The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman

The Enigmatic Death of the Isdal Woman

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This. Weekend bus students all we cover the case of the East doll woman one of the most mysterious cold, cases of all time and I know I say that a lot but not only are the culprits, suspicious, but the identity, of the woman itself, is a factor here so the mystery on on a mystery it's a layer two mystery I like a layered mystery it's like a two. Layer dip that you have at a Super Bowl party you know things about what these beans come from Oh what about that cheese put a little sauce on top three, layer dip there may be a third layer here I haven't even I'm not gonna disclose everything I'm getting hungry, for mystery. On. November, 29th. 1970. In the East Dahlin Valley near Bergen, Norway a family. On a Sunday hike discovered. The body of a woman wedged, between large, rocks, one. Of the first people on the scene and, the last one living police. Lawyer Carl hell more oh s--- remembers. The first thing they noticed, was the very strong scent of burnt, flesh the. Body was, severely, burned, and the, arms, were in a boxer, position, in the air common. In burned bodies, while. The front of the body including her face was, burned beyond recognition the, backside was, bizarrely, not, burned, the. Officers, were unable to tell how long she had been there or when she died, the, woman was believed to be about 5 feet and 4.5. Inches, tall aged, between 25, and 30, years old so. The. Front of her is burned but the back is not yes, and she's found on a hiking trail by a, family a family, who knows what burnt flesh, smells like well that was the description from the police, lawyer oh okay it would smell like barbecue, probably, probably yeah. I. Mean, barbecue is not gross no no why do you get what I'm. We. Are about animals yeah, that's, true, we are meat items, recovered from the body and scene included. Jewelry, a broken, umbrella bottles. A watch. Remnants. Of nylon, stockings, and rubber, boots. However, oddly, the. Jewelry, and watch were, not found on the body but, rather, beside. It as if, they had been placed, there all, of the identifying. Labels, on her clothes had been removed, even. The bottles found what the body had their labels rubbed off with. No clues, to her identity the. Police began, looking for a witness who might be able to identify her she, is referred to as, the East doll woman, stinks. Man yeah anytime, anyone's, got the labels removed on their things it's, very fishy very fishy I mean one thing you can infer is it does seem like there was another, person that may have been involved it just doesn't strike, me as an accident, nor does it strike me as something she would that was self-inflicted but why do they even why, did I do that with the clothes what if I'm a body, somewhere I don't have ID on me maybe but. They find my pants and. Go Levi's, huh. This. Must be Shane Maday well I mean if it's fancy, clothes they, could then go to fancy department stores, ask, if you've seen this person then go to the next step of identifying, them by their fancy I don't, know I mean that's just where my mind goes but then again I do have a superior detective mind, I don't know about that I I mean. I get why you could make that conclusion it just seems like, an. Unnecessary precaution, or. Very, thorough an, autopsy, of the body discovered, a large amount, of venema, a sleeping, pill in her stomach around 50, to 70, pills her, bloodstream, had not fully absorbed, them before her death, they, also found smoke particles, in her lungs which, denotes, that she was still alive while, she burned petrol. Was also found at the scene near her body and it was evident, that it was utilized, in the burning there, was also a high level of carbon monoxide in, her system a strange, bruise on the right side of her neck was also, discovered, after. The autopsy, the death was determined to be a probable, suicide due. To the sleeping pills and the carbon monoxide from, the fire 50. To 70 pills. Is, a lot you. Could see why they may have thought this may be a suicide but. They, weren't fully absorbed by the time of burning seems, odd to burn yourself. Seventy, sleeping pills why then go burning yourself let's set myself on fire in here if, I'm gonna die and, you. Say well you can go to sleep. You. Say that sounds like a good option or alternatively. We could set you on fire yeah we could do the thing that's generally, considered the worst way to die yeah I think, I'd go with falling, asleep yeah me too I think that would be a 99%, consensus. Just, remember these odd details, I've committed them to memory, good good Lock them in throw, the key out. Okay. You could swallow it too. In. Fact the, spot where she was found was the scene of many suicides, in the Middle Ages and also, where some unfortunate hikers, fell to their death in the 1960s.

Thus, Earning the title death valley from, locals, the, site was remote, difficult. To climb and, definitely. Not a hiking, path wait. You said this, was not a hiking, trail what's this family, doing out there I I considered. That first all right kids let's go for a little hike in Death Valley, I guess, maybe they want to challenge themselves you know sometimes, I go off the beaten path when it comes to hiking do you I'd like to challenge myself mentally, and physically, you're gonna die not something I would take my young family with it you have a young family well if I had a family I would not take them and be like hey let's go bouldering, yeah. The, people do that in Los Angeles though they had to close one of the mountains around here because people kept falling off valley people are weird yes, they are considering. The curious, state of the crime scene is, understandable. To be skeptical, of the ruling that it was a suicide, but. Before we dig into that lets, first provide, some context. By, attempting, to answer one, question who. Was this woman the. First major clue came, three days after, the body was discovered when. Two suitcases were, found at the train station in, Bergen, inside. The suitcases, was, a pair of non prescription, glasses with. The fingerprint. On the. The. Fingerprint. Was a match, to the ista woman effectively. Linking the suitcases, and all their, contents. To her, which, is important, since, the suitcases, contained. Several. Mysterious, items. Oh. That's. Fun, so, she's got some stuff in some suitcases, what, goes beyond suitcases, wait till we crack these bad boys open, the plot will thicken as they say I like. That you do appreciate a big pile of it okay. Inside. The suitcases, were, clothes wigs. A comb. Hairbrush. Makeup. Money, from Germany, and Norway as well as, coins, from Belgium, Switzerland and, the UK a tube, of eczema, cream was also, found in the suitcase but, the prescription, label that would indicate the patient and prescribing, doctor, had been removed the. Labels of the makeup had also, been removed and, the efforts to identify the brand's, failed. Beyond. These items, there, was one item that seemed particularly, promising. If not strange, to the police a notepad. With, a code written in blue ink a code. That, could not be cracked by the police, at, first but. We'll, get to that in a bit. I. Like codes well obviously one. Thing to glean, from that is the fact that the labels were also removed here, in her personal belongings that to me means the label of her clothes all that stuff that was found at the scene was. Maybe done by her not by a separate, party yeah which. Then gets you into the question of who she is right. The. Second, major clue also. Came from the suitcase and was a plastic bag from a shoe store about a hundred, and thirty miles, away in Stavanger Norway. Robert, fit the store owner's son described. Blue, celebrity, boots he sold to a woman about three, weeks prior the. Boots matched. The ones found at the scene, we called celebrity, boots because they were popular, at the time celebrities. Were wearing these boots therefore, he described them in celebrity, boots well he was just sort of a sort. Of a dumb guy who saw, something fancy, oh no these were just very popular, look at you with your celebrity. Boots Bert, vet gave a well detailed, account of her appearance, in summary. She, was well dressed medium. Height with, a round face with, dark brown eyes long, dark hair and had, a strange, odor to her that rod fit would realize years later was, garlic, why does it take him years to remember, what garlic, smells like yeah that's a bit I don't know I don't know if that's like I smell garlic I I jump.

Up I love garden yeah it's delicious cuz it always it smells good when you smell, it coming from a kitchen when, you smell it on someone who's just eating garlic it's a bit. Funkier. So, she just went. To chow down on some some, B's dicks and then decided let me go pick up some boots breadstix, boots. Burning. Myself alive. Brought. Fetch description, led police to saints fit in hotel in Stavanger where. The east all woman stayed under, the name vanilla. Lorch, however. When, police checked hotels back in bergen no, hotel, had admitted a woman named vanilla Lorch which. Brings us to our third major. Clue, the, coded writing, on the notepad it, turns, out vanilla, Lorch was not the woman's real name and in fact she, had at least eight names, that she used at hotels, around Norway, this, meant the, woman had multiple, passports. With differing, names, police. Were able to match up the names using, handwriting, analysis, on the hotel check informs and cross-referencing. It with the. Code found in the suitcase the. Numbers and letters in the code correspond. To the woman stay in all, the different cities for. Example owed, 3-0, B and v relates. To her stay in Bergen. From October 30th, to November, 5th but. Do you think that's her way of coding it so someone who reads it doesn't see it or is it just her own shorthand. For, because, you know if. That was all that was found in the suitcase that was odd I would maybe think okay it's just shorthand but, the fact that the suitcase also included wigs she, had multiple passports. She used eight different names and is curious most people only have one passport, if that yeah I don't think that contributes, to and all those I have, one passport, and I always I'm. Always looking for that darn thing after, examining, all the registrations. The police realized she mostly claimed to be from Belgium, when she registered, all of which were confirmed to be big Belgian, identities, they, also gained insight, of the woman's habits, by speaking with various, hotel staff for, instance she often asked to change rooms and she utilized, some German and Flemish as well as English. Additionally. They also described. Her as well-dressed. So. Maybe she's just a spy you, just said that like you'd me like I really I, mean like that's no I I mean, obviously was sitting on the back burner but yeah I'm just moving that pot to the front now yeah and that moved that to the front stir it around a bit crank it up watch a boil yeah different, work crawfish, in there yeah. Start looking those lips okay. The. Fourth major clue was, the east ol woman's teeth and tissue samples for. This clue let's, skip forward to modern times when, new scientific, developments, were applied to the investigation, a professor, of dentistry, named Giselle, bang well that's a cool name should sell bag to sell bang just. So bang. Yeah. That's like a good spy name I was gonna say you could say you've been banged but that has different connotations yeah, different, professor. Bang examined. The east doll woman's teeth covered. In fillings, and gold crowns and determined. The unusual, dentistry, may, have occurred in southern or Central Europe perhaps, even Asia, however. Before. The location, could be locked down professor. Bang unfortunately. Passed away in, 2011. And the, teeth. Hilariously. Were, rumored to have been thrown away because. They smelled, ah, smelly. Teeth, unsolved. Classic, right there. Let's. Take the evidence let's throw it away because I don't like it yeah. That's great I love it yet this toothy, tail doesn't, end here. What. All, right the. East all woman's missing teeth were later found at Hoagland, Hospital in a remote warehouse also, in that hospital were, tissue samples, that included the East aisle woman's heart lungs, spleen, and liver, among, others. They found the teeth yeah they found everything in a remote warehouse in a hospital, next to the Ark of the Covenant yeah, Covenant. Yeah and into, the cup, of Christ what the hell kind of warehouse is this I don't know yeah. The, East Hall woman's teeth were subjected, to an isotope, test which, determines, where the woman grew up based, incredibly.

On The, water she drank whoa, that's, badass yeah. Using, this test, scientists. Were able to pinpoint an area, near the France in Germany border, where the ista woman likely grew up DNA. Testing, revealed the East our woman was of European, descent possibly. From North America though. Her, poor English would suggest otherwise. By, the way I would want to point out her. Poor English any accent. In general, if she is in fact a spy that all goes out the window to me uh. Hotel. Room. Me. There, you go you're, history, European now what I was getting at is the, fact that the. Isotope, test may have pinpointed. Her in America, she. Could have very well been American. Oh funny, test if it says either, Germany, or America. I. Mean, I'm still very impressed, by the test but not so much the results well she's either from Europe or America that's, you, know she's not from China with. The East all woman's features and backgrounds, starting to materialize. Out of the darkness new. Police sketches were drawn of her in 2016. That's, pretty good she. Looks like someone from the Americans yeah. In. May 2017. A black, notice is sent out through Interpol, with the ista woman's DNA attached, in hopes, to find new leads and with, that we. Arrive at the end of the clues yet. The, question persists. Who, was this woman as some, of you might have already wondered, many, suspect, she was a spy let's. See if that claim has any weight obviously, the. Case file is quite peculiar, but, external, factors, such as the ongoing Cold, War also, catalyzed, speculation. That the East I'll woman, in fact a spy. Perhaps, connected, Norway. Was revealed to be home to Russian spies and Mossad, agents, from Israel, a mere, three years after the East all woman's death in fact. For. Mossad agents, were questioned, about the Easter woman however. None. Of the agents, claimed to recognize, her or any of the east all woman's aliases, but also, remember, their, spy what are they gonna do oh yeah, I killed, her that, lady I killed, do. You want to know all the confidential, details of my spying okay why don't you ask me in the beginning that's, the thing about spies, and, I. Think a lot of, intelligence. Deaths, like this I. Would bet that a vast, majority of. These deaths, yeah I'm just unreported, I think. They're professionals, yeah I mean they're made to not exist right so they're, ghosts, you're. Trying to catch ghosts, which is we know, it's pretty it was pretty hard around the time of the murder Norwegian, intelligence, agencies, looked into the case of the Easter woman due to the odd circumstances. Surrounding it, a week, after the discovery or North TAFTA, and Bjorn long bakka of the police Security, Service began investigating. The case or North, TAFTA, says he was called by the Bergen, chief of police to, investigate whether, there was anything, connecting. The strange case to, spying while. Their team ultimately, decided, the death was an accident, Toffler, remarks. That it doesn't mean the woman was not involved in espionage. He claims her false passports. Point to the possibility, of her being a quote illegal. Agent, end quote, here's, the Bergen police crime commissioners, response, in an interview, a few weeks, into the investigation, after. Being asked, about the, role of espionage. In the case quote. We. Have no proof of that no. We, can safely say I'd, go further to say we've completely, eliminated, that possibility. Quote however. The. Norwegian, surveillance, agency denied. Involvement until. 2002. No. Offense to this, Commissioner. But I feel, like spies. Methods, or the way, they cover their tracks or. Their away, their organization. May cover their tracks it's, probably gonna be a little more thorough to the point where some rinky-dink police, officer, isn't, gonna be able to above, his pay grade perhaps, then. Again they did have no region intelligence, agencies, look into the case so he didn't do the case investigation.

Himself, He reached out to them to have them do it but. What, is the Norwegian, surveillance, agency gonna say yeah we cooked the lady knew. Pabich a crime, reporter, covering the case says, he was given Case Files to write an article about the East all woman in the 1970s. In the, files he, found an envelope containing, a cassette, tape however. The, envelope, was marked, with a warning that, said it should not be opened, without express. Permission from. The supervisor, as such. The envelope, was never opened, and I can find no record of what, was on that tape, well. Why didn't they open it that's one of my question I was gonna listen to some, ink yeah I'm gonna let you listen to a yellow sticky, when it comes to that far in the case no come on crack, that thing open bust, out your walkman it better be padlocked because, the yellow sticky and stop in the old Bergmeister, we're tearing right into it he's doing an investigative, article, he's an investigative, crime reporter, and, he just stops it a because. Someone tells him not to I guess that would make a real for a real thrilling, movie. Sometimes. Oh we heard about this thing at Watergate, but they told us not to look into it. Sometimes. You got to play by the rules I guess I don't know. Finally. As further, proof that the Easton woman may have been a spy her, habits, in situation, were also, suspect, just, to recap, she had multiple passports. And used fake names, she had wigs wrote in code and all, identifying, labels and marks on her belongings were, scratched off either, by her or by somebody else. She, also seemed to have quite a bit of money to dress so well traveled to each country / City and then. Afford. All the hotels that she stayed in other, than that there's, nothing concrete. It, appears, the East all woman is as elusive after. Death as she was when she was living all, this, considered, we now return to the original question how. Did she die let's, get into the theories the, first theory, is that it was a suicide as originally. Determined, returning. To the autopsy. 5270. Sleeping pills were found in her stomach officials, see this as a sign of suicide, as it would be hard to force someone to consume, that many pills in multiple, doses though. Due, to the odd detail. Surrounding, the case many, including. Officers, involved doubt.

That Suicide, is the true answer, you, could make somebody swallow pills you point a gun at them and you say swallow. These pills if, you know someone's either gonna shoot you in the head or you could again fall, asleep okay sure but logically. Let's go through that okay, I'm gonna have you swallow, 50, to 70 pills you know then I'm gonna set you on fire. Sure. How. Does that make sense yeah it's a little fishing also let's. Go through it as if it was a suicide okay she goes I'm gonna swallow a shitload of pills a lot of pills now I'm gonna set myself on fire that doesn't make any sense either doesn't make a ton of sense unless the pills were a backup, like she thought oh maybe if I set myself on fire it's, not gonna work unless she's, just not in her right mind she, takes the pills she's. Sure they're gonna work but they haven't worked yet, she's. Concerned. They're not gonna work so she goes for the fire I don't know I missed it there's. An awl when you consider the fact that the, method of death doesn't, really coincide, with suicide, and that she had all these other external factors that maybe suggests she was involved in some weird things mmm, doesn't seem to me like a, way of committing suicide also a spy' suicide, seems like they have like a few things you'd be better at that yeah cyanide, pill I tell you one thing you don't need fifty do those really work as quick as they do in the movies I think, so cuz, yikes when they bite down I'm in the movies they're like oh are you going to kill me. And. Then there's like foam right away I don't know how that stuff works gotta be honest that's abundantly, clear yeah we're, not gonna do any kind of light trials. Till. The series finale yet. The. Second, theory is that it was an accident, on the scene, officer. Suspected she may have been burned by flames which she might have fallen into and, responded. By jumping, backward, away from the flames and over, the cliff the, police security service. As mentioned, before, ultimately. Decided, that the death was an accident, one. Questionnaire, uncovered, by this service revealed, that she had a large can of hairspray which. In theory could, have been dropped in a bonfire she, had built the, result would, be an explosion, causing. Her burns and ultimately. Her, death though. This, doesn't seem to explain the Petroff found at the scene that was utilized in her burning, furthermore. There, would also be evidence, of an explosion I'd assume I'm. Already. Burning. A. Petrol, shower and amongst rocks it doesn't mean any sense no the third and final theory, is that she was murdered her, possible, life of espionage, would undeniably, lend itself to a veritable list of enemies so. It's, not unthinkable that, somebody, would want her dead returning. To the crime scene the, jewelry and watch were, not found on the body but, beside it as if, it had been placed there and sure, this, could have been the last acts of a person committing suicide, but, if her, true plan was to commit suicide why, set herself on fire adding. To this is nobody, seemed to have an explanation of, how the fire started, other than the wild hairspray, theory returning. To the autopsy, there, was a strange, bruise on the right side of her neck the crime reporter, mentioned before nude harvick also, wasn't convinced, on the ruling quote. Personally. I'm totally, convinced. That this was a murder she, had various, identities she, operated, with codes, she wore wigs she, traveled from town to town and, switched, hotels after. A few days this. Is what the police call, conspiratorial. You. And quality. Yeah she had wigs she had codes, she had passports, she switched hotels she, wanted people not to follow her yeah of course she was murdered yeah that just makes sense idiots I know I felt, like it was rather clear yeah I mean, the person if they were murdering. Her could. You, why, not just shoot him I guess then maybe they traced the bullet to your gun I don't, know yeah well you're not exactly I would.

Say The pinnacle of espionage, I could, be I don't think you could be look I'll wear fake mustaches, I'll wear a wig people won't know it's me so you're gonna wear the, mustache is gonna cover up your eight foot limbs does that help no there's, plenty of tall people in the world if I were a mustache, and a wig and say hello I'm banjo, McLintock nobody, will know. Well. They'll think I'm a different person I, don't think so I think I'd make a better spy I don't think you would yeah just for my physical requirement, no yeah, you'd be shaken no. This. Is my real name I promise why, would I be so scared at that you're scared of everything I'm scared of the hotel check-in manager yeah sure you are I don't think so unless it's that situation, where like normally, you're a timid scared man but, when you step into the shoes of say, Ricky Gold's worth yeah then suddenly you, become the most confident, man and that's the point of a disguise but can, you overcome your the. The timidity, that, is yes yeah hardwired. To you I think so I think that's more likely than you shaving off a couple feet from your limbs despite. The official ruling, being a suicide, many. Officials involved seemed shaky, on that prospect, to say the least police. Lawyer Karl how war os-- claims, that no one in the Bergen Police Department, really believe that claiming. The location, and nature of the death seemed, to odd to be a suicide a chemist, for crit Bose the National, Bureau of crime and investigation, in Norway who, attended, the autopsy. Said, quote now. As then I'm in doubt when it comes to what really happened on the site and how the fire developed, it is difficult, to be a hundred percent sure all, in, all I support. The 1970. Report but, there, is a considerable, uncertainty. And it is impossible, to rule out that, this was either a homicide, or an accident. And quote the police chief Espeon, brynne ruled, the case a suicide. Even, though just, days earlier he. Made it clear that case would remain unsolved. Until the woman's true identity, was found let me ask you two questions two questions was she a spy yes, or no I would say yes was. She murdered where. She wasn't, an accident, or was it a suicide I would say she was murdered okay. So we could get those two things out of this I would say to me I'd say murdered spy what, about you I think so too okay where, that takes us not far we don't still we still don't know her name we still don't know who murdered her but such was the nature of spies it's a start she, was a damn good spy, if we, don't even know who killed her in the end the, Easton woman was given a Catholic, funeral on February, 5th.

1971. As the, police guess she may have been Catholic based on what information they had tulips. And carnations, sat atop her zinc coffin a coffin. That wouldn't, decompose, in hopes, that one day the coffin could be moved to a more fitting resting place if someone, were to claim her that. Day has, yet to come as for, now the, mystery, of the Easton, woman remains. Unsolved. Sometimes. When your spy yeah you got you got a die that's like that comes in the Job Description I guess so you. Don't sign up to be a spy thinking I'm gonna be here gonna be tenured day. One you sit down in spy class the professor says look to your left look to your right one. Of these people is, gonna, set you on fire today. That's. What spies do.

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the way they try to pronounce the name is funny

she was on the run, from some spies

i live in norway, AND NOT TOO FAR AWAY BERGEN!

Maybe she was trying to get away? Like a DIY witness protection program, ya know. She clearly was very careful to the point of being paranoid, if she even cut and smudged the labels. Maybe the woman was running from the mafia, or someone higher up. In the end they finally got her, had her suitcases delivered to the station or where it was they were found. Tried to make it look like a suicide, but screwed up somehow, idk. That's why the investigators couldn't really link her to anything, because someone on top could have been covering it up. Probably not, but still a very interesting case. Love these little animated edits and played out scenes. Adds a very nice touch and creates a cool atmosphere.

Walking into Shane’s house, but instead of having a ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ sign over the mantle, there’s a ' DIE, cry, hate'

if she was murdered, then it actually makes sense that the murderer set her on fire. they didn't want the police to identify her. the murderer forced her to take the pills and set her on fire (thinking she was already dead) to hide her identity. her identity can maybe lead to the identity of the murderer. if her identity had been known, they could have asked around and people who knew her or had seen her could help with the case. if she was a spy, then it was obvious she had enemies... who knows, but it makes sense to me

have you ever thought the fire was set recently by the (maybe)The family

The adjectives they use in the titles keep getting better and better.

She is some kind of spy or secret agent she was probably on a mission and then got murdered

I believe this woman was a traveling cabaret performer or high end courtesan, rather than a spy. Women in these professions who go missing often leave no indication to their real identities/whereabouts, and are sometimes killed in odd, mysterious ways. Most compelling to me is that she used many fake names. Sure, a spy could use many fake names... but why all the different cash, wigs, and long hotel stays in metropolitan cities? Also, sex workers are sometimes known to remove tags to clothing to prevent the tags from showing later on. Or this woman could've had a compulsion for removing labels from all her belongings. *shrug* Just some food for thought from a fellow sex worker who enjoys conspiracy videos after a long night shift at the strip club.

I love this series ❤️

Shane is the only thing that keeps me from pissing myself

maybe the fire bc she or someone else didn't want her to be identified. maybe she was a spy and she decided to commit suicide but as a spy she has to die unidentified. so she has to burn herself and to make it less painful the sleeping pills and that's why she burnt alive since she had to set the fire.

The accident theory doesn't make much sense to me at all. Not only does it not explain the gas canister, but it doesn't explain the 50-70 sleeping pills either. How would she accidentally consume that many? I think murder is most likely, but if she wanted to keep her identity concealed even in death, setting herself on fire does make some sense.

maybe it was suicide, she took the pills hoping that they would sink in BEFORE she burnt herself to hide her identity. she burnt herself because she didn't want anybody knowing who she was.

My theory: her cover was found out she was informed of it and she had last rites with alcohol and took the pills the informant had to wait till she passed out or died from the pills and then remove her identity by burning her face, but they were running out of time and so the partner probably didn’t wait u till she was fully “out” and burnt her. Like a cleaner he had to get rid of her luggage and items. My question is why didn’t he just burn her luggage? Unless the partner was also found out or was being followed and didn’t have time? Still a bit odd

Maybe the mark on her neck happened when she was “found” out and so her face was known

Well if she was a spy, of course she would have enemies but what if she killed herself to get out of some serious trouble. And why not check the bracelets for finger prints? Wouldn’t there be some on it?

Why can't she be a prostitute or something

Well if it was a suicide..the pills are the main “weapon” to her death. So as she takes off labels off bottles, clothes and makeup her face is also a “label” so to hide her identity she set herself on fire while she was still awake before she fell asleep to her death.

if she was a spy, and she did commit suicide, burning herself wouldn't be the worst idea, because people still aren't able to uncover who this girl is, bc she's burned away a majority her identity

Could it be that she wanted to conceal her identity by burning herself alive. And then trying to confuse investigators by ingesting all that sleeping pills? But all in all I think she was a spy.

I mean I have two passports with two different names. Not a spy, just binational.

loved the office reference lol

Maybe she set herself on fire to protect or hide her identity? If she was a suspected spy it'd kinda make sense? .w.

How about this theory. What if she knew she was going to get killed so she consumed the pills, but then they got to her before the pills worked and burned her alive.

real quick though, you don't just fall asleep when you overdose, it can actually be incredible painful because of organ failure, seizures, and other factors. the ld50 of pills varies too, so who knows if it was actually enough to knock her out AND kill her, or just make her really sick. i'd say that she took all the pills herself or was forced too, but then there was an uncertainty as to whether it would actually kill her, so she was then burnt. or perhaps the burning was an afterthought, and she fell asleep from partially absorbed pills, and then was set on fire to destroy evidence of her face and what she looked like, but she was only asleep and not dead at the time. idk

I think she killed herself because perhaps the job was becoming too much for her, and then her employer/handler set her on fire to cover her identity.

Maybe she was in a bad situation and was trying to get away from it until they found her and killed her

Why am I watching this at midnight...

everyones blowing this out of proportion. she wasnt a spy. she was probably mentally ill. she was running from something all the freaking time. she spent her life hiding. its the 70s, mental health stigma is huge. im guessing she had hallucinations and delusions. she couldve tried to burn it out of herself to finally have peace.

she set herself on fire so she wont be identified,

Yo she must have been an undecover secret agent

You should do the Peter Bergmann case!

Idiot theory 1: She had to burn her old body. Rumor has it the Isdal Person still exists today, switching bodies as they begin to age. Idiot theory 2: The spy organization she was part of had a death clause, operants had to die afters x years. She tried to escape, hence the gallivanting across diff cities. Finally she realized the organization was closing in on her. She took the pills but it was too late, she was found, taken to the valley, and burned. Idiot theory 3: Aliens.

The labels on clothes can give an idea of the class of the victim.

Garlic was not used that much or not at all in cooking at that time in Norway/Sweden. You had to buy it at the drugstore because it was seen as medicine. So he probably had no idea what she was smelling of at the time of there meeting. And here in Sweden we started using it widely when imigrant workers came in the 70s and we got Pizza and so on.

I want to agree that it was murder too. In martial arts, it’s common knowledge that a hit to the neck would stop blood flow to the brain and ultimately make her black out. She wouldn’t do that to herself

can you do the Pyjama girl mystery?

would suicide be possible? She could have downed the pills to fall asleep and minimize the time it takes to feel pain from the fire. What if she burned herself right after to conceal her identity?

you guys should look into turning this series into a podcast! :)

I support the Mossad agent theory, especially if we go with thinking it's a suicide because imo the only kind of person who would have the mental fortitude for that is a Mossad agent.

The labels were removed from her clothes? There is a chance she could have removed those herself, right? Like sometimes the tags stab me or are just really uncomfortable and I remove them... Hm... Not sure xD

Maybe it was just a really bad sunburn

i love these series please keep on doing this

Maybe she killed herself, but didn’t want her identity to be revealed, so she burned her face... just a theory, but it is possible. Maybe she left her things aside because of personal attachment... but also maybe the people that made her swallow the pills burned her face so her identity wouldn’t be revealed... it goes both ways

I'm 10:59 into the show and I'm calling it; She's a spy for either the Eastern Bloc ( Soviet Union) or the Western Bloc. (United States) and she was killed during cold war.

I’d like to say I’d make a good detective...but I’m easily paranoid and would go crazy thinking the killers I investigated were after me

Those wheezes are funny but I don’t think that’s healthy for the body or a good sign...

I like the new style of the videos guys! Showing visual scenes, I like.

Do a unsolved on phantom killer

What if it was that the victim was about to commit suicide (after taking so many sleeping pills) and another person knew that so the person took advantage and killed her.

I love your video

About the clothes tags being ripped off, some people used to have their names on the inside of suits and jackets or really anything that went to a dry cleaner

theory: she was captured and tried to commit suicide. her captor burned her body for whatever reason. idk man this is weird af

i think she burned her self like started the fire than hid the jerry can but...... i dont know why her jewelry was there

maybe she took that many pills cause she thought the more pills the faster you sleep so then she thought since she thought she will sleep faster then burn herself she wont feel the pain

maybe she set herself on fire thinking that her corpse would just be dustified

suicide actually seems probable. She took the pills to die more peacefully, then could have set herself on fire so that her body could be unidentifiable.

I have a theory. She was a witch and her spell went wrong.

idk why I'm so against the theory of her being a spy I'd say a con woman, a profession thief idk but she was definitely a criminal. how many timeshave you heard of a spy removing the tags from their clothes?? and she was definitely murdered for sure maybe by someone she did wrong

Or she was on the run from someone or a group,and her death was with the fire and pills to make sure that she was definitely dead because people have survived terrible fires and burns

Please do Madeleine Mccan!

I hate when people say X A MA instead of X EM A

The olfactory senses are the most capable of remembering memories. Ex: smelling cookies reminds you of grandma. That’s probably why the man was able to remember years later.

Toy employment habitat kuput since ahead knowledge please.

What if the isdal woman tried to commit suicide by fire but couldn't handle the pain and swallowed all the pills to hopefully fall asleep and not feel the pain

Maybe her cover was compromised so she had to burn herself to make sure no one knew her identity?

Baby girl is an escort, just touring. She probably even ran rings or drugs with all the identities

Maybe she set herself on fire to make sure her body was unidentifiable?

If she did kill herself and was a spy, maybe her decision to set herself on fire was her final attempt of concealing her identity. She was burned beyond recognition, and still no one knows who she was, so maybe it worked out the way she wanted. That, or 100% she was a murdered spy.

My theory is that she did try to kill herself via pills and burned herself (specifically her face) to conceal her identity

*shane: im getting hungry for mystery*

Maybe she set herself on fire to make herself unrecognizable ?

What about the people who saw her on the trail earlier with two men?

Yall gotta do skin Walker ranch


she's a spy

Garlic was not common in Norway at that time- that's why he realized later what it was...

I've never heard of this case. It's really interesting. I really think it was murder. I think what happened was she hid who she really was or what she was doing and then someone found out, and maybe she was sent a note to meet and this person met with her but didn't actually with her. She left and he followed her and questioned her. She didn't say anything and took all those pills. She thought they would work but didn't and he sent her on fire and pushed her off the cliff. I really think she was a spy. Another case that is unsolved and you should do is the mysterious death of Carolyne Byrne.

Ok now yall have to do a video all about russian spies

*F R U I T Y G A R L I C*

So I just realized that the Somberton Man and this case have similarities. They both were off the grid, had their tags removed, and had a mysterious code in their possession. Not sure what to do with it, but I was re watching these and thought it was interesting :)

“Hallo” “Dank you well”

You guys should do the Benny Evangelista case

Jules Rimet Trophy

I guess the only explanation for the fire if it was a suicide would be to make it so no one would be able to discover who she was. If some agency or something is hunting her, the last thing she would want is to be traced back to who she worked for, her family, etc. Don’t know about the sleeping pills. Could be that she was hoping to be able to pass out before burning ?

heres my theory! when you said that she had a bruise on her neck...i thought that maybe that wasn't a murder and maybe IF she were a spy then her boss or whatever would have threatened her by just simply trying to choke her but then the guy stop OR when she had that bruise of her neck then maybe when she put on her last disguise maybe someone or herself try to hurt her! IDK JUST A THEORY

Maybe the sleeping pill were so she would be asleep when she was burning but it is still weird

well spies are trained to be very mentally strong, so perhaps her mission was compromised so she swallowed the pills, and lit the fire to make it seem like an accident

Just a thought but maybe she was someone with a mental illness like schizophrenia or a multiple personality disorder It would explain the wigs, the passports and the different names. About the label thing people with a mental illness sometimes do unexplainable things That's maybe why she tried to kill herself and put her jewellery away, because her illness was too much to handle or one of the voices is her head wanted her to do it

Who else remembers the tense music at the end and they always travel or sleep at a haunted place but they don’t do that anymore some of this unsolved mystery aren’t even that scary anymore

You guys should do a video on the Jersey Devil

I bet there was some spy reason that she had to kill herself, so she used the pills for a painless death and then afterwards her spy buddy burned her body to destroy evidence of her existence

She could've possibly knew she was going to die that day and took the pills but someone murdered her before the pills kicked in

What if she was mentally unwell and paranoid that someone was following her, so she joined in on suspicious behaviors (similar to that of a spy) so people she thought were following her couldn't find her. Maybe she decided she would kill herself, didn't want anyone knowing who she was, because of her paranoia, so she takes her sleeping pills, hoping that will ease the pain or whatever of the fire (or something similar to that sort of thought). That would explain why she was alive when she was burned, because she did it to herself, not to kill herself, but to hide her identity. It would explain the disguises, maybe not the maturity of the passports, but money would get you a lot of places. To be honest, I think you'd be looking for a blonde women. Yes, you can use wigs, but dying your hair would be helpful too. Doubtful she'd have black hair because it's harder to dye your hair lighter and doubtful it'd be any other color, simply for satistics sake. Anyway, this is just a theory, that would explain everything, no matter how outlandish. Another thing thought to note, is that you mentioned the Cold War, I think a lot of people became paranoid during this time. Maybe not to this extent, but it could account for the timing. Similar to after the Russian Revolution we had the Red Scare and became paranoid of communism. Just food for thought.

what if she was a spy, someone came close to her and to destroy any information she could give out if possible tortured, she tried to kill herself with the pills and then was burned by that someone.

Go to a hotel in Victoria, British Columbia called, “The Empress” it’s haunted and Victoria itself has a lot of history and stuff like what you guys do! I’ve gone to Victoria many times because I live in Vancouver, but I think it would be really cool if you guys could check Victoria out and go there :)

The reenactments look cheap. You should stick with the tried-and-true format you had before. Also, spies? The stuff you guys are talking about sounds more like something you'd see in a Mission: Impossible movie than in reality. It's possible her original intention was death by self-immolation, and the pills were meant to be some sort of improvised pain killer.

Oh Shane....

these guys need to go ghost hunting with shane dawson and his squad.

I think there was a fire but her foot triped and she turned around to fight off the fire(that someone started)

the tall guy at 0:45 has to be shane hahaha

But..I have 2 passports..DUN DUN DUN

I was thinking, if she was in fact a spy, maybe she did commit suicide and used the burns to cover up her real identity as maybe it could put her family in danger or many other things?

Scooby Doo Pa Pa!

Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, Television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe. RYAN STARTED THE FIRE!!!!!

maybe she was burned so she can't be identified?

Ive lived in Bergen for 13 years and have never heard of this case before! So interesting and creepy!

It _could_ be a suicide and maybe she set herself on fire to hide her identity

Was anyone else reminded of friuty garlic?

I read the top of the description wrong it wasn’t “wanna get some merch woman!”...

So when do we get a collab with Ricky Goldsworth and Banjo McClintock?

The reanacatmen at 27:01 was quite creepy

Sounds to me like a drag queen who's Grindr meet up on the hillside went terribly wrong.

Omg I'm from Norway and I absolutely love the way you pronounce all of the names and cities. It's hilarious, 10+ stars for you

i think this is a suicide cos if she's a spy she would have able to protect herself in any circumstance

There was no explanation involving the broken umbrella. It would explain why it was broken if she accidentally fell to her death. Alternatively, it’s possible that, assuming she was a spy and was murdered, she could have used the umbrella to fight someone off if she were caught off-guard (there was no gun/weapon found on the body), OR the umbrella could have been used to knock her out (hence, the bruise on her neck, and there’s no telling how long that bruise was there) then her assailant could have attempted to burn her alive, thus explaining the smoke in her lungs, the petrol can and only one side of her being burnt (as she was already laying down)

She could honestly be a prostitute? would explain the identities, wigs, makeup, etc. clients often get murderous...

Hey guys what about an Italian unsolved mystery? I suggest you the monster of Florence, look it up!

why case MH370 theories/conspiracies still not discuss here.

I just love the dry desert landscape of Norway.

and i loved this episode

do the buckskin girl case!!!

OK, so I know I'm kind of late to this party but I think she was indeed a spy and she knew someone was coming for her. I mean 'sometimes when your're a spy you gonna die' and obviously she knew about it, so she carried abnormal amounts of sleeping pils with her. So my theory is: it's both suicide and murder. Whoever came for her, she was prepared for her death and took all of those sleeping pills, she got sleepy and numb (probably) and couldn't feel much of they did to her. So tried to ease whatever she thought was coming for her. Idk if that makes sense only to me, or what.

I need more Ricky Goldsworth ;;-;; Anyone else?

Couldn’t there be product numbers on the clothes that help identify the origin in which they were made. After that point you could go to the batch ticket numbers in which the product numbers were placed and find out which stores they were placed to be sold. By cross referencing this stores in which the clothing was located you could then find the general area in which the victim lived. Just cross reference missing person in the area to the woman’s basic description then you could find her. The process might be harder if she had nomadic tendencies however it could be possible with extensively studying travel records of missing persons

The fire could be used to conceal her identity and the pills could help with the pain

She got killed by Americans CIA if she was a Russian spy SOLVED

If it was a suicide she set herself on fire to hide her identity one last time.

So is it possible she could of been breathing the smoke while she was passed out from the overdose before it killed her?

I think she was a spy and she became comprised so she took the pills herself as like a spy honour suicide but they were too quick when they caught up to her and the fire was torture to try to get information out of her.

I’m from Europe and here you need a doctors prescription for sleeping medicine

9:25 dressing at H&M, huh, Ryan?

oh my god. Mary, John's wife, is REAL!

What if it was an assisted suicide and she committed suicide in order to protect her agency or country. She took the sleeping pills to fall asleep and stay asleep while someone else set her on fire in attempts to get rid of her remains

CONWOMAN or spy and definitely murder

she could've been compromised and had to kill herself, taken the pills, and then lit herself on fire to remove any recognizable characteristics, considering that if she were a spy being recognized could've compromised someone else or a situation.

She might have swallowed the pills because she knew she was going to be set on fire, so she wanted to die or at least fall unconscious before the burning started. Would make sense if she was a spy or something; she may have realised that they were going to do that to her to destroy her face so she wasn’t recognisable, and as a spy she knew it just had to be done, so she’d might as well make it as painless as possible. If there was only a small amount of smoke in her lungs, then it would make sense she was shallowly or not really breathing (maybe already unconscious or brain dead?), because I know if I was set on fire I’d probably be hyperventilating lol

You guys do such an amazing job reenacting scenes

Europeans and "Americans" are the same "Americans" are Europeans. That's just a fact that i want to disclose. Know your history please. Thank you.

I definitely like the mysteries more than the ghost stuff

This is a theory but what is the person who killed the Isdal woman, WAS the Isdal woman. Stay with me on this one- based on eye witness accounts and people who have talked to her and police evidence it is clear she had dealings in illegal trade. She was involved in something shady. She possibly had ties to the black market, and could have done dealings in illegal antiquity. She could have access to passports through her black market ties. If she was a spy her murder would have done much more professionally. But aside from hiding the identity they were sloppy. So it was not the work of spies, it was the work of a amateur. The Isdal woman was probably a criminal dealing in illegal antiquity and black market dealings. At some point she probably did not want to do this anymore but she knew in her line of work she could not just walk away. She carefully faked her own death. She removed all of her own identification, intentionally left suitcases behind that would suggest evidence it was ' her' but left nothing behind that could actually identify a body. Everything found on her or belonging to her carefully had any indication of PERSONAL identity removed but left behind evidence that indicated that the body and belongings had to belong to the same person, making it seem that the woman they found was the same woman whose possessions they found. The Isdal woman was real but the body they found was not hers. I think that in order to get out she knew she had to kill someone similar to her and make it look like it was her. She was gone for several days suggesting she was scouting someone who was low profile who would not be missed, struck up friendship, and built trust. She told this new found friend that they should go out and set up a picnic. The Isdal woman probably used sleeping pills in an effort to have the death be ' painless' cause there was quite a bit of them. She could have laced the alcohol with a couple and when the person was in a sedated state she forced more down the throat in an effort for that person to have a ' painless' death cause I am sure this woman was not a killer in nature.Only out of a desperate way to get out of a dangerous criminal world. That is why the pills were not dissolved in her system. That and the Isdal woman knew she had to work fast and thought being unconscious equated death, and probably hit her in the head after she was unconscious to try to make sure she was actually dead when she wasn't- set her on fire and stragetically placed all items that could have stuck out associating with her around the body. Things people could remember. She also walked around the forest in attire she KNEW would make her stick out so that she would be easy to remember and place her there as the body that was found, so people would believe that it was her they found when it wasn't. If you think about it it DOES make sense. And whoever that body was was probably someone who would not have been missed, and the Isdal woman lived the rest of her life having whoever she wanted to get away from thinking she was dead.

She probably set herself on fire to further conceal her identity. she got got and so she offed herself. boom

Let's just say this was a suicide. What if she was a spy but didn't want to be identified so she burned herself to hide her identity. And what if her taking all those sleeping pills at once act as a numbing type sedative so she didn't had to suffer while she was on fire.

Am I the only one who thinks she wasn’t a spy, but maybe a prostitute???

Back in the day people used to sew their names in the tags of their clothes so maybe that’s what it’s referring to rather than the store in which it was purchases

Im not smart but i think that she had multi personality disorder. That can explain the wigs and different passports. And sleeping pills might be something to do with the disorder. Maybe she was trying to start a fire and then she switched personalities to a suicidal personality. That is probably the worst explanation

Hi nice to meet you Banjo lmao


It's such a tiny thing, but I love the new variety in the motion text. The hard cuts to reveal "that's fun" at 6:41 were just enough to make Shane's tone twice as funny.

she might have set herself on fire because she didn't want her identity known after she killed herself, this also explaines why her back side wasn't burnt.

I think she knew that she'd been caught and to avoid interrogation she took the pills hoping she would die. This probably didnt work fast enough and was tortured anyway.


definitely sounds like a suicide of either a paranoid woman who thinks shes being followed or a woman who was actually being followed that didnt want to be found.

Gosh, I have been living in Bergen for the last 7 years and have been through IsDalen ('The Vally of Ice' in Norwegian) several times and never knew of this incident. I am now petrified to go back there again :S

She removed her label, her face, like she did all the other labels in her life.

I think it is a murder because when you take that much sleeping pills , you might feel really sleepy and get dizzy . I doubt that she committed suicide . It might be that someone forced her to get between those rocks , forced her to take that many sleeping pills thinking that she be too sleepy and can't fight back the murderer but he was mistaking because it takes time for the sleeping pills to fully work ,that explains the weird position she was in , she was hot and the fire was hurting her face , she was using her hands to cover her face . She was then burned by fire , the murderer may have poured petrol on her face and infront but not her back side , the murderer then started the fire by something and left her burning . Idk it's just a personal opinion ..

Damn, the drawing/scribbles are really cool!

Could you do the Beaumont children next

Vampire slayer, duh.

She used fire to make her unrecognizable

The reenactments are so cute!

Maybe she was a supernatural hunter and she needed all those pass ports cause she was an international hunter and you gotta keep your identity hidden that would explain every thing why she says in hotels and has all the fake IDs maybe something went wrong and she tried to commit suicide but her friends burned her to have a funeral. GUYS I SOLVED IT

do an episode about the guy that was going to leak government info and then he died in a car crash and people suspect the cia hacked his car and killed him to prevent him leaking the info

She swallowed the pills to kill herself and then used the fire to make herself unrecognizable shes a spy confirmed

I love buzzfeed unsolved but could you please stop making your videos almost a half hour long... It just makes the mystery dragging and boring. I think 15 mins. is the maximum time people could still watch and pay attention to the details of the unsolved mystery. We don't need to watch a 30 minute video and know that in the end the cases discussed are STILL UNSOLVED.

Self immolation is a known type of suicide. And she probably wanted to be burned so that she couldn't be identified. Since she is a spy, and she wouldn't want her friends or family getting hurt for being involved with her.

Lmao dying at the elf pallet in the suitcase re-enactment

Maybe their plan failed, she was a spy and they knew about her BUT didn’t get to her in time. Somebody found her before they could get in time soooo the spies lied but that’s just a thought.

why do i see nobody considering that she burned herself but took the pills in hope of being asleep while it happened

That boots.. Rubber boots. Hahahaha

Maybe she tries to kill herself by eating the pills, then someone would burn her to death. Idk. Maybe the bruise is from a fight or something. She is a spy, so there is likely to be some fighting. Maybe she try to kill herself because she fail a mission and the higher ups say she is not needed, so get rid of her. Just a guess

Just say gas. You can't pronounce petrol.

Reminds me a little of orphan black

I think she was thingking that if she ate all of that pill she will not feel the fire and will have a painless death

I really wish they'd do a few mysteries that started on the true crime season, and then led to a ghosty episode in the next season

BELGIUMMM but it is dankuwel not dank u wel.

My theory is she knows shes being followed and as a spy she wants to protect whatever she knows therefore committing suicide by those pills. Explains why shes on a deserted place but the guys caught up to her however and did this to her.

Do Natalie Holloway!

If she wants to die and be unrecognizable in death then fire is the way to go. But obviously setting oneself on fire is a daunting task so taking a bunch of sleeping pills to fall asleep and make the deed a bit easier seems like a good way to go about things.

I think it was a suicide and she was a spy, the fire was to prevent her from being identified after death.

In my opinion, I think it could've been both. She could've willingly swallowed those pills for multiple reasons (not in the right mind, desperation. etc.) and someone also killed her. There's just too much unknowns to be certain.


I'm at 7:00, I'm calling it now, she's a soviet spy

Bread sticks Boots Burning alive... Triple Bs... Big baller brand

I think she was a spie someone wanted deadnso they grabbed her by the neck and force fed her pills explaining the bruising on her neck but when the pill didn't take effect as fast as they'd hoped the freaked and lit her on fire

Love Ryan's narrations

Maybe she committed suicide, but if she was a spy, someone purposely burned her face so she couldn't be identified, cuz if she was found to be a spy in another country, it could cause international conflict

orrrr (as I'm sure someone else has already said) she could have taken the pills to numb the pain of being burned alive...and lighting herself on fire to hide her identity...also, if someone else was to light you on would probably be standing up, maybe she was trying to run..not lying down. (she was only burned on one side) so i assume after the pills started to kick in she laid down and lit herself.

Someone clearly choked her unconscious then lit her on fire as for the jewelry who can explain a fucking phycos mind.

I look forward to these every week!!


My theory is that the woman developed a severe case of schizophrenia/split-personality disorder (explains the no tags on clothes and suitcase contents ) and she had had “enough” and tried to kill herself, she couldn’t figure out how to properly hang herself, hence the neck bruising and she panicked and took as many pills as she could, she was frantic and impatient though and decided to guarantee her death by setting herself on fire.

I actually loved the fact they gave her that particular type of coffin. They were hoping that she would eventually get claimed.

I’m surprised their was no mention of accelerant detection. Fire inspectors can tell if an accelerant was used in a blaze which would tell if the petrol was used.

Did she smell like fruity garlic

Maybe she was a vampire, that would explain the garlic

maybe she was murdered in a middle of a suicide?

I'm hungry from mystery

I sent this video over to my dad (an engineer and mathematician) and my aunt (a nurse practitioner in the ER) because I was very curious what two such inquisitive minds would come up with. They watched it and talked it over and came up with a theory that I thought was very viable. They think that she was a spy for any given government and was very very good at her job. They hypothesized that she probably didn’t have any close family members because she had been a part of top-secret government work for so many years and her family really did not have any ongoing connection with her. She was on the run with some top-secret information of some sort and people were after her in pursuit of this information. She went on the run for a really long time but whoever was following her was relentless. At this point in the desert she had been backed into a corner after being on the run for such a long time and she realized that she was not going to get away. She then decided that suicide was the best option because she knew that if she got caught that she would be tortured extensively. So she took all of the pills in an effort to end her life but then whoever was after her caught up with her before she died. My aunt said that it would take probably about a half hour for somebody to die of an overdose. It is also worth noting the time in which it would take someone to swallow that many pills. At 5 pills per swallow and one minute breaks in between it would take around 20 minutes to get the pills down. That would give considerable time for her enemy to find her. Especially if they were already hot on her trail. When was she was found by her enemy she was still alive and coherent and her pursuers tried to torture her to get the information out of her. They burnt her in an effort to get what they were seeking. But she was relentless and also was on the brink of death anyway and was able to conceal her secrets. Then because they had been a part of a murder, everything was destroyed in the area including her tags, any identification, or any other evidence. So it was a suicide but it was also a murder. And because there was nobody looking for her she was never identified. But even if she could’ve been identified, she didn’t even necessarily have an identity because she had been a variety of people for so many years.

she was a spy for sure lmao

She has to terminate herself after a mistake. She burns herself so that she cannot be identified by authorities who may link back to the secret agency she worked for.

Just a theory but like she can be a spy and she would notice someone s after her. She takes off her jewels and put them on a rock she would take pills. But before it shows the effect someone would come and set her on fire. Or it could be another spy that was going to kill her . He would tell her to take the pills because she needs to die and its a peaceful way. Then he would set her on fire. So that police would be confused

Everytime this type of crimes happen, I ask myself "how come that any of her parents/relatives claimed she was missing?"...

Banjo McClintock and Ricky Goldsworth, the most terrifying men in history.

If it was a suicide and she was an spy, maybe she took the pills hoping they would numb her enough and then set herself on fire to hide her identity. The fire completely burned her face so she was unrecognisable and this would have been creditable to her if she wanted to remain unidentified.

I think it's not impossible for it to be a suicide. She might have committed suicide for her own reasons, but set herself on fire to not be recognized afterwards and to protect whatever organization she was a part of.

Great video! Really love the True Crime stories you guys put out. Looking forward to more!

man im czech and american I don't think it's that strange to have two nationalities (about the test that said she was either german or American)

my theory: she was mysterious and in trouble with some shady people, they kidnapped her and she knew one day this might happen so she had pills hidden (or saw some pills somehow where she was) and tried to kill herself so that they couldn't torture her. they found her and realised what she had done and couldn't stop her from dieing so they tortured her by burning her.

I know your say she’s a spy but she could have been running from someone because that might explane why she was burnt to death

Random things i've thought for anyone to elaborate upon or challenge: What if she was a spy, but she went on an unsafe mission of her own and got caught or something. Then she knew she would get killed and took the sleeping pills in an attempt to make her death painless but was found and taken to the boulder area and then murdered by the person she was after or her enemy or whoever. Maybe the unmarked bottles she could've hidden on her person were poison that she took because the sleeping pills wouldn't work, and this weakened her so she couldn't fight back a murderer (given that there were no mentioned rope marks or signs of force, but then again these could have been covered by burns, but also she had no marks on her back). As to why a hypothetical murderer didn't just shoot her: maybe; -they could have been psychotic or another alike illness and became overwhelmed with the thought of burning her -they were trained and knew a burnt body would be almost impossible to identify -its more painful, obviously if she was a spy and had enemies, they'd want her to feel pain.. Or maybe she wasn't a spy at all and just wanted to make it out or pretend like she was because her normal life was boring, and then got so caught up in the farce that she went crazy and tried to kill herself with the pills but got impatient and chose to burn herself instead. Who knows?

I think she was a spy in trouble (maybe discovered by the other groups) so took the pills. She had no cyanide pill because she was in trouble maybe? She had an accomplice who burned her face off to protect her identity, much more discrete than dragging a dead body home with you. Her belongings were not taken by her accomplice as a message to the other groups.

I think she is set on fire to make her identity even more concealed?

Maybe she knew something that was really important, or she did something that couldn't be discovered. And therefore she needed to kill herself (or be killed?) and get rid of anything leading to her. Therefore she needed to burn herself so that her fingerprints etc. can't be found. Maybe she used the sleepingpills to make the fire hurt her less while dying.

Do the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa

she obviously burned her own face so no one could see what she looked like

and i think she took the pills before so she wouldnt feel anything from the fire

What if she knew someone was after her? someone she thought she couldn't get away from and who she thought would choose to kill her in a way that would leave little evidence eg drowning burning etc. If that's the case and she was preparing for possibly dying a painful death it would make sense for her to take the sleeping pills because if she was going to die in her mind taking the pills would make it less painful if she did die, and with them being sleeping pills it takes a lot to overdose right? that many pills would take a while to kick in so if she managed to make it out alive she could have thrown them up(or some anyway) increasing her likelihood of surviving compared to having one pill which once it was absorbed would kill her, on top of that, if she were a normal person on the run it would be easier for her to get her hands on lots of sleeping pills under different aliases(her 8 passports) than it would have been for her to get a single lethal pill. Her being on the run would also explain her strange behaviour with removing labels which would make her harder to find. If the person did find her they may have knocked her out with a blow to the neck(causing the bruise) and then set her on fire to remove evidence. The person may have taken her to Death Valley specifically because no one went there so there would be no witnesses. She had no belongings that were easy to find except for that jewellery, maybe the killer hoped that local police would be distracted by it as it was the most readily available evidence at the scene and it's placement suggested suicide.

This is one of the best cases! YES!!


took pills then set on fire to hid identity

You guys should do the beast of bray road!!!

maybe she took the pills herself and then someone else set her on fire?

I remove the tags on my clothes myself anyways....

Pls do more "are ghosts real?" Videos!!!!!

The way Ryan pronounces petrol is lowkey killing me

i think she was forced to take the pills then burnt by someone to hide her identity

She was probably a spy who was taken out by her employer or a rival. They probably wanted to make it look like she took sleeping pills and then fell into a fire, and the fire would help keep from identifying her.

Maybe the placement of the bottles or the jewelry started the fire of her clothes after she fell asleep ya know like when you burn ants with a magnifying glass.....

As someone who's attempted suicide the pills and fire combination doesn't confuse me. Both methods aren't super lethal, so combining them seems like something a spy that was determined would do. I'd guess she took the pills and waited until she felt the calming effect/was close to passing out and then set herself on fire to try to ensure she'd finish the job.

I dont know if it was a suicide or if it was a murder. But the methodology, in my mind, was supposedly to be carbon monoxide, but things happened, like the hairspray angle. I dont think the idea was to burn her/herself, it was to inhale the carbon monoxide from the fire.

she could have thought that she would die in the fire a little while due to the pills and wouldnt burn to death, not feel it much, if she was a spook it seems likely she would want to burn her whole body which could give away her identity

Maybe I watch to much TV, but has anyone explored the idea that she might of been a grifter.

could she have had the pills to die before someone who was coming for her killed her but the person found her and burnt her instead

She might of tried killing herself because somebody was trying to burn her alive. Dying because of an overdose sounds let painful then getting burnt alive. But why was she wearing rain boots and why was the umbrella there? I don’t think it rains in that place that much from what I gather. If she was a spy they probably killed her because she blew her cover.

That strange bruise could have been a hickey.....

Maybe the disguises and constant movement meant she was running from someone, rather than her being a spy. Trying to go off the grid so people couldn't find her, possibly to keep safe. Also whether it was suicide or murder the fire could have been used to make identification harder. If it was known fingerprints wouldn't lead anywhere and technology wasn't advanced enough to check dna and teeth like today then that could make sense. If it was a suicide she could have poured the petrol on herself specifically on her front ensuring her face would get burnt, and the sleeping pills could have been taken in the hopes it may make the burning less horrible. In the case of a murder, the fire could have been used for the same purposes and the pills just given to confuse those investigating.

Shane looks so fucking good here. I’m definitely a Shaniac.

She’s a spy.

Can you do a unsolved video on 15 year old Tina Fontaine ? Her story is heartbreaking and sad how justice wasn't served

Bread sticks. Boots. Burnin’ myself alive.

Ok y’all I watch these on my wine drunk Fridays (I know I’m a bit behind I’m busy I work a lot OK) but here’s my hot take: This woman was hired to be some sort of a spy by Soviet occupied Germany, but being a native German, her heart stayed with her home country that she knew as a young child, so she became a DOUBLE agent at some point, really exchanging information to the real Germany and the US, and at some point the Russian authorities found out and knew they had to kill her, so called her for a top secret meeting in Norway (where they said many soviets were at the time) so when she got there, whoever was meant to kill her probably had grown some sort of attachment and said “hey so I have to kill you and burn your body it has to happen no matter what so take all these pills because we can’t leave bullets but we don’t want you to feel yourself burning to death... if you don’t we will just burn you to death anyways because we have to...” and I think maybe she said something like “well let me take my jewelry off because my dead family gave me these and they don’t deserve to be burned!!!” (This investigation never mentioned her family, maybe they were killed by soviets?!”) then yea she died and no one wanted to claim knowing her to avoid further conflict/keep secrets. BAM law and order Allie hammer unit.

what if she was gonna kill herself... but after she took the pills,she layer down.. then rolled into the fire??? (still watching video)

as soon as you said she had many names i just pointed at my screen and shouted 'SPY!"

I would say she was a spy, and for whatever reason had gone to commit suicide, via sleeping pills.. then she lit herself on fire to avoid being identified. Honestly, going off of the idea she was a spy, she could have taken the pills and lit herself on fire both to avoid being identified, as well as to confuse law enforcement.. Or, the family that reported her death murdered her, and the police just let a family of murderers go free.

Maybe she just simply had to go for whatever reason so she took sleeping pills then went to set herself on fire or had one of her colleagues do it to cover up who she really was because she was a spy & the reason why she took sleeping pills was to numb most of the pain from the fire

Reminds me of a ghost of a woman my grandmother told me about which she described as something that looks beautiful from the back but nasty in front (she believes a ghost is haunting her house, but I don't doubt it)

the scariest thing about this video is how ryan pronounces petrol

She could have wanted to set herself on fire after she swallowed the pills as a way to get rid of the body. The absence of labels on clothes or items means she liked to be in the shadows, so she probably thought if she went on a path less traveled, killed her self, then tried to get rid of her own body so that nothing could be traced

People say she was a spy

cyanide pills work by choking ur cells and preventing oxygen from getting to the cells and yes it kills in mere seconds

The crows at the beginning made this whole video for me. Anyway, it was fuckin' Carmen Sandiego, soooo...

Really shane?

I'm pretty positive she knew she was being hunted and took the sleeping pills but when they found her they set her on fire. It seems she didn't want to be tortured and they found her before they kicked in

If she was a spy, and did commit suicide, wouldn't she want to make herself as unidentifiable as possible? Which worked obviously.

22:44 mmmmm tictacs


What if she tried to kill herself by dousing herself in the petrol, taking all the sleeping pills then once she was asleep she dropped a flam on herself lighting her on fire? It's not hard for me to imagine her trying to burn her own body? Cleaning up after herself?

Here's a theory that could make sense of everything. This was a suicide. However, being a spy, committing suicide isn't just a simple kill yourself and that's it. She would probably had to cover her tracks and her identity so that she cannot be used to trace back to which country employed her, thus explaining why she set herself on fire. Fire tends to burn people unrecognizable and so it will make it near impossible for her to be identified, thus covering her track. She probably took sleeping pills hoping that she would die quicker so she didn't have to suffer as much while being burned to death but she would still have to set herself on fire before the sleeping pills completely kill her in order to make sure she is burnt until she's not recognizable.

Kent Xie yessss this is what I was thinking but I wasn't smart enough to put it into words

If she was a spy and trying to conceal her identity through the removal of labels, passports, wigs, etc...I think suicide seems likely. She took the pills and burned her face, effectively making it impossible to identify her at the time.

The only theory I can come up with for why she would burn herself as part of her suicide is that she didn't want her identity to be known, even after she was dead. So, she'd take the pills and then set the fire in the hopes that it would burn her beyond recognition. The best case scenario would be passing out from the pills before the fire reached her but that clearly didn't happen. Certainly, spy or not, the removal of tags, fake names, frequent moving around, and wigs seems to indicate that she was hiding from someone. I also think it's possible that she suffered from paranoid delusions which could be enough to not only drive somebody to suicide but also to make them think that they needed to ensure their identity was unknown even after they died.

i have 3 passports for some reason only 1 is expired theyre not for fake identities or anything just throwing that out there

I think that it was a suicide, but maybe because someone was tracking her down? Because she travelled so much, having casual cyanide may not be airport-appropriate. So, to remain elusive and make sure her case wasn't compromised, she took sleeping pills, and before she slept, she set herself on fire to destroy all of her identifiable features. Her back was untouched - maybe she was lying down?

Yo. She is indeed a spy. She took the sleeping pills to try to kill herself because someone was on to her. That someone set her on fire to kill her not knowing that she had taken the sleeping pills. Mystery solved. You’re welcome

its jennifier lawrnce doing press for red sparrow

Make an episode about malaysia flight 370!!!

I think shes in the black market

i'm watching this with headphones on set and i could NOT stop laughing LOUDLY at the key swallowing bit every1 wanna kill me

..vampires /\(° vv°)/\

Rundt bålet ble det blant annet funnet et utbrent pass. Obduksjonen viste at kvinnen hadde fått et slag i halsregionen og hadde inntatt flere sovetabletter før døden inntraff. This text says that they found a passport that was not burned, also she had a stroke/punch in her neck region and she had taken sleeping pils before death. also they found fragments off fingerprints on glasses. The police`s hgypotheisis is Politiet fikk tips om at en av sjefene i KGB var ankommet flyplassen Værnes i Stjørdal kommune, like utenfor Trondheim kommune, bare ti minutter etter Isdalskvinnen hadde landet. KGB-sjefen hadde mystisk nok returnert til Russland samme dag, få timer etter ankomsten. WICH says the police was tipped off avout KBG agents landed 10 minutes after this woman landed, the KGB boss had mystirously enaugh gone home to russia same day few hours after the arival.

Unsolved mysteries of Kurt cobain?

I haven't finished the video but she was obviously working as a spy

A woman obsessed with removing the identifiers off otems. Would make sense that burning herself to remove her identification. Taking a heap of sleeping pills. Waiting until she is very drowsy, but can still function, before igniting herself. Hoping to pass out and sleep through being burnt.

wheres the paranormal unsolved?

What if she was was trying to run from an enemy who found out who she was... She got far enough away and took as many sleeping pills as she could to hopefully kill herself fast enough, but when they caught up to her they hadn't worked yet. She raised her hands to fight and got punched in the neck (bruise) and then durning the fight she passed out. She was then burned while she was sleeping.

I like the ghost ones better

Probably Human Trafficking...

Shane: what the hell kind of warehouse is this?? Me: warehouse 13 Shane! that’s what kind!

Maybe she wanted to die from the pills and thought that she would like to die as royalty, in which they are set on fire


The mysterious death of kurt cobain

what about the jewelry? If it was a suicide, why go through so much trouble to be unidentifiable but then place the jewelry for everyone to see and possibly find out about her? and if it was murder, then why put it there? and not take it, or leave it on her body?

How do we know the Petral was used in the death? It may just be a coincidence that it was there or she may have used it to burn something to cover her tracks and it backfires

I love their true crime episodes better than the paranormal ones

She could have been preventing herself from dying at the hands of someone else by taking the sleeping pills. And then, unfortunately, she was found after trying to hide and was set on fire before she was able to die from the sleeping pills.

I'm home alone right now watching this and hearing sounds pray for me

i really want to know about the garlic smell...

i have 2 questions.... 1) did they find a lighter or sth next to her? how did she start the fire if it was suicide? 2) if it was in fact a suicide, who put out the fire that burned her?

Maybe it was a murder and suicide. She knew someone was after her, so she was going to kill herself before it killed her. That’s why they were so many pills. It didn’t happen quick enough so someone found her and killed her.

This woman has ties to Gloria Ramirez! FRUITY GARLIC

she might have set herself on fire as she dint want her identity to be revealed. (if she was a spy)

I will always love Shane & Ryan for Buzzfeed Unsolved

Couldn’t she have been a spy that committed suicide and a fellow agent covered the evidence? I know she breathed in the smoke so the agent that burnt her might have thought she was dead, panicked that her death would blow their cover and burned her unconscious body.

maybe she took the pills beforehand bec she knew she was gonna get killed. and THEN somebody set her on fire???????

Maybe she was just crazy, or like mentally unstable. She thought she was a spy or was always being watched so she switched hotel rooms and had a bunch of identities.

She was a manchurian candidate....she took the pills....was found by another candidate....and was burned to cover her identity.....nailed it.

I think the killer probably intentionally made it look like a suicide with the sleeping pills, then burned the front of her body to conceal her identity

I heard that there was a witness saw her going up the trail, looking distressed and 2 men were following her

I feel like she might have knew someone was coming to kill her in a painful way, and she was trying to avoid them but realized she couldn't, so she tried to kill herself by taking those sleeping pills before they got to her, and they didn't work fast enough. That makes a lot of sense to me, I wonder why they didn't mention a theory along those lines.

I think she was running from something

i think that if it was murder, they would burn her so she was unrecognizable

the fact that shane and ryan are investigating something that happened in norway, which is my country is so strange. i feel kinda starstrucked or something idk

Please do something about Madeline mccan!!

b-sticks, boots. burnin myself alive. I NEED IT ON A SHIRT

I reckon she had enough of being a spy so she swallowed pills to kill herself and she was going to burn all of her stuff on the mountain but she fell off and burned to death

it must have been a murder coz do u guys remember the broken umbrella and the bruise in her neck??? i think the murderer must have hit her in the neck and knocked her out then stuffed some pills into her mouth and could have tried to burn her but realised that it would alert the near by people.....or the murder could try to fake it as a suicide who knows?!!!

How They say the norwegian names is to funny gosh

Anyone think she may have had to burn herself so she couldn't be identified? And she took the sleeping pills to drown out the necessary pain.

I don’t know if this could be true but maybe she was running from something or someone , because of the wigs and the passports , I don’t know .


If the clothes are not readymade then they may have the tailor's label. In which case it is very easy to identify the owner of the clothing.

Random H&M tag spotted on Ryan at 6:55.

*w h e e z e*

Immediately thought “could be a drug mule” and I can’t figure out why no one has brought this theory up? Would explain disguises, cash and shady death etc.

It could be suicide, even if she was really a spy. Setting herself on fire could suggest she just didn't want people to know her identity. Like you said, spies or mafia people were born not to have identities, they are ghosts. Once they are traced, they would kill themselves instead of getting caught and questioned.

Didn't the watch have a brand

What if she took the pills to kill herself, but as she was in her last moments set herself on fire to further remove the evidence of her identity? Only why would she remove her watch? Also how did the fire not burn her entire body? Wouldn't it have eaten through the clothes and spread to the area around her?

I think she was being stalked, possibly by an abusive ex-boyfriend or a customer if she may have been a sex worker. She knew and was understandably paranoid about it. She may have removed the labels of her clothes and makeup so that if she threw any of them away or left something behind, they wouldn't be able to track where she shops. She disguised herself, and she may have become so overwhelmed with hiding that she tried to kill herself. However, her stalker may have burned her body as she was dying from overdose as a last revenge.

maybe she took the sleeping pills to commit suicide but before she died from the pills somebody killed her with fire

What if she was a con artist and this psycho man fell in love with her but she rejected him so that it won’t blow her cover so he went mad and fed her sleeping pills so that she won’t feel hurt when he burns her... morbid but just a theory

You don't just go to sleep after swallowing 70 sleeping pills. You throw up and more than likely die of an overdose..

I believe she wanted to eliminate her identity as much as possible, so she knew she would need to burn herself, but took the pills to lessen the pain of the fire and quicken her death. And/or guarantee her death and not suffer from burns without death.

Okay heres what I think. I think she killed herself and I think she was a spy, what other circumstance (when taking her strange behavior into account) would make sense? She was going to great lengths to covering up her tracks (removing the tags from her clothes, removing labels from everything she owned, etc.). Also, only spies would write in code like that, and nobody else would need to keep such a detailed track of where they went, this could possibly mean she was following someone. She was changing appearances to ensure they didn’t get the sense they were being followed, and she kept track of where they/she went to report back to her employer. So, something happened that caused her to panic and required her to kill herself, but not just kill herself SHE HAD TO MAKE SURE SHE WAS UNIDENTIFIABLE. She took the pills with the hope that they would kill her before the fire did (she chose fire because it would’ve been the most effective way to ensure your body would not be identified in a pre-DNA evidence era). She took all of her jewelry off, took the pills, waited a few minutes for them to take effect, then lit herself on fire.

I probably shouldn't tell you this well think about this. say you didn't want to work for someone who would kill you if you wanted to quit.what better way than to fake your own death.

I’m pretty sure that if she burned herself it would make sense bc 1. She scratched out all the labels of stuff she had 2. Had fake identities, maybe she needed to go out but not worry about her enemies knowing she had died...just a thought

She was a spy, the reason i think she was; She was traveling to another location where both baggages were found leaving them behind when she was taken. The person or individuals (2) took off on foot in Death valley from their car, one carrying the gasoline and another her sleeping body (One drove the car to Death valley while another gave her the pills to drink), there have been similar cases in the acclaimed show Forensic files... they staged the scene; She was sleeping, thats the only way the killers put her jewerly on top of that rock, the sleeping pills gave them time to stage the scene of suicide (so it can appear she did it pre-morten or suicide, because people that commit suicide usually, not always wear just clothing no any jewerly), then they pour gasoline on her and set fire, she woke up! While on fire (The pain makes you feels whats going on, then she probably fainted, she was tired) she was soo unconsious that she died minutes after she was set on fire. The killers took off to their car, one of them left the gasoline container before getting inside the car (reason why it was next to a tree, she did not left the container before going to her dying place because when you pour gasoline or water, it usually leaves traces while walking) Sorry typos

What if she was a spy who was in town to meet a friend or whatever and tried to kill herself. The person (also probs a spy) realized authorities couldn't find her/identify her so they took her out and burned her before the pills could take effect. Idk tho...

i take the tags off cause theyre itchy

This is my theory the lady put his jewelry in the rock and eat the pills she only eat a few sleeping pills then go to sleep a person saw her and took the pills and shove it to her mouth then he took the gas thing idk what its called but he took it and put it on her and set it on fire that is my theory

Reminds me of the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Say she was a spy, if she wanted to kill herself wouldn't it make sense for her to burn herself? Think about it, she removed all possible ways of finding her identity. She took her pills, then burned herself to stay hidden. If she was a spy she could've gone through the pain. It would make perfect sense for suicide!

I think this woman is a spy. Considering how she has so many identities

You should do "Dewan jendral" in Communism massacre in Madiun region. 1965

FBI threaten the police.

What if she was trying to escape an abuser? That would explain why she had multiple identities so her abuser would loose track of her. Her death could be explained by the abuser finding her and taking his anger out on her for escaping.

maybe she burned herself to hide her identity? and the pills were in case she didnt die from the fire and just was disfigured

Theory: she knows someone is coming for her and knows she cant get away, she starts to kill herself by swallowing the pills but who she was running from gets to her before they work and they burn her to death.

Force her to swallow her then burn the body to keep forensics from identifying her

Swallow the pills, sorry

Ok but a good spy would fake bad English to disrupt her origins

My theory is that she was a spy. This would explain all of the fake identities and the way she carried herself. When it comes to the way she died I think it was a suicide because her identity had been compromised. She had taken the pills, the main way she was gonna take her life, and then set herself on fire to further disguise her identity so that she wouldn't be traced back to anything or anyone. This would also explain the suitcases found. She might have put them there to distract and throw off the people who were after her.

When you do a supernatural season put the Ouija or the midnight game.

*OKAY I HAVE MY OWN LITTLE THEORY. BC AROUND **21:00** THEY TALK ABOUT HER DEATH AND THEORIES. Okay now if she's a spy. Her job is to be unknown. It might have been a suicide, possibly she got tired of it and had enemies? Or she was cornered where she wouldn't have an escape and killed herself? So to both of my theories she could have thought "I have pills. I'll drink as many as I can and to confuse anyone on my death I'll also set my self on fire to hide my identity. No one will know who I am. And they will be confused on my death" I mean it could possibly go like that. She also could have had family. Maybe if family comes to play, she could have burned herself to hide her identify to keep her family or anyone she knows to keep them safe/ uninvolved. If you want to solve a death especially if you believe she's a spy... You gotta put yourself in a spys shoes. Think of ever single possibility. Think of what's a spys job. For sure 1 is to keep hidden and hide your identity. And if your a spy... You want to make sure no one knows you died so you cover it up with anything you can. Anyone else with me? That's me and my head. I find things like this amazing and love making theories so yeah.* Also I wanted to add. I mean of course she is burnt but was there any way to check her IQ? If her IQ was really high then the possibility of her being a spy is confirmed in my opinion. Just saying if there was an actual way.

i mean not to say that it wasnt a murder but... its not like it would be that weird for her to set herself on fire for a suicide. especially back then a good way to hide your identity even in death would be to just burn it all off. and it would make sense that she'd do it while drugged (though alive) in a way to both ensue death and to hopefully lessen the pain of it to some extend.

What if she was smoking a cigarette after taking the pills and passed out and accidentally lit herself due to all that hairspray...

The maniquin behind Shane's head.... creepy!

Garlic smell weird neck wound death by fire. Did no one else think vampire??

I barely started watching this and I ship them Shane and who? SOMEONE COMMET THE OTHER GUYS NAME

What if she was tired of always being on the run as a spy so she took the pills to od, thinking it was going to work as suicide and took off all her jewelry beside her because that seems like a normal thing to do when someone lays down to sleep. But when she was waiting for the pills to kick in she got a syringe in the neck by the organization she worked for and then they dumped the gasoline on her and set her on fire. But before she could pass out she struggled and landed on her stomach and only her back got burnt. Then when she was finally dead they arranged her to look like it was suicide.

About the missing tags from the clothing and the jewelry found piled next to the body- this actually sounds exactly like what me and some of my other friends with sensory issues do when we’re trying to be comfortable. Actually a lot of her unusual behavior sounds like things me and some of my neurodivergent friends do every day. To me it sounds like a woman who was using fraud to travel, who happened to be neurodivergent. As far as the death itself goes, I think Shane may be on track when he says she may have burned herself in a suicide if she thought the pills weren’t working fast enough.

Tofte is pronounced with a long e (tough-tee) it's my grandfather's name and he's from Norway

WHAT IF the people that said she committed suicide were ACTUALLY the ones who killed her and then they called it a suicide to cover their own donkeys? hmm

Maybe it’s a combination like she was trying to kill herself to like prevent someone from getting information from her and then one of her many enmities showed up and was like imma burn her she ain’t get to die peacefully

Should do a episode about Madeleine McCann

The fire was most likely to conceal her identity after the pills.

i googled it and it said for one cyanide pill it would take its minutes for them to go brain dead and the heart to stop. i don’t know if multiple pills would act faster though.

breadsticks, boots, burnin my self alive.

Okay, here's my theory (i know its a long shot, but this is what i think might have happened): So, she might've commited suicide; she could have taken all the sleeping pills and then gone to the sight where she was found so no one would find her in her hotel room. This is very unlikely, but another person might have seen her, thought she was dead, and didn't want a dead body anywhere near them; they could have set her on fire, not knowing she was alive, which might explain the position of her arms. I don't know, it's a possibility, I guess...

Really enjoy the stories you guys choose and the way you tell them. Glad i found your channel

If she was someone that really cared about anyone not knowing who she was, even after death- it makes a LOOOT of sense that she would try to burn herself. And she took the pills so her death would come sooner. But, if disappearing was what she wanted, drowning with a heavy weight on might have been a better option????

Spy or hooker?

Unsurprisingly, Buzzfeed doesn't know where Asia is

Call me crazy... but it sounds like she was a vampire Hunter IT ALL MAKES SENSE! A. She smelled of garlic because she used it to prevent vampires from hurting her B. The bruise on her neck was caused by a vampire bite, and she got bit when... C. When she died. It was right before dawn and she was being chased by vampires, she knew she couldn't get away in time so... D. She took the pills to kill herself to make sure she wouldn't turn into one, or when vampires bite you they inject a chemical similar to sleeping pills to make you sleep, so... E. When the sun rose she burned alive due to being bitten, that's why only the front side of her was charred F. She had separate names and passports to keep vampires from tracking her (that also goes for the wigs and make-up) G. In conclusion: vampires are real, she was a vampire hunter, she got turned into a vampire and died due to burning, and nobody knew... UNTIL NOW **DUN DUN DUN** (Man, I love making crazy conspiracies)

If it was a Suicide and she was a spy, I imagine she could’ve set herself on fire in an effort to conceal her identity to protect whomever she worked for. I’ve also seen other people saying she was attempting Suicide to avoid being interrogated and was being followed. I can see that being the case

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Ok here's what I think happened: she was a spy, her cover was blown and so to protect herself from torture and to ensure the information she had never got out she killed herself. She took the sleeping pills to numb the pain and used the fire to make her unidentifiable.

Cyanide blocks the copper moiety of the mitochondrial electron transport chain, so basically it blocks your cells from producing energy. Death by cyanide would be relatively quick 5 minutes to pass out, then 10+ minutes death.

I think she took the pills and tried to burnt herself thinking she disposed her labels and dispose herself but failed.

I think she committed suicide by setting herself on fire but before hand she took all the sleeping pills to make sure that they knocked her unconscious so that she could not feel herself burning to death.

Wait I don’t get if they threw the sample of teeth out then wouldn’t it more likely be contaminated and other dna samples may have been placed in the teeth?

s o u n d s l i k e a c a s e f o r c c t i n s l e y

Send her dna to 23&me or lmao

What if it was a murder and a suicide like she took a bunch of pills because she had wronged someone and was gilty then went out so her family wouldnt find her but instead some random person as to make it easier on her family but as she was out someone set her on fire because she was a spy and wronged them and her family is to scared to say "yep im related to them" because they knew about her being a spy and they are scared to go to jail for treason

Sorry if i took someones idea i looked through a lot of comments and saw none like this and thought itd be something to think about maybe she was asleep when she was set on fire because the sleeping pills were in her blood and someone had been stalking her and saw her pass out and thought it was time and shed be asleep so still breathing and wake up due to the fire and another spy killed her thats how they didnt get caught and she was trying to put the fire out and hit her neck thats were thr bruse came from but the pills left her weak so she couldnt get up thats why the flames couldny reach her back

I think, if she was a spy, she might have assumed someone was gonna find/kill her. She may have resorted to suicide, and then left to the trail. I think the labelless stuff was hers, OR placed by someone who knew her, or the murderer. I totally buy the murder story

sounds like she was killed. sleeping pills were planted to lay false trail of suicide, and she was burned to help conceal her identity.

Gasoline could of been only put on the front of the body gasoline only burns where it was put on this would explain why the back has not been burned

Do an Unsolved episode on how you butchered the pronunciation of Norwegian names and words in this episode

Breadsticks. Boots. BURNIN MYSELF ALIVE


In ye olden days you wouldn't be wearing Levis or Urban Outfitters, you'd be wearing "mom and pop's shirt store, we make 5 shirts a week and we remember all our customers" clothes- these cases where the labels are cut out seem by and large to have been long enough ago that it was before big chain stores were a thing. It also ensures that you can't even tell the nationality of the victim, if they were wearing clothes for instance from a foreign store. Then again, if she also had Eczema cream maybe she just had really sensitive skin so she cut the labels out of her clothes so she wouldn't be irritated by them.


My grandma's neighbors house once caught fire with the family inside and she said that burning flesh smells like fried spam.

yellow sticky-the entire trump presidency

the time frame and her suspected age point to the possibility of her being a german-american immigrant spy that was orphaned by ww2, which would explain why her body was never claimed by family.

Maybe she took the pills so that the fire wouldn't hurt as much and burnt herself so that no one could find her identity cose she was in danger of something.

Okay I’m kinda for the suicide AND murder theory. She may have known someone was on her trail (as a spy) and close to finding her, so in a last minute panic, took many sleeping pills to attempt suicide before being caught. However, the murderer tracked her down and set her on fire before the sleeping pills actually took effect. The watch and jewelry could have been an attempt for her to give hints to investigators as to who her killer may have been. Just mix all the theories together and you got something that’s kinda reasonable?

A spy with multiple personality disorder???

Maybe she set herself on fire so her body wouldn’t be distinguishable, if she was a spy she wouldn’t want anyone to know who she was.

She could've taken the pills trying to commit suicide and immediately after she took them someone could've burst into wherever she was and lit her on fire, not knowing she was already dying... Or she could've started to die, falling asleep, and the murderer burned her while she was laying down on a fireproof surface thinking she was just sleeping.

She was a spy who was concerned of being captured and tortured by enemies, maybe she knew of someone who was close to finding her and decided to commit suicide instead. She wanted to make her body unrecognizable but knew burning herself would be too painful. She decided to take the sleeping pills and then set herself on fire. Perhaps the jewelry and watch were sentimental and she didnt want them to burn thus taking them off.

She obviously burned Herself so that her corpse would be unrecognizable. She was only burnt on her front because she poured the gasoline over herself. The only odd thing is that if she was trying to destroy evidence of her being there, then why didn't she burn her bags?

I think everyones saying it and it seems the most likely thing, but attempted suicide was the initial intent, then someone found her before the pills kicked in a murdered her? idk that seems like the most logical thing with all this evidence

I heard her fingerprints were sanded off witch helps her to not be identified because she was a spy.

If she was a spy, it’s possible that something along the lines of her work could have gone wrong and she felt she needed to kill herself to either protect her employer or herself. Taking the pills would have done the job, but maybe she felt that in order to completely erase her presence, burning the body would have made her turn into a pile of ashes. She would cease to exist, even in death. That way, if any other spy or intelligence officer found her body, they wouldn’t be looking into who she could have been associated with and what could have prompted her suicide, thus eliminating the possibility of her death alluding to a secret plan or information. Just my own thoughts.

do the ´Out of thin air´ case from Iceland

The murder was probably from someone trying to get revenge so it makes sense that they would set her on fire because she would suffer. If it was a suicid and she was a spy, maybe she felt she deserves to suffer because of the terrible things she might have done while she was working.

I think she was a spy who someone was trying to kill so she tried to commit suicide, but before the pills worked the murderer got to her and burned her alive.. well that's just my theory.

Fire can make the identification of the victim nearly impossible to tell. If it was murder, the murderer was smart.

Why do they black out the top of some of the people's faces

Probably suicide, she burned herself to remove identifying features, she took the pills to kill the pain of burning

Maybe she knew that someone was going to kill her. So she took the pills but she was too late so she was still alive when she was on fire.

I think she was a spy and she already knew she was going to be murdered so she took the sleeping pills to try and kill herself before the “bad guys” caught up to her. However it was to late and they tried burning her but unfortunately she wasn’t dead in time. Then when trying to burn her to get rid of the body someone must of stubbled upon them burning her so they pushed her off of the cliff and ran away

Maybe something happened and she took the pills to get away and then someone set her on fire, idk

Ryan has been really growing as a YouTube sleuth! Keep it up, and don't forget the holy water ;)

Living for the way Ryan is pronouncing the norwegian cities and names. I know you're trying your best buddy

It's suicide. PERIOD. Setting herself on fire wasn't meant to kill her. It was meant so that even at her death, her identity is still kept secret. She clearly didn't want to be identified in LIFE and DEATH!

Maybe she was a spy who set herself on fire so people wouldn't recognise her

I personally think she was an agent and she was murdered, but it was also kind of a suicide. Perhaps someone discovered her identity so she had to kill herself, that’s what she took the pills (and she had to kill herself in case they catch her, so she can’t give them any information). She eventually got caught but the pills haven’t started working yet, and the people who caught her burned her. Ik this sounds kinda weird but it’s possible

My brother removes the tags on his shirts because they scratch and bother him.

i feel like her mental health should have been more involved here. these behaviors can be written off as an OCD scared woman i think there’s a lot more theories here

no one thought about the fact that she could have been a mule and pills in her stomach could have been maybe giving to her to deliver. she was making a fire and getting ready to settle in but the bag was not one that could substance stomach acid so it disovled leaving the pills.. she get dizzy whlie she is makig the fire and then fall face forward buring only the front.. someone sees her and moves her because they are scared or she had alot of money on her and they took it and they call police saying they found her that way.

the way he says petrol gets to me...

... if the police found several fake passports - they would have had her picture on them if not her actual name - so why can't they publish those pictures instead of sketches?

My battle buddy told me burnt humans smell like fried shitaki mushrooms.

I want a episode where Shane explains the mystery

Okay but an episode on Anastasia Romanova would be great because if I’m correct they never found out what happened to her after her family was shot??????? Anyway it would be great to have an episode on her :D

Do Hae Min Lee, i know the detectives thing Adnan Syed did it, but there is a lot of things that are wrong about that case.

I think she'd been compromised so she took the pills, hoping to kill herself before they found her, then either she or the people who caught up with her burned the frontside of her person to conceal her identity

Wasn't looking at my screen, thought they said her name was "Vanilla Large" at 9:35. Still, Fenella Lorch is a pretty odd name- safe bet no one else had that name.

What if she was a hitman or hitwomen

FINALLY! I've been whining about this on both facebook and youtube for a while

What if she was hiding from someone with her different identities and that person finally found her and killed her?

Hm.. fruity garlicky smell you say?

Wonder If The Teeth Smelled Like Garlic.

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Fruity Garlic?

I’m thinking murder and suicide like she took the pills knowing that if she didn’t end her life she’d be murdered but was unfortunately found by an enemy before she died so suffered a painful and gruesome death idk it’s an intriguing case

Maybe it was both a homicide and a suicide. She went there to kill herself and took the pills. She walked around I guess and someone was planning on murdering her already , so they saw her and put a puddle of petrol and they knew she had hairspray. they put something there to catch her attention and make her bend down, until the petrol got close enough to her hair and it set on fire. That’s why the pills never dissolved fully.....

I think she may not have been working for an 'official agency' to the point that it was a shadow government, a secret organization of spies, if you think about the evidence, it's kinda there. The thing that sort of tipped me off was the strange deaths and misplacement of evidence, somebody was obviously actively preventing this woman's identifier, her teeth being one of the best clues, possibly the only ones, to solving such a bizarre case suddenly going missing strikes me as odd, then there was the fact that the dentist died 'mysteriously', if an organization really wanted her to disappear, they could easily get rid of a few important pieces, say the dentist, then be able to just waltz away. The fact no weapon was found on her body also strikes me as odd, you'd think that a spy would carry a gun, or knife, or taser, but no, almost like they were removed. The burning also is odd, considering that amount of sleeping pills would kill her easily, I think that she was murdered, if by some chance the pills were forced down her throat, the easiest way short of destroying the body would be to burn it, the family that found it probably just stumbled on the women RIGHT after she died, if your going to destroy a corpse, you'd finish the job. Whoever killed her fled. Then there is the most damning piece of evidence, the investigator just saying "nope, not gonna listen to this mysterious tape, no can do." is complete BS, someone silenced that investigator, if he was really dedicated, he'd have listened to that tape in a heartbeat, instead someone showed up, told him to cut the @!#$ and if that he opened that letter he'd be a dead man. Just my thoughts, please add or point out any holes in my theory.

Have you considered that she wanted to kill her self with out anyone knowing who she was, so she took the pills to have a painless death, then burned herself?

Maybe she already knew she was discovered for espionage and was gonna get killed so she tried to kill herself?

I think that she had been holding some information and running from someone who was trying to get the info from her, probably a close friend or family member ( I will get into that later) she was born and lived in Belgium which is why she would often use Belgium as her home because she wanted to keep at least one part of her origin close to her and once she realized that she was being chased she started traveling all over Europe (which explains all the money from all over Europe) and then once she had no where else in Europe to go she decided to travel to the US but the person chasing her was ahead of her (possibly even in the same train ride as her) and caught her at the train station, the culprit grabbed her around the neck and put her in a chokehold (the bruise) and forced her to eat the pills thinking that it would put her to sleep instantly when they didn't he Fed her more and more until he was sure she'd fall asleep on the way to where ever they were going but even once they had gotten there she still hadn't fallen asleep, so they decided that Instead if waiting they would just go ahead and torture her for information they held her body close to a fire just enough to burn her but not enough to burn her to death but she wouldn't crack and someone accidentally pushed her to far into the fire and she died by being burned alive (which explains her arms being up) before they could get any info from her so they took her body and dumped it somewhere where they assumed no one would find it now the reasoning for assuming it was a friend or family member is that the jewelry and watch was placed on the rock beside her probably because it was a family heirloom and the murderer knew this and wanted to respect the family as much as they could out of guilt and they could only have known this if they were close to her

I think she killed herself and took the pills in hopes she would be asleep before the fire destroyed her face making her unrecognizable so that no one would be able to identify her.

This is late but I have a theory. She was a spy and someone found out her identity so she decided to kill herself. She took the pills so they would numb her senses so the fire would not hurt as much? Not sure why she used fire, maybe to burn herself beyond recognition?

"You could have been banged, but that has a different connotation." LOL!

If she has a life built around not being recognized, it's totally possible it was imperative that her body wasn't recognized either. If she wanted out of this reality, maybe she takes the pills, sedating herself before her disfigurement. Or maybe the pills are some twisted act of kindness from her murderer. Either way, it makes sense to me that fire could have been used as the final act of disguise, and the pills a last ditch effort to ease that passing.

She was a spy. She was murdered. The police were threatened by the murderers to claim it was a suicide.

Why would she voluntarily take 50-70 sleeping pills and burn herself to commit suicide, when in that time, cianide was almost always used. Don't need 70 cianide pills, and you don't gotta burn yourself.

Oh my god please make a shirt that says “I love a thicc plot”

I'm half shannian and half ryanian

Okay I have a theory: what if she was a spy and did kill herself, but had an accomplice of some sort. She knows she needs to die, but not only that, she needs to be burned beyond recognition, so she and her friend agree to have this happen in a deserted place where there have been reported cases of both suicide and accidental deaths, meaning the police would not think of her death as anything odd. She takes the pills and her friend agrees to burn her body (again not to hurt her but to burn her body), her jewellery is laid down next to her as that could have been a valuable possession that her friend wanted to remain with her. They then get rid of the petrol. After this they skip town, but leave the Isdal woman's possessions (which the friend knew would be unmarked (she could have thought that her fingers would be burned or there would be no DNA on the possession) on the train station which is a very public area and would have no way for identifying it to the friend.

they don't eat garlic up north

My own therory: She committed a crime and needed multiple disguises to escape. Someone involved with the victim/ crime she committed was able to track her down (vigilante justice type thing). She suspected she was being tracked, panicked, and decided to commit suicide w/ the pills. The person after her decided to burn the body for good measure and then dumped the body in a remote location, hoping it wouldn’t be found

The isdal woman was found the same day as Natalie Wood November 29

For the way she may have fallen or the hairspray, she MAY have been a spy why would she be so clumsy? She could have been sprade with the hairspray to try to suffocate her or as a pepper spray to momentarily stun her.

maybe she took the pills to try to die less painful than someone wanted she may have known that she was going to get killed, but she was not fast enough and the pills made her slow. She may have been had asleep.

My question is, if it was a suicide then why is the petrol can not right with the body or burned itself? Or even if she had doused herself in petrol beforehand and then set herself on fire, why wouldn’t there have been a petrol trail from the can to the body that most likely would have also set on fire?

LET ME ET THIS STRAIGHT!!!! A FAMILY went for a hike around an area called DEATH VALLEY where many people have fallen to their deaths and have committed suicide? A *FAMILY*? The hell kind of family activities... nah, man. Hiking sucks to begin with. But to go hiking through a place called "Death Valley"?????? F that family. They just want each other to die.

She could've been in a rush, with her mind not thinking straight in a bad situation she's never been in, she could've taken the pills to try to be captured or something, then thought she would be causing a lot of trouble if people recognized who she was, burning herself so she couldn't be identified.

I think she committed suicide with the pills but was assisted in her death by someone else with fire...

My theory about this women is that she is a spy but not officially and she found out that someone was probably coming after her and she was going to kill herself because the person after her probably wanted info and so she killed herself bring along the information and I am also thinking if the people after her were also assassins or spies too and probably after finding her dead they have to burn her body to try to get rid of her or to make look like she doesn't exist but plan failed I guess because if she's a spy and spies are made not to exist then they had to burn her body but failed

• Spy, about to be found out. • Decides to kill herself before her enemies get the chance. • Uses pills to commit suicide. • As the pills start to take effect, she sets herself on fire to mask her identity. Also, the isotope test pointed toward her being from Europe, whereas the DNA test pointed toward America. So I would bet heavier on her being from Europe.

The narrators voice is so annoying

SHE SET HERSELF ON FIRE TO HIDE HER IDENTITY (and succeeded) !!! I’m so mad this wasn’t mentioned honestly. I think she needed to die for whatever spy reason and needed to hide her identity so burned her face.

I love unsolved mysteries but ngl I'd love a solved season of true crime

OR: Say she is a spy. She wants to kill herself; her jobs are done, someones following her, etc. what if after she takes the pills she realizes that she is able to be identified, so she sets herself on fire. She was trying to erase herself??

Alright so I totally think she was a spy and she knew she messed up soooo she Was going to commit suicide but she waited too long to take the pills and then she was taken hostage and set on fire by the murderer and that whole shebang.... yep that’s my guess


Maybe she's a prostitute???

Extremly fun listening to you guys saying norwegian names:)

And i loved that you used norwegian words in the pictures

if it was a suicide maybe she set the fire so her face won't be recognizable anymore... but i dunno

My dog is a Russian spy

this is the black dahlia v2.0, except that the isdal woman had lots of identities instead of lots of boyfriends.

If she were a spy and thought that someone was coming after her to try to get information out of her, maybe she took the pills ahead of time, got found, then was tortured to death?

Maybe she wanted to go down in style. Suicide arsonist???

Just a thought maybe she burned herself after taking the pills because she was a spy and didn’t want anyone to know her identity

disco inferno* playing in background...

She set herself on fire so she couldn’t be recognized

Do the Madeleine McClann mystery

I remove the tags of almost all of my stuff, let's hope I don't die a mysterious death lol

Maybe the burning was to cover her identity?

The suicide (if she is a spy) could’ve also been in that manner because she knew someone was after her or her identity was possibly gonna be compromised, so set herself on fire as a way to keep herself hidden

What if she was a spy her cover was blown so she was trying to kill herself with the sleeping pills. Then one agent close by came to her and said something like we can’t have people know your identity. So he pulled her out in the middle of nowhere and burned her body in order to hide her identity. So technically it was both... seems possible to me.


She took the sleeping pills to attempt to make her pain diminish while she is on fire. Just like she took all the tags off her clothes and covers her tracks, she wanted to essentially make her self unrecognizable by burning herself.

She set herself on fire so there wouldn't be an identifiable body...disposal of evidence

have they checked the security cameras in the area to see her behavior and the to check if she’s been followed ?

Do the Winchester House

If it was suicide, she probably wanted to kill her self painless with the pills and set herself alight right before she thought the pills would kill her to perhaps self cremate herself rather than just being discovered as a corpse or rotting and getting eaten by maggots.

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Even Sherlock Holmes can't solve this:(

omg im sorry, but the way You're saying Gisle is sooo wrong.

I’m surprised that the burning wasn’t connected to her intention to disfigure her dead body beyond identification. The sleeping pills were so she wouldn’t feel the pain. She was obviously a person who didn’t want her true identity to be known.

So now only true crime episodes?

It was Oswald Copplepot and another of his jalousy murders. GOD DAMN IT EDWARD.

What if she knew someone was after her, took the pills, but they found her before they could work?

"Who is she?"

i love ghost stuff, but this is more factual

Maybe she heard my sisters singing

Just saying that bish dead

A link, she (or maybe her) garlic smell, Gloria Ramirez, garlic smell, Gloria Ramirez isdal women| |insane link|

What I think is that she took the pills herself, and somebody discovered her and didn't want to be involved so they set her on fire

If ya’ll ever need to pronounce norwegian names again, please hit up a norwegian lol... i volunteer as tribute, i’ll send you recordings of me saying the names. Cos the way you pronounced them, especially Gisle is not okay lol

can we have a spinoff where shane researches and narrates.

How do the not get scared

Hvor er mine norske guttabois?


Finally something from norway! #teamNorge

12:52 You could say that they're...searching for the tooth.


I love this series! But for some reason I'm not a fan of the live action ...

It was really fun to watch this, since i am from Bergen!

You guys should really colab with Shane Dawson!!!!!!!!

It seems like you guys or any people on the case is trying to hard She was obviously running or hiding from someone or a group of people and she took those pills to maybe not have the people have that satisfaction of death and before she died burn her front side so she doesn't have a readable face Makes sense because if her wigs and outfits

well what if she took the pills to numb the pain from burning alive and just burnt burnt herself after setting up the scene to throw everyone off the correct trail to protect her true identity. Just saying

I think she used to fire to protect her identity, just like she did with removing tags from clothing.  I also think it was a suicide, possibly because of other spies getting to close.  A spy wouldn't want to risk any information being released.

What if she set herself on fire so that no one would be able to analyze her face? This would maybe explain why only her front half was burned.

I HAVE A THEORY so yeah the woman's reason for changing looks and moving from place to place was because someone was following her (cause she's a spy). She got tired of it and went to death valley to commit suicide but before that she waited there for the person who was following her. She removed her jewelries and drank something explaining the empty bottles around. Then the person who was constantly following her caught up to her. She was afraid that the person will do something worst to her so she immediately took the pills, the person got annoyed that she do that so he/she pushed her and her neck hit a rock explaining the bruise. The person had intend to use the petrol on her. The person then decided to pour the petrol on her and realized it wasn't enough that's why it's only her front part area were burned. The person set her on fire, left the petrol away from the scene, then left.

i think she was a spy or at least involved in something but i think she burned herself so she wasn't identifiable mabye had someone helping her i think she covered herself in in petrol and walked to the spot hoping no one would find her there at least not for a while and leaned against the rock started falling asleep and lit herself on fire mabye somone else lit her on fire once she was asleep and still breathing i dont know

What if she was just a super paranoid women who was rich.

She would have set herself on fire to make sure she was 100% unrecognizable. It was a suicide I'm sure.

is that chloe ?

Isnt there a possibility that she framed her own death? With the fngerprint placed strategically on the glasses. And her belongings left there. Like you suspected that she might be a spy maybe she had to frame her death to go on the run.

What if she wasn't a spy, what if she was running away from someone???? That could still explain the weird contents of her suitcases.

Ok so what if the bonfire thing happened and she had the gas in her hand when the hair spray exploded from maybe being too close to the fire or something and when she fell she still had it in her hand. When she flailed her arms to catch herself the gas can went flying down the hill with her and landed by her body. As for the pills maybe she took them intending to commit suicide but then changed her mind and noticing how far out she was out a signal fire for help.

What if she took the pills in hopes of suicide, but someone interfered wanted to murder her with the fire, or maybe she went on a sketchy date and that person did something?

They really couldn't find the makeup with out the labels?

Very confusing and odd, I honestly don't know what to think

A girl is no one

I would think that there was someone else with here who wanted her dead. Maybe an enemy made by her doings in her scandelous spy lifestyle. They wanted it to look like a suicide, so they forced her to take the pills and strip off her jewlery. Then in the process she may have done something to make them mad so they set her on fire, burn the body to make it unidentifable or it was something done to make sure she was dead.

I don't remember hearing about a possible source of the fire at all. is there a reason we don't think the body was moved? like the explosion was ruled out because there were no signs of one, but did we know how far from the source of a fire she was?

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the autopsy table pictured at 3:30 is from the sachsenhausen concentration camp in germany. I have almost an identical picture I took when I was there.

If you really think about it, it could be a murder but made to look like a suicide so the murderer wouldn't get caught.

Cicked on the video bc of the name _isdal_ which I was almost certain was a place or surename in Norway, but I never heard abt this even though I used to read Scandinavian crime-books at the age of I looked into it, naturally finding the original photos, but also the fact that the guy giving the description of the woman didn't recognize the smell, bc garlic wasn't really sold in Norway until late 70s, like a lot of other fruits and veggies...Also, the family that found her was a 12 year old girl walking with her little sister and father, and bc there was no mobiles they had to go a long way to get back to the city to report on the body, which was terrifying bc they thought she could have been murdered, and that the killer could potentially be close by!

Breadsticks. Boots. Burning myself alive.

It seems suicide. Leaving her belongings and that final display of items. Maybe pills were to ease the pain of the fire. Because she did that on purpose to not be recognized when found. If you wanna kill yourself and mantain that secrecy, burning the frontal part is a logical option.

Maybe she was a fugitive or running from (a) certain invidual/s

My theory is that it WAS suicide, and she burned her face and body in order to avoid being recognizable when/if she was found. This would follow the theory of her being a spy or at least being a bit shady.

M-my name's Giselle *gasp*

I reckon that she was a spy that killed herself but her partner or something found that she had taken the pills and to cover up her identity the partner burned her and therefore covering their tracks

Anyone else wonder if she was in an abusive relationship of sorts, like maybe she had escaped abuse from someone of importance,that’s why she had so many different aliases; to not be spotted by anyone in contact with her significant other?


I think she committed suicide then someone else tried to burn her body to make sure she was untraceable as spies should be.

Smells like…*Snoof snoof* fruity garlic

I i think she saw something she wasnt supposed to see so she runs away but the person caught her and burned her then left her on the middle of nowhere

Maybe she was a spy and was ordered by her superiors to end her life and burn her body so she couldn't be identified. That would explain the given circumstances and why the jewelry was placed aside and the sleeping pills might have been taken in hopes to lessen the pain.

I think it was a suicide AND a murder. I think she committed suicide after being chased or something and then someone set her on fire, explaining her pose of trying to block the flames

I think she was a spy. She could have been in danger and tried to kill herself by taking the pills, but instead she was caught and burned before the pills could work. That's the only way I see this happening.

I'm all about the spy murder theory Like, maybe even somebody working on the same side as her - she took the pills herself and somebody else burned her so she is unrecognizable.

It’s simple, she failed her mission. She had to kill herself in order to make sure no one would use her to get information, someone from where she was working for burned her face in order to keep her identity safe.

I hate canibalism references. Dislike


If she was a spy the fire would damage her face making her less recognisable, could that account for the burning?

I’m Norwegian and my sister wanted me to tell you that you pronounced all the names wrong...... like it’s all she cares about

For some reason when they talked about the garlic I immediately thought vampire lol

"Bread sticks, boots, burning myself alive." Lol

Couldnt they have used the fingerprint to identify her?

fruity garlic's sister

I like the demon stuff more

If they have all her passports, why they still need to struggle to come up with her sketch?

i like it when they say: she used english and german, and on screen you see dutch

The boxing position is a normal pose for most burnt people.

i am from bergen

The to do list 1. Eat garlic 2. Buy boots 3. Burn

maybe the labels were removed by her at an earlier date because they were itchy

In the beginning of the video, Ryan said the body had a 'Boxer's position' which typically only happens when the body is unconscious when it's being burned. This happens because the muscles contract (the flexor muscle overpower) So it was most likely a murder, and not self inflicted.

The best cover ups I think are the ones that are perpetuated by such speculation. Cause it leads public opinion on such wild theories, conspiracies and tangents. The real details are gonna get so layered with all these different ideas it just gets lost to time. But if the isdal woman was a intelligence operative what better way to cover up her death...than with a layer dip you find at parties.

How can it be a suicide. The police clearly said the pills were already in her blood before dying, that means the effects of over 50 pills had already started to work. She also had smoke in her lungs which means she was alive while burning, certainly asleep... I really think she was put to sleep moved to the place where they found her and burned buy the killer

She must have been compromised and the enemy spy must have asked to kill her painful or less painful

Hah I like the desert landscape, not much of that in Norway


I think that she was a spy and that she knew someone was coming to kill her, or that she needed to die and therefore committed suicide. She took the sleeping pills herself, possibly to ease the pain of the burning, doused herself in petrol leaving the bottle as far away as she could and hiked up the hill where she removed her precious belongings and lit herself on fire. I'd say she set herself on fire to hide her identity, and it makes sense that she did this herself since only the front of her, aka the only part that she could easily reach and the only part that she could be recognised from, was burned and the petrol was left at the scene. It is unlikely that a murderer would leave her valuable jewellery (also suspicious that nobody tried to trace the jewellery?) and also as stated it is unlikely someone made her consume all of those pills. If you knew you were going to set yourself on fire i'm sure you'd try to consume as many as you could. This also explains why they were still in her system and she was alive when she was burned. Her ambiguous location (also worth noting that she would have had to know the area to choose this spot, meaning she could have spent a lot of time in the area, maybe she was from around there?) points to a certain amount of planning, she died in a spot that she thought she couldn't be found which would be different if she was murdered as you don't 'hide' a dead body, you dispose of it.She could have been assisted but ultimately I believe it was a suicide and she killed herself so somebody else wouldn't get the chance to.

she couldve been french canadian cuz canada is in north America

So I agree with the thought of her being a murdered spy. But to possibly explain the pills and being seton fire, what if she started getting paranoid about someone following her and because she’s an intelligent spy, decided to commit suicide with the pills. But before they could kick in and kill her, the person she thought was following her, found her and set her on fire. Could explain why both happened.... just a thought though

If she were a spy there would more likely be a cover up perhaps she was in some kind of protection program but she was definitely hiding the labels being rubbed off could be a figity anxiety thing that she had done possibly she ran to that place hoping not to be followed and set her stuff down and had a meltdown and decided that she couldn't handle running anymore so took the pills then the person following her burnt her ? other questions I have, was she burnt on site were there signs of fire there I don't believe that was mentioned the film location suggested it was in a dry climate but was that true to the story? I don't know how these things work but dosent fire like to spread how is it possible that it didn't spread to the rest of the body or the surrounding area

Ever since someone pointed out that the mannequin’s head moved once, that’s all I look at

Makes sense to be a suicide cause it kinda adds up. Say she was a spy and she was "identified" so in order not to be caught by the enemy she kills herself. Now she doesn't want to leave any trace behind so she takes pills to kill herself. Then when she is almost unconscious sets herself on fire to leave no trace behind. The removal of labels etc also fit into this theory of not leaving a trace behind.

Well, I believe it was a set up. Definitely. She was probably a hooker or working with someone that's like a spy. Who knows but I believe it's a set up. God I just love mysteries!

i think it was an assisted suicide or she had planned to commit suicide and then the murderer set her on fire after she took the pills

She may have set herself on fire so that its harder to identify her face because it was burnt

This case is so interesting and frustrating! Georgia Marie did a great video on it awhile ago and it's one of the cases that still bothers me the most to think about!!

Definitely a spy. Most likely attempted suicide, as someone was after her. Alas, the pills didn't do the trick but the fire did. Left behind jewelry was not intentional, murderer(s) probably meant for her to take them off and take both the jewelry and body with them but must have been interrupted some how. Interesting case indeed!

Maybe she took the pills before she put herself on fire? Maybe she hoped to fall asleep before the fire got too large so she would avoid most of the pain?

I love how you pronounced Norwegian names and places! I'm wondering if it was you that made the hole video? Because it was really cool that some things was written in Norwegian and I'm pretty sure it was Norwegian money in it.

These fucking idiots and their disrespectful plagiarised videos.

I think it was both a suicide and murder, maybe someone found out who she was , or something happened that maybe made her commit suicide and at the time she took the pills and enemy agent was already planning on murdering her which would explain the fire

Maybe she was trying to kill herself because she has been caught and wanted to go out the easier way. She ran away to the place and the murder set her on fire and ran. Idk

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