oil there's. Lots of it around here please, join me in the town hall for your first plot of land it's on the house okay. I'll. Give me a shit one two we have a volcano, now ah. Beans. Welcome. Back everyone how about a quick introduction, howdy, did okay I don't, care about your backstories it's all about me oh. I. See. At least I'm up on top huh, ah there's. A train, in town. Holy. Shit the train is actually different parts of the town now welcome. To my bank here we can talk monies. What. Technologies, do you want me to improve your oil preparations, ah, deep. Play. Some of my stuff you won't regret it no this is all the same stuff and the horse is again put through a train now they're not actually in the town. That's. Cool, get back in the saddle with my horsepower, okay. Yeah I just talked to you Coolio. What. We. Start over 200. Grand. What. The fuck. Okay. Well I'm buying width, I'm. Buying size, and. Branch. Do. I need it oh ho, ho ho, wait what's this it seems we changing the way of, drilling, it is possible to drill faster. Interesting. Interesting, rigs are now better resistance against high pressure so they are less likely to spill that's, very bad lenient okay let's see what other people got they go with 1 & 2 like, a branch swimming up branch blanch go 3 branch branch. In our branch they. Got the drill everyone, got the drill at the time yeah, I think the drill is going to be the more, important one as well. Okay. I think I'm done there for a sec this. Is weird I've never had to do this I'm. Gonna get full depth I'm gonna get these. Yeah. Creases. Lace my scanner, scanner, is gonna be very important, to me okay. I. Think we're good wait what's this gasps. Gasps. Get. What. Fine fine. Fine you, bled me dry. How. About and I'll take you to the oil side ready to go come, on Jill, let's get out here I want to talk to those squares anyway I completely. Forget how to play this game it's. Been a long time you can now use gasps right away connect gasps to left to right in can watch the price raise oh no. I use, it right away I wasn't even good at using it at all at all oh, is. This bad. So. You connect the gas at the bottom pipes down here. And. If. You get the gas to pump into it then. Oh. Fuck. I. Forgot. To get better horses. That. Was supremely, important. And going. Back I'm.

Restarting. There. We go when. You have seven and a half thousand, left but. That's fine I don't care about your fucking upgrades, okay, it's. All about me right now right we're ready to go so the gas you you connect the gas here, and once. The gas goes in it pumps up the price of left, or right ink and, after. That then that's when you start selling all yourself so yours put, stuff in your silos put the gas into one get, your horses then to take everything out of the silos pump, it into the thing now. I was never good at this. Okay. Hold on what's the fucking book is again see. Well. That's a scanner that was our D okay. Uh-huh. This, is fucking bad news bears already I can't. Do this man, okay. Getting ready then, rate can you guys. Speed. A rule here now guys, speed. Or ooh, okay. How close are you all. Right not that close all, right let's just guess, place. Place. Please. Mother. Fucker. All. Right they're. Gonna take all the oil into. That, all. Right Go Go Go Go, Go Go start building up some money for me here, all. Right I'm. This. Is not gonna go well there's. Gotta be one of those things now where I've forgotten, all my buttons. Shit. Veterans. Of this game will, know exactly how, to do this really really well I was never very good, at this game I can't, even buy a silo. I. Was. Only just okay at this game I did enough that I was able to win the game but. I wasn't able to get like high scores in the game put it that way. So. I. Might. Be a little bit of suck. Alright. I want these prices to go higher please. Let's. Just do a bigger scan we can there's. Gas that's. A rock that's not gas what am I talking about shut up jack. Alright. Prices go up it's. Going up and off. Alright. We're okay for now. We're. Okay for now now we can afford that nice nice nice, keep, it going line now I, hit, Nexus in addy oh, it's. All going wrong. Fuck. Me oh wait. Some of you are just pumping it back into silos crap. Okay. What's down here big. Scan big scan big scan. Big. Scan for Papa Bear. Okay. There we go, and. I need to upgrade the size of my wagons, there, we go right. I'm. Back in it I kind of remember how to play. What. Have you got Jeremiah. Alright. Okay. Put. Down another rake is. Your price going back up, no. Actually, all the prices are going down okay fill, the silos. There. We go there. We go okay. Okay. No problem no. Problem we can still make some money wait when does the year end December 31st okay so, this is basically, everything. Everything, that was in turmoil already, it's. Already in this version of the game. So. Like. This. Is for people who have already played, the game a lot. Otherwise. You're gonna get lost very very quickly here I think, let's. Put down another dowser, let's see what we can find, I haven't found any gas yet. Let's, do some scans. Annie. Gasps. There's. Gas okay. Okay. How do how, do we do the gas again do I put down I'm, terrible, at this so, we have to put down a rig, then. Bring the pipes down, connect. And then go up to that. Don't. Know can I close off my things I can. Okay. Cool yeah I know where that is it's right there oh.

Shit. I'm out of room I'm out of room, I'm. All out of room I'm. So lost without you, oh. Oh. Oh. You're. Fucking fool already okay, okay, okay I need a breather oh magma, I can't, remember how I force the gas out. You. Got to squeeze really hard jack. Okay. Now close that attention. Gas is now escaping, through a rig close rate to prevent this yeah. I just did, then, you connect that to that. Okay. Everyone hold on for a second. And. Now, go. There. We go the price is rising the price is right, Lulu. Jackaboy. Jackaboy. Smacker boy. Okay. I did, it I did, it not well but I did it I figured. It out again. Alrighty, let's do a big scanner ooh in the middle. Okay. I do, this and. I. Put down another dowser, just to see if he can find anything all that oil, how. Big are you okay we can do this we can do this I can finish this off strong watch, once, this all this oil comes out of this and goes into all the silos then I can start selling. So. If I do this close, that one but open this one oh. You. Motherfucker. How. Dare you how. Very dare you hey. Go go. Go go, sell. Sell sell yes. Okay. Not great. This. Is the last month so sell sell all the oil that we have okay we, did all right. I. Didn't. Do awfully. And. Then. Stop level no no no no no. There. Stop it in here. Baby. Boy you, stay on my mind fulfill, my fantasy. We. Start of a two grand we earned forty four we spent twelve we, came out with 35, I think I, think. The enemies, are, going to come out with a lot more than 35. I. Got. The most, yes. Suck. On nose tattoos. Oh. It. Tastes like sweet, boy. All. Right we got new stuff top, of the mornin to you my name is Jeff. What. What. I, am a character, in the game. No. Oh. My. God I think they might have told me that I completely. Forgot. If. You need tools to deal with magma I've got your back oh my. God. That. Is so awesome. Thank. You developers. No. Way. That. Makes me happy Oh. All the best run with magma stare at this shit I'm also working on some other interesting, technologies. Okay. With, he resistance, you can drill straight through magma, oh. So. Mike was a burden. Okay. Not yet I don't have enough money for that we. Need to go to land auction, immediately. Ooh, he. Got the best piece of land okay time to start bidding so I'm. Gonna go there and you can all suck, a dick okay. Is. About it's like you know what now I'm, heading all the way up to Colorado. Okay, I think I got a good piece of land progress. Saved, now. It's weird cuz then we can technically just go straight into the next door without having to buy anything. I. Mean. Herd size would be nice and a few more things over here would. Be cool look at the kitty cat like. A few of these things would be nice but I. Think. I think we're okay for now. Let's. Make some money let's. Turn shit up. What. Are you doing you, aren't using cash done exclusively to left or right Inc and receive the amount that's on the building. Wait. How do I exclusively. Sell nine. Hundred dollars and nine hundred dollars this is new I. Have. No idea. Weird. I also forgot to check wait. There's no like bar. Casino, saloon area, is there I don't. Know. Did. You find some near him. Nope. Can. We put you down here anyway, ah you. Did. Yes. I, can't, even see it what a joyous. Day it is to be alive. Okay. You. Do that to build up some money and then we're going down here. Fuck. You. Stop that if gas goes into your pipe then it just forces it out faster. Okay. You know what you know what well, 114, is a good price. But. Now that we actually have a silo, let's put it all into that okay. How. Big is this not. That big. Not, big enough. Is. What I say that's. What I say what that means they're still oil down there somewhere that. Here. Is it god. Damn it ah so, the price went down cuz I switched so if you only pick, one and only sell it to that for the entire round you. Get the $900, at the end that's not a lot. Okay. Let's. Do this don't hit a rock don't hit a rock don't hit a rock no rocks no rocks no rocks no rocks no rocks. Yes. Okay. You. Do that. Fill. Up there, then. What I'm going to do is. Close. That rig but, open the valve. Okay. Go go, so. Oh this. Is going very badly okay, that's that's still a good price I might as well maximize, the fuck's sake, might as well maximize, my horses by spending all the money I have on upgrading, them, instead. Of buying more horses. Damn. Not. A great round, if. I do say so. And. Put another rig there. And. Buy 2. More horses. Ok. I. Can't. Even scan, I have like no money. This. Is terrible, right ok now we're getting into it we're in fucking July, though ok. Ok, ok um. Neither. Of these have a good price right now what I need to start selling off some of the oil cuz I can't even afford to put down a new silo ok.

The Gas is all gonna start going in there so now. You all need to start selling over here. Go. Go go oh. This. Is very very bad this is a terrible, round. Okay. Look how messy this is. We're. Getting close to the end of the year as well so I need to just start selling oh I've. Made so little Wow. Wow that was bad Oh. Big. Minecraft. Damage, sound and that for speed I see. Welcome. To Maeve's this is the place to be for drake's deals and dicey stuff. Okay. Pay, some cash and I will reduce next year's interest rates no. Some. Cash I can look all the ways very, loyal and forget about the fine okay yes, paying. For spillage fines is the first thing you should do, you. Wanna make a quick book play a game of higher or lower with me oh hell yeah so. This is new this is a new thing in the game hold up I got a fuel up Oh. Beans. For, the boy so. This is a new thing in the game you can play higher or lower you can play card games and then you can win money you can win two grand so that little cover of spillage fights and Lassen hoping, to hire Laura cosplay is five hundred dollars okay. Play. Do. We think my next are to be higher one are you counting the ACE as. The. High or. The low version, lower o. The. Odds of it being lower or higher than a queen are not very high okay, higher oh, yes. That. Was so close that was just barely lower a, lot. Lower and then just the. Only thing that, could have been higher, everything. Scary. Okay. I won the two grand I can't, play them again oh, that. Sucks, Oh Kate. Land auction let's do this. Where. Are we going I got a decent piece of land I'm gonna go here get. Out of my face don't, you dare yeah, uh that's. How we do it Isabel, up here with a 29 get. Out of here Isabel, you. Might want to exploit magma as soon as you can let my moles help you, what. He'll. Dig for you but he's kind of erratic I. Don't. Know what the magma does. Everyone. Else seems to know what it does everybody, else just bought magma upgrades. Heat. Resistance and you got magma moles, no. You. Only have heat resistance. Okay. Let's buy some moles. Magma. Moles with this oh great moles will uncover magma, if they're close to it.

Okay. Moles. Will look for gas near every cell they uncover. Moles. Now dig faster, that's, not helpful to me. Because. I don't know what it does I. Think. Magma. Can turn your oil into, gas I. Am. Not sure I'm, just gonna keep playing it the way I know after, after, this you guys can give me some tips in the comments if you've played this and I, look up some stuff after this to. Try and see if I, have. Any, success. With it please find one near, dammit. Okay. Going, here. Should. Have built in the middle god damn it. Where. Are you okay. I'm what you over here so I. Might. Be able to use some stuff either, side. Well. I can't even afford a second or a third horse, fourth. Horse what am I saying. This. Game causes. So much anxiety man. All. Right. All. Right ah. I'm. Gonna hit a rock aren't I. That. Is, a, big. Bitch. That. Immediately, has to be upgraded for that what. Do you find it. Sweet. Mary, and Joseph. Okay. You're not getting a lot of hi keep, getting distracted man. I need. To look up some other people playing this game just to see how fast this, game can be. Cuz, I'm not even good at this game oh I really, just fucked this up, I can't. Branch off this now to go there. Idea. Okay, stockpile, that. Stockpile. The oil while you can. Jack's. Got. A planner Ino oh shit, oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit oh. I'm. A fucking Mongoose it's, the gas nut flowing out oh wait, this isn't even connected yet that's why, this. Is my plan. This. Was my big plan. Somehow. To create a plan to be honest. Oh it's. Making me dosh though. Hell. Yes. Okay. There. You go. Whatever. Open, them up. All. Right that made me a good chunk of money pretty quickly could, have done better with it but you know what beggars can't be choosers, okay. So, brunch limits. That's. The thing I've come up against maybe that's something that I could work towards. Hey. Sell as much as you can as fast as you can gingerbread man oh. I. Didn't get all the oil out still. That's. A good round though oh my. God I almost did it. Okay. No spillage fines oh I, got rid of my spillage fines that's, nice. Okay, how'd I do yeah. They. Still have better stuff than I do but, I'm doing good come, to Anthony's underground, to deal with all the special things you can find under the ground. What. Can they do in the ground here are the other ground treasures that you've discovered so far whoa. You can discover, silver, or quartz, or golden nuggets, gold. Weighs about 19 times as much as water but it's way more valuable, but, I know what. I'd prefer when. I'm lost in the desert ah. So there's special, things you can find in the areas and, if I do that I may get more money I can. Sell it for eight and a half thousand Wow. Okay. Right well I'm gonna leave this first episode of turmoil, the heat is on DLC, right, here, so. I need to get back into it I need to get back into the swing of things the like I'm already trying to figure out how the regular game works let, alone all the extra, stuff that's now in the game but.

I Really, like what they've done with it I really like the changes they've made I really like that I'm a character in the game that's so sweet, I'll. Get this, just. For now and, I. Need to know I need. To get. Branch. Upgrade. There. We go anyway. Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch. That, like button in the face, you. Boys and. Highroad. Hmm. Check, out all that Oh.

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If your black coffee reminds you of oil, are you maybe drinking oil.

Jack, what happened to Expert mode?

Lol when jack said I'm going back i immediately got an ad

Bruh between god of war and now this? Robin needs a pay decrease lmao

Please play more of this

So glad Turmoil is back, I've missed it!

WHY DO PEOPLE ALWAYS SAY U MOM GAY but do u guys realize what gay means it’s when a boy likes a boy not a girl and girl or it means HAPPINESS ‘LESBIAN’ is a girl and a girl you idiots.... ah that was hard to type....


This is nice! Loved this game and the old series, so so glad this is back :) Please play more of this game

bring back expert mode

i like how long his videos are


you scared the crap out of me when you said jeremiah because thats my name

tbh if u got that same shirt and black hat, it'd be the near exact same image but higher quality

Ok please put the name of the game in the title. I thought this was a stupid game or something i didn’t want to watch. But I absolutely love turmoil.

May you please put the name of the game in the video title, I get really confused...

To learn how to play

Watch dreagast

It changes oil into gas too

And yes

You have to connect the magma to the gas then close it

Magma expands gas

You should save all of your oil then boost the price at the end then sell all the oil at once

I love this series.. When it first done, I was a mix of homeless and couch surfing.. Working 8 hours a day with a 10 hour. Commute ... One of the original episodes Jack mentioned how the game wasn't exciting and that it's ok to have it as background noise if your alone.... And it stuck with me

Can't wait for more


All video's I have watched recently the audio and visuals have been severely out of sync. Whats happening?????

Jack just dont threaten to kick Jill in the tits this time, ok?

I love this series

I just went and watched all the other turmoil episodes so I can finally understand this xD


omg i love this the first time you played it it was so funny


wiaait this is turmoila;s?!?!!?


When i saw this i started to cry.

He's an *O I L* boi now

plz do more turmoil

When you know jack isn't going to play again because it doesn't have a video number

Can we have a old series back like sims4

Please do another

The only series that compares to God of War :o

Plz do all you turmoil on YouTube plz

Again, love the editing! :)

I love this game.

Aww it was so nice to see you freak out at seeing your character in the game. That is so neat!



Keep posting turmoil!! Ive been waiting!

I hope we'll get a part 2 of this soon!

the offset audio killed me omg

Series PLEASE!!

do moooooooore

More more we all want more turrrrrrmoiiiiil

Omg I love turmoil. I’m sooooo happy he is finally playin it again!!

you ended on my brothers b-day

is it just me or is the sound off sync?

Where’s the second episode

Cool there's a volcano in the game, we literally can't see it because of Jack's head lol

I’m getting face cam delay

kind of cool how this game started off as a simple sandbox oil mining game, and now has a complete story.

Where are more episodes of this game!?!? It's been a week and a half now, Jack!


*TURMOIL TIPS* -START. I usually start with 2 dowsers and 2 wagons. You'll need the horses, anyway, and 2 dowsers are faster than one. Just be careful and don't go bonkers before striking oil. Pretend every map is sparse. Take no chances. -BRANCHES/WIDTH. Pipe width is great and all, but you NEED branches. You can take two branches of the same rig and connect them to one deposit and suck the oil out faster without interrupting oil flow. You can also connect other branches from other rigs to the same deposit. This trick does wonders pre-width, but is miraculous with full width. Also, if you connect branches of one upgraded rig to an old one, they'll both have upgraded without needing to spend extra. -MOLES. They're tricky, but useful. Try putting one down in an area where you think there might be gas, oil, magma, etc. It'll not only reveal to you what it is without using the excessive price of scanning, but will open up areas around it as well. Pair them with dowsers for full efficiency. They're lifesavers when attempting to discern oil from gas. -SCANNER. _Don't_ use the whole thing. Dab it in places where you absolutely need to use it. Larger area will only drain your pockets faster. -SILO/HORSE. Try to put silos close together. With rigs pumping out oil fast (lots of branches/width) try to keep one or two horses constantly carting oil to silos close to the rig. Meaning if you have 5 horses, 3 of them are selling and 2 of them are filling silos. -PRICE. Accept NOTHING under 0.80 unless you are in an emergency, even then only use 0.80 if you really need it. 0.90 is where you need to be. At 1.00+, don't hesitate! _Sell!_ Keep a constant eye on the money, because it changes _quick._ In the saloon, accept offers of stagnant prices of 0.90 or above, nothing less (not even 0.80). Then, only sell higher than that price, unless you really need some quick cash or your silos are overflowing. -BE CUTTHROAT. Take only the things you need and destroy your enemies whenever you get a chance. Try not to fight over land, you'll just lose money. Now, you can sometimes try to outbid people so that they outbid you and end up spending more, but be careful so that you're not buying a $2 land for $20 when your opponent doesn't outbid you.

My name is Isobel, so when Jack says it I keep thinking I'm in trouble.

*Tumms upp*


please carry on making videos of this it was my favourite series (besides undertale and paradigme)

Sean, where's the next episode of DLC?

god, I missed this game!!!

my name is kai :D

I've missed this

Why is your webcam so out of sync!!!!!

Where’s the next one!!! :(

Random fact: if someone a black coffee they are more likely to be a psychopath

Make more plz

I fuckin missed it

I had this going the in the background while I wrote an essay. Finished the rough draft just as Jack said he was ending the video.

Daily episodes too

Can we get 40-60 minute episodes

Yes!!! One of my favorite series is back

do another series,DO ANOTHER SERIES!!!!!!!!!

Please play this way more again! I really missed it


Is this just me or is jack laging behind his own voise

I sorta feel like its coincidence jack is in the game

When is the next episode coming up?

More pleaseee

I’m buying width I’m buying size- Jacksepticeye 2018

Nice job have fun

Is anyone else's sound off from the video? Just curious if its happening to other people too.

Please do more

aaaa more please

Jack, go re watch the last episode from the regular game you did. then go and look up how magma will either help or hinder your progress. you were really good in the main story at the end.


Part 2!?!!?!?!?!??!!??!!?!?!!!?!?!??!!!

Audio is way off...

Colorado is only the middle of the US

Y u no finish series


This game is my fav playthrough

Please let this be a series ♡

I'm back, baby!

What happened to part 2 of this and part 5 of expert mode?


Patiently waiting for another episode of turmoil soon because I can't help but feel good watching it

I don't know exactly why, but this game is such magical "let's play" watching. So calming and exciting at the same time. More, please.


I'm so happy that you're playing this again!!!! Really looking forward to more videos.

play moreeee

please keep this up!

More please

Jack please continue this. I really like your turmoil vids

I want more Turmoil!!!

YESS THE SUMMER OF 2016 IS BAAACK !!!!!!!!!!!!!! my favorite series seriously

Am I the only one with the sound out of sync?

Face cam off?

When Jack said look at the kitty cat my cat meowed at me

plz play sally face for the love of green!!!

So ... Is anymore of this happening, or is waiting for these videos useless? :/

and he never made a part 2

I really hope he continues with this series of sorts, I've always loved watching him play turmoil and really wished I could get it for myself

turmoil is back im so happy !!

Hear is a hint of later if you are connected to magma and close off a pipe in oil it will change to gas

Finally some sweet tasty oil! I've only now found this video, over the past weeks I stopped seeing Jack's videos

Why play good games when we have this trash called Fortnite ?? :) or other garbage.. Jack is changing.. not in a good way :(

I has been too long! :D

God I missed this.

Is there a reason why there's only one episode.of this so far? I'm not trying to sound mean, I just love this game and want to see more of it. It's probably a valid reason, but it Jack just forgot this game, (seems impossible but you never know), somebody needs to remind him!

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