The Curious Death of Vincent Van Gogh

The Curious Death of Vincent Van Gogh

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This. Week on BuzzFeed unsolved, we take a look at the death of Vincent, van Gogh long thought to be suicide. But as recent writings may suggest, may actually be, murder. Excuse. Me. What. We're gonna cover a murder on this, show, no but if a man who long, thought to have taken his own life I mean he was a bit eccentric and had a history of bodily harm so maybe people assumed, it was suicide but there are some things in here that at, least for me yeah are fairly convincing, that it may be something a little bit more sinister. Well I'm here for it what, you know about go. You. Know he's a Dutch guy paint, a lot you, know very. Dreamy cut, off his ear you did that self-portrait, you. Know yeah you do a selfie, all. Right we're done here that is case, closed. No we got him we got Monday, all. Right season, finale let's do it baby let's get into it Vincent. Willem van Gogh, was, born on March 30th. 1853. In zunda Netherlands, he, was the oldest, surviving child. Of the odorous van Gogh and Anna Carr Bendis Vincent. Would eventually have five younger siblings the, one he would formed the closest relationship with being, his brother Theo despite. His good grades Vincent. Left secondary, school before graduating at, age, 16, he began, his art career as an apprentice with goo peel and see an international. Art dealer where his uncle was a partner, Vincent, first worked for goo peel in The Hague, then in London, and finally. In Paris, where he was dismissed from the company in 1876. Two, days after, his 23rd, birthday kind, of a double-edged sword back, then because it's, neat that you can just jump into an apprenticeship, at age 16, like, yeah I'm probably gonna be a. Legend. In the art field I'll, do that you could still do that today though I feel like people start apprenticeships. Quite young but they don't really do like it's 16, yeah I remember applying, for an apprenticeship, at Warner Bros at 16 how'd that turn out I didn't get it hmm so, I hope, you're watching this now and know what you missed out on Jack Warner, Jack. In 1881. After five years of, wandering Europe, and bouncing, between dead-end jobs such, as lay preacher Vincent. Moved back in with his parents who, worried about their sons lack of direction, in life bo who had also gone to work for the art dealer goopy landsea but had risen through the ranks to become a manager began. Sending his older jobless, brother money, for. The next few years, Vincent, would move out for periods, but returned to his parents, home it's interesting because nowadays people, you know people. Get to age like 24, and they're like I just don't want to know I don't know what I want to be in life well, it is kind of funny that, he is this 19th century millennial, just, wandering, around yeah, not really sure what his purpose is and if Vincent van this is a this is an aspirational, tale for all you out there if Vincent, van Gogh is going through this similar struggle you know you can make something of yourself just out there with his brush saying.

I'll Put this on something you. Put in front of me I'll put it to it that. I feel like yeah where'd that big no, no it's probably exactly, what he said to people I'll, put the songs give me a job I'll put this on so I'll put this on something you put it in front of me I'll put it to it in 1884. Vincent, now in his 30s wanted, to start paying Theo back for all the support he had given him over the years, Vincent. Began sending his paintings to do in Paris, for him to sell unfortunately. For all parties, Vincent's. Work was not what the people of parents, were looking for I always wondered about this when it comes to famous artists, obviously it took them usually decades. To find what made them famous, wouldn't. You say that the paintings, like their early drafts when they really sucked wouldn't, those be worth more cuz it's like seeing the journey is. Worth more but the probably worth a lot like, a year one van Gogh yeah, I feel like that. When you say it that way it sounds like it should be it's a little shit yeah a little. Hmm I didn't know he had a year one Van Gogh in his house I know he was doing that well that's. Pretty good it looks like shit but you know there's. A lot of that out of there for Picasso, he's got a lot of really stuff out though Pablo, yeah. Him oh you're, not talking the other Picasso. Ted. Picasso. Over. The next five years Vincent's. Life would appear to once again be mired by folly as he started a failed art collective, and continued, his nomadic, habitation. Of Europe, during. This period however the, style now associated, with Vincent began, to take form the tones used in his paintings, began to light it he developed his characteristic. Style of using short brushstrokes, and he moved to brighter more colorful subjects. Such as portraits, often, self-portraits. And city scenes, unfortunately. For Vincent, the progress of his art happened, during a time of declining mental, health culminating. In late 1888, when Vincent famously severed, his own ear, and wrapped it up as a present. For a sex worker the, day after this eerie occurrence. Like, that one. Vincent. Was admitted to the hospital where, he stayed until early, 1889. For, the next few months Vincent struggled, with his mental health eventually, checking, himself into a psychiatric hospital, in May during. His one-year, stay at the hospital Vincent. Made some of his most famous masterpieces. In his first week there he started painting the irises, in the asylums garden while, Vincent considered, the paintings merely a study irises. Is considered, one of his most iconic pieces, the, starry night now, one of the most famous paintings in the world depicts.

The View from a window in the asylum enhanced. By Vincent's, imagination. In January. Of 1890. Theo and his wife welcomed. Their newborn, son Vincent, Willem, van Gogh, into, the world named, after the infant's uncle Vincent, sent them his famous painting almond, blossom from the hospital, as a gift for his new nephew all told, while in the asylum Vincent. Made about, 150. Paintings, and by 1890, his, work was finally being exhibited, in receiving, positive reviews I don't know if I agree with this narrative all the time where art, needs to come from this like darker place of misery or maybe like turmoil, yeah, within your head you don't need to be troubled, to make good art it, happens. But I think I think, intense emotion, or introspection. Can obviously, fuel, it yeah, like, a breakup or a death yeah but it is weird that great art is often not appreciated, when it comes out it's true why that is I mean a lot of it is you know well, maybe because like the artist, mind is more enhanced, at that moment and the world is not ready for it yet so they're ahead of me that could be after, being released from the mental hospital in Maine Vincent moved to overshare, wass an area, with other artists, not far from Paris which, allowed for him to easily visit Theo's family, in Paris, on one, such visit in July Theo, told his brother he was considering, starting his own business, this news greatly, unsettled, Vincent, who not only felt like a burden to his brother who was still supporting, Vincent but also worried, about the impact of Theo taking, this gamble, on his own finances, after lunch on July 27th. 1890. Vincent. Left the Revo Inn where he was staying in ovair with his easel and painting supplies it, was a warm evening so, the inn keepers and guests were enjoying dinner outside after. Sunset when, Vincent returned, he, shuffled past without exchanging, any words he also noted, Lee had none of the belongings, he left with and had his jacket buttoned, all the way up despite, the heat he, clutched his abdomen, and limped up the stairs to his room Gustave. Ravel the owner of the inn went, to check on Vincent, the artist was curled up in his bed and when Gustav asked him what was the matter Vincent replied quote I wounded, myself and quilt, he. Lifted his clothing to reveal a bullet, hole under, his ribs. That. Said it, is said one thing to note from this is it's. A bit odd that he would take all of his painting supplies in his easel out only to, then kill himself, and then walk back with none if they like why not just leave all that stuff in your apartment, if that was what your plan was who, knows how these things creep up on a, person that is true well we're gonna get into it more in the theories okay bill. Arrived, midday on the 28th, to find Vincent in bed smoking Vincent. Van Gogh died just after midnight cradled, by his brother after telling, him quote I want to die like this and quote, at just, 37 years, old Vincent's. Life and career was, over, leaving, behind nearly, 1300. Works of art on paper and, more than 850. Paintings, with, no autopsy, ever conducted, the, exact location, of the shooting never identified, and a five-hour period between the time he left the inn and when he returned, unaccounted, for it's, time to dive into some theories the, first and prevailing, theory is that Vincent was in trouble genius, who shot himself in a wheat field according, to aniline Revo that, then 13, year old daughter of, the inn owner Gustav quote Vincent, had gone toward the wheat field where he had painted before during.

The Afternoon, as my father understood, it Vincent, shot himself and fainted the coolness of the night revived, him on all, fours he looked for the gun to finish himself off but he could not find it then Vincent, got up and climbed down the hillside, to return to our house and quote. Hmm. Yeah, I could see that oftentimes, when people commit suicide, the weapons right there the means is right there there's usually a note it's very odd to be like shoot myself now let's go hide, this gun, yeah, I mean it's a weed field you know I don't know how dense those are but unless he tossed the gun which, maybe he did at the same time how thorough of a search do you think he's doing if he is currently bleeding. Out well you'll also come to find that no one else could find the gun either interesting. Now, do you understand why I think that's so weird, now I understand. Right. Perhaps. No one was more adamant, about this theory than Vincent himself, witnesses. Recalled Vincent, saying quote I wounded myself in the fields I shot, myself with a revolver, there and quote, he, was emphatic saying, quote do, not accuse anyone it is I who wanted, to kill myself end quote, witnesses. Did say however that Vincent appeared confused as he lay dying replying. To the police's question of did you intend to commit suicide with quote, I think, so and would Vincent. Had also in the past morbidly, joked about suicide, he once told Theo he would quote cease, to be end quote if he ever felt that he had become a burden or a nuisance, to his brother could. His fear of complicating. His soon-to-be, unemployed, brother's life have driven him to kill himself one. And while, this story is the one Vincent, seemingly wanted, the world to hear there are some glaring issues, with it for one Vincent. Was shot in the abdomen below, his ribs which is an odd position to take if he had been aiming for his heart, additionally. The fact that the bullet did not exit, Vincent's body suggests, there was some distance between Vincent, and the gun more, distance, than Vincent, could have achieved on his own it's also suspicious, that Vincent allegedly, dropped the gun so far out of reach that when he came to he, couldn't find it to finish the job, what's more if he had actually, passed out four hours after shooting himself his, wound would have been much bloodier, than it was when he returned to the inn so if he did shoot himself it would have been larger. Yeah because it had been so much time till, when he got to the inn it suggests, that it, happened sooner than he said it did or, like he was getting. His theory that he fell asleep woke back up came to the inn it would have been so much bigger yeah, so they're saying like he probably got shot right away then walked to the end which would also explain then why he carried, out his art supplies because he didn't go oh yeah getting shots in the plans today right so you know it makes sense okay apart. From the heart to explain, ballistics, no, one knows where Vincent, would have obtained, the gun revolvers. Were very rare in Auvers at the time and no, one would admit to selling, or lending Vincent, a gun the, next day no, one was able to find a gun where Vincent, purportedly, did the deed all of Vincent's painting gear too seemed to have vanished all. His painting gear yes from where he left it in the fields mm-hmm so no gun none of the paint stuff that he walked out with yeah all, the other stuff that I just mentioned do you think someone was aware that this was Vinnie's stuff and, was like I'll get a pretty penny for this feel like we would have seen it by now I mean frankly people at BuzzFeed's steal lunches out of the fridges all the time you don't think someone was just like hey free, stuff true, someone did steal some of this stuff from our set yeah some of loose stuff from around here all the more precious, props you, think we don't notice that come here curse timmy's ball is gone yeah this is this is this, is a fake this is a sham.

This Is a fake ball this isn't timmy's someone, stole Timmy's ball what if Timmy, came back and took it I thought, about that but on things you did. In addition, to the questions the physical evidence raises. Vincent, was a religious, man who condemned, suicide, calling, it wicked and a demonstration of moral, cowardice, at one, point prior to his death he even, said quote I really, do not think I am a man with such inclinations end, quote, any, time he did have thoughts of suicide, it was always by way of drowning, saying quote I can, understand people drowning, themselves end quote, suicide, is wrong I, do not understand. It it'd be pretty baller to drown. It's. Just a weird thing to just tack on as a button at the end of it yeah cuz drowning, arguably, seems like the main force but why is it more morally. Sound I've heard that it is agony, Oh God. Did, you really just sneak a prestige quote and I don't know vo also found no evidence that, Vincent, was planning on killing himself, finding, no suicide, note but, instead drafts, of letters on his desk that he surely didn't, want anyone to read with, so many loose ends in the suicide Theory it's time to look at another hypothesis. This one posited, by biographer. Steven nayfeh and Gregory, white Smith nayfeh. And spent suggest, Vincent, was shot by some local boys and that Vincent, protected, their identities, to begin, it's worth going back to get a better picture of what life was like for Vincent, in 'auvairs he, was known to be quite eccentric, and when he would approach people in the street to ask if they would sit for him most people retreated, his, appearance, didn't help matters with, wild hair ratty, clothes and you know a missing, ear as is, often the case the worst bullies, were the teenage boys they. Would pretend to be nice to the artist to gain his trust, then pull pranks on him like throwing salt in his coffee rubbing, chili pepper on a dry paintbrush Vince intended, to suck and putting, a snake in his box of painting, supplies. Boys. The. Way they are. Yeah what. A nerd god I'd love to just transport. Them here and be like hey, you know that guy who, I put. A funny snake in smile but you know you put some salt in his car, museum.

He's, He's, the museum. That you're standing in front of the museum yeah I can't believe boys would be that mean to a funny, old man I could, believe it teenage boys are the worst I remember, being obnoxious as, a team, yeah, it's inevitable, if you're pranking a stranger I find it not as funny it's just me that just means it's just me and this is me one, of the boys who would tease Vincent, was Rene secreto, who, said quote our favorite. Game was making him angry which, was easy, end quote. Look. I read his face is getting. Rene's. Older brother Gaston, was an aspiring artist who like to hear Vincent's tales of the Parisian art world, Vincent. Figured Rene was just something he had to endure in, order to have a friendship, with Gaston, Rene. Unlike, his brother had no interest, in art instead, enjoying fishing and hunting after. Seeing Buffalo Bill's Wild West, Show in Paris, Rene, came back to 'auvairs with a full outfit, of western clothes complete, with fringe coat cowboy, boots and added. A 380. Caliber pistol. Vincent. Started calling Rene Buffalo, Pihl a mispronunciation. Of, Buffalo, Bill due, to his accent, which only angered, the boy more I. Love. It I love, Vincent, getting back at him because I'm sure this guy just showed up and Van Gogh was just like oh Buffalo. Bill and it was like I. Just. Said he's puffle Oh pills. Pull. Off those pistols bins oh what. A burn walked, I love, that kid taking his hat off slamming, on the ground stomping, on it so to hear him get a little win in there, prank war I love it that's Gregg's me happy in their, book Ben go to life authors, neethu and Smith speculate, that the secretaries, quarreled. With Vincent, around a farmyard on Boucher Road they may have accidentally. Fired the gun, striking, Vincent in his abdomen, Vincent, then stumbled, back towards the end where he covered for the boys the, boys in shock at what they had done may, have collected Vincent's belongings, and fled the same destroying, what evidence might remain it seems plausible one, because he's, a sweet man yes, and clearly. He put up with his bullying for a long time so they're being very cruel to him and he's still just kind of like hey that's just how it goes a relationship. With one of the Brotherhood and that's the other thing if he's close with Gaston then maybe. He doesn't want to point. Fingers to Rene yeah cuz it's gonna ruin their life it's devastating. Thing yeah I buy, it I, think I could get behind this the theory is supported by the fact that multiple, witnesses, saw Vincent, leave the inn and head towards the hamlet of Shaban ball and not, towards the fields, where he claimed he'd been painting, that, road leads to a spot and was where Rene enjoyed fishing it's, possible, Rene and his brother met Vincent, on their way back from wass went, to a nearby farmyard, and then the boys accidentally. Shot the artist that would also make it easier for Vincent, to get back to the inn with a bullet in his stomach as opposed, to a steep mile long trek back from, the wheat fields, this, theory would explain a lot of things the suicide, story does not such, as the odd entry, point of the bullet the lack of suicide.

Note Why, Vincent, took his painting equipment to, kill himself, why all that gear and the gun could not be found and why he didn't shoot himself in the head they, don't think that Rene would, have been so upset about the cloud about the cowboy about that puffle oh yeah, that he would I would, hope not see that and that makes this story get a different, kind of turn yeah still. Sweet, of him to cover but, I really, really don't want to accept the fact that maybe Rene did shoot him on purpose in the wake of the shooting Rene Gaston, and their father left town when, they returned Rene, who rarely traveled, anywhere without his pissed, no longer had the gun when asked about it decades, later Rene, said Vincent stole it from him in the 1930s. As Vincent's, work was beginning to gain notoriety. Townspeople. Told an art historian, that young boys shot, Vincent, on accident. And that Vincent protected, their identities, for fear they'd be accused of murder still. Largely, due to Irving stones 1934. Novelization. Of Vincent's, life and death and the 1956. Movie that followed, the idea of Vincent, van Gogh being a tortured, genius who took his own life crystallized. In the public consciousness in. A story that may feel familiar for those of us in our 20s and 30s, Vincent, spent much of his life looking for a purpose, trying, to find a path that could at once fulfill himself, while also bringing joy to others, what, he didn't know at the time of his death was, that his work would be beloved by generations. Inspiring. Countless others, to pursue their life's true purpose, what, he did know at the time of his death was how that fateful, bullet found a home inside, his abdomen but. As for the rest of us that truth will remain, unsolved. Well. That's a lovely little story I got to be honest I didn't think that the alternative would. Be a little. Bit heartwarming, yeah, I would say so II would it definitely, paints a different, image completely. Of him in my mind because, I like, most of the public did think he was a tortured genius in his own life but, this paints him has a very empathetic, understanding man. The underlying theme being, human kindness yeah, not bad it's, a good thing to try take, it for a world yeah it's definitely a, good, way to, end the season Oh. See. We don't agree on anything but right now maybe we like this move so you all take a cue from this. And. We're, all gonna be golden.

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For Post Mortem - I'm just spitballin' here, but is it possible that Theo killed Vincent? Theo said Vincent had stated that if he ever became a nuisance or burden, he would kill himself (and it's likely Theo, as Vincents brother and closest friend, would've seen his dismay when he told him about his business plans) - but Vincent himself had said he frowned upon suicide and would never commit such an act... It doesn't add up. What if Theo was lying to cover up his crime? It's clear Vinny boy had one or more mental illnesses, and it's common for mental illnesses to run in families. It's a stretch, but what if Theo also had similar illnesses and was just high-functioning? He'd just become a father and had plans to start his own business. Both of those things are a lot to handle on their own, emotionally and financially, but he was also financially supporting his older brother and realistically there didn't seem to be an end in sight. If you add an unstable mental state into this equation, it could be plausible that either Theo hired someone to kill Vincent and dispose of his belongings, or that Theo killed Vincent himself. This would explain the distance between Vincent and the gun, why they couldn't tie a gun to Vincent, but most importantly it explains why Vincent claimed it was suicide - he was protecting his little brother. I would love to hear your take on this theory! #postmortem

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Not really a question but I'd like to think that instead of being in a place of suffering, Vincent Van Gogh was getting better in the mental hospital, which was why he could create so many beautiful artworks during that period of time. #postmortem

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network I know that he had a seemingly good relationship with his brother, but what’s the chance that the brother or someone who thought they were looking out for Vincent’s brother shot him? There’s a lot of evidence towards the teenage boys theory, but I kinda expected at least a little mention of it from Ryan, since he often presents many theories. If Vincent relied on his brother’s financial help on and off throughout their lives, and he cared for his brother very much, if his brother shot him so he wouldn’t have to give Vincent money while he was jobless during this new business venture, Vincent would try to save his brother’s skin even in death. I don’t know, just a thought. #boogara #shanehaschaoticneutralenergy

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He covering for his brother imho. He went with his paintings to him imho. All makes sense.

I have a theory for the #postmortem Maybe soemone was jealous of him and his art. So one day when he was painting in the fields, that person shot him and took his painting so that he could sell that as his painting. And he took the supplies away so maybe no evidence would be left and it could be possible that Vincent knew this man and thus did not turn him in. You have to test my theory *Ghoul boys*

I have a theory. Maybe soemone was jealous of him and his art. So one day when he was painting in the fields, that person shot him and took his painting so that he could sell that as his painting. And he took the supplies away so maybe no evidence would be left and it could be possible that Vincent knew this man and thus did not turn him in. You have to test my theory *Ghoul boys*

For the #postmortem , as an artist he should of known at least basic anatomy don’t you think? Why would he shoot himself in the belly if he knows, that that is a part that wouldnt kill him immediately #Renedidit #shaniakbutaplaceinmyheartforbugara

I'm not convinced it was a murder. The 1890s weren't a time particularly known for their knowledge and sympathy for mental health issues. I'm sure Vincent was depressed, but he easily could have had something like Split Personality Disorder, or Borderline Personality Disorder, or maybe he was Bipolar. All of these could have led to an impulsive moment that lead Vincent to try to kill himself. It would explain the confusion. He could have stolen the gun from Renee before hand with this intention. If painting was my life, I'd want to leave life doing what I loved. And it's pretty hard to carry all the stuff back to the hotel with a bullet wound. A lack of suicide note is not confusing, that happens quite frequently, especially if it is more impulsive than premeditated. Lastly, I don't think he was in the wheat field at all to begin with, which explain the lack of gun, painting supplies, and how he managed to get back to town. The only thing that this doesn't explain is the distance and angle of the shot. Anyways, I think he can still be a kind and empathetic man whilst also being a tortured, mentally ill artist. Everything I've read and learned about him makes me think he was quite emotional and empathetic. I liked the concept though. #SkepticalBoogara #freerangegrasssaiditbetteranyways

Do you think the clear evidence of an accidental death has been largely ignored purely because it contradicts that “tortured artist” narrative and people like to romanticise his supposed suicide? I know lots of people who say stuff like “If van gogh was on medication or healthy, we wouldn’t have his works” which manifestly is not the case. It’s total BS. Also, Ryan, is your hair so big because it’s full of secrets? Love y’all! #Shaniac (mostly) #Postmortem #Hotdagastan #Buzzfeedunsolved

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network maybe he paid someone to shoot him! Assisted suicide?

When are Americans going to pronounce Van Gogh’s name right?

An important thing to note about Van Gogh is that his artworks were typically created during his manic episodes and not depressive, hence why he was such a prolific painter. I am glad you mentioned, albeit briefly, that the fields he was supposedly painting in were a difficult walk to make. It’s tiring as a well bodied human on a hot day, let alone with a bullet in your abdomen. Hats off to you guys for another great season.

What if rene wanted to scare vincent with the gun and he did not actually shoot and then Vincent took the gun and accidentally pulled the trigger on him.

#postmortem My theory is that what if someone talked him into this? like what if Rene spoke to him and convinced him to kill himself and offered to "help him" with it. Vincent probably didn't give him a clear answer and the boy ended up shooting him anyway, explaining Vincents questionable statement of "I wounded myself" and "I think so" when asked if he Intended to commit suicide. Vincent still being vulnerable to bullying despite all they've done to him points to him also being vulnerable to being talked into a situation like that. This also explains the disappearance of all of his equipment, Rene not wanting to get caught and stealking/hiding all of it.

But what if Vincent convinced/manipulated someone (maybe young renee) to shoot him, so that in theory it wouldn't be suicide and then he would no longer be a burden on his brother theo or have to suffer with his mental health??

What if he sold his paint stuff for a gun? That would explain the missing art supplies and I know I surely wouldn't admit to selling a gun to a man with one year who is clearly acting irrationally. He also could have used some of the (possibly) leftover cash to pay someone (a vagrant maybe? or the douchey boiz?) to shoot him, if he truly couldn't bring himself to do it. And I KNOW I surely wouldn't admit to murder, so of course, no one came forward

What if Vincent and Gaston had a lovers’ quarrel and Gaston shot him in spite?

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What if Van Gogh hired someone to kill him? That way it wouldn’t technically be a suicide but the end result is the same. He could have also taken his painting materials out to do one last painting before he died and the person hired to kill him could have taken it to sell.

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Vincent could have taken his painting supplies to sell so that he had some small amount of money to leave behind to repay his brother. Love the show guys #shaniac #bringbackthehotdaga

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Zion Leach We actually have a name for that! When you’re neither a shaniac nor a boogara, you’re a shitfish! (I’m being serious; it’s from the postmortem for the Tromp family episode)

Such a minor point in the video, but the way Ryan pronounces the bully René Secrétan's name makes it sound like "ce crétin" in French, which means "this idiot." Quite accurate, in this case. Sucks for his brother Gaston, though.

But what if Gaston took Vincent's art supplies? Gaston's interested in the art just like Vincent, right? Or maybe, if Vincent did killed himself, maybe he gave away his art supplies to Gaston or to those who needed it but doesnt have enough money to buy supplies and would like to pursue something in the arts too just like him. Or idk.

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For the #PostMortem: Vincent Van Gogh back to the Sally House Ryan geez

Van Gogh didn’t actually sever his ear for his lady, him and a colleague got into a fight and it happened then

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#postmortem I think Vincent was killed by his brother Theo. As Theo told Vincent of starting a business, Vincent thought of it otherwise and there could be a fight between them over this. Days later Vincent must have gone on to paint in the wheat fields where he generally paints and Theo would have shot him over there and fled with Vincent's belongings. Its a wild guess. Do you know anything about Theo after Vincent's death? Was Theo there when Vincent took his last breath? #shaniac

for post mortem I think the painting become more expensive because of it rarity and the mysterious surrounding it. One more thing, Self portrait Vincent at thumbnail look like Benedict Cumberbach or it just me?

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What happened to his severed ear? Did he ever give it to the sex worker? And if he did, did she like it?

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Loving Vincent is an amazing movie about him. They touch on the murder theory and illustrate what his final day was like.

Shane's voice sounds like a 78 year old lecturer who refuses to accept any criticism. Kidding, shane is amazing, so is Ryan. #whereisthehotdaga

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BuzzFeed Unsolved Network do kirt cobain

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If Van Gogh was establishing a relationship with Gaston then couldn’t it be possible that he gave his supplies to him as soon as the “accident” happened. Gaston may have reminded Van Gogh of his younger self. #postmortem #hiShanewavedatyouatsmallworld #stillteamBoogara

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I'm really tired of the idea that a lack of a note makes a suicide suspicious. Many suicide victims don't leave notes. Many suicides are impulsive acts with no long-term planning involved at all. Even people who have long contemplated suicide don't necessarily plan the exact moment, and only act when the wrong kind of pressure gets put on them at the wrong moment. In addition, many suicidal people don't show many outward symptoms. People need to stop taking "He would never have killed himself!!" as evidence of a conspiracy. #postmortem #shaniac

Would you ever do an episode of unsolved about the Buzzfeed thieves? #boogaraforlife #loveyouguys

René had said “My favourite game was to make him angry, which was easy.” That to me, is evidence that even though Vincent was a nice guy, he wouldn’t want his murderer to get away since making him mad wasn’t hard at all. Here is my theory that answers the question “Why did Vincent not expose René?” Vincent was financially unstable and it is possible he got extra money from René’s father, for guiding their other son who was interested in art. To pay their father back, Vincent decided to not say anything against René. When the father found out about the incident, he took his sons out of town to dispose the pistol. What are your thoughts on this? #postmortem #buzzfeedunsolved

Van Gogh really was a misunderstood artist. As such, dost thou think thou can use thy skill of art and use it to create art from the soul?

#postmortem Hey guys really love your series. Question about the brother Vincent was close to, Gaston. Was he ever asked any questions on what he knew about Vincent? If they were close and spent time together, wouldn't he have known about any plans for suicide? You mentioned Rene had left with his father shortly after Vincent's death, and returned without the gun. Wouldn't he have known where his brother's pistol had gone? #loveyouguys #defashaniacbutloveyoutooRyan #can'twaitfornextseason

Is it possible that maybe someone else had shot Vincent? Perhaps it was another aspiring artist that was familiar with Vincents work and was jealous as he started receiving recognition and positive feedback. This could have fuelled their envy and in an attempt to stop Vincent from being hugely successful, they killed him. This could also explain why his painting equipment had gone missing. I was also wondering if it was possible that Vincent had made some bad ties with people he met while in the psychiatric hospital? #postmortem

I actually had an appenticship at a tattoo shop a few years ago. Basically i went in, told him i drew very well, showed him my work and got the apprenticeship. I had a lot of fun with it and think there should be more apprenticing so know what you want to do with your life. Just make sure you make money while figuring out what to do with your life. But i do think it was an accidental murder. If it waant an accident, would Van Gogh just say he didnt know who killed him? #boogara #shaneiac #deadvinney #postmortem

For postmortem-- [13:56] These draft of letters intrigue me. If they held no clue about his suicide...What were they about?

Maybe it was the sex worker he cut his ears for. He asked him/her to shoot him and gave away his art supplies. #postmortem

for the post mortem: another theory about van gogh, maybe vincent and gaston were in a relationship, explaining their closeness and vincent's desire to please rene, and rene got angry about it. seeing as gay people were even less accepted back then than they are now, i think it could be a plausible reason as to both why rene wouldve shot vincent and why vincent wouldnt have wanted to turn him in. thoughts? love you guys. excited for the next season :)

For #postmortem : Do you think Vincent shouldve told the police someone shot him (if they did do it)? Also do you think art made in this generation could someday be recognized as big as Vincent's is?

Have you heard the rumor that Vincent didn't cut his ear, it was his friend, either on accident or on purpose #postmortem #shaniac

#RoastMortem Thank the watcher this season is *so short*. Now that its finally over, we can now move on to the supernatural stuff. And see if Shane will commune with his demonic brethen. #boogara P.S. I was being ironic. I love both TrueCrime and Supernatural. But, I wanted you guys to cover Hilter's mysterious death for the finale. #StillLoveYouThough #SeeYouNextSeasonForBUNSupernatural

For #postmortem: What if Vincent said something rude to Gaston (like “you’ll never become and artist because your art sucks”) that made Gaston extremely upset to the point of shooting Vincent? And Van Gogh felt some kind of guilt for making Gaston feel like that and that’s why he didn’t say anything?

Visit the Ed and Lorraine Warren

If Vincent Van Gogh said he didn't like suicide, perhaps it was someone he had hired to kill him? It could be Vincent had paid his killer with the only thing of worth he had, either a painting or his supplies themselves. #postmortem

Roast Mortem - finally figured out who Ryan reminds me of.... Every annoying guy who thinks he's cool in highschool ever.

#postmorden I have a question about the gun. In the 1960's a farmer found a 7 MM pistol that was believed by many to be the gun that Van Gogh shot himself with. You said that the gun the bully had was a.380. do we know what type of bullet VG was killed by? The smaller caliber gun might explain why he had smaller wound. It is rumored he had a .7 MM to scare of crows. Is it possible since he was shot in the gut could he have shot himself by accident. The 7 MM was going to be auctioned a few months ago. #shaniac

This was a greag episode guys. Will next season be longer? I get you both need time to regroup and come up with new murders but it would be nice to have some more content from you guys. Love you both.

Gogan cut his off in a fight while drunk vincent though a cup out comes sward off goes ear.

For postmortem, the information about his severed ear all makes sense now. Thanks Ryan.

i really appreciate the editors this episode! the editing was gorgeous! and van gogh's best work happened when in recovery so his art came from a good place. if you guys were artists, how do you think you'd be tortured? #postmortem

Can you please do the death of Marilyn Monroe? It's super interesting

The movie Loving Vincent explains this theory so beautifully! It’s completely animated using oil paintings in his style

whens the next season???

For the #postmortem since Gaston was an aspiring artist and him and Vincent were close, maybe they have talked about Vincent's death. They may have maybe planned that Gaston would shoot Vincent. And maybe, the reason why Vincent brought all his painting stuff with him is because he gave it to Gaston for him to able to have "a head start."

For the #postmortem. I'm pretty sure Vincent has a painting of that wheat-field he supposedly shot himself in. Maybe Vincent wanted to go there and get one last painting created of one of his favorite places before he ended it. I'm also pretty sure people who are suicidal don't always have one concrete plan of how to commit suicide so maybe his grief just overcame him and he ended it immediately. P.s this episode was quite heart warming and im so excited for the next season of supernatural #Boogara #Shaniac #BUN

Come to Charleston sc!! Super haunted.

#postmortem wait wha? How did he walk back to the inn just holding his abdomen and not one of the people he passed by got curious in what he was doing then later on he was able to endure the pain for quite a long time then died cradled by his brother?

Ryan, my guy, you said sinister and I expected like cold hard murder. Then you turn up with theory 2 being accident murder and my main mans Vincent covering for local bois? What if. What if it was Murder murder? #postmortem #postmortemwiththemostportem #thatdidn'tmakeasmuchsenseasIwanteditto

Do a video of Ananda Mahidol's death

I've been doing a paid apprenticeship with an art studio for 2,3 years now. It's actually fairly common in art communitues, or like tatoos.

For the Postmortem: Why do you guys blackout some faces in some cases, but in other cases you don't? Even in well known ones, such as Jack the Ripper, the faces are blacked out, but others like The Eight Day Bride, are not. What's the deal, boys? #boogara #shanicsmorelikefooliacs #shaneisslenderman


Lol, but you should do the chuck e cheese pizza theory.

When buzzfeed unsolved runs out of crimes to cover,maybe shane & ryan would commit crimes so that they can have something to cover on BUN

BuzzFeed Unsolved Network Roast mortem: Ryan should hit up paramount pictures and tell them to not bother redesigning the new sonic, just cast him instead

#postmortem What about the yellow paint that he ate?

#ROASTMORTEM Shane’s forehead is as large as my musty sandwich #Appletaters

#postmortem I think it's important to talk about him getting treatment while doing his greatest work. His art didnt necessarily come from a dark place, or came from getting better/on good days. He wasnt allowed in his studio when he was having mental breaks or in a bad place because he'd self-destruct. #shaniac #loveRyantoo

I don't find it that odd that he shot himself in an odd place. The man cut his own ear off prior so...

I thought the thumbnail was an oil painting of Benedict Cumberbatch

As much as i think that ending is a very convincing possibility and Im inclined to believe it, it is still possible that vincent van gogh was a "tortured genius" in that he struggled with his mental health. I dont think it makes sense to categorize him as either mentally ill and suicidal OR murdered.

"bully boy"

Has buzzfeed unsolved covered the case of the expedition of Percy Fawcett who disappeared together with his son in search of what he called the lost city of Z? We need them, buzzfeed!

Ryan patted Shane's shoulder 16 times

I think it was the boys that accidentally shot him. Maybe it was just to threaten him but they accidentally pulled the trigger and immediately regretted it. Vincent probably seeing the boys regret they're decision wanted to cover for them. Since he is really kind like the time he cut of his ear for the woman working in a sex area, but not as a prostitute as a cleaner who got burned marks all over her body from dog attacks. He cut off his ear to give to her maybe as a sign of he didn't want people looking at her so he wanted them to stare at him instead.

He also wore a candle hat at night.

Do Kurt Cobain

it is pronounced goth (Vincent van goth)

van gogh made his best art while getting treated and so could you! see someone about your mental health, and meet your potential

#roastmortem Sleep paralysis but it's just Shane Madej standing in the corner, chanting "look at the tears"

He cut off a lobe of his ear not all of his ear

Not a question but I think Shane is hot

please do a video on the disappearance of chandra levy

You don't have to be a troubled person to make beautiful art, but I think people with serious inner struggles always make the most powerful work.

Do the Zodiac killer! It’s actually unsolved!!! We need you two to solve it!

god i loved the backgrounds of his paintings

The biggest unsolved mystery is who stole things from the unsolved set.


Also that he disliked the idea of suicide but thought about it anyway - that happens. Depression can have a cognitive dissonance sort of thing. In your cortex you know it's wrong, but emotionally the whirlwind drowns out anything else. It's not that weird for a crazy person is what I'm saying. - a crazy person

When Ryan said season finale....i died a little inside

6:20 I think it's worth noting he was receiving treatment at this time. In a mental hospital and being treated for his mental illness, his art improved and he was able to create even more. Sorrow might be a source for good art, but depression isn't. Depression is poison.

Nice job. I think it was an accidental shooting by one or more kids. Yes...the answer to your question is yes.

Given all the information in this video, what I could believe is that he was shot accidentally, but once he was, he was okay with dying because he genuinely was depressed but thought it would be morally wrong to take his own life.

Look into the disappearance of Maud Crawford. She disappeared March, 2 1957 without a trace. She was the only female attorney to ever practice law in Camden, Arkansas. There is a book written by Beth Brickell about it and plenty of theories and strange happenings to dive into.

I was honestly disappointed by this season. It felt like most of the videos this season were just about the death of people that was never solved. Like the situations surrounding their deaths didn't seem nearly as intriguing as in the previous seasons. Also I don't really care about the mob tbh.

#RoastMordem: what is with Ryan's hair this season? It seems that every episode it gets bigger! Next thing it will be a birds nest or something ridiculous... Love the show, love you guys, but come on! #TheHairIsKillingMe #CalmDownBoogara #BUN #Postmordem #Roastmordem

"I applied at Warner Brothers!" if you really think that is even part of the real world outside of LA then you are so far removed from the reality of most people that watch this shite you produce. The twink is a complete tool

Im learning about him at school

Hey can you talk about the death of Kurt Cobain? Bc his case was so small which is odd for artists and they never did proper investigation, some say he was murdered

My favorite painter

It looks like they just photoshoped a picture of Christian Bale for the image of Van Gogh they use throughout the video

He shot himself. Some one stole his stuff. Simple.

you guys should do William Shakespeare's death because there is debate on how he truly died

why does Scott Disick look like Van Gogh?

y'all go get a copy of Loving Vincent,, don't pirate it tbh, worth every penny to get the dvd or something

hm i wonder if theyd ever do an episode on what started the Hartford circus fire? thats still unsolved right?

#postmortem #boogara #stillloveyoushane Let’s say he really did get murdered. if he really wasn’t that famous for his time, why would anyone try and murder him ? Could it possibly be related to his mental health? A possible someone causing trauma from a young age ?

Make solved

*What a True art*

When will the post mortem be posted

Hey, I know it's not about a serial killer or something but it could be very interesting if you guys could investigate about the Count of St. Germain.

release ruining history season 2 cowards

Guess you dont wanna work at Warner bros anymore :/

Not gonna lie this season was boring and they keep getting shorter

What if Theo killed him? He supported him and cared about him and did everything to keep him safe, so he just waited for the right moment to kill his brother and use him to sell his art and manipulate him? Plus, he was closest to his brother, so he knew very well what his desires and goals were. Idk just a theory.

#postmortem Did Ryan say "aparCHED" @11:58? Why can't the dude pronounce things correctly lol?!

I'm never sure if I should feel proud or ashamed that when I've mentioned that if I had been alive at the same time/area as Van Gogh, I think we would have been friends, my family and friends always immediately respond with "Yeah, you would've been right there with him... eating the yellow paint...cutting off your ear... going to the psych ward..."

note that his most iconic work came when he was getting mental help in the hospital

do one about kurt cobains death!

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#postmortem The fact that he didn’t write a suicide note is so suspicious. Vincent wrote daily to Theo, sometimes multiple times a day. Thousands of letters still exist as they were collected by Theo, and this is why so much information is currently known about Van Gogh. Letters written around 6 hours prior to his death were were undoubtedly positive and witness statements say that Vincent was content and in good health when he went out that day. He was happy to be out of the asylum, he had a new lease on life. I don’t believe that he shot himself. He was eccentric and strange, but not suicidal at that time.

VAN-GOD save us all

Why couldn't you have done this like a month ago? I did aProject on him and I could've learned everything here in 21 minutes instead of studying for it haha

Y'all should do a video on the Texas Killing Fields

this made me cry just from his being bullied he was such a nice man

Where is he van going? Cause it's definitely not pronounced that way


ryan why'd u pronounce quarelled Like That

post mortem pls answer this .....ryan's "qware elled" is haunting me

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